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The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the world


The Intrusion:

How politics destroyed the world

Omar Sadiq

Copyright © 2017 Omar Sadiq

All rights reserved.




This story is dedicated to my family and friend who supported throughout my journey and helped me develop my character



1 September 4, 2022 1


3 26th of November, 1977 5








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September 4, 2022. I woke up from a terrible dream panicking. I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I then walked slowly downstairs making sure my parents won’t notice me. I opened the TV until I slept.

I woke up the next day with an aching pain in my back finding myself in a hospital room. Everything in it was white as if the world decolorized. I tried to get up and stand not long before I fell down on my knees with pain. I screamed for minutes that felt like years but no one noticed.

A nurse came in to help me. She pulled me back into my bed. I kept asking her about how I got here but she kept being silent I filled up with anger not long until the police showed up. They started asking me questions but I couldn’t remember anything not even my own name. I felt like a broken pencil that couldn’t be sharpened.







Chapter 2



2 MINUTES LATER. The policemen and the nurse were lying flat dead on the ground, shot in the head like a wasted beef. I looked up and saw 3 men in black looking at me in a strange way. Their nose had only one hole and their ears were flat. I knew at that moment that they were not from here.

I grabbed a pair of scissors from the side of my bed and initiated myself into fight mode. One man approached me and placed his 3-fingered hands on my head. I started pushing the needle into his body until suddenly I felt a shock in my body. I could now remember everything as if my memory snapped back. It felt like I owned the whole world again. The man said in a weird buzzing sound, “Hello, Bellamy.”

24 hours later I was locked in a room trying to save planet earth from being destroyed.







Chapter 3



26^th^ of November, 1977. A national TV station was interrupted and hijacked by Aliens. Their broadcast hijacked only the audio delivering a message to us “Humans”.

This is the voice of vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed. You have but a short time to learn to live in peace together.”

After I remembered everything, I froze for a minute to process everything happening in my mind. It was as if I was reborn. I looked up at the men in black as they were laying flat dead shot by my parent’s. On one hand I felt relieve, and on the other I felt pain. The pain of having to think my parents are dead. I ran to hug them not thinking a single thought. But they didn’t feel the same way, like they had more important stuff to care about rather than their own son.







Chapter 4



2 months ago. President Donald trump initiated the order to deploy nuclear weapons targeting the whole region of the Middle East. It was not long until Russia interfered and started a new world war. Innocent people were brutally murdered and neighborhoods were destroyed, including mine.

My parents closed the door and sat me down next to them. “Honey, look what we are about to tell you is complicated. We have been lying to you, we are not actually realtors. But we are secret agents working for the government.” “Wait what?” I took a moment to process everything but I kept wondering as they talked Why…… WHY NOW! “Look bellamy, we need you. The WORLD needs you. The earth is now currently being under attack by aliens, and the only way to stop them is to make peace with them.” “Then do it! I don’t have anything to do with you people anymore.” I screamed. My parents started begging me, “You don’t understand, we need a mechanical engineer and right now you are the only one left that we can trust, the only one that the world can trust!”











I agreed to go with my parent’s to the government’s headquarters. I wore some clothes I had found inside the drawer next to the bed and headed to the door with them. We drove for around 2 hours and along the way, I could see what they were talking about. The earth is destroyed, homes are broken, and homeless children are trashed on the streets.

As we go farther in the city, I could observe how the long towers had fallen into residential areas destroying innocent lives. “And how long exactly have I been asleep?” I say. But they don’t answer. “Bellamy, our race is not the only race out there, but in fact there are thousands of other planets surrounding our planet earth with existing living species. We have been in contact with what is so called ‘Aliens’ for the past 70 years, and have kept it a secret from the world for the sake of national security. And as you can see now the consequences are pretty clear. The aliens warned us not to use our weapons and nuclear power as they fear it might affect them. But we couldn’t make peace with all those political and religious issues around the world.” “Well, if they warned us before why are they attacking us now or is this one of your lies again.” I said. “It’s because our president didn’t listen and demanded a war. Clearly he didn’t understand the consequences of not obeying the ashtar galactic council.” They said. “And what exactly do I have to do with this?” I ask. But they look at each other and look away.

