The Great Question

The Great Question

by K. P. Walker

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The Great Question

There are two mutually exclusive citadels of opinion in this world; one defends the position that there is no God while the other asserts there is a God. Insisting that there is no God is easy but proving it is impossible. The same is true and more so for the opposite position. It must prove there is a God (or gods) and that amongst all the holy books of the world only one particular holy book is true. The easiest route to ascertain the reality of a god is to verify the contents of the holy book that reveals the god. But note that not all gods are equal. Some are ethereal, while others are physical. Some are distant, and others are omnipresent. Some holy books even describe you as the god.

You may peruse all the holy books at your leisure. Be aware of their purpose. One purports to offer a path to liberation from emotions and suffering, another offers an erotic heaven (for men only), another says do what you want since all paths lead to heaven, while another says that men will become gods and get their own planets. These holy books describe religions that require you to perform acts and accomplish objectives to placate the god or to achieve spiritual success. Be sure to consider the sources of these holy books. Consider who wrote them and why?

Of all the holy books there is only one that says there is nothing you can personally do to earn heaven or to appease its god. It says that the God it reveals does all that is necessary for you to enter a spiritual paradise. This holy book is the Bible. In what follows I contend that the Bible (Old and New Testament) is true and that it provides the best result – life forever. I also contend that the God it reveals is worthy of trust. I make these assertions on the basis of content and I substantiate the veracity of the Bible on the basis of its verifiable prognostications. The Bible is the only source that accurately unveils the future; in fact it doesn’t just reveal it, it declares the future. [Read the free booklet The END has Begun by K. P. Walker for more on the fulfillment of a 2600 year old Biblical prophesy. It is in the news and is happening right now (2016) in front of the eyes of everyone.]

Do the words of scientists, atheists or the other holy books declare the future – accurately? The so-called Old Testament contains many declaratory statements concerning the coming of the anointed (Christ in Greek) King of the Jews. The Bible provides more than 300 prophecies, most of which were given 600 years and more before the king was born. Do a search on the internet for a list of Bible prophecies or Messianic prophecies or you can read the gospel according to Matthew to find many of these prophecies and their fulfillment. [For portraiture of the Christ hidden in the Old Testament read the book by K. P. Walker called Plan for Life. In it you will learn about the role and purpose of the predicted Christ (and your own role and purpose) or you can read the Old Testament itself.] In fact the Old Testament is an instruction manual for those that want to know what Christ is all about. That those centuries old predictions actually came true gives people assurance that both the Old and New Testaments are trustworthy.

The Bible also contains many declarations that appertain to a time in our own future. These are found particularly in the last book in the Bible, The Revelation to John. [Read The Living End by K. P. Walker for more on what is predicted for the world, you and your loved ones.] Since the predictions about a Messiah were proven true 2000 years ago there is a solid certainty that predictions of the future unveiled in the Revelation to John are also going to materialize. Only a God can precisely reveal the future and the Bible is where he reveals it. Again, search the other holy books, do they do that? No! Can atheistic science accurately tell you the future of mankind, beyond Man’s ultimate demise? No!

The accurate recounting of historical events of the Bible serves to cement the value of the Bible as a trustworthy document. One such event is the Exodus, which had been rejected as historical when it was thought it took place on the Sinai Peninsula. But now that it has been properly located in Arabia (as the Bible had always said) there is actual physical proof in the landscape to validate its authenticity. Thus the veracity of the historicity of that event has been verified giving solid credence to the remainder of the Bible. Couple the historic accuracy with the exactitude of the predictions of the Christ and you have a reliable book. This is why with confidence I contend that the Bible including its statements on a yet to come future are true, and therefore the God it proclaims is also true. But note carefully that only a God that loves people would bother to reveal anything about the future.

