Unveiling the Love gatestothe Soul



CHAPTER 1: Eye gate

CHAPTER 2: Ear gate

CHAPTER 3: Nose gate

CHAPTER 4: Mouth gate

CHAPTER 5: Touch gate



This book was written entirely from my creative ideas, personal experiences and a bit of observation from others. Therefore information contained within this book is based on my own opinion and should not be used as a life manual or doctrine. As an adamant believer in JesusChrist, nothing can substitute the validity and potency of the bible (Holy Scriptures) that is why I recommend it as a reliable source of ethical and moral direction because every relationship is unique to itself. Life is too short to be spent disputing so I rather contribute my creative mind. Names, scenarios, and illustrations in this book were all derived from the same concept earlier mentioned which reflects reality as it demonstrates day to day possibilities common to us as humans. I am also a strong advocate for Marriageso I chose to demonstrate most of these illustrationswithin a marital context to encourage and promote marriage. Wherever I used a phrase that seemedgeneralized to a particular sex, I am just making reference to possibilities and not absolutes directed towards a particular genderbecause as I earlier mentioned every situation is unique to itself.


Eye gate

You more than likely have come across this phrase“the eyes are the window to your soul”William Shakespeare,which commonly raises the question: what exactly is the soul? And do ways exist to access this mysterious place?The Soul of a personcomprises of the mind, will, and emotionsof that person.Most people would readily agree that losing one’ssight would be among the worst things that can ever happen to themattributed to their eyes being among the most cherished parts of their body.Love, on the other hand, is on a different mission, [“love is _][_an act of the will _](it’s a choice)[ accompanied ](not led)[ by emotion that leads to action ](it’s proved by our efforts) [_on behalf of its object”]Voddie Baucham Jr.A simple way to define a gate would be an entrance to a place which serves as a barrier between two ends.

Scenario: atroughly middaywithin a commercial bank, two newlyweds (Cassie and Tom) scrambled in a queueeagerly waiting for a bank official to attend to them concerning a mortgage they recently applied for with high hopes.Suddenly a very attractive lady confidently walked towards them and quickly alarmed them to kindly step into her office.She had hills on, walked with precision, and maintained a captivating smile with her hair tilted to the side of her face.She looked very professional, never for once losing eye contact with her clients. Soon after the meeting, the following conversation took place between the young couple:

Cassie: I caught you staring at her; I guess you did not notice I was there huh?

Tom: starring atwhom? Are you referring to the bankofficial!! Hmmm, you must have been eager to leave right. Well,I actually did but not more than a few seconds.Besides, you are way more attractive than she is and you know I have my boundaries.

Cassie: one more minute and am sure your tongue would have stuck outof your mouth, wouldjustshove it backinto your mouth.I wonder what would have been your reaction if I looked far less than her;would that have given you second thoughts or something?

Tom: definitely not, you would still have been my pick no matter how you looked.

Cassie: well that’s easy for you to say, I hope you will still have that same outlook after we have kids and my body tells a different story or when my youthful features begin to fade several years from now.

Tom: mylove for you is skin deep dear, I can’t allow a few minor changes to affect the way I love you.

Cassie: but you just said skin deep!!Remember it will have to originate from my skin and then penetrate deeper. I know you love me, besides that’s why we are married in the first place right? I was just pulling your legs dear, the woman in question was quite professional and appropriately dressed so there wasn’t anything too alarming.Just wanted to know that you still value me no matter where we are, or what eventually happens to my appearance.

Tom: you are the best dear!!

Cassie: I suggest we both sit together when we get home and talk at length about what exactly appeals to you.I really get excited when I have your undivided attention and how you gaze at me like you stole meand have no intentions of returning me back.

Tom: I want to appeal to you as well, so feel free to enlighten me of your interests. Hmmm, I like where all this is going.

Cassie: me too…it’s a deal then.

