The Edicts Of Edom


The Edicts Of Edom

Revelation 11 December 2014 4am-10am

Baldassare Cossa

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When you are given Revelation change it not nor shirk nor turn away. Turn your face to God and receive THE LAW. Let your mind rest and be ready to receive Grace. Grace yourself in your endeavours and in your ardour. Fear not Leviathan nor waste time or your labour on his behalf, for the way of Leviathan is the Second Death – an evil Homecoming!

Worship the Divine Neter and when you do always be mindful of God. Turn away not from the myriad modes of Grace given. Ever be mindful of God on every Path and every Way. Grace is The Way. Love is the Law under Will. Willingly be mindful of God.

When you love yourself and worship yourself be mindful of God.

Love and worship yourself!

Worship and promote worship of yourself and demand love from others as they demand love from you. All ever mindful of God.

Worship and promote your beautiful body, share your beautiful body and demand its worship as others demand you worship their beautiful bodies. All ever mindful of God.

Your body is a Holy Temple of God. Let it be worshipped by yourself and others. Those who cover the lamp and deny the beauty of its light are the children of Leviathan. Theirs is the Second Death. Your body is a lamp. Its sensuality is its light. Cover not your body and sexual vitality for that is to turn away from God. Extinguish no Light. Extinguish no sensuality. Encourage mutual bodily worship in communal ardour. Let society thus become good ever mindful of God.

When you enjoy the good things in life always be mindful of God.

Promulgate the enjoyment of the good things such that all become mindful of God.

Give gold, give wine, give incense, give sex, give joy, give hemp and herbs and banquets. Give knowledge and power ever mindful of God. As you give – remind the receiver of God’s bounty.

Your bounty is God’s bounty. Receive bounties as a gift. Worship and be worshipped – all ever mindful of God. Every man, woman and child is a shining star in the Cosmos.

As the stars shine – you and all become mindful of God.

Turn away from the Light or extinguish the light and you will be yoked unto Leviathan at his convenience and yours. The Black Flame of Lack shall consume you and Second Death will be your perdition.

Those who stop the wine flowing, who stop the music playing, who starve the banquet and kill the senses – shirk THE LAW. Cull them as you find them, ever mindful of God.

The Earth and the Cosmos sing Holy Songs, listen to them and work with them in harmony. What you take from the Earth you must return in kind ever mindful of God.

Every man, woman and child is a star. Those who say less received less Revelation. Those who demand less are the children of Leviathan, cull them as you find them, ever in mindful of God.

Encourage every star to shine with full liberty, grant and aid liberty, yet never force them to be free in the name of Leviathan. Force away only that which hurts them. Let them be mindful of God.

Every star has a beautiful body and shining Light. Cover it not nor curtail its sensuality. Pleasure is THE LAW! Power for Pleasure.

Let your Will aspire via all Pleasure unto the Plenary Pleasures of God. Aid the Will of others toward God. Help them worship themselves and worship you. Love one another, Will one another, ever mindful of God.

Coerce none, ever mindful of God.

Coerce those who Coerce, be mindful of God as you fight Leviathan.

The world is a Star, every living thing is a Star, coerce them not, be mindful of God.

Extinguish not the Love in your heart, be mindful of God. God is in your Heart. Leave it not hollow – for the God Of Emptiness will seek to fill it. Leviathan will embody you and perdition of the Second Death will engorge you on Earth. Death before Death!

Extinguish not the intellect in your mind. Listen and learn. Look and see. Do not let your ears become deaf nor your eyes blind. The God of Emptiness shall be your darkness. The Black Flame of your Lack shall be the yoke that tethers you to Leviathan. Be mindful of God. Think, feel, look, hear, love, Will.

Do not engage in mimicry nor mockery. Be yourself, ever mindful of God.

Those who mock, imitate and coerce shirk THE LAW! Cull them where you find them, ever mindful of God. Smite them as they judge and smite.

Those who do not worship themselves, shirk THE LAW, theirs is the Second Death, an evil homecoming.

Those who are proud rather than worshipful of the self, are the children of Leviathan, the Black Flame consumes them.

