The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems)


The effect of the entropy

(*] [*Thoughts in verses on life beyond made during 2013)

Rm Shanmugam Chettiar

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About the Poet :


Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar was born in 1942, in Tamilnadu, India. He retired from the Rubber Board , Government of India, as Dy. Rubber Production Commissioner, in 2002 . Currently he is Secretsry, Chennai Poets Circle.

He has been writing his thoughts in verses since 1995 and online from 2003 onwards.. He has penned more eight thousand and five hundred till date, on various fields with far reaching thoughts. He has got vide online audience.

The poet is an atheist; his poems would reflect his disbeliefs in God, Soul, Rebirth and Heaven. He has taste for Psychology, Philosophy and literature. He is influenced to a great deal by the works of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.



I have immense pleasure to share with you a collection of poems, small and long, about logical things penned during 2013 by the way of this book. This book consists of 160 poems about God, Soul and Life beyond looking from logical aspects in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection. Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric. I dedicate this book to my parents.


August, 2015


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[]Pretentious Acts


When you pose richer than you are

Or poorer than poor that you are,

You attempt to tilt your ego.

To be humbler is ego’s pride.

Jan., 2013


[]Time Spares None.


However glorious they are,

Eras have to pass by.

However splendid they are,

People have to pass by.

However captive they are,

Beauties have to pass by.

However lively it is,

The youth has to pass by.

Time spares none;

none wants to know it.

Jan., 2013




Confidence is the seed of arrogance.

Diplomacy is a kind of conspiracy.

Mercy is the dilution of justice.

Existence is an encumbrance.


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[] The Effect Of The Entropy


The entropy is an accepted law,

By which things move from order to disorder.

Time follows from order to disorder.

The universe is towards disorder.


Nonliving matter at the low level

Stops with forming minor molecules.

Living matter forms macro molecules

Which grow into many organelles.


Unicellular to multicellular

And to multi-organ, living matter

Is getting perfect by evolution.

Living things go from disorder to order.


The earth is set to move to entropy.

Living matter is set to act against it.

The growing population is resting on

The weakening system of the earth.


Matter is condensation of energy.

Energy is liberation of matter.

Both are converting into each other,

Which happen under certain influence.


Every conversion makes an impact.

Every impact affects for conversion.

Thus the influence is sustained throughout.

Fire can be alive till matter is burnt.

July, 2013


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[] The Soul Clothes The Body.


Soul is the formless life-force

Which runs trough animated things.

Soul builds the body and

Experiences the body.

Body does not hold soul and

Does not experience soul.

The soul feels about the body

As the body feels about the clothes.

Feb., 2013


[]Anomaly In Responses


People, who witness the rivals’ talents,

Have eyes to wonder and lacks tongues to praise.

People, who witness the masters’ power,

Have lips to praise and lack hearts to wonder.

Feb., 2013


[]Prejudices By Birth


Because a pony defeated a horse

In races for a great number of times,

That will not make the horse less handsome or

The pony more so unless the pony

Gets fair skin, thick mane and high neigh as well.

Prejudices born of breed hardly die.

Feb., 2013




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[]Morals Are Scripted.


Morals are scripted by the weak and the old

Collectively in the name of the God

To curb the energies of the strong and the young

Severally so that they could sail safely.

Apr., 2013


[] To Give, And To Get, Birth


Is giving a birth unloading or bearing?

Is getting a birth gaining or suffering?

A child would forgo receiving kisses

If each kiss is followed by a pinch.

A lad would refrain from kissing his girl

If each kiss is rewarded with a slap.

One might want to avoid giving birth,

For the burden that comes from happiness.

One might want to escape getting rebirth

For the suffering that comes from happiness.

Lust for sex is a bait to get young ones.

Births withheld, baits are chewed, for fear of pain.

The drive for procreation is dying.

To be free of rebirth can be achieved.

May., 2013


[]Seek An Exact Mirror.


You can look exact, bigger or smaller.

You can look fatter, thinner or crooked.

It depends on the mirror you look at.

Others’ opinions are your mirrors.

May, 2013

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[]Only Man Is Agitated.


Species go extinct;

Languages go extinct;

So do religions.


Rites and customs die;

Names and monuments fall;

Cultures too crumble.


Races go extinct;

Dynasties go extinct;

So do continents.


Plants aren’t bothered.

Animals aren’t bothered.

Man is agitated.

May, 2013


[] God’s Role Is Limited.


Growth of skills is the growth of life.

Growth of life is evolution.

Skills to capture the prey grow.

Skills to escape from the claws grow.

Aggression and resistance fight.

Skills strengthen certain organs,

That reflect in the evolution.

The growth of the individual

Fails before the growth of life,

With the God’s role limited

Like that of a Referee.

May, .2013

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[] Efforts To Effortlessness


To learn bicycling demands an effort.

The learning might cause pain and discomforts.

Learning over, cycling will become effortless.


Exert yourself and learn as much as you can.

Inadequate learning will drag your legs down.

Efforts lead to a state of effortlessness.

May, 2013


[]Love And Beauty


You and I love peacocks.

Peacocks love peahens.

Peahens love their chicks.

What are love’s criteria?


To you and I, a cock is a beauty.

To a cock, a hen is a beauty.

To a hen, her chicks are beauties.

What are beauty’s criteria?

May, 2013


[]Death Is Dreaded.


Death is most dreaded

Because there is no

Feedback and knowledge

One gets after death.

May, 2013



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[]The Soul Is Single


Have you got a soul in you?

If so, when did you get it?


At the time of birth?

In the course of pregnancy?

During conception? No;


Ere conception was there life

In the daughter cells

Sent for fusion of gametes

By the male and the female.


Jeevatma (soul) the individual soul,

Enters not at birth

And leaves not at death

In an individual.


The soul is only one,

Uncountable, and runs

Through all organisms,

Which are branches

given out by evolution.


No life can be evolved

Without continuity.