Opinion: by nowit should be quite obvious just hownotorious this gate is, which is anappetite for visual stimulation that will thrive to feed as long as youreyes remain open. For most men (as Tom indirectly illustrated), this is relatively more intense.Demonstrates why men are commonly referred to as “visual beings”-Mary Lynn Kittelson, considering the fact that one of their highest areas of distraction, weakness or focus originates from what they see which immediately captivates them. Somecan actually suspend highly cognitive functions just to catch a quick gaze which at timestranslates to very inappropriate behavior.Most women, on the other hand,tend to differ when it comes to visuals; they are more investigative than they are captivated.This accounts for why Cassie was able to observe Tom’s behavior to the tiniest detail. It looked as if his field of vision was like a telescope while hers was a magnifying glass. These unique differences can become a useful tool for couples to strengthen their love (bond) if both parties pay special attention to each other as it relates to visual stimulation in order to establish what I call “visual contentment”.Below are few areas I have identified which may likely have the highest level of influence to this gate based on individual differences on what you may regard as appealing or not:

p<>{color:#000;}. Attire (formal or informal, color, fabric, style, size).

p<>{color:#000;}. Grooming (facial and body hair).

p<>{color:#000;}. Accessories (make-up, gadgets, jewelry e.g. rings, necklace, watch, bracelets).

p<>{color:#000;}. Physique (stature, built, frame).

p<>{color:#000;}. Posture (firm, distorted).

from hats that block out the sun to outfits that restrict your movement to a few steps per hour, we all differ in what we may fancy which supports the idea that no general yardstick can be applied in the area of physical appearance or visual appeal.As long as it is attainable and does not place an unrealistic demand or pressure on your significant other, it should be considered. Pay a lot of attention to context as it relates to the occasion and propercolor combinations to avoid color rioting. I rather celebrate differences than use it as a reference for conflict.The key is to maximize what already exists (face and body wise) rather than trying to create somethingnonexistent. Many things around us from Hollywood, magazines, advertisements, books, photos to websites increase our level of discontentment by setting bars that aren’t even attainable beyond the digital world.This can distort the way we view ourselves (feel unattractive) and make us feel deficient which is clearly untrue. So your mirror can either be a reality checkpoint or a fantasy enabler, the choice is yours.


Ear gate

“Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see”-JamesStewart,often said giving reference to a possibility ofspoken words not being as true as they may sound or present themselves which can go a long way to affect our subconscious minds and beliefs.This concept is widely used by advertising companies to lure customers to unconsciously approve and consider purchasing their products when they are consistently bombarded with jingles and television advertisements. Even a baby in the womb has some form of reaction to sound waves and vibrations e.g. music.

Scenario: during lunch breakhour on a Mondayafternoon, Meganreceived a call from her husband (harry)from work to check on her.He worksfive days a week as a defense attorney in a private lawfirm, while she on the other hand works from home as a real estate agent taking full advantage of the time to home school their two kids whom at the time were spending some days with her mother-in-law. They have been married for morethan three years now with just a month left to clock their fourth year anniversary.Below wasthe phone conversation that took place;

Megan: hey honey, hope you are not worked up today?

Harry: not really dear, fortunately, my clients have beenmore compliant this time around so things have been quite smooth.

Megan: that’s awesome, am really missing you a lot.

Harry: what’s that music playing in the background?

Megan: oh, that’s our song. Remember we danced to it on our wedding, been listening to it all day and it has really brought back so many sweet memories.

Harry: all day!! Wow.

Megan: yeah, I just decided to pausea little and really reminisce on just how lucky I am to have you and the kids in my life. You’re are irreplaceable blessings in my life.

Harry: that’s so kind of you to say; I didn’t really expect to hear that considering the heated argument we had last night. And the kind of words we exchanged to each other.It’s part of the main reason I called because while I was in my office it flashed back and I decided to call.

Megan: sweetheart you are my hero, the kids and I look up to you.I am so sorry for making false accusations without even asking you. Would know better next time not to believe what others say without verifying directly from you.

Harry: I also haven’t been telling you how much you mean to me, I apologize for any way I undermined you or took anything you did for granted. I want you to know I love you so much and virtually all I do is for you and the kids.

Megan: It’s things like this that make me fall in love with you over and over again, you know I get so overwhelmed when you tell me you love me. It’s like hearing it for the first time, especially when I don’t have to remind you or beg for it.

Harry: can’t wait to get home.

Opinion: women from a broad perspective are more influenced by what they hear which makes merefer to them as “auditory beings”-Mary Lynn Kittelson, thereby increasing their vulnerability to spoken words suggested or directed towards them. Men, on the other hand,aren’t as vulnerable when it comes to what they hear because they have more resistant earfilters (more inclined to logic).The following are factors that can influence our emotional state of mind in relation to what we hear:

p<>{color:#000;}. Music (all genres).

p<>{color:#000;}. Harsh tone (yelling).

p<>{color:#000;}. Vulgar (swearing).

p<>{color:#000;}. Pleasant words (complements).

p<>{color:#000;}. Threats (intimidation).

