The Lost Unicorn


The Lost Unicorn

Mary K. Smith


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The Lost Unicorn

Can you help find Kaia?

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[] The Lost Unicorn

Adelina was a beautiful Princess who lived in the Kingdom of Storybook, the home of fairytales, dreams and myth. She had long blonde hair, big brown eyes and a heart as big as the rainbows that frequently spun across the sky. She lived in a regal castle with her parents and a large playroom. In Storybook, Adelina had many friends, yet none closer than her best friend, the pink Unicorn Kaia.

The pair was inseparable and could often be found picking flowers in the garden, gathering berries in the fields or galloping across the plains where the grass grew high and the Fairies played.

When Kaia wasn’t with Adelina, she was attending classes at the Unicorn school, learning the important lessons and rules that surrounded their great magic. Fairytales and stories are born in Storybook, nurtured by Fairies and brought to Earth by the rainbows Unicorns conjure in the sky – rainbows that carry dreams, wishes and hopes for a bright new day. Often, when a child lies down at night, a rainbow will touch their brow while they are sleeping, gifting kind thoughts and pleasant dreams, dreams that may someday be spun into a fairytale when that child grows up and writes them down.

And so the cycle goes, each rainbow is a new thought and a new wish – a story waiting to be told, created by Fairies and carried by Unicorns. Kaia, as the youngest of the Unicorn clan, was still learning how to make the rainbows, how to ride them and which Fairies crafted tales suited to glide along her rainbows.

One day, when Adelina was supposed to meet Kaia in the flower field, the little Unicorn did not appear. Adeline wandered around for a bit, waiting – when Kaia still did not show, she became very concerned.

“Where could she be?” The Princess wondered. It wasn’t like Kaia to miss a playdate. Maybe she was at the school? Adeline turned and started walking in the direction of the large Unicorn school.

“Excuse me, have you seen Kaia?” Adelina asked a stunning purple Unicorn, Tayo, one of the headmasters that taught the art of rainbow spinning.

“No Princess, she doesn’t have school today,” she said. “Have you tried the fields?”

“I just came from the flower fields.” Adelina said.

“What about the rainbow fields?” Tayo asking, flicking her tail.

“No but I will now!” she said, darting off, her hair flying behind her.

The rainbow fields were west of the Castle, nestled in an open glen amongst the dream forest. Here is where the Fairies lived and danced, singing their songs and dreaming soft dreams that would someday ride on the backs of a rainbow. This is also where the Unicorns would set their magic and send the shimmery rainbows through the sky – and where all young Unicorns practiced their art.

“Kaia! Kaia are you here?!” Adelina shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth to make her voice louder.

She looked left, she looked right – but she did not see the lost little Unicorn. The field was empty except for one bright rainbow that started near a tree and streaked across the sky, leading farther than her eyes could see.

“Are you looking for someone?” The voice was small and sweet, and very near. Turning, the Princess saw a Fairy flying next to her, multi-colored wings flapping in the gentle breeze. She was a small thing, as most Fairies are, with pink hair, a graceful yellow dress and a flower crown.

“Yes! My friend, Kaia. She is a light pink Unicorn with a dark pink mane.” Adelina said. “Oh, I’m Adelina.” She added. The Fairy smiled at her.

“I am Lala,” Lala bowed, “I do believe I saw your Unicorn friend. She made that rainbow.” She motioned with one hand to the sparkling rainbow that shimmered above them.

“She made that?” Adelina gasped. Kaia had been trying so hard to learn, but she hadn’t made even the smallest of rainbows yet – this one was massive!

“Oh yes, quite pretty, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it is.” Adelina agreed, nodding her head. “Where did she go?” She asked.

“Over the rainbow.” Lala answered with a giggle.

“But how will she get back?” Adelina asked.

“Oh, she can’t get back without a dream. When rainbows are first born, the makers can ride them, but after that – a Fairy must pave the way.” Lala explained.

“Then she is lost!” Adelina cried, thinking about her friend. “I need to get to her!”

“I can take you.” Lala offered, flying back a little bit and clapping her hands.

“Yes, would you please?” Adelina asked. Her new friend nodded then reached out, taking Adelina’s gloved hand in her own before lifting her up and flying towards the rainbow. Even though Adeline was much larger than the slight Fairy, Lala had magic enough to carry her with ease. They flew over the rainbow, Adelina’s feet gliding over the sparkly surface.

When they reached the other side, Adelina saw that it was another part of Storybook, an island buried in a cloud.

“What is this place?” she asked.

“Where dreams are spun. We like to play here too.” Lala said.

“Adelina!” The voice was high pitched and relieved. Kaia came trotting up to them, long pink mane sparkling in the sunlight. “Thank goodness you came! I couldn’t get back!”

“What are you doing here?” Adelina asked.

“I was practicing, trying again and again, when I actually made a rainbow!” she whickered, excited, tossing her head back. Adelina smiled at her.

“I can help you. Your colors call to me, may I create the dreams that follow your rainbows?” The Fairy said, bowing to the Unicorn.

“Mine?” Kaia asked, startled but excited.

“Yes please! I would love to work with someone who doesn’t give up!” Lala said, spinning around in happiness.

The duo was now a trio of friends, holding hands and horn as they returned home over the rainbow.

~ ~ ~

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[] Can you help find Kaia?

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The Lost Unicorn

Adelina was a beautiful Princess who lived in the Kingdom of Storybook, the home of fairytales, dreams and myth. In Storybook, Adelina had many friends, yet none closer than her best friend, the pink Unicorn Kaia. One day Kaia appears to be missing. No one can find her anywhere. A smaill Fairy may know where she is. Find out what happens.. This children's book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. -Excellent for beginning and early readers -Great for reading aloud with friends and family -Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story This book for kids is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

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The Lost Unicorn The Lost Unicorn