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The Love's Phenomena presents, LOVE CRUST: There is always more then the dejecti


The Love’s Phenomena





A NOVEL BY: Adnan Chaudhry

#LoveCrust #AskAdnan

Life and its struggles will only make sense to those who knows the philosophy of life. Try to figure out the philosophy.

Adnan Chaudhry


This book is dedicated to my father,

As always my dad is my Hero.


“Mum-ma? What a beautiful day it is.” Sam exclaimed, eyes gleaming with excitement. Calm cool autumn mornings had always been his favourite.

“Hmmm” Nodded Mrs. Broad

“Mum-ma? Haven’t dad been home?”

Before she could answer, the phone rang. Mrs. Broad runs to the phone wishing its Mr. Broad calling.


“Yes! This is Mr. Broad’s house”

“I… I…I’m his wife….”

“What is it officer?”

Sam eared the conversation confused trying to know what it is.

“Is he there?” sweat trickled down her forehead. Legs trembling.


“This…this…this can’t be true officer…you…you…you must be lying” Mrs. Broad’s voice got stuck somewhere.

Phone’s cradle fell from her hand and there she stood all numb. Sam felt someone sucked blood out of her mother. She got all pale, eyes wide open. All Sam could hear were whispers of no no no.

Sam ran to her mother.


“What happened?” he asked while holding his mother’s face.

“Speak to me mum-ma, what is it?”

“Is dad alright?” How he wished that it would be a yes.

“Mum-ma please tell?”


“No” Tears swept down the cheeks of Mrs. Broad

The only NO he was not able to hear. The only NO he wished wasn’t true. He couldn’t absorb a NO at the time. The mid-teen hyper and extra pampered Sam couldn’t hold it. He didn’t know what to say, how to react. He lost all his words he ever used to present in an argument. Suddenly he stood up, moved out of the house and started running towards the forest. He couldn’t hear the river roaring while he was screaming, screaming and screaming.

Heavy breathing, sobbing Sam kept on running until he had a fall….

Chapter 1

Rubbing his feet together, holding the pillow tightly, to alarm clock’s ring Sam woke up. The light peeped through the curtains. The chiffon covered satin deep blue curtains couldn’t help themselves to stop the light. It was a new day, a new beginning. Sam could smell the coffee left from last night. Finding a cold spot to lie his head, he wanted to get rid of the most dreadful reality. The flashback of the past he always had in his dreams.

Dimly lit room was once a place he always hated but now there is no better escape than this. The messy kid he used to be is highly organized now, demanding everything to be at its place. He didn’t want to get up and get dressed for this new era of life. Sam doesn’t know where this new beginning will lead him.

“Sammy?” Mrs. Broad entered the room.

“Get up Sammy, It’s another day, a beautiful day”, since the autumn morning his father passed away Mrs. Broad was always telling him all about the beautiful days, which he didn’t want to hear about.

“Hmmm…I am up already mum-ma” sleepy voice replied.

Mrs. Broad swayed the curtains back letting the day show its glory. Sam’s pupils constricted as the room filled with warm oozy light. As Sam turned, the neatly pressed light blue checkered shirt along with a beautiful dark denim waited for him to wear.

“Come for breakfast within 10 minutes”

“It’s your first day at university and I’ll be waiting for you at the table” Mrs. Broad reminded him as she turned around and headed outside the room.

Unwilling to get up, Sam stretched his legs and arms. Mind occupied with a sea of thoughts. Being the sole earner and the only bread earning man for a family of two he thought of all the moments where he so wanted to get into this university where anyone else could just dream of. He made up there on the hard work and struggle, the rise after fall.

Gathering all the strength he had, he got out of bed. He knew now he is a better Sam, a person many out there wish to be as strong, good looking and ambitious like him but nobody knows what it took him to be Sam Broad.

As he reached the table for the breakfast Mrs. Broad could smell freshly sprayed David Beckham Cologne, which he used only on very special occasions.

“Ahhh! My handsome young son”, her hazel green eyes shined with the tears. What a proud moment it was for a single mother to see her only son being able to achieve what she always desired.

Sam just smiled in return cause now he forgot how to react when someone, even his mother, praise him because all these flattering words weren’t something he always needed. He needed solitude, he wanted to be alone where no one could intrude in his privacy.

Sam couldn’t resist the aroma of freshly baked bacon and eggs. He sat down silently and started to munch upon his breakfast.

Mrs. Broad almost forgot eating while she deeply observed her son, how time changes people. What it teaches them and how it melds them in a person one never ever even dreamed of.

Sam sensed his mother’s eyes searching his face.

“Why aren’t you eating mum-ma?”, Sam inquired while chewing his last few bites of bacon.

“I lost my appetite dear”

“I’ll have something to eat at brunch don’t you worry”, Mrs. Broad answered in low husky voice.

“I’ll leave for university now, mum-ma” Sam said while looking at his wrist watch.

“I don’t wanna get late for the class on very first day”

Sam picked up keys from the very antique key hanger, placed very next to the main door.

He pulled his silver Ford Taurus out of the house while Mrs. Broad waved at him from the door. With her white bony hands up in the air, deep down she wished her child all the very best.

How this cool breeze no longer creates an impact on me? How much I used to love these lovely autumn mornings and now I feel nothing, nothing enough to call these mornings beautiful. The busy San Francisco suffocates me. Why no longer am I excited for Halloween? Do life plays this fair with everyone?

Sam thought while radio played his favourite In The End by Linkin Park. The car kept on moving towards the Stanford University. He wanted everything to be in his favour. He wished to be able to be as firm as he is.

As he parked his car in the parking lot of the Stanford university. The beautiful crimson leaves along with the mixture of golden and yellow leaves intensified the beauty of university. The almost bare trees gave a message of winters coming soon, how everything ends before a new beginning. This thought brought a cold wave in his spine, reminding him of all the struggles he did to reach where he is today.

Sam pulled his black backpack from the backseat of the car, pulled out his phone and opened the map of the campus in order to see where he can get to the reception.

He could see everyone in a rush, girls chattering, boys laughing and he wondered if he was the only one so serious.

As he reached the reception he sensed the receptionist examining him head to toe.

Sam took off his Ray ban and talked to the fat lady dressed in black suit, spectacles covering her brown eyes and red lips gave her so professional look who was busy filing her nails.

“Excuse me, ma’am”

“Hello I am Ms. Anna”, Receptionist gave her introduction.

“How may I help you, young man”, Anna asked while admiring his perfections with a grin on her face.

“Well, I am here for Graduation Program in Management Sciences”

“Can you please guide me about the class and provide me with the timetable?” His voice was kind but firm.

“Ms. Anna? Where will I find….”, Emma forgot what she was talking about when she saw Sam.

“Miss. Emma West? What are you saying?” Anna inquired.

Sam simply stared at the Van Gogh’s starry night, the painting hung behind Ms. Anna.

“Umm, I was heading towards Management science class I thought I can help him there”, Emma changed the topic as she was truly impressed by Sam’s personality.

“Mr. Sam Ms. Emma will lead you to the class”, Anna got busy again in filing her nails.

“NO! Thanks”, Sam smiled with respect yet still kept his tone firm. “I’ll get there myself”.

Sam threw his bag on his shoulder and made his way through the corridors. He could sense attention of the girls and deep sighs, . The chatters turned into whispers and whispers changed to silence as he entered in class every eye was focusing him.

Sam placed his bag on the very front bench in the middle row. He always loves to sit on the first seat so he can have direct sort of communication with the professor and to avoid the distractions caused by various head moving in front of him.

“Kate!” Emma whispered to his best friend sitting beside her

“huunnh,” Kate answers while doodling upon her register like she was in some deep thoughts.

“Look! This is the guy I told you”

“The reception guy Sam I was talking about few moments ago,” Emma kept on telling her.

“Isn’t he hot? OMG! Look at his height, jaw line, broad shoulders, well maintained hair,”

“Emma! Shut up,”

“I have already seen him there are a lot of others too,” Kate said in a bit rude accent while keeping an eye on Sam. Wondering how right Emma was. How can someone be so perfect but she didn’t want to show her approval of liking him on the first sight to Emma.

Bell rang and Professor entered the class.

“Pin-drop silence,” Professor ordered as he cleared his throat

“Hello! I am Professor Mike o Mcdonald”

“I welcome you all on the behalf of Stanford University”

“I’ll be your class in charge for next 1.5 years,” Professor Mcdonald informed the class in welcoming tone.

“I would like you people to introduce yourselves,” Professor smiled as he continued.

Everyone in the class introduced themselves turn by turn.

Once the right column was done it was Sam’s turn.

“Hello! I am Sam Broad, I have done my Bachelor of Science in Management Sciences from community college and I am currently running the family business,” Sam introduced himself in a very professional tone that it won’t be a lie to say every person sitting there was impressed.

Every student presented himself in order to create an impact on his fellow students. Suddenly Sam heard a familiar voice, voice he heard few minutes ago.

He turned his head back to see who the girl was. It was the same girl who offered him help.

“Class this is Emma West, I am missionary college New York undergraduate and yes I don’t work I am a princess,” A rough looking, middle height, ordinary faced blonde was presenting herself.

The girl sitting next to her stood up. Without being a bit hesitant or nervous,

“I am Ms. Katherine Swift, I am honoured to be a part of this Institute, I did my Graduation from Public Community College New York,” every word she spoke reflected how groomed she is.

Sam could see a 5’7 tall girl, dressed in formal business suit, hair tied in a neat high ponytail, nails perfectly pedicured. She certainly was very different.

