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The Fictional Worlds of a Chaotic Mind

The Fictional Worlds of a

Chaotic Mind

Copyright 2017 Kimberly R. Cooper

Published by Kimberly R. Cooper at Shakespir



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The Sapphire Gene

Krystal Bridges: City of Taboo

Espy Hunters


About the Author




I like to that my family and friends for all the support throughout the years. There definitely have been some rough patches but you helped pull me through all of it with words of wisdom and support. To my son, you are a gift from the heavens. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been lost in the world but you helped me find my way again. I found my drive and determination on the day you were born. Every accomplishment that I achieve will always be dedicated to you.

To my brother Rah Rah who is no longer with us, I thank you for your bright spirit and contagious laughter. I know you are watching over us with our grandmother and I’m blessed because of it. I miss you and love you both dearly. You are always in my heart.

Most of all, I would like to thank the readers out there for giving me the opportunity to share my work. My imagination is filled with creativity and being able to share it with the world is a dream come true. Remember…Always Sparkle Like The Star That You Are.


The Sapphire Gene


Aly Crystal sat in the driver seat of her car and watched the rain collide against the window shield in large drops. In the upper right corner of the window showed a timer, illuminated in neon green, counting down the seconds of when the rain would stop. Once again the “Perfect Weather Eagles” had come up with software to predict exactly when the rain would stop.

She moved her seat back a bit more as the last second ticked away and the storm stopped. Aly was impressed but sighed. She actually liked the rain because it seemed to wash everything away for a new start. It was an act that Aly wished she could relate to.

“Video messages,” Aly said. “Show last message from Nook.”

The window screen changed in an instant and loaded the video of her partner Nook. He was sitting in his car and she knew that it was on auto driver because his arms were crossed. “Hey sidekick,” Nook’s voice echoed through the speakers. “Now I know that you’re gonna be pretty pissed and probably fry my brains later, but I’m heading to Old Brooklyn. Got a really good lead and I have to follow it. Don’t worry so much and I’ll see you in the a.m.”

As the message ended, Aly saw the date that it was made. The video was created yesterday and Nook never showed up to meet her. She knew her partner was seriously lacking in the street smarts department but ditching a meeting with her was something he never did.

The window lit up again showing an incoming phone video call. Aly read the screen. It showed the call was from the Special Force Team office and didn’t have to guess who was calling.

“S.P.T Crystal,” Captain Vance said. “Where is your location?”

Aly pulled her seat upright again. “Old Brooklyn. Nook is M.I.A and this was the last place he said he would be.”

Captain Vance tapped his fingers on the desk. “You missed the weekly evaluation,” he said. “I don’t think you understand the importance of these.”

Aly rolled her eyes. “Oh I know. I am part of the sapphire generation; the antidote renewed a child born to die by fate. Made by the Saturn’s rings, this unique gift made us what we are and needs to be observed at all times.”

“Good,” Captain Vance said. “So we both know that you especially need to be punctual to these appointments?”

She ignored the question. “I haven’t heard from Nook all day. He left a message saying something about a lead.”

“Yes…yes,” Vance interrupted. “He mentioned something yesterday morning. Claimed it was information about the Sapphire children that may help understand what the Cat’s Eye gang is up to.”

“So why haven’t I heard about this sooner?”

Vance shook his head. “Because we have no time for silly little hints or clues that Nook gets from the streets. We have more important matters.”

Aly could feel the charge igniting inside her but chose to ignore it. “It is those little bits of information that Nook has that has gotten us this far!”

The lights in the vehicle began to flicker wildly. As the window screen shut off then back up, Aly didn’t notice that her eyes had changed. She gazed at the rear view mirror and saw the six-rayed star shape in her blue eyes.

“Calm down, Aly,” Captain Vance said slowly. He leaned backwards in his chair. “This is what happens when you skip your session.”

“Screw you,” Aly hissed as she turned her gaze to him. “I answer to the Head Ops, not you. They give you instructions just like everyone else. A puppet on a string.”

