The END has Begun

The END has Begun

by K. P. Walker

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The END has Begun

Currently there is a lot of talk about the Apocalypse and Armageddon. Many expect a biological infestation to overtake humanity, and others nuclear war, while some anticipate overpopulation. There are many natural occurrences that could cause the annihilation of humanity. There are many super volcanoes around the world, particularly the one long overdue at Yellowstone National Park. A prolonged volcanic winter would certainly remove at least 90 percent of humanity. A global winter would also ensue if another large comet hit the planet like the one that exterminated the dinosaurs. Humanity might not survive such a cataclysmic event.

Not too much is actually known about the universe (the space-time continuum). Scientists theorize that there is something unknown, some dark power that is forcing the universe to expand at an ever-increasing rate. They also postulate about the absence of matter. They think there should be more matter in the universe, but since they can’t find the hidden matter they call it dark matter. These dark elements sound like the ingredients for a religion; where many people believe there is something out there, but they just can’t prove it. One unknown (dark energy) is accepted as science and the other unknown (God) is eschewed as folklore. The only way to prove dark matter at this moment would be if the scientists could touch it or if it spoke to them. But what if there is something more to dark matter and dark energy? What if it suddenly reached its dark critical point and collapsed in an event that scientists call the Big Crunch? The universe would implode and we wouldn’t even see it coming.

Of course humanity could cause a global catastrophe. In fact Man might be causing one now without even consciously trying. No, I’m not talking about a wormhole caused by the Large Hadron Collider or about weather disruption by the HAARP arrays around the world. Humanity is dangerous in itself. And when some evil leader influences certain segments of the population they become a mob or worse, an army of automaton-like slaves causing havoc. Think of the philosophies or attributes of Man that have been destructive: religion, humanism, greed, and centralization of power, and mix them with hatred, fear, arrogance, self-interest, envy, and a myriad of other human flaws. Could a combination of these multiplied by technology culminate in the end of humanity?

There is one source that that warns humanity of an eminent end to its self-destructive behavior and self-indulgent proclivities. It is the Bible. About 2600 years ago a prediction was given to the first world ruler concerning centralization of power throughout the ages. Today we call centralization an empire. This ruler was given a dream where he saw a 90-foot tall statue made predominantly of metals. The head was of gold, the upper torso and arms were silver, the stomach and hips of brass, the two legs of iron, and the feet with toes made of iron intermingled with clay. The ruler was told he was the head of gold. The two arms and upper torso of silver was the Medo-Persian Empire. Alexander the Great of Macedon was the brass. Rome and Constantinople were the two legs of iron representing the split Roman Empire. The last empire on this statue was also iron representing a resurgence of Rome, but this iron was interlaced with clay.

To help you understand this prophecy you need some background on Rome. First we will take a peek at the old Roman Empire then at the new resurgent Empire. Rome started as a republic but collapsed into dictatorship. This centralization of power in one man was the beginning of the Roman Empire. The first two hundred years of the Empire were prosperous. It was militarily strong. The Empire flourished with vigorous commerce transported on well-built roads that were safe from brigands. Rome used technology to its advantage and its civil engineering was excellent. In a very practical way it employed the arch, an older technology, in its building program. The massive coliseum was four tiers of vaulted arches made of a new substance called concrete. Engineers built gravity-operated water transporting aqueducts to supply Rome and these structures also utilized the arch. This water was for drinking, and the sewage system. It also provided to the famed Roman baths for cleanliness. The government had welfare programs. The public had daily news and books. There was a substantial legal system.

Unfortunately Rome and its Empire had an over reliance on foreign slave labor to tend its fields and supply skilled labor. It also brought foreign (barbarian) mercenaries into the ranks of its Roman army weakening its cohesion. Many barbarian tribe migrations pounded the Roman Empire in the west. The army was needed but was expensive to maintain. Trade was disrupted when the roads became inadequately protected. Money became scarce. Political squabbles sometimes intruded to complicate management of the Empire. Rome was also crumbling from within through overspending and governmental corruption. When the Empire allowed Gothic migrants to cross the Danube into Roman territory they had finally let an enemy inside the gate. The Western Empire fell to the Goth hoards (bolstered by Roman army mercenaries) in 476 while the Eastern Empire survived.

The Emperor of the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire in Constantinople was head of both church and state (because the Eastern Empire had become Christian), and he became the titular head of all Christians after the fall of Jerusalem and Antioch to the Muslims. In only 65 years (by the year 700 AD) Islam had wrested all of the Christian areas of the Middle East and North Africa away from the Byzantine Empire. Nonetheless, the remainder of the Christian Empire thrived (in what is now called Turkey). It had one official language Greek (not Latin). It had schools, hospitals and orphanages. Eventually the constant attacks by the Muslims caused the Emperor to ask the West for help. That resulted in the first Crusade (1095 AD). The crusades did not reclaim land from the Muslim armies for long, nor did they keep the Byzantine Empire safe. Constantinople (and the Byzantine Empire) eventually became a vassal state paying tribute to the Muslims. In 1453 the Muslim Turks took Constantinople itself and changed the great church Hagia Sophia into a mosque, which it remains to this day.

