The Kidzter Kids Meet The Beatles (Free 4 Chapter Preview)


The Kidzter Kids


The Beatles

Written by:

Eva Emily Ellis

Apprentice Musicologist, 1st Class

As told to:

Bob Heyman & Mady Reinhardt

Illustrated by:

Jason Whitley & Ahmed Shaltout

© Kidzter Inc., 2017

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The Kidzter Kids

The historical events you will read about are true. You are there with Eva, Carlos & Jimi, the Kidzter Kids, as they witness music history that really happened.

Chapter One

Rising star

There seemed to be more than a few dozen people sitting and waiting. Eva stared at the hundreds of pairs of eyes that were scanning the stage in expectation. Nervous, she pulled her head back behind the velvet curtains and sighed – Mort’s idea of assigning them as the opening band had been the worst idea ever.

“Why the long face?” she heard Gizmo asking.

He was struggling to move Jimi’s drums in the best spot for the performance. She ran to him, their combined strength brought the drum set in the perfect place.

“Mort said there would be less people,” she whispered, almost to herself.

The blue fur ball chuckled.

“Well, you have to get used to all of this,” he replied.

“One day there will be hundreds of thousands of people. What will you do then?”

“I doubt that will actually happen,” Eva shrugged, trying to seem indifferent.

“That’s too bad,” Gizmo said before leaning closer to her and, as he looked in all directions as if making sure no one was there to see him, he whispered

“You don’t know this from me but Mort is always talking about how much potential you three have as a band and how far you can go if you work hard enough. It kind of became annoying,” he added with a grin.

Eva let out a small giggle. Gizmo was slowly starting to become her favorite person in the school. Well, besides her friends.

Speaking of which…

Jimi and Carlos walked on the stage, looking more confident than ever. It seemed the last rehearsals got their spirits high up in the sky.

“We’re going to own this!” Jimi exclaimed as he took his seat behind the drums. He tapped the drumsticks against each other a couple of times before hitting the drums.

“It’s all good, Gizmo!”

“Where have you guys been?” Eva asked, her eyebrows furrowing.

“What if the show started without you two?”

“Relax. It’s just one song anyway. And not any song,” Carlos grinned as if he was about to tell the best joke of the year.

“A Christmas carol.” Eva sighed.

It may have been just a Christmas show and it may have been just one song but she was planning to give her best. And judging by the determined looks on her friends’ faces, they felt the same.

Plus, she had prepared a little surprise.

“Are you guys ready?” Gizmo asked.

At their nods, he pulled as hard as he could, the dark red fabric parting and revealing the actors that would open the play. With a deep breath, Eva grabbed the microphone and spoke as clear as she could.

“The Kidzter Music School is honored to host the regional Christmas show this year. We hope you will have as much fun as we did preparing this! Enjoy!”

The applause that followed was exactly the confidence boost she needed. It made her and her friends want to hear more of it after their song was over and that’s what mattered the most.

The audience was captivated from the very first note. They had managed to take the classic Jingle Bells and reshape it into a modern song with charming vocals, energizing drums and a guitar technique that would’ve made even Slash jealous – Carlos was starting to get good. Really good.

The people loved their song. Eva could see the impressed looks on their faces and that only got her believing what Gizmo told her – they were great together.

As the music faded and they got ready for Carlos’ guitar solo, the lights dimmed.

The guitar solo however, had been nothing like what they rehearsed.


For the past week, Carlos did nothing but bask in the admiration of the other kids. His guitar solo was not as rehearsed but managed to get them a loud round of applause.

After the show, they jokingly changed Carlos’ name to Buckethead. And the boy loved it.

It was such a shame it has eventually gotten to his head.

“Hey Carlos,” a boy named Jack called out to him – the school’s cool kid.

He had long black hair and there was no colorful clothing article on him – he was covered in black leather and studs. No one liked that and yet every kid in school wanted to be in his company.

“What are you still doing at the losers’ table? Why don’t you come sit with us?” Jack said.

Carlos couldn’t believe Jack was talking to him. Without even looking at his friends, he got up and followed the boy to the “cool table”. The other kids surrounding it were a colorful crowd – bold colors, fancy accessories and odd hairstyles.

“This is not good,” Eva told Jimi once their friend left.

“He’s been acting like he’s the greatest person in the world. He didn’t even turn in his homework yesterday because he said he’s too good for this.” Eva was worried

“Oh, wow,” Jimi shook his head.

He gave up chasing the peas in his plate with the fork and looked at Eva.

“I think he could use a lesson,” Eva scoffed.