Vance took a minute to compose himself. The light in the car was constant again and the screen refocused. “Take it down a notch. We don’t want to call Head Ops because of a misunderstanding.”

Aly giggled and closed her eyes. “Trust me Captain, this is taking down a notch.” She opened her eyes and glanced at the mirror. They were normal blue again. “I’m going to go find my partner. That is all that needs to be said.” She hung up the call.


The streets seemed glazed with pearls as Aly drove further into Old Brooklyn. She really did hope for more rain but the forecast doubted the possibility by 92 percent. It wasn’t until she reached the abandon warehouse that Aly realized how far she had drove.

Nook had once said that the Cat’s Eye gang put some interest in the building a few months ago. It was a slim lead but Aly had to try it out. Wooden planks blocked the entrance up and even though she knew she could remove them easily, she didn’t want to make a scene yet. Aly got out of the car and headed for a backdoor. She noticed a side ladder and made a choice to climb a few floors then crawl in a window.

The floors were quiet as she made her way up the staircase. She continued to focus, keeping her ears open to any slight abnormal sound but nothing was there. It wasn’t until she reached the second to last floor that she could hear voices. Aly pushed herself as close to the wall as possible and side stepped to the corner. She could tell that there was about ten guys there, all with the sapphire gene.

Aly pulled out her metal fighting sticks, closed her eyes, and concentrated. It was a trigger that could always activate her gift. The sticks suddenly glowed with electricity; the one thing that could paralyze her sapphire generation enough to stop them. Once her eyes changed, she rushed around the corner.

She took out the first guy with ease by hitting him in the calf muscles. He fell shaking violently. Aly did a spin and knocked the next guy in his neck. This finally caught the rest of the Cat’s Eye gang’s attention and they rushed her. One guy climbed up the wall like a spider and charged. Aly didn’t pay much attention to him because she had to dispatch a few others before him. She always fought hard and probably enjoyed it more than she should but it was part of her job.

When the final guy jumped off the ceiling and surprised her by landing on her back, it caused her to drop one of her sticks. It only took a second for Aly to throw him off and pin him on the ground with one knee. She placed her hand around his neck and the wall climber was electrocuted.

Aly didn’t want to waste anymore time. She hit the stairs up to the last floor and kicked it down. That was when she noticed Nook hanging in the center of the room. His hands were tied and his head was down. Aly started to walk toward him when she was stopped by clapping.

“Nicely done,” Lamar said as he came into view. “Pretty sure kicking the door destroyed your sneaky entrance up the side ladder.” He stood in front of Nook. “Guess who finally showed up to save her partner.”

“Let him go,” Aly demanded.

Lamar shook his finger at her. “Don’t be rude.” He turned his finger to Nook and slid it across his chest. Nook screamed. “As you can see, words can hurt sometimes.”

“Stop it!” Aly yelled but didn’t want to approach him in fear that Lamar would do something worse. His ability to cut things with his mind without having an object was almost as unique as hers. “What do you want?”

“To meet you of course,” Lamar replied with a smile. “The great Aly Crystal, a pet of the Head Ops. Or what we like to call them, H.O.S.” He laughed at his joke. “I love playing with words. Keeps me feeling human.”

Aly twisted the two sticks together and made a metal pole. “Well I hope you get all of your jokes out now because you will be knocked out in a moment.”

“The only way you’re gonna take me, Aly, is if I’m dead.” He started to make his way toward her. “See, the only reason your Head Ops want me so bad is because I know the truth about us.”

She rolled her eyes. “I don’t have time to listen to….”

“You will listen to me!” Lamar screamed out. He seemed to shake crazily then managed to calm. “What your Head Ops keep you blind to is the fact that the miracle antidote they gave us is laced with alien dna.”

“What are you talking about?” Aly questioned. She tried to focus on him while sneaking glimpses of Nook who seemed to be coming around.

“You see, the watery ice and rocky substance from the rings of Saturn have collided with many things. This includes aliens but here is the kicker,” Lamar said then stepped a little closer. “They knew exactly what they were doing the whole time and didn’t care about the affects.” He put his hand on his head. “I can hear them talking and they will be coming soon to take this world.”

