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The Last Valentine’s Day






The Last Valentine’s Day


Joy Galloway




Frozen snow piles had turned into slush the week before but by Friday that awfully sloppy wintry mess had been licked away by an unexpected sunshine, so it was going to be a great Valentine’s weekend for most people at Elmtown. The weather forecast for Saturday was so favorable that it was obvious how busy most restaurants, bars and nightclubs would be.

Valentine’s Day had never been a great day for Jen and Kim. They had never received roses or chocolates throughout their college years. No one ever threw a bow on a teddy bear and gave it to either of them. Not even one card came in the mail from a love interest. It was just a day for Cupid to laugh in their faces and point his arrow the other way.

Jen shut the door to her 2002 Mazda and walked towards her apartment building. She’d spent some hours at the library working on her Behavioral Economics paper. Usually the library would be packed on Saturdays but there were barely ten students there, most people were busy with their significant others or looking forward to going out with their new dates.

“Hello Mr. Kaplan,” Jen said.

She waved to her Landlord who was walking the opposite way. He lived in one of the apartments in the same building which most of the students didn’t like as it made them feel as though someone was always watching over their shoulder, making sure they were following his policies; stupid twentieth century rules Jen always called it, no parties ,no Alcohol, no friends staying over. Not that they all followed it anyway, there were ways to do it without him finding out especially when he was away in Canada to check his other real estate business. The main advantage he had over other student-housing landlords at Elmtown was his low pricing strategy and that was good enough for Jen and Kim.

“Oh Hello Jen,” he said smiling at her. “Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you have any big plans for tonight?”

“Nope. Probably just gonna study and call it an early night,” she said then unconsciously sighed.

“No date?” The elderly man asked, his eyes widening with surprise.

“No,” she said shaking her head. He never seemed to mind his business but she was accustomed to him now, she knew how to handle him. “But I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day,” she added quickly, cutting the conversation short.

“Thanks, I will,” he said then started towards his car. “I actually have a date with a woman I met at the doctor’s office.”

“Oh OK have fun then,” she said hurriedly but thought, well thanks for the information and for adding salt to my wound. Her seventy year old Landlord had a better dating life than she did, and he barely even left his apartment. She wished him well and continued towards the front door.

“Hey Jen!” Sarah suddenly yelled from the parking lot. “What’s up”

“Hi Sarah, not much,” Jen said then waited as Sara walked towards her. Why was everyone trying to talk to her today. She was tired and just wanted to get into the warmth of her apartment, eat some food, pull her covers over herself and binge-watch Gilmore Girls on that new website her brother Jason just told her about. Jason always came up with money-saving ideas on the internet and since he told her about a bunch of file-sharing sites, she’d stopped paying for netflix.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing. Just wanted to say Hi. I’m heading out to pick up Tara. We are meeting the rest of the girls for dinner. We’re all bringing our boyfriends. It’s like one huge double date, triple date if you will. It’s so nice that Valentine’s on Saturday this year,” Sarah said, her eyelids blinking as fast as the words emanating from her mouth. She talked so fast, most people didn’t understand her sentences, it took getting used to.

“Cool, that sounds fun,” Jen said. “Tara has a boyfriend now? Since when?” She asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“Oh Yeah, Tara met someone a few weeks ago. Such a great guy. He graduated from Malcolm Vale last year but he works as an Electrical Engineer now. We are all going out to eat and then bowling. You are right, it will be fun,” Sarah said.

“Well you girls have fun.” Jen said as she waved and then quickly opened the front door. “See you around.”

Even Tara now has a boyfriend. She thought. She remembered what Tara said when they were sophomores (before they stopped being close). Tara had said to her that she knew she was not the greatest catch for most boys because she was not one of the most attractive girls on campus (which was putting it mildly) but she was confident she would find someone to love her one day because she had personality and character, she was beautiful inside. So that’s it then? Jen thought. I and Kim have no personality, no inside beauty?

Be happy for her, be happy for her. She muttered to herself. It was her way of keeping the jealousy brewing within her from coming to the surface. Jealousy and envy are very negative emotions, her mother always said.

