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The King Of The Wizards : Beginning

The King


The Wizards



Copyright © 2016 Rahim Mokari.

Shakespir Edition



At a cold autumnal night which the rain was falling heavily, the Green village was in complete silence. There were many gardens and homes which were near each other and their farms were outside the village. Alex a seven-years-old boy with black eyes was inside courtyard of a house which was empty while he was crying loudly and nobody was in around. At around the house wasn’t any home. Alex had stood in the courtyard while his feet were nude and he was completely wet. He was afraid of being alone and was shaking from the cold.

When the lightning flashed, he screamed and ran quickly toward outside and he went out of the home. Outside the home was dark and Alex was moving quickly toward the outside of the village while his eyes were weepy and he had a bad feeling. After a while, Alex reached to the farmlands and looked at his front, it seemed that he wanted to find somebody who was very far from him. He continued his way from among a stony path which was between the farmlands. Near the way was a rivulet which was turbulent.

Alex could not see rightly, but he was just running until after a few seconds, he stopped aghast, because he heard a scream voice from the farmlands. Alex pushed into her eyes to see something and he could see his front a little. He almost saw from far away a beautiful, seventeen-years-old, girl named Linda, who was his sister and she was escaping with a turbid pajama.

Linda’s face was ulcerous and her hair was disheveled. She had scared and she was looking constantly at behind herself. There were two strange creatures (semi-mature hybrid) among the meadow that were almost like human and they were pursuing her. They were tall and they had very ugly, hairy, manly faces and their bodies were big and hirsute like animal. Color of one of them was red and the other was black. Their legs were curved like animal as it was causing they ran fast. Their hairs were like clothes as their genital organ were hidden.

After a few moments, Linda arrived at the rivulet which was turbulent and its surrounding ground was slippery as she couldn’t run rightly and she fell on the ground, when she got up frightened and looked at behind herself, she saw them who were very close to her.

Linda ran quickly in the path of the rivulet and a few seconds later she decided to jump of the water, but when she twirled toward the rivulet, she slipped and fell into the water. When she fell, Alex could not see her anymore and after a few moments he heard a frightened scream sound.

Alex jumped from sleep as he was breathing hardly. His heartbeat was fast and his body had perspired while tears were pouring from his eyes. He had seen a nightmare which wasn’t normal and it was so real and annoying so Alex had a very bad mood and he was so sad. Alex was a twenty-years-old boy with medium size and thin now. He had a tall hair which had covered a part of his face. His face was exanimate and sad. He had a weird sign in his face which distinguished him of the others, but it wasn’t a good difference. Alex had red eyes which were like blood and they were almost scary. His clothes were old and patchy and it seemed that he had spent several years with those clothes as they were small for him.

He was in a small loft which belonged to an old house of the Green Village. There was an old rug and alongside his thin blanket was an old pillow and finally an old slipper completed his poor stuff. A small window was there which hadn’t glass and a cold breeze was coming inside the loft. A few neighbors’ houses were around the home. The air was almost dark yet and the morning air was cold. When Alex’s heartbeat became calmer slightly, he got up and moved towards the stairs. But he still didn’t walk one step from his place that he heard a loud womanish voice from the down stairs, “Hey! Worthless accursed! When do you want to wake up?! ”

That was a friendly good morning for start a new day. Alex sighed and he went slowly down from the stairs. An ugly, grumpy old woman was inside the living room. The house was small and neat and there were two rooms and a small kitchen. The old woman had a big, thick cane in her hand that had leaned on it and her face was like a hag. She moved angrily toward the stairs and said, “Hurry up accursed!”

Alex without attending to her went toward the outside. The old woman was looking at him with her scary eyes while her mouth was almost open and her yellow teeth had seen. But Alex was very calm because he had been got used to it. He opened the door and went out while the old woman was moving after him. Outside the house was a small barn and Alex went toward it. Three cows were inside the barn and he took them out while the old woman had stood outside yet and she was looking angrily at him. She smiled to the cows and suddenly frowned at Alex and said, “Go fast accursed!”

Alex went quickly because he didn’t want to hear her voice. Accursed was his label that he had to hear it very much. But his label was normal for Alex because he had many real pains like his nightmares.

Nobody was outside and he was shivering with his old dress. Alex was just looking at the road and he was trying to go out of the village before the others wake up. Green space of village had not any joy for him and he was like a walking scarecrow that was walking in a paradise. He was very sad for his nightmare and he couldn’t forget it. The village was beautiful, but that just was a nice hue. Alex had been lived there for twenty years old and he never could forget his past and he didn’t want to do it.

After a while he arrived near a house that in front of the house, seventeen -years-old girl named Anahita with a beautiful long dress who had an innocent face, was sweeping the outside of her home. Her hair was tall and she was a little shorter than Alex. Anahita's clothes were decent as all of her body was covered.

Anahita with her hand was playing with her hair while had a beautiful smile on her lips. When she saw Alex, she left her hair and took a deep breath while had stared at him. When Alex arrived in the home, his head was down because he was still sad. But, Anahita became angry for his inattention and said loudly, “Hey! Miserable accursed! Wait.”

Alex stopped quickly as it seemed he had startled and his heartbeat become fast. Alex looked at her and wanted to say something but he was in a very bad mood. He tried hardly to show himself calm and smiled. Anahita gave him the broom and while was grimacing, said angrily, “Clean here now!”

Alex got the broom while was looking at her face and his heartbeat was fast yet. Anahita’s anger was sweet as it could not bother anyone. Alex got his head down and started to sweep while the cows were continuing their way. After a few moments, Anahita went near him with smile and after looking at her around said lowly, “Is my dress pretty?”

But Alex without looking at her said, “Yes.”

Anahita with her hand hit slowly to his head while had frowned and said, “Why are you so witless?!”

Alex put his hand on his head and looked her surprised and said, “But I said yes!”

Anahita said sadly, “But you did not look at me.”

Alex, who already was sad, became more sad and gazed at her eyes and said, “I’m sorry. I did not want to annoy you.”

Anahita got the broom sadly from him and put her hand on his chest while it seemed he was listening to something and soon she smiled shortly and looked at her house and took a deep breath and said loudly, “Get away, miserable accursed!”

Alex smiled and moved quickly toward the cows while Anahita was looking sadly at him until he became far from there. Soon Alex’s smile disappeared of his lips and his face covered with sadness again while he went quickly after the cows. They were walking slowly and he could find them soon and led them toward outside the village.

At the way a thirty-three-years-old man named Gary came toward him with his dog. The dog ran toward Alex and stopped beside him while Alex was looking at him and sat beside the dog. Alex was caressing him and the dog indulged himself a little and ran toward the cows. When Gary reached to him, smiled and said, “Happy birthday, I get something for you, as usual.”

But Alex only said coldly, “Thank you.”

Gary sighed and said, “Please don’t think to your nightmare.”

Alex got up and stared at him and said, “It’s easy for you to say!”

Gary wanted to say something, but Alex left him. Gary sighed and went. In the continuation of way wasn’t anything and Alex without any problem continued his way, but he was just walking because he was at his mind as wasn’t attentive his around. When he went out of the village, he arrived to the farmlands. There was a lot of farmland which exactly was like the same scene that he had seen in his dream.

Alex was moving from the black stony path between the farms and he bewared that the cows did not enter in the farmlands; of course, Gary’s dog was doing it. After a few seconds, they arrived at a rivulet which was passing between the farms. The rivulet wasn’t very deep and wide but Alex stopped quickly while was looking at it with fear and hatred as his heartbeat become fast again.

The cows passed slowly of the water and they continued to their way. But this action wasn’t easy for Alex, because his legs was not moving and his breath had become hard, but these were not his main problem, because suddenly Linda’s scream reverberated in his ear and it became loud and louder as was annoying him.

Alex pressed sadly his ears but it wasn’t useful and the scream was torturing him as he started to cry. Alex went a little back and he jumped over the water and went after the cows. When he became far from the rivulet, the scream was becoming less and less in his ears. Alex was crying like a child and was moving quickly.

Alex continued his way until after a while he went out of farmlands and arrived at a great, verdurous land. There was very useful for grazing, but he didn’t like to stay near the village so continued his way. The sun was coming up slowly from behind the mountains. Very soon starvation feeling dominated to him, but it wasn’t a pain that he couldn’t tolerate it.

After a while they arrived at a great, arid land which was like a circle and a very small village was in the center of it. The hamlet was abandoned. But everywhere was green in around the arid circle. The hamlet had earthy houses which were half-ruin.

When Alex looked at the hamlet stopped. Four old men were near the hamlet as a very long chain was on their feet and their hands were tied like the prisoners. All of them were looking at the hamlet with fear and their chain had extension from there to the green land where three unknown people were and Alex could not see them.

Those old men were walking very slowly and even one of them was crying. When finally they entered to the hamlet, suddenly they disappeared as the chain was moving slowly yet. But when it reached to the hamlet, it was disappearing. On the other hand, Alex wasn’t surprised at all and he just sighed and got up. Alex followed quickly the cows while they weren’t entering the arid land.

After a while they arrived at a big stone that many beautiful flowers were around it. He looked carefully around there and went toward the stone and inserted slowly his hand into a hole which was under the stone and he brought out happily something from there. In his hand was a beautiful ring which its jewel was a white flower.

The ring was womanish till be manly. He put the ring in his right finger and stared at it. The color of ring changed and its jewel became slowly blue and then a strange feeling emerged inside him which was very pure and pleasurable so that at once all his sadness disappeared. Alex was relax now and had changed completely his mood. He kissed his ring, something that was very valuable for him.

After it, he took a deep breath and inserted his hand into the hole again. He brought a girlish glove out which a flower design was on it. The gloves were old but Alex looked at those gloves with smile and he wore them. He sat on the ground and put his hand on his face for a few seconds, and then he got up happily and moved toward the cows.

Finally Alex arrived at a location after an hour that there was his ideal. There was a great, verdurous valley that a small room was in the center of it. He after entering in the valley left the cows and he moved toward the room. The room had a wooden, thin door which was made too simple and its lock was a rope which had adjoined to the wall.

He after opening the rope entered the room. There were a barrel of water, a small basket full of the fruit and a small cake. On the cake wasn’t any candle or text. He was very hungry and he went toward the fruits and removed some of those. Alex ate the fruits and he after removing the cake went out of the room.

Alex went toward a place which was sunlight and he sat on the ground to rest. Watching the half cloudy sky in the pleasant spring weather was calming him. Alex in silence stared at the sky for an hour. Next, he got up and went toward the room. Near the room’s wall were some big and small stone. He laid the big stones in a row and he became far from there and started to hit the big stones with small stones.

He was doing it with hate and much anger and he had acquired much skill in throwing stone. Alex was doing it at various distances so far as he could hit all the stones without mistake from top the valley. But it couldn’t spend more than an hour of his time. After it, he went toward the other side of the valley and took out a notebook and a pen from under the grass. Alex went under the sunlight again and he started to draw. He was skillful at it as he drew Linda’s face while was pouring tears slowly, but at the same time, he was smiling.

When Alex finished his work, kissed it and said, “Hi sister, I love you very much. Do you love me?” Alex smiled and said, “I know that. I just wanted to spoil myself.” He became silent a little and said happily, “Oh honey! Of course! I make it for you! ”

Alex kissed his sister and got up from his place and he hid the notebook under the grass. He went up slowly of the valley and looked at around there and when he became sure nobody is there, turned his head and looked at a field full of the flowers which was near the valley. He took a deep breath and went happily toward the flowers. Alex took out his gloves while was in his dream and he started to pick white flowers that were there. He with special attention picked the flowers and returned to the valley.

Alex sat near the room and started happily to make a wreath. He was doing it very professional while a nice smile was on his lips. After it he lied down on the grass and stared at it. Seeing the wreath with a beautiful background of the half cloudy sky was delightful for him. Alex was in his dream that got up with hear a sound of a motorcycle.

Alex brought out quickly his ring and he inserted it inside the ground and then he wore his glove and went up from the valley while his wreath was in his hand. When he saw Gary, his mind became comfortable and stopped. Gary moved slowly toward Alex as a big, red, old envelope was in his hand and he had gazed at the wreath sadly and said, “Follow me.”

Alex with Gary entered the valley while he was staring at the envelope. When they arrived to the room Gary stopped and said, “I want to tell you a very important thing that I had hidden from you, because I had given promise. But you’re twenty years old today, and I can tell you now. Your life will change soon.”

Alex said surprised, “What do you mean?!”

Gary took a deep breath and said, “Do you remember what your father said about this?”

Gary showed him the envelope and Alex realized to his purpose, and he said again, “Your father had given it to me thirteen years ago. I was intending to send it earlier, but I had promised. But don’t worry; I am hopeful she can help you. ”

But Alex was just looking at him with wonder as his mouth was open. Gary smiled and said, “Just wait. I will take it today to your aunt and I will speak with her.”

Finally Alex said, “I can’t believe that! You knew my aunt?! But you waited all these years!!! Why?!! ”

Gary became sad and said, “I swear, I was very sad, but your father implored to me! He had insisted to me that I must wait until this day! I don’t know why! Believe me, I hate from any promise! But you will know later. Now, I should go.”

Gary went toward his motorcycle as Alex gazed at him and he was still aghast and he stood there for a few minutes. Alex’s mind was perfectly confused as he could not think at all. He took a deep breath and moved toward the ring. He removed the ring and cleaned it and put it in his finger. When the ring became blue he kissed it and lied down on the grass and said, “I can’t believe that! Thirteen bloody years!”

It was near the noon and Alex entered the room and he drank a little water and ate some fruit while he was thinking to Gary’s speech. Next he went out of the room and looked to the sun which was at the center of the sky. He lied down on the ground and suddenly his eyes became close and he slept soon.


Seven-years-old Alex was playing happily with his seventeen-years-old sister inside a green plain which had beautiful flowers. His eyes were black. After a while they ran toward their mother who had sat on the hill. Alex arrived to his mother sooner than Linda. Their mother was a beautiful woman named Mary, who with a kindly smile looked at them. Alex kissed his mother and lied down on the ground and put his head on his mother’s knee and his mother fondled kindly his hair.

Soon Linda arrived to them and she after kissing her mother sat beside Alex. Alex said as had stared at his mother, “Why was father so angry?!”

His mother smiled and said, “Your father hates of Keyholder; he does not like to spend his time with Keyholder.”


His mother sighed and said, “We all hate him. But you must not tell this to anyone. You will understand when you become grown up. ”

Linda said angrily, “Keyholder is a very bad man, you always must be afraid of him.”

“Why should I fear?! I am not scared of nobody. ”

Mary kissed him and said, “I know baby; but you must promise me to get away from him.”


“One day, you will be understood.”

Alex turned his head toward his mother’s belly and said: “I never get close to Keyholder; I’ll stay with you forever.”

Everywhere became dark and became bright again. Seven-years-old Alex was playing happily at his father’s room and his eyes were yellow. His father’s named was Kenton and he had sat on the chair at the corner of the room and he was writing something inside a paper which was on his desk.

Alex was jumping happily up and down on the bed. His father with a loving smile was watching him at the time of writing and he was writing again. A wedding photograph of Alex’s parents was on the wall. The other devices were simple and ordinary. A very small library was at the corner of the desk which a small photograph was at the corner of it which Linda and Mary and Kenton were at it.

After a while Alex went toward father’s desk and with curiosity looked at the paper and said, “Dad, what do you do?!”

His father fondled him and said, “I’m writing a letter.”

“For whom?!”

“For your aunt.”

Alex said happily, “Do I have an aunt?!”

“Yes, my dear. But you can’t see him now.”

Alex said with surprise, “Why?!”

His father kissed him and said, “When the letter reached to your aunt, then you will see him.”


“When you are twenty years old.”

“Why so late?!”

Kenton sighed and said, “Because I promised, my son. Just, never forget one thing. We love you very much.”

Alex hugged his father and said, “I love you very much too.”

His father pressed him in his arms and said, “I know my son, I know.”

Kenton removed the letter which was written with a beautiful, big, red envelope which was old (the same envelop which was in Gary’s hand) and went out of there. But he returned very soon and he removed the photograph which was on the library and he put it inside the envelope and then kissed Alex and he went out of the room.

Alex woke up by the sound of dog. The dog had stood near his head and was barking. Alex sighed and got up slowly and said, “I know, I know, I have to come back to that Hell!”

Alex looked at the sky. It was near sunset. He was lucky because he was the cows’ shepherd. They knew way back and Gary’s dog helped so much to him. Alex removed his wreath and he moved. When he arrived to the big stone, stopped and looked at his hand. He sighed and brought out his gloves from his hands and he kissed sadly the ring. He took out the ring reluctantly while was becoming sad. When he did it the color of jewel changed and became slowly white again. Alex put the ring and glove inside the hole and he moved again.

Everything changed again and Alex’s feel became bad. His smile disappeared of his lips and sadness engulfed him again. In the way back he looked at the hamlet. There was dark and silent, but beyond the hamlet, on the grass, two things had sat on the ground again as he could not see them. Of course he had no any interest to see them and he guided the cows toward to the village.

After a while they arrived at the farms. The village men were working at the farmlands. When they saw Alex, they returned their head with hate. Alex regardless to them approached to the rivulet. When he arrived at the rivulet, the scream reverberated in his ears again. But this time, Alex was just crying and he endured his pain. He stared at the wreath and kissed it sadly. He knew that the others aren’t watching him and it was good for him. Alex threw the wreath inside the water as was sending a kiss for the wreath and he closed his eyes and passed from the water.

He entered slowly into the village. The people were outside the homes and it was unpleasant for him. The women were insulting to him and their children were worse than their mothers. They were throwing the stone for him and they were insulting to him loudly, but he did not anything and he was just enduring their work while was very much angry. Gary’s dog left him in the way and Alex took loneliness the cows toward the home.

After a while he arrived to Anahita’s home. This time, Anahita with a beautiful dress with her beautiful, tall friend named Jill had stood outside the home. Jill’s dress unlike Anahita was short as some of her body was naked and she was older than Anahita. When they saw him, they glowered contemptuously to him. Jill looked at Anahita and said, “We had better go inside the house until this accursed animal pass.”

But Anahita said while she was bringing out some pebble from her pocket, “I have a better idea.”

Anahita and Jill started to throw pebbles and they were laughing. But it wasn’t important for Alex and he passed from there without looking at them. When Jill finished her pebbles said sadly, “You must was bringing the bigger stones.”

But Anahita said as she had stared sadly at Alex yet, “We do not want to kill him! We just want to molest him.”

“Good for you, you do this every day.”

Finally Alex arrived at home as he had not good sensation. He took the cows to the barn and went quickly to the loft. The air was almost cold and the wind was blowing gently. Alex’s work had finished and nobody had work with him anymore. Alex was hungry, but he knew that he should not wait for dinner. After a while he heard the old woman’s voice who was grumbling, but this was a good mark, because he knew that he could go now.

Alex jumped slowly down from the window and he moved. He continued his way stealthily because the people were still outside of their houses and he did not like that somebody see him. Finally he arrived to a house that was abandoned. The house’s wall was almost ruined and trace of burn was on it. There was a small courtyard which had covered with large plants and the house had not entrance door. Outside the courtyard was a narrow alley which was empty. Alex looked at the alley and he entered to the house

There was almost like the house which he had seen in his dream. The house had become ruined, now. Soon tears came down from his eyes and he started to cry. Alex went inside one of the rooms which had not door and he sat in the dark. There was his home which had become empty and cold and the dark had surrounded it. Alex was crying like a child while he tried to hold his voice down until somebody could not hear his cry. It seemed that his sadness had not any end and he was crying unceasingly.

After almost two hour that Alex had become languid, a voice was heard from inside the courtyard. But Alex did not realize and soon he saw a light which was approaching to the room. When Alex raised his head he saw somebody who was entering to the room with a flashlight. She was Anahita who had gazed to him as she was sad and inside her hand was a food pot. She put down the flashlight and Alex approached to her while his eyes were wet yet and said, “Why did you come?!”

Anahita cleaned his tears and said sadly, “I brought your dinner.”

Alex looked at the pot and took a deep breath and said, “I told you don’t do it. I don’t want food.”

Anahita put down the pot and said angrily, “Why are you disputing with me every night?! When do you want to become a man?!

Alex looked at himself surprised and Anahita hit to his head and said, “Fool!! I meet you for three years, but you don’t understand why, yet!!!”

Alex looked her and said, “Because you are gentle.”

Anahita hit sadly with fist to his chest like a tiny child and said, “You make me sad. I imperil my life for you. But you are very stupid! ”

Alex looked at her eyes and said sadly, “well, I had told you don’t come to see me! I don’t want.”

But Anahita put her finger on his mouth and said, “Don’t say anything. You break my heart always. Some time, I think you have another one. But I know that you are very silly and nobody like you.” Anahita looked at him sadly and continued, “And you don’t like anybody, too!”

Alex became sad and said, “But I don’t have right to like somebody, because she will die.”

Anahita spoiled herself and said sadly, “Do you mean you have not any feeling about me?!”

Alex thought a little and said, “You are very beautiful and you give me a strange feeling which I don’t know what is that?!”

Anahita smiled and looked at his eyes and said, “Because you are fool!”

Anahita got his hand and they sat and she opened the door of pot. Inside it was some meat and she put one of those inside Alex’s mouth as he was ashamed but ate it. Anahita thought a little and said, “Do you have this feeling about Jill, too?!”

Alex looked her surprised and said, “No! Never! She hates me.”

Anahita became angry and said, “Do you want to say, if she had liked you, you would have liked her?!”

Alex looked at her eyes aghast and said, “I don’t have any feeling about her, even if she liked me.”

Anahita smiled and fondled his hair and said, “This is good. So you like me?”

Alex became silent a little and said, “Everybody likes you.”

But suddenly Anahita became very angry and pushed him as he fell on the ground and she sat on his belly and got his hair angrily and said, “Why are you so fool?! You must not say this! ”

Alex gazed to her aghast and he did not know what he should say. For a few seconds, they gazed together and then Anahita closed slowly her head to him and smiled as Alex was just looking her face. Anahita kissed his lips but she raised quickly her head while had become angry and said, “Why don’t you kiss me?!”

Anahita became sad and cried. Alex sighed and cleaned her tears and said, “Because I do not want bad thing to happen to you.”

Anahita stared his eyes and said lowly, “Just love me.”

“Love?! I can’t! I don’t want to destroy your future!”

But Anahita got up sadly and said, “I don’t want future.”

Alex slapped slowly to her and said, “Don’t say this! I have not any future, but you must have. My love is nothing!”

Anahita sighed and put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes for few seconds and opened her eyes again and said, “You are my fool.”