“So they are trying to hide their mistake and keep a lookout on us?” Aly asked.

Lamar looked happy that she understood. “We are supposed to be weapons but they didn’t expect that the aliens have the exact same plan to use us as well.” He pointed at her again. “And you, Ms. Aly Crystal, will be the secret weapon.”

The sudden glass shattering took everyone by surprise. Bullets flew inside and hit Lamar. He fell to his knees in pain. Aly took the chance to throw her metal rod upwards and cut Nooks restraints. Nook landed on the floor hard but was alert enough to undo the ropes. Lamar screamed so loudly that it shook the entire building, then collapsed dead.

“He was right!” Nook shouted to Aly. “They didn’t care about saving the generation, just a way to create an army because of a mistake they made.”

Aly ran over to Nook to pick him up. She looked out the window but couldn’t tell if anyone was out there. “Who was the shooter?”

“I’m guessing it was other member of the special force team,” Nook replied. “Which means that they know Lamar told us and can’t afford the truth to be out there.”

“Let’s go,” Aly said as she picked up her rod. She looked outside again as the sound of thunder. “We need to get out of Old Brooklyn before they circle back and regroup.”

Nook smiled. “I heard you kicking some butt downstairs. Did you scrambled eggs with the Cat’s Eye punks?”

Aly smiled. It was a thing she never did with anyone else but her partner. The only one who could make her still feel human. “You know how we roll.”

“Where will we go?” Nook asked. “What will we do?”

Before she could answer, the pounding of rain filled the area. Aly smiled even wider. “We will be finding the truth and go wherever that truth is.”

Nook agreed by nodding his head then looked out the window. “I thought they said that there wasn’t going to be anymore rain.”

“Nothing is always certain, Nook,” Aly replied. “We get to start out fresh, just like the rain.”



Krystal Bridges: City of Taboo


Dominic woke up. He felt the hard concrete of the street on his back and realized he was outside. The streetlights were almost at the brightest and made him squint a little. He slowly got to his feet and looked around.

“Nice threads,” a voice from behind him said. “Never seen that style of clothes before.”

Dominic turned to see a guy standing there with a lit cigar in his mouth. He was wearing the strangest tan, white, and red plaid jacket with black slacks. The whole outfit was complemented by a small red bow tie. It was far more flamboyant than what Dominic was wearing.

“Where am I?” Dominic asked. He noticed the sign that shined blue on the front of the red-bricked building. It read INFINITY. He was in Krystal Bridges, the comic book series that he invented. “So I’m not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

The guy blew out a thick cloud of smoke that made Dominic choke. “Who is Toto?”

“A dog who will probably out live you,” Dominic said. “Cancer free.”



The guy cackled like a sick hyena then placed the cigar back in his mouth. “I have a great seamstress if you need a few pointers on how to fit in,” he said.

“No thanks,” Dominic replied. “But if I ever want to look like a serial killing puppet, then I’ll let you know.”

“Touchy aren’t ya?” The guy asked but didn’t wait for an answer. He walked past him and into the club.

“Okay so I must of entered the Twilight Zone,” Dominic said. He made his way to the front door and entered.

When the lights slowly dimmed in the joint, Dominic nearly jumped out of his skin. He composed himself as the lights on the stage came on drawing everyone attention to the band. The announcer who was dressed in a white suit approached the center microphone. Dominic recognized him as Smooth Eddy.

“That’s right folks,” Smooth Eddy continued. “Infinity, give a hand for our very own Addison Lee.”

The entire building erupted in applause. Addison was beautiful. As she made her way to center stage, Dominic noticed her clothes. She was wearing a black silky dress with elegant flower patterns, the kind that Japanese women wore back in day with the v-slit on top showing off the crease line of her breast.

“I drew her a nice rack”, he said out loud by mistake. The couple sitting at the table made a disgusted snorting noise at his remark. Dominic needed an excuse. “I’ve got a condition where I say random crap to piss people off. Enjoy the show.”

