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The Iridescence of Life - Movement as Architecture


The Iridescence of Life – Movement as Architecture

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-51-9


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “I see the light (the cave is bright!”) a sketching from 2015.


Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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For those who have kept encouraging me, I thank you most gratefully.


May the wind blow fair dynamism in the air !



“Brainwave Reality – the end of infancy”


By the power of each one – The iridescence of life

- movement as architecture


‘by the power of each one’

see the joy become the living sun !


I am an organ to the divine – I sing a hymn in time to sunshine


The space in-between what is seen – Thalia – Immaculate Conception

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. A heart beat’s resurrection


Performance Art – the Deeper Part of Beating Heart


Logo Imaginings – my colour sings (wondrous things)


Clio – a feather know – a life on show – total flow


‘The Song in my heart’ – up with the lark – joy energy impart


‘I’m walking on the sunny side of the street’


inclusive plurality – life’s actuality


the iridescence of life to move beyond all former strife

and hard earned and hard won, we just enjoyed the fun -

laughing in the sun


performance capacity ~ heart’s veracity


A giant arises from the sleep – a watchful eye keep and into humanity steep

what lets us weep :


performance art hits the heart


dolphin head where the freshness lead just to see the barrier break free

into pure fluidity


music poetry …

and basic design move as one chime to heighten the sublime


building value propositions – act as wise physicians with craftsmanship creativity,

we set upon a mighty sea of deep tranquility to true prosperity


sparking design – let our hearts chime with what is our own time

own design love – own design incline to the breadth of summertime


online base

race and space your own true grace

and see in each place – what lights your face


no more now to trace

all in autumn sunshine lace

harvest time – mark of the divine

to gather in our prime


what is divine and immortality

rests on a sea of individual liberty to

explore and to save what outlasts the grave


in all life we see plurality beckoning free -

‘discover the singularity of me!’


By the power of one : see what love has won !


Iridescence of life to cut the knife free to magnanimity


Triumphal chorus – Gloria in great depths below -

let your life free flow and operatic tones soothe such growing zones


a chorus of charm

a chorus to disarm


a chorus in awe of just what life is for and I cannot ignore

the wide open vast floor beckons me once more

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. go out and pour


the water rushing through – channeling energy too


reaching to great heights

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. energy excites


energy sways – energy lives all ways


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. energy see it now it crowds how we think – watch it sync

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. watch it swirl : see life uncurl


and unfurl your banner in your manner

live life your way all life have sway on this special day when the cobwebs blown away

from all yesterday how the sun at play delights in every way you move


you are water running smooth and glistening pure

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. you are the journey for sure


the human piece of kind to

none blind and none beholden: now your hour golden


and swirling by the sea – the vast endless memory lives ~

‘lived free in joyous ecstasy come down with me for I am the sea of magnanimity’


I awake and call you to enjoy it all for I am serendipity

returned blessing all that yearned to be

I say here and now: ‘come dance with me’


music tree laughs wistfully


but I am much too strong and pull you into the song

the full throng of life – all expectation cut with a knife and here

you see my magnanimity


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the sun shines down on me – and I laugh for free

I dance in ecstasy at life’s sweet memory

for every passing hour release a brand new shower of delight


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. it is the sun in my sight and nimble in my way

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. I glory in today !


For it is today we dance in the light at play



hooray (was all I wished to say)


It is today that joy has its way


Music poetry

the simple way to see

the sun laughs at me


Music poetry

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. a heart in ecstasy


Music poetry

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the joy of simplicity


The iridescence of life – borders no strife


Movement as architecture divine: a full-on shower of pure sunshine


‘By the power of each one’ see the joy become the living Sun !



Purple Eyes Publishing the Value of Knowing


Thank you for reading through until the end: may it enrich you.


PEP logo creation




The logo for PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing) was part of a personal quest in art and design. The two spirals represent eyes opened when pivoted on a peak that has a steep side and a sloped curve. This portrays the delicate balance between hard-earned (steep-sided) understanding and sliding into familiarity (sloped curve). The overarching wave recognises the far-reaching potency of individual receptivity. Purple is often used to denote power or spirituality, and a particular mysticism or greater understanding is attached to purple eyes.


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http:// www.purpleeyespublishing.com

purple eyes publishing the value of knowing





The Iridescence of Life - Movement as Architecture

Sketching from the heart helped establish where to depart and start to see the light in front of me - in all plurality. The essence of the joy that music poetry employ is simply to see : pure simplicity. The strength of energy poetically can tell how to build a living well of natural capacity in sun's veracity.

  • ISBN: 9781910774519
  • Author: PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing)
  • Published: 2016-02-01 20:50:07
  • Words: 978
The Iridescence of Life - Movement as Architecture The Iridescence of Life - Movement as Architecture