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The Drifter

The Drifter

A Mitch Crowne short story

Written by: MacShayne

(2017 re-issue)

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Copyright 2017 by MacShayne. Smashword Edition

Copyright 2014 by MacShayne. Original Edition

Edited by: MacShayne

Coverwork by: MacShayne

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, persons (living or dead) are coincidental. All rights reserved.

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Table of content

Chapter 1: The Case

Chapter 2: The Arrival

Chapter 3: The Affair

Chapter 4: The Suspect

Chapter 5: The Shotgun

Chapter 6: The Savage

Chapter 7: The Specialist

Chapter 8: The Goodbye

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[][Chapter One:
The Stranger]

Easing, March 17 2009

Mitch Crowne ordered a dark coffee. It was past twelve o’clock. The bartender was nervous with a stranger in his bar. Mitch was about 1.85 metres tall and weighed nearby 82 kilo. He was average build but underneath his clothes, he was all muscle. His hair was dark brown, half long, like Henry Cavill in Immortals. His blue eyes were impressive. Like he could see right into your soul. Blue jeans, black leather boots, a brown suede jacket with a hoody. He also kept a 3 days beard which made his face look older than he probably was.

The bartender brought him a cup of coffee, dark as he had ordered. But before he put the cup in front of the stranger, he saw a glimpse of three intimidating bullies who lived in the neighbour. Normally they were a pack of four, it seemed that Rusty Wood’s condition was pretty bad. Yesterday, someone had attacked Rusty in his own house, police hasn’t given specifics about who could have done it.

First there was Butch McCools, he was forty-one and had a wife named Holy. Holy was by far the most beautiful women in town. She could have been a model fellow locals say. Butch however, was a rude but strong asshole that was suspected of domestic violence. Right behind him was the gang’s brains, Simon Wilson. Now he was a guy you should not mess with. About a quarter of the locals were related to this guy. The Wilson’s were the richest and most influenced family in Easing. Simon was thirty-nine and the eldest of his brothers. His sister Sistine was only twenty-two. But, no one dared to date the beauty. Except a guy called Doug Raid, he has been missing since three years. Number three of the gang was the driver, also known as the funny guy. His name was Richard Red. According to Butch, that was just a nickname, because he likes the colour red. The bartender saw them walking towards the bar, he hoped they didn’t saw him putting a cup of coffee in front of the stranger. Here in Easing, it was a closed community. Especially, since the departure of the Barnes brothers.

Simon took a seat left of the stranger. Butch stepped behind him, like he waited for a sign to attack, while Richard spoke to the bartender. Besides them, there was only Wendy Wayne sitting next to a window in the far corner of this establishment, she was the town’s doctor and an assistant in a nearby hospital.

‘You should be taught a lesson Darby.’ Richard said to the bartender.

‘Now we have to break something, you know how it works.’, Butch said.

‘Wendy, go with mister Darby here towards the back okay? Me and the guys want to have a little chat with mister nice guy here.’ Simon said.

Wendy and bartender Darby went to the back of the building where the kitchen was located and closed the door. The next thing they heard was pure silence. No voices, no fight and no breaking things. Wendy looked toward mister Darby. They were both frightened but also curious. Who was that stranger?

Back at the bar, the setting hadn’t changed. Simon was still sitting next to the stranger while Butch and Richard were waiting impatiently. Probably, for when things got out of hands. But, the stranger didn’t look that tough in their opinions.

‘I have something to say to you Mr. Crowne, I don’t like you. No, we don’t like you. You see.. we are happy with how things are going around here. Now we have a death body and our buddy Wood is in the hospital. And you know like me, that this is suspicious. So, we are offering you a chance. Get out of here by tomorrow.’ Simon said politely.

‘I don’t know, you’re voice sounds really nice and the offer is quite appealing. But, I like the hospitality here.’ Mitch answered.

‘That’s a real good joke Mr. Crowne. But the way I see it, it’s either gone tomorrow, or gone forever. Understood?’

The stranger didn’t respond.

Butch lay’s his left hand on the Stranger’s shoulder.

‘Okay, I will accept you’re kind gesture. Let me get my stuff.’

The three were watching how Mitch grabbed his jacket and left the cafe. He drove away in an old ford Escort 1.6 CL 1987. Colour grey.

