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The Hand of God

The Hand of God






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Present day and place



Saturday May 1st



2:31 pm

Hot temperatures and parted cloud of sunshine

City of Ironside

(18 miles southwest of Hooverville)

Home setting of Amber Ashmore

Living room interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Hawk had been allowed to fight all the bad guys and save the good gals for pay.

Inside the living room within the private home of Amber Ashmore, Hawk continued to stare with a stern face at Amber.


The city of Ironside within the US State of Alabama is located within Jefferson County which is five miles east of metro city Birmingham and 134 miles west of metro city Atlanta within the US State of Georgia.

Ironside has a population of 9,813 folks.

The city was incorporated on October 19, 1887 and named after a steel furnace production plant which was located within the city limits. The furnace was first known as the Cahaba Iron Works by the employed people, but the local folks had nicknamed it Ironside.

The first United States post office was established in Ironside on June 3, 1872. The geographical city was between the city of Homewood and the community township of Mountain Stream inside the Birmingham metro area.

The nearby tourist attractions included the Southern Museum of Flight, the Birmingham Zoo, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, the Oak Mountain State Park, Ironside Municipal Park, and Ellard Park. There was the Ironside Shopping Center for shopping merchandise and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for smelling flowers.

The city of Ironside hosted an annual Whistle Stop Festival where you could purchase various handmade items of wooden whistles.



Rob, Cody, Hawk, and Mink stared at Amber also.

Amber continued to sit on top of the sofa without acknowledging the death of each one of her family members that had occurred inside the auditorium of the church a few hours ago staring at the far wall of beige paint within an outer space mind trance. She possessed the mutated red gene from the Ashmore trait in her hair, a softer color of light auburn with highlighted golden strands, shimmering in the sunlight. The color probably assisted with her Christian name Amber. Her skin tone was not pale or pink-colored like most red heads but bronze with strikes of golden glows like the mineral amber. She probably got the skin color from her ability to suntan by the pool in the single pool chair.

Amber continued to stare at the far wall of beige paint and hold the bouquet of blue tinted flowers within a pair of white gloves, without moving. “Amy is getting married, today.”

Her eyes were light brown with a touch of gold specs like amber, too. Amber was named correctly. Her hair, skin, and eyes, all matched the color of amber. Her name and coloring wasn’t the only feature that differed from her other two biological sisters.

Her older sister, Amanda was short, appearing around five feet and three inches with a set of sexy curves like her mother Allison.

Hawk softly chuckled, “Too short.”

Her other sister, Amy was tall and large for a queen-sized girl from one of her grandparents.

Hawk frowned, “Too tall.”

Amber was a little above average height at five feet and eight inches with a slender body, having no trouble to touch the floor with the shoes, leaning a back spine into the thick padded white fabric cushion. Her neck was long and elegant with a pair of taunt lean muscular arms.

Hawk smiled with a whisper, “Just right.” He kneeled down on the tile, holding a hand on top of the sofa armrest, steadying a body. He was average height and slender from his hard work and sweat of farm life helping Joseph, when he wasn’t playing a police officer for US Marshal Office of Birmingham.

He wiped a face, not knowing what to say as a professional psychologist rather than a confidential redneck.

Amber needed some guidance and helped with what she had or hadn’t witnessed at the church. Thus, the agents needed some guidance and help bringing that crazy nut to American justice.

“My name’s Hawk,” he smiled at her amber colored eyes.

“Amy is getting married, today.” Amber blinked open and shut her eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held the flowers between the gloves, without moving from the sofa.

He smiled with a whisper. “That’s great. Your name is…”

“Amy is getting married, today.” Amber repeated without moving.

Hawk swung around with a smile to see Cody, who ate lunch. Cody ate and chewed with a pair of parted lips, since the teen-ass ate twenty four hours, seven days per week. He sat at the beverage bar watching, without aiding.

Hawk spun back around to see her. “Do you want a cold beverage, Amber?”

“Amy is getting married, today.” Amber repeated, without moving from the sofa.

Hawk spun around to see Cody. Cody chewed and waved a free hand to proceed with the questioning of the eye witness. Hawk swung around with a sigh and stared at her. “Allow me to fill in the blanks. Okay? Your name is Amber.”

“Amy is getting married, today.” Amber repeated without moving.

The door opened and showed the sunshine and heat vapors. Mink appeared and stood inside the foyer with a stern face, dropping a set of gear and bags.

Rob flew down the staircase and stopped, standing in the middle of the room, motioning for a meeting. Hawk stood upright with a sigh and spun around, moving ahead, stopping and formed a small huddle with a sitting Cody, a standing Mink, and a lecturing Rob.

Rob said. “The three bedrooms and two bathrooms house is empty, quiet, and very clean. Whoever is her maid service, I’m jealous.”

“Well, that means she’s single.” Cody winked with a smile at Hawk.

Mink frowned. “Is that important, Cody?”

“Probably for Hawk, it is.” Cody ate and chewed with an audio set of bad southern manners.

“The electronic alarm system is deactivated.” Rob said. “She turned it off in her zombieness state.”

Mink said. “Typical post trauma, her daily day and night time routine doesn’t alter, only her current perception of a single bloody tragic event of losing her entire biological family unit.”

“Agreed,” Rob nodded. “She possesses a very good alarm system. The wiring is embedded into both the metal screens and metal door frames. The paid alarm company is hot-wired to both the police and the local fire fighter and rescue station.”

“Excellent.” Mink nodded.

“Are you fretting over my safety, boss man? Awe, so sweet!” Cody smiled with food between his teeth.

Rob smiled. “Naw! Unless, you make Hawk mad and he shoots you dead, then Hawk gets impeached and Mink is in charge.”

“Alright, I’m in charge next after the funeral of Cody.” Mink smiled with a nod.

“Not yet, Cody is still alive and making a mess over the floor, his hands, and his lips.” Hawk smiled as the team leader.

Rob said. “Here’s the overall surveillance plan. Set up eight hours shifts, one in bed, one with her, and one walking around everywhere outside, inside, anywhere. Mink will set up tape and record all communication devises, including the telephones, computers, and her.”

Cody turned and stared at Amber. “Her?”

“We’re going to record Amber’s nonsensical verbal comments,” ordered Rob.

“Is that legal, boss man?” Mink frowned.

Rob nodded. “I’m making it legal. I’m getting a federal judge and the permission from the new governor of Alabama to grant me the permanent guardian custody, until Amber recovers from her zombie princess state. I fear that Amber might say something that we’ll miss as hard evidence for this weird-ball assassin case. We can analyze her verbal statements and body language, each night for any mental progression.”

“For how long?” Mink turned and stared at Amber with a long term duty.

“And if she doesn’t get out of her zombie state?” Hawk turned and stared Amber with concern.

Rob viewed each deputy with a stern face. “We try our way first, before the US Federal court gets involved.”

“Her family?” Mink turned and frowned to Rob.

“All dead!” Hawk turned and frowned to Mink.

“Are the other living blood family members going to object to your plan as the permanent guardian?” Mink frowned.

Rob turned and stared with a stern face at Amber. “At this point in time, she is a federally protected witness and the only one, who can tell us what really happened to her dead family.”

“ID the gunman,” chewed Cody.

“All of the above and beyond…” Rob nodded.

The front door cracked open and revealed the bright sunshine and heated air. A team of audio boys and girls strolled into the foyer room and scattered, stopping and worked to set up all the audio and video (AV) equipment on eye witness Amber on top of the long sofa. They knew their jobs, setting up a set of tripods of camcorders, audio tape records, and other metal and electronic equipment throughout different directional angles, covering the rectangular living room space. All the camera lenses tilted, focused, and pointed on Amber Ashmore, who sat prettily on top of the long sofa.

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “Amy is getting married, today.”

The audio and visual (AV) team leader stood upright from the floor and leaned down, wiggling a long black cable across the tile floor in front of the four deputies towards an electrical outlet. He stopped and plugged in the prong, standing upright and spun around with a sour frown to see Rob. “Has anyone bothered to mention to you that the air conditioning is out? It’s hot inside here. I’m sweating.” The deputies smiled with a soft chuckle.

Rob pointed to Hawk with a grin. “You can complain to the boss man, right over here.”

Hawk turned and waved with a smile to the rotating camera lenses on the side wall.

The AV team leader shook a cap with a laugh and moved towards Amber, stopping and adjusted the tripod stand and then the microphone volume with a stern face. “Testing one, two, three!” He looked at each co-worker and held a thumb up signal of good sound. Each co-worker nodded in silence and spun around, leaving the house.

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “Amy is getting married, today.”

The AV team leader spun around and shuffled to the row of deputies with a smile at Cody. “Cody won the short straw contest.”

“What? How did he know?” Cody smiled with a set of food particles inside the teeth, closing the lips and munched on the food.

“It’s written all over your face, Cody.” Mink sipped the beverage.

“What’s written all over my face, Mink?” Cody smiled with more food particles and then chewed.

The AV team leader looked back over a collar bone to see Amber and back to see Cody with a grin. “Your food covered smile, the numerous animal grunts, and the ease of victory. You’re not the team leader for this new Marshal assignment. So, that could only mean that Hawk lost the Dipshit Deputy-do Challenge,” he chuckled with a wink at Hawk.

Rob smiled with a nod. “He’s good.”

“He’s great.” Cody smiled with a set of food particles, closing the lips and munched the food.

The AV team leader leaned over and grabbed one of Cody’s sandwiches, tossing a free hand, back stepping from the huddle of deputies, spinning around, munching on the food in silence and left the house with a chuckle.

“Great is left to be seen. Did you get her file, Mink?” Rob turned and stared at Mink.

“Thanks, AV team leader!” Hawk turned with a smile and watched the back spine of the AV team leader dash out the door. The door closed shut and blocked the sunrays.

She nodded. “Here, you go, Rob,” she handed a thin paper folder. “That’s all the available data from all sources, including CIA, DIA, FBI, HSA, and all the other mixed capital letters of the USA,” giggling.

“You said that in alphabetic order, Mink.” Cody laughed.

Rob looked down with a stern face to review the folder. “I really wanted more information. She hasn’t said anything but…”

“Amy is getting married, today.” Amber repeated, without moving from the sofa.

Cody laughed, “Right on cue, Rob! How did you do that magic trick?”

“Hawk does the magic tricks around here, not I.” Rob read the paper folder.

“I hope that’s figuratively, Hawk,” Mink smiled.

Hawk smiled. “My magic, I upped the body temperature in the room. I thought that she might get sleepy and tired for a short nap. The sleep rest might revive her old memory cells.”

“Excellent plan, Hawk! If she would ever take a catnap? She seemed stressed and anxious to my old gray matter.” Rob continued to read the folder.

The mobile telephone sang a jazz song of saxophone notes. Mink reached down into the blue jeans and whipped out her mobile telephone, reading with the latest information from the FBI agency with a stern face. “Boss man, we need a quickie conference.”

“Use the kitchen,” Rob thumbed back over a collar bone with a stern face. Mink spun around with a nod in silence and led Hawk and Cody. Rob slid off the stool and spun around, following behind the back spine of Mink.



Kitchen room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Mink entered the kitchen and stopped, pulling out the chair underneath the breakfast table, sitting inside the chair and continued to read her mobile telephone. “This is just in. There are multiply house fires and total destruction at Amanda’s home in Montgomery and Oscar’s house in Mobile in the southern part of Alabama near the Gulf of Mexico.”

Cody pulled out the chair and sat down with a gasp, placing a plate of sandwiches onto the table surface, “No way!”

Hawk pulled out a chair and sat down next to Cody with a sigh, “O boy!”

“What does it this mean?” Cody turned and frowned at the nose profile of Rob.

Rob shook a gray haired skull at each face and pulled out a chair, sitting next to Mink, slapping the paper folder over the table surface and looked at each face. “Covering up some physical criminal evidence, I’d guess. Was the FBI able to recover any items from their homes?”

“The FBI is relaying that answer to me over the email system, right this minute. Email is great.” Mink read the broken text messages out loud. “And the answer is no. Firefighters have responded to both fireball blazes. But the houses were too engulfed in full pretty yellow, red, and blue flames. The firefighters have performed with some heavenly miracles, keeping the flames from spreading to their neighbor’s manicured green colored lawns. It’s hot in dog days of August with no rain fall here, in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile cities, also.”

Cody reached down and lifted, eating and chewed more food. “A fire starts quickly and ends never.”

Hawk exhaled, “O boy.”

Mink continued to read the texts on her mobile telephone out loud. “The FBI is still emailing me. Let’s see! The FBI had raided the governor’s mansion immediately after the announcement of the murder, before some bureaucrat tried to cover up an assassination or the assassination. They retrieved three plastic boxes of Governor Ashmore’s personal bank financial records and income statements for the past six years, before his stunt in the governor’s office, and after his first two years. Whoa! The final conclusion is that Governor Ashmore was almost broke. He currently has four dollars and seventy-three cents in a checking bank account at Third National Alabama Bank.”

“He owns a business.” Rob turned and scanned the clean kitchen counter inside Amber’s house.

“He sold the business in the month February of this year along with emptying out a saving account, cashing out his pension fund, a set of an IRA accounts, and some blue blood stocks tha are listed in some elite top one hundred companies. All gone! All cashed out!” Mink looked up with a nod to see each face.

Hawk turned and stared through the open archway of the kitchen into the living room, where Amber sat on top of a sofa in shock. “Yeah, Governor Ashmore needed some fast cash for a particular fast reason, which we might never know about or learn. But I bet Amber knows for shore.”

Rob turned and stared at the open archway without seeing Amber but hearing her faint words that she repeated over and over again. “That offers a twist on her mental illness.”

Cody turned and swallowed the food, staring at the open archway. “It does at that, ya’ll.”

“Why was Wharton murdered, if he’s poor? Except, maybe, he was being blackmailed.” Hawk turned and nodded back to Rob.

“He can’t be blackmailed without any more monies than four dollars in a bank account.” Mink shook her long black colored ponytail.

Cody turned and winked at Rob. “That’s why all his monies are missing from all his bank accounts, making him poor.”

“Good point, Cody.” Rob nodded with a stern face.

“Does an Alabama governor need money? Maybe, he just moved it to another investment account? I am an accounting major with an accounting degree from the local university. He can move monies around at anytime and anywhere without the interference of nobody,” Hawk nodded.

Mink frowned. “But where, Hawk, to Switzerland or to a bank inside the Caiman Islands of Bahamas? Let’s of rich people do that. But Governor Ashmore is required to file an Alabama State government and US Federal government income tax form for all collected and recorded revenues, including his salary of sixty eight thousand dollars and some odd cents.”

“Right, Mink,” Rob nodded.

Mink exhaled. “And as an Alabama governor he has the use of the mansion for free, the bullet proof limos for free, the security for free. Everything is free to him for at least four years, in which he has served two of the four years as the Alabama governor. I do believe his personal bank account would be over flowing into a second FDIC bank account of an additional one hundred thousand dollars, making his new net worth about two hundred thousand dollars. He doesn’t need any of his money to pay for stuff.”

Rob looked down with a stern face to read the paper folder. “Deceased Governor Ashmore has a personal residential house inside the city of Mountain Stream, which is part of the metro city Birmingham district.”

Mink reached over and snatched the paper folder that came from the US Marshal and FBI data computers when she gathered clothing for Cody and Hawk, reading out loud more information for all eardrums. “The FBI mentioned that Governor Ashmore paid all his bills for the month, on time. I bet not with a very low almost non-existence Third National Alabama Bank account. Banks only pay invoices with money, at least mine does. The joint account of Amanda and Oscar, and Amy’s personal Third National Alabama Bank accounts are nearly at zero point zero dollars, too.” She turned the page. “And Foster Gordon shows a balance of ten dollars and twenty three cents inside his bank account at Third National Alabama Bank. However, the Ashmore family member paid all their monthly living invoices on time and was left with no nickels for a movie and a bag of popcorn,” she looked up with a confused brow to see Rob. “This is really weird, Rob.”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “Oscar was an attorney.” He ate and chewed the food.

Hawk nodded. “By paper name only, he attended all the governor functions with Wharton while utilizing the mansion, the limos, the security, too. And he lived in a big house in Montgomery.”

“We paid for that, too.” Cody frowned.

Rob nodded. “We should not be paying for Foster Gordon’s personal property. Let the FBI check on that.”

He chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “Who paid for the Amy’s wedding?” Cody ate and chewed the food.

Rob nodded. “That is a very good question, Cody. Weddings are very, very expensive.”

Hawk frowned. “The taxpayers did.”

Mink shook her ponytail, “No way! This isn’t the foreign country of Great Britain and the Ashmore family is not the royal family of Alabama. Alabamians do not pay for the governor or a daughter of the governor wedding ceremony. Someone else did that with some big bucks. The church was covered in expensive floral arrangements of purple, yellow, and white flowers.”

“Let the FBI figure that out.” Rob stole and silently read the paper folder from Mink.

“Who benefits if the Governor Ashmore dies?” Hawk nodded.

The mobile telephone sung with a new jazzy musical tone. “The FBI just answered your prayers, Hawk. Hold on!” Ming reached over and grabbed, reading the broken texts on her mobile telephone and then thumb-typed with more questions. “They quickly analyzed the Last Will and Testimony of Wharton. So far, Governor Ashmore left all his possession, in order, his wife first and then the rest of the assets and liabilities will be shared equally among the third daughters second.”

He chewed and swallowed the food with a nod, “That’s normal.” Cody reached over and grabbed, sipping the cold beverage.

“Now, there is nothing left to share with his dead daughters. Hmm! And how convenient that is all goes to Amber?” Rob turned and stared at the open archway with a puzzled brow.

Mink reviewed the texts on the mobile telephone. “The land can be sold.”

Rob shook a skull with a stern face, staring down at his hands on top of the table surface. “No. That is part of the fixed assets along with a house. Right, Hawk?”

Hawk nodded, “Definitely! What about the governor’s life insurance policy?”

The mobile telephone sung in a jazz notes. Mink read out loud the text on the mobile telephone. “The FBI just addressed that mystery question, too. Governor Ashmore had a life insurance policy on him person, his wife Amanda, and his single daughter Amy…”

Rob stared out the open archway with a puzzled brow. “Is Amber’s name on that list?”

Mink scanned all the text messages for a second time with a puzzled brow. “I don’t see her name listed here from the FBI information.”

Hawk said. “I don’t hear her name mentioned, either.”

Rob exhaled. “Neither, did I?”

Hawk said. “Governor Ashmore cashed out all the monetary funds, all at the same time, including the stocks and the pension account. He must have been getting blackmailed by some he knew.”

Rob nodded, “Agreed. I bet the FBI is thinking the very same thing, buddy. Let these boys and girls investigate that blackmail angle. Is there anything else to tell at our breakfast club, Mink?”

The mobile telephone sung in a jazz notes. Mink read out loud the newest text. “Yes. Amanda let the house insurance lapse on her home. Her homestead was not covered to replace one single brick with gooey white mortar.”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown. “That’s weird.”

Hawk exhaled. “This entire conversation is weird.”

Rob frowned. “What happens when you run out of money and abandoned your home and then there is a blazing fire? The fire happens to inflame and burn two of out of four private Ashmore homes.”

“Bizarre.” Cody nodded.

“What about their outstanding money debts on the monthly living invoices like water, sewer, electricity, Mink?” Hawk said.

The mobile telephone sung in a jazz song. Mink read out loud the new string of texts on her mobile telephone. “Amazing, you and the FBI are on the same brain frequency, Hawk. No mortgage notes. No car notes. No credit card invoices. Each family unit only received a monthly invoice for the electricity, the paid television, the internet connection services, the landline service, and the mobile telephone service, and some minor purchased services like numerous newspaper and magazine subscriptions. All the monthly bills were paid on time without money in an individual bank account. How in the hell do you perform that heavenly miracle? Because, I wanna use one or two of them too,” She looked up with a smile to see each face. Hawk nodded with a grin at the same mental thought to Mink in silence.

Rob said. “What kind of car did Amy Ashmore drive?”

Mink looked down at the paper folder, reading out loud for all eardrums. “Her car is this year’s model, a new sleek white utility sport vehicle.”

Hawk frowned. “Who paid for it?”

“The FBI can work on that blackmail angle too. What type of car does Amber drive?” Rob nodded.

“I’ll go and look.” Hawk scooted back from the table and stood, spinning around and faced the single door, where the garage space stood which was a usual design inside an American home. He slammed and opened the door at the same time, rushing into the cool garage space, disappearing into the darkness.

“It sounds to me like the entire Ashmore family units have a nice secret benefactor,” Mink turned and frowned to Rob.

“Maybe, a rich uncle type,” Cody stared at the open garage door, where Hawk investigated the car.

Rob nodded with a confused brow. “Could be? Have the other Ashmore extended family members been noticed by the police rather than by the television reporters?”

Hawk emerged back into the kitchen and dashed ahead, scooting around the table, sitting back down inside his warm chair with a smile and a nod. “Amber drives a nice damn foreign little two-seater sports car which is silver tinted with a hard top and a transmission stick. The car has 4,756 miles. It is last year’s model.”

Rob turned and stared at the paper folder. “What is the analysis of Amber’s money financial statements?”

Mink looked down with a stern face at the mobile telephone. “There are no attached financial statements inside the paper folder. And I have posed that particular question to the US Marshal office for an answer as well. The FBI is investigating the same issue and told me to hold.”

Hawk stared at the garage door with a smile. “I bet my entire paycheck that Amber doesn’t owe a dime on that last year’s model car.”

“Well, I think we can presume the gunman had a valid M.O.” Cody nodded with a smile.

Rob turned and frowned at Cody. “What’s the M.O., Cody?”

Cody smiled with a nod. “The secret benefactor is paying for all the Ashmore’s expensive toys and monthly bills. He must’ve gotten tired of the mind game. So, he eliminated the fluffy players in the poker game,” chuckling.

“A new working-ass out theory,” Hawk turned and smiled to Cody.

Rob nodded. “The working-ass theory is the only one making sense at the moment, too. Good job, Cody. So, mama, daddy, and the sisters and the brother-in-laws are all dead. Who benefits in the poker game, now?”

Cody turned and stared at the open archway. “Amber.”

Hawk shook a skull. “Don’t jump to a wrong conclusion, Cody. She definitely saw something terrible with her eyeballs inside the church auditorium, this afternoon which makes her like a living vegetable that can talk.”

“What about the empty bank accounts of her immediate blood relatives?” Mink said.

“She must be blackmailing her own family. So she is the benefactor that we’re seeking.” Cody nodded.

Mink turned and scanned the kitchen with a stern face. “Amber possesses a nice house, a newer car, a maid service, a lawn care, and she is very young. She is twenty-eight less than thirty years old. How many single girls own a house at twenty eight years of age, without some type of financial assistance?”

Hawk nodded. “Amber was a member of the wedding party. Does that sound like she was blackmailing her family? They invited her to the wedding.”

Cody chuckled. “Maybe, the other Ashmore family members paid to eliminate her as the blackmailer. But, the shooter got the wrong text pic inside his cell phone.”

“Ugh, Cody! You get a spanking for that one, son.” Mink frowned at him.

Hawk shook a skull with a chuckle. “So she got the upper hand. Cody, your imagination is beyond abnormal.”

“Thanks.” Cody smiled with a laugh.

Rob chuckled. “Whoa the galloping horses! We are definitely writing science fiction here.”

“So, Amber saw what she had planned and executed and then went into total traumatic shock, buddy. Wake up, ya’ll. She did it. She is the murderer of her own kin folks. All the physical hard criminal evidence links to the missing monies, the bank accounts, the insurance policies, the cars, the houses. Everything finger points to Amber.” Cody nodded.

“I’ll wait for judgment from the FBI, her defensive attorney, and the courtroom trial.” Hawk smiled.

Mink smiled. “We can help the FBI by finding her bank accounts and records. There’s a den across from the dining room. Maybe, she keeps her financial statements and invoices here inside her home as a good bookkeeper.”

Rob nodded. “Good idea! Go and look, Mink. Bring back anything that might answer all those posed questions plus the ones we ain’t thought of, yet.” Mink stood upright from the chair and spun around, exiting the kitchen. Rob slapped the table with a nod. “Summarize, ya’ll? What do we don’t and do have?”

Hawk exhaled, “Nothing! A batch of empty bank accounts, two house fires, seven dead people and…”

Cody nodded. “No witness, no gunman, and no weapon.”

Mink entered the room and rattled the pages of papers with a smile, stopping and stood beside her chair, looking at Rob, “This is unbelievable, Rob. I found all her bank statements and Amber is rich.”

Hawk extended a hand with a stern face to Mink. “Let’s see.”

“Give the bank statements to the accountant, please, Mink,” Rob nodded.

Mink turned and handed the stack of papers to Hawk. Hawk accepted and dropped the stack of papers in front his face, reviewing the number with a smile. “O boy! This is a private portfolio cash investment account. It shows that Amber is worth over seventy four million dollars.”

Rob dropped open and shut a mouth. “Are you certain, Hawk?”

Hawk flipped each page with a nod, “Absolutely certain! She is very, very rich. She could buy anything that she ever wants, desires, or dreams.”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “She’s a thief.”

The mobile telephone sung in a jazz notes “Hush, Cody.” Mink looked down with a sour frown at her mobile telephone, reading out loud the string of new texts. “The FBI has emailed. Hawk is correct. Amber indeed is a multi-millionaire with her own set of assets that are fully paid by her own monies. The FBI texts to me that she took charge of her own bank accounts at the legal age of eighteen while investing heavily in the stock market. Amber is a financial genius, raising her personal capital cash investments over two hundred percent, last year.”

“Does Foster Gordon, the dead groom, fit into the Amber’s financial money mix?” Rob nodded.

Mink read out lout the new text. “He was Amber’s stock broker, but she steered her own stock funds. Amber has numerous personal bank accounts of money throughout the state of Alabama, in particular in the cities of both Montgomery and Mobile.”

Hawk said. “The FDCI only covers one bank account at a time up towards two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So, it makes sense that she has numerous bank accounts, used for numerous mysterious purposes. She might have a slush fund to pay for example for her electricity and telephone invoices in a simple checking account while the other seventy four million dollars sits cozy inside a mixed investment portfolio, collecting more money interest.”

“How much dollars and cents interest from her personal bank account on a total financial amount of seventy four million dollars, Hawk?” Rob said.

Hawk swiftly calculated the math number in his mind in silence with a smile to Rob. “At the current rate of three-point-eight percent, it would be about two-point-eight million dollars and some change.”

“I can live on that.” Cody smiled with a nod.

“Amber most likely does live on that also. That is why her investment portfolio is massive.” Hawk nodded.

Rob said. “The money is accounted for. What about Amber’s professional work record or citizenship award?”

The mobile telephone sung in a jazz notes. Mink read out the new string of text messages. “The FBI just checked. She’s a model citizen. She pays her state and federal income taxes, personal invoices, and donors her money to the local churches and some social charities. She doesn’t work but volunteers at the church, where we just left. No parking tickets or speeding citations or disturbing of peace violations. This young adult is clean and a good role model for Cody,” giggling.

Rob turned and nodded to Cody. “What do you think, now, Cody?”

Cody shook his curls with a puzzled brow. “Something’s fishy here. I don’t know what but something stinking up the left side of the Tennessee River wet bank.”

Rob nodded with a stern face. “I agree with Cody. Something’s rotten in Denmark. And I don’t mean Denmark, the foreign country. What do you think, Mink?”

Mink exhaled. “She is faking it, isn’t she?”

Cody nodded. “She’s a fake and a felony.”

“Hush, Cody.” Hawk frowned. “Amber isn’t faking it. I can feel it. I determine it to be some type of schizoid personality trait from a trauma. That girl is truly traumatized. She’s in a deep trauma shock with symptoms of stunned, dazed, and numbed from a psychological association with al her dead family murders. It’s a defense mechanism, protecting her psyche from the full impact of the trauma, until she can better prepare to assimilate the tragedy into her mental mind.”

Rob said. “She repeats that statement.”

Amy is getting married, today,” a set of faint words echoed into the kitchen air waves, where Amber sat on top of a sofa inside the living room.

Hawk said. “Her repetitive words suggest her inability to deal with the current situation and ultimately with a complete tragedy. She has lost her entire family in one afternoon.”

Rob turned and nodded to Mink. “What do we do, Mink?”

Mink exhaled. “Amber has regressed to a passive state of mind, where help from any individual isn’t welcomed. I believe that she should eye view the crime scene again. Maybe, she would pick up a hint. One, her family is really dead. And two, she might could manifest the face of the shooter for us.”

“And if Amber continues to mumble only that one single repetitive sentence structure?” Cody frowned.

Hawk frowned with worry. “You can’t send her to the state of Alabama mental ward. She’s our prime witness, Rob.”

Rob nodded. “I understand that, Hawk. She could be in danger for herself. I must think of her safety, as well as, we are her protectors. What if she turns on you, anyone of you?”

“We are watching her twenty four hours per day and seven days for any slow movements or quick changes?” Hawk nodded.

“I realized why you suggested turning the heat up, so she can sleep. But Amber is fully conscious enough to resist the temptation of rest.” Rob said.

Hawk smiled. “That’s a good sign. She thinks. She sees. She feels.”

Cody shook his curls. “Wrong, Hawk! She is manipulating her own subconscious on a sub-conscious level. I am concerned that Amber can be dangerous to us all,” nodding.

“Let the record state that I don’t agree.” Hawk frowned.

Rob exhaled. “I know that I’m making a rash decision now. I’ll call the FBI to escort Amber back to the church. So, she can review the crime scene, again. In the meantime, Hawk can personally watch over her and wait for me and Mink to return.”

“She is a witness to a horrendous crime.” Hawk frowned with concern at Rob.

Rob nodded with a stern face to Hawk. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Rob, I’ll get my gear and then drive my car over to church to wait for and escort the FBI here to Amber’s residence.” Mink stood upright from the chair and spun around to face the door, moving towards the archway.

“Very good, Mink,” Rob and Hawk continued to perform a stare-down with each other. Rob stood upright from the chair and back stepped, spinning around to face the door, moving towards the archway with a stern face.



Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Hawk stood upright and scooted the chair from an ass with a grunt, swinging around to face the door, dashing around Rob and entered the living room.

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “Amy is getting married, today.”

Amber was not dangerous, only scared. Hawk wanted to help her, approaching the sofa, sitting on the sofa with her. Maybe, if Amber recognized another warm body next to her, then she would react and woke up from a terrible daydream. Hawk desired to touch her hand or her soft pink colored cheekbone as he was taught from the numerous first aid medical lessons, not to scare the patient in this case, the witness. He turned and viewed his co-workers. They had stopped, kneeling down, gathering all the gear to leave Amber’s house for the church.

Cody sat down at the beverage bar, waiting and watching him and her.

Hawk turned and exhaled to see the cheekbone of girl. “Amber.”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “Amy is getting married, today.”

Hawk leaned over and whispered with a smile into her cheekbone. “You are very pretty. I like your dress.”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “My dress is sapphire blue.” Hawk turned and gasped to see his co-workers. They stop working and stood upright, spinning around to see Hawk. Cody gave a thumbs-up signal with a nod. Mink gasped with a smile. Rob flung a hand for another quick face conference. Hawk slid off the sofa and stood upright, dashing to the huddle of deputies. Amber said. “My dress is sapphire blue.”

Hawk stopped and stood inside a tight huddle with a smile in silence. Rob smiled with a nod to Hawk. “What did you do, Hawk?”

Hawk shrugged a shoulder with a grin. “I really don’t know. I told her that she was pretty. I mentioned that I liked her dress. Then Amber changed the single repetitive sentence structure for some reason.”

Cody smiled with a nod. “She is responding to your sexy husky voice, Hawk. Try something else different!”

Hawk looked back over a collar bone to see Amber as he was filled with excitement and nervousness. “What do I say next? Does anyone have another suggestion?”

Rob shoved Hawk back towards the girl with a smile and a nod. “You’re doing a great job. Go back and perform another miracle, Hawk.”

Hawk spun around with a smile and slowly strutted ahead, sitting down on the edge of the sofa with Amber. His new question had gotten a new reaction. So maybe, a new question might get another new reaction. “You are pretty Amber. Do you want a cold drink?”

“My dress is sapphire blue.” Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving.

He frowned and then smiled. “Amber, I like your blue dress and your white gloves.”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “My gloves are long and white.” Hawk slid off the sofa and swirled around in a tight circle, stopping and smiling at his co-workers. They raised both arms with a nod and a smile in silence to Hawk. Amber was talking and telling more about her physical appearance, saying out loud on top of the sofa. “My gloves are long and white.”

Hawk spun around and sat down beside her face without shaking the cushions on the sofa, leaning over into her cheekbone with a smile and a whisper. “Amber…”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “My gloves are long and white.”

Hawk smiled at her nose profile. “Amber, your dress is pretty. I like your shoes.”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes at the far wall of beige paint and held a bouquet of flowers between a pair of gloved hands, without moving. “My shoes are blue with bows.”

Hawk smiled with a whisper into her cheekbone, “Amber.”

“My shoes are blue with bows.”



Foyer entrance setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The door opened with bright sunshine.

“Sir?” US Deputy Marshal Tate entered the front door and spun around, feeling the shove a small person on his ass, holing upright both palms with a stern face. He blocked the archway of the front door and stopped the stranger, who was trying to advance inside the front door of Amber Ashmore’s house, without permission.

“Out of my way, sir! Where’s Amber? I demand to see Amber,” an unknown short fat male yelled in a sissy timber and wiggled side to side inside the open archway.

Hawk stood upright and raced towards an invisible edge of the foyer space, standing in a row with Cody, Rob, and Mink, before the loud mouth and rude male appeared inside the living room while frightening the eye witness into silent submission.

A second tall younger male dashed around the short male and Deputy Tate and encountered the muscle line of deputies first, whipping a large body to the right. Then the bodyguard launched and hit the side naked wall with a loud thump, without a piece of furniture, coming from a two-handed toss of Hawk with a growl. Then a second young tall male dashed around the short male and was grabbed, launching and hit the other naked wall with a loud thud. Rob, Mink, and Cody continued to hold and form a straight line to protect Amber while taking another hit.

Cody reached out and grabbed a third tall younger male with a head lock using his quick biceps, holding the man in place. The man coughed and gagged with sweat and fury, wiggling side to side, without breaking free from tall and meaner Cody.

Hawk raised both palms with a sneer and halted the short fat male in a dark gray suit and a yellow necktie from advancing towards Amber. Mink grabbed and held a hand gun at the short and fat male with a growl of protection over helpless Amber.

Rob sidestepped and looked down with a frown at the balding skull of elderly short male with a sneer, “Who are you, sir?”

The short fat male ignored Rob and the row of deputies, directly staring between the elbows with a stern face and a yell at Amber. “Amber, what’s wrong with you, girl? Snap out of it, young lady. You’re acting like a child. Get over here, now. We’re leaving. Listen to me and get up from that sofa….”

Rob sneered down at the balding skull of the short male. “Sir, you are harassing a witness and…”

“Don’t you know recognize my face, son?” The short fat male continued to stare at Amber.

Rob shook a skull with a stern face, “No sir. I do not.”

The short fat male looked up with a smirk to see Rob. “I am Congressman Davidson Ashmore. I am her uncle. I demand to talk to my niece. I demand that you remove both your hands from me, before I sue you for the harassment of a popular and respected Alabama public civil servant.”

Rob nodded with a stern face. “That’s great, sir. But, at the moment, Miss Ashmore is a witness to the…”

Davidson looked down with a gasp and stared between the elbows of the deputies at Amber. “Are you telling me that Amber saw the killer of my brother Wharton?”

Rob nodded. “Miss Ashmore has witnessed something terrible, sir.”

Davidson dropped open and shut a mouth. “What did she see? Why isn’t Amber in the hospital or at the police station?”

Rob exhaled. “She is not in a very good talking mood at the moment, sir.”

Davidson smiled at Amber. “I can make her talk. She’s play acting to get attention. She did this actress-act all the time as a little girl. You must tell her what to do. Or she doesn’t obey.”

Rob frowned. “Sir, Miss Ashmore is not allowed to discuss any events.”

Davidson looked up with a stunned back to see Rob. “You’re joking. I’m her uncle. Enough of this silly nonsense! I demand to talk to Amber.”

Rob shook a skull, “That is not possible, sir.”

He sneered. “I’m Congressman Davidson Ashmore of the sixth district. I pay your salary that comes from my personal Federal US income taxes, US Marshal.”

Rob smiled. “Only, if you actually write the check to the US Internal Revenue Service, sir.”

Davidson snarled, “How dare you insult me, son? I’ll have your badge for that impetus.”

Rob grinned with a nod. “For the record Congressman Ashmore, you are not my congressman. I live in district seven, not six. So, I did not vote for your asset. Furthermore, I wrote a check to pay my own state of Alabama income taxes, which means I do pay for your useful state of Alabama public civil servant governmental duties. Therefore, your professional state of Alabama public civil servant duty is not required here at the moment with your niece. Since, you, Congressmen Ashmore are interfering with my public civil servant duty as a US Marshal from the Birmingham field office. You need to leave, sir.”

Davidson lifted and jabbed a finger into the stern face of Rob with a sneer. “Leave! I have never been treated like such white trash before in my long tenured years as a devoted and dedicated public servant of the great state of Alabama. I’m reporting you to the FBI.”

Rob smiled. “I reports directly to the Executive Branch of the US Federal Government, Congressman Ashmore. That would be the President of the United States, sir. You are very welcome to file a complaint with my employer. That’s your right as a US citizen.”

Davidson exhaled. “I’m enacting those US citizen rights. Yes sir. Let it be verbal stated, I have demanded to talk my niece named Amber Ashmore. And I have been inequitably denied.”

Rob lifted and pointed at the mounted black box in the corner wall with a smile and a nod, “Yes sir. Your vocal statement has been inequitably recorded, too. See? There is an electronic devise in the sky, over the land, and on the table stand. We have state-of-the-art technology for helping us protect the only eye witnesses in this serious federal case of the US Judicial System, Congressman Davidson Ashmore, district sixth…”

Davidson dropped open and shut a mouth, spinning around with a puzzled brow to see the mounted black box with a set of flashing colored lights. “You…you are…you’re recording me in here inside Amber’s house. I mean this…this entire vocal discussion.”

Rob nodded with a grin. “Sir, all audio and visual has been noted and has been recorded for everyone’s welfare and safety of their persons here inside the living room of Amber’s home.”

Davidson spun around with a sour frown and a sneer to see Rob. “I’m leaving, but I’ll return with my lawyer to see Amber for obstructing my right as her blood-uncle.”

“That’s your legal right, sir.” Rob looked up with a nod to see Tate, who stood in front of the door with a stern face. “Please see to a respected personal service escort of Congressman Ashmore’s welfare and his safety towards his public civil servant vehicle, Deputy Tate.”

“Yes sir.” Tate holstered the gun with a nod and a fake smile.

The set of personal body guards for Congressman Ashmore stood upright from the floor with a set of grunts and bruises, filing one-at-a-time out the open door in silence.

“O boy,” Hawk felt Cody move ahead from the lineup of deputies towards Davidson.

Cody strutted ahead with a hand and a smile to Davidson like a good friend, “Hey sir! I’m Cody. I would like nothing better than to educate you on the US Marshal Service,” he reached out and grabbed the arm, swinging Davidson towards the front door with a smile. “The US Marshal Service is the oldest law enforcement agency in the land. The land of the USA signed into action, the gun action that is, by the Judiciary Act in the year 1789. The USMS is the abbreviation. There are ninety four US Marshals and over 4,000 deputy marshals. We assist with court security and prisoner transport…”

Hawk smiled with a nod at the back spine of Cody and Davidson. “Good job, Cody! Kill him with datum,” he chuckled with Rob and Mink.

Cody swiftly shuffled the short man into the dark foyer and rambled down into the balding skull of Davidson. “Our duties encompass virtually everything from the few federal courts to the many federal laws to tons of federal fugitives. Do you know any federal fugitives, sir?”

“Absolutely not,” Davidson frowned.

Cody smiled, “Too bad! Since, we are trained to track, hunt, and kill them on sight, sir.”

Davidson turned and looked up with a confused brow to see Cody. “I certainly do not know any federal fugitives, young man…uh…young boy? How old are you, son?”

Cody chuckled. “It is one of the largest government agencies like the FBI and the ATF. A long time ago in the wild wilder western part of America, the US Marshal persons made their mark or their grave markers, if you will, in the lawless cowboy and cowgirl frontier towns in the great states of Texas and New Mexico and all the way to Califor…nee…a. They shot and killed all these bloody killing murderous outlaws that roamed the bread wheat plains, the yellow corn fields, and the massive crowded stinky ass buffalo pastures. They were welcomed in both safety and stability into the growing villages that comprised a group of true blooded Americans like me and you, Congressman.”

Davidson frowned. “I have a college degree, young person.”

Cody pulled Davidson towards the front door and away from Amber with a smile. “Each deputy receives a silver tinted star-shaped badge that symbolizes the white-hat goody good guys like you see on the Hollywood film movies. Do you want to see my badge, sir?” He reached over and pulled out his badge with a smile. “See? It’s shiny silver. When a marshal like me needed some extra gun-power, not weapons, but men, he formed a posse and deputized all the local rednecks. Hey! We do that still today. We will form a posse and then deputized both male and female rednecks. Do you know any female rednecks, sir?”

Davidson shook a balding skull with a stern face. “I certainly do not, young man.”

Cody smiled, “Too bad! They could join our posse while looking for the fellow that killed your brother.”

Rob chuckled at the back spines of Cody and Davidson. “Go and get Cody, Mink.”

Mink stared with a smile at the back spines of Cody and Davidson. They exited into the bright sunshine and left Amber’s house. She grinned, “Naw. He’s having some redneck fun entertaining and entertainingly funning Mr. Congressman at the moment.”



Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Hawk spun around with a worried brow to see Amber. She had not moved or spoken the new repeating single sentence structure during the vocal interruption. He dashed ahead and kneeled in front of her with a worried brow. “Miss Amber, do you want some water?”

“Tate, follow me!” Rob turned and moved ahead, stopping in front of the video camera, open the side panel. He pulled out the recording cartridge, since Rob didn’t want the video evidence of both Cody and Hawk showed as his deputies hackled and laughed at the silly childish behavior of the congressman in front of a federal jury.

“Sir,” Tate stood behind Rob with a stern face.

Rob spun around with a wink and held upright the tiny cylinder. “Store this tape for safe keeping.”

Tate reached out and grabbed, hiding the tiny cylinder within the jacket.

Rob held upright an empty hand with a smile. “Gimme a new roll for the next talking session with Amber.”

“Yes sir.” Tate squatted down and fetched, handing a new cylinder to Rob, standing upright and spun around to face the open door. He heard the impromptu speech of Davidson for the numerous television cameras and reporters. He patted a pocket with secret film and exited the house, trotting towards his pickup truck for storage the cylinder for safekeeping.

In front of the manicured lawn, Davidson stood in the grass with raised arms and a frown. “Those are the worst of the worse. This level of violence is intolerable inside the small town of Ironside but have no fear, citizens. I am working with the national law enforcement officers to do anything and everything we can to provide all type of manpower in assisting with the local, state, and federal authorities, finding the murderer of my brother and his family.” The neighbors and busybodies clapped and cheered for Congressman Davidson. He smiled with a nod. “The united front of law men and women will work together to locate and prosecute this heartless cold-blooded murderer of my entire family. And I want to thank each and every one of you for your help and effect making Ironside the safest place on planet Earth, which is my home town and voting district six…”

Rob gently closed the front door with a sour frown, hoping for some good luck and lots of assurance that Congressman Ashmore would not interfere with the murder investigation and the murder witness, again. He will present that video tape to the local federal judge and get a restraining order against Amber’s uncle. He spun around and stared at Amber on the sofa, wondering if she heard the threatening conversation by her uncle. He pondered what Davidson wanted with Amber and how he would make her talk about the bloody murders.

This murder investigation was complicated, complex, and confusing with a successful assassin of an entire biological family unit.

The door opened. Cody entered the foyer and slammed the door with a set of bad manners of a southern redneck, instead of a southern gentleman with a boot heel, wearing a goofy grin, bouncing back to his happy duty for the day.

He turned and sat back down at the bar stool, staring at the Amber. “Back to work, Hawk.”

“Yes sir.” Hawk smiled at her. “Amber, I like your hair.” Amber did not speak or move. Hawk looked back over a collar bone to see Cody and Rob without a hand signal or a word of advice.

Mink sat on top of the bar stool and turned with a smile to see the nose profile of Cody. “Was Congressman Ashmore going home?”

Cody shrugged a shoulder and stared at Amber. “The man was in a hurry to go somewhere.”

Rob frowned. “He needs to hurry and arrange all the funerals of his dead relatives. Amber isn’t in any state of mind to perform that function.” He decided that Davidson was not going to intimidate Amber in her own home residence and wondered if Davidson knew that she was a multi-millionaire too which brought about a new twist and a new angle into this multiple mystery murder case.

Hawk turned around with a smile to see her. “Amber, I like your dress.” Amber did not speak or move, staring at the far wall, holding the nosegay in a lap between a pair of white elbow length gloves. Hawk exhaled with a worried brow. “She’s upset.” He stood upright and slowly spun around, moving back towards the beverage bar with a heavy heart.

“Time to call the medical professionals, I’m afraid. Her mental capacity is beyond our deputy capacity, Rob.” Mink stared with a worried brow at Amber.

Rob nodded with a stern face at Amber. “This is actually good news. She does comprehend her current environment. Therefore, she does have the ability to react to a new environment.”

Hawk frowned. “What are you saying, Rob? I completely disagree with you, Mink. The koo-koo physician can’t have her for any wild weird-ass experiments inside his medical lab.” He turned with a worried brow to see Amber. “She is sensitive and upset. She needs to stay in her own home. She’s going to recover from this mess.”

“Agree, here.” Cody stared with a smile and a nod at Amber.

“You thought that she was the killer last hour ago.” Rob frowned at Amber.

Cody nodded at Amber. “I place my bet on her blood-uncle.”

“I do, too.” Hawk stared with a worried brow at her.

Rob exhaled. “I don’t like the male, either. But, he is her relative and apparently the only living one for the time being. Go back and try to get her to talk, once again, about her dress or Amy’s wedding, Hawk!”

Hawk spun around with a worried brow and a sigh. “Yeah, I’ll try really hard.” Her uncle was troubling for both Hawk and Amber as he pondered what question to ask while getting her to open back up without saying the repetitive statement. Hawk stopped and spun around, sitting down on top of the sofa with a gentle motion. He had made a lot of progress, since early afternoon, until her bozo uncle had ruined the momentum. He exhaled and started the momentum over, turning to see the electronic recording equipment on top of the mounted free stand. He heard the whining and humming of gears inside the audio and video cassette that recorded his movements and his words, since the room was totally a peace in the universe. Hawk turned and leaned over with a smile into her nose profile, smelling her perfume of roses and vanilla spice. “Amy is getting married, today.”

Hawk smiled. “Your dress is sapphire blue.”

Amber stared without a smile at him. “Yes. My dress is sapphire blue.”

Rob, Mink, and Cody stood upright from the chairs as some of the stools hit the beverage counter. They stopped and stood upright in front of Hawk and Amber.

“Your gloves are long and white.” Hawk smiled.

Amber smiled at Hawk. “Yes. My gloves are long and white.”

“Your shoes are blue with bows.” Hawk smiled with a nod.

“Yes. My shoes are blue with bows.” Amber smiled at Hawk.

Rob leaned down and whispered into the eardrum of Hawk. Hawk smiled. “Tell me about the gunman?”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes, removing the smile to Hawk “Yes. He was average height about five feet…”

Cody and Mink pulled out an ink pen and paper from a vest, slamming down an ass onto the hard floor, taking down hand written notes like a secretary. They wrote down each detailed data from her eyewitness account while her every word and hand movement was video recorded. But, the first eyeball impression always helped with the initial murder investigation.

Hawk was not writing but observing with his eyeballs and her neurons her slow and fast motions. Amber was calm. Her voice was steady, narrating a story. Hawk reached over and touched her right gloved hand which was wet from the humidity in the air, after ordering off the air conditioning cool waves.

Her face was peppered with a set of tiny water droplets of sweat. Her eyes blinked alert and as her mental mind clicked with mental activity. She said, “…eight inches tall, wearing the color of black from head to toe. He was slender from the look of his outer attire. His clothes were designed in the style of a motorcycle thick leather jacket, a pair of matching black leather pants, and a set of black heavy boots. He wore a black helmet, removing for it a short moment, before placing it back over his head. He held a bald head with a wide forehead, a pale complexion, clean shaven with a heart-shaped face, hook nose, small cheekbones, and small little eyes and big ears. He entered from the front door, holding two guns in each hand. He fired at Mrs. Langford, sitting at the organ’s bench seat first and then the photographer and then Daddy and then Amanda and then Mama and then Amy and then Oscar and then finally at Foster. They all fell onto the floor like a set of dominos. I could not see them moving behind the flowers,” she sobbed without tears.

Hawk whispered. “You were not with the wedding party. Where did you hide, Amber?”

Amber stared at Hawk. “Mama told me to fetch Amy’s banquet from the kitchen for the wedding pictures. I held the bridal bouquet, standing in the dark hallway as he moved in front of my eyesight. The noise sounded like a set of little firecrackers. I was confused. Then, I get scared. I thought he was part of the wedding party. Then I didn’t recognize him from the rehearsal dinner, last night. I did not…” she stopped speaking and looked down with a blank face to stare at the nosegay between the white colored gloves, swiftly releasing the bouquet. The flower bouquet tumbled down and fell onto her dress and then the floor. She batted both eyelashes and leaned over, fainting into Hawk. Hawk caught her with both arms.

“You did good job, Hawk.” Rob smiled with a nod.

Hawk cuddled Amber with a smile. “She did a better job, Rob.”

Rob turned and smiled to Mink. “Amber did a great job. Get that detail to a sketcher for a black and white drawing and then to the FBI wire! Let’s see if they can ID this guy, Mink. Go and tell the media folks that the US Marshal Office announces a new member to the list of wanted fugitives. He is described as five feet and eight inches, bald, and pale skin. If you have any information about this fugitive, call us. All tips are anonymous and there are rewards available,” nodding. Mink stood upright from the floor and spun around, dashing towards the front door and exited Amber’s home for the office. Rob turned and smiled to hawk. “Take her upstairs for rest. She deserves that cat nap, now.”

“Yes sir.” Hawk stood upright and cuddled Amber into his chest, slowly strolling across the room, climbing up the staircase for her afternoon rest.

Rob turned and smiled to Cody. “Cody, please find and lower the air conditioning needle down to fifty dang degrees.”

“No prob!” Cody wiped the sweat from a face and spun around with a chuckle to see the air conditioning thermostat.



Sunday May 2nd



12:03 am (early, early morning)

Cool temperatures with bright stars of nighttime

City of Ironville

(5 miles east of Birmingham)

Home location of Amber Ashmore

Living room setting



She moved down the staircase on a pair of bare feet and dressed in a yellow sundress, wearing a ponytail with a puffy red colored face, carefully surveying the darkened living room and scouted for the new visitors. She possessed perfect night vision inside her house while knowing every square inch of the palace.

She heard an assortment of loud snoring, coming from one of the two law enforcement officers that suggested a male as she moved beside the occupied guest bedroom. The door was partly opened for an emergency or an attack on the sleeping men. However, her new roomies were sound asleep in comfort on top of the thick cozy mattresses.

She stood upright on top of the tile and hugged the bar counter with a hand. Amber didn’t want to wake her new company to alertness, since she really didn’t feel like chit-chatting or busy bee socializing at the moment, either.

She was a little hungry and a lot of sad, bumping into the ceramic planter that contained the bundles of white gladiolus for Amy’s wedding. Her eyeballs re-focused on the bright white flowers and as she sobbed with a tight throat.

This was the new day of no hope for her.

Every bump, lump, and rump was going to remind her of that awful event yesterday at the church.

She stood upright and bowed a chin, sobbing with tears, wiping the mucus from a runny nose. She hoped that the maid service had purchased plenty of tissue boxes for the day and night tears.

Hawk possessed acute eye vision, not necessary from his nickname just a set of good old fashioned family DNA genes. His dad had never worn a pair of eyeglasses while reading the Sunday newspaper, until the cancer cell started eating away the biological body and turned his father into a bag of skinny bones.

Hawk rested across the long sofa and pretended sleep, seeing a tiny figure with tiny movement on top of the second level staircase as the bright moonlight hit the wooden banister. He flinched with tense and then relaxed, seeing a dark shadow cross into a shining light, presenting amber golden hair strand inside a ponytail.

Amber had awakened from her cat nap which lasted for ten hours.

The house was quiet.

Rob and Cody slept. Cody could slumber peacefully through a tornado or a hurricane or an earthquake or a combination of the three Mother Nature events.

Hawk had hit the sack on top of the long sofa as the watch dog, after he had placed Amber on top of her mattress for the early morning watch, easily falling asleep from a rush, a ruse, and a ran while analyzing the cold-blooded murder assassination crime scene. He rested soundly on top of the sofa, until Cody had pitched a glass of ice cold water into the face of Hawk for an immediately wake-up call to duty. Just wait! Hawk will get Cody back at the most inconvenience time for that vicious harassment.

Inside the living room, Hawk watched Amber pause at the end of the beverage bar, looking down at something on the floor. He did not move or breathe, not desiring to give the girl another heart attack on top of her old heart being broken, when she learned of the bad news.

The entire Ashmore family was playing inside heaven, instead of on planet Earth.

He noticed the movement.

Her shoulder drooped. Her hands shook in the air. Her head dropped down into a chest with tears of sadness.

This was a good start for the healing process. The act of death was hard for all living creatures, underneath God’s protection. Death was a part of life. Life was a part of death. You could not stop life or death but only endure it to the best of your spiritual abilities.

She scooted around the flower planter and moved ahead into the kitchen for a meal from both hunger and thirst.

He slowly slid of the sofa and knelt down on the floor, slowly standing upright. She probably could use some friendliness support, not a lecture of life and death.



Kitchen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Amber slid through the door and stopped, reaching out, flipping o the lights while not wanting to eat in the dark. She moved ahead and stopped, staring at the breakfast table, pondering her life, without her family. She turned and surveyed the spotless kitchen counters with a smile. Her uninvited guests were neat and polite with a set of good southern manners as they were taught by a mama. That was a nice gesture.

She always heard stories about law enforcement personnel visiting other people’s homes during times of crisis and chaos. She must’ve have gotten lucky with this group of males. Thinking about the un-invited guests seemed to take her fragile mind for a millisecond off the old blood-stained torn memories of dead family members.

Amber turned and shuffled towards the refrigerator, not craving a particular food or beverage item. She stopped and opened the door, allowing a cool breeze to hit her swollen face.

She had awoken about twenty minutes on top of the bedcover of her mattress, wearing the bridesmaid gown with pair of long gloves. The gem necklace was cutting off the air to her esophagus. She bolted upright in the bed, feeling disoriented, dazed, and dizzy. She blinked open and shut the eyelashes a few times and as her eyes adjusted to the nighttime view.

She surveyed a dark room and white light from a bright moon that flowed gently down into the air waves over the wooden floor. Her brain cells kicked into motion. She was at home. It was nighttime, the opposite part of the afternoon day of the wedding picture taking event. She cried and allowed the tears to flow down in the still cold air and ruin the bridesmaid’s dress.

An expensive satin strapless plantation ball gown with a set of three layers of white crinoline that scratched her naked legs which was to be worn for Amy’s wedding.

Someone had placed Amber on top of the bedcovers with a blanket over her gown and her body. Her sandals were sitting side by side on the floor beside the bedpost. Someone had taken great care in making sure she was warm and secure and protected.

After the tears stopped and started to dry, she felt hungry and extremely thirsty. She changed out of the tight gown into a summer dress, hoping she could secretly enter the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Amber realized the new day was going to be busy and filled with nosy questions, probably with no answers. She did not even know why, who, what, where, or how things had transpired yesterday at the church altar.

Inside the kitchen, she reached out and selected the carton of sweet milk. The cold milk would settle her roaring stomach from hungry and haunting pains, bombarding her body and her mind with more sleep also. She back stepped and spun around to face the wooden cabinet, reaching out and opened the cabinet door, selecting a water goblet for drink and a ceramic bowl for food which would satisfy her growling belly.

Amber was not required to turn on an appliance like the oven for cooking or a microwave for fixing a meal, since she did not need to cook her meals. The paid maid service performed these required domestic services at her house each week. They had cleaned, polished, and worked at her dad’s house too.

Amber stared down into the empty bowl with sobs and tears. Her dad, her mom, her sister Amanda, her brother-in-law Oscar, her baby sitter Amy, and her other brother-in-law Foster did not exist anymore. They were gone. Poof! Here one minute and then gone the next. Just like a nasty annoying tiny black housefly that fluttered around the room, then pop, it was gone from its life in a splatter of tiny blood on the wall, where it sadly left evidence of its only total existence.

Each one of her family member now was a set of spatters of dried blood proteins on top of the white carpet and the polished wooden planks on the church altar of St James Baptist Church in Ironside.

She reached out and held the goblet and the bowl with sobs and tears of sadness.

Hawk slowly moved away from the sofa and followed the light beams of the moon, not wanting to trip or fall carelessly over something which might startle Amber into screaming.

First, Rob will awaken and get mad at Amber for interrupting his beauty sleep. Second, the snoring young deputy-in-training will advance down the staircase with a hand gun drawn and ready for a shoot-out, standing out in a set of his colorful underwear.

Hawk remembered Cody liked wearing the set of pretty yellow and green cartoon character boxers.

Amber will probably faint into his arms, making that mental thought very pleasant.

Inside the living room, Hawk slowly moved towards the kitchen lights.

Inside the kitchen, Amber exhaled to remove all the numerous bad memories that she could and side stepped towards the food pantry, opening the door of the pantry. She reached in and retrieved the cereal box and continued toss out these terrible bloody visions that were floating inside her head. She side stepped back in front of the bowl and poured out the cereal, filling it up and over the rim of the ceramic edge, carelessly sloshing the cold milk over the rice dots like a mindless zombie.

Physics ensured each rice filled tiny dot musically snapped, crackled, and popped from the heavy flow of milk, drowning out the hollow geometric shapes. The cereal symphony immediately reminded her of a familiar odd sound heard within both eardrums, yesterday.

Hawk heard the light tinkling of glass and china since she was eating. He felt a little hungry also making up the lame excuse for being inside the kitchen at the same time with Amber.

She didn’t see his dark silhouette over the long sofa as she traveled quietly through the open living room for food.

He moved ahead into a bright room and squint both eyelids, adjusting to the overhead lights. Amber stood in front of the kitchen counter, staring down at the overflowing bowl of cereal and milk.

Yesterday, Amber heard the sound of a sweet musical tenor telling her to tattle about the gunman with a pair of tender expressive hazel eyes that were hidden underneath his curly red locks. His red hair framed a square strong jaw line with a set of soft pink lips on a pale face, smiling at her imagination.

“Amber,” the same tenor sounded throughout the quiet room of the kitchen.

Amber turned with a stern face to see her imagination alive in the male. “Yes.”

Hawk shuffled on a pair of socks towards the kitchen counter and stopped. Her eye sockets were swollen. Her lips chapped raw from crying. He smiled. “I was hungry, thirsty.”

“You? I…you…I remember you.” Amber blinked open and shut the eyelashes, shifting her mental thoughts. She recalled him. He sat beside her on the sofa as she was living outside her body like she wasn’t there inside the living room of her house. The sensations were hard to describe to her common senses, not her heart. His hand reached over and touched her glove, making her feel welcomed and secured. That was the emotion.

He nodded with a smile. “That’s a good sign. You’re probably remembering a lot of images.” Hawk moved ahead and stopped, reaching above her and fetched a bowl and a tumbler glass for a quick bit of cereal and company with Amber for a few moments. He rested the bowl and the glass over the counter, reaching over and retrieved the towels, mopping up her overflowing cereal.

She grabbed the bowl and the tumble and slowly spun around, moving ahead towards the breakfast table. “I guess, so,” she pulled out the chair and sat down, spooning the cereal.

“The name’s Hawk.” He quickly poured out the milk into the glass tumbler and the same cereal food into an empty bowl, grabbing the dishes and spun around with a smile, grabbing the opposite chair at the breakfast table with her.

Amber giggled with a smile and held the spoon of cereal. “Is your named like the bird hawk?”

“Hawkins is my last name. Everyone shortened it as I grew up in the family and at school. The nickname kinda stuck.”

“Very nice to meet you, Hawk. I just wish under more amiable circumstances,” she ate and chewed with a stern faces. He scooped up the food and ate, staring at her face. She was eating which was another good sign of a healthy sub-conscious and on-going mental thought process.

He chewed and swallowed with a stern face. “You didn’t have to talk to me about your experience. I noted that you were up and walking around. I didn’t want to scare you.”

Amber chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “Thanks,” she spooned more food and ate, chewing.

“I must tell you that later today at around eight o’clock or so this morning. There will be lots of law people who are coming over to your house. They will have a table of catered breakfast with trays of scrambled eggs, bacons stripes, and hot buttered biscuits, all southern style,” smiled Hawk. Amber chewed and swallowed with a smile, scooping up more food and ate. He smiled. “Then starting around nine o’clock, we are having a big pow-wow. You guessed it and you will be the guest of honor.”

Amber chewed and swallowed the food with a sigh. “Yes. I expected that much,” she spooned more food and ate, chewing.

“Let’s see. The pow-wow will consist of my boss Rob, my buddies Cody and Shirley, the local representatives from the FBI office, the Homeland Security office, and your dad’s bodyguard service. Your dad was governor.” She chewed with a nod. He exhaled. “And there’s your uncle Congressman…” She rolled her eyeballs and stared back at Hawk. He chuckled. “The politician status of your father explains the Secret Service presence inside the pow-wow meeting. Then there will be the local police, who will need some more information in tracking and locating the shooter,” he spooned another bite of the cereal and chewed.

“Do I need a lawyer?”

He chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “I wouldn’t think so.”

“Is Davidson going to be here in the pow-wow also?”

“No. He made a terrible scene, yesterday. Did you happen to see it?” She shook a ponytail. He smiled at her cute gesture. “That’s okay. He and it were really ugly. But we caught it on live video tape for prosperity and reviewing over and over, again,” he laughed as she giggled. He exhaled. “Alas! He called my boss man Rob something unmentionable and then mentioned something about the funeral arrangements.”

She chewed and swallowed with a sigh. “Is that task falling to me?”

“Actually, Davidson is taking care of your…family. But he does need to speak with your for ten minutes today, if you’re feeling up to seeing him.”

“No problem. Davidson only speaks to me usually for five minutes. So, this should be interesting from my point of view today.” She finished the food and the beverage, standing upright from the chair, holding the dirty dishes with a slight smile. “I feel much better.”

“You’re looking much better too. You got some more pretty color in your rosy cheeks,” he winked with a smile.

She smiled at him. “Thank you, Hawk. Your words really are helping me adjust to this… situation. I’ll return for some more beauty sleep, since I’m the guest of honor later today. I want to look my best or at least close to it for the honored committee members in less than eight hours,” she slowly swung around to face the kitchen sink and moved ahead, stopping and placed the dirty dishes into the sink. She slowly spun around to face the door, waving a hand and a smile to Hawk at the breakfast table.

He waved and watched her disappear into the darkness with a smile, looking down to finish the bowl of food. He stood upright from the chair and back stepped, scooting around the table, standing in front of the kitchen sink, working to rinse off the dirty dishes. He loaded the used food dishes down into the dishwasher. Amber had a paid maid service to care for her domestic needs, where she probably never dirtied her manicured hands by loading a dishwasher with smelly food covered dishes. Hawk closed the dishwasher door and spun around with a soft hum and a smile, moving towards the archway and stopped, reaching out and flipped off the kitchen lights. He slowly spun around and carefully moved around each kitchen windows, observing the dark outer grounds.

The city of Ironside was quiet and dark along an empty city street. Cody and Rob slept upstairs inside each guest bedroom, working around the clock as a pair of body guard protection for Amber.

He slid the tiny flashlight out from the vest and slowly spun around, moving out the kitchen space and scouted each dark room on the ground floor for any slight movement or bright distractions.


Hawk returned back into the living room and sat down on top of the long sofa, gently reaching out and placed the flashlight down on top of the tile for an easy reach with a left hand, double-checking the hostler on the side table, removing the gun and rested it on the top of the side table for an easy hand reach with a right shooting hand. He gently sprawled out his average-ness onto the pink and red rose fabric white sofa, spreading a heavy white cotton blanket over a body, snoozing on the long furniture, the remaining early morning hours.

Hawk needed his beauty sleep too, preparing for the big committee meeting that was planned at nine o’clock this morning, closing both eyelids with a deep sigh of exhaustion.



9:13 am

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

Dining room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Amber was taking her sweet tea time getting prepared mentally, spiritually, or physically for the official murder conference with the law enforcement officers inside the spacious dining room.

A long rectangular room was located on the northern side of her house which was parallel to the swimming pool and the manicured lawn of green carpet. The dark wooden dining room table contrasted greatly with the bright white walls and the matching thick carpet, creating an ancient world history medieval-feeling environment inside the medium sized room.

Inside the dining room, Rob looked over a back spine to see the pretty white carpet. The carpet held an array of colorfully splattered ugly red clay boot prints, coming from all the law enforcement team. He had ordered a set of white runners to cover the dirty red stained carpet and promised to get Amber’s maid service to clean the area, after the police interview. Obviously, the dining room was not used for any purpose, but pretty decoration.

The parameter of the dining room stretched up into a twelve foot ceiling and then spread lengthwise towards thirty feet, measuring from the white wooden door frame towards the side parallel walls. The north wall contained a set of low glass windows which oddly overlooked the swimming hole.

Yesterday, the male deputies had dubbed the built-in pool a swimming hole, after Amber had crashed a body into Hawk. He had carried Amber up into the bedroom for rest when Cody and Tate had stripped down to the underwear and dangled a set of swollen and tired footies down into the pool underneath a hot melting sun. The water rose to the height of four feet and three inches at the deepest depth. The deputies had fun splashing around the patio, tossing water balls at each other, until Rob called for suppertime.

The dining room was thirty feet in depth, holding a thirty foot dining table which was made of a rough hand-sanded black bamboo wood. The dining room table consisted of four individual planks that had been smashed together by mouth spit and rusty nails. There was an extra five feet moving body space without bumping a hip bone into a sharp corner of the dining room table while stomping a pair of boots onto the white runner.

Rob sat on one of the side of the dining room table which was devoid of built-in wooden cabinets and art paintings. The end wall contained a built-in wooden shelf, going from end to end which was covered in smooth glass, displaying a set of twenty-four pieces of pretty dull yellow and bright red flowered-pattern bone china that was edged in a circle of silver. There were numerous beverage and refreshment items which were composed of silver, ceramics or glass materials.

Rob had positioned the team of audio and video (AV) personnel and all the recording equipment inside the wall corner which was far away from the delicate glass as the camera lens pointed towards the middle dining room chair for the guest of honor Amber.

The other end of the dining room table held numerous persons which included FBI Special Agent Belfort in a center chair. On the right side of Belfort, there was the Homeland security person, a state of Alabama Secret Service person, a state of Alabama Public Health psychologist, and the police captain of Ironside. On the opposite side of Belfort, there was an empty chair for Amber. On the right side of the empty chair, there sat Rob, Cody, and the mayor of Irondale. Filling out the left side of Belfort, Mink and her laptop computer sat down while taking notes, an Alabama Senator of Montgomery, a US IRS agent, a CIA agent, and an Alabama Congressman of Montgomery, who was not her uncle Davidson Ashmore.

The AV crew finished the introductions and the strawberry pasties during breakfast, strolling back into the interrogation/dining room for the guest of honor questioning. However, Amber was still missing after five and then ten and finally fifteen minutes of nine o’clock.

Rob leaned over the empty chair with a stern face and a whisper into the nose profile of Hawk. “Are you certain that she heard you this morning about the pow-wow invitation, Hawk?”

He leaned over the empty chair with a fake smile and a whisper into the face of Rob, staring at the opposite side of the dining room table. “Yeah, I told you before. I informed her this morning when we chatted, after midnight. I knocked on her door at eight forty-five am per your instructions. She didn’t answer the knock by opening the bedroom door, but she called out between the wood that she was coming right down. Do you want me to run up the stairs again?”

Rob clenched the teeth, dealing with the impossible law enforcement officers, the rude politicians, and the crabby sheriff deputies within his line of work sometimes on an hourly basis was bad, but the worst aggravation was any disquiet and displaced key eye witness. He could not order or boss Amber around for her silly girl misbehaving. She had witnessed a terrible horrendous event, watching all her family parish, before her eyes. She didn’t need any more harassment or lecturing from Rob. At the same time, Rob needed her presence to continue the murder investigation, so he could get these bozos out of her house and then the killer captured, ensuring her safety and protection. He will send Hawk upstairs again to find the fairy princess with a fake smile and a whisper, “Go!”

Hawk scooted back the chair while shifting the noisy paper runner, trying to be discreet as all eyeballs turned and fell onto his distorted face. He stood upright from the chair and spun around to face the open archway, moving ahead.

Amber appeared and blocked the open archway with a smile at Hawk. She was dressed in a pretty candy pink sundress that was accented with a big tie bow across her breasts with a set of two thick straps of pink satin ribbon that was attached to the dress around her naked collar bone. The sundress ended above her knees and a pair of suntanned legs. She wore a pair of pink heeled sandals, showing off her yellow tinted painted toenails underneath a set of little tiny pink bows. Hawk smiled at her adorable-ness. She didn’t wear any cosmetic makeup, only a smug of pink lip stick across her smile. He smelled her perfume of soft carnation corsages and extended a forearm as her escort and personal protection. She accepted the forearm with a sweet whisper, “Thank you.”

Hawk back stepped from the archway and swung around, leading her towards the assigned chair, pulling it out like a true southern gentleman. She sat down with a stern face and scanned each face of the interrogation committee inside her dining room table.

Belfort cleared a throat as the monitor of the murder interrogation. “Good morning, Miss Ashmore. I am Belfort. I and my company here want to express our sincere sympathies to you regarding your father and immediate family members.”

Amber bowed a chin with a stern face, “Thank you, very much.”

Belfort said with a stern face to Amber. “I am from the FBI field office which is located in downtown Birmingham. To save time, I will not introduce everyone presence, but I will tell you that this group is represented by the FBI, Homeland security, the Irondale police department, both Alabama legislatures, and the IRS,” he thumbed back over a collar bone to the AV crew inside the wall corner. “This formal interview is being both recorded and taped mainly for investigational purposes for apprehending the person, who committed this awful crime. Why don’t you begin with the wedding rehearsal dinner, Miss Ashmore?”

Amber looked down at the sweating pitcher of water with ice cubes that was covered in an array of sweaty droplets as each sweaty droplet bombarded the wood table surface. She didn’t want any food to eat this morning at eight o’clock as she was too nervous about the numerous questions from the law enforcement officers, since her dad was the governor of Alabama. She felt sad and mad without knowing what she could do to find her family’s murderer. Amber will try to address all the questions to the best of her knowledge. She blinked open and shut both eyelashes and tried to recall the specific event from three days ago. She sat upright straight and tall like her mom had taught inside the dining room chair and placed a set of manicured finger nails down inside a lap like her mom had taught too, exhibiting her good well-mannered southern belle behavior. Hawk reached over and gently touched, squeezing her hand underneath the table without a smile and in silence.