Now that you are acquainted with the old Roman Empire I want you to know that through its legacy of laws and culture it still has influence in the modern world. And as I mentioned earlier there is a new manifestation of the Roman Empire that exists today. Prophecy of the statue says the resurgent Roman Empire is like two feet with ten toes. Since the statue depicts empires of worldwide influence you must realize that the new Roman Empire will also be worldwide in influence and power, and in some form in actual governance. For more on the specifics of the feet with its ten toes you should read The Plan for Life series, specifically book four The Living End by K. P. Walker.[*] Physically the new Roman Empire will have its seat in the European Union and in the English speaking offspring (colonies) of England: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even India to some extent.

So what does the resurgent physical Roman Empire have in common with these countries? Just look at the countries. They all have the attributes of old Rome. Rome had a navy. England, then the U.S. had good navies. The same is true for armies. The U.S., like old Rome used to abound in innovative civil engineering projects, such as the Panama Canal, and Hoover Dam (using arch technology). And then there is the achievement of putting men on the moon. There is no need to go into all the other technology that has come from the U.S. The U.S. also used to be powerful and influential just like old Rome. Unfortunately the U.S. Senate and Congress always fail to curb excessive spending requested by the President (especially when the President acts like an Emperor). Like the government of old Rome widespread bureaucratic confusion, incompetence and corruption infests the new Empire. Canada and Australia are similar to the provinces of the old Empire and they supply the natural resources the Empire requires. India functions in a similar manner in that it supplies skilled manpower. The common language for internet communications throughout the world is English. Trade is a large component of new Rome as it was in old Rome (note the proliferation of international trade treaties of today). What’s more, the new Roman Empire is still divided in somewhat the same manner that the old Empire was; the new Empire has an eastern half and a western half but each is subdivided into five blocs (representing the two feet of the statue). The old east was Christian while the west was religiously pagan. In the new Roman Empire the European bloc is secular and the U.S. bloc is still nominally Christian. As in old Rome all the western countries have vast welfare programs that provide funds to the supposed indigent. They all have water and sewage systems. And like the final stage of the old Roman Empire the countries that comprise the new Empire are no longer politically or financially stable.

Now note that Europe is different from its offspring in other ways. Its values have changed to where family has become secondary to career and the pursuit of self-fulfillment. This has caused a decline in the birthrate and an increase in the number of the aged in the population. With the focus oriented away from the family Christianity has also been largely abandoned. Europe recently felt it had to replenish its population so it opened its doors to Muslims (figuratively it let the enemy across the Danube). Yes, they enthusiastically welcomed people of the same religion that had conquered the old Eastern Empire and that tried to conquer the West (Europe) several times before. (The Turks were finally defeated at Vienna by the Polish cavalry on 9/11 in 1683.) Liberal Europe thought (wrongly) that it could be successfully multicultural, meaning it thought the new immigrants would eagerly adopt the new countries as their own. Europe gave them lots of welfare (reminiscent of old Rome). Instead of assimilating peacefully the immigrants decided to take the countries as their own. They have established parallel uncooperative belligerent, even hostile communities where school children are taught to ignore and hate the Europeans because they are enemies of Islam. Like Rome before them Europe seems to have provided the means to its own demise. Will Europe suffer the same fate as the old Western Roman Empire?

The western blocs of the new Empire are doing the same as mother Europe. Currently America is no longer inviting only skilled workers into the country; the ruling class has invited in the very enemy that used to attack American ships, stealing the cargoes and enslaving the crews. President Thomas Jefferson had sent the Marines to put an end to the Muslim Barbary Pirate barbarity. Now America is taking in mostly Muslims that consider America an enemy, whose religion calls for the death of the inhabitants of the country they are invading. These are a people that attack the customs that are not theirs, and have only disdain for the women of the West whom they label as prostitutes. In addition there are no fences to restrain gangs with drugs and violence coming from the South, so these are entering along with many other peoples that refuse to assimilate. There are also Chinese crossing the open border (sent by the Chinese government, a government that continuously attacks the American computer network and intends to take over all American industry). As in Europe these people are settling into their own “no-go” purlieus. They are not assimilating into the “melting pot.” Old Rome’s mistake has fully manifested in the new Roman Empire. As you may have already guessed this non-integration of bellicose and caustic peoples into Western countries is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the statue. These invaders are the clay that refuses to mix with the iron in the feet of the statue.

