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The girl in the Dream esampler

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Chapter one

Chapter two



The girl in the dream esampler


  • Stephen Kai*

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[* Dr. Sara Mohten was really down on her luck. Some of her patients died mysteriously on the surgical table and complaints were pressed against her. She had some health problems with no real medical explanations. She had dreams and woke up to find objects she saw in them beside her on the bed, a strand of hair, blood, dust or even rusty knives. Sara sought the help of Dr. Richard Giley, a psychiatrist, but how would a psychiatrist help a woman possessed?*]

Ghosts and spirits are unreal products of the imagination, but Rani is a spirit who has sworn to make everyone acknowledge her existence. And she won’t stop till everyone is forced to submit to her will and bow to her power.

[[* *


As the red sports car ran fast on the road, the air blew the pretty girl’s silky black hair and made it move beautifully all around her face.

“You should close the window, you’re going to catch a cold this way.” Said the young man who held the driving wheel, the words came spontaneously, for he knew she would never catch a cold again.

The girl laughed, her big brown eyes shined. “I’m in perfect health now, I’ve never felt better in my life, stop the car now or you’ll miss the house.”

The car stopped a few feet from the small gray house, he couldn’t get closer because the grassy ground was unpaved. The girl darted out happily. She opened her arms in ecstasy.

“Thanks for bringing me here, you know I really love this place.”

She felt him approaching her from behind.

“This is the least I could do to make things better.” The man whispered.

She didn’t turn to face him as she trustfully let him embrace her from behind and wondered.

“Made what better?”


Suddenly a sharp knife pierced her throat, so fast and suddenly that there was hardly any pain. The girl’s eyes widened, more shocked by the betrayal than hurt. Blood streamed and saturated her blue jeans jacket. She stared for a shred of a second at the big white birds that flocked over her head then her head rested peacefully on the shoulder of the murderer.

[[* *

Chapter one

* In the operating room the nurse handed the forceps and the scalpel to the female surgeon.*

“She’s bleeding too much, get the towel.” The surgeon ordered. “And stop talking, I said I don’t like side talk during surgery.”

The nurses looked at each other in wonder as the doctor stopped the bleeding and sewed the surgical wound close.

As the staff walked out of the room the doctor shouted at Julia, the young assistant doctor.

“When I say I want a certain member of staff in the surgery room, you oblige with what I say, you don’t bring extra persons to attend my surgery without my permission, got it?”

“Yes, doctor,” Julia was puzzled, “But we did as you said, Dr. Sarah. You said four members.”

“Yes’ I said four members, not five, you shouldn’t have brought that extra nurse.”

“What extra nurse, there were only five people in the room including you doctor.”

“We were six, we were supposed to be five.”


“Don’t argue.” Dr. Sara Mohten was mad and she left the place without further talk leaving the assistant doctor behind talking to herself in confusion.

“But we were five! And there was no side talking! What extra nurse?”


Notes by Dr.Gily

Still naked and bearing marks of sex, I left Merlin relaxing on the bed and went to dress. We’d just finished F*ck book, His dirty secrets, Fifty shades of grey and any other erotic book that that you can think of your mind. Merlin was curled on the bed like a pampered cat. She was beautiful, but compared to my dear wife, she wasn’t that pretty. Yes, I’m a cheating husband. Merlin was a dirty little secret. If you asked me why I was cheating, I would come up with many excuses, leisure time, too much sexual energy, boredom, Merlin was hot and seductive, and my wife was too busy to keep me satisfied. All these were suitable excuses. If you want my professional opinion, I’ll tell you it was inferiority complex. Being a psychiatrist didn’t necessarily mean that I had no flaws.


When I entered my house, a familiar feeling of melancholy gripped me. My beautiful million dollar apartment, barely looked lived in. After seven years of living here, every crystal vase and ornament was still as good as new. Except that they had lost some of their glamour. The walls, repainted two years ago on my wife’s demand, looked as flawless as always. No doodles, or scribbles, everything was boring, tidy and lifeless. During the first years of our marriage it was ok not to have kids, but when you’re in your late thirties you start to feel what’s missing in your life. You don’t know what hurts more, feeling imperfect or watching your youth fade away knowing you’re never going to get a kid of your own. As I entered the bedroom, I immediately saw the small lovely box on the dresser. Throughout our eight years of marriage, my wife had never forgotten our anniversary, and she was always the first to give her present. My lovely faithful wife. When we first got married she was eager to get pregnant, always counting the days before her period and whenever the period was late, she would jump with happiness thinking she was pregnant. Then when we found out about my sterility she said she didn’t care, that I would be her child in addition to being her husband. She said she saw the world in my blue eyes. She didn’t show how I failed her. How incomplete I turned out to be. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t that good, not every man could live happily knowing he owed someone else something as vital as kids. Even though Nora missed having kids, she never considered leaving me. She didn’t even expect gratitude from me. I rarely saw a man who showed gratitude to his wife, men are born arrogant and my wife was a wise woman who knew that.