So, who is this God the Bible reveals – the God that loves people? He is the creator of the universe [For an interesting perspective on the rationale for creation read the free booklet by K. P. Walker Universe and Beyond.]. Strangely, in the Bible the word that is translated into English as God (singular) (Elohim) is actually plural (although regularly used with singular verb forms and adjectives). So this God of the Bible is introduced as something of an enigma. Scholars try to cover the seeming contradiction by saying Elohim means plural in majesty. Others say, with an eye on the New Testament that it refers to the plurality of “persons” in the so-called trinity. Since the Bible reveals God (Elohim) as a plurality I contend that the word scholars translate as God refers to a plurality of action for unlike the gods of the other holy books Elohim is unique. He is not capricious or self-focussed. He is not a clockwork-God that creates the universe to run without his involvement or continued interest. He is a God that acknowledges human limitations and since he cares for us he personally takes action in this world on our behalf.

What is this unique God like? The Bible says that all his actions are motivated by love. This is not the human self-serving love but an overarching selfless love; to God it is not a sentiment, rather love is an action word. He acts in hope that we would choose to return to him voluntarily (repent). Understand that it was humanity that disconnected from him, he didn’t disconnect from humanity. Man made a choice, a bad one. The difficulty for humanity is that by disconnecting from God (sin) everything good was turned upside down. Good became bad and selfless love became self-serving love (or sex). Truth became a lie, and lies became reliable truths. The command “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” became do to others before they do it to you. Morality and righteous behavior were turned topsy-turvy. With such inadequacies Man could no longer return to the God that wants them back because Man can no longer on his own discern right from wrong. What’s more God will only permit those that want to be with him to actually be with him. He calls out to Man through his Bible but most people reject the Bible and as a result they reject him. When you choose to reject God’s love that leaves you with nowhere to go except to your own resources and eventually to the grave. (For those that reject God you should understand that death is not eternal darkness and nothingness, rather it is eternal awareness that you chose separation from God, which is an unnatural state and that unnatural state will not be comfortable for you. Our natural state is to be with God forever.)

How does humanity get back into the proper relationship with this true God? The simple answer is that we can’t. But since everything God does stems from his unique kind of love God personally did everything that was needed to enable Man to be restored to his rightful place with himself. But remember that to be reconciled with God is a choice that Man has within his own power. If you continue to reject God until you die physically you will have rejected him forever. If you choose him you must accept him now while you are alive and you must come in the manner prescribed by him. Unlike world religions you don’t need to kill anyone else to merit this, nor do you need to meditate your way to him. You cannot pray yourself there, nor can you earn entrance to his presence by complying with some sort of predefined performance standards, rituals, laws or prohibitions; these are actions outlined by those on the broad path to perdition. They would have you place your faith in yourself or in other people (or religions or science) trusting that you or they have the knowledge and ability to save you from the ultimate destination of this existence, death. (The laws in the Bible are there to show you that you cannot attain the required righteousness by performing deeds.) Of course you could simply close your eyes and hope that death means oblivion and not eternal misery. On the other hand if your faith is placed in the God of the Bible trusting that he has done in Jesus all that is necessary to deliver you from death you can be assured he will give you life with him forever. This Life is only available through and in Jesus. Understand that faith in Jesus does not require you to emulate Jesus, attend church, help the needy or perform rituals of worship focussed on him. Jesus himself is the door that you must enter to have life.

So who is this Jesus? He is a man. In the grand scheme (God’s Plan for Life prepared before the world was created) Jesus is also none other than God incarnate. [Read KING Jesus by K. P. Walker for the astounding story of Jesus as a man and God.] Jesus is also an action that God himself takes to salvage humanity from eternal death. He is a manifestation of the love and grace (unmerited favor) of God. [Read Plan for Life by K. P. Walker for a more complete presentation of God’s amazing plan.] This plan for life required God to do everything himself to salvage Man from his doom. God entered the universe he had created. He called his name Yahweh (I am). As Yahweh he implemented the plan. The plan was to pay the price man owed for sin (choosing to disconnect from God), that price is death. In order to accomplish this God himself became a man, the man Jesus. As Jesus, God would take the full consequence of sin upon himself. He would conquer death in Man. God would then enable people to choose the path Jesus opened for them, a path that would lead to life. God would do this by presenting himself as the Holy Spirit who would lead the way to Jesus, and empower those that choose to place their faith in Jesus to have life. (Without the Spirit there is no life.)