Sam have never shown interest in any girl but after observing Kate he turned himself towards the front. Without knowing that he was being observed by Emma the girl sitting next to Kate on 4th bench towards Sam’s right.

Chapter 2

Weeks passed by, now Sam was popular guy, popular for his looks, behaviour and reserved personality.

Despite belonging to a middle class family, Kate, had her own high standards. A girl who was brought up by struggling parents with moral values who instilled confidence in her.

Kate worked for various NGO’s. She loved getting sponsorships and conducting awareness campaign for various issues under various NGO’s.

Here Stanford University was one of the platforms where she could perform her social work by leading a team. One of the most arising social issue was Black Tar Heroin addictions.

Kate needed to raise her voice against such issue as it was deteriorating many young and adult lives eventually leading to crime, prostitution, rape, incarceration, AIDS, overdoses and death.

After getting the approval she wanted some volunteers to give their views on this drug abuse that can influence some minds for not going in this direction. An initial campaign was conducted to clearly show the fellow students to get an image of what Kate and Emma were about to do.

While Kate and Emma were conducting the campaign, Emma was very interested in interviewing the most popular guy, Sam. Since the day she met her over the reception she was in deep urge to know him as he had such an influencing personality. On the other hand, Sam didn’t like Emma due to her looks and the way she behaved around him was very irritating.

Emma somehow judged what kind of observation Sam made the very day when Kate introduced her so instead of going herself she asked Kate to go. Kate didn’t agree to Emma as she thought that’d be very childish to ask an egoistic person to assist them as he is definitely not going to agree.

Life is worth taking risks, so Kate waited for Sam to come to the thesis and research class so that she could talk to him. Without knowing anything, Emma stopped Sam in the corridor,

“Hey, Mr.”, the way she called Sam was not a bit sophisticated.

Sam turned around, “Yes, Miss”.

“You have to give me and Kate an interview for a campaign”, Emma ordered.

Sam kept his tone and temper under control while ignoring what she said he moved on.

Emma ran after him without realizing what she had done. As she went to the class she told everything to Kate. Kate heard everything silently, she knew this wasn’t a way to talk.

Hence she decided that she won’t involve Emma in this interview thing and she will talk to Sam herself.

Kate felt really guilty for what Emma did because she knew ethics don’t allow such a behaviour. First Kate had no intention to interview him like she was just considering it but now she needs to talk, to apologize. After reconsidering a lot of things Kate decided that she will talk to Sam after home time.

Just after the marketing and media’s lecture Mr. Robbin, professor, moved out along with the students who weren’t able to submit their assignments including Emma. Kate was bold enough but this step made her think a thousand times.

Sam packed his stuff and was about to leave when…

“Excuse me?” Kate called politely

Sam knew who it was, someone he never expected will ever talk to him

“Umm, yes?” Sam made an eye contact but was expression less.

“I need to talk to you about…” Kate wasn’t able to pick up the topic

“About what, Ms. Katherine Swift?” Sam wondered what it was.

Kate stunned at how Sam called her name, people usually preferred calling her Kate but it was Sam’s respectful manner, thought Kate.

“Ms. Katherine you are free to ask anything, but you need to be quick as I need to leave”, Sam wanted to get out of the uncomfortable situation.

“Actually I wanted to apologize on the behalf of Emma, she shouldn’t have talked to you like that”, Katherine stammered a little.

Sam has never seen Kate this confused as he always silently adored her confidence and her positive approach… Sam thought what could have happened today

“Why are you apologizing, Ms. Katherine?” Sam inquired

“She…umm…she was rude with you, actually we wanted your views on black tar heroin drug abuse.”

Sam was trying to get rid of her as he never liked interacting with females but now after listening to what she was talking about, he unwillingly agreed.

“What kind of views you want?”

“Some facts some lifelong experiences anything you have to share about this issue as we want a person whom everyone will love to listen.”

“And here in Stanford you are one of the most cherished and most popular guy, certainly every person will love to read you or even listen you,” Kate kept on speaking without knowing the amusement in Sam’s eyes. He never saw an interesting girl one like her before.

Sam never was so much inspired by a girl but he always wanted the other person to step forward first so that the other person can be analysed that what kind of personality he possesses. But when talking about girls certainly Kate was first.

“So will you give me the interview please?” asked Kate

Sam indulged in some deep thoughts and didn’t replied


“OHHH… yes?” Sam’s thoughts were disturbed.

“Will you please give me an interview?” requested Kate.

“Umm certainly Miss Katherine”

“When I am supposed to be ready for this interview?” asked Sam without showing his interest.

“Meet me tomorrow after university”, Kate was happy and that could easily be sensed from her tone and smile.

“So shall I decide the venue or you’ll run a search operation to find me,” humour could easily be sensed in Sam’s voice.

Kate clicked that she hasn’t mentioned where to meet her for the interview.

“Oh, Sorry”, Kate was bit embarrassed

“I’ll be highly honoured if you come to meet me in main library”

“Library?”, Sam was bit surprised.

“Yes, we can easily conduct the interview without any distraction.” Kate cleared.

“So tomorrow at 4pm main library”, Sam repeated the venue.

“Done?” Looking for an agreement Sam asked

“Done”, Kate smiled.

“You were getting late to go somewhere” like Kate just remembered that Sam asked talked about getting late.

“It’s okay now” Sam kept himself neutral

“I am really very sorry I took at of your time”

“No, no”

“It’s okay”, Sam assured her that it was okay.

“So may I go, Miss Katherine?”

“For sure Sam, thank you for being cooperative” Kate smiled

“See you tomorrow”

Sam aligned his collar and headed towards the parking lot.

While driving back to home he was recalling what happened all the day. He really hated Emma for no specific reasons but since the very first day he was kind of irritated it wasn’t only Emma in fact every girl who showed interest in him irritated him. Reasons undefined.

Sam had almost the same routine every day. Getting up in the morning, going to university, coming back and asking for latest business updates regarding the small business left by his father, spend time reading and resting.

Sam pulled car in the garage, but couldn’t see his mother anywhere. The day he started going to university Mrs. Broad waited for him at the door. As he would get to her she would kiss his cheek.

Not seeing his mother in the garage disturbed Sam. First he thought she might have gone somewhere or she might be sleeping. He took out the duplicate key in his pocket and silently opened the door. As the door opened he knew why his mother wasn’t there in the garage today.

He could smell freshly baked mocha cake refreshed him. The aroma of roasted coffee and vanilla was one of his favourite. As he entered the kitchen he saw his mother bending over the cake placed upon the cake stand above the grey stone shelf piping it with freshly made chocolate gnash.


“Why weren’t you there at the door today” Sam asked lovingly.

“Aww my dear I thought about surprising you with your favourite chocolate mocha cake.”

“But mum-ma, you know I was very worried”, Sam complained.

“Ohhhhooo… Sam you tell me about a time when you weren’t worried”, Mrs. Broad smiled.

“So how long will it take for this cake to be fully done?”

“…I am starving mum-ma”, Sam informed Mrs. Broad.

“Soon”, replied Mrs. Broad

Mrs. Broad got back to work carefully piping the swirled icing upon the cake.

Sam went to his room changed his clothes relaxed himself but one thing he couldn’t get off his mind from was Katherine. He wanted to know her but also preferred if she does it herself.

Sam went to university earlier next morning. There was something about interview that made him excited as well as tensed too. He didn’t know what kind of questions he’ll be asked and how he’ll answer them. This issue had a great impact on his life too. How? He never shared with anyone else before. The day in class went as usual. Neither Kate nor Sam acted unusually. They both acted as they don’t ever talk as the things were yesterday.

But for Sam it wasn’t the usual day it was an unusual day as he was going to give an interview for one of his most HATED topics.

After the last class Sam went to the library though he was half an hour early but he had no other place to go other than cafeteria where he wasn’t willing to eat.

As it was decided Kate was there in the library sharp at 4pm and was astonished to see Sam already waiting. How responsible he is, thought Kate.

“Hey”, smiled Kate

“Hello”, Sam replied with a return smile.

“How was your day?”, Kate asked courteously.

“Great, as always”, Sam replied with an expressionless face.

“Ahan”, that was all Kate could reply.

“Should we start the interview?”, Sam asked

“Certainly! Why not, Mr. Sam”.

“Coming towards the topic and the issue I am going to ask you about is Black Tar heroin drug abuse”

After a pause Kate continued.

“It is one of the most arising issue since last 10 years and here in San Francisco we have seen that people are not aware of this issue so we decided to conduct a campaign.”

Sam shook his head to ensure that he got the basic motto of this campaign.

“Let’s start the interview Miss. Katherine”

For the next thirty minutes Kate and Sam discussed upon the topic.

Kate kept on asking questions and Sam answered her questions selectively.

While Kate was conducting the interview she sensed that Sam was acting awkwardly and was really uncomfortable upon her questions regarding how families suffer when a person uses drugs. After completing the interview, they both were about to leave library when Kate asked Sam:

“Sam will you like to have cup of coffee with me?”

“Miss. Katherine I don’t usually have coffee with ladies”

“It’s not my thing”, Sam answered abruptly.

“Well, I was just…”

Sam interrupted, “well if u really insist then for sure, Miss Katherine”.

“Call me Kate,” Kate corrected with an impish smile.

“Tonight at 8 CuHo?” mentioned Kate

“Consider it fix, Miss. Kate”.

