The House at Bethany

The House at Bethany


You can rest here.

After days in which your journey

has been fulfilled with dust, rain and cold.

Peaceful among the fragrances

of this kitchen.


Speak to me.

Teach me my friend.

I’ll not petition you in any way.

I’ll try my best to put aside my weakness

and become a soft pillow for your head,

which is so used to resting on stone.


I’ll come in from the yard

when my work is complete.

Embrace you as my brother.

I’ll speak to you of my joys.

The ordinary moments of life

repeating themselves daily

and filling me with such peace.


Be with my family

as if they were your own.

Share in their laughter.

Quench your thirst with cool drink

and ease your hunger

on freshly baked breads.


I know you have much more work to do.

You have cities to convert,

homeless to shelter, sick to heal.

But for now,

and whenever you need to,

you can rest here,


It is my prayer that you are touched by this poem.

Watch for the complete collection, to be released this autumn.


Pictures of the Messiah




Donald P. James Jr.


The House at Bethany

This single poem is part of a larger work titled "Pictures of the Messiah". The poem is meant to be a prayer, inviting Jesus to enter into the ordinary aspects of our lives. I hope this is a blessing to you. Watch for the full collection "Pictures of the Messiah" to be released soon Information available at ScarletRobeCreations.blogspot.com

  • Author: Donald P. James, Jr
  • Published: 2016-07-25 04:35:07
  • Words: 196
The House at Bethany The House at Bethany