He watched quietly just like the rest of the crowd as the band began to play but Addison wasn’t singing. Her golden eyes traced the room then locked on his. A mix of emotions appeared on her face. Dominic could see the shock and confusion in her eyes like she had seen a ghost. It only took a moment then her eyes went over his head and towards the front door. He turned his head to see what she was looking at and noticed the group of familiar guys standing in the entranceway. Then he saw Floyd.

Dominic felt a sense of amusement at the fact that he could tell that Floyd was wearing a comb over from where he stood. He even made a mental note to maybe give Floyd a better toupee. He was the leader of the underground thug unit that caused hell in the city.

The group began to split off into pairs around the club. Except for Floyd. His eyes went directly towards the stage and he gave an uncanny smile. Dominic turned back to face the stage as well only to see a flush of fear on Addison’s face.

Save her, a voice went off inside his head. You can’t let her die.

As the crowd gasped, Dominic rushed the stage and grabbed Addison’s arm. “Come with me,” he said quickly.

The two found their way to the stairs and headed upwards. Dominic never really envisioned the small things like the backstage. It was never a place he created scenes for in the comic book. But he was surprised to see all the small details like the orange rust on the metal stairs or the way it squeaked as they ran.

Dominic pushed open the door to the roof and made his way to the center before coming to an abrupt halt. He stumbled over his own feet before getting his balance again then turned to see an unwilling Addison watching him.

“Who are you?” Addison questioned. She yanked her arm away from him then slowly backed away a few steps.

“I don’t have time to explain, Addie,” Dominic replied back. “We need to get out of here.” He reached for her arm again but she rejected him.

“I’m not going anywhere with you until you answer me,” Addison insisted. “And how do you know my nickname?”

“Because I’m the one who gave it to…,” Dominic stopped. He couldn’t tell her the truth. He decided on another route. “Look, my name is Dominic but everyone calls me Niko.”

Addison didn’t take her eyes off of him. “What kind of name is Niko? Sounds like a pet fish.”

Dominic shook his head. “It is just a nickname. But I will explain more if you would just tell me where your car is so we can get out of here.”

“I don’t need your help, Niko,” Addison said. “If the underground thug unit wants to kill me then let them.”

Dominic had to think quickly. “Tommy wouldn’t want you dead. But if you want to be all gun ho about getting killed then go ahead.”

Addison’s eyes looked downward at her feet. “You sound like him.”

When the door swung open, Dominic rushed over to a stack of rusted pipes and grabbed one. He then ran back to stand in front of Addison. “Don’t leave my side,” he said as he watched Floyd and two other thugs come through.

“You know how to fight?” Addison asked.

Dominic shrugged. “I’ve seen a few Jackie Chan movies.”

Addison looked confused. “Who is Jackie Chan?”

The three underground thugs charged at them and Dominic swung the pipe at the first one to reach them. It connected to the guy’s arm and he flew to the ground in pain. He continued to swing the pipe like a baseball bat. Floyd dodged the attack but the third got a shot in the gut and fell to the ground.

There wasn’t enough time to turn around because Floyd had knocked the pipe out of Dominic’s hands. “You messed with the wrong group, stranger,” Floyd said. He threw a punch but missed.

“I’m not afraid of a guy who has a dead squirrel for a toupee,” Dominic commented. Floyd rushed him. He speared him to the floor and the two wrestled around on the ground. Dominic finally stood up but Floyd managed a headlock and began to squeeze. It wasn’t long before Dominic couldn’t get any air into his lungs and he reached at his arms to get free. He couldn’t move.

“The door will remain open,” Floyd whispered in Dominic’s ear. “As long as Scotty wants it.”

“How do you know Scotty?” Dominic managed to say but Floyd didn’t answer.

There was suddenly a loud thud and the hold on Dominic’s neck was released. He turned his body around as he started to gasp for air then he saw Addison standing above him with a pipe in her hand.

“I figured you need help,” she said.