Somewhere outside the village, a police car was parked near a crime scene. Agent Lisa Neagley is the leading investigator. Yesterday, a body was found at this place. At this moment, the body hasn’t been identified yet and her chief thinks that it’s not the man that disappeared three years ago. While Neagley is investigating the crime scene, she thinks to know what had happened to this poor man. He was probably killed when somebody hit his head with baseball bat or something. Then he was put into a hole right here. Eventually, she finds a stick which she decided to take with her to the police station.

Lisa Neagley was driving through Easing and looked at herself in the mirror, her appearance had tired written all over. Lisa has blonde hair, brown eyes and is 1.72 metres long. She has an athletic build body and because of that, she isn’t always taken seriously by her colleagues. But she doesn’t wear make-up while at work. And still she looks astonishing. She arrived at this area just after the disappearance of Brody Barnes. One of the investigators reassigned, so she was his replacement. Brody was never found again though.

Back at the office Lisa presented her theory to her colleagues. She claims that the body was indeed the guy who disappeared three years ago and explains how he could have been killed. She even lets him take a look at the stick, no blood traces are on it. Chief Roberts seems to be impressed and offers her the opportunity to investigate further. Later in the evening , she takes the stick back into her car and leaves the parking lot around 21 o’clock. An old black Ford was driving by a little bit too fast, but she decided to let the person go.

Mitch arrived in the neighbour of Richard’s house around half past nine in the evening. He walks the last hundred metres and goes right to the back of the house. He could see that Richard was making himself a sandwich and grabbed what seemed to be his seventh beer, by counting empty bottles on the kitchen. Mitch shook his head and walked toward the backdoor. It’s not locked, real tough guy, no one nearby dares to break into this house, right. Mitch placed a wire under his telephone. Richard did almost catch Mitch in the living room, if he didn’t went to the bathroom first. Mitch dropped six pills of laxatives in the beer bottle and left the house via the back. There he found a shotgun right next to the kitchen door, he decided to take it with him.

After a while, Richard was being phoned. It’s Simon. They talk about a guy they have taken care of in the past. They don’t know that Richard’s phone is wired. Mitch records the conversation and watches how Richard drink’s his bottle of beer while talking with Simon. The conversation is short lasted when the pills start to work. Richard doesn’t even hang up and rushes to the toilet. Mitch enters the house again and goes to the phone. ‘Rich?’ he hears Simon saying a few times. Mitch cuts off the phone and takes his wire. Richard heard someone was in the house and threatened to kill the intruder. Then suddenly something in fire is thrown into the bathroom where after a chair was put in front of the door. Mitch left the house not knowing if Richard would die.

Easing, March 17 2009

The next day, Lisa arrives in the morning at Richard’s house because one of his neighbours alarmed the police. Richard has one burned hand and is a little bit mixed up about what happened. But, he makes clear that he doesn’t want to press charges.

‘So you deny someone has broken in last night?’Lisa asks ultimately.

‘Yes, yes I do. Just leave me alone.’

‘Nothing broken or stolen?’

Richard remembers his stolen gun and broken television.


As Lisa leaves his porch, the mailman delivers an envelope. Richard takes it and throws his door into its locks. In his living room, Richards decides to open the envelope. One of his own bullets drops out of it and a letter is send with it.

“You’ve been bugged.”

At the office Lisa is met with funny faces. Her chief demands her to come into his office.

‘What’s going wrong chief?’ She asks.

‘Listen Lisa, we all like you, but really, drop you’re stupid story okay?

‘What! You said it was good theory yesterday.’

‘That was a joke Lisa, A JOKE!’

‘I don’t understand, this case is as easy as they come.’

‘No, you’re wrong Lisa. The case is not yours to make, but to solve.’

Lisa left the office quietly afterwards.

[Chapter Two:
Arriving in Easing]

Easing, March 15 2009

Mitch Crowne is what they call a drifter. He appears and disappears before you know it and he doesn’t stay long at any place. His expired drivers licence tells us that his birthday is eleven October 1980, which makes him 28 years old at this very moment. But if you would see him, you probably guessed he’s over thirty years old. Crowne also has a briefcase full of money. This briefcase is leather black and has two lockers on both sides. His car is an old grey ford Escort 1.6 CL 1987. But, because of the weather, it looks like a lighter shade of grey than it probably is. You see, at this moment it is still snowing in the North of the Netherlands, which is an exception compared to previous years. The roads are slippery while the surroundings are white. Not even one shade of green can be seen.

