The King's Tower


*The King’s Tower * p<>{color:#000;}. This is an ancient story. It comes from China. It is about a powerful King who wanted to be remembered for ever.










The King was growing old. He was beginning to think of death. He wanted to leave something to the world so that he would be remembered for ever. He had ruled his people well. He had great wealth and his people respected him. His wives had given him many healthy sons and daughters, and he had grandchildren too. But he wanted more. He wanted to be remembered for a great achievement – something which would show the world that he had been a great King.

One morning he called all his ministers to his palace. He told them that he had decided to build a tower halfway to the sky.

Then he gave an order. He said, “I am determined to finish the tower before I die. If anyone tries to make me change my mind, he will be put to death.”

Man Fung was the King’s oldest minister. Indeed, when the King first became ruler, Man Fung was already an old man. He had served the King well and always given the King good advice. He was distressed by the King’s foolish plan. But what could he do? The King’s word was law. If he went to the King to offer advice, he would be put to death.”

The next morning, the old minister appeared before the King. He carried a spade in his hand. On his back, he had strapped a dirt basket.


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The King's Tower

  • Author: wizi
  • Published: 2016-04-12 18:20:07
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The King's Tower The King's Tower