Dominic slowly got his composure back. “I had it under control,” he replied back.

“You were losing.”

“It’s called strategy,” Dominic said as he pulled the weapon away from her grasp. He looked around at the thugs that were knocked out and knew that they only had a few minutes. “Can we get down from the roof?”

It didn’t take long for him to spot Addison white Cadillac from the rest of the parked cars. Dominic popped open the gas cover and grabbed the spare keys he remembered he added in the comic book series during a car chase. “Get in,” he told Addison as he unlocked the doors and jumped into the driver’s side.

The two sat quietly for a moment. They watched a streetlight flicker on and off before completely going out for good. Dominic finally turned to look at her. The black eyeliner had smeared leaving streaks down her chin from where she was crying.

“You look kinda sexy right now,” Dominic joked.

Addison made a huffing noise. “So you’re a pig, not a fish.”

Dominic smiled but it faded quickly. “No, just a guy stuck in a world he never thought he could visit.” He watched the confusing on Addison’s face then shook his head. “I need to find Scotty.”

He turned the key in the ignition and drove off down the streets of Krystal Bridges.


Espy Hunters


“I can’t stay long,” Kendal said. “My parents are getting suspicious of my where a bouts at night.”

They met up at the usual spot. Several large trees covered the empty lot, and the grandest Willow tree allowed its branches to hang low. It was just enough to camouflage anything near its stump and Kendal knew that it was just a block from Randy’s house.

Randy smiled and gently pulled a small section of curly black hair from her face. “Can’t your sister cover for you?”

“Kelsey is more concerned about how to sneak guys in and out of the house,” Kendal replied. “She has no time to meddle in my affairs.”

Randy reached over and rubbed her hand down the bark of the tree. “I’m curious to know if your brother found the killers yet?”

Kendal hesitated for a moment before answering. He knew the risk for getting her involved but didn’t want to lie to her anymore. “Kingsley believes that they are Shifters; ones cursed into changing into different four-legged animals.”

Randy studied his face before asking another question. “Does that mean that our town isn’t safe anymore?”

Kendal shook his head. “Don’t worry. This is what my Espy Hunter family was born to do.”

“Then once it’s done, you will leave and never come back?”

Kendal couldn’t answer. There were several options going through his head and none of them made any sense yet. So instead of speaking, he looked up and took a deep breath in. He could smell the rain coming.

“I wanted to show you this,” Randy said and pushed her hand in her pocket. She pulled out a small silver ring. The symbol on top had two sides, one black and one white. “You’re familiar with the yin yang emblem right?”

Kendal nodded. “Where did you get it?”

Randy placed the ring on her finger. “I bought it from this antique store near the school. The owner told me that it had powers. Stated that yin yang means two complete opposites who can become one and the ring would glow if you find your pairing.”

Kendal laughed. “So you believe that?”

Randy watched the ring for a while then sighed. She looked up at the tree branches and saw the dark rain clouds through the openings. “After what you told me about your family and the other world, I figured that anything is possible.”

“I’m pretty sure that anything that came from an antique store was made from China,” Kendal said. He walked closer to her and brushed his thumb over her cheek.

A few raindrops managed to get through the leaves and fell on Randy’s face but she didn’t move. “I always had a feeling about the supernatural. That all the myths and fairytales had some truth to them.” She pulled her glace away from the tree and focused on Kendal’s golden brown eyes. “Thank you for trusting me with your secrets.”

Kendal leaned inward and kissed her lips. They were sweet like always, watermelon lip-gloss. He gazed into her brown eyes and smiled. “I really have to go.”

Randy laughed. “Charming and mysterious as usual.”

He turned to walk toward his car but stopped when he noticed a guy standing by a nearby street light. The man was too far to notice anything unusual about him other than he was tall and slender. Kendal squinted as the rain began to come down harder and into his eyes. He rubbed them and looked back at the man but he had already made his way further down the street. There was an instant where Kendal thought about following the guy but was halted by Randy’s voice.

“Is everything okay?”

Kendal turned to her and winked. “You better get home.”