It wasn’t crowded on the road Mitch was driving, but then again, it was Sunday. Like every vehicle, Mitch car runs on fuel, diesel. The last time he filled the tank was almost four hundred kilometres ago when he was still somewhere in Denmark or perhaps Germany? Well, he decided to fill the tank at the first possibility he would get. A traffic sign explained that Mitch was 1 kilometre away from a village named Freewerd. But eventually, he discovered that this place had no gas station. So, he drove further. Two kilometres further he entered a village called Easing. The village looked old, like it had a lot of history. In the present day, it appeared more like a god forsaken place. A place you wouldn’t book you’re holiday. But, there was a gas station. Mitch drove toward the shop and parked his car next to a Diesel pump.

While Mitch was filling the ford’s petrol tank, another car pulled over. Probably for gasoline, since Mitch already used the Diesel pump and there was really only one Diesel pump. The guy who got out of the car looked like a mechanic or something. His clothes were messy. Mitch looked at the fella when the man coughed. This man that pulled over next to Mitch was not the type of guy who went to church, that was sure. He had brown hair and a ponytail. He wore a thick winter jacket and black leather boots which looked like he always wore them. Well, he also looked like hell, a few scars above his shoulders, probably from a few bar fights and he definitely had broken his nose two or three times. His face was still a bit bruised. He was approximately 1.89 metres long, which made him longer than Mitch. But the guy was slim, by far not impressing Mitch. The aggressive look he gave Mitch was nothing more than the look of a poor man who perhaps had nothing to lose.

After Mitch had paid the bill and left the shop, the local was leaning against Mitch’s car. Mitch stopped one meter from the shop’s door and took a look around. A canal ran right through Easing and Freewerd. He could see the border of the village, there was nothing but countryside in the far distance.

‘So, you’re here for pleasure or fun pal?’, the local said.

‘Maybe I like the view.’

‘Nobody likes this view, not even us.’

‘So why you’re asking me?’

‘Don’t play funny with me punk.’

‘That’s not very friendly of you… (looking at the man’s name card attached to his chest) Mr. Wood.’

‘We don’t like people like you. You see, we live in peace, we want to keep it like that.’

‘Do you like my car?’

‘What did you say?’

‘The car, do you like it?’

‘This piece of crap, get lost boy! This piece of crap belongs on a scrap yard.’

‘Just like you mister Wood.’

‘Aah, do you know where you belong?! In a freekin’ body bag. Yeah! Thats where we gonna put yah if you don’t drive fast enough away from here. You got that pretty boy?’

‘I can’t’

‘Why dammit!?

‘A sack of bones is standing in the way.’

The man walks away from the ford, coughed twice, while giving Mitch the space he needed to get in the car. Mitch passes Wood on his left where after Wood spits just before Mitch’s left shoe. Mitch get’s in the car.

‘Get lost boy, or else we gonna cut you up in pieces.’

Mitch left…

Somewhere, a few kilometres outside Easing, three of the four police cars were surrounding a crime scene. A fourth appeared driven by a female police officer, Lisa Neagley. Lisa pulled over next to Chief Roberts vehicle.

‘Who is it Chief?’, Lisa asks.

‘No identification yet Neagley.’

‘Jees, there is not much left of it sir.’

‘No, my guess it’s been lying here for more than two years.’

‘Who found it? Better said, how?’

‘I don’t know, Miss McCools was heading home when she saw a sand hump. Next thing she saw, was this body in that hole. Someone has dug it up this night we think.’

‘Why would someone dig at the exactly same place a body has been dumped?’

‘Good question Neagley, you would be a hell of a reporter.’

‘Thanks for the sarcasm boss.’

‘Neagley, if you’re so interested, I suggest you’re taking lead in this case.’

‘I don’t know chief, never have been involved in such a case.’

‘Neither have I Neagley, only a disappearance of two locals.’


‘Interested or not Neagley, could be a leap towards promotion.’

‘Oh, yeah.. Thanks for the opportunity Chief.’

‘Just.. don’t let us look bad Neagley.’

‘Boss’, officer Holland said. Who joined the two.

‘Have you got something useful to say this time, Holland?’

‘Could it be the one that disappeared three years ago? You know, Doug.’

‘The way I see it, it could have been Jesus himself. Lets pack it up folks.’

