The Final Eye: The Greed Runs Pure Part 1

The Final Eye:

The Greed Runs Pure

Part 1


Marc Corn

Chapter 1: The Background

I THINK IT’S SAFE to say that we all make mistakes; it is human nature, if we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t learn, and without that we would be screwed. Making those mistakes will make you are; some people learn from them and never make them again, while others continue to make the same senseless mistakes and wonder why life seems terrible.

When it comes to life events, I never get it right, whether it is something simple or something complex like a relationship, it is clear that I screw up big time, but in this case I never screwed up.

I have just come out of a long term relationship with someone which lasted for around ten months, it was going fantastically well for months; we were happy together, everything in essence was okay, nothing seemed bad, and not even four weeks before the breakup.

Love is blind as they say, it takes over the mental faculties or any person, screwing with the minds file system and senses, and making you see things through rose tinted glasses. And, if you don’t agree with this, well, it just makes you stupid. But, even with that in mind, you won’t really know until you get taken for a ride by a low son of a bitch!

The bitterness I have against this person runs deep, it’s funny, you can love someone unconditionally for a long time, and in an instant that is washed away by their own stupid mind games, and greedy actions.

I am currently going through the usual thoughts; was it my fault? Could have I have done things better? These thoughts are stupid, considering, they were caught cheating, and even to this day they are denying everything. But, they are completely stupid and misguided, everything was seen on social networks online, and they still deny this even with proof. But, the egg is on their face, everything has been seen and kept by thousands of people, and they even agree that this person is a lying son of a bitch.

Let’s put some context with this. The person I was in a relationship with was someone who I had known for over ten years or more, and I even went to school with them. After they moved, I spent several years trying to find them again, several years wasted on someone who just uses people for money, and even after our breakup they are using their best friend for money too. This isn’t just me saying it, I have the texts to prove it.

Talking about their best friend, a few months ago they had an apparent bust up, and the reason I say apparent is because I was given clear evidence in the form of a print screen between her and a friend that outlined how the “stunt” would go to get a games console out of me. Which, yes, they did get the games console, but this would later backfire, and I would obtain the item again.

The ex and their best friend engineered it all together, it was a very skilled plan and I must give them a lot credit for trying because they hid their clues very well, but they still left clues out in the open for anyone to see, and this is what led to me to investigate further. Uncovering this evidence and truth wasn’t easy, I had many sleepless nights just searching and looking at a screen all night long. In a nutshell, the ex got their best friend to start some trouble over some nude photos which involved an ex partner, and that led to the ex staying at mine for two weeks. When I asked for proof, it seemed like the exes defences started to go up, and it seemed like they had something to hide. At this point the alarm bells started to ring.

Investigations had to start, there was no question in my mind that something was going on, everything was starting to sound very fishy, and I couldn’t just sit there and let it happen. There were white lies and false promises. Friends of theirs were conspiring against them both, it wasn’t by a tiny amount either, I was given print screens in the masses, and they were clearly showing them laughing about their plan.

Chapter 2: Starting to Get Nasty

I WOULDN’T SAY THAT it’s been bad all of the time, well, not for the first few months anyway. We would spend loads of time together, in which, were mostly good times, there wasn’t a bad time that I could recall.

There were many times we spent together just listening to music and singing, it would last for hours. While we both did different things within the same room, I would be on my laptop and they would be on their tablet device, and as every song came on we would sing along together.

I and my family members would travel miles to get them from their home and bring them back to mine, this wasn’t an issue for us, it was actually the opposite, we loved it because it gave us time together as a family, and in essence this made us a closer unit. We spent hours on the road, each trip would start from 9am in the morning and we wouldn’t get back until 7pm, and each time it would cost me around £120 per day; it soon adds up if you are doing it every couple of weeks.

At first I was hesitant about doing these trips, mainly because it meant I had to deal with my agoraphobia, and I had to somehow push it all behind me and get into a car without having a severe panic attack.

Before doing these journeys I was stuck in the house for months, isolated from the world, being a prisoner in my own body, and this would cause me to miss many family moments because this disorder had complete control of me. There were many times where I would cry myself to sleep, not really knowing how to deal with the disorder, and not knowing what the future held because I was at the mercy of the disorder.

