The Island of Giant Insects


The Island of Giant Insects

J.D. Karsner

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[* “A butterfly, which when pursued, seems always just beyond your grasp; but if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~" *]

A Chapter of Definitions,” Daily Crescent, 1848 June 23^rd^



My favorite thing to do is to explore my vast backyard

It’s filled with all sorts of different trees, flowers, shrubs and thorns

Peering through my magnifying glass the small critters look so big

I like to watch the insects crawl on blades of grass and twigs

But nothing can compare to the adventure that I took

To an uncharted island far away and that is why I wrote this book





One day I was out playing by the tin shed beyond the brush

When I found an abandoned airplane covered in ivy vines and rust

It was buried in the woods beyond my house where none could see

I climbed into the cockpit and thought this surely was a dream

I found a leathered flying helmet and pilot goggles in the seat

I began flipping switches then the radar screen turned green

I felt the engine rumbling; I could the smell smoke and fumes

The front propeller began spinning and the plane began to move


I was only an amateur pilot, as the wings of the plane awoke to fly

It wheeled across the empty meadow and lifted high into the sky

I flew over many tiny towns and cold silvery seas

The most grandeur mountains made me shout and feel so high and free





I suppose that I was low on fuel when the airplane began to fall

I landed upon an island where the plants and trees were oddly tall

I was in a gorge of gullies; the plane’s rusty wings were bent

And little did I know that there were gigantic insects





A gargantuan ant came walking as it chased me with antennas

Its enormous slobbered pincers grabbed me up by my suspenders

It lifted me into the air and dragged me towards the dunes of sand

But I wiggled and I waggled myself loose escaping death




Dashing through the ancient jungle I was paralyzed when I encountered

A giantess praying mantis crouched in the towering sunflowers

She was neon green with yellow eyes hissing while she danced

As she clutched me in her treacherous arms her mandibles commenced

I writhed my arms and legs and squirmed with all of my might

We grappled and we groped until I kicked her glowing eye

She let out an ear piercing screech as I grabbed a nearby vine

Swinging over a ravine of pitch black and onto the other side


I retreated into a nearby cave that was dark and cold and dead

Then I found myself ensnared in a spider’s gossamer web

A mutant spider scurried out from the deepest, darkest lair

Eight legs covered in coarse grey hair; eight lustrous eyes of red

Its fangs oozed with torpefying venom as it crept towards my head

I bounced and screamed with all my strength glued to the spider’s web

There were hundreds of spun cocoons around where victims had fallen prey

But I cut myself loose from the trap; fear rushing through my veins





Emerging from the light-less cave; the sunshine was a blinding blunder

Wandering through a valley of wildflowers reminded me of my mother

Then suddenly my peace was startled by a great thunderous buzz

A swarm of horseflies so colossal flooded the hills of dust

I tripped and fell rolling before the avalanche’s havoc 

These flies were the size of winged cars; and I was in their traffic

These bloodsucking monsters craved every drop of my young life

The white noise buzz of a television with the volume turned on high

I hid within a cleft rock as they swarmed and circled me

Their sticky hands rubbing together waiting patiently to eat





Suddenly they were frightened off and I emerged out of my hole

A mammoth of a frog came hopping along among the boulders and the stones

It stretched out its long elastic tongue swallowing a horsefly in one gulp

Its bellow was so loud that it made my knees fold up

And then it was distracted by another giant feat

Crickets chirping in the weeds with the longest legs I’ve ever seen

They vaulted higher than the trees nearly squashing me alive

The frog began gobbling them up taking them by surprise







Such an oddity this place; this uncharted island unexplored

The humid heat was so intense and the sweat poured from my pores

There were no civilizations; only arthropods of massive stature

Except for a house-sized isopod that was hungry for a capture

A crayfish crawled out of the muddy murk clapping its chilipeds

Its beady eyes and swimmerets had nearly scared me half to death

I trotted through the muddy embankment and lost both of my shoes

I groveled down the muddy hills till the crayfish was out of view



Then suddenly a giant centipede burst out from underground

With one thousand legs it reached for me while I threw rocks at it with shouts

Its eyes were amber luster and its teeth were like a beast

I dove over a crystal waterfall to prevent the human feast




The rushing river carried me forever so it seemed

Until I clung onto some driftwood and journeyed down a gentle stream

And without my magnifying glass what amazing sights there were to see

A stick bug camouflaged and climbing like an agile living tree

I saw a turquoise dragonfly the size of a helicopter

And grey monstrous field mice frolicking with squeaky laughter




A giant moth as white as the sheets upon my bed

A fluttering large humming-bird humming a graceful hymn

I sailed beneath a mighty beehive as honey rained upon my face

I held out my tongue passing below just hoping for a taste

The bees reminded me of swordsmen dressed in yellow fuzzy coats

Although they didn’t harm me they still kept me on my toes





I even saw a giant snake coiled around a tree

Shedding the snake-skin off its back and staring back at me

I swam to the bank where the cat-tails were as tall as telephone poles

Beside a meadow of tiger-lilies where a pumpkin patch had grown






And what I found there in the field was the greatest sight of the day

A butterfly bathing its ginormous wings in the warm summer rays

Vibrant dust fell from its wings as it thrummed prepared to fly

Its poly chromatic patterns charmed and mesmerized my eyes

Like sidewalk chalk upon its wings; it was one hundred times my size

Its black eyes were like obsidian glass; Intelligent and shy

The closer I came to the beast the more I felt I’d faint

I imagined myself going home and I held my breath and leaped



It jolted off the ground as if bursting from a cocoon

We flew high above the clouds until I saw the milk-white moon

It carried me far from the island and across the many seas

Over the misty purple mountains and through the thunderstorms and dreams





I awoke in my vast backyard lying in the itchy summer grass

With the warm sun upon my face and my magnifying glass

I investigated the nearby woods by the tin shed, but could not find

Any evidence of the airplane or the giant butterfly

I thought I had been dreaming until I looked down to behold

The dust from the butterfly’s wings still covering my clothes


The Island of Giant Insects

*This is a children's book* A young boy discovers an airplane in his backyard and ventures to an uncharted island crawling with giant insects. He desperately strives for survival during each frighting encounter with each monstrous bug.

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The Island of Giant Insects The Island of Giant Insects