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By Prakash Hegade

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Prakash Hegade



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This batch book is dedicated to Spandan Chitriki.

He will be remembered forever and the memories will be always cherished with joy.

[01 January 1995 to 23 February 2014]






Can’t I dedicate some writings to the best batch I have ever taught? I can right?? So what I am doing. Everything in this book is written with humor and memories wandering around it. So, when you are reading it, be cautious! Cautious about blah blah blah! Nah! Just go ahead and read. LOL.


All events described herein actually happened, though on occasion the author has taken certain, very small, liberties with chronology, because that is his right as a professor.


No person or entity associated with this ebook received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement or connection with the depiction of tobacco products.


No animals were harmed in the making of this ebook.


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12 August 2013.

8.00 am.


3^rd^ Semester, A Division.


New set of students, gossips and little shouts in the class. It’s almost 8.10am. Prof. Namrata Hiremath walks in and all students stand up. They wish.

Prof says, “I am heading to B division, I just wanted some chalks. Which class?”

Students Reply, “DS”

Prof, “Oh, he should have been by now, he will be here!”


2 minutes later,

I get up from the last bench, walk to the stage, silence and the class begins with the welcome note to ISE.




13 August 2013.

9.00 am.


3^rd^ Semester, B Division.


I am kind of scared and nervous to walk inside this class. I have my cousin and there is very much possibility that he is going to talk about the way I teach to my relatives. I obviously don’t want to look bad. Though I had cousins in previous batch and it all turned out good, this is yet again a new set of relatives who are going to hear about. Well, let’s walk in and get going with class. Rest will flow with time!




Much before the classes begin, during the admissions time, I take my cousin and his dad to admissions. I meet this guy Suyog, we shake hands, introduce ourselves, I just say I am from ISE and we discuss all about the hectic schedules and tortures of ISE. It was fun. It was more fun when later he got to know that I was faculty from ISE.




Almost a fortnight or more of classes, during lunch break we all faculty discuss about this girl from B division. She sits right in the first bench and asks too many questions. She has kind of a very noticeable tone, say all. I say, “Oh, yeah. She is Sahithya. She is my favorite already”.




One fine day, Rishab gets his parents to the department. Quite after days of the semester start. I meet them in corridor and we have a formal introduction. Then Rishab’s dad starts mentioning about other Professors and hectic schedules, I start smiling and Rishab from corner is ‘sushing’ his dad to be quite and not say that. I smile and he continues. Rishab is kind of worried and signals his dad not to. It goes on for few minutes, I say that’s okay, thank and disperse out.




I kind of hated the merger of data structures and algorithms. I was not that interested to engage the classes as well. I was worried that I would not do the job well. There were a lot of sleepless nights spent in designing a better delivery of the course. It was almost a month of semester. This is something which I generally don’t share. I kind of stalk a few students in class. Based on their response, I decide if I am going well with the class. I had noticed this guy, Ameya, he used to understand the exact meaning and sense of what I speak. One fine day, he asked me a question which I don’t remember what it was, but it was one of the basics. Linked list was the concept being covered in the class. That is the day I realized I need to back track and start from the beginning. I did. Not in a very detailed extent but in a way where I clear the basics and then move ahead. What I want to say is, there is always some unsaid ‘thank you’ conveyed now and then!




In one of the labs, where I used to give away the shields, that day DSA puddinga shield was given to one who answered the viva right. I called out the name Nikhat Jahan. Someone in the middle stands up and I am still searching for that guy. Firstly, it took a while to read that name. Secondly, I was really looking forward to see this guy who answered the viva question right. Then I see that it’s this girl. In few weeks I was made aware that she is PGSH’s doppelganger.




This guy Gururaj comes to ask some doubts. He has lost his wallet and bunked the class to complain and block his card and other things. We talk, some technical and non technical and that how is how I get to know that he is from YTSS Yellapur.




And then this guy Umair, created a Facebook group where we could share and discuss things.