Amber said with a stern face. “Amy, she is the middle child of my family. I am the baby. Amanda and Amy are the older children. The wedding party consisted of Amy, Foster, Amanda, Oscar, my dad, my mom, and me. We met at the church at four o’clock before the dinner, avoiding the traffic flow out of downtown Birmingham. My dad’s bodyguards were with him.” She turned and smiled at Gerando, her dad’s secret service man, “Hi, Gerando.” Gerando sat at the end of the dining room table with a nod to Amber. She turned and stared at Belfort. “We quickly walked down a pretend aisle, where Amy wanted us to stand in the wedding ceremony.”

A middle-aged female next to Belfort with a head of grayish-black colored hair stared with a stern face and a nod to Amber. “Jean Appleton, I am from the NSA. May I interrupt you, Miss Ashmore?”

“Of course, Miss Appleton,” Amber turned and smiled at her.

Appleton said. “Did the organist or her husband, the preacher meet you at the church?”

“No. Brother and Mrs. Langford were not part of the wedding rehearsal or the dinner. Brother Langford does not approve of alcohol. So, he did not plan to attend the dinner at Michael’s…”

“Which Michael’s, was it the location at the River Shopping Galleria or the city of Hometown?” Appleton looked down with a stern face and wrote her noted down on the paper notebook.

Amber said. “The rehearsal dinner was located at a restaurant inside the River Shopping Galleria.”

The police captain of Ironside smiled. “The restaurant is known for its original steer butt steak.”

“What does a butt steak taste like?” Appleton turned and frowned at the police captain.

The police captain chuckled with a nod. “Delicious. Butt steak is the hand cut steak from the beef tenderloin, a very tender steak with a bold taste. I believe the best flavor of all the beef steaks.”

The mayor of Ironside smiled with a nod. “It runs from the neck of the steer down to its rump. The sirloin section is called the butt steak or tenderloin.”

Hawk nodded with a smile to the police captain. “After the steer is slaughtered, the carcass is split lengthwise down the backbone. The boneless top sirloin is known as butt steak. Sirloin steak is a multi-muscled cut of beef that is naturally lean meat which has a full bold, beefy flavor. The cuts tend to be chewier and tastes better marinated and grilled.”

“Beef people over there,” the Alabama Senator pointed with a smile at Hawk.

The mayor Ironside smiled at Hawk. “It comes from the Hereford beef.”

The local farm boy of Blountsville, Hawk smiled with a nod. “The Hereford steers are the icon of the beef cattle industry which was founded some two and one-half centuries ago as a product of necessity. The success of Hereford cattle in the US State of Texas saw the entire disappearance of the longhorn cattle as a major range breed for meat production. The Hereford cows are seen everywhere inside any wooden railing or behind a bob-wired fence. You can recognize them by the dark brown coat and white face characteristic.”

“Thank you!” Belfort frowned at Hawk and then Amber. “Please continue, Miss Ashmore.”

Amber said. “We wrapped up the wedding rehearsal at approximately four fifteen or twenty…”

“Are you always so precise with the time elements, Miss Ashmore?” Belfort smiled.

Amber nodded. “Yes. It is a vicious habit of time consciousness when I’m really bored. The limousines carted us to Michael’s for dinner.”

“You must have been fashionable late traveling from Ironside south to Hoovertown.” Appleton looked up with a stern face to see Amber.

Amber said. “You’re precise yourself, Miss Appleton. My dad enjoyed being late for every event that he attended within his life, probably his own birth. I would have to look that one up. So, he could become the center of the attention from the moment when he walked into a room. We arrived at five thirty or abouts. Actually, we made good time in the limos with traffic flowing in the opposite direction of the work day,” she exhaled and reached out, touching the wet glass tumbler of cold ice water, lifting and sipped the cool water. She placed the tumbler back down onto the table surface with a stern face to Belfort. “There were forty two people present and accounted for at the dinner, including close friends, stray relatives, political opponents, and other players along with some local city folks. I stayed until ten thirty pm. I believe Gerando can vouch for me when I left. I realize that the body guards are notorious for dealing details of people’s lives around a governor.”

Appleton said. “May I interrupt again, Miss Ashmore? Your family members were present. What about your uncle Congressman Davidson Ashmore?”

Amber said. “Yes. Davidson and his wife Judy and the three annoying brats were there too. Dave, David, and Dale are quite the cartoon characters. Davidson and Judy spoil them rotten with numerous toys while disregarding firm discipline and proper duty of five year old aged young boys. They were running around the table, tripping over their growing feet and annoying me more than any other family members. Since, I was ordered to handle the children, not a pleasant experience.”

Belfort said. “Miss Ashmore, were the boys in the wedding?”

Amber said. “No. Amy had received both smarts and experience from Amanda’s wedding. Amy elected to eliminate the two footed little beasties from the start. They weren’t in the wedding party or at the wedding either. They were going to be babysat at a local hotel around the corner with their paid nanny for the afternoon event and then invited to the wedding dinner and dance, after singing the ‘I do.’”

“Wasn’t there a little flower girl?” Appleton said.

Amber said. “No. I don’t have little nieces or first girl cousins, only the beasty boys.”

Belfort said. “You sound like you don’t like the boys.”

Amber frowned. “No. I do not.”

Belfort said. “Let me ask? Do Congressman Davidson and his family visit you at your home?”

Amber frowned. “No. They do not. I returned home at eleven o’clock and four minutes. I had arranged for my personal vehicle to be parked at the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. Therefore, I drove my own vehicle home allowing for an easy escape route of a boring party for the night. The traffic was light. I do enjoy driving passed the speed limit in my sports car,” she giggled. “When I left, the people and party were blasting the doors off the frames with music, dancing, and drinking. Gerando can attest to my observations. I retired to bed mostly from the stress of the day’s event. The day before had been that awful bridesmaids’ luncheon with all of Amy’s snobby sorority sisters who were pitied with the royal arrogant maidens, coming from the State Capital from my dad’s Alabama public servant office staff. It was an entertaining scene for twenty seven women of false eyelashes and painted red lips, spitting and clawing figuratively like a litter of kitty cats at each other. I have strayed from the original question. The next day, it was the actually the wedding ceremony. I awoke at eight o’clock and eight minutes am which is my usual getting-up hour for my day’s activities. This particular day was different. I was summoned to my dad’s house in Mountain Stream at eight o’clock and ten minutes am for a conference meeting. I drove to the house and waited with anticipation of the intriguing newscast. Amy had decided that the wedding party would get a set of early wedding pictures at noon, dressed in our nasty blue peacockie costumes…”

“Miss Ashmore, you sound surprised at that decision.” Belfort wrote down her words on top f the paper notebook with an ink pen.

Amber nodded, “Very surprised! I wasn’t expecting for all of us to meet at the church, before the actual wedding. Usually, the pics are taken, after the wedding. I learned that Foster, the groom would be there with Amy, the bride. It was just odd to me.”

Appleton said, “And it was a surprise too.”

Belfort said. “Please, allow me to make a clear assumption here. You were not included on the planning end of your sister’s wedding. I want to clarify in terms of the wedding process, such as, the selection of the church, the flowers, the bridesmaid’s dress, etc. I thought all sisters enjoyed the pomp and circumstances of the lifetime event.”

“I can follow your mental thought processes, Mr. Belfort. The answer is no. I wasn’t included. I elected to stay outside the entire planning process for my own sanity.” Amber smiled.

Belfort nodded. “I can see your mental logic here. The wedding picture taking event had changed the time into early in the morning. Did your sister express why a sudden impromptu decision?”

“No. I was told simply to be there at noon in my costume gown. Before going to the church, I rambled around the house, tidying up phone calls and checking emails. I exercised and swim laps in the pool, drying out my body in the bright hot sunshine,” Amber turned and smiled at the nose profile of Hawk, looking back at Belfort with a stern face.

“You exercised. Do you run outside your home inside the streets of Ironside?” Belfort asked.

Amber smiled at Belfort. “No. I have a small room with a set of free weights and a long bar for some simple ballet moves. I’m not a very good ballerina, but ballet is a wonderful form of body toning. I work out about three times per week for my health and stress factor. I can show you the room, if you would like,” she turned and smiled a Hawk. He smiled back.

Belfort shook a skull and took down her words on the paper notebook. “That will not be necessary, Miss Ashmore.”

“After a good sweat and strong smell, I bathed changing into that costume.” Amber smiled at Hawk.

Appleton said to Amber. “Please, forgive the interruption, again, Miss Ashmore. But, you do not seem happy about Amy getting married.”

Amber turned and said with a stern face to Appleton. “You miss understand, ma’am. I was thrilled Amy was getting married. I wasn’t thrilled about being in the wedding. I personally asked to sit in the audience like a guest. I was ordered as a bridesmaid, since my dad is….was the governor.”

Belfort said. “The stress, you are referring is the media reporters.”

Amber nodded. “Media, the photographers and the reporters, this is a wedding for the governor’s daughter with big massive media event plus mega doses of stress.”

Belfort nodded. “We understand. Please continue, Miss Ashmore.”

Amber exhaled with a puff of annoyance with the interrogation session and reached down, lifting and sipped on the sweaty glass of cold water, replacing it back down over the table, staring with a stern face at Belfort. “I changed into that uncomfortable gown with the three itchy crinolines. You haven’t lived until you can’t touch your toes in a formal antebellum dress.”

“Miss Ashmore, please forgive my interruption, again.” Appleton said. “I realize that we are getting to the meat as they say of your story. But I have some more personal questions that I would like to pursue, if you don’t object.”

Amber grinned with a giggle. “Not at all, that’s why I here. You can ask me any question you would like.”

Appleton smiled. “Excellent! For the record, I have Miss Amber Ashmore’s permission to ask any question as needed. So, I turn to the FBI agent, who is hosting our committee. I would like permission to direct a question at a more personal nature, just for ten minutes, no more.”

Belfort turned and narrowed both eyelids at Appleton, making the other occupants rustle inside a chair. “Let the recording state that FBI agent Belfort accepts the re-direction of a few personal questions for Miss Amber Ashmore. You may begin, Miss Appleton. Let me remind you that I am timing the ten minutes limit.”

“Yes sir.” Appleton smiled. “Miss Ashmore, I have drawn a rough sketch made of the letter X which represents the wedding party. You can see on my paper pad. The bride Amy and the groom Foster. The matron of honor was your sister Amanda who was escorted by her husband Oscar. Was there a best man?”

Amber turned and stared with a stern face at the poor sketch. “Oscar was best man.”

Appleton turned and marked a tick on the paper with a nod. “That is interesting. How did he become the best man? Do you happen to know the story behind that event?”

Amber blinked open and shut both eyelashes with a stern face. “Amanda and Amy are very close. Amanda was six years older than I while Amy was five years. They attended the same high school and college together with the same set of social friends. Foster knew Oscar. Oscar knew Foster. I do not any additional data to share with you. Sorry!”

Appleton asked. “Did you not socialize with your biological sisters?”

Amber said. “Six years is a big number difference. Amanda was heavy into dating Oscar. Oscar is older by four years Amanda’s junior. And he was heavy into his law career. My dad started out as the mayor of Irondale and then moved into a circle of political mavericks and finally ended up inside the governor’s chair in Montgomery.”

The mayor of Ironside smiled with a nod. “I believe that there was some talk of a presidential career move for Governor Ashmore.”

Amber dropped open and shut a mouth. “Yes.”

“Back to the wedding scene, Amy didn’t assign any more groomsmen for her wedding party for escorts of little old ladies into the church pews.” Appleton asked.

Amber said. “No. There’s only the two of them. Oscar and Foster had sibling brothers and sisters that I met once or twice. The most recent visitation was at the rehearsal dinner which was very brief. And Amy elected not to have additional bridesmaids or groomsmen.”

Appleton smiled. “You weren’t going to be escorted down the aisle after the official wedding ceremony.”

Amber giggled with a nod. “I was the odd man out as they could say.”

Appleton inquired. “The wedding party consisted of the bride, the groom, the three bridesmaids, and two groomsmen, not a flower girl or a ring bearer. Was there going to be a musical singer for any church songs? Or maybe, was there a lovely scripture reading from the Holy Bible by a stranger or family member?”

Amber smiled. “No. This was a true southern type quickie wedding. The bride and groom marched down the white runner with a bridal song. They said: I do and I do. Then he kissed the new wife and left as the newest wife and husband couple towards an expensive and elaborate wedding reception.”

“How many guests were invited for the blessed event?” Appleton inquired.

Amber said. “There were one thousand invitations sent out….”

Appleton dropped open and shut a mouth. “One thousand invites equaled two thousand people…”

“…or more,” Belfort said.

The police captain of Ironside smiled with a nod. “The church auditorium could hold four thousand based on Brother Langford’s data.”

Belfort frowned. “But, the private cozy small chapel which was located on the eastern side of the big four thousand seat church auditorium was decorated with flowers too.”

Amber frowned with annoyance. “O. I’m supposed to explain that also to ya’ll.”

Belfort smiled. “That would be a big help, Miss Ashmore.”

Amber nodded. “The one thousand invitations were actually congregated into 4,352 people…”

“…at the church,” frowned Belfort.

Amber said. “No. You do not understand. Amy planned for a big wedding, but my dad planned the multiple wedding receptions. There were three separate wedding receptions. The first one was at the church fellowship hall for a round of special friends and family members. The second one was planned at the Ironside Inn ballroom which was down the street from the church for two thousand people. And a third wedding reception was planned at the Ironside Hotel for the remaining two thousand smelly and heated bodies. Amy and Foster would rotate around the three different receptions, partying for the rest of the night until the wee morning hours.”

“You don’t approve of dinner and dancing.” Appleton smirked.

Amber exhaled. “It was Amy’s wedding for just more television media to follow her, Foster, Amanda, Oscar, my mom, and dad’s face while socializing around the city of Ironside. That’s all.”

“You were not part of a rotating wedding reception, I take it.” Belfort smirked.

Amber said. “I agreed to be in the wedding and attend the first toast at the church for my new family member and then eat a butter frosted white and red covered single piece of wedding cake. Then I was out of there.”

Appleton smiled. “Do you not like weddings, Miss Ashmore?”

Amber said. “The two other weddings, where I had participated before as a bridesmaid, was very stressful. And please, do forgive the term. It was a whirlwind of drama, not much fun for the poor side characters.”

Belfort inquired. “You didn’t bring a date for some fun and dancing at one of the receptions, maybe at the Ironside Hotel. They have a very good band for nightly entertainment.”

Amber cut her eyelashes to Hawk with a smirk. “I’m not currently dating at the moment.” Hawk turned and looked down with a smirk at his hands.

“Is you reason the mass media reporters, perhaps?” Appleton smirked.

Amber turned and smiled at Appleton. “There are lots of different reasons, perhaps.”

“Thank you, Miss Appleton. Your three minutes has expired.” Belfort smiled at Amber. “Miss Ashmore, do you require a break?”

Amber shook her curls, “No sir.”

Belfort smiled, “Excellent. We have exhausted the trips and travels from Thursday morning to Friday night. Finally, we have arrived at the moment of high noon on Saturday the day of Amy’s wedding. Miss Ashmore, could you please relay step by step the events of the moment?”

Amber dropped a chin down into her chest with a sigh, blinking both eyelashes at Belfort. “I walked from my house which is three blocks from the church into the small chapel. Amy, Foster, my mom, my dad, Oscar, and Amanda were there standing and discussing who was going to stand next to the bride. I entered through the back entrance of church and then walked through the music hallway, sliding into the fellowship hall, where the tables were set up for the wedding reception. I followed the narrow corridor to the side door of the small chapel.”

Belfort frowned, “There is a side door into the small chapel.”

Amber said. “The chapel has a main entrance, coming from the eastern side off the street for parishioners to enter the contemporary services on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday evenings. Normally, the side door is locked and sealed all the other times. This time, it was opened by Brother Langford for the wedding party. Amy and her parents came through the city street entrance doors. I came from the back parking lot which is diagonal from my residence. I stepped out of the dark hallway into the bright overhead natural lighting from the sunny day inside the archway of the church auditorium, sorta blinded from the sun. I stopped and heard the voice of my mom. She yelled for me to collect Amy’s banquet inside the kitchen counter. So, I turned back around and head back into the reception area with the cakes and food trays. I had seen the bridal bouquet on the first table as I passed from the side door. I didn’t realize it was Amy’s. I thought it was part of the total yellow and blue decoration.”

Belfort asked. “Why did your mother say the kitchen, instead of the table?”

Amber shrugged. “My mom probably thought I would understand. The reception area is connected to the kitchen space for serving meals and refreshments for events. I did understand, once I noted the flowers on the table.”

Belfort nodded. “Please continue, Miss Ashmore.”

Amber said. “I could hear their voices arguing about the set up pose of the wedding pictures. Amy is so bossy, sometimes. This was her wedding. She should allow people to stand where she wanted them. Then I remembered the voices stopped. I turned sharply to the left standing not inside the doorway, but a foot from the door frame. I saw the gunman walk pass the fourth pew which was decorated with the bundle of flowers from my garden. He was covered in head to toe in black, leather black. I immediately thought of him as a motorcycle dude and wondered whose friend he was. The man pulled out two weapons from the pockets of the heavy thick solid black jacket. One gun for each black gloved hand with a round tipped silencer. I had seen one of those before used by the security personnel.

“He fired the left gun first. The bullet hit the side of Mrs. Langford’s head. She fell onto the floor with thudding sound. The next sounds were like little firecrackers, moving fast and swift in the air waves. I saw the photographer land on her face as the bullet entered the back of her head. The gunman shot Amanda, who was on the left of altar and then my dad and then Oscar and then my mom and then Amy and finally Foster. I could only see the tops of everyone’s head where I stood. Then I didn’t see anyone’s head anymore. I stared at the gunman in silence. I was too scared to cry out or react or fight or flee. He stood upright and holstered twin weapons back into the jacket on each side with each hand. He removed the black motorcycle helmet with both his empty hands. He was tall about five feet and eight inches with a slender built based on the bulky jacket and a pair of long leather pants. His head was bald. His face was clean shaven. His nose was hooked. His eyes were small. His cheekbones were dots of bones. His forehead was wide. His head was heart shaped with a set of big ears. He was pale. He reminded me of a bald eagle with a set of small round eyes and a pointy bleak without white feathers. He leaned down and then straightened back up.”

Belfort gasped. “The murdered leaned down, which person, Amber?”


“Was it over your dad?”

Amber shook her curls. “No. He moved closer to my side of the room.”

Belfort reached over and stole the sketch from Appleton, sliding it towards Amber, fingering each person. “Look at this sketch. This is where all the bodies laid. Who could he have leaned over too?”

Amber looked down with a stern face and studied the simple drawing of squared boxes with names of her relatives and position of their deaths on the altar floor at the church, pointing at the box with a nod. “I believe that it was either Oscar or Amanda. The gunman leaned over one of their bodies for two seconds, not any more time. Then, he stood and pivoted with a twirl, marching back down the white runner and out the door, leaving the church.”

Belfort asked. “What did you do next, Miss Ashmore?”

She said. “I turned to my left. I strolled down the hallway towards the reception area and placed Amy’s bouquet back onto the table, where I found it. I walked out the door across the parking lot and into my house, using the side entrance with the key underneath the swan water fountain. I walked to the sofa, sitting, and waiting for Amy to come and get me for the wedding.”

Tate pointed with a stern face at Amber. “She had experienced post-traumatic shock syndrome. Basically, her brain shuts down without accessing or absorbing the stimuli that she had eye witnessed with the two eyeballs. Its defensive mechanism is built into our cellubrium for surviving trauma and deep embedded tragedy.”

Belfort asked. “Why did you put Amy’s flowers back on the table?”

Amber exhaled. “That was where I had found them.”

Tate nodded. “Miss Ashmore was desperately trying to assimilate the data that she had seen inside her consciousness. But her sub-conscious mind was rejecting the information. Her act to replace or put back the flowers back on the table represented the purging of all the new stimuli from her brain cells. It doesn’t work like that.”

Belfort turned and frowned at Tate. “Why didn’t she run at or from the gunman?”

Tate said. “This is called a self-preservation instinct which is used by both animals and mammals alike. Her sub-conscious could not process the stimuli but could recognize danger, harm, or maybe death of her biological life form, if she had reacted to the delicate situation. Opossums and some insects stand in silence when they’re being threatened or attacked. People are unpredictable life forms. Amber’s personality nature is to stay…”

“….sit and heel,” the police captain laughed with the others. “Thank goodness! She’s not a police officer.”

Belfort said. “Let’s break for fifteen minutes before continuing with more questions.”

All the people stood upright from the chair and turned, muttering to each face or into a mobile telephone, swinging around, leaving the dining room.

Hawk stood upright from the chair and leaned down, assisting Amber to stand. She stood and smiled at Hawk. He turned and escorted, patting her arm with a smile, moving out the dining room for a break also.

Amber moved through the floor and released the hand of Hawk, ascending up the staircase into her room for the break time.

Hawk moved backward with a smile and sat down into one of the empty bar stools. His co-workers Cody, Mink, Tate, and Rob occupied the other stools and sipped on cold beverages.

Cody shook his curls with a sour frown down at the floor. “Does not look good?”

“It looks okay.” Hawk continued to watch the top of the staircase for Amber.

“She appears on the outside to possess a diva attitude about everything, including the family.” Mink stared out the window at the lovely flower garden and bright rays of sunshine over the manicured lawn.

“Part of the fairy princess package,” Tate chuckled and then sipped the beverages, scanning the living room.

“I don’t think so.” Hawk exhaled and continued to watch for Amber on top of the upper floor of the house.

Cody sipped the beverage and swallowed with a stern face. “Did she act like the arrogant heiress at the breakfast club early this am, Hawk?”

Hawk shook a skull and reached down on the bar surface, touching the beverage from Cody. “No. She was very polite, well, she was hungry. I did most of the talking.”

Mink turned and frowned at the nose profile of Tate. “Why is she acting normal, today, Tate? She was a pixie yesterday with her one sentence grammar structure.”

Tate sipped and swallowed the liquid with a nod. “She was in shock, traumatized. You can’t shock a person out of a profound emotional state like melancholy, madness, or even a blissness of love.”

Cody chuckled and raised the beverage. “I can shock you out of blissness. Is that a fucking word, Tate?”

Mink turned and slapped the arm of Cody with a stern face. “Hush, Cody.”

Tate sipped and swallowed the beverage with a nod. “Try to understand, psychosis is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state of mind in which thought and perception are impaired. For example, acute, chronic, alcoholic, senile, or toxic, Amber suffered a semi-psychosis, not a full one. Different parts of her personality were fragmented, hence the saying of the same phrase over and over again. Her brain cells were not connected to each other resulting in a state of internal chaos with her emotions, feels, perceptions…”

Cody nodded. “She was schizoid…”

Tate said. “Amber was disordered, not schizophrenic. She sounded quite coherent and appeared normal…”

Cody chuckled. “Except for the repeating chorus like in a rock and roll song, without the guitar and drum solo…”

Mink turned and reached out, slapping the arm of Cody with a stern face for a second time. “Hush, Cody!”

Tate said. “Cody is correct, sorta. Her healthy parts of her personality were fragmented. Fragment means to break or detach. During her RMO sleep patterns, her personality reattached. But the nerves, blood, and the enzymes continued to flow and govern the gray matter.”

Cody sipped and swallowed the liquid with a stern face. “Is she going to defrag later today? These were the first set of murder based questions. The harder ones are next.”

Tate said. “I predict not. Amber is a very strong-willed and strong-minded being. She will do well, not becoming defragged like Cody has created.”

Cody smiled. “What’s your interpretation, boss man?”

Rob sipped and swallowed the liquid with a nod. “She was cool like a cucumber throughout the interrogation. She didn’t whine, cry, or pout. She has guts and gravel. That’s for certain. Did she kill her own people? I’m not going to stick the poker inside that fire.”

“Ah, now! You got to play the game with your little Indians, chief. Or we going to dethrone your assets,” Cody laughed with the others. Rob shook a skull.

Amber strolled down the steps with a smile and a nod to Hawk. He slid off the bar stool with a grin and parking both hands on his hips. She stopped and stood in front of him with a smile. She had re-applied her perfume. His nostrils smelled her fresh odor of flowers and as he extended an arm. She reached out and cuddled into the arm of Hawk.

They slowed moved ahead towards the dining room while whispering with smiles into each other’s face.



11:01 am

Sizzling hot temperatures with bright sunshine

Dining room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Hawk, Amber, and the deputies entered and occupied each assigned chair while missing the AV technicians and other interviewers. Amber turned with a confused brow and scanned the empty table and Hawk. “Are we finished for the day?”

Hawk turned and shook a skull to Amber. “I’m afraid not. Belfort is the monitor of this event. We gotta wait for a little bit. We can sit and talk thou. Are you hungry, thirsty?”

“No.” Amber shook her curls and then looked down with a worried brow at her manicured hands. She could go anywhere without a deputy following behind her, realizing that she might not go anywhere inside the city without permission. She saw the killer and was an eye witness in danger. She exhaled with shivers in nervousness and looked up with a stern face to see the side wall that held the decorative plates.

Cody sat down inside Rob’s dining room chair and lifted up, rubbing all fingers over the rough wooden table with a smile. “The pigment and figures of the dining table is unique. Is it walnut?”

Amber turned and smiled at the nose profile of Cody. “It’s rosewood actually.”

Cody stood upright and leaned down, shoving the table with both muscular arms for strength and durability with a loud grunt, “Strong and tough like me.”

Tate entered the room and stood behind Cody, reaching down and slapped the collar bone on Cody with a laugh and a smile, “Let’s toss Cody onto the wood and see who breaks first,” he chuckled with the other deputies.

Amber giggled with a grin. “I’m afraid that Deputy Cody won’t last long. This table is not only an ancient piece of wood bark. It was built and bolted around the year 1468 around the time of the legendary King Arthur and his knights of the round table.”

Cody stood upright and rubbed both hands over the rough wood with a confused brow. “So, the table used to be squared.”

“Rectangle, as they say.” Amber smiled. “This piece of history is true and hard and tough like a US Marshal, maybe,” she turned and winked with a smile to Hawk. He chuckled.

Cody back stepped and side stepped, scooting around the edge of the table with a puzzled brow. “How do you know the history of your table, Miss Amber?”

Amber nodded with a smile. “Sir Thomas Malory wrote the tale of King Arthur around the year 1469. The royal family, as told by the antique dealer, was fond of the legend and constructed this wooden table for the breakfast cubby and then it eventually landed inside Windsor Castle.”

Cody turned and gasped to Amber, “Queen Elizabeth of the Windsor Castle…”

Amber nodded with a grin. “Correct, Deputy Cody! The English castle of the royals over there and over the pond water as we Americans say. The old English castles and older stuffy English nobles are filled to the gills with antique furniture and whatnot’s. Us serfs or commoners or working folks like to purchase and collect. I guess acting act a noble fantasy.”

Hawk frowned at Amber. “Are you a collector of medieval furniture, Amber?”

Amber said. “No. The table belonged to Amanda. I believe that Amanda didn’t want it and passed it to me.”

“The thing doesn’t fit into the room.” Cody extended both arms and measured the edges of the dining room to the side wall.

Amber grinned. “I agree. I had the space of the dining room reshaped to accommodate the size and length. I’m not really a decorator. I just told her to paint the walls white and add the white carpeting. If you can’t decorate, then contrast everything. One of the decorators had quoted to me,” giggling.

Cody reached out and rubbed the chair with a smile. “This is one of the real Ming dynasty style chairs, which is not complimentary of the rogue table.”

Amber nodded with a smile, “Excellent point, Deputy Cody! Your house must be well appointed with good taste. Another long story, I will deluge with the shortened version. My mom had the chairs and the table built for one of many parties then one of her snobby guests didn’t like the feel of the chair. So, the poor chairs got abandoned and given to me. Thus, I gave them a home. I admit that I like the design.”

Cody reached over and rubbed the table, moving around the edge of the wood. “You could customize a table for the Ming dang chairs.”

Amber nodded with a grin. “Yes, I could. I thought long and hard about that idea. Actually, I believed the room held the chairs, before the table was adopted by me also. I just joined the two together into this room.”

Cody looked down with a stern face at the thick carpet. “It doesn’t seem to be used much with the white carpet.”

Amber turned and smiled to Hawk, “Alas, no. I don’t really like entertaining. It would help if I had people to entertain with my furniture. However, it is a nice room with a nice view of the swimming hole.”

Cody completed the walk around the dining room table and rubbed the wood with a smile, stopping and stood in front of the wall of glass which was a built-in book shelf, “Gotcha.”

“When I think about the pool, it truly is more like a hole that the landscape decorator dug down into the ground to disguise the patch of green grass over the septic tank.” Amber smiled.

Cody spun around the small space with a grin to see Amber. “I enjoyed the pool, yesterday. The chairs and table does look funny with the built-in wall shelves.”

Amber smiled with a nod. “Ah. The shelves were here first. They will stay until I sell the house. Have you noted the numerous contents inside the shelves, Deputy Cody?”

He swung around with a smile and pointed to the object through the glass door on the built-in wall unit. “A silver drinking mug…”

“Open the glass.” Amber nodded. “That is not just a silver drinking mug,” Cody opened the door and reached inside, grabbing and held the mug in the air near his eyeballs. She said. “That mug was created in the year 1762 by the famous colonial patriot and silversmith Paul Revere. It was the rage for the time.”

Cody raised the mug towards the lips with a grin. “Can you drink from it?”

She grinned, “Definitely.”

Rob entered the room and stood behind Amber, staring with a sour frown at the back spine of Cody, who held a silver mug. “Return the mug to its home, now, Cody. We will not try that technique, ever. Please, don’t give Cody ideas. He implements them immediately with a set of bad outcomes.”

Amber laughed with a nod. “I’ll remember that. No, Deputy Cody. Please, don’t drink from the silver. You might get sick or something.”

Cody studied the mug. “How much is the antique mug worth?”

Amber exhaled. “I would guess about three thousand dollars. The silver inlay is more valuable than that actually mug artifact.”

Cody returned the mug and reached over, lifting a new object into the air and towards his smile. “Is that a ceramic vase or something?”

She nodded. “That is a stoneware white water cooler in pretty blue spotted flowers that was fired around the 1830s from a furnace in Bennington, Vermont. The little tiny round things are ceramic cups which are decorated with an array of tiny baby blue flowers that came with the water cooler.”

Cody returned the object with a nod. “Cool, man.”

Hawk turned and frowned at the nose profile of Amber. “I thought you didn’t collect antiques.”

She turned and nodded to Hawk. “I do not. This pair came from Amy’s china cabinet when she redecorated her dining room in warm tones of beige and green, not blue and white.”

Cody pointed at the new object with a grin. “And the glass bottle with the distinctive diamond and daisy pattern, that’s an original Henry William Stiegel.”

She turned and smiled at the back spine of Cody. “You possess a very good eye, Deputy…”

Hawk leaned over and whispered into her eardrum. “Call him, Cody. Call me, anytime.”

Amber giggled with a smile at the back spine of Cody. “The hand blown molded glass was created in the year 1845 in the country of Germany. Amanda didn’t like the purple hue. She was looking for red instead. The little critter came to live with me.”

Cody exhaled with a huff of confusion and continued to study the art collection behind the glass window with a nod. “You possess some pricey antique items inside your collection. I see some polished gems. Is that a sapphire stone in shiny purple?”

She nodded with a smile. “Yes, it is part of the crown. The best piece of my antique collection is the chalice of Antioch that is decorated in Egyptian curved gold figures that are inlayed with a silver lining.”

Cody pointed with a smile to the chalice, “Priceless.”

“I guess.” Amber exhaled. “My dad had acquired the cup at a private auction, before he became governor. He didn’t want it inside his private residence in Mountain Stream where it could be exposed to the elements or thieves without leaving an army of security guards. I adopted it for the time being. I’m always at home and I don’t enjoy traveling. It is safe here.”

Belfort led the other interviewers back into the dining room and sat back down into an assigned chair with a stern face, turning to see each ass or face. “Everyone grab a seat or your posted seat, before we had adjoined. We need to continue. Miss Ashmore, could you be kind enough to indulge us, again?”

Amber turned with a stern face and a nod to see Belfort, “Yes sir.” The rest of the guest settled back down into the chair. Then the room was quiet.

Belfort cleared a throat for attention. “Miss Ashmore, is this a pretty good sketch of the gunman?” He slid to her a drawing in charcoal of a face.

Amber accepted and studied the face, sliding it back with a stern face to Belfort. “Yes.”

Belfort turned and nodded to the male. “Art, you have questions for Miss Ashmore. You are next.”

Art nodded to Belfort and then turned to see Amber with a stern face. “Miss Ashmore, I am Art Lopez from the IRS field office here in Birmingham. We have been scrutinizing all the financial records of the Ashmore family for the past year, so far. I do not know how to approach this subject with dignity, except to blurt it out into the open. But your father Governor Ashmore was broke. His personal and private bank account at Third National Alabama Bank held four dollars and seventy-three cents.”

Amber giggled with a grin. “He didn’t get his allowance for the week. Huh?” Silence invaded the dining room air waves.

Art cleared a throat. “Both your father and mother exhausted, used, and cashed-out all monetary accounts consisting of saving accounts, stock deeds, life insurance policies, and both IRA funds. His estate at this moment consists of the private residential house in Mountain Stream and the land asset under the foundation floor. Did you know about this financial data, Miss Ashmore?”

“Yes.” Amber nodded.

Appleton frowned. “Please elaborate more with your curt answer, Miss Ashmore?”

Belfort said. “Miss Appleton, please allow Art to finish his fact findings. Then we can chat about the missing accounts.”

Art tapped on top of the paper with a stern face. “The IRS and the FBI have probed into the estates of Amanda and Oscar Ashmore, also. The joint checking account has one dollar and twenty one cents for the final bank balance. The previous investments of various hedge funds have been exhausted or cash-out as well. Interesting enough! The monies were withdrawal at the very same time period of the monetary reference with your father. All that is left between the married couples is the joint ownership of the private residential house and land asset.”

Belfort said. “That isn’t left anymore. Miss Ashmore has anyone told you that Amanda’s house in Montgomery burned to the ground yesterday, after the shooting.”

Amber dropped open and shut a mouth. “Was anyone hurt or harmed from the fire? Amanda wasn’t home. She doesn’t have pets. Thank goodness. I didn’t know. I’m glad Amanda didn’t see that, either. She loved that house.”

Art said. “Foster Gordon, who was going to marry your sister Amy, held ten dollars and thirty six cents inside his bank checking account. All his investments were liquidated last year which was the same time period as the other monetary accounts, except of course his private residential house and land assets in Mobile.”

Belfort said. “Foster’s house was burnt, also, yesterday.”

Art said. “Miss Ashmore, I must inform you that for the pass twenty four hours, the IRS has been deeply probing into your financial records, too. You are a very, very rich woman. Your portfolio contains a little over seventy million dollars which is held in numerous interest bearing trust funds that are located at the local branch of the Third National Alabama Bank in Birmingham. Would this all be correct?” All eyeballs turned and stared at Amber.

Amber tucked down a chin, a habit when she was nervous or embarrassed. She softly said, “Yes.”

Art exhaled with a smile. “I am very proud to report that you pay your state of Alabama and US Federal income taxes each year, without a timely delay or a monetary penalty. For these curious parties, Miss Ashmore uses the IRS to calculate her taxes for accuracy, as well as, payment of her taxes owed to Uncle Sam. Bravo, Miss Ashmore! However, the most interesting item of your financial records show the use of the selected money management department at Third National Alabama Bank. For those of us, working stiffs, who do not employ a money management company, this is a fee for service provided by banks across the US for handling monies for people who do not want to fool around with paying their own expenses each month, or do travel extensively without the use US Post Office for mail delivery. The money management company writes the checks for all monetary invoices from the estate bank account, taking great care of documenting the paperwork for the client in case of fraud or misappropriation of monies. This service is utilized more by millionaires than regular bank account holders. Miss Ashmore has been a client for the past five years. Is that right, Miss Ashmore?” She nodded in silence. Art said. “Please, allow me to list her assets for all eardrums: the private residential house and land, the sports car, the furnishings inside the house, the electronics, and the personal clothes along with ten platinum credit cards with various limits from a low amount of ten thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. Currently, the credit cards show a zero dollar balance. I would expect no least from an elegant lady like Miss Ashmore with simple tastes raised properly in the great state of Alabama….”

“You’re pushing my wrong buttons, Art.” Belfort frowned.

Art smiled at Amber, “Very well! Her assets are limited and her liabilities are zero. She does not hold any loans, notes, or mortgages as stated by her financial records. However, it has come to my attention through the cooperation of the Third National Alabama Bank that your personal bank account pays for your monthly bills, consisting of the electricity from power company, the telephone landline service which is combined with a package of internet service, mobile phone plans, and paid television and satellite services, water cooler delivery, soda vending machines, a maid service, a carpet cleaning service, a garden and landscaping service, a window cleaning services, a food home delivery service, a car wash and detail home service, a book of the month club, and numerous other listed services,” grinning.

“Miss Ashmore, may I see your mobile phone, please?” Belfort extended a palm with a nod.

Hawk turned and scanned the window then her and finally Belfort. “Miss Ashmore doesn’t have dish satellite….”

“Or a soda vending machine, there is not one located in a basement, Amber.” Cody frowned.

Hawk turned and frowned at the nose profile of Cody. “The house doesn’t have a basement, Cody.”

Cody smiled with a nod. “So that explains the missing soda machine,” snickering.

Belfort asked. “Miss Ashmore, can you explain the numerous payments of the numerous monthly services which are missing from your house for all of us?”

Amber turned and scanned each face with a puzzled brow. “I do not possess a mobile telephone, sir. I pay all the monthly services for my dad, my mom, my sister Amanda, her husband Oscar, my other sister Amy, and her future husband Foster.”

Cody gasped. “What for, girl?”

Belfort smiled. “Tell us what happened, Miss Ashmore?”

Amber exhaled with a puff of embarrassment and turned, scanning with a stern brow to see each face and finally back to Belfort. “Foster is a stock broker and a part time idiot. He talked everyone including my dad and my mom into investing into this new break-through science company which was located in Huntsville. Huntsville is the space shuttle and military defense weapons capital of the USA. All great scientific and technological minds live and work there, since the 1960s, a good track record and all that vibrato.”

Appleton smiled with a nod at Amber. “You were not sold, Miss Ashmore.”

She shook her curls. “No. I do not invest any of my monies into a failed fledgling company. I received some bad vibes from the awesome sale pitch of awful Foster. He said that the company needed a fresh source of cash, capital, and clients, and then the company folded, taking all of the Ashmore’s fortune with it. The money fortune was not vast. Governor Ashmore, my dad was worth about five million dollars. My sister Amy had one million dollars. My other sister Amanda coupled with Oscar held one point five million dollars. It is a pile of nice bucks, if you did not want to work for the rest of your life like Amy and Amanda wanted to do.”

Appleton asked. “Where did your money come from an inheritance?”

Amber nodded. “Yes. My Grandmother Ashmore saved all her pennies and nickels and had a wicked sense of humor. She left inside her Last Will and Testimony all her estate to be liquidated and the money split between her sons Wharton and Davidson, and her cute three granddaughters that she couldn’t ever see grow up. The granddaughters were only walking toddlers with a set of stinky diapers at the time. The money invested over time grew to one million dollars for each daughter. At eighteen years old, I received my bank account and then rolled over into my name and my person for legal purposes,” she cleared a throat of tears.

Belfort said. “You felt obligated to help your family from the bad investment into the fledging company in Huntsville.”

Amber shook her curls. “No. I felt both harassed and blackmailed.”

Cody leaned over and whispered into the cheekbone of Hawk. “Those are not good words to say at the moment.” Hawk reached over and patted the hand of Amber underneath the table for support with a stern face in silence.

Art frowned with confusion. “Amber, when did the bankruptcy occur for your father? I can’t find any record of debt.”

She said. “My dad called a meeting with his biological family unit. He told all of us the money situation. He was going to file for bankruptcy. It was pity party. I was the one that got pitted like an olive.”

Art frowned with puzzlement. “You agreed to pay all their on-going monthly expenses…”

“Until Amy and Amanda could find a pair of paying work jobs, so they could get personal loans to cover their individual outstanding debts. I didn’t want my parents to declare bankruptcy. My dad was an Alabama senator then…”

Belfort nodded. “The appearance wouldn’t have been bad for his political image…”

“Bad for him, his family, and his Alabama,” Amber giggled with a nod. “So, I footed the bill for six months. I called a meeting expressing my desire to end the drought, demanding Amy and Amanda got a job to pay their expenses…”

Belfort nodded. “Your father…”

She exhaled. “They were my father and my mother. I didn’t have the heart to order them to pay me back or stop the management company from writing the checks. They had to eat and bathe.”

Art frowned. “After six months, your sisters didn’t have a job.”

Amber giggled with a nod. “Only more debts, I am a slow learner. More importantly, I trusted my money management company. They are good. They pay all invoices that I instruct on time, without question or harassment towards the business vendors. While I was paying on both Amy and Amanda’s credit card bills, the girls were maximizing out the limits of the plastic by buying clothes, shoes, and whatever. I took me six months to figure that out,” she shook her curls.

Cody leaned over the wood and Hawk to see the nose profile of Amber. “Wow. Are they really your evil step-sisters?” He sat back with a sour frown, shaking his curls at the greed of money.

Belfort said. “You didn’t enjoy going on shopping sprees with your sisters.”

“I…I learned. I readied another meeting with the family, planning to cut off the credit cards. I actually cut them up, so the evil step-sisters couldn’t use them,” Amber giggled with a nod.

Cody nodded with a smile, “Good for you, Amber.”

She said. “At the family meeting, I initialed the tables that were turned back on me. Amanda announced her love and betrothal to Oscar. He was secured as a husband for her and her future. She didn’t need a job, but she held her own debts, which he would pay.”

Belfort nodded. “You paid for the wedding.”

She exhaled with a nod. “Yes, my dad couldn’t. He was so embarrassed. I was heartbroken over his embarrassment. I secretly met with him, without Amy and Amanda. My mom knew but she pretended to ignore the situation. I paid for everything that Amanda and Oscar wanted….”

Appleton nodded with a smile. “I remembered that wedding. It was grand affair for a senator’s daughter. The television stations played it for weeks.”

Amber giggled with a nod, “Yeah. Tell me about it!”

Belfort frowned. “You paid for the wedding….”

“…the honeymoon, the house, the cars, the boat, the newlyweds,” she nodded.

Art frowned. “Why didn’t you say no?”

She turned and nodded to Art. “My dad asked me. I couldn’t turn my daddy down.”

Belfort said. “Senator Ashmore announced his bid for governorship at that time, after his daughter’s wedding. You paid for his political governor’s campaign with private funding from your personal bank account. Art, did you investigate Governor Ashmore’s political campaign?”

Art turned and frowned at the nose profile of Belfort. “No. He had only been in public office for less his four-year governorship. That event usually comes after they leave the public office,” he turned and nodded to Amber. “However, I do recall scanning the monies of his campaign. There were only one or two names.”

Appleton turned and frowned at the nose profile of Art. “Do you remember Amber’s name?”

Belfort frowned. “Art, didn’t you think that odd?”

Art shrugged a shoulder with a stern face. “What oddity? This is Alabama, where a small town senator becomes governor. No. I might have seen her name, but she was listed as a family member. She was paying with her personal check for all campaign expenses.”

Belfort said to Art. “Summary form, please! Amber pays for the family monthly expenses, instead of declaring bankruptcy. Amber pays for Amanda’s wedding and thereafter. Amber pays for the governorship. Amber pays for Amy’s wedding with no thereafter happiness,” he turned and stared at Amber. “Why did you continue to pay the monthly expenses?”

Art turned and smiled at Amber. “They found out about your awesome seventy plus million dollar bank accounts. Didn’t they?”

Amber looked down to see the sweaty water glass with a stern face. “My dad guessed. He never asked…”

“Only begged, borrowed, and stole, isn’t that the old expression?” Art nodded with a grin.

Belfort said. “Amber, how did you become so rich?”

Appleton sneered, “Miss Ashmore, why are you not upset about each cold-blooded murder of your parents, your blood-kin sisters and both brothers-in-law? I would expect crying, weeping, and all that. They were your biological family members, only.”

Amber turned and stared at Appleton. “Yes. I saw the real family. They loved money more than each other. They made that decision over me. I feel sad that I will never see them, again. They are gone…”

Art nodded. “They are in a better place in heaven.”

Amber said. “I don’t believe that they’re in heaven.”

Art nodded. “Amber is right. That greedy lot is burning their food down in hell.”

Amber said. “No. I don’t believe that they are in heaven or hell, because I don’t believe in heaven or hell.”

Belfort gasped. “You believe in Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ.”

Amber frowned, “No.”

Hawk squeezed her hand and frowned at her nose profile, “Why do you not believe in Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ, Amber?”

Rob frowned, “Hawk!”

Amber looked down at the sweaty glass. “When we die, we are gone and never to return back here or anywhere else.”

Art asked. “Amber, where do you get your millions?”

Amber exhaled with a puff of annoyance and looked up with a stern face to see Art. “I was left one million dollars by my Grandmother Ashmore. I lived at home with my parents, while I attended college…”

Belfort asked. “Did you receive an academic scholarship?”

She exhaled. “No. I’m not book smart but studious by studying my lessons and working my assignments. I was in a sorority. I performed on a dance team in basketball. I enjoyed college, following far away from the twin footprints of Amy and Amanda. Both attended there with me. Amy was four years older and Amanda six years older. And both were still there, partying on campus. I decided to live at home, where it was quiet. I spend time studying finance, acquiring a major, five years later. I, also, enjoyed the concept of the stock market. I was fascinated how stocks rose and fell and could create an investor large some of monies within a day like magic. Of course, it wasn’t magic. It was skill and luck. I played around with the penny stocks…”

Belfort frowned. “At eighteen years of age?”

She smiled. “You can do lots of stuff legally at the age of eighteen but not drink alcohol. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t like the taste, but I’m not offended by people who consumed within reason. I invested in and out with the small time penny stocks, establishing a pattern and learning my way around the interactive stock market. When I become bolder, I contacted an investment company in New York buying one thousand dollars of shares into some active top one hundred blue blood established companies and another set of one thousands dollar shares into some new start-up companies. That really is how I begot my seventy million dollars.”

Appleton frowned. “You got lucky?”

She smiled. “No. You’re wrong. I actively worked the stock market and researched all the companies that I invested in every day and monitored my stocks every hour of the day. Thank you, internet! When I diversified my portfolio into major and minor companies, I could switch and move stocks around with ease. I lost money. I gained money. At all times, the stocks remained in the stock market, not a bank account. Once I had acquired about two million dollars in worthy stocks, I jerked the money out, paid my dues to Uncle Sam, and then invested half of it for more fortune. I kept doing that technique, making money, placing half in the bank, and half for investments. I did well. I finally was satisfied, when I reached fifty million dollars. I stopped. I ripped all my money out from the stocks and turned to conservative bonds and IRA accounts at the local bank. I allowed the Third National Alabama Bank to manage my personal investment portfolio. They are very good, making my money grow without me worrying about the details. That’s how I got rich.”

Appleton smirked. “You didn’t share your riches with the family.”

Amber smiled, “No.”

Belfort frowned. “You didn’t boast or brag to anyone.”

She frowned. “No.”

Belfort nodded. “I am definitely convinced that you are the one in danger, now. And I believe the gunman was after you, Miss Ashmore.”

Rob frowned at Belfort, sitting next to Cody. “There is no physical or verbal evidence which points to that fact, sir.”

Belfort turned and frowned to Rob. “Her family is dead with no one to watch over her. Two of her family residential houses have been burned down to the ashes. Does this not relay a serious deadly message, a message of both of worry and concern? You’re next, Amber.”

She shook her curls, “No.”

Belfort turned and frowned to Amber. “You must face this fact, Amber. You are a millionaire living by yourself, without a body guard like a set of Hollywood movie stars have. You’re very rich, Amber. You need one or two body guards for your safety.”

“No. I live in a safe town. No one knows about my millions but my family.”

Belfort said. “Amber, we don’t have any significant leads on the gunman. To be quite honest, we all were wondering about your tall tale of a bald young man that looks like an eagle…”

“Ah,” She laughed. “It was my sour attitude that I presented in regards to my loving biological family.”

Appleton nodded. “That mental thought had crossed each thinking mind.”

Belfort exhaled. “Who benefits from the deaths?”

She said. “I do. My dad set that particular death provision inside each Last Will and Testimony paperwork of each family member just in case something had happened, hoping that I could recoup some of my monies. You can check. I’m the benefactor in all the legal forms, before their deaths. I have copies, if you want to pursue them.”

Art turned and scanned each face. “We each have our own copies of the Last Will and Testimony inside your individual folder. You can read all the papers at suppertime. If Amber dies, then the Davidson’s annoying brats gets the monies.”

She giggled with a smile. “They’re untamed and wild like bear cubs, but I love them in my own way. I have a streak like my Grandmother Ashmore. I left a few million dollars for both Amy and Amanda, if they had outlived me. The bulk of my wealth goes to the boys at the age of eighteen.”

Mink appeared and stood inside the open archway, staring with a stern face to the blonde hairy skull of Amber. “Miss Ashmore, Congressman Davidson is here. He would like to speak with you in private, please.”

Amber looked down with a sour frown at the sweaty water glass and finally at Belfort. “Thank you. I must see my uncle.” Belfort nodded in silence. She stood upright from the chair and turned, exiting the dining room.



12:04 pm

Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Amber marched across the tile and stood in front of Davidson, without a smile inside the open living room. Davidson was here for her money, as usual. She motioned with a thumb signal and spun around with a stern face, leading them into the side door of the den space which was away from the dining room, stopping and stood in front of the sofa without viewing him. “How much are the numerous cremations?”

Davidson followed behind her ass through the archway and spun around, gently closing the door with a huff, swing around and moved ahead, standing behind her back spine with a puff a growl. “Young lady, I am going to bury the bodies in coffins, not ashes.”

She spun around with a nod and a giggle to see her uncle. “Fine and dandy, uncle! Then you pay for it, Davidson. I agreed with my daddy for a set of burial cremations. It’s cheaper than…”

He leaned into her face with a sneer of annoyance. “Young lady, I do not like your sour puss tone. Your entire biological family is dead, permanently. You should show a great deal of respect for both your mama and daddy. May God rest their souls!”

“Your God created my greedy family. They are dead. Gone. Poof. No more. And I’m lucky that I wasn’t with them.”

“God saved you, young lady.” He sneered.

She giggled with a nod. “Luck saved me. That’s all great good luck. I’m the lucky duck of the family, not the black sheep like everyone likes…liked to gossip behind my ass and my set of closed doors. How much for the family sized cremations?”

He back stepped with a sad face and a nod. “I, only, ask this once.”

She exhaled with a sour frown. “Davidson, you ask for a lot of little things only once then twice, then thrice…”

He frowned. “I do not like that you reference me by my Christian name, young miss.”

She giggled with a grin. “Do you have another first name? No. How much money do you need to burn…?”

“Six bodies, it will be twelve thousand dollars per casket. About eighty thousand dollars should cover it plus the pretty casket and grounds flowers at the church and the cemetery…”

“Here is a one hundred thousand dollar check. Don’t enjoy it!” Amber scribbled the numbers and ripped off the paper, handing a personal check to him with a sour frown. He accepted the check with a smile and spun around, moving towards the closed door. She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and said to his back spine. “Mama and Daddy are dead. I do not expect to see you anymore. Don’t call. Don’t write. Don’t email me. Don’t text. I don’t want you to come over for Christmas, evening dinner, or the Fourth of July fireworks. Do you understand, Davidson?”

He swung around with a tired and defeated face. “Yes, Amber. I understand you. Enjoy your life!” Davidson spun around and swiftly exited the den and her house with a smile.

“I will.” Amber moved ahead through the open archway and slammed the den door with a loud bang behind a fanny while removing the old memories and the old enemies.



Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Amber moved ahead from the closed door into the living room space towards Hawk with a stern face. He moved to meet her with a worried brow. “Are you okay?” He stopped and stood in front of her nose bridge, admiring her guts and gravel attitude towards handling her personal life, if only she believed in Almighty God and Brother Jesus like Hawk.

She exhaled with a nod and a tight smile to Hawk. “Yes. Thank you for asking.”

Belfort moved from the dining room and stopped, standing next to her nose profile. “I believe that we have one more matter to discuss. The last item is the family funeral.”

She exhaled. “Davidson is making the arrangements. I’m not involved.”

Belfort frowned. “Aren’t you going to attend the funerals of your parents?”

“No. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I find the ritual useless and depressing. The bodies were to be cremated as requested by my dad. Davidson wishes for caskets, instead of ashes. I granted his request by giving him a big fat money check for the cost of the funeral.”

Belfort frowned. “I think you should attend, Amber.”

She exhaled with a stern face. “I do not believe this your concern, Belfort.”

Belfort frowned. “Miss Ashmore, what would the people of the Alabama perceive?”

She grinned. “I don’t give a hooty tooty about the public image of Alabamians or my dead and gone family members…”

Rob moved ahead and joined the tight huddle, standing next to Hawk with a smile and a nod to Amber. “And, I am relieved, too. We do not have to handle security for Amber at the funeral site. Good choice!” Hawk turned and frowned at the nose profile of Rob.

Belfort extended a hand to Amber and then Rob, shaking each hand with a smile. “Then, the interview has concluded. I leave the squad of the US Marshals in charge of your security. I have a gunman to track down. This is goodbye for the day, Miss Ashmore,” he moved ahead and followed the rest of the committee member, leaving her residential home.

Hawk turned and smiled at Rob. “What is the next step, boss man?”

“It is the swimming hole, since it is ninety degrees and sizzling hot outside.” Cody scooted around them and turned, running up the staircase to change out of the blue jeans and sports jacket for the pool water.

“Milady,” Hawk extended an arm to her for an escort up the staircase to change clothes for some fun outdoors. Amber accepted his arm with a smile.

Then they slowly moved up the staircase with a set of whispers and smiles.



10:03 pm

Hot temperatures with starry night sky

Outdoor patio and swimming pool setting



The deputies had enjoyed a day of sun and water while protecting Amber from the mysterious murderer of her family members.

The sunrise ended a pretty heated day in Alabama and released a full moon for the evening. The weather is a balmy seventy degrees ten at night.

Amber and Hawk rested on top of an individual lounge chairs side by side, staring into the bright stars, listening to the yard wildlife. The frogs croaked. The birds sung. The crickets serenaded the night. The two adults chatted about minor topics as the rest of the deputies settled down for the evening shifts and sleep patterns.

Hawk stared into the bright stars and wiped off a sweaty forehead from the heated humidity. “The air is still heated and hot.”

She stared at the bright stars too. “I like hot weather. I feel warm and toasty.” Amber rolled to the side to see his nose profile.

He stared at the stars. “I sweat like a pig and get thirsty a lot.”

“There is an assortment of cold beverages in the kitchen.”

“The view of the bright stars is lovely at night.”

She giggled with a smile at his nose profile. “Lovely? That’s a strange word for a guy.”

He turned and winked at her. “Lovely is great word for a guy. Like you’re lovely…”

“Thanks.” Amber giggled with a smile at the cute handsome male.

“Girls are lovely. Female cows are lovely. Baby kittens are lovely.”

“Baby kittens are cute and precious.”

He turned and scanned the manicured lawn with a puzzled brow and then her face. “I don’t see any animals. Do you like pets?”

“I have cared for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. Amanda gave me her puppy, when she turned big and clumsy. I took her to training school for dogs. I carried her into the hospital for terminal children to pet and play with.”

“That’s so nice.”

“One of the families really enjoyed Marble.”

“You named the dog, Marble.”

“Amanda did. It stuck and the dog was registered. Marble and the child really loved each other. I gave the family the dog as a pet and paid for the vet bills and pet food for the rest of the life of the dog.”

“Is Marble and the child happy?”

“I don’t know.”

He frowned. “Are you going to find out?”

“I don’t want to know. It’s too difficult to see the family and their sadness. The child wasn’t very healthy. He might not have lived passed from this world during the summertime. I enjoy helping out, when I can.”

“You help people all the time it sounds like.”

“I give back to the community.” Amber exhaled. “That’s such a cliché. I’m embarrassed to say it. At the same time, it sums of my feelings.”

“…and your kindness…”

“Are you going to get another pet?”

“I, maybe…”

“Amber, you are a very nice person. You are really amazing to me. You give without questioning why or how. You show so much compassion and strength for a young woman.”

“Thank you. Your words are really sweet and smoothing.”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“What, Hawk?”

“I was wondering.”

“What is it, Hawk?”

“Well, I was thinking.”

“What were you thinking, Hawk?”

“I hope…”

Cody slammed into the lounge chair, almost knocking Hawk out of the furniture. Hawk grabbed each side of the chair with a sour frown and a yell. “Cody?”

Cody dropped down with a snicker and crawled forward on both kneecaps between Hawk and Amber with a smile. “A US deputy marshal carries a semi-automatic weapon along with a backup hand gun. I got a twelve gauge shotgun in my truck. Do you wanna see my shotgun, Amber?”

The door opened in silence. Tate exited the house and moved head, stopping and stood over the dirty blonde colored hair roots of the young teen with a stern face. “Cody?”

“What?” Cody smiled at Amber.

“Come inside for your nap, boy.” Tate sneered.

Cody laughed. “He’s joking. The pickup truck holds all the deputy equipment, consisting of vests, shotguns, shields, batting rams, assault rifles…”

Tate exhaled. “Cody?”

Cody smiled at Amber. She could not see the face of Tate, since it was darkness over the patio and yard. He nodded with a grin. “You must possess a bachelor degree and work experience of three or more years at a local or state police department to be a…”

Tate growled. “Cody, it is time for your bath, boy.”

“Shut up, Tate! Also, you must to pass a written test, an oral interview, a background investigation, a medical exam, a drug test, and a fitness test in total tests, before you can be selected as a US deputy marshal, so we can guard prisoners, some pretty prisoners, too.”

Tate growled. “Cody, it is time for your supper, son,” then he reached down and grabbing each collar bone, jerking the teen upright from the patio with a snarl.

Cody lifted upright into the air with a yell. “Shut it! Ugh!”

Tate chuckled. “Excuse him, Miss Amber! It is time for your bath, your supper and then your nap, little boy,” he pulled Cody by the neck muscles into the house as Hawk and Amber chuckled.

Amber smiled. “Were you going to ask me something, Hawk?”

Hawk grinned with a nod. “The crew wants a plasma television.” She sat upright and tumbled off the lounge chair. He reached out and caught her body before she hit the patio bricks, pulling amber into his chest, sharing the chair. She giggled with a smile. He chuckled. “Whoa, little lady, these cheap chairs are like riding on top of a roller coaster.”

She smiled, “I guess.”

He smiled. “I didn’t mean to surprise you. You are so stable and steady, when it comes to the unexpected.”

“I guess.”

“The crew has to be here to protect you and all that, so we thought a television plasma screen would be a nice consolation prize for our hard work.”

She exhaled with a smile. “Alright, you can have a television plasma screen. I didn’t know the models, very well.”

“Cody does. He can get it and set it up and all that.”

She frowned. “Don’t you need the television digital service or a satellite to operate the plasma monitor?”

“See? You know more than you realize. Yes. The television plasma needs a source of channels to work properly with one telephone call to the digital television service company which are paying for now.”


“That’ll work just great.”

“And I’ll give Cody cash. Is that okay?”

He nodded. “Yeah, cash is great. He can get the television plasma and set up the cabling and other stuff. You’re a nice eye witness, Amber.”

She turned and frowned at the moon. “Thanks, Hawk. I really appreciate the compliment.”

He hugged her with a smile and a whisper. “Can I ask you something else?”

She turned and smiled into his face. “What other electronic gadget do you require for the television plasma?”

“I don’t require any more material values. I’m going to church tomorrow…”


“Why aren’t you a believer in Almighty God and Brother Jesus Christ?” She turned and stared at the swimming pool. He exhaled. “Amber, I really would like to know.”

“That is a personal request, not a material one…”

He nodded. “This is my point of starting the conversation with you, Amber. You’re the epitome of a Christian, Amber. You give with your heart and your money in ways some prosperous people don’t. You supported your family members in crisis and beyond. I don’t know many people who would tolerate greedy behavior and wanton desires for two years without rudely halting the process.”

She stared at the swimming pool. “Epitome, that is a person who is representative of the perfect example. That is not me, Hawk.”

He smiled. “What is you, Amber? You helped your family out of love or out of pity.”

“I helped with a little of both. You only live once in life. I have the means to help people in bad situation to live their life in a better way. I’m supposed to do that.”

“Amber, that is a Christian faith, the life line of the Christian faith. So, your behavior is so opposite of an atheist…”

She stared at the swimming pool. “Atheism is one that denies or disbelieves in the existence of God or a super being which was first found in the year 1566 in England…”

“You read a lot of historical books.”

“I find that I have lots of time on my hands. My family wasn’t a priority for a long time. I just seemed to think outside the box or outside the political circle. My dad loved the politics and atmosphere with my mom, who dragged around the three daughters. We are the three pretty golden trophies that get him elected. My dad started as mayor of Ironside.”

“So, this is your roots. This is home.”

“I guess. I went to the Ironside schools while my dad pursed his political career. He received monies from his mother, my Grandmother Ashmore. She was the wealthy benefactor in the family. She loved her two sons to the point of spoiling them. Davidson and Wharton were lucky that she was a good mother and provided for them from birth to death.”

“I’m not a psychiatrist. But you might need to talk to Tate. He got a psychology degree…”

“I’m fine. I like talking to you better than him.”

“I’m a great listener. Keep talking.”

“Wharton was elected as a city councilman at the age of eighteen with the financial assistance of his mom, of course. She didn’t have political aspirations but loved her son. He was the youngest elected mayor at the age of twenty one, after graduating Burn U, serving for four years and then another term of four years.”

“What was his platform?”

“His platform was a scandal-free politician.”

“Ah. The bankruptcy would have tainted that image.”

“Good point. In the world of adultery and corruption, bad money handling would rank number three. The House of Representatives of the Alabama Congress, he was twenty nine years old and represented our district for three terms of four years. Then my dad got elected into the Alabama State Senate with the other twenty four senators for one term. He was fifty years old. He held the US senator seat for two and half terms or five years, until becoming the governor of the Alabama.”

“You’re good in math.”

She frowned. “Is this my group therapy?”

“I like to think of it as your private therapy. When your dad was the US senator, did you live in Washington DC or here in Bama?”

“I have always lived in Ironside since I was raised into a teenager by my uncle Davidson.”

“Ah. The congressman is rude. And your disrespect towards the ill-bred man is apparent now.”

“I guess so. I resented him telling me what to do while my parents were traveling around the state for people votes or political parties.”

“You were the good little girl and stayed home and studied your books, not the notorious cliff notes summaries.”

She giggled. “You’re good.”

He smiled. “You are so predictable, Amber.”

“Am I?”

“Yes, you are very predictable.”

“Is that good?”

“That’s great in my book.”

“What else is great in your book? Tell me about your background?”

“Later, I promise. Did your uncle Davidson became Daddy dearest?”

“He was okay. He was strict with older pairs of sisters like Amy and Amanda. When Amanda turned eighteen, she got to escape into the real world with her inheritance. The money gave her freedom to do anything she wanted. I saw that. And then, she was followed by Amy, another year later. I felt back then that I was stuck at home for the long haul. With my dad continued to climb the political ladder, Davidson didn’t need a third daughter, who was running amuck under the cherry trees.”

“You were the good one.”

“I was the last of the silver prize trophies. I was always on an airplane going something to meet my parents at some political function, event, or party. I grew tired to the fake people and the fake causes. I wanted to stay home and read my books, watch the television screen, and have a gang of friends.”

“I’m sorry, Amber.”

“Don’t be. It’s not your life that was shuffled back and forth. I listened to the kids in divorce talk about how rough it was being carted to and fro from one parent to another. I had both my parents. They just didn’t live in the city of my birth, but somewhere in the state of Alabama.”

“When you turned eighteen, you could’ve run away like Amanda and Amy?”

She exhaled. “I guess that I could have ran away to a college dormitory room or rented an apartment. But I stayed in the house that my dad had abandoned, when he won US Senator seat, caring for the animals, looking after the family heirlooms possessions. I started college, studying and playing the stock market.”

“Was the stock market your only friend?”

“The stock market was like a fugitive. It was up, down, side to side. You didn’t know what you would find the next day, a good stock or a bad stock,” she laughed. “Yes, it was a friend, sorta.”

“What about social flesh and blood friends?”

“Amanda and Amy had those. They came around the house for free food and to swim when it was hot, to hang out and watch television at night for fun. I wasn’t impressed. I ended up in my room studying the stock market as they invaded the living room. That all stopped when Davidson dropped by one night, shockingly unexpectedly. I was happy for once to see his sour puss facial expression,” she giggled. “Amanda and Amy were mad. They left and never returned back into their father’s house, except for the special occasions.”

“You left out a special occasion.”

She frowned. “I didn’t think so. There was school, college, the Washington DC townhouse, the Ironside house, the Davidson home, Thanksgiving holiday, Easter church, Christmas holiday, Fourth of July fireworks, which is very special day for America. Which one did I miss?”

“You missed the church preaching and socializing with all the church friends.”


“O. What does that mean?”

“I did not go to church.”

“During Sunday morning for preaching service…”


He smiled. “How about attending the church’s singing choir or a delicious plate at the church supper dinner or a volunteer to watch some of the bratty kids?”


“Why not?”

“No one took me.”

“Why not, Amber?”

“As a little girl, my dad traveled on Sunday to his destination for Monday morning. Sunday was hard when my dad left to go someplace, since I couldn’t go to the city or didn’t want to go to the city. I didn’t see my parents for hours, sometimes, not until past midnight for a simple hug and a kiss. The evenings were long. On Sundays, I was so depressed and upset that I stayed in my room reading, or studying, or crying, or thinking.”

“Did you pray?”

“Did I pray to what? A super being lives in outer space, where it is cold and dark.”

“Did you pray to Almighty God or Brother Jesus Christ for comfort?”


“Were you not taught the little kid pray which prays like this? I lay me down to sleep…”


“Did you sing little kid Bible songs which sings like this? Jesus loves me…”


He exhaled. “Golly gee, molly! You were so deprived as little girl. I can teach you some prayers and songs.”

She frowned. “Why, Hawk?”

“Because, the words and lyrics are comforting in a time of need from pain and suffering…”

“I’m not suffering.”

“You lost your entire biological family, Amber. I don’t understand how you are dealing with this, without going crazy.”

“My family is…”

“Is what?”

“My childhood was different from the norm.”

“How was it different you had a mom and dad and sister?”

“I…it was duty, not love that I received from my family members. It was a duty to be good; a duty to act nice, a duty to give to the community like my dad had taught me over the years.”

“Amber, wow! Your dad instilled some goods rules but for all the wrong reasons. I can’t believe you don’t go to church. Have you ever been baptized?”


“Lookie. Tomorrow is Sunday. We can go my church in Blountsville which is close to here. You’ll like the sings, the preachers, the little kids…”

“I am the key eye witness. You are the protection thing to me. That’s why you’re here.”

He nodded with a grin. “I will get Rob’s permission. He goes to church, too. He will say, yeah.”

“I think you should…”

“I should what?”

“You should ask me, if I want to go to church, Hawk.”

Hawk gasped. “I’m so sorry, Amber. You’re absolutely right. What you like to go to church with me?”

“No,” she pulled away from his heated hug and stood upright from the lounge chair, spinning around towards the closed door of the house with a stern face.

The lounge chair tumbled side to side from Amber’s movement as Hawk steadied the sides of the chair with a body back into balance and then stood upright with a puzzled brow, spinning around to see the back spine of Amber. She entered the house and slammed the patio door with a loud bang. He whispered with a smile, “I didn’t use the right word choice but that’s okay. There is always tomorrow and the next day and the next,” he squatted down and retrieved both pairs of shoes, his and her, standing upright with a smile and a whisper, slowly advancing towards the closed door of the house. “She does not understand the relationship of Almighty God, Brother Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, because she had not been taught to love and honor Him. I have been, thou. We are both lucky. I am here to protect her as the key eyewitness for the US Federal government and Almighty God,” he stopped and reached out, touching the door knob.

The door opened.

Hawk entered the cool air conditioned house with a smile for sleep and his turn as the watch dog over Amber Ashmore.



Monday May 3rd



City of Hooverville within the US State of Alabama

(eight miles northeast of Ironside)

Hot sizzling temperatures with bright sunshine

2:03 pm

Apartment building location

Living room setting of Sheba

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The door opened in silence.

The motorcycle black leather clad male entered inside the unlocked apartment without a fist knock, since he was expected. He stopped and stood in front of the chair inside the small and cramped living room with a smile at her. “We have a problem.”

The body was tall and slender female with a head of short black hair, a pair of green eyes, and a tone of pale skin, sitting inside the oversized chair, staring at him with a laugh and a grin. “This ain’t no television commercial for a Hollywood movie film, dude. How many times does that catch phrase translate into trouble?”

“I guess the noun problem gave you a hint. Huh, Sheba or Shelby? I never can remember which one is your fake name,” he laughed.

“Unlucky for me! You’re bald, since it is Sheba,” she laughed.

He reached up and rubbed the bald skull with a wink, “I am at that.”

“I was referring to the pronoun, we.” She winked.

He extended the envelope to her with a smile. “There wasn’t a large monetary paper check on your boy like he told…we,” chuckling.

Sheba accepted the envelope with a gasp and ripped open the paper, searching an empty pocket. “Did you check all his pockets?”

He nodded. “He was the one that was sporting a tux at the time with all pocket empty but one.”

“That girl lied to him,” she growled.

“The girl’s dead. She can’t lie anymore, if that is a consolation prize for your effort,” he chuckled.

She torn the envelope into two pieces and flamed it with the cigarette lighter, watching it burn. “Actually, the girl’s alive and breathing.”

He sneered. “I killed all the females posing for wedding pictures at the church.”

“She was missing which is lucky for the both of us,” Sheba winked.

He growled. “I kill her.”

She shook her short curls with a smile. “I would rather that you wound her for the next round. She does have the check,” she tossed the newspaper towards him.

He caught it and studied the newspaper article with a stern face. “The murdered Ashmore family included the newly elected Governor Wharton. The entire editorial talked about the Ashmore family and their social and cultural background. The front page shows a smiling picture of the young adult named Amber Ashmore, the only surviving member of the massacre. She’s pretty. Can I keep her?”

She frowned. “You’re sick, Samson.”

He rattled the newspaper with a smile. “She’s pretty and probably rich based on your sketchy details of this bombed job.”

She sneered. “I don’t want the rich girl. I want the rich check. She must’ve kept both of these checks for herself for some reason. I don’t get it.” Sheba stared with a stern face at the far wall.

He back stepped and sat down inside the oversized chair, tapping the newspaper on a kneecap, staring with a smile at her. “Tell me the story, Sheba? Why is she involved with at all? I understand that Amber Ashmore doesn’t run around with her biological family members, before their unexpected timely deaths.”

She pointed to the open kitchen space with a smile. “Take off your jacket, grab a beer, and pull a chair, Samson. Let me tell my tale! You’re not going to believe me.”