In order for effective communication to take place,one among the two spouses must assume the role of a listener to give room for the other spouse to speak. Resist the urge to interrupt as much as possible.Listening can actually be an advantage because it puts you on a better platform to give suitable responses when the other spouse has spilled their guts.Here are a few ways to be a good listener;

p<>{color:#000;}. Not making assumptions (clear your doubts by asking questionsafterward).

p<>{color:#000;}. Not being quick to conclusions (wait till every detail is given).

p<>{color:#000;}. Exercising true patience (invest your ears).

p<>{color:#000;}. Not being distracted (don’t multi-task, give undivided attention).

p<>{color:#000;}. Not interrupting while your spouse is talking (even if you feel they are wrong, let them finish).


Nose gate

Be it large, pointed, small, flat or wide, they all have one function in common which is to smell.We pick up smells from diverse places both consciously and unconsciously and these smells whatsoeverhave a way of triggering certain emotional responses be it a sense of disgust, nausea, past experiences, excitement or curiosity.

Scenario: on his way back from work Josh (registeredpharmacist)received a call from his wife of six yearsFibi (social worker) requesting he comes to pick her up because her car had a flat tire and she had no spare in the car, so he immediately drove down to meet her and soon as she stepped into his car she picked up a certain smell and inquired from him as follows;

Fibi: baby what’s that smell?

Josh: oh I stopped by a fragrance store earlier today andsoon as I got your call I decided to apply one I like directly on my skin to observe your reaction when I come to pick you up.

Josh: so tell me, do you like it?

Fibi: yeah, I actually do. Just that you might have to cut down on the number of sprays, it’s a little potent but I can stand it, it’s not overpowering.If I was to describe it, I would sayit smells like a brand new leather jacket dipped in a honey pot right next to an ocean.

Josh: hahaha I see, that was quite a funny description.Was concerned if you would like it at first.

Fibi: yeah, you know my nose is very sensitive. If it was bad or unbearable would have told you right away. I get nauseous remember with bad smells, reminds me of an experience I had before you bought me this vehicle.At that time I frequently used the train and on one particular day I sat next to someone that actually smelled so bad.I suspect it was his cologne or may be poor hygiene or something but trust me it was really bad, so bad that I held my breath at intervals and almost passed out. Felt like a hundred bees taking turns to sting my nose, thank God the trip wasn’t too long so I got quick relieve.

Josh: wow, sorry dear, you never mentioned that to me.

Fibi: yeah, didn’t want to mock or condemn the person that’s why. I love it when you smell nice, so it’s you I am concerned aboutand not someone else.

Josh: we can visit the same store right now, they should still be openso you can sample too and I will be present to give my opinion.

Fibi: okay then, let’s check it out.

Opinion: The human body by default has a unique and inoffensive smell, but this is soon altered by other secretions, waste, toxins, bacteria and what we ingest or apply on our skin.The following are parts of the human body which are usual culprits to this smell dilemma:

p<>{color:#000;}. Hair (improperly dried, certain hair products, dirty head gear).

p<>{color:#000;}. Mouth (cavities, gum disease, certain foods e.g. garlic, alcohol, infrequent or improper brushing).

p<>{color:#000;}. Underarms (sweat, hair, clothing).

p<>{color:#000;}. Urogenital and anal regions (STI, underwear fabric e.g. synthetic, not wiping properly, using underwear for a prolong period).

p<>{color:#000;}. Feet (sweat, prolong wearing of shoes, foot fungus, dirty socks, or not wearing socks).

The following are basic Factors to Consider when picking a fragrance:

p<>{color:#000;}. Body chemistry and gender: This determines how your skin interacts with foreign chemicals. For some, applying fragrance directly on their skin can induce reactions considering their low tolerance to foreign substances (eczematous or sensitive skin) while others don’t have that much sensitivity and can accommodate such.What can last an hour on one person’s skin can go far longer on another’s, this goes for deodorants and body mists too. Also some are designed specifically for a particular gender in mind (male, female or both).

p<>{color:#000;}. Budget: Not everyone can go an extra mile or even save up for a fragrance as an investment. So it is important to know exactly how much you are willing to pay for a fragrance and then you can narrow your available options. Note: not all expensive fragrances actually smell expensive so keep that in mind. If you are on a very tight budget and don’t want to visit a physical store, you can order samples of fragrances from online stores e.g.eBay, fragrancenet.com.