I guess I should start with the SAPNAA group. It’s these girls: Shweta, Ankita, Pooja, Nivedita, Akhila and Aishwarya. I have preserved all the messages sent and I am very thankful for being so much supportive. Felt good when APNAA got placed. Happiness was SAPNAA getting placed! It was Aishwarya who had asked me to change whatsapp DP to a childhood photograph for children’s day and I still and will ahead follow it every year. The sad smiley on Aishwarya’s face when I had announced next week is going to be the last DSA lab is something which I will never forget. This is one of the groups which were in regular read for my novel ‘today calls tomorrow’. There is also a part of the story in the novel where this group appears as singers during an event. Thank you team for everything. I wish the friendship remains strong forever. You all rock together! Yayy!


Yaseer, why no Facebook use you? A very dedicated and hard working CR / GS, who is sincere to his duties. ISE’s best management guide. It was really nice to hear about the Principal’s appreciation in front of 1000’s during final year Sparsh 16. It was worth and very well deserving.


While I announce that ‘next week is the last DSA lab’, I see a face where I could clearly notice the ‘Mannme laddu footna’. It was Anit. And I remember the efforts you had put to score well in TOC SEE. That discussion is still fresh in my memory. All the best. I am sure you will achieve great ahead in future.

Do you know how at times, when you get too happy or excited, you will be in all happy mood? Like happy and enthusiastic and with huge smiles. Like really happy! There is this girl who always stays so. It’s such a happiness to talk to her. She is Ashfin. All those little doubts discussions will be remembered.


Sachin K and Sanjeev, I always think of you both together. Since the day one when you both and a few others came along to say you were friends with Mahalaxmi ma’am and I was like ‘okay’! One thing I appreciate is whenever you see me; you stop, smile and talk. I appreciate all your efforts you have put in DSA lab. I know one of you had got DSA certificate and I don’t want to remember who. You both mean the same to me.


Aishwarya Pujari, Photogenic. Naughty. A very good singer. I do remember your singing and you should continue. Back then in DSA labs you used to compete with Himanshu to complete the lab exercises. The efforts to read and understand and make the notes will be forever appreciated.


Daneshwari, thank you for the sweet poem you dedicated. It’s put up in the book in next section. Never stop blogging. You have grand writing skills. Don’t ever stop writing. I know you work hard. Keep the hopes high.


When people freeze the photographs into memories, they give you pleasant remembrance. They capture your happy times in most happy way. Anant and Sharath. Thank you for all the captures. Thank you for all those pleasant talks. I do remember verifying sharath’s code in DSA lab when he and his partner Shivam used to code together and I used to question and verify who the actual coder was. I pretty much ended up giving same marks to both. I was happy to see the efforts put in by both. Shivam, Thank you for being so kind. Then and now and be so ahead.


I have a twitter friend. Sumit. I do remember the struggles of DSA and TOC days and the doubts discussions in the later days. Be the same, work your best. Then there is this late comer Arunabh. Whatever, he is still a talented coder. He knows how to make the best of what is left. All the best you both!


Prashant M, you have glued up well in the batch. Thank you for all the efforts you put in for labs and the course project. It means a lot. Sourabh, you should not stop playing music. Music is the world of happiness. When you are blessed with the talent, make the best of it. I cannot forget your class doubts during DSA. Chiranth and Rishav, keep dancing. It can be a motivation for rest all the things ahead in life. I would never forget Chiranth’s good handwriting and Rishav’s enthusiasm to explore and do new things. Adarsh stood out amongst all from day one. You have been the best, everything was worth it. You code easy and well appreciated. Always on time for the morning 8.00am classes.


Abhishek and Abhishek, as per roll numbers, one with wide eyes and one with questions. Keep the rolling on. Dev with the smiling cute face, that innocence! Is that really innocent? You don’t feel like punishing after looking at that smile. Keep going. And this late comer Jalaj, lost in his own won world, and when he concentrates, he does it all right. He just needs to concentrate. The struggles of Manjunath in lab hours like ‘when will these labs get over’! I know you did your best and I am happy for it! Nitish, Robin and Pawan, childlike. Back then atleast. I don’t know now. May be the same. Happy to find you three so. It’s great to possess a child like heart. Aren’t you all three so? The grown up version is Deepak Aka Naveen. Confusing at times. Goes with time. Time has it all. Thank you everyone. There have been many pleasant memories.