No life is lost in death.

No life is come in birth

May, 2013




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[]Vanity Of The Breed


A few yards before and a few after

And a few hours ahead and a few past,

What befalls is the matter of concern

To a traveler who makes a journey.


Only immediate ancestry

And immediate progeny

Are the matters of concern in one’s life.

Vanity of breed is meaningless.

May, 2013


[]Ripple Effects


Ripple effects are the causes

Of all actions and all motions,

That include reactions as well.

No single cause for an effect;

No single effect for a cause;

Causes and effects are a chain,

Expanding, fading and resting.

The change stands as the permanence.

Time is the swallower of changes.

To blame some and to hail some are

According to our convenience.

June, 2013





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[]Karma Is A Hypothesis.


No event will occur without a cause.

The law of cause and effect is the one

That governs all phenomena present.

To this law obey all forces of nature.


Under the sway of law of causation,

There is no room for accident or chance.

Chances and accidents are the products

Of some causes beyond our faculty.


Karma theory is born of this law.

One falls on its next, which falls on its next

And thus the effect passes on and on

And affects the one from whom it took off.


Karma theory is a hypothesis.

Yet it is a powerful weapon to wage

Against wrong doings in most religions.

Let us believe it and behave well.

July, 2013


[]Ego Is Fed.


By mere age, on those still younger,

By mere skin, on those still darker,

And by one’s stage, on those lower,

One looks down to feed one’s ego.

Sep., 2013




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[]Darkness Is God.


The Universe is dark; light comes from stars.

Darkness always is and light intrudes it.

Darkness is boundless; light has a boundary.

Darkness is the base on which would spread light.

Light is an effect but darkness is not.

Light is finite and darkness, infinite.

Light hides darkness and not vice versa.

God’s abode hence is darkness and not light.

Aug., 2013


[]God Has No Mind.


Each decision, each selection

And each judgment that humans make

Are subjective, coloured by mind.

God is not a party to it.

[ existentialism ]

Sep., 2013


[]Love For The Mother


The mother loves her children while alive.

They requite her love after she exits.

They wipe their quilt; can they quench her thirst?

Sep., 2013







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[]Mind Projects Them.


Does mind exist without time? No.

Does time exist without mind? No.

They do not, without each other.

They’re two pages of a single sheet.


Mind is the observer of time.

Mind is the instrument by which

All matter on the earth is seen.

Without mind, nothing is observed.


Every object is a bundle

Of elementary particles,

Which dwell in probability waves

Till it is observed by one’s mind.


While observation takes place,

Probability waves collapse

And a definite outcome emerges

To the sense of the observer.


It is a movie on the screen;

Otherwise, it is a film roll.

It is singing from the speaker;

Otherwise, it’s an audio disc.


When you see the moon, it is there.

Else, it’s a bundle of particles.

In a probability wave

Are all things when not seen by mind.

Oct., 2013


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[]Robes Are The Rod.


A king needs a robe; a judge needs a robe;

A knight too needs it; so do even priests.

They borrow from robes strength and composure.

Subjects draw from robes fear and weakness.

Nov., 2013


[] Actions On Idea And Ideals


Wants demand actions; fears demand actions.

Idea and ideals set actions.

One acts so as to be what one wants to.

What one has and what one wants set the goal.


A gulf is between idea and action.

If one is not rich, one acts towards it.

If one is not safe, one acts towards it.

To bridge the gap, comes all kinds of action.


The basis for an action is reward

Or fear of loss or fear of punishment.

Such actions are self-evolving ones.

Mankind needs more than that, the ideal.


The ideals are set to become great.

To become good, helpful and generous

Which one is not, is the ideal pursuits.

Action on ideals is real action.

Nov., 2013



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That Is Big To One Which Is Small.


The candle flame is bright in a dark room.

The electric light is dimmer in the day.

A shrub looks bigger to a pine seedling.

An oak is not big to the adult pine.

The childhood leaders stand more than their dues

And the present big leaders look smaller.

Nov., 2013


[]Man Is Chauvinistic.


Father gives his son y chromosome.

He does not give it to his daughter.

Mother gives x chromosome to the both.

Also she gives both the mitochondria,

The cellular energy factory,

And holds her matrilineage on both.

Man must not be chauvinistic.

Jan., 2013


[]Not To Feel Low


How down I feel makes how up you are.

How low I feel makes how high you are.

How dull I feel makes how bright you are.

No country would grow with hero worships.

Jan., 2013






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[]Mistakes And Wrongs


A mistake is a mistake

Only when you notice it

Or when you know it as mistake.

Mistakes like weeds exist.


A wrong is a wrong

Till you know it wrong

Or till you locate it.

Wrongs like dark persist.

Jan., 2013

[] A Loving one Is A Hating One.


Mind is flooded with preferences,

Beliefs, prejudices and biases.

They might be rational or otherwise.

They tell him to love or hate a thing.

They are conditions, subject to change.

Accordingly change love and hate.

Sensitive people are affected the most.

A loving one is a hating one too.

Jan., 2013







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God Shiva


God Shiva stands for annihilation.

So Hindus go to other gods and seers

For prosperity and relief of pain.

Shiva only could give you painless death.


Painless death gives you curse-less departure.

Manner of death, not the way of life, counts.

A suffering end after a glorious life

Is worse than the sweet end though from the low.

Jan., 2013


[]Value With A Reasoning


An arrow gets its strength

From the speed with which it is sent.

A message gets its value

From the force with which it is spread.

Thoughts and faiths inherited

Need not be meritorious.

Jan., 2013

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[]To Cry For Justice


There were two in contest.

One is just; one is strong.

I fevoured the strong.

There were two in conflict.

One is just; one is rich.

I sided with the rich.

Two groups were in dispute.

One is just; one is large.

I joined the large.


I cry for justice

When I am denied it.

Jan., 2013


[] To Harvest What Is Not Sown


I am not the cause when I become a prey.