In his plan God (Elohim) functions in three distinct roles, performing three life-giving actions. Over the years many have tried to depict these three aspects of the so-called triune God. St. Patrick used a cloverleaf, others used a triangle, others used ice-liquid water-steam, and others used a man that is simultaneously a father, son and an uncle, while others personified the life-giving roles of the One God as three persons. To help elucidate these three roles, these three life-giving actions I will present a modern parable to you, an allegory that is not in the Bible, one that I prepared for the book KING Jesus.

There was a large lake that was full of fish. It was a happy place. Fish frolicked and a large school chased around the lake. One day a young fish leapt out of the water in an effort to evade the school. He thought it was fun. Older fish warned him to stop doing it. They said he could not live outside of the water. The young fish laughed at their foolish old fish tales. After a while the whole school was following him. They all jumped out of the water frequently. None of them ever died. And so it happened that in their exuberance they swam very close to the shore and all of them ended up leaping onto the dry beach. They were shocked. “We should have listened to the old fish. We’ll die,” they said. They flopped and flopped. Soon they had maneuvered away from the shore into a very hot dry place. The leader was optimistic. “Look, we’re still alive. We haven’t died.” Those words mollified the school for a while, but some were slowing down, asphyxiating. “Don’t worry, you’re evolving. You’re learning to breathe air. We’re free of that confining water. Rejoice in your good fortune,” shouted the leader exuberantly. But the air was hot. The fish were moving slowly while opening their mouths as if they could actually breathe the air.

A cloud formed over the lake and it moved it towards the earthbound fish. Soon a refreshing rain began to fall. The fish cooled and revived somewhat. “See – all is well. We’ll be fully evolved in no time,” yelled the leader. Little rivulets of rain began to run by the fish. A few fish sought to suck it into their gills. In their eagerness to survive they wiggled and flopped in an effort to follow the rivulets. Soon they reached a river. They eagerly entered the life-giving water. Saved! They were saved. They revived and began to yell to their schoolmates. “Hey, come over here. Join us we’re saved. Follow the rivulets and they will bring you to life-giving water.” The current moved the young fish onward out of earshot of their fellows. In a short while the river returned the fish to the lake. They vowed to never leave the lake again.

As you may have surmised the water represents God (Elohim). The lake is the Father, the rain is the Holy Spirit, and the river is the Son, Jesus. Humanity is the school of fish. The old fish are the prophets of the Bible warning humanity not to sin (disobey) because sin leads to death. Leaving the lake is sin. The hot air is the devil encouraging little fish to relax and enjoy the heat while they evolve. The rain and rivulets are the Holy Spirit urging all to repent (turn back to the truth, life is only in God). The Holy Spirit leads people to Jesus, the river. When they enter Jesus (he is the water of life) they have life. Note that as fish they must be in water and have water in them to have life, even so we humans must be in Jesus and have Jesus in us to have life. Note also that the New Testament becomes the instruction manual for those in Christ. [Read the book Life in Christ by K. P. Walker for more on this instruction manual for Christians.] As the fish in the river shouted to their fellows even so those in Jesus shout out (as I am doing now) saying, join us, there is no life apart from Jesus. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” And in Jesus we are already one with God as he brings us alive to the Father. There is no life for us apart from the God revealed in the Bible.