This gang of diploma students. They have put in their best. They encounter this sudden transition for their college to BVBISE and things are so much different. But they did not lag in contribution they can from their side. Like every time, it was the best diploma batch. Rahul, Chandan, Basavaraj, Javed, Mahesh, Praveen, Ravi, Sunil, Veeresh. I know the labs have been demons to you all. But the way you all welcomed it was pleasure. Then there is this gang of girls. I will never forget the nonstop talks of Sonam. The innocent talks of Manjula and her struggles to achieve; I am so very thankful to you. The dancer Amruta. The inspiration girl Girija. And yes, Bhakti, Pornima, Rekha, Saroja, Sujata and Vijaylaxmi, for every single contribution that was made and exertion that was put in. This is to all of you. You all made my teaching worth it. So, thank you.


Everyone is noticed. There is always a group who come, do their works sincerely, some college moments, back home, do their works sincerely. They spread the charm of simplicity and friendship everywhere they go. Akshata, Priyanka, Pravin, Jyoti, Deepa, Ashwini, Chandan, Rohit, Avinash, Ganesh, Indira, Pratibha, Rohini, Pooja K S, Sunil, Prashant C, Shrivatsa, Shweta R, Smita, Rekha H T, Raviteja, and Vijayalaxmi. You all have always brought smiles.


Then there is this gang of coders. Akshay, Amrit, Lohit, Navaneet, Shridhar and Gururaj. They are not the only ones. They are sure the good ones. I don’t mean that others are not good. These are. I mean not, not good. They are. I mean good. We did have a lot of conversations. We are going to have a many ahead in future. They have told me they will keep in touch. They are the ones whom I would be eager to listen.


There is this naughty one, Dimpi. There is this hard working Gauri, who tries to put her best in what she does. There is this confident one Gaurav, he is pretty skilful. There is this sweet talking Jagannath, it is pleasant to talk to him. There is this one who sketches awesome, Nithin, thank you for drawing me! There is this Hard working Nitesh, who always worked hard and came up with doubts for discussion. There is this Trupti who is always eager to initiate and lead on new things, friendly by nature and caring. There is this Suraj, who makes really good videos which I have seen during codeflicks 2 and 3, he is humble and innocent at heart. There is this Pallav, who is confused at times but never gives up on his hopes and works out what’s possible. There is this really good coder Rohit Kumar who also has good analyzing skills.


Every class has this set of hard working girls. They group discuss as well and one feels happy to evaluate their papers and to interact with them. The class feels good to have them. Nikita, Priya, Shweta H, Smrathi, Sneha, Sonali, Swati, Vani and Suma. With good handwritings, sincere to work, dedicated to assignment, loyal to classes, most hardworking, you all should know that it is because of you all the class looks good. You all have been is Toppers list in either of semesters. That says a lot of things. You all give the perfect definition to class. Thank you so much. It is because of you all and your hard working attitude a faculty feels like to teach better and work harder.


And a gang with little more naughtiness and they never give up on the work. Together they make it all happen. They love their gang and they are fun. Jayashree, Kavya, Kruthika, Radhika, Rashmi, Pratiksha, Shruti,Vaishali and Vasa. They keep the class lively and going. The class is charm with their presence. There have been many class and lab moments which will be always cherished.


Saiprasad L, hero! Work out your dreams. You will achieve them. Saiprasad S, thank you for all the interest in blog. You were a sincere reader. Shreyanka, so much of innocence, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. Santosh P, I knew you were a hard worker and you proved it well while codeflicks 3. Shruti G and Shruti K and Shruti V, I used to be confused in the beginning on who is who, not after a while. You three and lab evaluations and all those questioned faces will be always remembered. Sudhakar has been closer lately. You speak from heart and it is appreciated. You are not the one who keeps things inside and clears the air. I like the directness. You make a good personality. Suyog has been like one of the friends. True from heart and any one would be lucky to have you in their company.