Samson stood upright and ripped off the black leather jacket, resting it on the edge of the chair, turning and moved ahead into the small open kitchen space towards the refrigerator. He stopped and opened the door, reaching inside for a beer, screwing the lid off and gulped a big swallow. He spun around and kicked the door shut with a smile, moving back and sat back down into the chair on the opposite side of Sheba with a smile. “Begin, please!”

She smiled. “Foster Gordon is a stock broker, who’s broke.”

He laughed. “Foster enjoyed the races of ponies and doggies too much on the sly.”

“No. He was not a very good investor. He was so-so. He had better days earlier in his career. Stocks are only part of the game for investors. Getting lots of diverse investors gets you more commissions and a bigger pot of the monies. Foster didn’t have many clients, only a hand full.”

“She was his client…”


“Says here inside the newspaper, she was his future sister-in-law.”

“Bingo. Foster was my supervisor…”

“You were going to get promoted.”

“Investment companies only promote based on money, not merit.”


“It is for me and you, both. Foster was my boss. As my boss, he liked to delegate domestic tasks to his employees, since he didn’t have time to bother with the tasks. This particular day, I had been summoned by the boss for another one of his boring tasks. I patiently waited outside his office…”

“Professional etiquette, I’m impressed, Sheba.”

“I learned it the hard way. Anyways, I stood outside in the hallway like an idiot while my boss yelped on the phone like a teenager with raging hormones to his girlfriend, who was actually his fiancé.”

“Ease dropping, while you wait.”

“He called me from my desk. Let me defend myself here. Anyways, I was standing there. His door is wide open. I’m parked at the wooden frame between the door and the wall. I could hear the entire and complete conversation. Foster repeated the words: five million dollars. I perked up. Did he fall over a new client with big bucks?”

He sipped and swallowed the beer with a grin and a nod, “A prize possession…”

She smirked. “In the investment company, it is the goose that landed the golden egg and a five million dollar check, the difference between buying a compact cheap-ass car versus an expensive sports car. Anyways, Foster catch me a live one. I continued to listen, hoping to hear a name or two, so I could call and chat, dropping Foster’s name as a reference. Foster became so engrossed into the conversation that he was repeating all the facts back to his girlfriend named Amy. First, they were getting married in two weeks. Second, Amanda’s birthday was the next day with a big surprise birthday bash. Third, Daddy was giving both Amy and Amanda gifts made of a single check of five million dollars each for presents.”

“Five million dollar checks mean two checks for two kids or ten million dollars. Didn’t know the governor of Alabama was that rich?”

“Believe me! I was standing there thinking the same mental thought, when Foster answered the questions and provided the solution to my monetary problems. He told Amy to get the checks as two cashier’s checks.”

He sipped and swallowed the beer with a smile. “Cashier’s check! Don’t thieves use them?”

“No, Samson! A cashier’s check is a bank check…”

“Bank is not a good word when you’re stealing cash…”

“It is different from the check that you write from a personal bank account. A cashier’s check is accepted for almost ninety nine point ninety nine percent transactions, because it provides a guarantee of payment to the receiver of the check which would be…we,” she smiled. “A cashier’s cash is unique in that the funds are not drawn out from your personal bank account. You withdraw funds from your personal account first and then pay the funds to the bank to create a cashier’s check, which is not really traceable. The money funds are drawn on the bank, not your personal account.”

“We still can get caught.”

“Foster told his bride to get the five million dollar in a cashier’s check. He was thinking the same thing. Dump the money down in an offshore account and let the Feds finds him, keeping all the cash, without paying income taxes to Uncle Sam.”

“We can do the same thing.”

“I have my special contacts on standby in the Cayman.”

He sneered. “Cayman Islands are far, far away from me or we here in Bama.”

“The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory which is located in the western Caribbean Sea. The land comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman…”

He chuckled. “I am hearing some dang original names for the Cayman isles down there.”

She rolled both eyeballs and stared back at him with a stern face. “Whatever. You can open a bank account in the Cayman National Corporation, a financial service for local and international clients for thirty years with the touch of a finger by the internet without leaving your house or your motorcycle or your apartment,” she smiled. “The bank offers asset protection on all offshore bank accounts, private Swiss bank accounts, and a wealth management plan for your big bundle of monies. That girl has both the cashier’s checks that we want. She’s probably scared, since the US Marshal Deputies are protecting her. She doesn’t even know who killed her family. The good part is no one knows why. That’s the best mystery of all. The stupid television media, newspapers, reports, and trash tabloids are having a field day, guessing and printing that a bizarre zealot occult organization that fucked up the kidnapping foiled plot and then committed the massive murders into a holy church. It’s almost to be much fun to stop the silly speculation, running wild boars through the precious potato patch during a famine.”

He sipped and swallowed the beer with a smirk. “You’re a former farm girl, Sheba.”

She exhaled. “From my former past, a very long time ago,” she pointed at the newspaper with a nod and a stern face. “That girl is involved in giving and moving the ten million. She’s rich, too. I had to do some searching, chatting among my peers, especially at the bank…”

He shook his bald skull with a stern face. “That was not smart, Sheba. Someone is going to report you to someone else, who going to investigate…”

She shook her curls with a smile. “No. After the killing fields inside the church, every person is absolutely curious about the who, why, and what happened to the governor’s first family. My telephone calls were gossip more than anything else. I finally reached a guy, who came from my company, long time out. He’s one of the top brokers for the Third National Alabama Bank investment division. He knows that girl. She has her trust fund at the bank. She’s worth seventy four million dollars.”

He whistled with a nod. “Seventy four million dollars, shouldn’t we ask for more money?”

She frowned. “Don’t get greedy, Samson. We don’t need more than ten million split in half while living on a beautiful Caribbean island for the rest of my days. It’s cheap down there. Five million goes a long, long way, babe. How does that sound? Call Gus!”

He burped out loud with a smile. “Drunk and disorderly Gus!”

“That same drunk and disorderly Gus, I have a job for him. Since, he never completes his task as a total idiot which fits into my perfect plan.”

He exhaled. “I can see through your perfect plan, Sheba. Amber Ashmore is scared and confused about her family, her pretty face, and her life. You plan to add more stress and distress by having Gus fire at the massive Ashmore funeral. Are you a mad woman? Yeah! You are a mad woman,” he stood upright and shook his bald skull. “I want…”

She pointed down at the chair with a grin. “Sit, please. Hear me out. The funeral is Tuesday afternoon at the massive grave site for the deceased Ashmore folks. Amber will be there, sitting beside her uncle, a congressman in the Alabama government. She is the only one left within the Ashmore family. The television reporters, photographers, and camera crew will be filming and recording on her. Gus will be there with his gun…”

“If he kills her, we don’t get the money.”

“Has Gus every performed his duty with accuracy or competence for me? For you? For anyone?” Sheba mouth spat out the salvia with a laugh over the floor with a smile. “No! He is the decoy that the US Marshals are looking, tracking, and can find,” she chuckled. “Scout out a site for Gus somewhere in the outline of the woodland forest trees, where his drunker self can’t be seen by the office of US Marshal deputies. Set him up with a gun, any weapon with do. I’m not a weapons expert. Gus only has to shoot the weapon into the ground, making a big booming sound, not hit her either, since we both want the ten million dollars.”

He gasped. “What? Don’t hit her with the bullet? I was thinking a nice arm wound would change her mind…”

She frowned. “You’re on the right track here with me, Samson. You see that’s the scary part that I was referencing. I want to scare Amber Ashmore into handing over the two checks of ten million dollars to us without showing a violent encounter or another death.”

“Wait a minute. Your theory is based on Amber, not telling the US Marshals about the ten million dollar in two cashier’s checks. Why would she hide that data from them?”

She shook her curls with a smile. “To honor her dead family, her dead father was governor. If it was leaked he was being blackmailed or harassed, then the name Ashmore would be mud for the rest of her life. Even here in the good old South we respect family names, dead and alive,” chuckling.

He frowned. “Some families don’t care about that their named reputations.”

She smiled. “Some old southern families like Amber will and do. She was paying for all her family’s home expenses for the past two years from her personal bank account. The governor was broke with no money inside his personal bank account. Some type of poor investment that Foster engineered that want sour and south. You see standing inside the wall corner, all these months outside his private office door is good for being bad for we,” she winked at him.

He sipped and swallowed the beer with a smile. “You never acted on that VIP information, Sheba. Doesn’t sound like you?”

“I didn’t realize how rich Amber Ashmore was. I would’ve done something earlier.”

“Gus just shoots his gun. Is there any direction desired, excluding Amber?”

“Near the casket would be good, but we can’t count on him, getting anything right.”

“Gus will be arrested quicker than a rattlesnake strike and then hauled in for questioning by the big time FBI boys and girls, and then…”

“Gus will cry like a baby. He’s always been no good at any job as an alcoholic.”

He sneered. “Gus is going to remember me.”

She flipped a hand. “O, please! On what day? Would that been ground hog’s day in February of 1999? Gus can’t remember his name half the time or his address most of the time. That’s why he sleeps at the corner grocery store on the long wooden bench and carries a weapon with him.”

He frowned. “Gus is loaded.”

She nodded. “Every day, he shows me the hand gun as I walk to work. It scared the hairs off my legs. He was joshing and joking with me of course for fun. But yeah, Gus is loaded both mentally and physically.”

He looked down with a stern face to see the floor and then back to her. “Gus really needs to be hospitalized for mental illness.”

She smiled. “We’re doing the world or at least the city of Birmingham a great big favor, removing a dangerous and harmful creature from the busy city streets.”

He whispered. “I guess.”

She smiled. “Draw him into the forest with many pints of whiskey bottles, a torn ratty blanket, and leave a couple of his specific type of hand guns from his little shack. It’s across the corner grocery store, so set him up in there, tonight. He sleeps during the evening and awakes, during working hours for fun to torment of the working class,” she laughed. “Then, Gus is permanently gone from the wooden bench, while replacing we,” she winked. “And I wanna see you, not as the motorcycle hottie with the bald head. That’s the description printed inside the newspaper from the US Marshals. Ditch the bike…”

“It’s stolen.”

“Good! Get a tan, use the spray-on stuff, get some fake eye glasses and grow some hair, not a wig. That’s too swiftly sudden of a change within your neighbors and co-workers’ eyeballs. Let your facial hair grow out stubby and rough looking.”

“How are you going to get the two checks of ten million dollars?”

She smiled. “The beautiful part, I’m going to call her on the phone, pretending to be the bank manager and ask her kindly to mail the two five million checks back to me.”

He hooted and shook his bald skull. “You are one crazy loco female. She’ll never do it.”

She pointed to the window with a nod. “First, her family is killed in a wild shooting spree. Her life is chaos. Second, her life is threatened at a very public place, the grave site. O. I think Miss Amber will get the subtle message softly bombarded into her brain cells. She’ll send me the checks,” she laughed with him.



Tuesday May 4th



Warm temperatures with parted clouds and bright sunshine

9:09 am

Home setting of Amber

Kitchen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



US Marshal deputy Mink rushed into the kitchen with a smile and stopped, standing in front of the breakfast table to see each face. “We found a lead. The cashier at the Dee Dee’s Hamburgers fast food restaurant down the street recognized the motorcycle dude, thought he was cute. He was inside drinking a soda near the beverage stand, before loading back onto his cycle.”

Hawk looked up and closed both eyelids to the ceiling. “Thank you, Almighty God.”

Amber turned with a sour frown to scan each faces around the breakfast table. “You sound and look very relieved.”

Rob nodded. “Up until this lead, no one really believed your version of the story, Miss Ashmore.”

Amber gasped. “You assumed it was a fairy tale.”

Tate nodded with a stern face. “You must admit. Your entrance yesterday was a little abnormal. Think of the fairy story of Cinderella. She married the rich prince, becoming a princess and then by the kindness of heart, she took care of her evil step-sisters and step-mother. You fit that picture perfectly then. After your interview in a criminal investigation, you have a beef with your entire biological family. Next thing, they are all dead, especially the dead ones, who were sucking you dry of your monies.”

Cody chuckled. “Vampires bats suck your blood dry, not….”

Mink reached out and slapped the collar bone of Cody. “Hush, Cody.”

Amber nodded. “I guess it does look bad. I described the event, without emotion.”

Tate chuckled. “Too much hostile emotion with the vague description of a faceless gunman with two guns, Hollywood can’t write that great storyline.”

Amber frowned. “I’m flattered that my fairy tale was original. Now, there’s proof of a faceless motorcycle dude.”

Mink smiled. “The FBI agency is interviewing people that are located at all the vendor businesses, going up and down the city street of the church now and around Dee Dee’s Hamburgers. This means, he is still alive and around those parts or he lives somewhere around here.”

Amber shook her curls. “I don’t think so. I grew up in this neighborhood as a child. I would remember someone like him riding a motorcycle dressed in leather. No proper parent would allow their children or their teenage near a man like that without calling the mayor the police captain for an investigation.”

“I disagree, Amber. You spent your teenager years in Mountain Stream a lot changes when you’re older like your immediate perception of life. Now, this man is IDed with the locals. He might come looking for you.”

Hawk frowned. “I don’t see how. And I don’t see the why. The FBI has done an exhaustive search on Foster’s and Oscar’s lives, since birth. They were descent guys, not counting the laziness. Taking money to pay for their fun, without working for it, that’s glutton or sloth…”

Cody chewed. “Glutton is eating too much.”

Hawk smiled. “No. Gluttony is a desire to consume more than that which one requires like money. Money is the root of all evil. Gluttony is defined for excessive acting and drinking. The seven deadly sins are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Sloth is wasting time, due to lack of use, concerning a person, place, thing, skill, or ideal to support your existence. Both Oscar and Foster was a pair of sluggard lazy males…”

“Agreed.” Rob turned and stared at Hawk. “We are moving on to the business at hand, protecting Amber and catching the bad guy. The FBI interviews have been completed for the nice guys, the nice girls, and the nice governmental officials, including the church leaders, any political opponents of Governor Ashmore, corporate heads, and most of the public at large. There had been no death threats, death notes, death emails, and death phone calls. There had been no claims of acknowledgment of any a-political or b-political organizations. I find this all normal.”

Hawk frowned. “I find this all odd. We are back to square one. Amber, do you have an opinion?”

Amber chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “No.”

Tate smiled. “How are you feeling?”

Amber frowned. “Stupid.”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food with a smile “Don’t be sad. Be sadder, saddee, saddest…”

Mink reached over with a sour frown and slapped Cody on the bicep. “Hush, Cody.”



1:04 pm

House setting of Pilkerton Family

Private bedroom window setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



He heard the mobile telephone ring and then the connection with a smile into the speaker. “Sheba.”

He paused and listened to Sheba on the other end of the mobile telephone connection.

“Glad to hear my voice? Did you like your new mobile telephone with the cool expensive earphones? I stole it for my fun last night and then snuck into your apartment for a quick Santa Clause delivery. Nothing stomps a police investigation quicker than some stolen expensive merchandise from a neighbor on the other side of Ironside,” the bald male laughed. “And I hoped you got Foster’s top management position by now. I know you can’t talk being part of the three thousand plus crying and sobbing folks, attending the Ashmore funerals. I’ll here at the house on Groovy Street, calling on the landline…”


“Grossy Street, that is correct. I like my pronunciation better, dear. The Pilkertons were very nice and pleasant to me, allowing me to occupy one of the bedrooms for my spying gig, after I loaded their bodies into the food freezer. Ya gotta love southern people and the big deep wide food freezers for packaged meats and homemade ice cream,” he sniggered. “Since, you can’t even grunt loud enough for me to hear you, I will keep talking. I didn’t call for being social either. I located at the street corner view of the house, right behind Amber’s backyard. The US Marshals are outside on the patio deck, cooking hotdogs. It looks like a sweet sixteen party. It’s very strange to me, since I got the television plasma plugged in and watching the live burial, also. I can see Davidson, sitting next to her,” he stared out the window with a pair of binoculars.


He turned and stared at the television screen with a puzzled brow. “I am tattle-tailing to you. This is indeed odd stuff. I can’t see you on the tube. You must be in the very, very back of the crowd for a fast escape. It’s a hot day around ninety-two degrees. Are you sweating bullets or water?” He turned and stared at the house with a smile. “I am watching Amber’s house. The deputies are moving in and out of the house,” he gasped. “She’s here. Amber is here at her house,” he turned and stared at the television screen, narrowing his eyelids at the other Amber Ashmore on the screen.

The other Amber Ashmore wore a black colored floppy hat that hid a face, except for a long red hair over the black colored jacket.

The bald man exhaled with confusion and turned, staring out the window at the rear outside patio of Amber’s house. “Wait a minute! Amber is here, but I can see her plain as day there at the funeral too. She is actually flirting using her hands, fingers, and hair with one of the FBI agents. This is really weird, Sheba. That is her, the long auburn hair, the long tanned legs, the slender body,” he turned and stared at the television screen with a puzzled brow. “That girl is a fake, probably to lure our gunman out into the open. You’re brilliant, Sheba. I give you all the credit, babe. Gus will shoot the bullet and then it’ll fun to watch the panic from both home fronts,” he laughed and stared at the patio. “Hey! The deputy doggies here just hurried into the house. I guess they wanna see the fireworks too. Gotta go, honey! Call me when you got at a safe distance.”



1:12 pm

Home location of Amber Ashmore

Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



“Guys?” Rob stood inside the open archway with a stern face. Cody stood over the grill and cooked the food. “Gallop in here right now. Hurry, hurry up,” he swung around and moved back into the cool air conditioned living room.

Cody, Tate, and Hawk swept back inside the house and sat inside assorted living room pieces with Rob, Mink, and Amber, watching the program transmission on the new big plasma television, blaring with loud noise.

Amber frowned. “This the funeral services for my family.”

Tate frowned at plasma screen. “I thought that the bodies were going to be cremated per the Last Will and Testimony.”

Amber exhaled. “Davidson wanted caskets, not ashes per his request. I gave him a check for all the coffins and flowers.”

Cody stood upright and pointed at the plasma. “What’s that?”

Tate stood upright ant pointed at the plasma. “Who is that?”

Hawk studied the plasma and then Amber, who sat beside him on the sofa. He turned and looked at the screen and then Amber for a second time, noting her pair of long tanned legs and her long auburn hair. He turned and studied the female, who sat in the chair next to Davidson at the funeral with a pair of long tanned legs and a set of long auburn hair underneath a floppy hat also. “Her face is hidden underneath her black hat. Amber?” Hawk stood upright and pointed to the television plasma. “Stand up, Amber!” Amber stood upright from the sofa in silence. Hawk turned and studied the features of Amber with a puzzled brow. “I see a pair of long tanned legs coming from underneath her dress and a strand of long auburn hair coming from underneath her hat like Amber Ashmore. But Amber is standing right here with us.”

Tate turned and frowned to Rob. “What’s Davidson doing at the funeral?”

Rob stood upright and shook a skull, moving ahead and stopped, standing in front of the telephone landline on top of the bar counter. He lifted the receiver and dialed the familiar telephone number, waiting for the connection with a smile. “Belfort.”

He paused and listened to Belfort on the other end of the telephone connection.

He turned and smiled at the television plasma. “Yes, we are all viewing the Ashmore funeral now on the television plasma.”


“You need to get your boys and girls over there to that girl in the black colored floppy hat with a set of long auburn hair.”


“That girl is not Amber Ashmore.”


Rob laughed with a nod. “You’ve been had, man. The real Amber Ashmore is with us and sitting inside her house under our great deputy protection, not your dupery guarding,” smiling.


“Yes sir. That fake Amber girl is in danger from someone. And arrest Davidson for something…”


Rob laughed with a nod. “No harm is done, Belfort. The girl is pretending to be Amber, which she is not…”

A loud bang echoed out from the television plasma.

Rob gasped. “A gun shot, a single bullet just came from the outer limits of the graveyard, near the woodlands. Get him and her away! Out Rob!” He disconnected from Belfort and slammed the telephone onto the landline, dashing to stand in a row with Tate, Mink, Cody, Hawk, and Amber around the plasma, watching the chaos grow worse.

Cody cut off the audio volume of the television, watching the action in silence.

People run overturning the metal chairs, knocking down all flower stands, huddling around the children from fear and fright. People hit other folks while hustling out of range of the single gunman. The television screen became covered with the uniforms and rifles of the Alabama National Guardsmen, huddling protectively around Congressman Davidson, the fake Amber, the wife of Davidson, and other Ashmore children.

The FBI agents wore a jacket with the words written on a back spine to identify FBI. They run across the graveyard with a gun near a nose profile, searching for the single gunman.

The security team for the governor huddled around the current Governor Holland, blocking his view from the television camera.

The television camera swung to the right and then to the left, following around the scattered groups of FBI agents, who were probing and poking between the trees limbs and the low plant bushes in the direction of the shooting bullet. Then, the agents found the solo male.

The male was hauled upright by an arm out of the shade woodlands and then placed in a sitting pose onto the manicured lawn of the cemetery. The high powered camera lens record the live action capture of the gunman, without the audio volume of the television screen.

Rob raised a fist with a smile. “Belfort got him.”

Hawk frowned with worry. “I hope so.”

Cody turned and frowned at Hawk. “You don’t seem certain, Hawk.”

Hawk stared at plasma screen. “I want a verbal confession and a matching weapon. He looks old and could be another nut job in the making for fame and fortune. Can we sit in on the interrogation?”

Rob back stepped from the row of standing people with a smile and spun around, moving back to the landline telephone. “Amber does. After they book and print him, we’ll all travel down to the FBI security jail cells. The place is located downtown. You’ll be safe, Amber. I’m making the arrangements now. The sooner this is done, the sooner we leave Amber’s house with the murderer caught and captured.”

Hawk leaned over and hugged Amber with a smile. “Everyone will be okay. Then, we can have some fun go fishing and roll skating, maybe have a new adventure or two.” She nodded with a smile.



1:37 pm

House setting of Pilkerton Family

Private bedroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



He stood in front of the glass window, staring at the empty patio of Amber’s house, saying with a puzzled brow on the telephone landline. “Sheba, can you talk?”


He chuckled. “Ah. You are inside the car, a good safe place for both thunderstorm lightning strikes and stray flying bullets.”


“It is a ‘no go’ on your idea, but I got a better one.”


“Mr. Pilkerton likes his gun collection, a lot consisting of an array of various shotguns, hand pistols with fresh unopened boxes of ammo. Based on the numerous hanging picture frames, inside his man-cave den, he hunts both bucks and does in the deep southern Alabama woodlands.”


“A ‘no go’ on your solo thought, too. I don’t think you should try calling Amber and requesting the money. It’s obvious this was a fake play and the US Marshals won the game, today.”


“I agree. Amber is scared, but she ain’t running. As long as, the deputies have the home field advantage Amber’s going nowhere.”


“Thank you. I’m smart like you. My plan will evacuate all the deputy doggies onto higher ground for us, so to speak. I need you at the Interstate 20 and Interstate 59 junction which is off exit 261, park inside the lumber business parking lot, near the roadway. Get out of the car and watch for three black painted and dark window tinted US Federal Government issued four-door vehicles. You can’t miss them, since you watch television like me. The three vehicles will head west on I-20 and then split into three separate pathways at the interchange junction of I-65 and I-20, trying to confuse or defuse us. One will go north on Interstate 65. The second one will go south on Interstate 65. The third one will go west, continuing on I-20. Stand by on the cell! I’m parking my truck on the opposite street corner away from Amber’s house, spying on which vehicle she enters. I can pace them from there.”


“I’m going to mount and tilt the shotgun aiming at the roof tiles of Amber’s house with one good noisy blast. Amber will hide under the bed, until she’s dragged out by a ponytail and then stuffed inside one of the three governmental vehicles. The deputy doggies will be implementing an emergency plan to run their scared eye witness to the next safe house.”


“This is country Alabama, not New York City. They won’t come into the metro city with all the great open spaces of farmland around the outskirts of Birmingham, hiding out there within the open plain and in plain sight of me…”


“I don’t know which farm they house their eye witnesses for safekeeping. Once I find the rural hideout, we can get the girl and then the money. And I can rid the world of some rabid deputy doggies. I’ll contact you, after I find the farm. Chow!” He dropped the receiver down from a gloved hand onto the telephone with a smile.



1:47 pm

Home location of Amber

Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Rob nodded with a stern face on the telephone landline with the FBI agent.

The others watched the television as the FBI vehicle escorted the gunman towards vehicle which will go to the downtown office for questioning.

Rob said on the phone, covering the receiver with a hand. “Our FBI contact says the male is named Gus Brewster, a homeless, penniless alcoholic…”

Cody hooked up the US Marshal electronic connection into the FBI satellite, following the procession of the FBI vehicles, looking at set of blue colored dots on the television plasma. The electronic connection provided audio processing the gunman arrest and incarnation, not showing his nose profile.

Rob said on the phone, covering the receiver with a hand. “The FBI is grueling and grilling Mr. Gus Brewster. The male does not seem to mentally understand what he had done, why he was in the woods, where he was at, how his gun misfired. Belfort and all the FBI agents are frustrated with the lack of evidence and now the lack of knowledge of the wedding killing spree and a mysterious drunkard, who wandered into the woodlands, right at the time of the funerals. I do…”

A loud sound cracked across the rooftop of Amber’s house. Some of the roof tiles exploded with a set of loud booms. Each face dropped down and landed over the tile floor without blood.

Hawk leaned over and landed on top of Amber for protection, drawing out his hand gun above her skull. Amber sobbed with tears of fears.

Rob sat back on both kneecaps and turned, staring out at the windows. There wasn’t any broken glass. He ordered. “The single shot hit the roof tile and then exploded. I don’t hear any more gun fire. Stay down, Amber!”

Hawk whispered with a stern face into her ear. “Don’t move. I’m right here.” She shivered from fear.

Mink continued to rest over the floor with a stern face. “Gus isn’t the shooter from the church.”

Rob leaned over and grabbed the pair of binoculars from his gear pack, surveying the lawns, the trees, and the windows of the houses, which was located behind her house. He gasped. “I see it. There is one open rear window on a house which is at a diagonal corner from us. I don’t see a shooter. I don’t see a gun. Wait! I see a shadow. Stay put! I’m calling the FBI to investigate that house. Tate, call up the cars for a parade route from Ironside towards our hideout.”

Tate turned and crawled into the kitchen for safety, pulling out a mobile telephone, making the telephone call.

Rob exhaled with worry, “Mink, go and get a bag of clothes for Amber. Amber, we’re moving you to a safer locate out of Ironside and Birmingham. Hawk, stay and cover Amber until all the vehicles arrive. Cody, follow me into the kitchen and away from the glass windows.” Rob turned and grabbed this gear pack, crawling over the tile floor and into the kitchen, standing upright, moving towards the breakfast table. He pulled out the chair and sat down with a sigh of excitement, pulling out the laptop from the pack, lifting the lid, typing on the keyboard with a stern face.

Tate spun around with a stern face and moved ahead, sliding down into a chair in front of the Rob. “The cars are on the way in about ten more minutes.”

Cody crawled through the archway and stood upright with a loud whistle, moving ahead and sat down in a chair next to Rob around the breakfast table in silence.

Rob typed with a nod. “Good work, Tate. There will be three cars. There are six of us. Two people go into each car. Mink and me. Cody and Amber. Tate and Hawk.” Hawk and Amber crawled over the tile floor and slowly stood upright, moving ahead towards the breakfast table, stopping and staring at the Rob with a stern face in silence.

Tate turned and frowned at Cody. “I don’t think Cody should be the escort of Amber. He’s only a child.”

Rob stopped the key strokes and spun the laptop around for all eyeballs. “We are 5.7 miles from the I-20 and I-65 interchange junction. The expressway goes in four different directions of north, south, west, and east. We come from the east. Therefore, the real shooter will figure that Amber will not be heading back east for any logical reason, while escaping her prison. Mink and me will go south on I-65 into downtown Birmingham. Tate and Hawk will go north on I-65 towards Gardenville. Cody and Amber will continue west down I-20. Then, Cody will car race his black tinted bullet protected vehicle, exiting off number 124 from the I-20, hop onto Highway 78, going south, and then exit off and get back onto the I-20 heading east. The shooter will miss your brilliant car race performance. He is not driving a motorcycle either, probably a sports car or a pickup truck. The shooter will have to travel down three miles, before turning around and getting back onto I-20.

“Tate, you and Hawk go and get off at exit 259 on I-65. You get right back onto the I-65 driving south then veer onto I-20, heading east at the exchange. Cody will fly pass you, so just wait for the shooter to catch up. When he stalls a couple of yards behind your car, you and Hawk exit into downtown Birmingham. Then, you drive along the one-way streets, losing or annoying the bastard. I don’t care. Cody should have enough time sailing down I-20 and away from the shooter and towards Amber’s house and then Cody goes to the grocery store down the street from her house. I stashed a silver sports car for you and Amber,” he slid over the wood surface a pair of car keys with a smile. “Cody will drive to Hawk’s farm and hide Amber inside the cottage, our new secret hideaway. The sports car has a locator bot which has been programmed, just start driving toward the cottage. No one knows the correct geographical directions but Hawk and the locator bot. We’ll follow Hawk there later tonight, after we take the shooter and his friends for a joy ride around the confusing one-way streets in downtown Birmingham,” Rob stood upright from the chair with the other deputies and leaned over, fist-bumping with a nod a chuckle to each co-worker.

The mobile telephone rang with a Christmas song. Tate looked down with a smile to see the new text on his mobile telephone. “The caravan is here.”

Mink crawled over the tile with a small bag and stood upright inside the archway with a stern face and a nod. “She’s packed.”

Rob pointed to Mink with a smile. “Mink’s with me. Cody, go with Amber. Ya’ll crouch and run into the middle car just like a freaking Hollywood movie. Mink and I will go in the first car with our guns drawn for the dog and pony show…”

“The shooter will kill Amber,” Mink frowned with worry.

Rob back stepped from the table and turned, moving towards the archway with a laugh and a nod. “The shooter plans his attack on the road, a convenience car accident, not remembering his youthful days of illegal car racing. We got us a teen-ass racer that likes speed and more speed. Right, Cody?”

Cody back stepped from the table and spun around in a completed circle, lifting both arms into the air with a hoot and a smile, stopping with a wink. “Speed and more speed…”

Rob moved ahead and reached over, slapping the collar bone of Cody with a laugh, “Enough, Cody! Don’t get seasick before your grand automobile performance,” he smiled and led all the deputies into the living room, exiting the house and into each vehicle for the ride to the new hideout.



10:08 pm

Warm temperatures with bright stars of nighttime

City of Morrison within the US State of Alabama

(23 miles north of Birmingham)

Cottage location on Hawkins Farms

Living room setting of Cody and Amber

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The cottage was square shaped with an even flat porch and a set of two separate windows in-between a single door. Amber continued to stare out the window, sobbing with tears. “I hear the assassin. Go and protect me, Cody!”

“Naw,” Cody closed his eyelids and wiggled an ass down into a comfortable pose on top of the lumpy sofa. Amber and Cody were positioned in a set of living room furniture flush against the forward wall which was opposite from the wall with the single door and a set of windows.

Amber was folded in the wall corner inside the ugly loveseat with the blanket over her, staring out with sobs and tears into the darkness. “I hear the assassin. Go and protect me, Cody.”


“I hear the assassin. Go and protect me, Cody.”

“Fine,” Cody exhaled with a puff of annoyance and scooted off the sofa, standing upright to face the front door, moving ahead and stopped, leaning into the metal door, listening to the wildness sounds with a stern face. “Crickets sing with the rear of their hairy legs…”

She continued to stare through the window into the darkness with sobs and tears of fright. “I hear the assassin. He’s outside. I hear his footballs of his boots. Go and protect me, Cody. Where’s Hawk? Where’s Rob? Where’s your killing weapon to protect me?”

Cody continued to lean into the metal door with a stern face, hearing the wildlife sounds. “Bull frogs croak a love song to their ladies plus the crickets sing with the rear of their hairy legs…”

She continued to wipe off the tears of fear. “I hear the assassin. Go and protect me, Cody.”

“Fuck! You know if the assassin comes inside here, I can’t protect your a…”

“I hear the assassin. Go and protect me, Cody.”

Cody stood upright and reached down, slamming open the door. He moved ahead and stood a few inches from the archway as the door slammed into his ass. He parked both boot toes on top of the front porch, closing both eyelids. His eardrums heard the sounds of the wildlife around the surrounding woodland and fields, including crickets, bull frogs, birds, squirrels, owls, cats, dogs, and coyotes. He back stepped into the door as the door slammed into the wall with a loud thud. He entered backward inside the single room of the cottage, spinning around to face her with a sour frown. Amber continued to fold inside the loveseat with a set of blue jay birds that were flying over the tan fabric of the living room furniture. He exhaled with a huff of frustration. “Coyotes kills does, the female deer girls. A deer squeaks like a baby piglet when viciously eaten. Snakes eat mice in silence but cows moo. Horses neigh. Dogs bark. Cats meow. Birds chirp and E..I..E..I. Go to bed, Miss Ashmore!” He exhaled with a huff of frustration.

She sneered and stared into the darkness through the front window. “You’re a bastard, Deputy Cody.”

He moved ahead towards the sofa with a smile and a chuckle. “O. You learned that solo concept in first grade at Ironside elementary school along with the sounds of the farm animals, too. E..I..E..I. Ho, ho, ho. And I win again.” Cody slid down with a snigger and dumped down onto the lumpy soft fabric, flinging a body onto the clean fabric on a back spine, closing both eyelids with a smirk.

She gasped with fear and pointed at the window of darkness. “Cody, I see a set of headlights from a car coming towards the cottage through the window.”

“Shit!” He scooted upright and drew out the hand gun near a nose profile with a sneer. “Get up and go hide back into the far storage room. I’m slipping out the rear door, sneaking up on the guy. Go hide. Don’t worry, Amber. You’re safe and secure here with me,” he heard. Amber slid off the chair with sobs and ran down the empty hallway on a pair of bare feet, slamming the door shut.

He stood in place and narrowed both eyelids at the shiny set of bright whitish colored car lights and then car lights disappeared from his eye view. He sweated with a set of swear words and spun around, dashing ahead down an empty semi-dark hallway, cutting the eyeballs side to side, advancing towards a rear door. He passed a clean kitchen on the right, a den room on the right, a bathroom room on the right, and then a closed door, stopping in front of the metal. He reached and almost touched the door knob, recalling another room on the right, since the tiny cottage possessed one bedroom, one bathroom, and one bitch. He exhaled with a huff of worry and touched, rattling the door knob. Locked.

The locked rear door led out into the back yard of the small cottage.

A few hours ago, both Amber and Cody had arrived at dusk, not getting a good eye search of the surrounding crop and pasture fields, but Hawk had stressed that the farm cottage was safe with the new hideout.

“Shit!” Cody whispered with worry and turned, dashing around the circular hallway, seeing no other door knobs, door archways, or another rear back door exits and arrived back inside the rectangular living room that was painted in beige tone. He stopped and scratched the facial scruff, looking down with a worried brow at the empty hallway, “Double shit here! The hallway is a rounded square like a maze to nowhere,” he swung around to face the single front door which was the only entrance and exit point of the cottage with a confused brow and a whisper. “Triple crap here! The frontal attack it is, boy.”

Cody looked down and slapped the lever, double-checking the magazine, locking it back in place of the hand gun, lifting the weapon near a sneer, reaching out and grabbed the door knob. He eased the door open and cautiously scanned the front lawn without a flood light, feeling nervous but calmly found no visual sign of heated set of car headlights or sounds of a moving vehicle. He side stepped from the side of the front door and scooted around the wall of the front porch, standing upright and hid beside one of two tall columns, scouting miles of dark fields with white cotton bolls, seeing nothing.

Cody exhaled with worry and swiftly spun around on top of the concrete porch, staring at the side yard to see shadows of the tall trees, the short plant bushes and the side of the cottage. He back stepped with a gasp from the column, “The cottage has four solid built concrete walls without a side window.”

The front porch of the farm cottage was decorated with two columns on each side, holding up the tin roof and tall bricks of red clay. The outside cottage wooden trimming was painted in stark white color like a homestead for a newly married couple. There was a single door and a single window, creating a D-shaped layout. The living room, the kitchen, the first bedroom, the single bathroom, all the room are curved and curled around like the letter D with a single narrow hallway that circled around the floor. He whispered, “Weird ass.”

Cody heard a new sound, not related to the native wildlife, coming from a right and dropped down, falling down to the dirt, squatting near the front porch. He crouched down on bent kneecaps, crawling low underneath the tree limbs of pine, oak, and maple trees to name a few of the native tree trunks in Alabama, listening to the odd sound.

The direction of the snap of the twin quickly changed heading west away from the cottage, moving towards the main ranch house of the Hawkins farm.

Cody closed both eyelids and concentrated on the soft sounds. His nostrils smelled the pine from the trees and absorbed the songs of Mother Nature, singing in piccolo, flute, bass, and baritone musical notes when a very distinct tenor echoed among the trees, his human prey.

He blinked open both eyelids and adjusted to night time of black shadows and puddles of yellow moon light that fluttering danced through the tree branches and as he lost himself in the cool fresh inviting woodland of nature.

Mother Nature was not prejudice or picky. She did not accept the US dollars for a cunning blackmail job or a vicious revenge plot against her native wildlife animals. Animal survival was based on the combination of the single fittest creature brain, brawn, and brass within the clan or the herd or the pack or the flock, thus the weak always eaten by the strong. Then, the stronger creatures lived and procreated the life cycle with another generation of stronger creatures. Then, the cycle continued as the sun rose and then sun set, ending the day.

Almighty God’s creatures, who possessed none to one brain, fucked up an individual biological chemical with a set of jumbled murderous emotions and a damn Free Will thing, will do the stupidest things to God’s other creatures which are known as humans.

Cody exhaled with a huff of worry and scouted the darkness, hearing a soft snap of a single twig. The assassin had changed the foot path, moving closer to Cody. Cody held a breathe and folded a body, scooting ahead with a stern face with the gun through the wet leaves, stopping and hid behind a fat tree, closing both eyelids and listened with both eardrums. Each soft snap of a single twig shifted away from Cody and advanced back towards the cottage and then the snap sound shuffled away from the cottage.

Cody spun around from the fat tree and crouched down at both kneecaps, slowly moving back towards the front porch of the cottage, slowly strolling over the flat porch and stopped. He knelt down below the front window and slowly rose up a skull to eye level, peeking through the glass window with a soft gasp, dropping the hand gun near a kneecap.

Inside the single living room, Rob stood upright inside the empty hallway, pointing at the wall with a yell and a sour frown. “Cody? Where is Cody? Where is that boy? Find that kid, now!”

Tate shook a skull and reached over, wrapping an arm around his elderly mama, leaning down with a smile and a whisper into the face of his elderly daddy. More of his family members surrounded Tate inside a tight huddle.

Amber stood upright in the middle of a huddle of Mink, her two adult daughters, her elderly mother plus her biological sister and three young children.

Hawk stood upright inside a huddle of his elderly parents plus his biological brother, sister-in-law with four children.

Looking really weird ass, Amber wore a stupid crown that came from Miss Starlit Pageant on top of her red colored hair roots looking like an American princess. The deep blue sapphire gem stone twinkled underneath the artificial lights inside the half-moon shaped crown.

Cody had remembered seeing the same silver rhinestone crown which sparkled on top of Amber’s skull displayed the other priceless antiques through the glass pane of built-in cabinet inside the dining room during the Ashmore murder investigation ta Amber’s house. Then, the next day, the silver rhinestone crown had disappeared from the cabinet shelf when Cody took a turn to survey the interior and exterior of Amber’s house as a new deputy-in-training.

Now, the same crown had reappeared here inside the cottage on the Hawkins farm on top of Amber’s red colored hair roots, looking pretty but weird ass.

Rob strutted around and around each huddle of families with a sour frown and a yell, tossing both arms without a hand gun, “I want someone to find Cody, right now. Where is…”

Cody heard a new set of faint voices that came around the outside of the cottage near the rear, sliding down from the window glass, dropping down over the concrete porch and scooted away from the porch. He stood upright on both kneecaps and crouched down, dashing further backward from the front porch and the manicured the lawn into the darkness, hitting a ground of loose gravel and then hard cold metal.

The metal tractor stood inside the gravel driveway in the butthole path of Cody.

His body dropped down and fell over the cool gravel, rolling sideways and stopped underneath the high underbelly of the farm tractor, watching the activity through the open window inside the small cottage and the open front porch for a set of new strangers.

A group of dark shadows stood upright in the manicured grass, whispering to each other, back stepping from the cottage and spun around, walking back into the darkness.

Cody frowned with puzzlement at the moving dark shadows and surveyed the cottage, narrowing both eyelids, searching for the dark shadows and lifted a body up from the gravel.

Someone hit him with a tire iron.

Well, it felt like a tire iron. Part of the underbelly axle frame from the tractor belly fell down onto both back of both his legs, knocking a set of black bruises and red open cuts on a face and both naked arms, coming from tons of little tiny rough sharp gravel pebbles over his body. He tried to shuffle both legs in the air with a grunt and freed a left leg upright, kicking at the rear metal axle with a boot heel. Then, the solid engine of the old farm tractor dropped down in front of Cody. The loud bomb explosion inside the cottage blinded both eyelids and deafened both eardrums.

He fell back down onto the ground of loose sharp pebbles, covering a face with both bloody arms with a frightened pant, coming from the bright light and colorful fiery fire, feeling the heat around the engine hood with a sigh. He removed both arms and tried to stand but could not with the heavy axle metal part on top of one leg and back of a back spine. He strained with faint pants then loud grunts, hearing a set of faint sirens of the numerous emergency vehicles, finally falling back down into the sharp tiny pebbles in total exhaustion, seeing the fiery flames on the sides of the burning cottage.

The heated flame was pretty and deadly that had killing everyone inside.

No man, woman, or child could have probably survived inside the interior of the cottage. Each human body would be only parts of red blood, white bone fragments, and pink organ tissues that had been glued and stuck to each four walls of concrete.

He grunted with sobs of sadness and rested directly underneath the underbelly of the farm tractor, trying to roll sideway free of the axle metal when the engine hood cracked and broke apart from the heat and dropped down, bending at a folded angle, pressing the metal frame down over the entrapped teen body. His skull slightly tapped upward into the lowered hard metal.

Then, Cody passed out into darkness.



Dirt road location

Interior stationary vehicle setting

Warm temperatures with starry night sky



The male was tall with a tone of dark tinted skin, a head of brown colored hair and clean shaven, a brown colored shirt with a pair of new blue jeans, and a pair of polished cowboy boots. He stood upright beside the open door of the sports car, hearing a faint set of emergency sirens in the far distance. He slid down with a sneer into the seat next to a second male, who sat inside the passenger seat.

The second male turned and stared at the nose profile of the passenger. “Brone, your theory sucked on a carton of rotten eggs. The girl has died. So, you finally cooked the goose.”

Brone possessed was a tall male with a head of cropped brown colored hair, a face of brown colored beard, and a tone of dark tinted skin, wearing a smile and watched through the pair of binoculars in the distance. The cottage burned in tall colored flames that came through the safety of the bullet proof wind shield and side windows of the specifically designed sports car.

The bomb explosion had killed all of the occupants inside the tiny cottage. The spreading tall plumes of fire will burn the surrounding fields, the crops, the barns, the animals, and finally the ranch house, where the other bodies were dead on the floor.

Brone sneered through the pair of binoculars. “No. The goose is alive, not cooked.”




Thirteen weeks later



Thursday August 5th



8:03 am

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

City of Huntsville within the US State of Alabama

(97 miles north from Morrison)

Von Brown Center building location

Conference room number one setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Cody was a tall and athletic seventeen year old teenager with a head of cropped blonde hair, a chin of black facial whiskers and a pair of aqua irises. He had survived the bomb explosion on the Hawkins farm and was fresh out of the psychiatrist chair, a requirement of the US Marshal Office for any type of deadly dangerous disaster. He felt both happy and sad but ready to press on with his new assignment and his new supervisor in the new metro city of Huntsville.

Huntsville was the second largest city in the state of Alabama with a population of over 600,000. The area was famous for the Apollo spaceship design and development during the 1970s and the current war-killing missile design of present day. The city was located in the northern portion of Alabama with rolling hills, deep green valleys, and a flowing fresh water river. The fresh water river ran from east to west, covering the entire state within numerous counties. Huntsville also produced bales of white colored cotton bolls and black colored computer chips, a vital part of Alabama’s thriving finances within a US tanked economy.

He didn’t drive his personal pickup truck to arrive in Huntsville. He flew on an airplane from Birmingham and then lounged inside a limousine with a set of new wardrobe. He kept his old pair of polished cowboy boots thou for the new top secret mission.

Cody pressed down the golden colored US military uniform jacket and moved ahead through the open archway, stopping and stood inside the room.

The room was a square classroom style with a set of four dull white walls without a viewing window of trees and grass and sky. There was a teacher desk without a chair, a book, or a teacher. There were four metal chairs in front of a small writing table without a pull-out cabinet drawer. Four males were present inside the room and wore a different colored US military uniform too.

He moved ahead with a silly hand and a smile towards the lonely empty metal chair and writing desk. “Hey, ya’ll! I’m Cody.”

The solider was a tall and athletic male with a chin of red colored facial whiskers, a head of cropped brown hair, a pair of topaz eyes, and a tone of pale tinted skin. He slapped a chest with a grin, sitting behind the writing desk. “I’m Air Force named Fucner, Rector Fucner…”

The male inside the wheelchair in the rear of the room laughed with a smile. “Fuck, is that really your name, son?”

“Fucner, Rector Fucner,” he spun around with a chuckle and a smile inside the chair to see the solider in the wheelchair. “Yeah, that’s really my real name.”

The solider extended a hand with a smile and a nod. “Fuck! I wanna shake your hand, son. Your daddy must’ve loved the shit of you, boy, naming you so grand and fine of a fucking legend of sexual maleness.”

Fucner stood upright from the metal chair with a grin and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of the wheelchair, extending a hand shake with a nod to the soldier. “Thank you kindly! Who are you, sir? When I marry and have a baby girl, I’m going to name her, Fucque Fucner,” he laughed with the other soldiers.

The solider inside the wheelchair had a blond ponytail, a chin of blonde facial whiskers, a pair of brown eyes and a tone of pale tinted skin, shaking a hand with a laugh, “Activate Coast Guard, the lover of females, O’Hanlon Kirkwood at her service,” he winked. “O’honey. O’honey,” he chuckled with the other soldiers inside the room.

Cody sat down and spun around with a smile inside the hard chair to see the new set of co-workers with a smile and a nod in silence.

Fucner back stepped from Kirkwood and spun around, moving ahead towards the chair and stopped, standing behind a hairy rear of the skull of the young male. He reached down and slapped the collar bone of the young male inside the chair. They both faced the front of the room. Fucner smiled, “And, you are, young sir?”

The person was a short and skinny male with a head of brown colored hair, a face of clean shaven, a pair of brown colored eyes, and a tone of pale tinted skin. He cleared a throat and said to the front of the wall. “I represent the Marine Core. I am Alvin Rupert Zorach. I am eighteen years old from the great State of Mississippi. I am the son of billionaire cattle rancher. I currently serve as a lowly private for the US military for the public relations division. My internal ambition is to become the governor of Mississippi. I am starting my profession career off with a bang, too. I co-saved a team of Navy Seals trapped in a valley in Afghan…”

Fucner back stepped from the young male with a laugh and sat down inside his assigned chair with a puzzled brow at the rear skull of Alvin. “Co-saved? Is that fucking kin to words, such like, co-author, co-star, coaster…?”

Kirkwood laughed with a nod. “Co-saved, is that a fucking American word, son?”

Cody laughed with a nod. “Co-saved, is that an officially fucking military action verb, solider?”

Fucner laughed. “So, that makes Alvin a co-hero, right? Right!”

Kirkwood frowned. “You co-saved a team of Navy Seals. How tall are you, teen-boy?”

Alvin stood upright from the chair with a smile and spun around to face the other soldiers with a nod. “I am five feet and three inches…”

Fucner stood upright from the chair and slapped the chest, showing off his height compared to the short male. “He’s co-tall, as well, as co-hero, when he co-saved the seven feet ‘nastier than Texas rattlers’ Navy Seals.” He laughed with the other soldiers and turned, pointing at the quiet solider. “Who are you, sir?”

The tall and slender male with a head of blonde colored hair, a face of blonde facial whiskers, a tone of pale tinted skin, and pair of green eyes turned with a stern face to see Fucner, “Islander.”

Fucner nodded with a smile. “Excellent! So someone tell me why are we all present here in Huntsville, Alabama today?”



8:31 am

City of Alburville

(four miles east from Birmingham)

Unknown resident home

Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The mother was a tall and pretty female with a head of short black hair, a pair of blue eyeballs, and a tone of pale skin. She entered the house from the outdoors into the living room and waved the letter envelope near a smile, stopping and stood beside the nose profile of her daughter at the dining room table. “It’s here. It came. I am so excited. Here it is.”

The daughter was a tall and pretty teenager with a slender body, a head of long black colored hair, a pair of green eyeballs, and a tone of pale tinted skin. She chewed and swallowed the food at the table, looking down to see the new text on her mobile telephone. “What’s here?”

“This envelope contains your personal invitation letter into the Miss Starlit pageant. Registration…”

The daughter continued to type a text on her mobile telephone with a sour frown at the tiny screen. “Mom, you said that I didn’t have to do those anymore. And I said that I didn’t want to do those anymore.”

Her mother ripped and opened the envelope with a smile, looking at the letter. “One more, this one is the big granddaddy long legs spider of the spider family. Did you that they are the biggest bug in the world?”

The daughter read the new text with a smile on the mobile phone. “A wolf spider living in the dense and cool woodlands of Mississippi can wrestle, toss, and blood suck a mature Chihuahua, Mom. They’re the biggest darnest ugliest things in the South. You promised last month was the last beauty pageant for my bones, Mom.”

Her mother smiled and waved the letter. “Darling, just one more pageant, that’s it forever. You’ll have all the money needed for your entire entrance into college from your freshman year until you receive your doctoral in engineering, working for the rest of life on easy street rather than struggling like me and your father paycheck by paycheck and then paying the minimum on the credit cards month by month and not ever getting ahead…”

The daughter exhaled with a sigh and looked up with a smile to see her mother, “Thanks for loving and helping and guiding me to the right stuff, Mom. I really love you.”

Her mother smiled. “Let’s get your there and ready. Registration starts at nine am. Then, the interviews begin at ten am. During the day, there is the dance practice for the musical song. Tomorrow is swimsuit and evening gown competition. The day after tomorrow, is the crowning of you as Miss Starlit of Alabama, darling. I’m so excited,” she spun around with a smile and a hum and moved ahead towards the kitchen, working on the gathering the dress and the items for the pageant.



9:01 am

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

Von Brown Center building

1st floor level location

Conference room number one setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The door opened and revealed a tall male inside the archway.

He was a tall and slender with a face of gray facial whiskers, a head of black-grayish colored hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, leaning into a walking cane and appeared fifty something years old. He slowly limped into the semi-naked room and stared out the forward window, looking at two mature fifty year old tall shade trees. It was the home to a nest of flying mama and daddy red birds. He stopped and stood beside the single office desk with a sour frown and sniffed the air waves, “Smoke?”

Fucner laughed, “Fire.”

Cody nodded with a grin, “Where there is smoke, there is fire?” He chuckled with the other soldiers.

He limped ahead on the walking cane towards the captured audience of new assholes and stopped, standing beside the office desk. He rolled backward the office chair away from table lip without sitting. The chair hit the wall. He stood in place of the rolling chair and placed the arms of paper folders on top of the table surface, scanning each unfamiliar male but a slightly recognized face that came from a personnel dossier where the billionaire host of the Miss Starlit Pageant had provided. He stopped and stared at the asshole with a lighted stinky cigar. The asshole also held a small tumbler of alcohol. He leaned into the table surface and lifted up, pointing the walking cane at the posted green colored sign in the wall corner. “Do you not see the ‘no smoking’ sign that is posted on the walls throughout the facility, solider?”

Cody laughed. “He can’t read.”

“The room smells good to me,” chuckled Fucner.

Cody laughed. “He can’t write either.”

“Looks good to me,” chuckles Fucner.

Skippy frowned with annoyance at the male with the cigar, “Are you on meds, solider?”

O’Hanlon reached up and touched, pulling out the lighted cigar with two fingers, not burning the tender pads with a sour frown. “One, you ain’t my sweet ass grayed haired southern mama. Two, this is my fucking hourly medication for everything. Three, I follow only my own gawd damn commands when I feel like following my own gawd damn commands,” he inserted the cigar back into an open mouth and slammed the lips shut, inhaling a big gulp, exhaling with a big round puff of smoke circles for drama with a grin.

Cody laughed with a nod, “He can’t curse either.”

The male exhaled with a huff of annoyance and leaned onto the walking cane with a fake smile to each solider. “Good morning. I’m leader. I got three questions for you. Who in the hell is gay?” He did not see a visual hand and felt relief for the moment, until the truth tripped over his polished cowboy boot toes. Then, he would kick the asshole off the judge panel. He heard the chuckling and said with a stern face. “When was the last time you got fucked? I am not interested in any dates, hours, or the number of whores?”

Fucner tossed an arm with a smile and a nod “Last night.”

O’Hanlon nodded with a grin, “This morning…”

Cody spun around with a chuckle to see O’Hanlon. “Bullshit, O’honey!”

Islander did not answer the question.

The male nodded with a smile to each soldier. “My third and final question has parts A and B. Part A, tell me something about true yourself? So, I can verify inside my flimsy paper folder eliminating your ass as a serious terrorist. Part B, what proper noun not inappropriate verb do you want me to reference as your name? While I’m commanding you here since I’m the leader.”

Fucner chuckled. “Do you always speak in fucking full twelfth grade Miss Smith’s English literature sentences like the dead and buried ancient William Shakespeare?”

Alvin stood upright from the chair, not very tall, and cleared a throat. “I represent the Marine Core. I am Alvin Rupert Zorach. I am eighteen years old from the great State of Mississippi. I am the son of billionaire cattle rancher. I currently serve as a lowly private for the US military for the public relations division. My internal ambition is to become the governor of Mississippi. I am starting my profession career off with a bang. I co-saved a team of Navy Seals trapped in a valley in Afghan. Thank you, sir,” he continued to stand at attention. The leader nodded with a stern face in silence to Alvin.

O’Hanlon reached down and banged a hand onto the side of the wheelchair, puffing out streams of smoke in circles. “O’Hanlon Kirkwood, Coast Guard disabled with both legs and left arm, smokes cigars and drinks whiskey all the damn time and sweet talks girls into fucking me over and over again. Gemini is my astrological sign that represents the twins doing twin things with my ring of sex slaves. They yell out during sex: O honey, O honey, you’re great,” he chuckled with the other soldiers.

Alvin exhaled with a huff of annoyance. “You are nothing, but an O’hick lick.”

O’Hanlon frowned at the rear skull of Alvin. “My Irish surname is both precious and honored, my ‘ill little turd it’ hick person from Mississippi.”

Cody turned around again and pointed to O’Hanlon with a smile and a nod. “That’s very clever. Illiterate, ill little turd it. I’ll chop it down to “turd it’ for fun if I was you, Mississippian man.”

Alvin stared at the leader with a growl. “I am beginning to sharpen my knife for some kidney pie, O’hick lick?”

O’Hanlon reached down into the trousers and then lifted up into the air a wicked hunting knife with a sneer, twirling the knife in the air. “Man, I never sharpen my weapon when I got the bicep to bisect in one sucker punch into Bambi meat, ill little turd it.”

Fucner chuckled. “I am the hero of the Army, sir. I am Fucner, Rector Fucner. I am a fucking great lover, too, because I love making fucking love to any female that I can find. I have a fucking lover on my right and another fucking lover on my left…”

Cody turned and laughed at Fucner and then looked back at the leader. “Bullshit, Fucner! My addictions are games and beer. I didn’t have sex slaves as an addiction like O’honey. Sex is a hobby, not addiction, man.”

The leader lifted and tapped the cane over the hard surface of the empty office desk for attention with a stern face. “I am Skippy, the brain, the professor, the Rhodes Scholar, the jet fighter pilot, the Tennessee redneck. I am very pleased to meet each of you, especially pleased to learn of O’Hanlon’s addictions, hobbies, and introducing his new job, a Miss Starlit pageant judge.”

O’Hanlon smiled with a nod, “Yeehaw!”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “My rules are as follows. We ditch the military fatigues during the low key beauty competition, wearing a set of proper blue jeans and a cotton shirt without the profanity on the chest. Or I’ll drop your ass on the tile and rip the imported cotton fabrics off your back spine…”

Fucner tossed both hands with a laugh. “Ow! That sounds fucking freaky to me. I’m willing to get it to go. Do fucking me first, Skippy.”

Skippy said with a stern face. “Does every soldier understand my command? Excellent,” grinning.

Cody chuckled. “The cute girls like their country boys with a set of camouflage clothes and a southern deep draw.”

Skippy exhaled. “Your job today is to visually view each contestant as they appear on the television plasma which is behind my ass,” he reached over and pressed the button on the remote control device. A television plasma black tinted screen dropped down from the top of the ceiling and covered the naked white wall. He said. “This is one of many conference rooms inside the conference center which is owned by the city of Huntsville. The center is currently not really used, since the building of the newly finished Von Brown Conference Center. Therefore, we are being housed here to work. We represent the US military during the pageant activities. This is the international portion of the Starlit Pageant, because the owner of the Starlit Pageant moved it from the city of London within the country of England for money purposes…”

“The entire world revolves around money.” Cody nodded with a smile. “But we’re some of the judges here, so we all vote for Miss USA to win the pageant. USA. USA,” he lifted both arms into the air with a smile and a cheer.

Skippy reached over and grabbed, lifting up the stack of thin paper folders with a stern face. “Thanks for your input, Cody. This paper folder contains one sheet of paper with all the countries of the world. There are hundred and six girls. You as the judge will select the top fifteen females that you believe should win Miss Starlit who will be crowned within two days from now. Cody, please hand out the paper and an ink pen.” Cody scooted from the chair and dashed ahead, snatching the folder, looking inside while slowly watching around and passed out each paper and an ink pen in silence. Skippy smiled. “Please, only select the whole number of fifteen, not fourteen, not eighteen, not ten. You can doodle on the back of the paper for your top number of girls and then mark with a big blue letter X for the fifteen females. This is the first stage, interviewing. Tomorrow, the second stage is wiggling their assets in swim suits and evening gowns. The final night on Wednesday is the crowning. We will dress in our US Federal Government issued military uniform sitting behind the first row of judges. This pageant is televised all over the world, so be good on Wednesday evening. The specific ugly reason, we are all housed inside a dark room, inside a darker building is because of a couple of naughty ass soldiers. And it ain’t me or Islander,” he chuckled with the other soldiers.

Fucner stood upright from the chair and spun around, slapping ac hest in with a smile in silence, sitting down with a grin.

Skippy laughed. “The interview process will last for four hours…”

Cody handed the last paper and ink pen to quiet Islander and spun around, moving with a chuckle back to his assigned seat. “That’s only one minute and twenty two seconds of interview time for each,” he slid down into the chair and placed the paper in top of the hard surface twirling the ink pen inside a hand.

Fucner tapped on the paper with a nod and a smile. “Girls gossip and talk faster than a blinking eyelash, Cody. That’s plenty of time to separate the girl from the woman, the innocent from the sexy, the princess from the queen,” he grunted with the other soldiers.

Skippy nodded. “Fucner gave the command. Watch the television screen and select your favorite fifteen…”

O’Hanlon looked down with a sour frown at the empty paper and back up to see the black colored television screen. “How’s we supposed to grade the girls?”

Cody lifted and rattled the empty paper near a smile, staring at the television screen. “I use the Goody to Baddy chart with a high grade of five stars for a quick slick interview response, sweet smile, and proper southern belle manners. No hanging boogers or stained tobacco teeth,” chuckling.

Fucner laughed with a nod at the powered down television screen, “Pretty good method, Cody! I pick Miss USA and the other fourteen biggest tits on the screen…”

Cody looked down with a confused brow at the paper. “I see only the names of the typed printed countries of the world. There ain’t any stats of breast cups on the form, Fucner.”

“Kid, I don’t need numbers when I got eyeballs,” Fucner touched the nose with a laugh.

Cody looked up with a smile to see Skippy. “How many pageants have you judged, Skippy? What is your standard grading method of beauty queens, sir?”

Skippy smiled. “This is my first and only one, Cody. I use the cow grading system as I am a cow farmer in the great State of Tennessee. A grading system is valuable in the cow industry. It’s provides a common language with seeing the steer. There are three frame sizes and three muscle thicknesses,” he chuckled with the other soldiers. “Large, medium, and small are the nine possible combinations which allows me to weed out for ugliness, improper habits, or unkindness. A large frame cow is ugly, tall, and long boned with no fat. A medium frame cow is moderate in height and ugliness. And a small frame cow is short and ugly. As a cow grows tall, its appearance changes like their ears decrease in size in relation to their head for telling the truth. Otherwise, the big ears are untrustworthy. The muzzle becomes wider like the nose, growing long and sharp like a blood-sucking vampire bat. The head becomes longer in relation to its fat ass, bringing out hostile intentions. And the tail increases in length for fibbing with a prominent eye twitch or two. The degree of muscle thickness is directly related to unkindness. A thick muscle is full in arms, back, waist and legs, highly unkindness,” he winked with a chuckle at Cody. “A moderate muscle is narrower in forearm and ass which is an okay unkindness. A small muscle is a dairy cow which is very sweet and kind to all. The end!”

O’Hanlon coughed with a grin. “I give all the girls ten stars. Then I minus a star for one of the following ugly features, if she got a red nose like me and Rudolph the reindeer, I minus one star…”

Cody chuckled. “Your red nose is called rosacea, O’honey. It is caused by a set of red patches on the sensitive skin of the face. Sometime, there might be a set of thick bumps which is a condition called rhinophyma. Rosacea is more common in males than female while genetics play a role, also. You can go and get a doc treatment of burning lasers for the medical condition.”

Fucner turned and frowned at the nose profile of Cody. “Who’s the smartass?”

“Cody Mack, seventeen years old,” Skippy nodded with a grin at the young teen.

O’Hanlon laughed. “If she got a canker sore like me, I minus one star…”

Cody chuckled at the screen. “A canker sore is a small painless ulcer inside the mouth which is called an aphthous ulcer also. They are not caused by a virus, but poor food choices. You should think about changing your diet to more fruits and vegetables, O’honey,” smiling.

O’Hanlon smiled. “If she sweats like me, I minus one star…”

Cody nodded. “Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis which occurs on the palms, the soles of the foot, and underneath your armpits. A doctor can treat you with an aluminum chloride antiperspirants, oral medications, or mild electrical currents.”

“O’honey has had too much mild electrical currents running wild and free through his brain cells already,” Fucner chuckled.

O’Hanlon stuck out a tongue and wiggled it, “If she gots a black tongue…”

“Ugh! Put it away before I vomit up my scrambled eggs.” Fucner turned and winked to Cody.

Cody spun around with a chuckle to see Kirkwood. “A black hairy tongue is made of tiny little bumps that grown long on top of your tongue instead of shedding. Then a set of bacteria grows on top of that which creates the black nasty gross color. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, radiation therapy, and medications can create that medical condition. Brush your teeth and tongue, O’honey!” He turned back around and winked to Fucner. Fucner shook a skull with a laugh.

O’Hanlon replaced the cigar into the mouth and huffed, forming a ring of white smoke. “And if she got a pair of coonie eyes, picks her boogers, sticks her finger into the ear, yawns, burps, hiccups or eye twitches, then three stars come off.”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “Thank you for that wonderful creative grading system, O’Hanlon.”

O’Hanlon nodded with a smile. “Welcome, sir.”

The television screen blinked into life. The male host with black hair and pale skin on the television screen smiled into the camera lenses. The screen panned from the announcer to the first female. The female was tall with a tone of dark tinted skin, a head of dark long colored hair, and a pair of big breasts. She sat down in the chair with a smile beside the host “I am Miss Etitrea. I hail from the country of Africa, a waitress. But I am studying pre law…”

O’Hanlon smiled with a nod, looking down to write on the paper, “Ten stars.”

Fucner smiled with a nod. “She is my number two. Since, Miss USA is number one always and forever in my book, heart, lap, and dick…”

“Quiet, soldier,” Skippy back stepped from the table and sat down inside the rolling chair, leaning over the table with the paper, marking down his choice of each girl too with a smile.

The first girl stood upright from the chair and smiled into the camera lenses in silence, turning and moved ahead, disappearing from the television screen. The second female appeared. She was short with a tone of olive tinted skin, a head of dark colored hair, and a pair of small breasts, moving down the runaway and sit next to the host with a smile. “I am Miss Bishkek from the country of China. I attend college on scholarship funding while I study in pre-medicine…”

O’Hanlon smiled. “Ten stars minus two. She sweats like me and got some eye twitches like me, too.”

Fucner smiled. “Not on my naughty list…”

The second girl stood upright from the chair and smiled into the camera lenses in silence, turning and moved ahead, disappearing from the television screen. The third female appeared. She was tall with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of long blonde colored hair and a pair of small breasts, moving down the runaway and sat next to the host with a smile into the camera lenses. “Hello! I am Miss Andorra from the country of France. I am a dancer during the nights and a student of engineering during the days…”

“Adorable darling, number three.” Fucner looked down with a smile and marked the form with the blue ink pen with a chuckle.

Cody turned and frowned at the nose profile of Fucner. “She ain’t got any big pair of tits.”

Fucner turned and wiggled the eyebrows at Cody. “Yes, she’s got a pretty face and a French accent.”

O’Hanlon smiled. “Ten stars, no minuses.”

The third girl stood upright from the chair and smiled into the camera lenses in silence, turning and moved ahead, disappearing from the television screen. The fourth female appeared. She was tall with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of dark colored hair, and a pair of small breasts, moving down the runaway and sat next to the host with a smile into the camera lenses, “I am Miss Holy See…”

“Holy shit! What country is Holy See at on the world map?” Cody frowned at the screen and whipped out his mobile telephone with Fucner and Islander.

O’Hanlon smiled with a nod at the screen and the girl. “Ten stars, no minuses.”

Cody exhaled. “Holy See is a township of the Vatican in Rome, Italy,” he looked up with a puzzled brow at the television screen. “What is she doing here in a beauty contest with these other girls?”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “She is a representative of the Rome, Italy.”

Fucner frowned at the screen and the girl. “She is a representative of the Vatican. I didn’t know the Pope had his own set of girls,” he turned and laughed at the nose profile of Cody.

The fourth girl stood upright from the chair and smiled into the camera lenses in silence, turning and moved ahead, disappearing from the television screen. The fifth female appeared. She was tall with a tone of pale tinted skin, a head of long blonde colored hair and a pair of big breast, moving down the runaway and sat next to the host with a smile into the camera lenses. “I am Miss Liechtenstein from the country of Switzerland. I am a computer nerd that plays the piano.”

O’Hanlon smiled with a nod and looked down looked down to mark the paper, “Ten stars, no minuses.”

Cody turned and frowned at Fucner in silence. Fucner shook a skull with a laugh at the amusing new job.



1:13 pm

Hot temperatures and windy with parted clouds of sun

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



The limousine slowed and stopped in front of the white building. The chauffeur scooted out the seat and opened the rear door for the passenger.

He scooted out from the limousine rear seat and moved ahead to the closed door, standing in front of the set of double doors of glass and looked up to see the flat roof top of the one-story building, scratching an ass inside the military trousers. Cody turned and stared at red colored taillights of the limousine that drove away from the building and then onto the empty roadway. “Shit! This ain’t my luxurious hotel,” he looked down with a puzzled brow and read out loud the piece of wrinkled paper, “211 Clinton Avenue,” he looked up with a puzzled brow and read the address of letters that were nailed into the red bricked building. “211 Clinton Avenue,” he exhaled with a nod. “Okay. I have got the right address, the wrong hotel,” he turned and stared at the empty roadway. The limousine was gone. He turned and stared at he closed door with a stern face. “Okay, Captain Skippy, sir! But I carry concealed and ready to defend my ass, buddy,” he reached out with a sigh and grabbed, twisting the knob of the door.

The door opened.

Cody entered through the archway and read the letter again, stating a new assignment, following the directions. The directions led down a long semi-dark and empty hallway into the conference room number thirteen. He slowly paced down the dull light colored paint that reflected off the dark hallway walls that came from the sunny front doors of glass. The overhead lights held a set of burnt out bulbs which slightly illuminated some light from the dirty ceiling panels.

Cody reached down and gently outlined the hand gun inside the shoulder hostler with a right shooting hand for a fucking surprise attack, not being the assigned luxury hotel with a worried brow and a whisper, “This is really weird-ass funny.” He passed a series of closed doors on each side wall and then saw a single beam of light coming from an open archway.

He stopped and turned, standing inside the archway. The room was rectangular shape. He grinned with a chuckle at the occupants. “Hey, man!”

The room was rectangular shaped without a single viewing window. A round conference table decorated the middle of the room with a set of numerous ugly orange and brown colored padded office chairs. The walls were newly painted stark white that reflected the bright overhead lights.

Cody blinked the eyelids, adjusting to the bright room. “What in the fuck is going on here, Fucner? Islander?”

Fucner sat in a chair at the long conference table, playing on his mobile telephone, smiling down at the latest text from the new hot girl. “Damn! If I know, kid, my limo driver didn’t spit in my face just drove right here then left my ass standing in the wind without a pair of shades.”

Islander sat in a chair also near the end of the table, scanning the room, Fucner and then Cody without speaking. He exhibited the same behavior in the conference room inside the Von Brown Center as a pageant judge.

Skippy came from behind and shoved Cody into the room, moving ahead down the front wall towards the opposite side of the conference table without the walking cane. He stopped and turned, standing in front of Fucner and Islander, placing he walking cane on top of the table with a smile, “Come inside and a have a sit, Cody! Welcome, gentlemen! You are in the right spot, if you’re wondering. The Von Brown Center is a multi-purpose facility which is equipped to accommodate major events from a musical concert to any type of sporting event. There are the south, north, and east exhibition halls, a theater playhouse, a concert hall, and the sporting arena. We are located off site in one of the ancient conference rooms from about 1970s for a very specific purpose. I am a fake like you too. However, I am really named Admiral Skippy Lawson of the US Navy. You are really named Cody Mack, Rector Fucner, and Islander Sloan. Each one of you had served at an agency of the US Federal government on yesterday. Today, you are assigned to me. The purpose will be revealed and very valuable that I promise. Before I state our main objective, I would like you to close your eyes including Fucner.” Fucner closed the eyelids. Skippy said without the closed eyelids and scanned each face with a stern brow. “I would like you to narrate your last mission assignment for each one of your new fellow co-workers in any form or fashion you see appropriately. Yes, I do have a purpose here. Who wants to tell us their demon tail, first?”

Cody cleared a throat with a set of closed eyelids. “I am not a soldier in the Air Force military. I work for the US Marshal Office before showing up here in the northern metro city of Huntsville. The US Marshal Office’s purpose is to guard the judicial representatives. I was guarding the only surviving person of the Ashmore family mass murders within the city of Ironside, when there was an assassination attempt on the guarded person. The guarded person was moved to a safe house. When I heard the snaps of twigs outside the safe house, I decided to hide and then scare the bastard, who was threatening the girl. I was underneath the farm tractor, after hearing the noise outside the safe house which was a small cottage. However, the bastard was a gang of bastards and then the ground shook. Then, the tractor shook over my body and dropped down a series of heavy metal parts over both my legs which trapped me. Then, I saw the small cottage explode into fire and flame. I passed out. The end.”

