The Kidzter Kids Meet Elvis Presley (Free 4 Chapter Preview)


The Kidzter Kids


Elvis Presley

Written by:

Eva Emily Ellis

Apprentice Musicologist, 1st Class

As told to:

Bob Heyman & Mady Reinhardt

Illustrated by:

Jason Whitley & Ali Firat Biberci

© Kidzter Inc., 2017

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The Kidzter Kids

The historical events you will read about are true. You are there with Eva, Carlos & Jimi, the Kidzter Kids, as they witness music history that really happened.

Chapter One

The big day finally arrived! Eva had been waiting for that moment for so long. She and her two friends, Carlos and Jimi, were waiting in the classroom.

“I know we are going to win, there’s no way we can lose!” Carlos said.

Eva was really confident too. Their school, Kidzter Music, made a competition for the very first time. There was a new record label called “Young Stars” that was seeking for a new band of kids. This label contacted their school, to pick only one band. The best band, according to the label, was going to get a contract.

The Kidzter Kids (Eva, Carlos and Jimi) have been practicing for months. Their teamwork got better during their practice. There was a time when they couldn’t agree to practice without fighting, but that was in the past. They managed to record a great sample demo for the competition.

“We are going to travel all around the world and meet new people.” Jimi said.

That was the most exciting part. The record label promised that, with the contract signed, the new band was going to go on tour and have amazing concerts for so many people. She was thrilled to visit new places, new cultures and new people. They would be also able to see beautiful landscapes during the tour. Eva couldn’t wait any longer.

They have been talking about it for months. There had not been a single day without practice. They really put a huge effort into that sample demo.

“The other bands stand no chance. My guitar skills got way better with our band practice. Jimi, your drum beats are insane. And Eva, your vocals and the way you play that keyboard… we are just in another level!” Carlos said.

Eva had everything planned in her head. They were going to match their clothes as their signature. The letter “K” was going to be stamped on the back of their jackets. They would have bright lights and big crowds. And they, the Kidzter Kids, were going to have the biggest concert ever.

Crystal Canary and Floyd Fox, Eva’s teachers, entered the classroom. The big moment was finally getting closer. They made every band gather in the center of the room, and they were standing in front of them.

“This is it, guys!” Eva whispered.

She could feel the rush of adrenaline flow through her veins. Her life might be changing completely after those minutes.

“Attention, please. We got in contact with “Young Stars” and sent them all the samples you recorded. Remember, it was their criteria to pick one, not ours.” said Crystal Canary.

“We are going to read the letter out loud to you. We have no idea who is going to win. But we wish the best of luck to all of you,” said Floyd Fox.

We don’t need luck, Eva thought. We are great.

Both teachers walked towards a big box. Inside of it, there was a small letter. Floyd Fox picked the letter up and opened it.

“The band that is going to get a contract with “Young Stars” is… Kiddie Kats!” Both teachers said.

“What!?” screamed Carlos.

“There must be a mistake!” insisted Jimi.

But there was not a mistake. That record label was not interested in any other sample, only in the one provided by the Kiddie Kats. Eva felt a great disappointment. Everything that she thought about, all those dreams she had, where suddenly getting away.

The Kidzter Kids were in silence. All the students were leaving the classroom, but they were still there. Everyone knew the amount of effort they put into their sample demo. All those months…

“That is so unfair. We are clearly great. We deserve to be noticed,” Eva said.

“Maybe we are not that great. We should have won if we were actually amazing… right?” Jimi asked.

“I don’t know what to say. I feel really down right now,” said Carlos.

They were going over the things that might have been wrong. Maybe the base wasn’t the right one. Or maybe if they made it in a higher key, or changed Carlos’ riff, or arranged Eva’s vocal differently, or…

They didn’t notice Mort Moose standing next to them. He was the headmaster of the school, the highest authority. Eva was really surprised. She had absolutely no idea why he would approach them. This time, they were not in trouble.

