THE HEROES OF DESTINY - Escape from Thunder Land







The Escape from Thunder land








Suhan – Fundu Pradesh

Parth – Fundu Pradesh

Gautham – Mikion

Viraj – Mikion

One day I was feeling bored at home so I decided to go to Parth’s house. I asked Parth, do you have something adventurous like treasure map. Parth said, I think I have one interesting thing with me. It’s a treasure map of ancient times treasure in Thunder Land. Me and Parth decided to go to Thunder Land to find this treasure. We tried finding a flight for Thunder land but no flight was going to the Thunder land. Then we checked in the water ways to check if we have any ship going to Thunder land. There was only one ship but it was full of people. After a lot of search, we decided to take the alternate route. We took the route of Mikion to Seno and that will be followed by the Thunder Land.

By the next day morning 9:31 am sharp we booked a boat and it was going to Mikion at 9:00 pm. On the boat, me and Parth saw a robotic child and we asked what is your name and he replied my name is Viraj. Viraj asked what is your name. We told our names as Suhan and Parth. We asked him if he would like to join our group of treasure hunters. Viraj was very happy and said , yes I would like to join your treasure hunting adventure .

On our way to Mikion, we encountered a hurricane and we escape from it but unfortunately our boat came into the eye of hurricane and it sank. We started to drown. Parth suddenly got an idea and told everyone to hold on to the pieces of the wood that were left from the boat. By this way, we started floating toward Mikion.

After 2 hours, we reached to Mikion and Parth said, finally we completed our first part of journey and also got a new friend. We all were so hungry when we reached Mikion so we rushed to a restaurant. After finishing our food, we went to a beach resort. There we went to our rooms and we found a boy named Gautham as our neighbor. We three asked him if he would like to join us for our adventurous trip of treasure hunting. Gautham was very excited and accepted our offer.

Then we packed our bags and set off to Seno. We hoped that no further challenges will come in between our journey to Seno. Then while we were going we saw a fire dragon that put fire on our boat and again our boat started to sink. Luckily a helicopter came to rescue us and took us to Seno. Over there we had a deadly cricket match with Locals – Ishan’s team. It was a challenge thrown to us but it was not an ordinary cricket match. It was a cricket with a Cannon Ball!!

We batted first and managed to score 199 runs in 20 overs. There were many 4’s and 6’s from our side – thanks to our strong batting line up. Only when we started to bowl, did we feel the weight of the cannon ball. The opponents were also good in batting, yet we managed to win the match by 1 run. They scored 198 runs in 20 overs. After this tiresome cricket match we strolled on the beach. It was very relaxing and fun. We then packed our bags to start our journey to Thunder Land.

Now me and Parth again started to search for a flight – but there were none. We found that a helicopter which was willing to take us to Thunder Land. We decided to take the helicopter and were looking forward to our journey to Thunder Land. Inside the Helicopter we were served food which was very tasty. We noticed a Thunder dragon – it’s a dragon which spits out electric balls. We had no time to think. We went to the exit and managed to get the parachute. We jumped out of the helicopter and were falling down rapidly. We managed to open our parachutes on time and landed on the sea.

Just when we’re thinking of getting rescued by a ship, we saw a sea monster. We tried to defend ourselves initially but when we failed, we decided to attack instead. We could not attack it either and were completely powerless in front of the sea monster. Just at the nick of time, we saw a jet and a fighter plane. They attacked the sea monster. The sea monster could not fight with the flying Jet. It was wounded and finally fainted. The fighter jet plane took us to Thunder land.

We were so exhausted with our adventure in the sea. We relaxed by playing volley ball and ate lot of delicious food. We even managed to book a hotel room for us to stay overnight. Next day we decided to go to the giant waterfall of Thunder Land. Only way to reach to the waterfall of Thunder Land was to go with Dragon.

During our journey to the waterfall of thunder, we saw flying zombies and our dragon used flame thrower to bring these zombies down. Finally, we reached the Waterfall of Thunder Land with the help of the Dragon. Thunder Land’s waterfall was looking too dangerous.

There at the path of waterfall we were attacked by thunder dragons. We escaped from thunder dragons by hiding. Then we saw the Thunder king and the Thunder queen. They accepted our challenge of cricket match.

This time the match was with a Thunder ball. We started batting first and made 300 runs in 50 overs with plenty of 4s and 6s. It was then Thunder land’s chance to bat. In spite of many 4s and 6s from their side, we won the match by 1 run and won the treasure that they had.

After winning the match we were very proud that we helped Thunder Land’s king. Everyone at Thunder Land wanted us to stay with them but then Parth reminded all of us that we have school tomorrow. We asked king to help us in reaching back home. Thunder Land’s king booked us flights back to our places and we reached safely to our home.

We hope you liked our story. But this was not the end of our adventures. Don`t miss to read our next journey when we received a letter from Thunder land’s king to help him.

Parth and his friends found a map of treasure somewhere in Thunder land. Read in this story how a boring weekend became so adventurous for these kids.

Illustrator = Suhan

Next book coming soon-World of criminals


THE HEROES OF DESTINY - Escape from Thunder Land

  • Author: Suhan Arora, Jr
  • Published: 2017-08-09 08:20:08
  • Words: 1133
THE HEROES OF DESTINY - Escape from Thunder Land THE HEROES OF DESTINY - Escape from Thunder Land