Mitch was driving on main street where he pulled over nearby a pauperized Motel. It was just a little bigger than a bed and breakfast, probably five or six rooms at the most. The Motel ‘s outer walls was build with white bricks, while the rooms all had one small window next the door. These used to be two or three normal houses, but were probably re-used as motel. There was space for eight cars. As it seems, one room was occupied, the owner drove a Toyota Starlet 1.3 made in 1996 or so. Business wasn’t that great obviously. So, Mitch left his car with only a twenty euro’s note and a fifty euro’s note. Inside the office was only room for one couch, it was placed in front of a desk. The owner was sitting behind the desk, watching Ado Den Haag versus NEC Nijmegen. Mitch put his arms on the desk which caused a noise that gained the owner’s attention.

‘One room, one person.’

‘Okay, that will be thirty.’

‘Thirty of what? (The owner looked surprised.) Let me put it this way, I have two bills, one of fifty and one of twenty. You may take both, but that means you will only ask me for more if I’m still here after the fourth night. Deal?’


‘And maybe when I’m in a particular mood, you’ll get a big tip.’

‘I don’t know sir.’

‘Listen you can wake up next week smiling in the mirror because you took a certain gamble on a certain night in a certain situation, or you end up next week with the thought of having a customer that staid longer than one day. You’re choice.’

‘Room six it is.’

‘I prefer number four Alan.’

‘Number four hasn’t been cleaned the last week. (moment of silence) Okay, number four it is. If you register here, you’ll get the key.’

Mitch wrote his name on a registration paper and received the key from Alan. ‘Have a good evening Alan.’

After Mitch left, Alan looked on the paper. “Mitch Crowne”, he read. Odd name, Crowne with an E. ADO won the game with 3-0.

Easing, March 16 2009

Early in the morning, the police held a press conference about the found body. Lisa Neagley was given the floor after Chief Roberts talked about the current situation and having introduced Neagley. Besides some journalists, about hundred locals were present at the conference. Including Rusty Wood, Butch, Simon and Richard.


‘So all that we know at this moment, is that the corpse is a male’s body. There are no further details yet, so, we can’t give an identification nor the details of a certain cause of death.’

‘Is it Brody Barnes? Dave Rodgers? or Doug Raid?’

At the same time, Rusty saw the old grey ford that Mitch drives. Mitch himself leaves the groceries store at the same moment that Rusty’s say’s that there is some stranger in town that could be the killer.

‘No, as we said, there’s no valid confirmation about how and when this John Doe has died.’

‘It’s the stranger!, He has something to do with it. You know it, they always do!’

‘Rust!, (Simon grabs Rusty’s arm) Keep you’re shit together man.’

Rusty watches how Mitch looks him straight in his eyes. A cold shudder goes over all of his body.

Later that day in the evening Officer Holland arrives at Rusty Wood’s residence. Neighbours heard strange noises from his house and discovered the backdoor was open, only then they alarmed the police.

Holland enters the house and senses something isn’t quite right. He calls for back-up and walks further into the house. The house is a complete trash, a fight has taken place here, or someone just went nuts. Lights don’t work, but Holland hears someone behind him. ‘Who is there!’ He points his gun forward and sees a shadow leaving the house. He runs toward the exit but can’t see anyone. Until someone puts it’s light on him. ‘Freeze’, a female voice is saying before Neagley can identify Holland. ‘Was that you who left the house?’ Holland asked. ‘I just arrived Jeff. Let’s take a look inside.’ After two minutes they discover the almost lifeless body of Rusty Wood. ‘Call an ambulance Holland. He’s still alive!’

[Chapter Three:
The Affair]

Easing, March 17 2009

Butch went directly to Richard when he heard about what had happened. Together with Simon they searched the house for traces, but there was nothing suspicious. Except, that Richard’s shotgun was missing and the television was broken. With police on their way, both Butch and Simon left. Richard was instructed to not press charges since only a weapon was stolen. When Butch already drove away, a grey Ford appeared in Richard’s street. Butch looked at the driver and was able to catch a glimpse of the person who was driving it. Simon drove away after another second passed by, but took the opposite direction of which Butch earlier took. The grey Ford drove behind Simon. While Butch made a left, he saw in his mirror how the grey Ford took the same route as Simon. Butch didn’t thought it was something harmful.