“Mom is going to strangle you the next time you sneak out,” Kelsey fussed as she slammed his bedroom door behind her. She plopped herself into the chair near the bed with a bowl of cherries in her hands. “She already suggesting to dad different ways to lock the house up at night.”

Kendal rolled his eyes. “Stop pretending you care. I know the only reason you’re here is because mom is threatening to mess things up for you too.”

“Yeah, mom can try but I’ve been at this sneaking around a lot longer than you,” she snapped back. Kelsey tossed a cherry in her mouth and a few seconds later pulled out the stem tied in a knot.

“That’s real cute sis,” Kendal said as he put his hands behind his head and lay down on the pillow. “You and your many strange talents.”

Kelsey smiled. “The force is strong within me, my dear twin.” She pointed her finger at him. “Mom and dad want us back on the phone in ten to discuss things.”

“Ugh, I know. Espy Hunters are sworn to keep the peace between both worlds and since I am the only one with the true sight, I must behave like a hunter.” Kendal sat up to see his sister. “But we are just hunters in training and I don’t see the point of us not living a normal teenage life right now.”

Kelsey laughed. “That’s because you are too focused on the girl. Don’t get me wrong, I long for a average life too sometimes but I accept my fate and know how to play the cards in my favor.” She stood up and walked to the door but turned around to say one more thing. “The trick my dear brother is to stop fighting what you are. It only makes things complicated.”

He watched his sister leave and was tempted to go after her but his phone rang. Kendal picked it up quickly knowing that the ringtone was Randy. “Hey, I might have to call you back later. My parents are….”

“They killed my parents, Kendal.” Randy whispered in panic through the phone. “They are dead.”

Kendal’s muscles in his body tightened. “Wait, what did you say?”

Her words sounded rushed and scared. “I’m under my bed hiding.”

“Kelsey!” Kendal shouted. “Get in here now!” He returned to the phone. “Who killed your parents, Randy?”

“I don’t know,” Randy sobbed. “I saw them outside our house and their eyes glowed in the dark. I ran inside and they broke in. My dad told me to hide. I can hear them screaming downstairs.”

Kelsey opened the door quickly. “Why are you shouting?”

“Call Kingsley and tell him that the Shifters are at Randy’s address. He has to hurry!” Kendal ordered and watched his sister rush out the room. “Randy, stay calm and be quiet. I’m coming.”

Randy suddenly screamed and Kendal could hear the phone drop. The sound of her screams ripped his soul to pieces because he wasn’t there to protect her. He rushed downstairs, grabbed his keys, and jumped into his car.

It only took a few minutes for them to reach Randy’s house and as they got out of the car, a coyote greeted them at the door. The animal was huge. Its fur was brown with specks of grey and its eyes glowed a metallic white color. They could hear a battle going on behind it and knew Kingsley was inside.

“You think we are ready to fight?” Kelsey questioned as she tied her hair up in a ponytail.

“We have to,” Kendal replied.

The Shifter growled and Kendal rushed him. As the coyote jumped at him, Kendal used all of his power into one punch and hit it in the chest. The animal fell backwards and before it could get back up, Kelsey was on top of the animal. It clawed at her arms and Kelsey winched at the pain. She reached for the blade in her pocket and slit the coyote’s neck.

“You okay?” Kendal asked as he approached her.

Kelsey stood up and wiped the blood off her blade on her jeans. “I’ve got bigger scars from our training fights.”

The door swung open and a ghostly apparition made its way swiftly in front of them. They weren’t surprised because they knew that it was their brother in the phantom form. He materialized into himself quickly and looked at his siblings.

“I told you two to stay home,” Kingsley said and looked at Kelsey. “You did the right thing when you gave me the address but you two are not ready for this.”

Kendal turned to his sister. He realized that Kelsey never mentioned anything about them knowing Randy. It was the first time that his sister wasn’t as selfish as he thought. “Is the family alright?” He asked even though he knew the parent’s fate already.

Kingsley shook his head. “They were all dead before I got here.”