She hugged me from behind, and I could imagine the lovely way she wrinkled her nose when smiling. “Bon anniversary, don’t be embarrassed, I know you haven’t remembered as usual.”

I kissed her palm. “Why do you have to be this good! The thought of letting you go gets harder every day.”

“I will never let you let me go.” She replied.

“I can’t make you a mother.”

She trailed kisses all over the back of my head.

“No matter what, you’re the best thing in my life; I would not let you go for the world.”


In my office I looked at the blond woman on the comfortable armed chair opposite me. She had a mannish look, with her too short hair, which was cut in a la garcon style and with the gray suit that showed almost no sign of her female body, for a moment I thought she was really a man. Even her voice lacked the softness you expect in a woman. Then I remembered she had introduced herself as a woman. She stared at the big surrealist image on the wall with its happy bright colors, and the five diplomas hanging on the other wall then she looked down to the soft red carpet. I switched on my recorder and encouraged her.

“Yes Sarah, please continue.”

She said with a voice that had a naturally harsh accent.

“Don’t call me Sarah please, call me Mrs. Mohten, I prefer it.” She was making sure I respect her mannish personality. Something about her facial features induced a kind of mannish pride.

“Ok, then please continue, Mrs. Mohten. “

She crossed her arms and said.

“This time I was walking in the woods, it was dark, the air felt thick and damp. The vision wasn’t that clear because of the mist. The ground felt wit and slippery. A sad foreign song was being sung in a soft feminine voice. I walked like a hypnotized person in the direction of the sound. I didn’t really want to go there but I still went as if a spell was cast over my legs and they were acting on their own volition. There was a girl sitting far on a rock, she was crying, her face was buried on her knees, her long black soft hair was flowing around her head and on her dress. When I came closer and touched her silky hair, she raised her head suddenly, and my eyes went wide with panic at the anger that I saw in her eyes and on her face. I don’t know how I knew her eyes were angry, in fact, there were no eyes there, just two empty holes. She was yelling with words I didn’t understand and she was folding her hands as if demanding something from me, but as her voice scared the hell out of me, I ran away from her.”

“Mrs. Mohten, you said you’ve dreamt of this girl before?”

“Many times, sometimes she looked ok. She even looked beautiful. She smelt like lemon, she had dimpled chin and pretty big brown eyes. She had a tiny scar on her forehead but it couldn’t mar her beauty at all. Other times she looked like a dead person, and the scar on her neck along with her dead eyes gave her a scary appearance. Sometimes she even looked different, different color of hair or different color of eyes, but she was still the same girl.”

“Can you remember the first time you dreamt of this girl?”

Deep in my heart I knew this woman was just trying to get some attention. I bet she didn’t have kids and her mannish look made her life miserable. Anyway, I should keep my prejudices in check, after all, I’m a professional psychiatrist, and this was not a date.

“I don’t know,” Said Sara “Maybe a year after my marriage but I think I saw her somewhere long before that. I think my problem is a kind of memory loss, something I should remember but I just don’t. I wish I could remember that girl, I have a feeling she’s important somehow. Can you find a way for me to recognize her?”

“I think this girl maybe representing something from your past, Mrs. Mohten, maybe a memory that was stimulated by something that happened lately to you, why don’t you tell me a little about your life?”

She tried to light a cigarette but I made a gesture by my hand to make her stop. I don’t like to let clients smoke in my office. She didn’t like it but she knew I had the authority there.

She thought for a moment but she didn’t hesitate before choosing her words. She knew what she wanted to say.

“Before now I had a good stable life, I’m a physician, a surgeon” She said, “My mother came to the States when I was young. We came from Germany. I’m thirty-five years old, I converted to Islam and married a handsome Muslim engineer three years ago. These days I’m down on my luck, there is a shiver in my right arm that has no medical explanation. Four of my patients died with no logical reason and complaints were lodged against me. I also had a miscarriage in my first year of marriage then I found out that I’m not capable of having kids of my own.”