Alex got her hand and they went toward the outside. Anahita kissed his cheek and went while she was worry about him. Anahita was walking among the village while she was very worried. After a while he stopped near a house and knocked. She tried to smile and then Jill opened the door. Anahita kissed her and said, “Hi.”

But Jill looked at her with surprise and said, “What’s happened?! Are you sad?!”

Anahita smiled and said, “No! I’m fine!”

Jill closed the door and said, “I’m your friend! So tell me.”

Anahita smiled again and said, “I’m fine baby.”

Jill sighed and said, “Ok. Come in.”

“No. I have to go home.”

“So, I come with you.”

“No. Then you should come back alone!”

Jill smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me. I won’t be alone!”

Anahita smiled and pinched her cheek and said, “Oh yes! Shrewd! You want to see Manton.”

“Waite.” Jill said and went to her home and she came back soon and then they went toward Anahita’s house. Nobody was in the way and Jill was happy, but Anahita was sad yet. After a while they arrived at a house and Jill ran toward it and removed a small stone and hit to a window which was at the second floor. Soon a yang boy named Manton opened the window and when he saw Jill, he smiled and went back. Jill was very happy and looked at Anahita and she looked at the house until Manton came out of the house and they hugged and kissed each other. Next they move toward Anahita and Manton shook hands with Anahita and said, “Hi.”

Anahita smiled and said, “Hi. Are you happy you see me?”

Manton looked at Jill and smiled and said, “Yes. Because Jill is always with you and I can see my love.”

They kissed each other again and Anahita started to walk and they went after her while they were happy. After a while they arrived at Anahita’s house and then they stopped. Jill moved toward Anahita and hugged her and said, “Are you ok?!”

Anahita smiled and said, “Yes honey. Don’t worry about me. Just be happy.”

Jill looked at Manton and said, “Of course.”

Anahita looked at Manton and said, “Well, bye.”


They went and Anahita went toward her house and entered in the house while she was sad yet.


Train station was not crowded and only a few families were waiting for the train and the train station was illuminated with several large lamps. The night air was almost cool and a bland breeze was blowing. A middle aged man named Charlton was on one of the benches in the station. He had a puerile smiling face as was showing him like a simpleton. Charlton had worn a big black coat and he had a beautiful bouquet in his hand while was gazing at a young girl who had reclined to a pillar and had a short skirt that Charlton could not close his eyes for a moment. Her parents were in front of the girl and they were watching the train route.

The girl was very hot as Charlton wanted to touch her, but he controlled himself although it wasn’t easy for him. The thigh of the girl was white and attractive as it was stimulating him. After a few seconds, when she realized that Charlton had gazed to her with his stupid face, she sulked to him and went toward her family but Charlton was staring at her from behind yet, because he saw her beauty ass and he liked very much it.

On the other hand, an old man guard was at the corner of the station who was watching carefully Charlton as he was angry of him. The old man couldn’t do anything and he didn’t like it. He was looking at Charlton with his angry look, but Charlton didn’t realize and he was just looking at the girl.

A big clock was in the station which was showing ten o’clock and beside the clock was a big image of the face of an old man who had a loving smile and his big white beard was showing him dignified. The old man had a black crown which had become inlay with gold. Over Charlton’s head was a big cloth which another image of the same old man was on it and a text had written on it.

{Obedience of the King of the kings admittedly is obedience of the great wizard.}

Finally, the train whistle was heard from afar and all happily moved to the station platform, everybody except Charlton who was still looking at the girl. When the train stopped at the station, the passengers came out slowly. The number of passengers was scant and everyone was going toward his family, some of them were moving loneliness toward the exit.

The young girl ran happily toward a young boy and hugged him and kissed him. Charlton got up happily and he approached to them a few steps. The young boy gave hand with the others and all moved toward the exit while Charlton was still staring at them. At this moment, nineteen-years-old girl named Flora who had worn a stunning yellow dress alighted from the train with golden color shoes as her hue was like a golden angel and her hair was long and yellow and she had a big, expensive, yellow bag in her hand which had taken it on her short skirt.

The people who were at the station were fascinated by the beauty of Flora. But Charlton was still looking at the young girl. Flora had a pretty serious face and she was staring at Charlton with her beautiful eyes. Suddenly Charlton turned his head and when he saw Flora, became happy and went toward her as had opened his hands to hug her with his puerile smile.

But Flora with a fast move grabbed his fingers by her right hand and she pressed them until Charlton sat on the ground on his knees and he shouted. The others looked at Charlton and the old man laughed loudly while was applauding for her. Flora approached a little her head to Charlton and said: “I don’t care who you are. Know this, you should never touch me. Do you understand?”

Charlton shook his head and said: “Yes, yes. I understand honey. ”

But Flora pressed his fingers again and said angrily: “I’m not your honey, rascal!”

Flora left him and she smiled to the guard and then she looked at Charlton again and said, “Get up.”

Charlton got up and he wanted to give her the bouquet but soon repented of it and he moved toward the exit while Flora was following him slowly. When Charlton reached to the guard, he said happily, “It was your punishment.”

Charlton passed sadly from him and the guard removed his hat respectfully for Flora and she also thanked him with a short smile. A great street was outside the station which few taxis were there. Flora followed Charlton by her eyes until he went toward a motorcycle which a wagon had adjoined to it and inside it was a lot of shopping of restaurant. Flora went toward Charlton with surprise and said, “What is this?!”

Charlton thought awhile and said with surprise, “This is my work’s device.”

Flora said aghast, “Do you really expect me to ride this junk?!”

Charlton said sadly, “But I don’t have another thing!”

Flora took his collar said angrily, “Take a taxi for me, now.”

But Charlton was just looking at her breasts with his puerile smile. When Flora saw him, she became angry and slapped him and said, “Asshole”

Charlton went sadly toward the street and he got a taxi for Flora. She got in the taxi and Charlton left there with his motorcycle. The taxi driver looked at Flora with smile from the mirror and said, “Do you come new to the capital?”

Flora said coldly as had not mood for conversation, “It’s not my first time.”

The city was large and crowded but few vehicles were on the streets and more people were walking. In the city was no trace of modern technology except the vehicles and electricity and the overview of there was simple and civilized. There were very few private cars and more public transports were in the city. The driver was looking at her breast which its fissure was visible. Flora was looking at the street and wasn’t heedful. The driver smiled and said, “Was he your father?”

Flora without looking said, “No.”

Driver smiled and said, “I guessed. You are very beautiful and cute. How old are you?”

Flora looked at him and when saw his smile, frowned and said, “I’m equal with your daughter.”

“But my daughter is not hot, like you.”

Suddenly Flora put her hand under his neck and said angrily, “Stop the car!”

Inside her hand was a beautiful, small, yellow knife. The driver, who was scared, stopped and said, “I just wanted to tell you welcome!”

Flora said angrily, “I know that!”

She came down from the taxi and got another taxi. The taxi passed between the streets of the capital while this time Flora had sat where the driver could not see her and after a while they went out of the city.

After one hour, they arrived in a small two storey restaurant which was written on it {Delicious Food}. The taxi stopped near a bus in front of the restaurant and Flora dismounted of it. She went toward the restaurant and entered it. Some of passengers were eating in there and two waiter young girls were serving to the customers. A young man named Kelvin was behind the counter and he was serving to other customers.

When Flora entered the most of them were fascinated by the new golden girl. Flora without attending to them went toward Kelvin and said, “Hello.”

At the first time, Kelvin didn’t understand but when he raised his head, became happy with seeing Flora and said, “Oh, Flora! When you come? I didn’t hear the voice of Charlton’s motorcycle! ”

Flora gave hand with him and said, “You really expected me to ride that junk?!”

Kelvin smiled and said, “Of course not! I’m glad to see you.”


Kelvin came out of behind the counter and said happily, “I prepared you room. Follow me.”

Flora looked at there and said, “But, here?!”

Kelvin smiled and looked at the girls and said, “Don’t worry, the girls are here.”

They went toward the top storey together and Kelvin moved happily toward a room which was in the end of the corridor and he opened the door while with his hand was inviting of her to enter the room. Flora looked at inside the room which had tidied with the special attention and said, “You are very kindly like always. Thanks. Could I borrow your motorcycle?”

Kelvin shook his head and said, “Of course, it is yours.”

Kelvin went down and he removed his motorcycle’s key from behind the counter. At this moment, Charlton entered and he went toward Kelvin and said, “Where is she?”

Kelvin said with displeasure, “In her room. I want to give her my key.”

Charlton grabbed the key and as he was going to the top storey said, “Go and empty the motorcycle, now.”

Kelvin went out sadly from there. When Charlton reached to the top storey, he opened happily the door of Flora’s room without knocking. At once the sound of Flora’s scream was heard and a black sporting shoe struck to Charlton’s face and he fell on the floor. After a few moments, Charlton got up as his face was hurting. Flora came out furiously from the room while she had worn a beautiful black dress and had her knife in her hand. She put it on Charlton’s neck and pushed him to the wall and said, “If you do it another time, I will kill you.”

But Charlton with his puerile smile said, “I brought the key for you.”

Flora got crossly the key and she went in the room and closed the door. After she went, Charlton said lowly, “She is absolutely very sexy.”

He went toward down and after a while Flora came out of the room while she had worn a pure black dress and had a small black bag in her hand. Flora went the stairs down and she passed side on two girls that they were doing cleaning. The girls were watching her with jealousy and hate.

Charlton had stood behind the counter and he was ogling for a woman who had sat loneliness in the corner of there. But when he turned his head and he saw Flora, became panicky and said with smile, “You are so beauty. Where are you going?”

Flora grimaced and she went out of there without saying something. She went toward behind the restaurant. Somewhere Kelvin was emptying cargo inside motorcycle in the storeroom. Flora went toward Kelvin and said, “Where is your motorcycle?”

Kelvin stared at her for a few moments and said, “Wow! You are so beautiful with everything.”

Flora smiled and said, “You exaggerate. But thanks.”

“Motorcycle is there. Do you want to go alone? Outside is dangerous!”

Flora went toward a motorcycle which was in corner of the storeroom and said, “I like dangerous things.”

Flora got on the motorcycle and she moved speedily toward out. For an hour, Flora moved in the road but at once went out of the road and she continued her way from astray. She was moving speedily in the astray until finally she reached to a half-mountainous place. She stopped and looked carefully at around when she became sure nobody is there she continued her way till she arrived to a very deep precipice and blood curdling.

She took out a yellow, narrow, small spray from inside her bag and she sprinkled some of it inside her eyes. Flora closed her eyes for a few seconds and then put it inside her bag. She moved again without stopping toward the precipice and she passed from it without falling. Admittedly Flora had passed from a magical figment and at head on she was a great garrison which had a lot of watchtower.

Flora went toward the entrance of garrison. There were four young boys who had sword and they were guarding. Over the entrance door had written {Training Garrison of Freedom Group}. When they saw Flora, they ceased her and one of them named Ansell stood at her opposite and Flora said normally, “White witch is alive.”

But Ansell answered loudly, “White witch is alive.”

Flora stared surprised at him and before she wanted to say something, Ansell said abashedly, “They taught us.”

Flora said surprised, “Really?! Shout!”

The others started to laugh and Flora said, “Never mind. Is there Lord Elgin?”

Ansell smiled and said, “Yes. Oh! I almost forgot. I’m Ansell nice to meet you.”

Flora smiled and Ansell did beckon to them and after they opened the door, Flora entered to the garrison. There were a few dormitories and many girl and boy were practicing in the great courtyard which had a lot of special device. They were in different ages. Flora went directly toward the administrative building which was in the center of the garrison and she put her motorcycle alongside the other motorcycles.

The building was big and a few boys had stood there. She entered the building while they were showing her together. There had a lot of rooms and corridor and many people were in there. Flora knew her way and she was just moving in the corridors as the others was looking at her with wonder or glee and everybody were talking with together. Finally Flora reached to a room which had written top it {manager office}. Near the office was a young beautiful girl named Golda who was a secretary. Flora went toward her and said, “Hello. I’m Flora.”

But Golda gave hand happily with Flora and said, “I know who you are. Everybody knows the golden girl. Lord Elgin is waiting for you.”

Flora smiled and after knocking she opened the door and entered the room. A middle aged man named Lord Elgin had sat behind a desk and was studying a file. He had a stylish, red robe and a serious face. When Flora entered in the room; he did lay away the file and got up while a very small smile was hardly on his lips. He gave hand with Flora and said, “Hello. Welcome to my garrison.”

Flora smiled and said, “Hello my Lord. Thank you.”

Flora sat on a sofa and Lord Elgin sat near her and said, “I guessed you will come tonight. For this perseverance, you are the best sample, now.”

“You have kindness my Lord.”

Lord Elgin thought a little and said, “I read the rumor about the key. But we must not forget that the traitor survivors are not trustworthy. It is mysterious for me, why now?! Why suddenly they decided to deal with us?! They broadcasted this rumor in the central region at one day! I did not trust them and I will never have. They are our enemy!!”

Flora, who had become panicky a little, tried to smile and said, “You’re right. But the key is very valuable for us and we must risk.”

Lord Elgin got up and went toward his desk and removed the file and while was looking at it, said, “You’re right. But could I ask you, why did your Lady asked you to lead this mission?!”

Flora looked at him and got up while was disturbed a little and said, “Well, I hear the rumor about the key so I request for lead and my Lady accept.”

Lord Elgin took a deep breath and said, “Ok. My garrison is yours and I give you the best of my men for your missions.”

Flora smiled and said, “Thank you my Lord.”

Lord Elgin went toward her and said, “The owls brought your stuffs. You can take it from Uncle Jim.”

Flora gave hand with him and said, “White witch help us.”

“I hope. Be careful from yourself.”

Flora came out of the room and she stood near the door. Golda was talking to a young boy named Cyrus who was a handsome sporting boy. When they saw Flora, they interrupted their speaking and Cyrus said while he had become panicky, “Golden girl! Welcome.”

Cyrus elongated his hand for salute but Flora ignored him and she just said, “Thank you.”

Cyrus become ashamed and he got his head down and went quickly from there. Golda got up happily and said, “You did a good work. He was speaking with me, but suddenly left me!”

Flora fondled her face and said, “Never underestimate you for a boy, because they forget small things very soon.”

Golda smiled and said, “I never forget it.”

Flora went from there and she continued her way till after a while she reached a door which had written top it {Post Office}. One window was beside the door which an old man named Jim was behind it while had slept. Flora smiled and went slowly toward him and she approached her head to Jim and she said wittily, loudly, “You’re fired.”

At once Jim got up frantic and said, “Please forgive me, my Lord.”

But when he saw Flora, who was laughing soundless wile had gotten her hand in front of her mouth, said excited, “Oh my witch!”

“Hi Uncle Jim.”

Jim went out quickly from the room and gave hand with her as he was very happy and said, “My teeny gold.”

Whereas Flora was smiling, said, “Uncle Jim! I’m big now!”

“Oh my daughter. You are always my teeny gold. I just waited for you here; because I heard that you want to come here tonight.”

“You are very nice Uncle Jim.”

“Come in please.”

Flora smiled and they entered the room. There had many shelving which inside whichever were a lot of letter and package. Jim closed the door and he invited Flora to sit on his chair and said, “Sit down.”

Flora was happy and sat on the chair as was looking at him. Jim took out two boxes almost big from inside a closet which was in the corner of the room. The boxes had a peculiar Packing. Jim put the boxes on a table which was behind the window and he closed the window then sat on a chair which was near her. Flora opened happily the boxes as Jim had stared at her with a kindly smile. At the first box were two small, yellow, metal globes (vocal globe) which were size an ostrich’s egg. In the other box was a wine bottle gift wrapped that Jim with seeing it hollered happily, “Oh my witch! Your Father knows that what I want.”

Flora smiled and looked at the first box again and she took out a beautiful, small, golden bag from it. She put the globes inside the bag something that apparently was not logical. Then she inserted her hand inside the bag as it seemed that her bag was very deep. She took out a magical wand from the bag and she surveyed it. Jim looked at the wand and said, “You should take a more powerful wand.”

Flora sighed and said, “But my father doesn’t let me. He says I must finish my term.”

Jim smiled and said, “Don’t worry baby, you have just one year.”

Flora smiled and said, “I know Uncle Jim.”

Another time, Flora took out a nice special, yellow whip which on its handle was a small red button. Jim looked at her with smile and said, “Now you are completely dangerous.”

Flora got up and said, “Just for my enemy. Thank you Uncle Jim.”

Jim gave hand with her and said, “Just be careful.”

Flora went out of there and after a while she came out of the building. When she wanted to get on her motorcycle, Cyrus came toward her as he was still ashamed, said, “I’m one of your adherents.”

Flora looked at him and said, “Did you tell it to her, too?!”

Cyrus said amazedly, “No!!! Never!”

Flora smiled and said, “Never mind. Are you a leader?”

Cyrus tried to show himself courtly and said seriously, “Yes. I’m the best and everyone knows this.”

“Ok. So you can help me for my mission.”

Cyrus became happy and said, “Of course! Your mind is relieved.”

“Well, you should find a professional group for me, a really professional group, because my mission is very important and dangerous.”

Cyrus shook his head and said, “Ok. I will find the best of soldiers.”

Flora shook her head and got on her motorcycle and went as Cyrus was looking at her happily. Flora went out of the garrison and then she passed from the guard talisman and she continued her way till after an hour she stopped on a small hill. Flora took out one of the globes from her bag and looked carefully around herself. When she became sure that nobody is there, she alighted from the motorcycle and sat on the ground.

She got two sides of globe and she rotated it at opposite direction of each others. With this action globe’s shell opened. Inside the metal shell was a yellow, glassy globe which had become luminous. After a few seconds, a womanish voice was heard from inside the globe which appertained to a woman named Lady Isabel, “Who is there?”

Flora became close happily to the globe and said, “Hello my Lady.”

“Hello. Can you tell me, where are you now?”

Flora looked at the around and said, “I’m outside of the garrison.”

“Ok. What was his reaction? ”

Flora smiled and said, “He actually is a doubter, but finally he accepted.”

“Great. Now, do you have the pouch?”

Flora inserted her hand inside her bag and then took out a black pouch and said, “Yes my Lady.”

“Well, you must go to meet Herbert. But you must be careful, because he is very whimsical, although he is with us!”

Flora took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry my Lady, I endure anything for him.”

“Tell him, if you don’t come back soon, I will destroy him and his house.”

Flora smiled and said, “Yes my Lady.”

“I sent for you the newspaper, look what they are writing about my sister.”

Flora said sadly, “Don’t be sad my Lady, one day everyone will know the truth.”

“I hope. I will wait for your report.”

“White witch helps us.”

“I hope.”

When the globe became off, she went under the light of motorcycle and took out a newspaper from her bag and looked at it. At the leading article of it had written. {Choice the new chairman for the legislative parliament will be a big danger for the Freedom Group}. Flora read it until she reached to latest page that had written at it, {why was our latest hoping Nina and why she disappointed all of us with her death}. Flora scrunched it and said angrily, “who dare she write this?! I will punish her someday. I promise you.”

Flora was very angry and sad. She took several deep breaths and when she became calm, she took out her wand from her bag and she aimed it toward the motorcycle and said, “BEE SEDAA.”

At once a white magic hits to the motorcycle and the sound of motorcycle became off and Flora embarked on it and turned off its light and she continued quickly her way from aberrant as she was watchful everywhere. After one or two hour, she reached to a half-mountainous area and stopped. Flora dismounted from her motorcycle and hid it near a hill and she went up from the hill and looked at around herself.

When she looked to the sky, she threw herself quickly down and hid. Three strange, white things named Skywatch were at the sky that they were flying like a snake as they had not wing. They had long, white clothes which were worn and their bodies almost like a human with this difference that they had not leg and instead of it they had a long, black tail and their hands were bony and long. Their heads were orbicular and almost luminous and only many eyes were on their heads. Flora looked at them and said, “White witch has mercy on me; Skywatch!”

When they became far from her, Flora walked as she was looking at the sky constantly. After a while, she found a small pit of water and became happy. She drew her wand toward it and said, “BAAZ SHO.”

Soon a white magic hits the water and after it, she jumped in the pit and she sank at it as this work was not logical at all. Flora was in a dark cave and she said, “NOOR.”

At once the tip of her wand became luminous and she saw a tunnel which a metal door was at the end of it. Flora went toward the door and knocked to it three times and then the door became open and she went inside.

Behind the door was a great room which was almost like a laboratory and there wasn’t much light. There were some stuff of living such as bed, chair, kitchen’s stuff and etc and one door was at the corner of the room. All of stuffs were old and dirty and strange smokes were diffusing from the devices of laboratory. Flora looked at around the room until she saw an armchair at the corner of the room which was a tall, red hair on it. Flora wanted to move but at once she heard a mannish sound from the armchair, “You so late.”

“I know. Outside is dangerous and I have to be careful.”

Forty-years-old man named Herbert who was tall and thin got up from the armchair and looked to Flora. He had worn a black robe and his face was very serious. He became close to Flora and said, “Do you bring the pouch?”

Flora brought out a small pouch from her bag and gave it to Herbert and said, “The eye of snake.”

Herbert smiled and opened it and said, “I like to know, why is important that boy for your Lady?!”

Flora said seriously, “It’s none of your business.”

Herbert became close to Flora and at once he became like a smoke and hit to Flora and pushed her toward the wall as Flora had shocked thoroughly. Herbert changed again while he almost had hugged Flora this time. Flora had gazed frightened to his eyes as was breathing hardly. Herbert kissed her lips slowly and said, “Don’t be arrogant honey.”

Flora said frightened, “If I come back late, my Lady will kill you.”

Herbert went back and said, “You are lucky, because she is very powerful at black magic. But she is not at the black imprecation. ”

Flora took a deep breath and said, “So you will abrogate his imprecation?”

Herbert laughed and said, “He thinks who is number one at black imprecation like his father, but he is nothing yet.”

“Well. I will bring him for you.”

“Ok. Go, because I’m very busy.”

Flora brought out one of the globes and gives it to Herbert and then she said, “It is in your favor you can do it.”

Flora looked at the door as was nervous. Herbert stared at her and said happily, “You don’t know vanish magic yet?! This is very good honey.”

Flora became silent and got down angrily her head. Herbert hugged her as was smiling and was touching her body. Flora was very much angry, but she couldn’t do anything until they disappeared finally and then they appeared out of the Herbert’s home, a few yards far from the pit. Flora dissociated angrily from him and ran toward her motorcycle as Herbert was looking her yet. When she arrived to her motorcycle sat on the ground and she shouted angrily and said, “I will kill you, I swear.”