She climbed the stairs sluggishly, the thought of Tara bringing back memories of their first two years on campus. They’d all been fresh out of Malcolm Vale High School, excited and anxiously looking forward to their new independent life. There were six of them in their group of friends and although they all still hung out together once in awhile, by their third year in College, the group had been split into close knits of twos. Jen and Kim on one side, Tara and Sarah on another and then Meghan and Khloe on one.

Ruminating on it deeply, although she and Kim were now the odd ones out, she was kind of glad that at least Kim was in the same boat as her. Even if it was a lonely boat in the midst of a storm, they had each other to help row to shore and that provided a comfort of sorts. Not that she wouldn’t be happy for Kim if she had a boyfriend but she couldn’t deny the feeling of being pleased about having someone who understood where she was at.

Kim never gave Jen the types of speeches everyone and their mothers liked to give whenever she complained about being single. None of that “You are complete by yourself.” talk, which jen was frankly tired of it. Of course she knew completeness was something that came from within and didn’t depend on being with a man. But does that take away the desire to be wanted and loved by a guy? Personally, she would love to share her complete self with another wonderful complete human being that complemented her and she didn’t think anything was wrong with that type of desire. At 23, if no one has ever even asked you out, shouldn’t you be worried? Maybe she shouldn’t worry so much but still it was something to notice and think about.

Despite being in the same predicament, Kim seemed not to worry as much about it like Jen did. Kim wanted a good guy in her life too but the absence of it didn’t bother her as much. She believed things would fall in place at the right time and looked forward earnestly to the day she would meet her prince charming.

Jen and Kim had been assigned the same dorm room with two other roommates in their first year of College. The other roommates were nice and they got along well, but it was different with Jen and Kim. They clicked and were inseparable. Their friendship continued and after a few years they decided to get an apartment together. They loved this apartment, even if it was small and older, it was close enough to school so they could walk when they had trouble driving (There were times Jen’s car wouldn’t start because of the extreme winter of Elmtown. And sometimes driving in the snow storms were literally impossible.)

They had each other, an apartment, good grades, great siblings and wonderful parents. Everything seemed great, but something was missing, the college guys just didn’t seem to have any interest in them. Unlocking the door and shutting it behind her, Jen came moping into the apartment.

“Another Valentine’s Day alone,” she said as she sulked around their small apartment living room before sitting down on the couch.

“It’s not so bad,” Kim said plopping down onto the couch beside her. She put her arm around Jen then kissed her forehead. “Stop being a downer. You get to spend the day with me.”

“Yeah like that’s something special.”

“I can’t really blame you for not understanding my awesomeness. You know what they say, familiarity breeds contempt,” Kim said.

“Oh Shut up. When did you start talking smart. What’s that anyway?” Jen said pointing to a white container on the coffee table.

“That? mmmh…that my friend is Dr. Zed’s 10 day magic formula,” Kim said then got up to fetch the weight loss solution. “Look I think I’ve lost five pounds already,” She raised her sweater and tugged at her belly.

“I’ve told you a million times, you are perfectly healthy. Your BMI is fine. You don’t need this garbage. They never work anyway.”

“Jen I swear on my grandfather’s deathbed, this isn’t like those other ones that didn’t work.”

“That’s what you said the last time,” Jen reminded her.

“Trust me it’s been tested by NASA.”


“Yes, NASA.”

“NASA as in National Aeronautics Space Administration?”

“Yes. They’ve started doing weight loss programs as a result of boredom. Apparently, there are no more planets to discover.”

“You should learn how to lie intelligently. That was lame.”

They both laughed. Then suddenly Jen wrapped her long arms around herself and reclined into the chair looking forlorn.

“What’s wrong?” You can always talk to the love of your life. Come on let’s hear it,” Kim said.

“I’m just hungry,” Jen replied looking at a corner of their floor she’d missed when vacuuming. She hated doing that so much, missing a spot. She knew it would bother her until she had it vacuumed again so she contemplated getting up immediately to fetch the vacuum cleaner.

“Not true. I know you. What is it? This isn’t just hunger my love.”

“Ok ok. I was just thinking about how I broke up with John after high-school and decided not to be seriously involved with anyone in my first two years in College. Do you think that was a mistake? It’s like I intentionally made myself unavailable and now that I’m ready there’s not even a hint of romance. We are seniors now and this is our last Valentine’s Day here at college. It would have been nice to have someone special to spend it with. Is this how it’s going to be forever? Doesn’t it ever bother you at all? Maybe I’m just over-analysing as usual.”