Skippy said, “Good, Cody.”

Islander exhaled with a huff of sadness. “I work for the FDA office in the metro city of Birmingham. I was on a cold killer case of murdered children. I was at outside the FBI biological center when a bomb took out the entire complex that included my FDA partner and…and others.”

Fucner exhaled with a set of closed eyelids. “I work for the IRS in B’ham too which seems to be a common geographical city here. I was guarding a girl, who had embezzled money from one of the local hospitals. The safe house cabin blew into ashes and cinders, without me. I was outside and inside my truck, getting a damn paper letter, surviving the sizzling heat bomb.”

Skippy nodded. “I work for the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency on assignment to investigate some art thieves in Bama. I was inside a cavern on a river, when the scientific team was killed by a group of terrorists…”

“Terrorists?” Cody opened the eyelids and stared at Skippy.

Fucner opened the eyelids and dropped open a mouth at Skippy, “There are a set of terrorists in Bama.”

Islander opened the eyelids with a gasp to see Skippy. “A terrorist cell is located here in Alabama.”

Skippy sat down with a nod and a stern face to each male. “Yes, I believe so. Do me another favor? I have the answer but I need confirmation from each one of you. What was your last pretty image of your guarded marker right before the explosion?”

Cody turned with a puzzled brow and stared at the wall and then back to Skippy. “Amber was wearing that silly big pretty crown.”

Islander turned and stared at Cody, dropping open a mouth. “Tatiana was wearing her crown, too.”

Fucner turned and stared at Cody and then Skippy. “Yes, I saw a crown too that came from the Miss Starlit…”

“Yes,” Skippy nodded. “I believe that the terrorist cell is targeting the Miss Starlit pageant,” he slammed the stack of paper folders on top of the table surface that came from a hidden briefcase underneath the table. “Over the past ten years, various Miss Starlit winners have died or maybe have been murdered within each participating foreign country as of last week. A foreign country treats a murder definitely different than here within the US. Last week, you three eye witnessed three separate winners, who all had died from some type of explosive blast like a bomb. The bomb killed everyone within the vacancy, except for you. So, you’re a batch of lucky bastards. That’s all I can say, hay,” chuckling.

Cody frowned. “So I supposed to die too.”

Skippy nodded. “Yes. So what is the common factor between you three boys?”

Fucner nodded. “We each saw a tiara from the winner of the Miss Starlit pageant.”

Skippy pointed Fucner with a smile. “Bingo. Fucner is a dog today. Someone is killing off the contestants for fun or money or both. So we are going to track down his ass and kiss the bastard goodbye. We start right now tonight. Each one takes an eight hour shift to watch the girls…”

Fucner smiled. “I can watch naked or clothed beauties for twenty four hours.”

Skippy chuckled. “Fucner gets the midnight shift.”

Fucner stood and twirled in a circle with a smile and a singing voice. “Yippy! Yummy! Yay! Girls, girls, girls, I love admiring beautiful girls. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I love fucking beautiful girls…more…more…more…”

Skippy frowned. “Shut up and sit down, solider! The second job is working the contestants with a set of background checks, criminal checks, financial checks, former lovers, current boyfriends, and lesbian relationships, if it exists. Each girl has to be investigated at hundred percent. Someone works with SUSY-Q.”

Islander lifted a palm in silence for the new assignment.

Skippy turned and nodded to Islander. “Islander is the man for the paperwork trail. My theory, one of the contestants is jealous and is killing all the girls for revenge. Or one of the losing contestants is more jealous and is killing all the girls. Either way, we got a jealous bitch out there. We have to identify and stop her before they crown the winner in two short days. Our job begins now, gentleman. We work all day and night with a quick soapy shower. I hate the smell of monkey buttholes. Quick meals, your individual hotel suite has a generous supply of food and deodorant. I mean it about the monkey butthole smells.”

Islander nodded. “What about the two other true soldiers, who are judges?”

Skippy nodded. “They have legitimate roles within the pageant as a real judge. We are the backup and good looking American warriors to find the killer and save the gawd damn world of beauties. This is an International Miss Starlit pageant, not an American one. The American one is later this year. We concentrate solely on our foreign visitors. Someone is planning a little firework explosion the night of the pageant at the winner or during one of the practices, maybe. I doubt it will be during the competition practice. The pageant direction has secured every exit, corner, and dark wall with his security people. So, we are here to find and stop the killer…”

“Or we don’t get paid,” laughed Fucner.

Islander frowned. “And if we don’t, sir?”

Skippy nodded. “The pattern of the killer is to seek out and kill the winner, so we have a chance to tag and bag her, even after the pageant. But it could be too late as you have experienced. To complete my demon tale, I get hit by a flying bullet and saved by my body armor and then fell down into the river on top of a floating platoon boat. I swiftly floated away downstream, while the terrorists killed everyone inside the cavern. When I investigated, I too found a former Miss Starlit winner among the group of the dead. I, too, survived by God’s grace and damn luck. Our mission is to save the Miss Starlit pageant. We all have been independently employed by the billionaire, who owns the pageant. These world-wide beauty contests are extremely money profitable. Now, if you want to back out, you can. However, I do believe each one of you is on medical leave from your employer. And I have some more badder news. Your employer the US Federal Government is not restating active duty for your old jobs. Your trusting co-workers are afraid of your current mental condition. Therefore, I accept you and your medical condition for this job. You will be rewarded very, very well. So well, you could retire and start a second career move,” he smiled. “Do I have any rejects?”

“No sir,” Islander said.

Fucner nodded, “Naw.”

“I stay.” Cody smiled.

Skippy nodded. “Excellent! I have my good team. This is a mission. The other two US military soldiers are real and really the pageant judges. On the final night of the pageant, we will be acting like a team of security guards that will scout out and around the auditorium and then back stage with the girls. Based on our current information, which is not much, one of the girls might be the murderer. The other winner from one of the other foreign countries throughout the world died the next day, after winning the pageant. Therefore, the contest was terminated there. The owner who is American has moved the international competition here in Huntsville mainly to catch and stop the killer. We possess all the sophisticated technological facilities and cameras and microphones, riding up every asshole in all fifty countries. Excuse the pun!” He chuckles with the others.

Fucner reached up and rubbed a tense neck with a frown. “The VBC is a great big structure for four little men,” he chuckled. “Excuse the pun! I think we need more soldiers, sir.”

“SUSY-Q,” Skippy yelled with a smile.

A shadow appeared and stood inside the archway. Skippy turned and pointed to the shadow. A female shaped robot was tall and silver tinted with a pair of two arms, a pair of two legs, a television square shaped head on a girly metal body of 36, 24, 38 measurements. SUSY-Q blinked with yellow and blue lines on the television head and droned with speech with a female soprano voice. “Good afternoon, gentlemen! I have prepared nourishment inside the lunchroom for your pleasure, before our mission begins.”

Skippy smiled at the robot. “SUSY-Q, the letters stand for systemic outer space synchronization cutie. Yeah! Try and find these five letters acronyms in those words. She is our internal spy and prime resource, scouting every single electronic component at the VBC, around the VBC, above the VBC, and under the VBC. She has ears and eyes that come from all the outer space satellites and the approval of the US Federal government. She is a reject from NSI, the National Space Institution, where her circuits started costing them more than one billion dollars per day. She is our newest team member. She is a robot of slick sliver parts and components with zillions of neurons.”

Cody stood upright from the chair and pointed with a smile at SUSY-Q. “She is the biggest and prettiest piece of computer architecture that I’ve ever seen. In the computer world, you have a hardware piece like your laptop and a software portion like your email app. The two work together for you to speak to the world with your fingers. In the business world, there are many computers that connect many applications to run a business enterprise. In the computer architecture world, when the computer and the application marry, they are called a process. Then, a process turns into zillion processes, which is a computer communication system. Her communication system is an infrastructure of invisible space, time, and data where messages or data or symbols or math passes the datum to you, me, him, her, and the other unfriendly or friendly users. A computer is nothing but a finite set of step-by-step internal typed instructions within that slightly rectangular machine on your desk called an algorithm. An algorithm is a quantitative measurement in terms of mathematical sequences, when all the sequences work faster than solar flares, shooting from the solar sun. You as the user can communicate with the entire world within milliseconds or less time. She interacts with other computers using zillions of algorithms in a sequential load beside a parallel load of specific electronic commands in synchronization. She is the link so to speak…”

Fucner turned and frowned at the side view tallness of Cody. “How many cells is inside your brain, boy?”

Cody scooted around the table and moved ahead with a smile to SUSY-Q. “The average brain holds 100 billion cells. Each brain cell connects to tens of thousands of other brain cells or neurons. The neurons are separated by tiny synapses. When a signal from the brain, such-like, a movement, a thought, a memory, a sensation, or a feeling reaches the end of the nerve fiber, it releases neurotransmitters which cross over to the synapses and then into the other neuron. Brain cells live the longest within the body. Some parts of the brain grow new neurons as we grow older. The brain is still a marvel and mystery to scientists and physicians…”

“You’re a marvel and a mystery, son,” Skippy shook a skull with a laugh.

Islander turned and chuckled at the back spine of Cody, “Because, he got two hundred billion cells.”

Cody stopped and stood beside the robot, leaning over with a smile and hugged the robot with metal love. “I love you, SUSY-Q,” he pulled back and touched her metal body with a smile and a nod. “She is soft and shiny with a pair of two slender arms, a pair of slender hands, and a set of four slender fingers too. She has a pair of long legs that are shaped like a female. But she needs some clothes though. A southern belle shouldn’t be caught with her panties down,” he chuckled with the others.

“How old is he?” Fucner jabbed a finger at the ass of Cody near the robot.

Skippy smiled at the nose profile and the teen-ass behavior of Cody. “Seventeen year old Cody Mack, I’m glad you approve of SUSY-Q. The current task is to investigate each participate in the pageant, find the killer, and kill her. No body parts or pieces, please! Once we find her, we eliminate her. You will find that your individual bank account has a great big new money balance for this specific task. I hope no one has problem, killing in cold blood today or tonight or tomorrow.”

Fucner reached down into the sports jacket and whipped out the mobile telephone, thumbing the keys for the bank account funds with a smile, “Naw. I like to kill terrorists and assholes that piss good folks off their rocking chairs,” he smiled at the money inside his personal bank account.

Cody nodded at SUSY-Q, “Me, too!” Islander nodded in silence.

Skippy clapped with a smile, “Good. I need a body to work with SUSY-Q, bleeding over the hard copy folders in the next room and the electronic ones with her.”

Islander turned and frowned at the nose profile of Skippy. “Sir, I’m not the leader. But, each girl was interviewed and investigated. Or she would not be here today. These pageants examine every detail of the female’s life private, professional and public.”

Skippy turned and nodded to Islander. “Yes, they do. And we do, too, since we’re better investigators and are looking for something that someone missed.”

Islander lifted a palm with a nod. “I’ll do the paper work tracing and trailing, sir.” Skippy nodded to Islander in silence.

Cody pulled back with a frown and stood beside SUSY-Q like a girlfriend. “So, I guess we don’t get to play with the girls.”

Skippy nodded with a smile to each face. “Your wish comes true. We are going to eat lunch, brunch, supper, and dinner with the girls flirting, giggling, and drinking soda, not alcohol. There are numerous events that require the judge’s attention, selecting the proper Miss Starlit.”

Cody frowned, “But, we’re fake.”

“But, we’re fun, too.” Fucner laughed.

Skippy stood upright from the chair and grabbed the walking cane with a smile. “But, we are finding a killer, also. That means interaction with the killer and the innocent girls. Okay. Stand and smooth your jackets and feathers, boys! We leave in the limo for lunch. Sorry, Islander! You get to eat alone with SUSY-Q.”

Islander continued to sit with a grin. “Not a problem! I work best with a cold heart and a piece of cool metal.”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “We work all day and all night on this paid assignment. After dinner with the girls, we meet right here for observations, comments, opinions, and reports. Get cracking, boys!”

Each one stood upright from the table and moved ahead to the archway, exiting the conference room with a set of chuckles and grins.



10:28 pm

Hot temperatures with bright moonlight and stars

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Cody appeared and stood inside the archway with a smile and a bottle of beer. Fucner sat at the table and frowned at Cody. “How old are you, kid?”

“Old,” Cody sipped and swallowed the beer and then burped.

“Suck down the beer! Or give it to me, Cody. I’m too old for some jail time.” Skippy turned and frowned at the teen and then back to Islander. “What have you found, Islander?” Cody entered the room and continued to sip the beer with a soft burp, sitting on the head of the table to hear the shared information in silence.

Islander sat on the far end of the table with a stern face to each soldier. “You can call me, Is. Miss Madagascar is the fourth cousin, twice removed of Miss Malagasy. Miss Kurunegala is a millionaire. Miss Dorchester is a dork, who robbed a liquor store at the age of sixteen, twice. There’s nothing here, almost all of the girls come from good families. All the girls want to improve their lives from their current shitty status inside their country shitty country. All the girls worked really hard on their talents and their brains to get here into the Miss Starlit show. I don’t see any type of variance within the personal files, sir.”

Skippy nodded. “Please, investigate all the judges and the owner and his company next. I don’t think we’ll find anything there, but I don’t want to overlook any tiny snow fakes,” chuckling.

Fucner stood upright from the chair and slapped a chest with a smile. “You better start with me first. I have a mile of awards from certificates, ribbons, medals, trophies in sports and academics, being a scholar…”

SUSY-Q stood upright between the door and the side wall as the television square-shaped head lighted up in the colors of purpled and orange and droned in a female timber for all eardrums. “Fucner, Rector, he graduated from Birmingham University with a GPA of 2.03.”

Cody turned and smiled at Fucner, “On a 3.0 scale, that’s a low B letter grade, man.”

The robot droned. “On the 4.0 scale at Birmingham University, that is a very poor C letter grade, Mr. Fucner.”

Fucner turned with a sour frown and pointed to the robot. “Look. I got a big brain, making me smarter than you, you…”

Cody chuckled. “Actually, a big brain does not possess bigger complex mental thoughts or thinking processes. A good example, the caveman possessed some big ole gray matter along with bigger body parts than Fucner. As humans, we have evolved from the cavemen species into more cranial space, which is used for complex stuff like language, thinking, and memory, except for Fucner,” he chuckled with Skippy and Islander. “When Albert Einstein died in the year 1955, they saved his brain. Scientists discovered that his brain matter was smaller than average but his parietal lobes were fifteen percent wider than normal. The parietal lobes link math abilities in the brain cells. The average brain weights three pounds…”

“The size of my dick,” grinned Fucner.

Islander winked at Skippy. “Mine, too, man!”

Cody smiled. “We are the smartass creatures with a small brain. A sperm whale brain weighs seventeen pounds. An elephant brain is ten pounds. An owl brain weighs .005 pounds. A bull frog brain is one-tenth of .005 pounds.”

Islander turned and smiled at the teen. “Cody, his parietal lobes are twenty five percent wider than normal including Fucner’s dick,” he laughed with the others but Fucner.

“Thanks.” Cody nodded. “Researchers have found the more you use your brain, the stronger it gets. You need to exercise by learning new skills or doing mental tasks, connecting the 100 billion brain cells, making you…”

“Long and hard,” grinned Fucner, “Yeah! Both in my mind and my dick proportions,” he chuckled with Skippy and Islander.

Cody laughed. “A good night’s sleep allows your brain to store memories like driving a car and playing an instrument. A single night of sleep activity processes and stores all of our daily activities into a set of permanent memories. Your brain weighs two percent of your body mass, but it uses twenty five percent of your body energy. The brain cells are always active, even sleeping.”

Islander laughed. “Sleep more, Fucner! Eat less, Fucner!”

Cody nodded. “Meditation might help to improve your IQ, Fucner…”

“Teen-ass,” Fucner stood upright from the chair with a growl at little teen-ass.

Skippy smiled. “Sit down, Fucner!”

Cody smiled. “Scientific studies have showed that a Buddhist monk who meditates have a big increase in brain concentration and decision making. And in the Bible, you are supposed to meditate too. Then, maybe Almighty God gives you a burst of more neurons…”

“I’ll bust your nose, kid,” sneered Fucner.

Skippy chuckled. “Calm down, Fucner! Cody is correct and cordial to entertain our cranial activity for the day, while we permanently store this memory tonight during our sleepy time.”

Islander laughed. “I’ll start with Fucner while getting the insignificant minor fake judges out of my head lights on tomorrow morning.”



Friday August 6th



10:24 pm

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Fucner and Cody slapped each other on the back with a chuckle and entered the room.

Skippy sat inside the chair with a smile and watched the pair. “Do you have some fun today, gentlemen?”

Islander tapped on the paper folder with a sour frown. “They had too much fun today.”

Fucner lifted both hands into the air with a smile. “Did you see the ass on Miss…”

SUSY-Q entered the room and toted a tray of food. The robot possessed a short blue dress of fabric with the correct measurement for a girly metal body of 36, 24, 38 and stopped, standing between two empty chairs, leaning over the hard surface and slid the tray of food onto the conference table in silence. She stood upright in place while waiting for the next order to obey from one of the team members. Cody took the chair at the head of the table. Fucner scooted around SUSY-Q and sat down into the chair with a grin at the robot. Skippy nodded to Cody and then Islander in silence.

Islander said. “Each girl is cleaner than a pair of angel wings. Each one is a good citizen just wanting to be Miss Starlit, save the planet, and feed all the children, and have a baby with a famous football quarterback…”

Fucner laughed. “Fuck! You’re lying.”

Islander said. “SUSY-Q verified all the data. I couldn’t find one demerit on any one individual beauty pageant contestant, skipper.”

Skippy nodded, “Lay off, Fucner! The pageant conducts had conducted its own investigation also, since one or all of the sponsors would have sued or worse stopped providing free stuff to the pageant. The pageant direction is very, very thorough and caution as well.”

Fucner frowned. “You sound like the winner has been picked…” Silence invaded the room. Fucner gasped. “You sound like the winner of the Miss Starlit has been selected, skipper.” Skippy nodded in silence. Fucner frowned. “Bullshit! This is a rigged pageant.”

Skippy nodded. “No, the pageant director picks the most desirable and smartest and beautifuliest from all the girls with the most innocent background, not tainting the pageant’s image or insulting the public’s perception,” grinning.

Cody laughed. “Spell that word, beautifuliest, for me, skipper,” he chuckled, “B…e…a…”

Fucner exhaled. “Then the angle of killing the contestants is mute, they’re all innocent and good…”

Skippy said. “The billionaire, his friends, and his employees are the next investigation along with all the sponsors who are associated with all the silver steel plated paper clips and cheap ass toilet paper. Islander will do that, too, today. Time for the interviewing each girl! Fucner and Cody, you go and man your individual station above the catwalk, overlooking the audience, watch each girl for any strange or weird behavior. Then, write her country name down. Is and SUSY-Q will double check her background and then give to the FBI for further criminal and non-criminal investigation. I will be spying and observing each judge for some weird-ass comments or behavior too. Is and SUSY-Q will double check the judges’ backgrounds for any suspicious event, also.”

Islander shook a skull with a stern face, “Nothing. Nada. Don’t bother. All the judges are nice people with a nicer big bank account. I don’t find any dirty laundry hanging down from a pair of nostrils or coming down a shitty butthole, skipper.”

Skippy nodded. “Okay! So, we have checked everyone’s butthole twice for a nasty Santa. So, that means the killer will do something during the pageant in front of the pretend television cameras and non-rolling video tapes inside the VBC. The billionaire owner does not want to be taped. Tomorrow is the pageant. We sit behind the last row within the celebrity judge box while looking good, being quiet, and keeping our ears open and eyes blinking. Do not embarrass me, Cody!”

“Me!” Cody turned and winked to Fucner.

Skipper frowned at Fucner, “Fucner!”

Fucner pointed with a smile at Cody, “Him? The kid will do it with his kiddie way. I’m a good boy,” nodding.

Cody reached over and grabbed, tossing the pencil at nose profile of Fucner with an exact hit. “That is bullshit with a flock of big ugly flies.”

Skippy nodded. “The winner has been selected. Each one of you look good and wipe your mouths from drooling, occasionally.”

“I can do that,” laughed Cody.



Saturday August 7th



Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

4:03 pm

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Classroom setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Each fake judge sat inside of one of writing tables inside the conference room within the 211 Clinton Avenue building location. Skippy sat at the teacher desk and sipped on a cold beverage with a smile. Cody appeared and stood inside the archway, scanning the room, holding a beer. “Where’s O’honey?”

Skippy stood upright from the chair and moved ahead to each desk, handing a sheet piece of paper to each judge with a smile. “He’s sick. I gave my permission to go home and rest,” he moved back and sat down in the chair at the office desk with a smile. “Please, sit and suck down that beer that Fucner give you, Cody. Fucner, do not indulge the minor teen! Okay. I have a fun task while we wait for our début presentation at the Miss Starlit pageant, this evening. The show will begin in about one hour. I promise we will be finished by then.”

Cody moved ahead and sat down at the desk, looking down with a smile, reading out loud the form with a chuckle. “What the fuck’s this? Do you have extra nipples? Naw, hell,” he laughed with the others.

Skippy smiled with a nod. “In keeping with good humor and poor taste, would you care to show me your only two nipples on your teen chest, Cody?”

Fucner frowned. “Why in the hell would Cody do that? I won’t do that for a billion ducks or bucks or does or…”

“This…” Skippy tapped the eraser pencil on top of the paper with a smile. “This is a fun and creative exercise to blow off time, before we ride to the more exciting girly show.”

Cody shook his curls with a smile. “That is not good enough, skipper. What do I get for showing my nakedness?”

“Money,” Skipper nodded with a smile.

“I got money,” Cody shook his curls with a laugh and a grin.

“A date with the newly crowned Miss Starlit,” Skippy nodded with a grin.

Fucner shook a skull with a sour frown, “Stop bull shitting the teen-ass, skipper. No one knows the winner of the pageant tonight! Unless…”

“Unless, you are me,” Skippy nodded with a grin. “I know the winner. She is Miss Andorra…”

Fucner gasped with parted lips, “The pretty French girl.”

“The pretty French girl,” Skippy nodded with a grin. “If you win my silly little game, I promise an evening with the new Miss Starlit at eleven o’clock until sunrise tomorrow morning inside her private hotel room. But, you gotta leave her at five in the morning.”

Cody flipped a hand with a grin. “Fuck, naw! I don’t believe him.”

Fucner stood upright from the chair and ripped of the military jacket with a smile and a nod. “I do wanna a piece of that fine ass.”

Cody turned and gasped at semi-naked Fucner. “What…what the hell are you doing, Fucner?”

Fucner removed the shirt with a grin and a nod in silence to Skippy. Skippy chuckled with Islander. Alvin swung around inside the chair to see Fucner with a sour face.

Skippy pointed with a chuckle at Fucner. “I do believe Rector wants the late evening through sun rise with Miss Andorra…”

“Ah naw!” Cody stood upright from the chair with a smile and ripped off the US military jacket and then the shirt, exposing a naked chest with a nod. “She ain’t no set of big tits, Fucner. You said that you liked a pair of big breasts. Your top fifteen were the big tits of each international girl.”

Fucner stood upright in fine semi-nakedness and flexed a pair of biceps with a smile in silence. Islander and Skippy laughed. Fucner grinned. “She has got a tight ass and pretty in her face and her tallness. She’s taller than Alvin.”

“I wanna to fuck her.” Cody frowned.

“I wanna fuck her, too. So, the best man wins the prize, teen-ass Cody,” Fucner reached down and fiddled with each nipple on the chest, “One. Two. I got two nipples. See? I don’t have any more. I got question one correct.”

Skippy nodded with a smile and wrote down with the pencil on top of the piece of paper. “Okay. Fucner won the first question.”

Cody parted the lips. “What the fuck? I stripped naked too. See? My two nipples, not many, or extra or three or four,” he fondled each nipple with a sissy giggle and a grin.

Skippy lifted the pencil into the air. “I have two challengers.”

Fucner moved ahead and stopped, standing over the young male, kicking a boot toe at the stationary desk. “Get your ass up, Alvin! Be a man and play the manly game too,” he turned and grinned at Islander. “Islander is too proper to participate in a redneck reindeer game.” Islander turned and smiled at Fucner in silence.

Cody danced both hips side to side in a standing position with a smile. “I got some additional information, skipper. Additional information should count towards the winner of each posed question, too.”

“Ah naw! Ah naw, now!” Fucner reached down into the jacket for his mobile telephone and whipped it into a face. He typed on the tiny screen for more bonus information also, since the teen-ass was too smart for his dull neurons.

Cody leaned down with a grin and whipped out his mobile telephone also, accessing the internet in silence. The room was invaded with silence. Islander sat the desk with a chuckle and a wink at Skippy. Skippy tapped on the paper with the pencil eraser with a chuckle at Islander.

Alvin exhaled with a sour frown and watched the television monitor with wiggling lines of silver and black static until time to leave for the pageant.

Cody read out loud from the mobile telephone with a smile. “Some folks have more than two nipples. One percent of female have more than one nipple. Two percent of males have more than two nipples. That’s twice, not nice,” he chuckled. “The extra nipple is smaller than the regular one, showing up on the shoulders or legs like a wart or mold,” he turned and smiled at Fucner, narrowing the eyelids. “Fuck! Fucner has got a black colored mole on his chest or three nipples on his chest.”

Islander tossed both arms into the air with a laugh. “Shit! Cody wins it all,” he chuckled with Cody and Skippy.

Fucner read the mobile telephone with a growl. “I don’t got no black colored mole on my chest, mole-turd.”

Cody looked down with a laugh and read loud out his mobile telephone. “The extra nipples can form on the forehead or a foot for a fucking ugly girl or a nasty guy. I win, because I do not have a fucking extra nipple on my face or my chest like fucking ass mole decorated Fucner.”

Skippy nodded with a smile at both soldiers. “Cody is still the winner.”

Fucner lifted a palm with a chuckle and read out loud the information on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Hold the judgment, skipper! The areola or the dark skin around your nipple can possess a few small hairs. If the hair bothers her licking motion, then clip them with a pair of small scissors. Don’t pluck or shave the hairs! Or it will cause ingrown hairs or infection around your nipples,” chuckling.

Skippy nodded with a laugh. “I redact. Fucner is the new winner.”

Cody shook his curls with a laugh. “Ah naw! I got a better info-sex advice. Nipple orgasms, playing with your nipples, will fire up the nerves inside the areola, creating some great self-fucking excitement.”

Skippy nodded with a laugh. “Cody is the new winner.”

Alvin chuckled at the television screen of wiggling silver and black lines. “A breast is an organ with the sole purpose of producing milk for a baby, rednecks. A female has lobules inside her breast that carries the milk to the nipple. Note: Males don’t have lobules or breastfeed any baby creature. When are we leaving for the pageant, Skippy?”

Skippy pointed with a chuckle at the young male. “Alvin is the new winner.”

“Hell no!” Fucner shook a skull. “I got an outstanding one. A female breast weighs between five and seven pounds…”

“My dick weighs twelve ounces,” smiled Islander. “I think Fuck-it means to use the tiny measurement of ounces, not pounds.”

“Fuck you, Is!” Fucner frowns. “A female breast full of milk weights seventeen ounces over one pound,” he smiled. “Jeezus, I wanna suck on a pregnant beauty queen’s tits.”

“They don’t exist in this or any other beauty pageant, Fucner.” Islander laughed. “The girls are single and non-pregnant as stated by the contest rules, dumbass,” he chuckled with Cody.

Skippy pointed with a laugh at the young male. “Alvin is still the winner.”

Cody tossed an arm, holding the mobile telephone with the other hand, frowning with frustration. “Naw! Sagging tits are the result of getting old. As your breast tissue ages, it loses firmness and elasticity making them twin babies droop down to the floor, mama,” he reached over and fist bumped with Fucner.

“The winners are both Cody and Fucner.” Skippy nodded with a laugh.

Alvin smiled at the wiggling lines of the television screen. “Females are not happy with their breast tissues. Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgical procedure in the US. Breast implants have increased by thirty seven percent. Breast lifts have grown by seventy percent, since last year.”

Cody chuckled with a nod. “I love any size of tits big, small, tiny, medium.”

Skippy chuckled. “Cody wins question number one.”

Fucner frowned. “Fuck it,” he leaned over the desk and read out loud the next typed question from the piece of paper with a smile. “Is it normal for my penis to hang to one side?” he laughed with the others and wiped the eyes with tears of humor, turning to smile at Cody. “What side does your dick hang, boy?” He reached down and unzipped the trousers, dropping the pants down to the ankles.

Cody reached down and unzipped the trousers, bending down at the kneecaps and then peeked inside the underwear briefs with a smile. “My penis is shriveled up like a dead worm now. Let’s see. My right testicle is a little bigger than the left. The left ball hangs a little lower than the right one.”

“Ah shit! I’m normal, too,” Islander was standing upright and bend both kneecaps, shaking his legs, peeking down into the underwear briefs with a laugh for fun. His trousers were unzipped at the waistline but not dropped down to the ankles like Cody and Fucner.

Fucner bend both kneecaps and shook both legs, peeking down into the underwear briefs with a smile. “I am beautiful, babe. I hang so pretty and pink to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left…”

Skippy nodded with a laugh. “It is a three way tie for question number two.”

Islander stood upright and zipped the trousers, leaning over and read out loud the third question from the single piece of paper with a laugh. “When did you have your first erection, Fucner?”

Fucner tossed both arms in the air and rotated both hips, looking down at his penis. “I’m having one right now with all this dirty sex talk like when I was nine years old with Mary Lou Gordon on the third grade playground behind the water well house. The two of us roamed four hands inside our underwear,” he turned and winked to Cody. “Top that hot shot!”

Skippy chuckled. “You’re a slow sucker, Fucner. The answer is at the age of twelve months or one year old.”

Fucner turned and gasped at Skippy. “What the fuck? I jacked off at one year old in my mama’s hands. That’s just wrong. So wrong. So wrong. So wrong…”

Cody read out loud from the mobile telephone. “A baby male is born with a full erection. You can see them on the ultrasound screen inside the mother’s womb. Yeehaw! I’m a male stud at gestation. A male baby can erect during a diaper change too,” he laughed with the others.

Skippy nodded with a laugh. “Cody wins the third question.”

Cody continued to read out loud from the mobile telephone. “The average length of an erect penis is seven to nine inches.”

Islander smiled. “Cody got the right mathematical measure. Fucner dreams in his nasty imagination and then says nasty shit like his dick might come and appear in Titan god portions on planet Earth.”

Cody smiled. “A lot of guys like Fucner think they’re smaller than normal.”

“Fuck it, Cody!” Fucner turned and growled at the nose profile of the teenager.

“Calm down, Fucner!” Skippy laughed.

Cody read out loud from the phone with a chuckle. “The viewing angle from above, below, or sideways tells everything. If you look down at your erected dick, then it looks stubby and smaller than Fucner’s,” he chuckled with the others. Fucner sneered. Cody grinned. “When a male has an obsession of smallness, it is called penile dysmorphic disorder. It is similar to when a girl thinks she looks fat, she becomes anorexia.”

Islander leaned down in the underwear briefs with the trousers don at the ankles, reading out loud the next question from the single piece of paper with a smile. “How long does your penis erection last, Fucner?”

Fucner stood upright in the boxer briefs with the trousers down at the ankles, looking up with a smile to see the ceiling and then Islander. “About three hours and twenty minutes…”

“Only, if a spider bites his dick, then it gets a fang or two stuck into the outer skin,” Cody turned and chuckled at the nose profile of Fucner.

“A cold shower can reduce the swelling, sir.” Islander turned and laughed at the nose profile of Fucner.

“Or you can climb the staircase and then draw the blood away from your erected penis, boy.” Skippy winked with a chuckle.

Fucner wiggled the shoe over the floor with a chuckle. “The bigger a male’s feet, the longer the dick. How big is your foot, without the boot toe, Cody?”

Cody chuckled, “Wrong, dude! The size of your dick has no direct relationship to the size of your foot, your hand, a single finger, your nose, or a snotty booger, Fucner. If you are overweight, then you cannot see your dick when it is hidden by the fat of your beer belly.”

Islander read out from the mobile telephone with the internet information. “So, if you wanna make your dick look bigger, then you should lose some weight or get some immediate medical surgery, Fucner. A single surgery procedure makes your penis longer, thicker, and juicy,” he chuckled with the others.

Skippy laughed with a nod. “Is wins the question.”

Fucner turned and pointed with a sour frown at Islander. “Ah naw! Is ain’t even almost naked like me and Cody. Take off your pants, Is!”

Islander turned and smiled with a sissy girly tone to see Fucner. “I am not that kind of girl, sir,” he winked at Cody. “Hit me up tomorrow, Cody! You’re cute as a bug compared to the thirty something mushy marshmallow man.”

Fucner frowned, “Mushy marshmallow man!? I have ten erections when I sleep and dream about fucking numerous pretty chicks.”

Islander leaned over the desk and read out loud the next question with a laugh. “Do you masturbate?”

Fucner nodded with a smile. “Every time, I see a female easing that great big pain, sir.”

“Cold shower would help that problem too.” Islander laughed.

Skippy nodded with a smile to Fucner. “And you can walk up the stairs also.”

Alvin smiled. “Masturbation is not a healthy motion for your penis and your tiny sperms, gentlemen. Intercourse allows the semen to flood voluminous with healthy sperm during vigorous sex acts which comes from the Medical Journal of Science, Issue number fourteen, page number thirty two…”

“Fuck!” Fucner laughed at the brown colored rear hairy skull of Alvin. “Who the hell talks like that with the fancy word, intercourse? Men have sex with sexy girls, doing sexy acts…”

“Okay. Okay. Settle down. Shut up,” Skippy chuckled. “This is the last question.”

“Who is winning the fuck last night date with the French girl? The answer is me,” Cody reached up and slapped a naked chest with a smile.

Skippy nodded with a smile to each face. “You are all tied, so far. So listen up, very carefully. Who has a set of goose bumps on the shaft of your penis or one or both of your hairy balls?”

Cody looked down with a smile and peeked at his hairy balls. “I do.”

Fucner looked down into the boxer briefs with a grin and peeked down at his penis and his hairy balls, “Me, too.”

Islander views his penis, smiling. “I do not. The tiny bumps are rings of pimples or ingrown hairs. Lots of males have them like these two unsanitary boys on my right. If you possess goose bumps around the head of the penis, it is called the pearly penile papules or PPP,” he chuckled with the others.

Fucner danced side to side in the boxer underwear with a laugh, “PPP, too.”

Cody danced side to side in the yellow colored cartoon character brief underwear with a laugh and a smile, “PPP to you.”

Fucner danced side to side with a clap and a smile, “PPP to UUU, too.”

Cody danced and clapped with a laugh, “PPP to UUU too and DDD too, too.”

Skippy chuckled with a smile. “Do you have goose bumps on your dick, Alvin?”

Alvin smiled at Skippy. “No.”

Fucner leaned over with a chuckle and a whisper into the cheekbone of Cody. “Is the young man with a sissy name a homo in disgust and disguise?”

Cody frowned. “I…”

Alvin smiled at Skippy. “Did you know that babies are born without kneecaps? The babe inside the womb has a kneecap of cartilage that becomes bony later in life. On a girl, the kneecaps become boney at the age of three years old. On a boy, it is at the age of four years old. There is a great big distinction between a boy and a girl from the birth conception created by Almighty God.”

Islander did not dance but smiled at Skippy. “A dog has two kneecaps which are located in the hind legs. Like humans, dogs can have a set of knee problems too. A dog can tear the tissue that supports the kneecap by jumping off the sofa with a bad landing.”

Skippy stood upright and bounced on both kneecaps with a sigh. “Protect your knees by warming up stretches or walking before a sports game. If the large muscle in the front of the thigh is tight, then the kneecap gets pushed up against the thighbone. Tight muscles force your muscles to work harder and cause great pain.”

Fucner stopped the dance with a confused brow. “O skipper, what are you doing walking around without the walking cane?”

Skippy smiled. “Sometimes, my old kneecaps pop or crack. My old ligaments tighten when I move…”

The television screen blinked into life. The real pageant judge named O’Hanlon sat and smiled inside the wheelchair on top of the pageant stage beside the standing young girl.

The young girl reached over and placed a sparkling tiara on top of the blonde hair of the young child as the audience stood upright from the seats and clapped with loud cheers. The blonde headed child waved both hands with a smile of excitement as the first princess of the night in the Miss Starlit Pageant.

Cody stopped the dance and frowned at the television screen. “Hey! There’s a kid on the pageant stage of the VBC. Why is there a kid there on top of the stage? I thought that the competition was only for the adult international sexy girls. That is not an adult beauty queen, but a child princess at age seven. Why is there a seven years old in a beauty pageant?”

“A southern belle requirement, her mama shoves the tiny kid into the pageant after she shits out the first turd inside the set of dirty diapers which mama quickly cleans out before the crowning event, making the kid pretty and precious. This is a beauty competition from ages three to twenty-three year old pretty and precious females,” Alvin smiled at the television screen.

Cody looked down with a puzzled brow at the mobile telephone, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums, “Children! The Starlit Princess is for little baby girls from ages one year old to seventeen years old.”

Skippy moved ahead and stopped, standing in front Alvin with a smirk, whipping out the hand pistol, aiming it at the nose bridge on the face of Alvin. “There is a diamond between the curved wires of metal, sitting on the first winner of the Miss Starlit pageant. You missed an opportunity of a life time, jewelry thief. No fucking matter! You can fuckingly steal anything and everything inside one of Alabama’s bestest prisons, if you live long enough to steal.”

Cody moved ahead with a gasp at the television screen. “O gawd, the tiara is the trigger mechanism. The radiating metal flakes inside the crown hair band are capturing the electronic particle beams from O’Hanlon’s electronic wheelchair. His chair is composed to tiny electronic impulses that are bombarding the air waves which are invisible to a naked eye,” he stopped and stood in place, pointing at the screen. “Toss up the electronic grid of the VBC, SUSY-Q!” A red colored grid displayed over the television screen of the live people of the pageant. He gasped. “See the red waves drift down from the ceiling? My gawd, the bombs are housed on the ceiling and underneath the floor of the VBC. See? The red wave pattern drifts down from the ceiling and up from the floor when the blue and red collide. Boom!”

Fucner lifted and kissed the mobile telephone to a face, hearing the ringing tone of the head of the FBI leader.

On the television screen, the sparkling tiara exploded into the air. Her two eyeballs fly into the different and soared into two different directions throughout the air waves while an array of numerous individual tiny and large chucks of her head skull launched into the air and then fell down onto the stage. The upright body of the seven year old girl wobbled side to side and then fell forward down into the audience as a series of explosions sounded and produced an array of colorful fires.

Around the edge of the wall, all the exit doors slammed shut with a set of deep thuds as the audience and the contestants scream with fear while trapped inside with the heated fires. Then the television turned into a set of wiggling silver and gray static lines.

Cody dropped open a mouth. “Shit!”

Fucner dropped open a mouth. “Fuck!”

Islander dropped his mouth open, “Damn!”

Alvin sat inside the chair with a smile. “I’m a judge and a soldier. Do you remember, Skippy?”

Skippy smiled with a nod and pointed the cold barrel at the face of Alvin. “I’m the military solider who carry around a live weapon. Get up, son!”

Alvin smiled inside the chair. “I like it right here, sir.”

Cody reached down and pulled up the trousers, zipping the pants and moved ahead standing beside the rear skull of Alvin with a sneer.

Skippy frowned down at Alvin. “Don’t kill him, Cody!”

Cody reached down and slapped both hands onto the collar bone of Alvin with a growl. “I ain’t going to kill the bastard. I’m going to stretch his gawd damn neck. Do you wanna be six feet and four inches? Right, shorty?”

Fucner lifted up and zipped the trousers, dashing around and stood on the other side of Alvin, shaking the chair. “Get up, kid!”

Skippy sneered at Alvin. “Do not harm him, Fucner!”

Fucner growled. “I only wanna see him die and then descend into hell.”

Islander zipped up the trousers with a growl and moved ahead, stopping and stood beside Cody. “I wanna give a nose bleed and then a bloody beating following, skipper.”

Alvin slowly stood upright from the chair and held upright both arms, swinging around with a wink to see the other soldier, turning a grin to see Fucner. “Rector Fucner, I bet no one teased you. Or if they did you then you beat the shit out of them. Or did you fuck his dick?”

Fucner dropped open a mouth. “I ain’t gay.”

Islander nodded with a smile. “Alvin is gay.”

Alvin mouth spat the saliva over the lips with fury. “I am not gay. I am a man.”

Skippy reached over and held a flat palm over the brown colored hair roots of Alvin with a smile and a nod. “Yes, he is the right height,” he reached down and grabbed, entwining the fingers around one of the raised palm of Alvin with a mile. “Yes, he has the right grip,” he leaned over and smiled into the lips of Alvin. “Yes, he has the right smell. Dorothy wanted revenge for not winning Miss Starlit with envy when her pretty friend Amber defeated the bitch both fair and square. Let’s see. What are the seven deadly sins? Lust, avarice, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony and wrath…”

“You represent as pride.” Islander frowned with annoyance at Alvin.

“Dorothy’s envy worked better than her monetary compensation. The hidden bomb inside the cavern left nothing but more ribbed and ribbon body parts, paying for her sex change operation,” Skippy smiled.

Alvin spun around with a sneer to face Skippy. “Every gender reassignment costs money, lots of money as one hundred thousand US dollars not counting the physical deformations that needed correcting. The medical problems that needed serviced and the many patient visits to the team of US physicians plus the rental apartment and a private nurse to care for a disabled gal. But it was all worth it, the new me.”

Fucner reached out with a smile and shoved Alvin on the shoulder. “How big is your dick, girlfriend?”

Alvin turned and smiled at Fucner. “It is big enough to fuck your asshole, boyfriend!”

“So, you adopted a Yankee accent from a Southern twang. You colored your brunette to dirty blonde. You salon tanned your body from bright pale to light bronze and even added a pair of colored eye contacts of blue to cover your once pretty hazel pupils. But, you cannot change your height,” Skippy nodded with a stern face.

Cody lifted both hands and slapped the back spine of Alvin with a growl. “A steel rod up the spine will do the trick, buddy. Lemme me add them suckers without any type of pain-killing anesthesia. I will grow you up to my height, if you don’t mind, Dr. Skippy,” he leaned over with a grin and fist bumped with a chuckle to Fucner.

Fucner turned and frowned at Islander. “How did you know, Is?”

“If it walks and talks like a duck, it must be a girl,” Cody chuckled.

Islander smirked with a nod. “You should have gotten some acting lessons, instead of voice lessons, Dorothy. Men strut. Girls priss. Alvin acted more like a sissy high school girl rather than a hot sexy female which I did fuck last night.”

“So, you cannot change the weight, either. Dorothy was five feet and three inches and already on the slender side. With the direct substitution of male hormones, burning all the womanly fat away, it made her skinner like a puppy runt within the dog litter,” Skippy chuckled.

“Can take the woman out the bod but not the woman out of the man,” chuckled Cody.

Skipper sneered, “Take SUSY-Q! Go and see if you can help any of the victims at the VBC, boys. I’m stay here with the girl-man.”

The overhead lights flecked off and then the building shook side to side. The explosion rocked the building and then the overhead lights turned white and black. Fucner lost balance and hit Islander and then they both slammed into the side wall and landed down on top of each other over the floor with a set of loud grunts.

Alvin dropped down and fell onto the floor, swiftly turning and crawled towards the open door as he has planned and prepared.

Skippy stumbled backward from Alvin and fell against the edge of the office desk, hitting a back spine on top of the hard surface and bounced upright, standing with a grunt. He wobbled side to side in pain, shaking a dizzy head to see and to think. The overhead lights brightened again as the building stopped shaking. Cody, Islander, and Fucner slowly stood upright from the floor, wobbling side to side.

Skippy cleared the blurry eye vision and turned, chasing after Alvin, moving through the open archway with a dizzy head and a yell. “Go and get to the VBC! Help anyone there! I’m running down Alvin.” Alvin stood upright and turned, dashing down an empty hallway, skipping over the large and small pieces of broken ceiling plaster over the floor.

Fucner slowly moved out the open archway and wiped blood from the bitten lip with a sneer, exiting the conference room.

Islander moved ahead and wiped off the dust from a face, jogging out the open door with a stern face. “Alvin can’t escape from the building through the rear doors. The doors are locked and maybe permanently damaged from the earthquake of the bomb explosion at the VBC campus. Let’s go! I’m driving the team and the pickup truck towards the VBC campus to assist, if possible.”

Cody moved ahead in pain and wiped off the blood from a face. “The old building structure is both a tornado evacuation site and a radiation bunker for a nuclear blast and another emergency center for a disaster with modern day equipment. We are lucky!” He jogged forward and exited the conference room, following behind the ass of Fucner.



Lunch room interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures

and semi-dark empty environment



Skippy turned and ran down the dirty hallway, leaping over object, chasing down Alvin into the lunchroom. The overhead lights blinked into darkness and then into an array of dull light inside the hallway and the other room. Skippy slammed forward into the rotating lunchroom door with a face and ricocheted backward in a folded body, lifting and grabbed a bloody nose with both hands and a soft moan, falling down over the floor with a loud grunt. The door swung backward and forward from a tall and heavy impact of the human body.

Inside the semi-dark lunchroom, Alvin stood in front of the rotating door with a grin and spun around, dashing ahead and deeper into the darkness of the lunch room. Then, he stopped and stumbled down over the floor, avoiding a collision with the rolling table that flew in front of his foot path, landing on top of the hard floor with a loud grunt. The rolling table continued the same pathway and hit the far wall with a booming sound.

Inside the darken hallway, Skippy slowly stood upright from the floor with a sideways wobble and slowly limped through the rotating door with a grunt, seeing a rolling table. The moving table was heading towards him. He stumbled to the side and hit the wall, falling down over the floor in dizziness on top of a chest. The table continued the motion and hit the forward wall with a loud crash, stopping in place. Skippy looked up with a pair of blurry eyeball through the darkness and saw two figures.

The two figures stood upright and faced each other in the middle of the semi-dark lunchroom. Alvin stared down with a slight smirk at black colored hair roots of the short male.

The short male looked down with a smirk and pointed down at the kneecap of Alvin, saying with a sissy tenor. “Your kneecap is called the patella, a small bone in front of your knee. There are four separate bones that come together at the knee, the thighbone, the shinbone, the calf bone, and the kneecap. It connects the muscles to the bone and other muscles by ligaments. As you bend and straighten your leg, your kneecap gets pulled up and down. Your knees are the largest joints in the body. Each time you walk, the force of your two knees is six times greater than your weight. Being overweight increases the stress on your knees, thus this is not good. Take a knee, boy!” He raised a kneecap and kicked Alvin within the guts of stomach with a loud grunt. Alvin bent forward without falling down onto the floor with a huff of sour air. The short male sneered down over the brown colored hair roots of Alvin. “That is called a quarterback kneel which happens within the game of football to protect the football as the clock runs out of time to win the event game. You did not win the game for me, Alvin.”

Alvin moaned in pain and held both hands over the injured guts with a sissy whine, “Brone.”

Brone leaned down and slammed the nail hammer head into the right kneecap of Alvin. Alvin dropped down and landed on top of the floor on a back spine in screams of pain. Brone leaned over Alvin with a smile in the darkness. The white of his teeth shined in the blackness of the dark room. He leaned down and slammed the nail hammer head into the non-injured kneecap of Alvin with a growl. “Does your knee pop all the time? If your knee hurts when it pops, then you need to see a physician immediately.” Alvin cuddled both busted kneecaps with a loud scream and sobs of fear.

Skippy watched the vile torment of Alvin and as he rested on top of the dirty floor out of sight but not hearing range.

Brone leaned over the folded body of Alvin with a smile. “Maybe, you should work in a job that reduces the swelling around the kneecap like a pilot or a nurse. A plumber is the worse worker for getting an inflamed sac around the kneecap. A flower gardener has this problem, such as, a wrestler, a football, a basketball player. You’re too short for a basketball player, Alvin,” he chuckled. “Maybe, in your next job, you can wear a set of protective gear on both your knees like a pair of kneepads. Or you can visit with an orthopedic surgeon for your blown kneecap. The currently licensed orthopedic surgeons perform more than 600,000 knee replacement surgeries per year. The number is expected to grow to three million by the year 2030,” he stood upright with a smile and whipped out a hand pistol with a smile to Alvin. “However, you will not live to see the year 2030,” exhaling. “I will miss you, shebo.” He fired a single bullet from a gun with a silencer into the pumping heart of Alvin. The folded body curled and then slumped to the side onto the hard tile, quiet and still. Brone back stepped and spun around to face the rotating door with a smile, moving ahead and veered to the side wall, stopping and stood over Skippy.

Skippy lifted both palms in self defense, as best as, he could see within the darkness of the lunchroom. His nose and lips bleed over the floor from a bruised face.

Brone smiled with a set of shiny teeth within the semi-dark lunchroom. “Today is not your day to die, sir. Enjoy your evening,” he back stepped and spun around to face the rotating door, exiting out the lunchroom.

Skippy slumped down over the floor and closed the eyelids, hearing the distance. A set of loud emergency sirens on top of all the emergency vehicles rolled down the roadway on the busy city street.



Monday August 9th



Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

9:01 am

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Cody appeared with a grin and stood inside the archway, holding the cold bottle of beer. “Good morning, guys!”

He sat at the conference table, “In the morning, Cody?” Fucner looked up with a frown to see Cody.

Islander sat at the end of the conference room table with a smile and a nod to Cody. “Is it a good morning? Are we still employed by Skippy and his secret sugar mama? I like being a FDA agent but this secret spy stuff is funner along with my new big bank account. I can get used to this type of butt-thinking and babysitting work,” he leaned over and fist bumped with Fucner.

Fucner turned with a smile and ordered to the stationary robot inside wall corner between the door frame and the wall. “SUSY-Q, can you round up some hungry men a pot of coffee and an array of breakfast items from cereal to muffins. Thank you, honey!”

The robot droned in a female soprano. “Yes sir, Mr. Fucner!” SUSY-Q spun around and moved ahead, leaving the conference room.

Fucner exhaled with a sour frown at the empty archway. “Why does she call Is, Mr. Islander; Cody, Mr. Cody; Skippy, Captain Skippy, and then me, Mr. Fucner, not Mr. Rector.”

Islander laughed with a nod. “Someone enjoys fucking your ass, Fucner, and has a set of excellent computer hacker skills which might could be similar to young teen-ass Cody,”

“Wait, SUSY-Q!” Cody moved ahead and stopped, placing the bottle of cold beer on top of the conference table, back stepping and spun around with a smile, moving back to the robot. He ripped off the first of three oversized T-shirts and stopped, standing in front of the robot, lifting and shifting the shirt over her naked smooth metal body with a sour frown. “She can’t be roaming around in naked metal,” he reached down and pulled off the belt, lifting and bucked it around her waist, wiggling both palms in the air with a nod and a grin. “Now, SUSY-cutie is a decent sweet southern belle. You can leave for the food trays, now, darling.”

The robot droned in a female soprano on the television squared head of wiggling red and purple lines. “Thank you, Mr. Cody,” then it moved ahead and turned, strolling out the conference room towards the kitchen with the new command from Fucner.

Cody back stepped and spun around, moving towards an empty chair next to Fucner as they all laughed with the amusing event.

Islander continued to sat and tapped on top of the paper folder at the table, waiting for the others to sit down, exhaling with a sigh of intrigue and said to the nose profile of Cody and Fucner. “I have found more information on Brone or Brone Angel. I’m not joking about the celestial name either. His name is registered as an illegal alien in the great State of Alabama right here within the city of Huntsville. Brone is an independent vendor under the company name of Heavenly Incorporated,” he moaned with the others. “He has created a website where an average citizen in the USA or anyone living on planet Earth can measure the invisible outer space pings or OSP from the outer space radiation that bombards the human body during the day or the night. The website is updated in real time, every minute of the day or night.”

SUSY-Q entered the conference room and held a tray of food items, stopping and stood over the conference table, sliding the tray in front of Fucner. Each male stood or leaned over and gather both a beverages and a plate of food items, sitting back down.

Islander chewed and mouth spat food particles over the plate and the table. “SUSY-Q, please access the web site which is called Heavenly Incorporated and then read us out loud all the contents,” he chewed and swallowed the food with a smile, diving into the muffin and ate.

SUSY-Q slowly turned and projected a colored image on the white paint of the side wall, droning in a female timber. “I am displaying the web site with blue, yellow, and green cosmic clouds and the words in white which read Heavenly Incorporated in the middle of the viewing screen on the white wall. Heavenly Incorporated has created a website where an average citizen in the USA or anyone living on planet Earth can measure the invisible outer space pings or OSP from the outer space radiation that bombards the human body during the day or the night. The website is updated in real time, every minute of the day or night.

“Outer space radiation comes down from outer limits of space. The outer space radiation comes down from outer space by gravity and then swirls around a human body, whizzing by and pinging against the delicate human epidermis, not like a dust storm. The outer space radiation particles are invisible…”

Fucner mouth spat food particles with laugh over the plate and the table. “The robot likes the website too.”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “The outer space radiation exposure is not like a tiny stone pebble or a speck of dirt but a great risk to the human body. The human body receives tons of ions of radiation dots that do not bounce off the human epidermis. The ions zing through the human body, leaving a trace of damage to your individual DNA strands. The ions of radiation are composed of tiny bits and pieces of atoms that flung off from the aftermath of supernovas which is composed of proton atoms of hydrogen. These ion particles travel around your galaxy at the speed of light and then hit your body…”

“Enough with outer space, SUSY-Q!” Cody swallowed the food with a smile. “Thanks! Do you have any more information about the website?”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “The OSP devise is a sophisticated ionized particle collector. One unit of an absorbed dose of ionized radiation particles is equal to one milli-rad. The normal set of background radiation particles within the United States of America or the world varies from 50 to 200 millirads which depends upon the city or country where you reside…”

Fucner pointed to the picture of the devise on the painted wall of white with a laugh. “It is a one dollar and twenty nine cents nail brush. My dad used one to clean the dirt out from his nails, after plowing the back forty acres of cotton…”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “One unit of an absorbed dose of ionized radiation particles is equal to one milli-rad. The normal set of background radiation particles within the United States of America or the world vary from 50 to 200 millirads which depends upon the city or country where you reside. A typical medical chest radiology X-ray is eight millirads. A typical hip medical radiological X-ray is 20 millirads. A typical medical cat scanning of the head is less than one millirad…”

“Because, humans ain’t got no brain matter to scan, anyways,” Fucner chewed the food and stared at the stark white paint wall that held the electronic website of the Heavenly Incorporated.

SUSY-Q droned in the female timber. “A typical medical cat scanning of the abdomen is 3.5 millirads. A typical medical radiology scan of 100 millirads during pregnancy will lead to the death of the embryo…”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food, exhaling with a nod. “We got it, SUSY-Q. Thanks! Skip the milli-rad counts. What else is there?”

SUSY-Q droned in the female timber. “A human body can absorb 360 millirads during a solar year and be considered safe and sound on planet Earth. I am displaying the attached OSP detector map for the world.” The wall changed and then showed the countries of the world with a set of round red colored dots with a math number in yellow tint. The robot droned. “The red colored dot stands over your city or your country and then translates into the number of deadly radioactive ions above and beyond the safety level possible for human survival. If your OSP pings are higher than 360 within your designated city or your country, you should consider with concern and move to another lower radiation level on planet Earth…”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food with a confused brow at the world electronic map on the white painted wall. “Why does the city of Austin in the US State of Texas have a measurement of nine pings of OSP?”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “The University of Texas inside the city of Austin operates a nuclear reactor for research purposes on the academic campus which is among a population of 1.7 million people…”

Cody mouth spat out the used food particles. “Wait a minute! The university inside the city of Austin has a live and breathing nuclear reactor…”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “One of the first experiences of nuclear blasting and radiation fallout was located on a remote island within the South Pacific which was called Bikini Island, where the hydrogen bomb was exploded. The island was vacated by all the living and breathing inhabitants. Then, the USA blew a big hole within the center of it and then turned an island into an atoll.”

Islander chuckled with a nod at the website. “The entire shoreline of the west coast of the USA is another time bomb, waiting and watching to explode, when the constant Jet Stream blows up and then down radiation particles from the meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Did you know that the Fukushima foreign government has created an electronic track map of the radiation particles that are heading straight to the US State of California?”

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown, staring at the electronic map on the wall. “The elevation of land affects the distribution of the radioisotopes which in turn will affect the entire world supply of viable crops and then our food chain. Think about that one, people?”

Cody frowned at the electronic map on the wall. “Wait a minute!” He reached down and pulled out the mobile telephone, typing on the tiny screen.

Fucner mouth spat more food particles with a laugh at the electronic map on the wall, “His favored phrase for the morning.”

Islander chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “This is all bullshit. I learned in my seventh grade physical science class that planet Earth has a defense mechanism which protects us, earthlings on top of the Bama soil from any invisible impacting radiation ions. Earth’s magnetic field pushes away the particles or blocks them from coming into our atmosphere.”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “When the outer space radiation ions collide into the human body, the atoms break apart and expose more radiation energy. As each ion collides and then break the atom, the radiation ion become more dangerous to the human body. The ions do not stop coming…”

Cody pointed with a confused brow at the electronic map on the white painted wall. “The OSP ping map is nothing but a set of present nuclear sites of radiation monitoring the radiation stations throughout the USA. And environmental radiation comes from two sources, the earth’s crust, the air waves, and outer space…”

“That’s three sources, redneck,” laughed Fucner.

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “The best example of radiation risk is during space flights into outer space. When an astronaut is exposed to 15 millirads, he develops cataracts, which are permanent changes within the lenses of the human eyeball…”

“Cut that shit off, SUSY-Q,” frowned Fucner. “Thanks for your information. Bye, bye, SUSY-Q.” SUSY-Q spun around and faced the open archway in silence with a set with wiggling lines of silver static on her television head, slowly marching ahead and exited the conference room to store outside inside the dark hallway until her services were needed.

Islander shook a skull with a sigh. “What a joke?” He sipped the coffee.

Fucner laughed, “A heavenly joke…”

Skippy appeared and stood inside the archway with a loud grunt. Islander turned and smiled at Skippy, “Morning, skipper! How ya feeling today?”

Skippy limped inside on the walking cane with a loud grunt and a sour frown. “You shouldn’t ever fool Mother Nature, ya know?” he exhaled with a sigh of pain.

Fucner smiled with a nod. “Is that walking cane real this time?”

Skippy limped to the table and stopping, standing and pulled out the chair, sitting down with a deep huff of pain and a sour frown. “Yeah, I need it for today,” he grunted with a grin, reaching over and prepared a plate of food and a cup of coffee with another grunt. “Thanks for breakfast! I need that too,” he sat back with a sigh and ate the plate of food, chewing.

Islander sipped and swallowed the beverage with a smile. “Why did Brone save you or not save you, skipper?”

Skippy chewed and swallowed the food with a nod, tapping on the coffee cup with a stern face. “I owe each one of you an explanation. Well, it is a reading from Alvin’s personal diary,” he reached down with a loud grunt of pain and pulled out a paper folder from the briefcase, sitting upright and gently slapped the folder on top of the hard surface with a huff of concern, looking at each face. “I do not know why he kept me alive. Maybe, it was for revenge or some money ransom for a raining day.” He reached down and flipped open the paper folder, reading out loud from the torn page of Alvin’s personal diary. “Brone commanded me to cooperate as he was impressed with the damn batch of lucky Bama boys. Each one of them somehow survived the encounter with Brone’s arranged accidents,” he looked up with a stern face to see each shocked face with a nod and looked back down and read out loud. “The US Federal Government agency called the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS agency came to the rescue finding the wrong criminal, capturing the wrong criminal, hiding the wrong criminal, and then covering up the right criminal’s boot toes, a brilliant plan from the get-go with the exception of one heated body. IRS agent Rector Fucner was leaning inside his pickup truck when the inner guts of the cabin violently imploded, shredding all the other heated and trapped bodies into lawn mulch. Moody remembered to bring the portable bomb but forget the mobile phone and then meshed his fingers into the bomb’s remote control accidentally, before exiting out from the cabin. Moody was a true dumbass to the end. I told Brone as much but Brone needed the gem stone from the Starlit beauty crown. Good thing, semi-precious metals are indestructible.

“Cody Mack lost his way out from the single farm cottage towards his pickup truck, missing the final fireworks of the burnt body parts, too.” Skippy looked up with a sad face to see Islander. “Tatiana, your daddy, and the other unlucky FBI agents were in the wrong place at the wrong time, Is. Your best friend saved your life, thou.” Islander nodded in silence with a stern face.

Cody turned and frowned at the nose profile of Islander. “Who’s your best friend, Is? Did he survive, too? Where he is?”

Islander stared with a blank face at the white painted wall. “My dog Lester must’ve smelled the explosive chemicals that drifted out from the building and through the air waves, when he was outside peeing. He blocked the front doors from me and then the front doors exploded over him. Lester covered me. He saved my life. Then I lived thirteen months wetting the hospital bed and pissing inside the nasty rehab ward on the nasty girl with a crooked nose.”

Skippy grunted with a stern face to see each male. “I do work for the US military and as a spy for the USA, when necessary. I was working on an international jewelry ring. Gem stones had been stolen for the past two years throughout the continents of Europe and Asia, which was being tracked to an archeology team, who was headed by Dorothy and who was highly suspicious of USA treason. My job was to prove it. So, you guessed right, I failed. I tried to sex fuck Alvin when she was female Dorothy, two years ago. She was a lesbian when we entered the cave together, where she supposedly died and then reemerged as Alvin, after her sex change operation. Yes, I knew of Brone too, before the deadly murder. He killed in cold blood with a hand gun in front of my eyeballs Dorothy or Alvin or the man-woman thing that died on the floor, last night. I didn’t recognize Alvin until it was too late also. Alvin came up as a classified red flag in my face during my personal investigation.

“A classified military officer does not go beauty pageants or appear on television programs. Period! SUSY-Q had one hell of time, not finding out about Alvin too. I did some telephone calls, not finding out about Alvin, also. I called the Mississippi governor, not finding out about Alvin. I called the pageant direction, not finding out about Alvin, either. The pageant billionaire and director both accepted his demon tale on face value with a set of dangling colorful medals on the military jacket, a nice smile, and nicely parted hair. Then I ordered Islander to miss lunch with the beauty babes…”

Islander turned and stared at each face. “I investigated every living and breathing life form under our asses that was connected with the Miss Starlit pageant, but the war warriors. O’Hanlon was the real thing even I couldn’t deny his glory and his pain,” exhaling with sadness of his death at the pageant stage, last night.

Skippy exhaled with a huff of sadness and a sour frown. “Yes, our US Federal government figured it all out right after the Ashmore funerals, then I used each one of you plus me…”

Cody exhaled with a huff of angry. “I’m been played.”

Fucner frowned with fury. “We all have been played, Cody.”

Islander exhaled with a huff of worry and nodded to the nose profiles of Cody and Fucner. “I don’t like being played by either party, but I don’t like criminals inside my playground with me. I’ll gladly be played again, if I can save more Americans.”

“Fucking hell!” Cody nodded with a full mouth of food and tossed the fork into the air.

Fucner nodded with a stern face to Skippy. “I love America, too.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face to each male. “Dorothy simply a) wanted revenge payback for losing the Miss Starlit beauty contest and b) recognized me while she was working for Brone. I thought wrong-o. I thought isolating Alvin from the pageant girls would save the beauty pageant show. A bomb is set by remote control devise. He was here with us that night. He had the remote control devise on his body somewhere,” he shook a skull. “I didn’t connect the invisible electromagnetic currents inside the wheelchair rotors that were flinging out a set of tiny sparks into the air waves, where the infused wiring made of the silver part of the crown’s structure.”

Cody exhaled. “No one knew the information, skipper. No one figured it out until last night. These jewelry thieves are one pretty techo savvy engineers using the best state of the art equipment. We should call in help from the other branches of the government,” he chewed the food.

Islander shook a skull with a sad face. “I am so sorry, ya’ll. I figured all this mess out, too late. It was staring me in the face, but I missed it…”

Skippy shook a bruised face. “No, you did not, Is. We were hired as a special team for a special purpose by the pageant billionaire owner of the Miss Starlit contest. Shit! Even the set of highly paid private dicks by the pageant management missed the intrinsic detailed information. Now, they are dead with their master. God bless them all in heaven!”

Cody turned and frowned at Islander. “What information, Is?”

Islander exhaled with a puff of frustration. “Close your eyes or open your eyes! But I want to think backward in time. ‘Miss Starlit of whatever’ receives a big title and a big crown. Seven inches tall and four inches in width made of cheap rhinestones. However, someone stole the three crowns from our murdered winners for some fucking ass reason. Amber was a winner years ago in high school. This pageant has been going on for decades with girls from ages three to twenty three years old. Tatianna,” he exhaled. “I went to high school and pharmacy school with her. Her tiara contained an emerald stone. This bastard is wicked as hell. He has no rhyme or reason for a motive of killing. The stones inside the previous three murdered winners are valuable stones of emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

“The international winner was supposed to have received a diamond, a real big one. A diamond is one of the hardest minerals to kill on planet Earth. Brone is collecting all the precious gem stones for free within his private dick-ass collection. I know why too. I researched along with SUSY-Q every contestant, every judge, every crew member, and every sponsor, and even the billionaire, and his employees. But, I missed the one staring in my eyeballs. The crown holds a gem stone. Some are usually a cheaply crafted diamond-type fake rhinestone. The jewelry maker created the first gem stone for the Miss Starlit crown, a great big emerald. Back then seventy years ago, products were big and beautiful. Workmanship met something more than dollar bills, based on real values of pride…”

“Pride is a sin in the Bible.” Cody nodded with a stern face.

Fucner turned and frowned at Cody, “Uh! I am not touching that one, boy.”

“It is.” Cody nodded.

Islander nodded. “The jewelry maker was named Brone Wehrme. He resided in Austria, a long, long time ago. He hand-cut and hand-crafted each stone and then his son took over the jewelry making business. So, I’m theorizing here that the gem stones from seventy years ago had been stolen or accidentally placed into a tiara. Then, the stone and tiara was purchased and shipped to wherever, world. One of the present day sons is chasing down these particular expensive and ancient gem stones. Based on the cold blue blood value from my internal and external resources, the stones are worth billions, not millions, the new value of greed.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face. “Good job, Is! We found a connection of the dead winners and their beauty crowns. Cody told me that he noticed Amber’s tiara went missing from her dining room cabinet, before the bullet hit the house. The ruse worked perfectly. Amber and the team of protective US Marshals fled the safety of the house into a rural country side farm cottage, where Brone surrounded the house and then killed everyone, but Cody. To me, this is making more sense, coming from the thievery angle, then a sore loser female with a big nose and a bigger chip on her shoulder, who sexed changed into a male. The firework funeral last night was not a simply jealous girl, who got second place, not first. The bombs were strategically placed, making and taking the entire structure collapse upon itself within minutes. No one survived. The pageant billionaire is being sued from his asshole up to his esophagus. He won’t be a billionaire, anymore. To work, we’re still on the case…”

“Wait!” Fucner frowned. “The pageant billionaire won’t have money to pay us, so we can continue to work on this case.”

Islander nodded, “Right! Because, the pageant billionaire is dead, too.”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “You received a new financial installment at midnight, last night. The murder case is still being investigated. Or you can walk away. You have been paid for your work to date.”

Fucner grinned. “Are there more installments as we get closer to solving the murder case and killing the murderer?”

Skippy nodded with a smile. “Yes, there is more money and blood. But I get to assassin bastard Brone, once we capture him.”

Cody frowned. “I want his foot.”

Fucner smiled. “I want his dick.”

Islander smiled. “I want his face.”

“There’re plenty of body parts to jerk off and pass around,” Skippy laughed with the others. “Excellent! What’s the next step?”

Fucner smiled. “A jewelry thief goes for the next set of shiny stones, so we tarry to the next Miss Starlit Pageant. Where is it?”

Islander frowned. “In fucking hell, dumbass Fucner, the Miss Starlit Pageant has been cancelled, foreverly. Everyone and his mama are suing the pageant billionaire for wrongful deaths of thousands and thousands of dead cold body parts. Remember, last night? So, the jewelry thief has no more leads like us.”

Cody tossed both hands into the air. “Then, the murder is closed.”

Skippy shook a skull. “I don’t believe in my heart that is so. There is something we are missing. The something is me. I survived the male name Brone. He killed Alvin but threatened me being so close to his person. Yeah, he was a fuzzy blurry figure of darkness within my dizzy concession last night. I slammed into a damn rotating lunchroom door and then saw some of Brone, who was having fun tormenting Alvin to death. And then I passed out cold on the colder floor. I awoke inside a hospital and was released this morning at five. Anyways, this man named Brone has stolen four great big precious gem stones, a ruby, a sapphire, a diamond, and an emerald. I believe he wants to sale the four stones to a private collector, probably another billionaire. These bastards have nothing else to do with their monies but spend it on shit, when the people go hungry and dead of disease. Therefore, Brone needs another target. So, where would the location of another nice collection of gem stones?”

Cody frowned. “Hell, if I know…”

Fucner reached over and grabbed the mobile telephone with a smile typing on tiny keyboard. “Hell, if I can find out…” Islander and Skippy reached over and grabbed the mobile telephone too as they searched for an answer also. Fucner nodded to the screen of the grin. “Use the two nouns, murders and gemstones. I’ve already found on the internet, a newspaper article of a murdered man for a bag of diamonds, in Kenya, four years ago.”

Islander read out loud from the mobile telephone. “I found another murdered male for a bag of diamonds, three years ago, in Africa.”

Skippy shouted out loud and looked down with a stern face on the mobile telephone. “SUSY-Q, stand on the opposite side of the room and shine your computer information onto the white wall behind me. Please access all internet hits for the noun combination of murders and gemstones. Start with your first access hit and then scroll the information down the wall, every three seconds.”

SUSY-Q entered the room and stood inside the archway, droning in a female timber. “Yes sir!” She continued to wear the shirt from Cody and the leather belt. Islander looked up and winked to Cody. Cody looked up and turned with a wink with Fucner. SUSY-Q moved ahead and turned, parking in front of the white painted wall as her television lights brightened on the white paint then a set of first set of jumbled sentences appeared over the white paint.

Islander looked up with a confused brow to study the white wall with the sentences. “I’m getting about the same internet results. There are numerous murdered people over diamonds in both the countries of Africa and Great Britain. Africa is the holding company for mining the diamonds. Great Britain is the miner dealer for distributing the cut diamonds.”

Cody read out loud the mobile telephone with stern face. “I see a police arrest made over a murder of the UK gem stone expert, in Kenya, two years ago.”

Fucner looked up with a confused brow at the white wall of sentences that came from the television head of SUSY-Q, seeing the same hits on the mobile telephone. “I don’t think this is a good method of pursuing Brone.”

Islander looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the information for all eardrums. “I found an interesting combination of gem stones and murders. A Saudi Arabic male was murdered over a blue diamond, fourteen years ago. Could there be a different murder for a different gem stone? Do you think the internet could tell us if there are murders are related to other kinds of gem stones?”

Fucner read out loud the information in the incorrect manner with a chuckle. “Yeah, in the foreign country of India, Gopally Harry Jerry was murdered over an emerald gem stone, five years ago.”

