The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Four

The Hystericals: Sekhmet’s Revenge

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  • Chapter Four*

Donna “Swift” Linton

I padded softly out of the cool, rejuvenating waters of the Potomac River, feeling the soft, claylike sand under the pads of my toes and toe claws as I made my way steadily with Nathaniel back over to Jason and Jessica; who were lazily kicking back with their little fruity drinks and straws in the little private beach area. “Heh. Bout time you little kahunas finally decided to show up.” Jason chuckled. “Hope ya’ll didn’t happen to run into any Mayhems and shit swimmin’ around while you were in there.” “Shark week was luckily over a long time ago, dad.” Nathan laughed. “Hey, Donnie.” Jessica called. “Should probably come here and answer your phone, Dolly. It’s been ringin’ damn near off the hook for over a good three solid hours since you first stepped foot in the lagoon.” “Probably Emma or Marge gettin’ on my last nerve about more half and half for their iced coffees again.” I sighed, with a wry smile. “Tell her we’ll call her back in about another half hour or so.” Too late. By the time, I walked over to retrieve my Samsung from Jessica’s outstretched paw, the familiar chime of “More than a Woman” by Aaliyah began to loudly blare out and I briskly swiped my thumb over the green answer tab. “Yes, Emmie?” “Donna, please listen to me.” Emma’s voice came over the line in a now serious and somewhat authoritative wolf tone. “You really need to get back the den right now, this very minute. It’s really important.” “Look, Emma. Half and half does NOT grow on trees. I’m sure you and Margaret can wait just a little bit for-…” “Please, would you just forget about that aspect for a while?!” She suddenly snapped. “It has a little something to do with the murder of Sekhmet’s uncle last night, but I can’t tell you now cause Tawret suggested we have a little intervention. Now, can you please just bring your ass over here along with the royal family?” “Alright, alright, Bruiser. Jesus.” I consoled. “Let me just grab my flip flops and all and we’ll be on our way.”

The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Four

  • Author: Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena
  • Published: 2016-10-06 03:20:09
  • Words: 418
The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Four The Hystericals: Sekhmet's Revenge Chapter Four