I am not the cause when I fall a victim,

Also not the cause when made a scapegoat.

Do we harvest only what we have sown?

Jan., 2013


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The World Is The College.


Mythology is not a reality.

Ghosts and spirits are imaginary.

Gods are great inventions.

Planetary influence is hollow.

Fitness is matter of chance.

Sages are as good as I am.

Religions and arts are escapism.

Woman’s love to man is a mirage.

None would come with me to heaven.

The education is over,

I am leaving the college, the world.

Jan., 2013

[]Wood And Cotton


For wood to burn, heat in it must rise

To a temperature; so is for cotton.

Burning point differs; so does strength of fire.

Woman is wood and man is cotton.

For woman to love man, man must ignite.

For man to love woman, it is dead easy.

Which man does not fall on woman’s sign?

Which is harder to ignite: wood or cotton?

Who is vulnerable: woman or man?

Man, not woman needs protection.

Jan., 2013

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[]Why Separation?


Chips are many and different;

Some black or white, some big or small

Some square or round, and some gold or iron.

They can make match on any norm of these.

Once choice is made, it must be stuck to.

People part company less from soreness.

People part company more for the newness.

Jan., 2013


[]Shadows Are Unseen.


Hope has a shadow, which is ‘fail’.

Love has a shadow, which is loss.

Faith has a shadow, which is doubt.

Who see shadow, when seeing things?

Jan., 2013


[]God Men Are Selfish.


‘To whom praise and blame are equal,

Who is silent, content with fortune,

Home renouncing, steadfast in mind,

And worships Me, that one’s dear to Me.’

Says so Krishna in Bhagwat Gita. [12, 15-19]

Let Him want me to be of virtue;

Why must He starve for my worships?

It’s this feeling that put all god men

Selfish and ego oriented.

Feb., .2013



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[]The Use Of Knowledge


Fear also is a part of knowledge.

Where there is fear, there will be no love.

Knowledge is not made of absolute love.

Hence, humans as much suffer from knowledge.

Feb., 2013


[]Experiencing Bliss


To see, to hear, to smell, to taste and to touch

Come from Nada or Sound of the body.

It is the reverberation of body.

Reverberation is the very existence.

All vibrations translate to sound.

Every form has a corresponding sound.

Experience of vibration is existence.

Sound has a base, which’s Moun or Silence.

Sound is the cortex and silence, the pith.

Becoming silence is experiencing bliss.



[]Crimes To Escape


A philanthropist cannot be robbed.

A pious man cannot be humiliated.

A liberal woman cannot be raped.

They overwhelming, crimes will escape.

Feb., 2013




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[] Flavour, Not The Flower, Is Liked.


I find liking temples’ serenity,

Though without devotion to God.

I find liking god-songs’ sweetness

Though without attachment to God.

I find liking scriptures’ language

Though with no reverence to God.

Theists too do the same thing as I do.

Feb., 2013


[]Subsequent Visits


Three times I read Romeo and Juliet.

Three times I visited the TajMahal.

Three times I met the woman I had loved.

They happened at a decade intervals.


Subsequent visits of each were better

Than the previous ones with the improvement

In my observation and perception.

Further visits could bring me more delights.

Feb., 2013


[] Admirers Need Not Be Worthy.


Who praise me, who admire me,

Who love me and who side me

Need not be worth loving back.

Their estimates made me pretty.

Feb., 2013



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[] Pride Had A Role To Play.


One’s lavish for son’s wedding.

One’s lavish for father’s birthday.

Both do to flaunt their richness.

Pride, not love, has roles to play.

Feb., 2013


[]How Is Mine To Others?


The spirit of my father

Is a ghost to my neighbour.

The mischief of my child

Is a nuisance to my neigbour.

Feb., 2013

Convenience Is Auspiciousness.


Once the full-moon was sole light for nights.

Festivals were held because of the moon-light

And not because they were auspicious nights.

Now Sundays are auspicious for marriages.

Feb., 2013

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[] Stop Becoming An Orphan.


King Pegan, prompted by the sight

Of a peacock shivering from cold,

Offered him his quilt and braved cold

On his way, as a [Tamil} legend says.


King Parry, prompted by the sight

Of a climber hanging for a stake,

Offered it his chariot and walked

Through the forest, as a [Tamil] legend says.


There were moments for you and me

When empathy waves engulfed us

And we sprang to action to save

The victims, braving the dangers.


Such decisions come from the Self,

Which is sheer independent

Of any rational thinking.

You forget yourself in this action.


This self is present in all mammals

But deteriorates in man.

Miseries are addressed by this self

Without which man will be extinct.

Mar., 2013







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[]Knowing Is Life


One doesn’t know that one sleeps.

One doesn’t know that one’s dead.

On death, one will not know that

One has ever lived at all.

Things will count only till death,

And will be dust to the one dead.

Mar., 2013


[]God Is In Good Book.


The greatest truth is God will terminate you.

You will perceive this only when the end comes.

Death makes you powerless to realize this

Or tell others and thus God is in good book.

Mar., 2013


[]Guilty Of Inferences


Behaviours are moulded by beliefs

Beliefs are the products of convictions.

Convictions come from mental conditions

Obtained from the experience undergone

With people and objects interacted.

People and objects are subject to change.

So are the behaviors they display.

But convictions made are there as frozen.

The cat would shy the milk, burnt from it.

We’re guilty of inferences we make

Mar., 2013


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[]Come Out Of The Myth.


The Sun lights not the whole earth at a time.

A half of the earth is always in dark.

The God cannot keep all the lives happy.

The corresponding half is in misery.

Mar., 2013


[]Love And Hope


Tolerance is the sign of love.

Patience is the sign of hope.

Without them you lose love and hope,

The two propellers of life-force.

Mar., 2013


[] God Is There, Go Ahead.


The Lord forgives sins and pardon sinners.

He is an antidote to our sins.

So we are free to do whatever we like.