Then she thought of the last time they were taught something that couldn’t be explained in class. Eva silently hoped it would happen again.

Chapter Two

Observation Tower

“So why are we going to Mort’s office again?” Carlos asked, slightly annoyed that his now daily guitar practice has been interrupted.

“I gotta practice with Jack today.” Carlos said

“Mort asked to see us,” Jimi replied, not even looking at him.

He was lying, of course – Eva and Jimi had asked Professor Mort Moose for help. Mort had told them to get Carlos and they would be going on an “Field Trip”. It made Eva so excited! Though she did not think she was going to learn anything this time. It was Carlos who needed to learn, right? Carlos had been hanging out with that Jack kid a lot during the past few days. He kept ignoring his texts, his Facebook messages and didn’t even answer the phone when she called.

Eva was quiet. She kept thinking about what Gizmo said, that they had potential to be great musicians but the past week made her want the opposite. If it meant that one of them was going to let the fame get to their head and act like Carlos did. It would not be very much fun. She liked where things were going, she didn’t understand why Carlos had to change so much.

“Hey kids,” Mort greeted them as they entered his office.

“Observation Tower. Now” Was all he said and walked out the door.

Eva suddenly felt like she was in trouble too. Oh no. He doesn’t look happy. Eva thought. Carlos and Jimi gulped in fear and followed behind the teacher. Walking up the ladder they could hear the loud music coming from the inside of the Observation Tower. The time machine was already set up, its door wide open.

Gizmo was making the final preparations in his usual frantic to and fro.

“Oooooh, are we gonna time travel again?” Carlos asked, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

Mort nodded.

“Yup. Any guesses who?” Mort said.

“Tell us! Let’s go! But… You only take us places when we have to learn something. We did an awesome performance. We practiced a lot, what could we learn here?” Carlos said.

Eva and Jimi shared a small glance.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“To see The Beatles.” Mort said.

“Are you kidding me? That’s awesome!” Jimi exclaimed.

“But why though?” Carlos asked again.

“We thought it’d be useful for our next group project,” Eva chimed in. “And Mort was more than happy to help.”

The time machine was ready and Gizmo walked to them, holding an empty white box.

“Do we really have to do it all the time?” Carlos asked as he put his phone and MP3 player in the box.

“Jack would’ve loved a picture of The Beatles.”

His friends rolled their eyes. Luckily, he didn’t notice. They put their phones inside as well, and prepared to travel. Once the box was set safely aside, Mort Moose smiled and led the kids to the time machine.

“Oh and one more thing, I am not going with you.” Mort said handing the watch to Eva.

What?! She thought. Her heart beating rapidly and looking at the boys.

“What if we won’t manage to see The Beatles?” Eva asked, her voice dripping with concern. She loved that band since she was little and it would’ve been a shame if they somehow didn’t manage to see them.

“You are forgetting the most important thing. What if something goes wrong with the machine and we end up chased by dinosaurs?” Carlos laughed.

Mort chuckled.

“We’ve been using this for years now with no problem. I’ve already sent a message to your guide and, should you end up in a different year, you’ve got my watch to bring you back.” Mort said sitting down next to Gizmo.

“Okay now, time to go,” he said.


Eva carefully slid the watch in her pocket.

“Here we go!” announced Gizmo and, as he pushed the red button, the kids were gone.

“Do you think they’ll be fine without you?” he asked the moose once he opened the machine’s door again. “Of course they will,” Mort replied. “They’re good kids,” he continued, grabbing a small napkin to polish his antlers with.

“They’re great kids with even greater potential. I really think they’ll take my place someday. If they can find their way back.” Mort said closing the door.

Chapter Three

60 minutes left

Like the last time, it was only a matter of seconds before they reached their destination. Looking at the sign in front of them it said The CBS Studio 50.

It was a sunny morning and, as expected, the area was crowded. All kinds of people, men, women, and children were running in a continuous motion, hurrying either to their jobs either to school.

There were fewer cars than they had expected and the lack of color surprised them – they were mostly black, as opposed to the rainbow that the streets would become back in their time.

The kids looked at huge building in front of them, their eyes widening in wonder. It was as incredible as they’d imagined it would be. Some cats were climbing the fire stairs, trying to find a spot where the sunlight had a better reach and they could see some women tossing tiny pieces of food to the small animals. The studio’s name was engraved. On the side, in clear white letters, was announced that tonight’s Ed Sullivan show would feature The Beatles.


As they approached the building, they could see that most of the people walking by didn’t continue in their path but stopped in front of the entrance, adding themselves to the already increasing crowd.