At the moment that Butch was driving in the street where he lived, he felt regret and did text Simon about the grey Ford. ‘Simon, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal. But keep your eyes open for a grey Ford. Butch.’ At the same moment when Butch hit send, he saw a red Toyota was parked on his driveway! Alan was the only person in Easing that drove such a vehicle, and Butch knew his wife had a thing for Alan. Butch parked his own Mercedes in such a way that it would block Alan if he tried to flee with his car. Well, Butch thought, even if he was able to take his car, it wouldn’t be that hard for Butch to keep up with him. Just think about it, a Mercedes versus an old Toyota??

Butch kicked open the front door which damaged not only the door, but also its lock and a part of the wall was damaged. Butch rushed towards the stairs, every clever guy would know what was going on here. That whore of a wife was screwing the motel boy! She must have thought Butch had left for work or something..

‘Holy, god dammit where the fuck are you!’ Butch screamed.

‘Shit.., go away, hide. He heard his wife whisper.

‘Holy! Where are you, you slut!

Holy heard how the door was kicked open, but didn’t say a thing to Alan until she heard it was Butch! Holy quickly put on her nighty while she begged Alan to hurry up and leave. She knew that Butch was too strong for Alan. As Butch was screaming while coming upstairs, Alan grabbed his knickers and pants and escaped via the window. As Alan slid down the drainpipe, Butch entered the bedroom.

‘Where is he Holy, and don lie to me!’

‘I-I-I don’t…’ (Butch hit her hard on her face and heard someone below.) Butch saw Alan falling on the ground and stumbling away to the front of the house. ‘You!’ Butch pointed at Alan who looked terrified. Butch went down the stairs as hard as he could and was outside at the moment Alan found out his escape was blocked.

‘Butch, you-you don’t know man, I love Holy.’

‘Well, I’m the guy that f*cks her according to the Holy bible.’

‘You talk like shit Butch.’

‘Let’s see if you know how to use those sticks that are attached to your shoulders.’

Alan was 1.93 metres long but had a slim figure. He has blond hair, short. He is ten centimetres longer than Butch, but Butch is athletic build and is a way better skilled in fighting than Alan.

‘Come get it.’ Alan said. (Alan was good at bluffing.)

Later that day Mitch arrived at the hospital with Alan’s insurance information. Alan was already taken care of and recovering in chamber 2.17. The most nearby hospital is 15 kilometres away from Easing in a big city called Groningen. Well, for Holland standards it’s a big city. Mitch took the stairs and hadn’t much trouble in finding the room where Alan could be found.

‘Have you been a bad boy Alan?’

‘Mitch, you’re here. I didn’t thought you would show up.’

‘I was in your office reading a paper when the phone rang. I thought, let me help you a bit. But then it seemed it was about you, they needed you’re insurance information.’

‘Thanks, I don’t know why you help me, but thanks.’

‘Well sometimes its handy to get to know someone, who’s from around. And perhaps, there comes a day you can repay me.’

‘I don’t have much.’

‘I don’t talk money Alan. Not my style.’

‘What is your style?’


‘So, who put you here?’ Mitch asked.

‘Butch McCools.’

‘He has hit you pretty bad Alan. Is he in the hospital as well?’

‘No, but I hit him once!’

(Mitch grinned) ‘So, this is not the you should see the other guy kind of scenario ha.’

‘No, but I did fuck his wife. And I love her dearly.’

‘So, Butch is in your way I see. Does she feel the same?’

‘I don’t know Mitch, maybe you should pay her a visit and ask her.’

‘Maybe I will.’

In the afternoon, Lisa Neagley decided to have a look in Rusty Wood’s house. Since his near to death experience, people in the village talked about it a lot. So, once in the house she starts a little investigation. At first, noting else there is to see than a puddle of blood, which is also Wood’s. After a while she tries to imagine how Woods was attacked. The man who did it was not short. But before Wood was down, he was in a fight which lasted at least about a minute or so. The attacker had kicked him first on both his arms breaking the left arm and his right pulse. Then, when Rusty tried to hit the attacker with his head, the attacker was fast enough to block Rusty’s attack. Then the attacker kicked Rusty against his popliteal. Rusty couldn’t stand anymore or defend himself properly. But then the attacker grabbed something and almost beat Rusty to death. Lisa went into the basement after she took a look in the kitchen. Then she thought of what it could have been, perhaps a wrench? In the toolbox was no wrench to be found.