Lord is the cause for sins to perpetuate.

Mar., 2013


[] The Seed Of A Banyan Tree


My disbelief in ghosts

Does not kill my fear for them.

My disbelief in gods

Does not kill my fear for them.

Seeds of fear sown by parents

Now stand as banyan tress.

Mar., 2013

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[]Precaution Is No Use.


While cycling, one might hit a stump

That he had wanted to avoid.

Conscious mind takes precaution.

Subconscious fear nullifies it.

Mar., 2013

[]Humans Cause Miseries.


I surmise the past with the factors known.

I perceive the future with the signs known.

There might be unknown facts influencing.

As a result I fault in my conclusions.


No man could be just in his decisions.

They are not flawless or without errors.

Thus undeserving victims are made out.

Humans breed miseries among themselves.

Mar., 2013


[]Lives Post Death


At my seventy two I recollect

About my great grandmother, who died

At her nineties, fifty years ago.

She post-death lives till we, the knower, live.

Mar., 2013






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[]Causes Govern.


Punishment and revenge cost same;

Only the doers are different.

Hanging and murder give same ends;

Only doers are different.

Intentional or accidental,

A glass dropped would break, no doubt.

We don’t bite the dog that bit us.

We take revenge only on humans.

Causes govern the gravity.

Reactions come accordingly.

Apr., 2013


[]Feed The Desire.


Without desire, the world is a zero.

The desire would die when fuel withdrawn.

It is a wildfire when over supplied.

You aren’t fed unless your desire is fed.

Apr., 2013


[]Hope Has Limitations.


Hope cannot alter the outcome,

When you are a witness to it.

It can affect your mental state,

Shelving the impact of effects.

Apr., 2013




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[]Death Is A Horror.


To perceive no more,

To recollect no more,

To impress no more

Are chief factors making

Death a deadly horror

To the one facing it.

Apr., 2013


[]No World’s Harmony


Harmony cannot be brought to the world

By any messiah or god incarnates

As one eats the other for one’s living

Without mercy, and God is a witness.

Apr., 2013


[]The Role Of Instincts


Victory is sweet; sweeter is revenge.

Relief is sweet; sweeter is escape.

Gain is sweet; sweeter is lottery.

Sex is sweet; sweeter is adultery.


Liberty scores over freedom.

Selfishness scores over justice.

Jealousy scores over affection.

Bribery scores over honesty.


Instincts disobey conscience

Whenever it finds the convenience.

Apr., 2013

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[]Brain’s Master


Man’s brain possesses

Manas, the mind,

Buddhi, the intellect,

Chitta, the subconscious,

Ahankara, the egoism.


Manas faces choices,

Buddhi makes selection,

Chitta does scrutiny

And ahankara approves or vetoes


Ahankara is the fiber,

Giving stiffness too life

In the form of selfishness,

The essence of existence.

Apr., 2013


[]Reliefs And Burdens


A death is a loss and a relief too.

A birth is a gain and a burden too.

A thing comes to you and with a price tag.

A thing goes from you and with a load too.

When you own a car, it would own your care.

Be light to loss and gain on their visits.

Apr., 2013




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[]My Death Is My Loss.


My death is a loss

Only to me,

And not to any.


My death is a pain

Only to me,

And not to any.


My death is my fear,

Not anyone’s;

It gives me more pain.


I have to face it.

It is one’s fate.

I fear pain to die.

Apr., 2013


[]Man And Other Mammals


Man invented Time and bought restlessness.

Man invented God and brought ignorance.

Man devised Money and forgot humanism.

Unlike other mammals, he has more fears.

Apr., 2013




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[]The False Necessity


Bras are a false necessity.

A recent study has found it.

Denied gravity by the bra,

Breasts get no escapes from sagging.

Rather, they are eager to sag.

No anatomical gain comes.

Yet bras are a necessity

To man’s eyes trained in that bracket.


Gods are a false necessity;

Theories are there to confirm it,

The mindset cannot be altered.

Gods will stand a necessity

To humans’ mind tamed in that order.

Apr., 2013


[]Money Goes And Comes.


The sea is robbed of water by the clouds.

The sea gets water from rivers in turn.

The clouds and the rivers are same to it.

Let takers and givers be same to you.

May, 2013

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[]Intentions and results


Between provocation

And retaliation

There’s no correlation.

It’s like a seed and tree.


A spark of fire can spread

To destroy a forest.

A rebuke thrown at one

Can lead to a suicide.


Reaction can go high.

Retaliation is still more.

Repercussion might be

More than perceivable.


The affected are upset

With the attacks received,

For their intended ends

Are not the resultant ends.

Apr., 2013





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[]Are You Loyal To God?


A theft is not a theft

If man commits it

On plants and animals.


It’s not a robbery

When it is employed

On plants and animals.


A kill is not a kill

If it is inflicted

On plants and animals.


Thefts, robberies and kills l

Are so among humans,

All religions profess.


You cannot please the God

By harming other lives,

Which too are His products.


You cannot lead a life

Without these, and with these

You aren’t loyal to Him.

May, 2013







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[] The Leftover Get Over.


Being harmless, helpless or innocent

Or being weaklings, disabled or old

Will generate pity in others’ hearts.

Pity is translated to love and concern.

The leftover, thus, get over their ills.

While pity enters, jealousy exits

May, 2013


For a long life


You may water;

You may manure;

You may spray

And guard a tree.

A storm may blow

And fell it down.


A good health is

Not a long life.

May, 2013


[] Seniority is not counted.


The first come is the first to go;

It is retirement.

The last come is the first to go;

It is retrenchment.

No such rules are for births and deaths.

It is dismissal.

May, 2013


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[]Distances Hide.


A stone statue looks smooth

When seen at a distance,

With its spores out of sight.

Great men keep distances.

May, 2013


[]Fate And God


What happens is the fate;

How can you alter it?

What is feared is the God;

How can you avoid Him?