At the great plaza of the Green village had piled a lot of firewood. Among the firewood was a big wooden column which had adjoined to it a big long chain. Many people were around the plaza as they were shouting and all of them were wishful of death for somebody and together were shouting repeatedly, “Kill them.”

Among them seven-year-old Alex was crying sorely as had captured by twenty-years-old Gary and his eyes were black. Unlike the others, Gary was saying nothing and he only looked at around apprehensively. After a while a gap created between the people and from among them twenty-seven-years-old man named Keyholder with a luxurious, long, black robe which was reaching to the ground entered slowly the plaza.

He had a cylindrical hat which a golden ribbon was on it and in his hand was a tall, golden cane which was in the form of a snake and a tall, black narrow wand was inside the snake’s mouth which was like snake’s tongue. At Keyholder’s neck was a big golden key which its chain was made of gold. When people saw him, they become silent and they bowed quickly. Keyholder was looking at them with pride and anger. His guise was differing from all of them and was very princely.

Among silence the persons who had bowed, the sound of Alex’s cry was echoing everywhere. Gary was trying hardly to get Alex’s mouth as had bowed. But Alex was not controlled at all. When they rose, they started to shout again, “Punishment, punishment…….”

Keyholder went happily toward a big, decorated chair which was opposite the firewood and he sat on it. Keyholder raised his golden cane and when all became silent, he said, “Brings them.”

Soon the people shouted happily, “Punishment, punishment.”

Seeing this scene was gladdening Keyholder. Among the people bustle some of rural men were carrying Alex’s parents toward the firewood as they were ulcerous and the others were throwing everything to them.

They did enchain Alex’s parents to the column and went back to the population. When Keyholder looked at Gary with anger, he pushed quickly his hand on Alex’s mouth as it was close that strangles him. But Alex was trying more to go toward his parents as was crying sorely and his parents were trying to smile. His mother said very loud while her face was wet, “I love you so much my son. Never forget this.”

After a few seconds, Keyholder aimed his cane to the firewood and soon a red magic thrown from his cane to the firewood and at once they ignited.

The people who were watching this scene were shouting happily. They were watching happily them as Alex’s parents were shrieking in the fire. Gary looked at Keyholder and when he saw that nobody was attentive to him, he relinquished Alex for one moment and hit very fast to his neck as Alex became unconscious.

Alex awakened with a loud scream. He was breathing hardly as tears were downhill from his eyes and he could not withstand his pain. The sun had illuminated a little the air and he did not know that the old woman had named him or not so he went toward the edge of the stairs and looked stealthy at the living room. Fortunately no one was inside there.

He wiped his tears with hand and got up as his heartbeat was still annoying. He went slowly down from the stairs and went out. When he took out the cows from the barn, the old woman and her blind husband had stood in the courtyard. The old woman looked angrily at him and said, “We have an important work today, be careful of the cows.”

But her husband got her shoulder and said, “Leave this accursed alone. We should be ready for the festival of flower choice.”

When Alex heard this name, he wondered a little and went as his mind was busy to it, now. But it wasn’t useful and the scene of his parents’ death was appearing in his mind as he started to cry again.

After a while Alex approached to Anahita’s house. She was sweeping the front home as was very anxious. Alex’s head was down and he did not realize to her. Anahita threw her broom on the ground and she went toward him while solicitude was apparent in her face. She did not change her way till Alex collided to her. At once Alex raised his head and looked at her with his wet eyes. Anahita hugged him and said sadly, “What happened?!”

But Alex separated frantic her and wiped his tears and said lowly, “Are you crazy?! Don’t worry about me. I’m just sad, like always. Please, may be someone come out. Go. Please.”

But Anahita did not move and said, “Do you know today, what is day?”

Alex thought a little and said, “I heard something, but I don’t remember.”

Anahita said surprised, “Today Keyholder wants to choose a girl as his wife.”

Alex startled and said, “You must not go. You must hide.”

Anahita fondled his face and said sadly, “I can’t. You know that.”

Alex became very sad as he could not say anything. Anahita put her hand on his chest and kissed him and said sadly, “Go.”

Alex left her while he had very bad feeling about that festival, but he could not do anything. At the way, Alex did not attend to Gary and continued his way. When Gary saw him, he wanted to say something but repented and sent his dog toward him.

Alex was so much sad that day as he could not stop his crying and he did not realize that when reached to the stone. He put quickly the ring in his finger and waited till the ring became blue. After it, his feel became better and he took several deep breaths. Alex did not want to think to anything now. He wanted some calmness until forget his sadness. When he arrived to the valley, he did his usual work and after making the wreath he lied down on the grass. Alex was scaring to think to the result of festival and he was just hopeful. Alex tried to think about another thing and he closed his eyes.


At the plaza seventeen-years-old Linda was beside five young girls as all of them had worn very beautiful dress and they had wreath on their heads. The people and the girls were happy, but Linda was sad and anxious while her parents and Alex were among the people and they were very worried and they were watching her sadly.

After a while, Keyholder entered and everybody bowed while Keyholder was very happy with his black robe. The people raised their heads and looked at him. Keyholder went toward the girls and looked at them carefully while they were excited, except Linda. When Keyholder reached to her stood and aimed his hand toward her and everybody became happy and they applauded. But at once, Mary hugged Alex and put her hand on his eyes and moved back.

At once, Alex heard a motorcycle’s sound and he hid quickly his ring under the grass and wore his glove and got up. He went up from the valley to see, who is come. He saw surprised a girl who was coming toward him with motorcycle. She was Flora who had worn her yellow dress. When Flora reached to him, she dismounted from her motorcycle as had a nice lovely smile. Alex was still off balance and had gazed to her. Flora approached to him and elongated her hand and said, “Hello.”

But Alex without handshake said, “Hello!”

Flora showed herself sad and said, “Why don’t you handshake with me?!”

Alex, who had realized now, got her hand and said, “I’m sorry, hello.”

Flora smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Flora.”

As Alex was glancing to her said, “I’m Alex.”

Flora looked at herself and smiled and said, “Why are you surprised?!”

“Because this is first time that you come here.”

“That is right. I came here last night.”

“What do you want here?!”

Flora wanted to answer him but when she saw his glove, she asked, “Why is your glove girly?!”

But Alex didn’t answer and just looked at her in silent. Flora looked at Alex, who had gazed to her chest and said with smile, “What?! Don’t look at me like this! ”

Alex, who had become ashamed, went toward the room and Flora hit slowly to her head and ran toward him and got his hand and said sadly, “I’m sorry. But I don’t like someone gaze at me.”

Alex said ashamedly, “No. I’m sorry. I should not look at you.”

Flora raised his head and looked at his eyes and said, “No! Please don’t be sad.”

But Alex was ashamed yet. Flora looked at the room and said, “That is yours?”

Alex looked at the room and said, “Yes.”

Flora smiled and said, “Can I see it?”

Alex said surprised, “Yes!”

Flora went toward the room as Alex was just looking at her. Flora stopped near the room and said surprised, “Why don’t you come?!”

Alex, who did not know that what he should do, went toward her while Flora was looking at him with smile. When he reached to the room stopped. After a few moments, Flora smiled and said, “You don’t want to open the door?”

Alex opened the door as his head was down and Flora entered the room. She looked at around and said, “Can I ask you something?”

Alex, who did not look her said, “Yes.”

Flora stared him and said sadly, “Can you come in, please?”

Alex went slowly in the room as had a strange feeling. Flora took a deep breath and raised his head and said, “Oh boy! Look at me. I want to see your face.”

Alex was confused look or not and Flora smiled and said, “This is ok.”

But Alex did not know what he should say. Flora took a deep breath and said, “Do you have a family?”

Alex said sadly, “I had.”

Flora became sad and put her hand on his shoulder and said, “I’m sorry. I hear about you something; please tell me, do you have any family?”

Alex thought a little and said, “I guess, I have an aunt. But I never saw her.”


“My father told me, when I became twenty years I will see her.”

Flora became happily and said, “Just one question, where is your ring?”

When Alex heard this, he shocked. He looked at Flora and said, “How do you know that?!!”

Flora smiled and hugged him and said, “Thank you my white witch. I know everything. I’m your family.”

At this time, Anahita reached to there as was breathing hardly and she had worn a beautiful dress and a wreath was on her head. She was embellished her face but it was cleaned by her tears. Anahita had shocked with seeing them and Flora separated from Alex and said, “Who is she?!”

Alex rotated quickly and when he saw Anahita, he went aghast toward her, but before he could say something, Anahita slapped him and said, “Shut up! Impurity, humble, witless.”

Flora went out angrily to hit her but Alex stopped her and looked at Anahita and said, “Why do you hit me?!”

But Anahita said as was crying, “Shut up! Witless! Who is this dissolute girl?!”

Suddenly Flora slapped her as she was thrown backward on the ground and before Flora could say something, Alex hit to her face very hard as she fell on the ground. Alex went angrily toward Flora and said, “If you hit her another time, I will kill you.”

Flora who had shocked said, “What are you doing?! She affronted to me!”

“I don’t care.”

Alex came back toward Anahita who was crying and he sat beside her and said sadly, “Please don’t cry. I swear, I don’t know her and I don’t know why she hugged me!”

Anahita looked at Flora and said, “Because she is a dissolute.”

Flora said angrily, “shut up!”

“Your dress is like them.”

“You are a silly girl! This is normal in the city! Your mind is yokel.”

Anahita looked at Alex and said sadly, “So you like this dress?!”

Alex said angrily, “I said I don’t know her! Why can’t you understand?!”

Anahita slapped him and said, “Because I am a fool. Because Keyholder was intending to choose me, but when the betrothed of Jill protested, he chose Jill. You know that if he was doing it, I would kill myself, like your sister.”

Alex hugged her and said, “You don’t have right to do it, never.”

Anahita hugged him and smiled sadly while Flora was looking them aghast and got up quickly. She went toward them and separated them from each other and said, “What are you doing?! You don’t have right to fall in love with her!”

Anahita got up angrily and said, “So he should be in love with you?! Naked girl!”

Flora wanted to hit her but controlled herself and said, “Shut up! Yoke girl!”

Alex, who did not like to see their fight, went between them and said loudly, “Enough!”

Suddenly they became silent and Alex looked at Flora and said, “Who are you really?!”

Flora looked at Anahita and said, “First she must go.”

Anahita said angrily, “I don’t go anywhere.”

Flora wanted to say something that they heard a motorcycle’s voice and they looked at the top of valley. Gary had stopped at there as was looking to them surprised. Gary dismounted quickly from his motorcycle and ran toward them and he stopped near Anahita and said angrily, “What are you doing here?!”

Anahita went behind Alex from fear and did not say anything as she had hugged him. Flora who had become panicky, wanted to say something but Gary said sooner, “I know you. I’m Gary.”

Then he looked at Anahita while Flora had become calm now and said, “Come with me, this time I don’t say anything to Keyholder for your father, but another time you will punish.”

Alex looked at Gary and said angrily, “Nobody have right to punish her.”

Gary took a deep breath and said, “If the hybrids had seen her, they would have punished her. She must come with me, now.”

Gary got her hand as Anahita was looking sadly at Alex and Flora. Anahita put her hand on Alex’s chest and went with Gary. When they went, Flora went opposite Alex and slapped him and said, “Never hit me for nobody.”

Alex took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry. But if you hit her again I hit you again”

Flora said aghast, “Do you want to say, you love her?!”

But Alex did not say anything and Flora said sadly, “But you can’t to love her! You don’t know who you are actually.”

Alex who had become angry said loudly, “Who are you at all?! Why do you think you know everything about me?! Where were my aunt, when I needed her?!”

Alex went quickly toward his ring and removed it and put it in his finger until became calm. Flora went sadly toward him as was staring agog at the ring. When the ring became blue and Alex became a little calm, Flora said, “I’m sorry. But know this; if we had known about you, we would have come immediately.”

Alex, who wasn’t angry anymore, said, “I know. But I don’ know why my father had given such promise!”

Flora fondled dubiously his hair and said, “It was your mother’s request. Your mother did not want to know anybody about you.”


“Because you are a very very very important boy.”

Alex stared surprised at her and Flora continued, “You should know very thing about yourself, but not now. First, we must rescue you.”

“But how?!”

Flora smiled and said, “I just came for this work. You don’t know me yet, but I’m ready to do anything only for you.”


Flora smiled and fondled his face and said, “Because you are my family, and you are very valuable. Many of girls will want to get your heart, but you should not forget your family and you must not think about ordinary girls!”

“What?!! Ordinary?!!”

“Never mind. I will tell you everything later.”

Alex took a deep breath and said, “later again?! When I could see my aunt?”

Flora fondled his face and said, “First we must rescue you.”

Alex said uncertainly, “Do you can?!”

Flora hugged him and said, “Of course my darling. But you must endure several another days.”

Alex separated her and said as had become ashamed, “Several days are nothing against several years.”

Flora smiled and said, “I should go to speak with Gary”

“How do you know Gary?!”

“I told you, I know everything.”

“Everyone knows everything except me!”

Flora smiled and fondled his face and said, “I should go, but I will see you soon, so be careful.”

Alex said as was very inquisitive to know more, “When will you come back?”

“I will come back tomorrow.”


Flora looked at his ring with passion and said, “Can I touch it?!”

Alex looked at his ring and said, “Yes!”

Flora touched the ring with a trembling, excited hand and fondled it and said, “I don’t believe that I’m not sleeping! I don’t believe that I touch it! But I knew that it isn’t missing.”

Alex looked at her surprised and said, “Can you explain to me?!”

“I’m sorry baby! I will explain to you everything, but not now. I have to go now.”

Flora kissed his cheek and went as Alex was looking at her with myriad of question which he wanted to know them. When he became alone, he looked at the sky and at once he realized that is his sleep time. That day had become very special, strange and complicated for him and he did not know that he should think to which of them. Anahita; his aunt or Flora. His aunt after thirteen years had appeared but not utterly. Flora was a very beautiful girl who was strange. Alex’s eyelids became heavy and he slept like someone who had become insensible.


Seventeen-years-old Alex was in the way back to the village as had not reached to the stone yet. His eyes were red. When he arrived to the stone, at once he heard a scream sound from afar. Alex ran quickly toward the voice as was so twitchy who had forgotten to take out his ring. He removed a few stone from the ground and continued his way as was seeing a girl at his front, now.

She was Anahita who was escaping frightened from two wolves that had not much distance with her. Alex hit one of them and it caused that the wolf changed his path and came toward him. Alex wanted to aim for him that Anahita fell on the ground. The second wolf at once jumped toward Anahita and Alex instead of his wolf hit immediately second wolf at the air as he was thrown backward. Alex sat quickly beside Anahita as he had not stone anymore and he did shield himself for her.

The first wolf approached to them as Anahita was screaming loudly. But the wolf suddenly stopped at one step of Alex. Anahita closed her eyes as she had hugged Alex. The wolves were moving around them without doing anything as the ring had become luminous, but Alex wasn’t attentive to it and he had gazed to them with fear.

After a few seconds, the wolves left them and they became far from there and the ring became normal. Alex who was off balance yet took a deep breath and he got slowly Anahita’s hand and separated her. Alex looked at her and said, “Be calm. They went.”

Suddenly Anahita started to cry like a child and said, “You are very brave. You saved my life.”

Alex who had become ashamed, said, “Don’t cry. Go your home. Maybe someone saw you with me and then punish you.”

Anahita separated from him and looked at his eyes and said, “You are so nice. You are worry about me! Why did you that?!”

Alex thought a little and said, “Well, everybody was doing it.”

Anahita said sadly, “No! All of boys are lowbred and unashamed. Of course, except you.”


Anahita got her head down of shame and said, “He just wants to use me and he never loves me.”

“Why did you came here?! You should was going to your home.”

Anahita wanted to say something but she saw the ring and said surprised, “What is this?!”

Suddenly Alex realized to his ring and hid it behind himself and said, “Nothing!”

But Anahita got his hand and stared at it and said, “Wow! It is so beautiful. Whose is this?!”

Alex said with fear, “Please don’t tell to anybody.”

Anahita became sad and said, “Do you mean I’m an informer?!”

“No! It belongs to my mother.”

Anahita looked at his face and fondled him and said, “I’m sorry. I never speak about it. I promise you.”

Alex smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Anahita smiled and kissed quickly his cheek and got up and said, “Thank you my shield.”

Anahita ran as Alex was looking at her.

Alex woke up with the dog sound and looked to the sky and said, “I know, good boy.”

He went toward the village as usual, but that day wasn’t like the other days at all. He put his ring and glove inside the hole and continued his way. When he threw the wreath into the water, he went toward the home. The village was painful like always. When he reached to Anahita’s house, he did not see her and this was very queer and he became sad. He after ending his work went to his parents’ home. He sat at the room and was hopeful that Anahita will not come.

The moon had illuminated a little the room and he was thinking to his father words and was asking from himself, why twenty years. After a long time he heard a voice from the outside. Alex got up quickly and looked at the door. After a few moments, he saw Anahita who had worn an unusual, beautiful dress.

Her dress was almost yellow and had some white color. But something that more was attracting in her dress was its skirt which had shortened very badly. But instead, her looker, graceful thigh had appeared. They stood for a few seconds in silence while Anahita was down her head of shame and her flashlight was toward her body. Alex had stared astonished to her. Of course Alex could understand that what was the matter, but he could not believe that. Finally Alex broke the silence and said surprised, “What is this?!”

Anahita said lowly, “You like this model.”

Alex went toward her and slapped very slowly her and said, “She is my family and I don’t like her dress. I don’t like that anybody see your naked body.”

As Anahita was her head down yet, said, “Why?!”

“Because I don’t want anybody to abuse you.”

Anahita looked at him and said sadly, “Just this?!”

Alex took a deep breath and said, “I’m not a normal boy! Please realize this. I don’t know what I should say or what I should do!”

Anahita took a deep breath and put her hand on his chest and said, “You are very strange and stupid. You don’t like I be naked, but you never kissed my lips!”

Alex said surprised, “What will happen if I kiss your lips?!”

Anahita got her head down of shame and said, “If you do it then you show that you love me.”

“Then what will happen?!”

Anahita looked at him aghast and said, “What do you mean?!”

“I mean, I’m an accursed and I can’t love somebody, I can be with somebody. You can’t love me because they will punish you! You should live with somebody who is normal boy.”

Anahita slapped him sadly and said, “Shut up. You break my heart every night!”

Alex said sadly, “I don’t want to see your sadness. I scare. My love can hurt you.”

Anahita said sadly, “But you are the only boy who likes me without lust. Anybody was at your place; he wanted to sleep with me soon. But you are not like them. You are immaculate and you are very fool!”

“I’m sorry.”

Anahita took a deep breath and said, “So, don’t you like her?!”

“No! She is just my family.”

“Where was she before?!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything!”

“You should promise me you will never hug her. Ok?”


Anahita kissed him and went out and Alex went after her and stood in the courtyard and stared to Anahita. She was going toward a tree which was at the dark and she did lean and removed something from under the tree. Alex pressed his eyes. At once, the dark became clear a little and he could see that Anahita had in her hand one scissors and one piece of cloth which was like her skirt. Alex sighed and he shook his head and said, “Crazy.”


The night was full of stars and the moon was luminous. Flora waited while had sat beside her motorcycle outside the garrison. She had sat under the light of her motorcycle as was gazing to her globe. After a few moments, it became luminous and was heard the sound of Herbert.

“Are you there?”

Flora who was very angry and said, “Where were you ever?! I’m here for one hour!”

“Shut up! My silly daughter has arrested with a few strumpets in the train last night and they want to take her to the hybrids’ garrison this morning.”

“Oh my witch! Why do you don’t go?!”

“What kind of animal are?!”

“Shut up! You should rescue her immediately.

“How should I do it?!”

“You should tell to Lord Elgin, someone who want to tell you the address, said that you must rescue his cousin immediately.”

“Ok bastard!”

Flora got up and put the globe inside her yellow bag and went quickly toward the garrison. There were many people who were busy to practice, but when they saw her they stopped and everybody was looking at her as were showing her together and were speaking together. Flora took a deep breath and said, “Damn.”

She stopped besides the building and went non-stop toward Elgin’s office as everyone was staring at her again. When she reached to the office, Golda got up frantic and went toward her and said, “Is it true?!”

Flore said amazed, “What?!”

“About Carlos!”

Flora smiled and said, “Is he here?”

“No. He went out.”

“Is here Lord Elgin?”


Golda went toward the door and knocked and opened it and Flora went inside with smile. When Flora entered the room, Lord Elgin raised his head and said surprised, “Is it true?! You escaped from your betrothal ceremony?!”

Flora said seriously, “Please leave this. I just gave up.”

“Ok. But Carlos is a very good man and wizard.”

“I know. But we have an important problem.”


“The man who wanted to tell us the address, have a condition.”

“He wants money?”

“No. He wants to rescue his cousin today.”

Lord Elgin shook his head and said, “I knew that they are not trustworthy.”

Flora said anxiously, “No! We must not give up. The key is very much important for us and we must risk.”

Lord Elgin took a deep breath and said, “You are right. Though I’m not optimistic, but, do everything which you think is right. The group doesn’t choose you unreasonable.”

Flora became happy and said, “Thank you my Lord.”

Lord Elgin smiled and said, “Just be careful. I don’t want to loss you.”

“Your mind is calm.”

Lord Elgin gave hand with her and said, “White witch helps us.”

“I hope.”

Flora went out quickly from the building and it was almost daybreak. Cyrus had stood beside his motorcycle in a corner of training garrison while was looking at his watch constantly till he saw Flora who was approaching to him. Cyrus did tidy himself and became ready. When Flora stopped near him, Cyrus said, “White witch is lasting.”

Flora said seriously, “Be lasting. Are you ready?”

Cyrus became happy and said, “I’m always ready.”

“Go and bring four men of the best for a rescue mission, now.”


“Yes. We have a new problem.”


Cyrus shook his head and ran. When Flora looked at the building saw a twenty –five-years-old man named Carlos who was very angry and he was coming toward her. Flora took a deep breath and looked at the ground. When Carlos reached to her, suddenly slapped strongly her as Flora went a little back and then said, “How dare you?!”

But Flora, who was shocked, put quickly her right hand on her left forearm and took out her wand from inside her body without bleeding and said, “DARD.”

Soon a yellow magic threw toward Carlos and it hit to his chest as Carlos was thrown backward and fell on the ground. Carlos drew his wand from his forearm and aimed it toward her but he gave up. But Flora fired another yellow magic toward him again and he made a yellow shield as the magic deviated and then he said angrily, “Crazy! What are you doing?! I should be angry!”

