The Laws of Attraction: 5 Laws to Attract, Seduce, and Influence Anyone.





The Laws of Attraction

5 Laws to Seduce, Attract, and Influence Anyone

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Introduction to The Laws of Attraction

Attraction is an extremely powerful force.

It can open doors that would normally be locked, or invisible. It will introduce you to people that can change your life in more ways in a few days, than some people you’ve known your entire lives. If used correctly it can bring you power, fame, wealth, love, and happiness. When you put the laws in this book to work, you open yourself up to an entirely new world of possibilities and opportunities. However, without them you leave yourself to be left right where you are. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this book for all it’s worth, even though it’s FREE.

Yes, not only will you be unlocking success and attraction for yourself. But it’s totally free. For those who have read my other books, you understand I get straight to the point, and don’t fluff anything. So if you’re used to the average 200-page book, you may be a little disappointed. Yet, I guarantee this book will have more valuable content than most of the books you’ve read.

My books are about quality, not quantity.

So, without further ado, let’s teach you how to attract everything and anything you want in your life. Many people likely initially thought this book would be about how to attract the man or woman of their dreams.

Although you will learn techniques and skills to help you achieve that, you will also learn how to attract everything else you want in your life. If you’ve never been introduced to these concepts before, your life will completely change within a short amount of time.

For the most effective results, read through this once, and then read it again to soak up all the little nuances, and to put the concepts and exercises to work properly.

Although this book is free, don’t let that confuse you, this book is valuable, and I will be writing it as though it’s worth $20. I was originally going to charge for this, but about half way through I realized the concepts within can actually change many lives, and most won’t take a chance on a book like this.

So luckily for you, you’re going to be getting one of the best books I’ve written for absolutely free. Enjoy!


Law One: Be Confident

In terms of true attraction down to the deepest level, confidence is the defining factor in being able to attract not only the people we want in life, but the jobs, situations, and locations. Confidence makes you powerful, even unstoppable, regardless of if you are weak, ugly, or old. What really matters, is how you feel deep down inside within yourself. Not how others see you, or even look at you, but how you see yourself. When you have true confidence in yourself and your abilities you will seem like a superhero to most people. Even if you’re just an average Joe. So what makes confident people so beloved and admired?

Confident people promote stability and control{color:#000;}.

In our chaotic lives it’s nice to have a little stability and control right? Confident people attract others because they are down to earth, calm, and easy to talk to. There are no awkward silences, there may be silence, but it’s not awkward. A confident person can walk into a room and it seems like the lights get turned up.

These attributes are a necessity in almost every aspect of our lives, from dating, to our careers and businesses. The more confident we are in ourselves, the more confident people are in us. This brings with it raises, better friendships and relationships, and perhaps most important of all, a better connection with ourselves.

This chapter is entirely dedicated to helping you increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Using the exercises and techniques to come, anyone and everyone can benefit and learn to love themselves more.

You may snuff at the idea that you need to work on your confidence and self-esteem. Well, chances are you’re insecure about how confident you are, and don’t even realize it. But don’t worry, we all are. However with a little bit of effort, we can become superhuman.

Now, before we get into the more hands on exercises, I want you to just take a moment and consider something. What is being confident? Someone who’s rich? Famous?

Neither. It’s the people that we see who are happy, having a good time, enjoying their lives. These are the ones we admire and wish to be. Now, often times it appears that only the rich and famous people are happy. However, I can personally tell you that it’s simply not the case. In fact, most of the time, it’s actually quite the opposite. What you should be focused on is finding happiness first.

It’s a choice, not a goal, not a person, not even an amount of money. Once you make the decision to be happy, you open up a shortcut to become richer, more famous, or whatever else you may want. But remember, if you attach your happiness to becoming however wealthy or popular you feel you need to be, you will never be happy, because you will find that you are never wealthy or popular enough.

When you’re happy and confident, you are truly an unstoppable force. People will put their trust in you, they believe in you, and they may even start to invest in you.

Now I understand if you have anxiety or get nervous (like me), this is all much easier said than done. For most of us, for the time being we need to “fake it until we make it”. Even that can seem challenging, but with some willpower and finesse you can “fake” being confident until it is natural, and you no longer need to.

That doesn’t mean you have to walk around like a pompous ass, acting like you are better than everyone else. It’s actually quite the opposite. Be humble, respectful, and smart about how you treat others. This is the true mark of a confident person. You may start to realize that the people who talk down, laugh at, or think they are better than others are actually so insecure about themselves, that they have to try and make up for something. We now know that they simply are putting up a defense system. Be nice to these people, they need it more than anyone else.

Although this is indeed a book on attraction, it’s important to attract the correct things and people into your life. Make the point to avoid negativity and those with low self-esteem for now. Once you get to a point of total self-confidence you can bring these people into your life, and change them, if you really want to.

For now, focus on yourself, and bringing people who are actually better than you into your life. Use the techniques and knowledge in this book to attract only the very best and you will find that eventually you will become the very best of them.

The real power of confidence is unlocking how amazing you already are, and chances are you are already pretty awesome, you just might not know it yet. Don’t worry by the end of this book that will all change my friend.

If you don’t know how amazing you are, then this is a curse and blessing all in one. You don’t believe you’re good enough, so you hold yourself back, and don’t give enough credit to yourself and your accomplishments. But on the other hand, you don’t believe you’re good enough, so you constantly push and work to improve upon yourself.

Remember that once you allow yourself to see your true worth and potential, you allow others to see it as well, bolstering you even further.

5 Confidence Building Exercises

Being confident is something that comes from within, you can find it from others who compliment and support you. But, unwavering and true confidence is found in yourself. People come and go, situations pass, but the one thing you will always have is yourself. This highlights the importance of not only being confident in ourselves, but truly loving ourselves, so that we can rise even in the deepest and darkest of times (yes, they will come).