“Students, I know rejection can be hard. I want you to meet someone who has known rejection. He will teach you a great lesson,” Mort Moose said to them.

As they were walking out of the classroom, Eva felt the urge to ask him something: “But, professor… Who is this person we are going to meet?”

The headmaster of Kidzter School looked at Eva: “His name is Elvis. Elvis Presley”.


Eva was so surprised! She could not believe Mort Moose was about to introduce them to Elvis Presley himself. Carlos and Jimi were really excited too, she noticed their eyes shining with enthusiasm. But they had a lot of respect for their headmaster, that’s why they were really quiet.

In silence, Eva and her friends followed Mort Moose to the already known roof of the school. She remembered the past adventures they had there, and all the things they learned.

The air felt really nice, it was a beautiful sunny day. All the kids enjoyed that evening outside, but Eva and her friends were at the front of the Time Machine room.

“As you might be able to tell, we are about to enter this room once again,” Mort Moose said.

Eva tried not to look down. The roof was really high and she was always scared of heights. But, this time, she knew something really cool was about to happen.

“Are we going to travel back in time again?” Carlos asked.

“Indeed,” replied Mort Moose.

The Kidzter Kids could not hold it any longer. They started to scream and talk about the amazing adventure that was in front of them.

“We are going to meet Elvis! That’s so cool!” Jimi shouted. Eva thought about the opportunity to talk to Elvis.

She had so many questions! It was hard to decide where to start. She wanted to know how to become a great singer. Maybe Elvis could give her some incredible tips.

“So, professor… Is Elvis going to teach us how to be better musicians? Is that why we are going to meet him?” Eva asked.

All of the sudden, Mort Moose gave them a very serious look. Eva suspected that look meant a “no”.

“No, dear Eva. Elvis is not going to teach you how to be better musicians, or give you a magical solution to have a contract in the “Young Stars” record label,” replied Mort Moose.

Again, disappointment was in the looks of the Kidzter Kids. Eva did not understand: Elvis was such a huge star. What else could he teach them, other than how to become stars like him?

“The road to success is not what you always think. See, we often get to see only the best part of a musician’s life: bright lights, crowded concerts, fame… But, I’m going to show you the real problem Elvis had to face in order to become a star,” said Mort Moose.

Eva felt a little bit scared. As usual, Mort Moose was being mysterious. She trusted him, but there was something about it that felt wrong. Were they going to see Elvis at his worst? How was that going to make them feel any better, after that huge rejection they just had?

“Please, follow me,” said Mort Moose.

He opened a big door and, behind it, the Time Machine was waiting for them.

Chapter Three

Eva had remembered what the room had looked like. The big steampunk-like time machine and the way it sparkled.

“Let’s go!!” Jimi yelled and ran towards the open machine doors.

The Kidzter Kids ran towards the doors until a large figure stepped in their way.

“Do not run kids.” The voice said.

It was Gizmo. His fury face came close to theirs.

“We do not want you to unplug anything would we?” His voice seemed to send cold chills up their spines.

They walked the rest of way into the bell shaped room and found their seats. The music that was playing sounded like rock and roll pop.

“This beat is jive’n” Said Mort Moose to Gizmo.

“It is Elvis right?!” Carlos said.

Eva knew it was Elvis but she let Mort Moose answer the question instead.

“Yes. Now lets go.” He said and they all held on tight.

The music began to blast louder through the speakers and Gizmo started pulling levers and playing the keyboard in tune with the music.

Eva listened as she prepared for the music to change into the strange sounds she remembered.

She closed her eyes for a moment to just enjoy the sounds until someone in front of her cleared their throat.

“Mm.. Eva.” It was Mort Moose.

His hand was outstretched like he was patiently waiting for something.

“But didn’t they have phones when Elvis was there?” Eva asked.

“Not ones that fit in your pocket.” He said and moved his hand closer.

She handed him her devices without saying another word.