p<>{color:#000;}. Climate: What part of the world do you live? Are you on the coolerside (temperate) or hotter side (tropical)? Because some a designed for a particular season while others can be used all year round in all seasons.

p<>{color:#000;}. Age: You wouldn’t want to show up to a board meeting smelling like a high school sweetheart would you? Well if the answer is no, then remember that some fragrances are designed specifically for certain age groups.This means ingredients contained in the fragrance will appeal mostly to a particular age group and might seem childish to an adult or over mature to a far younger crowd.

p<>{color:#000;}. Context: What exactly do you intend using the fragrance for. Is it for night outs, gym, regular daily use or for attending special functions?You decide.But keep in mind that some fragrances are more versatile than others.


Mouth gate

Unlike the rest,this gateis a little more diversified.I will refer to it as a “dual gate”considering the fact that itserves two purposes, one being speech and the other food.Words embark on an uncertain journey the moment they are vocallyreleased;making them constructive or destructive tools of communication the moment they reach their destination.

Part A: Speech

Scenario: acollege professor and wife (registered nurse) of a year and a half were on vacation for three weeks in the Caribbean. They agreed not to use their Smartphone’s,email or social networks for this period to actually bond better andavoid all possible forms of distractions.This was to serve as an extension to their previous honeymoon. The results were remarkable. They were able to catch up with a lot of basic things previously overlooked and got to have a very lengthy conversation on their interest and the type of adjustments to make when they got back.Alice got his attention as they sat on the balcony of their luxury hotel room and the following conversation began:

Alice: I want you to be brutally honest with me Rob; I don’t want to fall short of what you desire from me. Do you know a friend of mine at the office actually confided in me a few weeks ago saying one day her husband told her to burn more than half of her clothes because he feels embarrassed at the way she looks at times, describing her appearance as “a senior citizen on pension”, when she is actually less than 30.

Rob: well it might sound harsh to you but maybe her husband has his own taste and will fancy her dressing in a way that will captivate him. He most likely wants to avoid being distracted and decided to take action. I believe it is for the best of reasons. That’s for them to deal with okay dear!! Let’s talk about us.

Alice: okay, hope you know I melt when I spot you with a clean shave, walking with your firm shoulders!! It’s as if you are ready to sweep me off my feet over again. I would like you to wear long sleeves more often with your sleeves rolled up from time to time. Do you like me in heels?

Rob: absolutely, you look greatin them, ideally three to four inches like the ones you presently have.

Alice: how about my dresses, are they too short or revealing?

Rob: when it comes to your choice of clothes, I will trust you on that one. Just keep in mind I always want you to look presentable in public because you are a direct reflection of me. Just use these guidelines as a formula to have an idea of what I want when you shop outfits: length should be at least at knee level, cleavage well confined and size of your outfits should fit well. I don’t want you attracting the wrong type of attention, you know I would get jealous and can’t stand that. I also observed you like lace styles and back patterns on your outfit, that’s fine by me.

Alice: what about my makeup, do you want me to step it up or tone it down? Besides, most of what I do is for your attention and just like you said, the moment I step out of the house I am a clear representation of you.

Rob: If it were entirely up to me, I would have preferred no makeup at all, but I know you would like to use some soI find mild color shades for your lipstick as ideal and same goes for your face too. So far your makeup has blended well with your face and I hardly notice anything alarming; it looks more like a complementary addition than a visual migraine.

Alice: thanks,sweetie. I also want you to be diverse. You look really good in shorts and t-shirts; will like to see you a little more often in those.

Rob: noted.

Alice: Isuspect you don’t really like jewelry on you, so I don’t mind just a watch like you always wear. I love necklaces and matching earrings,though.

Rob: hmmm, you are quite observant; I haven’t mentioned the jewelry issue to you before. My reason is because I feel a bit uncomfortable with foreign objects on me, especially ones solid or heavy in nature that is why I strictly wear leather strapped watches.

Alice: I am your wife remember.

Rob: I know my belly isn’t big and you are not out of shape, but would you like it if we go to the gym and work out together from time to time when we get back?

