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The Gang of Five! (Part 1)


A book from tadpohl.com

I hope you had as much fun reading this book as

I had making it. Apologies for the ‘cliffhanger’ – but the

second half hasn’t been completed yet :-)

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The Gang of Five! (Part 1)

In this picture book for daredevils the ages of four and up, five impish fleas embark on a final mission to Deepest, Darkest Africa. Is this an adventure for the type of fleas who tremble in the face of danger? Oh no. This is an adventure for The Gang of Five! Purveyors of mischief as you've never seen, the Undisputed Masters Of Itch were on one final defining mission . . . and nobody was safe! This is the first book by Brad Pohl, raised in the very Northernmost part of Zimbabwe overlooking the Zambezi Valley. He affectionately populates his quirky picture books with scenery he has been bitten in, and creatures he has been bitten by - and then he likes to name some of them after his nieces and nephews.

  • Author: tadpohl
  • Published: 2015-10-21 07:20:27
  • Words: 237
The Gang of Five! (Part 1) The Gang of Five! (Part 1)