I then started staring at the beautiful stars glazing their twinkling lights on mine as if they were getting closer, and that is when it all started.











Well, apparently I was wrong. These were surely not stars, but alien ships attacking the surroundings. My parents started driving so fast until we reached a road full of traffic. I could see people panicking worrying about their lives. It was not long until we stepped out of our car to observe it.

A huge circular shaped craft was shooting a type of lasers on people in front of us. My parents took out their guns and started pointing at them until they noticed. My mom laid flat dead on the ground as my dad accompanies her. It was as if the world froze for a minute, I could hear a buzzing sound in my head as I burst into cries. “Not today Lexa and James Blake, Not today.” I say as I hold their hands.

What kind of person would cause this chaos in the world? Killing thousands of kids and women for the sake of his own political issues. Is it really worth it? I say to myself as I rush to check my parent’s pulse to be greeted with the sound of someone behind. I quickly act dead as the sound grows in my ears. I could hear 2 buzzing sounds similar to that of the men in black. I could hear them say, “We must find the Blake’s family before they reach the kill switch, and you do know what happens if they reach it, all of us will die!”











I stay frozen like a mannequin in my place as If I’m dead. As soon as I hear their footsteps sound fading out by time, I open my eyes to find my parent’s well and alive. I look at them and rub my eyes to fix my vision. But my vision is not wrong. “How are you still alive? I…… I saw you dead!” I say to them as I rush to hug them. “It is not hard to fake a death, after all we are special agents.” Mom said.

We rode the car to continue our journey to the government’s headquarters. “You do know they are coming for us right!” I say. “And that is exactly why we need you to operate the kill switch. You see the only thing keeping them alive is this transparent atmosphere that our chemical engineers have been working on for centuries, without it they will not be able to survive planet earth.” Dad explains. “The one little tiny thing that your dad didn’t add is that this kill switch technically is not complete yet.” Mom says. “Let me guess you need me to complete it.” I say while my parents keep staring at each other.

You know that feeling you get when you know a situation looks fishy to you. Well I had this feeling when my dad parked the car in an old residential building that is supposed to be the government’s headquarters.











I got out of the car to a small empty parking lot that doesn’t look anything like a government would own. We entered the building to reach a small old rusted door. My dad took out some sort of card and faced it at what seems to be an eye. Surprisingly, this door led to a long series of stairs down. We kept moving down for about 15 minutes, but I keep wondering about how the people down could go back up.

I started losing hope as I moved down, I could barely move my feet until a large steel door automatically opened to a room full of tech and workers running around and jumping everywhere in chaos.

“What is going on down here?” mom says as everybody stares at her. “Now is not the time to be in chaos, but the time to put our hands together to save our planet, we have no time to waste the clock is ticking so move it people and save the world, come on move it.”

I follow mom to a meetings room, it had a long wooden table with a flower vase in the middle, the room was long but very narrow, it’s like I couldn’t breathe in there. I sat down on a chair and pretended to be an agent talking, I knew that this was not the right thing to do at this time, but it felt like I needed to entertain myself from all the processing I have made in this past day. “Mom, look I know we are saving the world and everything but I need food! I am starving please please…..” I say begging. “It’s nice to see you Bellamy.” A voice says from behind. “Mr. President!!!”











I stand shook as I saw Mr. Donald Trump, I don’t know how to describe my mixed emotions of hate and envy and respect. But I was sure of one thing, that he was the one responsible for all of this. “You! You did this; you killed innocent lives for the sake of your domestic relationships! You will pay for this trust me! I will not let you live in peace you hear me I will not!” I scream as my mom holds me off the room.

“Now is not the time for this Bellamy, if you don’t fix the kill switch we will all be dead! Come on now let me show you the way.”