Butch was walking in main street towards the canal and a bar called Cafe the Bridge. The bar where they met the stranger. But to his dismissal, he saw that same stranger leaving their bar! He didn’t leave. This guy had some balls, that was for sure. He needed to be taught a lesson Butch thought.

‘Stranger, you want to feel my wrist on your face huh? Do yah? Answer me insect!’

Mitch who was almost entering his car stood still, just like Butch who was only one meter away. Mitch started to laugh and took the time to write something on a piece of paper which he gave to Butch. Which would have been difficult for most people because of the cold outside weather.

‘That’s where you can find me, for if you want to talk about your marriage issues.’

Butch normally would have hit the guy, but he was somehow amazed by this fella. He was that frightening type of strange.

Back at the police station, Lisa was taking another look at the toolbox, which was formerly owned by Butch. Butch’s name was carved on it. She didn’t found a wrench, but there was a hammer. The type which could have been used in killing the man who was found earlier this week. Earlier in the morning, Lisa learned that the male body which was found, indeed was Doug McRaid. So, it was a possibility that Simon and his gang were responsible. Lisa also learned about Butch’s wife Holy who had cheated on Butch with Alan. Alan was a pretty man, but she should’ve known better. Butch was a terrible guy. He was bald, strong and also Simon’s muscleman. But what if… No, it couldn’t be, could it? Doug McRaid, family man type of guy, sleeping with Holy McCools? The hammer, the murder and a motive.

‘Chief, I think I figured something out.’

‘Neagley, you know what I said earlier?’

‘Listen Boss, this case stinks!’


‘What if Doug was murdered as revenge.’

‘You say, someone in our neighbourhood killed this poor man.’

‘I found a hammer which could be the tool that was used to crack Doug’s skull.’


‘Butch McCools. I found the hammer in a toolbox which was hidden in Rusty Wood’s basement.’

‘Not in a million years, but why?’

‘You heard about that affair this morning. What if Doug was the former Alan?’

Just as both Lisa and Chief Holland are about to leave, they receive a telephone call from Holy McCools.

Also that evening, Mitch arrived at the McCool’s residence. Mitch walked towards the backdoor and easily broke into the house where it is very quiet. Mitch found his way to the living room, where the television was on. Then he noticed a sound coming from the first floor. Like something fell. Mitch first took a look in the basement. Nothing special there, but Mitch notices a new snow shovel.

Mitch sneaked towards the stairs and quickly discovered it’s made of old wood. So, this type of stairs will make a squeaking noise as soon as you step on it. But there is a manner to make almost no noise at all. If you place your feet on the sides of each step, the cracking sound will be dimmed to almost nothing. Mitch arrived on the first floor and still there was little movement in this house. There was however one room where some noise came from.

Holy McCools was gagged and blinded after Butch tied her on the bed. She couldn’t make much noise and didn’t see a thing. But he didn’t leave her like that. Holy was naked and Butch used permanent marker to write something on her. Probably very humiliating texts. But she heard however perfectly. She felt someone was coming upstairs and that this particular somebody was about to find her like this. Would it be her end?

Mitch opened the door and found Holy McCools. It was disgusting. The poor lady couldn’t move a muscle, say a word or see thing! At the same time, Mitch heard a Mercedes pulling up at the driveway. Mitch cut loose Holy’s feet and palms and removed her gag. ‘Wait here for two hours and then call the cops. Just nod if you will, but don’t remove your blindfold.

‘Thank you, sir’, she said.

Mitch rushed towards the basement and took the snow shovel.

Holy called the police after two hours. She had cleaned herself up and knew she wouldn’t ever see Butch again.

Later that evening

‘This is Holy McCools, please come over, someone came into the house.’

‘No, it just, my husband is missing..’

Then she hung up. She took a picture of hers and Butch and took it to the backyard. She burned it.

[Chapter Four:
The Suspect]

Easing, March 18 2009

Chief Roberts and Deputy Lisa Neagley appear on McCool’s doorstep. They had been informed about the missing of Butch McCools and a possible intruder that kidnapped Butch. Holy McCools however, doesn’t seem to be too emotional about it, not even a little bit, but why? That’s the question Lisa asked her chief when they were on their way to the basement.

‘Why isn’t she crying or something. Looks like she’s even happy about his disappearance.’

‘Sometimes Neagley, that’s the way how people respond with loss. It’s natural.’

‘I can’t believe this happened Chief, we are about to crack a case and then the prime suspect disappears.’

