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The Feels



The Feels

Jamaak Morris












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Table of Contents


Finders Keepers

The Long Walk Home

The Miles

About The Author

Finders Keepers

Jun 2003, 100 miles of the coast Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Charles Everstone, endeavors to find a UFO that landed in the sea 621 years ago.

“Oh, Roby this is it, I can feel it.”

“Is this the spot that Captain Devin noted in his journal?” Roby says.

“Yes, my boy. He detailed the exact location, and time he witnessed the figure that landed in the sea.”

Raging with enthusiasm, and confidents, Dr. Everstone knows his prize lays below. The expedition was funded by University of Cambridge, and Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology. Dr. Everstone can’t afford to come up empty handed.

“The journal reads, it was a stormy night, Captain Edward Devin, and the crew of the Great Devin, had finished looting their third merchant ship for the night. The seas became rougher, as the waves clashed against the ship, nearly turning it over. The Captain spotted lights in the sky, breaking through the clouds. It was not like the moon coming out of hiding, these were three lights spinning as if they were on a top.” Dr. Everstone reads.

“Wow that had to be something to see Doctor?”

“Indeed Roby, it was.”

The crane boat slowly lowers the submersible into the water. The Doctor and Roby inter it, and begins their procedure for diving.

“Alright checking the screens, everything’s working perfectly. The scanner shows a depth of 1506ft, so our destination shouldn’t be too far.” the Doctor says.

“Doctor, I’m scanning lower, there is something big down there.”

“That’s it, my boy.”

“Yeah, but the figure is blow 2000ft.” Roby says.

“Hmm, must be a crater.” The Doctor says.

Dr. Everstone, and his assistant descends into the depth of the sea to find evidence of a third kind. Their descent reviled a verity of ocean life. The deeper they went the dark it was.

“800ft, soon we will final get the answers man has been seeking since he looked to the stars. Oh Roby, my heart is jumping out of my chest in anticipation.”

“Yes Doctor, mine too.”

They reached 1500ft, now descending into the unrecorded depth. Lights shining bright, they come to a structure. It is truly like something they’ve never seen before.

“There it is Roby, a thing of beauty. Mans has been sePathhing and sePathhing, final a flying saucer.”

“Look Doctor, there are lights blinking, and our sensors are going haywire.”

“After 621 years beneath the ocean, it’s still functioning.”

“Doctor the spectrograph, something is happening.”

Looking at the spaceship, there is three flashes of light, then a shockwave.

“Damn, it’s an EM Pulse, all of our systems are down.”

“Mayday, Mayday, Captain Williams do you read.”


“Damn it, comms are complete dead.”

“I wonder if it was a defense system, or something in the ship, fired are systems.”

“I don’t know Doctor, but we need to do something, we’re running out of oxygen fast.”

“Yeah, well we found what we were looking for, now let’s pray someone will miss us soon, and pull us up.”

The Long Walk Home


I hate this long walk home. I just had to stay just so I could see Tiffany. It’s been eight years, and she hasn’t said more than hello to me, I’ve been noticing her more lately, and I need to be careful, this is becoming borderline stalker territory. I wish I had the courage to go up to her now and say hello, but I get nerves and start sweating when she looks at me from afar. And then there is Kevin, damn jock. I always wondered why a very smart cute girl can put up a defence, and reject and average guy, but when a dumb jock catches her eye, all that independent, no time for a relationship attitude goes out the window.

All hell, Mr. Johnson’s dog is off the leash again. Ok, just walk slow don’t look him in the eyes. “Woof Woof”. Crap got to run. Faster, faster, needs to reach the gate. His gaining, “Woof, woof”.

“Go away stupid dog. HAHA, made it. You might catch me one of these days Sampson, but not today.”

Now just a few more blocks then home sweet home. Damn it every time I see that crappy mustang, I know mom’s boyfriend is here. I don’t remember much of my real dad from before he died, only that he used to call me Dubbie. It was my grandfather’s nickname he got in the Vietnam war. Hmm, I guess that’s why they named me Douglas

“Why are you coming home so late, the bus came through hours ago?” Gary asks.

“I had something to do after school,” I say.

“Look at you, like you got business to take care of. If you doing something to make money, you should be helping with the bills,” Gary says.

“Leave him alone Gary,” Mom says.

“The boy needs to learn some discipline,” Gary says. “Really…lazy ass says what,” I say.

“WHAT,” Gary says.

“Nothing,” I say.

That never gets old.

“I’m going to my room,” I say.

“Ok, dinner should be ready soon,” Mom says.

“Ok,” I say.

That’s it, I’ve made up my mind, tomorrow I’m going to say hi. Different day, same out came.

“You’re still trying to talk to tiffany,” Jimmy says.

“Dude it’s been eight years. Didn’t you and her used to talk all the time when we were younger?” Anthony asks.