Cody tossed an arm into the air with a nod and read out loud on the mobile telephone. “Since 4th BC, diamonds had been discovered at an old Indian work site of Arthasastra. Then, the raw rock of diamonds were traded and even taxed by the tax collectors within the country of India. When you can’t buy or sale gem stone, thievery becomes very popular, since the ancient year of 3,000 BC.” He dropped the arm and looked up with a stern face to see Skippy. “This is not the right method for finding Brone. I agree with Fucner.”

Fucner read out loud from the mobile telephone with a stern face. “I found something interesting. In Sanskrit, a Turkish sultan was murdered in the ancient year of 1513 AD for a triplet ruby. That is a ruby gem that is three times its normal size. What is the normal size for a ruby? This brings us a good question to me. Are these really stones?”

Islander shook an arm and a skull. “Wait a minute! We are going about this all wrong. The pageant billionaire has possession of all the gem stones, so the jewelry thief will be robbing him next. This is our clue and our next target.”

Skippy frowned. “Good luck to the jewelry thief and us! Lawyers are invading and staying inside the pageant billionaire mansion as we ponder here inside the damaged work building. Nothing is getting in or out of that house until the year 2051. While the office of lawyers make millions of dollars in legal fees, until his billions are all gone.”

Fucner nodded. “I concur with that scenario.”

Cody frowned. “Madagascar, there was a gem stone robbery and murder in the country of Madagascar. One of the beauty contestants was from the country of Madagascar,” nodding.

“So?” Fucner frowned.

Cody exhaled. “I find this a weird coincidence along with the weirder representative from Holy See, the holy city of the entire world. I believe this is a clue.”

Islander nodded. “I believe Cody is right. Do you know why, gentlemen?” Cody laughed. Fucner frowned. Islander smiled. “A set of fucking clueless perverts, both of you were present at the swimsuit and evening gown competition yesterday. You saw the girls singing and two-stepping some really funny dance moves…”

Fucner frowned. “So!”

Islander laughed. “You didn’t bother looking above their breasts, Fucner.”

Fucner laughed, “Naw. What’s up there to stare at, Is?”

Skippy slapped the table with a laugh. “A chin, a nose, a forehead and a tiara, Is is correct. During the evening gown competition, each girl wore their crown. The native tiara came from their native country which was given to them for winning their native country’s title.”

Islander turned and smiled at the back spine of the robot. “SUSY-Q, please replace the current wall of sentences and show a colorful picture of Miss Madagascar during the evening gown competition on the wall.” The wall of words was replaced with a short girl who wore a yellow evening gown and a tall crown of silver with a blue stone.

Cody smiled at the wall with the girl. “Wow! Show the next girl, SUSY-cutie. Miss Yemen has a blue stone inside her native crown, too. And then continue to show the next girl, until I say stop, SUSY-cutie.” The robot displayed each photograph for five seconds on the wall. Cody pointed at the picture. “Miss Benin is wearing a blue stone inside her native crown, too. Miss Oman is wearing a blue stone inside her native crown, too. Miss Algeria is wearing a blue stone inside her native crown, too. Miss Estonia is wearing a blue stone inside her native crown, too.”

Islander frowned at the wall with each girl picture. “There are not in alphabetic order either. SUSY-Q, please go back to the first photography of Miss Madagascar and identify the blue stone in her tiara?”

The wall turned into the dull white paint. SUSY-Q displayed the first colored picture back onto the wall and then flipped through the next one, droning in a female timber. “Miss Madagascar is wearing a blue lapis lazuli stone inside the crown. Miss Yemen is wearing a blue spinel inside the crown. Miss Oman is wearing a blue tanzanite inside the crown. Miss Algeria is wearing a blue anhydrite…”

“Blue. Blue.” Cody nodded with a grin. “The gem stones of spinel and tanzanite come in varied colors besides blue, so true blue is the true answer here,” he looked down with a smile and typed on the mobile telephone.

Furner frowned at the wall and then the hair roots of Cody. “It’s a blue stone.”

Islander smiled with a nod. “Ah! I see Cody’s connection. SUSY-Q, is one of the beauty contestants wearing specifically a blue sapphire in her tiara from last night?”

SUSY-Q droned in female timber. “No, Mr. Islander.”

Cody looked up with a smile to each face. “See? I’m right. Amber’s tiara contained the only blue sapphire that Brone wanted and stolen when he murdered her and her family unit and all my friends at the US Marshal Office. The pageant billionaire didn’t buy a repeat any of the earth’s nature semi-precious gem stones for the winners of the pageant, because each stone is unique. And I agree with the gathered historical information and brilliant assessment from Is. Each stone came from the old man Brone from many, many decades ago. His son is stealing them back by murdering anyone who gets in the way.”

Fucner frowned. “I don’t know, kid. How many different varieties of natural gemstones are there in the world, SUSY-Q?”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “There are two hundred different varieties of natural gemstones.”

Fucner nodded. “How many world countries are represented at the Miss International Starlit pageant last night, before the fireworks, SUSY-Q?”

The robot droned in a female timber and faced the wall. “There were 196 countries from the world that were present at the Miss International Starlit pageant last night, before all were killed in the bomb explosion.”

Islander turned and smile at Fucner. “The four missing gem stones would be a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald, and a diamond which was supposed to go to the dead winner. The kid’s right again. Give it up while you’re ahead, Fucner!”

Cody pointed to the ceiling with a stern face and then the wall with the girl picture with a nod. “He’s looking for it. I can’t believe this. Brone is looking for the Ring of King Solomon. The gem stone ring of King Solomon is one of the most mysterious artifacts of the world. The relic has been mentioned for thousands of years in books and by mouth which is also called the Ring of the Fisherman, the Seal of Solomon, and the Ring of Aandaleeb. It’s a very powerful weapon, warding off evil spirits, casting away demons, and saving mankind for salvation to…to enter heaven. It’s a large oval shape of blue stone…”

“One,” Fucner frowned. “I don’t believe ya, Cody. Two, you’re full of shit, kid. Three, that blue stone in her crown is too big for any ring setting. Four, there are other colored stones besides blue for stealing by a jewelry thief than a set of matching blue colored. Five, that blue stone would fit inside a crown or a broach only. Did King Solomon wear a set of ladies broaches on his silk robes?” He laughed with Islander.

Cody frowned. “The Ring of King Solomon is a lost artifact like…like the Ark of the Covenant like…like the Ark boat of Noah, the breastplate of Aaron, and…and like the lost treasure of the kingdom of Tyre…”

Fucner laughed. “And all is lost like the lost civilization of Atlantis. Anyone with a set of tits or wits among their genes would have to not fucking guess by now that Noah’s Ark is deep shit below planet Earth underneath a dome of hard rock bed which was 5,000 years ago. A place where no man will ever go, so man hitched a ride a star ship into outer space instead,” chuckling.

Cody looked down with a stern face and typed on the mobile telephone. “We’re looking for a smaller piece of stone.”

Skippy shook a skull with a stern face and type on the mobile telephone. “A jewelry thief does want to steal gem stones. Miss Starlit had two hundred gem stones in one single spot. This is a brilliant plan that successfully worked along with committing mass murders in one evening. Okay. The good old internet tells me. The top ten gem stones to purchase or steal include a blue sapphire, an orange topaz, a pink tourmaline, a purple amethyst, a red ruby, a golden citrine, a red spinel, a smoky quartz, a red garnet, and a blue lapis lazuli.”

Cody looked up with a worried brow to each male. “Brone is looking for the Ring of King Solomon. Here in Huntsville for one evening, there is an assortment of the world’s greatest collection of blue stones on top of every beauty contestant’s hair roots. One of them has to be it. Once Brone figures out which one, he’ll mold himself another Ring of King Solomon.”

Islander smiled. “Okay, Cody! I believe your working theory. So tell me which blue stone is it? Or could it be? Do you have an inkling?”

“No. But I got a tinkling,” Fucner stood upright with a smile and back stepped from the table, turning to face the open archway and exited the room.

Islander turned and frowned at the ass of Fucner. “Is there some scholar who knows any ancient Bible theories regarding the Ring of King Solomon that we can add to our team, skipper?”

Skippy exhaled with a huff of frustration. “Cody, I like your theory, too. SUSY-Q, take all the colored photographs of all the Miss International Starlit Pageant contestants and then compare to the completed listing of every gem stones from A to Z on planet Earth with each contestant’s individual picture. And then tell me what is missing? Thank you! Once we prove it, how do we keep from getting locked up the closest mental institution?” Fucner returned into the room with a smile and moved ahead towards the chair.

SUSY-Q continued to stand in front of the wall and removed the colorful picture. Then the wall turned back into dull white paint again. The robot droned in a female timber. “Thank you, Captain Skippy. Your request is being processed which will take approximately eighteen hours, thirty two minutes, and seven seconds.”

Islander grinned. “There’s one here in B’ham.”

Fucner stopped and slid back down into the same chair with a sour frown to Islander. “Shut the fuck up, Is!”

Islander nodded with a smile. “I know the answers. Brone is a son of a jeweler, fact one. Fact two, he is a jeweler who stole the gem stones. Fact three, he is a murderer. I wanna remind everyone. Fact four, we go back to the exploded building and shift through the pink tissues, red dried blood, and broken white bones for the two hundred gems stones. If all the tiaras with the blue stones are missing, then Cody is right. Brone is re-creating the Ring of King Solomon for his evil purpose. The end!”

Skippy frowned. “I don’t like your gross vivid description, but I do like your idea. I need to make future plans with the lawyers of the pageant billionaire, before we descend upon the dead body parts…”

“Call up the FBI, skipper,” frowned Islander.

Skippy nodded. “The billionaire died in the explosion, too. His lawyers are lawyered up, having secured everything and anything for their future profits at the damaged building, the estate house, and the business. If any of the gem stones survived the fires, the explosions, and Brone, they would have them locked away inside a steel safe behind the kitchen refrigerator.”

Fucner reached over with a smile and grabbed the mobile telephone, typing on the screen. “Good! We don’t have to visit the scattered body parts inside the bombed building. I don’t like blood and guts and dust bunnies,” chuckling.

Islander looked down with a smile and typed on the screen of the mobile telephone for new information. “Cody, we can do some legwork while we wait on SUSY-Q output results…”

“Hey!” Fucner frowned down at the screen of the phone and looked up to see Cody. “The Ring of King Solomon is a signal ring. That means it is a ring that is worn on the longest finger middle for shooting a bird or stamping a mess of black heated tar onto hard copy papers, without magical powers.”

Cody grinned. “Moses didn’t have toilet paper to shit on each turd or wipe his ass, Fucner. He wrote on a set of two rough stone tablets like the Ten Commandments per the Bible. Scholars believed that the two tables were ten words, literally. The Hebrew people didn’t have a written language either. They used some ancient set of hieroglyphics symbols similar to the Egyptian culture. Each symbol represented a set of instructions, such like, pray to God, shit in the ditch, bathe in the ocean. That’s why God commissioned priests to write the Bible. O. King Solomon used a cylinder ring which looked like your grandmomma’s rolling pin for making her homemade buttermilk biscuit dough, dork. The cylinder ring was the famous Jewish star symbol rolled on a piece of tiny white linen for any and all official kingly documents, if ever was needed. The ancient Romans wore the first known hand rings. A hand ring was enclosed in the earth mineral of iron which could be forged and molded, since its hardness is beyond all expression…”

“So is my dick during a full erection, kid,” chuckled Fucner.

“Excellent working theory, my young sir,” she appeared and stood inside archway, holding an old fashioned worn brown colored leather briefcase and a smile. The female was tall and slender with a head of shoulder length dirty blonde colored hair, a tone of pale tinted skin, and a pair of hazel colored eyes. She entered the room and stopped, standing over the blackish gray hair roots of Skippy. The other soldiers stood upright from the chair for a southern belle with a greeting nod in silence and then sat back down.

Skippy did not stand and patted the empty chair beside him with a smile. “Gentlemen, please meet our newest valuable member to join our little gang. May I present Yorkie? She holds a post-doctoral degree in radiation biology and bone and is my personal physician, a medical licensed radiologist,” he turned and winked at her.

“Hi, ya’ll!” Yorkie slid down into the empty chair with a smile at each face, dropping the briefcase at the feet. “I’m not an oncologist treating cancer patients for tumors. I work for the US Federal Government with some of the newest novel radiation technologist in the areas of high dose-rate and low dose-rate intensity modulated radiation therapy, a mouth full. I know. Alright! Let’s get started. I’m here on loan, so we make the most of my time, boys.”

“Boys?” Fucner laughed.

Yorkie reached over with a smile and patted the arm of Skippy. “I have some additional information to share. When Skippy survived a direct gun assault inside a cliff cave on top of a river in south Alabama, it was accidental. The ring leader Dorothy, aka Alvin, was second runner up to Amber Ashmore in the Miss Starlit Pageant, many years ago. There wasn’t one single gem stone hidden inside the walls or on the bodies of the shredded flesh. The White House experts, too many for me to credit, found a patch of tiny shards composed of petrified wood, only. The petrified wood was tested and found to be radiated. Yes, outer space and man-made radiation travels as rays, waves, or energetic particles through air, water, or solid objects. Specifically, gamma rays will penetrate paper, skin, wood, and other substances, including the individual clay bricks of your residential family house plus all the building materials. We’re doused with radiation every day. Ionizing radiation is widely used in industry and medicine present in plastics, wood, water, and your human body. Except, this piece of wood is radiated at .000006 millirads. Does everyone understand a milli-rad?”

Cody smiled. “A unit measure of a single dosage of any type of radiation, whether man-made or outer space.”

Yorkie leaned down and rattled the lip of the briefcase, lifting and held two objects near her smile. “This is a Geiger counter,” she lowered and slid both objects to Fucner with a smile. “Please scan the tiny piece of petrified wood with the Geiger counter, sir.”

Fucner reached out and grabbed, scanning the wood chunk with the machine, looking at the screen. “It read .000002 millirads, almost nothing,” he slid the items back to Yorkie with a nod.

Cody laughed. “SUSY-Q, please show me television channel number 9999 on the white paint.”

Fucner looked up with a confused brow to see the ceiling and back to see Cody. “There ain’t no television channel for 9999, unless you’re calling up your outer space friends on planet Mars,” he laughed with the others. The wall changed into a set of silver and gray lines of static.

Cody pointed at the wall with a smile. “My earthling friend, that there is silver and gray snow which comes from television channel 9999. One percent of snow is background outer space radiation that falls down from the big bang theory that credited and created our universe. This is the birth pain of the universe by Almighty God’s hand. I don’t know why folks get upset about science and God. They are both the one and the same.”

Yorkie smiled with a nod, “That is an excellent presentation, Cody. Back to the petrified wood, some of the radiation particles have leaked and traveled up into our atmosphere. SUSY-Q, please show us the current radiation dots of .000002 millirads around the world.” The wall turned into an electronic map of the United States. There were a set of tiny red dots that covered ninety nine percent of the USA. Yorkie spun around inside the chair and pointed the electronic map on the wall with a stern face. “You can see micro millirads are everywhere around us, on top of us, and surrounding us. SUSY-Q, please eliminate all the nuclear plant sites and then show us the current radiation dots of .000002 millirads.” The map of the USA changed into a set of tiny pockets of red in certain geographical points. Yorkie said. “You are seeing the remnants of tiny radiation dots which can be measured by the outer space satellites,” she spun around inside the chair and faced each male with a nod. “Now, the mysterious begins. What do gem stones and petrified wood have in common?” silence invaded the room. She smiled. “I am asking the question, gentlemen.”

Skippy chuckled. “To the cell phones, guys,” he looked down with a smile at the mobile telephone, typing into the tiny keyboard.

Yorkie smiled, “I would suggest to type in your cell phone search, wood and gems.”

Islander smiled at Yorkie. “Too easy and too common, the answer is a jewelry box. My mama had one for many decades. Both items of wood and gems were contained within,” nodding.

Cody looked down with a stern face and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “Wow! That’s a toughie. I see jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets. No other common items. SUSY-Q, we need some help here. What does petrified wood and gems have in common, a common factor?”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber. “Let me compute the request, Mr. Cody.”

Islander looked down with a stern face and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “I see handcrafted fashion jewelry, pendants of combined wood and gems. There’s intriguing petrified wood and wood fossils created into healing stone.”

Fucner frowned down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “I see petrified wood sap. What fucking sap would get a piece of petrified wood sap?” He laughed with the others.

Cody frowned down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “Amber is petrified wood resin. When hardened, it becomes the gem stone of amber for sale.”

Fucner lifted and raised the mobile telephone near a smile. “Here’s a picture of a fossilized wood gemstone for sale for one hundred fifty dollars or a picture of a pendant for fifty dollars or a sphere for one hundred twenty five dollars without state and local taxes, ya’ll. A petrified wood mosaic, wood tiles, wood limb slices. Yeah, baby! Look at this monster petrified wood tree trunk, the size of a mature oak tree. I want one for Christmas, daddy,” laughing.

Islander frowned down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The Ming dynasty era produced a mixture of gold and wood products in furniture. Could gem stones be hidden within the wood too?”

Skippy smiled down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “Most of the pictures are precious rock gems embedded between trunks of wood.”

Islander frowned down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “There is a golden and wood abacus from the foreign country of China. Gold and wooden statues from ancient times in Africa or Sumer or Babylonia or whatever…”

He looked up with a laugh to see each face. “You are pissing up the wrong tree. It is gems and wood, not gold and wood,” chuckling.

Cody looked up with a sigh to see each face. “I have found here on the cell. The four major gem stones are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies which are the four most expensive and valuable to mankind. It’s valuable to kings too. Royal coffins are covered in them. Kings are buried in them. Does the wood and gems have to been embedded into the design or product? Could the wood and gems be separate, not necessary combined in a necklace or a furniture piece?”

Islander frowned down at the screen of the mobile telephone and then to each face. “I found photographs of jewelry items being used as a healing stone for the body and mind. How is a piece of wood a healing stone?”

Cody smiled. “The stone is made of Earth. Earth is part of Almighty God’s property. Almighty God heals the Earth, when destroyed by assholes like Fucner. Then, the Earth provides healing to God’s children…”

“A cycle of nothing,” laughed Fucner.

SUSY-Q replaced the picture with a new mage on the wall with a drone, “Here is the picture of the Ark of the Covenant.”

Yorkie looked up with a smile to see each face. “The White House believes that Brone is looking for the broken chunks of the Ark of the Covenant or some smaller pieces of the Ark…”

“Naw,” Fucner shook a skull and the hands with the mobile telephone with a stern face. “I’m sorry, pretty doctor. I’m a badass and an asshole. I don’t believe this crap. I do believe in Almighty God and Brother Jesus and like my new bank account, but your story is running on corn fumes or maybe outer space farts. I do believe that I need some more hard evidence other than a mass murderer who is looking for a biblical artifact that fucking no man or monster on Earth has stomped on especially here in Alabama. The end!”

Islander frowned. “Why are you referencing the White House contact as opposed to the US Government contact, Yorkie?”

Yorkie nodded with a grin. “My boss is the President of the United States. My orders come directly from the President of the United States. My information exchange is only with the President of the United States.”

Fucner pointed with a smile down to the mobile telephone. “And you tell Mr. President of the United States thank you for my six figured bank account. It’ll not go to waste,” nodding.

Cody nodded with a smile. “I can help the pretty doctor prove her valid point. The Ark of Convent is the one of the world’s most fascinating biblical mysteries. In the Holy Bible of the Old Testament on top of Mount Sinai around 1250 BC, Almighty God inscribed the Ten Commandments on a set of two stone tablets. Moses built under God’s instructions a wooden crate covered in melted down jewelry of gold. God got pissed off at His children, again. The Israelites and the Ark of the Covenant was toted around for forty long years for their personal punishment by God, wandering the desert. Then, they stopped wandering. The Israelites built and placed inside the temple the Ark of the Covenant. They called it, the Temple of King Solomon. For 200 years, Israel lived in peace with victory against its enemies. Then, they lost the battle with the Philistines, where the Ark was taken and treated, like a trophy. Several unnatural disasters befell upon their city, one being the bubonic plague with an invasion of mice.”

Fucner laughed. “There were plenty of hungry cats in Egypt. The Philistines should’ve rented some or catnipped some,” he chuckled without the others.

Yorkie looked down with a stern face to see the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “At the Battle of Absalom in the year 962 BC, King David won the Ark back and then placed it inside the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. In the year 587 BC, the Babylonians led by King Nebuchadnezzar captured the city of Jerusalem along with taking possession of the Ark and all the precious treasures…”

Fucner leaned over and elbowed Islander with a wink and a smile, looking at each face. “A world history lesson here King Darius lost control of his kingdom, because he wanted to raise taxes, after spending all his money on his thousands of wives and concubines. Geez! He had some biblical fun. He had a thousand nights of fun. How many years is a thousand days? Wished, I had a personal temple and a thousand whores, I could really have some fun too. He invited on Saturday nights about 50,000 people, where they would gather and pass around the incense which contained cannabis or modern day pot inside his royal palace. Then on Sunday morning, they awoke to hungry pains of food,” chuckling. “Solomon’s grandson messed around with way too much pot and girls, losing to Nebuchadnezzar in the year 586 BC. Now that is the more accurate description of your history lesson for the day, children. Darius’ derriere was exiled from Jerusalem too. Then, the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, toting off the Ark. Bye-bye, ya’ll!” he wiggled both eyebrows with a chuckle.

Yorkie looked up with a grin to see each face. “King Nebuchadnezzar received a set of bad dreams but never returned back the Ark to King Darius. In the year 150 BC, the re-built second Temple of Solomon was invaded by Alexander the Great, who stole the treasure. However, the Ark of the Covenant was never seen or heard from again since the thievery of 586 BC. It has been cited in the Old Testament but can’t be found, not one tiny splinted wood.”

Fucner chuckled, “God should’ve built an alarm system.”

Skippy said. “Wait! I got something to add. In the second Book of Maccabebebees, chapters two through four, verse ten, Almighty God ordered the Ark which was buried inside a cave on Mount Nebo in the country of Jordan within the city of Zion. Currently, the Zionists claim it holds the Ark under guard and foot inside a deep cave.”

Fucner looked down with a smile face to see the mobile telephone. “Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Islander read out loud the information on the mobile telephone. “The country of South Africa has it buried down in a deep cave in the Durnghe Mountains, their spirit home,” he looked up with a smile to see each face.

Cody read out loud from the mobile telephone with the internet information. “The country of France claimed the Ark was taken to Chartres Cathedral by the Knights Templar but removed during World War One and far away from dictator Hitler.”

Fucner smiled. “Every fucking person in the world knows that the Ark is sealed inside a wooden crate with the number 84 inside a warehouse at Area 51 within the US State of Nevada which is right beside the frozen body of the outer space green alien guy. And Brother Ezekiel was the musical band Journey’s first musical fan, describing the fiery wheel in the sky,” he laughed with the others. “And now, I have addressed the finale question for the starved and stupid readers of the world. Yeah! Can I leave and spend my money, before I pay fifty percent in taxes for doing nothing, skipper?”

Yorkie read out loud from the mobile telephone with the internet information. “The Ark of the Covenant was held inside King Solomon’s temple that housed the Ten Commandments along with other treasures in the Land of Israel…”

Fucner chuckled with a musical hum. “Is that related to the land of Dixie or the land of cotton? I wished I were in the land of cotton look away…look away…look away Dixie land,” humming with a smile.

Islander turned and winked with a smile. “Or the Landscape of the Lost, it was an old kiddie television program with a set of big cute colorful dinosaurs.”

Fucner laughed. “T-rex moved it to Japan, where he and Godzilla protect it by shitting over the God’s gold with their dump of radiation turds.”

Islander wiped off the tears with a laugh. “That explains the massive weird-ass radiation waves over the entire country of Japan, causing the nuclear plant explosion.”

Skippy frowned with puzzlement. “Why is the Ark of the Covenant radiated?”

Fucner raised and dropped the palm with a laugh. “God’s mad. No wait! I know. It is God’s method of speaking to His children from his voice box like a great big cell phone, since He gave all his science brains to mankind. He needed to get everyone attention for a certain period of time, before releasing the children into the wild,” he chuckled with the others.

Cody turned and frowned at the nose profile of Fucner. “Can he take his money and please leave right now?”

Fucner raised and dropped the palm with a laugh, “Time out! All these historical fairy tales don’t matter. Wood is wood. Wood turns into sawdust over years, decades, and centuries. The Ark is in heaven like the Bible tells. We all believe in the Bible. Right? Right! Amen,” smiling.

Cody smiled. “The Ark is made of acacia wood. There are 1,300 species of the wood where 960 species come from the countries of Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US State of California. Looks like a piece of plain old light brown trunk of a maple tree. The branches are used as fodder which is animal feed for agricultural foodstuff for cows, goats, sheep, horses, chickens, and pigs. The wood is water-seasoned for tool handles and lumber for boats,” he turned and wiggled the eyebrows to each face.

Islander smiled, “Cody’s smart.”

Fucner turned and frowned at the teen-ass. “God’s smarter than Cody.”

Cody smiled. “The Ark is not located inside a musky cave or underneath a dry desert or on top of a snowy mountain but along a river bed. No one can find the thing, since it is buried underneath gallons of water which is probably fresh water, coming directly from the feeder system of the Jordan River. A river is fresh water, not salt water.”

Yorkie exhaled with a nod. “Let’s start all over again with the factual information from the Bible story. The Babylonians removed all the precious treasure inside Solomon’s Temple, before destroying the temple. The Ark of the Covenant is three feet long and two feet wide. Gold is a very heavy and hardy earth element. The Ark of the Covenant is a holy relic, blessed, and forbidden by God to be physically touched by man. Wooden staves were speared through a set of rings on the Ark in order for it to be carried by man. The Ark contained the mercy seat of God between the two cherubs. After the Babylonians abandoned Israel, the Jewish people built a second temple on the highest peak of the highest mountain to be close to God and accept God’s help in defending the newly built temple while praying for the Ark of the Covenant to come back to them with the Ten Commandments, their promise of salvation.”

Fucner frowned. “Hold up! I read, too. The Ark of the Covenant was a wooden box covered in gold mineral. We all know what happens to wood after a long, long, long time. It rots into sawdust. The end!”

Yorkie reached out and grabbed, lifting the object near a smile. “During the smelting process of gold onto wood, you create a new product, somewhat petrified permanently with engrained bits of gold nuggets. The gold will collect and retain radiation bits foreverly.”

Fucner smiled with a nod to Yorkie. “You got me there, babe. Except, it says it right here on the tiny screen of my cell phone, once I turn it sideways. In the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11, Verse 19, ‘the Ark went up into heaven with God and then his son Jesus will return with Him and bring it back down to planet Earth during the Second Coming…”

Islander lifted and dropped a palm with a stern face. “The internet source says the present location of the Ark of the Covenant is in present day Jordan. The children of Israel knew that King Nebuchadnezzar was going to attend through the oracle of whatever. The precious treasure, including the Ark, was secretly moved to Mesopotamia in the Persian Empire, during Queen Esther’s reign with her husband what’s his name. Queen Esther and her empire extended from Israel all the way to the Indus River. Wow! This statement means the Ark is still intact with the gold and treasures of King Solomon, somewhere on planet Earth. Right? Right!”

Yorkie nodded. “King Solomon and Queen Bathsheba had their fling. Then, the queen went back home to Ethiopia. The country of Ethiopia has an uninterrupted chain of historical events for the past 3,000 years. The Ethiopian Church is one the oldest temples in the world built for her child, the son of King Solomon and Queen Bathsheba. Many scholars believe the Ark of the Covenant is living in Ethiopia, based on the frequency of dead bodies. The bodies once guarded the completely boarded up doors and windows of the church, due to the emitting radiation from the Ark. Each solider feels it is a holy prison sentence to guard the church. The guard is never allowed to leave his guard post inside the fence around the building. The Ethiopian government claims the Ark is there, but no one is allowed to see it.”

Fucner frowned. “I highly recommend to the President of the USA. We send all them fucking-ass crazy motherfucker zealots that are gathered from around the world and then dumped them down into the foreign country of Ethiopia. Let each one of them guard the fucking radiated Holy wood that comes from Almighty God. It’ll solve a mess of worldly problems for everybody and God,” he chuckles with the others and then motor boats the lips. “And I wanna add. Naw. I can guarantee that neither Adolph fucking Hitler, nor the president of the fucking United States of America, nor the radiated church of Ethiopia has abused that poor broken wooden box with or without its golden skin. The Holy Bible says in the Book of Revelation…”

“We heard you the first time, Fucner.” Islander turned and frowned at Fucner.

Fucner chuckled. “The Bible says that Almighty God created the heavens and the earth. Where did God live before the heavens? Okay. I don’t know either. The Bible says that planet was formed out of water and by water. The same waters deluged and destroyed earth, when God got pissed off at His children. Man! The local law enforcement authorities slap a loving mother in a jail cell for whipping her bratty kid with a belt for stealing and eating his sister’s chocolate donut. Good thing that God promised not to visit here ever again, sending down His son first to reprimand His naughty children. God’s one smart cookie,” he laughed with the others. He smiled. “God says that present heaven and earth are reserved for fire and ungodly destruction on Judgment Day. Specifically, God describes the heavens will disappear with a roar. The elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth will be bare, not there. This comes from Second Peter Chapter 3 and Verse 10,” he turned and scanned each face. “I don’t know about ya’ll. But, that ungodly destruction phrase coming from a powerful God-entity is a little bit scary within my shivering body and sharp brain cells. What do you think, Cody?”

Skippy looked down with a stern face and read out loud from the mobile telephone with the new information. “In this internet article, there is a rumor that six knights from Great Britain who dug up a treasure from the ruins of King Solomon’s temple. They ran away to the country of Switzerland and started the first banking system and then created an army called the Templar Knights. Finally, all the knights were killed by the Roman Pope. So, the knights found some pieces of the Ark, wood and gold. Gold can be melted into pieces of fragments. They couldn’t just show up with a box-like gold object and then the entire world would know their secret. The ark pieces are hidden in the Vatican too. Coincidentally, in the Miss Starlit Pageant, there was a girl from Holy See, the headquarters of the Vatican.”

Islander lifted up the tiny screen of the mobile telephone near a smile. “Here is the picture of a Syrian priest who sits at a long ugly wooden table inside the monastery library. There is a wall of cubbyholes which are filled with tons of handwritten ancient scrolls. Maybe, the Ark is inside a cubby hole behind the monk’s ass…”

“O yeah!” Fucner turned with a smile to scan each face. “Who makes up this crap? O. I know. You type the book, buy the book, make the money, and then type another second book to make more money. Now, if the Ark of the Covenant still existed, then it had been founded by purpose or accident. And then, every fucking big and tiny nation would be fighting with shotguns and battling with blood over who really owns it as their property first has a right to the treasure second. People fight over territory. People fight over property. People fight over money. People fight over sex. Mankind and womankind, they are a bunch of greedy selfish kids. Since you, me, and God know this too. O,” he turned and frowned at the nose profile of Cody. “Cody, quit agreeing with the pretty adult female. She’s the skipper’s fuck and you’re a minor child at seventeen years old.” He laughed with the others.

Yorkie turned and smiled with a nod at Fucner. “I like him. And he’s right, Cody.”

Skippy looked down with a smile at the mobile telephone and read out loud the new information to all eardrums. “This article states that the King Solomon’s temple treasures were captured by Emperor Titus and then brought back to Rome, Italy, where it was melted down. Only gold or silver is melted down. You don’t melt down gem stones. The melted down treasure was made into scared decorations for the Temple of Jupiter, a popular pagan worshipping place in Ancient Rome.”

Yorkie smiled with a nod, “This is excellent timing, sir. I believe that we have our first solid clue. SUSY-Q, show us the radiation spikes at the Vatican in Rome, Italy!”

SUSY-Q continued to face the wall and droned in a female timber and displayed a new image on the white paint. “The latitude is 41 degrees and 54 minutes north and the longitude is 12 degree and 30 minutes east. These are the remaining white limestone foundation stones of the Temple of Jupiter in Rome, Italy. In Ancient Rome, the temple provided assemblies and displayed numerous altars, statues, and victory trophies of the people. There are also underground chambers underneath the damaged building materials which are unsuitable for display, such-like, ancient human and animal offerings.”

Yorkie turned and smiled at the electronic image on the wall. “The electronic map shows the colors of red, blue, yellow, white and black. The red dots are indicators of heat. The pink spots within the heat are the radiation signature of any radiated metal object which is about three feet underground. As the satellite beams goes deeper, it will be harder to distinguish between regular old earth radiation from a set of man-made radiation fragments.”

Cody frowned at the new electronic image on the forward white painted wall. “It is too, too small! What is the measurement of the single tiny pink spot, SUSY-Q?”

SUSY-Q droned in a female timber and stared at the wall. “The pink radiation signature is .000007 millirads.”

Islander frowned at the same wall too. “Not much of the ark is left intact.”

Cody shook his curls. “I believe that is too small for a piece of the ark which probably cannot be retrieved by us or Brone.”

Yorkie nodded. “Brone came to the same conclusion as us, so we keep searching too for the exact spot.”

“So, we get to scrap my personal free trip to Rome, Italy, this year,” laughed Fucner.

Cody clapped and then pointed with a smile at the forward white painted wall with the electronic image from SUSY-Q. “This is a good start. We still have the technology to find a single radiation pocket of a gold nugget anywhere in the world. The ark is a piece of radiated material. What do we do with a tub or a tanker of radiated materials? We bury them under the sea ocean, in the back yard, and on top of a mountain range. Snow covers radiation and then lights it up for all eyeballs to see. There is a Mormon story of Joseph Smith. He found some golden tablets and then it was misplaced. He also claimed to see visible floating spirits. Radiation poisoning will create an illusion or an image of a person or a group of people within the human mind and then you die. I don’t believe that story relates here, but I wanted to tell it,” he looked down with a smile to read the mobile telephone with Islander, Yorkie, and Skippy.

Fucner turned with a sour frown and scanned at the various hair roots of each team member. Everyone had looked down and stared into an individual mobile telephone. He smiled at each set different type of colored hair roots. “When I die, everything goes on and on without me, since the beginning of God’s creation. This is for a purpose.”

Yorkie continued to stare down with a smile at the mobile telephone. “I agree with Cody. We start from the top, again. Alright! I have searched and read every article on the internet, regarding the Ark of the Covenant. Every resource says the same thing over and over again. The biblical Ark is currently located at St. Mary’s Chapel in the city Axum within the foreign country of Ethiopia, under the guard and the protection of the priesthood. Scientists have confirmed that there are radioactive waves that are being emitted out from the little chapel the boarded window panes. So the Ark is here. Some of the priests do exhibit a clinical presentation of radiation sickness over time and then die from those medical symptoms,” she looked up with a smile to see the colored hair roots each team member.

“There is a cure for clinical radiation sickness. A ‘do not enter’ sign on the front of the church,” Fucner looked up with a wink to flirt with cute Yorkie with a smile.

Cody looked up with a smile and turned to see each person. “The Ark is radiated, since the Bible tells me so. A pocket of radiation is a specific spot where the radiation is highly concentrated. The high concentration is found around a metal object. The Earth metal designed containers made by mankind stores the radiation waves much longer and stays foreverly. A very good example, on the west coast of North American, a team of scientists have found that there is ten times a set of highly concentrations of radiation over the entire Pacific basin, since the beginning of time. To add to that horror, there is nuclear plant fallout also. A team of scientists throughout the world vocally claims that the foreign Fukushima nuclear plant accident which expelled a team of radiation molecules down into ocean waters would get diluted by the ocean currents, the sea salts, and the other weather earth elements. However, the US Federal Government has confirmed that there is a stream of highly concentrated radiation traveling towards the west coast of North American.”

Fucner frowned with worry. “That’s awful for me!”

Cody grinned, “And it is awfully good for our search too. SUSY-Q, bring up the Fukushima government tracking map, please!” The white painted wall, without a single piece of art work, changed into the colors of massive blue and tiny yellow. Cody pointed at the electronic new map with a smile. “The blue color is the Pacific Ocean water. The yellow tinted radiation line comes off the shoreline of foreign Fukushima nuclear plant which is located right off the Pacific Ocean. The yellow tinted plume crosses over the ocean waves in a nearly straight line towards the North America coastline. So far, the air currents are negative for radiation spikes on the radar. The ocean water streams are negative for radiation spikes on the radar too. But, you can see that the yellow tinted plume is shaped like a feather, where the set of light ocean breeze winds blows a steady stream of yellow tinted radiation waves in our fucking direction towards the great state of California. The time scale of the radiation wave will reach the west coast of America is 3.9 years. The half life of cesium-137 radiation compound lives so long that it will produce more internal tissue, internal organ, and skin damage to a human than any other animals. So far, the tuna fish off the coasts of both the state of California and the foreign country of Canada have tested positive for radiation tissues in ocean fishies. However, the deer mammals, the trout fish, and all the flying birds are testing negative, so far. Based on my swift scientific lecture, radiation can be traced in the water, too.” He looked down with a stern face and tapped on the mobile telephone, waiting on screen change and then read out loud the new internet information to all eardrums. “I found this. Based on this internet article, Queen Bathsheba had a son by King Solomon. She didn’t reside with King Solomon in the foreign country of Israel either. She lived in the country of Africa, her home country. So, if the Ark was missing from the Jerusalem temple and was not inside a mountain cave, then it had to be in another place. Right? Right! The Bible states that if one gets near the Ark, then they die. They died of radiation poisoning. This is all flowing nicely in the right direction, ya’ll. The Ark went to the continent of Africa and stayed for centuries there, making people sick with the massive outpouring of radiation waves, most likely. I don’t have any physical evidence, ya’ll. Then, the smartass white folks started invading the country of Africa, captured, and sent all the poor African natives to work in the profitable cotton and sugar fields all over the world, including the Old South here in the USA. So, the smarter king of Africa sent the radiated Ark-in-a-box away, when all the slave ships invaded the continent of Africa. This is too simply, ya’ll. We go and look up every single slavery ship from African with a final destination into the USA,” he looked up with a nod to see each face.

Skippy looked down with a stern face and read out loud the mobile telephone with the new internet information also. “The slave ships were owned by the European banks, thus in turn were operated by a set of greedy boat privateers. For 300 years, the European countries forced the African natives onto a slave ship and then transported all of them across the Atlantic Ocean. The first European nation to engage in the slave trade was the country of Portugal in the 1400’s. Captain John Hawkins made the first known English slaving voyage to the country of Africa in the year 1562 for Queen Elizabeth, the first of Great Britain. Hawkins captured over 1,200 African natives and sold all of them as a profitable money good item at a slave market in the Spanish colonies of the Americas, South and North. In the 245 years of slaving on slave ships between Hawkins’ first voyage and the abolition of the Slave Trade in the year 1807, 10,000 voyages were launched towards the country of Africa for native as slaves. The first record of enslaved African natives within the British colony of Virginia was in the year 1619. Barbados became the first British settlement in the island of Caribbean in the year 1625 and then the British government took control of country of Jamaica in the year 1655.”

Fucner looked down with a smile and read out loud on the mobile telephone the new information to all eardrums. “Hey! The oldest occupied city within the United States was established on September 8, 1565 in the city of St. Augustine within the US State of Florida which is built on top of an ancient Native American village…”

Cody turned and frowned at the brown colored hair roots of Fucner. “Do you ever follow instructions, Fucner?”

Islander looked down with a laugh and read out loud on the mobile telephone the new information to all eardrums. “Fucner didn’t understand English or Spanish or French words. In the 1700s, the East India Company had a monopoly over the slave trade industry. The British and Dutch owned most of the slave ships. The US was third. The British slave ship owners became wealthy while never leaving their native country of England. This is a dead end. The British plantation owners got rich too with sets of unpaid workers that built the grand country estates of crops and livestock. The factories owners get rich by selling textiles to countries of Americas, Africa, and the West Indies. Glassware was needed to bottle the alcoholic rum. The British slave traders got rich by buying and selling all the enslaved African natives. The British bankers get rich with a set of financial interest fees on the borrowed money for long sea voyages to the country of Africa and then sea trip back home to England. Many land jobs came from the slave trade inside the hot non-air conditioned factories. In the city of Birmingham, within the country of England, there were 4,000 gun makers with 100,000 guns a year just for the slave ships and slave traders. Man! The entire industrial revolution was financed by the both sweat and blood of slaves. The biological families of slaves should sue the entire world for some financial and fun back pay,” he looked up with a smile and a nod to each team member.

Fucner pointed down at the mobile telephone with a smile. “Some of the slave ship owners, not slave ship captains, came from Rhode Island, USA, where they made rum. The rum was used to trade for the slaves. Ho. Ho. Ho. And a bottle of rum,” he chuckled. “O. That’s where the old song comes from, a bottle of rum on the run of a ship…”

Cody frowned. “Shut up, Fucner!”

Skippy looked up with a nod to Islander. “We will help them deal with that later, Is. What else have you found for the internet assignment, Fucner?”

Yorkie looked down with a stern face and read out loud on the mobile telephone with the internet information to all eardrums. “Slaves were documented as a legal property of each ship owner which was housed as cargo. They rested horizontally on top of a long set of wooden shelves and then stacked on top of each other like a set of dried dishes. Food was scarce and disease was rampant with smallpox, dysentery. Dead or dying slaves were thrown overboard, sometimes still alive…”

“Stop!” Cody exhaled with a confused brow. “This is a set of excellent information but too much information. We are tracing down a particular slave ship that purchased a boat full of African native slaves and the Ark of the Covenant…”

“You’re making an awful big fat assumption here, Cody,” Yorkie looked up with a puzzled brow to see Cody.

Fucner laughed. “The root word of assumption is an ass of Cody,” he looked down with a smile and tapped on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone for more fun.

Cody shook his curls. “Follow my logic here for the moment! I have a brilliant point for us to uncover. We are interested in the first township of the British colony of Jamestown within the country of Virginia which was established in the year 1607. ”

Islander lifted a palm with a smile and read out loud on the mobile telephone the new information for all eardrums. “I got it here for eardrums and neurons. The colony of Jamestown within the country of Virginia, in the year 1607, was called the New World, where people came to escape religious persecution. The people were similar to the Pilgrims, who were the founders of the city of Plymouth within the modern day US State of Massachusetts, who arrived in the year 1620. In both the American colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts, the colonists survived and flourished on corn that came from the Native American Indians. By the year 1620, Virginia tobacco was king and George was queen,” chuckling. “By the year 1770, two million people lived and worked within the thirteen North American colonies which were owned by Great Britain. The slave trade started in the 1400s but didn’t invade Jamestown until 1620…”

Fucner continued to stare with a stern face and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “A ferocious-looking fellow with a scourge of many twisted curls in his hair, the slave was sold to me for 1,000 dollars or pounds or…”

Yorkie looked down with a stern face to read out the information on the mobile telephone. “I found something. In the year 1729, the slave ships delivered 563 slaves into the thirteen Britain colonies in America and then increased the delivery to an average of 20,000 slaves in the mid-1750s and finally to 45,000 slaves-per-year, during the last decade. There were 11,000 ships used for slave trade between the years 1698 and 1807. Slaves were also transferred to the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad to work on all the sugar plantations and to the West Indies and the Americas,” she exhaled down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “This is an impossible task.”

Skippy continued to stare with a stern face at the tiny screen and read out the new information from the mobile telephone. “A typical slave ship had three masts, each carried one large sail. The underside of the ship was made of elm planks that had been sealed with pitch tar as protection against the sea worms of warm tropical ocean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The slave ship had a sharp bow, a set of raised floors with numerous hidden compartments, holding slaves, guns, cooper, iron rods, and dishes. There were eighteen guns to defend against the attack of sea pirates. Black Bart Roberts was kidnapped, as a boy, from a slave ship by a gang of sea pirates in the year 1719 and then started off his infamous career of sea pirating on all the ocean ships.”

Yorkie continued to stare down with a stern face and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “This is important here. Sickness was always present among the slaves, on and off the ships, and the non-slaves who lived on the lands. Land residents, including Englishmen, Native Americans, and the slaves died of tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza, plague, measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, and malaria from a direct hand and eye and nose contact of the diseased individual. Some of the sicker slaves possessed one of different type of fevers, such like, a general fever, a malignant fever, a nervous fever, or yellow fever. Respiratory illnesses included inflammation of lungs, consumption, and then declined down into death. Gastrointestinal diseases included blood dysentery, diarrhea, and worms. In addition, there were deaths by drowning suicide when the slave escaped and then jumped over the protective side netting for catching both fish and slaves, landing in the rough ocean waves. In the year 1789, slave trader William Wilberforce said that twelve percent of all slaves died in transport, four percent died on Atlantic shores before the money profit sale, and one third died acclimating into the America soil which carried a fifty percent mortality of death or life. So sad!”

Fucner looked up with a smile and a nod to see each set of different colored hair roots, where each team member worked on the assignment, but Fucner. “And let us not forget this, my new friendlies with God! A day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day to Him…”

“Shut it, Fucner!” Cody continued to stare down with a stern face at the screen of the mobile telephone and tapped on the tiny keyboard for new information.

Skippy looked up with a sour frown to see Rector. “You are not participating, Fucner.”

“Naw, I am not,” Fucner chuckled with a nod at Skippy.

Cody continued to stare down with a stern face at the screen of the mobile telephone and read out loud the newest information to all eardrums. “The slaves were branded. The slaves were branded. Maybe, a specific brand could lead us to the next clue, where one of the slave ships sailed from Africa to America. It says here that the slaves were all branded under a breast or on an arm which would have been burnt and branded the external skin with a red-hot iron.”

Yorkie continued to stare down with a stern face at the screen of the mobile telephone and read out loud the newest information to all eardrums. “This is unique here. He writes in his personal journal in the year 1829. The ship sailed off the African coast, in the early morning, before the morning food meal. It was a very pleasant morning, without the usual exposures to the infective squad of biting mosquitoes which caused both malaria and yellow fever. The sea crew deaths, within the forty men crew, began very early which was one hour into our ocean trip in open sea. The sea waters were calm and placid with a favorable wind towards the America. The sea crew deaths peaked on the nineteenth day into the sea voyage from sixteen deaths out of forty men crew. I, the medical physician of the salve ship, was dealing with the deaths, an overwhelming challenge, without identifying a root cause of the infectious disease. I noted there was no contaminated water supply or foul air from rotten food. My medicine chest included Peruvian bark for malaria fever and other light fine powders, including rhubarb. The medicine chest also contained opium for pain. Epsom salts, gentian root, and cream of tartar, liquids of antimonial wine, and castor oil. Large numbers of bilious and purging pills. All the internal medicines were lettered for easy recognition. The external preparations included beeswax, simple ointments, extract of lead, red precipitate, and ten pounds of flowers of sulphur. For the treatment of blisters, there were plasters. All the glasses of external medicines were numbered for easy recognition. The medicine chest came with full instructions on how to treat the patient with what remedy, in case of my inconvenience.

“In my years of surgery practice, I had found a number of medical remedies very effective in saving the slave life, such like, the Peruvian bark for malaria, and the opium for pain relief. I had been led towards a hidden secret enclosure by the cabin boy, who had mumbled the word barracoon. I found with both horror and delight upon entering the small enclosed ship cabin and the slave. The dark skinned male was laid outstretched in perfect comfort inside a tiny private room, like a prince of royalty. The patient was dressed in a tiny brown colored loincloth, without his customary wrist bone and ankle bone nasty and rusty steel chains. He was not strapped down by a neck yolk either inside the inner narrow ship cabin. He was burned throughout his naked body. However, there had been no fires or fiery explosions on board the slave ship, within my excellent hearing and perfect eye vision. My blood ran cold with fear.

“The male slave was very ill with some type of catching disease. The sizzling heat from the body was different, like he was burning and suffocating all at the same time. His body stench was not unbearable from his deposited feces waste on the floor. However, the overall body stench of odor was very mild, which left me very puzzled. Our galleon was a medium-sized slaver, carrying 139 slaves, 72 males, and 60 females, and seven children. The slaves were shackled two-by-two at both the wrist bones and ankle bones. The low horizontal wooden beam above the deck was four and a half feet space, where the slave spent sixteen hours out of twenty hours of day without standing upright. Usually, a trailing single lifeboat would carry all the sick slaves behind the bow of the slave ship. However, this was not the case, today. The enclosed cabin room smelled of tobacco smoke, since it was a useful aroma over the continuous unbearable mouth and nose green tinted vomit and the anal feces of a chained slave.

“I wonder if one of the ship mates had become quite violent and then burned his cigar onto the skin of the poor chap as the young male slave was covered in a series of tiny red tinted blisters from a mysterious burn. His lips were raw and chapped too. From my closer inspection, I inferred that the slave had been forced fed to ensure good health to work in one of the numerous cotton fields within American colony of Georgia. His face was pox with a set of tiny red tinted blisters, too. I gingerly reached over and punched his naked arm with my forefinger. He did not response. I gingerly moved up and punched his cheekbone with my forefinger. He did not response. I gingerly moved down and punched his naked chest with my forefinger. He did not response. I leaned into his nostril, barely feeling a warm breathe of life and hearing a cheery exhale, when I saw the ugly abrasion on his naked arm. I gingerly reached out and stoked the skin surface with my forefinger while feeling no raised red tiny blister but a raised mark. The raised mark on the naked arm skin felt like a single lettering of the Braille language that came from a blind man’s learning book. The male slave had apparently scraped his arm upon a rough surface long before entering the slave ship. The raised mark was old and settled and did not seem related to the current bout of semi-circled set of tiny red tinted blisters and an overall over heated body on the external skin surface.

“I sprinkled the very effective Spanish fly assortment of mashed body parts over each raw heated surface skin of the slave male, pressing them well in with a finger and then observed with my medical trained eyes. The slave male did not response. Against an overwhelming onslaught of red tinted blistered raw boils, I could not fathom the unfamiliar disease or the brutal impact on the poor soul, when the closed door parted.

“The captain looked both sullen and silent down at the slave male over the small cot. Then the captain of the slave ship dismissed my medical services with a slight nod, staring down at the red colored male slave. I turned and left the barracoon, when I bumped into the first mate along the narrow walls of the tight sea corridor. A chap named Jonathan Richardson, his father was a formal sailor from the country of England too. He offered his usual smirk as a good sign of friendship and then tarried ahead into the tiny cabin towards the barracoon also.

“I had grown friendly with the first mate, since our sleeping hammocks swayed side by side over the rows of young slave boys from Africa. We were their unofficial guardians on their maiden voyage to the America. I stood upright in place and watched Jonathan enter the tiny ship cabin and attend to the barracoon and then turned for the internal stairs. I scrambled onto the deck to taste the luxury of fresh air and fresh drinking water from the terrible ordeal with the barracoon. I saw the first mate, climbing onto the deck and then scattered in a panic towards the cargo hold where numerous items of sugar, spices, pottery, and other tangible items were stored,” she looked up with a gasp to see Skippy and then the reset of the worried faces. “This is called radiation poison and the effects on a delicate human body, including a series of tiny red tinted blisters and burn marks. The male slave must have carried the Ark on board this slave ship, as part of his royal task from the African king of the land. There is no doubt in my mind as a medical physician.”

Cody looked up with a nod and a smile to see each team member. “We’ve found, verified, and confirmed a case of radiation poisoning on a slave ship that had departed from the country of Africa while sailing over the Atlantic Ocean waters towards the American colony of Georgia in the year. What is the year? Don’t matter! Yee-haw! Now, we look up all the retired and wealthy slave ship captains, who took up residence in a colony of America. Don’t bother locating or searching for any retired slave captain within the other thirteen colonies of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New…”

Yorkie frowned at Cody. “No, the captain only commanded orders to each ship mate. The first mate was like the vice president of a company seeing to the captain’s orders. We should investigate the first mate of the story, Cody. The first mate saw the burnt body and then probably find and then saw the Ark down inside the cargo hold, if the physician’s personal journal could be assumed valid and accurate. The first mate Jonathan probably squatted down, touched and then opened up the wooden crate with kitty cat curiosity while exposing a face and a torso with the free flowing set of radiation particles, too. The first mate would have died next in the radiation line of deaths. Look up a first mate named Jonathan Richardson in the year 1829.” Silence invaded the quiet room as everyone looked down and then performed a thumb type on the mobile telephone.

Fucner continued to stare down at the screen of the mobile telephone and read out loud the newest information to all eardrums. “I’ve only found a dead Jonathan Richardson, in England, from the year 1915, and one in prison, and one in business, and one in…”

“We need much more information, Cody.” Islander continued to stare down with a stern face at the screen of the mobile telephone and read out loud the newest information to all eardrums

Skippy looked up with a puzzled brow to see the different types of colored hair roots as each team member was tapping onto the mobile telephone. “The captain didn’t see the Ark. If the first mate saw the ark and got exposed, then he traveled back home to his native country of England, as cited in the physician’s personal journal. He probably died on-board the slave ship and then his lifeless and non-breathing body was thrown overboard for the pod of hunger sharks which was common during early sea trips. Or he got really sick with the set of ugly red blisters and then he was tossed over the bow of the slave ship like one of the poor slaves from Africa. Back then, a dead body wasn’t taken back home to the native country, since the captain and the ship crew were afraid of some type of nasty body or lung contamination of an unknown germ or virus. The dead body was disposed of very quickly in the sea,” nodding.

Cody looked up from the mobile telephone screen with a sour frown and a huff of disappointment. “We’re so close here, ya’ll. This is so frustrating. Brone is on his way to collect the gold from the hidden Ark of the Covenant right now, this minute.”

Islander looked up from the screen oft eh mobile telephone and scanned each team member with worried brow and a nod. “I agree. You need to alert all the numerous USA nuclear plants for a terrorist invasion. Okay! That sounded stupid coming from my lips too,” exhaling.

Skippy nodded with a stern face to each member. “It is an excellent idea, Is. Since the White House has done that already. Let’s perform a swifter pace and try to figure out Brone’s next plan here in the States before someone gets hurt or killed.”

“Before, an entire city gets burned into a pile of ashes by Brone,” Fucner nodded with a stern face.

Yorkie looked down with a stern face at the screen and read out from the mobile telephone. “I found something. In the year 1712, South Carolina was the first slave state that established a slave code for marking the slave with the appropriate owner. After the slave was brought from the auction block, the owner branded his property with his unique plantation identification mark, which was used in case of a runaway slave,” she looked up with a smile to see the teen-ass male. “Cody is right! All the slaves were body marked, but it was after they all had arrived on land, not during the ship voyage. This statement actually validates that the series of tiny red blisters on the poor slave male on the slave ship had possessed a set of true symptoms and signs of deadly radiation poisoning. That was a good idea, Cody. I’m out of ideas now. Does anyone else have another suggestion?”

Cody exhaled with a nod to Yorkie, “Thanks, ma’am! What am I missing here? What avenue needs to be explored next?” Silence invaded the room.

Fucner looked down with a chuckle at the screen of the mobile telephone and read out loud the newest information to all eardrums. “The history of tattoos began over 5,000 years ago. Persian women tattooed their own breasts as a mark of an exotic beauty for capturing an alluring lover,” laughing. “And I bet that hurt like hellish biting fanged hounds. I would never fuck a pissed off tattooed girl in the ancient civilization of Persia. In ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, both the slaves and the criminals were all tattooed. That’s an excellent idea. Here, in America, every convicted criminal should be tattooed then shunned or shot or shooted on sight,” he laughed with Islander. “Let’s see. Celts, Asians, English knights all tattooed a body. So why in hell didn’t they catch Hep C and then die? The whole world population explosion thing would have never happened. Then the globe would occupy lesser folks of one billion mouths to feed, instead of seven billion…”

Islander reached up and grabbed, lifting his personal switchblade, clicking it open with a wink at the nose profile of Fucner. “Because, man, they used their own personal sharp blade to bleed on, not their buddy’s,” he laughed with Cody and Skippy.

Fucner frowned. “Whatever, Is!” He looked down with a sour frown to see and read out the screen of the mobile telephone. “Africans didn’t tattoo. The Negro skin is too dark to tattoo. They did scarifications or scarring their skin. Dang! I thought piercing your nose holes hurt. For a good scarification, you lift the skin a little from the bone and then make a cut with a knife. Sand grains are rubbed into the open cut wound, making a raised scar into a unique pattern on the body. That’s sick and hurts. The raised scarring felt like a Braille letter or a lettering pattern to a set of naked fingertips to an observer. A young royal prince or a princess would be scarred on the upper arm of the body, where the skin muscle was the toughest…”

“Braille?” Yorkie bounced up and down inside the chair, tossing a palm into the air with a smile and a cheer. “You mentioned a Braille lettering in that interact article, Fucner.”

Skippy nodded with a smile at Fucner. “He mentioned a Braille lettering type on the outer skin of the slave male on the slave ship. Where is that medical surgeon’s personal story on the slave ship with the sick male slave?”

“Looking!” Yorkie looked down with a smile and performed a thumb types on the mobile telephone, reading out loud the old information. “I’m bringing it up now. I gingerly moved down and punched his naked chest with my forefinger. He did not response. I leaned into his nostril, barely feeling a warm breathe of life and hearing a cheery exhale, when I saw the ugly abrasion on his naked arm. I gingerly reached out and stoked the skin surface with my forefinger while feeling no raised red tiny blister but a raised mark. The raised mark on the naked arm skin felt like a single lettering of the Braille language that came from a blind man’s learning book. The male slave had apparently scraped his arm upon a rough surface long before entering the slave ship. The raised mark was old and settled and did not seem related to the current bout of semi-circled set of tiny red tinted blisters and an overall over heated body on the external skin surface,” she looked up with a nod and a smile to see each face. “The scarification was on the slave’s arm. O my gawd! He was really a true royal prince of Africa,” she turned and winked at Cody. “This is our proof, ya’ll.”

Fucner reached over with a laugh and slapped the bicep of Cody with a nod. “Good going, kid! The Ark of the Covenant left the country of Israel and then rode on a camel’s ass into the country of Africa. The king or a nasty member of the royal family pondered both the ark and the prince off on a slave trader, probably for lots of shiny coinage from the white man. Money makes the world go round and round and round…”

Islander said. “Look up the death records…”

Skippy said. “Look up the vessel records in the year 1829. The captain had to identify the dead slave or face some hefty money fines from the US Federal Government, during this delicate era of slave trading. Or he would have been accused of neglect and then hanged for his crime.”

Islander frowned. “Why didn’t they just toss the body overboard? The historical sailing records told that method was used quite often with success, when a person was sick or dead.”

Skippy grinned. “Ah! This tale is a little different. There’s a surgeon from England writing down everything, like a spy or an ally. There’s the loss of sixteen or more crewmen out of forty. That’s about forty percent of his shipping crew. The US Federal Government, the crew families, and the ship-owner will want to know who and why. The captain was smart keeping the sick slave. The ill slave had carried a contagious disease on board the ship, killing half the crew. Therefore, the captain will be cleared of any wrong doings.”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “The ill slave male died on-board the slave ship. Then he would have been properly buried…”

Islander frowned. “Why are there vessel records of slaving ship? I thought the ships were, like ghosts, stealing people then dropping them off during the night under the moon.”

Skippy read out loud from the mobile telephone with the new internet information. “On March 2, 1807, the US Congress outlawed the African slave trade which became effective on January 1, 1808. However, the right to buy and sell slaves and to transport them from one slave state to another was still constitutional.”

Fucner exhaled. “Within the past year, US Congress acts like the present day US Congress with scores of heated large fat-ass bodies of do nothings.”

Cody read out loud the internet information coming from his mobile telephone. “Okay. Every captain master of a vessel that ships out with more than forty tons was required to file a manifest of the slave cargo, the port of departure, and the port of arrival for payment of port fees. The manifests are arranged chronologically, too. The captain’s name, a description of each slave on the vessel including, name, age, sex, height, name of owner or shipper, and color…”

Yorkie nodded. “SUSY-Q, bring up each slave ship manifest for the year 1826, please.”

Fucner frowned. “We don’t know the name of the ship, or the name of captain, and the log wouldn’t name the first mate, either. This won’t help our search and it will take hours, days, nights, weekends, weeks, and months to…”

Skippy nodded. “We know. We’re searching for a dead slave, without a name, but with a branding mark. Cody just told you that the ship had to give a detailed description of each slave as the cargo? SUSY-Q, can you search for the word, brand?”

SUSY-Q droned. “Processing, Captain Skippy.”

Skippy nodded. “The captain would not have described the prince’s mark as a tattoo or a scar which could have opened up some busy bodies questions about the slave’s dead plus untimely deaths of his crew. A scar or tattoo might’ve warned the captain of the slave’s virus or contamination medical condition which the captain totally ignored for money. So, the captain would have described the precise details of the slave, including his scar to distinguish the ugly red blisters, confirming that the slave was carrying a virus, which he really was. However, the captain would have used the common term of brand or branding, as if the slave was being transported from another slave state.”

SUSY-Q droned. “I have found an entry with the phrase word, branded. The slave ship is named the ‘Wild Dolphin’ coming from the country of England, under the captain master of Tom Clarkson. There is a single entry with the word, branded. The passage reads as follows without the proper grammar. Negro, 40 years old, male, six feet tall, brown skin tone, branding on left arm. There is an additional captain’s note. The slave body with the branding died on May 13, 1829 and was buried in the cemetery at Savannah, Georgia by the first mate of the ‘Wild Dolphin.’ Then Jonathan Richardson departed from the ship dock port in the colony of Georgia and withdrew his commission as the first mate of the ‘Wild Dolphin’ the next day. He set out for the US State of Alabama, near the small town Athens, the home of his family ancestry…”

The team members sounded with cheers and claps of smiles and head nods.

Islander smiled with a nod. “We found it. Jonny-boy got sick with radiation poisoning too. He quit his job and returned back home here to my favorite US State, Alabama. We’re getting so close, ya’ll.”

“Too close to call or cough or get radiation sickness!” Fucner laughed with a nod. “So why did he get sick with radiation poisoning too? Why is the Ark of the Covenant radiated also? How did he get so swiftly sick with radiation fever blisters too? How did the ship crew get so sick, so fast, also? My understanding, radiation poison is a slow-poke burn.”

Cody nodded with a smile. “Almighty God doesn’t want anyone else to see or touch His Ark. The Ark is like His private cell phone up and into heaven for use, when Brother Jesus returns back down to shitty planet Earth, after the greedy earthlings trash the land, the streams, and the atmosphere. The Ark is radiated to keep us, dummies away and not to burn a piece of fragile human flesh and boil our blood proteins into a death day.”

“The teen-ass should write a sloe of new science fiction novels for a daily living, instead of a soldier,” Fucner laughed.

Yorkie nodded. “The Ark is a dense potent box of captured radiation. By touching the gold, which has radiation particles, you are immediately exposed and collected onto any part of your naked or clothed body. The radiation particles are absorbed directly into your sweat glands of your epidermis. If you open the box, then your eyeballs and your nose holes are exposed also while sucking up all the radiation particles in the air and then going down into your esophagus and your two healthy lungs. I’m guessing here. Each crew member got curious and then opened up the box for a quick look-see inside for a physical treasure trophy and then each one was exposed to radiation particles similar to first mate Jonathan and the poor sick male slave. There isn’t a cure for radiation poisoning even in the twenty first century, much less in the nineteenth century. They did die mercifully fast.”

Fucner frowned. “How in the fuck do you know that Richardson took the Ark with him? How in the fuck don’t you know that it was buried with the dead prince-slave? How in the fuck don’t you know that the slave ship captain or one of the other slave ship crewmen took the damn box and then buried it one of them in their personal individual death grave too?”

Islander pointed down with a stern face at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “The captain master of the ‘Wild Dolphin’ slave ship who was named Tom Clarkson died the next year in 1830, at his home estate in the city of Savannah within the US State of Georgia from a violent ailment,” he looked up with a stern face and a nod to see each face. “The box, being opened and closed by the numerous curious slave ship crew mates, probably drifted the radiation particles from a body around the slave ship for three weeks. The average sea voyage was three to four weeks all alone and isolated with the wind blowing the radiation shit around and around inside that tiny inner cabin room. The walls had been radiated too. I bet each ship mate and all the other slaves died an early death, because of the Ark of the Covenant.”

Fucner frowned. “We did a run on Jonathan Richardson’s death. We didn’t find his gravesite.”

Yorkie frowned. “There are millions of dead people and millions of tomb stones in the hard ground throughout the world. The internet doesn’t name every single person that died between the beginning of time and present day. We need to pinpoint his birth or his death here in Alabama. Where is the town Athens, Alabama?”

Cody looked down with a smile and read out loud from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone the newest internet information. “It’s right around the corner of here in Huntsville. I used to live there, sorta. I’m more familiar with northern portion of Bama rather than metro city Birmingham, except the small town of Athens isn’t near a river basin. Athens, Alabama was incorporated in November 19, 1818, the seat of Limestone County. There are thirty nine square miles of land and 0.1 miles of water. See? There isn’t a pond lake within the county geologic landscape to drop off and sink a heavy three foot long Ark of solid gold. The land elevation is 798 feet. The population is over 24,000 folks. It’s the oldest incorporated city in Alabama.”

Yorkie smiled. “We can access the Athens Cemetery and find out when Jonathan Richardson died.”

Fucner shook a brown colored skull with a sour frown. “Naw! We found him already. He lived or died within the landscape of Athens. Pull up your radiation map and ping the city of Athens within the US State of Alabama, SUSY-Q! The cute and colorful electronic outer space map will pinpoint where the radiated copper scroll is located in Athens.”

Cody frowned. “The city of Athens doesn’t have a fresh lake pond that could be deep enough to drown and hid a heavy three feet golden colored radiated box.”

Fucner smiled. “You’re going on the ass-umption that the Ark is radiated underneath the water of a fresh pond, Cody. I said my peace. Now, zap the radiation chart on the white painted wall and find the damn pond in Athens. SUSY-Q, obey and do it!” SUSY-Q caused a set of colored lights to flick off and on from the belly of the machine and then showed a complete and colored radiation chart of the United States.

Fucner frowned. “Not that map! It shows all red warning dots of dangerous radiation. Let’s do the…”

Yorkie smiled. “SUSY-Q, please, pinpoint the city of Savannah within the US State of Georgia.” The wall changed and showed the new geographical map of the stated request. She said. “Let us address Fucner’s question first. Remove all the radiation spikes from the earth soil and outer space and all the nuclear plant facilities, please.” The electronic geographical map changed with a large reduction of red tinted dots. She said. “Enlarge the cemetery square, where the dead prince-slave and Captain Tom Clarkson are buried, please!” The electronic geographical map changed with a reduced number of red tinted dots. She smiled. “Tell me the math number of the single pink radiation spike, SUSY-Q!”

SUSY-Q droned at the wall. “The radiation spike is .00000001 millirads.”

Yorkie nodded with a smile at the electronic map on the wall. “The dead do glow in the dark at very low levels. I conclude that the Ark of the Covenant was not buried with the prince-slave or Captain Tom Clarkson. Therefore, the only single conclusion, the Ark went with the first mate Jonathan Richardson of the Wild Dolphin. One reason, the first mate was probably sicker with more radiation poisoning. Second, all the slave ship crew members were devoted to a good captain, making them good money, especially during the slave trade era. Richardson would have carted off that weird looking golden tinted box with the weird contents to preserve his captain honor, like a good seaman. Three, Richardson was very sick during his land travels while heading back home to Alabama for rest and recuperation, not understanding the medical concept of radiation sickness. He wasn’t thinking about the Ark but only getting home and getting better with his health. SUSY-Q, please, show us the Athens Cemetery!” The electronic geographic map shows the square area in pink. She frowned at the electronic image on the wall. “Hmm! I expected to see a set of higher pink spikes within a body of water…”

“There are not any fresh lakes in or around or surrounding the small town of Athens, Alabama. I just told ya’ll that a few minutes ago,” frowned Cody.

Yorkie frowned at the wall image. “The pink spike is almost the same measurement as the city of Savannah within the US State of Georgia.”

Islander frowned at the wall image also. “Does a dead body give off radiation, Yorkie?”

Yorkie frowned at the image on the wall. “Not after death! SUSY-Q, please, pinpoint the grave site of Jonathan Richardson on the electronic wall map.”

Fucner frowned at the image on the wall too. “How can SUSY-Q do that?”

Skippy smiled. “She accesses all the outer space satellites then scans in real time the geographical area…”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then wall image disappeared leaving the white painted wall as she droned to al the eardrums. “There is not a physical tombstone for the deceased person named Jonathan Richardson, Doctor Yorkie.”

Yorkie frowned at the white paint on the all. “Hmm! There is not a high radiation spike or a body of water or a tombstone for Jonathan Richardson. SUSY-Q, check all the death record archives for deceased Jonathan Richardson.”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the radiation map on the image disappeared leaving the white painted wall as she droned to all the eardrums. “There is no mention of a deceased named Jonathan Richardson.”

“I’m getting worried,” smiled Cody.

“I’m getting nervous,” smiled Islander.

“I’m getting thirsty,” laughed Fucner.

Yorkie frowned at the white painted wall. “Hmm! SUSY-Q, is there another grave cemetery site within Limestone County? If so, please show the electronic physical map on the wall first, and then locate the tombstone of the deceased Jonathan Richardson second.” The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then a new electronic geographical map appeared showing flat scattered pods of green grass and dull red dirt between each vertical shaped gray colored stone tombstone and as she droned for all eardrums. “The Legg Cemetery is located in the western part of Limestone County. There is no location of a tombstone for one, who is deceased Jonathan Richardson, Doctor Yorkie.”

Cody nodded with a smile at the new wall map. “I think that we’re getting closer, ya’ll. SUSY-Q, check all the electronic historical files for one, who is deceased Jonathan Richardson,” he laughed with Fucner and Islander.

“Good one!” Islander reached over and fist bumped with a smile to Cody.

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights without changing the electronic geographical map on the white painted wall that continued to show a scene of green tinted grass, red tinted dirt, and gray colored stone tombstones and as she droned for all eardrums. “There is not a name for one, who is deceased Jonathan Richardson, Mr. Cody.”

Yorkie smiled at the same wall image. “SUSY-Q, search all available electronic historical archives for each individual name of one, who is deceased Jonathan and then the other one, who is deceased Richardson,” she laughed with the others.

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights without changing the electronic geographical map on the white painted wall that continued to show a scene of green tinted grass, red tinted dirt, and gray colored stone tombstones and as she droned for all eardrums. “There is not an individual reference to either the singular proper name Jonathan or Richardson.”

“Dead end!” Fucner tossed both arms into the air with a laugh and a nod.

Yorkie smiled at the same electronic image on the wall. “SUSY-Q, please send an electronic listing of every grave head stone name coming from the Legg Cemetery to all the team members on every mobile telephone.”

Each mobile telephone sounded with a different set of musical tones as the same electronic report was downloaded into the memory of the phone. Fucner frowned down at the mobile telephone, waiting downloading new information. “My cell doesn’t have that much space left…”

“It will after you purge out all the porn pics,” Islander chucked with Cody.

Skippy frowned with annoyance. “Fucner, that cell phone is the property of the US Federal Government for business use, not personal use. You remove all your personal shit, tonight.”

Yorkie looked down with a smile to see each team member while the information was downloading onto the mobile telephone. “SUSY-Q is too swift, ya’ll. The gravesite listing is continuing to download now. I want everyone to review each name. I suspect that Jonathan Richardson might have died very quickly from radiation poisoning. Back then, in the year 1829, people were both stupid and superstitious. We have tracked him to here in Alabama. Therefore, Jonathan came home, not from war, and then died. The old country doctor would have found Jonathan dead in the bed or on top of the sofa and then would have pronounced him gone. The funeral was quick and fast to prevent a panic of an unknown illness within the eyeballs of the medical physician and the small tight net community.