She was married! God some men have crazy tastes, I’d rather be married to a man than to a mannish woman like that.

“And how did you take that?” I referred to her sterility.

For a moment she looked wounded by my question. Like she wanted to ask “What do you think I feel about it asshole. You think because I look like a man I wouldn’t care about being a mother? That I wouldn’t want to give life to someone before my youth fades?”

“Well, I’m disappointed; my husband thinks adoption is going to solve our problem. My mother in law makes me feel guilty. She has no clue about my problem and she keeps dreaming of grand kids. I do feel sorry for her, you know?.. she has lost three kids, the only son she has left is my husband who is the biological child of her dead husband. Of course, she wishes for grandchildren from Omar. She’s kind of pushy, she’s from India and this means a lot to her.”

“Maybe you care too much about your mother in law?”

“She’s a good woman, and she volunteered to take care of me when I was pregnant. I was in bed rest for a long time and she did all the housework and nursed me.”

“Well, ok, but still this thing is between you and your husband, you don’t owe her.”

“Whether or not I owe her or not, at some point, a person learns that they can’t fight fate.”

She examined me with her eyes for a second, I wondered if she thought I had a disease of some kind when she told me.

“You know this seat doesn’t go with the other furniture of your office.”

“Ok,” I answered sarcastically, “Is there something else I should know?”

“Yes, there’s a button missing from your shirt.”

Ok, now I’m feeling sorry for that unlucky husband of hers. I think this woman had an annoying need for control. She was one of those who think they could think for everybody around, but I was the one person who couldn’t tell her that luck was not the only person who didn’t like her. Of course there was a possibility of some obsessive compulsive disorder but it was still too early to judge the case.

“Look next session I’m going to hypnotize you and we’re going to try to see what is hidden in your subconscious.”

[[* *

Chapter two

I finished my glass of whiskey and caressed the bare back of Merlin, my queen of chemistry and beauty.

“You know you’ve never told me you love me!” Merlin wondered.

“Because I don’t,” I said honestly.

She laughed, not willing to believe the obvious truth.

“I told you I love you the first time we slept together but you never did. Even when I move to another man, I will still think about you, you’re the one man with whom I never get bored. Do you love your wife?”

“Maybe I just don’t believe in love.”

“But you do love your wife?”

I should just cut this silly conversation and move to something better. Why would I tell her that my wife is dear to my heart and she is dear to my body?

“Yes, kind of.”


Why? What a question! What makes a woman so special and incomparable in a man’s eyes is something beyond my understanding!

“Well, if I were the loving kind I wouldn’t be with you now, would I?”

That was enough to make her cut the silly talk and move to action.


Note, by Dr.Giley

In ten minutes I was going to meet Mrs. Mohten, I took a sip of the hot coffee Susan made and thought loudly “This woman doesn’t really need my help, I think she is just looking for some attention”

“I think you’re wrong. I think this woman has a gender problem and needs help. I think she’s a freak. If she’s here about this then you should encourage her to decide either to be a woman or a man” argued Susan, the seventeen year old girl who cared for the office and prepared my coffee. I found it amusing to hear Susan’s guesses and impressions about my clients.

I believe that half of my patients are pampered rich people who’re looking for a place where they can feel like stars, every word they say is taken into account in a place like my office, I think I deserve every penny I make for listening to their crap, this woman, Sara, thought she was down on her luck because she couldn’t have kids of her own with her understanding husband, well I couldn’t have kids of my own either but my lovely stubborn wife wouldn’t consider adoption, women! They are the worst enemies of themselves and their husbands.


Hypnosis session with Mrs. Mohten

“Now Mrs. Mohten try to relax and focus on the light.”

Sara tried to do as she was told, she adjusted her suit and looked relaxed on her seat. She looked a bit nervous, hypnosis was something that contradicted with her study and beliefs.

“Now Mrs. Mohten, imagine yourself in an elevator.” I said in a deep voice.

She looked at me.

“I don’t like elevators, they……………”

“that’s beside the point, now imagine yourself diving in an ocean, yes …yes deeper, there are lots of fishes of different colors and the water is really blue and pure, yes, you’re getting deeper ………….”

“Are you there now Mrs. Mohten ?”

“Yes.” Now her voice seemed relaxed.

“Now there’s a little girl waiting for you there can you see her?”


“She’s there concentrate.”

“Yes, yes, she’s there, she’s about fifteen years old.”

