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The Family Upstairs

My whole family lives upstairs from Aunt Alice. First there’s Granny, who’s the oldest, and very set in her ways. She can be kind of grumpy and mean, and says things that hurt my feelings. Mama says Granny lived a real hard life when she was young, so we should just be kind to her until she passes on. Granny can’t hardly come out of her room anymore, so when she says those mean things, I just go away ‘til she’s in a better mood. When she’s feeling nice, we play Old Maid, or dominoes, or she tells me a story about times when she was a little girl. Sometimes, I think she might live forever.

Mama and Daddy aren’t home a lot because they’re out doing grown-up work, but they’re always there for me when I need them. Whenever I’m sad, or hurt, they always have a hug and a, “There, there, Honey,” to make me feel better. When I get scared of the dark and can’t sleep, they sing to me, or tell me a story. Any time I need advice, I go straight to Mama and Daddy. They always know just what to do when something goes wrong.

Sam is older and bigger than me. I think he might be the biggest kid on the block! I want to be just like him when I grow up. He has all the best action figures and the coolest bike, black with flames on it! We’re best friends and go everywhere together. Nobody messes with us because Sam looks tough, even though he really wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Tina is our new baby sister. She cries a lot, and sleeps a lot. When she sleeps, you have to be real quiet and not make a sound. It makes Granny mad if you start the baby crying, because Granny likes to sleep a lot too these days. If Tina ever grows up, I guess she’ll have to play with Sam and me so she don’t feel left out.

Our dog’s name is Fuzz. He’s what Mama and Daddy call a “Heinz 57.” He’s brown with little white spots, fuzzy, has floppy ears, bright black eyes, a curly tail, and a face that’s always smiling. He’s loyal, smart, brave, and sneaky like a fox. He goes everywhere with Sam and me, on all our adventures. Sometimes in the summer, we all go out to the woods after breakfast and don’t come back ‘til the porch lights come on!

Alice lives downstairs from all of us. Mama and Daddy say she’s our aunt. Me and Sam have seen her a couple times, but she don’t talk to us. We wave sometimes, but she walks right by like she can’t even see. Mama says Aunt Alice is very sick, and has been for a long time. She just looks real sad to me. I sure wish she’d come up and see us some time, ‘cause she’s got a whole family upstairs, and our hearts are breaking for her hurt.

The Family Upstairs

  • Author: Meg Danish
  • Published: 2016-02-09 07:20:07
  • Words: 506
The Family Upstairs The Family Upstairs