“Look I know how you feel. I think about it a lot too but you can’t let it affect you this much. My dad said love usually comes when you least expect it. Most times when you’re not even worrying about it so I have decided to enjoy my life and when it happens, it happens, ” Kim said. She stood up, swayed her hips across the room like a model on a runway.

“I mean we are decent looking girls. We are smart, ambitious and funny. There’s someone out there who can handle all of this,” she continued, gesturing at her voluptuous figure.

Jen laughed then said “You always look so silly when you try to do that phony serious face of yours. Anyways, so last week I was thinking, maybe I should stop being a prude and get into this whole hooking-up business. Maybe that’s the new way of dating?”

“Naaaw. Been there. Done that. I’m not as emotional as you but even I wouldn’t go back to that. I want something real now. I know you and it’s definitely not for you at all. Besides, Katherine does hookups but she’s still as single as you and I. Forget it babe.”

“Ummm…OK we are screwed then I guess.”

Kim laughed then told Jen more hilarious dating stories.

Twenty minutes later they’d changed to talking about Kim’s visit to the mall. She asked Jen to come into her room to see the new pairs of jeans she’d stumbled upon at a store.

“Guess how much I got these two,” Kim said as she pointed to two pairs of blue jeans on her bed.

“I don’t know. sixty bucks?”

“Twenty bucks for both.”

“No way.”

“Way. I told you. You should have come with me. They are closing down so everything was dirt cheap. I saw a couple of girls there too. Lauren, Eve, Tessa.”

“My parents don’t send me pocket money like yours remember?”

“Oh shoosh. You do more hours than I do at work so there’s really no difference. You probably even have more money than I do right now,” Kim said shaking her head, then she pushed her long dark hair over her shoulder. Jen laughed and stood next to her in front of the mirror. They were around the same height and size. Jen had shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a contrast from Kim’s dark hair and hazel eyes, but they were alike in many other ways.

“Maybe we should go out tonight and have dinner somewhere, or go to the movies?” Kim said changing the topic.

“Maybe.” Jen sighed knowing what was on her best friends mind. “But that will just put us in a worse mood. There will be couples everywhere. Everyone is out celebrating Valentine’s Day and I don’t feel like looking at cute couples and hearing lips smacking all night. I’d rather stay home and do something fun.”

“You are right.” Kim agreed. “I remember last Valentine’s Day, when we went out to dinner with Karisa and the tables were all set up for couples with candles and flower centerpieces.”

“Oh yeah, and that Italian waiter even felt sorry for us.” Jen remembered. “He gave us a free dessert to help sweeten our sorrow. That was hilarious.”

“You know Kim I think you are a great catch and I’m not sure why no one has caught you yet.”

“Thank you Jen, I think that you amazing and it’s a tragedy that no man has swept you up yet either.”

“Well, I can be your Valentine,” Jen smiled and winked at her friend.

“I’d love if you were my Valentine.” Kim puckered her lips at Jen and made silly kiss sounds. “You will be the best Valentine that I have ever had.”

“We should make a good dinner, drink some wine and have a few laughs. Just you and me, like always,” Jen suggested. “We do not need any guy to make our night complete.”

“That sounds good. Screw cupid and his arrow!” Kim stuck out her tongue playfully. “We will have a better time with each other.”

The girls reached out and hugged each other, embracing the friendship that they cherished with all of their hearts. Jen knew they would have a good time with just the two of them. It was what they’d always done. The most important thing was to be happy and just get on with life.

“Okay, so since you are the better cook, you can make dinner and I will go buy us a good bottle of wine.”

“Great plan. I’ll just go ahead and start cooking then.”

Jen grabbed her purse and keys. “This will be the best Valentine’s Day ever.”

“Yeah it will!” Kim headed to the kitchen, happier than she had been a few minutes before.

Although, Kim had always been the chef in their friendship, Jen could barely make a frozen dinner successfully. She would burn eggs, put too much water in Pasta, overcook meat and had been known to set the fire alarms off many times in the kitchen. Kim on the other hand had a knack for cooking. She would prepare a three course meal like it was nothing, create a menu plan for their week and sometimes even cater for small parties. Not only was she good at it but she also enjoyed it which was why she’d decided to go to cooking school after graduation.