Kendal rushed past him, through the door, and up the stairs to Randy’s room. The door was busted open and everything was in disarray. He hurried to look under the bed and saw Randy’s phone covered in blood. Kendal looked around in disbelief, denial surrounded him, and he didn’t want to believe that Randy was gone. He noticed something shiny on the floor next to him in a puddle of blood and picked it up. It was the yin yang ring that Randy showed him earlier.

Emotion flooded him. It wasn’t until Kelsey hurried in and grabbed him that he noticed he was screaming. The tears fell quickly out of his eyes as if trying to flush out the guilt. “I killed her,” Kelsey whined. “I told her everything about us and it got her killed.”

Kelsey took a second to realize what her brother was saying but ignored it. She hugged Kendal as tightly as she could. “We will keep this between us. No one else will know.”




The fall leaves that fell from the trees covered most of the street, blowing around fleeing from the power of the wind. South Hampton seemed like a peaceful town just like the others but Kendal knew that if they were there, something was wrong.

“Mom and dad will be home soon,” Kingsley said, as he turned left at the stop sign. “They will fill us in on our purpose once we get settled in so no fooling around.”

“I’m over filled with joy,” Kelsey said sarcastically. “We are not new to this job.”

She turned to her twin who was staring out the car window. “You alright?”

Kendal didn’t know how to answer the question. He could of lied but knew his sister wouldn’t let it go. “I’m just curious to know why we are here?” He responded.

He noticed something glowing in his shirt and reached down to pull out the necklace he was wearing. On the end of it was the yin yang ring and it was shinning brightly. Kendal looked out the window and noticed a group of teenagers hanging out on the corner. In the center was a girl. An eerie sort of glow that only he could see highlighted her whole body.

“What is it?” Kelsey whispered. She side glanced at Kingsley in the driver seat to be sure he wasn’t listening. “Who is she?”

“She’s a Mystic,” Kendal replied. It was the first time that his Espy Hunter ‘sight’ noticed someone that clearly.

The car started to move again. Kendal watched the girl for as long as he could until they turned another corner and she was out of view. Kendal grabbed onto the ring and held it tightly. He knew right then that the mission they were on was going to be a lot different from the others.


About the Author


Kimberly R. Cooper is eagerly seeking to become a full-time author. She is currently earning a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She primary writes Urban, Paranormal, and Sci-Fi stories for young adults. Kimberly is also a member of the Wattpad storytelling community. You can visit her at [+ https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-cooper-2858a655/+] or see some of her works at https://www.wattpad.com/user/KimberlyCooper1.



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The Fictional Worlds of a Chaotic Mind

This book contains a collection of three different short stories based on life changing moments of each main character. The first story entitled "The Sapphire Gene" is told in a futuristic New York. Several generations of children began to die off due to a unexplained gene disease. Scientists created a cure based off the rings of Saturn to heal a generation of kids and they became the sapphire generation. But the children received unique gifts that are monitored by a special force team. Aly Crystal is assigned to Old Brooklyn in search of her partner Nook but also comes to contact with a dangerous foe called the Cat's Eye Gang. She soon discovers a lot more than what she bargained for. The second story, "Krystal Bridges: City of Taboo", is about a comic book creator Dominic that suddenly wakes up in his own comic series. He finds himself at the entrance of Club Infinity and comes face to face with his main character Addison Lee. When Dominic realizes that the underground thug unit is after her, he decides to rescue her. But can he save them both from what he had written before or can he change fate? The final story entitled "Espy Hunters" is about a family of Hunters that protect the world from the supernatural. Kendal is the one in the family that is blessed with 'true sight' but desires a normal teenage life. So he goes against his family's rules and falls in love with a girl that is not part of their world. Because of this, he puts the girl in serious danger. Can Kendal overcome the consequences of his actions or will he be doomed for his mistakes?

  • Author: kimmie81
  • Published: 2017-02-27 04:05:09
  • Words: 5735
The Fictional Worlds of a Chaotic Mind The Fictional Worlds of a Chaotic Mind