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The Last Rite

The last rite

Motivational words

I had given up on my dream, a decade ago. I tried hard and did not get it. I know, now, that it was my fault. I have cried many times, that I don’t get my dreams, it gives me solace for few minute or hours, but it does not change anything. Crying does not give me my dream. Many times, I see happy faces, and then, I curse God, to not write my destiny in my way or like others, who have get their dreams fulfill. I have cursed him, but that also don’t give me my dream, just a solace for few minutes or hours. Sometime, I have tried to put responsibility of my dream on my parent’s financial status. That, they did not have enough money or provide me a good environment and opportunities. That’s why, I am living miserable life. but that too, don’t change anything in my life, because I see them their old faces. Sometimes, I shout on their faces, but hardly see any pain in their eyes. Then, some thoughts have start to come in my mind. “my parents have lived their life, in their own way, what they are losing? My dream was mine. I have lost them, I am the loser. My parents will die, soon”. I or me, the one is facing all the pain, bearing it, again and again every second.

A real fact is that, after crying or cursing God or others, in the end, I see, I am the only one, who cries, suffers and bears the pain. No change has ever happened, not a single one. First, God has never come, second, my destiny has never changed.

I know, somewhere in my heart, that I am putting curtain on my failures throughout the life. It was better life, when I was chasing my dream. I had the pain but that called hard work. But reality is that, I am still in pain, still crying, still cursing, but no gain. So, now, I have two options, get up again or just live like the same. So, I am choosing, to get up and chase my dream, it is better to bear the pain and cry on that road, which goes toward my dream. I will be happy, there will be hope, and smile on my face, I will get something or one day my dream. I will live my dream.

I have one life, and if I will not live my dream and get it, why am I living? If, I will die or do suicide to restart again in another life. I have to work there too. so, why not here? Why not in this world? why not in this life? why not now?

Because I have one life and I will write my own destiny, I don’t believe in this shit, that God has written bullshit in mine. If he has written, why should I believe in him? I will believe in this that, he wants me to chase my dream till the last breath of the life. He wants me to create my destiny. I believe in this.

Hey, my dream, I am coming, I have just put my first step on this road. I can see you in my imagination, standing at the end of the road, waiting for me, to welcome to the dream land. I am looking some people on this road, they are hungry, others are thirsty, still have smile on their face and spark in their eyes. I can see the foot prints of Ronaldo, I can see the Maradona’s steps there, I can see the albert Einstein’s, I can see the Conor McGregor foot prints there, I can see the Mohammad Ali’s, Sachin Tendulkar’s and other dreamers foot prints too. They all had started from here and went to the dream land. Now, it is my turn to have a star of my name, which will twinkle in the sky, every night.

I promise myself to do everything to reach the stars, disregard of up and downs.

“I will fly like the butterfly in the beautiful blue sky”.

By Chanchal

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The Last Rite

People are full of dreams, and life is full of ups and downs. Motivation is the need of an hour. It is an essay.

  • ISBN: 9781370787586
  • Author: Chanchal
  • Published: 2017-08-26 10:35:50
  • Words: 701
The Last Rite The Last Rite