‘Well, I say it’s coincidence.’

‘Do you believe in coincidence?’

Both arrive in the basement. Chief Roberts looks around and it occurs to him that Butch has no toolbox. But Lisa finds something more important, the snow shovel. Covered in blood.

‘Like what do you think Neagley? Ha, there’s no toolbox in here.’

‘What if, what happens now is all connected somehow. Perhaps…’

‘Perhaps what deputy?’

‘Look at this boss.’ (pointing at the snow shovel.)

Twenty minutes later officer Holland appears to take care of the evidence. At the same time, Lisa and Chief Roberts tried to have another talk with Mrs. McCools.

‘Uh, miss McCool’s, do you have a moment for us?’, Roberts asks.

‘Sure, why?’

‘Because… we found a murder weapon.’

‘So, Butch is death?’

‘We don’t know, but we also need your fingerprints.’

‘Now I’m the suspect? I’m a victim!’

‘Please cooperate Mrs. McCools.’

Alan is released from the hospital and finds out that it’s snowing again. The city is populated by 150.000 inhabitants. And now because of the snow, there was chaos, chaos everywhere. Its morning rush hour and he needs to find a way back to the small but cosy Easing. He didn’t expect to find a cab soon, but the grey old ford that was standing still on the opposite of the street caught his eye. He walked towards the car and saw it was Mitch Crowne. He was on time, just like he promised on the phone.

‘You’re a man of your word, aren’t you Mitch?’

‘Someone taught me, you either get it or miss it, by a hair. I never miss Alan.’

‘What you been doing last day huh? Have you paid a visit yet? To Holy?’

‘Yes I did.’

‘And? You’re not a man of many words, are you?’

‘Listen Alan, I like you. But don’t blow this out of proportion okay?

(Seconds of silence)

Let me put it this way Alan. Butch is out of the picture.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Holy is single again. It’s what you wanted right?’

‘Wow, don’t put this on me!’

‘Doesn’t matter, it’s done.’

In the restaurant, Lisa is about to order a sandwich deluxe when she spots Holy McCools in the corner, all alone. Lisa doesn’t let this opportunity go to a waste and walks over to Holy.

‘Would you mind?’

‘Go ahead, it’s a free country.’

‘You know I want to talk with you about last night.’

‘As I said, it’s a free country, at least now.’

‘The question is, who broke into your house yesterday?’

‘I don’t know who officer, and I didn’t see him.’

‘So it is a man, see we’re going somewhere already. If we find him, we might find your husband.’

‘I don’t want my husband back, don’t you see these injuries? The hell with Butch.’

‘Okay, so you didn’t see the person that harassed you two?’

‘He didn’t do anything to me, he saved my life! Listen, I don’t know who he is or what he looks like, the way I see it, he’s a goddamn saviour!’

‘Okay, thank you for your time Mrs. McCools.’

At the hospital, Rusty has two visitors. They are Richard Red and Simon Wilson, his friends. They see for the first time how bad Rusty has been beaten up. It’s a goddamn miracle the man is still alive. He looks like a mummy. The room is empty, no postcards or letters.

‘Rusty, listen to me buddy, Simon said. We want to get the man who did this to you. Can you speak?’

‘I don’t think he feels like talking at this moment guys.’ Wendy Wayne stepped in.

‘Let’s let us be the judge of that angel.’

Wendy leaves the room. ‘Sure…’

‘She may be right Simon, I mean look at him.’

‘Richard, the man who did this to Rusty probably killed Butch!’

Rusty tries to say something. He tries to whisper.

‘Listen Rusty, were glad you’re alive, but the man who did this to you, killed Butch.’

‘What does he say Simon?’

‘I don’t know, he just stammers.’


‘Stranger? Is it that new guy?’

‘Okay, that’s enough gentlemen, Rusty needs his medicine.’ The doctor said.

Simon and Richard leave the room.

‘It was the stranger!’, Simon said.

Meanwhile at the police station

‘Lisa, its crystal clear to me, It has to be connected with that guy that showed up two or three days ago.’

‘Chief, that’s just an assumption, let’s not jump to conclusions!’

‘I want this to end Neagley, end it right now. I can’t have another incident in this godforsaken place.’

‘We can’t arrest an innocent guy. Especially someone who’s just passing through.’

‘Neagley, get this done right now. And don’t you think it’s strange that since his arrival, bodies start like falling from the open sky?’