As Jen left the apartment and got in her car, she remembered how her Mom had reminded her about calling at least once a week so she checked for her phone in her bag. She placed the call but had to leave a voicemail message as it went unanswered on two attempts. Then she called her sister, Melanie.

“Hey why are you crying,” she said as soon as she noticed the sobs.

“I don’t know what to do sis,” Melanie said. “Gareth wants us to get back together.”

“So? What does that matter? I thought you were with Chris.”

“I am,” Melanie said. “But it’s so hard. I have so much history with Gareth but on the other hand, I don’t want to jeopardise what I have with Chris. Why is my life like this. Why can’t things just be straight forward for once in my life”

“I see,” Jen said. She rolled her eyes thinking about how spoilt her sister could be sometimes. OK, it was understandable what she was saying but did she realize some people didn’t even have a boyfriend, talkless of two people wanting to be with them. “Have you spoken to Mom about this?”

“No, what’s the point. I know what she’s going to say.”

“OK, look just relax. Everything will be fine. Let me call you back tonight, I’m about to start driving.”

Traffic was slightly heavy, with cars heading downtown, buses doing their last trips. The bus system at Elmtown was efficient and well run but usually closed after seven pm, which was sufficient for a small university town its size. Restaurants were crowded with love birds waiting for tables and stores were rushing with customers hurrying to buy that special gift for their special someone. Just when Jen had decided to have a good time and not worry about being single, all she saw were more reminders of how much she was missing out. Great. She shook herself and forced herself to snap out of her of it quickly.

“Enough already,” she said to herself out loud as she turned near Paula’s bakery.

She checked out of her pity party and pulled herself together, glanced at herself through the rearview mirror and said “Stop behaving like a baby, Valentine’s Day is just another day.” Whether she had a boy to spend it with or not was irrelevant. She was a smart, driven girl with a bright future ahead of her. She had tackled a lot in her life and she did it all while being single and that was something to be proud about. Why would she need anyone now to validate her?

Graduation was only months away and she would be entering a whole new world with her career. College would be behind her, she would make more friends, meet more interesting people, including mature guys that were ready to settle down and none of these things she worried about now would even matter. What was Valentine’s Day in the grand scheme of things.

With the blink of her turn signal, she made a left into the liquor store parking lot. She normally went to other stores, but this one was usually not overcrowded with people and she hated to fight the lines with tons of other customers. Plus today she just wanted to get in and out and be on her way to a glass of wine.

The liquor store was not very big and it was easy to find the wine section. Jen was not a wine connoisseur and didn’t know the difference between chardonnay and merlot. White, rose, red? She had no idea which one to choose. Kim was the one who usually chose the wine so Jen was lost. Maybe she would just pick the prettiest bottle or the wine with the least calories? She was out of her element. She thought about calling Kim but decided against it, she would try this one time.The bright pink heart shaped sign above the wine caught her attention.



Well at least she would get a deal. She figured it was the least Cupid could give her since he hadn’t given her anything else this Valentine’s Day.

“Jen?” A man’s voice said from beside her.

She turned quickly and saw an old classmate of hers from her second year of college. His name slipped her mind, but his face was all too familiar.

“It’s Ben, from Chemistry. We were lab partners for a semester.” He smiled revealing his deep dimples. “Do you remember me?”

He was dressed casual but he looked anything but simple. His face was charming, complementing his toned body, it was obvious he worked out. She caught a wisp of his scent. Whether it was his cologne or aftershave, she couldn’t tell but one thing was sure, she felt like hugging him.

“I remember you Ben. You did all the work while I messed around and talked.” She said moving closer to him. He didn’t attempt to hug her so she stayed put.

Ben laughed and said “Yeah didn’t look like you liked science much.” Their time together had been short. They were lab partners for that semester and she saw him every week in class but they had never spent any time with each other outside of class and after that semester ended, never saw him again.

“I used to love to come to chemistry class just so I could sit next to you.” Ben told her. “You were the only thing that made that class endurable.”

“Well thank goodness you did because I would have never passed that class without you,” Jen thanked him. “Those labs were so hard but you got us through them. What happened to you? I expected to see you in Chemistry Two but you never showed up. You know I could have used your help in that lab.”