“Mr. Richardson probably looked like a piece of good tasting pork rib, red, and gooey. That image would scare, even a modern day city physician. Based on my medical assumptions, Jonathan Richardson is buried somewhere here. The Legg Cemetery was the first burial plots in the small town of Athens without our great state of Alabama, before opening the present day Athens Cemetery. Now, the Legg Cemetery does not allow any more burials there anymore, since the 1970s. So God speed and good luck to us right now!” She exhaled with a nod to each face and then looked down with a stern face, typing on the keyboard, reading all the new information on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “Hmm! The graveyard listing is divided between white graves and black graves. I see the dates of a few deceased infants. One was five weeks old. There is a set of twins at two months and five days old. They all died in the year 1886. So, sad! Wow! This man belonged to Company ‘B’ of the 50th Alabama Infantry. William and David were biological brothers who were killed in front of the Ezra Church during the Battle of Atlanta, in the US State of Georgia, in July 1865. They were born in the month November of the year 1835. They were only thirty years old at death in the Civil War,” she exhaled with a sad heart. “Unbelievable! As I see this graveyard listing of real people who lived really back then and each one had fought in a war and then died on top of American soil for a cause…”

Skippy looked down with an angry brow and continued to type on the tiny keyboard, silently reading the new information on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone also. “This is why we are finding and fighting evil USA villain Brone to keep our America Heritage alive and well and then pass our free country onto each one of our grandchildren.”

Fucner frowned down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone with the new information. “No Richardson.”

Islander looked up with a stern face and a nod to see the blonde hair roots of Yorkie. “There’s no Richardson. I agree with Fucner. I don’t see the name, who is deceased Richardson, first or last on my graveyard listing.”

Yorkie continued to type and silently read each line of the graveyard listing electronic report with a stern face on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone, “Alright! This method is working properly either. I’m not finished with my examination, ya’ll. He has to be here somewhere,” she looked up with a nod to see the rear metal back spine of the robot. “Please bring up the cemetery name listing onto the white paint of the forward wall in alphabetic order, if you can, SUSY-Q.”

The front plasma based belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall image disappeared leaving the white painted wall as she droned to all the eardrums, “Processing, Doctor Yorkie.” Then the electronic information shined in the color of rich black on the white wall showing an individual row that consisted of a last, a first name, and a set of numeric dates.

Yorkie studied the rows of information on the wall. “Please scroll down every five seconds to a new row, SUSY-Q.”

The front plasma based belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then each individual row slowly rolled upward on the white painted wall and as SUSY-Q droned. “Yes, Doctor Yorkie.”



10:10 am

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Fucner rolled both eyeballs into the hairline, scratched the hair roots, and stood upright from the chair with an ugly yawn of boredom, slamming the chair away from both legs, swinging around to face the buffet table with a smile which consisted of numerous columns of cold and hot beverages and numerous trays of hot and cool food items. The other team members sat at the table and stared at the wall of rich black tinted electronic information with a stern face.

Yorkie stared at the wall of information and shook her curls with a confused brow. “I was so certain.”

Islander stared at the wall of black tinted electronic information with a gasp. “Stop, SUSY-Q! This is an electronic file of the names, not a roster. Enlarge the bottom row of sentences, please, SUSY-Q.” The bottom row of sentences in black letters appeared bigger on the white painted wall. Islander read out loud the electronic information for all eardrums. “The grave markers of number one through 855 do not appear within this text. The visual presentation is represented as individual flat head tombstone with the etched inscription which is embedded down into the ground soil. Well, that ends our electronic search inside the office. We are going to have to physical tour the Legg Cemetery with a pair of cowboy boots and a stick for all the snakes,” he looked down with a stern face and typed on the keyboard of the mobile telephone for new information.

Fucner stood in front of the refreshment table and continued to load food items onto a tall pile plate of food with a stern face. “What kind of snakes live and thrill inside an ancient graveyard?”

“Eastern coral snake, cottonmouth, diamond back, rattler snake, all the snakes are all of the venomous kinds. Does that answer your query, Fucner?” Islander looked up from the mobile telephone with a smile and reached over, fist bumping with Cody as they both laughed.

“Fu you, Is!” Fucner continued to load food items onto the pile of food with a sour frown in front of the refreshment table.

Yorkie shook her curls at the individual rows of black colored information on the white colored wall. “Not necessarily! SUSY-Q, could you please use your optic lenses and then scan the Legg Cemetery and then display each embedded flat head tombstone on the wall, one at a time, as you only find each grave death in the year 1829, only? Thank you!”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights and the wall image disappeared leaving the white painted wall and as she droned for all eardrums. “Doctor Yorkie.”

Fucner slowly swung around with the plate of food and returned back to the chair with a sour frown, sitting down and placed the plate of food on the table in front of a chest, reaching out and lifted, silently reading a batch of new text messages from an assortment of assorted females that he met inside the hotel lounge last night with a grin. “He ain’t here. What’s the next step, Doctor Yorkie? O. I know. We break for lunch.”

“Lunch is on the wall, Fucner!” Cody stared down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with a laugh.

Fucner laughed down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone and silently read each sexy text from each sexy girl with a grin. “That’s only a snack. It’s still morning time, so it my snack time. I wanna a real lunch with meat and potatoes and pecan pie for the mid-day meal.”

Islander nodded with a smile at the white wall. “We go to the local courthouse and then search by hand each paper record inside the historical records room. There would be a listing of every death in the year 1829 plus the known ailment of death. Is that right, Yorkie?”

Yorkie nodded with a smile at the white wall. “Correct, Islander!” She exhaled with defeat. “Yes, I can do that part of the research with my free time.”

Skippy turned and frowned at her nose profile. “How do you know about the location and the existence of the ancient and older Legg Cemetery as opposed to the new Athens Cemetery?”

Yorkie turned to see Skippy and lifted, wiggling the mobile telephone near a smile. “There is always an older shut-down cemetery within any type of ancient townships. Usually, the ancient and old cemetery was family owned while making money for the family coming from all the deceased bodies. And then finally, the local city government came in and purchased all the surrounding lands for a set of grave plots, where the poorer families could bury their dead kinfolks besides down in the unplowed farm lands. Or the local government would purchase plots of new land away from the ancient family own cemetery for numerous grave plots for the entire county. The old and ancient family owned cemetery was closed off mostly from the public’s interest, while the local city government inherited the cost and maintenance of both the plots and the tombstones, both cheap and easy. I also accessed the internet information before, while the robot was processing my request. I wasn’t certain but quite confident that there was a second grave site.”

Cody looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard of the mobile telephone, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums. “The Legg Cemetery is located in the western part of Limestone County. That is almost out of the city limits of Athens, if I remember correctly…”

She looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard of the mobile telephone. “Actually, it is located inside a tiny township know called Tanner,” she read out loud the new information from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Hmm! The first mayor of Athens was ironically named Sam Tanner. As the new mayor, Sam Tanner incorporated all of the western part of the Limestone Country directly into the Athens city limits. The Tennessee River lies along the southwestern edge in both Morgan and Limestone countries…”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall changed into an electronic gray tinted picture of a flat head stone with a black words that was surrounded by green tinted tall weeds and red tinted dirt and as she droned for all eardrums. “The first flat and embedded tombstone with a deceased death in the year 1829 states the name Old Mack. The tombstone is chiseled with a single sentence of words and a single calendar date: He burnt inside his home. 20th February 1829.”

Fucner looked up with a laugh to see the wall that showed the gray tombstone and the black colored sentence of words. “Is that a joke, or what? It ain’t very funny, ya’ll.”

“No, it is not a joke.” Yorkie looked up with a stern face to see the same wall image along with the other faces of the team. “During the early nineteenth century, the United States received thousands of immigrants coming from numerous foreign countries throughout the world. Some of the immigrants could not read or write their own given name. And some of the immigrants were alone while trying to make a pitiful living to support a biological family back home of their native country. Or some of the immigrants were running away from the scene of poverty and starvation and came to the new land of America for food and opportunity which might have been one of your great-great-great grandparents, by the way. Since, we are not the natives of North American continent. Each one of us comes from an immigrant family unit by boat, by train, by plane, and by foot. When a tragic accident occurred here on America soil, sometimes the local neighbors didn’t know the dead immigrant personally or socially. I suspect that Old Mack might be a very good example of an immigrant, who couldn’t speak English. The poor man died on a cold night in Alabama, when the fireplace ash catch on a blanket and then burned him into burning cinders. So sad! This is not our man. Please show us the next flat tombstone, SUSY-Q!”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall changed into a second electronic gray tinted picture of a flat head stone with a black words that was surrounded by green tinted tall weeds and red tinted dirt and as she droned for all eardrums. “The second tombstone with a death deceased person in the year 1820 states the name Old Pete. The tombstone is chiseled with a single sentence and a single calendar date: He died under the plow. 10th August 1829.”

Yorkie exhaled at the wall image. “No. Please show us the next tombstone, SUSY-Q!”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall changed into a third electronic gray tinted picture of a flat head stone with a black words that was surrounded by green tinted tall weeds and red tinted dirt and as she droned for all eardrums. “The third tombstone with a death deceased person in the year 1820 states the name Old Red. The tombstone is chiseled with a single sentence and a single calendar date: He died red and juicy like a cooked beef rib on the 22nd in the month of May within the year 1829.”

Fucner laughed with a nod with the other team members. “What in the hell does that mean red and juicy like a cooked beef rib? Did the local folks bury their favorite pig after consumption?”

Yorkie giggled and then covered a mouth, wiping off the tears of laughter, staring at the wall image of the third tombstone. “I…I…we…found Jonathan Richardson. I was only joking about his body being covered in red and gooey burning liquid. This is our man here underneath the flat tombstone. Jonathan Richardson died in the tiny township of Tanner with the US State of Alabama on May 18, 1829.”

Islander looked down with a stern face and typed on the keyboard, reading out loud the new information on tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “I can confirm that too. The rural farm town of Tanner is an unincorporated community among the tri-cities of Athens, Decatur, and Huntsville. It lies right on the banks of the Tennessee River. So the fresh water river is housing the golden box of the Ark of the Covenant that drowned in the water. This is it, ya’ll. The tiny township of Tanner has humid sub-tropic climate also.”

Fucner frowns. “The atmosphere weather is hot sizzling summertime temperatures here, so everyone wear a tub of deodorant and a pair clean manly underwear.”

Islander smiled with a yell and raised both arms into the air, “Yeehaw! Are we leaving for Tanner, Alabama, right now, skipper?”

Yorkie stared at the wall image with a stern face. “SUSY-Q, please bring up the colored radiation map for the metro city Huntsville within the US State of Alabama. Then, please remove from the radiation map the following objects, the outer space radiation spikes, the Huntsville nuclear plant radiation spikes, and then the entire planet earth radiation spikes for all the people, the animals, the land soil, the sea waters, and all the man-made machines within the cities of Athens, Decatur, and Huntsville. Then, I would like for you to display all the remaining tiny radiation spikes in the format of pink dots. Thank you, SUSY-Q!” The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall changed into a tiny spot of pink hue on the new electron map of the USA on the white painted wall.

Skippy shook a skull with a smile at the new wall image, “Holy shit!”

“My mama!” Cody dropped open a mouth with a gasp.

“His mama,” Islander pointed with a smile at Cody and stared at the new wall image.

“I can’t believe that the spike is not colored in rich yellow butter, because it is yellow gold on the Ark of the Covenant. We are ridiculously wealthy rich, ya’ll. Can I have one of the two wings from the cherubs, only one? I am right now placing my greedy request for a piece of the golden Ark. Please, could you ask Mr. President for me, Yorkie,” Fucner nodded and clapped with a chuckle.

Yorkie smiled at the wall image. “SUSY-Q, please locate the single pink radiation spike.”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall enlarged to show a curvy plot of red tinted wet river bank behind a field of flat green colored tall weeds and grass, a blue colored sky overhead, and massive amount of blackish tinted water that splashed over the river bank and as she droned for all eardrums. “The geographical location of the single radiation spikes in pink dot is measured at 34.67787 degrees latitude and -86.99334 degrees longitude. The geographical location is named Swan Creek which is located inside Limestone County. The closest residential geographical landmark is 18936 Harris Road in the township of Tanner within the US State of Alabama. The only transportation mod to the specific location of Swan Creek is provided by water transport only . The single radiation spike of pink dot is emitting .0000813 millirads coming from underneath the fresh water of the Tennessee River, Doctor Yorkie.”

Cody stood upright from the chair and danced side to side, clapping with a grin. Fucner followed the movement of Cody. They scooted and hip bumped and fist bumped with laughs and hoots of fun. Skippy laughed with Islander at the silly redneck dance of the two males.

Yorkie turned to smile at the two silly dancing males and then returned back to see the wall image with a stern face. “The White House believes it is a riddle which indicates the first explosion of a US nuclear plant, since Brone has identified every single nuclear monitoring station on his cute little electronic website map for the entire world to see. The website map actually shows the real the first projected target. Brone is stirring up major trouble within the American public and with the American politicians. However, which US nuclear plant is evil USA villain Brone going to blow up into the pieces of red fire and hot metal while stealing a sliver of the copper scroll underneath the Tennessee River remains a mystery to the government boys and girls?”

Fucner slid back down into the seat and grabbed the potato chips, tossing both arms into the air as the food items flew across the hard surface with a frown of fury. “Wait a fucking minute here! A human jewelry thief and a concrete nuclear plant have nothing in common, ya’ll. What is really going on here that involves my ass, Skippy?”

Yorkie swung around with a nod and a stern face to see each team member. “The common denominator is only an illegal gang of zealous terrorists, who want to blow up our America home piece by piece and body by body, since they are really a set of crusaders of Almighty God.”

Islander frowned. “What dumbass idiot invited all those illegal boys and girls into my home state of Alabama to terrorize citizens to death and burn the cotton fields down?”

Skippy smiled. “The dead and buried Governor Ashmore from the great State of Alabama receives that honor in which the zealot gang of illegal immigrants reciprocated back with an array of firing bullets.”

Fucner shook a skull in frustration. “Fucking ass figures! Gawd damn fucking politicians ain’t worth a damn ten percent copper penny…”

“The US Congress eliminated the copper mineral from every penny within the US currency system. It is only .001 percent of copper element and .9991 of something else. So, what does Brone want with a piece of melted down gold inside a busted box that was once the Ark of the Covenant where it is now dumped and drowned pieces of numerous petrified wood products underneath the water in the Tennessee River?”

Cody shook a skull. “I was proposing a theory, not the real answer. Brone can buy his own gold with his billions of dollars.”

Islander shook a skull. “Brone cannot and will not within this world economy. He cannot sell that massive quantity of solid gold piece not without immediate suspicious and heavy questioning and not without the discovery of his secret identity as a jewelry thief, a mass murdered, a terrorist agent, an illegal alien, and whatever else the bastard is.”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “Good point, Is.”

Fucner grinned with a nod. “What about this Shego-dingo-mystery short male in the recorded video inside this building who murdered tiny Alvin-girl and who also beat the shit out of our skipper?” he chuckled with Cody and Islander.

Yorkie turned and nodded to Skippy. He nodded to her. Then Yorkie turned and stared at each team member. “Shego is the dead girlfriend, who is also named Sheba, who is both named a male Alvin and a female Dorothy. Yeah! It is really both confusing and complicated. Dorothy had a sex change operation into Alvin. The White House believes that original female Dorothy was one of his many girlfriends who were doing one of his many dangerous tasks here on USA soil and sky and sea. I agree with Skippy. Dorothy was seeking revenge, when she had recognized Skippy, accidentally of course, while Skippy was tailing her really lousy, of course…”

“Hey!” Skippy laughed.

Yorkie exhaled. “The pageant explosion was a ruse coming from Brone. He is really after all the copper scrolls inside a weather-beaten and drowned wooden chest underneath the water of the Tennessee River.”

“Naw!” Islander frowned.

Skippy frowned, “Nope.”

“Yeah,” Cody raised both palms with a smile and a nod.

Fucner shook a skull. “O no! The kid raised his hand. He has got the right answer, again, teacher.”

Cody smiled. “Hey! I read. The latest buzz, buzz from the busy bees, the Ten Commandments were imprinted upon two copper scrolls by God, not a set of rock stones. Some modern day scholar or a priest found a tiny piece of a mineral coated copper scroll which dated back about 3,000 years, even with the same time period of the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments and the Ark of the Covenant.

“In the Book of First King, Chapter 7 and verse14, ‘He was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naptali and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker of bronze. He came to King Solomon and did his work on the temple.’ The front porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first temple of Jerusalem was designed with a set of two copper pillars, the tops in the shape of copper lilies. Eventually, the temple was built with an inner chamber holding the Ark of the Covenant. The lengths of the temple were decorated with twelve oxen, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east. All rear parts were inward. The temple took thirteen years to complete. Solomon also built a residential house within the forest of Lebanon. Within the stated color hues from in the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘nechosheth’ is translated as bronze or copper. Copper was a metal highly prized for its strength and durability.

“In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 4 and verse 22, ‘Zillah gave birth to Tubal Cain, the forger of bronze and iron.’ The word bronze is symbolized by suffering and sacrifice. In the Book of Job 28:2, ‘iron is taken from the dust. Copper is smelted from rock.’ Gold is the first metal of the ancient days of Moses. Copper is the oldest work metal tools which is combined with some type of alloy. The word copper appears in the Book of Ezra, Chapter 8, verse 27, ‘two copper eating utensils.’ In the Book of Second Timothy, Chapter 4, verse 13, ‘when you come, bring my cloak, my scrolls, especially the parchments. The coppersmith did me a great deal of harm.’ Whatever that message is meant to reveal to the devious coppersmith? Anyways, there are two types of writing materials, a metal copper scroll or a paper parchment that was used by the Egyptain culture first. A coppersmith had the ability to write on top of a soft copper scroll. Copper was combined from two percent tin which produced bronze that was hard enough to be used for weapons, armor, utensils, scrolls, and sculptures. The entire small country of Cyprus was the major source of copper minerals in the Mediterranean. Copper is a reddish metal that can be easily shaped by hammering out the images, pictures, words, weapons, utensils, and then polishing it into a shining finished product. I offer my arguments.”

Yorkie smiled with a nod. “All of Cody’s words are both accepted and approved too.”

Islander frowned with frustration. “This man, who is named Brone, is claiming ownership of the copper scrolls, because his ‘great-to-whatever-power’ grandfather that came from the ancient history of the real Bible was a worker of bronze too.”

Fucner frowned. “First, Brone was stealing the ring of King Solomon and then the Ark of the Covenant from the country of Israel and now the copper scrollies from God. I’m getting really confused first and thirsty second. SUSY-Q, please bring me a tall cold mug of beer. Thank you!”

The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed off leaving the wall in stark white paint and turned to face the open archway, strolling ahead in her robot feet and droned. “Yes, Mr. Fucner,” she exited out the room.

Yorkie nodded with a stern face to each team member. “I believe the mystery man who is nicknamed Brone is deceiving everyone with his mentally sick games and all the physical murderous schemes. A piece of 3,000 year old petrified wood exists somewhere. A sliver of copper scroll exists somewhere, too,” she reached down below the table edge and rummaged around inside her open briefcase at the feet, sitting upright, lifting a tiny piece of black tinted wood near a smile to see each team member. “Rusting is a specific term for the corrosion of all iron compounds. Gold is the most inert and non-reactive of all the earth metals, since it will never rust in an oxygen atmosphere or in liquid solution. Copper and nickel do not rust either. Petrified wood does not rust either. But, all these earth minerals can absorb and hold radiation particles for millions of years. When you add the wood and the copper together, you get an Ark of the Covenant. When you mix a single international thief plus a gang of international terrorists, you get a land of Americans killed. You are my new team of saving free and brave Americans. And I’m trying to figure out which nuclear plant the terrorists will blow up first.”

SUSY-Q returned back into the conference room and toted a large tray of beer mugs, stopping and stood between Islander and Fucner, leaning over and slid the new tray of cold mugs of beer over the hard surface for each occupant. She stood upright and back stepped from the conference room, stopping and stood at attention while waiting for another command. Fucner reached over with a grin and grabbed, snatching a cold mug of beer, leaning back, gently sipping with a loud slurp and swallowed with a loud groan.

Cody pointed to the white painted wall without an image with a stern face and a nod. “Brone answered that question for you, Yorkie. The metro city of Huntsville is the one number outer space pinging station within the world. It carries the highest number of red dots which number 420 on his web site. SUSY-Q, please bring up the Heavenly Incorporated web site that contained the USA electronic geographical map and then place back onto the white painted wall.” The belly of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights. Then the wall showed a map of American with a set of red dots. He pointed at the map. “Thanks, SUSY-Q! Brone has already danced our radiation two-step using the same logical steps while pinpointing the Ark of the Covenant right here in Alabama underneath the Tennessee River also. However, he doesn’t know the exact location like us, rednecks either. SUSY-Q, please show us the radiation map around the Huntsville nuclear plant only.” The electronic geographical map enlarged to show a reduced number of red dots around the tall and white buildings. Cody grinned with a nod. “The nuclear plant pumps out tons of radiation ions which hits up into the clouds, over the dry land, and down into the fresh water. That is why the radiation map is useless as it all lighted in bright pink for radiation spikes. Brone can’t figure out it either, except I bet he ain’t no fisherman like me and my friend Brother Jesus. He is probably systematically scampering in a wet suit around the river banks with a Geiger counter looking for a radiation spike, hoping for some quick luck. Brone has been here in metro city Huntsville for three long hot days and two longer sizzling nights underneath our watchful eyeballs too. He has accomplished half of his primary goal. I translate for ya’ll.

“Brone has figured out a 3,000 year old remnant of the Ark of the Covenant hides inside the Tennessee River by using the outer space look and see radiation electronic map which we are viewing also. Two, he has been blowing people up from downtown Birmingham to uptown Huntsville while scaring all the shit turds out of every law enforcement officer between southern metro city Birmingham up towards the northern Tennessee state line while homing in on his primary target, the river bank. Three, he was brilliant setting up the pretend outer space ping website. Every scientist and redneck are outside on top of the manicured lawn or inside the cow pasture or on top of the smooth waves of the river with a newly purchased nail brusher while pinging a dick and then the sky for a set of pink colored radiation spikes with Brone as one of them.

“And everyone is not thinking about the nuclear plant but their own ass. Four, he is moving, probably right now. While, everyone is too mourning and too mad at the recent tragic deaths of al the pretty young and adult beauty contestants which is being televised all over the television stations, the daily newspapers, the world wide internet, and every cell phones, not watching for Bone on a top of a single fishing boat in a wet suit with a Geiger counter.”

“Yeah, I concur with Cody.” Skippy slapped both hands over the edge of the table with a huff of worry. “We need to move out and roll over the land soil, right now, too.”

Cody lifted both palms with a grin and a chuckle tat each team member. “Ya corndogs don’t get it. Wait! I gotta share more new information.”

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown. “You can give me the new information, right after I finish my beer,” he sipped and swallowed the cold beer with an open mouth which sounded with a loud burp. “Good stuff!”

Cody smiled. “The Tennessee River was expanded from the God-made Cherokee River, when the land flooded from the average rain storms. So, the Tennessee River is a system of dams and locks operated by the TVA or Tennessee Valley Authority. The fresh water river controls the flood waters, feeds the fertile farmlands in the lower regions along the river banks, and offers boating recreational fun and fishing adventures for the locals. Because, the river is a dam…”

“Damn,” Fucner mouth spat out all chewed up food particles over the plate and the table with a sour frown, “So, there is something else to go wrong, as usual. I’m on the losing basketball team. Brone is going to try to sabotage the damn dam,” he chuckled with a nod.

Cody shook his curls with a smile. “Actually, Brone would be smarter to raise the water level way around the low lying creeks, particularly at the hidden location of Swan Creek. It would make our rescue of the gold extremely difficult. The average water level is sixteen feet which is a good home for snakes. Yeah, shit! You can’t see your own four fingers in the shallow waters of the Tennessee River. It was made by man, not by God. The visibility is a negative ten or more. This is not the crystal clear ocean waters of the Pacific or the seaweed waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The river is nothing but groves of chopped down oak tree stumps, coming from a swampy forest in the 1930s, before I was even birthed. One of us needs to travel to Marshall County to the city of Guntersville. Guntersville has a population of 8,000 people. Guntersville was founded by John Gunter, who was born in year 1765 and then died in the year 1835. He was the great-grandfather of the humorist Will Rogers. Every month in July, the town holds the Will Rogers Festival…”

“I be damned.” Skippy nodded with a nod. “I didn’t know that fact,” laughing.

Cody reached up and lifted up the mobile telephone, typing onto the tiny keyboard, reading out the new information the tiny screen. “The city of Guntersville sits on top a 69,000 acre lake, the biggest lake in Alabama. Guntersville, Alabama is located at the southern point of the Tennessee River, where the Guntersville Dam was built by the TVA. One of us needs to ensure that Brone or one of Brone’s crony does not come and sabotage that particular dam. This is a critical leak where flood waters would destroy the river town of Decatur and then increase the water level at the hidden pinged location of the golden pieces of the Ark at Swam Creek while drowning the persons in the process who will be looking for the gold. This is not going to be as easy as it sounds, lady and gentlemen.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face. “Each one of us completely understands.”

Islander exhaled. “Okay. We have solved the mysterious location of the Ark of the Covenant. So, let’s talk about ending world hunger or setting up world peace. I wished life really worked like this. What about all the mysterious dead bodies from the Miss Starlit Pageant? How do they fit together?”

Cody tossed a palm into the air with a smile and a nod, “This is too perfect and too ingenious, ya’ll. There is a scheduled TVA Scavenger Hunt which is being held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week along the Tennessee River with a set of nightly colorful and loud fireworks and numerous free picnic baskets and dozens of fishing rodeos with a paid prize money to commemorate the eighty birthday of the Tennessee Valley Authority partnership with all the US States bordering the river banks…”

“Fuck it, Cody!” Fucner gasped with alarm. “People and dogs are going to die from the flooding or Brone.”

Skippy frowned, “Naw! We will be stopping it all. Where do we go to register for the fishing tournament, Cody?”

Cody smiled. “Folks will be camping, fishing, boating, swimming. We need a legal fishing permit. Fishing isn’t allowed at the recreational sights with the boating and skiing. We can obtain a fishing permit from the Decatur City Hall, SUSY-Q.”

The television-like head of SUSY-Q swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights while continuing to display the geographical map of the Huntsville nuclear plant on the white painted wall and as her voice droned in a female alto for all eardrums, “Processing your request, Mr. Cody.”

Cody nodded with a smile. “Because, the Alabama park rangers love to harass folks about non-permits and sometimes dump your ass in jail for a day or two just for shit and giggles, since they can and they do.”

Skippy clapped with a smile. “We need fishing boats, fishing gear, a car, and air transportation from the city of Huntsville down into the city of Decatur.”

Islander pointed the side of the wall with a confused brow. “The city of Decatur is right up the road which is less than thirty minutes from here by a car ride, skipper.”

Skippy shook a skull with a smile. “Naw! We will go as a gang of rich billionaires to blend into the fun festival. Brone won’t be searching for a group of nicely dressed billionaires for a good time fishing expedition, who come out of town. Brone visited our secret location when he followed Alvin-Dorothy girl-man. We have to leave the town, literally. SUSY-Q, please arrange four first class seats for a flight outta Huntsville on Thursday morning at the earliest hour possible…”

“Processing, Captain Skippy,” SUSY-Q droned and as the television-like head swiftly flashed in a series of colored lights while continuing to display the geographical map of the Huntsville nuclear plant on the white painted wall.

Skippy smiled. “We land in B’ham, get some new clothes, and then fly into a private air strip near Tanner. Then, we rent a chopper taking us to the hot spot of Swan Creek on the Tennessee River. We recover the copper scrolls and get out there. Brone will be too late. Then, we spend the rest of the festival, tracking down his ass at the birthday celebration. Yeehaw!”

Yorkie leaned down below the table edge and rummaged around down inside the briefcase again, sitting upright and leaned over the table, passing out a set of single sheet of paper to each team member with a stern face. “All the beauty contestants around the world, they were all the lost victims of Brone’s plot, Islander. Everyone needs to sign this piece of paper, before going off and maybe getting killed. The paper is a legal document bequeathing all your assets back to the US Federal Government. At this moment, in your life, you do not have any surviving family members or kissing cousins, as we, Southerns like to proclaim a little too proudly and loudly. This is standard protocol in a dangerous situation, especially for American warriors like you. As a matter of fact, the bottom line reads in tiny letters, the survivors of your mission get your entire bank account plus assets minus the liabilities, since you didn’t need it in heaven,” smiling.

Cody reached over and grabbed, sliding the paper in front of a chest first, quickly reading and then signed the single sheet of paper and slid it back to Yorkie with a smile in silence. The other team members copied his movements and signed the single piece of paper, sliding it back to Yorkie in silence.

She accepted and reviewed each paper with a signature and a date. “I will work with SUSY-Q to get the required fishing permit, the sea and land fishing gear, and al the land, sea, and air transports for your trip to Decatur. I will not be joining the billionaire boys. But I will be monitoring your progress for any type of emergency. I do have some long purse strings, if anything happens badly,” she leaned down and grabbed up the briefcase from the floor with an armful of signature papers, standing upright with a smile to see ach team member. “Chow, ya’ll!”

Skippy stood upright with a smile and stared at the back spine of Yorkie with a smile. “Today is Monday. I’m ordering two days of vacation for us here in Huntsville. I’m helping get our gear and transports with Yorkie. We meet right back here at 211 Clinton Avenue and then take a rented limo to the airport and then board the rented jet plane on Thursday, at five o’clock. We fly back home to Birmingham. Then, a limo will come and pick you up at your personal residence at seven o’clock. The limo will travel to a smaller private air strip with an awaiting private jet plane. Then, we will re-board a second private rental jet and land in the city of Decatur around nine o’clock or something like that in the morning. Then, we accomplish our mission goal,” he back stepped and continued to stare at the back spine of Yorkie, spinning around and rushed through the open archway with a chuckle.

Cody stood upright from the chair at the conference table with a clap and a smile. “Let’s go gold prospecting, Bama style!”

Fucner stood upright from the chair at the conference table and tilted a skull back, downing the rest of the beer, dropping down a chin with a loud burp and a smile. “Let’s go prospecting for babes, Bama style!” He patted a full belly with a grin.

Islander stood upright from the chair at the same conference room with a smile in silence.

The three men exited the conference room with a sound of chuckles and smiles for a free evening of fun within Huntsville, before the big day of finding the terrorist named Brone White.



Wednesday August 11th



City of Bessemer

(20 miles south of Birmingham)

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

with four miles per hour winds


Bessemer Airport location

Lounge room setting of Islander, Cody, and Fucner

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Islander moved out from the small airport lounge of dull yellow hue in the small country town of Bessemer with a smile and a whistle, wearing a business suit and a necktie that came from his father. The suit was wool dark brown jacket and a pair of matching trousers that was paired with a set of brown old fashioned white and brown winged tipped shoes, a short sleeved brown and white plaid cotton shirt, and a brown and white poker dotted bowtie. His father had worn the same brown wool suit at the funeral of his wife of twenty three years of marriage, after she had succumbed and died of a rare form of cancer. His father had accepted her untimely death with the passion, the grace, and the love of Almighty God while knowing that it had been her time to return back into heaven when all things did eventually.

His father didn’t want the somber and sad set of events at the funeral. It was a party of food and beverages at the house without the dead bio-shell that didn’t contain her spirit. And it was a celebration that her spirit was sent back inside heaven, not down here on shitty planet Erath with the rest of the stupid assholes. Some of the relatives and friends felt freaked out with the party. Some of the relatives and friends enjoyed the party. However, Almighty God decided when the earthly angel came back to home to heaven, not a terrorist or a murderer or a car accident. The vile and evil person or thing was the instrument of the destruction of the delicate bio-shell external flesh and blood body, not the internal invisible spiritual soul. A human soul could not be destroyed or misplaced unless the soul allowed that to happen without challenge.

Islander had duplicated the same celebration party when his father had swiftly and shockingly died during a surprise terrorist explosion inside the FBI Laboratory in downtown Birmingham within the US State of Alabama. He was shocked at first, since he had survived the terrible bomb blast while living inside a hospital room for thirty two days of medical treatment. Then he was angry for losing the only other living relative of his person. Then he felt grateful to survive and continue working to find more bad guys that wanted to cause malice and harm to the good people of the world.

The airfield pavement was dull gray asphalt with a row of tall pine trees on one side of the airport and an active county roadway to residential houses and small businesses within the town of Bessemer on the opposite side. Fields of green grass, grazing black and white tinted beef cows and brown and black quarter horses were located behind the rows of pine trees. The airport building was one-story of dull beige paint that offered plenty of hot coffee and cold beverages inside the air-conditioned lounge. The shotguns, hand guns, the fishing gear, and the suitcase of new clothes were already boarded underneath the belly of the private business jet plane.

Islander and the two other team mates had lounged and chatted with a set of dirty jokes around a small table inside the small coffee shop while appearing like a group of rich vacationing businessmen, waiting for the privately rented business jet plane to fly back to the city of Huntsville on the secret mission that had been assigned by the White House.

Islander moved beside Cody, who wore a navy sports jacket and a pair of ripped and torn blue jeans of a young billionaire, since Cody was still a kid at the age of eighteen years old. Fucner in a tan business suit followed behind with a worried brow without holding the nervous stomach. Of course, Islander had noticed the nervous habit on Fucner and said with a smile, staring at the steps of the private jet. “Who gets motion sickness? Good. If you vomit up on my new cowboy boots, Fucner, I’ll beat your ass into tomorrow,” he climbed up the steps with a chuckle and a smile.

Cody followed behind Island with a chuckle, moving inside and sat down near a window, looking down with a smile to read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “There’s a shooting range around Swan Creek which is off the country road named Harris Road. The shooting range distance is up to one hundred yards with four ranges from twenty five to fifty to one hundred yards side by side with a set of dividing barriers. There is a specific area for rifle shooting at a set of larger stationary clay targets at one hundred yards. This shooting range is operated by TVA which is located at the intersection of west of Highway 31 and Harris Road in the small township of Tanner. Mark it down on your wrist watch at 34 degrees and 40 minutes, 51.74 minutes north, and 86 degrees, 59 minutes, 20.97 minute west in Tanner…”

Islander shook the crossed leg with a smile and a nod to Cody. “This is our short sweet plan. Since, I’m the current field boss while Skippy is riding on a different private business jet plane flying towards Guntersville. We, three fly and land near the fishing pier in our helicopter, acting like some rich city bastards and then fly away quickly from Swan Creek with the treasure. No one will suspect at thing,” he chuckled with Cody. The light weight plane rolled ahead with a rough taxi over the smooth pavement and then roared in take-off from the ground and into the air as the face of Fucner turned into bright green.

Islander turned and smiled at Fucner. “I became a pilot for both a private jet and a helicopter for my shitty fun and your amusing entertainment, when I didn’t wanna attend my college courses. We’re going to a small airstrip between the cities of Athens and Decatur which is located on Highway 31. The airstrip is called Pryor Field. Pryor Field is located at latitude 34 degrees, 39 hours, 14.600 minutes, and longitude of 86 degrees, 56 hours, 43.300 minutes west, since Cody likes playing on his cell phone way too much. We’ll greet and meet the aviation manager, who will be very polite and helpful, escorting us into the lounge with food and beverages.”

Fucner swallowed the bitter bile coming up an esophagus with a sour frown. “Put away your cell phone, Cody! Or ya’ll get seasick from reading and flying…”

Cody looked down with a smile and continued to type on the tiny keyboard of the mobile telephone. “Naw! I don’t get scared like you, Fucner,” he chuckled with Islander. Fucner reached down and held the guts with a sour frown. Cody read out loud on the mobile telephone. “Pryor Field became operational on September 1942. One runway covers two hundred acres of land, publicly owned by the city of Decatur and open to the public for use like my free library card,” he looked up with a nod and a chuckle to see Islander and the green face of Fucner. Fucner swiftly stood upright from the padded chair and spun around, dashing ahead towards the closed bathroom door. Cody chuckled. “Pryor Field is site number 00251. The traffic advisory frequency is 123.075 Hz. The land elevation is 592 feet high. Airspace determination is no objection. What’s that mean, Is?”

Islander smiled. “You can go and land, without calling your mama.”

Cody continued to read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone with a smile. “During a calendar year, the aviation station runs air taxi operations of 150,000 flights for civilian and 12,000 for military. Wow. The lighting schedule is dawn to dusk or sunrise to sunset. There is no customs airport entry and no commercial landing fees either. The station provides transient storage for the jets.”

Islander nodded. “We stow the jet and then take the copter to Swan Creek.”

Cody continued to read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “Pryor field can accommodate seventy one single engine aircraft; twelve multi-engine aircraft; two helicopters on site, and on one operational glider,” he looked up with a smile and a nod to see Islander. “Glider? Can we use a glider and then glider down into the river water at Swan Creek? That’s both more quiet and fun.”

Islander turned to face the window to see the blue sky, “Naw!”

Cody looked down with a smile and read out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “There are twenty five feet paved shoulders with soft grassy inlays, in case the pilot misses the runway,” he looked up a laugh to the green face of Fucner. “Did you hear that one, Fucner?” Fucner returned back from the bathroom and sat back down, leaning over and held a head between both legs with a soft moan. Cody and Islander chuckled with a smile. Cody looked down with a smile to read out loud the new information from the mobile telephone to annoy Fucner and kill all the wasted air time on the flight. “The ID call number for Pryor Fields is 18/36. The runway can hold a single wheel of 35,000 pounds; a glider dual wheel of 55,000 pounds, a dual tandem wheel of 95,000 pounds. The runway is 6,107 feet in length and 100 feet in width. The runway surface type is asphalt which is in good condition and the surface treatment is plastic grooved to soak up all the rain drops from heaven,” he turned to face the window with a chuckle. “Is it raining or not?”

Islander unbuckled the safety belt and stood upright with a smile, reaching over and touched the fishing clothes in the seat next to him. “Stood upright and change outta of the business suits and into all the fishing gear! We are rich businessmen coming down from B’ham to fish and see the sights,” he started removing the business suit and quickly changed into the fishing gear.

Cody stood upright and exchanged the clothes for the new fishing gear in silence, sitting back down, typing on the mobile telephone.

Fucner slowly stood upright and slowly removed each piece of clothing with a loud burp of a nervous stomach, slowly dressing in all the fishing gear, sitting back down, holding a skull between both legs again.

Islander felt the drop in air pressure and heard the release of the landing gear, staring out the window, seeing the landscape with a smile. “Our trip was fast. The physical elevation at touchdown is zoned at 592 feet. As we land, it decreases to 588 feet like riding on top of a smooth roller coaster,” he leaned over and fist bumped with Cody as they both turned with a set of laughter and stared down at the brown hair roots of Fucner. Fucner continued to hold a skull between the legs and on top of his dick while moaning with air sickness.

Cody leaned over and pressed a nose into the small round window. “Looks like someone imprinted the letter B two times with a gray ink pen onto the green grass. The black asphalt has faded in the bright sunlight between dirt red clay with a parking lot on the right for about ten trucks and a field of cotton on the left. Where’s the control tower? So we don’t collide with another smaller plane.”

Islander looked out the window with a smile also, “None. The clear green lighted signal means: land at the airport. When the light is white, it means: a no-go. The direction wind indicator is yes and lighted. Traffic pattern is left. So we’re coming from the right end of the street corner. We’re landing, boys. Fucner, go and vomit in the bathroom, not on the copter. Do you heard me, son!” He leaned over with a laugh and fist bumped with Cody.



9:12 am

City of Decatur

(111 miles southwest of Bessemer)

Pryor Field Airport location

Interior rental business private jet plane cabin

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

and four miles per hour winds



The plane smoothly landed as best as it could for small business jet and then rolled onto the runaway, smoothly taxing near the entrance doors of the short and squat building and halted underneath a metal tarp out of bright sunlight. A male stood in front of the entrance doors with a smile and a nod to the pilot and co-pilot.

Islander stood upright from the chair and moved ahead, stopping, standing in front of the closed door, pressing the lever. The hatchway opened as a small set of steps dropped down without hitting the pavement. Islander led the men down the stairs. An airport crew appeared and stood down on the ground in front of the open bin, unloading all the fishing gear, since Cody, Islander, and Fucner wore the fishing clothing like a set of carefree vacationing billionaires.

The unknown short, older, and dark skinned male moved ahead and extended a hand with a smile to Islander. Islander stopped and stood in place with a smile, reaching out and shook the hand with a nod. The unknown male smiled to Cody and Fucner also, “Howdy do there! Nice to meet ya’ll! I’m your aviation manager of the airport. You can call me, Harold. It’s a great day in Decatur, Alabama. Thanks for staying here for a spell. Ya’ll have picked a good time to be here with the TVA Scavenger Hunt and all. The airport desk attendant can arrange any else you need, boys. Ben, he will motion for the pilot to taxi your private business jet into the covered hanger and then check all the instruments on the panel for any malfunctions which is all for free, of course. We fuel by truck at the price of six dollars and fifteen cents. We have hot showers inside the pilot’s lounge and a snooze room to catnap for awhile. We got a lunch meal which will be served at eleven o’clock on the dot. We are having beef and pork barbeque for ya’ll, today.”

Fucner gagged and then covered a mouth with a cough, swiftly dashed ahead by the male and entered through a set of open entrance doors that led into the single story air-conditioned building, looking for the bathroom again. Cody and Islander chuckled. Islander cleared a throat with a smile to the aviation manager. “No thanks for the lunch meal! Just top off the jet, Harold! We’ll return in about four hours, sir. We chartered a helicopter, too. Is she ready to roll, sir?”

Harold looked down with a smile to read out loud the paper on top of the clipboard with a nod. “Yes, I see the charter for the helicopter, sir. You and your friends can board at anytime,” he looked up with a smile and a nod to see Islander and Cody, spinning around to face and enter through the same entrance doors, leading through the building with a yell. “There is not any type of security lines or long treks through us like a big commercial airport. You fly in, land, and then fly right out in minutes, hours, or the next day. You are three miles northeast of Decatur or five miles northwest of Athens. You are eleven miles west of the small town of Capshaw and thirteen miles north of the military base called Redstone Point. You looked dress for some fishing. This is a good day with the celebration of the TVA birthday party.”

Islander moved beside Cody in silence without Fucner trailing behind. Harold turned and pointed to each wall of the building that held an array of glass windows with a smile. “Pryor Field holds three aircraft parking hangers, one passenger terminal with one soda machine and a lounge for school teachers and pilots, and your airsick business friend,” he laughed with Cody and Islander. “There is a snooze room for the exhausted pilot, a public telephone, two restrooms, and a set of bathing showers. This flight station is called the North Alabama Aviation or the call sign to the pilots as Airnav.”

Cody continued to move with Islander and behind Harold, leaning over with a stern face and a whisper into the cheekbone of Islander. “I know that we had to fax our flight plan to here to this flight station. But our private business jet took off from metro city of Birmingham with our leader Skippy and then the same private business jet came back to the same flight station of Pryor Field. Then, the same private business jet repeated the same flight procedure to the same flight station of Pryor Field. Ain’t someone going to be suspicious of our arrival for a second time?”

“Naw,” Islander moved ahead with Cody and whispered back with a smile into the cheekbone of Cody. “That private business jet is a rental that flies from B’ham to here all the time for the right price. It is a common commuter business jet. We look normal, except for fucking Fucner, who continues to gag and cough up the blueberry muffin from this morning.”

Harold stopped and spun around with a smile, standing in front of single external door with a half window that led onto the side of the building for pickup vehicles, pointing around the room with a nod. “And finally, there is a popcorn stand available with hot and buttered popcorn for free, an aviation treasure. Our pristine building has the Wi-Fi free communication and a counter of computer laptops. The pilot lounge has a four computer laptops for teleconferencing to anyone in the world. Make yourself at home, gentlemen! Is there anything else that you need, sir? Islander shook a skull in silence. Harold extended a hand with a smile to Islander. Islander shook the hand with a nod in silence. Harold smiled. “I’ll call your limo, sir. It will arrive right here at this exit point. Enjoy your fishing expedition, gentlemen. Thank you for visiting Airnav!” He swung around to face the door and exited the lounge.

Cody spun around and moved ahead, entering the bathroom. The door closed.

Then, the door opened. Fucner returned back from the bathroom still panting in an array of heavy air molecules after exiting from the smooth airplane ride of the private business jet and scooted around the living room sofa. He sat down and bent over while breathing gulps of fresh air with a slight headache, feeling better.

Cody returned back from the bathroom, moving ahead and stopped, standing in front of the popcorn machine, reaching out and grabbed an empty bag from the side slot, filling up a sack of hot buttered popcorn, eating and chewed with a set of mouth spit and food particles with a nod. “This facility is new, roomy, and clean. Man, that bathroom’s spotless clean. I’m impressed. Southern hospitality is alive and well, in Tanner, Alabama. This spot is a pleasant stop…”

Islander continued to stand and pointed through the viewing window with a chuckle and a smile, “Lookie there through the great big large glass window! The limo for us, billionaires has finally arrived on time. The two charted helicopters are on the other side of the airplane hangar and away from the fixed aircraft. Grab your boots or in Fucner’s case, your guts. We are flying to our fishing hole, boys,” he leaned over and fisted bumped with Cody and they moved ahead with a roar of laughter. Fucner slowly stood upright with a loud groan and held the stomach, slowly moving ahead towards the exit door.



9:33 am

City of Tanner within the US State of Alabama

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

and four mph winds

State Docks Road fishing pier location

(three miles north of Pryor Field)

Boat trip of Cody, Islander, and Fucner



The helicopter which was piloted by Islander reduced speed and hovered in the air, slowly descending and landed down over the soil and away from the walking pier, a small fleet of fishing boats, and one single two-story brick building on top of the flat grass and near the bluish-green murky water of the Tennessee River. Cody, Islander, and Fucner grabbed the fishing gear from each seat first and then slowly exited from the helicopter, moving ahead down towards the fresh water river.

Fucner led the group of fake businessmen as his stomach quit flip-flopping and returned to normal during and after the helicopter ride, turning to scan the landscape with a loud moan. “Man! This place ain’t got nothing for the eyeballs or for fun. No boat docks. No fishing piers. No boat ramps. No sandy white shoreline. No pretty scenery. No river bridges. No street culverts. No boat marinas. No barge tug boat terminals. No mooring cells…”

“You’re right, Fucner.” Cody turned and smiled at the pretty landscape of Mother Nature without the invasion of the city life and the city slickers. “The entire Tennessee River watershed is divided into seven sections and overseen by the TVA. Thus, the river water is colored blackish-green. The grass is colored green like God intended. And this ain’t one of them, Fucner.”

The pier manager sat down inside a rocking chair on the covered front porch of the two-story brick coated building, waving with a smile, standing upright and moved ahead with a hand. “Ya’ll don’t look like a set of local boys!”

Cody moved ahead and stepped onto the front porch first with a hand to the male, shaking and releasing the hand with a smile, slapping a chest. “I am one, sir. I’m from Ettaville, a local redneck. I’m bringing my city buddies to see the sights and sounds of our smooth country living. We will be fishing around Swan Creek, where it will be nice and quiet from the ruckus of the noisy out of town visitors, celebrating TVA’s birthday party.”

The manager turned with a sour frown and scanned the docking pier with a crowd of families, pointing at the water. “You are right about that, boy. All these folks come from all over Bama to have some fun and spoil the fishing. All the fish got scared off and went home for the day,” he turned and smiled to Cody. “Welcome to the Tennessee River, boys! The weather is a beauty for some daylight fishing, too. The river water provides largemouth bass, smallmouth bass near metro city Decatur waters upstream northwest and then downstream northeast into the Elk River which is near the city of Athens and catfish fishing, too. The Bama fisherman record holder is a 111 pound catfish. The bluegill and crappie grow exceptionally fast here along the river banks. The largemouth bass grows from twelve to fifteen inches. Do you need some baiting, son?”

Cody shook the fishing hat with a grin. “Naw, sir,” he lifted up and shook the metal box. “My tackle box gots crank baits, Carolina rigs, and spinner baits,” nodding.

The manager thumbed back over to the building with a nod. “The bait store gots some live night crawlers and frogs, if you wanna ‘em.”

Islander slightly shook the set of expensive fishing pole and the tackle box with a smile. “We have plenty of baiting and tackle, sir. But we are interested in renting two small fishing boats for our fun today.”

The manager smiled with a nod. “I can do that for ya’ll. Come this way, boys! I got a set of twins that are gassed and ready for some real fishermen,” he moved ahead towards the end of the walking pier. “Now, ya’ll be really carefully during your fishing adventure. The river waters rise right up into the tree roots, where it’s dark and quiet, since snakes like dark and quiet, too. But you should be safe, if you stay away from the drowned tree roots. To your east, there lies the Wheeler Lake. It is seventy four miles of a long channel of water, maintaining an average depth of sixteen feet which goes all the way up to the Guntersville Dam…”

Fucner leaned over with a stern face into the cheekbone of Islander. “That’s deep enough for a scuba diver or two.” Islander nodded with a stern face in silence.



11:31 am

Swan Creek of blackish-green fresh water location

Fishing boat interior setting

Hot temperatures with cool wind breeze and parted clouds of sunshine



Cody had paid and rented two slow moving fishing boats for the day from the fishing store at the walking pier. Islander had loaded with Cody into one. Fucner had loaded and steered the second one. Both boats swiftly steered and used a hand-held geographical device to find the hidden location of Swan Creek.

Fucner slowed the speed and cut off the engine as the boat slowly drifted towards the red tinted muddy river bank, narrowing both eyelids inside a pair of sunglasses with a yell at the second boat that showed the back spines of both Cody and Islander. “Swan Creek ain’t nothing but low lying maple trees, knee-high grass weeds, and chunks of wet red clay. No docking pier. No pretty naked girls. No beer stands. Do you have the precise correct geographical location, Cody?”

Islander cut the engine and turned to scan the landscape with a worried brow as the second boat slowly drifted beside Fucner at the same muddy river bank. “This ain’t a seaside villa in pretty Florida. You saw the electronic map on SUSY-Q. She is never wrong. And it looked like Brone is not here with us, either. That is very, very wrong.”

Cody stood upright inside the boat and stripped off his fishing clothing revealing a dark tinted body wet suit for diving down into the river water with a stern face. “Thick stump flats, numerous seaweed beds, steep muddy river bank, and small low water creek channels are here. You right as usual, Fucner. This is an off-reservoir activity site that occurs along a perennial river or stream within the Tennessee River watershed.”

The boat hit and stuck into the muddy river bank as Fucner jolted back and forth at the pilot chair, turning with a worried brow to see the dark murky water. “Are there perinea fishies that bite here, too?”

The second boat hit and stuck into the same muddy river bank next to Fucner. Cody sat down in the side chair and donned a pair of scuba flippers, an enclosed scuba helmet for air and communication, and a pair of gloves for protection, flipping up the plastic face mask with a wink and a smile to Islander, who sat across from Cody and dressed in the scuba gear also. “There are poisonous snakes that bite here, too.”

Fucner spun around with a worried brow and shook both hands and a skull at Cody. “Ah shit! Why am I here again?”

Islander stood upright from the chair and reached over with a sour frown, grabbing from the chair and shoved the upright loaded rifle into the chest of Fucner with a sneer. “You are not here. You are watchdog, Fucner. Go and waste some ammo as the prime lookout, looking out for a wandering fishing boat or two that wanna come and kill us here at Swan Creek.” Fucner ignored the rifle with the scope with a smile.

Cody reached down, grabbing and handed a new weapon to Islander with a smile. “This is your new best friend, a bang gun.”

Fucner reached over and snatched the new weapon the hand of Cody, aiming and shoot the cold barrel into the grass without a flying bullet or a loud sound. He frowned “It’s defective, Cody.”

“It works,” Cody reached over and snatched the bang gun from the hands of Fucner with a sneer. Islander extended the rifle with the scope to Fucner with a stern face. Cody reached out and handed the bang gun with a stern face to Islander. “It goes bang, bang underneath the water to keep the snakes from biting into your wet suit and then killing you dead. So, I don’t have to drag your sorry dead ass up to the air surface for the thirteen thousand dollar external ugly steel coffin,” he chuckled with Islander.

“I wanna be cremated, after I pass into heaven,” Fucner stared at the new bang gun with a laugh and then looked over and pointed down into the water.” What are we looking for here at Swan Creek, Cody?”

Islander exhaled with a huff of annoyance at Fucner who was not performing the dangerous dive with the venous snakes, examining the components of the bang gun for his body protection. “A sliver piece of gold from one of the two copper scrolls that God wrote and Moses toted which would be worth trillions of dollars.”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “When you go prospecting for gold, you look for slow moving water that will help wash away any sediment. Phase one is seek. Look for a gravel pit of accumulated stone pebbles that surround any large non-moving object like a sea chest or a fallen boat engine motor. Rednecks get drunk out here and then race and then crash the fishing boat like a dry road automobile. There will be lots of shit that is stuck down into the bottom red mud bottom of the Tennessee River. The sediment bed will probably cover the thing with tons of red mud and wet dirt. We might need a crane or a fork lift to haul the damaged box of gold out of the rotten wooden chest from the depths of the sediment bedding, since it has been there, since the year 1931. Search every large object! The river is man-made, not God-made. The entire bottom is filled with debris from whacked off tree, including tree branches, wet leaves, big stumps, small rocks, and large boulders. The large boulders are grayish colored limestone boulders, when the government engineers blasted through the mountain range to run the river water through the existing low bottom Cherokee River, some eighty years ago.”

Fucner looked over the lip of the boat into the murky water with a worried brow, holding the rifle with the scope. “Jeezus, this is going to take years to do. I vote that we attach a water-proof scope on SUSY-Q and let her go down and look underneath all the tree roots with the unfriendly and non-social venom snakes.”

Cody exhaled. “Phase two is dig. We have to dug through the rocks, gravel, clay, and sediment from the location and then move it away from the box, keeping the sediment cloudless and below eyeball visibility of a negative hundred. Phase three is removal. We have to remove all the big rocks that are gathered around the box of gold. Or we might have to lift the box with its new friends inside. Copper like gold forms an aggregate in quartz rocks and other earth minerals. So I bet that the box is covered in agate rocks and maybe fool’s gold from the river.”

Islander peeked over the lip of the boat down into the river with a worried brow, holding the bang weapon. “The water is very, very black and cloudy.”

Cody raised a gloved finger with a nod. “First fucking rule, water snakes are ovoviviparous and should not be touched or captured. The water moccasin snake is a venomous species, belonging to the family Viperidae. The snake is a pit viper which is related to a rattlesnake and a copperhead.”

Islander moaned with a nod. “Kissing cousins with fangs, I love it.”

Cody smiled. “The average long is thirty inches. If you can’t do math, then divide it by twelve inches. That is about two feet and half feet long, half of me. The baddie news, a water moccasin has been seen as long as six feet. That is almost all of me,” laughing.

“Shit! Why did I volunteer?” Fucner continued to scan the water, the river banks, and finally Cody.

Cody nodded. “The water moccasin has dark colors of brown, black, and olive green to hide really well while looking…looks like the water in this dank muck of dark brown piss shit called a river. The belly is white. The head is flattened. And the snake’s pupils are vertical patterned.”

Islander chuckled with nervousness. “Not to be rude here, Cody! But, I don’t wanna verify your colorful description and I possess a weapon, so just get to the good stuff and hurry, before I quit and go back home to B’ham.”

Cody smiled. “The water moccasin likes swamps, rivers, irrigation ditches, rice fields, canals, and streams which we are disturbing in about two minutes or less.”

Fucner tossed both hands into the air with a confused brow. “Wait! This is a recreational area with numerous boat, Cody. If I was a snake, I wouldn’t live here,” chuckling.

Islander chuckled. “You are a different type of slimy sleazy swimming serpent, Fucner.”

“The venom has the ability to destroy your red blood cells, making it a hemotoxin in your body. A bite injects the venom into a person’s system. Then, you experience rapid swelling which leads to necrosis of the surrounding tissues…”

Fucner frowned. “Necrosis is?”

Cody nodded. “The bite is lethal. So, I say goodbye to you, now, because, buddy, you will die, before help arrives from the medical team of super smart physicians.”

Islander nodded with a grin. “Today is a good day to die.”

Fucner looked up with a sour frown to scan the blue sky. “Bullshit. Why I did volunteer for this crap?”

Islander laughed. “The money, you got paid to get snake bit with a mouth of fangs.”

Cody chuckled. “My last tip of the day, the venom of a water moccasin is more potent than a copperhead but not as strong as a rattler. Happy boys and girls! Water moccasins hunt their food at night using a heat-sensing pit on a face to locate and zoom onto their daily meal. Your body has heat-seeking devises to zoom onto the snake, since we will be waking them up and looking like a big ass frog which is their favorite food.”

“I require verification, Cody,” Fucner laughed.

Cody said. “The snake will attack first and then bites down, if you try to resist.”

Fucner frowned. “That makes no fucking ass sense, Cody. If I jerk my hand away from its mouth, it will bite me and then poison me with its venom.”

Cody said. “If you try to resist, it will bite you, release you, and track you down for its meal, and then consume your ass. Are you happy, now, Fucner?”

Fucner frowned, “Naw.”

Cody said. “A water moccasin swims with its head fully above the surface and one third of its body below, so watch your hair roots, except the smaller water snakes love the water. So, they swim with their bodies submerged.”

Islander looked over with a worried brow to see muddy river bank, the dark water, the blue sky and finally to see Fucner. “Brother Jesus and Fucner, please pray for me, bro!”

Cody reached over and shoved a new object to Islander. “This is a diver watch, slightly modified with a tea tiny metal detector that looks for a metal object. Gold is easy to distinguish from rotten wood and fish guts. Extend your arm. Let the tiny beam scan into down the mud. The depth is only one foot but strong enough to pick up a tiny blink. It blinks, not beeps. We don’t wanna attract any vile critters with the beeping sound. We are attracting them enough with our swimming bodies and try to glide more than swim. Got it, Is?”

Islander reached over and shoved with a stern face on the chest of Fucner. “Get going, Fucner! Watch for any patrolling boats or a protruding shot gun barrel at us while we dive underneath the water and then fuckingly fire back, before the bullet kills us. Got it, Fucner?” He turned and scanned the landscape. “Brone is here somewhere, too.”

Fucner leaned down and cranked the engine backing the boat from the river bank, waving a hand with a smile, “Happy hunting, boys! I got my diver watch, too. I will blink it three times, if I see any trouble wandering towards your fishing vessel, after I shoot all the bastards for my shitty fun,” he twisted the wheel and steered away from the other boat as his team members laughed with him.

Inside the second boat, Cody spun around and sat down on the edge of the boat lip, dropping down, falling backwards down into the fresh water and then he emerged above the water, swimming towards the lip of the boat and reached up, accepting the two bang guns. Islander reached over the lip of the boat and handed the two weapons to Cody, spinning around and sat back down on top of the lip, flipping a body off the boat backwards and down into the water without the bang gun. He emerged from the waves with a stern face inside the scuba helmet.

Cody said into the active helmet microphone, “Check.”

Islander reached out and grabbed the second bang gun for body protection and said into the active helmet microphone, “Copy.”

They both leaned over and dived down into the blackish green colored river water to explore the bottom of the Tennessee River at Swan Creek



Shooting range location

(one mile north of Swan Creek)

Hot sizzling temperatures and bright sunlight

Shooting booth of Fucner



Fucner swiftly steered the small fishing boat towards the designated lookout point and drove into the shallow river red muddy bank along with the other boaters with a chuckle of fun. He jumped out from the boat with a belt of ammunition across the chest, a small travel bag of items, and the loaded rifle with a scope, landing in the shallow water, moving ahead onto the dry land of red clay and patches of green grass, toting the rifle across a shoulder like a true redneck with a chuckle.

He strolled up to a horizontal wooden stand that was draped in numerous big and small American flags and an array of red, white, and blue paper streamers and stopped, standing in front of the clerk, paying with a wad of cash money for three hours of shooting fun. He back stepped and spun around, moving ahead to the last rental gun cuddy that provided a clear view of the calm waters of the Tennessee River to spy on the spies and his team mates.



Gun cubby setting



Fucner entered the gun cubby and stopped, standing in front of a long wooden counter, placing the load rifle and the travel bag on top of the plain wooden counter with a smile, wearing the ammunition belt of shotgun bullets for fun and narrowed both eyelids at the range of shooting targets in the far distance of two hundred, two hundred twenty five, and etc. He swung around to face the southeast direction with a pair of naked eyeballs, seeing miles of calm flat river water. Then, he swung around to face the southwest with a pair of naked eyeball, seeing the patch of low lying green tinted trees over near the water, where the second fishing boat floated alone and silent. Fucner looked down and unzipped the small travel bag with a smile, reaching down inside the darkness lifting up and wore a pair of binoculars, seeing an empty boat on top of the placid waters. So, Cody and Islander were still diving down and swimming with the venomous snakes, not him. He dropped down the pair of binoculars from the eyeballs onto the wooden counter next to the shotgun and turned to see first shooting target at two hundred feet, hearing the loud discharge of bullets coming from the other shooters inside another gun cubby. He lifted up and aimed the rifle at the first target, firing on shell from the shotgun.

The shooting range didn’t have a rule about walking around with a loaded weapon at the targets, the trees, the birds, or the other rednecks.

He dropped the gun with a grin of the fun assignment and looked down to see the diver wrist watch. Clear.

Underneath or above the river water, Islander would touch and blink a signal on the shared computer of each diver watch, if there was trouble or the finally collection of the copper sliver.

Fucner swung around to face the water and used the scope of the rifle to survey the river water for any additional boats. Clear! He looked down to see the diver’s wrist watch. Clear! He turned to face a new target, lifting up the rifle at the second target with a chuckle, looking down to see the diver watch. Clear. He turned to face the water and leaned down, looking through the scope to the placid water and the single boat. Clear! He turned to face the second target and aimed, firing at the target, swinging to face the water again with a smile and a chuckle. “Rinse and repeat!”



11:35 am

City of Guntersville

(57 miles west of Tanner)

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

and four mph winds

Guntersville Dam location

Control room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Skippy moved behind the short male. The male possessed a head of grayish-brown cropped hair, a full facial beard, a pair of gray trousers, a blue shirt, and a pair of orange and red cowboy boots. The Guntersville dam control manager entered into the control room, where three of the four walls were covered in an array of vertical and horizontal colored buttons, protruded levers, and fancy steel covered gadgets, consisting of switches, buttons, levels, and three computer monitor screens with a set of wiggling colorful horizontal bars and vertical numeric values. The manager stopped and spun around, standing in the middle of the floor, extending both arms to each wall with a smile and a nod to see Skippy. Skippy stopped and stood in front of the male with a smile. The manger nodded with a grin. “TVA is owned by the US Federal Government which provides electricity power to nine million folks, in seven US States, with the primary purpose of water level flow control. The water level navigates the water for both recreational and fishing boaters and land management of the shoreline for residential, local, and state government economic development. The city of Decatur is the nuclear power plant for this region.

“Guntersville Dam is monitored twenty four hours and seven days per week with staff around the clock. The TVA operates the Tennessee River and reservoir system by a measurement of the inflow of the combined rain fall and runoff, managing the flow of water, throughout the river system. On the wall here it displays the specific numeric value. These numbers keep the riverbed below the dam from drying out. A system computer, based on the water flow ensures the river downstream needs. The water flow enhances the boating levels, protects the aquatic foul, the year around navigation of a river along with feeding the water which is used at the Huntsville Nuclear Power Plant.

“The TVA drawdown of reservoirs is used to meet the constant downstream flow of the river. Guntersville Dam is a constant 594 feet. We can’t and won’t change that. The TVA system wide flow is measured and checked at Chattanooga, because it shows the best indication of the flow for the upper half of the Tennessee River system. There are ten reservoirs that drown the red clay, including Blue Ridge, Chatuge, Cherokee, Douglass, Fontana, Noteely, Hiwassee, Norris, South Holston, and Watauga. TVA will monitor and release enough water to provide a weekly average minimum flow, all the way towards the mountain town of Chattanooga within the US State of Tennessee. This is the dry season.

“The TVA planned to release additional water from the ten reservoirs, before the start of the festival. The water would have been released from the reservoir, since we had experienced some significant T-storm activity for the past two weeks. If the volume of water stored in the reservoir is below the minimum 25,000 cubic feet per second, then we release the water. If the volume of the water shed is above 29,000 feet, then we don’t release the water. That’s easy.

“The Guntersville Dam shows 23,000 cubic feet per second. That’s a dam shame, too!” He chuckled. “I could press this green button. Boom! The flood gates open and spill water. The spillage footage for the Fontana Dam is one hour and seven minutes. For the Norris Dam, it’s two hours and twenty three minutes. In two hours, the spillage footage will cover 293,000 acres of land and 11,000 miles of shoreline. Are you impressed, young man?” Skippy nodded with a grin.

The manager turned and pointed the wall. “In the wintertime, when we receive the most rainfall, TVA lowers the flood storage reservoirs to hold the runoff produced by winter storms. When a storm hits, TVA holds the water back by reducing releases from the dams, where it rains allowing the water to naturally downstream along the river banks. When the rain stops and the danger of flooding is over, TVA lets the water out, while getting prepared for the next T-storm. In the summertime, when flooding is not a risk factor, TVA keeps the lakes levels high to support boating and recreational boating like for the current festival of the eighty birthday. The swollen reservoirs are used and released during the hot dry months by generating electricity to power the cool feeling air conditioners and supply water navigation from the US State of Kentucky over towards the eastern end of the US State of Tennessee.

“The reservoirs are lowered to winter flood level on January first, each year. If during the flood season the water shed drops below the minimum system flow requirement, then the TVA will set back and monitor the upstream water and release the storage reservoirs. As soon as, the downstream floodwaters begin to recede, the reservoirs are lowered at a controlled rate. Through the turbines, it is sometimes necessary to let the additional water flow through sluiceways or over spillways to speed up the drawdown and regain the flood water shed level needed for future rains storms. Today, the reservoirs are full due to the prolonged summertime T-storms for the last three months. We’re busting at the seams as they say.

“But, we can’t release the water and increase the level now with so many boaters, and swimmers, and water crafts that sailed over the Tennessee River for the TVA Scavenger Hunt. If we could, then the Kentucky reservoir releases first and then the Fontana Dam and then the Norris Damn, and then the Guntersville Dam, and then Wheeler Dam, and then all the way down to finally the Chickamauga Dam. There’re been lots of rain for the past three months.

“But, the TVA says hold back the water, until the birthday party is done on Saturday, at midnight. The Tennessee River watershed is the rainiest in the US, with average of 50 inches per year, compliments of the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is a major source of moisture and subject to tornadoes and hurricanes from Florida, moving across the southeast portion of the panhandle. The months of December through May are the major flood season in the Tennessee Valley. The winter storms provide the most rainfall, being more numerous, lasting longer, and covering the larger land masses.

“Right now, with the rain runoff from the mountains of the French Broad and Hiwassee, the Tennessee River watersheds exceed eighty inches. The Holston River is at seventy inches. The average annual runoff, the amount of water that ends up in the river system, after it rains is about twenty three inches or forty four percent of rainfall. The runoff, this winter, has been the heaviest for the past two years, because the vegetation is dormant and the ground is saturated with rain. As a result, if it rains again, there will be flooding at all fourteen tributary reservoirs, so right after the birthday party the watershed will be released feeding and flooding some of the low regions.

“Yeah! On Saturday, at midnight, the staff will issue a daily schedule of water releases. Then I will hit the button for each TVA dam, monitoring the rate and total quantity of water to be released to achieve the flood storage level, without spillages. The water schedules are developed, using advanced computer models more than 300 rainfall and stream-flow gauges and the newest high technological radar, taking into account the total amount of water stored in each reservoir and the time it takes to move water from the tributary reservoir to the main-river reservoir.

“A boat barge grounding is bad news, too. A barge grounding creates a series of massive surge waves some as high as fifty feet along the shorelines or into the boat docks plus some drowning water skiers, swimmers, and overturned larger yachts. Think it! The swimming pool level gots hit with a category five hurricane waters with massive levels of rain, that doesn’t end for two hours. The recreation boats downstream will be wrecked, but more importantly, the cooling water for the nuclear power plants will back up like a toilet, when your turds are too big to go through the drainage hole.

“The nuclear power plant will activate its emergency protocols, but millions of people will lose power for the rest of the week or more. When the fourteen tributaries flood, the backwaters quickly pour fresh river water over the smaller creek banks, some of the smaller creeks that come quickly to mind are Limestone Creek in Athens and Swan Creek near Tanner. These creek floodwaters threaten houses on the property and causes road closures for cars. The low lying areas of Limestone County are particularly susceptible for flooding. But, we watch out for that really closely, too.”

He pointed to the other side wall. “This is a map of the seven states in a background color of pale gray with a dark blue snaky line of the river. The dams are highlighted as neon green boxes, showing the flood minimum level in numbers. Wheeler Dam is 555.30. Guntersville Dam is 594.0. Chattanooga Dam is 414.3. The challenge here is always the uncertainty about the timing or volume of rain and runoff, that we get each month or tomorrow or the future tomorrows. In the mountain region, where snowmelt is the primary source of runoff, a precise measurement can be made with the depth and density of the snow then the reservoir water manager can prepare an estimated runoff, based on the spring thaw.

“Here, in Guntersville, the flood damage is reduced short-term based on the current weather patterns as it reactions to the T-storm rainfall, as it occurs. The object is to keep the reservoir at the present flood storage level of 594 feet to feed the main-river and to meet the downstream flow requirement, keeping the river bed from drying out. The number level 594 is the operating flow to keep the elevation for any anticipation rainfall, kinda like, keeping that extra one hundred dollars inside your checking, so you don’t overdraw your bank account.” He chuckled.

“The Kentucky Dam is twenty two miles upstream from Tennessee River which joins the Ohio River at Paducah in Kentucky. The Kentucky reservoir is the largest capacity in the TVA system with four million acre per feet. That’s enough to cover four million acres of land with one foot of water. It acts as a man-made levee by itself while protecting ten million acres of land in the US States of Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. When the upper Mississippi River floods, the water is released from the Kentucky reservoir, then is discharged into the Tennessee River. The flood crest will advance into the Ohio and Mississippi River which is stored as water volume in Kentucky Dam. The dam holds back the water, during the flood season, the purpose of a dam.” He laughed with Skippy.

The manager nodded. “After the flood crest has passed down the Mississippi River, the stored floodwaters are released as downstream water, which in turn, feeds the reservoirs that regulates the river and streams. There lots of streams and creeks used to feed the native wildlife and agricultural farm livestock. There’s Bear creek, Cedar creek…”

“You have a good memory, sir,” Skippy turned with a smile and scanned some the electronic and metal monitors on the side wall and returned back to see the manager.

The manager smiled with a nod. “You have to have great memory recall here to notice any type of flood control which could have occurred years or decades or a century ago. I remembered reading from this old set of dam control log books. The first recorded water flooding over the river banks was told at 14.8 feet in the year 1867. In the year 2003, the river flooded at 10.29 feet. It flooded at 9.07 feet in the year 1973 and flooded at 9.34 feet in the year 2004. The lowest water level recorded was in the year 1962 at negative ten feet. The flood categories consist of a major flood at 14 feet; a moderate flood at 12 feet, and flood stage is 10 feet. We are a little less than flood stage at 593.5 feet, since I had to…” he turned and frowned at the stranger inside the archway. “Who are you, miss?”

