The Lost Tribe of Saturn - Wiiir-D War 444


The Lost Tribe of Saturn – Wiiir-D War 444



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The Lost Tribe of Saturn – Wiiir-D War 444

(GL trip one)




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This is going to be what I call gorilla linguistics, without a shred of discount towards true linguistics. I bet I’ve never talked to a person in my life who used the word linguistics in my direction, directionless as I may be.

I do, however, know something about the gorilla, going back to our boys fighting gorillas back in the early sixties over in Nam.

So much for straight talk?

More to the point, I know a thing or two about guerrilla psychology and isolationism. When you grow up with two people with psychological issues, only one getting treatment, and not being allowed within an inch of any psychologist involved, what are you going to do?

Sink or swim?

Well, I couldn’t swim, and I didn’t sink.

I dropped. More than once. So I must have had some bounce. A lawyer recently told me I should consider myself lucky to have inherited my father’s piss and vinegar gene.

Gorilla genetics? It never ends.


GL trip one – it. GL as call letters for gorilla linguistics, and there may be no trip two. it = a word model of the point. A model made up of quant?m letter fragments, as escaping from the Wiiir-D/distance/table continuum. Have fun it. I don’t know what else you could do with it.

Time space time space time space. What about the place for time and space? Is it being left blank on purpose? For the sake of the convenience of our dumb animal bond?

Animals do it, it’s okay for me to do it. It’s why I do it. I’m just being me come the end of the day, and on and on.

In a free market, so be it.

For what it’s worth, try and take me this way, I may sound critical of things, okay I am, but beyond that I’m not trying to call them good or bad, okay I am, but really, these things are just weird. Wiiir-D war weird. A Wiiir-D of bird? How can you deny there isn’t some notion of an at large incorporation of flight about? Is some notion? Call it what you will, it’s just your call. Birds of a feather call together.

I think therefore I am?

No. Of course not.

I am here, I am here, I am here. Along with my saucy insults. The grid, a grid, taking place, ready to move or rearrange itself, like a flock of birds. Hive mind on steroids?

And I’m simply saying it’s weird, but taking place, and covered in words, and words need a table of some sort. A plane.

It’s all about flight.

Or is it? I don’t know the players, I don’t know the game. But I am certain it is on.


This next bit is more an aside to graze upon. It’s really not going anywhere – I do not listen to, cover or follow politics, but it may be informative of the racket damage I sustain.

A few years back a musician who will go nameless passed away. Naming him would just make this weirder. He had been a child prodigy as a sculptor, somewhat grew up to be a primitive blues singer/song writer and retired into painting. It took me a long time to figure out his appeal was his primitive approach, although he truly seemed primitive. I suspect it wasn’t an act.

The point is a remark someone made about him in a forum where his death was being mourned. Someone else in the forum suggested it would do a body good, anybody, to listen to an album of his every day for ten days, which would be about as useful as having a sparrow study deep sea fishing. But Ooh, get a sparrow beyond the coastal waters five mile limit and government oversight, and you are dead, sparrow.

The comment that killed me had to do with a concert the Captain – clue – had at some festival location where he was seen walking the grounds beforehand with the two most beautiful women on the grounds, one on each arm, as if that justified how good his music was.

OH? That’s what I call bonding with our dumb animal bond. It goes along with the sexiness of people making movies of a quality of pre-colored-in coloring-books for dimwits. They make money, and that’s sexy. Bring on the star fuc’sicles to grin at the holes awaiting their passage.

Animals kill animals, eat animals, use and abuse animals, they don’t make sport out of denigrating them.

The dumb animal bond is getting weaker, and getting closer to unbound. Smart people . . . have hope . . . dumb people are bound to do the smart thing. They voted darkness over your hypocrisy, that’s a start. Meryl doesn’t know Donny? Does anyone know a dead flopping wail?

It’s perhaps weird but I always felt the key to freedom lie in Thomas Payne’s statement, and this makes me feel like I’m dredging up Dred Scot, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

What is the significance of that remark today?

Yup, that’s what it is, yesssirrreee. Dum de dum, dum de dum, dum de dum.

In a free country you can tyrannize and terrorize at will until drummed out of office, and war drums are always beating.

And politicians do nothing more than promise not to recognize the financial desires of your opponents. And only money is represented per the day and hour of desire. Everyone’s a loser. Keeping it equal.

It seems it just can’t get weird enough.


it, so what about it?

Let’s get geo’metric and arith’metal. In Geometry, as in plane Geometry, dull, colorless, flavorless, plane Geometry, a dot is satisfactory for marking a point.

Right, it marks a point, it isn’t a point. It places a point. In space? Maybe. In time, no. It moves in time, if time. It has no trace-able distance. It can only be located as a reflection in your mind, covered in a word, or call letters. A call letter.

Word may not be the only covering, but it is the last covering until you’re uncovered. Which may or may not be a good thing. Maybe at large planets have had all their skin shredded away by pecking space birds. Not a pretty sight. Maybe afterwards it is?

In a sense, mathematics does it in call letters rather than numbers, de-evolving numbers, from named into quant?m fragments. Work-able fragments. Geometry, on the other hand, does grid work, or grid work design, or just works out the basics, based on quant?m fragments, playing without all their fragments intact.

The three fragments of the Wiiir-d/distance/table continuum are the curl-able line-segment, the un-curl-able line segment, and the dot. A line is just a non-directional moving line segment. You can’t imagine beyond a line segment, apart from wishful thinking and guessing.

Is science, etc, getting it right with tech, or guessing it right via an ordered process of elimination?

Just shred and eat everything in and out of sight, birds. Eat eat eat.

And getting those fragments right, with a convergence, gets you a point, a la it – as in a plus sign represented by t, which is the converging, a minus sign, on it’s side at the side of the t pointing at and eye’ing up a dot, as it has to have something to minus to be, to come into being a minus.

It may be weird, but I call it a point. It’s complicated. Why wouldn’t it be?

How couldn’t it be?

Have fun with it, or not. Or go watch a movie, maybe the fiftieth remake of Tom Cruise in Carniva’land. It’s all the same kids riding the same rides, just faster and longer. Now a days they don’t even require, or trust, an actor to act like they are pushing an out of sight button without a real button for them to push. Like politicians, all of their focus needs to go to them pretending to be real, which is their real full time job.

And ECF, and more, is coming.

And it’s coming to take you away, ha ha, HO HO, hehe.

And I gotta be me. Unsatisfactory at making an effect, in a wiiirl-D of Rabid, Escalating Dementia . . .


But hey, don’t be bothered about me, I’m perfectly calm. HA! Just an eye amidst the storm, looking out helplessly.




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The Lost Tribe of Saturn - Wiiir-D War 444

  • Author: Richards Hall
  • Published: 2017-06-12 16:20:07
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The Lost Tribe of Saturn - Wiiir-D War 444 The Lost Tribe of Saturn - Wiiir-D War 444