The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Three

The Hystericals: Sekhmet’s Revenge Chapter Three

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  • Chapter Three*

Emma “Jelly Belly” Vardaman

I slouched lazily alongside the rock sleeping forms of Nikki and Leslie on the couch, flipping through various channels on the now new Google fiber converted network; snacking contently on a few of Margaret and Wendy’s pork rinds and such while she, the latter, and Tawret all rushed off to go splurge on the new Grand Theft Auto upstairs in her room. Lifetime? Nope. Cartoon Network? Definitely not. That new powder puff girl knock off shit of my once nostalgic, favorite puphood show they got on there nearly gave me serious a serious case of indigestion last time I saw that. I did a good bit of searching on and on once more until I finally arrived on one little tidbit on the local Maryland WBTL news network that happen to do somewhat more than just simply catch my eye. Apparently, Stella and all the rest of nearby Lizard Squad had been out on their usual duties as expected, digging as deep as all they possibly could into the gist of the Cecil Desoto murder case along with Jenni’s dad, Frank. What all they found literally late last night and all, turned my stomach and made me have to gulp down nearly a whole pitcher of water on the end table right next to me, then and there. Their prime and original suspect for the case, and the surprisingly sanguinely smiling jackal present in the pic on the screen, was that of Donna’s old hometown sweetheart and ex fiance, Jaxton Set.

The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Three

  • Author: Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena
  • Published: 2016-10-05 18:35:08
  • Words: 315
The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Three The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Three