Many people are so focused on attracting that perfect person, or that perfect job, but forget to perfect themselves first. This would effectively bring the things we want into our lives to us with much less effort and stress. When you perfect yourself, you will find that perfection will tend to attract to you without even trying.

This doesn’t mean you have to be absolutely perfect nor would you want to be, but if you’re confident and proud of who you are, you will start to notice that nothing else really matters. You will never be perfect, but in the pursuit of perfection you can get pretty damn close.

It doesn’t matter what others think or say about you, and definitely not how everyone else is doing compared to you. What matters is you, and how far you’ve come and improved upon yourself, and more importantly where you are going.

Everything else is merely noise.

Exploit all of the good things about yourself, don’t even consider what you’re not doing, and enjoy every minute you have with yourself. You are the only person you will always be with, it’s very important to like the person you spend the most time with. If you don’t like the person you are, then it may be time to change. Change can seem like a challenge from afar, but up close it is simple and fun. Allow yourself to change if it can bring long term benefits, even if there may be some smaller short term pain.

The following exercises may seem a little bit cheesy at first, but I can assure you they work. I use them myself to this day, and continue to see an improvement.

Exercise #1: The Mirror

No, you don’t need to look in the mirror or anything like that, unless you’re good looking, then by all means go ahead ;). This exercise is essentially just you taking stock of all the things that you’ve accomplished so far in your life. If you can’t think of anything, then you better get your ass to work and start smashing some of your goals. As humans we tend to not give ourselves enough credit. We can build businesses, homes, families, and much more, and it still will never feel like it’s enough. Maybe it’s part of our nature so that we continue to push on and do more, build more, and be more. However, if you allow it to be, it can be your greatest weakness. One of the biggest reasons that people give up or fail is because they start to doubt themselves and their capabilities. They think that they’re not good enough, not smart enough, or not strong enough. YOU ARE! You are likely all of those things and then some.

I know who you are, all it takes is one rejection or criticism to put you down in the dumps, right? Well I’m here to tell you that you are better than that, and that you are better than them. Whoever tries to put you down is either already beneath you, or afraid you may surpass them. This is something many never quite realize; truly successful people will always try to bring you up with them. They will never criticize you or break you down unless it is for your own benefit.

If you have a minute or two, put down this book after this paragraph and take out a piece of paper, a notebook, or an iPad and just start to write out all the things you’ve done that you are proud of. If you don’t feel like writing it out, at least think for a few minutes on how much you’ve done and how badass you are! Yes, You!

If you can, try to memorize your list, it can be as long or short as you want. The next time you’re feeling lousy or mediocre, think back on how freakin’ awesome you are.

When you do this before a major event such as a presentation, or before walking up to a crush, you’ll feel virtually unstoppable. This will not only make you feel better, it will make you look better and appear more confident. Not such a bad thing to have on your side {color:#000;}.

This works, so use it.

I use it before every single presentation.

Exercise #2: PMA

No, not PMS, quite the opposite in fact. PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude, and was first introduced in a little book called “Think and Grow Rich”. It is one of the most powerful concepts in the book, and although my version is a little different, it’s still just as powerful. A confident person is someone who’s positive, can have fun no matter what, and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. A major part of this is having and maintaining a positive mindset. While this is sometimes easier said than done, with proper discipline and personal mind control it can be done. I was once a very negative person, yet now I am quite positive. So how did I do it?

I broke down my life into two sides of a piece of paper.

One with the positive aspects of my life (what I liked), the other with all of the negative (what I hated).

Once I did this it came clear to me exactly what was bringing me down, and from that moment on I made it my personal vendetta to liquidate every single thing on the negative side. In a bad relationship, got out of it. Hated my job, quit and started my own business.

Figure out what is bringing you down, and get it out of your life. Any of the time you spent on the negative things should now be spent more on the things that you love to do on the other side.

You’re probably thinking “That’s just great and all bro, but I can’t just quit my job”. Fair enough, but you can work towards it, whatever you may want to get out of your life, start to take small steps towards it. Whether that means putting out resumes, or starting up a lemon stand on the side, just start making moves that can help you get the negativity out of your life.

You may still be thinking, I just can’t be happy. My life sucks, I’m fat, ugly, and boring. Boo Hoo. Get up off your ass and start being what you want.

Being positive is a choice, it works like a switch. Realistically at any moment you can become happy. If I tell you to be happy and smile right now I guarantee you will do it. See! Told you. Now why is it that you can’t tell yourself to be happy every once in a while, heck you don’t even need me.

I understand that sometimes things get really bad, believe me. But, every time a negative situation occurs, just try to look for the positive aspect of it. Don’t let negative situations and people get the best of you.

So I have a challenge for you. You can do it at your earliest convenience but preferably tomorrow once you have a fresh start to your day. I want you to approach everyone and everything with the positivity that you would want shown to you. I personally guarantee you will see immense benefits almost instantly. People will compliment you more, come to you for help, they may even begin to admire you. In one day. Don’t believe me?

Give it a shot and just try to prove me wrong.

If you don’t see any benefits, you can go back to doing whatever wasn’t working before. But if it does, you need to do this for the rest of your life.

Exercise #3: Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself, it’s perhaps one of the most common phrases, people like to say this a lot, but they don’t seem to like to do it a lot. Whether you have no self-confidence, a little, or a ton already, this will help you improve even more. Both men and women focus so much on finding the perfect person, “their soul mate”, never considering that they should make themselves the perfect person first. When you do this you will naturally attract the type of people you want.

If you can at least try to read a few pages of a book a day, or listen to a few minutes of a motivational, self-help, or even a cooking audio tape, you will see great improvements in all aspects of your life. You will feel smarter, speak better, and live wiser. Hell, even just reading this book is a great example of an excellent investment in yourself. Do more of this and you will see that you will slowly become exactly the type of person you want to be, and the type of person others want to be with.

So go ahead, attend that seminar, buy that course, go back to school, go to the gym (might even attract a gym hottie with all your self-investment ;), do anything and everything you can to improve upon yourself. When you do, you’ll naturally increase your confidence, and yourself in more ways than one.