“So where exactly are we going? Wasn’t Elvis from Memphis?” Eva said as the room began to grow in sound and the lights began to flicker.

“Why yes he was Eva, but we will go to Nashville, Tennessee to see how Elvis never gave up.” Mort Moose said back to her.

Just then the room turned black and dark as the walls began to turn away once more. This time Eva and the others were prepared for it as they fell.

“Where are we going to land this time though?” Eva yelled to Mort Moose.

He did not answer; in fact no one looked like they were going to answer. They were too busy looking down in fear.

Oh Gizmo Where did you put us. Eva gulped as she looked down as well.

They were descending fast, and last time they landed it was on a soft bed of grass and were ready to go in no time. But now..

“Well I hope you can swim!” Gizmo said still in a cool jazzy voice without fear.

“But I thought we were going to be in Nashville! That is what you said right?” Eva yelled back.

“We are in Nashville I believe.” Mort Moose finally answered.

“And apparently so is a river.”

Chapter Four

Nashville, Tennessee 1954

Time left: Sixty Minutes

After crawling out of the water they dried themselves off the best they could and looked around.

“Where are the Elvis posters? And the big lights?” Eva asked.

“Well he is not quite as famous yet.” Mort said.

Eva looked at a sign that showed the date.

“It’s October 2nd 1954! He performs at the Grand Ole Opry today!” Eva yelled.

“Correct. Lets go.” Said Mort Moose.

They ran their way to the giant entrance of the famous Grand Ole Opry stage. It was a big brick building that towered over them. Eva noticed it looked like the building had been there a while.

“It has been open since 1892?” Eva looked amazed. She wondered how many famous artists had been on the stage already.

Mort Moose ushered the kids into the tall doorways. It was beautiful inside! There were hundreds of wooden aisles and even a balcony above them. The windows were long and tinted which made the stage look enormous. There were also a lot of people there, and they seemed to be filling up the aisles quickly.

“I am so excited!!” Eva jumped in place as they found their seats.

Mort Moose checked his watch to make sure they were still on track. Just then the lights when out around them and an echo from a guitar began to sound. Eva, Carlos, and Jimi sat at the edge of their seats as a man with grease-slicked back hair and a guitar stepped onto the stage. The beat began to play and he started singing.

Blue moon of Kentucky, keep on shining, Shine on the one that’s gone and proved untrue.” Elvis began to sing loudly

Elvis began moving and swinging his hips. He sang with all of his might and Eva did not think he looked nervous at all. As the song came to an end she was in shock. There was only a little applause for how many people filled the seats. This made Eva and the other kids feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t they know who he is?” Carlos shouted in confusion.

Mort Moose only shook his head. He then pointed towards the backstage. The kids were so excited! As they walked past the “performers only” door and made their way to Elvis’s dressing room they heard a commotion.

Eva peeked around the corner and saw what was happening. It was a tall man and a short round man who looked like they were professionals in the music industry arguing with Elvis himself.

“I think you should stick to your day job. Driving trucks is the only profession for you. It was a lousy performance in my opinion.” The round man said.

The mouths of Eva, Carlos and Jimi dropped to the floor.

“Did they just say that? To Elvis?” Jimi asked Mort.

They felt so bad for Elvis because they know how hard it is to perform, though when they looked at Elvis they saw he was not sad.

“That’s alright. You will see me around, but I won’t be back.” Elvis said and walked away whistling a happy tune.

Even though he was told something negative, it did not seem to faze the soon-to-be rock’n’roll legend.

With that, Mort looked at his watch and told the kids to get ready. They had much more to see.

The Kidzter Kids Meet Elvis Presley (Free 4 Chapter Preview)

  • Author: Eva Emily Ellis
  • Published: 2017-08-16 04:22:16
  • Words: 2417
The Kidzter Kids Meet Elvis Presley (Free 4 Chapter Preview) The Kidzter Kids Meet Elvis Presley (Free 4 Chapter Preview)