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The Living Tableau - My Garden On Show


The Living Tableau -

My Garden On Show


Barbara M Schwarz



The final curtain call – see, the garden says it all!


The fresh outdoors – such open memory scores,

and I am blown away from all my yesterday.



On the front: “Tableaux – how fresh water flow” 2017.


The Living Tableau – My Garden On Show


My living tableau:

see the garden on full show


what was grounded deep below

can now flourish and just go

way beyond the floor


hear now how the image roar:


how growth and time can pour

away what had been a yesterday


for you had crept away

to freshen up your life today


and in the blink of an eye

you knew the reason why

you were born to fly


the ionising sky

the spirits in the river sigh


the water hum along

a whiff of life that thrum

until you hear that beating drum:


Springtime marching swift along!


Oh, you need to carry on

you need to just prolong


every growing season

every rhyme and reason


hears your steady beat


rising swiftly just to meet

a future that repeat

none of the past


for now this moment heavy cast

in the golden mast


of finding just on show

how swiftly all things grow

in a water tableau


My garden knew to be

ever forward energy


My garden knew to see

where the sun appeared so free


My garden knew to greet

every moment, lapping, fleet


My garden, I recall

gave me joy above all


My garden all the same

a living tableau and vibrant frame


to name life on every plane

again and again…


the memory never wane

my garden, how you joy proclaim.


I wanted now to leave

what had let all life conceive


a moment of reflection


the sun in true connection

had held all in perfection


and caused a resurrection


of simple joy injection.



Purple Eyes Publishing


Colours flew bright there, colours that could scent the air – colours that I see, always laugh for free at life’s magnanimity.


The Living Tableau - My Garden On Show

I wanted just to see what captured truth reality: the garden for me, every growing, could just see, the essence of all vibrancy. My garden, then I leave, as the moment I conceive - there is no greater flow, than what my garden show.

  • ISBN: 9781370625451
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-04-24 16:20:10
  • Words: 340
The Living Tableau - My Garden On Show The Living Tableau - My Garden On Show