Write out 5 ways you can start improving and investing in yourself, and just start doing it. Now!

Exercise #4: Cold Showers

This one is tough, but it will make you feel like a boss. Ready to take on anything and everything. Every day for the next month, take a cold shower, preferably after you work out. This will make you invincible. If you can take a cold shower every day you will be able to approach anyone. Approaching that cold shower takes a lot of balls, and discipline, the first few times you will realize what a little bitch you really are. But after a while, you will start to enjoy it. There is truly no better feeling than hoping out of that cold shower. You will be refreshed, be more confident, and have more energy. I have to admit it took me a while to get used to cold showers, but after a while I actually preferred them. You will feel better, less lazy, and it also has many other benefits. It’s better for your skin and hair, and you won’t waste time in the shower, like you normally would with a hot one. If I have the time, I like to spend a few minutes sitting in the hot shower to meditate, then take a quick cold shower to wake myself up. Try it out and see how much you improve your ability to approach things that scare you, including attractive people of the opposite sex. There’s not much scarier than that cold shower the first few times, you’ll probably find yourself just standing there, contemplating how insane this guy is for telling you to do it. After a week you’ll love cold showers, you may not ever take a hot shower again because cold ones are so much better for you that your body won’t want the weak warm shower.

Exercise #5: Visualization.

Before you do anything that gives you anxiety or makes you nervous. Take a moment and in your mind visualize yourself doing it and being successful. Imagine what you will say, and how awesome you will look. This technique was taught to me from an absolutely brilliant man, and it has truly changed my life. I believe it can do the same for you if you give it a chance and remember to do it.

So the next time you have to give a presentation, or approach a beautiful person, just imagine yourself doing it and being successful. This works two fold because it gives you the confidence to actually take action and do what you are supposed to do, but it will make you appear far more confident to the other person(s) because you know you will be successful.

Next time you are nervous, take just a few seconds, and imagine yourself being the ultimate boss, taking everything on and anyone.

A beast, a bear, a total gangster.

Ending Thoughts on Confidence.

I personally consider confidence one of the most important factors in attracting anyone, anywhere, at any time, whether it’s of the opposite sex or not. Confidence shows you’re happy with who you are, and happy to make those around you happy.

You can have a good time, whether you’re with others or not. You better believe I’m having a blast writing this with just my dog by my side, because I am confident in my ability to write, you may not be, But I sure am!

Confidence can make an ugly man gorgeous, but a gorgeous man with a low self-esteem can seem hideous.

Law Two: Good Body Language

The way you look actually says more about you than anything you will ever say or do. Your body language and facial expressions speak a language of their own, and are far more powerful than any word you say will ever be.


Smiling is something that is unfortunately rarely seen in today’s world, especially where I’m from (New York). You can always tell who’s a tourist, and who’s been living here for 25 years and is ready to jump. The trick is to be like a tourist every day, act like you are on a new adventure, and taking on a whole new environment. If you can do this, and at least fake it for a few days, you may find yourself in some exciting new places, meeting awesome new people, you might even just have some fun. Act everyday as though you are seeing everything for the first time, and you open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunity and happiness.

Ok, I’ve gotten a bit off track, so I’d like to return back to what the tourist looks like, they smile, they gasp, they actually give a shit about what’s going on around them.

Be like a tourist.

Anyway, smiling is the most powerful weapon in your facial armory, it also happens to be the most underutilized of them all. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage. A smile can make a little child beam with happiness, or make the DMV lady actually want to help you.

I know, crazy right?

This is the power of a smile.

A smile exudes confidence (law #1, in case you forgot) and happiness, perhaps the two major keys when trying to attract just about anyone, or anything. You may hear it all the time that you need to smile more, and it’s true. You really can’t smile enough, well sometimes maybe it’s a little too much, but usually you can tell, and everyone else can tell when you’re really plastering it on.

When it comes to speaking with women. Don’t try too hard… but a nice easy grin is an absolute requirement every time you meet someone new, this shows you’re actually happy to meet them, and may have heard something good about them, even if you haven’t. This automatically gives you a leg up on everyone else, because it shows that you actually care. Most people don’t care, don’t be like most people.

So whether you know them or not, the next person you see, just blow out the best smile you have, and make them feel special{color:#000;}, not SPECIAL{color:#000;}, but special{color:#000;}. It will change the entire atmosphere and conversation to come.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A smile should be natural, unrehearsed and real, don’t try to force it, if you’re really not happy enough to smile, you have some other problems to take care of first, and may want to run over law #1 again. Otherwise, I want you for just one moment to think about what makes you happier than anything else in the world, it can be your dog Puddles, your bed, a friend, anything that makes you genuinely happy.

Now the next time you meet someone, think of Puddles. You’ll be much more approachable and wouldn’t ya know it? You damn near seem like a happy and nice person.

We both know the truth, but at least you fooled one person! {color:#000;}. No, but seriously, if you can just think about what makes you happy every now and again, the people around you will be much more into talking, and being with you.

But Brian, what if I already have an amazing smile and don’t know if I can make it any better!??

Have no fear, here’s exactly how you can do it.

Stretch it out.  That’s right, you may have a smile that lights up a room right now, but by slowing down your smile, and building it up like a dubstep drop, you can light up the sky.

One mistake that people tend to make is they smile too quick, it’s like they forgot to, and had to make up for lost time. So however long you normally smile, try to stretch it out at least 5 seconds more. It will seem epic. Try to give it a rising effect as if the person you are meeting has slowly made you happier. This may seem odd at first, but as time goes on it will actually seem more authentic than any other smile you’ve given. People will feel good about the smiles you give them, almost as if you smiled just for them, and it was only for them. It will likely be burned into the back of their head every time you meet up with them again. Try to make each smile unique and specific for a certain person and you will literally change lives, including your own. This seriously works.