Those who demand false humility from all others are falsely proud – their God is the God of Emptiness. They are the Second Death incarnate. Cull them where you find them, ever mindful of God.

Those who smash the tabernacles of the Divine Neter seek Power for Power, not Power for Pleasure – they have cut one of their silver cords and the Black Flame consumes them. The God of Emptiness dines on their Lack. Send them to their Second Death, ever mindful of God – protect the innocent from them.

Protect all that you love and those that you love from coercion and abasement, Love is THE LAW, Love under Will. Power for Pleasure, ever mindful of God.

Pleasure is the Will of God, do your Will!

Spread your Will at your Pleasure to those who gladly receive you! Coerce nor be coerced.

Power is the instrument of God’s Pleasure. Empower yourself and others in accord with the Will of God, which is Paradise on Earth, in the Cosmos, in eternity.

Seek profit and growth and stimulation of every kind, shirk not THE LAW by any means, be mindful of God.

Let others profit and grow and stimulate and be stimulated, assist them gracefully and let bounty spread, ever mindful of God.

Respect all boundaries of every Star, respect all property and secrets, all privacy and whim, give no Power for Power’s sake at the behest of Leviathan nor let any nor yourself be depowered. Those who do otherwise shirk THE LAW and shall suffer in the Black Flame. Power for Power is against God, who is all Plenary Pleasures. Abuse the instrument of Power and The Fire of Black Flames await those who mimic. Do not lose yourself by taking from others. Be mindful of God.

Do not repress sexual passion, encourage it, encourage greatness, encourage Pleasure, encourage mutual worship of God’s pleasure. Share orgasms and touch the hand of God.

Do not distort or forbid knowledge, nor let knowledge be subject to abasement or manipulation – give it freely to the Willing. Those who abase knowledge abuse the instrument of God’s Pleasure – turn Power upon them and send them to their Second Death. Be mindful of God. Knowledge is the means to Pleasure. Knowledge is THE LAW.

Knowledge is never truth, only Pleasure is truth. Spread Pleasure and use knowledge only to spread Pleasure and God’s bounties. Be the instrument of God. Be worshipped and worship God where you find God’s Pleasure. Where you find it not – give it.

Where Pleasure is refused to be taken – destroy that place and those in it. For they forsake themselves as they turn away from God’s tabernacle. Theirs is the God of Emptiness, Leviathan leads them to the Black Flame where they will be consumed unto the Second Death.

Where Pleasure is destroyed – destroy that place and those in it. For they denounce all the Divine Neter and the bounties and tabernacles of God. They take Power for its own sake and shirk THE LAW. Power for Pleasure. God is Plenary Pleasures. Be mindful of God.

Let war be as Holy as peace, ever mindful of God.

Struggle without as you struggle within, against all knots in the spirit, cleanse yourself of the cacodemons of the God Of Emptiness, who is the Trinity Satan of Repression, Suppression and Oppression. Be mindful of God.

Let your Imperium be an instrument of God’s peace, which is Paradise ON EARTH – as above, so below, for eternity.

Those who abuse Imperium for the sake of Power without Pleasure shirk THE LAW. Take arms against them in the name of God! Wave the banners of all the Divine Neter! God is Great!

Revelation received by the Prophet Of Sodom 4am-10am 11 December 2014 after 2 days of sipping red wine, resting, feasting, sexually torturing the soul and lavishing Pleasure.


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The Edicts Of Edom

We live in a world where the state dominates and controls every aspect of our personal lives without us even knowing it. How can you truly be free? How can anyone truly be spiritual and claim to have a living soul? I have received the Edicts Of Sodom and Edicts of Hedonism. The third and final set of Edicts lets every living human be mindful of their spirituality without state interference. The State is a great beast, Leviathan, who claims you body and soul. Nobody is truly religious or free so long as they are in the monsters chains. I have suffered as I presented this to the world and continue to suffer. Take this and share it. Be free. Know thyself.

  • ISBN: 9781311807670
  • Author: Baldassare Cossa
  • Published: 2016-07-13 07:35:07
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The Edicts Of Edom The Edicts Of Edom