Sam all dress in black t-shirt and skin jeans, hair nicely done with a side way comb, was there at CuHo. The dimly lit Coffee House with dim warm yellow light creating a really cosy atmosphere just the way Sam liked.

He saw Katherine sitting at a far end.

A diva dressed in black sleeveless top, hair loosely falling upon her shoulder all straight and raven black complimented with red lipstick. She was the most beautiful girl Sam came across. Probably it won’t be wrong to say that he never noticed any girl the way he noticed Kate.

Kate saw Sam and waved at him with a grin.

“Hello, Miss. Katherine”, Sam realized he called her Katherine again.

“Miss. Kate”, Sam corrected

“Hello, have a seat Sam”, Kate welcomed him.

Kate called the waiter

“What would you like to have ma’am?”, waiter was at his service.

“One black cappuccino please,” Sam and Kate order together.

“Jinx,” Kate laughed at how they both spoke together.

Was there anything much musical than the sound of her laughter. But Sam never expressed himself.

“Sam? Talk something,” Kate got worried as Sam became silent.

“You jinxed me and now I’m free to speak though I am not very talkative” laughed Sam.

“Your laughter and your smile is just so mesmerizing Sam,” Kate complimented Sam.

They exchanged few words while coffee arrived.

“Sam, let’s have coffee in the terrace”.

Sam accompanied Kate to the terrace, still thinking what the purpose of this coffee date was.

They both had coffee, while talking over random topics until both had empty cups.


“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes?” Sam was confused.

“Have you ever fell in love?”

Sam was not expecting that here at this coffee house.

“No, why are you asking Katherine?’ Sam inquired

“If someone loves you Sam?”

“And she doubts that you will accept her or not?”

“What will you do?” Kate kept on talking while making a clear eye contact.

For Sam it was such an intimate moment like a dream come true but lack of being expressive was ruining the moment.

“What do you really wanna say Katherine?” questioned Sam.

“Nothing,’ Kates voice echoed like she almost was at verge of shattering.

Sam held her by the shoulders. The cold soft skin and few locks of hair tingled under hand. She was the softest most delicate thing he ever touched.

“What is it Kate?”

“You can share it with me?” Sam wasn’t expressive but still deep down he couldn’t see someone shattering, somethings holding themselves back and keep those things in their minds that might not let them live happily, things those can change the entire lifestyle.

Kate took a step forward and what happened next was another first in Sam’s life,

Kate hugged him and cried like she was just pretending to be strong.


“It’s you, Sam, I love you” Kate kept on crying

“I know it’s so abrupt and early but I can explain everything, I really need you” Kate spoke while her head still placed on his chest, t-shirt in contact with her cheeks was all wet.

“Listen to me Kate,”

“Stop crying we’ll talk”

Sam took her face in his hand. Before he could say anything Kate got on to her toes and seized his mouth with her lips. Silence drew around them Sam wasn’t able to hear the surrounding but he kissed her back because deep down him he wanted this, he exactly wanted this to happen. It happened and hence it was proved that sometimes it is destined for two to be together. If you really love someone, everything on this planet unites to bring two of you closer. Don’t wait for the perfect moment as the other might also be waiting for you to be the first, first to express yourself.


Since the magical evening, the evening they both met everything changed in Sam’s life.

He no longer hated love songs. He no longer wanted a reason to wake up in the morning and pull himself to the university as it was Kate, the ultimate pulling force that automatically pulled himself towards her.

At the moment whatever was happening is his life was a series of firsts, first girl, first relationship, first love, first kiss and no doubt it was a lifelong experience. Sam loved the feeling of being in love.

Mrs. Broad was very astonished to see Sam so positive towards the life and maybe it was the first time for Mrs. Broad too as she had not seen Sam happier than this before since the death of his husband and Sam’s father. After the death of his father Sam took life too seriously he hated parties, he hated the concept of families he hated almost everything, things which now he had begun to love.

Everything was going smooth. There wasn’t a morning Sam won’t dress himself up for Kate. Though he wasn’t very expressive but now he tried his level best to make Kate feel special just the way she made him feel special by cherishing every moment they spent together.

From afternoon brunch to late night talks along the roadside, everything there was perfect as Kate knew how to make every moment perfect. Perfect enough to make it most memorable one.

They started taking lectures together while sitting on the same bench where Kate would write short love notes on his books and notepads or she’ll constantly tingle him and he couldn’t help stop laughing.

On the other hand, it was a completely different experience for Kate. She never came across such a guy who finds it hard to express himself. She couldn’t guess the reason behind this lack.

She would bake mocha cupcake with his initials on them and surprise him with it. Kate knew how to spoil his man.

Sam being the most handsome guy, after getting into the relationship everyone highlighted the couple. Kate and Sam was one hell of an ideal couple; always found together. Everyone knew they both are committed to each other and no one ever dared to ask anyone of them about it.

From the first kiss at CuHo’s terrace to the Halloween party where they both dressed up like vampires and Dracula and were the spotlight couple. Sam was never into such parties but just for Kate’s happiness he agreed and dressed up the way Kate wanted him. Kate painted his face and went on shopping with him to get his costume.

Kate could easily remember how Sam held her hand throughout the shopping and party scene though he expressed his feelings verbally very rarely but few of his gestures assured Kate how possessive is he for her.

Whenever Sam held her hand she always got butterflies in her stomach. At such moments Kate really wished May it lasts forever on the other hand it was a certainly forever kind of relation for Sam.

A year and half was gone in a blink of eye. Sam considered him the happiest person alive on the Earth not because he had Kate but he was experiencing the best feelings of loving someone and being loved in return; it was a perfect Redundancy. Certainly there are many people out there who wish to be loved by their loved ones. People who are imprisoned in the feeling for loving someone and not being loved back. People who experience a love triangle that the person they love, loves someone else. We need to believe that not loving back is one of the most hurting experience.

They say if you want to die every second love someone who doesn’t loves you back. For Sam he was very lucky in this matter he loves someone who showers her unlimited love back upon him. With few weeks before the graduation they both had already made a lot of memories together, many to cherish and many more to come.

For Kate and Sam New Year eve was one of the last informal event before they leave for their professional lives and before Kate moves in with Sam as they already have decided that Kate would move in with Sam after their graduation. With New Year around the corner and Christmas just 1 day away. University announced a week long Christmas break. After the last class the boys called Sam to wish Christmas and girls except Emma came over to Kate. Since Sam and Kate’s relationship got publicly known Emma isolated her from Kate thinking Kate betrayed her by taking what she wished for, Sam. Emma forgot maybe that it wasn’t only her but every single girl in the campus also wished like her and Kate was fortunate enough to have him.

While making her way through the crowd of classmates she reached Sam who was standing with Daniel, one of the classmate who was popular for being the Rich Guy. Sam never liked Daniel to be around when Kate was with him. Daniel used to praise her a lot and Sam disliked that someone other than himself praises his girl. YES, he called Kate his girl and unlike Sam, Kate enjoyed being praised by others.

“Ummm… Sam?” Kate called him while he was with Daniel.


“What is it?” Sam replied lovingly while Daniel threw an approving stare at Kate.

“Let’s go I need to talk”, Kate certainly wanted some privacy with Sam.

Both Sam and Kate left the campus towards the parking lot where the Sam’s car was parked and Kate was going towards that.

Sam pulled the car out of the parking lot accompanied by Kate who was sitting next to him.

Bryan Adam’s Have you ever loved a woman played on the radio. There was pin drop silence in the car. Sam broke the silence.

“Kate”, Sam looked at Kate.

Kate who was thinking something while staring out of the window.

“Darling?” Sam bended a little.

Kate smiled and turned towards him.

“Yes, my dear?” replied Kate while smiling.

“Are you okay?’, Sam was worried.

“umm yeah”

“What were you thinking about?” questioned Sam.

“Nothing”, Kate smiled.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Daddy wants to meet you”, Kate was confused.

“Ohh really?”, Sam smiled at what he heard.

“Yes, I… I thought…umm if you…”, Kate got silent

“If I am okay…Isn’t it this that is bugging you that if I am okay to see your family or not?”, Sam almost broke into laughter.

Kate was speechless on Sam’s behaviour. She wasn’t expecting it at all as Sam is a reserved guy who doesn’t like being social.

“So you are okay with seeing my family?” Kate stared straight into his eyes.

“Obviously why would I not see your family, when I am looking forward to asking them for your hand” Sam smiled.

Kate was over whelmed after listening to what Sam said. But she kept her emotions under control.

“Kate I was thinking to take you home after the New Year’s party. My mom would be really happy to see you”, Sam spoke while keeping his eyes on the road.

“Sure, Sam I would love to meet Mrs. Broad”.

“So when Mr. and Mrs. Swift are expecting me?”, asked Sam

“They have invited you over the Christmas dinner”, Kate told while grinning.

Car engine stopped roaring. As Sam stopped the car outside Kate’s Farmhouse.

“Sure young lady, I’ll be honored to be at your farmhouse”,

“Ahaa… Mr. Sam it will be a pleasure seeing you there”.

“Miss Kate I think we are outside your farmhouse for the last 5 mins”.

Kate leaned over Sam gave him a swift kiss as always. Sam used to love it when Kate used to give abrupt and un expected kisses.

Kate moved out of the car.

“Don’t forget to be here at 7 pm Christmas eve”, Kate waved back at Sam.

“Sure Madam”, Sam smiled.


Getting back home he told Mrs. Broad everything about Kate.

“So how does she look like?”, asked Mrs. Broad excitedly.

“Is she fair?”

“Is she tall?”

“Brown or hazel eyes?”