The ex partner who I mention within this book didn’t really understand my condition, they always told me to grow up, and no matter what the doctors said they still wouldn’t agree. Most of the time I was branded as lazy and a fat bastard. These are things you shouldn’t hear from a partner, and maybe this should have been the warning signs.

I did everything I could for this ex partner, even on my worst day I would running around for them, and all I got in return was insults. I don’t know what I was doing so wrong to get this kind of abuse, seems stupid to me if I’m honest, and even to this day I still can’t work it out.

They even became very nasty towards young family members, which started to boil my blood and make me angry; they had no right to be like this towards them. I must admit that this didn’t happen overnight, but needless to say it annoyed me, and to me this was bang out of order. Who did they think they were? I can fully declare that they were up their own backside, and that’s putting it lightly.

But, with this said, something weird would happen now, one minute they would be nasty towards me, while the next minute they would be very nice, and this would happen continually; it was a vicious circle. The only time the vicious circle would stop for while was when I bought them stuff or when I help them financially.

Even though it really annoyed me, I believed they loved me, so it didn’t matter what they did because I believed and had trust in them, but damn, wasn’t I wrong.

Chapter 3: Games Console Theft

MY EX ASKED ME one day about getting a games console, it was a great idea, but we both already owned a console each, and the one they mentioned was already one I owned. I didn’t see the point in buying another one. The ex wasn’t happy about this by a long shot, they got annoyed at me, and in the end they became very petty about it. Now, you’d think that they would be level headed about this, but no, I was deemed a bad partner, which was far from the truth. In the end they guilt tripped me into buying the games console.

Here is the scam part in all of this. They even made me trade in my games console, which was the same console they were asking me to buy, but it was limited edition Batman.

I agreed to buy it, but I stipulated many times that it would be staying at mine and that it was a joint purchase, which they agreed to and I thought nothing more of it.

On the day it was purchased the ex was very excited, while I was annoyed because they were making me trade my games console in and spend out £184 on a credit that was already half maxed out. They only had their happiness in mind, and they didn’t give mine a second thought. And, again, this set off alarm bells.

When night time fell upon us I decided to ring my best friend Fred to see how he was. The call was going great until he asked about the games console. His first and only question was: where will the games console be staying? The ex piped up and said it’s coming with me. I instantly snapped back and said no it’s staying here with me. And, without taking a breath, I slammed my laptop screen shut and made it clear that it wasn’t going anywhere.

It was at this point that the ex decided to threaten me, which was a bad move, and something they would later regret because it backfired on them at a later date.

After a big heated argument, I came to an agreement to allow the ex to borrow the games console, but, again, I stipulated that they were only borrowing it and I would want it back at a later date.

I can safely say this led me to believe that they didn’t love me; all they loved was the thought of me. In hindsight, I don’t think they loved from the beginning, with evidence in mind it’s clear that they didn’t. Call me paranoid, but their version of events didn’t add up.

Once they had the games console in their possession, they started calling it their console, and I would constantly

The End

Keep a look out for the other parts to this story; you’ll see that it became a battle of mental abuse, and pure lies. I even debated killing myself at a later date, and how I was still in love with an ex partner the whole way through this time. Desperately knowing the truth in my head, but due to the mental abuse, I reframed from allowing myself to accept the truth. These mistakes stopped me from having a life for over 10 months; please don’t follow the same mistakes I did.

Lastly, these eBooks are to uncover truth, and to stop the mountain of lies the ex is telling people. People forget that I remember all, and to back up my facts I keep a hard copy of texts using snipe technology for mobile phones on my home network. This is how ultimately I found out about all the lies. So, in essence, my own programming had helped me prevent any further money loss, it’s crazy when you think about it, but in this world you have to be ten steps ahead.

The Final Eye: The Greed Runs Pure Part 1

  • ISBN: 9781311161406
  • Author: Marc
  • Published: 2015-12-02 13:40:07
  • Words: 1992
The Final Eye: The Greed Runs Pure Part 1 The Final Eye: The Greed Runs Pure Part 1