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The Farmer , Cow and Bull



Copyright 2017 Andre’ Mwansa

Shakespir EDITION

This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual animal/people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.


See? I care about her’’

The Farmer woke up to the sound of the rooster. He walked out of his house to the cow he’d kept safe and secure the previous day for a milk tea.

‘’Moo’’ the Cow cried when the Farmer tried to touch it.

‘’Moo’’ it cried again giving him nothing of its position but its butt.

‘’C’mon, C’mon, you know I need that for breakfast’’ the Farmer said.

You took my calf away from me you son of a…… the Cow paused in her thoughts, when she saw the Farmer holding grass in his hands.

‘’So here is the deal, you give me my food and I promise to give you yours,’’ he said ‘’are you in?’’

The Cow forgot it wasn’t with its fellow animals and nodded, when: ‘’Hold on, just there’’ A deep voice said.

The Farmer turned around to find an angry looking Bull standing on its hoofs.

‘’Who said that?’’ he asked looking at the Bull standing on its hoofs.

‘’I did’’ the Bull replied.

‘’A talking….’’



‘’Now you better leave her alone, or you will force me to run these horns right up your anus’’

‘’No!’’ the farmer said ‘’this is my cow, my milk, my food’’

‘’How dare you call my wife your food,’’ the Bull said ‘’I’ve had enough of you always trying to seduce her in the name of milking her’’

‘’You know what? Just get out of here’’ the farmer said as he again tried to milk the cow, when he felt a strong grip on his neck.

It was the Bull that had the Farmer at his throat, leaning him against the wall with his legs up in the air.

The Bull looked at the Cow and said: ‘’did he touch your private parts?’’

‘’Yes’’ replied the cow in which the Bull tightened its grip.

‘’That’s it, I quit,’’ the Farmer struggled to say ‘’you can have her’’


The Farmer , Cow and Bull

  • ISBN: 9781370669172
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-05-14 23:50:08
  • Words: 362
The Farmer , Cow and Bull The Farmer , Cow and Bull