May, 2013


[]Temples Are Empty.


Visitors are sinners

Or beggars of favours.

Inmates are workers

With vested interests.

Fed up with those loveless,

Gods went out of their shrines

To find love of others

Who mind their business.

May, 2013


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[]Friend Turned Foes


Two friend turned foes are more hostile,

With the stored bitterness finding its way.

Two foe turned friends are more benign,

With the stored sweetness leaking its way.

May, 2013


[] Fearfulness Moves Up And Down.


Fearfulness manifests in friendliness.

Fearfulness manifests in spitefulness.

Fearfulness is like temperature

That can show plus and minus Celsius

May, 2013


The Diseased Have No Loss.


The contents cast, the can goes empty.

A balloon burst, is the balloon empty?

Both gone, neither is loss to the other.

It occurs when a death takes place,

With no loss to the body or life.

May, 2013







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[]Evaluate Friendship.


Better are foes than faithless friends,

Deaths than terminal illness,

Blows than contempt and censures

Than tributes to the worthless ones.


[Based on a Tamil four line poem,Naladiayar; 200AD, under the head,Friendship, of Jain religion.]

May, 2013


[]Exercise The Ego.


To manage is the exercise of ego.

It gives ego a sense of wellbeing.

It is at its best in play and fine arts;

Also at work done with an interest;

May, 2013


[] The Upper Class Purity


If there did break a racial war

Where the white and the black live,

Which side would the mixed race lean on?

The black only will admit them.

May, 2013






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[]No Messiah Can


The level of evil can be

Brought down to that of certain time

If the population is also

Cut down to that of that time.



[]Perception Is Fluid.


Contents and conveyance

Of an object perceived

And knowledge and intellect

Of a person perceiving

Are the four factors that

Together contribute

The resultant perception,

Which is subject to change

As factors are variable

Due to space and time.



[] Veneration And Reverence


We venerate certain places;

We revere certain people.

Mecca isn’t same to non-Muslims.

So is Jesus to non-Christians.

Things are made great by the condition.

May, 2013



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[] Belief Is Taken As Truth.


The earth is flat- once held as true.

The sun revolves- once held as true.

Many things now we hold as true

May later turn to be false.

What I believe is true, though not.

What I disbelieve is false, though not.

May, 2013


[]Ego Is The Cause.


Be it an emperor or a messiah.

Both are driven by the same impetus:

Pleasure in expression of their self-worth.

Both are ruthless in their endeavor.

Both are merciless against adversaries.

Next only come their mission and visions.

May, 2013


[]Are We At Peace?


To learn running faster is the cheetah’s concern.

To learn running faster is the deer’s concern.

Their existences are linked to that feat.

They have no separate gods to rescue them.

Fear is the complex that cripples all lives.

We delude ourselves that we are at peace.

June, 2013




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[]Kill ‘ I’.


‘I’ is high in all God’s utterances.

‘I’ is high in all messages uttered

By sons of God, messiahs and prophets.

They want us to kill our ‘I’ to reach God.

June, 2013


[] Life Has No Timetable.


When it starts, it will be its starting time.

When it halts, it will be its reaching time.

In that case, it runs neither fast nor late.

Like this is the life journey, unscheduled.

July, 2013


[] Do The Masters Deserve?


A farmer is a planter and a grower.

He is a reaper too.

A shepherd is a breeder and a keeper.

He is a butcher too.

The God is a creator and a provider.

He’s a terminator too.

Must the crop, the sheep and man show their love

To their respective masters?

July, 2013





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[] Delay Wipes Not The Scar.


The scar caused by a denial

Is not removed by its supply.

Things given not wholeheartedly

Will be acknowledged halfheartedly.

July, 2013


[]The True Atheist


Saying that God does not exist

Will not make you an atheist.

You must’ve courage to face the world

Without fear for the unknown.

Absence of fear for the God

Will not make you an atheist.

Absence of fear for Satan

Must also in you follow suit.

July, 2013




I depend on you and you do on me.

I depend on him, who is, on someone.

No one is independent of others.

A chain of dependence is the law of nature.


It’s not that one is fully dependent

Or fully independent in existence.

Interdependence is the rule of the game,

Be it life, planets or the galaxy.

Aug., 2013


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[] The Mouth Leads To The Anus.


Every mouth will end with an anus.

Every anus is led by a mouth.

To expect a mouth without an anus

Is to expect only advantage from one.

Aug., .2103


[]No Present Or Centre


Time has the past and the future.

There is no present in between.

Space has the left and the right but

There is no centre in between.


The middle is further divisible.

Aug., 2013


[]Credits To Water


Water falls in waterfalls.

Water runs in all rivers.

The cause is the gravity.

Credits go to the water.

Aug., 2013




Food wasted by humans

Is used by animals,

Whose waste is used by plants.

Nothing will be wasted.

Aug., 2013

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[] The Future Is Coloured.


The past is mud; the future is a spring.

With past in mind, we step into future.

With mud on legs, we step into the spring.

Don’t blame future and springs for their colour.

Aug., 2013




The anxious mother is

The cautious devil.

The anxious husband is

The possessive demon or

The suspicious evil.

Anxiety in excess

Is a peril to the owners.

Aug., 2013


[] Life Floats In Illusion.


The moon looks bigger than any planet.

The bomb explodes harder than a thunder.

One’s eyes deceive and one’s ears deceive.

Ignorance believes; innocence accepts.

Sep., 2013






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[]The World Of Jain


The whole world consists of two entities:

Life and Non-life; both are independent.

Life is the state of pure consciousness.

Non-life is of motion, rest, space, time and

Gross matter, the five being infinite.

Life through Non-life forms all living organisms.

The law of cause and effect is in force.

Injuries breed injuries; abstain from them.

Non-injury is the spirit of Jainism,

Which does not, hence, envisage any God.

Sep., .2013


[]Anger And Dream


Anger is a reaction;

Dream is a reflection.

