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The Last Film On Earth


The Last Film on Earth

By Charles Horton

Copyright 2017 Charles Horton

Chapter 1: Apocalypse

Drake sat up on the side of his bed and looked at his clock 9:00 am. He grumbled, stood up and stretched. A noise had awakened him from his twisted dream of people trying to survive a raptor attack in a building complex. He was kind of glad the dream was over because it was a weird one, but still he wanted to find out what had bothered his much deserved sleep. He walked out of his room and headed for the front door, there were sounds of gunfire. He opened the door and looked out; his eyes squinted from the bright morning sunlight. His eyes adjusted quickly as he looked on at the massacre at hand.

The house across from his was on fire and the old man he knew as Mr. Morgan was standing in his front yard holding his trusty shotgun. He aimed it at a man running at him screaming and fired, the man flew back slamming into the asphalt. Unfortunately the man got back up and tackled Mr. Morgan, several others joined in as they tore into the screaming old man. Then there was a woman screaming, drake looked and saw Ms. Holland from down the street running as fast as she could, two of the running people followed in close pursuit. She was cut short as a massive church van sped around the corner and slammed into her and then into a house, moments later the front of the house exploded. The runners were engulfed into flames but stumbled out and continued their pursuit.

Drake knew exactly what was going on; these crazy people were…zombies. He looked on at the slaughter and a smile came across his face. He threw his arms up and screamed “YES!!” He closed his door and bolted it. He then ran to his room, opening his closet door he removed the bar that originally held his cloths, now it was a front for something better. He hit a corner of the wall with his palm and it popped open, he pulled it the rest of the way open to reveal an arsenal of weapons: Machetes, shotguns, a katana, crossbow, crowbar, wrench, sniper rifles, several handguns and a chainsaw already full of gas. Also he had supplies for this occasion such as: Rope, flashlights, lanterns, MRE’s, Zombie survival Guide…etc.

He and his friends had been planning for this day for a long time so they had stocked up with the essentials over time. He packed two bags, only one last thing to do. He thought to himself, he ran for the phone. He had to tell nick to come over, Nick was equally prepared but they would do better as a pair. He started to dial the number when two people smashed through his back bedroom wall. Drake pointed a handgun at the two, it was nick struggling with a zombie, nick looked over, “DUDE!” he laughed and snapped the zombie’s neck. “I know!” smiled drake as he helped nick up. “Okay so what’s the plan?” asked nick. “Same as we practiced get to the second floor and knock down the stairs; you bring the roll up ladder?” “Oh, hold on.” He replied and walked back through the hold in the wall back outside. He came back a moment later holding a duffle bag, “Got it.” He smiled. They headed up the stairs near the front door and using the chainsaw, sliced through the stairs. Once disconnected nick grabbed sledge hammers form the bag and they smashed them till they weren’t accessible to anyone. “Alright, now let’s venture to the room for a better view.” said nick. They pulled down the ladder for the attic and headed up, once inside they used the chainsaw and cut a large square into the roof. They climbed out and sat outside. There they could see how the world had gone to hell in a matter of hours.

Nick looked at drake, “You know…it’s about damn time.” He said. They bumped fists and whipped out the sniper rifles, “Now whose in for a game of zombie celebrity?” drake took one of the guns, “Oh hell yeah.”

Chapter 2: Boredom

Four years had passed since the world ended to who knows what government screw up. The world had grown quiet, people still existed, people who were tough enough to deal with the undead and god knows the stench. The zombies themselves hit a stage of slow down themselves, as they rot their limbs start to degenerate. So therefore they cannot run, they have to walk like they got stuck in some slow-mo machine…the new dead can run…few months they can’t, it’s that simple.

As for our two happy as hell heroes, well they’re bored. Thirteen years of the same thing, it takes a toll on two guys with the attention span of squirrel. They’ll occasionally go outside to torment the lonely walker zombie then they go back inside and play old DVD’s to pass the time, It seems zombie apocalypse wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

Drake looked around in the attic in the box of movies he had, nick was looking through a box as well but it was box of adult magazines drake’s father had given him on his 17th birthday. “Damn, seen every one of these!” said drake as he slammed down his movies. “Well I’ve read all of these, don’t mean I won’t do it again.” smiled nick. They both laughed for a moment and then they fell silent as there was suddenly a slight thumping at the front door, they went down stairs to the front door. “Dude open it, I got something cool to say!” said drake. Nick opened the door to reveal a drooling corpse moaning at them, “Nevermore!” shouted drake firing a single round which popped the zombie’s head like a melon.“Nevermore?” asked nick. “Edger Allen Poe?” The raven?” replied drake, Nick shrugged and closed the door.

They sat around and looked at the ceiling, nick suddenly shot up, “I got an idea!” he shouted. Drake who was sort of in another world in his mind jumped like an electrocuted cat. “What?” asked drake as he slowed his breathing. “We should film a movie!” “Do what?” asked drake with a confused expression. “Well we have nothing to do and we haven’t seen a real movie in over 13 years, so let’s go to Hollywood and film our own.” “Why Hollywood?” “Because numb nuts they have everything there, we could film the movie right there on studio.” “Do you realize how far Hollywood is from here?”

Nick smiled, “Road trip, and plus look we need a crew right? So we while we journey we can recruit survivors to join us.” Drake looked at nick, “You’re serious, alright well after this movie is completed how do we show it to people? It’s not like the whole world is watching the T.V.” “Simple, do you remember Seth who moved to Virginia? Well he can make any electronic work, so we see if maybe he can send out a broadcast that will get everyone to come see it.” “I’m sorry when did you sit and think all this out?” asked drake. “Right now actually.” Replied nick with a smile. Drake sat dumbstruck, “Wow.” “So you want to do it?” asked nick who was sitting on the edge of his chair. Drake sat up and looked at nick, “HM either sit in the protection of my home or venture across the wasteland that was once the United states with my half-lunatic best friend to film a movie all while zombies will be biting at our heels…screw it sounds like fun!” said drake. “YES!” shouted nick.


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The Last Film On Earth

Have you ever considered what YOU would do if there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse? Would it be to hunker down with your family and wait it out with whatever supplies you could scavenge together and pray that it doesn't turn out like a popular TV show? Or maybe you would...well for Nick and Drake, two best friends, their concern is what happens when you get bored. Follow the movie loving duo as they travel across the United States as they attempt to reach California to make a gangster film they co-wrote in the midst of an ongoing zombie infestation.

  • ISBN: 9781370941179
  • Author: CJ Horton
  • Published: 2017-02-02 18:05:08
  • Words: 16317
The Last Film On Earth The Last Film On Earth