“Yeah,” I say.

“Then what happened?” Jimmy asks.

Thinking back, I never knew the real reason Tiffany and I stopped talking. I just know that she stopped coming around and calling.

“I don’t know I guess we just drifted apart as we got older,” I say.

“Look, man, just go talk to her,” Jimmy says.

“And say what, how’s the weather?” I ask.

“Yeah, with that 4.0 GPA of hers, your barely 3.0 would be the makings of a boring conversation,” Anthony says.

“Oh, thanks for the support Tony,” I say.

“Hey, I support you man, but this is getting pathetic,” Anthony says.

“And you may have wasted your opportunity, she talking to Kevin now,” Jimmy says.

“Damn it, that douchebag again,” I say.

“Well, it seems that douchebag has the courage to talk to the girl of your dreams. Oh, and she’s laughing at his dumb jokes too,” Tony says.

“Son of-” I say.

“Wait where are you going?” Jimmy asks.

Tony is right, I am pathetic, I should let Sampson catch me and end it right now. Speaking of Sampson, he’s on his leash today, the neighbors must have complained. “Woof, woof.” “Oh, shut up Sampson, you’re not the only one having a bad day.” Hmm, why is Gary speed off so fast?

“MOM…what happen, what did he do to you?” I ask.

“Nothing son, just a little couple’s dispute,” Mom says.

“You call this little, he hit you. I’m calling the police,” I say.

“NO DOUGLAS, it’s fine. I hit him too,” Mom says.

“Why would you stay with that asshole?” I ask.

“Watch your mouth young man, and you wouldn’t understand,” Mom says.

“Understand what, all he does is sits on his ass all day, drinking and watching television, and talks crap every time I come home. He doesn’t help with housework, and he yells at you most of the time,” I say.

“Watch your mouth, and look, he does help out, more than you know,” Mom says.

“Helps out with what exactly?” I ask.

“He helps with the bills. How do you think we were able to keep the house after your father died?” Mom asks.

“There has to be some other way then depending on him?” I ask.

“With the salary, I get with nursing, I can barely make ends meet. It’s not always this bad, normally. Things are going to be ok, let me handle it, remember your mother is very strong,” Mom says.

“Ok mom,” I Say.

“You girls coming to the game on Friday?” Kevin asks.

“You know we are. We love to watch you play,” Monica says. Why is this idiot talking to us? Just smile and nod Tiffany, he will go away soon.

“Tiffany you’re coming too, right?” Sonya asks.

“I don’t know, maybe,” I say

“I hope so. Alright, I’ll see you ladies around,” Kevin says.

“BYE,” Monica and Sonya says.

“What do you two see in him,” I ask.

“What, he’s cute,” Monica says.

“Yeah, if you like him with a below average I.Q.,” I say.

“We not the ones his hitting on,” Sonya says.

“Why don’t you give him a chance?” Monica asks.

“Oh, believe me, the feeling is not mutual, and I’m not interested in a cliché relationship,” I ask.

“A cliché relationship?” Monica asks.

“Smart girl, dating dumb jock,” I say.

“Oh, you still have feelings for your childhood friend, what’s his name?” Sonya asks.

“Douglas, and it’s not like that between us,” I ask.

“Really, you know he’s been watching you, it’s a little creepy,” Sonya says.

“When did you two stop talking?” Monica asks.

“I actually don’t remember. I thank it was in middle school. We seem to drift apart,” I say.

“He isn’t bad looking, but he’s not a cutie like Kevin,” Sonya says.

“Then why don’t you date him,” Monica asks.

“I told you he’s not interested in me. Look, all I’m saying is, you can’t wait forever for Doug to make his move. There is someone who is will to, and you are the holdup,” Sonya says.

Sonya does have a point. Why won’t Dubbie talk to me? I know it’s been a few years since we had a heart to heart, and every time I try to say hi, he freaks out and runs away. I wish he would say something.

“Are you coming to the game tonight?” Sonya asks.

“No, I’ve got to study for a test tomorrow,” I say.

“Man, you are no fun. You know Kevin is going to be disappointed?” Monica says.

“Let him be, it’s not my problem. I have to go, you two have fun tonight,” I say.

“Ok, bye,” Sonya and Monica both says.

Finally, home, now to study before I’ve got to make dinner.

“Oh, sweetheart didn’t know you were home,” Dad says.

“Hi dad, I just walked in, I’m going to study for a little, then I’ll make dinner,” I say.

“Ok dear, no rush, take your time. Oh, your mother called, she really wants to talk to you,” Dad says.

“Well, I don’t want to talk to her,” I say.

“Tiffany, it’s been two years, you should forgive you, mother,” Dad says.

“Why should I, after what she did. I have no interest in what she has to say,” I say.

“She’s you mother, and she just wants to know how you’re doing,” Dad says.