“Hold on… hold on… hold on… mum-ma”, Sam loved the reaction.

“Believe me you’ll love her once you meet her” Sam assured.

“When are you goanna bring her home?”

“After New year’s party.”


“Kate’s parents called me tomorrow they wanna meet me,” Sam’s happiness could easily be seen through his eyes.

Mrs. Broad smiled back moving her head in agreement.

Mrs. Broad was very happy to see his son happy. She always wanted to see him happy. She knew his son was never involved in any girl, he never was impressed by any girl neither liked anyone. But when it comes to Kate Mrs. Broad knew she was special she was lucky and she will be the only one.


Sam dressed up in black tux and red bow, he was looking no more than a Hollywood hero. Sprayed his favourite perfume. Hair combed backwards. Shave done neatly. Mrs. Broad was very happy to see him. And she even shed few tears when Sam asked her before leaving for the dinner.

“Best of Lucky my dear”, Mrs. Broad spoke as she wiped the corner of her eyes.

Sam drove to Kate’s farmhouse where he used to drop her every day. Today it was all different and he was very nervous, very very nervous. He had never seen anyone’s parents before neither ever thought that he would see someone’s parents.

Everything you want by vertical horizon was being played on radio and he was enjoying the song as well. City was completely decorated with Christmas trees and he could listen to Christmas carols all his way to Kate’s farmhouse. Snow has covered everything and he wore his jacket above his suit so that he stays warm enough. He stopped at a bakery and realized how cold it was outside as he stepped out of his car and he got Christmas special cake. And moving further ahead on his car he bought a flower bouquet for the Swift family.

As he reached the drive way of the farmhouse he could see the lightning and could hear the songs being played. Mr. Swift’s ground was all white, and a snowman stood in between. He knew it was made by Kate as she loved making snowman and placing a carrot in the place of nose.

He honked the horn but no one came out maybe songs were too loud enough that no one inside could hear the horn honking. Despite being nervous he gathered all the confidence he could and knocked at the door. He could hear someone laughing and reaching towards the door.

Kate opened the door she was dressed in all red top with light blue jeans and black long boots. Best thing about her get up was the smile she was having. Sam could see the joy in her eyes that was due to his presence at her house.

Kate got on to her toes and swiftly placed Kate special kiss on Sam’s ice cold lips.

“Hey”, called Kate.

“Hi,” Sam replied being a bit shy as he realized swift family was observing what happened a few moments ago.

“How are you?” Kate asked

“How was your drive here?” Kate questioned.

“Nervous” Sam passed a nervous smile.

“Don’t be nervous darling”, Kate smiled back.

“They are seriously going to love you” Kate smiled back.

Kate! Let him come in darling… We both are waiting to meet him”, Sam heard Mr. Swift calling from behind.

“Ohh… come in…”

“They were anxiously waiting for you.” Kate informed Sam.

Sam little nervous and confused entered in.

“Here I bought these for you.” Mrs. Swift took cake and bouquet.

“Aww dear there was no need to bring this”, Mrs. Swift said lovingly.

“Mrs. Swift it was first time that I came to your place and moving on its Christmas”

“Merry Christmas”, Sam wished Swift family with Christmas greetings.

Everything in the lounge was artistically decorated. The antique corner with an Italian renaissance painting and copper vases. The flower vase was upon the centre table with roses.

Everything was exquisite, everything was telling the taste of swift family.

“Hello young man”, Mrs. Swift asked politely

Mr. Swift moved to create a space for Sam. While Kate went to get wine.

“How are you, young man?”, Mr. Swift said with a warm smile.

Swift family and Sam had a very great evening together. They talked about football to rugby from being leading entrepreneur to leading a business successfully.

Above all best part of the evening was dinner all prepared by Kate herself. The stuffed baked turkey, potato mash, baked vegetables, and pasta everything was delicious and mouth-watering.

As it was getting late Sam asked to leave. Kate came along till the doorway to wish him good bye.

“Thanks for coming over Sam”, Kate thanked him

“Well thank you so much lady for inviting me over”, Sam smiled

“And yes I never knew you can cook this good. Everything was just so delicious…”

“I love you Sam”, Kate did her special kiss.

“I love you more, babe”, Sam moved towards the car…

“Go inside its very cold outside”, Sam turned around and shouted at Kate.

While Kate waved back at him. Sam waved at him and sent a flying kiss towards Kate. Wore his jacket and got into the car. Turned on the car engine and drove back to home.

Two days later, Kate’s car horn honked in Sam’s drive away. Unfortunately, Mrs. Broad had gone to see some relatives and Sam was home alone.

As the doorbell rang Sam left the Forbes magazine he was reading on the center table and moved towards the door just to check who it is. He certainly wasn’t expecting Kate on such a cold morning.

“Hey, Sam”, Kate presented her 32-teeth smile and sparkling eyes.

“OHHH… Hi”, Sam was surprised to her.

“What brought you here madam?”

“You should have called me. I might have picked you”.

“I wanted to go shopping with you so I was supposed to pick you”, Kate laughed.

“Go pick your coat its cold outside and I don’t want you to catch cold”, ordered Kate.

Sam got back into the lobby took his coat from the nearby stand and placed a sticky note on the door telling:

Dear Mum-ma

I am going shopping with Kate. She was here by 12 pm.

I’ll be back by evening.

Don’t wait at lunch

With love,


Sam knew Mrs. Broad will be worried about him. And since last few weeks Mrs. Broad wasn’t well. Sam always tried his level best to keep his mother at ease.

Kate wanted to get some clothes for New Year’s Eve and certainly for Sam too.

They spent complete afternoon searching for the perfect outfit while sipping hot chocolate to keep themselves warm in this extreme cold.

After getting free from the shopping, Kate dropped Sam back home and promised she’ll come along with him on New Year’s Eve and meet Mrs. Broad too.

“Welcome, my dear son”, Mrs. Broad was sipping on her coffee while reading her favourite novel.

“Aww mum-ma”

“When will you get over this freaking Withering Heights”, Sam teased his mother while entering the lounge.

“Oh Dear, I love this book”

“It is such an awesome book” Mrs. Broad explained.

“Do you need another cup of coffee mum-ma”, Sam asked courteously knowing Mrs. Broad is already having her cup of coffee.

“Sammy”, Mrs. Broad called him from the kitchen.

“Come here sit with me “, Mrs. Broad wanted Sam to sit with her.

They both shared few thoughts on what Sam had bought for New Year’s Eve. And if Kate was excited to see Mrs. Broad. Where Sam assured her that Kate is very excited to meet Mrs. Broad.


Last sunset of the year was going to take place. Sam went over to Kate as per his promise that they’ll view the sunset on the CuHo’s terrace same place where they first met.

Sam couldn’t resist the beauty of black when wore by Kate. Kate was dressed in Long gown with red platforms making her even taller and more graceful. Hair tied in a high pony tail. Liner finely done with blood red lips. She was an angel; the prettiest angel Sam had ever seen. He held his breathe when he saw Kate coming towards the car.

“Hey gorgeous”, Sam praised Kate as she opened the door to sit inside the car.

Kate was more than happy to hear Sam praising because there were very rare moments when Sam praised her as he wasn’t that “praise her win her” kind of guy.

Sam moved forward and brushed a light kiss under her cheek. Kate was hard to resist and Sam wanted to make her happy make her feel special on such occasions. Same drove to CuHo’s where they decided to sip over the coffee.

Kate hugged Sam while they stared the sun. How peaceful was it to have his girl in his arms where Kate could hear his heartbeat.



“I love you”, Kate whispered

“I know”, Sam replied.

“Don’t you love me?” Kate wanted to hear that she is loved.

“You are my life Kate”

“My everything”, Sam’s voice echoed.

“Okay come on let’s go. Everyone would be waiting for us at the party”, Sam asked to move.

“And then I am going to see Mrs. Broad too”, Kate smiled.

“Ohh I am glad you remembered”, Sam wanted to deliberately kiss her.

As expected Sam and Kate were the most awaited guests of the night. Both of them hated to drink. Both of them enjoyed the music, observed people dancing neither of them danced but a little move it move it was the must thing and they couldn’t resist the slow music so they rose to perform couple dance and everyone was impressed by their skills. As the clock struck midnight everyone wished New Year, danced, partied while Kate and Sam excused themselves and came back home.

“Sam will Mrs. Broad be up till now?”, Kate felt it’s already too late.

“She knows you are coming over. She’ll be waiting for you probably in her night suit”, Sam assured.

Kate laughed at the idea of night suit and wondered how sweet it is of Mrs. Broad.

While getting into the drive way. Sam pulled the duplicate key from his pocket and opened the door and what they saw next both of them burst into laughter.

There she was, Mrs. Broad, sitting in her night suit with a blanket wrapped around her to fight cold.

“Hey mum-ma”

“Why are you still up?”, Sam knew the reason but he just wanted to pick a conversation.

“Look who came with me”, Sam pointed towards the Kate who was standing next to her.

Mrs. Broad was delighted to see Kate. Sam got three cups of coffee for all three of them. After a lot of laughs and talks.

“Mum-ma, why don’t you go and have some rest I’ll take Kate and show her my room”, Sam sensed that Mrs. Broad is bit tired.

Sam took Kate into his room. Where he showed all his childhood pictures.

“Kate, this young boy is me and…”

“He… he is my father,” Sam almost broke off in between while pointing towards a picture on the wall.

“Sam, are you okay?”

“Yes I am fine, my love”, replied Sam.

“Sam I wanna ask you something?”.

“Speak darling”, Sam wanted to get over the sad part memories played.

“You mentioned some facts in the interview that only a person who have suffered from the crisis can know that”, Kate questioned.

“I thought you didn’t noticed that”, Sam replied shocked.

“Mr. Sam, University’s topper was interviewing you, how can she ignore such a fact?”

“And you just forgot that we all studied psychology in our under graduation courses”, Kate kept on giving explanations.

” Ask what do you wanna ask, love?”

“I’m here ready to answer your every question”, Sam realized he no longer can hide his past.

“Who was the victim of Black Tar Heroin?” Kate questioned.

“My father”, the answer was abrupt but clear.

“Whhhh…whhhaaattt do you mean Sam?”, Kate was in a sort of turmoil.

“Yes Kate, my father was a black tar heroin addict. He he…”

“He got addicted to it when we suffered a loss in business.”

“He used to bring prostitutes home”.

“I saw my mother crying and only crying. She won’t say a word. She tried to fight back, she tried to raise her voice but the thought that what people will think about the ex-leading entrepreneur,” Sam voice became husky.

Kate couldn’t hold it more she almost burst into tears herself. How can she be so selfish that she allowed memories to haunt Sam once again?

Kate bent forward and embraced his lips with her. She removed the ache with her kiss, the deep kiss Sam was longing since he met Kate this evening. Since he placed a kiss on her cheek. And when she was clung to him at the terrace. The intensity of urge to give love could easily be judged by the swift deep movements of their lips. Mouth to mouth, tongues meeting each other. Kate sat in Sam’s lap. Sam untied her hair and the only dyed maroon strand was exposed to his bare hands.

Sam could feel the heat of the skin in this cold weather. He sucked softly her lips; separately upper from lower ones. While moving along lower lips, he grasped her around the waist and placed his hands on her hips. Kissed, they kissed, and they kissed. It was Kate kissing away all of Sam’s pain. Sam’s right hand went inside her shirt and he could sense the touch of her bare skin. While Kate unbuttoned him and the molten lava inside Kate EXPLODED. She took a deep intense breath; a moan perhaps. Sam could feel blood rushing under himself.

Every curve, every inch of her skin was explored by Sam. He couldn’t stop himself as the aroma of her skin had covered his brain. He unlaced her dress and while kissing her affectionately around her neck. They continued to discover every margin of each other’s body for hours. And eventually, they bonded. Both shared the most wanted pleasure.

Chapter 4

It was such an awesome morning. Kate felt herself light as light as she could be without any tension. Like a miracle took away every painstaking experience. She felt different. She felt special. She felt happy.

Could life be any better?

Could it be more beautiful; more complete?

Everything seemed perfect. Kate’s life was complete. She was completed by a complete person. Someone who complimented her in every aspect. He was hard to handle yet worth it. Kate knew best things demand efforts and if you want something different you have to swim another mile, a mile against the flow. Where others could hardly think of being. Sam rarely praised her but he knew Kate knows that she means everything to him. She is his perfect lady. a cherry to his life. WHAT A PERFECT START TO A YEAR, Kate thought.

Kate dressed herself up for university. She clearly wanted to look different and better. The glow of the skin, the freshness could easily be felt. She left her hair open today not bothering them to tie as Sam liked them this way.

After reaching university she waited for Sam as Sam didn’t even come to pick her up. After missing her first class she decided to go by herself wondering Sam would be still sleeping.

A complete day passed but there wasn’t any sign of Sam. Kate thought he would have been busy somewhere. She didn’t want to spoil all those positive vibes she had. She completely trusted Sam so she had no second thoughts.


Three days passed but there wasn’t any news about Sam. Kate got worried now, there wasn’t any reply to any of her mails. No contact to Kate not even on landline, or by post or any media from where Kate could know that he is fine, absolutely fine.

Kate was sitting alone on the bench. Wishing Sam could be seen somewhere.


A not so familiar voice came from behind.

Kate turned around and was shocked to see Daniel standing there and smiling at her. Kate ignored him as she wasn’t in a mood to respond to him or talk to anyone.

“Is everything okay?”

“Why I find this gorgeous lady so upset every day?”

“Let me tell you a fact you seem much more beautiful after the vacations”, Daniel kept on praising Kate. Kate ignored him.

Finally, when Daniel pressured Kate she told him that Sam is missing and he had no contact with her. She went to his house but it was locked and neighbours told that they also haven’t seen them since 1 January’s morning.

“I don’t know where is he, I wish I can find him I wanna know if everything is fine or not”, Kate broke into tears.

Daniel manipulated Kate by taking full advantage of all the information he came to know from Kate.

He made her believe that Sam was a cheater, a betrayer who just ran off like cowards. Slowly within a week Daniel replaced Sam, if not completely then partly.

Yes, Kate and Daniel came closer within a week of Sam’s disappearance.

Until the day Sam return with swollen eyes and all new Sam.

But Kate no longer bothered It. Sam was shocked to know that she isn’t even talking to him and is busy with Daniel.

When Sam talked to Kate about what she was up to she didn’t even bothered to listen a word against her will. She was convinced Sam was a cheater. “Maybe he was always like that. That’s why he never praised me. Maybe he wasn’t into me. Maybe it was all a blur past. Maybe. . .” She thought.

All she had to say was that she no longer can stay with Sam.

“But Kate now I have no one to be with me”, Sam spoke with tears in her eyes.

“My mother had a brain haemorrhage. She was in ICU for 14 days but she couldn’t fight for life Kate, I lost her Kate I lost my mother my only asset my only blood relation.”

“Don’t do this to me Kate I can’t handle it I can’t take it anymore, don’t go Kate trust me I wasn’t lying, I didn’t cheated on you neither I played with you”.

“I didn’t even ever wish to take your virginity believe me I love you Kate”, Sam pleased.

But Kate wasn’t in a mood to hear a single word. She was already hypnotized by Daniel. Sam kept on asking for chances for forgiveness for the sin he hadn’t even committed. But Kate destroyed Sam’s Life. She even destroyed her destiny because she lost a diamond while searching for coal.

Chapter 5

They were in a meadow; it was a windy day. October had finally taken its turn. Yellow leaves were scattered all around the clearing. “I love October” said Kate, her eyes were closed. She was breathing in all the scents October brought with it, the sun glistened on her clear skin, giving it a beautiful glow. She opened her eyes and saw that Sam was standing very close to her with a worried expression on his face. “What’s wrong Sam?” asked Kate.

Nothing special” he turned away, Kate caught his arm and turned him towards herself and looked at him inquiringly. He smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear.

I love you too much you know right?”


Sam looked away for a moment and then looked straight in her deep blue eyes and replied “I was just thinking about what I would do if I ever lost you”

Kate burst out laughing “You had me scared for a moment, you know I honestly thought you were going to confess to a murder or something. Sam I love you, you don’t have to worry about all that because you’ll never have to find out” she said warmly.

They both smiled and then Kate said “you’ve got me all mellowed up I was going to tell you why I love October so much!”

Well, why do you?”

It’s like a new beginning, the life span is ending for some and beginning for others. Whether it is the ending or beginning it is the start of something beautiful. I believe October symbolizes life in general…”

Wow! That is some philosophy”

Don’t make fun of me, Sam!”

I’m not! I’m seriously surprised that you think like this”

Why can’t I?”

Sure you can I just didn’t expect you to be this philosophical, I thought that category was reserved for me….”

[Kate started laughing at that. Her reaction caught Sam off guard and he bent down and kissed her.
“Why can’t you praise me like Daniel do, Sam?”
The scene changed suddenly.
“And why have you a different opinion in every opinion? Why can’t you just go with the flow?”
“But I thought you like these little things, darling’”
“I do. . . But Sam, it would be great if you could praise something verbally. And if you could improve your little strange habits. I mean, who can’t stir their own coffee? Grow up! How can someone spend their whole life with you?”]

Sam woke with a start and cursed himself and his stupid brain for bringing back the memories. As much as he tried to not think about her the more she came into his mind. The past was just a sweet memory and the reality was that Kate was gone, she was married to Daniel now. She had chosen that bastard over him.

Sam glanced at the clock at his bedside table, he was running late again. He got up and took a bath hurriedly, shaved and changed his suit. “I need to get this job”, thought Sam.

The memory of the last job suddenly came in his mind. He had been fired due to his colleague or so he used to think. He had been transferring drugs via the shipments of the company and when Sam confronted him he framed Sam for the crime. He had tried to plea his innocence but no one believed him and he had been kicked out of the firm. That really was a harsh case he faced. It was about one and half year after Kate left him. He was really broken at that moment considering the fact he had no one left for him except for his only friend, John. John instilled the will power in him and encouraged him to rise once again. He helped him bring back his Sam Broad’s attitude and self-esteem. He made him believe he is Sam, who is capable of doing anything in the best way possible and he can’t go down this way. He awakened the positive approach of Sam’s mind. And it worked, Sam took all of his past in his favour. It’s true he faced a heartbreak reality which made it very difficult for him to stand upright again. It’s also true that was the most major blow for him; bigger than the death of his mother. For a period of time, it was like the end of the world for him but his positive approach helped him a lot. Now he was the same Sam Broad again, like he was before Kate, but more emotionless, more of a cold hearted person. Now he knew the fact that money really is everything. He had accepted this fact though he couldn’t understand it as he considered money as to be the most unpredictable object in the world. He remembered the intense love of Kate, he remembered how pure it was, and how her I’ve everything in this world when I got you attitude was but still, it took her almost 14 days to place money above all that. Very often, he recalled back those memories, but not to mourn over them, but to make his mind firm that this society, and this society’s standards, it’s a bad joke.

