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The Life of a Plant - in English


Some seeds are spread by the wind.

Rain falls upon them, and they begin to grow.

After several days, the first leaves appear.

The stems grow taller as the days pass. Bigger stronger leaves appear.

Months come and go as the plants grow taller. Beautiful and full of color and life.

When the autumn season arrives, the plants drop their seeds.

To be blown away by the wind…

And start all over again.

The end.

The Life of a Plant - in English

"The Life of a Plant - in English" is a simply written and beautifully illustrated story of the journey of a tiny seed. We travel with one of nature's smallest wonders as it journeys to become one of the Earth's most beautiful living things: the flower. This book is translated for English language learners of all ages.

  • Author: Angelique de la Vert
  • Published: 2017-06-21 08:05:11
  • Words: 76
The Life of a Plant - in English The Life of a Plant - in English