Akshob, Krupa, Mandakini, Nidhi, Nikhat, Nisha, Priyanka, Shreedhar, Viresh, Vishal, Suyog, Chiranth, Anant, Shruti, Sharath, Sanjana and Sanjana. Can I join the gang? Is there a test? Cool people. Akshob, I remember that jersey number. I will remember you and Virat. The best of coders, Viresh. The best of heart, Viresh. At times you remind me of my engineering days. Thank you the placement sweets. Thank you for all the efforts in bringing me to the trip. I missed it. I shouldn’t have. You made DSA look beautiful. I can’t describe it how. When I see hard working students, it motivates to do better. I don’t think teaching the class would have been the same in your absence. I am pretty sure you will bring colors where ever you go. Then there is this girl from sirsi. The other Sanjana writes good kannada poems. This tall guy Vishal has the emotions as tall he is. He is real at heart and pure as gem. Shreedhar is like a friend, everyone should have. Krupa, Priyanka, Mandakini, Nidhi, Nikhat and Nisha, I have had many talks with you all and everything will be cherished. Stay together. Let the time go jealous. The happy group. I know it was among you who created the FB fan page. Thank you so much. It meant a lot.


Shreesha, how do you make such a lovable personality? You innocently do your duty and deliver the best. The queen of happy times, Spoorthi. You spread happiness and you perfectly how where to put the efforts. . I am fan of this guy. Vilas. I will be your fan forever. I will be like, Vilas, Yeah. I know him! He is so good. I smile. And smile again. He comes up with enthusiasm, to discuss anything and he strives to put the best he has. He is a devoted worker. Vilas,Yeah, I am his fan. There is this girl and she is the best analyzer I have ever seen. Ever. Whatever she writes, its perfect and to the mark. If she has studied something, then she is up to mark. One of the proud creations going out of ISE, Samyukta. Then there is this girl, silently she moves around and made some really good friends. Shraddha. Honest and sincere.


There is this girl where my dad and her dad are business friends. Happy to teach students like Vijayashree. She had put in tremendous efforts for TOC cheat test. The contributions for the DSA project, the struggle in Labs, the confidence that will do the best in TOC, everything and everything little thing is appreciated. Thank you for being such a wonderful student.


I haven’t forgotten. Sangamesh, you are one student, anytime I see, I am going to smile, point out and proudly say he was from ISE. You have a cheerful smile and the innocence depicts out. Work your best and you will bring wonders.


Rishabh, I can recollect every moment right from 3rd sem to every interaction till flicks 3D. Thank you for all the initiatives you took. Thank you for doing that extra ordinary project for TOC and presenting it in front of principal. You are a student where I will proudly announce it to any one that I have taught him. All my wishes. That’s why your batch is cool; it’s for someone like you who makes it so. How proud I am with all that. I know I am missing out many things. They are all preserved and treasured.


Chaitra ma’am always refers your batch as Shweta Jain’s batch. It’s lucky to be a batch representative. Handwriting like pearls. Smiles like happiness. Dedicated to works. Topper. What and what not. You made DSA labs look awesome. I used to be happy to check you codes. There is this other girl who used to sit with you. Rajeshwari. Then, there is this another girl who used to sit with you, Sahithya. I always used to smile the way Sahithya and Rajeshwari used to push each other while walking on the corridors for the 8 o clock class. You three were the pearls of the class. The efforts you have put in for every assignment will be always appreciated. Shweta and Rajeshwari, Thank you. You both are definitely one of my favorites. There won’t be a day where I would forget that I have taught you both.


Umair, Perfectionist. I could call that. Thank you Umair for following my posts and always leaving back a comment. Well, yeah, that is not the first thing I want to say. You aim one and you realize it. I am sure you will do best in the future. You deserve all the best. I have seen you working in new mechanical building in the second year. I have noticed the passion you take to get the things done. You know how to logically give an end to things you start. I am happy to have taught you.