Irritations give anger;

Activations [of brain] give dreams.


Anger and dreams are respondents

No initiative from their parts;

Anger and dream need no actions.

They, when left, die themselves.

Sep., 2013.


[]Nights Bring Days.


Nights I passed had brought me

As many days before.

Partings I suffered too

Had as many courtships.Sep., 2013

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[]Common Nouns


A cow does not know how people call her.

A crow does not know how people call him.

So is the case for all things people named.

What about all gods named in mythologies?

Sep., 2013


[] The Protector And The Predator


One is the protector

And the other, a predator

For each living body.

There is a constant fight

Between them on it.

The protector wins battles

And the predator, the war.

Sep., 2013

[]Life Is Amoral.


Survival demands killings

For food and securities.

Morals and codes drawn by men

Are out of this venue.

Sep., 2013

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[]Non-rebirth Is Bliss


Most religions profess the bliss

In the form of getting no rebirth,

Which we realize when we die.

No one wants to be born again

For its inherent live struggles

And no guarantee of its standard.

Sep., 2013


[]The Unsung Heroes


It is not that the best seeds got sown.

It’s not that the best sperms got ovum.

Many worthy men are dead unsung.

Don’t sing men who managed to be great.

Sep., 2013


[]Do It That Would Die.


The name you earn will not stand forever.

The print you make will not stay forever.

Knowing this, you must yet strive to do good.

Don’t we try to live though death is certain?



[] Mother Can’t Be Bad.


A she-snake is a good mother.

An eagle is a good mother.

So are any wild animals.

No mother to her child is bad.

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[]The Forgiveness


The forgiveness that is practiced

When there is no alternative,

Or when it is an advantage

Is not the forgiveness the least.

Sep., 2013


[]Truth Might Suffer.


Truth is at the mercy

Of the might of the argument

Or of the argument of the mighty.

Truth is hard to be seen.

Sep., 2013


[]Conditions For Morals


Honesty suffers when loyalty threatens.

Loyalty suffers when selfishness urges.

Selfishness is instincts for survival.

Morals will function from the secured state.

Sep., 2013








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[] Drop The Self-importance


Self-awareness is the product of ego,

That demands attention and acceptance

And feels importance and self-worth as well.

It earns us no food, no money, no kinds.

Yet relentless efforts and money are put

To earn no gain, physical or material.

In case it fails, dissatisfaction will mount.

Self-awareness dissolved, much worries drop.

Sep., 2013


[]Power Of Research


To disturb is the force.

To destroy is the power.

Research is a power.

Scientists will get it.

Albert Einstein once said

If he reborn, be he

A plumber- a worker.

The world has been destroyed

More by the inventers.

Humans have been weakened

More by the inventions.

Sep., 2013




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[]Why Only Me?


Thousands of people play

But a few are champions.

I didn’t ask why only me

When I became such one.

Must I ask why only me

When I got the fatal illness

Which the thousands haven’t got?

Sep., 2013


[] Might Is The First Aid.


In a given situation,

The might speaks, summons loyalty

And decides the course of events.

The might rules in an emergency.

Sep., 2013


[]The Sweetest


Division of power is not sweet.

Division of love is bitter too.

Division of labour can be sweet.

Division of load is sweeter too.

Escapism is the sweetest.

That’s why human misery is high.

Sep., 2013



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[] The Right And Kindness


Between the right and the wrong, choose the right.

Between kindness and harshness, choose kindness.

Between the right and kindness, choose kindness.

The race thrives by kindness and not by the right.

Oct., 2013


[]Imperfect Actions

Relativity determines

Happiness or sufferings,

The right or the wrong in action

And the very justice made.

Oct., 2013



[] Water Is There To Wash.


Water is there; soap is there.

Don’t mind about getting soiled.

God is there; goddess is there.

Don’t mind about committing sins.

To give kinds and to forgive sins,

Religions tell us to ask God.

So we need not bother about

Doing sins, which He will forgive.

Oct., 2013






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[] Non Rebirth Is Not God’s Wish.


Not to die till I die is my goal.

To compete for food, sex and shelter

Is the struggles that give anxieties

Rather than pleasantness in one’s life.


Be him rich or poor, he is filled with

Sufferings that encompass happiness,

Pains that eclipse pleasure and losses

That pester him despite gains in store.


Rebirth is not worth seeking in life.

Resenting rebirth is in the card.

I am in tune with all religions

That advocate for seeking no rebirth.


Getting rid of rebirth is the bliss.

If it’s so, the best way for one to stop

The rebirth is stop reproductions,

Giving no birth. Is it God’s wishes?

Oct., 2013










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[]Peace Gives Way


Do depressions hit? I dwell in the past.

Do anxieties curb? I count the future.

Either of the two engages me most time,

Elbowing its way through the peace at hand.

Oct., 2013


[] About The Post-life Name


Praises and abuses thrown about me

Do not affect me unless I know them.

Why must I strive for a name to be left

As to its fate I would have no access

Oct., 2013


[] Ignorance Is Man’s Shadow


Science is rewritten

When new findings are made.

History is rewritten

When new discoveries are made.

Religions are fast written

Against onslaught proofs.

Nothing is certain

As ignorance is man’s shadow.

Oct., 2013





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[]No Rebirth; No Karma;


You don’t step in the same water two times

When you step in a river at a place.

You don’t look at the same flame two times

When you look at a lamp in a place.


The river is same but the water flows.

The lamp is same but the oil spends out.

Life force is same, made of energy,

From where are born and dead organisms.


Each flow is new and each flame is new.

Each birth is new, budding from the life force.

It dies like an electric bulb when fused,

And a new birth comes like a new bulb fit.


Leaves are born and leaves are dead of a tree.

Births of leaves are new births and not rebirths.

Humans are born and dead from the life force.

Every birth is new and not a rebirth.


The craving and the propensities

Come to a birth from the parental genes

And are not transmigrated from one birth

To the other as Karma of rebirth.