“I wonder what’s happening,” Jimi murmured, almost to himself.

“Let’s take a closer look,” Carlos suggested.

“What if we get to see The Beatles already!” Jimi said.

“Do you see how many people there are?” Eva frowned.

“Even if they were there, there’s no way we can see them. We have to find our guide as soon as possible.”

The boys looked disappointed but didn’t make any comment. She was right, they had to find the kid that would be their guide first, and then go on with their adventure.

“C’mon, we only have an hour,” Eva announced impatiently.

A small scream came from the crowd – the kids froze. They didn’t remember any tragedy happening at that time.

“It was about time a fan girl fainted,” a jeering voice could be heard from behind them. That always happens.

“You must be the Kidzter kids.

Chapter Four

55 minutes left


They turned around to see a boy about their age, his black curls hidden under a cap. He was wearing a small grey suit jacket and grey shorts that reached his knees. Eva couldn’t help but picture him as a little gangster.

“I’m Billy May,” the boy smiled and hurried to shake their hands.

“I’ll be your guide. Mort found me a few hours ago and told me to look for you three. He said I was the only one who can see you. Is that true?” Billy said.

They all nodded at the same time.

“That’s so groovy!” He said

Without even waiting for his friends’ reactions, Carlos made the introductions.

“I’m Carlos, rising guitar star,”

“-and this is Eva and Jimi. She does the vocals and plays the keyboards and Jimi is the drummer. We’re a band.” Carlos said

“That’s neat,” Billy said, watching closely the scene behind his new friends.

Carlos couldn’t help but notice how he didn’t seem to be the least interested in what he had just said. A slight tinge of disappointment slithered into his heart.

“I wonder why they faint that often. It’s just a band.” Carlos asked changing the subject

“What do you mean?” Eva asked him.

He shrugged.

“The Beatles are in that building, taping some songs for tonight’s show. The fans found out and the word spread,” he grinned.

“It’s really impossible to keep a secret around here and that’s the result.” He pointed to the crowd and signaled them to be quiet. The fans’ adoring screams were so loud they wondered how all those windows didn’t break.

“How much time do you guys have?” Billy asked them.

“Sixty minutes,” came Eva’s reply as she checked the magic watch.

“No, fifty-three, actually. We gotta hurry or else we’ll miss everything.”

“Nah, you won’t miss a thing,” Billy said.

“C’mon, I can get us in.”

The three kids stared at him in confusion.

“If you guys are really invisible, I can get all of us in no problem! Just try not to scream.” Billy smiled.

“That’s so cool!” Jimi exclaimed.

Billy laughed. They walked behind the boy, each lost in their own thoughts. Eva was thinking of how The Beatles were going to teach them about being “Humble”. That was the word Mort used.

While her two friends were wondering how a kid their age would manage to get them inside the studio. Mort trusted Billy enough to assign him as the guide and that must’ve meant something, right?

When they reached the back entrance, they couldn’t help but notice how simple it was – just a plain black door with no visible handle. Billy knocked.

“Hey Mike,” the boy raised his voice, “Can ya open the door for me?”

For a brief moment, the kids thought they were going to be left outside but in the next second, they could hear a faint click as the door opened. A solid man appeared from behind it, prompting surprised gasps from the three friends.

“Hey, Billy,” the man spoke as he stepped aside so the kid could enter.

“What brings you here?”

“Eh, you know,” the boy spoke, waving his hand.

“Mom wants to know how The Beatles are gonna act tonight.”

The man laughed. He was obviously used to the boy’s presence and they seemed long-time buddies.

“She could watch the TV like every other normal person.”

“You know mom. She always wants to be the first to know all the gossip.” Billy said.

Even though they had walked around the building, she could still hear the screaming and excitement. The Beatles were famous, really famous. She knew that, but how did they not let their popularity change them? Maybe they did change?

She saw how Carlos changed when he became better at guitar, he turned into a completely different person. She missed her old friend Carlos, and hoped this would change him back to the way it was before.

The Kidzter Kids Meet The Beatles (Free 4 Chapter Preview)

The Kidzter Kids meet the Beatles and learn a lesson about nt letting fame go to your head. You can buy the full length version of this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and wherever ebooks are sold.

  • Author: Eva Emily Ellis
  • Published: 2017-08-17 03:17:26
  • Words: 2730
The Kidzter Kids Meet The Beatles (Free 4 Chapter Preview) The Kidzter Kids Meet The Beatles (Free 4 Chapter Preview)