He was my favorite then and still he is. Himanshu. He puts all his efforts to do the work. Proud student of ISE. You should check out his blog. He writes very well. He does paint as well. Technologically updated. There are no second thoughts of his coding skills. Me, Himanshu and Sahithya have met a few times secretly when I used to come to Hubli. LOL. He is soft. Still childish. Pizza lover. He is a good chef. Hope I will get to taste some times. Veg only please! All in all, be so. I know you will always keep in touch. I won’t let you otherwise anyways.


Sacheen, it’s like one of your close relative is studying, like you have known him from years. An ideal and perfect student one wishes for. What else can I ask for? At earlier days I used to wonder who is this guy who finishes all the lab exercises quick and walks out of the lab. He has won quite a few DSA puddinga shields. Wait; there is a better way to say it. He has won the heart. He will always remain close and best. If someone would ask me to pick one on whom you want to be like, I would pick this guy.


Ameya, Why so good you? Down to earth, modest, best of the lot. I really don’t know what kind of words to pick. They would still be insufficient. I don’t want to state the obvious like topper, good coder, hard working etc etc. They are known. But what is there along is the ample amount of goodness. Some students stay as history written in golden letters. So will be you. There was this Atreya and there was Ameya. Not another like them seen in the four years of teaching journey. They are born specials. Thank you Ameya.


Sahithya. I am going to keep this short. Very short. I am almost done. The handmade greetings, the heartfelt wishes, the ever smiling face, the writings for the birthdays and seasonal occasions, the list will go on. No, I am not thanking for all of them. I just wanted to remember them. They bring smiles. I keep reading your cards now and then. They are the stress busters. They give back the enthusiasm. They give the energy. How do you do that all? How can you be so sweet and good? How do you find time for everything? Yeah. I am using some of your words and I am sorry for that. They are more apt for you than to me. Your writings skills are so exceptional. You should blog more. There will be many happy readers. Your handwritings need no typing. They are better than type set. The ways you look at things are different. You have that understanding. You dig out smiles in every place you go. You spread smiles at every place you go. You have dreams. I will pray that they will come true with flying colors. I guess there were days where you had bunked the class and I was not that interested in teaching the class. I don’t remember exactly. I think may be a TOC class. It isn’t teaching if Sahithya isn’t in there. How do you do that? The fluency in language, your dedication, your word power, the way you write things, there is so much to learn from you. The name is so apt. You are a good actress. You sing so well. I miss those days where you would be singing before the 8 o clock class starts. I miss those days, where I could see your energy and oomph you put in to get the things done. Again, how can you be so lively? You put everything is such a simple way. Elegant! I am looking for a more powerful word. You are the best thing that has happened to ISE and will be so. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. The student a professor can ever have!






DSA Blues

The ones who got through CIE’s

1. Ameya Karnad

2. Himanshu Shekhar

3. Mohammed Umair


The ones who got through LAB SEE

4. Sachin Patil

5. Shridhar S Kulkarni

6. Gururaj Heggar

7. Shweta Jain


The ones who got through SEE Scores

8. Akhila Gadagkar

9. Mohammed Umair

10. Kavya Shetty

11. Priya Powar

12. Sneha Naik

13. Suma HS

14. Swati N Ankolekar


Highest Scorer in DSA SEE:

Akhila Gadagkar with the score of 98/100.



