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The forest kiss (sneak peek)


The forest kiss (sneak peek)




Copyright 2013 Dalia Diaa

Published by Dalia Diaa at Shakespir



This book may contain sexual scenes


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Table of Contents


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Did I ever really care? I don’t think so, you may ask me about what but I won’t tell you, do you know why?…..because I’m a liar, I lied to myself and to you because I cared….I cared a lot, so bring it because honestly I’m getting my happy ending even if it’s full of howling.


Chapter One

“ SONIA! Come back here!" My mother called after me as I ran into the woods. How does she except me to stay at home and continue the family dinner when it literally lasted more than three hours?!. One hour is my limit especially since Greg is there, he doesn't leave me alone and seems to think that I should fall in love with him and be grateful ___I mean really ___ he is a rude ass.

Now as I walk surrounded by trees I can finally be at ease, I always liked the forest. Then I hear a voice, I stop and listen for a moment and I hear it again it sounds like scratching and whimpers of an animal so I search for it’s source. I wonder around following the voice which is growing louder the more I close the distance until I come across a big black wolf with amber eyes and I’m frozen in fear, it’s way bigger than a normal wolf. Just leave slowly I tell myself but then it whimpers and looks at me, studying me and I notice intelligence and pain in it’s gaze. Never one to like being left out I study it right back and my heart sinks at the sight before me, the wolf is hurt bad it looks like he got trapped by some hunter. It’s none of my business it’s big and dangerous I tell myself yet I find myself approaching the wolf slowly with it’s eyes never leaving me and carefully help it get free. The wolf now free looked at me for a long time and I find myself captivated by it’s amber eyes, it comes closer and I force myself not to move while it sniffs me and the wolf licked my hand and left, I stand there staring into space then giving myself a shake I head back home.



Chapter Two

“Sonia go get another plate.” mom says as I set the table for the two of us

“why?” I asked, it’s not usual for us to have a guest on Sunday mornings, “ who is coming?.”

“Mr. Beaver.”

“who ?.” I ask, the name not ringing any bells

She looks at me for a heartbeat then answers “…you will be living with him for a while.”

WHAT? why?.” shocked I stare at her,

She takes my hand “because I need to fly to India for my sick sister, and since I’m not your real mother and can’t officially adopt you must go stay with him.”

“…bu..who is he?.”

“he is a good man and will take care of you. my sister’s husband recommended him and they are dear friends.”

“…okay, I understand and will miss you.” She pulls me for a long hug and kiss the top of my head,” you know I love you like my own daughter right?.”

“of course I do.” She took me in when I was seventeen and had nowhere to go, having lost my real mother when I was five I was given to the system and there……no don’t go there, I shake myself out of my memories.


“huh? What did you say?.” She looked worriedly at me then said “go open the door he is here.”

I go and open the door to meet the most beautiful amber eyes I have ever seen, and I notice sunrise and another emotion that I can’t recognize, but I don’t notice anything else as I gaze at those familiar eyes. he clears his throat and I start noticing. I find him studying me and seeming to like what he saw. he has long silky black hair, even deeper than mine, he is strong with broad shoulders and a body to die for. When I find my eyes wandering towards what is between his legs I tear my eyes away to his blushing and find his own on mine, a smile on his face, and a look of lust that can melt.

“hello,” his voice is deep and I think I had an orgasm just hearing it “I’m Lucas Beaver.”

“l…I’m Sonivare..but call me Sonia Mr. Beaver.” I say and a strange look cross his eyes for a second before he comes closer and lean to my ear to growl softly “Lucas”


“Lucas, you only call me Lucas.” he says and I can only node as my mother comes to greet him “oh Mr. Beaver! what a pleasure to meet you!.” He looks at me before saying “ believe me, the pleasure is all mine.”

Chapter Three

“Bye mom…I’ll miss you.”

“*sniffs * I miss you already baby girl,” “it’s not forever and we’ll call each other.”

having said our goodbyes I get into Lucas’s car and tell myself not to cry .

Lucas gets behind the wheel, now we are on our way and Lucas puts his hand on my knee in comfort, I’m soothed by that and let my mind wonder towards the black wolf, I wonder if I’ll ever see it again….wait a minute! now I remember why Lucas's eyes felt so familiar! It's the same color of the wolf's just slightly different how odd...unless I add his appearance, the way he growled softly and of course the tingle I felt when I first saw him. I didn't even acknowledge it to myself then. now the rules don't apply anymore. He is a werewolf, a wolf shifter not the first I had seen ether but now that I'm free it can be fun and easy, the only problem is how to tell him that I know...after all normal humans wouldn’t know.

“what are you thinking?.” Lucas asked, startled I look at him and see his gaze focused on the road.

“nothing.” I murmur my reply, suddenly, he stops the car and turn in his seat to me, he grabs me behind my neck and pulls me close to his faceas in really closeand with a growl he kiss me hard and deep, his mouth crashing into mine, forcing it open and invading my mouth with his tongue dancing around mine. the hard thrusts of his tongue like fucking makes me quiver and I’m in desperate need of his dick.

pulling away with heated eyes he murmurs against my lips “don’t ever lie to me understand?.” I nod still trying to get my brain to work again. “ what were you thinking about?” he asks again looking at me seriously. unable to lie and not being a big fan of lies ether I say the next best thing “none of your business.”, staring at me for a heartbeat licking his lips he chuckles to himself, turning around again he says “fair enough.” and we’re again on our way.


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The forest kiss (sneak peek)

Did I ever really care? I don't think so, you may ask me about what but I won't tell you, do you know why?.....because I'm a liar, I lied to myself and to you because I cared....I cared a lot, so bring it because honestly I'm getting my happy ending even if it's full of howling. and so our herione sonivare (sonia) says, but it is easier said than done. especially when you have lived the kind of life she lived. but let us not forget lucas, our hero the alpha big bad wolf of his back, join me in this sneak peek, comment to give your opinion. when the full book is available....well let me just say that you will not be disappointed or dissatisfied.

  • ISBN: 9781370101030
  • Author: Dalia.D Diaa
  • Published: 2017-03-08 15:20:11
  • Words: 1384
The forest kiss (sneak peek) The forest kiss (sneak peek)