After the death of her mother and break up with Kate, his ignorance towards life cost him a lot. He was bankrupt and his business was closed. The only property now he had was his house and maybe he would have lost that too if that was not John, who helped him a lot getting stand up again. He even offered him a deal to start a business together on partnership basis which he easily agreed on. With great trust and no paperwork of partnership whatsoever, they started their business. It was going smooth but didn’t offer much revenue and he needed a job with that.

Now here he was, with his mind on the track to do something such spectacular that his name would live on even after his death. He always feared oblivion. He now used to ask himself daily “Have you done something till now that people don’t forget you after you die?”

He got up, instead of putting on his suit he decided to go for a simple dress; simple yet elegant with plain slim tie admiring his body shape. The next thing now was to go for the interview. Well, he reached there late, or you can say he reached there right on exact time. Receptionist was calling her name when he entered the room in a rush. It was an interview for a Manager vacancy of a big Mall of the city. Timing had stumbled a bit his confidence but he gathered himself. He entered the room displaying a confident smile on his face with his one hand adjusting the knot of his tie, and other on the handle of the door. Interview went in the most amazing possible way and he came out of the room with the job letter in his hand. He was delighted, everything was going in such a great way. Life seemed to be back on track and Sam seemed to be more solid than ever.

Chapter 6

“Here you go, Mr. Sam” said Gwen in a frank voice.

“Thank you Ms. Gwen.” smiled Sam.
Gwen sat on the chair in front of him and they both started sharing thoughts on the football match from last night. Although Gwen was not much fond of football, but she didn’t hate to have a discussion about it.

Gwen, who offered her services as an accountant in the Mall, was close to Sam. Or at least as much close anyone could be with Sam.

Months passed by in much busy routine. Business with John was going great. In fact, it made incredible progress and they didn’t face any gestation period. His job was good too. He had made name of himself among senior authorities and rumour was there that are discussions being made for his promotion.

“Hello!” Sam entered his office with a smile on his face.

“Hello Mr. Sam” Gwen’s tone was a bit serious than usual.
“There has been a problem here, Sam”
“What on Earth has happened that stole your charm young lady?”
“It’s you, Sam. You’ve been framed… Well, not everyone seems to think the same way. Everyone believes you are the victim.”
Sam stared at her with questioning sight.
“It’s about Bruce, Sam. You know your competitor from other branch who wants the same promotion you deserve. People are talking Sam. I reached to you as soon as I heard it. It’s being said that you stole the massive amount from the company, bit by bit, from shipments. Difference has been shown in account books and I can’t help it. But I know it’s he who has framed you. I know you, and you are a man of honour.”
Sam heard all this quietly, sat on his chair while loosening the knot of his tie. And then he went into some deep thoughts. He couldn’t accept that this was happening again when all was going well. After few moments, he took a deep breath and gave Gwen a smile like there’s nothing to worry about.
“Thank you Miss Gwen. I appreciate the trust you’ve placed in me and I’m honored by your kindness that you’ve informed me about it”
“But Sam. I don’t want all this to happen to you. You’re a good guy”
“Don’t you worry Miss. Gwen. It’s not first time I’m going to face all this and I’m pretty sure as long as I’m successful, it won’t be the last time.”
“I wish you luck…” Gwen smiled sympathetically and left.

Now Sam was in state of some depression. He had given so much to this firm but he knew the overall situation and he knew it was some serious scenario. He looked outside through the see-through mirror of his office’s walls and he could see all the employees working. He felt like everyone’s looking at him with suspicious sight. He could hear “thief… thief” in his ears from everywhere. “Let it come and beat it.” He whispered to himself “I’m not goanna let this happen to me again”

Later, he and John had their dinner together. Sam shared this problem with him and explained the situation. John comforted him and told him not to worry a bit about it and ensured him his help to last limit.

“Oh Sam. Everyone knows what capabilities you acquire. I’m sure your company will show trust in you” said John while picking up meat pieces with fork.

“It’s not like that mine brother.” Sam exclaimed. “This is some serious problem and if Gwen is right, all the evidences will be against me. Moral support will not help me there” “Oh Sam!” Sam chewed his bite. “Even if what you’re saying is right, you’ve my full support. If things go wrong, we’ll hire a kick-a lawyer and beat the shit out of them, Savvy?”
Sam didn’t answer. He just smiled.
John continued “And even if we consider that they fire you. Still there’s nothing bad in that. We have our business and it’s growing spectacularly. And I’m pretty sure when you’ll be fully focused here, we’ll make some remarkable progress. So basically what I’m trying to say is no pressure. There’s no losing down this road. Now get up and buy me a soda”

They got up and had their drinks. Sam sensed something irrational in John’s tone. He didn’t understand why he was feeling so.

Next day, earlier in the morning Sam received a call from assistant of DG of the company informing him about the meeting after 2 hours from now. Sam was frustrated at this as it was the weekend.

“Oh, what a fresh hell!” He said to himself, got up unwillingly and began to get ready for that meeting.

It was obvious he had understood what this meeting was about, thanks to Gwen. He decided to go for full black, black pants with black plain shirt tucked in, emphasized by an erect black coat with double vents. He looked tall in such suit and he thought this dress make him display his will power.

He reached the auditorium and it seemed like everyone was already waiting for him. He took his seat with confidence.

“It’s an honour to have you all gentlemen with us today. We should proceed now” Sam heard the professional flat voice of speaker.
“During the last few weeks, a matter of serious significance has come to our attention. This young gentleman we have here with us today, is being accused of…”
The speaker continued. Although Sam was prepared for all this but still he swallowed hardly with a bit of tension on his mind. Words reached his ears in echoes like he was sitting in a large hall. He looked towards the speaker and other meeting attendants and it seemed to him like every eye was focusing on him. Every word the speaker said, he could hear only one word, in repetition, “Thief… Thief”. He hardly made it till the end of the meeting. He was sued by the company of theft and robbery and they had placed a huge penalty upon him.

He came back and shared everything with John. “It’s very tough to go against their plea” He said.

“Don’t you worry my friend. I’m always here for you. We will hire the best lawyer in town.”
“Yeah but… I’m a bit terrified. I’ve seen what they have so I know exactly what they can do.” Sam explained.
“Here, have these shots of whiskey. We’ll surely come up with something”
Sam had some drinks with John and he returned home. Something urged him and he went inside her mother’s room. He was awfully missing her. It was for his mother he never felt dull in his life as she always used to knock some power in him. He opened her drawer and picked her favourite perfume. The perfume Sam always admired whenever her mom wore it. He took deep breath and the scent entered his lungs through lungs. “I love you Mom” he said in much sad voice to himself and tears started to roll down his cheeks. After taking some wet breaths, he started to cry out loud. God knows why he started to miss her so intensely suddenly. He became desperate.
After few moments, he gathered himself and stopped crying. He felt a bit relaxed now. He was not even feeling comfortable towards John. Yes, he was his childhood friend but he was having some bad senses towards him.

Time flew constantly at its uniform speed. But the time was going adverse for Sam. Getting fired was not a problem for him. It was the huge penalty that would come with it if found guilty. And today was the day when he was sentenced guilty. Today was the day of an unfortunate moment once again for Sam Broad. Sam who had risen once again after much tough experiences, was broken once again. But it was not least! What happened after that completely took off his faith towards humanity.

He went straight to John from the court but he wasn’t available. He tried to call but couldn’t reach him. His heart was shivering with fear. He was thinking of some situation which he never wanted to happen. “No, John can’t do that to me” He consoled himself.
After continuous struggle for two weeks, he reached John. And Alas! With the news that was like a hammer blow on his head. John has undertaken all the business and had done all the paperwork. He had completely isolated Sam and Sam wasn’t able to do a thing about it. He had lost all of his hope and he was totally on his own, completely alone in this world with no one to sympathize with. He couldn’t believe a man can deny a friendship of almost 25 years for some currency, just to quench his thirst for money. His heart was shattered. His faith was lifted from love, friendship, or you can say, from all human relations. His thought became more firm that money is the only medium of relation between two human beings.
“I’ll find some strong platform and sue you!” said Sam in an aggressive tone and left.

Later that day, he received a call from Gwen. She showed her sympathies and told him she had trust upon him.

“I just want to say… I know accepting help from someone is difficult for a guy like you but… If there’s anything you think I can do for you, I’m here available for you” She said while sobering.
“Not at all Ms. Gwen” Sam just couldn’t ignore the word ‘Miss’. “I’m doing fine. I appreciate your offer though”
“Listen… If you are need of any money… Look! I know your condition is pity nowadays and you’re going through hell. Everyone can see you’re going through hell. So if you need anything, you don’t need to be shy with me”
“Believe me Ms. Gwen” Sam smile a bit sarcastically. “I’ve been through worse! Don’t you worry. I’m doing great”
“I’ll come by your place today Sam”
“You really don’t need to do that Miss. And now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got something up my sleeves. Have a good day dear lady” Sam disconnected the line while leaving a compliment.
He consulted the whole matter with his lawyer who helped him find a legal ground for a case against John. John was not sitting there drinking milk shake. He was well aware of the situation. He offered Sam a deal. He offered him that he’ll clear off all his debts he owes to the company and in return, he’ll have to drop the case. This deal was hard to digest for a guy like Sam but with the consultancy of his lawyer, they agreed on terms as his lawyer also showed him the path that this was the best way possible. Now John was completely harm proof and Sam was free from company’s debts. But only “free” from company’s debts. He was now broken as hell. He had no job, no business, no source of income whatsoever. Only assets he had now was the house, his mother’s memorial, and some very little of his savings.

