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The Elemental Three - An Entirety


The Elemental Three – An Entirety

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-96-0


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On the front: “Consummately see – worlds in play for free” 2016.


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The elemental three: a hybrid form of energy.


The Elemental Three – An Entirety


The flashlight that shows

the shock within her grows


The elemental score

that starts to judder

and to roar


the simple sense


what now to magic

can ignite


The bright and dark


a balance

of a wintertime

that caught in summer prime

had autumn just to dine

and Springtime to align


the steady sense of time

caught in entirety

of movement energy


Fire, air and sea

combust now



elemental porter

alive on every quarter

oxygen reclaim

what brings to earth

a vibrant name


the sense that

passing through

entirety renew


an elemental


the rush and yet

the gush, the moment

that all flush


and then the simple

hush, when we start

to see

the vibrancy


taking now control

pressing further

as a whole of



see the natural


all we seek to see

in its entirety


the transformation source

the elemental force

that shapes and defies

in front of our eyes


we never can quite see


how fire, air and water

stoke a different porter


until we see

a balance of ferocity

the shape of life’s velocity

when what is coming through

is entirely new.



Purple Eyes Publishing


Entirety – the moment we see: the exchange medley.


Mystic, mystic way that shaped our yesterday, when remnants delay a full force of play with what we really see: elements that free, a hybrid reality.


We think we pick and choose, but now follow the clues – entirety lose the simplest to confuse where we think we pay our dues.


To what do we owe where – do we really care – except when we see – it’s not so perfectly…

reflected ‘my reality’.


When we look at one thing, we get caught in the heat of wondering – when we seek to revert, we no longer can convert what we knew: see the elemental through the context that renew the essence that the moment true now gives a sense to you.


A partial view of what to do – a labelled thing of what when to bring – the hardest thing to see is our lives in 3 D – that stretch of memory to project entirety – see how the Tao could direct a simple life connect: “echo-mirror-water”: an entirety porter, a way to hear and see, a conduit that move now perfectly.


Respond like an echo;

Reflect like a mirror;

Flow like water:

- did you get the hybrid porter, always out to thwart her from what once cavort her: senses realign to each different time – energy a sign – of moving incline to decline to then re-rhyme the cycle vine.


Fire, air and sea, how could you ever be only one form of energy?


The natural exchange is just to always rearrange.


What you consume – we exhume; what you breathe – we receive; and where you float – we hear a note of a different universe in the element that disperse the closing of this verse:


life without rehearsal – there the universal; life without direction – an accurate reflection; life without persuasion or constant instigation – see a free flow show of constant life now on the go: the elemental three – an entirety of glimpsed history – hybrid form and face: welcome to the constant race – welcome to the trace of ever changing space and what you place in time, just a split second define of what you think you see rhyming constantly – a hybrid reality.


The elemental three – an entirety – life’s stroke mastery: fire, air and sea interchangeably.


The Elemental Three - An Entirety

Three's a couple beyond a crowd - three's the moment said out loud - three is what you see: interchangeably; three legs let you stand - whichever way your foe command (a tale from Manx land), and three, you might just see: a special form of hybrid energy. Whatever you choose today, there are three balls in play (the 'yes', the 'no', the 'anyway...').

  • ISBN: 9781910774960
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 15:20:09
  • Words: 692
The Elemental Three - An Entirety The Elemental Three - An Entirety