The history of LEDs

The year 1907, a clever young Brit by name of Henry Joseph Round discovered that when passing 10volts through carbondum crystal it emitted a yellow glow.

Thus the LED revolution began, however it wasn’t until 1994 that the costs of LEDs became viable for most people to buy. Now they are very affordable and can be bought in a huge range of colours.

LEDs are used as a replacement for incandescent bulbs and often neon bulbs too. They are also used as elements in screens.

They are far more efficient to run that standard incandescent bulbs. However they are more expensive to purchase initially and they also dont deal too well with high heat levels so may not work too well as outdoor lighting in hotter countries.

Today the LED is on the rise with millions of pounds invested in the LED industry everyday and more innovations constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the world of LEDs. The perpetual growth of the LED industry has led to the creation of hugely successful LED superstores like First Lighting and several others.

For more information on LEDs check out [+ the history of lighting+] or watch this video to see how LEDs work.

The history of LEDs

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The history of LEDs The history of LEDs