Days passed by and Sam was getting worse and worse. His savings were only going to survive a few more days he still had nothing to earn from. Main problem was he had lost all his hope towards life. He had no desire for worldly material whatsoever. That was the time of high depression. And such times are exactly when suicidal thoughts enter the mind of a man. And that is what exactly happened with Sam. He thought this thorough and accepted this term that suicide was an easy way to escape from all this. He made his mind. He thought, “Maybe I should call someone to say good bye” but then, laughed to himself. “Who’s left there for me, huh? Gwen? Don’t know will she responds to me now or no!”

With all this going on, Sam still wasn’t able to make up his mind. There was a barrier in his thought. There was a temptation, an urge. Suicide would he has failed. Suicide would mean he has fallen to his knees. And he couldn’t accept that. Sam Broad couldn’t accept he had failed his life. His self-esteem wasn’t letting him to take such step.

“Have you failed, Sam Broad? How will you face your mother above there?” He asked himself. This little question filled him with will power. “When all the life has failed you, are you still up for the challenge? Are you ready to do something from now on, from this point, to do something such spectacular that people will remember you after ages?”
He asked that same question to himself again.

Sam made the riskiest decision of his life. He decided to sale out his beloved home and go for some sole business. He arranged everything and yes, as we all need someone to tell about our ongoing, he called Gwen and told her all about the situation. Gwen again assured him that she’s there for him. If he needs anything, he just needs to ask.

During a period of two weeks, it was all done. Sam had sold his house and that high fi Sam Broad had started a small hardware tools store in the market. For living, he rented an apartment. Although Gwen offered him her place to live till he’s settled, but as usual, his self-esteem couldn’t allow him. Time began to pass and Sam was doing fine. Well, not starving if you put it that way.

Chapter 7

Kate’s condition was pitiful. She was sick and was pregnant for the third time in the consecutive third year. She was completely out of shape. No one could say she was same old stand straight and confident Ms. Katherine Swift.

It was 1 o’ clock in the morning and she looked like a broken statue. Daniel wasn’t home. He was drunk. It was usual for him to come home late and then just make out with Kate and sleep. His attitude towards Kate was no more than a piece of flesh to fulfil his desires. Sky was covered with dark clouds; stormy weather with loud thunderbolts. She was sitting on a chair gazing at the lightning from the window. Her one hand was in grasp of a coffee and other was rubbing her swollen belly which was along her six months old second child.
She heard a noise, a loud shutting noise. “Daniel”, she whispered. Just after a few seconds, Daniel appeared. He was drunk as usual and horny as hell with blood in his eyes. He looked at her like a wolf and advanced towards her like a prey. She knew what was going to happen but still she tried to resist.
From behind, he wrapped his arms around her waist and touched his lips on her side of the neck. He sucked deeply and she exhaled heavily.
She tried to mention that she was pregnant and he shouldn’t go any further but he was like a beast then. His fingers unlaced her dress while his lips were vigorously kissing her. He began to remove her clothes along with kisses; mouth, lips, neck, shoulders, her deep cleavage and those beautiful humps. Everything going naked.
Tears rolled down from her eyes but he wasn’t going to care. He ripped off her undergarments with fury and there she was, all naked. He carried her and put her on the table rashly. Then he stopped for a second and looked at her crying face. He smiled, placed his both hands around her waist and scrambled with great zeal. She screamed too much higher pitch.

He grasped her hair and said, “Scream louder”. Doing so, he removed his pants and before she could say anything, he was inside her. She moaned harder but that only made him to thrust harder. She could faintly hear his laughter as she was losing her senses. She was wasted and she fainted.

A month passed by in such temptation. It was the seventh month of her pregnancy when she came up with labour pain. It was time of twilight, earliest moments of morning. Her dress was all rough, hair were messed up. Moaning with pain, she called out Daniel who was in his deep sleep due to being drunk. Pain was huge so she moved Daniel vigorously.

“OMG KATE! WHAT THE HELL! Are you in your senses?” yelled Daniel.
“Daniel! It’s hurting a lot.” Kate cried.
“Oh come on… I’ve seen stronger women than you. And don’t you act like it’s labour pain. It’s too soon for that”
“But Daniel… Oh my husband…”
“Shut this up and let me sleep. You’ve always been a greedy lady. I’ve provided you with all the necessities of the world and still you can’t see me having some moments of peace”

Kate didn’t reply to that. She was shattered completely. Pain was rising beyond her endurance and she got up from her bed and with some strange thoughts in her mind, she got out of the house.

It was a long night for Sam. His business was going well and was climbing stages of progress. Sam who always had firm belief upon his capabilities, was standing up with honour once again although life has tried to knocked him down more than once.

He was returning from a meeting where he tried to make a deal with some big entrepreneurs of the city. It was dark yet light had slowly started to spread now. Rain was falling heavily. Turning his car from the intersection, he saw a woman bended over her knees, with her dress all wet in the rain. When he reached near her, the lights of her car made her face visible and OMG! It was like lightening had struck Sam. He was stunned. “Is she Kate? Kate from Stanford University?” He asked himself. He got out of the car and advanced towards her. He held her by her arms, made her stand up and words came out of his mouth were “Oh dear Lord, what the heck happened to you Kate?” His feelings and emotions were all messed up. Looking at her physical condition, he understood the scenario. He decided to help her.
“Sam, my angel. Help me, please” said Kate in deep voice and fell over him. She lost her senses. Sam grabbed her and lie her on the backseat of the card.
“Hold on, Kate. Nothing is goanna hurt you” Sam said while he rushed his car as fast as he could towards nearby hospital.

Kate opened her eyes in a room lit up with white light. She was weak, as weak as an insect. She was lying on her bed in the hospital. Nurse came by, saw her, and checked all the machines connected to her. She told Kate she had come to her senses after three weeks.

“Where’s Sa… ughhh… Daniel? Was Daniel here?”
“No mam. I’m sorry to say there’s is not any checking in by the name Daniel” Nurse informed her.
“Who’s my guardian here? Who is paying for all this?”
“It’s your cousin Sam, Sam Broad. You know him, right?”
This line was enough for Kate to break into tears. She had understood what Sam has done and she knew he was not going to come here again. She knew he’ll not come back as soon as he came to know she has awoken but deep down, she wished heavily that he should.

Time passed by and Kate recovered to her full and was discharged from the hospital. The first thing on her ‘to do list’ was to get rid of Daniel. She filed a case for divorce to do that. It didn’t take her much difficulty to win the case and she moved to her parental house.

It seemed for Kate that life was fair now. But she wasn’t at peace. What Sam did for her left deep marks on her heart. She remembered all the moments from the past with him and how everything was. And how she dumped him, how she knowingly that Sam wasn’t at fault, dumped him. Now there was permanent pain for Kate.

Chapter 8

Opening his drowsy eyes to his iphone’s ringtone, Sam grasped the mobile and answered the call.

“Hello! Is this Sam Broad?” a voice came in a professional manner.
“Yes?” said Sam in his sleepy voice using interrogatory tone.
“I’m Mr. Smith. I’m speaking on behalf of Weeco Transformers Engineering, Sir. I would like to inform you that the quotation and samples you presented in the meeting last week impressed us. And we’d like to make contract with you.”
Sam was shocked. Shocked with pleasure of course but still that failed to steal his sleepy tone.
“That’s a great news actually. But don’t you think calling at midnight…”
“Oh so sorry, Sir” Smith didn’t let him finish his sentence. “I’m here in California. Sorry about the difference of time zones. I hope you don’t mind it.” He explained further with apologetic voice.
“Never mind, I’m wide awake now. Awaiting further specifications from you.”
“Of course, Sir. Our representor will meet tomorrow at 13:00 GST to take care of paperwork. Initially we would like you to supply for our first 10,000 productions. Await further instructions.”
“Alright then!” Sam rejoiced.
“Welcome to WTE, Sir. I hope you’ll enjoy our company. Have a good day” Smith wished him luck and disconnected.

Sam just couldn’t believe what has happened right now. He yelled “yeehaw” with joy although he was alone. He had done it. If everything goes right, he’d become the permanent supplier for the company and that would mean JACKPOT! He felt like the luckiest man alive. “Oh dear Lord, thanks for not giving up on me. And thanks for giving me power and not letting me give up on life either.”

Obviously he tried to sleep again but couldn’t. He was excited as hell.

At that time of the night, he got up in his night shorts. Opened the fridge and took his favourite bottle of beer. The next thing he did was involuntary. He went to his room, opened his cupboard, reached out for the perfume Kate once gifted him, and inhaled he scent affectionately.

Why was he still in possession of that perfume? Only he could answer that. Maybe that was his way to show that he had succeeded. Maybe in his mind, he was showing her he was this close to being exceptionally wealthy. Or maybe, deep inside… deep inside in his heart, he still missed her. Maybe he still used to think that their relation wasn’t broken, just bent. Whatever it was, one thing was obvious by this act that the scar she left on Sam’s heart, he wasn’t able to heal it.

After thinking about it the thousand times, Kate picked up the phone to call Sam. She didn’t know what she was going to say to him but still, she also wanted to call him. She dialled his number and heard those the ringing beeps.

“Hello!” a familiar voice came.