Jen smiled at him. He had really been a good help to her that semester and she remembered regretting not being able to thank him after the class ended. They probably would have been good friends but she didn’t have the chance to get to know him.

“After that semester I switched colleges,” he told her. “And sadly I never got to see you again.”

He would have liked to see me again? She thought.

A quiet moment passed where the two looked at each other as though they were realizing something for the first time.

“You know I always hoped to run into you somewhere in town but it just never happened,” he said then shook his head like he was thinking of their past time spent together in class.

“Really?” She said blushing a little with surprise and gladness. “I don’t go out much. My classes are pretty demanding and I work part-time at the hospital. It just seems like I never get a chance to go anywhere.”

“Yeah I just figured you were busy or something,” he said. “Or your boyfriend was keeping you indoors to protect his treasure? I wouldn’t blame him anyway.” His eyes looked deep into hers waiting for a response. She remembered something she’d read recently about the ‘length of a man’s gaze’. How it can tell how a man really felt about you.

“Boyfriend?” She shook her head and laughed a little. “No boyfriend for me. I am very single,” she said then cleared her throat before saying, “I mean…I am single.”

“Seriously? You are single? I figured a beautiful girl like you must have guys lining up at the front door to take her out.” His brown hair was perfect for his tanned skin and Jen couldn’t help notice how good looking he was. Why hadn’t she noticed back in lab when he was mixing solutions and helping her solve the periodic table?

“I am in a liquor store alone, on Valentine’s Day,” she told him. “Not one guy waiting in a line at my door back home. In fact, I have never had a date on Valentine’s day.”

“It is because you intimidate men with your good looks and intelligence,” he said. “They think you are above their standards and they don’t take a risk and try to talk to you.”

“That is not true,” she said laughing as her cheeks grew pink. “That is so not true.”

“Well that’s why I never tried before. You’re a gorgeous girl Jen. You have a way about you that says that you deserve the best and I was always afraid that I was not deserving of you. ”

Jen looked at Ben for a long moment. He was tall and handsome with a boyish charm and daring smile. The blue shirt he was wearing complemented his ocean colored eyes. His athletic built body looked strong and tempting. She couldn’t believe that he would think that she was above his standards. The quiet moment grew too long so Jen changed the subject. ‘The Length of a man’s gaze’

“Do you know anything about wine? I have no idea what to buy.” She asked as she focused on

the glass bottles in front of her instead of his enchanting eyes (‘The Length of a man’s gaze’). “They all taste the same to me.”

“I am more of a beer guy, so I can’t really say,” he said as his big hand reached for a bottle. “Is it just for you?”

“My friend Kim and I are spending tonight together for Valentine’s Day,” she explained. “Well she is my roommate so we spend every day together but we are both alone today and have been for every single Valentine’s Day during college. We decided to have a great dinner and some wine together. She is back at our apartment making dinner and I am here picking out the wine.”

“I can’t believe a pretty girl like you doesn’t have a date.” Ben sat the bottle he was looking at back down on the rack and looked at her. “I had the biggest crush on you sophomore year.”

“You never acted like it. You barely even looked at me during lab.” She remembered how focused he would be on their work.

“Like I said, I was intimidated by you,” he said. “You were so beautiful and I was afraid that you would just reject me and turn me down.”

“I would have never turned you down.” Jen confessed, her heart now racing.. “I just never knew that you were interested in me.”

“Well great. I guess I blew my chances,” he said then winked as Jen felt her skin flush with heat. He was so cute and she wished she would have known how he felt back then. Everything happens when they do for a reason Jen. She remembered her mother’s words.

“So what are you doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight?” She pointed to his case of beer and bag of potato chips. “Besides spending it with your frat brothers.”

“No,” He laughed. “I am not in a frat. But just like you I am planning on drinking and eating my sorrows away.”

“Sounds familiar,” she smiled.

“Yeah but at least you get to share your booze and food with your friend. All of my friends are out buying roses and cute teddy bears. They are all taking their girlfriends out. One of them is even proposing tonight.” Ben threw his hands up helplessly in the air. “So I plan on watching some reruns of Seinfeld while drinking a few beers.”

