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The Heavenly Sacrifice

The Heavenly Sacrifice


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

Shakespir Edition

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Those in the celestial area of the universe, those saints who observe and protect the planet, Earth, were witnessing an ongoing occurrence that concerned them. A séance was being held during which Harold Lindstrom was being deceived by charlatans, Ross and Lena Stillman. They had convinced Harold that they had contacted his deceased wife, Beatrice, and put him in contact with her.

“Beatrice was killed in an auto accident less than three weeks after she and Harold had married,” St. Edward commented.

“He took it very hard. It’s been years since she died, and he’s still grieving.” added St. Lucie

Sts. Edward and Lucie had been saints for a long time. It would probably have surprised and amazed people on earth if they were able to see that saints dress in ordinary earthly clothing. There are no wings, halos, nor shimmering white gowns. Saint Edward had on a pair of brand-new jeans and a blue sports shirt; St. Lucie was wearing a pink blouse and a red skirt. They were not invisible spirits, as one might expect, but substantive creatures, he, handsome in a theatrical sort of way, and she, very beautiful.

“Ross and Lena have been draining Harold for most of the money he earns,” commented St. Edward. “They have hired an actress who speaks to him at the séances that he attends. He believes that the woman’s voice is that of his deceased wife. What they are doing is indecent and immoral!”

“I agree,” replied St. Lucie.

“It might be useful for you and I to go to Earth and have a chat with this couple,” suggested St. Edward.

“Why not bring them here to the Conference Hall?” responded St. Lucie.

“Good idea!” he agreed.



The Conference Hall was a huge heavenly structure. In Earth measurements, it would have occupied an entire city block. It was several stories high. Inside, it was dome-shaped. Though there were many rooms in the building along the walls, the center part of the structure was a single cavern with an extraordinarily high ceiling. The entire floor was carpeted. There was a single ornate, wooden desk in the middle of the room with luxurious armchairs both in front and back of the desk.

Within a few moments after the saints had decided to confer with the operators of the séances, the two seats in front of the desk were occupied by humans, a man and his wife, and behind the desk, two saints.

The man and his wife were, of course Ross and Lena Stillman. They were indescribably bewildered by their sudden change of surroundings, and, rigid with shock, were staring at each other.

For this meeting, Sts. Edward and Lucie were wearing wings, halos, and had on glistening white gowns.

“Wh-where are we?” Ross stuttered addressing the saints.

“You are in Heaven for the time being,” St. Lucie said with unsaintly-like sharpness. “I am St. Lucie!”

“And I am St. Edward!” said he.

“Oh my God!” gasped Lena Ross.

St. Lucie continued, “We have brought you here for a severe dressing down that you deserve! I and Saint Edward, have been observing the fake séances that you have been conducting. Your current victim is Harold Lindstrom. This fakery must end at once. You are lucky getting this scolding in Heaven. Unless, your fraudulent practices cease, your next reprimand, and the final one, may be at the other place.

“At the conclusion of this meeting, you will be returned to Earth,” added St. Edward. “You are to contact Harold Lindstrom and say to him that what he has been experiencing at your so-called séances have been scams, and that you and your wife will be returning any monies that you have taken from him. Do you understand what I have just told you?”

“Yes, yes, of course. Lena and I will absolutely do that!”

“There is something that you will not doubt for a moment,” said St. Lucie. “You will never doubt that this experience took place. You will always know that this was not a dream, not a hallucination, not a fantasy, but real-life. You will also never doubt, that if you do not amend your lives, you will find yourself in greater difficulty than you are now! Do you comprehend? I’d be happy to repeat any part what I’ve said?”

“Yes, yes, we absolutely understand!”

“Return to Earth now, and live a more saintly life, no pun intended!” St. Lucie smiled at her inadvertent pun.

Instantly, they vanished.

“Harold has suffered a great deal,” said St. Lucie to her cohort. “Are you thinking the same as I am?”

“Yes, and of course, the decision that Beatrice makes will have to be entirely hers.”

“Let us bring her here and we’ll find out how she feels about it.”


In an instant, Beatrice Lindstrom was in the seat that had been occupied by Lena Stillman.

“You know, of course, why we have brought you here,” said St. Lucie.

“Yes, I do.”

“You know what the condition of the world is?”

“Yes, I do.”

“No one would fault you if your decision is negative. Do you have any questions, before you give us your decision?”

“Yes, instead of going back and making my return a paranormal event that could not be explained, would it be possible to resume my life with Harold at the point where the auto accident took place?”

“Yes, for you and Harold, it would be the same as if your life had not been interrupted by this terrible event.”

“What about the séances that Harold had been attending?”

“It would be as if they had never occurred. We just gave Ross and Lena Stillman a good scolding about them.”

“Just one more thing,” added Beatrice. “Though I have been very happy here, and would never leave except for my deep love for Harold, I would say no to your request. But because of him, I do wish to return to Earth. While there I would want no knowledge that I had been here until we return together.”

“Granted, Beatrice! What you are doing is making a heavenly sacrifice!”

“Well done, everyone,” came a voice that was heard throughout the cavernous room!

The Heavenly Sacrifice

  • ISBN: 9781370426881
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-09-12 04:05:09
  • Words: 1108
The Heavenly Sacrifice The Heavenly Sacrifice