“She wasn’t thinking of us then, so why now?” I ask.

“I don’t know maybe it’s her way of trying to make peace,” Dad says.

“Well, I don’t want to hear it, I swear dad you’re to forgiven. Maybe that’s why mom cheated,” I say.

“TIFFANY,” Dad says.

“Sorry dad, you didn’t deserve that. I’m just a little annoyed,” I say.

“Why,” Dad say.

“It’s this boy at school, that keeps hitting on me,” I say.

“Wait, what, hitting on you. Let me get Sebastian,” Dad says.

“What…Dad no,” I say.

“I know dear I was just kidding. So Douglas finally makes his move?” Dad asks.

“No, it’s not him, it’s another boy,” I say.

“Have you told him you’re not interested?” Dad says.

“Yes, but he’s not the kind that can take a hint,” I say.

“Oh, the jock type,” Dad says.

“Yep, and so annoying,” I say.

“Well, you can handle it. And speaking of Douglas, how is he these days, you don’t talk about him much anymore?” Dad asks.

“He’s fine, I guess. We see each other at school, but we haven’t really talked since middle school,” I say.

“Hmm, shame, he was a really good kid,” Dad say.

“He still is, far as I know. I’m going to my room for a few,” I say.

“Ok,” Dad says.

Mom, why does she think I’m willing to talk after what she did. Damn it, this is when I miss being able to talk to you Dubbie. Launch time my favourite time of the day. I think I’m finally ready to talk to Tiffany.

“So…are we playing another round of will he or won’t he?” Anthony asks.

“Shut up, I’ll talk to her when the time is right,” I say.

“You know you can’t wait forever right, why are you so afraid of her anyway?” Jimmy asks.

“She’s not the one I’m afraid of,” I say.

“Who, Monica, and Sonya, yeah they both seem to be annoyingly judgmental,” Anthony says.

“Uh oh…douchebag in-coming,” Anthony says.

Oh, my day was going so well, and now I got to deal with this jerk.

“What’s up losers?” Kevin asks.

“Seriously, why do you go out of your way every day just to give us crap?” Anthony asks.

“Oh, I don’t know, because you make it so easy, and plus I don’t like the way Dougie been watching my girl,” Kevin says.

“I don’t remember hearing that you two were dating,” I say.

“Well, we are, so back off,” Kevin says.

Oh, this jackass is getting on my nerves.

“Ok, I can’t do this, this guy is an idiot,” I say.

“Do you want me to kick your ass?” Kevin asks.

“Umm, no, but your low I.Q. may not comprehend my meaning,” I say.

Oh, I should have seen that coming, I expected him to go for the face. All hell he knocked the wind out of me again. Compared to Gary, his hits aren’t that bad.

“Look, Tiffany belongs to me, you need to get that though head,” Kevin says.

“I don’t remember agreeing to go out with you,” Tiffany says.

“Oh, hey Tiff,” I say.

“Now you want to talk to me?” Tiffany asks.

“I guess getting punched in the gut twice, gave me the confidence I needed,” I say.

“Leave him alone Kevin,” Tiffany says.

“What do you mean, we’re just talking,” Kevin says.

“You think doing this would make me want to date you, you really are an idiot,” Tiffany says.

“Told you,” I say.

“Shut up Douglas,” Tiffany says.

“Yes ma’am, shutting up,” I say.

This is not the way I want to start back talking to Tiffany, but oh well.

“Let go of him, and leave, before I get an administrator,” Tiffany says.

“So you’re going to let her fight your battles?” Kevin asks.

“Why not, she doing a great job at it,” I say.

“You don’t know what you’re missing, I’m out of here,” Kevin says.

“I know exactly what I’m missing, and it’s not you, bye,” Tiffany says.

Finally, I’m rid of that idiot.

“Are you alright?” Tiffany asks.

“I’m fine, and I had everything under control,” I say.

“Really, so him punching, and collaring you was part of your plan,” Tiffany asks.

“Yep, all part of the plan,” I say.

“You suck at being a tough guy,” Tiffany says.

“I know, but I’m tough way it counts,” I say.

“Will you walk me home after school, so we can talk more?” Tiffany asks.

“Yeah, sounds good,” I say.

The Miles


The 9th of August, Seattle, Washington, Samuel Winston, 73 years young, is lying in his hospital bed. Samuel is in the last stage of lung cancer, and moments from his last breath.

“Amy…..Amy you there?” Samuel asks.

“Yeah…dad, what do you need?”

“Look in the drawer, there’s an envelope that I need you to deliver, along with Betsy.”

“Dad, who is David Smith?” Amy asks.

“He’s a friend, I just want to give him something before-“

“No dad, don’t talk like that. You’re going to be fine,” Amy says.