The tall female moved inside with a head of waistline brown tinted hair in a gray business suit with a gray bandanna over a mouth, a gray colored scarf over the throat, a pair of gray colored gloves on each hand, and a pair of long brown bangs over both eyelashes. She stopped a few feet from the open archway and stood in the middle of the room, turning to scan each wall of shiny and dull colored instruments. “I’m here to drown the fishies,” she returned to see the manager with a chuckle behind the gray bandanna.

“Drown the fishies!” The dam manager frowned at the strange women. “Hey! You can’t…”

She shifted the cloth bag over into the other gloved hand and side stepped, stopping and stood next to the side wall with a protruded flat counter that held different sizes and colors of instruments. She reached out and held a glove over a red colored button with a smirk inside the bandanna. “What will happen, if I touch this button?”

The dam manager turned with a stern face and stared at the button, where her glove hovered on top. He pointed at the red button with a firm tone. “The city of Decatur will flood, damaging the shoreline property, killing swimmers, and wrecking boaters. The last time the city of Decatur flooded was in the month of March in the year 1867. The water crested at fifty eight feet, washing out the county roads, completely inundating some of the smaller towns.”

The female smiled at the dam control manager inside the gray bandanna. “I do declare. There are no protective concrete levees.”

The dam manager frowned at the unknown female. “Some of the rural country sides are composed only of farm villages. They depend upon the rain water and spillage to irrigate the land…”

“Let us give the farm crops more water, should we?” She nodded at him.

The manager shook both hands with worry of fear. “Don’t touch that dial!”

The female smirked inside her bandanna, “How quaint?” Then, she reached down into the shoulder bag and touched, whipping out a hand gun and lifted it into the air, firing into the chest of the dam manager. He tumbled backward and hit the wall console, slowly dropping down, falling over the floor in blood and death, and exhaling a last breath.

She smiled inside the bandanna at the dead man. “That is not a very good set of profound last set of words, sir,” she swung the smoking gun at Skippy and slapped down on the button.

Skippy laughed. “You’re in the wrong place, sweetheart. This ain’t the wild, wild west, darling, with your matching face bandanna and business suit, making you look like a funny cowgirl. This is the southern part of Alabama, where southern belles and beaus rule and reside.”

The female smiled inside the bandanna at Skippy. “I’m in the correct spot, dear,” laughing.

Skippy reached backward and touched, snatching the switchblade from rear pocket, leaning over and stabbed into the rib cage of the unknown female, quickly withdrawing it and then lifted a hand and stabbed the bloody blade it into her heart. She folded down with a grunt of pain and dropped down, falling onto the floor, bleeding over the clean tiles in shock and pain.

The overhead alarm sounded with an array of blinking lights on the wall of the instruments.

“O gawd,” Skippy dropped open a mouth and stared at the red button and the television screens on the wall monitor.

The speaker box blasted the verbal warning inside the control room. “Alert: flooding waters, in the tributary of Marshall County, at Battle Creek, estimated time of one hour and twenty three minutes.”

Skippy bounced up and down with panic and pointed at the blinking lights with a loud shout out. “Hey! In here! Hey! Somebody come in and shut down the flood gears right now in here!” A second dam manager dashed into the room and stopped, standing and looked down at the shoes of the death female. Skippy pointed with a worried brow at each television monitor with a set of colorful wiggling lines and blinking red lights. “The dead female pressed that red button to flood the river. Stop the flooding of the Tennessee River, right now! People will drown and then die.”

The second dam manager stared down at the bleeding female then the first manager, and finally at the television monitor with the wiggling lines, shaking a skull with a worried brow. “Don’t think I can, mister. It’s easier to spill the water, then to clean it up. Cleaning up the water, you leave behind pockets of water. I can start the process. But the flooding will not go away for days and nights. And anyways, the flood gates are made of concrete, not your mama’s horse pasture fencing, sonny,” he looked down with a gasp at the wiggling cloth bag in the hand of the dead female. “Why does that bag move with motion?” He dropped open a mouth. “Shit! Cottonmouth poisonous snakes are coming outta of that bag,” he back stepped with a gasp from the bag.

The speaker box blasted the verbal warning inside the control room. “Alert: flooding waters, in the tributary of Marshall County, at Bengis Creek, estimated time of one hour and sixteen minutes.”

Skippy reached over and touched, grabbing his pistol from the holster, aiming and fired at the first adult hissing snake that slithered out of the cloth bag with a forked tongue feeling the warm body. “I got them,” he back stepped and climbed onto a tall stool inside the control room with a loud shout. “Get on the stool and find a switch to shut off the flooding, sir!.” All eardrums heard a set of gun shots echo inside the far hallway.

The speaker box blasted the verbal warning inside the control room. “Alert: flooding waters, in the tributary of Marshall County, at Big Coon Creek, estimated time of one hour and two minutes.”

The new female appeared and stood inside the archway with a smile, holding a hand gun, thumbing back over a collar bone. “I got another one who is dead and unconscious downstairs on the stairwell. Shit fire! They’re snakes in here.”

The speaker box blasted the verbal warning inside the control room. “Alert: flooding waters in the tributary of Marshall County, at Big Fiery Gizzard Creek, estimated time of fifty four minutes and ten seconds.”

Skippy yelled at new female, who appeared and stood inside archway. “Get us some shovels! There’re a shitload of baby snakes, too,” he jumped down and stomped on top of the first baby hissing snake with both boot heels and a loud growl.



11:45 am

Hot temperatures with clear sky of bright sunshine

City of rural town of Tanner

(one mile northwest from shooting range)

Gun shooting range location



The mobile telephone beeped with a new text message inside his back pocket as Fucner whipped it out and looked down with a confused brow to see the tiny screen of the mobile telephone, staring at the red colored type blinking words. Alert: flooding waters, in the tributary of Limestone County, at Swan Creek, estimated time of twenty three minutes and four seconds.

“Shit,” he looked up with a puzzled brow to see the smooth blue sky, the rough green waves of the river and in the far distance of wall of water. He swung back to see the tiny boat which was downriver of the approaching wall of river water. He lifted and looked through the scope of the rifle to see an empty fishing boat. “Shit,” he shouldered both the rifle and the binoculars, racing ahead towards the fishing boat to warn Cody and Islander of the impeding flood which could drown and kill his new friends.



11:46 am

Underneath the fresh water

Swan Creek location

Cold temperatures and murky environment



Cody swam ahead through the waters and swung the flashlight side to side when a kneecap banged into an exposed tree stump, tearing the rubber suit which was not important. His knee did not need to breathe air, only his pair of lungs which were protected by the diving suit.

Islander slowly drifted ahead through the muck of the mud and dark colored water, saying into the active helmet microphone. “Shit! It’s dark down here. You’re right, Cody. I see negative hundred percent visibility within both eyeballs.”

Cody slowly worked both flippers and swam down towards the bottom mud then drifts his sideways body. He shines the small flashlight on each solid shadow. He says via the helmet microphone. “If I were a gold nugget, I would bury myself down into the mud, away from the fishes and the engine rotors,” he swam by the large tree trunk. “Big tree trunk on left. Watch for snakes.”

“Copy,” Islander swam ahead through the muck of the mud and dark colored water, saying into the active helmet microphone. “I don’t see any solid object right here. My wrist watch is not blinking either.”

Cody drifted down to the bottom mud, flinging the flashlight side to side and as his arm was extended while looking for an object of shiny gold.

Islander swam ahead and hit the wiggling snake with the shot from the bang gun as more of its unfriendly buddies panicked with the bright flash and then escaped out from thick tree stump. The snakes surrounded the body of Islander. He jerked in slow motion both legs and the pair of flippers into a chest, watching the family of moms, dads, and babies scatter around the murky water, praying that he did not get bit. He would not feel the bite with a numb body from the cold water, until he was back on top of the surface. Then he would die, because the venom would attack the heart valve first, before he pulled off the scuba helmet.

All the snakes wiggled away from Islander to find a new interest.

Islander unfolded both legs and arms, stretching out a body, swimming towards a swirling set of water near another tree stump with a whisper for his eardrums only. “Sorry, guys! But God gave me domain here first. Enjoy your new home!” Cody had heard the fire of the gun bang with a hiss. “Snake dead,” Islander swam ahead towards the swirling waters and said into the active the helmet microphone.

Cody continued to swim ahead and shined the flashlight, working both flippers with speed, traveling down into a valley of upright tree trunks. The river was man-made, consisting of numerous upright chopped down big trees that left upright and exposed big stumps that live and rot underneath the rolling quiet waves. He shined the light between the tree trunk side to side looking a snake while extending the diver wrist side to side, looking for a metal object and found nothing. He continued to swim towards the solid river bank when the diver watch blinked a faint blue dot, slowly swinging the diver watch side to side for more blinks, swimming towards the solid wall of mud and upright shadow of tree roots, watching for a snake.

The diver watch blinked a brighter blue dot. Cody slowed and then halted, standing upright within the smooth flow of fresh water, shifting the diver watch up and down at the wall of mud.

The wrist watch blinked a neon blue dot again. Cody continued to hold the upright position and reached out, shoving a glove into the mud, twisting a hand around the buried tree roots and the wall of stationary hard rock which were embedded into the muddy wall. The loose mud mixed with the water making the wall and water as one. Cody did not need his eyesight but his muscle strength. He wiggled a glove deeper down into the loosen mud, feeling a solid matter of semi-round rocks. Then, a hand hit something more flat shaped than rounded. Cody jerked out the rock from the muddy hole. The loose sediment swept back and forth, forming more cloudiness of mud and sand in the water.

He narrowed both eyelids inside the diver mask at a solid object in a glove within the view of cloudy water of floating mud with a smile. “Is, I found something. My diver watch is blinking like crazy. Please, go and get the portal fan for me!”

“Shore,” Islander said into the active helmet microphone and swung around, swimming away from Cody and back towards the anchored fishing boat in silence.

Cody slowly pulled the object towards the chest and felt a bump on his back spine, spinning around in the water with a gasp at the tip of a fishing spear which was aimed at his heart. The upright unknown diver through the face mask waved a free hand for the object while reaching out and hugged the glove hand of Cody which was covered in solid mud. The male lifted up and touched the plastic face plate of Cody with the tip of the spear. Cody shook the mud from the object inside the gloved hand and slowly swung an arm towards the upright and unknown diver while seeing the snake.

The snake wiggled ahead and then wrapped its body around the extended glove, the arm, and the shiny object on Cody. The diver gasped in shock through the face mask and immediately swam backward from the open fangs of the cottonmouth snake.

Cody dropped the bang gun, since the shot was close enough to damage his arm. He reached out and slapped the snake silly with a free gloved hand. The snake became annoyed at Cody and then became more interested in the backwards swimming unknown diver, unwrapping form the arm of Cody and then charged the unknown diver. Cody cuddled the object into a chest which was composed of rotten slimy wood and a hard substance that was wrapped around the object, swiftly swimming ahead towards the deep valley of tree trunks.

Cody opened the lips to speak when his helmet rammed into one of the tree trunks. He ricocheted backward and then drifted sideways in the water as the mouth piece rattled out from the slot and then dropped further down inside the helmet. Cody exhaled with a puff of worry and heard a loud bang from an underwater pistol. He leaned down and kicked the flippers, swimming ahead towards the bottom of the fishing boat, seeing the body of Islander ahead of him.

Islander heard the underwater explosion too and raced ahead, flipping the pair of flippers through the river water for safety, swimming towards the bottom of the fishing boat.

Cody saw the bottom of a new rowboat that was anchored beside the fishing boat which meant that the team had a set of unwelcomed visitors.

Islander turned upward to swim and broke up into the air surface, climbing up and over into the boat, disappearing out of the river water.

Cody flipped the pair of flippers harder and faster towards the fishing boat and then turned upward, gliding a body up to the air surface. His mask emerged up from the water while breathing heavy for air and unlatched the helmet with a warning yell, lifting the arm with the object. “I got it! Fucner, take Is to the copter, right now. Something else is down there with me, not snakes, either. Another male with a spear gun…”

The unknown diver swam had killed the snake and then swiftly swam ahead towards Cody with a growl. Then the diver hit and wrapped both arms around the rotating flippers of Cody.

Cody floated above the air surface and reared back an arm, flinging the piece of rotten wood into the second fishing boat with Fucner. Islander jumped out from the small rowboat and landed hard onto the wooden floor of the fishing boat with Fucner. Fucner stood at the wheel and twisted the motor blades, flying away from the Cody, slanging sprays of water into the air and sailed towards the opposite side of the land.

In the water, Cody reached down and removed each flipper as the diver and both flippers descended down and fell away from Cody. He lifted and touched, climbing over the short lip of the new row boat. The unknown diver swam ahead and reached up, grabbing the air tank on the bac spine of Cody as Cody dropped back down into the water and spun around to see the diver, holding a gulp of air, slamming a gloved hand into the face mask of the unknown diver and shifted the mask on the diver enough for immediate water penetration. The river was fresh water but murky with bits of tree dust, fish guts, and red clay. The male released Cody and grabbed the mask for survival.

Cody spun around and swam up to the air surface, exhaling out the used air, breathing heavy gulps of fresh air and reached up, grabbing the edge of the lip of the boat. He climbed up and over the lip landing on the floor of the row boat with a gasp. He stood upright and stumbled on both kneecaps towards the pair of manual oars, “Shit!” He spun around and sat down, reaching out and grabbed each the paddle, leaning down, stroking the row boat towards the river bank and away from the unknown diver. The unknown diver emerged up from the water surface with a sneer and swiftly swam ahead towards the end of the row boat with Cody.

Cody was cold and tired from swimming down on the bottom of the mud, escaping from both the snakes and the unknown diver, fighting underneath the water and finally manually rowing the boat very slowly towards the river bank. The diver easily caught up with the row boat.

Cody stood upright and pulled out one of the oars, swinging the paddle down on top of the skull of the unknown diver. The diver dunked down into the water and swam ahead underneath the bottom of the row boat, emerging on the other side and reached up, touching the lip, trying to climb on-board the small boat.

Cody leaned down and paddled with the one and brute strength a little further through a river of rough waves as the unknown diver continued to climb over the lip and stopped in front of the tiny row boat while scooting away from the wavering paddle length. Cody stood upright with a wobble side to side and moved ahead towards the male in front of the boat, swinging the paddle side to side and then folded down at the fit waistline trying to balance his tallness inside the small boat without falling overboard.

The male ducked down and then rose up from the water, grabbing and climbed up and over the pointy lip of the boat, falling over and down onto the wet floor and slowly crawled towards Cody with a growl inside the busted face mask

Cody stood upright with a wobble and swung the single paddle with a wobble, missing the folded diver on the floor. He wobbled to the side and balanced his tallness in the air without falling out of the boat.

The male slowly crawled towards Cody and reached within arm span of Cody, slowly standing upright with wobble. Cody stood upright with a wobble and swung the paddle sideways again at the diver. The diver reached out and grabbed the end the paddle.

They jerked the paddle side to side with a set of loud grunts at each other, holding the single paddle in place, sliding side to side on the wet flooring of the boat as the river water rose with a roaring sound that echoed throughout the air waves.

They stopped fighting and held onto the single paddle. Cody spun a face with a gasp to see a wall of blackish green water that rolled underneath a flying helicopter. Both objects were coming directly towards the small boat. The wave of water hit first, splashing gallons of water over the lip of the boat while drowning both the ankles of each person in place. The male reached over with a laugh and slapped the paddle from the hands of Cody with a smirk.

Then the second wave of water hit and knocked both men down onto an ass inside the floor of the row boat. Cody fell backward and hit the rear seat. The male fell backward onto the front of the boat as a third wall of water completed covered both bodies. The row boat viciously tilted side to side without tipping over. Then, the helicopter hovered directly over the row boat.

Cody waved both arms in the air to signal Islander.

The helicopter tilted sideways and then lowered one of its landing skis down into the face of Cody. The hovering air winds spat out a set of large droplets of lake water in the face and on the helmet in blinding raindrops. Cody reached up with closed eyeballs and then felt, touched, and then grabbed onto the lowered landing ski, wrapping one bicep around the steel gear. The helicopter slowly ascended up into the air. Cody slowly emerged sideways like a parade float in the air and as his legs dropped downward with gravity towards the water. The helicopter tilted side to side from the extra weight, leaning in the opposite direction to compensate a balanced position while barely skimming the water surface. The diver struggled in the pool of river water inside the boat, reaching up and grabbed the opposite skis on the tilted helicopter like Cody.

The helicopter flew forward and away from the row boat with both men on each landing skis. The male was pulled out from the pool of water in the boat while hanging and latched onto the other landing gear on the opposite side of Cody.

Inside the cockpit, pilot Islander pressed the buttons with a sigh of worry, saying through the head phones. “Shit! The copter’s too heavy. We’re all going to crash back down into the water and drown and die. Get them both off the both skis, right now, Fucner!”

Fucner jumped from the rear bench seat and tumbled down, falling onto the floor and lost the hand gun, reaching out for the soaring weapon, when the helicopter slid sideways. The weapon slid down from the hand, over the floor, around Fucner, through the open hatch, and then down into the river water. Fucner reached out and grabbed both sides of the open hatch door, exhaling with fear while trying not to fall out of the helicopter.

Cody saw the weapon as it dropped down through the air waves and landed into the water while hanging onto the one of the landing skies, bleeding from a mouth and both hands. His body swung side to side as he gritted the teeth and bit the tongue, trying not to fall back down into the water. The mysterious diver also clung and hung onto the other landing gear of the helicopter.

Inside the cockpit, pilot Islander finally straightened up the helicopter and flew ahead toward the river bank of grassy land, gliding the river bank and then the plot of soft grass as the machine wobbles side to side, making Fucner motion sick.

Cody couldn’t continue to hang onto the landing skis with a set of bloody and bruised hands, slipping from the wet metal, releasing the gripe, and then tumbled down, landing over the hard ground, rolling over the hard soil. Then the diver also lost a hand gripe and dropped down some twenty feet, rolling over the hard soil ahead of Cody.

Islander tried to control the out of control wobbling helicopter, after the sudden ejection of the unbalanced weight as the machine flew side to side. Fucner leaned over hung a green colored face out over the hatch door, vomiting up green puke from the rough air ride.

Cody stopped rolling and rested on a stomach, spitting blood, panting for air molecules.

The diver rolled over and halted on a back spine with a loud grunt, slowly standing upright with a sneer, ripping off the upper portion of the wet suit, staring with fury at Cody in the far distance. He ran ahead towards Cody and tumbled forward, sliding over the dry grass, slapping the feet of Cody.

Cody flipped over and stood upright on both hands and kneecaps, viewing the diver. The diver was a tall and slender male with a tone of pale skin, a head of shoulder length brown hair, a full beard, a set of hair bangs over both eyelids, who started back into the eyeballs of Cody.

Cody continued to stare with a gasp at the unique body armor, a leather torso vest with a set of embedded gem stones that brightly shined within the sunlight.

The tall and lean unknown male reached down and pulled out a pistol with a grunt from underneath the dry vest and leaned down into the face of Cody with sour breath. “You are not the seventh son, even if you are born on the seventh day, of the seventh month. You and your people with drench and drown in blood, for all your crimes of evil. Your men and your appliances of war cannot contend with my victory. Fear me, my brethren, in the foggy fight, because its waves are strong. Its dangers are perilous. Its beast is terrible. Its winds are tempest…”

The helicopter appeared in the blue sky and flew up behind the male when a single bullet discharged from the frontal ship gun with a loud whamp in the air waves. The bullet hit five feet behind the male. The male grunted and side stepped from Cody, spinning around and ran into a thicket of lush green woodlands.

Cody fell backwards into the cold grass with a deep sigh, “Ah naw!”

Islander landed the helicopter down on top of the grass and away from the grounded Cody when Fucner tumbled forward out the open hatchway, falling down on both kneecaps onto the grass, still vomiting up the delicious lunch at the boat pier.



Friday August 13th



City of Huntsville within the US State of Alabama

(94 miles northeast of Birmingham)

Hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine

and three mph winds

10:03 am

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Down the long semi-dark hallway off one of the wings, Yorkie exhaled with a puff of worry and dressed in a set of the yellow colored rubberized and insolated personal protection gear, consisting of a long body gown, a face mask, and a pair of matching gloves. She stood in front of the double doors and tapped out a numeric code on the pair of locked doors. “I have found some strange and intriguing medical conditions on the men and women that you had hauled out from the wet Tennessee River in the city of Decatur and the dry hallways in the Guntersville Dam. I would like for you to act very serious and concerned first. Second, I would like to hear your giggles, after my shocking discovery.” The door cracked opened and blew a swift breeze of fridge air into the face mask of Yorkie. She reached up and slammed the cold steel opened, moving inside with a stern face towards a horizontal row of naked tables. Each table contained a yellow colored bed sheet, where a naked person rested on top of the wooden dry surface.

Skippy moved inside and followed behind Yorkie with a sour frown, strolling into a long room which was really an ice cold freezer room that was used as a forensics laboratory. “I am very serious.”

“We shall see,” she stopped at the first table. Skippy stopped and stood beside her nose profile. She reached over and pulled back the sheet from a dead male cadaver on the first wooden long eating table, where the table had been captured from the dining room that no one used to eat a meal time. Skippy stared with a laugh down at the dead body. She frowned down at the dead body. “You didn’t obey my order.”

Skippy pointed the body part with a chuckle and a smile. “I’m sorry. It’s raised up high like a stuff and stationary American flag.”

She nodded with a stern face at the dead male. “The male cadaver dick is fully erected where it holds tons of blood too. I pieced the outer skin, when the blood practically fucked my glove. Dick has been erected, since the air transport dropped him and all the other dead bodies down here with me, which has been longer than five standard tick-tock hours. Do not touch it!”

He whipped both gloved hands near a smile. “I ain’t touching nothing, doc. You know, female doctor, it is very natural for a male to awaken to a morning time wood. I personally perform three to five erections each night, when I dream of you, Yorkie, darling.”

“Good one, Woody!” She giggled with a grin inside the face mask. “The male has a rare condition called priapism. If he was alive, he would need to visit his physician, immediately. He is not alive, but dead. Yes, I have a simple and complex explanation. The simple explanation, he could have eaten some erectile dysfunction drugs or suffered an injury or sucked down some potent medication or contracted a disease or been bitten by a spider. All of these events cause an erected dick usually on a live body. But I have more of my medical lecture. Let’s move to the next stuff which is a female!” They back stepped and scooted around the first table, stopping and stood in side by side in front of the second table. She reached over and pulled off the yellow bed sheet from the dead person.

Skippy stared with a stern face through the face mask at the dead female. “No standing dick.”

Yorkie frowned down at the dead female, “Dick head! Females don’t possess dicks. You haven’t been fucked in a while. Huh, Skippy, sweetie?”

“I might get lucky tonight. Right, darling?” He turned and winked at her nose profile inside the clear face mask, where she missed or ignored while staring down at the female dead body.

“Cody asked me first,” she stared with a grin at the female dead body.

He parted the lips inside the mask. “Cody is seventeen years old…”

“I can be funny, too, today. Back to business…”


“Berrington,” she smiled down at the female dead body. “I love Austin Berrington.”

He pointed down with a loud growl at the female cadaver. “The female is…”

“Use your eyeballs and your neurons! Tell me what you see?”

“A pretty you,” he turned and winked at her nose profile again while she stared down at the female cadaver.

She jabbed a finger with a sour frown at the female cadaver. “On her, this time…”

He turned with a smile and pointed down to the naked arm and then the naked leg of the female cadaver. “She has facial and chest hair like fucking male.”

“Yes! Excess hair on the face and the body of a female is called hirsutism. It’s both embarrassing and harmless for a normal girl. Hirsutism affects five percent of the female population, but she has exploded my medical chart to the moon. Excess female hair is caused by an excess of androgens or male hormones, which is the genetic PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome. However, in rare cases, excess female hair on the face and the body is caused by hormone-secreting tumors. This female could have a terminal disease and her symptoms are showing up right now all over her body. One reason, she was a devoted world terrorist wanting to blow up Americans, since she was dying anyways. I have to do more testing on that particular medical theory…”

He jabbed a finger with a puzzled brow at the naked hand and the naked foot of the female cadaver. “She has a set of webbed fingers and toes.”

She nodded. “Syndactyly or webbed fingers, the medical condition occurs one in every 2,500 babies. A surgeon can separate all the webbed fingers and toes at born, if it is skin tissue that holds the digits together. Sometimes, the webbing is shared with the blood vessels and the bone marrow.”

“How common is syndactyly in our four dead friends?”

She turned and winked at his nose profile when he turned and smiled at his girlfriend Yorkie. “Bravo, my prince charming! All four bodies exhibit syndactyly in both hands and feet. And I cannot explain, so don’t ask me too.”

He exhaled. “I was hoping to be inside this cold-ass freezing refrigerated room for less than ten minutes. I’m guessing wrong here. What is your next shocking scientific sadistic discovery?”

She reached over and grabbed a thick wooden spoon, slapping, and expanded the naked throat of the female cadaver apart with the wooden handle. “She has an Adam’s apple. Some female do have them. The small, round bump in front of the throat is the voice box or the larynx which grows during puberty. In males, the larynx grows bigger for physical visualization while making their voices deeper sounding in tone. Did this female talk to you?”

He nodded, “Yeah. She called me, darling, in a lovely baritone timber,” laughing. “She entered the control room of the Guntersville Dam wearing a pair of leather hand gloves, a long pretty silk gray scarf around her throat, and a matching soft cotton bandanna around her lips. I completely understand her chosen fashion statement now. Being a male, I would have noted the facial hair around her mouth and her cheekbones and her protruded Adam’s apple, giving away her secret plus IDing the bitch, soonest,” chuckling.

She exhaled. “We have had enough fun with her. Let’s move to another cadaver!”

He stared down at the female cadaver. “I don’t see them.”

She turned and frowned at the nose profile of Skipper. “See what?”

He pointed down into the hairy mouth of the female cadaver. “I don’t see the cute hollows at her mouth…”

She exhaled. “O dimples,” she back stepped and scooted around the second table, marching ahead to the third table in the horizontal row. “Dimples go away, as you age. The cute hollows in the baby’s cheeks happen, where the muscles in the face intersect. Dimples change over time and disappear. The trait is hereditary. If you possess dimples, then your kids will also,” she stopped and stood in front of the table, reaching out and pulled off the yellow tinted bed sheet, exposing the second female cadaver.

He followed behind and stopped, standing beside her without hugging Yorkie inside a contaminated room with a set of four dead bodies of contaminated germs. He grinned behind the face mask and stared down at the second female cadaver. “I learned something new today. Thanks, darling! Will I see you tonight, sweetheart?”

She smiled down at the second female cadaver. “I do sleep in the same bed but on the right side, when you snore too much,” she pointed down at the dead body. “The second female, what do you see different from the first female?”

He stared with a stern face at the second female cadaver, “Yeah! She has an extra pinky finger on each hand along with a set of webbed fingers. And an extra pink toe on each foot along with her webbed toes. Motherfucker, this female is one ugly bitch.”

She nodded. “Yes, I suspect that she is older than the first female, also. Polydactyly or extra fingers or toes are pretty common at birth, one out of 1,000 babies. You can see the extra fingers and toes are much more smaller than the normal sized pinky finger. The extra fingers and extra toes usually do not possess bones, but these babies do along with blood and tissue. I am really bedazzled with the four dead humans. Almost like, each one was some type of evil and sick biological experiment that went badly medically wrong, since they were alive. Polydactyly is also a hereditary trait too.”

“The extra fingers run in the family,” he nodded. “Do you think the four dead individuals were related by blood with a series of ugly daddies and uglier mamas?”

“No, I do not. She has a set of extra nipples between her breasts and shoulder blades along with the two dead males, except this trait is common with the males also. A nipple for a male is usually mistaken for a mole or a wart. But, all four dead humans definitely have an extra nipple in the wrong body part.”


She exhaled, “Really weirder, too! I have more to show which is slightly hidden for your normal eye view. Did you see her up and close and personal?”

“Naw. During a murder-kill, you didn’t look between the hairy eyebrows. You look at the hidden heart for the blood to start flowing out and flooding the floor which indicates a soon-to-be dead warm body,” he chuckled.

She reached up and rammed the handle of the wooden spoon down into the open mouth and between the teeth, lowering down the bottom lip. “Interesting, this is a new description of murder. You are not going to believe the next medical miracle here…”

“Damn! She got bite!” He nodded with a chuckle.

She nodded with a worried brow at the second female cadaver. “Yes, she has a second row of toothies, not delivered by the hand of Tooth Fairy or the will of Almighty God. Usually, a first grader will present with a double row of teeth as their adult teeth shoot up from the healthy gums. Then all the baby teeth will fall out of place. Or a dentist will gently remove all the baby teeth from an elementary school student. This particular female and one of the males have two rows of teeth on the top and the bottom along the rim of the mouth. The second row of teeth is wickedly sharpened and fang-like for chewing on raw meat or something.”

“They’re something alright both the rows of teeth and the hairy females,” he chuckled.

She widened the mouth of the female cadaver and probed the long handle of the wooden spoon deeper down into the open throat. “You won’t know of this medical condition, but she is missing her uvula or her tissue flap. It is a tongue-like flap of tissue at the back of your throat which produces saliva like when we smell good tasting barbeque or Fucner drools over a beauty queen,” giggling. “The tissue flap is only exhibited on a human maybe for keeping your throat from getting dry when scared or nervous. Anyway, she and all her dead friends are missing the tissue flap. And I don’t know why or why not, so don’t bother asking me again.”

He laughed. “So, she traded a flap for a finger.”

She back stepped and scooted around the third table and stood in front of the last table before lifting the yellow tinted bed sheet. Skippy stopped and stood beside her and in front of the table with a worried brow through the clear face mask, “Is it a male or female? I don’t wanna be surprised here.”

“Surprise!” She ripped the sheet from the body. “His dick is dramatically bent, while erected.”

He nodded. “And I bet that hurts like hell, if alive.”

She nodded. “This is a classic textbook picture of Peyronie’s disease, causing the penis to bend sharply. Normally, a full erection will slight tilt the penis to the left or right. Look closer at his two balls! He got some type of scrotum rejuvenation, maybe, before his disease bend his treasure. His two balls are smooth, hairless with no wrinkles.”

“Why would he do that?”

She exhaled. “There are expensive luxury spas that use a laser to remove unwanted hair, wrinkles on old balls, and any discoloration from a long teen-ass scar. I would guess that his male was grooming his person for another female for sex or a sexual ritual for a life time mate. I see a medical pattern here, Skippy. Look at this!”

He back stepped with a chuckle and lifted both gloves over a face mask with a smile, “Naw! I’m too afraid.”

She dropped the wooden spoon onto the side of the long table and then reached over, grabbing a set of medical silver tinted tongs, leaning over the body and touching, opening up the sliced up epidermis skin line at the stomach area. “What do you see?”

He gasped with worry. “Am I really seeing, what I am really seeing?”

She nodded. “Yes, your eyesight is perfect like mine. You can live with one kidney. Some people are born with one kidney. The number one organ donation in the world is a kidney for transplantation to a friend, a family member, or a stranger. If one kidney is missing, damaged, or removed, then your other surviving kidney will grow larger, becoming nearly the size of two kidneys, doing the work of two, also. The function of the kidney is to filter your blood from bad stuff. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen can damage your kidneys. This might be one medical condition for this male, but I don’t think so. Early kidney disease doesn’t announce itself like a tumor or a bruise. The usual symptoms, you feel tired, experience muscle cramps, lose your appetite, exhibit swollen hands and feet, and your skin itches. When the kidneys stop working, your body fills up with wastes, fluids, and toxins, then you need the help of a machine to filter your blood from toxins and act like your kidney on a daily basis. Or you get a kidney transplant like this fellow had done. The kidneys are shaped like a bean which is the size of your fist. They are located at the bottom of the rib cage on either side of your spinal column.”

He frowned. “The left kidney is shaped like a bean but physically different in the size of a pea from the right kidney. The right looks normal, to me, like the size of my fist. Is that humanly possible in a human being? Is that some type of unknown disease?”

She exhaled. “No. Almighty God created the kidney shape twice as nice and the same size and weight inside every single human body. The medical condition diabetes is unused blood sugar that can damage both your kidneys, one cause for the removal of your kidney. High blood pressure can hurt the small blood vessels in the kidneys too making it harder for the organ to function. This male had some type of kidney disease for a medical physician to remove his normal kidney. Except, this man’s kidney was removed and then replaced with a smaller kidney which is highly unusual. This is a child’s kidney, not another adult’s. This is so weird and bedazzling all at the same time.”

He frowned. “Was it passing some a set of bad kidney stones? I heard that they hurt like hell balls.”

She said. “A set of kidney stones are formed from too much calcium in your urine. The stones reside in your kidney or travel down the urinary tract, where you can’t urine them out of the body. Kidney stones come in different shapes and sizes from a tiny grain of sand to a pearl-sized to a rare golf-ball-sized. Dehydration or lack of water or fluids will damage the kidneys and cause kidney stones. However, I’ve never heard of kidney stones damaging the kidney, causing a removal like this one. Also, kidney stones are hereditary, too. I just don’t know all the real medical answers to my medical curiosity. Your two kidneys are workhorses in the body. They remove waste, extra fluids, keep your salt and potassium level in check, keep your blood pressure normal, and make red blood cells. My concern or curiosity, on a daily basis, the kidneys sift through 200 quarts of blood or about a bathtub-sized load of blood and then excrete about two quarts of urine from the body. How in the hell did this male pee, shit, and function with a pea-sized kidney and a fist-sized kidney?”

“You say that a person only needs one kidney to live.”

She pointed down at the male cadaver. “See that empty spot? It used to be the placement for the pancreas. The human pancreas is about six inches long and tadpole-shaped with a head, a body, and a tail. The organ sits inside the abdomen behind the stomach and in front of the spine. The pancreas breaks down fats and proteins for use inside your body and makes islets of Langerhans. Islets are tiny clusters of cells that make insulin, balancing out your blood sugar. Islets of Langerhans were described by the German pathologist Paul Langerhans in the year 1860. You can live without a pancreas meaning you are dependent on insulin shots to manage the hormones that control your blood sugar in the body. Then, the pancreas attacks itself, becoming blocked with the body’s own enzymes. A self destructive pancreas creates lots of trouble for the human body. One, when the pancreas enzymes build up, it causes acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis can be treated in a hospital setting by IV fluids. Two, chronic pancreatitis is caused by genetics or cystic fibrosis or medications or alcohol drinking. Three, Type 1 diabetes occurs when the islets no longer make enough insulin. Then sometimes, when the diabetes is hard to control the patient receives a pancreas transplant. Finally, pancreatic cancer is rare with 2.8 percent of new cases. It is hard to identify and is the fourth leading cause cancer deaths in the US, mostly diagnosed in the elderly between ages 75 to 84 years old. I do not know why the pancreas was removed from each dead cadaver. But, the pancreas detects fructose, a natural sugar found in fruits and honey. So maybe, they were too sweet,” giggling.

Skipper sneered. “They were too sour and mean and vile and…”

She pointed down at the male cadaver with the tongs. “The tiny vertical tissue of his appendix is missing too. It belongs, right there. The appendix doesn’t perform a life-saving function like your lungs or heart. Over the years, a group of physicians have concluded that the appendix stores good bacteria, until needed for digesting food. Therefore, when the appendix is infected, it is removed. Except here, all four of the cadavers are without an appendix. I suspect the good bacteria get eaten up with some bad bacteria. Therefore, the organ had to be removed for continued health,” exhaling. “I am almost finished here with my weird medical lecture. Do you see the triangle shaped organ? That’s the liver.”

He frowned. “I learned from my advanced biology class in college that the liver is shaped like a football, sorta wedge shaped. It weighs three pounds and is brownish pink, the largest organ in your body other than your skin…”

“Mangrove said that, too,” Yorkie giggled. “The liver is all that and more. It is located on the right side of your body, underneath the rib cage. However, this liver is about one pound and pinkish-red and then pinkish-brown. It, too, is a child’s liver that has been cut or damaged or something. The liver is the only organ that re-grows from damage or removal. People donate parts of their livers to family or friends, saving a life. Yeah! Some poor young child had donated to save this person, in the short term. The liver is important with many functions, such like, making bile for digestion of food, pumping energy and nutrients into the body, un-clotting your blood, removing toxins out of the blood, and so forth. Too much alcohol and acetaminophen can damage the liver, when used excessively. You develop liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis. Stop taking it or not turning back!”

Skippy clapped the heavy gloves together with a nod and a stern face. “Wait. I have some more information to share with ya. Islander worked for the FBI. He was there outside with his dog, when the FBI Laboratory center imploded and then burned down to the ground from a hidden bomb, compliments of Brone. Islander was there, because he saw parts and pieces of dead humans, consisting of men, women, and children. On the day of the explosion, the FBI received three bodies of young healthy boys with a set of missing internal organs.”

She gasped, “My gawd! This tiny baby kidney and matching baby liver could be one or two of the missing organs that had been discovered at the FBI Laboratory. I can’t believe this or them. They destroyed the entire building with people inside to save this deep dark secret. I’m a physician. I am telling you. This is a child’s kidney inside an adult male. Something more! I found inside the dead female. Her liver and kidney were smaller than normal also. Some of her internal organs had been removed and then replaced with other internal organs which didn’t match in size or weight a regular female human but seemed to biological and chemical function. I can’t explain that weird-ass theory either. The female was alive while talking and waving that gun in your face. I read your final report, too.” She back stepped and scooted around the third table to the next naked wooden eating table, stopping and stood in the front of the table. She reached out and pulled back the bed sheet with a smile, “Cadaver dick, too! Lean down and smell his tongue…”

“Naw!” He followed behind her back spine and halted with a smile a few feet before the fourth table with the male cadaver. “Not for a one billion bucks, girl!”

“I have a very important point to show…”

“Naw!” He shook the helmet with the face mask and stared down with a sour frown at the male cadaver. “I will not do it for a one trillion bucks, girl. He’s fucking dead, Yorkie.”

She reached down and used the wooden spoon to open the mouth of the male cadaver, “Fine! He has a set of tonsil stones or tonsilloliths bumps, which are harmless. There are a set of tiny lumps that kiss his tonsils. The lumps are hard bumps of matter which leave a bad taste in your mouth that comes from gathered bacteria. All four of the cadavers have a set of tonsil stones. Did you notice their fingernails?”

He moved ahead and stood beside Yorkie, staring down with a stern face at the fingernails of the male cadaver, “Uh huh! Some pretty colors for nail polish selection, but I guess it’s not really real girly nail polish. Females wear nail polish, too.”

She pointed the wooden spoon with a stern face down at the cadaver hand. “Males do not wear colored green nail polish. The color is many germs of bacteria which are caused by a fungal infection. This is treatable by antibiotics. Fifty percent change within your normal nail color is caused by fungal infections. Yellow nails represent a fungus. Red or purple or black individual tone of color underneath the nails is an injury, where the blood has gathered under the nail bed.”

He smiled down at the male cadaver. “Well, you’ve covered almost all the body parts of the human…”

“Not yet!”

He frowned with worry. “Not yet?”

She moved ahead towards to the fourth table and stopped, standing in front of the table, reaching out and flipped up the bed sheet. The sheet floated upward and then landed down onto the floor. The table showed a naked hairy female cadaver. Yorkie reached out towards the naked arm of the female cadaver. “Help me flip her over!”

He back stepped with a worried brow and lifted both gloves into the air, shaking the helmet, “Ah naw! I ain’t touching that dead thing.”

She lifted the arm and pointed the glove at the object on the ceiling. “Then draw down the meat hook for me!”

Skipper reached up and touching the cold metal, pulling on a smooth-feeling and nasty-looking steel devise that was shaped into two curved hooks down towards the table with the female cadaver. He attached two separate hooks down into a hole each side of piece of wood which rested underneath the female cadaver. Yorkie reached up and touched, grabbing a piece of twisted rope that was attached to a devise with the two meat hooks, gently pulling the rope down towards the floor. The piece of wood slowly lifted up into the air on one side of the table and away from Yorkie and Skippy. Then the female cadaver tilted with the piece of wood, sliding down and flipped over on a stomach with a loud thud over the naked eating table.

He gagged and then coughed clearing a throat, shaking the helmet in shock and pointed at the female cadaver, “Ah naw! Naw, now! That, right there, is a true joke for a poor old man…”

She gently lifted up the rope while allowing the piece of wood to slowly fall back down onto the naked wood with a loud boom while giggling down at the female cadaver with a nod. “I learned as a child in Sunday school class at church that a demon always wears a tail.”

He jabbed a gloved finger at the object with a worried brow, “A tail! The female has a real tail, ugly, and brown covering her asshole, too.”

She smiled. “A baby can be born with a tail which is really a set of extra spinal bones that grows longer than the regular spinal cord. This medical condition spinal bifida is the genetic explanation which is always easily removed by a surgeon at birth in the hospital room, except for our four dead friends.”

“Dead people are not my friends.” Skipper exhaled with a huff of worry. “So, what do we have here inside your pseudo-laboratory, Yorkie? Two females and two males, they are significantly modified from present day human beings, number one. Two females and two males, they morphed from yesterday into a set of four monsters, number two. I really don’t believe in monsters, since eight years old when I shot the shotgun underneath my bed and killed the boogie man.”

She exhaled with a puff of worry. “You are very, very close, Skippy. These four dead bodies were experiencing some type of dramatic strand of genetic mutations that were occurring all at the same time change within the single DNA blocking blocks of life which is really impossible from a medical point of view. When a person receives a sex change operation, the person is a still nice looking human being. These four dead persons are not nice looking or a human being. I need more blood, tissue, and skin laboratory tests. I would say that they are devolving back into a set of primitive cavemen and women humanoids species that existed some one million years ago. The extra facial hair on the female is in the wrong place along with the overly hairy males.”

“His penis ain’t covered in hair.”

Yorkie smiled. “Yes, that is correct. Hair does not grow on the hand palms, the foot soles, your dick, or his penis, Skippy.”

“That’s good to know, when I got old and wrinkled,” laughed Skippy.

She exhaled. “Four-legged animals display a full erection when mating. It is a natural instinct to produce a little baby animal while keeping the species viable. These two males were exhibiting the same primal instinct like they has been trying to revive some type of long lost man-kind species that went extinct before my birth and the birth of the dinosaurs.”

Skipper laughed. “Is his gray matter missing?”

She frowned, “No, silly boy! I checked that, too. Their individual brain does control all the weird components inside each dead body, before your personal switchblade did some good destruction. The gray matter is really cell bodies of neurons in a thin outer layer of your brain. The white matter contains a series of nerve fibers that run messages or nerve impulses faster through the body like when physically wounded or emotionally scared. I can’t run tests on dead matter, only live folks. These four dead bodies are truly monsters, not four humans. I ran a liver profile on each one of the four different sized baby livers while checking for an internal injury, a terminal disease, or a bacterial infection. Alcoholic cirrhosis is scarring of the liver tissue which is the worse of the liver diseases that results in Hepatitis B or C. However, I did not find anything visually or chemically on each dead human body.

“A liver disease is a silent killer with no warning signs for the sick person. If the liver is diseased, then the sick person would exhibit such like, swelling of the belly, a toilet of dark urine, and the yellowing of each eyeball and the outer skin. A yellow shade of skin is too much bilirubin in your blood stream. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment, when the red blood cells break down. The liver filters out the bilirubin, if not, you get yellow skin or jaundice. You can see that our four dead friends are not yellow, but a lovely olive colored with set of nice brown patches of hair that is growing everywhere.

“My medical summary, each baby child liver is healthy and growing which is really weird, too. This particular laboratory result makes me believe that the liver transplantation is very recent, maybe a year or less. However, something or some person has attacked numerous internal organs, tissues, and blood, and epidermis. I’m a physician. To me, it appears that there is some type of poison exchange with their normal blood. No. They are not true vampires either.

“If the world history book were true about vampires living with us since the 1600s, then humans would be permanently gone from planet Earth. Then, the flock of vampires with a set of wings will be sucking on green plants or the pale tinted throat of each other. There isn’t enough blood from one dead human to feed one living vampire. So the mythological vampire theory sucks. So, the four dead humans are monsters,” she reached down to the table and grabbed, lifting up a single sheet of paper into the helmet, reading out loud the content to Skippy.

“This is a blood type result for each dead person. I call it, Z-blood type. The human red blood cells are shaped like a disc which is rounded and smooth. In a human with sickle-cell disease, the red blood cells are sickle-shaped or crescent which lead to constant pain and an early death for the sick patient. The immunology condition of anemia is an abnormally low number of red blood cells in the blood stream. The cells are disc-shaped but rapidly burst open. The bursting of red blood cells causes both fatigue and breathlessness in the human body. My report show the Z-blood type come from all the four dead folks is square-shape…”

“Naw,” he chuckled. “My mask is covering both my eardrums. I think that I heard a miscommunication for you, darling. There is no such thing as a square blood cell, since all blood cells are round or semi-rounded. Is there, Yorkie?”

She continued to read out loud the paper report to Skippy. “I have never seen a square-shaped red colored blood cell in my medical professional career. Hmm! The kidneys produce and distribute all the red blood cells. Maybe, the squared-shaped red blood cells come from the abnormal combination of the tiny kidney of the child plus the adult kidney which is making an abnormal pairing. And all the red blood cells are bigger than mine and yours. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the tissues. Was she strong? Did you fight with her in a hand-to-hand combat mode?”


She stared with a nod at the female cadaver. “Good thing, darling! She would’ve kicked your ass back to the moon. These four dead humans are not human. Without further blood tests…”

“You got four dead bodies for lots of blood, skin, tissue, and organ tests…”

“I meant to say, that I have tested these four cave bears. I would like some more Neanderthals from Brone’s bird flock for further testing and verification. I suspect that the entire army of Brone is composed of monsters like these four dead cadavers. He is doing some weird scientific experimentation. I don’t have any more answers. But, I suspect that these people were dying of some type of terminal disease, so Brone was trying to save them in a unique application of alternative medical procedures. And I don’t understand Brone’s interest in the biblical Ark, the petrified wood piece, the entire site of every American nuclear power plant, the copper scrolls, the tiara gems stones, the….”

“Can we stop any more of these alive and breathing monsters in an army with an array of firing bullet or a big fat fire bomb where they have been created by madman scientist Brone?”

She frowned. “O. Lookie at that,” Yorkie reached over and grabbed a pair of tweezers from the line of medical instruments on top of the table, leaning down with a stern face into the side of the skull and plucked out something from the male cadaver. She stood upright and lifted the pair of tweezers into the air, studying the object through the face mask.

He back stepped with a worried bro and shook both gloves with a sissy whine. “Jeezus, Yorkie! Don’t touch it in my presence in here,” he stared the object also. “What is that that thing which came from the earlobe of the female cadaver?”

She smiled at the object and twirled it around with the tweezers in the air. “It is a piece of human ear wax. Your ear canals clean themselves every time when you chew or move your jaw. You are helping the old ear wax wiggle out of your ear canal and into your ear opening. Then the wax dries and falls out from the earlobe. The outer third of your ear canal is a small tunnel. The skin inside your ear has special glands that make ear wax. The yellow, gooey wax inside your ears keeps them healthy. Earwax stops dust, dirt, bugs, and other crap from getting into your inner eardrum while protecting the ears from infection. Except, this particular extraction coming from the male cadaver is pure stark white color, hard as a rock, and a flaky condition on the piece of ear wax coming from her outer ear. This is the first sign of an infection inside the body. And I don’t know, if we can stop the army of monsters, Skippy. But, I do know that I and the White House want Brone captured alive and breathing to answer all these scary puzzled questions.” He nodded in silence and stared at the ear wax.



Monday August 16th



Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

10:10 a.m.

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Cody, Skippy, Islander, Yorkie, and Fucner returned and gathered inside the same building, where the team had first met during the Miss Starlit Beauty Pageant in Huntsville which houses the hidden freezer morgue room off the side of the main hallway without the four cadavers.

Inside the same conference room, Cody sat inside the chair with a smile and a pair of blackened eye sockets, when his nose had run into the landing gear on the flying helicopter, Tuesday afternoon, while escaping from the villain named Brone.

Islander sat with a smile next to Fucner and stared at the scuffed and bruised blue colored nose profile of Cody. “We removed you from the hospital bed when your fleet of assigned pretty registered nurses filed a multitude of sexual harassment charges with the human resource department at the hospital for groping each breast and pinching an ass…”

“Can a patient do that?” Fucner lifted the fork of food and then inserted into an open mouth with a chuckle, chewing the breakfast entree.

Islander smiled at the nose prolife of Cody. “Hell naw! A patient or physician or paid personnel can’t do that to an employed nurse at any hospital within the USA.”

Skipper sat on the opposite side of the table and lifted a fork of food, staring at the nose profile of Cody with a smile. “Well, you are looking better, Cody. Your eye sockets are only navy blue, instead of midnight black. And I’m very happy to report that there has not been a nuclear power plant threat or an active explosion which killed thousands of Americans. I guess we were wrong about Brone, attacking a nuclear power plant. I confess that I don’t know what Brone is after or doing. So, tell us about Brone and Swan Creek, Cody!”

Cody slapped a chest with a nod. “He is short like…like, not like me. He was about five, three…”

Islander frowned. “Wait! Alvin was five feet and three inches short too. Did we kill the right Dorothy, skipper?”

Cody yelled, “SUSY-Q.”

SUSY-Q appeared and stood in the archway and as her head blinked with a set of yellow and blue lines on the television-shaped head. Her voice droned with speech with a female soprano voice. “Good morning! I am present, Mr. Cody.”

Cody stood upright with a laugh and moved ahead with a smile to the robot, stopping and stood beside the metal, roaming both hands over the entire metal body with a chuckle. “SUSY-Q, where did you get that cute pink two-piece bikini for your metal body?”

Skippy turned and frowned at Fucner. “I wonder too.”

Fucner smiled with a nod at the robot. “She looks like a semi-sexy girl now. You need to reshape her square television monitor head into a curvy screen next. Then, she’ll be a living circuit,” he stabbed the food and lifted the food to the mouth, chewing.

Islander smiled with a nod Cody and SUSY-Q. “Stop finger fucking the robot, Cody! Geez! The boy’s a pervert. When was the last time you got fucked by a real female babe with real breasts, Cody?”

Cody released both the hands from the metal and spun around, moving back to the table, sitting back down in the chair with a smile, “It’s been awhile!” He lifted the fork and chewed the breakfast food.

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a grin and a nod to Cody. “Well then, I’ll hook you up with one of my sexy curvy girls, tonight. Meet me at the hotel…”

“Cody is a teen at seventeen years old, Fucner,” Skippy frowned.

Fucner chuckled. “Well then, I lied. Sorry, kid!” He lifted a forkful of food to the mouth and chewed with a grin.

“Fucking bitch one,” Cody pointed the fork with a chuckle at Fucner. “Fucking bitch two is a tall male with a head of brown colored hair and a full brown matching beard, and a pair of brown eyes, too. He was wearing a brown leather vest too, since he likes the color of brown. I guess. He ripped off the wet suit, revealing an enclosed chest vest which was covered in a set of glittering clean gem stones, after not drowning in the river water flood that almost drowned the row boat,” he lifted the forkful of food and chewed with a nod.

Yorkie frowned. “A chest vest of glittering gem stones, why would he show you that particular article of clothing, Cody?”

Skippy nodded. “And one of Brone’s dead soldiers ambushed me there at the Guntersville Dam like we had predicted while they were simultaneously trying to rob the river bank at Swan Creek. This is really weird or on purpose. She was wearing a bandanna around her face like a western outlaw of days gone bye-bye. But, I guess those days are about to revived. Anyways, she killed the poor dam control manager in cold blood and then pressed the correct red colored button by good luck or by good knowledge while opening up all the flood gates of hell, as they say. The flood waters started rising like a batch of my grandmother’s buttered biscuits, as they say, too. I’m glad that you only got a boat load of water, Cody, as they say. My understanding, lots of folks on the Tennessee River weren’t as lucky. There were some people drownings, boat wreckages, shoreline property damage, and both sets of speed boats and people collisions that were really bad. The TVA birthday party turned into an emergency room reunion with wholesome families from all over northern Alabama, instead of a nuclear dead party. I’m glad that Brone didn’t hurt you too badly, either, Cody.”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food, pointing to Islander with a smile. “Thanks to Islander’s quick draw and fast shooting while operating a rotator air craft,” he reached over and fist bumped with Islander.

Skippy nodded. “Continue, Cody.”

Cody chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “I conclude here that Brone was not interested in any of the American nuclear power plant facilities. He wanted our treasure, but he failed,” he reached down into the short sleeved shirt pocket and pulled out an object near a smile. “The treasure is a nicely chiseled baby blue agate gem stone with a flat back for mounting onto something. I failed, too. I didn’t find the copper scrolls, either. I guess that they are out there, somewhere. I don’t have any more hints of its new location…”

“That’s okay, Cody!” Yorkie looked up with a smile to see the gem stone in the hand of Cody. “For some reason, both unexplained and unknown, Brone was after that rock, not the nuclear plant in Decatur. What is the importance of that baby blue agate, Cody?”

Skippy frowned. “Wait! Let’s verify first! Cody and I saw the same person named Brone, before we continue to postulate any more wild-ass theories about the Ark of the Covenant. SUSY-Q, please replay the murder scene in the lunchroom between the male named Brone and the second male named Alvin on the wall.”

A female shaped robot appeared and stood inside the archway. She was tall and silver tinted with a pair of two arms, a pair of two legs, a television square shaped head on a girly metal body of 36, 24, 38 measurements. SUSY-Q blinked with a set of yellow and blue lines on the television head and droned with speech with a female soprano voice. “Yes, Mr. Skippy!” She moved ahead and then turned to face the wall, parking in front of the white painted wall as her television head of colored brightened on the white paint with a semi-dark recording that sounded with a set of jumbled sentences.

Skippy spun the chair around and pointed to the wall, describing the scene and action. “This was inside the lunchroom, where I was bleeding on the rotating door and then onto the floor. Brone and Alvin are both standing. Then, Brone kills Alvin’s kneecap with the hammer. Alvin ain’t standing anymore and squealing and squirming in tortured pain over the floor. I heard more the vocal ear-piercing yelling rather than seeing most of the physical action, since I had a head concession with a pair of blurry eyeballs. Alvin falls down onto the floor. Brone moves ahead and stands over Alvin. Brone is tall like Cody has described.”

Fucner frowned at the electronic recording on the white painted wall. “Why can’t I hear all the damn words, coming from the tall and slender man named Brone?”

Cody nodded at the electronic recording on the white painted wall. “It’s dark…”

“Darkness has nothing to do with recording audio sounds and voices, dumb shit,” Fucner laughed.

Islander laughed. “You’re a dumb ass, Fucner. The building, like us, shook from the series of hidden bomb explosions inside the convention center which was three city streets away. Some of the mechanical recording parts were loosen or damaged inside the video recording box. Therefore, Cody is right, again. The malfunctioning video recorded didn’t capture all the wording of Brone.”

On the white painted wall, the recording displayed from the television-like head of SUSY-Q.




Brone squatted down to the floor in front of Alvin with a smile. “…knee pop…knee hurts…” Then there was a vicious scream. He said. “…work in a job…pilot…inflamed sac…gardeners. You’re too…”


Then, he said with a chuckle. “…protective gear…with an orthopedic surgeon…ortho surgeons…surgeries. The number…”


Then, he stood upright from the floor and reached over, whipping out a hand pistol from the side of the chest, pointing the cold barrel down at the face of Alvin. “…you will…I…miss…shebo…” He fired the gun.


Alvin slumped down and died onto the dark floor in a puddle of blood.


Brone looked down with a smile at the dead body and the slowly back stepped, turning to face the door and Skippy, moving ahead and stopped, standing over grounded Skippy. Skippy rested over the floor and lifted both hands in fear and self-defense. Brone smiled. “Today…not…die…” he back stepped from Skippy and exited the dining room.




SUSY-Q cut off the recording video and stood in place when the wall appeared in white again.

“I miss Shebo?” Cody frowned with puzzlement at the white wall.

Fucner frowned at the white wall also. “I will miss you, Shebo. Who is Shebo? I thought that we killed all the nasty females starting with the letter of ‘s’ like Sheba, Shego, Shebo…”

Cody pointed at the wall with a smile, “Shebo. Shebo. Shebo is the answer. O my gawd. O my gawd. Don’t you see it here?” He stood upright from the chair and twirled around in a circle, halting to see each team member. “O my gawd. O my gawd. O my gawd…”

Fucner stood upright from the chair and held the fork of dripping food, bowing at a fit waist, standing upright again with a laugh. “Thank you one and all for my IDs,” he sat back down and turned with a smile to nod at Cody, holding the fork of food with a laugh, “What’s troubling you, my son?”

Cody waved both arms with a smile to see each team member. “Shebo, the daughter of Brone, isn’t a real physical girl. It’s a stone from the Bible. Shebo is another name for agate. The one, Brone was looking for and I found. One of twelve stones given by Moses from God in the Bible…”

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown. “Cody, how in the fucking hell do you know so much about the Bible? You break about hundreds commandants-per-hour like using the Lord’s name in vain, committing murder with guns, committing adultery with adult chicks, cheating me, stealing from me, and lying to me…”

Cody sat down with a frown to see Fucner and then each team member. “I am a good Christian. I go to church and ask for God’s forgiveness, every single morning, at ten am, when preaching time starts. In the Book of Exodus, Chapter 24, Verse 4, ‘Moses built an altar, the Ark of the Covenant at the foot Mount Sinai and set up twelve stone pillars, coming from the waters of Jordan River. Joshua gathered up all the twelve stones from the bottom of the river,’” he smiles and wiggles the agate stone. “Brone is looking for the twelve stones inside the Ark of the Covenant, not the copper scrolls, or the stone tablets. This is it. I retrieved the blue agate from the murky waters of the Tennessee River like Joshua did and Brone wanted to do…”

“The blue stone,” Skippy turned and gasped in alarm at Yorkie, “Is this the blue tinted ring stone for the lost Ring of King Solomon?”

Yorkie stared at the stone and Cody. “I don’t know. No one knows the true name of the blue gem stone that was formed and set into the lost Ring of King Solomon. Cody, why are so certain that Brone wants the twelve stones from the twelve tribes of Israel?”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “I can prove it. Brone worn a torso vest that was covered with gem stones, one. Two, one was missing one sideway oval shape like this one,” he lifted up the rock in the air with a smile. “The baby blue agate stone is the missing gem stone inside Brone’s vest…”

Fucner frowned. “What about the dangerous radiation level which would indicate that the object was supposed to be one or both of the copper scrolls?”

Cody waved a hand. “Radiation is everywhere. It wasn’t dangerous and very low for us while needing to pinpoint the location of the missing gem stone. Don’t you get it! This is part of the missing breastplate that came directly Moses who gave it to his biological brother Aaron.”

Islander shook a skull with a stern face. “Look! This police or legal or national investigation is getting both silly and weird. At first, it was the Ark then the gold of the Ark, then the gem stones from the pageant. Now, you’re telling me that Brone only wants the gem stones, not the golden ark, which no one knows the location of, anyways. I don’t believe any of this, anymore,” frowning.

Fucner sipped and swallowed the coffee with a nod. “Ditto, here!”

Cody reached down and grabbed, waving the agate stone in the air with a nod and a smile. “I can prove it. I can really prove it, ya’ll. SUSY-Q, the gem stone of blue agate was missing from the tiaras of all the Miss Starlit contestants. Am I correct?”

SUSY-Q faced the white wall and as she said in a female timber. “Yes, Mr. Cody.” Each mouth on a face dropped open in shock.

Cody nodded with a smile to each team member. “The deadly bomb blast was set for a specific purpose other than robbing a gem stone from a glittering tiara. It was really a ruse for the jewelry thief to rob only seven more gem stones. SUSY-Q, show all the Bible twelve gem stones with the gem descriptions on top, representing the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.” The colored lights on the television head glowed and then projected onto the white wall, showing a circle of twelve rounded stones in a different color and a printed description name. He smiled. “Okay. I’m going to call off each gem. I would like for you to inform us, if the gem stone was stolen during the bomb explosion on the last evening of the Miss Starlit pageant. Are you ready, SUSY-Q?”

She said in a female timber at the electronic image of stone on the physical wall, “Yes, Mr. Cody.”

Cody stood upright with a huff of excitement and back stepped from the chair, side stepping from the table, stopped and stood next with a smile in front of the wall and away from the robot. “Okay. After I name the gem stone, please remove it from the electronic image on the wall, SUSY-Q. Okay?”

“Yes, Mr. Cody.”

Cody reached out and pointed at the first electronic image of the stone. “The blue sapphire was stolen right before the bomb explosion. Therefore, it was not part of the collection of stolen gem stones on the night of the bomb explosion. Was the blue sapphire stone displayed by one of the pageant girls on the final night of the Miss Starlit pageant?”

“No, Mr. Cody.”

Cody pointed to the second electronic image of the gem stone. “I promise that I’ll go faster with all my multiple questions. SUSY-Q, first question, was any pageant girl wearing an emerald or a ruby or a diamond inside a tiara the night of the bomb explosion? Second question, was the diamond stone stolen from the stage pageant?”

“The answer is no on both questions, Mr. Cody.” Each mouth on a face dropped open in shock and silence.

Cody pointed to the electronic image of stones on the white wall with a stern face. “Please, verify the next ten stolen gem stones as I identify them in no specific order. Then, you can remove the electronic image of the stone from the physical wall. A purple amethyst. A golden topaz. A black onyx. A pale yellow ligurus. An orange jasper. A green heliodor. A light green chrysoprase. A yellow chrysolite. A bright red carnelian. A blood red carbuncle. Am I correct, SUSY-Q?” All the electronic images of stones disappeared as the wall returned back to white again.

“Yes, Mr. Cody.”

Cody continued to stand next to a white wall and turned with a stern face to see each team member. “All this shit hit me, when I saw Brone’s torso vest,” he reached over and grabbed, snatching one of the black markers from the pile of office supplies on top of the conference room, swinging to face the wall. He used the mark to draw an outline of a man’s torso, without a set of arms. Then he drew a series of egg-sized objects in three straight rows, pointing at the new drawing, saying to each member. “A breastplate is a set of plates that cover the front of the body from the neck down to the below the waist. A breastplate is one of the oldest pieces of body armor, during a war. Moses was a tall dude who was able to tote a set of two thick and rectangular stone tablets down from the mountain side. ‘Aaron wore the breastplate on the heart,’ that comes from the Book of Exodus Chapter 28, verse 29.

“Aaron was tall like his brother. A tall man of six feet and three inches possesses about a fifty six inched chest that goes around the upper torso. The frontal breastplate would have held all twelve gem stones for beauty and protection. Half of fifty six inches is twenty eight inches. I removed four inches for the two smelly armpits. The total amount of inches across the chest is twenty four inches. There are five egg-shaped gem stones on the first row near the neck which takes fifteen inches of the total twenty four inches, filling the chest with a set of shiny mineral nicely. Then, there are four egg-shaped gem stones that are located on the second row. On the third row, you have the Asher tribe which is represented by the agate stone in the middle per the Bible. ‘The agate was the second stone, of the third row, for the tribe of Asher.’”

Cody leaned into the wall and drew a third row with a set of two egg-sized stones on the end and a flat oval shape in the middle with a smile. “Here is cute wall drawing of the breastplate which had been worn by Aaron and Brone. I don’t know the exact size of the stones…”

Islander reached over and grabbed, typing on the tiny keyboard with a stern face, reading out loud new information on the mobile telephone. “This might be of help, Cody. The largest polished gem stone in the world is currently the Cullinan diamond which has the dimensions of three inches long, two inches wide, two inches deep, weighing one pound,” he looked up with a smile and a nod to see Cody. “That’s one big and heavy gem stone.”

Fucner looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud with a laugh the new information on the mobile telephone to all eardrums. “It says here that the priest’s underwear was for glory and for beauty…”

“The undergarments of the priest, man! He can’t read or write,” Islander looked down with a laugh to see the same information from Fucner on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone.

Fucner continued to silently read the internet information with a sneer on the mobile telephone. “Fuck you!”

“But, curses really well,” Islander continued to silently read the same internet information on the mobile telephone.

“O. ‘The priest wore priestly breeches from the waist down to the knees to cover thy nakedness, not visible underneath the priestly tunic’ that comes from Book of Exodus, Chapter 28 and Verse two. And they wore a chef’s hat to cover thy cone-shaped naked stinky hair roots,” Fucner looked up with a laugh and a grin to see a rear skull of each team member as each team member viewed Cody and his drawing on the wall. “Almighty God had to tell these folks in the Bible to wear underwear like their Earth mama and daddy, who are Adam and Eve. Geez! What a batch of biblical dummies?”

“Thanks for wasting our time, Fucner.” Yorkie frowned at Rector.

Fucner nodded with a wicked grin to Yorkie. “You are most happily welcome, my dear.”

Cody tossed a hand with a nod. “Okay. Okay. Brone is duplicating the twelve stones from the priestly breastplate of Aaron for some weird-ass reason…”

“Son of a bronze,” Fucner chuckled with a nod to Cody.

“Son of a Bronx,” Islander grinned with a nod to Cody.

“Son of a bitch,” Skippy frowned with a nod to Cody.

Yorkie exhaled with a huff of confusion to Cody. “Why would Brone create the same exact priestly breastplate with the same exact colored twelve gem stones which was represented by the same exact twelve tribes of Israel that was worn by the same exact biblical Aaron?”

Fucner laughed with a nod. “Ahem! I have been shouting out that same answer up to the heavens all along. No one can find the Ark of the Covenant. It sleeps in heaven, not inside a musky cave or under the hot sandy desert or underneath gallons of ocean water. Don’t you possess two eardrums to hear like me?”

Cody shook his blonde haired curls with a stern face. “I don’t know how to address that. His bejeweled chest vest is the test. The chest vest held all the specific Bible mentioned gem stones but one, the agate. Brone is after the biblical gem stones, not the biblical Ark or the biblical copper scrolls.”

Yorkie nodded with a stern face to Cody. “Brone wants all of the twelve gem stones which are mentioned in the Bible for his pretty vest. How did he know that the blue agate was in small town Tanner here in Alabama?”

Fucner laughed. “He consulted a fortune teller. You know we should’ve done the same damn thing making for less time and more fun.”

Cody lifted up and wiggled the captured blue colored agate stone near a smile. “I suspect that someone planted it there.”

Islander continued to find new information inside the internet and read out loud from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “I suspect that a beauty queen is dead. I found an internet article of a dead girl, who was the previous winner of the Miss Starlit pageant, two years ago. Her apartment was robbed and she was murdered. The police have not found the killer, either. Her possessions listed as a gold watch, a diamond bracelet, and a tiara with a blue agate stone,” he looked up with a nod to Cody.

Fucner nodded with a smile to Cody. “So Brone did it. He has been living here in the Huntsville area for years. Man! This entire thing has been a setup for something else, coming with a bigger boom.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face to Cody and spun around inside the chair to see the other team members with a stern face also. “I finally agree with one of Fucner’s statements. Brone is cooking up something else here in Huntsville. Let me point out that you are my team, but you can stand and walk away right now. You have been paid for your old assignment which was to stop madman and crazy ass villainous Brone from exploding an American nuclear power plant. We did it, ya’ll. No power plant had exploded. But, we have a new assignment to find Brone. Who wants to leave the job and the assignment? You can get up and go right now. Nothing will be said or documented by me as the team leader.” Silence invaded the air waves of the conference room. And no person stood upright from a chair as a pair of eyeballs turned and scanned each stern face of determination in silence. Skippy slapped the conference room table with a smile and nod to each team member including Yorkie. “Excellent, ya’ll! I have my team and you will be paid tonight for your day’s contribution at midnight. Let us start with the simply assumption! Brone wants the gem stones for more than beauty on his pretty leather chest vest. Start the questions now?” Cody moved ahead and sat back down in the same chair with a smile in silence.

Islander turned and frowned to each team member. “Why come here to our happy state of Alabama for a blue rock? We have agate rocks right here in our landscape, but there are numerous types of agate rocks are located all over the world also,” he looked down with a puzzled brow and typed on the tiny screen, reading out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “For example, the blue stone of lapis lazuli, inside Miss Madagascar’s tiara, has been mined for over 6,000 years. It’s nicknamed ‘the blue star’ and can heal headaches and sore throats. Within a 6,000 year time frame, there must be zillions of tiny blue stone everywhere in the world to hunt and find.”

Skipper nodded with a stern face to the hair roots of Islander, “That is an excellent question, Is.”

Yorkie frowned at each team member. “What is so unique about an agate rock?”

Skipper looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny screen, reading out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “Agate is a semi-precious natural gemstone which is found in regional areas that are subject to massive volcanic activity, especially during the Tertiary Period of planet Earth history. An agate rock was formed when hot water saturated with silica and iron oxide repeatedly filled up each crack and bubble within the rock. An agate rock rates a seven on the Mohs scale of hardness of ten. The hardness prevents fading, cracking, and scratching. Diamond is the highest rate of ten on the Mohs scale. The agate rock is associated with volcanic rock and common in certain metamorphic rocks. The stone was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek naturalist, who discovered the stone along the shoreline.”

Islander read out loud the new information from the mobile telephone. “A mass of rough agate rocks is found in the following countries around the world which include Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay, USA, and almost everywhere. The agate raw rock comes in an array of different shades of color such like, red, green, orange, brown, black, white…”

Fucner stared at the white wall with a puzzled brow. “Why do people hold land hostage? The people can’t pay the ransom of land. All the land and the soil and the seas belong to Almighty God. When Brother Jesus comes back, you gotta surrender all the land and the seas back to Him, like He is going to want the shitty smelly landmines, where people dump their piss…”

“Agates…” Yorkie read out loud from the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with the proper assignment in which Fucner was clearly not performing. “A polished agate rock was used as a gemstone by the Egyptians over 3,000 years ago. An agate rock is one of the oldest gemstones in the world as cited in the world history book. In the country of Russia, an agate rock is prized as a stone of riches, good health, and longevity. It is associated with protection and communicating with all things in nature. Since biblical times, the agate stone is a stone of protection and used to protect against thunderstorms. It heals a body fever and quenches the thirst. Here’s the clincher, ya’ll! It is a popular gemstone in men’s jewelry design that provides the tribal look while appealing to the males…”

“There, you go!” Fucner jabbed a finger with a wink at Yorkie. “Brone is starting a new fashion trend here in Alabama and hopes it catches one and then spreads love and peace throughout the world,” he looked down with a chuckled and typed on the tiny keyboard, searching for new and more interesting information rather than the agate rock while ditching the current team assignment from Skippy.

Islander continued read out with a smile from the mobile telephone. “Agate is a form of cryptocrystalline quartz. Cryptocrystalline quartz is one of two branches of quartz gemstones. Microcrystalline is the other branch which forms the gemstones of amethyst, citrine, and smoky quartz. It has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale of ten. It can be identified through its silicon dioxide composition. Most quartz has traced of manganese ions, not iron ions.”