“Sam!” said Kate in her husky voice.
“Yes, who is it?” Sam inquired.
“It’s Kate, Sam.”
“Oh!” and after some silence, Sam asked a bit sarcastically “So why do I owe you the pleasure of this call, Ms. Katherine Swift?”
“Sam I… I don’t know I… Sam… I just wanted to say thank you.” Kate’s voice shivered.
“Why?” said Sam in cold voice.
“For… For helping me out that day, Sam”
“It was out of humanity. Nothing else”
“Yes Mrs. Daniel! Can you explain your purpose of calling a bit quicker? I’m really not fond of beating around the bush”
“I want to meet you Sam.” Kate totally ignored his word ‘Mrs. Daniel’.
“Sorry, not available today. And don’t bother mentioning my name in your every sentence cause whatever you’re trying to impose, it isn’t working.”
“SAM! Don’t do this please. I beg you. For old time’s sake Sam, please.” Kate burst into tears.
Sam took a deep breath and got lost into some deep thoughts.
“Sam… Sam… Reply to me Sam… SAM!”
Sam made a quick decision… to meet her.
“Today is my meeting at 1 a.m. It may go down to several hours or maybe for some moments. Any day apart from today is fine.”
“Thank you Sam. So tomorrow 8 pm at CuHo?”
“Done” said Sam and disconnected.

Chapter 9

The meeting went very well. All Sam had to do now as to arrange his schedule to cover up his busy upcoming routine. But he was Sam Broad, it was sure that he will rise. He made some calls and made sure he’ll do well with the company. His mood was relaxing. He felt no pressure on him of the increased upcoming working routine. He celebrated his success alone having his favourite beer.

All the paperwork was done now. This time, Sam did all the formalities to their 100%. This was a full proof deal. And there were huge chances he would become their permanent supplier.

The next thing of significance was the meeting with Kate. Although, he had complete idea what this meeting was going to be about. Sam was a strong person, very much strong than most of us. But his heart and mind were having a war among them. He used to miss her mother a lot in such complexions. “Have mercy on me, my God’ he whispered.

His phone rang,
“Hey Sam. I heard about your deal. I can’t say how much I feel happy for you. Congratulations to you. Though I feel a bit disappointed that you didn’t bothered to call me.” Gwen said all that in one breath with some anger and cherish in her voice.
“Oh oh oh… Hold on Miss Gwen. Let me do the talking” Sam said in trembling voice.
“Nope… No holding on. You owe me a celebration now”
“Yeah, sure. Will clear off the debt soon”

It was the time. It was almost 7:45 pm and Sam was advancing towards CuHo. Dressed in black t-shirt and skin jeans, hair nicely done with a side way comb, Sam entered CuHo. He looked at all the tables and spotted Kate sitting on a two seater table in the privacy corner. He advanced towards her and Kate noticed the scent of Beckham perfume which was Sam’s favourite. She looked at him and smiled as she recognized it was the same outfit that Sam wore many years ago, when they first met here at the same place. Sam took the seat sophistically,
“So… Ms. Katherine. What do I…”
“Please call me Kate, Sam. Stop this Ms. Katherine thing” Kate said in husky voice.
Sam smiled, nothing else. Kate began to tell her all the events that took place the last few years and how Daniel treated her, and how many hardships she had suffered. Sam listened to all what she had to say with a neutral face. But it’s true that deep down, Sam’s heart was in deep pain. Yes, he knew she was the girl who dumped him. He knew she was the girl who wasted what was pure as a crystal. But that is also true, that Sam loved her soul. He loved her without any boundaries and limits. His mind was reminding him to keep away from but his heart… his heart was involuntary showing deep affection towards her. His heart was yelling at him to pick her up and hug her for her comfort.
Kate completed her story, words ran dry and her eyes got wet. She looked at Sam and tried to place her hand above Sam’s. Sam first attempted to move away his hand but then made no movement. A huge complex of thoughts was forming in his brain. What he did next was beyond imagination. What he did was like trying to cut the paper with an eraser, which will not cut it of course, but leave deep marks on it or eat it.
When Kate placed her hand on Sam’s, Sam turned it down against the table and gripped her hand tightly. Kate, feeling the sensation of Sam’s touch in her body, exhaled heavily. Sam looked in her eyes which were soaking wet with continuous flow of tears. He stood up, reached near Kate and pull her up, then he kissed her on her lips deeply. It was a short kiss but deep, both felt each other’s heat, touch of their tongue, warmth that was exchanged mouth to mouth, saliva on the surface of lips and most of all, Kate felt the same affection from many years ago. And that was exactly what Sam wanted her to experience.
After this act, Sam left her abruptly, placed some currency notes on her hand and said “Try to wipe away your tears now with this 100 dollar bill” and he left… he left her while she cried heavily behind him. She understood there is no coming back from Sam now. Sam left the bar without looking back. He had successfully hit her right in the cracking spot. Now he knew she was going to suffer all her life. Maybe Kate would have succeeded in forgetting him but Sam’s kiss sealed the fate of pain in her destiny. There was no forgetting him now. He had made sure now that she suffers the same depressing pain all her life.

He was feeling too mixed up on his way back to his apartment. Thoughts were too messed up. It was true that deep inside he had sympathies for Kate but he was satisfied with his act. His sense of revenge was satisfied, even though he had never thought of taking revenge. But it was sure he felt good after giving Kate what she deserved, according to his thinking. Although he had to kill his affectionate feelings for her to what he did.

Sam was driving without any final destination in mind but then something struck up his mind. He took the next turn and now he knew where he was going. Reaching a tall building of red bricks, he parked the car beside main door. He came out of his car, settled his wrist watch firmly and entered the building. Going up the stairs he was looking for room no 213 and found it. He was standing right at the door of that room and thought again for a moment, then after a pause he knocked at the door.

“Whose?” a lovely female voice came.
“It’s me Ms. Gwen. Sam Broad” Sam kind of yelled.
“OH!” a voice came with the sound of opening of locks.
“What a shocking surprise” she said in astonishing voice. “Also the pleasure along with it is same as the intensity.”
“Ahhh… you should invite me inside Gwen, don’t you think?” Sam’s tone was a bit funny.
“Holy mother of love, MY LORD! Am I dreaming? You haven’t added Miss to my name such cheering mood, I haven’t watched you in such mood ever”
“Well, you sound so awkward. Doesn’t it seem good?” Sam said with a naughty smile.
“Oh my dear, not at all. I pray may you always be in such mood. What’s the occasion by the way? I know your ego can’t allow you to be such cheering on the basis of the deal of the life you just made.”
“I’m going to propose a girl, Gwen. I came looking for advice”
“Holy mother of puzzles! Sam are you serious? It’s kind of amazing… Who’s the lucky girl?”
Sam stared at her.
“What?” Gwen was confused.
Sam again stared with a meaningful smile on his face.
“OMG SAM! ARE YOU?” Gwen was shocked.
“Yes” said Sam in a neutral voice with an expressionless face, but with a constant smile.
“YES” she yelled. “But Sam, howwwww? I never accepted that. I’ve a lot of questions in…”
“Will you marry me, Gwen?” Sam was looking in her eyes.
Gwen had covered her face with her hands. She was acting so shy. And it was the case. No one could’ve guessed it. The all the time serious and professional looking Sam Broad coming in full cherish and funny mood and suddenly proposing a girl. IT WAS A BIG DEAL!
“OMG OMG OMG! I never thought of this Sam.”
“Does that mean…?” Sam’s voice was interrogatory.
“Oh no no no no no…. I mean yes yes yes! Oh I’m so confused. Who could refuse you Sam. You’ve always been my…. Well, I’ve always admired you Sam”
“You cared for me when the whole world was against me. You put your trust in me when no one seemed to believe me. You offered your help in every tough stage when everyone was busy leaving me. And I want to do a return of all that by taking care of you with my life, for the lifetime.”
Gwen was smiling. Her eyes were wet with pleasure. She slowly came near Sam, combed his hair that were falling on his head, removed some dust from his shoulders, and then placed her hand on his heart.
“I think it’s time we should hu

…g…OUCH!” Sam didn’t let her finish and gripped her firmly against his chest.

“I think I’ve just fallen in love with you Sam” Gwen’s voice was shaking.

Years passed by. Now Sam is one of the leading entrepreneurs of the country. He has stopped trading of his items and have now started his own line of production and supplies to many corporations around the globe.

He has cute daughter now, 2 years of age and his wife, Mrs. Gwen is fond of him. He still treats her everyday like he’s still trying to win her and she treats her like the King of his life.

It is a WIN! It is a win for Sam. No matter how many times life pushed him down but he, Sam Broad has win it for life. CHEERS!









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The Love's Phenomena presents, LOVE CRUST: There is always more then the dejecti

Love is non-sensual… You can’t just logic your way in or out of it. When it happens, you are more like a jailbird. We all love, we all die, we all feel pain but still, we can’t stop loving as THIS IS THE BEST THING WE CAN DO! Mr. Perfect - Sam’s routine has always been so Periodic. He who was looked upon as a Cold & Emotionless person, live by logic in a very matter of life. But it was only before he met with Kate. Everything changes after that and life began to give him experiences like never before. He experienced all the complexities in the world and suffered failures more than expected. But Is Sam too weak to lie down? It is certain, that to Rising is in his fate. He’ll thrive to his highest limits. But can he earn more than he has lost?

  • ISBN: 9781540523419
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The Love's Phenomena presents, LOVE CRUST: There is always more then the dejecti The Love's Phenomena presents, LOVE CRUST: There is always more then the dejecti