The Bible prophecy said concerning the new Roman Empire that iron will try to mix with clay in marriage (a unified society of strong and weak peoples) but that the union will fail. It says, “this will be a divided kingdom.” You can read all about this prophecy in Daniel 2 of the Bible. For those of you that have already read Daniel 2 you know that the statue is destroyed by a large rock hitting the statue on its feet. By this you should realize that the feet represent the last pagan empire of the world. So be aware, according to this prophecy when the iron and the clay make up the new Empire the time has come; the end has begun. The 2600-year-old prophecy is being fulfilled right before your own eyes. It may take a few years to reach fruition but this is the last empire. What are you going to do now? Rest assured I will tell you what you should do.

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At this point I want to go one step beyond the fulfillment of the statue prophecy and reveal to you another aspect of this Roman continuum. These are things that follow after this beginning of the end. In old Rome the Emperor was considered to be divine and was worshipped as such in dedicated temples. This was so until Constantine in 325 AD made the Empire Christian. As you already read the new Rome is also divided between pagan and Christian. But the strange thing about Biblical prophecy is that it says that people will again consider the new Roman Emperor to be divine. Yes, the whole world will worship him as a god. If this doesn’t scare you then you must be a spiritual zombie. [Read the free booklet Zombie Apocalypse by K. P. Walker to learn more about this condition.] So once again old Roman Emperor-worship will be instituted during the time of the new Roman Emperor.

Prophecy also says that that the “divine” ruler will be followed by a thousand reign of King Jesus. [Read KING Jesus by K. P. Walker.] Interestingly this thousand-year reign has been foreshadowed in the old Roman Empire. Upon the collapse of the pagan Western Empire the Christian Eastern Empire at Constantinople thrived for a thousand years. [If you want to know more about what is going to happen during the end time you will have to read The Living End by K. P. Walker or better yet read all four books of The Way to Life series distributed by Shakespir.com. They are expensive books by e-book reader standards, but they’re worth it.]

If the prophetic sign of the statue is not enough to awaken you there is one more thing I want to leave you with. You no doubt have heard of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, well, three of these guys have basically finished their work. You can read about their work in the newspapers and history books. [Also read The Living End by K. P. Walker, or the last book of the Bible.] The culmination of the work of the three horsemen together with the recent appearance of the horse of the fourth horseman provides another sign that the end has begun.

Also you should be aware that the new Roman Emperor is coming soon. He will not be a nice guy but you will like him – if your heart is not right. You will find him amazing – if you have abandoned truth and righteousness. You will receive his mark and worship him – if you are enslaved by sin. Do you know what sin is? It’s the condition of being separated from God, the God of the Bible. It’s a willful act, a choice. The result of choosing this corrupted world over God is death, both now and forever; that means you will be separated from Him forever, separated from the only God that loves you. He loves you so much that he himself paid the price you owe for your bad choice, death. As a result in King Jesus, the one who paid the price for you, you can have life forever. And you can be free (spiritually) from these sin-powered despots that rule this planet. All you have to do is repent. That means you choose to turn away from everything that kills you and turn to Jesus. “In” Jesus you will have life. He is the rock that will destroy the last kingdom. He is the end of the end time, and the end of pagan empires. He will then be set up as King of this world for a thousand years. Those that live at that time will experience what it is like to physically live under the rule of a righteous ruler. At the end of this time he will destroy both sin and death and set up his undefiled rule forever. To be part of this all you have to do is choose correctly. Choose life. Choose to repent, turn to Jesus and become part of his kingdom. Do it today. Don’t delay. Repent now! The time of the end has begun and this time will include the death throws of evil so it will be a terrible time. When the final Emperor of the world appears (in ?? years) don’t look to him to help you; in him there is only death. In Christ (King) Jesus there is assurance of eternal life right now. Prepare thoughtfully and carefully for what’s coming and for after the time of the End. King Jesus is coming! Invite him into your heart by faith and he will invite you into life with him forever.

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The Plan for Life series of four books by K. P. Walker takes you from Genesis through the Revelation to John. It will reveal the Plan for Life and follow this precious plan through the Bible. You will learn why the so-called Old Testament is still totally valid, what Jesus means for you, how the letters of Paul are a boon to believers, and you will have Apocalypse unveiled. You will learn of patterns of Jesus in the Old Testament, of the Kingdoms of God and Heaven, of why Jesus had the right to die for you, of the Christian walk, and of 666 the new Roman Emperor. The books are designed to be read in sequence but are completely stand-alone if you wish to read them individually. Their titles are Book 1 , Book 2 , Book 3 , and Book 4 The Living End.

The END has Begun

When will Armageddon begin? There are circumstances that need to be in place before the end time can be initiated. This free booklet will reveal one sign that is being completed right before your eyes. You can read about it and see video of it happening on the internet. You've probably discussed it with your friends. Maybe you are happy it's occurring, or you may have been appalled by it. Neither emotion matters. That this sign is being fulfilled means the time of the end has begun, although few people are aware of it.

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The END has Begun The END has Begun