We walk into an empty room with nothing in it but a big tall white concrete box with a button. “This is the kill switch,” mom says. I press the button but nothing happens, I search the concrete box trying to find a window to reach the wires but there isn’t any. “Trust me we have tried everything but this is unbreakable.” Mom says. “Well, maybe this is activated by a voice command, who exactly designed this?” I ask. “An architect that died 2 days ago without clearly completing his work.” Mom says.

Suddenly, a loud siren spreads across the room; we rush outside to the control center to see what is happening. “Mr. President! You need to see this.” An agents says as everyone starts panicking.











A video broadcast appears on every screen. A buzzing voice with not picture says, “Hello, Mr. President. I am vrillon, of the ashtar galactic command speaking. We know that you have a kill switch, but we would like to make an offer. We could take you and a hundred more to live in another planet. You have 5 hours till you decide. If you wish to proceed with my offer, meet us within these five hours at the main garden of the white house. If you don’t proceed, you won’t be able to operate the kill switch without my secret command.”

“Mr. President! You can’t actually believe this. You know that they are lying, right!” I say. “I’m sorry Bellamy, but if we have a chance at survival, then why not take it? Take away the Blake’s family and lock them up in prison.” He tells his guards as he slowly moves past the room. “No! No….. You can’t be doing this! Please give me time to enable the kill switch, if I couldn’t then do whatever you want.” I say but he act as if he didn’t listen.

The guards lock us up in a room 2 door away from the kill switch, I start looking around to find a way to escape. I look at mom and whisper to her the plan. As we approach the cell door, I push the guard to the left and take away his taser as mom does to the right guard.
















We stand along threatening the guards as we walk slowly into the switch kill room and lock it up. “Ok, so we don’t have a lot of time until we find the right command to activate it.” I say. I find a computer screen on the corner of the room.

I open the computer screen to find ironically a password screen. I try a bunch of stuff but it doesn’t open. “Hey, let me try.” Mom says. She steps forward and types a bunch of passwords but with no luck. “What could be the password for such a secure government agency that is so sophisticated that no one could find.” And that is when it hit me; I type in “password” as the password and boom it opens. I don’t know if that was a dumb move of a clever one but I do know that we only have 30 minutes left to figure the command out.

I look into the file system but there was nothing there but a video of what appears to be an alien television interruption in 1977. How could this be the key to saving earth? I ask myself. I start play backing the video for minutes now with only 5 minutes left until the aliens completely destroy earth.

It was not long until I realized that the alien talking keeps repeating a name constantly. “Ashtar Galactic Command!” I scream as the kill switch speaks that it is activated. I stand there shook with feeling hard to explain. I rush to press the button. “Did we just save the world?” I ask mom. “Well, there is only one way to find out.”











Chapter 12




We rush into the command center, as of what we can observe We DID IT! As we walk in I see all the staff clapping their hands as they cheer “Long lives President Bellamy Blake.”

I stand surprised from what they say as one of them approaches me, “You have saved us and billions of lives in this planet, while we could’ve ran away like cowards with trump. You don’t know how grateful we are to you right now, and as the second commander in chief I pronounce you know the president of the United States.

2 years later, I sit in my oval office as the secretary of state rush in, “They’re here!”


















The End of Series 1




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HI, my name is Omar Sadiq and I am the author of this book. I am currently living in Amman Jordan studying for my O-Level IGCSE. I would like to convey a message to the world that no matter you age or you capabilities you can always reach your goal.


The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the world

This story follows Bellamy, a teenage boy who discovers new secrets about the world and his family. As he starts to uncover them, he realizes the responsibility he has to save the world before politics destroy it. He must cope through a series of challenges with unidentified visitors to save the Human Race. To later finding out that the fate of our world is between his own hands.

  • ISBN: 9781370124688
  • Author: omarsadiq
  • Published: 2017-02-21 20:05:16
  • Words: 2849
The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the world The Intrusion : How Politics Destroyed the world