Oct., 2013



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[]Go Childless.


Rebirth is a curse;

To get rid of it is bliss.


Karma brings rebirth;

Attachment brings Karma.


Detachment to the worldly

Is the way to shed Karma.


Every birth is a rebirth.

Then stop reproduction.


The world is misery.

Future is bleak to the progeny.


You struggle more

Than your ancestry did.


Your progeny would suffer

More than you had suffered.


To beget a child then

Would be more a pain than bliss.

Oct., 2013




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[] Pessimism And Optimism


Pessimism and optimism

Would affect the individual

But not the event perceived.

Optimists might land in trouble;

Pessimists might miss the success.



[] Once Bitten, Twice Alert


A gambler ends his life

In a bankruptcy.

A lease of life given,

He won’t choose it again.

The life is a gamble,

Where the end is suffering.

No dying one would wish

To revisit the world.

Oct., 2013


[]No More A Hell


Sahara is not a hell to an Arab.

Iceland is not a hell to Eskimos.

So is a prison to a life convict.

Accustomed to, no more is it a hell.

Nov., 2013



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[] Virtues Hold No Water.


A cat ate a rat, not provoked though.

Was it a culprit? Was it to be done with?

Can you prevent it? This is the design.

Laws, justice and virtues can’t stand the test.

Nov., 2013


[] No Talks Between Branches


A remote twig communicates with the trunk.

Adjoining branches have no talks between them.

The relation with the siblings is short lived,.

But with the progeny, is never ending.

Nov., 2013


[]Sweet To Be Sweet


Secrets are sweet when leaked out.

Loving is sweet when it’s shown.

Revenge is sweet with doer known.

The sweet, not tasted, is not sweet.

Nov., 2013


[]Death Is Not Felt.


Death is not experienced by the diseased.

To register death, brain is not alive.

The world and the time are not in knowing.

No dead person knows that he/she has been dead.

Nov., 2013


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[]Post-life Stands.


Post-death is not different from pre-birth.

No hopes. No fears; no pleasure, no pain;

No joy, no sorrow; no love, no hatred;

Yet, the survivors would remember the death.

Nov., 2013

[] Beyond Two Generations


Each generation and each circle

Witness heroes, heroines and villains.

They are recognized by two generations

That precede and follow them; that’s all.

Nov., 2013

[] Efforts For Momentary Things


Knowing that our foot prints like others’ would die,

We leave our footprints made of many efforts

As knowing that our life would come to an end,

We lead our life with struggles against all odds.

Nov., 2013









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Escapism is sweet.

Be it from a burden,

Loss, pain or a threat.

Death is escapism.

Nov., 2013

[]In The End


In the last segment of one’s life,

One may suffer a fatal disease,

Lose dear ones to be near and care

And get ones unkind and heartless.

Then even an atheist will invoke God.

Nov., 2013


[] %The Essence Of Senses


Commonsense is not alike in all ones.

It depends upon one’s intelligence,

And gains its strength from one’s experience.

No sense is wholesome without commonsense.

Nov., 2013


[]More For Hatred


Bees steal from flowers; bears plunder beehives.

Bees called bears thieves; bears called bees thieves.

They justify their actions and hate others.

Beings have more for hatred than for love.

Nov., 2013

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[]Hopes And Fears


A hope, though in vain, serves as a tonic.

A fear, though baseless, takes its toll on one.

Hope and fear are elusive till their ends.

Humans have no alternative to these.

Nov., 2013


[] To Beget No Child Gains Merit.


The world is turning worse to inhabit.

Must our children suffer more than we?

Children aren’t grateful to their old parents.

Must we invest on children for our end?

Population has quadrupled during

A hundred years, just past. Must we add?

A birth is a rebirth. Must we aid to it?

Dec., 2013















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[] Death Is Not The Harvest Of Life


Swami Ramona Maharishi!

He lived a humble, holy life.

He blessed a lot; he cured a lot.

He lived without stress, without strains.


He suffered a terrible end.

Not yet ripe, he developed cancer,

Suffered repeated surgery

And died after two year agony.


Sri SathyaSai Baba, His Highness!

A God incarnation, he claimed.

He healed all by super power.

He predicted the time of his death.


He died a decade earlier.

He suffered a horrible death

After two months intensive care,

When acute pain ruled him throughout..


Their way of life does not deserve

The type of end they were to get.

Their sufferings must have been worse

Than the most of their devotees.


What does it mean and signify?

Death is not the harvest of life.

Because you live a worthy life

You can’t ensure a painless death.

Dec., 2013


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[]Poetry Defined


Poetry is a sort of painting

Or a spurt of one’s emotions.

Sometimes, it revolts or judges.

Sometimes, it praises or condemns.


Obscurity is its beauty;

Subtlety is its finery.

Imaginations focus light.

Similes and metaphors aid.


Rhythm makes it the poetry.

Metres measure intonation.

Rhymes are ornaments for the sound.

Alliterations enrich tones.


Let it have some message, the soul.

Dec., 2013


[]Egos Modify Qualities


Dignity is out of the ego thickened;

Jealousy is out of the ego weakened.

Pardon is out of the ego elated.

Revenge is out of the ego wounded.

Greed and mean are from the ego scared.

Mercy results from the ego at rest.

Dec., 2013



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[]Fully Wiped By Death


How his body was disposed of,

How his funeral was attended,

How the things he valued were wasted

And how he would be remembered,

He cannot know after he’s dead.

Even that he’s ever lived on the earth

Or that he has already been dead

Is not known to him after death.

To believe this truth, ask anyone

Who had anesthesia treatment.

Dec., 2013


[]Let Us Empathize


Beauties are there; blinds too;

Melodies are there; the deaf too;

Singers are there; the dumb too;

Dancers are there; lames too.

Let us empathize with the latter.

Dec., 2013


[] Only Man Is Blameworthy.