“Can you get closer to her? Don’t be scared just get closer.”

The girl was extending her arm, she was holding a small knife with something written on it, Sarah tried to hold out her arm to take what the girl was offering, and then she screamed.

“Oh..my God .”

“No… it’s all right what do you see?”

“There’s a deep wound on her neck, she’s …..”

She clenched her hand strongly and screamed. Her voice so deep as if the word was uttered by a god.


Suddenly something went wrong with the light. It got mad, the room went dark then bright, then dark and bright again, then the light became red then went back to normal. The beautiful face of the girl turned to pale blue, and the expression on her face became deadly. She was no longer a girl she turned into a beast, but only Sara saw her. I hate distraction when I’m working. I glimpsed some arrow of light crossing the room suddenly, as if someone threw a star that lighted through the dark for a second and dimmed when it reached the other side of the room.

It was no wonder the woman awoke. The trouble with the light interrupted and affected the session. I had never had delusive sights before but I was sure Mrs. Mohten hadn’t thrown a star to the other side of the room, right? When Sara left the office she finally paid attention to the pain in her palm. She opened her hand, the name Mohten was branded on it as if she held some hot iron with the name on it.

A few minutes later, Dr. Giley was leaving his office. Some metallic object in the corner of the room drew his attention, a rusty knife! He didn’t know where it had come from, could Susan have murdered someone and forgotten the knife here? No, that would be crazy to assume. Dr. Richard just put the knife into his pocket, turned off the light and left the office.


I changed the channel for the tenth time in fifty minutes, advertisements, animals, movies, and programs… boring, boring, boring. I knew Norah was doing something on the computer in the other room. It wasn’t always this way, we used to do other things, spend time together, go to the movies, celebrate our anniversary and invite friends, celebrate our birthdays and invite friends then celebrate our anniversary again. We used to travel on holidays, spend money to have fun, spend more money to have more fun. You think you’re happy till you see a friend with her newly born baby and then you know you have been lying to yourself, a family should have at least three members, not two. I try to concentrate on the T.V. This used to be a channel for advertisements, but at the moment it seemed to have changed to something else. What did we have here? A young man, a girl, a lake and a small gray house. We didn’t see the face of the young man, just the pretty girl, with her big brown eyes, and blue jeans jacket.

“Thanks for bringing me here, you know I really love this place.”

“This is the least I could do to make things better.” The man said.

“Make what better?”

Suddenly a sharp knife slaughtered her throat!


And the screen’s color turned to red for a split second and then the toothpaste ad was back on.


Notes by Dr. Giley

I leaned my back against the wall and stood on one leg in Susan’s office which adjoined mine. In my hand there was a sandwich and I watched Susan withdrawing another sandwich from her bag and take a bite.

“After lunch you’ll receive Mr. Douglas and his wife. This is their second session, have you put them in your Can’t be treated list yet?”

“You think they can’t be treated, don’t you think you’re being a bit tough?” I asked, amused.

“I bet they’re seeking a marriage counselor to sort out their problems?”

That was the truth but I didn’t tell her.

“What if they did? Why do you think they can’t?”

“This woman only wants control. She only wants her husband to act as she wants. God some men are so poor. They get trapped by unbearable woman just because her hips and boobs pleasure to their eyes.”

“You keep having fun by judging my clients. What about me? What do you think of me? Or haven’t you formed an opinion about me?”

She took another bite of her sandwich.

“Of course I have an opinion about you. But it will be unprofessional to tell you. I don’t want to get fired.”

“What? Why? What…?”

“Got to go to the bathroom”

She stood suddenly taking the other sandwich with her and escaped to the.


Thanks for reading the sampler of The girl in the Dream, The full story can be read here.





The girl in the Dream esampler

Dr. Sara Mohten was really down on her luck. Some of her patients died mysteriously on the surgical table and complaints were pressed against her. She had some health problems with no real medical explanations. She had dreams and woke up to find objects she saw in them beside her on the bed, a strand of hair, blood, dust or even rusty knives. Sara sought the help of Dr. Richard Giley, a psychiatrist, but how would a psychiatrist help a woman possessed? Ghosts and spirits are unreal products of the imagination, but Rani is a spirit who has sworn to make everyone acknowledge her existence. And she won't stop till everyone is forced to submit to her will and bow to her power.

  • Author: Julia
  • Published: 2016-10-22 00:50:19
  • Words: 3827
The girl in the Dream esampler The girl in the Dream esampler