Fucner looked down with a smile and pointed at the new information on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “This is some awesome learned information here on the internet on the screen of my cell phone. The former geographical site of the two Jewish temples, you know the first Temple of Solomon and the rebuilt Temple of Solomon. It is the same spot, where Brother Jesus tossed these tables of merchandise onto the stone floor, scattering around all the goods, because the folks were selling stuff inside the holy temple like a fucking department store. Well, Brother Jesus said to the Jewish priests that not one stone of the temple would be left standing for their evil act and there ain’t, today. Golly! I think people should really listen to Brother Jesus and His red colored words. You know when you write down His words, you are supposed to capitalized the pronoun ‘His’ for Brother Jesus. Anyways, the Bible history was told in a four city block square. Wow! A most important Bible history lesson back then and present day too: don’t piss off Brother Jesus. No way! Period! Naw!” He looked up with a grin to see the different colored hair roots of each team member, who continued to silently search and read on a mobile telephone.

Skipper read out loud on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “The Greek agate is tan colored. The Brazilian agate is brown colored. The Mexican agate is golden hue. The US State of Wyoming agate is black colored. The Argentina agate is pink colored. The Botswana agate is gray hue. The fire agate is yellow found in the US State of Tennessee. The US State of Michigan agate is white colored. The US State of Minnesota agate is red colored. The US State of California agate is purple colored. The Chinese agate is orange colored. The Mongolia agate is green colored. The Australia agate is orange colored like the US State of Minnesota. The county of India agate is green colored like the Mongolian. The Madagascar agate is gray…”

Cody stood upright from the chair and danced side to side with a smile to each team member. “The color! It is the color. Don’t you see? Don’t you hear? I heard the colors of tan, gold, gray, red, yellow, and the others, but not blue,” he looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud on the tiny screen of mobile telephone. “Here’s the answer, ya’ll. The blue agate has traces of iron ions which ribbon in the color of blood red that is mixed with the blue mineral. The blue agate will boost your ability to communicate, especially the thoughts and feelings that your receive from your higher self or God. It is an excellent emotional healing stone with a set of strong metaphysical properties. No wonder it’s rare! God can talk to you. Or you can talk with God. It alleviates anger and nervous tension, bringing you peace of soul and calmness of mind. In the Bible, Almighty God, Brother Jesus, and Saint Peter said to mediate or pray or get closer to God. The blue agate can make got you closer to God, sorta. It is the most powerful healing stone among the rocks within the crust of planet Earth. Blue anhydrite communicates with your angel…”

“Bullshit!” Fucner laughed with a nod and then sipped and swallowed the beverage.

Cody looked up with a smile and a nod to see Fucner, “Right shit!” He looked down with a smile and continued to read out the new information on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Blue gem stones come from all over the world. There is a blue apatite, a blue aragonite, a blue calcite, a blue hemimorphy, but a blue agate is one of the rarest and most of quartz with good hardness and durability. And it is only found here in the river waters of Alabama. Yeehaw!” He looked up with a smile and tossed both hands with the mobile telephone into the air to see each team member.

“Bullshit!” Fucner turned and frowned at Cody, looking down to play on the mobile telephone.

He dropped down both hands and reached over, snatching up the agate rock, posing near a smile. “I will demonstrate to my self-doubting redneck friends like Fucner. Behold! I hold a rough rock of quartz that I had collected during my run-in with the American villain Brone, when he was aiming a gun in my face, by the way. Quartz is a silicon dioxide. It has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale of ten which makes its both hardy and durable for every day wear and tear by a set of hands or a set of objects. Quartz is the most common mineral on the crusty part of planet Earth at thirteen percent. It is composed of magmatic, metamorphic acid rocks, and sandstone. Quartz is divided into two categories: microcrystalline and cryptocrystalline. Cryptocrystalline is a Greek word, meaning ‘hidden’ referencing that the crystals are too small to be seen even under a microscope. You are very familiar with many types of cryptocrystalline quartz like this rough agate rock.

“The sardonyx rock is brownish red colored. A chrysoprase rock is a light green colored. A jasper rock is orange colored. A tiger eye gem stone has bronze hues. Microcrystalline means a large crystal to see and hold like a purple tinted amethyst. My medium sized rock is an agate in pretty yellow and red tones, most common in Bama. A quartz rock is a crystal structure which creates in many layers, thus it is designed in layers when the hot water bubbles and then cools the volcanic lava around the dust. A crystal structure is built out of bonded atoms. These atoms lie in a regular repeating dimensional array or plane. Some planes are very strong, but some are very weaker, where there are fewer atomic bonds. It is along the weak plane that I can split or cleave my unearthed rough looking agate rock. Cleavage allows the gem cutter to shape a rough crystal into any desired shape. Now days, a gem cutter uses a gem saw.

“Moses didn’t have a gem saw either,” He lifted up and pressed the button, showing off the shiny blade near a smile. “So, I will use my handy-dandy switchblade knife, like Moses did. I’ll joking, ya’ll! Now, if I allow too much pressure of splitting the rock or knock the knife in the wrong direction, then I can split the rock stone in two halves. I take my sharp knife and then rapidly cleave down at a parallel invisible line on the edge of the rock towards the conference room table. Cleavage only occurs in crystalline substances,” he sliced the edge of the rock with the blade curving off a few rock fragments, leaving a smooth tiny line on the edge of the rough oval-shaped agate rock and then lifted the chipped rock near a smile. “There, I have a smooth line from the tip to bottom on the left side. This is how the ‘worker of bronze’ cut a rough rock into a smooth stone by smoothing a flat line. Then the flat portion was placed on the back end of the leather breastplate. The art of cutting stones was created by the Romans, as the world history books told.

“The same world history books stated around 800 B.C.; the Phoenician people lived in numerous colonies around the eastern Mediterranean coast which is now the foreign countries of Lebanon and Israel. They traded with the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia and the new city blocks of Greece and Italy. The ancient gem cutters polished each gem stone with a common abrasive and yet the gem stone was hard enough to withstand the hardships of normal daily wear and tear from colliding into the massive limestone pillars and the fighting bronze weapons. Anyways, the quartz rocks were readily available in the soil and then polished up by a gem cutter into a gem stone while commonly utilizing a yellow agate or a red carnelian or a blue lapis lazuli. In eighth century B.C., the Romans added gem stones into the gold workings. The end!”

Fucner exhaled. “Not the end! Why was your teacher lecture boring one, and two, wasting my time, Cody?”

Yorkie shook her curls with a stern face. “I wanna believe you, Cody. The breastplate stones would have been wore or lost or stolen or whatever by our time frame here in the twenty first century AD, Cody. Even if, there is some magic or miracle one single stone survived, it would be rubbed down to dust by now.”

Cody sat back down with a nod and a smile. “I know that. Brone is collecting the original foundation stones that came from the Temple of King Solomon.”

Fucner stood upright and clapped with a smile and a nod. “The teen-ass kid is too good.”

“What?” Yorkie dropped open a mouth in shock.

“Holy shit,” Skippy parted the lips in shocked brow.

“Ah naw,” Islander shook a skull with a puzzled brow.

Cody smiled. “My theory goes like this. In the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 28 and Verse16, ‘the gem stones bedecked the king of Tyre.’ So, the worker of bronze came from the destroyed civilization of Tyre which was predicted by prophet Ezekiel. In the Book of Third Kings, Chapter 10, and Verse11, ‘King Solomon equipped a fleet of ships coming from his home for sail and then returned upon seas back home with the precious stones.’ So, King Solomon came home on the ships with a pile of rough raw rocks. Then, the worker of bronze, whom he had hired away from King Tyre, built the freaking Temple of Solomon which took thirteen long, hard years. The worker of bronze did not see the Bible Ark or would have been blinded or dead, permanently. During one of the many battles, King Solomon was out fighting with his sword, the worker of bronze stole the remnant pieces of the foundation stones at the temple. No electricity for dying. No seeing by the peasants. No problem of stealing.

“The precious stones were remarkable in their color, their brilliant, and their rarity which were held in high esteem by all kings during that Bible time period. The precious gem stones were used in adornment of ceremony of life and death also. The precious gem stones were used in rings, bracelets, collars, and necklaces, the crowns, and garments of kings and priests, too. The gem stones were presented for show and display in the breastplate of Aaron, the Ark of Covenant, and the inside the Temple of Solomon which is located in the city of Jerusalem.

“Okay! That makes at least three sets of the gem stones, so far. The first temple was destroyed in the year 586 by the Babylonians. Then King Darius who did not protect and defend the first temple was exiled. In the Book of Isaiah Chapter 2, Verse 2, ‘the re-built Jewish temple would become a place of prayer.’ The original temple was one hundred eighty feet long, ninety feet wide, and fifty feet high. The cedar wood came from the forestland of King Hiram in the country of Tyre. The building stones were made with a set of cut stones of hewn as ordered by Almighty God, which was processed by hand chiseling by King Solomon’s own people around the clock. The altar foundation was made of uncut stones as told in the Book of Kings, Chapter 18, Verse 30, ‘when Elijah rebuilt the altar for God, he used one stone from each of the twelve tribes of Israel.’

“So, good wise King Solomon did the same thing inside the altar room which made it hot, hot, sizzling, where both the Ark and the common bottle of vinegar were placed also. Because, the uncut raw stones represented God’s creation of earth, soil, and air which had not been touched by sinful man or mankind or any common worker. The worker of bronze or the man named Brone stole the altar foundation stones which consisted of uncut rocks. The breastplate of Aaron was created as a high-priest garment. The twelve polished and mounted gem stones of the breastplate and the two stones of the shoulder ornaments were considered the most precious of all the stones, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The two shoulder stones held the twelve names of the Israel, which probably were gold and silver, which could be easily engraved like present day jewelry. These gem stones that had been tarried around for centuries slowly disintegrated among the earth and outer space radiation, until at last, a gem cutter acquired all of them.

“The assumption is a man named Brone. He created a great big egg-sized gem stone with his gem cutting talents. He was probably robbed or had to sell all the gem stones to pay off his financial debt, since a bank didn’t loan out money, a long time ago. Think it, ya’ll! The Ark of the Convent uses the group of stones to wand a bolt of live electricity to zap their enemies during a war. Stones are physical earth matter that will eventually turn into dust, like us. That’s why the Bible Ark quit working. The stones had disintegrated into nothingness. The Bible doesn’t say where each original gem stone came from, but there were no gem cutters back then, only a few talented bronze workers. To make the breastplate of Aaron, the lump of rough raw rock was sliced ugly in the back end and then mounted upon the raw and polished leather garment. The people used a fashionable animal leather pouch for drinking water and gulping wine, too. The bejeweled chest breastplate was made from leather for fighting with the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, and all the others while stopping some blood flow but not much. Grrr!

“Anyways, all the gem stones inside the chest breastplate were not electrocuted inside the Bible Ark. The raw stones were ripped off literally during one of the many invasions of King Solomon’s temple. Most or all ended in the hands of a gem cutter in the city of Rome within the country of Italy. The world history books tattled to all that the oldest gem cutting was a round cut by the Romans with emerald, rubies, and sapphires, O mine! The Bible clearly states that diamonds were not used in the priestly breastplate, specifically because a diamond was in the far away country Africa, not buried there around the city of Jerusalem.

“A diamond nugget is harvested and then cut by a professional gem cutter. The art of faceting a gemstone wasn’t invented until the fifteenth century A.D within the country of India. Now, all the collected gem stones by Brone which duplicates the breastplate of Aaron can be used to activate a re-built duplicated Bible Ark with a promise of death and destruction which is not commanded and totally condoned by Almighty God. So, evil American villain Brone is building a second Ark of the Covenant…”

“O my gawd!” Yorkie stood upright from the chair and dropped open a mouth in shock.

“Fuck it!” Fucner continued to sit and type, staring down at the tiny screen of the mobile telephone.

“Holy shit.” Skippy stood upright from the chair and dropped open a mouth in shock also.

“Damn it!” Islander continued to sit and shake a skull at Cody.

“Now, I’m really scared to death of dying young,” Fucner continued to stare down at the tiny screen on the mobile telephone with a grin and a laugh.

Skipper shook both hands and a skull. “Kid, your theories are giving me a headache and a heart attack. Do you have some proof here, Cody?”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “Let us start my theory from the beginning using all the known and presented Bible facts. Fact one, the Ark was built by Almighty God on top of a mountain. Fact two…”

Fucner looked up from the mobile telephone and turned with a smile to see the nose profile of Islander. “Are you like the Wizard of Is or something?”

Skippy smiled with a nod at Islander. “He is the opposite of the Wizard of Oz. Right, Is?”

Fucner frowned Islander. “So, did you verify and confirm that the blonde headed scarecrow doesn’t have a brain, the Wizard of Is? Right. Wrong. Okay. A big fat ‘F’ for goes to everyone but me. First off, the builder, who built the Ark, had to touch it. The carriers, who carried the Ark, had to touch it. The stealers, who stole the Ark, had to touch it. If that box of pure gold was touched, then the world would be half of six billion peoples, especially in the countries of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the entire Middle East. Right? Right! As the golden box was being hauled around like a cow to the slaughter house, the entire Bible folks would have been electrified and dead. Right? Right!”

Islander nodded with a smile. “Yes, the Wizard of Is did verify and confirm the statement of fucking Fucner. There was reported about 70,000 deaths which were directly contributed to the Ark out of about one million. That is a significant number of dead people, to me.”

“Me, too. Please continue, Cody,” Skippy nodded with a smile.

Fucner frowned at the nose profile of Islander. “Wait! Show me that Bible text right now!”

“Continue, Cody,” Yorkie nodded with a smile to Cody.

Cody exhaled with a nod. “Everyone would have wanted to touch a gold smooth shiny object. Hell! The Egyptians slept with their gold nuggets. Boom! They touched the Ark. Dead. The more people touched the Ark, the more people died. Almighty God’s plan, not mine, ya’ll. If you see the gold box, then I predict about seventy percent of the folks dead…”

Fucner exhaled. “God kills people, not objects.”

“What is the Christian point of your story, Fucner?” Islander turned and frowned at Rector.

Fucner smiled with a nod. “My divine point, Almighty God satisfied His personal killing spree with the destruction of the Tower of Babel, the great big worldly Flood, the Sodamn and Gory thingie, and then turned pretty Lot’s wife into a salt shaker and then came all the unhappy days in the country of Israel.”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “Moses leaves Mount Sinai with the priests, toting the Ark which was clothed in blue cloth and animal skins. Well, the eyeballs of the priests were concealed as they carried the Ark. When the priests marched through the Jordan River, it separated the fresh water, giving a free pathway to cross the river bed and then more earth rocks were collected up by the children or the lowly priestesses or whoever. So let’s review, so far! Most of the precious stones are composed of agate rocks which live in the fresh water. Jordan River is a fresh water body of water. The cute kids collected the big rough raw rocks coming out from the muddy sediments and then gave them to their moms and dads for goat pouch storing.

“In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 2, Verse 1, ‘Joshua entered the walls of Jericho.’ The city of Jericho was destroyed by Joshua who carried the Ark of the Covenant. The present day archeologists dig and dig in the dirt without finding an apple seed of Jericho, because the weapon of mass destruction obliterated all the men, the women, the children, the trees, the flowers, the plants, and the animals. Present day, the archeologists cannot find one broken pottery fragment or a single bronze earring of Jericho, since we are talking about the bronze age of the Bible which was around 1400 B.C. or so. The city of Gilgal exists. Here, it is on my cell…”

Fucner cleared a throat with a smile and pointed down to the mobile telephone. “In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 6, Verse 26, ‘Joshua cursed the city like a spell on the rebuilding of Jericho. With it, the firstborn kid would die, if one stone was laid as a foundation piece, and the youngest kid would die, if the gate stone was laid and finished. So I do think sometimes archeologist do too much science, not enough reading inside the Holy Bible, the word of Almighty God. The city of Jericho ain’t ever coming back, ya’ll.”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “The Ark parts the fresh water of Jordan River. Water is the key here like a stream or a river for tracking backwards in time and space to find each stone. This is interesting. It says here that Almighty God dried up the waters of Jordan and the waters of the Red Sea. The land produces the earth minerals that we consume into our mouths and wear on our bodies like a pair of pearl earrings or a sapphire hand ring. I bet all the gems stones came from the river bed of the waters that Almighty God dried up. Every time, Joshua moved around the land, he carried the Ark while drying up the flowing streams and the rivers. The Red Sea is dry and dead. Right? Right! God will continue to dry up the waters for His children to know His powers. Okay. So, the Ark, its gem stones, and its divine power, as they tarried through the dry and hard landscape, continue to dry up each encountered flowing river. So this changes everything, folks. SUSY-Q, shuffle over to a clean new spot on the white painted wall and display a visual map of the country of Israel for me, please!” The robot shuffled to the side and stopped, standing in front of a clean portion of the white painted wall. Her television-like square shaped head blinked with a set of purple and green lines and then display an electronic map of the country of Israel on the wall.

Cody turned and smiled at the new electronic image on the wall. “Jordan River is fed by the melting snow that collects on top of the mountain peak of Mount Hermon and the other mountain ranges. The Jordan River is the most famous river in world history. The river is a vital resource of water among the countries of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, where ninety percent of the water flow is diverted for domestic and agricultural use and is heavily polluted by sewage and industrial run-off. Yuck-o! The Jordan River is listed as the top hundred most endangered rivers in the world…”

Fucner laughed. “Because it is treated as a backyard shit tank, where God’s children continue to dump shit a turd and drain a set of poisonous radiation and pesticide chemicals down into the precious drinking water and the fertile land soil, un-smart Cody, who is a Christian but doesn’t read his Bible lessons at night.”

“The only connection this Brone person, place, or thing plus all the groups of wilder zealots has is the dead and buried Governor Ashmore who had brought them into our great State of Alabama for some stupid reason. Thus, the USA authorities can’t find as the zealots are responsible for many people deaths and tons of property destruction. Money is the great stupid reason here. All the zealots are totally matched group of religious freaks that want all Americans dead like a door knob,” Yorkie nodded with a worried brow.

“We will call them, the Z-men, for the zealots,” Fucner laughed.

“What about all the beauty contestant girls, who were killed within the metro cities of Birmingham and Huntsville? Each girl came from a good family while looking for an opportunity of a nice living as a future American. Some were American citizens who were not wealthy either.” Islander nodded with a stern face.

Fucner frowned. “Has the pageant billionaire distributed all his money to the dead?”

Islander shook a skull. “No money has been distributed yet, maybe years or decades or centuries from that dead billionaire, since a gang of lawyers are involved.”

Yorkie looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The priests bore the Ark of the Covenant in the waters of the Jordan River as the tribe of Gad attacked the children of Israel,” she looked up with a worried brow to see each team member. “This is amazing! I never saw this before. The Bible Ark is so powerful that it can force water to separate from the land. How dangerous is that to us, if Brone possesses all that great power? The answer is too much for us and the rest of the entire world. Unbelievable!”

Cody nodded with a stern face. “The Bible Ark was safely stored and stowed inside the Temple of Solomon and away from all the good people for that very divine reason. Therefore, the Bible Ark was a historical day war machine with a range of fantastic powers to kill all people and animals and plants and live on planet Earth. There are raw elements of gold, silver, salt, and electricity. Iron and silver is like zinc and silver for a battery to power a modern day flashlight. A high voltage electrical shock is like an electrical fence post on the farm property for each dumb ass cow. A human body sweat produces both water and salt. Salt is a conductor of heat. When a wet sweaty and salty human body touches a rod of pure iron, zap and sizzle of a great big pile of gray ashes appears. Iron and water do not mix, when copper is present. This is called electrochemistry…”

Skippy nodded with a stern face. “What type of elements and what kinds of combination are you referencing in your electrochemistry set, Cody?”

Cody looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “Zinc is a very popular element which is used today and way back then in Egyptian times. Silver metal only requires heating to be useful. Manganese is a common compound which was used as far back as 300,000 years ago, where it is derived from the mineral of pyrolusite which comes in a beautifully black pigment that is mined in eastern Sinai still today.”

Yorkie continued to type and read ou loud information on the mobile telephone. “Hmm! I can only think of potassium hydroxide which is a very strong caustic and not readily present today. Potassium hydroxide is produced by electrolysis of concentrated potassium chloride which is mined from sylvite deposits. You need two alkali materials potash…”

“You’re a potash, Cody!” Fucner looked up and jabbed a finger with a smile at Cody.

Cody looked up and turned with a chuckle to see Fucner. “You’re a gigantic Golgotha head, Fucner. Eat that one, if you can,” he laughed with the others.

“Potash is made of potassium carbonate. Potassium carbonate is an element that was used for 2,000 in the soap making process. That’s soap making Egyptian style, ya’ll,” Yorkie looked up with a smile to see each team member.

Cody nodded with a smile. “Add potash and lime, you get potassium chloride, where the lime is produced by heating limestone. The two elements, potash and lime, together produce ten times more caustic over zinc or silver or manganese constituents which yield one hell of a punch to someone or something.”

Skippy gasped. “Wait! Limestone rock is everywhere here in Bama and the other parts of the world.”

Cody nodded with a stern face to Skippy. “That’s right. Potassium chloride can’t be mixed out of common household items. That’s the answer here. Brone is trying to do just that here in Bama.”

Skipper frowned. “It doesn’t make any sense. An array of high energy is solid not gas or a mist, but a killer…”

“The electrodes are usually in the form of a paste, when limestone is heated and then drips down out from your bathroom facet like candle wax. Then all the electrodes gather and accumulate around on the silver plated bathroom drains like at my house,” Yorkie nodded with a stern face.

Skippy nodded. “So the external golden box of the Bible Ark would act like a sealed container much like a flashlight battery. What is it going to interact with the potassium chloride mineral or something else? This is half of the chemical puzzle. We are missing something…”

“We are missing someone. His name is Brone Angel or White or something.” Fucner nodded with a stern face.

Cody looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The Bible Ark is a mysterious energy source capable of lashing out megatons of massive amounts of blinding light and killing energy at your skull and then kill your body dead. Boom! The materials were available during the Bronze Age of 1400 B.C. The Anatolia culture of Turkey was smelting iron as early as 2000 BC on the edge of the Iron Age along with hammered iron in Egypt. So, in Moses’ time flash back time, there are certain words that relate to chemistry and metallurgy, such as, copper, iron, silver, gold, salt, and vinegar. In the Book of Exodus, Chapter 31, Verses1 through 6, ‘Moses turned the internal plans of the Ark over to an architect to build the Ark.’ He didn’t die. Right? Right! Because, all the raw ingredients were not mixed together like in my grandmomma’s batch of buttered biscuits.

“In the year 1938, Dr. Wilhelm Kong found a 2,000 year old pottery jar in the basement of the Baghdad Museum. The pottery jar was built with an iron rod which was surrounded by a copper cylinder. When the jar was filled with vinegar, it produced an electrical charge of energy. Today, this is known as a battery. When an iron rod which is surrounded by copper is submerged down into a jar of vinegar, it produces one volt of electricity. When you have people who are sweating over a heated body and onto a golden box of gold, it creates a battery exhibition. Then you would get a slight jolt of an electrolyte which is based the science of electrochemistry. Using the elements of vinegar, copper, and iron, you can produce a bolt of live shocking electricity.

“Using other combinations of metals paired with the correct electrolytes, you could produce a much better and more powerful high bolt of energy. For example, you could get a high energy source of tremendous voltage which could wallop and kill someone or something. Okay. Based our new theory of modern chemistry, the ancient source for the Ark had used both copper and iron as twin the electrodes. The twin electrodes were immersed down in a tub of pure vinegar which was located on the bottom floor of the Ark itself, since the bottom floor was made of pure gold too. Now, today, a person would need a separator that allows all the electrons to flow freely between the two plates of dissimilar metals which react and then create a better faster flow of electricity.

“For example, Thomas Edison used zinc and copper as twin electrodes to produce his actually bolt of electricity. A flashlight uses zinc and manganese and ammonium as three electrodes. The modern battery for your television remote control uses a combo of zinc and silver oxide to ignite the power. The use of zinc, silver, manganese, or potassium today is light years ahead of Moses. But if you apply the high technology knowledge of today, you can build a rocket ship. Right? Right! Moses did all the work, constructing the physical box of the Ark and then placed the raw metals inside that manufactured box and then created nothing more than a simply chemical reaction. But, in the eyeballs of a slave, it would become magic.

“There are lots of different combos of metals and chemicals when arranged rightly while producing your jolt of volt. For example, iron and copper was used by Moses. Zinc and copper is used by first year chemistry student at Burn U inside the lab classroom to conduct electricity experiments. Zinc and silver was used by Thomas Edison. The zinc and silver is very popular and common in almost all household batteries, including the defense weapons and space satellites. You can argue these particular earth minerals that filling the bottom of the ark would make it very powerful within the two naked eyeballs of twenty-first century man, too.”

Islander nodded with a stern face. “This is scary a discussion thread here, ya’ll.”

“You think this is a scary discussion thread, just wait until you see my internet blog, since I’m taking down notes. I’m recording all the new information.” Fucner laughed. “And speaking of shared information, I saw a ball of green light one night, not fake. It came moving sideways, right across a purple-blue skyline with me inside my rolling car. Then, the ball of green light hovered for two or three seconds and then shot off into outer space, and then it was all gone. You know up…”

Islander laughed. “The only ball of green light was your mouth vomit, dropping out from your pouted lips onto the wet grass at Swan Creek in Tanner, Alabama while vomiting inside my rented helicopter during Cody’s rescue mission. Tell us all about that alien feeling, too, fucking Fucner!”

Fucner frowned. “Did I ask you for your experience alien encounter, Wizard of Is?”

“The Ark of the Covenant is a living light of energy.” Yorkie nodded with a smile at Cody.

Cody smiled. “SUSY-Q, show the Ark of the Covenant with a set of white bolts of lighting, projecting from all the sides of the golden box.” SUSY-Q continued to stand in place and as her television-like square shaped head blinked off with the map of Israel and displayed a set of orange and pink lines and then displayed a single electronic image of the Ark of the Covenant that projected streak of white colored lightning bolts on the wall. He smiled. “The Ark of the Covenant can emit a powerful ray of force and a blinding light which cannot be seem by a pair of naked eyeballs, since the person becomes blinded. I do believe that explains the unknown phrase: do not look into the light.”

Fucner nodded with a stern face. “The light is very bad.”

Skippy spun around with a gasp to see the electronic image, “Golly! The Ark is an instrument of power to create cosmic energy to change matter. A present day nuclear bomb armed with several projecting blinding and deadly laser beams, since an energy wave travels while matter does not.”

Fucner smiled. “I am matter. I matter. I am me.”

Cody nodded. “The iron rods, a vase of manna which is really a jar of sour vinegar and some stones inside a golden box, all of that would produce a very powerful set of white colored laser beams. Electric condensers are used in the science of electrochemical. And the power source was constantly re-charged due to the stones that acted like a crystal. Yeah. That’s it. The stones are the power source. See? When working the stones, it creates an electromagnetic field that separate the land water, so the children could find and gather more rocks which were placed back down into the wooden box, since the old stones were burned into a pile of ashes. In the Bible, the Ark brought peace for two hundred years and was cited more often than any other physical object. Yet, no one can find one sliver of the wood or a gem flake of the stone. Why? First one, it is a priceless golden covered box. Gold has been precious and robbed, since cavemen could beat you with a T-rex shin bone and then stole your loin cloth. Second off, the stones were the harness of all the magical power. Then, a new group of twelve stones were mined from the dried up rivers and then placed down inside the inners of the golden box which was surrounded with a set of two iron rods, making some new kinda big bang for planet Earth and all shocked earthlings. The Ark was a chest as described in the Book of Exodus which was made from acacia wood, which is water proof. So, the people could splash around in the water for fun and not ruin the wooden box. The Bible says that the city of Jericho was taken down after the Ark had been paraded around the circular wall for seven days with the sound of seven trumpets using a set of hollow horns from a group of killed rams.

“Rams were used as meat and fur on a human body, if you are interested. The Jericho wall broke down and exposed the entire village by an attack from Joshua. Then, all the men, the women, and the children were killed by Joshua. The translation term: Jericho wall means a dead end which is very similar to the equal expression: a brick wall. The Ark is mentioned numerous times in the Books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel II, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Psalms, and Jeremiah. Then, in the Book of Jeremiah, ‘the ark wasn’t talked about or used any more per Almighty God.’

“The Ark was a worthless nuclear bomb that suddenly became a biblical artifact. In the New Testament, the Ark was mentioned inside a letter to the Hebrews from Saint John told that the inners of the Ark contained Aaron’s rod, the jar of food called manna, and all the stone tablets. Rod is an iron work that is coupled with vinegar which is a brilliant piece of modern electron high technology, today”

Islander nodded with a smile. “I find the noise factor of the Ark intriguing. Sound activates lots of earth elements with both pitch and waves. The rod could have been vibrating as all the dead ram horns played the musical tune which interacted with the jar of vinegar that spilled over on top of the stones. Then, you have a chemical reaction of crystals that amplifies a single energy wave length that comes from a pure box of gold. Gold is a conductor of heat and light.”

Yorkie gasped. “Good grief! All of this works to perfectly for both ancient Moses and modern day Brone.”

Skipper nodded with a stern face. “So, based on all the information, all the covered animal skins on top of the Ark had blocked out the energy charge in your eyeballs and on your hands and on your body parts. The horn of the ram announced the coming arrival of the Ark. So, get the fuck outta the way, ya’ll!”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “The Bible says that ark was carried around for forty long years. Why didn’t the Bible record more deaths within the God’s people who trotted beside the Ark? The answer, the Ark was not activated or lighted or powered up like a computer with its bells, whistles, and lightning bolts. The Bible says the Israelites were punished by Almighty God and then they had to wander around the desert for forty years while looking for the Promised Land. Joshua led the Israelites, while the priests carried the Ark. When the feet of the priests touched the water, the river grew dry and then parted safely for the God’s people, because of the chemical reaction within the Ark which safely shielded God’s people. The Bible says that the twelve stones were taken out from the Jordan River and then placed as memorial for Almighty God. Yeah, wrong! The stones had been evaporated into a pile of gray ash coming from the radiation powers of the Ark, so the collection of the stones refueled the Ark for Joshua’s new battle with more enemies. You have got admit seeing a three-foot cover golden shiny box makes your loin cloth rise and your heartbeat pound for that big greedy possession. Gold is still a valuable commodity, present day.

“The twelve gem stones were the primary power source, activating the iron rod which sung in sweet harmony, before it blasted its blinding rays into a pair of naked human eyeballs. The singing was covered the tooting of the each ram horns in a dull bass tone. Then, the vinegar spilled over each gem stones, creating one helluva of an energy wave burst near the stupid sucker who was trying to kill Joshua. The wave or waves probably zapped out faster than a flinging pair of angel’s wings while looking like a lightning bolt. At the city of Jericho, the sonar boon of music and the creation of the energy wave would have exploded a stone wall within second after the electricity power reached maximum peak. The Bible says that Joshua murdered all the citizens of Jericho. I restate here that the Jericho folks were bleeding and dying from the radiation poisoning coming directly from the lighting of the Ark. So, Joshua eased their suffering, acting in mercy, not murder. Each time Joshua battled, he won victorious as the Bible tells me so,” he sung with a chuckle. “Then, Joshua lost his first battle and only defeat to the Philistines while surrendering up the Ark. Bad things happened then, man! The Philistines were smitten with a set of hemorrhoids of the asshole, a plague of mice over the land, and affliction of boils over a body. So the chicken shit Philistines returned the golden Ark back to Joshua. In the pasture cow field of Bethshemite, some fifty thousand people were smitten by God’s wrath.”

“O boy,” Fucner nodded.

Cody nodded. “Because the Ark wasn’t clothed by that blue cloth or the animal skins, it emitted radiation waves over and over to each person which caused the boils and the hemorrhoids. Almighty God sent the mice over from the field like he did to Ramses II and the exodus of the Jewish slaves. Repeat!” He chuckled with the others.

Islander looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The blue cloth of fabric was a long sleeveless external robe of blue hue which was worn by a royalty that was mixed with purple and scarlet and fine twined linen wrought with needlework. The blue dye was derived from rare type of snails which was worth their weight in gold and only worn by a prince and a high priest. The source of the dye is call tekhelet, the color of the sky and the sea. It is extracted from the snail while still alive. It is a particular snail that has an off-white shell with stripes of brown which produces the unique purplish-blue color. The dye process occurred outside in the bright Mediterranean sunlight, changing the natural purple tint to blue.”

Fucner looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “Golgotha is ‘a skull’ in Greek language, the globular shape of the human cranium. Goatskin was created for foot ware, wallets, and belts. Sheep skins are used as rugs while the two naked people rolled over the floor warm during hot passionate sex acts,” laughing.

Yorkie nodded. “A boil is an infection of a hair follicle which is caused from an iron deficient like diabetes. They look like a big red tender spot with white pus which is kinda like a teen zit but bigger. It is a form of bacteria which is known today as Staphylococcus aurues or Staph. People with boils are happy and healthy folks, sometimes with bad personal hygiene. The staph infection is carried by all of you, if you don’t wash your hands and bathe once a week with water and soap to prevent a boil. Also, you need to eat a balanced diet of meats, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t pick your nose and eat your boogers. Wash your clothes plus eating oranges for the vitamin C will prevent any type of boil. Most likely, these folks didn’t follow any or all of these rules which made them susceptible to the Staph. Then, there would not be a theory of people who touched and drooled over a golden box that contained a rusty iron and a bottle of sour vinegar,” giggling.

Fucner nodded with a smile, “That explains the plague of mice.”

Cody continued to read out loud from the mobile telephone. “Inside the Temple of Solomon, a special inner room was designed to house the Ark. When the priests placed the box in there, it was filled with a puffy cloud,” he looked up with a nod to see each team member. “This makes so much sense now. It was the chemical reaction of the bond agents coming from jiggling the vinegar and iron without the music which probably like a glowing ghost that hovered inside the room. Even Solomon couldn’t contain the thing, when he married and toted his personal possession to the city of Zion. The Zionians was consecrated, because of the Ark…”

Fucner laughed. “The drunken fools on Zionian pot didn’t know to stop mixing the stones and sour vinegar liquid inside with the rusty iron rod like a martini. I bet more people died from air poison rather than gazing at the Ark thing,” he laughed with the others.

Cody shook his curls with a smile. “Fucner tells a fucked up story but he is right on target.”

“Of course,” Fucner slapped a chest with a nod.

Skipper looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The Bible says that the Ark was kept for twenty years inside the Temple of Solomon. Get this, stupid ass fool! Here is an article on the internet. It says that one of the temple priests tried to kidnap the box but wasn’t killed by wise King David, but by another unseen force. The priest probably mixed the stones with the vinegar to keep it from spilling during his proposed escape and then accidentally activated the radiation wave,” laughing. “See? This proof of proves of fools that you cannot touch the Ark, without the tooting horns and the rod singing like a church choir.”

Yorkie continued to read out loud from the mobile telephone. “The Bible said that King Josiah moved it to another temple, but it was removed by his predecessor King Darius, who lost it to Babylonians. Some of the Jewish kings were not smart.”

Cody turned and nodded to each team member. “The Ark of the Covenant is a superconductor with a resonance frequency. This frequency was how God communicated with Moses…”

“A single frequency radio receiver that a higher intelligent being uses to give His orders through,” Fucner tossed both hands with the mobile telephone with a laugh. “O. God is the extra-terrorist being that the US Federal Government hunts. Why doesn’t someone tell the federal government now? Then, I can retire wealthy after keeping all my damn US income taxes, instead of spending my paid in federal taxes on wars and space satellites to Mars,” nodding.

Skippy frowned with annoyance, “O. The wonderment of the stupid human mind viewpoint! Brone will re-build the Ark which will hold a singular awesome power that will be greater than any president or any nation. People will flock to see and then touch and then finally feel the energy of death from a pure golden box with two golden shiny cherubim that face each other with a set of expanded wings just because,” he shook a skull with a stern face. “You cannot command the brain-washed fools for the ultimate purpose of death.”

Islander nodded with a worried brow. “We must to stop Brone.”

Skippy nodded with a stern face. “We have to tell someone, an authority figure like a congressman or one of the media folks. Get all this stuff on television, too!”

Yorkie nodded with a stern face. “I’ll inform the White House, but I don’t know if they’ll even believe this or me,” she shook her curls.

Cody pointed to the ceiling with a stern face. “If one claims to hold the intact or busted remnants of the Ark, so be it. If one claims to hold the Ark and lights up the chemical reactor using all the gem stones, the jar of sour vinegar, and the iron rod, then they will be dead and not able to tell anyone as a pile of gray ashes of human bones and tissues. The world countries of South Africa, France, and Rome might hold the Ark treasure and maybe are withholding some accidental deaths from the public eye. I would do that also as an authority figure.”

“You don’t live forever. Or you can’t live forever. Which one is more correct?” Fucner nodded with laugh.

Islander frowned. “The wood inside the Ark would be rotten by present day twenty first century. I don’t understand how any person can activate all the powerful white colored lightning bolts out from the Ark of the Covenant.”

“I agree. “Cody looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “The acacia wood comes from a thorn bush with sticky sap, green leaves, and rounded pods that contains tannins which has been historically used as a pharmaceutical drug,” he looked up with a nod to see each team member. “That makes sense to me, also. The Jewish priests were on drugs while not feeling the effects of the radiated energy rays, when it blasted out from the Ark of the Covenant during each battle. I bet that they just died in their sleep at night and then another young priest took over the deadly job. A medicinal tree is called nilotica and is located near the Nile River. It looks like a plain old light brown trunk of a maple tree. The branches are used for animal feed, tool handles, and lumber for boats. Therefore, the Ark was not located inside a cave, or under the desert sands or near the ocean seas. This is the prime reason that no one can find the thing. The salt water would cause a chemical reaction.”

Yorkie nodded. “I agree with Cody’s arguments. All in all, Brone’s plan sounds like a rather dangerous energy source of chemical, electrical, possibly even nuclear magnitude. The Ark of the Covenant contained Aaron’s rod, a jar of manna, and the two copper scrolls as written by God and delivered by Moses. The Ark emitted poisonous gas, caused boils, and disfigured people, who looked into it. It tossed stationary bodies around and shot out bolts of lightning and then stuck all moving bodies. There were specific rules for the Ark. Wrap it in layers of leather and do not store near iron,” she laughed with the others. “It was captured when the priests died in battle field from radiation poisoning. The captures returned the Ark, because of all the deaths and God’s wrath. Woo! I find the devise quite interesting. Its construction and instructions are similar to a Leyden jar.”

“Brone ain’t interested in all the gem stones from the tiaras of the Miss Starlit winners. He is searching and seeking the twelve gem stones from the foundation altar.” Skipper nodded. “I believe you, Cody. Brone is gathering and accumulating all of the twelve gems stones for his cute leather breastplate too, since he can reach and grab all the same damn stones and then turn them into gem stones almost anywhere in the world. Why come here and try of blow poor the little town of Tanner here in Alabama back into heaven? I don’t understand.”

Islander nodded with a smile. “I have a wild-ass answer for that question, skipper,” he looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone. “Agate was the tribal stone of Asher. Agate rock was formed by the deposits of siliceous beds in the hollows of the rock that resulted in a band of blue, red, and yellow colors of a highly polished shine. Agate is supposed to void the toxicity of all poisons and counteract the infection of contagious disease. For example, if it is held in the hand or the mouth, it will alleviate fever. The amethyst stone was the tribal rock of Issachar that prevented intoxication, so the drinking cups were made of amethyst,” he looked up with a smile to see each team member. “This makes so much sense. The Bible has all the answers, right here. The color is a brilliant transparent stone of purple color, varying in shades from violet purple to rose. All the Bible stones have healing powers, too. Brone is wearing a vest of Bible stones to keep from getting sick or injured or harmed. I think we should get us a breastplate of gem stones, too, skipper,” smiling.

“I agree with that wise idea, Is,” Fucner laughed with a smile.

Yorkie lifted up a plastic bag with the single piece of wood near a frown. “How do you explain this petrified piece of wood which was collected in a sealed cavern on a river in Alabama, sir?”

“The Wizard of Is can’t. He lied,” Fucner laughed.

Islander nodded. “Wood rots. Gold don’t. There is petrified wood on every forest edge throughout the world, since the Ice Age of whatever time period on Mother Earth.”

Cody exhaled with a nod. “Yeah, I have an explanation. The earth mineral agate grows in water, not the soil. Most of the gem stones are a variety form of agate rocks. In the Bible, the city of Gilgal is the site of the gathering of the stones for the Ark. Gilgal is made of dull orange brown dirt with green grass and tan boulders which is located two miles northeast of the destroyed city of Jericho. The Jordan River flows directly into the Dead Sea and nothing flows out. The Dead Sea is eighty four miles of shoreline for fishing around for something that should not be there. It attracts thousands of visitors, since the time of King David. It was the first health spa for Herod, the Great, since the Dead Sea salt had supplied the embalming agents for all the Egyptian mummifications to potash for the fertilizers…”

“You’re a potash, Cody.” Fucner laughed.

Islander frowned. “Shut it, Fucner.”

Cody nodded. “The salt minerals are used to create both facial makeup cosmetics and herbal sachets. Let us suppose here that a visitor had accidentally picked up a salt bed with the hidden stones, without knowing it.”

Fucner laughed. “That’s so potash.”

Cody said. “The Jordan River flows down to the Banias River, the Dan River, the Yarmouk River, the Zarqa River, and then it travels one hundred fifty six miles to the north and then to the south. John the Baptist was baptized there also. The river drops down into the swampy Lake Hula, the Sea of Galilee, and then the Dead Sea. Archaeologists have never found any hard evidence that the promised land of Canaan ever existed and the conquest of Canaan never happened. And the twelve gem stones have never been found, either. However, the Bible states that the Ark was carried through the waters of Jordan River and then the waters were separated…”

“Then, the Ark was carried around the walls of Jericho for seven days. Then the walls came tumbling down…tumbling down…” Fucner sung with a laugh. “Then, the Ark was lost in the battle with the Philistines. No wonder God is mad at us…them for losing the ancient battle. But we can still win the war on drugs; the war on drug lords; the war with the zealots. Does that sound right, ya’ll?” He chuckled.

“Shut it, Fucner!” Skippy frowned.

Fucner looked down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information for all eardrums from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for shitty fun of the boring meeting. “The Philistines carted the Ark to the city of Bethsames, where they died, and then ended up in the city of Cariathiarum…or chrysanthemum…or the home of the chrysanthemum,” he looked up with a smile to see each team member. “I like the flower chrysanthemums. The flowers are big and round like a girl’s tit,” chuckling.

Cody exhaled with a nod. “Most of the Bible stones are agate rocks which come exclusively from the water. So, the Israelites took them from the waters to fuel the Ark and then tossed them back into the waters. The baby agate beds became deeply buried within the fertile soils which were never to be found again. Over the last 2,600 years, these same agate rocks have migrated by fresh water or a pair of naked feet into the other countries like Africa, India, Egypt, Australia, and Alabama. Agate rocks are Bama’s treasure of gold inside each streams, valleys, and mountain sides.”

Yorkie smiled. “Wow. What a story?”

“A fairy tale,” Skippy frowned.

“A farting tale,” Fucner typed with a chuckle on the tiny keyboard a text message to a new sexy girl from last night at the hotel room.

SUSY-Q stood in place in front of the wall and as her voice droned in a female alto. “And Amber…”

Islander looked up with a puzzled brow to see the blue dress on the rear of the robot. “Who’s Amber? Did she survive the bomb explosion from the Miss Starlit disaster, SUSY-Q?”

“That would have been an Almighty God act too, since that building still is smoking in fluffy colored rock dust straight up into the clouds,” Fucner nodded.

SUSY-Q stood in place and as her voice droned in a female alto. “Captain Skippy inquired from my data banks the request. Compare the gem stones from the Starlit Pageant tiaras to all known earth minerals and then identify the missing gem stones! Amber is an additional gem stone which is missing from the tiara list.”

Fucner slapped a forehead with a smile. “Of course, the stone amber is part of the twelve stones, too.”

Cody frowned. “Naw, it’s not.”

Fucner smiled. “Yeah, amber comes from a fossilized wood like inside the lining of the wooden Ark…”

Yorkie smiled. “Actually, amber comes from petrified resin inside the trunk of the tree, not like the inside lining of the Ark. But, it is a true gem stone which is worn as a piece of jewelry on both the ancient and modern day humans. I wonder why it wasn’t decorated as a tiara.”

Islander frowned. “We have been played. This is entire terrorist hunt or investigation is a ruse that leads into another ruse, which leads into another ruse. Brone is slick. What is his real motive here with us and the United States of America?”

“Forget his motive? When is he lighting up all the fireworks inside his duplicate Ark machine? I wanna know that day and time please, so I can hide inside my bedroom with my cell phone and my girl,” chuckled Fucner.

Skippy slapped the hard surface of the table with a smile. “It is close to four pm. So, I am calling it a very good work day at the office. Each one of you has done an excellent job here. And each one of you will receive a great big money bonus too,” chuckling, “We have uncovered Brone’s evil and weird-ass world plan. So, we will meet tomorrow morning at eight o’clock and figure out how to stop Brone from blasting every earthling into a pile of gray ash,” he stood upright from the chair with a nod to each team member. Yorkie continued to sit. Cody, Islander, and Fucner swiftly stood upright with a nod and turned, exiting the room to the hotel. Yorkie slowly stood upright with a smile at Skippy. Skippy turned and smiled at the television head of the robot. “SUSY-Q, go and monitor the building for an intruder and then beat the individual to death.

The robotic television-like head went black with color. The wall returned back to white. The robot droned in a female timber, “Yes, Mr. Skippy!” SUSY-Q back stepped from the wall and spun around, moving ahead through the archway, turning to monitor each hallway with a set of yellow and purple colors that hit the wall and the ceiling.

Yorkie stared at the empty archway and then Skippy. “Why didn’t SUSY-Q protect you from Brone that night when he killed Alvin in cold blood?”

He exhaled. “I had ordered SUSY-Q to stay put inside her storage closet like a fool thinking that I could handle a tiny girl-man who was named Alvin-Dorothy.”

She smiled. “Awe! Your manhood ego got busted. Well, I can make it better.”

He smiled. “That’s why I assigned you to my task force.”

Yorkie moved ahead and hugged his waist, pulling back with a sour frown. “I am not a task force. I am a woman. Are you going to marry me or not? I can’t wait forever.”

He leaned over and hugged her with a smile. “Yes, we will get married right after we find and jail Brone. Does that make you happy, my future wife?”

Yorkie hugged him with a smile. “Yes, I am very happy now, my future husband.”



Tuesday August 17th



8:08 am

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

Unnamed white painted building

211 Clinton Avenue location

Conference room thirteen interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Fucner appeared and stood inside the open door archway with a grin at the blonde hair roots of the teen-ass. “Morning, Cody! You are up mighty early on at the beginning of work day. Skipper said to be here at eight, not seven” he entered through the archway and turned to the side wall, stopping and stood at the end of the food table, reaching down for a plate. He filled the plate of food and prepared a cup of hot coffee, slowly swinging around and moved to the same spot at the conference table, resting the plate of food on the hard surface, sipping and swallowing the coffee.

Cody had come into work very early at seven o’clock and bumped into SUSY-Q, who was monitoring the empty hallway. Then Cody stored an electronic image from the mobile telephone into the database of the robot and then placed an order for a table of food and beverages for the entire team. He continued to sit at the table and stared down at the words of the Bible in front of a chest that came from a tall stack of old textbooks with a worried brow. “I can’t. I hunted and haunted by Brone’s words. I can’t get them out of my head.”

Fucner reached over and lifted up the top book, flipping the pages, scanning the unfamiliar content with a stern face. “Brone has threatened the United States of America, including you, kid. Live with it! Are we going deer hunting? I see your ugly art work has been stolen from what US Government agency,” he lowered the book back down over the stack of books and scooted to back down into the chair, placing the coffee on top of the table, reaching out for the fork and stabbed the food, chewing with a grin. Skippy entered into the room next and turned, heading towards the food table with a smile in silence.

SUSY-Q entered into the room and toted a new tray of food. The robot wore a pink colored halter top and a matching pair of long running shorts with the correct measurement for her girly metal body measurement of a thirty six inched breast size, a twenty four inched waistline, and a thirty eight inched hip size. The robot turned and moved to the side wall, stopping and placed the new tray on top of the food table, back stepping from the food table, side stepping to the empty part of the wall and spun around, standing in the wall corner for the next command from one of the team members in silence. Her television-like head showed an array of pink and red lines that secretly recorded all the vocal words and the physical actions of each team member in disguise too.

Cody stared down at the words inside the textbook with a puzzled brow. “Brone said to me while I was on the wet grass at Swan Creek in the small town of Tanner. You are not the seventh son, being born on the seventh day, of the seventh month,” he looked up and turned to see Fucner. “How did Brone know that accurate information? I am truly born on July seventh…”

“Look, Cody!” Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a nod. “It matched his poor language skills which were coupled with the lowest IQ on record. Everyone knows the stupid saying, especially here in the South. The seventh son of the seventh son born on the seventh hour, of the seventh day, of the seventh month is supernaturally handsome, smart, and gifted with something. It is part of the Bible, too.”

Cody shook his curls. “However, that is not a true Bible reference. In the Book of First Chronicles, Chapter 2, Verse15, ‘David was the seventh son of Jesse.’ As a young boy, David defeated the mean giant Goliath and then became king. He was a very important figure in the Judaism, Islam, and Christianity cultures, but he didn’t possess any healing powers or superstition powers. As a matter of fact, his ring held the supernatural powers…”

“We know that and don’t wanna go there, not right now. What else are we hunting for which will ease your haunting, Cody?” Fucner stabbed the food and chewed.

Skippy prepared a plate of food and swung around, scooting around the chairs, sitting the food plate and his ass back down at the same spot on the opposite end of the conference table, so he could see and interact with each team member. He stabbed the food and chewed, listening to the conversation with worry about the seventeen year old Cody.

Islander heard the outside conversation down the hallway as he appeared and entered the room, moving ahead to the food table, preparing a plate of food with a smile. “There are a number of references to the numeric seven in the Holy Bible. There are seven heavens in the Islamic tradition. There are seven earths in Islamic tradition. There are the seven deadly sins. There are the seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic faith. There are the seven heads of that scary ass beast in the Book of Revelation…”

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food, reaching over and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information on the mobile telephone. “In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 7 and Verse1, ‘there are seven nations that God had squashed for His children of Israel who had lived in paradise both peaceful and freely. God cast out the many nations including the Hittite, the Amorite, the Girgashite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite.’ Why do all ancient cultures end in the same prefix ‘ite’? O. I see it now. O. I understand it completely. This is the longer version of the American word, shit, without the ‘e.’ I get it all now. It says easier and spells quicker without the shitty ‘e’. Get it, guys! The Hittie is shitte. Bang! It’s gone to hell. The Amorite is shitte too. Boom! It’s gone to hell too. The Canaanite is shitte also. Bam! It’s gone to hell also,” he laughed alone.

He chewed and then swallowed the food with a frown. “Thanks for the useless information, Fucner!” Skippy stabbed the food and chewed.

Islander slowly spun around with the plate of food from the side wall and slowly moved ahead to the same chair between Rector and Cody at the conference table with a laugh, sitting down and stabbed the food with a fork. “We get it, Fucner,” he chewed the food.

Fucner reached over and rested the mobile telephone beside an arm, grabbing and stabbed the fork down into the food with a smile. “Good! I’ve earned my pay for the day. And I make a rhyme like a dime. Now, can I go outside and play for the day, skipper?” He ate the food with a grin.

He chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown “Stay put and down and help Cody for the day!” Skippy stabbed the food and chewed.

Cody looked up from the book and stared with a worried brow at the far white painted wall without a piece of art work. “Brone said to me that day. You are not the seventh son who was born on the seventh day, of the seventh month, for you and your people with drench and drown in blood for your crimes of evil. Your men and your appliances of war cannot contend with my victory. Fear me, my brethren, in the foggy fight, because its waves are strong. Its dangers are perilous. Its beast is terrible. Its winds are tempest. Brone is referencing the pronoun ‘its’ as the Ark of the Convent, since he possesses ninety percent of the gem stones,” he reached over and snatched up the agate stone, twirling around the fingers with a worried brow. “Except for this particular blue colored agate rock, we retrieved out from the river water at Swan Lake in small town of Tanner. But, there is another natural mineral that he is lacking to complete the construction of a new duplicate Bible Ark. During the time of Moses, the inner wooden crate was made of acacia wood.”

Skippy chewed and swallowed the food with a frown. “The acacia wood is also called the famed tree of life…”

“Tree of death,” Fucner nodded with a stern face and stabbed the fork into more food.

Islander shook a skull. “There is no such object as a tree of death. I believe you are referencing the angel of death, Fucner.”

Fucner swallowed the food and turned with a wink to see Islander. “Is she pretty?”

“Pretty awesome at the foot of your death bed, when she is needed,” Islander looked up and turned to wink at Skippy.

Fucner frowned. “That sucks!”

Cody continued to twirl the agate rock between the hands and exhaled with a nod at the far wall. “Okay. The tree of life is different from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 22, ‘Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge and then they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.”

He chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown. “Yeah, they originated and started the first Holy War with Almighty God. They should be here and fight off all the fucking zealots, not me,” Fucner stabbed the fork into the food and ate, chewing.

Islander chewed and swallowed the food with a grin. “You know that might be one of the smartest statements that you have ever uttered, since my introduction to your sorry ass, Fucner,” he stabbed the fork down into the food and ate, chewing with a grin.

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a sour frown, exposing a grin with a set of chewed food particles between the teeth. “Thanks, Wizard of Is!”

Cody reached over and placed the agate rock back down on the table, looking down with a stern face and read out loud from the Bible. “In the Holy Bible, to prevent any one person from finding the tree of knowledge of good and evil ever again, God placed a set of two angels with a flaming swords at the garden entrance, says the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 24.”

Fucner chewed and swallowed the food with a nod. “I never wanna be on an archeological expedition looking for an inflamed and angry heavenly angel. Naw! Not me! No way!” He stabbed the food and ate, chewing with a nod.

Cody looked up with a stern face to see each team member. “I found out last night during my reading marathon that the acacia tree is really a symbol of life. The tree is a vast expansion of thorny limbs, where animals feed from its green soft leaves and cool underneath a shade hardy overstory branches. I spent all last night, sorting through the internet and then found this specific piece of art work. SUSY-Q, please project my electronic image onto the white part of the wall from that wall corner.”

Her television-like head went black and then displayed an array of vertical orange and red colors, shooting off from the screen and showed a new electronic image on the white paint and as her voice droned in a female timber. “Your electronic image has been displayed upon the wall, Mr. Cody.”

Cody pointed at new electronic image on the wall. “That pic on the wall comes from an ancient piece of art work of the Meso-american culture which is located in the country of Mexico. The real art work is chiseled stone from about 300 B.C. and weighs about one and a half tons. It is housed in the Smithsonian building in Washington D.C. My other interest, it is nicknamed, the tree of life. What do you see on the wall inside the art work?”

Fucner reached up and wiped off the mouth with a laugh at the new electronic image on the walls. “Could one of these really funny figures be a redneck from here in Bama?”

Islander sipped and swallowed the beverage with a smile at the new electronic image on the white wall paint, “Naw. Not one figure is toting a shotgun in a shooting hand, my Bama redneck friend.”

Skippy spun around in the chair and stared at the new electronic image on the wall with a huff. “I see a parrot, an elephant, a monkey, a snake, a fish.”

Islander nodded. “I see a sky of clouds on top of the stone. I see a body of water on the bottom of the stone.”

Fucner smiled at the image. “There is a boy who is sucking out something from the sap of the tree. This is the first fucking ancient freak creep show. I’m doubly impressed.”

Islander nodded. “I see an Egyptian pharaoh, an Indian prince, an African hunter, maybe…”

“What is that thing fucking on that tree? I see the devil man, an astronaut, and in the damn middle of the picture is a great big colorless tree. Are we done here? Great! Can I leave for the day and spend all my money before Uncle Sam gets it?” Fucner nodded with a smile and placed both dirty utensils inside the dirty plate like his mama had taught him.

Cody nodded at the image on the wall. “I see a big tree which is really known as the tree of life. I’m trying to identify the particular tree.”

Islander nodded at the image on the wall. “Clearly, it is not a palm tree. Mexico is native to palm trees, since it thrives in a tropic climate. The Meso-American artist would have known what a palm tree is and how to draw one which is tall and skinny with no branches or tiny tree leaves. Therefore, he drew a tall shade with hundreds of extended tree branches and thousands of tiny leaves for a very specific purpose. Could it be an oak tree? Oak trees grow big and tall…”

“Like my dick,” laughed Fucner.

Islander nodded at the wall image. “Could all the clouds be a representation of heaven? Could the water be a symbol of hell?”

Fucner nodded with a smile. “Good observation, Wizard of Is! Is solved it. Now, they all died. Can I go on vacation for about two weeks and spend a lot of my money before Uncle Sam robs me? I met this beautiful chick last night at the bar downstairs in our hotel. Then we d…”

“Does the tree of life really represent a life?” Skippy frowned at the wall image. “What do we do in life?”

Islander smiled at the wall image. “I see fruit. So, we do eat. I see clouds. So, we do dream. I see water…”

“So, we do piss,” Fucner stood upright from the chair with a loud burp and grin. “Be back in three point six minutes from the boys clean toilet room. And we should go and find and ask Brone. I bet he knows all about this damn tree of life and death and knowledge of killing people,” he back stepped from the table and turned to face the archway, moving out the room, into the dark hallway, and finally towards the bathroom.

Cody nodded at the wall image. “I see the same curved images of animals, objects, nature, and humans. Therefore, I conclude that this is a representation of every culture on planet Earth during 300 B.C. A monkey comes from the country of Asia. An elephant comes from the country of Africa. A parrot comes for the country of South America. A snake…”

“Snakes are part of North America too.” Skippy smiled at the wall image. “The native American Indians lived and played here during 300 BC, too.”

Islander nodded. “I agree with Cody. This stone represents the current life forms in the year 300 BC. Why place it on a stone, where no one will see? At half a ton weight, no one will steal it from the artist either.”

Cody nodded. “I believe that the ancient stone is a map of the tree of life which is located somewhere here on planet Earth. The Bible states both the tree of knowledge and the tree of life are here on the planet. The tree of knowledge was robbed by Adam and Eve, thus it is off limits for all mankind. The tree of life was used inside the Ark of the Covenant which lined the entire inners of the wooden crate. Therefore, one or another one must exist somewhere on Earth, maybe not guarded either. I do believe Brone is counting on that notion also.”

Fucner returned back into the room and moved ahead, sitting back down into the same chair with a smile. “I got a great idea. We can produce a lightning bolt from the deadly chemical mixture like the Ark thingie and then let the bolt find the damn tree for us. Then, I will be done with the new assignment. I can leave and go spend my money this afternoon on that hot and sexy girl.”

Skippy spun around from the wall inside the chair and reached over, snatching up the mobile telephone into a smile. “I have a new homework assignment, children. Grab your cell and get stared!”

Fucner looked down with a sour frown at the black colored hair roots of Skippy. “I wanna a monitor, so I can pretend to work but sleep. I was up until two while f…”

“Found it!” Islander looked down with a smile and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The ancient Aztec civilization had a tree of life. It is called the Tule tree in the country of Mexico.”

Fucner slapped both arms onto the hard surface of the table with a sour frown, staring at the different colored hair roots of each team member, who worked on the mobile telephone for the new assignment. “The answer is obvious. The giant Sequoia tree in the US State of California is the biggest, tallest, and friendly tree in the world. The end!”

Skippy looked down with a stern face and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from mobile telephone for all eardrums. “You are not right and not working on your cell phone, Fucner! The country of Bahrain which is located in the Persian Gulf has a tree of life too.”

Fucner exhaled with a huff of frustration and reached over, snatching the mobile telephone, typing on the tiny keyboard for fun information which is not related to the assignment, and reading out loud with a laugh from the tiny screen. “The US State of Utah has a tree of life which is made of salt.”

Cody read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The ancient Zoroastrians had a tree of life also.”

Fucner read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums with a laugh. “The modern Rastafarians has a tree of life. It is a cannabis plant or pot or Mary Jane or marijuana weed,” he looked up with a smile to see the black colored hair roots of Skippy. “Can we go and visit them this afternoon in our new fancy rental private business jet while we look like a group of fake billionaires which is funded by the taxpayers, please? I vote for hell yeah,” laughing.

Islander read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The country of the Philippines along with the Caribbean islands considers the coconut tree as the tree of life. The coconut tree provides food, shelter, and various implements.”

Fucner turned and chuckled at the hair roots of Islander. “What are the various implements with a coconut? It has a hard shell. Right? Right! I haven’t thought of using a coconut for my personal usage either.”

Islander read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The country of Sweden has a tree of life too.”

Fucner laughed with a smile. “Disney World has the tree of life also. I vote that we fly over on our new fancy rental private business jet down to the city of Orlando for the afternoon and check out that tree of life.”

Skippy read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The country of Egypt has a tree of life also.”

Fucner tossed both hands with the mobile telephone into the air with a smile. “Ancient Persia, ancient Egypt, ancient China, and every other fucking ancient plus every present day country on entire planet of Earth has a tree of life. How is that humanly possible for every nation to claim the tree of life? O wait, ya’ll! Every fucking nation on planet Earth also claims to possess the Ark of the Covenant too. Okay! That’s makes perfect sense. You got an Ark. You got the wood too. However, we have proven that the wood disintegrated down into nothing and then was given as a gift to a scorned woman. You know what the Bible says about a woman scorn,” laughing.

Cody read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The country of Kenya has a tree of life, also.”

Skipper read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The country of Africa has a tree of life, too.”

Islander read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “In North America, the cedar is the tree of life. According to myth, the tree is found in heaven, where the first human lived, until a pregnant woman fell down and landed in an endless sea. Drowning in the sea, a giant turtle saved her ass and then she formed the world on the back shell of the giant turtle by planting the bark which was taken from the tree of life.”

“Man! That’s the biggest truck load of horse shit, I have ever heard between my clogged ear wax,” Fucner reached over and grabbed the mobile telephone, typing on the tiny keyboard. “And if it be true the woman stole the bark off the heavenly tree, then I hope that she is an angel now, because God doesn’t forgot when you break one of his commandments,” he chuckled with the others.

Skippy looked up with a smile to see the different colored hair roots of each team member. “You know that the black belt fertile land soil in Bama underneath the limestone base is littered with a patch of cedar trees. They make good Christmas trees. They are fairly dense foliage and smell like spicy woodsy…

Fucner looked up with a smile and a wink to see Skippy. “Are we sharing some of our girly-ass feelings that we don’t wanna share with the boys, skipper?”

Skippy laughed. “Naw. I remember my old home roots in the country. My dad and I would chop down our Christmas tree out from the natural woodlands which surrounded the cotton fields. My dad drove the old pickup truck down a tractor dirt path, until he hit the crop line. Then we got out of the truck and trucked on a pair of cowboy boots into the woods. There woodlands housed and take care of coyotes, deer, foxes, squirrel, and some wolf. The best ones were located behind the thicket of the woods that stood tall and alone for the Christmas taking event to celebrate the birth of Brother Jesus. We also would find one near the water creek that stood out all alone within the sunshine, like she was cold and needing the warm sun. My dad wanded the heavy ax with a thick pair leather gloves and a pair of riding chaps as I waited off to the side, not getting smashed by the weight of the tall cider tree. As I got more lean muscle, my dad made me whack down the tree down, working my strength. We dragged and drugged that dang long and tall cider tree over the rough terrain and the thick plant brush and then back into the bed of the truck. The branches of cedar needles scratch and itch on your bare skin more than other woodland trees. The black sap sticks and stains to your external skin too. I smelled like spicy woodsy for days, until that black dissipated from my arms, where my shirt was torn and patched. Boys were rough and touch back then.”

Islander looked up with a smile and a nod to see Skippy. “Thanks for your story, skipper,” he looked down and read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Cedar trees are very plentiful in the northeast United States and southeast Canada. The Great Lakes region and into Québec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, south in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia…”

Skippy looked down and read out loud the new information from the tiny screen on the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The cedar possesses a set of scale-like needles that overlaps in blue-green color which forms an array of fan-shaped sprays. The bark is gray to red-brown color and fibrous. On the larger trees, the bark becomes ash-gray hues which are shallowly grooved and then twisted around the tree. The cone is round, purple hue, and fleshy with a set of scales. The form is one hundred fifteen feet high and five feet in diameter. It is found in water bogs with little or no shading from the overstory branches of other tall or taller trees. The cider wood is used for ground fencing, roof shingles, and sailing boats.”

Cody looked up with a smile to see each team member. “Wow. Almighty God picked the right wood for the Ark.”

“Dang! Our Christmas tree wasn’t ever hundred feet tall in height,” Skippy looked up with a smile to see the team members.

Fucner tossed a hand into the air and read out loud the new information with a laugh on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The tree of life is the Grandmother Cedar or Ass shit on be me win…”

Islander leaned over with a smile into the mobile telephone of Fucner, reading out loud the correct word. “Anishinaabemowin was a native North American cedar, in which all the Native American Indians had protected and worshipped for centuries.”

“I have thought of a North American cider tree and a tribe of American Indians.” Cody frowned. “Moses built the Ark at the foot of Mount Sinai.”

Fucner turned and winked at teen-ass. “Because, Almighty God can do any fucking thing He wants. Didn’t you learn that in your Sunday school class, Cody?”

Cody laughed with a nod, “Apparently, not in that content!”

Islander smiled. “There is a thirty nine foot cedar tree in Bullock County of Bama. They need a crane to hoist the tree in an upright position which is anchored with all type of towing cables.”

Skipper looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Alabama governor Thomas Jones toured the Virginia battlefields of the Civil War in the year 1893 and then brought back home to Bama a live red cedar tree. The tree had been planted in the US State of Virginia, since in the year 1860, making that tree thirty years old…”

“That cider tree is young to match that piece of stone art work on the wall,” Fucner exhaled with a huff of annoyance, since he was not getting out the room and the assignment until that tree was found by the team. He looked down with a smile and typed on the tiny keyboard for new information on the mobile telephone.

Cody smiled. “There is a tree farm in the city of Trafford here within Alabama with a patch of red cedars. We should visit there and look for an ancient Grandmother Cedar.”

Fucner looked down with a smile and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “There is a set of unique tree carvings of cedar trees in the city of Montevallo here in Bama,” he looked up with a smile to each team member. “We should drop by there and read all the visual messages from Mother Nature. She would definitely know where her oldest daughter is located,” laughing.

Skipper continued to look down and type on the tiny keyboard, reading out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “I found a gray barked cedar tree that stands fifty four feet high.”

Cody looked up with a puzzled brow to see the hair roots of Skippy. “I didn’t know there were gray cedar trees too. So, there’s red and gray…”

“…and yellow cedar trees,” Islander continued to look down and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “There is a yellow cedar too. A yellow cedar tree is a long-lived species which is both tall and wide. It has a broad, grooved trunk that spreads out wide at the base, except all the yellow cedar trees are dying or almost dead due to some type of root rot…”

“Due to man’s rooting and tooting interference with Mother Nature, I do believe,” Fucner continued to look down and type on the tiny keyboard for new information on the mobile telephone.

Cody continued to look down and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “Cedars are born in a wet forest particularly abundant in coniferous swamps where a set of regular trees cannot thrive. Cedars are long-lived trees notably one of the oldest specimens growing on limestone cliffs. Deer and other wildlife feed off the flowers and cones and needles. The oldest known living specimen is over 1,100 years old. Scientists have discovered a dead cedar specimen with 1,650 growth rings.”

Islander continued to look down and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The US State of Minnesota has a tree of life too. It was found by a French explorer in the year 1731 and it is still alive today.”

Cody looked up with a smile to each team member. “Well, that is a very good sign. The acacia tree is still alive today as well as in the past history of the planet.”

Islander leaned over with a smile into the cheekbone of Fucner. “What are you reading?”

Fucner continued to look down and read out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “There is an ancient forest of giant trees right here in Bama. Based on some snobby geologist, the tree forest was created some 14,000 years ago during the last glacial maximum thingie and due to the sediments of a river. Get this! The story goes. A hunter found the tree forest after chasing down a white-tail doe then getting lost inside a patch of deep woods. Figures! The ancient forest was mostly stumps of five feet in diameter and overgrown peat bogs. First, he wrapped both his arms around the stump and couldn’t touch the tips of his middle fingers. Second, he climbed on top to see the other fallen trees, where he could see all the other tall trees that covered the clouds and miles of red clay dirt.”

Islander sat upright and looked down with a stern face, typing on the keyboard of the mobile telephone. “Where is the ancient forest in Bama located at, Fucner?” Fucner leaned over with a smile and showed the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with the new information.

Cody nodded with a smile to each team member. “Trees do deteriorate over time. However, if the hunter saw a 2,000 year old tree stump, then this is a true sign from Almighty God.”

Fucner continued to silently read the new information on the mobile telephone with a sour frown. “Bull frog crap, Cody! It is a tract of virgin woodlands, where no man has trashed for toilet paper and student notebook paper for these cheap-ass mystery novels which can be purchased on the internet for ninety-nine cents.”

Skipper looked down and typed on the tiny keyboard, finding the same blog, reading out loud the new information on the tiny screen from the mobile telephone for all eardrums. “The geologist team restructured the ancient landscape based on the sediment cores and the soil depths. There was a river that ran beside the soil landscape. Then, the flowing river dried up and left a big swamp, where the drifting seedlings took root, creating a forest of yellow cedar trees. This is it. I feel it too. We are talking about a patch of ancient trees so old that they have changed over centuries into…”

“The ancient trees would change and become rotten down to the core with worms, acid rain, air pollution, insects, lumberjacks,” Fucner nodded with a sour frown. Silence invaded the conference and as each pair of eyeballs stared at each other and turned to see Skippy.

Skippy stood upright from the chair and continued to read out loud on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “This is the place. We are going to the town of Tensaw here in Bama which is located on State Road 59 to the north and County Road 80 to the west,” he looked up with a smile to see the stunned face of each team member. “Does the name of Tensaw sound familiar to your pair of eardrums even with the ear wax? It should. If you did your Alabama History homework in the ninth grade like I did? The town of Tensaw was the site of Fort Mims, where five hundred pioneer settlers were attacked and killed by a tribe of American Indians. So first, we go shopping for some swamp gear, including a bag of gator bait, before we attack the fancy rental business jet plane and travel from here in Birmingham to the seaside city of Mobile. Then, we will hunt down and find Grandmother Cedar, the American tree of life.”

Cody and Islander stood upright with a smile and a nod back to Skippy, back stepping and spun around to face the open archway, leading out the conference room and into the semi-dark hallway. Skippy back stepped from the table and spun around with a smile to face the open archway. “SUSY-Q, go into observation mode and monitor the building, please. Get moving, Fucner!” He exited the room and followed behind Cody and Islander.

The television-like head went black and then displayed a set of gray and yellow vertical lines, scanning the walls and the ceiling in silence and as the robot moved ahead and turned to face the open archway, strolling through the semi-dark hallways in silence.

At the conference table, Fucner continued to sit with a sour frown and typed on the tiny keyboard with a new text message to the hot sexy girl some type of sorry ass excuse to cancel their fucking date for the late afternoon.





The Hand of God

  • ISBN: 9781370376032
  • Author: Ipam
  • Published: 2017-04-17 22:05:15
  • Words: 124638
The Hand of God The Hand of God