DSA Puddinga’s


1. Jaya Mirji

2. Sahitya Aladakatti

3. Vijayashree I

4. Nikita Habib

5. Nivedita Patil

6. Aishwarya Dixit

7. Vani Naik

8. Jagannath Kulkarni

9. Rajeshwari Patil

10. Pooja Viraktimath

11. Smruthi Raikar

12. Akshay Kundgol

13. Navaneet Kulkarni

14. Adarsh Killed

DSA Best Project Award


1. Viresh Mathad

2. Shweta Jain

3. Spoorthi Kallolli

4. Vishal Patil


For the Project Colony One

TOC Toppers List


The one who got through Open Book Test

1. Vijayashree Ingalahalli


The one who got through CIE

2. Mohammed Umair


The ones who got through SEE

3. Sahitya Aladakatti

4. Ameya Karnad

5. Lohit Barki

6. Sachin Patil

7. Akhila Gadagkar

8. Akshay Kundgol

9. Jaya Mirji

10. Rajeshwari Patil

11. Shridhar S Kulkarni

12. Shweta Jain


TOC Top scores

1. Sahitya Aladakatti (97 / 100)

2. Mohammed Umair (97 / 100)


TOC Puddinga’s


1. Amrit Shidling

2. Gururaj Heggar

3. Navaneet Kulkarni

4. Nisha L Raichur

5. Pooja Kshirsagar

6. Smruthi Raikar

7. Shweta Hegde

8. Sneha Naik


Veeresh Kulli had collected the lines which I used to put in minor question papers. Here they are:


What is being tested, is supposed to be tested.


The more you c, the less you see.


Every tree has its day.


Answer is complete when you check for the completeness.


Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Algorithms are from hell.


Depth knowledge is essential to grow along the breadth.


Bubble sort ka Raas Leela..


What was answered was it supposed to be??


Keep listing, Ever Listing, Time wasting, Patience Testing.


If you are thinking too much, now that’s too much!


Most of us keep repeating the same mistakes!


Everything Is Equivalent if not Distinguished.


Head Strong Deterministic, will only make you head strong.


Elimination is sometimes the solution.


Rules are to be Followed, Following has no Rules.


When it’s Right, even Left Indicates Right.


You can Always Extend The Edge. But Never Break It.


We find many things Nullable While Having a Walk From No where to No where..


Prediction! Was it the mother of Probability?


Call it medium or Larger than Small, They are all the same.


When you are being many, you get likes as well dislikes.


No one knows what will happen in next 07 minutes! That’s why life is interesting.


Life Decides the Remix. We just need to Dance.


Transitions and Productions They just go hand in hand.


Intelligent People Make Destinations as They Move. They just Need Directions.


What you know that you write, that is how you do the fight.


To be applied on the supplied.


Thank you Nikhat Desai for this wonderful poem!


Entry to the lab, I stood there stunned,

Code blocks was the master key which I learned going through the 2nd and 3rd lab,

Ride the knowledge of structures and files to divide,

The following lab left us puzzled.

For we discovered our art to solve codes written by all,

Which didn’t make us feel small.

Before entering this session we knew only a forest tree;

the left node, the right node, and we discovered binary search tree.

Tom and Jerry was only the best comedy show.

DSA showed us how from that a structure we grow.

The linked list was difficult was the thing we knew,

the puzzle of prolific potion and the brew was enough to burst the fear we knew.

The horrible experience was of watching errors,

The best experience was taught, by debugging errors,

The animals we know on earth, we put in queue by enqueue, dequeue and gave new depth.

At the end all I want to say is just

That DSA is the best.


(Written as 11th lab activity answer)

Thank you Daneshwari for this beautiful Dedication:


A small poem by me, dedicated to my most beloved Prakash Hegade Sir!

With lots of love & respect!



When I first stepped into this ISE family;

Met an adventurous teacher, known for creativity!

Always patient, polite & calm even in great stress;

Giving never less than the very best!!


Making every lab so creative & interesting;

Then, our favorite became the coding!

Not just teaching, those lessons from books;

But making gain knowledge, from every corner & nook!


Listening patiently & answering all our queries;

Only teacher, who understands our difficulties!

Always, strengthening us constant motivation;

Making us never lack innovation!


I know, I am never a perfect student;

But you are always a perfect & ideal teacher for me!

Humbly requesting, to teach us for next sem too

I am blessed to have a teacher like you!










The Wing!




Every gift you all have left me will be preserved for the life time!


Thank you class! My sincere heartfelt thanks.




For the new journey you are going to begin soon,

“All the smiles go with you,

May the Force be with you!”

– PH




The Engineering Menu

Not all the times a faculty encounters a batch which become very close to heart. Having spent ample amount of time with this batch, here is a farewell gift, a collection of all the memories from their 2nd year of engineering as seen by me.

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  • Author: Prakash Hegade
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