“It’s ok Amy, we knew the time was near. I’ve lived a fulfilling life. You, Martha, and your sister, you all completed me. And the past two years have been a blessing, thanks to David.”

“Can you at least tell me what this David is like?” Amy Asks.

“He’s a good man, you will know when you meet him. David gave me a brief feeling of joy I hadn’t felt since I was a young man.”

“What do you mean brief joy, did you forget about me, and Jessica?” Amy asks.

“Calm down, Amy. You, and Jess are the joys of my life. I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to have a son, and David was that answer.”

“Why haven’t you spoken of him before?”

“I was hoping you both would get a chance to meet him at some point, but he wanted to wait until the time was right.”

“Hmm, that seems strange, how did you two meet?” Amy asks.

“He came to the house, asking if I would sell Betsy.”

“And you didn’t, why? We could at least get some money for that thing.”

“Don’t talk about Betsy like that, you were born in that car. She has a lot of memories in her.”

“Like your first kiss with Sandra Clark?”

“Oh, your mother told you about her?”

“Yep, it’s nice to know that Betsy was my incubator, and a make out wagon for another woman, other than mom.” Amy says.

“Ha ha ha, yeah, good times.”

Samuel starts coughing badly, gasping for air.

“Are you ok?” Amy asks.

“I’m fine.”

“So you going to just give this David the Impala, why not give it to me or Jessica?”

“Neither of you wanted it, she’ll be taking care of, if I give her to David.”

Again Samuel starts coughing more badly, grabbing his chest, and is continuing to lose air.

“Dad…dad, Nurse, someone help me.”

“Back up please ma’am, let the doctors handle this,” The Nurse says.

Amy watches as the Doctors try to resuscitate her father with no success. Samuel Winston passed away 10:35 P.M. on the 9th of August.

After the funeral, Amy delivers the letter, and Betsy to David. Amy pulls up to the address on the envelope, walks to the door and knocks.

“Hi,” David says.


“Amy right?” David asks.

“Yes, you recognized me?”

“Yeah, from the pictures at your dad’s, oh sorry come in. What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to meet the man that made my father happy the last two years.”

“How is Mr. Winston, I called a few times, but I don’t get an answer?”

“…..My father passed two days ago.”

“…..I’m…sorry to hear that. What happed?”

“It was lung cancer.”

“He told me he smoked when he was younger, after I heard him cough really bad one time, and he looked healthy for his age. Why didn’t he call me, I would have visited him before….it seemed we just talked yesterday,” David says.

“He wanted you to remember him, the way he was when you two spent time together. He also wanted me to give this letter to you,” Amy says.

“Hello, David, if you are reading this, it means I’ve passed on. I wrote this letter to let you know that the past two years meant the world to me. It felt good to be a needed father figure again. I love my girls very much, but you are the son I’ve always wanted. You made this stubborn old man feel the joy of life again. I remembering that time we went fishing. Watch you fight with those worms was damn funny. Two years isn’t much for two people to get to know one another, but it seemes like we’ve known each other over a lifetime. I’m truly happy we met David. I love you, kid. Continue to be that great man that I know you to be. I’m sure you father is as proud of you, as I am. P.S. I know the reason you befriended me was for the car. Its ok, rest assured she’s yours. Take good care of her, she may not be one of a kind, but she is one to behold. Continue the tradition of passing her down to your son one day. Love Samuel Winston.”

“It’s weird isn’t it?” David asks.

“What is?”

“I’m crying like I just lost my father all over again.”

“It’s ok, I’m happy you feel that way about him, because he felt the same about you,” Amy said.

“Thank you for bringing this letter to me, and the car. I promise to take good care of her.”

“No problem, it was nice to meet the person that made my father’s last days joyful. I’m also happy the Betsy has a new home. Now do you mind giving me a ride to the airport?”

“Ha ha ha, it will be my pleasure.”

About The Author


Jamaak Morris is a screenplay writer, with a Bachelor and Masters in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. The genre that Jamaak is Sci-Fi with other genres mixed in. The screenplays that are now in pre-production that Jamaak has written are “New Earth”, “Long Walk Home.


Contact Info: [email protected], facebook.com/jamaak.morris, twitter.com/Maak3000


The Feels

The first of the three stories is “Finders Keepers”. It involved an archaeologist, Dr. Charles Everstone, who follows the trail of an 18th-century pirate, Captain Edward Devin, whom may or may not have seen a UFO during one of his voyages. The second story “The Long Walk Home”, is about a high school boy who is struggling with a home life, and finding the courage to confess his feelings for his childhood friend, whom he has grown apart from. The last is “The Miles”. This story is an old man’s dying confession of a man he befriended about his car. And in time the two became like father and son.

  • ISBN: 9781370753543
  • Author: Jamaak Morris
  • Published: 2016-09-25 02:35:10
  • Words: 3668
The Feels The Feels