Understand that by this parable I am not saying anything about the nature of God himself. That would take a totally different allegory. My modern parable is about God’s interaction with Man. You can easily see God as One God in three life-giving action-oriented manifestations, but these actions are all connected and coordinated to salvage humanity from its deadly destiny. And God himself performs all the roles in our salvation. He reaches down to salvage those that choose to return to him and brings us to him. [Read more about how God does this in KING Jesus by K. P. Walker.] The only thing we can do is to choose to repent, choose to yield to the urging of the Holy Spirit and turn to Jesus. I’m sure the Holy Spirit is calling you now. He calls everyone, but not everyone pays any attention. The interesting thing about this God is that he gives you the choice of life with him forever or to be forever separated from him. To those that eschew God I say, don’t stay in the hot dry spiritual wilderness. I can assure you that you will not evolve, in time you will surly expire, not to enter nothingness rather to enter the place you chose – perdition (it will feel like Hell).

So herein you received the answer to the great question – Is there a god and if so which one is it? The answer is an emphatic yes there actually is a God. And the corollary says the God that is revealed proclaimed by the Bible is the only and true God. Thus the Bible is true to the exclusion of all other so-called holy books and it no longer represents a citadel of opinion, rather it is a reliable fact (although revealed to you slowly over time by the Holy Spirit).

Truth is at your fingertips. Grasp it. The Bible is not simply another ‘holy book’. It does not present a “religion” with which you must comply. Nowhere does it tell you to become a Jew or a Christian (even though mistaken-people have turned the Bible into a religion). Nowhere does it reveal ritual to which you must adhere by which you can achieve paradise. Nowhere does it permit you to justify yourself through your actions instead of justifying God and his actions. Nowhere does it tell you that you will be blessed with health or wealth in this world when you repent. (After repenting blessings are dispensed at God’s own pleasure.)

The Bible is about life and about the way to reconnect to God wherein that life resides. It tells about the loving God and presents the good news of that life being found only in Jesus. It reveals the powerful choice God has given you over your own eternity. You don’t even have to purchase a Bible to read it. You can read it for free on the internet in many languages. Look at your watch, now is the time of your salvation; tomorrow may be too late. Turn to Jesus (Repent!). Choose to enter Christ Jesus according to God’s plan for life. There is only one true God and he is revealed in the Bible. You can foolishly stay in the hot air and believe lies, but when all rhetoric and self-effort fails be sure to read the instructions in the Bible (repent); then wisely believe the truth and enter the water of life. Jesus is the only way to life eternal. That is the truth the indomitable Bible provides. Discard all other “holy” books and disregard all pleas to join religions. Dismiss all the self-serving arguments that deny God is real. He is revealed in the Bible. Read the Bible yourself. Believe it; trust its message. Choose your future wisely! Turn permanently (repent) to Jesus.

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[For a more in-depth presentation about the God that loves you and his holy book the Bible read The Way to Life series, a set of four books unveiling the purpose of the Bible and the God the Bible reveals. The first book of the series by K. P. Walker is Plan for Life. It is about God’s plan for salvaging life out of the jaws of death as presented in the Old Testament and it also reveals the plan’s implementation today. This theme continues in the New Testament with book 2 KING Jesus. It reveals who and what Jesus is and why he had to right to die for you. It details the gospels and it explains the Kingdoms of God and Heaven. Book 3 is Life in Christ. It shows how the New Testament letters are instructions for those that have repented. The book also shows how the disciple’s lives correspond to the Plan for Life revealed in Book 1. The series culminates with book 4 The Living End, which is about the Revelation to John. It reveals the denouement of the Plan for Life and what you can expect in the future. The four book series walks you through the Bible but each book can stand on it’s own if you prefer to read them out of order. These books only provide a starter course to enable you to comprehend what the Bible presents. If you feel the cost of these introductory books imposes a financial strain then simply read and believe your free internet Bible and you will do well.]

The Great Question

The great question has captivated humanity and has evoked debate throughout the ages. It has two parts. The second part is argued just as vigorously as the first but with the added ingredients of tradition, ancestors, location, peer pressure and sometimes law. In this free short book a solution is proposed using the past and the future to answer the great question, a solution that can only satisfy the open-minded.

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The Great Question The Great Question