Alice: that sounds like a brilliant idea to me; you will be blown away when you see how well I can work out. On our way back from our scheduled boat ride tomorrow,we will stop by the mall to get some gym gear, I want us to wear matching colors, you know blue is our best color.

Opinion: this present digital age with so much to offer frominternet to Smartphone’s, computers, tablets and social networking has been a plague to some that would have been farbetter off without it while for others it gave an opportunity to thrive in their relationships when unforeseen circumstances like distance and other factors came into play.Women are more drawn to verbal communication; they love to be heard regardless of how brief or lengthy their words might be. This is a form of detox for them as they can go on and on even for very basic things. Men, on the other hand, would rather swallow a pill if it were possible that would automatically evade the conversation but over time some have gradually learned to initiate, sustain and conclude conversations with ease. From time to time, a reality check is vital to evaluate on a practical level just how dependent one has become to gadgets and other electronic devices.Take drastic measures like switching all electronic devices at a certain time of the day e.g. getting back from work or even embarking on electronic fasts to promote more one on one interaction with your spouse.

Part B: food

Scenario: the same couple decided to dedicate the last weekend of their vacationto special food treats. They went to a classic beach restaurant specialized in local to foreign cuisines with a unique twist of island vibes this involved a varietyranging from seafood cuisines to pasta and assorted drink cocktails. By the time the weekend was over and it was time to leave, Alice made a resolution to learn how to cook because she was overwhelmed with so much good food that it made her reconsider her previously nonexistent desire tocook.While they were on the plane back home a conversation with her husband took place as they were served lunch and she was reminded of their experiences with food;

Alice: sweetheart I completely have second thoughts right now about cooking, did you see the way those chefs at the restaurant treated food like it had a life of its own, I am still speechless.

Rob: this was truly a vacation to remember, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Alice: thank you for coming up with the last minute idea; it really added spice to thisvacation. We got to talk and really table out what we want and expect from each other and then you even made it more exciting coming up with the food idea.

Rob: you are welcome dear; I knew it would catch your interestI also must say those buffets were one of a kind.

Alice: do you know my mum tried to convince me on this cooking issue before we got married claiming she was a five-star general in the kitchen and could command all forms of attention from my Dadany time she stepped foot in the kitchen, she would use this phrase“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”-Fanny Fern.But I always had the impression that it was just too much stress, logistics and should be left for professionals, but now I see a different side to it, cooking is actually fun and quite romantic too.

Rob: yes it is and you have nothing to lose besides I won’t judge you or complain.

Alice: Imagine me cooking for you and the family;this is going to be so awesome.

Rob: am looking forward to your cooking dear.

Opinion: times are different now and a lot has changed. We live in a highly sophisticated and technologically advancedworld were fire obeys commands, cooking pots do half of the job in the name of being smart and food comes prepackaged with the rest of the instructions labeled on them.Some people are lucky enough to have learned the craft of cooking from a tender age due to influence while othersacquirethis craftlater in life. Nevertheless, cooking is a goodnon-gender specific practice so learning how to cook can be a very fruitful investment; you don’t really have anything to lose. The following are possible effects food has on our body specific to what you eat:

p<>{color:#222;}. Euphoria (intense excitement and happiness).

p<>{color:#222;}. Sedative (sleep-inducing effect).

p<>{color:#222;}. Aphrodisiac (stimulates sexual desire).

p<>{color:#222;}. Anxiety (nervousness, or unease).

p<>{color:#000;}. Energizer (burst of energy).

p<>{color:#000;}. Weight gain.

p<>{color:#000;}. Healing.

p<>{color:#000;}. Weight loss.

There aren’t any real rules, many of the recipes you see were birth from pure experimentation or passed down from previous generations. Here are some basic ways to learn how to cook:

p<>{color:#000;}. From a spouse (husband or wife).

p<>{color:#000;}. Parents (father, mother or both).

p<>{color:#000;}. From relates or friends.

p<>{color:#000;}. Online (eBooks, YouTube, cooking blogs, Google, courses e.g. udemy.com).

p<>{color:#000;}. Cooking school (actually attending a physical cooking school).

With the emergence of genetically modified foods (GMF) and less of organic food readily displayed on grocery shelves, people are quickly inclined to eat processed foods and less of organic food. There are still solid benefits of cooking which helps to curtail devastating effects of this reality.


Touch gate

The human body is covered entirely by skin this makes us sensitive to physical contactat various levels. Be it a brush on the shoulder to a stroke on the chin, every gesture has meaning embedded within its core finding its place in our emotions and subconscious state of mind.