“I know the feeling. Other than Kim, all of our friends are going on a huge double date to dinner and bowling. We are the outsiders. They didn’t even bother asking us because they are used to us not having dates. Sometimes I think I will never spend Valentine’s with a guy, ever.”

Their conversation got interrupted by a hand in hand couple that was shopping for a bottle of wine also. The man was kissing her neck as she looked over the wines and the woman was giggling like his lips tickled her skin. It was yet another reminder, sent from Cupid himself, to flaunt the Valentine’s Day curse.

“This is a great bottle if you two are looking for a nice glass to complement your date,” the woman said to Ben and Jen. Elmtown folks were like that, always giving advice, helping with directions, asking if you were alright even if they didn’t know you. They were called The City of the Good Neighbours for a reason.

“Yeah.” The man added. “It will definitely help lighten the mood.” He raised his eyebrows playfully.

“Oh no, we aren’t-” ben started but was cut off by Jen when she stepped in front of him to speak.

“We aren’t fans of red wine. We are more of a white wine couple. Thanks anyway.” She grabbed two bottles and turned to Ben. “Let’s go, dinner should be done soon.”

When they had walked far enough away from the couple Ben stopped Jen.

“I am confused.” He said.

“Look, I would not have turned you down back in sophomore year. You are nice and cute and

too good to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Come back to my apartment and have dinner with Kim and me.”

“I’d love that.” His face lit up and his dimples sunk in with his large smile.

“Good.” Jen was happy too. She desperately needed the company of a man and Ben was cute, nice, and interested in her. She couldn’t wait to spend the evening with him.

“Are you sure that your friend Kim won’t mind?” he asked. “I know that you two planned an evening with each other because neither of you had dates for Valentine’s Day. I hope she doesn’t get upset or feel left out.”

“Kim isn’t the jealous type. She will be fine with it.” Jen was hoping. “Besides, we have wine. She will just be happy to have an extra person to toast with.”

“Okay. Sounds good. I can’t think of a prettier date for Valentine’s Day,” Ben said as he grabbed a bundle of roses by the counter. “And what kind of date would I be if I did not bring flowers.”

Handsome with gentleman qualities, Jen knew this was going to be a good night. They paid for their items and headed to their cars. Jen told Ben to follow her back to her apartment. The ride back to the apartment was different for her. She felt desired and wanted. Ben had always thought that she was pretty and too good for him. It was kind of strange to know now, years after she had met him. If she had known that back when they were sharing lecture notes and lab results, she could have been dating him by now. She may have even spent the past Valentine’s Days with him, but of course that would mean that Kim would have been alone on those days without her, and that was not something she liked to think about. Everything happens when they do for a reason.

It suddenly hit her that Kim might not be so happy about seeing Jen bring Ben in through the door. What if she got mad? She may get upset. Jen and Kim had made plans for the night. She had cooked a meal and probably set the table for two. It would be horrible if Jen walked into the apartment and ruined Kim’s night by bringing a date. What was she thinking? Her attraction to ben had gotten the better of her.

The sign to her apartment building was up ahead and as she turned in she kept wondering what would happen when she entered her place. Parking her car, she checked herself in the mirror and got out to meet Ben.

“Here, let me get your bags.” He took her bagged bottle of wine in one hand and scooped her arm under his other. “I can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone so beautiful and smart.”

Jen was glad that the sun was going down and the sky was no longer bright so that Ben could not see her reddened cheeks. His flattery was nice but she was not used to the attention and compliments from a guy. It felt amazing but she still got flushed with a touch of embarrassment when she heard him call her beautiful.

“Okay, this one is mine.” They stopped in front of Jen and Kim’s apartment door.

Jen reached for the doorknob and silently hoped that her friend would not be too offended that she brought home a guy. Twisting the doorknob, Jen pushed the door open and stepped slowly inside.

What she saw was not what she expected.

Sitting on the couch was Kim with an unfamiliar guy. They were locking lips, kissing passionately and holding each other tight. At the sound of the door slamming behind Jen and Ben, Kim and her kissing partner quickly parted lips and turned to Jen. Kim was just as surprised as Jen when she saw Ben. The two best friends looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. They knew Cupid had smiled on them.

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The Last Valentine’s Day

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The Last Valentine’s Day The Last Valentine’s Day