Another way to improve your approachability is by stepping in front of a mirror (yes you actually have to do it now) preferably when no one is around. Once you look yourself dead in the eyes, just start to “Hi” in as many different hilarious ways as possible. Try to go for 30 seconds, you can laugh as much as you want, just say Hi in as many different voices and tones as possible that will make you laugh. The next time you go say hi to someone you’ll either think back on the time you did this stupid exercise, or subconsciously think you need to have fun and laugh when you say Hi. Once you do this exercise, you can make any man or woman absolutely melt with one word. hI, HI, hi, HII.

Although smiling and having fun is great and all, it’s not always appropriate. You need to understand the situation you are in. If you are at a funeral, you may want to hold back your slow smile for later.

Understand your environment, and match your emotions to reflect the ones of those around you. The greatest way to grow rapport and influence others is by being like them. If you can match and act like other people to an extent, people will naturally start to like you, because they like themselves more than anything else, and you are acting like them. On the other hand, if you’re at a party and a girl keeps checking you out, that’s the perfect time to slowly smile and make eye contact, try a wink if you’re feeling really crazy.

Eye Contact

Perhaps just as important, if not more, is eye contact. Eye contact promotes trust, and that we have nothing to hide. It also shows that we are generally interested in what the other person is saying, which is always good.

Eye contact is especially important with women; most men can’t hold eye contact with a real woman for more than a few moments. A little trick I use is to try to memorize the eye color of whoever you are speaking with. If you can do this, you are set, and if you’re memory is as bad as mine, you’ll need to hold eye contact for a while. With women it can be helpful to think that your eyes are glued together, you may take your eyes off them for a second, but then you go right back.

When someone is directly speaking to you and you have good eye contact, NEVER look away while they are mid-sentence, this will show them that you don’t really care what they have to say, and are already looking for something better. However, when you are speaking it’s okay to look away to ease the conversation. If the other person doesn’t stop looking at you, go right back.

When dealing with men eye contact is also very important, however you should not consider your eyes glued onto the man. Instead think of it as though they are taped. Men can be easily intimidated believe it or not, and in a situation where you need to influence someone, it is best to actually seem like the inferior party, so that when you ask for something it doesn’t seem like an order, but a request. Keep good eye contact, but don’t push too hard, if they seem fidgety back off, and then bring the eye contact back after a few moments.

So remember, with women it’s like glue, you can look them in the eyes even when they are not looking at you and almost every time they will gravitate back to making eye contact with you. If they are speaking with someone else while in your group, just keep listening and looking intently at what they are saying as though they are the only person in the room and you will make them feel irresistible and wanted. Just don’t be creepy about it.

Try to use eye contact with every single person you meet, most strangers will speak to each other, but won’t make eye contact. This is the sure way to know a lot of people but have no friends. Eye contact is actually more affectionate than almost anything you say would ever be.

In the future make a point to make really good eye contact with every person you meet. Memorize their eye color, and make a point to leave yourself open, allowing the other person to actually engage and become attracted to you.


This technique is a little dirtier than the others, but it’s still effective. When trying to establish rapport (get people to like you), it can be helpful to make gestures, and hold body language similar to those you are speaking with. It makes you easier to understand, and seem more like the person, or people you’re with. Remember, people only care about themselves. Most of the time they love themselves, and also like people that are like themselves. So if you can match whatever others are doing, you can get them to like you more. However many people know this technique, and won’t be impressed if they see you faking it. Do it slowly, if they cross their legs, cross your leg, if they only make hand gestures with their right hand, then only you do. Just pick one or two things and do them even for a little bit and it will help you generate an overall more comfortable feeling, just don’t use it too much or too often. You don’t want them to feel like you are copying them, or worse, mimicking them.

Matching tonal and voice patterns is also an extremely powerful conversation technique, but that’s for the next chapter.

When you start to match with someone you start to see who they really are come out, instead of the persona they put on when meeting new people. This can help you decide early on if this is even a person that you are interested in yourself. Chances are you are better than 95% of the people out there if you are reading this. So start acting like it, don’t settle for a shiny amethyst, get the diamond.


Body language is such an incredible tool because it speaks more to the people you meet than any other thing you do. If you are slouched over, drooling, bored out of your mind and then yell “I feel GREAT!”.

Do you think anyone would believe you?

No. They would laugh at you.

People underestimate and forget the power that their bodies and faces have in everyday conversations. Take notice of how you are sitting right now. Is it one of energy, happiness, and control? If not, how should you sit in order for this to be the case?

When you are meeting new people, or meeting old people, you should have open, friendly, and generous body language. Don’t have your hands by your face, or in your pockets, or crossed at the crotch. Leave your arms straight unless you are gesturing while you speak. Let your arms hang down naturally and just actually listen to what the other person has to say, instead of just jutting in at any moment, waiting to speak again. Don’t keep your legs crossed, open your hands up and hold good posture. Make believe your spine needs to be exactly straight like your shoulders are being pulled up. Be confident and powerful with your stance and posture.

Imagine how the bear stands on its legs.

Many of us, including myself, slouch without even realizing it. All droopy and miserable.

So STAND UP and be a Boss.

Never underestimate the power of your posture and body language, both in effecting your own mood, and the mood of those around you.

Law Three: Attractive Conversation

Fierce Conversation

One of the greatest things I ever learned in communication was that when speaking with someone, be fierce. Be strong with your words, be powerful, look people dead in the eye and give them chills. This is truly powerful conversation, speak with people as though you are in the middle of an absolutely vicious war, and you will win that war. Speak with confidence, strength, and smarts. Choose your words wisely, but allow yourself to speak freely as well. Don’t drag on with boring monologues, say your piece, and then engage your partner and make them feel in control.

Them, Not You.

Let’s face it, people only care about themselves. When speaking, most people will basically only talk about themselves, their career, their kids, whatever they can. They feel comfortable that way, like someone actually cares. Don’t be like most people, don’t talk about yourself, in every conversation treat the other person like the CEO of the company you work for. Ask them questions, get them talking, don’t focus all on you, just talk about them. That’s all you have to do, ask questions, make jokes, but just keep the focus on them. If you can keep the conversation revolving around them, they will think you are the greatest conversationalist the world has ever known, yet you will have had to speak maybe a handful of times. Let them do the talking, let them complain, let them laugh, let them be the center of attention for once. If they ask you a question, answer it, then bring the focus back to them. Never allow yourself to drone on about you and everything about you, no one cares. When you let other people speak, and act as if they are the most amazing, interesting, funny person you’ve ever met, it will make them think the same about you. Allow the people you speak with to take control of the conversation, it will take the pressure off of you, and they will feel like everything is going great. This way you find out everything you can about the person, and then decide if it’s something worth pursuing. Either way, you just made someone fall in love with you.

Just a Fraction

Although actual conversation only accounts for about 15% of communication, the rest being body language, eye contact, tone, etc. it is still extremely important. Without effective communication, you can’t get what you want, and other people will likely influence, and force you to do things you don’t necessarily want to.

One of the first aspects of communication I want to go over is how you actually speak to people. When talking we tend to get caught up in the content of the conversation, instead of the connection. Obviously the connection is what we are trying to build, and unfortunately we often do the complete opposite.

We focus on what we are going to say next, trying to show someone we are smarter than them, or even better than them. This is all wrong. Conversation is at its best a way to form a deeper connection with someone, it’s not a way to prove how great we are, that’s what body language is for. If you can, try to master body language first, it’s far easier and more powerful to become a master of your body, than a master of your mouth.

However, once you exert confidence and power with how you stand, look, and act, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty conversation. Even though oral communication accounts for only a fraction of our total conversation, it is still a vital part of attracting, and seducing someone into liking us, if not loving us.

Your life basically hinges on the words you say and how you say it.

Everything you say has a ripple effect on yourself and those around you. People underestimate the power of their words, and use them willy nilly, this is a major mistake that has brought careers to an end, and relationships to a screeching halt.

A good way to keep yourself from getting into a nasty situation is to just pause and think before you say anything, ever. Take 3 seconds, and think on what has been said, then react. Don’t react instantly, this is how people get fired, or worse. When you pause to think about not only what has been said, but what you will say, it lets you search for the best answer or response. It also makes it so the people you are with respect what you say, because you are taking the time to take in what they said, and then respond, instead of just instantly. This technique can be challenging as we all are always in a rush to do this and that, never really thinking about anything. Take the time to soak in what you hear and allow yourself a few seconds to respond. It will make you seem smarter and more down to earth, it will also make you seem superior because you aren’t forcing words out in a nervous sputter.

The Keys

When you speak, never butt in, don’t complete peoples sentences, don’t think about what you will say next.

Just listen.

Ask your questions, do your thing, but otherwise, just listen to what the other person is actually saying. Allow the conversation to flow naturally, listen intently and let yourself actually enjoy letting the other person speak.

If you can just let the other person finish what they have to say, the conversation will be better, and the person you’re speaking with won’t feel rushed.

Let there be silence. Although most people feel awkward when there is silence, it is actually a natural part of conversation, it allows for you and the other person to think. It lets the chat go where it is supposed to go next.

When speaking, it’s important to be precise with your words, use your words so that they are getting your point across exactly as you wish. Refrain from using slang and mean exactly what you say. Oh, and avoid clichés, it makes you seem like a boring putz who couldn’t think of anything to say. If you must use a cliché, then at least change it up a little bit, and make it funny.

Ask questions, not statements. Questions engage people, they give them the ability to express themselves freely. If you answer without a question thrown in, it leaves the conversation dead so the other person has to stop, think, and re-engage you. People don’t like to do work, so if you can take the pressure off of them in any way possible you will be much better off.

Restate and paraphrase what other people say to make them feel like you’re actually listening. If you can’t think of anything to say, the best bet is to repeat the last thing they said in a question form. It doesn’t have to be exactly what they said, paraphrase and return it in a question. Show them that you are actually listening and genuinely interested to learn more. Chances are they had a lot more to say about the subject, but felt like it would be too much.

When speaking, treat the other person like an angel who has been sent down to teach you a lesson. If you go through life with this attitude, you will have more friends than you know what to do with, and you may even begin to amass a following.

The last key is to be nice. Be kind. In today’s world it is so incredibly rare to find truly, deeply, nice people. When you find them, you keep them around. Be the one that people want to keep around. Always base your communication around positivity, and never complain. Ever. If you can maintain a positive vibe, and never criticize people or complain about anything where it’s unneeded, you will gain an edge over everyone else.

Matching: Part 2

In law #2 we went over how matching your body language with your partner, customer, or friends can help build rapport quickly and subtly. Another dirty trick to play is to match your oral communications as well. This is done by matching voice tone, vocabulary, and even mouth movements. It may seem strange but speaking in a similar way to those around you can help you seem like someone they’ve known for years. It subconsciously makes people think, well this person is talking like me, so they must be like me. I like me, so I like them.

When speaking with someone it is very powerful to hold strong eye contact, however if you are speaking with someone of the opposite sex, you can seduce them by glancing at their lips from time to time. Not too much, but just enough so they notice. This will entice them to think that you may want to kiss them, and it will likely attract them closer to you, whether they want to kiss you or not.

To Review

Always speak with the person, not at them. It’s not a competition, and it’s definitely not a war. Each conversation is to be looked at as a way for you to learn something from the other person. In order to become a good communicator, you must first become a good listener. Focus on the other person, don’t talk about yourself the whole time. Speak with passion, be fierce and powerful. Choose your words wisely, and don’t use clichés. Allow yourself a few seconds to think before responding. Bring good listening skills and proper body language together and you will attract people without having to say more than a few words and asking a couple questions. Engage people, don’t be the yes or no person. Ask questions, have them expand upon what they’ve said. When in doubt, reiterate what the person has just said in a question form. Build up rapport quickly by matching vocabulary, vocal patterns and tones. Make the connection, don’t worry about the content. Find out what they like, don’t talk about what you like if they have no interest in it. However, don’t be very guarded and strictly pry upon the other person. Speak about yourself, but always bring the conversation back to the person you are speaking with. Like what they like, find things in common even if you don’t like them. If they like horseback riding, you like it too, if they like sky diving, so do you. It doesn’t mean you’ve ever done either thing, but people will like you more if you are like them. Don’t lie, but it’s okay to exaggerate, and see if you actually do like it.

Law Four: Being Well (Physical and Mental)

The fourth law is what I like to refer to as overall well-being. If you want to attract only the most beautiful, nice, and overall great people, then guess what, you need to be as well. This means putting in the time to improve upon yourself in ways you may not necessarily want to, or have ever even considered.

You want to be a “well” being.

And luckily for you, this is rare in today’s world of instant gratification, laziness, and fast food. If you can manage to put even 1% more into yourself than everyone else, you will appear to be leaps and bounds above them. Really put the effort and time into making yourself into the person that would attract anyone and everyone you meet. If you can do this, all the other laws would be obsolete in this book.

When we work on and invest in ourselves it brings the purest and greatest form of ourselves out. It allows us to attract the best people, often times without even having to try. This is the true power of attraction; you shouldn’t have to do much more than what is this book. Everything else will come running to you. If you can manage to bring out the sincerest and most powerful version of yourself, you will bring the very best and strongest people into your life. Build the best version of yourself and you may very well find yourself attracting more people than you know what to do with.

Mental Well Being

To increase mental well-being, you must have discipline and true inner strength. It can be challenging to meditate when you want to play video games, or workout when you really want to watch T.V. This is what separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. True mental well-being is essential for achieving success in every aspect of your life, and the following will be applicable for your career, social life, and personal livelihood.


In terms of what will have the greatest overall effect on your life, meditation is the key to unlocking happiness, relieving stress and anxiety, and expanding upon your creativity and imagination.

To meditate you need to just set aside some time for yourself to just be alone and quiet. Understandably this can be a bit of a challenge in our rushed world for most of us. The way I get around this is to wake up a little earlier, or stay up 15-30 minutes later than usual, I personally prefer as soon as I wake up, but it’s entirely up to you. You can take as long, or as short as you want. Personally I start to enter the peace and insight stage at about the 15 minute mark.

Set yourself up in a nice, quiet, dark, and comfortable place with no distractions, phone off, and close to no noise. Sit comfortably with your back against something if it’s as bad as mine is, no need to sit in the full lotus position or anything. Just make yourself comfortable.

Close your eyes, it’s okay to leave them open a little so you don’t get tired, but better off if they’re closed. Once you’re totally comfortable take 10 solid, deep breaths, then simply breathe normally and allow yourself to relax and be calm. Focus on your breath, breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity, breathe in happiness, breathe out anger, breathe in power, breathe out weakness. Focus entirely on your breath, as it enters your nostrils, to your lungs and then back out.

Try to really remain focused on your breathing, which will actually be more challenging than you think. Your mind will wander, race, and distract you. You will think about work, past relationships, anything and everything that has control over you. Allow this to happen, but as soon as you recognize it happening, return back to focusing on your breath. This is what is known as being mindful, you are realizing, and releasing the negativity and unnecessary junk in your mind, and exerting power over it. So every time you get distracted, simply return your focus to your breaths.

If you can manage to be mindful of your distractions and focus on your breathing long enough you will start to imagine, and envision beautiful, even majestic things. You may feel a light beaming down from above on you, or even feel some other spiritual connection depending on your beliefs and self. When you meditate, don’t look for anything, just do it. There is no definitive point of “I’m meditating”. It’s all in the process of being calm, relaxed, and one with yourself and your mind.

Meditation Part Two:

This type of meditation is a little bit different and perhaps controversial, however I find it to work just as well. I basically made it up on my own, so if it sounds stupid, don’t do it. But I ask you to at least give it a try once and see if it benefits you in any way.

Get yourself in front a mirror, with your face 6-12 inches away and look yourself dead in the eye, preferably the left one. Hold it for a few seconds, and simply say, or think to yourself, “you are great, I love you”.

This will likely have a greater effect on your confidence than you could ever imagine. If you are lost in life, or have lower self-esteem, this experience can have an absolutely major effect on improving that.

Give it a try and feel free to adjust what you say to fit you and yours.

Meditation Part Three

This is another type of meditation and can help relieve anxiety and nervousness. This is very helpful for when approaching new people or situations. I like to call it a body scan and all you have to do is relax and focus on your toes. Feel the tingling and sensation of them in your shoes or on the ground. Then slowly work your way up through your feet, legs, abs, and from your fingers all the way to the hairs on your head. This lets you get out of your head and into your body. Often times we get stuck in our heads and start thinking too much, this is a great way to get back into your body, and is extremely helpful for people who are normally shy or think too much.


Goals are a vital part of attracting not only people with your ambition, but the material items, and personal desires you have. Having goals is one of the best techniques to build up your mental well-being and confidence. Having goals lets you progress and makes it so you are doing your own thing, and achieving something worthwhile. When you have a goal, or multiple goals, which you will by the end of this chapter, you get more done, make more money, and gain more confidence in yourself, and your life. Having solid goals lets you build your life into exactly the way you want it to be, and reassures you that your life has meaning. Setting and completing goals makes you more valuable which obviously increases your attraction factor.

To start setting goals, if you aren’t already, you need a pen, paper, and maybe ten minutes of your time. These ten minutes can have a greater effect on your life than you could probably ever imagine. Start out your page by writing “My Goals” at the very top. Right below that, write “My Ultimate Goal”, but before you answer it, take 30 seconds and really think about what your ultimate goal is, don’t rush it, but don’t think on it too hard either. Your ultimate goal can be one sentence or a page and a half, it’s entirely up to you. However, leave room next to it for a check box or circle that you can eventually cross off when you achieve it. Which you will.

Checking that box off will me more satisfying than you think, and the actual act of crossing off your goals has been shown to release dopamine, which actually makes you want to complete your goals even more! In fact, next to each and every goal you make put a check box or circle, alternatively you can just cross out the goal, whichever you prefer. Trust me, it’s very satisfying.

Once you have your ultimate goal set up and in stone, break it down into 3-5 smaller goals you must conquer in order to complete your ultimate goal.

Next, consider your 5 year plan, where do you see yourself, where will you be, who will you be with, etc. Write out a paragraph or so of your ideal life 5 years from now, if that seems too far, make it 2 or 3 years. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Then write out 5 – 10 major goals you want to complete within those 5 years. These goals should be challenging, not something you can complete in a short amount of time, and will need true discipline and fortitude to complete. If you can, break down each one to make them seem a little less daunting, and simpler.

Now think about the year ahead starting from today. Write out 5 absolute priority goals that you must complete by this time next year. After that, write out 5 secondary goals you would like to complete within the next year.

Every time you complete a goal make a point to cross it out or check it off. Once you’ve scoped out the yearly goals, move down to 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, and weekly goals. This simple yet extremely effective process will help you get more done and it will all be recorded.

And it took you all of ten minutes.

Do this now! It will change your life!

Your goals should be very specific. Make a million this year is not going to cut it, be realistic and make your goals actually attainable, or else you risk never having a chance at reaching your goals. This will in turn hurt your self-confidence. Make a point to make deadlines and consequences for each goal, this will give them more weight and make you want to complete them that much more, or else!

People with goals are attractive because they start to make more money, accomplish more, and appear to be more confident than those who don’t. When you have goals you are focusing on yourself, and building upon the greatness of which you are deep down. When you have your own things going on it makes you more attractive because you don’t seem as needy or desperate. You are doing you, and if anyone wants to join along than they may since they need you, instead of the other way around.


This will be short and sweet, which is the opposite of what your sleeping patterns should be. Make a point to get the right amount of sleep for you, usually 8 hours, but it varies. You know when you’ve gotten enough sleep. When you aren’t getting the sleep you need you will come off as lazy, boring, and lethargic even though you’re just tired. Without getting the proper amount of sleep and respective dream time, you won’t be as creative, energetic, or fun as you normally are. If you’re the type that stays up all night partying, or working, consider the effect this has on your overall well-being. Make a point to get at least 8 hours, if not more. It’s a known fact that people who go to bed early and wake up early have more energy and make more money than their night owl counterparts. Not getting enough sleep ends up having a massive effect on your overall well-being, don’t take it for granted.

Physical Well-Being.

To attract the very best of the best, you need to be the very best of the best, or at least appear to be. That means putting in the effort to be fit, healthy, and looking your best.

Being Fit:

When you are in shape, it shows you have discipline, and strength, two major attracting factors. Let’s expand upon the last chapter of sleeping better. You don’t have to do this, but I believe that if you give it a try you may just fall in love with it. This technique gets you to start working out in the morning, and waking up earlier, two great habits to achieve in one shot. Doing this will give you a lot more confidence and energy through the day, not to mention you will start to look really good if you can stick with it. So, starting next week on Monday, go to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual, and wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual. Use these ten minutes to work out, you don’t have to go to the gym or anything like that, and in fact the following exercise can be completed with close to zero equipment. I will include some exercises of which the equipment would cost you no more than $50. $50 to help increase confidence, energy, and make you look amazing? This is one investment you can’t pass up.

I recommend doing some light stretching or yoga beforehand so you don’t hurt yourself or pull anything. This is actually very important so if you can do even a few minutes of stretching it can save you from potential pain, it will also make your muscles look more tone and fit.

Start off with this basis. 10, 20, 30 ,40, 50, 60.

10 pull ups / pushups.

20 jumping jacks.

30 seconds of plank.

40 seconds of crunches.

50 seconds of running in place.

60 seconds of air fighting, AKA air boxing.

As time goes on you can increase this in verticals of ten, and include various exercises as you see fit. If you can manage to run through these sets for ten minutes that first day, you will never regret it.

Every day forward that week, wake up an extra ten minutes earlier, and increase your workout by 5-10 minutes. By Saturday you will feel pretty damn good about yourself. You’ll be waking up an hour earlier, and working out for an hour a day. Impressive! Take Sunday off and enjoy your day by doing whatever the hell you want, you deserve it. ;)

The following week you can either restart the process, or just continue doing an hour a day. This little exercise will have an extremely positive effect on your life, and I personally guarantee you will start to see multiple benefits within the first two weeks. More than anything else in this book, this is the one thing you should actually do. You’ll look better, feel better, and be better.

So please do it!

Understandably if you have more than enough to handle in the morning already, try giving this exercise a chance when you get home from work.

Healthy Eating

This is pretty simple, cut out all the crap. No more garbage food, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a known fact that you are what you eat. You feel what you eat and your body is extremely effected by the things you put in it. Cut out soda, fatty food, fast food, and snacks. Before you eat something, consider whether or not you would want to be referred to as that. Would you want to be known as a cheezdoodle, or a potato chip? How about a fat greasy hamburger? Didn’t think so. If you can make a food and diet plan (google is your friend) you will notice immediate benefits. Try to make food from home, cut back on eating out, you’ll end up saving yourself a ton of unnecessary carbs and fat, and even more money.

Let’s face it, if you want to start attracting and meeting healthy, fit and well beings, you need to start eating like, and acting like them. You probably won’t meet the beautiful girl or man of your dreams at Wendy’s. Although it would be nice, it’s just not how things work.

Dress to Impress:

Just important as how good you feel, is how good you look. Never underestimate the power of dressing nicely, especially when it’s not called for. Most people pay absolutely no attention to how they dress which gives you an opportunity. If you can manage to put even a little bit of effort into the clothes and shoes you wear, you’ll not only look better than 90% of people out there, you’ll be more respected and looked at as an authority, or even a professional.

A nice suit or dress can go a long way, it can help you influence others, and certainly helps attract those you want to impress. When you look your best it shows that you are confident in your body, and know that the better you look, the better you feel. When you put in the extra effort to look your very best, people will feel like you dressed up to impress them, or may have respect for them. This is never a bad thing.

First impressions go a long way; so wouldn’t you want to make the best one that you possibly can? That graphic tee from high school isn’t going to cut it if you want to attract the 9’s and 10’s. Invest in some nice shoes, nice shirts, and nice clean pants. Don’t wear clothes that have rips, stains, or other unsightly aspects. If you do, it shows that you really don’t give a shit and or couldn’t afford to buy a new shirt.

A nice button up shirt costs just as much, if not less than a t-shirt. A pair of slacks is actually usually cheaper than a pair of jeans. So your excuse of “I can’t afford it” simply won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to grow up and start acting, and looking your age.

Invest a couple hundred dollars into a few new pieces to your wardrobe and it will likely make you connections that pay off tenfold.

Start dressing nicer at work, when you go out, even when you’re home. You’ll be more approachable and people will be more open to you approaching them. A person who dresses nice is seen as cleaner, smarter, and infinitely more attractive than the guy or girl who wears a T-shirt, cargo shorts, and flip flops every day. You should also make a point to change up the way you look, don’t wear the same clothes every day. Shock people with your style and they will be intrigued by your taste and boldness. Once you start to put even the slightest bit of effort in you may start to notice people actually like you more, and treat you better. Naturally because you at least appear to be of higher value than themselves.

Law Five: The Secret

This will likely be the most underrated, yet most effective law in this book. You may first laugh at the idea I am about to release to you. It may seem obvious, and yet I guarantee you probably forget to do it.

The ultimate secret to attracting anyone is,

To Love Yourself.

That’s it. If you can manage to love yourself, you can take on the world, and then some. Not convinced?

Well allow me to elaborate.

It is rather unfortunate that when we go out and look for someone to have a relationship with we forget to love ourselves first.

We focus so much on the other person.

This was a mistake I made once, and will never make again. I loved someone more than I loved myself. It was a disaster waiting to happen. I looked to them for validation and happiness, never realizing that I was better than them, smarter, better looking, and infinitely more ambitious, and with far more potential. When I lost them it was a direct blow, as though I had lost myself.

I’m sure we all have been in a similar situation.

If not, then I am hoping this will keep you from ever getting into something like this.

The one thing you need to realize right here and now is that everything is temporary in this world. The only thing that will be with you through your entire life is yourself.

If you manage to genuinely fall in love with yourself, you will never be sad, depressed, or alone. I was a complete mess as a child, bad anxiety, totally nervous about everything and relied on other people to determine my worth. Want to know exactly how I got over this?

Talking to myself. Just three words. I Love Me.

Repeated over, and over, and over again.

We spend our entire lives looking for someone to say “I love you” to, never considering the fact that maybe we should fall in love with ourselves first.

When you do this, you will never leave yourself open to a broken heart, you will never consider suicide, and you will be insanely more confident in every aspect of your life.

If you have trouble accepting the idea that you can in fact fall in love with yourself, to an extent, think about this. Who are you with all day every day? Who is always on your mind? Whom are you constantly thinking about and caring for? You. When you truly and deeply fall in love with yourself, you will be that much easier to fall in love with.

Many people may think that this chapter is stupid, how can one fall in love with themselves? It’s actually rather easy. Whenever you are feeling down, or self-conscious. Just repeat these words either in your head or out loud. “I love myself, and I am awesome.”

Chances are, you are pretty freaking badass.

If you are smart enough to go ahead and make it up to this point in a book about the art of attraction and happiness, while spinning on a rock floating through space going who knows how fast.

Then you’re the fucking man (or woman).

So next time you feel sad or bad, just think about how great you are and how much you love yourself, and how lucky someone would be to meet you.

You are strong, intelligent, and most likely better than almost everyone else out there. The fact you picked up this book means you are interested in improving upon and investing in yourself. This means that you naturally love yourself, and are willing to become even better.

So good job. Good job downloading this and working to become a better person, this will make it so it’s that much easier to love yourself. Once you’ve gone ahead and followed the other 4 laws you simply need to love yourself, and believe in yourself.

Once you truly start to believe in you, and love you, then you will start to attract exactly the type of people you want in your life. Until then, you will likely settle, or just be okay with what you bring into your life.

Don’t settle, get exactly who you want, what you want, and where you want to be. You deserve nothing less than the best and I truly hope you find it.

Attraction is something that starts from the inside out, so until you make a point to really work on you, attracting the people and things you desire will be infinitely more challenging. It is rather strange that in order to bring the best people into our lives, we must first bring out the very best person within us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this book and hope you find everything that you are searching for. I also hope that this book has lit a fire up under your ass to start taking action and become as amazing as you possibly can be. Anything less would be a disservice to yourself, and the rest of us.

May you find nothing but success in every endeavor you take on, and attract only people as amazing as you!

Sincerely yours, Brian.

Thanks Again!

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The Laws of Attraction: 5 Laws to Attract, Seduce, and Influence Anyone.

The Laws of Attraction is the ultimate guide on attracting anyone at any time. It is designed to help you overcome anxiety, build the best version of yourself, and teach you how to attract only the very best people and situations into your life. 5 Laws are in this book that you can use to improve yourself, your relationships, and your entire life, but that's only if you are willing to out in the time to really work on making the very best version of yourself.

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The Laws of Attraction: 5 Laws to Attract, Seduce, and Influence Anyone. The Laws of Attraction: 5 Laws to Attract, Seduce, and Influence Anyone.