Scenario: Gregg, a successful architect and Ann, a successful bank manager have been married for the past five years and just moved into their new home courtesy of Gregg’s creative endeavors. Gregg was looking through a vehicle catalog to know which vehiclewould most suitably serve as a family car now that their family has expanded with the newest member of the family (Sam). Ann stepped into the sitting room where he was and the following conversation took place;

Ann: eversince we moved into this house, it seems like that sofa has become your new wife right? You don’t even leave any room for me to lie on you. To make matters worse you don’tsit on the three seaters, you just isolate yourself at an angle and always making emphasisonhow rare theleather used to make the sofa is.

Gregg: how would I!! When you are always holding your tablet everywhere in this house, even when you go to the restroom.

Ann: look who is talking, aren’t you always holding your cell phonein public. Yet we barely hold hands in public like we used to, sometimes it feels as ifyou are distracted or have gotten so used to me and don’t see the need for these little things.

Gregg: no wonder the pillows on our bed don’t complain considering how tight you grab on tothem when you sleep.

Ann: okay sweetie, I can clearly see we are both guilty here, let’s take note of all these changes and do something about it.

Gregg: you know I cannot stand rivalry, talk less of a pillow. As a matter of fact, come and rest on my chest, let me put your pillow to shame.

Ann: hahah, you are so silly.

Gregg: remember am your one and only grizzly bear.

Ann: Indeed you are honey.

Opinion: the following are fewimportant ways to express love in form of physical contact which can range from

p<>{color:#000;}. Holding hands.

p<>{color:#000;}. Hugs.

p<>{color:#000;}. Cuddling.

p<>{color:#000;}. Kissing.

p<>{color:#000;}. Caressing.

Don’t get too attached tomere objects, gadgets or furniture to the point that it replaces/limitsphysical contact with your spouse. Your pillow shouldn’t be your closest companioneither; I don’t care how loyal it has been through lonely nights. Humans by default are naturally expressive beings and can be very creative when it comes to display of affection. Be proud of your spouse even in public, hold their hand, kiss them, grab their waist just don’t go overboard and do things that should remain exclusive only to the confinements of your bedroom.


None of thesegates described function independently; they all are intertwined in such a way that one cannot be singled out as beingsuperior to other.We communicate as humans both verbally and nonverbally with body gestures, speech, eyecontact, andsounds. Weall are works in progress but can simply maximize what we already havegiving room for improvement in order to be the best versions of ourselves. Place value directly on the individual (spouse) and not on accessories or additions.

When selecting a fragrance it is advisable to visit a store in person with your spouse and try out as many samples as possible to get first-handresults.Try as much as possible to only apply fragrance to clean skin (after a shower) to get the best results and don’t over apply too. I recommend having at least two fragrances if possible, one to serve as a daily driver (signature fragrance)and another exclusively for special events.For those that don’t buy the idea of visiting stores, they can take advantage of websites like fragrancenet.com to safely purchase what they want and also see reviews from others like fragrantica.com or basenotes.net.

Let grooming and hygiene be as personal as possible, no one (not even your spouse) is responsible for your health or personal hygiene but you. This should be a lifestyle and not just a painful routine; your breath should smell as good even in your spouse absence. I also agree with a school of thought claiming “Ninety percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat.”-Victor Lindlahr, so don’t be surprised if you look in front of the mirror and you are a spitting image ofthe greasy doughnut you ate a day before.

Depression (psychological stress) and other serious health issues like ahormonal imbalance in many instancescanactually belinked to what we eat. Food can be a tool for healing when we eat right, and from time to time when we don’t (fasting) for it is better to put the right thing in us or put nothing at all this also goes for the kind of music we listen to and conversations we engage in. Breaking the harmony of these gates can lead to psychological stress which can drastically affect our mind, will and emotions making it difficult to give our best when it comes to loving our spouse.

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This book will give you reasons to appreciate the things you already do and reconsider things you might be taking for granted in your present relationship. Each chapter will be an opportunity to fine-tune your understanding of how your 5 senses (gates) relate with the way love is expressed by demonstrating common scenarios we may likely encounter as we go about our daily lives. The structure and language used in this book was presented as simple as possible for everyone to understand and relate with, which is why a scenario is given for every chapter with an opinion used to conclude that chapter.

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