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The Lighthouse II

The Lighthouse Part II

Written by Razalii Kitt

Copyright 2016 by Razalii Kitt

The water that Jack came through felt like sharp icicles piercing through his whole body. The girl hadn’t warned him that he would need to take a breathe before entering the mirror, but she doesn’t talk, not on that side of the world.

The girl watches Jack heave in deep breathes, fascinated by this organisms cellular structure, the beating heart in particular. He removes his cable-knit sweater from his body and then rigs the water out on an already wet floor; a moving stream in the truest sense. She hadn’t planned out the rest of this boys adventure, she only knew that – there was a large crash on the other side of the mirror they’d just come through, one the girl knew would happen. She grabs Jack by the hand before he can move his head through the mirror that filled the entire wall, one of eight walls in this room.

“This is the room of mirrors. Each mirror takes you somewhere else in your world, but as of tonight, no one enters this room. Come now, I’ll show you around.” Jack was stunned at first by the sound of eight’s voice, it sounded like a dolphin’s call, only human.

Jack watched in amazement as Eight’s simple cotton dress disintegrated to the floor and was replaced by a vibrant purple dress. The scars on her arms were no longer there, they had transformed and stretched into a long sleeved dress, and a very long fitted skirt that floated in the water at their feet, and a high cut collar. “Eight, what are you, exactly?” Jack shivers under his wet, black jogging pants, his white t-shirt, and his knee length rubber boots.

“You will find out soon enough, Jack, and my name isn’t Eight. I do control the eighth level of this place. We don’t have names here, we coexist as one unit. Would you like to meet the rest of my family?” The girl is apprehensive now as she watches the mirror they had just come through.

“Yes, but…. you can talk? But not in my world?” Jack asks as he looks around the empty room with inch high water that seemed to flow into all the mirrors and disappear, the ones on the walls and the ones under his feet. Everything is reflecting in on itself making this entire room look like water is surrounding them. The only surface in this room without mirrors is the ceiling, which is a thick glass panel connecting seamlessly to the eight walls, and the glass ceiling gave a view of the oceans heart. Amazing, Jack thought, as the girl reveled in the excitement of seeing someone else, especially from his world, be flabbergasted by the beauty of the ocean.

“Oxygen is toxic to me, to my race. Factually, it is a slow death for humans as well, because it destroys the very cellular structure that makes you human. If I stay in your world too long, my protective armor starts to show through.”

“Then what do you breathe?” Jack asks the girl, still looking above him at the luminous creatures that swim past, completely transfixed.

“The girl looks at him, as though his question is dumb. “I do not breathe, I’m not human, Jack.”

“What do I call you if you don’t have a name?” Jack looks away from the ceiling sadly, and back to the girl.

“Call me whatever you like, Jack.”

Jack thinks on this. He looks over the purple dress that glows over her curvy body, as the girls scars had, like an electric eel. He would not call her eel, that seemed inappropriate. Electric? That wasn’t right either. Then it hit him. “I’ll call you Amethyst, for the color of your eyes, and skin. Will that work?”

The girl looks over Jack amused. “If you like. We must go now.”

“What happened on the other side of the mirror? And, why did you cross out your heart in an X, before?” Jack asks Amethyst, pointing to the mirror at his back, with his thumb.

“Nothing you need to worry about. You will need to choose one.” Amethyst takes three tiny rings from her fingers: a blue one, a red one, and a black one. “These will give you the armor to protect yourself from the world that awaits you, on the other side of that mirror.” She points to the one on the wall, directly in front of them, currently reflecting nothing but water. These were not normal mirrors.

“What does each one of them do?” Jack asks Amethyst, taking each one from her and placing them in the palm of his hand. All three rings had a different feel to them, and they made him super aware of various emotions.

“Blue will give you a sense of peace, at all times. Red will give you energy, even when you’re tired, and black will let you know when danger is close by. So, which one do you choose?” Amethyst places her hands at her hips and let’s a small smile light her face.

“Can’t I have all three?” Jack asks Amethyst.

“Jack, you are not equipped to deal with all three.”

Jack thought methodically about his choice, and decided on the black one because it would provide him the most usefully protection in this world that he wasn’t familiar with, so he thought. “Are there many dangers here, Amethyst?” He hands the blue and red rings back to her, and she places the red on her left thumb, and the blue on her right thumb.

“Not many, but there are monsters that lurk past the castle. Age old creatures that get disgruntled easily, like the badgers you have in your world. The main need for a ring is so you can breathe under the weighty pressure of the bottom of the ocean. We haven’t been found by your kind by choice, and because they choose to drink their coffee and shoot their guns rather than explore the space far above their heads, and the water far beneath their feet. The eight-thousand year flood is coming, and like the time before, we will have to prepare them for it. This time, Dornio and his feathers, has decided to add another piece to the already complicated puzzle.” Amethyst says with a strong lilt to her voice.

“Why me?” Jack asks as he puts the cold black ring on his left pointer finger. The cold that hadn’t left him since he arrived at this room of mirrors dissipated, and then disappeared completely. Jack looks down at his body, and the tanned skin that he was accustomed to is replaced with a black jellyfish like structure that guides up his arms and legs, up his throat, over his eyes and with a small smacking sound, seals off at the top of his head. The thickness of the jelly layer is less than a millimeter thick.

Jack hadn’t hand much time to consider if he would suffocate in this suit, but in the end he found that the suit provided him even breathing and a more magnified sense of sight. He grabs at the jelly material between his fingers and it bounces back into place when he let go.

“Why does it have to be about you, except that it isn’t and the questions won’t matter.” Jack looks down at himself; the sweats and t-shirt he had on were gone, but replaced with jelly-like replicas. He felt particularly warm now, and more comfortable than he had when he was sitting at the lighthouse dinner table, playing solitaire with himself, just before Amethyst arrived at the top of the lighthouse.

“There is too much oxygen in this room, we have to go.” Amethyst tugs on Jack’s hand excitedly, and walks them through a new mirror. Jack’s mouth is left agape at what he sees once they pass through. “Jack, welcome to, Atlantis. The civilization that never sleeps.”

The Lighthouse II

  • Author: Razalii Kitt
  • Published: 2016-12-08 06:50:08
  • Words: 1337
The Lighthouse II The Lighthouse II