At this time, everybody was looking them surprised. Flora became close to him and said angrily, “Nobody have right to hit me. Nobody.”

Carlos looked at her and said surprised, “But you disgraced me at my betrothal night! Why did you do that?! We love each other!”

Flora became ashamed and said lowly, “You are right. But not for marry.”

Carlos got up and said surprised, “What do you mean?!!”

Flora looked at him and said, “Just I can’t.”

“Why?! You must explain to me.”

“I have no time now. Later.”

Carlos said loudly, “No! Right now.”

Flora looked at Cyrus and his men and said, “Because I gave up. I want to marry with another.”

Carlos said aghast, “What?!!!”

But Flora went toward Cyrus and said, “You must find another one. I don’t love you anymore.”

Carlos ran angrily toward her and stopped her, but Flora caught his hand and said seriously, “Never touch me again. You are nothing for me.”

Carlos and the others looked aghast at her as Flora was very serious and went toward Cyrus and said, “They are ready?”

Cyrus looked at Carlos who was going sadly and said, “Yes, we are ready.”

Flora looked at them and said, “Introduce you.”

First a one young boy who had a sword said, “I’m Jasper.”

The others were looking at him, but Flora said angrily, “What do you look?!”

Everybody turned quickly their head toward her and then a young girl who had a bow said, “I’m Catlin.”

And another young girl who had an average, rectangular, metal bag in her hand, said, “I’m Eliza.”

At last a boy who was the youngest and had a sword said, “I’m Brad.”

Flora looked at him a few moments and said, “You should not come.”


Flora looked at Cyrus and said, “Go and find another one.”

As the others were surprised Flora said again, “He is very young and I never take them.”

But Brad said loudly, “I’m not a coward.”

Brad looked apprehensively Cyrus Alex as the others also waited for his answer. Cyrus thought little and said, “Don’t worry; he is very brave and adroit.”

Flora looked at her watch and took a deep breath and said, “His life with is your responsibility.”

Brad said angrily, “I’m not child. I accept this mission.”

Flora did approach to him as had gazed to his eyes and said, “If you sabotage, I will kill you.”

Brad ate his drool and shook his head while the others had gazed to him. Flora before he says anything, looked at Cyrus and said, “Do you know the path of hybrids’ garrison?”

“Of course.”

“Well, we must go there very soon.”

Flora went toward the garage which was in the corner of garrison. The others went quickly after Flora and they got two cars from the curator of there. Flora, Eliza and Jasper got in at one of the cars and the others got in at next car. They went out of the garrison as Cyrus’s car was leader. They after passing from the guard talisman went toward the road as the sun was rising.

They went till they reached to a very long road which around it was completely open. After a while they went out of the road as each of them went to one side of the road. They drove at the earthy path till they became far from the road, then they stopped and they came out of the cars. Flora went toward the road while she was bringing out her wand from her forearm. When she reached to near the road, she hid and gazed to the distance while the sky was still almost dark.

At the same time, in a place which was very far from them one truck was moving slowly. At the behind of truck was a great cage which six women and one girl were inside it as they were fetter. Among them was a very beautiful girl named Emily who had a tall blue hair which was differentiating her from the others.

Two big hyena (mature hybrid) were on the cage as was watching carefully their around like the guards. The truck driver was a middle age man (ordinary hybrid) who had a very ugly, bearded face and his fingers were tall as his nails were almost size a brad. He was driving while his eyes were somnolent. At near the driver was one strange animal (informant) that was almost like a newborn, but his body was black and hairy, and his ears were very big and wide. He had two wings which were like a bat and his claws were tall. He was looking carefully to the road.

After a while two cars emerged from afar and they were coming fast toward the truck. At once the hyenas got up and they looked at the cars. When the driver saw them, he tried to go faster as it was silly, because the cars were very faster than the truck. After a few moments, Flora came out of her place which was far from the truck. She aimed her wand to the truck and said, “EEST.”

Soon a blue magic came out of the wand and it hit to the hood and the truck stopped slowly. The hyenas jumped from the cage and each of them ran quickly toward the cars which were becoming close to them. The driver removed a special baton which had a red button on its handle and at its tip was a very small, glassy globe and he came out furiously from the truck. He looked at the informant and said loudly, “Go and call the patrol.”

The informant came out quickly and he flew at the road path. The driver went toward the door of cage and he opened the door and said angrily, “come out bastards.”

He aimed the baton to the cage and pressed the button; at once a strange spark came out of it and hit the cage. With this action, the prisoners suffered to electric shock. The driver said again, “come out, hurry up.”

They came out as were writhing of pain. At the other side,

Synchronous {A}

When the informant became close to Flora, she aimed her wand to him and said, “AAROOM.”

At once a blue magic hit the informant and his speed became slowly. Flora brought out quickly her whip from her bag and she attacked the informant while was pressing whip’s button. With this action her whip transformed to a yellow, sharp whip and she hit the informant and her whip wrapped around his body, then she pulled it back as animal’s body tore badly and his blood sprinkled in the air as he likewise was flying slowly. Flora hit him again, but this time she had aimed his head and with a strong stroke hewed it. Flora looked at him and said, “Rubbish informant.”

Flora ran toward the prisoners as she had not so much intervals with them. When the driver saw her, he aimed his baton to Flora and fired. The spark moved toward Flora, but she drew quickly her wand toward it and soon a white magic came out of her wand and like a wall stood against the spark and neutralized it. Soon Flora aimed her want toward him and said, “BEH MEEER.”

A black magic fired toward the driver while he wanted to escape frightened, but the magic hit him and he was thrown backward on the ground.

Emily went quickly toward the baton and she removed it. The driver was still alive and he was looking to her angrily, but Emily became close to him with smile and said, “Poor boy. Do you scare now?”

The driver wanted to attack to her with his nails, but Emily shot to him with the baton and the driver yelled as the spark was moving on his body and Emily was looking to him with cold blood. She turned off her baton and said, “No! You aren’t boy anymore. You are an ordinary hybrid, now.”

The hybrid could not speak of pain. Emily got up and looked at Flora who was very anguished as when she reached to Emily, hugged her and said, “Are you ok?!”

But Emily separated from her and said, “Give me your wand.”

Flora gave it to her while was looking ashamedly to the hybrid. Emily picked up the keys and she aimed her wand toward the hybrid and said, “AA TAASH.”

Soon a red magic hit to the hybrid and his body started to ignite as he yelled very loud and the others were watching him till he finally died. Emily opened herself and threw the key toward Flora and said degrading, “You can’t kill a hybrid yet?!”

Flora did not say anything of shame and opened the others and then looked at the right side of the road and said, “I should go to help them. Can you help me?”

Emily slapped to her and said, “I’m your mission, not your partner.”

Flora wanted to hit her but controlled herself and ran toward to the right side as Emily was looking to her.

Synchronous {B}

The first hyena became close to the car and he very fast ripped the front tire of car as the car lost its control and stopped hardly. The hyena returned fast and he attacked the car. At this time, Jasper and Eliza came out quickly from the car and they combated with hyena. In the Eliza’s hand was a beautiful, tall, metal whip which had many small blades and at the end of it was a bent dagger.

The hyena wasn’t a normal animal and he had claws which were size a dagger and he could fight on his legs like a human. The hyena was very dexterous and his claws were very tough as were resisting very well against them. Eliza’s whip was molesting him and it was compelling the hyena to jump successive, due to this, the hyena decided to finish Jasper’s work first, so he escaped and they followed him. With this action, they separated from each other and the hyena attacked quickly to Jasper and could hurtle him with a strong stroke as Jasper’s chest had become grazed.

The hyena ran quickly toward him while Eliza was trying frantic to reach to them. At this moment, Flora reached to them as she had aimed to the hyena and said, “Beh meeer.”

Before the hyena could attack to Jasper who had fallen on the ground, a black magic hit him as the hyena was thrown backward, but the hyena rose quickly and jumped over Eliza who was intending to hit him. The hyena roared and ran toward her. Very soon Flora aimed her wand toward him and said loudly, “BEH MEEER.”

Soon a black magic hit him but it only was throwing backward the hyena and before somebody could reach to him, the hyena was moving quickly and was attacking to Flora again. Flora was nervous and she ran and aimed her wand toward him and said, “AAROOM.”

Soon a blue magic hit him but it only could decelerate the hyena for few moments as the others could not hit him at that situation.

The hyena changed his plan and he attacked Eliza. The hyena jumped over Jasper and became close to Eliza while she was throwing her whip toward him, but he caught it with his teeth and pulled it back as Eliza’s whip fell on the ground. At this time, Flora closed to him and said, “BEH MEEER.”

A black magic hit him and the hyena was thrown backward and Eliza removed quickly her whip. Jasper attacked the hyena, but the hyena was defending of himself with his claws. At a moment, the hyena jumped and went toward Flora and attacked her. Flora ran and said, “BEH MEEER.”

But this time, the hyena jumped quickly as the magic passed from under his belly. Flora was very tired so that she could not move anymore. The hyena attacked flora again and she aimed her wand and said loudly, “AAROOM.”

Soon three blue magic hit the hyena and his speed became very slowly and Flora fainted and fell on the ground. But, at the same moment, Eliza hit him with whip as it locked at his leg and Eliza pulled back her whip. With this action the hyena’s leg cut and he fell on the ground while was roaring of pain. The hyena wanted to escape, but Jasper attacked him quickly. Jasper hewed his head with a strong stroke.

Synchronous {C}

The second hyena ran quickly toward the car and when he became close to the car, jumped from on the car’s roof and with his claws held himself. The car started to swerve, but the hyena wasn’t budging. After a few moments, the hyena hit to the window which was at the driver side and broke it. At once a womanish scream sound was heard and the car stopped quickly as the hyena was thrown from the car.

Cyrus and Brad came out quickly of the car and they attacked the hyena. The hyena rose and fought with them while he was more dexterous than the first hyena. The hyena had focused his attention on Brad, because he was younger and weaker. Brad was trying hardly to defend from himself while Cyrus was helping to him. But after a while, the hyena hit a strong kick to Cyrus’s belly as he was thrown backward and fell on the ground. Brad went frantic toward Cyrus for helping him. At this time, Catlin came out of the car with her bow and she started to fire.

The hyena escaped from her arrows and he ran quickly toward her. Catlin fired an arrow toward him, but he dodged and with a long jump attacked Catlin. At once Catlin jumped and she escaped from under his claws. Brad ran toward the hyena and attacked him, but the hyena with a strong stroke threw his sword. Brad escaped frightened while Cyrus was coming to help him.

The hyena jumped toward the sword while was transforming at the air. When he reached to the earth he had become an ugly, muscular, bearded man who his body was completely hairy and black as his genital organ wasn’t visible. His legs were almost curved as he could not stand flat and his feet like the animals had claws, but his hands were almost like the humans while had tall nails which were size a knife (he was like the creatures that Alex had seen in his dream). He looked at them and with a raucous sound said, “I kill you very badly.”

Cyrus said as was preparing himself, “At dream.”

Catlin said while was aiming to him, “This is very much for a mature hybrid.”

The hybrid roared and attacked Cyrus as Brad was looking them ashamedly. The hybrid was very strong and Cyrus could not fight rightly and if wasn’t helps of Catlin, he might die, albeit the hybrid was parrying against the arrows with his claws. After a few seconds, Cyrus tired and the hybrid could scotch his arm. Catlin fired an arrow to the hybrid, but he fended it and went toward her while Catlin just had one arrow.

Catlin fired frantic the latest her arrow, but the hybrid threw very fast his sword toward her. Catlin’s arrow missed and the hybrid’s sword hit to Brad who had jumped toward Catlin like a shield. The hybrid smiled and he was looking at that scene, but Catlin had shocked and she was gazing to Brad’s body that had become bloody. At that time, Cyrus threw very fast his sword toward the hybrid that wasn’t heedful and the sword hit to his waist.

The hybrid shouted and he gyrated toward Cyrus as he was trying to pull out the sword from his body. When he did it, he wanted to attack to Alex, but Catlin pulled out the sword from Brad’s body and threw it toward the hybrid. The sword hit to the hybrid and he fell on the ground. Cyrus ran quickly toward him and before he could get up, Cyrus pushed the sword in his body. The hybrid shouted and Cyrus removed his sword from on the ground and he hewed the hybrid’s head while was shouting sadly.

Catlin sat aghast beside Brad as was crying and Cyrus was hitting continual the hybrid as his clothes had become bloody and when he tired of it, he sat on the ground and looked to Brad with wet eyes. At this moment, Flora’s car reached to them and all of them came out quickly of the car and when they saw Brad’s body, they ran quickly toward him and Eliza screamed, but Flora looked angrily to Cyrus while was clenching her fist and went toward Cyrus, who had sat on the ground. When Cyrus raised his head to look Flora and say something, she hit him as he fell on the ground and came out blood of his mouth. Flora returned toward them and said loudly, “We should go, now. We have not time.”

Then she looked at Cyrus and side, “I will punish you later.”

But Catlin said sadly, “No! It was my fault. He wants to save my life.”

Flora took a deep breath and said, “Just hurry.”

The others got up and Jasper and Catlin raised Brad and they went toward their cars. They put Brad on back chair one of the cars and they went toward Emily who had stood near the others as they were scaring from her and nobody was daring to look at her. When the cars reached to them, they stopped and all of them came out of the cars and Flora went toward Emily and said, “You are like your father! Come with me.”

Jasper went near Flora and said, “What do you want to do with these?!”

Flora looked at them and said, “Cyrus, you take them with truck.”


After it, Flora looked at the others and said, “You go to the garrison with that car; we are going with this car. Your mission finished.”

Flora opened the women with magic and got the electrically baton from Emily and gave it to Eliza and then they got in the car and went and the others got in their car and then they went, too. Cyrus was very sad and ashamed. He went toward the truck and took the women.

Inside the car, Emily had gazed to Flora while was thinking. Flora looked at her as said, “What?!!”

“This is strange for me, why did you do it?!”

Flora said surprised, “why?!!”

Emily looked at outside and said, “Because my father is wicked.”

Flora grinned and said, “You very well know your father very well.”

“So he wants to do an important work for you. But, what is that?! This is interesting for me. So tell me.”

Flora looked at her while she was angry now and said, “Just be quiet until I can take you to your father.”



Seven-years-old Alex had slept on the ground at a large basement which was almost empty as his face was wet of tears. The black hybrid was near him and the basement was luminous with three lamps. Except them three chairs were near Alex that two middle aged men named Sherman and Belden were on those chairs and at the center of them was an old man. Two men had tall, green robes and the old man had a very beautiful, costly red robe.

Twenty-seven-years-old Keyholder was near Sherman who was younger than him. Keyholder had her black robe and his golden cane was in his hand. The green men had one golden ribbon on their hats and the old man had six ribbons on his hat and all of them were looking to Alex. After a few moments, the red man said with impatience, “Could you tell me when will work your imprecation?! We don’t have time.”

Keyholder tried to smile and said, “It already started, Excellency lawmaker. My imprecation is beginning with sleep and when his nightmare finished then he will wake up or someone wake him up with hit.”

Sherman looked at him and said, “What do exactly your imprecation?”

“Sir Secretary, the imprecation of red dream will show bad memoirs to accursed person with a full reality as he will suffer badly. He will be seeing a nightmare six hour after another nightmare. Indeed this imprecation is a perpetual suffering.”

Belden looked at him and said, “If somebody had not bad memory?”

Keyholder smiled and said, “Well, we will make some bad memory for him.”

Lawmaker looked at him and said, “What if they can escape or they can abrogate the imprecation, what?”

Keyholder became angry and said, “Nobody can cancel my imprecation!”

Keyholder beckoned to the hybrid and he hit to Alex with his whip and Alex jumped from sleep as was breathing hardly and his eyes were red. The Lawmaker looked at Belden and then he looked at Keyholder again and said, “If he wants to kill himself, what will you do?!”

“He will not do it!”

“Will you guarantee it?!”

Keyholder thought a little and said, “Well, they have not any value for us!”

Lawmaker got up and slapped him and said, “Of course they have! Perhaps you forgot that we need them for the hybrids garrison. If they will want to kill themselves then we will not have the hybrid. Your curse is worthless Mr. Keyholder. When they are awake only six hours they can’t do anything. I came here just for respect to your father. Otherwise your ambition is nothing for me. So long as I am the Chairman of parliament your imprecation will not pass.”

The Lawmaker went out angrily and Belden went happily after him, but Sherman wasn’t happy and went toward Keyholder and said, “I told you, he was enemy of your father and you must wait.”

Sherman smiled and went out as Keyholder was very angry and looked at the hybrid and said, “He must stay alive until that day, understand?”

The hybrid bowed and said, “Yes my Lord.”

Keyholder was on a chair which was opposite a mirror while he had worn his black robe. Inside the room was a big bed which had a very beautiful curtain and the other equipments of room were luxurious. A big, luxurious mirror was near the door. At on the walls were a big picture from the king of the kings and some pictures of fifty-years-old man named Cranston who was father of Keyholder and he had a cylindrical hat which had seven golden ribbons.

The room almost luminous with lamplight and Jill had slept on the beautiful, big bed while her hands had tied to the bed and a middle aged woman named Mojgan had sat beside her while she was sad.

The clock shows eight o’clock. After a few moments Keyholder got up and moved toward the door and Mojgan ran toward there and she opened the door for him. Keyholder looked at Jill and said, “You must teach her who can be a submissive wife for me like you.”

“But my Lord! She is very different! I marred with love, but she! At least, you do amnesia magic on her, but you want to kill her betrothed! She will hate you!”

Keyholder slapped her and said, “Shut up! Just do it.”

Keyholder went out and entered to the corridor. At the end of the corridor was a door that an image of a black snake was on it. When Keyholder arrived near the door, he drew his cane toward the door and the snake started to move and then the door opened.

Behind the door was a spiral stairway which was going to the tower. When Keyholder entered there, at once the tip of his cane became luminous. He went up until reached to the cubicle of tower. The tower had four window that he could see everywhere from there. At the top was a big, black bell that unintelligible, golden words had written on it.

The tower belonged to a big, black house which was at the corner of a great cemetery. The cemetery had many normal graves and at the center of it was a great, beautiful, golden tomb and two small rooms were at the end of cemetery. Around of the cemetery was a large, metal, black fence and the cemetery had a grand, golden door.

Keyholder Looked at his around and raise his cane toward the bell. Soon the bell started to move and with the first sound, a black, strange wave erupted from the bell and fell down and then it diffused to everywhere like a flood. With each bell the wave was erupting from it and was moving after the previous wave as were indiscrete. The bell stopped after twelve times.

The Green Village was far from there but Keyholder could see a shadow of there at the right side of the cemetery. The black wave was moving toward the Green Village like a flood. When the wave arrived to there, it pervaded slowly all of the Green Village. Keyholder looked happily to that scene, but when he turns his head toward the hamlet which was on left side of the Green Village, his smile vanished. Because when the wave arrived to there, at once it stopped and came back. Keyholder was angry and he hit his cane to floor and he disappeared.

Keyholder appeared out of the cemetery, beside the door. He drew his cane toward the door and opened it and then he looked at two rooms. After a few moments, two hybrids came out of the rooms and they ran toward Keyholder and bowed. They were the same creatures that were at Alex’s dream. After them two housekeeper women came out of the rooms and went toward the black house. Keyholder looked at them and then looked at the hybrids and said, “Go to the accursed village (hamlet) until I call you.”

The hybrids bowed and said, “Yes my Lord.”

On the other hand, the weather of morning was cool and Gary was painting black color to a few small stones and he was putting them inside a basket while a young girl named Debra had gazed to him. She had stood in a corner of courtyard of Gary’s house and at her face was shame. Gary had not a good feel and he wasn’t looking at Debra at all. After a while mother of Gary came out of a room and she went toward Debra as was looking angrily to Gary. She talked with Debra and kissed her and went toward Gary. When she reached to him sat near him and said lowly, “What is your problem with her?”

Gary looked at his mother and said, “Mother! I told you; I did not want to marry with her.”

“Why?! You refuse to everyone! You are not young anymore. I want to see your wedding.”

Gary said sadly, “I don’t like anybody.”

His mother slapped him and said, “That girl is good. You must get her.”

Gary looked her and got up sadly and he opened the door of courtyard and went out with his motorcycle without looking to Debra as she had become sad. Gary drove quickly toward outside the village and he passed from the farmlands and continued his way from the stony path which its color was black. The path was very long and it was becoming far from the village and around of it was green.

After a while he reached to a great Plain which was dry and at center of it was a great cemetery. Gary stopped near the pair of imposing wrought-iron gate which two golden crowns were on it. He dismounted from his motorcycle and pushed the gate and entered the cemetery and he went toward the house from a black, stony path. When he reached to the house, he knocked as was trying to show himself normal. After a few moments the door opened by Mojgan. Gary went a little back and said, “Everything is ready for the ceremony.”

“Ok. Now, go and call the semi-mature hybrids.”

“Yes my Lady.”

Gary went out of the cemetery and went toward the hamlet. When he arrived to there, two hybrids had sat on the ground like the animals. When they saw Gary, they got up and stood on their legs. Gary stopped near them and said, “Excellency Keyholder is healthy.”

Black hybrid said with a raucous voice, “Excellency Keyholder is healthy. What do you want?”

“You must go to the village for the ceremony.”

The hybrids ran very fast toward the village and Gary went from another way. After a while the hybrids reached to the village and they went toward the center of village where people were in the plaza. The people were happy and each of families had a basket full of the black stones. At the center of plaza was a very big circle which had drawn with red color and they were throwing respectively their stones inside it. Each of families was throwing their stones together and it seemed they had come to a marriage ceremony.

At among the crowd only Anahita was silent and sad. She had worn a beautiful dress but unlike the other girls did not speaking with someone and she had just gazed to the others. After a while all of them became quiet when they saw Keyholder and they bowed. Keyholder with pride went toward a big, decorated chair which was opposite the circle and sat on it. The people raised their head and said, “Excellency Keyholder is alive.”

Keyholder raised his cane until they became silent, then he said, “Today we want to punish someone who had protested to my wish. Everybody should know that they have to obey from me. I’m agent from the king of the kings.”

At this time two rural men brought Manton toward the circle and they took him toward a big spike which had adjoined to it a tall, big chain and they enchained his left leg and then came out of the circle and went toward the people as everybody shouted happily. Keyholder was looking at them happily while Manton was looking angrily to him. Keyholder looked at them and said, “Where are his parents?”

Everybody looked at one side where parents of Manton were sadly and ashamedly. They went slowly toward Keyholder and stopped near the circle and they bowed. Keyholder looked at them angrily and said, “Do you want to punish with your son?”

The father of Manton expectorated toward his son and sad ashamedly, “He isn’t my son anymore. We request from you to punish him.”

Manton looked aghast at his father as he could not say anything. His mother came near the circle and expectorated toward him and they bowed again and said, “Please punish this sinful.”

Then they went ashamedly toward the crowd as Keyholder was looking at Manton happily. Manton took a deep breath and said loudly, “You can steal my love, you can enchant the people, but, one day, you will be punished.”

Everybody looked frightened to Keyholder who had become very angry. He aimed his cane toward the circle and at once a black smoke came out of the cane and it diffused slowly, like a fog, on the stones. Manton said as had scared, “I hope she can escape later.”

Keyholder became extremely angry and hit his cane to the ground. With this work, black fog, went down into the stones and they started to quaking. Manton looked at them frightened while he went back slowly, but the stones cohered strangely and the people came closer until could see that, even Anahita, who was more sad until be curious. At opposite their eyes the black stones transformed to stony wolves.

When Manton saw those stony wolves, he started to run frightened, but the stony wolves quickly attacked him. The wolves caught him very fast and they injured him with their stone mouth. Manton was yelling loudly but the people were shouting constantly, salutation to great wizard.

The only person, who was sad and was crying for him, was Anahita. She could not bear to see such brutality and went out of the crowd. Keyholder was looking to them with joy and pride. Finally, after a while Manton died as his body had become bloody. No one was sad, on the contrary, all of them acclaimed for Keyholder and he hit happily his cane to the ground, and the stony wolves were separated and they fell on the ground.

With this action the ceremony finished and the people went toward Keyholder and after bowing to him, they went out of there. Keyholder was very happy and he looked at the hybrids and said, “You can go to home now.”

The hybrids bowed and went out quickly of the plaza and then Keyholder hit his cane to the ground and disappeared. He appeared near the Anahita house and looked at it and he disappeared again. He this time appeared at the black path and disappeared again till finally he appeared inside the cemetery.

Keyholder moved toward the black building. The door was half open and he entered to the house. The home was very stylish and aristocratic. On the walls some pictures of Keyholder and his family had been seeing. A wide staircase was connecting there to the second floor. Two middle aged woman who were housekeeper were cleaning there. When they saw Keyholder, they bowed. Keyholder went toward an armchair and sat on it and said, “You can go with the hybrids.”

They quickly went out of the house. Keyholder reclined happily his cane to the wall. After a few moments, Jill came down quickly from the stairs as was very distraught. She stared to Keyholder and said, “Where is my betrothed.”

Before Keyholder could react to her, Mojgan came down frightened and bowed, after her, thirty-years-old woman named Fancy came down and bowed while Jill was just staring to Keyholder with anger.

Keyholder got up angrily and he slapped to Mojgan as she was thrown backward on the carpet, then he looked to Jill and said, “When you see me, you have to bow, you’re my spouse, now and that stupid boy was punished.”

Jill screamed aghast and she wanted to hit to Keyholder that Mojgan hugged her and went back, but Keyholder became more angry and got Jill’s hair and took her toward the second floor as was dragging her on the ground and Mojgan and Fancy were just looking them.

Mojgan said sadly, “Poor girl.”

But Fancy looked at her and said, “Don’t say this. That fool boy should was abandoning her.”

Mojgan sighed and said, “I don’t think Jill can withstand like you. I am very worried about her.”

Fancy hugged her and said, “Don’t worry. Excellency Keyholder will subdue her soon, like me.”

Mojgan separated from her and said, “Today is the day of the treaty of slaves. It is better we prepare for that. I don’t want to infuriate him again.”

“You are right. We should hurry.”

They went to the kitchen to prepare food. After an hour, Keyholder came down from the stairs and entered in the kitchen while he was not angry anymore and he was smiling. He went toward Fancy and hugged her and kissed her lips and said, “Do the newspaper is come?”

“Not yet, my Lord.”

Keyholder looked to Mojgan and said, “Hey, old woman, when Gary comes, take the newspaper and tell him to take the accursed boy to the village for cleaning the circle.”

Mojgan bowed and said, “Yes my Lord.”

Keyholder and Fancy went toward a room which was in there as were hobnobbing with together. Mojgan after they went to the room went quickly toward the second floor and she entered to a room which its door was open. Jill’s dresses were on the carpet near the bed as they were almost scrappy and Jill was crying soundless in the bed while had pulled the blanket on herself. Mojgan went toward her sadly and sat beside her and hugged her. Jill hugged her and said, “How can you live with him?!”

“Oh, honey. You should learn it. You should forget everything.”

“For what?!”

Mojgan sighed and said, “When I married with previous Keyholder, I thought everything will become ok. But when he died, I became alone and he told me that he loves me! He was very young and I did not listen to my father and I married with him and he became new Keyholder, just for me! But now, I became an old woman! But I have to live for nothing. This is my destiny and tomorrow will be Fancy’s destiny.”

Jill looked at her and said, “Why didn’t you go?!”

Mojgan wanted to answer to her, but they heard sound of the ring and she kissed Jill and went quickly toward down. When Mojgan opened the door, she saw Gary who had a newspaper in his hand. Mojgan got the newspaper and looked to leading article which had written in it {the legislative parliament find its new chairman} and said, “Take the boy for cleaning the circle.”

Gary bowed and said, “Yes my Lady.”

Gary went out of the cemetery and embarked on his motorcycle. He sighed and turned on his motorcycle and he went toward the valley. After a while he reached to there and went toward Alex and said, “Come with me without question.”

Alex looked at him and said, “Why?!”

“You just should do an unpleasant task.”

Alex sighed and said, “I hope.”

They went and Alex embarked on the motorcycle while he knew that the topic will be bad, but he had no choice. When He hid his ring under the stone, his feel became bad again. When they reached to the rivulet, the sound of Linda’s scream suddenly reverberated in his ear, but Alex tried to hold himself as it wasn’t easy. Nobody was inside the village and Gary was driving very fast.

When they arrived to Anahita’s house, she had stood outside the house. When Anahita saw them, she wanted to stop them, but Gary continued his way and passed from her while Alex was trying to don’t look to her. But the status when became worse that they became close to the plaza.

Suddenly the sound of parents’ scream reverberated in his ear and he saw the scene of burning of his parents. Gary stopped and Alex came down while his head was paining badly and he could not move rightly and fell on the ground while was crying and was looking at his parents. Gary ran toward him and said, “Be calm.”

But Alex was suffering badly and was crying while had gotten his ears with his hands. It was the first time that he had come to there after his parents’ death. Gary was trying frantic to calm him but it wasn’t easy at all. Gary looked to around himself and when he saw nobody is there, he hit to Alex’s neck as he became unconscious.

At this time, Anahita entered to the plaza as was crying and had gazed to Alex. When Gary saw her, he got up quickly and ran toward her and said angrily, “What are you doing here?! Go home now!”

But Anahita ran toward Alex and sat beside him and hugged him and said, “What happened for him?!”

Gary ran toward her and slapped her and said, “Do you want to die?! Look at that body. He died because was amorous. You can not be in love with him.”

Anahita said as was crying soundless, “Why?! You know nothing about love.”

Gary slapped her and said, “Shut up! You are an ordinary girl and you don’t have right to have any feeling about him.”

“But I have.”

“You saw that girl? She is his family and she loves him, so you must forget him.”

Anahita looked at Alex and said, “But he doesn’t like her!”

“May be, but he will love her later. You don’t have any chance.”

Anahita stared at Alex and said sadly, “You are right, she can. She is very beautiful and tall.”

Anahita could not say anymore and cried and she became far from them while was looking at Alex. When Anahita went out of there, Gary ran toward a corner of plaza where a gharry and shovel were at there. Gary looked at Alex and said, “I hope you don’t see nightmare.”

Gary buried the corpse and went toward Alex and slapped him several times until Alex woke up while was breathing badly. Gary got his hand and said, “Get up, please! We should go to the cemetery. We have ceremony today.”

Alex got up hardly and they went fast. On the other hand, Keyholder had stood near the cemetery while he was happy. After a while the hybrids came out from the rooms and they ran toward Keyholder and they bowed. Key holder looked at the hybrids and said, “When they come, you go inside the village and kill everybody you see.”

They bowed and said, “Yes, my Lord.”

They quickly went and Keyholder looked at his clothes and took a deep breath. He started to walk in the front of the cemetery and was looking at the end of the black road. After a while he pulled out a golden, pocket watch into his pocket and kissed it. He sighed and opened his watch and stared to the photo of his father that was inside the watch. Keyholder looked at the picture and said, “I’m sorry father. But, please wait. I will change my destiny. I promise you.”

After a while he heard the voice of the people who was coming toward the cemetery while they had many gifts in their hands. Keyholder put his watch inside his pocket. When people arrived there, they bowed and entered the cemetery. They moved toward to the golden tomb. Keyholder went after them and stood in front the tomb and said loudly, “Today is the day of the Treaty of slaves. I hope the king’s tomb accepts the village gifts and mercy to them.”

Then Keyholder took a deep breath and the people bowed. Next they went toward the tomb and put their gifts near the door and went back. When their work finished, Keyholder smiled and said, “You’re really lucky and fortunate. Now go and clean the graves with honor.”

They bowed and went toward the graves. Keyholder was looking at the people happily and walking between them. After a while he saw Alex who was cleaning bars around the cemetery. Keyholder remembered his dream and was upset. Through a foolish old man, his curse was not approved. It was quite painful for him. Keyholder sighed and looked again to the people. He walked among the graves again, until he saw an old man and old woman who were cleaning a grave discomfort. Keyholder went toward them and said with a serious tone, “Why are you sad?!”

They quickly bowed then the old woman raised her head while tried to smile and said, “Excellency Keyholder is constant. Our last girl is sick. Because we are poor, we can’t to take her to the city. Now he can’t walk, and could not see well. For this, we donate all our assets to the king’s tomb for health our daughter.”

Keyholder paused a little and said, “Is at home your daughter now?”

“Yes my Lord.”

Keyholder separated from them without saying anything. He smiled again and moved among the people. When he saw Anahita’s family, he stopped and stared at Anahita while Anahita was looking at Alex. Her elder sister named Olivia realized quickly, so she went and stood in front of Anahita and revealed Keyholder to her. Her mother, father, brother and elder sister went toward Keyholder and they bowed. Keyholder went toward Anahita and said, “Your daughter has grown up soon.”

Soon her Father smiled and said, “Well, the girls became big soon, my Lord.”

Keyholder looked at him and said, “She is very beautiful. Has she a suitor?

“No my Lord. She is so young yet.”

Keyholder said while was stroking her face with hand, “Really?! It is so marvelous.

“She is still seventeen years old, my Lord. She wants to go to university.

Keyholder became angry and said, “No! This is so wrong! You should not send her to the city. The city is dangerous for a beautiful girl.”

“You are right my Lord. She will stay in the village.”

“This is very good.”

On the other hand, Alex was looking at them while he was working yet. He had not good feeling at all. He knew Keyholder and his thought which were very nasty. Alex didn’t like that situation and he was very neurotic as he wanted to throw something for Keyholder, but he knew that it is impossible. He remembered his sister who had seen by Keyholder in the cemetery like Anahita. Alex could see fear and hate to Anahita’s face.

In the other place, Gary was watching Alex and he went quickly in the path between Anahita and Alex. Distance Alex with Anahita was not far as it was possible Keyholder notice them. When Gary came to in front Alex, he pointed stealthy to Alex that did not look at her. Alex looked at Anahita for the last time and got his head down. Keyholder was talking with Anahita’s father while she was looking at Alex with discomfort. Soon Olivia went toward Anahita and pinched her and said very quietly, “Do you crazy girl?! Do you want Keyholder kill us?! Sit and clean the grave.”

Olivia forced her to clean the grave and Keyholder happily left them and continued his way. Key holder looked at toward the village and smiled. In the other side, the hybrids were going to the village and they started to search the houses. They stood on their legs and searched everywhere. When they could not find anybody in any house, they left that house and went toward the next house. After a while they jumped on a wall with a high jump. Soon red hybrid jumped inside the courtyard but black hybrid looked at around with surprised. The Red hybrid looked at him and said, “What happen?!”

Black hybrid looked at his around and said, “Do you hear something?!”

Red hybrid heard few moments and said, “No! I don’t hear anything!”

Black hybrid jumped to the courtyard and said, “I think I hear something.”

“I do not think anybody is here. These animals can’t escape from the magic sleep of Keyholder.”

Red hybrid went to the room and black hybrid followed him. There was nothing and they came out and went toward the other houses. After a while they entered an old house which had just a room.

Black hybrid looked at it and said, “I don’t think anybody is here.”

Red hybrid sighed and said, “We should go and take a look. I want to kill someone!”

Black hybrid looked at him and said, “What?! But you told me.”

Red hybrid pushed him and said, “Shut up!”

They went toward the room and opened the door. At this time, they saw with surprise a young girl named Lily who lied down on the ground while an old blanket was on her and she was coughing hardly. Lily moved slowly her head and said, “Mom, Dad?”

Black hybrid looked at red hybrid and said, “I think she is sick.”

Red hybrid rubbed his hands together while was smiling and said, “Well! We do our job as usual.”

When Lily heard their voice, she said aghast, “How are you?!”

Red hybrid went toward her and said, “We have a lot of time. It is better to be a little fun.

Black hybrid looked at him with surprised and said, “But she is sick! She is not useful anymore!”

“Come on! Take it easy!”

Lily who was more concerned, said, “I said who you are? What do you want form me?!”

Black hybrid said loudly, “Shut up! I go. I don’t like to be sick.”

Lily wanted to rise but she could not and coughed again. Black hybrid went and closed the door. Soon he heard the sound of scream girl. Black hybrid smiled and went toward the wall and jumped on it. He searching the other houses until in one of them saw a black man with surprise. Black man had a mask and sword while he was searching there.

Black hybrid roared and jumped in to the courtyard. He stood on his legs while his claws were ready. Black man whistled and attacked black hybrid while hybrid’s claws were like a knife. They were fought together very hard. But soon another black man entered the house and attacked black hybrid. When black hybrid saw that he could not fight with them, he decided to escape. Black men went after him and they were whistling in their way.

Black hybrid went toward the Lily’s house. Red hybrid had stood into the courtyard while Lily was on the ground. Her clothes were scrappy and she had a bad status. When black hybrid arrived, he roared and stood beside red hybrid. Soon black men came and they started to fight together. The Hybrids were powerful and their claws were very hard. After a while third black man entered to the house while he had two curve swords.

When he saw the girl, he attacked black hybrid. His skill was more than the other black men. Black hybrid escaped to the roof and red hybrid became alone. Two black men fought with red hybrid and third black man went to the roof and fought with black hybrid. Red hybrid could not good fight alone so he jumped on first man and they fell on the ground. Red hybrid cut his ear with his big teeth. But second man could injure his hand. Red hybrid quickly jumped and escaped. Black hybrid jumped to the courtyard and went toward red hybrid. Third man also jumped to the courtyard and went toward his friend and for a moment the fight stopped.

Third man went between them before the fight started again and said loudly, “Wait!”

Everyone stared at him with surprise and he said, “It is better to end this fight.”

Black hybrid said angrily, “What do you mean dirty rebel?!”

“You fight for what?”

“It is apparent! We fight to kill you.”

“Ok. But we fight you for taking this girl. Think! Isn’t it better we deal with together?”

“Shut up dirty rebel! We never deal with you!”

But red hybrid said, “What do you mean?!”

“We do not care for dying. But I’m sure Keyholder will not be happy when he sees one of you is killed for a yokel girl!”

Red hybrid looked at black hybrid and said, “Why do you think you can kill one of us?!”

“In this fight at least one of both sides will kill. If he is one of us, we are proud of him. But this is a big dishonor for you. In any case you will loss.”

“Keep talking.”

“Well, we take this girl and you can keep your life.”

“OK. The deal is accepted.”

But black hybrid looked at him and said, “What do you say?! Are you crazy?!”

“She is worthless! I don’t want to make a trouble for Keyholder.”

Third man went near Lily and said, “Ok guys. Take her. We want to go now.”

They toke her and went while the hybrids were looking at them. The hybrids went toward the cemetery and they saw Alex in their way near the rivulet. Red hybrid that was angry ran toward him and hit him with kick as he was thrown near the rivulet and he became unconscious.



The sky was half cloudy and the sun had gone behind the clouds. Kenton was inside the courtyard with a big bludgeon as the hybrids had surrounded him. At the other side, seven-years-old Alex who his eyes were black was watching them from behind the window and his mother and sister had sat frightened in the corner of the room and Linda was crying while had worn the same beautiful dress which had at the festival.

The hybrids attacked Kenton and they broke his bludgeon with their nails. When Kenton fell on the ground, Alex went out frantic of the room while his mother was saying, “No!”

But Alex didn’t listen to her and he went toward his father, but when the black hybrid saw him, hit him with kick and Alex was thrown backward on the ground. They hit Kenton until he became unconscious. At this time, twenty-seven-years-old Keyholder entered to the courtyard and he drew his cane toward the room ad said, “Bring my wife.”

The hybrids ran inside the room and soon was heard Linda's scream and the hybrids took out Linda of the room. Alex wanted to attacked them but the black hybrid hit him again as he became unconscious this time.

Alex jumped from sleep while he was hearing his sister’s scream, because he was near the rivulet on the ground. Alex had very bad feeling as he could not control himself and got up and fell into the water. Alex looked to the water with special mood and he kissed the wreath and said, “I promise you, I will take your revenge.”

Alex went out of the water as was pouring the tears and ran toward the big stone. He needed to his ring very much but when he arrived to the accursed village (hamlet), suddenly he heard a voice from far and he looked to the same side quickly and lied down on the ground very fast.

Jill was running frightened toward the accursed village as two hybrids were pursuing her and they were very far from her. Alex wanted to do something but his body had become insecure and was quaking. Jill entered to the arid land and when the hybrids arrived to the arid land, they stopped and they did not enter in there. But at once Keyholder reached to them while was flying with a flying broom and he landed behind them and said angrily, “Go, get her.”

The hybrids ran frightened as they were not satisfied. Jill entered to the accursed village and disappeared. The hybrids stopped again but this time a strange something blew up behind them and Keyholder said loudly as had stretched his cane toward them, “Go!”

The hybrids entered to the accursed village with fear and they disappeared while Alex was looking them anxiously. Keyholder raised his cane and came out of it a black smoke and went to the sky and it transformed into a big vulture and then the vulture flew toward the accursed village, but when it reached to there, at once it vanished. Keyholder shouted and flew toward the cemetery. When he went, Alex slapped to himself several time and said, “Get up coward. How do you want to revenge, when you hide yourself?! Get up!”

Alex took some deep breath and got up. He removed some stones and went toward the accursed village as he vacillated yet. When he entered to the accursed village, a strange cold engulfed all of his body as he scared and stopped. But soon the cold became less and he took a deep breath and moved again. He had decided seriously to rescue Jill and nothing was important for him. The alleys and houses were earthy and they were not half-ruin, just it seemed that there had become empty. There was not any trace or voice, but Alex did not want to think to this, because he had a very important work.

He was searching carefully the houses and their rooms but nobody was there, till finally he saw a thing in an alley as he shocked and his heartbeat was close to stop. There only was half of the red hybrid’s body who was eating by an invisible thing. Alex had gazed to it as he did not know that he must fear or be happy.

Suddenly he remembered Jill and ran frightened as helplessly was hopeful that she be alive. Thinking to that scene more was terrifying him as one moment he wanted to escape from there, but thinking to that poor girl dissuaded him and he searched there frantic. After a few moments, he saw something inside a house that he despaired utterly. One piece of Jill’s skirt was on the ground which was disappearing.

Alex sat on the ground while was very sad for his defeat at rescuing her. Whereas he gazed to that scene at once he saw many terrible, bloody men who were like to the corpses and they were moving slowly toward him. Alex ran terrified very fast as even his ring could not to calm him.

He went out of the accursed village very fast and ran toward the valley as had put his ring on his chest until it could calm him. After a few seconds, his heartbeat started to become clam and his mind was cleaning of that scenes. When Alex arrived to the big stone, he stopped and started to breathing as his feeling had become fine, now. He kissed his ring and said, “Thank you mom.”

He sat on the ground and closed his eyes.


Fifteen-years-old Alex had sat on the ground near the cemetery as Gary was looking at him with concern. Alex was sick and lethargic and his eyes were red. Soon Keyholder came to them while had gazed to Alex angrily. Gary looked at Alex and said, “My Lord. He must go between the people until everybody see him.”

“Do you contemplate a special place?”

“Yes my Lord. He will become a shepherd.”

Keyholder thought a little and said, “But he may kill himself?”

“Your mind is relaxed. I know that what I must do. If he be in here, they will doubt to your curse, my Lord.”

“You are right. So do it.”

Gary put him on his motorcycle and they went toward the big stone. When they arrived there, he came down from the motorcycle and brought Alex down. Alex looked to him as was like a dead and said hardly, “Please kill me. I can’t endure it anymore.”

Gary said as was sad, “Don’t worry boy. I have something from your mother for you.”

Alex looked at him surprised and said, “What?! From my mother?!”

Gary brought out something from the hole which was under the stone and gave it to him. Alex got it and looked at it. A very beautiful ring was in his hand which its jewel was a white flower. Gary said, “Your father gave it to me and said it’s belong to your mother.”

“But I never saw it before!”

“I know. Now, put it in your finger.”

When Alex did it, its jewel started to become blue. Gary looked it and said, “This is a top secret topic and nobody should know about this.”

Alex opened his eyes and looked at the sky. He had many time until noon yet so he got up and went toward the valley. When he reached to the valley, he went toward the room and ate some fruit and he came out of there as his mind was free now. He had sat on the grass who heard a motorcycle’s sound. Alex hid frantic his ring under the grass and went up from the valley.

He saw Flora and Emily who were on the motorcycle as she had worn very beautiful dress and Charlton was beside her with his motorcycle while was smiling. Alex became happy and went toward his ring and put it in his finger. When they arrived, Flora wanted to hug him, but Alex went back and Flora became sad, but she smile and said, “Hi. Are you fine?”

“Hello, thank you.”

Charlton went toward him and said, “I’m Charlton. Nice to meet you.”


“I know who you are.”

When Charlton saw the ring, he became glad and looked at Flora and said, “The maternal ring! I can believe that! I saw it very close!” and looked at Flora, “Do you touch it?!”


“Oh my witch!”

Alex, who was confused, said, “What happened?!”

Charlton looked at the ring and said, “Please allow me to touch it.”

Alex who was confused yet looked at Flora, but she was silent and anxious too. So he brought out his ring and gave it to Charlton. Charlton took it and kissed it and put it in his finger with doubt. But when his did it, nothing happened. Alex looked at the ring with surprised and said, “Why is it white yet?!”

Flora took it from Charlton and kissed it and said, “Because it is just yours.”

Charlton, who almost was crying happily, said, “It belonged to your mother and it is belong to you now.”

“This makes me calm and happy. If it wasn’t, I would die several years ago.”

Flora gave it to him and said, “I know honey. But we want to test something.”


“If Charlton could abrogate your talisman, we will take you.”

“Limits talisman?!”


Charlton looked at him and said, “But it isn’t easy at all, because Keyholder is very powerful. Now, where is your limit?”

“After the flowers.”

Flora smiled and said, “Don’t worry. It isn’t the only one of our plans.”

Flora got Alex’s hand and went toward the flowers. When they passed of the flowers, at once Alex fell on the ground and shouted as was agonizing from pain. Soon Charlton took out his wand from his forearm and aimed it toward Alex while Flora was looking anxiety at him and Alex’s ring started to shine. Soon a white magic came out of Charlton’s wand and surrounded Alex as he vanishes. Charlton was saying something soundless, but after a few moments, his wand started to shake slowly and the white magic started to become black slowly. The dark became more and more as it surrounded all of the white magic and Charlton couldn’t stop it until at once the dark blew up and Charlton and Flora fell on the ground.

They were on the ground while they have pain, except Alex who was almost fine now. Charlton got up hardly and took Alex into the flowers while Alex’s ring was normal now. Flora ran toward Alex and hugged him while Alex wasn’t pleased and said, “Don’t worry honey. I’m here.”

Alex separated from her as Flora became angry this time and she went. Charlton looked at her and then looked at Alex and said, “I’m sorry. His talisman is very powerful.”

“Don’t worry. It isn’t my first time.”

“Don’t be vicious with her! She is your family and she is worried about you.”

“I’m sorry!”

“Okay. I speak with her.”

“Thank you.”

Charlton went toward Flora and got her hand and said, “What is wrong with you?!”

“Shut up!”

“You are just very beautiful! But you are very fool! You can’t take a heart that has taken before!”

Flora looked at him and said sadly, “He has been in love with a rural girl!”

“Don’t worry! We take him and he can’t see her again! But you should not pressure him!”

“How do a whimsical know this?!”

“You don’t know me yet. Go and calm him.”

Flora went toward Alex who had sat at his place yet. Alex looked abashedly at her and Flora smiled and said, “I’m sorry.”

“No! I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay. We are family. You don’t know me yet. But you will know soon. We love you very much.”

“I know that. But I don’t get used to it yet.”

“Ok. We should go now, but I have a useful plan, so don’t worry baby.”


They went and Alex returned to the valley. His life wasn’t normal anymore and he didn’t know anything about his future. When the sun went in the center of the sky, Alex slept on the ground.


Seven-years-old Alex was running toward the valley. His eyes were black. When he reached to the valley, he named his sister as inside the valley were many cows. Soon Linda came out of behind the room and she ran apprehensively toward Alex. Linda had worn a beautiful dress and on her head was a wreath like the same wreath which Alex was making it. Alex ran toward her sister and hugged her. Linda kissed him and said, “What are you doing here?!”

“Mom sent me.”

Linda smiled and said, “My sweet brother. I will come back later.”

Alex looked at the room and said searchingly, “Who is there?!”

Linda looked at the room apprehensively and said, “Nobody honey. I was making a wreath for myself.”

Alex looked at the wreath and said, “Wow! It’s very beautiful.”

“Well, go home and tell to mom I’m with my friend.”

“Do you mean, I tell a lie?!!”

“No honey! It’s just a secret.”

“Wow! I like the secret.”

Linda kissed him and gave the wreath to him and said, “My sweet. Now go.”

Alex got the wreath happily and went toward the village.

At night, he had sat in the dark room while he was sad. After a while Anahita came in the room with her flashlight and her dinner. When Alex saw her, he tried to smile and looked at her. Anahita sat near him and looked him sadly and said, “Why are you sad?!”

“I’m not! Look!”

Anahita hit slowly to his head and said, “I’m not fool! Tell me.”

“Well. I don’t know why?! Why is my family witch?! My mother was not a witch! Can you believe that?! I’m very confused!”

Anahita who was confused and said hardly, “Do you want to say you are a wizard?!”

“No! I’m nothing! If I was a wizard, I could kill Keyholder!”

Anahita thought a little and said, “Can they rescue you?!”

Alex sighed and said, “I don’t think!”

Anahita got up and said, “If they could, what do you want to do?!”

“I will return and kill him.”

Anahita paused a little and said with shame, “No! What do you want to do about me?!”

Alex became silent because he did not know what to say and finally he said sadly, “I cannot do anything, because he will punish you and your family!”

Anahita went toward him and sat and said, “So, I must wait?!”

“For what?!”

Anahita said hopefully, “Until you kill Keyholder and you get marriage with me.”

“But it maybe takes many times!”

Anahita looked at him and cried and said, “I knew that! You like her!”

Alex got up angrily and said while he was walking, “Please stop! I don’t know anything about love, marriage, kiss and the feature! I just know pain, hate, anger and nightmare! You are kindly with me and it is very valuable for me. They love me and they are my family, but their behaviors bother me! I don’t know what I should do!”

Anahita hugged him and fondled him and said, “Please relax! I’m sorry. I go now. Just, don’t forget me.”

Anahita ran out and Alex sighed and sat on the floor.


The weather was rainy and Jasper, Eliza, Catlin and two young boys named Aiken and Weston was moving in a forest as all of them had prepared their guns and they were looking carefully around. Jasper and Aiken had sword and Eliza had her whip in her hand and Catlin had a beautiful bag, but Weston apparently had nothing.

Weston was moving in front them as was looking carefully to the trees. After a while he saw something on a tree and stopped and he looked at it. A shape of a star was on the tree which had drawn with a sharp thing. Weston looked to the others and said, “I found it.”

All of them went happily toward the tree and watched it. At this moment, they heard a voice and everybody came back and looked around. Behind their head were three young people who had weapon. There were a young girl named Belinda who had two circular swords which had a handle in its center and two young boys named Edwin and Grover who had sword. Eliza went forward and Belinda did it too. They hugged each other and Eliza said, “What are you doing here?!”

“We are looking for some medicinal plant.”

Eliza looked to the boys and said, “With them?!”

Belinda smiled and said, “They volunteer.”

Eliza smiled and said, “I know that.”

At this time, Weston went angry toward them and said, “Stop! We have to go!”

Eliza became sad and looked at Weston and wanted to say something that they heard a strange voice and all of them became silent. A strange creature was walking slowly between the trees and was becoming close to them as all of them had feared and they had prepared for attack.

That creature was very tall, thin and naked as had not hand and his body was hairless and black. He had not genital organ and in his head had two narrow eyes and a big mouth as instead of nose had two holes on his face. He could not move rightly and he was walking very slowly. When he reached near them, stood and said with a tender voice which is like hiss, “You are under arrest, drop your weapon.”

Catlin inserted her dress under her pants. On her girdle were many daggers and she removed two daggers and said, “What respectful hunter. Shut your mouth.”

“So all you should die.”

Suddenly the hunter jumped on the ground while was transforming at the air. Soon he became a very big, black snake and attacked them. The snake’s body was very tough as their weapons could not hurt him. The only Achilles heel of the snake was his under belly that hitting to it was almost impossible, because the snake was moving very fast and he was attacking to them constantly as they just could defend of themselves, just for Weston’s helps which was causing the hunter, he could not attack faster to them. Of course Weston’s magic (BEH MEEER) could not scotch him and his reducer magic could not decelerate him.

The first person who killed was Edwin that the snake had ripped his belly. This occurrence effectuated that the fright dominated to them. They were fighting hardly while the snake was attacking cruelly to them and nobody could hit him. Their strokes just were hitting to his back and there was not vulnerable. Weston went back a little and said, “MAAR.”

Soon a red, magic snake came out of his wand and attacked the hunter, but the hunter devoured it as Weston went back from fear.

After a few seconds, the snake killed Aiken and Catlin finished her twelve daggers so she ran toward their places until collected them. At this time, the snake went after her and Weston aimed his wand toward him and said loudly, “AAROOM.”

Soon three blue magic hit the snake as they could decelerate him for few moments and Weston fell on the ground while had lost his power. At this moment, Eliza could throw her whip toward his head and it locked around his neck and Eliza pulled back its handle. The snake’s neck went up with this action and Belinda attacked quickly to his belly and she could scotch him, but the snake escaped with a fast move and came back toward them and attacked them.

But they had become hopeful now, and they were fighting better as the snake was ulcerous and he could not attack, like his first. After a few seconds, the snake attacked Grover and bit his belly. Grover hit to his eye with his sword before they fall on the ground and the snake threw him as his blood diffused in the air. Grover struck on a tree and he died.

The snake wanted to escape, but Weston who was very weak, said loudly, “AAROOM.”

Soon a big, blue magic hit the snake and his speed became slow and Weston swooned. Soon Catlin jumped toward the snake and she caught the sword which was in snake’s eye. Catlin pressed it inside snake’s eye as came out of the other side and the snake collided with a tree and stopped. Belinda moved quickly toward them and when Catlin raised snake’s head, she rotated several time as was cutting his neck with her sword. When the snake’s head severed from his body, Belinda stopped as had become completely bloody. The snake died, but nobody was happy. Eliza went toward Belinda and hugged her and said, “Are you ok? You killed him! You killed this bastard! You are the best, like always.”

But Belinda looked at the bodies and said sadly, “Don’t say this! Look at them! They are dead.”

Eliza looked at her and said, “The hunters are very powerful and you did a great work.”

But Belinda left her and went angry toward Weston who was unconscious yet and Jasper was helping him. When Belinda arrived to Weston, she slapped him as everybody shocked and said, “Why didn’t you do that at first?! Why do you let to die my friends?! Why?!”

Jasper looked at her while he couldn’t say something and soon Eliza went toward her and pulled back her and said, “What are you doing baby?! He is unconscious! If he wasn’t, all of us would die!”

“I know that!”

Catlin went sadly opposite her and said, “Do you think he is happy now?! The powerful magic is very dangerous for him! So they have not right to do that in the battle especially when they are alone!”

Belinda went back while she was crying and said, “I know that! I know a wizard is more valuable than us!”

Catlin became silent and Eliza went toward Belinda and said, “You should come with us.”

“No. I must bury their bodies. You go.”

Eliza took out a small bottle from her pocket which was a red liquid inside it. Eliza poured some of it on the snake’s body and it started to ignite as the rain couldn’t extinguish it. They were sad and silent. At this time, Weston awoke and looked at the others while he was giddy yet, said, “Follow me. We have to go.”

Jasper went toward Weston and said, “But may be the hunters arrest us!”

Catlin looked at him and said angrily, “Be quiet Jasper. Flora said he is a survivor. He wants to deal with us. It deal is so valuable. So we should go.”

Jasper took a deep breath and said, “White witch mercy to us.”

They went while Belinda started to take the bodies. After a while they arrived to a tree which was on it two stars. Weston looked at it and said, “We are near it, so be careful.”

They started to move again while they were looking around. Finally they reached to a tree which was a circle on it and Weston said, “We must separate from each other until find the lake.”

They separated and started to search, until finally Jasper could find it and he whistled three times. The others came quickly toward him and looked at a big lake which was among tall grass. Weston stopped near it and took out from her pocket one very small, metal globes. He threw it inside the water and waited. After a few moments, the water started to become turbulent and then the lake started to split and the water separated from each other and a way showed under the water which was reaching to a metal door. The door was at the end of the lake. They hid their weapons among the grass and went toward the door. After a few moments, the door started to open and they went inside.

Behind the door was a small corridor which was reaching to a large, stony room. The room had some living equipments and there was clear with two shiny globes which were pendent in the air. They went toward the room, but when they arrived to the carpet, suddenly they hear Charlton’s voice, “Wait. You are wet.”

They were looking carefully at the room. There was one person on a wooden chair near a small library and they could just see a white hair from behind it. Soon an old man got up and looked at them. He was Charlton who had worn a green robe and had made up oneself.

Charlton went toward them while his wand was on his hand. He aimed it toward them and suddenly a strange wind started around them and they dried soon. Weston gave hand with him and said, “Hello my Lord.”

“I told her, you must send several survivors!”

“I’m a survivor my Lord.”

“I know. But they are ordinary!”

Jasper looked at him and said, “How did you understand?!”

Charlton smiled and said, “Because I knew that they will not send their survivors and he said I’m a survivor.”

All of them looked at Weston and Charlton went toward his chair and Weston said, “Please my Lord!”

Eliza ran toward Charlton and took his hand and said, “We lost our friends for this deal. Please my Lord!”

Charlton looked at her and hugged her while fondled her and said, “I’m sorry baby. Please sit. But when you lose your men for find me, so think, what will happen if you go for a dangerous work?!”

They entered the room and moved toward the bed and they sat and Weston said, “Thank you my Lord. You are right my Lord. We just came for the deal.”

“But, you don’t have time and your Lord must hurry.”

Weston shook his head and said, “Ok.”

Charlton took a deep breath and said, “I know where the key is. But you must kill Key Holder of the Green Village.”

Weston got up perplexed and said loudly, “Are you kidding me?! Do you mean you want to give us the key just for kill a wizard?!!!”

Charlton smiled and said, “You are a child yet and you don’t know anything!”

Weston said proudly, “But I’m a fifth year and I know that you are traitor.”

Charlton laughed loudly and said, “Oh my witch! So why are you here?!”

“Because the key is very important.”

“Do you can disappear?!”

But Weston had not any answer and said ashamedly, “I will learn this year.”

“Do you can become smoke?”

Weston said angrily, “This is a black magic!”

Charlton took a deep breath and said seriously, “Your Lords are very coward. I can’t understand them! They think the world is in the peace and you are just an ordinary student! The black wizards are our enemy, and they know black magic! Now, tell me, how you want to fight with them, when you don’t know any black magic?!”

Weston looked at the others and then looked at him and said, “You out of the group for this minds! We are not like them.”

Charlton looked at him and said, “Never mind. Do you trust me?’


“Well. Go!”

Eliza went toward Charlton while she was very worried and said, “Please my Lord! Just tell him when?”

Charlton got up and hugged her and kissed her and said, “Okay. I tell you. You must do it until before noon of tomorrow. Otherwise, this deal will be invalid.”

Weston said angrily, “He will die before noon. But you should be here!”

“Well, I should take you out!”


“Because you can’t vanish!”

Charlton went toward Weston and hugged him and then they disappeared. A few moments later, Charlton appeared in the room and took out Jasper and then took out Catlin and the end, he came toward Eliza and hugged her and kissed her and said, “You are so pretty and I just accept it for you.”

“Thank you my Lord.”

“You are like my daughter.”

Eliza smiled and Charlton kissed her again and then they disappeared. Charlton and Eliza appeared near the lake beside the others while the sky was rainy yet and the lake was normal. Charlton left Eliza slowly and looked at Weston and said, “Go fast and be careful.”

Charlton disappeared and then Weston went while he was very angry. Eliza took her whip and went after them. Catlin took out four flashlights from her bag and gave to them. After a while Jasper became close to Weston and said, “What you want to do, now?!”

Weston said as was moving, “We must report to Lord Elgin. But I know that he don’t trust to any traitor survivor.”

Eliza looked at him and said, “Do you mean this mission will be canceled?!”

“May be.”

Catlin said angrily, “No! We can kill a wizard. We lost my friends and must not disregard their blood.”

Eliza looked at her and said, “Be calm sister. First we should go to the garrison.”

Jasper looked at her and said, “She is right.”

At once they heard the sound of bough breaking from over their heads and they quickly looked at it. Above the tree, on one of the boughs was an informant who was staring at them. Jasper looked at them and said, “Oh my witch! This is an informant.”

The informant flew and Eliza looked at the others and said, “You stay here.”

She ran toward him as the informant was flying at low altitude. When Eliza became close to him, he tried to soar. Eliza jumped quickly on a trunk of tree and jumped again toward the informant. She threw her whip toward him. The dagger of whip hit to right wing of the informant as the informant lost his balance and fell on the ground. But before Eliza could become close to him, he pulled out the dagger from his wing and flew.

This time he could not fly fast. Eliza went quickly after him and when became close to him, she threw her whip again and this time it locked to his leg and Eliza pulled back quickly it as cut informant’s leg. The informant’s scream rose to the air. The informant tried hardly to flew, but Eliza threw her whip again. The whip locked around his body and Eliza hit him toward a tree as the informant hit to the tree and died while his body had become bloody. Eliza fired him and ran toward the others. Catlin hugged her and kissed her and said, “You are very brave sister.”

Weston looked at them and said, “We should separate.”

Catlin said surprised, “For what?!”

“When we are alone, we will have more chance for passing from here.”

Eliza looked at him and said, “No! We must be two.”

Weston thought and said, “Ok. I and Catlin go together and Jasper and you go together too.”

Eliza looked at him and said, “This is better.”

Catlin looked at her sister surprised as she could not say anything. Weston took a deep breath and said, “We must hurry.”

Eliza went toward Jasper and said, “We will meet each other at the garrison.”

Weston shook his head and said, “Ok. Go.”

Eliza and Jasper ran as Catlin was looking to them. Eliza was looking around carefully while Jasper was looking to her. After a while, they heard something and turned off their flashlight and continued their way at the dark. But running was hard as Eliza hit to something and fell into a pit. Jasper stopped quickly and tried to find her. He named her lowly and Eliza said lowly, “I’m here inside a pit.”

Jasper sat on the ground and went toward the pit as had put his hand on the ground. Finally he found it and looked at there, but he could not see anything and said, “Are you ok?!”

Eliza turned on her flashlight as had gotten it toward the ground and said, “Yes.”

She had fallen in a pit which was almost deep and some water was inside it. Jasper went inside the pit carefully because the pit was narrow. When he reached to Eliza, looked at her and said, “Do you hurt?”

Eliza looked at down and said, “I guess something went inside my trousers.”

Jasper looked at her add said, “Can I do?!”

Eliza thought a little and said dubiously, “Ok. But don’t touch the other place!”

Jasper became ashamed and said. “Of course! Which leg?”


Jasper sat and inserted his hand inside her trousers while Eliza had gazed at him. After a few seconds, Jasper took out a little frog and showed him to Eliza as she had become shudder and said, “Please throw him out!”

Jasper threw him and said, “Ok. Now, are you fine?”

Eliza smiled and said, “Yes. Promise to me, you never say this to nobody!”

Jasper smiled and said, “Which topic?!”

Eliza hit slowly to his chest and said, “Shut up! Help me.”

Jasper locked his fingers to each other and Eliza put her feet on it and went up and then Jasper went up hardly. Eliza got his hand and said, “We must hurry, so turn on your flashlight.”

He turned on his flashlight and they ran toward outside the forest. Finally when they came out of the forest, they ran toward a hill which was almost far from there. Around the hill was green and there had tall grass. Eliza went toward the grass and searched until she found a motorcycle and said angrily, “Wicked! Why you take two motorcycles?! ”

Jasper went toward her and said, “If you want.”

But Eliza stared at his eyes and said, “Please shut up! You drive.”

Jasper smiled and said, “Ok.”

Eliza sat behind him and said, “Don’t become intimate soon!”

Jasper moved and said, “Ok. As you wish.”


The lounge saloon was quiet and empty, and there was bright by many lamps. The floor of saloon was black and four black sofas were in there which had distance from each others. Two big pillars were at opposite the sofas which on each of those pillars was a painting of a very big snake which had wreathed around the pillar. One of the snakes was black and the other was red. The roof of saloon was curved which was a painting of a violent battle between the mature hybrids and the ordinary people on it. The hybrids were the shape of hyena and wolf.

Keyholder had sat on one of the sofas with his black robe and was thinking while he had not his cane. He was alone at there and he was very edgy as was playing constantly with his fingers. There were two doors which gender of the entrance door was wooden and it was at his right side and the other was golden which was at his left side and the shape of two beautiful women had become carving on it and the women were beckoning to the knob. The soporific space of there was bringing the pasts to his memory.


Ten-years-old Keyholder was beside his fifty-years-old father and they had sat on one of the sofas in the lounge saloon. There was simpler than its future. Cranston had worn a red robe and on his hat were seven golden ribbons. He looked to Keyholder as was smiling to him and said, “What you have feeling?”

“Is the king of the kings behind the door?!”

“There is not any strange man. He is just a wizard like me.”

“Do you mean he is not stronger than you?!”

“No. But he is powerful, and the people must believe it.”

“Do you can become the king?!”

“I can’t. But I try for you until you can become the king one day. But it is not easy at all, because everyone wants it and they are doing everything for it, everything, even war.”

“I want to be the king.

At this time an old man who had worn black clothes came toward Keyholder and said, “The king of the kings admits you.”

Keyholder took a deep breath and got up and he went after the old man. The old man opened the golden door and Keyholder passed from the door. Behind the door was a very big, princely room. There was a very princely throne that the king of the kings had sat on it and was looking at him. He almost had seventy-years-old and he had worn a green robe which had become decoration with gold and finally he had a black crown which had become inlay with gold.

His throne had made with many skulls of humans which a dreadful countenance had given to it. At around the king were many mature hybrids who were the shape of hyena and wolf. Keyholder lied down with fear on the ground and kissed the floor and then he got up and bowed and said, “The king of the kings be alive.”

The king looked at him unwillingly and said, “Well, Mr. Keyholder, the son of the deceased lawmaker. You are not clever like your father. I see, you only have one ribbon after many years! Now, tell me, what you want?”

Keyholder said with fear, “My king, my hybrids went to the accursed hamlet when they want to catch four rebels.”

The king became angry and shouted, “What?! How you could allow it?! Where you were?! Everybody knows the accursed village is forbidden for us!”

Keyholder bowed and said frightened, “Forgives me my king. They disgraced me.”

The king took several breaths and said, “Your prestige is nothing for us, but prestige of your father is very important for all of us. We don’t want nobody can affront to your father just for your silliness. I tell to Excellency teacher that send two hybrids for you. You are a disgrace for your great family. Go and never come back again.”

Keyholder went back as had bowed and he went out of the room. The old man had stood in a corner of the saloon when Keyholder came out. He moved toward the entrance door and waited. Keyholder went toward the door and the old man opened it. Behind the door was a quite dark space. Keyholder entered to it while was very angry. After a few moments he appeared in a great courtyard which belonged to a very princely palace.

In the center of courtyard was a great statue which had made with gold and a big, black sword was in his right hand and in his left hand was a strange, black wand which was the shape of a viper with open mouth and under his feet were many skulls of humans. The sky was half cloudy and moon was behind black clouds and many people with colored robes were in the courtyard and all of them were man. At under the statue had written {the great wizard}.

Keyholder went toward the entrance gate and he got his cane from the guardroom. He entered to the main street which many cars were in it. Keyholder walked in the sidewalk until he stopped in an empty alley and hit his cane to the ground and disappeared and he appeared in another alley. He did it several times until finally he appeared in a big street which was in a residential area and all of houses were costly and princely.

Keyholder looked to those houses with chagrin and got his head down and continued his way till finally he reached to a very great, princely house. At the front of house were two mature hybrids the shape of wolf. When they saw Keyholder, they stood on his feet and one of them went toward him and said, “What do you want?”

“I have an appointment with Excellency lawmaker.”

Keyholder stood there until the hybrid went and talked with a vocal globe which was inside the wall near the entrance gate and then he came back toward Keyholder and said, “Follow me.”

Keyholder entered to the house after the hybrid. Courtyard of house was so large and green as Keyholder had become dumbstruck and stood at his place. After a moment, an ordinary hybrid came toward them as he had worn a plushy, houseman clothes. The ordinary hybrid stood near Keyholder and said, “Please follow me.”

Keyholder went after him as was looking sadly to around. After a few seconds, they reached to the main building and the hybrid opens the door. Keyholder dried himself with his cane and went after the hybrid toward a big sofa and sat. After a while thirty-five-years-old Sherman who had worn a red, luxurious robe and on his head was a cylindrical hat with five golden ribbons, came toward Keyholder. Keyholder got up and bowed and said, “Excellency lawmaker is alive.”

Sherman said unwillingly, “Sit.”

Keyholder sat on a chair and said, “Congratulate to you. Finally you became the lawmaker. I want to speak with you about red dream.”

Sherman laughed loudly and said, “You only have red dream yet?!! You are not like your father at all! If he had been, he would have made several imprecations at thirteen years.”

Keyholder said angrily, “But you know that he did not allow me to make any imprecation!”

Sherman said seriously, “Be calm. I’m the proponent of making imprecation, but, first I must see it in my place.”

Keyholder said surprised, “For what?!”

Sherman smiled and said, “For certainty.”

“But he already have red dream thirteen years!”

Sherman laughed and said, “I know that he have limits talisman so he can’t escape, and he is alive yet, presumably for revenge.”

Keyholder became angry again and said, “Never! He is nothing.”

Sherman, “Stop! I will send my men for him tonight so erase his talisman. I want to see his reaction after your imprecation.”

“Ok. I don’t have any fear of it, because I’m sure from my imprecation.”

Sherman smiled and said, “Well, go fast to your village and prepare him.”

Keyholder got up and bowed and then he went out of the house as shame, hate and anger were apparent in his face. He started to disappear and appear again till after a while he appeared outside of the city in an empty place. He hit his cane to the ground and his flying broom appeared in his hand. He embarked on the broom and flew quickly toward the village.

When he finally arrived to the village he went toward Gary’s house and landed in the courtyard. Gary’s mother was inside the courtyard and she was sweeping. When she saw Keyholder, bowed frantic and said, “Excellency Keyholder be alive.”

But Keyholder said angrily, “Where is Gary?”

At this time Gary came out quickly from a room and bowed. Keyholder said quickly, “Go and bring him very soon.”

Gary said anxiously, “What happened?!”

Keyholder slapped him and said, “How dare you ask me?!”

Gary’s mother hit him with his leg and hustled him until he became far from Keyholder. Gary embarked quickly on His motorcycle and went out of the house as he had become very anxious. When Gary arrived to the old woman’s house, he stopped and knocked repeatedly to the door. Soon the old woman opened the door and said, “What happened?!”

“I want to take him.”

The old woman went back and Gary ran toward the loft. But when he did not see Alex, he looked at around and suddenly he understood something and said loudly, “Jump rubbish.”

Gary ran toward down as the old woman was looking to him happily. Gary embarked on his motorcycle and moved toward Alex’s house. At the other side, Alex and Anahita were in the dark room while Anahita had lied down on the ground as her head was on Alex’s thigh. Anahita had a flashlight which had put on her belly and its light was toward her face and Alex was fondling her hair. Anahita was happy and Alex was looking to her happily, Anahita said without looking him, “I’m very happy tonight. You became sane now! After all this years, finally you learnt that what you should do when I’m sad!”

Alex got her hand and said, “Well, my mom was doing it before for me. That was so nice, but I didn’t think it is god for you!”

Anahita smiled and said, “Because you are very fool! Of course, you are my fool.”

“I know that I’m fool! But you didn’t teach me anything!”

Anahita said surprised, “You are a boy! Every boy knows that!”

“But I don’t know!”

“Don’t you have instinct?!”


Anahita took his left hand and put ashamed it on her breast as her cheeks became red and Alex had wondered and then she said, “What is your feeling now?”

“I don’t know!! It is so weird and so pleasing!”

“Do you like it?”

At this time, they heard Gary’s voice that was calling Alex loudly. Alex got up quickly and said, “Please stay here.”

Alex ran toward outside while Anahita had become anxious. Alex came out frantic and saw Gary who had stood in the alley while he tried to smile and Alex went toward him and said, “What happened?!”

Gary got his hand and said, “Just come with me and don’t ask any question.”

When Alex heard these words, a very bad feeling engulfed him. Alex embarked behind Gary and they moved toward the cemetery as Anahita was coming out anxiously of the house. They were moving toward the cemetery in the silence. When they went out of the village Alex took a deep breath and said, “Was a ceremony again?!”


When finally they reached to the cemetery, they stopped near the door. At once, Keyholder appeared there and threw Alex down and said angrily, “I want to send you to the capital, if you do any silly work; I will curse you as this imprecation is nothing against it.”

Gary said anxiously, “Do you want I go with him?”

“No. Go.”

Gary bowed and went as he was looking to them constantly. Keyholder walked purposeless around there and he tried to calm himself. Alex was gazing at him with hate and fear although, he could not do anything and it was effectuating that abominate from himself. After a while, Keyholder moved toward Alex and aimed his cane toward him. With this action, Alex fell on the ground as was shouting from pain and was writhing. After a moment, a black smoke came out of Alex’s body and it covered him like a cage, and then the smoke disappeared and he became unconscious. Keyholder stretched his cane toward him with a contemptuous mood and said, “It is better you see nightmare.”


In the Keyholder’s basement which was almost dark, a young girl named Hailey had become chain to the wall. There only was on one lamp. Hailey had a beautiful, white dress of bride as was scrappy and dirty and her face was ulcerous and she was almost unconscious. After a while Keyholder entered to the basement and stood under the light and put his cane under her throat and said, “Tell me, who is your love?”

But she could not speak and her eyes were closed. Keyholder looked at back and said angrily, “Where are you puppy?!”

Soon fifteen-year-old Alex came in the light while had not shirt and his feet were nude and he was crying soundless. Keyholder looked at him and said angrily, “Go and bring a bucket of water. I want to talk with my flower.”

Alex went up from the stairs in the dark and opened the door. He opens the door entered to living room. Mojgan had sat anxiously on a sofa and when she saw Alex, she got up and wanted to say something but sat again and Alex went out while was looking to her sadly.

Outside was cold however it was noon. Alex went toward the backside home until arrived to a big well. He took out the bucket of the well. He picked up the bucket and returned. But suddenly he saw Mojgan who had stood in his way. Mojgan hugged him and kissed him and said, “What happened?! She talked?!”

Alex looked her sadly and said, “No.”

Mojgan fondled him and kissed him again and said, “Don’t be sad baby. I don’t want to see you are sad. If you want to free her, you must cut her hand with this.”

Mojgan showed him a small blade. Alex looked at it surprised and said, “What is this?!”

Mojgan put it inside his pocket and said, “Go fast. He is angry now.”

Mojgan hugged him and got his hand and took the bucket and went toward the home. She gave him the bucket inside the home and Alex removed it sadly and entered to the basement. When he reached to Keyholder, he put down the bucket and looked at Hailey, who had lied down on the ground now as some of her body was naked. Keyholder hit him with kick as he was thrown backward into the dark and said angrily, “Wash her body soon.”

Then he went out and Alex ran toward Hailey and looked at her sadly and said, “Tell him, who is he. Why do you want to suffer for him?!”

Hailey opened hardly her eyes and smiled and said, “For the same reason which your sister did not say anything.”

Alex looked at the bucket and said dubiously, “Can I wash you?!”

Hailey said with pain, “You are fool! For what?! Do you want that he rape to me again?!”

Alex said aghast, “No!!”

Hailey sighed and said, “I know. I wish you kill me now.”

Alex stared at her with open mouth and she continued weepy, “Please, he will come back now. I want to die like your sister.”

Alex brought out the blade while was crying soundless. Hailey looked at it and smiled and kissed hardly his hand and said, “Thank you.”

She put her hand on Alex’s leg and closed her eyes.

Alex jumped frantic from sleep as was breathing hardly. He was in an empty room which a blue, glassy globe was in its roof. The globe was size a ball of handball and it floated at the air. He could see the black sky from behind the window. After a few moments, Sherman appeared in the room as had worn his red robe and in his hand was a wand which its handle was golden. He looked to Alex and said, “You are my prisoner now. I want to see you suffering. You will see nightmare always. So we start now.”

Sherman drew his wand toward him and Alex slept.


The Green Village was in complete silence and it was raining heavily. Seven-years-old boy Alex was crying loudly inside a house which was empty……. When she fell, Alex could not see her anymore and after a few moments, he heard a frightened scream sound.

At once Alex started to run toward the sound until he reached to the rivulet and he shocked with seeing something. At the other side of the rivulet the hybrids were intending to rape to his sister as she tried helplessly to escape from them, but she could not.

Alex wanted to go toward them, but his feet slipped and he fell inside the water and could not to control himself and the water took him. After a while he could hardly get something and came out of the water. He lied down near the rivulet and breathed hardly. After a while he saw his bloody sister's body that had badly situation. Alex wanted to catch her but he could not do anything and his sister went with the water and Alex shouted loudly.

Alex jumped frantic from sleep while this time Alex could not breathe rightly. He knew that he would not see his ring again and this was disappointing him. When he looked at the window, a think came to his mind and he got up. Alex moved hardly toward the window and hit to it with his fist. When the window broke, he picked up one piece of it and looked at his hand.

He took a deep breath and wanted to cut his wrist, but at once, Sherman appeared there and drew his wand toward him and Alex rose in the air as his hands had become open from each other. Sherman looked at him and said, “I know that you can’t endure it and that bastard kept alive you with magic. He wanted to tell a lie to me. He wanted to abash me in the parliament! He is so fool! Don’t worry! I will send you and you will die and he will become notorious. See! Everything will become ok.”


Alex had slept on the ground in the basement of Keyholder’s house as their hands and feet were chains. After a few moments, a new red hybrid came down from the stairs and went toward him. The hybrid looked at him and hit to his belly with kick several time until Alex jumped from sleep as he was breathing badly.

The hybrid was looking him happily and hit him again as Alex had thrown backward and hit to the wall. Alex had not understood yet, what happened. He tried to control himself, but it was almost impossible, because the hybrid came toward him and hit him again and laughed loudly and said, “Wake up trash.”

At this moment, Keyholder came down as was very angry and had worn his black clothes. When the hybrid saw Keyholder, he bowed and went back. Keyholder drew his cane toward Alex and he shouted very loud from pain while was writhing. Keyholder looked at him and said, “How dare you disgrace me?! I should was killing you with your damn family, but you became penalty instead your silly sister. She died in the water and it was not enough. But I want to finish everything now. You will die like your parent.”

He looked at the hybrid and said, “Go and find Gary and tell him prepare the ceremony of fire.”

The hybrid wanted to go first, but stood and said, “But my Lord, I don’t know where is he?!”

Keyholder hit him with cane and said, “So, ask fool!”

The hybrid ran toward outside and went out of the basement. In the living room Mojgan had stood as was very anxious. The hybrid looked her and went out of the house and went quickly toward the village as the sun had not risen completely, but the air was almost clear. After a while the hybrid arrived to the village and stopped near a home and went toward the door and he knocked repeatedly. Soon a man opened the door frantic and looked to the hybrid as had wondered with seeing him. The hybrid said, “Come with me and show me Gary’s house.”

They went toward the house together. In the way they saw Anahita who had stopped outside Gary’s house as she was very sad and anxious. When she saw them, she scared and stared to them. The hybrid looked at the man and said, “You can go now.”

The man went and the hybrid went toward her with smile as Anahita was going back from fear. The hybrid stopped near her and said, “What is your name?”

Anahita swallowed her saliva and said, “I’m Anahita.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I want to see Gary.”

“Great. So you can show me his home.”

“For what?!”

“For the ceremony of fire.”

Anahita said frantic, “For whom?!!”

“For an accursed boy.”

Anahita screamed and said, “No!”

She ran toward her house, but the hybrid caught her quickly and laid her on the ground and he lied down on her. Anahita tried frightened to move, but he had gotten her hands and he was intending to kiss her lips but Anahita was shaking her head quickly. At once, something hit to the hybrid’s head and he was thrown backward.

Anahita looked her around aghast and when she saw Gary who was very angry, she got up and hugged him while was crying. The hybrid yelled and wanted to attack to them but Gary separated Anahita from himself soon and fought with the hybrid. Gary was very powerful and skillful as the hybrid could not hit him easily. At a moment that they separated from each other, Gary said, “She is sweetheart of Excellency Keyholder. Do you want to die?!”

The hybrid said angrily, “Maybe she is, but you are nothing.”

Gary smiled and said, “I’m his secretary and he sent you for me, didn’t it?”

The hybrid became angry and said, “You must prepare the ceremony of fire.”

Gary controlled himself and smiled and said, “Ok, you can go.”

The hybrid looked at him angrily and said, “I will kill you.”

But Gary said coolly, “I will wait.”

When the hybrid went, Gary slapped to Anahita and said angrily, “Are you crazy?! Why did you come with him?! If I wasn’t here, what did you want to do?! ”

Anahita said weepy, “He want to kill him! You must rescue him.”

Gary took a deep breath and said, “I know that! But I can’t do anything! He is a wizard!”

“Where is she?! She is his family! She must do it.”

“I know. I named her. But you must go home.”


Gary slapped her again and said, “Shut up! You must leave him alone. She is a witch, but you are nothing.”

Anahita looked at him with her wet eyes and said, “But I’m his love!”

Gary said angrily, “You are a fool girl! When you were the only girl at his live, you can’t say this! If he chose you among the other girls, then it was love.”

Anahita wanted to say something but gave up and ran while was crying. At the other hand, the hybrid was running toward the cemetery, but when he arrived to the farmlands, he stopped with seeing something. Catlin had stood inside one of the farmlands and he was pretending who was doing something. When she saw the hybrid, she smiled and went slowly toward the small village as the hybrid was following her slowly too. Catlin brought out her tongue like coquette girls and ran. The hybrid smiled and ran happily after her.

Catlin was running from the path between the farmlands as was trying that does not scare. When the hybrid became close to her, suddenly Eliza’s whip came out of among the grass of farmland and it wrapped around the left leg of the hybrid and it was pulled back quickly as the leg of the hybrid cut and he fell on the ground badly.

Soon Eliza and Jasper came out of the farmland and attacked the hybrid, but he ran like a dog among another farmland and hid. Catlin came back toward them and they ran after him. The hybrid could not move rightly and they found his place. Catlin inserted her dress under her pants and removed six of her daggers. They got interval from each other and they tried to surround him, but at once, the hybrid jumped toward Eliza and Catlin threw very fast three of her daggers toward him.

The hybrid fell on Eliza as she had put her whip inside the hybrid’s mouth. The hybrid had caught her whip with his teeth but two of Catlin’s daggers had hit to him. At this moment, Jasper threw his sword toward the hybrid as he could not to react and the sword hit to his body and he yelled and Eliza pulled quickly her whip toward her right side as the hybrid’s mouth cut and his blood spattered on Eliza’s face. Jasper ran very fast toward the hybrid and pulled out his sword and cut the hybrid’s head with a strong stroke.

Eliza got up as tried to clean herself and Catlin came toward her and said, “Are you ok?!”

Eliza smiled and said, “Yes honey. Don’t worry about me. Fortunately the semi-mature hybrids are not very strong. I just should wash myself.”

Catlin smiled and she picked up her daggers, but she did not go after third dagger. Eliza looked at Jasper and said with smile, “Thanks.”

Jasper smiled and said, “You’re welcome. I did not do anything.”

“No! You saved my life.”

Jasper got her arm and looked at it and said, “Thanks white witch. I thought you became ulcerous.”

Eliza smiled and said, “No! He can’t. I’m a tough girl.”

“I know that!”

Catlin looked at them and then she coughed and said with smile, “I guess, we should go.”

Suddenly they looked at her and went toward the rivulet without saying something. Eliza went inside the water as Jasper was looking to her and Catlin was watching him. Eliza was washing her while Catlin was smiling and was shaking her head. When Jasper realized to Catlin, he went toward the cemetery and Eliza came out of the water and went toward her sister and said, “Do I still smell?”

Catlin smiled and said, “Yes, but I don’t think, it be important for someone.”

Eliza pinched her and said, “You are very wicked.”

“Ouch! I know that.”

Eliza ran toward Jasper and Catlin ran after them. When she reached to them looked at Jasper and said, “Was the forest enjoyable?!”

Jasper looked at her surprised and Eliza said, “Shut up your mouth, crazy!”

Catlin laughed and said loudly, “Wow! Good for you. But Weston was very cold and racist!”

“Don’t say this!”

“Why?! Some of them think we are valueless!”

Jasper looked at her and said, “Oh come on! He may to have someone!”

Eliza went toward her sister and kissed her and said, “Anybody refuse you, undoubted is a loser. Now, please leave it.”

Catlin smiled and said, “Ok honey.”

After a while they arrived near the cemetery where Weston had hidden at a place far from the cemetery and they went toward him. Beside Weston were three beautiful shields, a small bag and the electrically baton which was with the driver, on the ground. When they reached, he looked at them and got up and said, “Do you kill him?!”

Eliza looked at the cemetery and said, “Yes. What news?”

“They did not come out yet.”

Catlin looked at him and said, “Do you think we can kill him?!”

“He is a wizard, and I am a wizard! So I will kill him and you will kill the hybrid.”

“I know! But.”

“You agreed with this plan!”

Jasper put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Don’t worry Catlin! We can do it!”

Eliza smiled and said, “He is right sister.”

Catlin looked at them and said, “I wish Flora was here.”

Weston became angry and said, “Shut up! If you want you can go now!”

Eliza got her hand and they sat. After a while Keyholder and the black hybrid came out of the house and they stood outside the cemetery. Keyholder looked to the sun and said something to the hybrid and then the hybrid ran toward the house and entered to the house and after a few seconds came out as had put Alex on his back and went toward Keyholder. Keyholder drew his cane toward Alex and tortured him and then they went toward the village. Weston looked to the others and said, “Ok. Let’s go to kill them. Jasper, you take the igneous globes and Catlin, you take the electrically baton.”

They removed their shields from on the ground and ran toward the village. After a while they saw surprised Flora in the road as her wand was in her hand. Weston went toward her and said angrily, “What are you doing here?! We can kill them.”

Flora looked at them and said, “Why did you come?! You have not any chance to kill Keyholder with them.”

“This is the order and you should go! Why do you think we are inept?!”

Flora was so angry so that she did not know what to say and she without looking at him said, “Because he is a great wizard, and you are just a small wizard and they are just ordinary humans. Is Lord Elgin mad?!”

Weston wanted to answer her but Eliza said loudly, “We don’t have time for this! But we can do this! Flora, what do we must do?”

Flora looked her and said, “What do you have?”

“We have some igneous globes which are with Jasper and an electrically baton which is with Catlin.”

“Oh my witch! Well. You hide among the grass and I will distract him and then you attack to him quickly.”

They went as Weston was angry yet. After a few seconds, Keyholder and the hybrid arrived to Flora and the hybrid threw down Alex and ran toward her. Flora aimed her wand and said, “AAROOM.”

Soon a blue magic fired toward the hybrid as she was running to her left side and she aimed her wand toward Keyholder and said, “BEH MEEER.”

And soon a black magic fired toward Keyholder. Her blue magic hit to the hybrid, but his speed didn’t change and Keyholder defended from himself with a yellow, magical shield as the black magic became off.

At this time, Weston aimed his wand toward the hybrid and said loudly, “AAROOM.”

Soon two blue magic fired toward the hybrid as his speed became slowly and Eliza came out quickly and threw her whip toward the hybrid’s head and it wrapped around his head and Eliza pulled back her whip strongly as the hybrid’s head cut.

At the same time, Keyholder fired a black magic toward Flora and she made quickly a white, magical shield for herself, but it broke and she was thrown backward. Keyholder had not done anything yet that Jasper threw a small, glassy globe toward him which was the size of a fist and Keyholder who had startled, only could dodge and the globe blew up and Keyholder fell on the ground. At that time, Catlin threw two daggers toward Keyholder and he made quickly a magical shield for defense.

Jasper ran quickly toward Keyholder and attacked him with his sword, but it was silly and Keyholder turned off his shield quickly and fight with him with his cane which was very hard and he was very professional as Jasper lost his sword soon and Keyholder hit strongly to his shield as Jasper was thrown backward and he fell on the grass.

At this time, Flora wanted to hit him, but he hit his cane to the ground and suddenly a black wave diffused at his around as all of them were thrown backward. Keyholder looked at them angrily and he drew his cane to the sky and soon a big, black vulture came out of it and he flew toward Jasper.

Jasper got up quickly and threw a globe toward the vulture, but he dodged and Flora aimed her wand toward it and said, “AAROOM.”

Soon a blue magic hit to it, but it had not any influence on the vulture. Keyholder attacked the others with black magic as they were defending hardly from themselves with their shields and Weston and Flora attacked quickly to Keyholder but their magic could not hit him.

The vulture caught Jasper’s shield and flew to the sky as Jasper scared and relinquished his shield. The vulture attacked quickly to Jasper again and he wanted to defend from himself with his sword, but he could not and fell on the ground and the vulture inserted his claws inside Jasper belly while the others were trying hardly to stay alive. Keyholder was throwing magic toward them consecutive and nobody could help Jasper and Eliza was just looking at him sadly as had hidden behind her shield.

the vulture hit to Jasper’s face whit his beak as Jasper had caught the vulture’s neck, but it could not to help him, till finally Jasper became hopeless and he relinquished the vulture and inserted his hands inside his bag and he took out two globes while the vulture was hurting to his face badly. Jasper hit his globes to each others with his latest power and they burst. The vulture flew but soon he disappeared at the sky.

When they saw this, they became angry and Flora aimed her wand toward Keyholder and shouted, “AGH RAB.”

Soon a big, yellow, magical scorpion toward Keyholder but he drew very fast his cane toward her and a big, black snake came out of his cane and he opened his mouth and ate the scorpion. With this action, Flora fell badly on the ground and the snake attacked Flora. Weston made quickly a shield for her as the snake hit to it and went back and attacked Weston while at the same time, Keyholder was fighting with the others.

Weston went back and aimed his wand toward the snake and said, “BAAABRE.”

Soon a white tiger attacked the snake, but suddenly Keyholder fired toward him a black magic and Flora tried to defend from Weston, but her shield broke and Weston was thrown backward and his tiger disappeared. At this time, the snake attacked him and passed from his belly and Weston died.

Flora screamed while she was languid yet and said lowly, “BEH MEEER.”

Her black magic hit the snake but her magic was weak and the snake attacked her. Flora jumped frightened as had scared so much. But suddenly a big, red magic hit to the snake and destroyed him. Keyholder looked angrily to the that side and he saw Emily who had sat on a flying broom with a hot blue dress and she attacked him with a big, magical fire as Keyholder hit very fast his cane to the ground and made a shield around himself. Emily landed and attacked him while Flora had come to help her and Catlin attacked him with her electrically baton, but Eliza could not do something and she was just watching them.

Emily was stronger than Flora, but Keyholder was the strongest of them. At a moment, Keyholder fired a yellow magic toward Flora as her shield broke again and she was thrown backward and then he threw three small, black snakes toward Emily as she only could made a shield for herself.

At this time, Eliza ran toward him and Catlin went after her. Keyholder hit quickly Eliza with his cane as she was thrown backward, but at once, Catlin jumped on him and both fell on the ground and Catlin put the electrically baton on his face and pushed its button. Suddenly she was thrown backward by the electric shock and Keyholder’s face burned and he shouted loudly and immediately he disappeared.


The sky was half cloudy and Charlton had stood near his motorcycle near the accursed village while was looking at Green Village side. After a while Emily flied toward him while she had taken Alex. When Emily landed, Charlton looked at her with surprise while Alex was almost unconscious and said, “Where is Flora?!”

Emily looked at him and said, “First, take him.”

Charlton went toward Alex while he was looking at Emily’s body. Charlton took Alex into the wagon of motorcycle and looked at Emily and said, “Now, where is she?!”

“She told me take you to my father’s place. A number of them have been killed. ”

“Oh my witch! Is she alive?!”

Emily went toward Alex and said, “Who is this?!”

At this moment, Flora arrived to there with her motorcycle while was sad and stopped near them and Charlton went toward her as had the same puerile smiling and said, “I knew that you can rescue him. You are bonny and.”

But Floral looked at Alex and said angrily, “Shut up! Just go with her and be careful.”

But Charlton looked surprised at behind her and said, “We have a problem.”

Flora returned and looked at her behind and she saw Anahita, who was running toward them. Flora disembarked from her motorcycle and ran angrily toward Anahita. When Anahita reached to her, she wanted to pass from her but Flora caught her and said, “Stop!”

Anahita looked at her with wet eyes and said, “Please, I just want to see him.”

But Flora slapped her and said, “Shut up! Everything is finished for you.”

Anahita said weepy, “I beg of you. Just one moment! I will die, if I don’t see him.”

Flora took a deep breath and said, “No! We have no time.”

Anahita looked at the motorcycle and stared at Flora and said, “I just want to say good bye, please!”

Flora said angrily, “I said no! Go your home.”

Anahita pushed her and ran toward the motorcycle but Flora took out her wand from her forearm and said, “Be khaaab.”

Soon a blue magic hit her as Anahita fell on the ground like a body. Flora went toward her motorcycle and looked at Charlton and said, “Go very fast.”

Emily, who had become surprised, said, “Who was she?!”

“Nobody. Please! We have no time! I should go to the garrison and I will go near the entrance door and I will see you there.”

Charlton moved and Flora went back. Soon Emily flied and Charlton went after her. After two hours Emily landed near the small pit. Charlton stopped beside her while he was looking at Emily with his silly smile. At this time, Alex was awake now, but he had not good feeling. Emily went toward Alex and looked at him and said, “Why did they die for him?!”

“Because he is a human.”

“Shut up! Never a normal human is important for you?!”

Emily embarked her broom and flied and then Charlton went toward the pit and aimed his wand toward the water. Soon a white magic hit it and then he jumped into it. Soon Charlton appeared near Alex and went toward him and said, “Hi. Can you walk?!”

Alex opened his eyes slowly and looked at him and said, “What happened?!”

Charlton said happily, “We finally rescued you. But we must hurry because here is not safe.”

Alex just looked at him and Charlton lifted him and aimed his wand toward the motorcycle and a brown magic hit it and it became to a big stone and then they disappeared. They appeared inside the tunnel while Alex was breathing very badly as fell on the ground and Charlton hit himself and ran toward him and hugged him and said, “I’m very sorry! I forgot this is your first time! Try to breathe very deep.”

Alex took deep breath several times while was confused yet and was looking around. After a while Alex calmed and Charlton went toward the door while was ashamed yet and knocked. After a few moments, the door opened and Charlton took a deep breath and suddenly his face became quite serious and then went toward Alex and took his hand and they went to the room.

Inside the room Herbert had stood with his wand and he was happy. When he saw Alex, he went happily toward him and looked to his eyes and said, “This is a pure imprecation.”

Charlton looked at him and said, “Just do it your work.”

“She scared to come?!”

“Everybody scare from your ugly face.”

Herbert became angry and wanted to draw his wand, but Charlton hit him very fast with kick as he fell on his stuff. Charlton went toward him as had taken out his wand and said, “Do you want to die?!”

“I will kill you.”

“Ok. But not now.”

Herbert went toward the door which was in the corner of the room and opened it and Charlton and Alex went after him and they enter to the room. A luminous globe was pendent in the air and two small beds were near each other. A red semi-mature hybrid had tied on one of them and his body was ulcerous and glue was on his mouth while he was looking frightened to them. The room was very messy and many strange tools were inside it. Alex was looking at the hybrid with fear, but Herbert had gazed to him with smile while Charlton was angry. Herbert beckoned to the empty bed and said, “Well. Lie down on this.”

Alex lied down on the bed as was looking to the hybrid yet. Herbert went above of their heads and said, “Be ready. This has much pain. Listen. This is very important. I want to transfer your curse to him. But you have to kill him in your red dream.”

Herbert drew his wand toward Alex and soon his body locked with some rope as he couldn’t move. Next, Herbert went toward a corner of the room and brought a small bottle and then he dropped some of its liquid with eyedropper inside their eyes while Charlton was looking carefully at him.

After it, Herbert aimed his wand toward Alex’s eyes and said soundless something. After a few moments, a red smoke came out of Alex’s eyes and went slowly toward the hybrid’s eyes and entered into them. Alex started to yell and the red smoke covered slowly him and the hybrid until they became imperceptible and Herbert smiled and said, “Fine.”

Charlton looked at them and said, “What are you doing?!”

“This imprecation is very powerful and unique. Just someone who made it can cancel it.”

“But you said.”

“Shut up! But I found this way. You just can transfer it with a magical way.”


Alex had stood in the room of his parent and there was almost clear with a red light. He looked at his around surprised and touched the walls. After a few moments, he wanted to move, but suddenly he heard a voice from outside. Alex ran toward the courtyard and looked at there, but nobody was there. The sky was clear and the moon was shining while it was red. There was silent and a strange voice was heard from there which was from a chain. Alex went toward the alley and looked at his around. Suddenly Alex saw a red, long chain on the ground which was trailing toward the dark. Alex moved slowly toward it as was scaring.

When he became close to it, he caught the end of one of the chain, suddenly his hand locked by it and the chain trailed quickly as Alex fell on the ground and trailed. Alex was moving quickly among the grass while had become frightened and he could not do anything, until he hit to a tree and stopped as he had became unconscious.

After a while, Alex opened his eyes hardly as his body was aching badly. After a few moments, he heard a loud sound which was from a scissors and it was from the dark side of a tree. Alex looked at his hand hardly and did not see the chain, but when he moved a little, he felt that his right leg is heavy and when looked at it, he saw the red chain which had locked to his leg.

The sound of scissors was becoming loud and louder as had become annoying. Alex looked at the sound side and suddenly he saw Anahita, who had stood near the tree and she was sniping her skirt. Alex looked at her aghast and got up frantic and he went toward her. But Anahita was freak as her thigh had become bloody but she was sniping yet.

Alex stopped aghast and wanted to call her, but Anahita turned slowly toward him and smiled while her eyes and face were bloody. She looked at Alex and said, “You like short dress.”

Alex wanted to say something but the same hybrid that was on the bed came quickly toward Anahita and attacked her and killed her with the scissors while Alex had shocked and he could not move. The hybrid after killing Anahita ran toward Alex as was very angry.

The hybrid hit to Alex’s belly with kick as he was thrown backward and at the same time, the space changed as Alex fell on the ground of the cemetery. Alex was breathing badly and he was shocked yet. He was scaring badly because he knew that was not his nightmare, but that could not be real. Alex looked at his around which was almost clear with the red light. There was nobody and everywhere was silent and mysterious. Alex looked at his leg and the chain had locked to it yet.

The chain had entered to the Keyholder’s house. Alex was scaring to go there, but he went because he had not any way. When he entered to the house, there was almost luminous but nobody was at there. The chain had entered to the basement, but when Alex went toward there, suddenly he heard a sound cry which was from the second floor. Alex became worried and ran toward the sound while he also was scaring.

When he reached there, he saw a door which was open. The sound had become louder and Alex knew that he must go in the room. Alex opened the door slowly and looked at the room which was almost dark and there was only a red lamp, but the sound was from the dark side of the room. There was Keyholder’s bedroom. Alex entered to the room as had very bad feeling and he was scaring. He looked at the dark ad said, “Who is there?!”

At once the sound became silent and someone moved toward him. Alex had gazed at the dark while he could hear his heartbeat. After few moment, thirty-seven-years-old Mojgan came out of the dark while her face was wet and she had worn beautiful dress. Mojgan went toward Alex and hugged him and kissed him and said, “Only you are worry about me.”

Alex looked at her and erased her tears and said, “Please don’t cry. You must escape from here soon!”

But Mojgan fondled his face and said sadly, “He want to marry again! But I’m still young and pretty yet”

Alex said surprised, “You are so beautiful. Just leave here now!”

suddenly they heard a sound from down and Alex looked frantic at the room and when he saw the bed, he got her hand and went toward it, but at once the door broke and the hybrid came in the room and Mojgan threw Alex on the bed and the hybrid attacked her with his scissors. Alex wanted frightened to get up, but suddenly the chain trailed and he moved toward out while the hybrid was killing Mojgan. Alex trailed fast toward the basement as he could not do anything.

Alex threw from the stairs and hit to the wall while was breathing hardly. There was red light like the other place and Alex was dizzy badly. Alex got up frantic and looked at his around. He saw a young girl named Hailey, who had become chain at the wall as her dress and face were bloody and its chain had locked to Alex’s foot. Hailey looked at him and said sadly, “Please kill me.”

Alex looked at her aghast and said, “What?! What is this?! This is not my nightmare!”

But Hailey said again, “Please, kill me.”

Suddenly a lot of water entered to the basement while the hybrid was inside it. The hybrid caught Hailey and attacked her with the scissors as the intense flow of water did not let to Alex till he could move toward her and soon he drowned in the water.

Alex swam hardly and came out of the water, but he saw himself at the rivulet, outside the village. Alex came out quickly and ran toward the big stone. When he arrived to the stone, he sat and inserted his hand inside the hole and brought out his ring and put it in his finger and stared at it, but it did not become blue.

At this moment, the hybrid’s hand came out of the hole as Alex was thrown backward from fear and ran while the hybrid was coming out of the hole. Alex ran toward the accursed village and the hybrid was following him. Finally he could enter to the accursed village as the red moon had cleared the sky.

Inside the accursed village was completely empty, cold and neither of the houses had the door. Alex went in one of the houses and hid quickly inside a room at the dark. There was completely silent as he could hear his heartbeat which was fast. Alex had not good feeling and after a few seconds, he heard a breath voice at the corner of the room which was becoming close to him slowly.

Alex jumped out of the room and stood in the courtyard while he had gazed at the room with fear. A few moments later, a bloody, girlie hand came out slowly of the dark as was moving crawl. Alex was looking at her terrified and went a little back. A girl who was coming out of the room was Jill as her dress was bloody and she had a scary situation.

When Jill entered to the courtyard, she got up slowly and looked at Alex while her face was bloody and scary. She moved toward Alex but he ran fast and came out of the home. At the alley, he saw the hybrid and ran as he did not know that he must escape from whom. Alex went inside another home which had a well. Alex went toward it but when looked at inside it scared and went back.

When the hybrid entered to the home, he ran toward the wall and jumped and went out of there. Alex was running among the alleys while was scaring to enter to any house.

Suddenly he fell sorely on the ground as his head hit to the ground and became bloody. When Alex looked terrified at his feet, he saw aghast his right leg had caught by the hybrid’s hand which was under the ground. Alex took out his leg and got up quickly while the hybrid was coming out of under the ground.

Alex ran and ran until finally went inside a house which had a small pool in the center of courtyard. The water of pool was bloody, but Alex went inside it and when he heard a voice of feet, he went under the water. After a while, Alex came out slowly from the water, but saw aghast the house had changed and many men were in the courtyard as some of them had worn black clothes and they had sword but the other were rural men who had agriculture equipments and was defending from themselves with those.

But the black men were killing them brutally and the pool was full of the rural corpses. Alex was looking at them as had shocked. Suddenly one of the black men saw him and attacked him and Alex went under the water. But he could not stay there much and came out of the water while the house had become like its first.

But this time, Jill had sat in the water and was staring at him. Alex jumped from the water and ran terrified and he went out of the home. At the alley he saw three stones which were almost big and ran toward those stones and removed them. This time when he saw the hybrid with his bloody scissors, he stood and took a deep breath and threw one of the stones toward him as it hit to his head and the hybrid lost his control. Alex threw quickly another stone and it hit to his head again as this time the hybrid fell on the ground and Alex ran toward him and jumped on him.

Alex removed the scissors and hit several times to the hybrid’s chest as his hands became bloody and his ring started to become blue. When Alex tired of hitting, he took several breaths and looked at his ring. But suddenly he saw Jill near himself.

Alex got up quickly and ran while he did not know where he must hide. He went inside a house which had a well and he ran toward it and jumped into the well. The well had water as Alex did not hurt and he came out of under the water and looked to the red sky as was breathing badly.

The red moon was up of the well and there was clear. When Alex became a little calm, he looked at his ring which had become blue. But the water was bloody and it wasn’t good at all. Soon he heard a voice from under the water and he wanted to escape, but he could not, because the well was big and its wall was slippery.

Alex was looking terrified to the water as something was coming up from the water. Soon the water became black and he saw tall hair which was coming up slowly and he saw Jill, who was looking at him with her scary face. Jill went toward him, but Alex stretched quickly his right hand toward her as his ring had become shining. Jill stopped and looked at the ring and Alex said terrified, “I swear. I came to help you. But I can’t.”

At this time, the blue light of his ring became more and Jill’s face started to change. Alex said again, “I don’t know that what happened!”

Jill’s face became normal and she smiled and said, “I know. You are a good boy. Please forgive me.”

Suddenly the light of the ring became very much as there became completely blue.

After a few seconds, Alex got up while he was breathing hardly. Charlton looked at him, but soon he shocked as Herbert came toward Alex and looked at him and he shocked too. Alex’s eyes were yellow now and Charlton looked at Herbert and said, “What is this?!”

“It is main color of his eyes!”

Alex looked at them and said, “What happened?!”

Charlton smiled and said, “Nothing! We have to go.”

Charlton hugged him and they disappeared. They appeared near the pit and Charlton went toward his motorcycle and Alex moved slowly while he had much pain yet. Alex got on the motorcycle and Charlton drove while was looking at Alex with surprised. Alex lied down and looked at his left hand and kissed it and closed his eyes and said lowly, “Stay safe please.”


Seventeen-years-old Alex had sat in the room of his parents’ house in the dark and he was shivering with his thin, old clothes while the weather was rainy. After a few seconds, Anahita entered in the room as had a flashlight and her dress was wet. She had gloves which were in Alex’s hand. Anahita went toward him and said sadly, “Why don’t you turn on fire?!”

Alex looked at her and said, “I told you don’t come!”

Anahita sat beside him and said, “Why?! Do you have another one?!”

Alex got down his head as was shivering yet. Anahita hugged him sadly and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t bring for you some clothes.”

Alex took a deep breath and said, “You are crazy!”

Anahita smiled and said, “I know.”

She took off her gloves and said, “Get it.”


“I told you get. These are gift and a memento.”

Alex got those gloves and Anahita turn off her flashlight.

After a while they arrived to a mountainous area which Flora had stood there alone. Charlton stopped near her while he was smiling like a simpleton now. Flora went quickly toward Alex and said, “Are you alright?!”

Charlton looked at her and said, “Yes honey.”

“Shut up!”

Alex looked at her and said, “I’m fine! But…”

But Flora cut his word and said, “Oh my witch! Your eyes are yellow!”

Charlton looked at her and said, “It is main color of his eyes!”

Alex looked at him and said, “But my eyes were black!”

Charlton smiled and said, “We must change it.”

Flora looked at him and said, “Well. Do it!”

Charlton paused a little and said, “I can’t do it like his mother! I can do it for one day!”

Flora looked at Alex and said, “It is okay. I will tell to Lord Abraham. Alex must be normal.”

Alex looked at Flora and said, “Why my mom had changed my eyes?!”

“I will tell you honey, but not now. We should go.”


“To your new home.”

“Where is my ring?!”

“You can’t to have that.”


“You must not to have your ring, because everyone wants to use you and your mother did not want this.”

“But I can’t live without it!”

“You can. You have us and you are free now. All of these are your mother’s requests.”

“Ok. I will do anything for my mother.”

“Good boy. So come with me.”

“Do you know where my ring is?!”

Charlton looked at him and said, “I will take it from Gary.”

Alex dismounted from the motorcycle and Charlton aimed his wand toward him and soon a white magic hit to Alex’s eyes and they became black. After it, he went toward Flora and then Charlton embarked to his motorcycle and went. Next Flora looked at Alex and smiled and said, “Don’t worry honey. There is a boarding school. I want to tell them you are a relative of Lord Abraham. You must not tell them who know us and never must speak about the ring with them. You must not trust to someone except the persons that I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes I guess.”

“It is not hard. You can’t tell about your family except us and the ring.”


Flora took out a very small, yellow globe from her pocket and she pressed it and after a few moments, they heard a sound of moving something and then some part of the ground opened and they saw a white way which was downhill and they went down together. After a few seconds the ground moved again and the entrance way closed and suddenly several small, luminous globes appeared at two side of the way. Flora got his hand and kissed him and said, “I must be like a stranger with you at there.”

“No problem.”

But Flora became sad and said, “Why do you hate me yet?! I’m sorry for that. But I like you even more than her.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t hate you! But I’m confused very much yet!”

Flora smiled and said, “Ok. I know that what you say.”

Alex was looking at around and he was moving with Flora in silence, until they arrived to a great, luminous space which was like a parking and many motorcycle were in there and seven watchmen had stood beside seven white doors. Flora went toward one of the doors and its guard opened the door with respect and side, “White witch is lasting.”

“White witch is lasting.”

Then they entered in the room. There was a small room which had nothing except a big, golden mirror. Alex had gotten his head down and had not good feeling. The mirror was strange as their picture was not reflecting in it. After a few moments, a mannish cut head named Philip, who had disheveled hair, appeared in the mirror and when he saw Flora said happily, “Wow! Golden girl. Welcome.”

Flora said seriously, “Thank you. I want to see Lord Richard.”

At this time, Alex raised his head and looked at the mirror. When Philip saw him, he shocked as his mouth was open. Flora looked at them surprised and said, “What?!”

Philip smiled hardly and said, “Nothing. Just I thought he should be Carlos.”

Flora said seriously, “No. please just take us inside.”

Philip looked at Alex and said, “What is your name boy?”

“I’m Alex.”

Philip smiled and as had gazed at him, said, “So interesting! Is he a survivor?!”

Flora looked at Alex and said, “No. He is Abraham’s relative.”

Philip smiled and disappeared. Soon the room started to move till after a few seconds stopped and Flora opened the door and they went out. Outside of the room was a road which was going to a great, princely boarding school which was near a great forest. Alex looked at his back and the room disappeared. Flora took a deep breath and said, “Well, everything will begin now.”

The end



The King Of The Wizards : Beginning

The king of the wizards: Beginning At an unknown time, the world is divided into five regions and the wizards govern to them. Black wizards are at the middle region and their main enemies are white wizards, though they have many enemies. The black wizards are very powerful and ruthless and they create grim creatures for control the people. The black wizards are from generation a black, wild, cruel wizard and the white wizards are from generation a beautiful, kindly, powerful witch who is a woman. But they have an internal enemy called traitor survivors. In such conditions Alex lives in a village, while his family killed by a black wizard named Key Holder, when he was seven years old. Key Holder doesn't kill him, but he curses Alex for a special reason. Alex's imprecation is red dream that cause he sees real nightmare about his painful past. Alex lives just for revenge, but it is very much hard. But everything changes completely when Alex is twenty years old. He understands that he has an aunt who is a witch. She tries to rescue him surreptitious, but this work is not easy at all. She sends a girl named Flora, who is a witch for this mission. Flora gets help of the Liberty Group that are the white wizards' soldiers, of course, with a cleverly plan, because nobody should know Alex. On the other hand, Alex is in love with Anahita who lives in the village but their love is clandestinely and Alex tries to dissuade her, because it is a big crime as Key Holder will kill her. But Alex becomes confused; when Flora tries to take his heart. To rescue Alex many people are killed, but murderer of his family could escape. Flora nullifies the imprecation by a traitor survivors and she takes him to a boarding school which the whit wizards study at there, but the name of an ordinary boy not a wizard.

  • ISBN: 9781370447879
  • Author: Rahim Mokari
  • Published: 2016-08-03 15:50:10
  • Words: 40381
The King  Of  The Wizards : Beginning The King  Of  The Wizards : Beginning