We choose a path at every fork;

When it goes wrong, we don’t blame it.

We pick up advice from those offered;

When it goes wrong, we blame the adviser.

Man would become bitter only with man.

Dec., 2013



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Anyone Can Write Poems.


Metres need not be kept.

That much becomes easier.

Rhymes can be dispensed with.

That much becomes easier.

No need of equal length of lines;

That much becomes easier.

Poets have sanctions to err.

That much becomes easier.

It is easy to write poems

Than prose for anyone.

Dec., 2013


[]A wasteful Exercise


An anthology of poems was published

By a society of the learned poets

With a set of poems written by members.

Each member was supplied a copy of it.

No member was keen to read other than his,

Not to say about the public who read nil.

So is the case of many anthologies.

A wasteful exercise; so is money.

Dec., 2013




Comparison with the past is deadly.

It can be more the source of sorrow.

Memory is the seat of comparisons.

One is free of it when one is no more.

Dec., 2013

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[]Where Is The Rebirth?


People have learnt to preserve anything.

A dead body can be kept endlessly

But the memory cannot be preserved.

Without memory, where is the rebirth?

Dec., 2013


[]The Conditioned Mind


Two eyes apart, one nose below between

And one mouth still below is the set up

Of a face of human or an animal

To which our seeing has been conditioned.


Any change in number or position

In the face is indigestible to eyes.

How if the Hindu Epic is enacted

In European or modern costumes?


Imagine Jesus in Lord Krishna’s make up.

Everything is evaluated

From the conditioned vision and concept.

Assessments come from the conditioned mind.

Dec., 2013








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[]Illusory Appearance


Freedom from illusion

Is ability

To penetrate ignorance.

Mirage appears

Real to those ignorant

And an illusion

To those intelligent.


Illusion is dissipated

By knowledge.

Once dissipated,

Illusory appearance will be there

But the understanding will change.


The world is of illusion,

With illusory

Appearance, to the learned.

Accordingly they tend

To react to the things around.

Dec., 2013








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[] The Voice of Reason (for shanmugam)

[Here’s a man to be revered
He has lived 73 years!
He’s prolific OVER 7000 poems!
Over 70 and still going!
India is his home nation.
He’s gotten a great education.
He’s been in a
tough line of work
His responsibilities
He didn’t shirk!
He was married many years
And a few children it appears!
He’s a man for every season
I think that he’s a
voice of reason.
On all things we don’t agree
But he has allowed my
Mind to be free.
He loves Shakespeare
And Thomas Hardey
Does he bend his views
Of life… hardly!
He may not believe in God
But his morality is not odd.
He is not afraid.
He speaks his mind.
But he is also very kind.
This wonderful man
Do not neglect…
… he deserves our…
…….. deep RESPECT! !!!
__]Catherine E Jarvis 2014

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[] Reviews of Fellow Poets

p<>{color:#000;}. Vivek MishraYour extensive and direct approach of writing brings out the subject matter of the poetry in its best possible form. Different and impressive


p<>{color:#000;}. Valsa George (6/16/2012 9:18:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. It’s amazing that a man could pen 6000 and odd poems in a couple of years! ! Ur passion for poetry is exorbitant. Please keep sharing ur concise and valuable thoughts! |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. Wahab Abdul (6/11/2012 7:50:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. I found this poet wonderful, his poems are very beautiful, he is one of my best poets, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry… |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. VeeraiyahSubbulakshmi (2/18/2012 11:11:00 PM)

When I accidentally came into this site on 18th December 2011 for the first time, his name appeared on the Home page. Out of curiosity, I logged in and posted a few poems. Rm. ShanmugamChettiar’s poems talk about eternal truth, though he touches a few odd subjects here and there.

table<>. <>. |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;background:#f00;}.   |<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. RajendranMuthiah (1/1/2012 3:16:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Sir, you express simple facts of life bitter and happy in brief simple verses. That is fantastic! |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. RekhaMandagere (2/9/2011 2:53:00 AM)

You have really done a great work in the field of poetry!

You have really done a great work in the field of poetry!


[] Bio Data of the Author


Name: Mr. Rm. ShanmugamChettiar.

Date of birth: 15^th^ June, 1942

Place of Birth: Shanmuganathapuram [Aravayal], near Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India.

Residence: 10, The first street, Bharathi Avenue, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Pin: 600085


Father: Rm. RamanathanChettiar [Malaikolundu]

Mother: Rm. MuthulakshmiAchi [Kamalam]

Wife: Alagammai [Tharmambal]


Brothers three younger;

Sisters two the last two;

Daughter ;SudhaVairavan with two sons;

Son: M.S. Suresh with two daughters and a son;


School: NSMVPS High School, Devakottai. [1951-57]

College: Alagappa College. Karaikudi.[1957-63]

As a clerk in an yarn trade [1963-64]\

As a Demonstrator in CNM College, Erode [1964]

The Rubber Board, Government of India. [1965-2002]

Post Graduate Diploma for a year on Natural Rubber Production was done in Kerala Agricultur University, Trissur, and Kerala in 1992-93.

Retired as Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner, having served in Kerala, Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Orissa and Tripura after 38.6 years in 2002.


Known Languages: Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi.

Knowledge acquired: Botany, Zoology, English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Astrology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Electro-homeopathy;

Countries visited: Singapore, Sri lanka. Maldives, Malaysia.

Activities: Been Fine Art Secretary in the college [1962-63], Secretary of Andaman TamilarSangam, Port Blair [1976-77]

And Secretary of Chennai Poets Circle, Chennai since 2010.



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The Effect of the Entropy By Rm.Shanmugam chettiar Page [_76


The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems)

This book consists of 160 poems about God, Soul and Life beyond looking from logical aspects in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection; Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric. These poems got births during 2013

  • Author: Rm Shanmugam Chettiar
  • Published: 2017-01-16 14:50:13
  • Words: 9495
The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems) The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems)