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The Lavender Princess (Restoring Jiberlla)

The Lavender Princess (Restoring Jiberlla)

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The Lavender Princess

Restoring Jiberlla

By: Jai Cox

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and situations are figments of the author’s imagination and therefore the intellectual property of the author. Please do not copy or share without written consent from the author. Thank you and enjoy

Chapter 1

“Where are you moving to Jace?” My grandmother asked glancing up from her states papers to meet my eyes from behind her opulent gold and wood desk. Fear was what she saw reflecting back at her from the same pale lavender eyes we shared. Fear of leaving her and the family for some foreign home. Fear of the task I was leaving to do. But, it was that quiet calm voice she used asking the question that I feared the most after announcing my news.

My soft gentle voice quivered as I answered, “Texas.”

“As in Texas the state within the United States of America on the North American Continent of the planet Earth?” Her dark eyebrows arched as she put it all together in her head and out loud. It sounded silly to me too. But being in the predicament that I was, I was desperate. She must had seen through the fear to the desperation as her head tilted, “And where in Texas are you moving to?”

“Bowie . . . Bowie, Texas,” I shifted in my seat under her scrutiny. I was her favorite grandchild but she was still an old woman toughened by thousands of years of ruling. That meant she got what she wanted, and if she didn’t, she would stronghold you into it. I was holding my breath in anticipation of her answer.

“Alright Jace you can go, but remember,” her finger long boney finger pointed in my face making me sit straighter. “You only have a year. That means, if you haven’t done it by then, you might as well never come home. I’m saying that because I love you. Your cousin would rather see you dead than alive in his kingdom even if you’re no threat to his rule.”

“I understand Grandma,” I went around her opulent desk and wrapped my arms around her tiny frame.

“Good. Now go say goodbye to Rylie and Joce. They’ll miss you as much as me,” she whispered holding me tight against her face.

I fought the tears as hard as I could, hoping this wasn’t the last time I saw her, the rest of the family, or our home.


The blaring heat of a Texas summer beat down on my brow as I wiped the beads of sweat from my dark brow. I heard the crunching of dry grass under the hooves of his hoarse before he slipped from the saddle. The conversation I had been avoiding since my mother whispered something to me about it a week ago, was finally here. I didn’t know what I was going to do or say.

Then I gazed over my shoulder at the old cowboy. His tall stocky frame still held all the muscle of his younger years thanks to ranch work he loved so much. His dark green eyes with flecks of gold held all the weight of the world as he studied me upon approach. He reached the fence I had been leaning against only to take off his worn brown Stetson, run his hand through thick black hair, and put it back on his head. His tongue clicked and I knew he was about to start, “Son, I know ya’ don’t want to take a job as a rancher, but I think ya’ should at least try it.”

“Pops,” I started then saw the hope in his eyes.

“Ya’ know, ya’ look just like me, but ya’ just like ya’ ma. Ya’ know how she volunteers and such. Always trying to save the world and all. And I don’t care if ya’ go off to school to do something else with ya’ life afterwards, all I ask is a year. Try the simple life for a while, that’s all. After ya’ got back from the service . . . ya’ ma and I are worried, that’s all,” he spat out his gum on the ground and went for his pocket. After patting down the empty chest pocket of the plaid button down he was wearing, he searched the back pockets of his jeans for his chew. He wouldn’t find it. Mom had finally made him quit, to his dismay.

“One year?” I asked.

“Yep. One year as foreman on the CM Ranch, and we’ll support ya’ in anything you want to do Tyler,” his father nodded and stuck out his large calloused hand. He took it shaking his father’s hand. What did he have to lose? It was only a year.

Chapter 2

I adjusted the tight pants that everyone wore in Texas once again, hating the restriction of the denim. The black leather boots that Hereni insisted I wore weren’t much better. At least I got a comfortable cotton top that they referred to as a tank for some strange reason that allowed much more movement than the corseted tops of the palace.

Standing in the gravel driveway of my new home, I took it all in. The hustle and bustle of men and women walking around with animals or doing menial tasks. The clear blue skies with wisps of white clouds above. The yellowish brown grass under foot that surrounded the tall two story white home that now belonged to me.

“Ya’ must be Jacelinn Henson,” I spun around at the thick accent to see two men standing behind me. Both well over six foot with dark tans on top of bulky muscle. One was obviously older than the other, but both of their beauty made me stumble as I stepped towards them. The older gentleman caught me before I face planted on the ground as he continued his introductions, “I’m John Bowmen the man that owns the Wild Mustang Ranch next door to ya’lls. This is my son Tyler Bowmen. He’s to be ya’ new foreman.”

“Well it is very nice to meet you both,” I replied straightening up to stand.

“Ya’ not from around here, are ya’ darlin’?” A lopsided grin came across the older man’s face as he stared down at me. Both men had a good foot on me and I wasn’t used to it, making me more nervous about my venture.

“No sir,” I shook my head and tried to return the smile.


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The Lavender Princess (Restoring Jiberlla)

Jacelinn Marie Theda Helvena Grand Princess of Marqa is forced to get married within the year thanks to her conniving cousin Gavin. He wants the throne and will do anything to get including bribing the Council of Elders to make her take a husband. After hundreds of years of dating and her grandmother finally just trying to auction her off as a piece of cattle, she does something drastic. She buys a ranch on earth to find a man she can love and rule with. Tyler Bowmen was raised on a ranch, all his family were ranchers, and it was in his bones. But he also had this innate drive to help people, to be a hero. That was what sent him off to Uncle Sam in the first place. When he came back home to west Texas unable to walk thanks to a bullet in his spine, it was that innate drive that got him on his feet again. After a year long recovery, his father had him a job as a foreman for the ranch next door. He didn't want to do it, but he do anything to make his parents happy after all the sacrifices they made for him. Luckily for him the new owner was this sexy midget with curves that belonged on a doll. Life on the ranch was strained as they fall for each other, but things get even more intense when Gavin finally makes a move for Jace's life. Can Tyler save her and her planet? Does he even want to? Knowing he will have to give up everything here on earth for something unknown to him. In this +18 read of a sci-fi fantasy fairy tale, fall in love with the quirky characters, a whole new world, and fun sexy time that has you panting.

  • Author: Jai Cox
  • Published: 2016-01-27 17:40:12
  • Words: 26428
The Lavender Princess (Restoring Jiberlla) The Lavender Princess (Restoring Jiberlla)