‘You have to keep in mind that this also could be connected to the murder of Doug?’

‘I am your chief Neagley, I advice you as your boss, for god’s sake, take a good look at that drifter story. A man with no past and no reason to stay has never clean hands.’

Easing, March 17 2009

Mitch went downstairs and heard Butch coming to the front door. He probably had a few drinks in the bar and was now on his way to play with his toy on the bed. Not anymore. Mitch went down to the basement where the new an unused snow shovel was standing. At the moment that Butch entered the house, Mitch was in the toilet with the snow shovel. He heard how Butch locked the door and went straight towards the stairs.

‘Oh honey, where is my little slut? My little whore? I wanna play with you.’

Holy knew that the monster was about to take advantage of her, she went into the closet and locked the door. Since the intruder had freed her, she had cleaned herself up and she was almost about to call the police. “Shit Holy, here was you’re chance!” she said in herself.

Butch was upstairs and about to open the bedroom where he thought his wife was still tied up helpless and waiting for his arrival. In the meantime, Mitch left the toilet and also went upstairs, using his trick to minimise the cracking noise once again.

Butch entered the bedroom but didn’t found what he was looking for. ‘Holy, where are you! Show yourself whore! Daddy wants to play with you.’ Butch went to the closet and found out it was locked. ‘So, my little pet wants to play a game, you know, you could have become a great model Holy. After tonight not anymore.’ Then a shadow he noticed came from behind him, he turned around but was too late. The guy hit him with a snow shovel…

…Butch wakes up completely naked wearing nothing more than women’s panties. He is tied to a tree in the cold outside. He recognizes the place, here it was where they put Doug. Then Mitch shows himself.

‘You’re not very kind to your wife Butch, you deserve to be punished.’

‘Who are you, crazy man!’

‘I am Mitch Crowne, mostly they call me a drifter, but I’d like to see myself as some private investigator. This is how it works, from now on, you talk about what you did, every time you stop, I’ll shoot you. Ready? oh, and don’t test me.’

‘Fuck you!’ (Mitch shoots in his left leg)

‘Do you want to life, Butch? (Butch nods) Talk!’

‘My wife (Mitch shoots in his right leg) damn it you crazy basterd!’

‘Just one more rule, you’re wife is what you call now you’re angel.’

‘Okay I killed him three years ago, he fucked my.. (sees how Mitch aims for his left arm).. made love with my angel three years ago. Rusty found out and warned me immediately. So, me and the boys went straight for the.. man to teach him a lesson. It got out of hands man, I killed him with a hammer. Once I started, man I couldn’t stop my arm from hitting him. Afterwards, I beat my angel every now and then, that is.. that’s it.. I swear!’

‘Good, see it isn’t that hard. Who is the man and what do you mean by boys?’

‘Doug Raid, the boys, Rusty, Simon and Richard. We got him to this place and wanted to scare him.’



‘I just wanted you to feel sorry for your former wife.’

‘Your shitting me right now?’

‘No. I recorded everything. You don’t deserve a second chance mate.’

Easing, March 18 2009

In the evening while Lisa was on patrol, she decided to take a look at the motel where the stranger is supposed to be staying. When she arrives, she finds out that Holy McCool’s sits in front of one of the rooms. Inside the office, Lisa finds out that the stranger’s name is Mitch Crowne.

Wendy Wayne is about to leave the hospital when she notices the same Grey Ford, which was standing outside at the parking space, that was used to pick up Alan. She decides to wait a little bit longer. Eventually, tired of waiting she walks over to another room. There she can see who is in it.

One hour later a doctor finds out that Rusty is death. Was he killed?…

[Chapter Five:
The Shotgun]

Easing, March 17 2009

Butch’s body lies on the ground in front of Mitch. He check’s if the man is death or unconscious. He can still feel a heartbeat. Mitch grabs the guy by his shoulders and drags him downstairs. Eventually he loses his grip causing Butch to fall the last three steps and on his head. ‘Oh, that might hurt’, Mitch jokes. But he is still alive. Mitch rips all his clothes of and tapes his feet and arms with duct tape. Then he puts his socks in Butch’s mouth and tapes it. Eventually Mitch goes back upstairs where he is discovered by Holy.

‘Which panties were you wearing this day?’

‘Wont you threaten me to kill me if I say anything about you?’

‘I figure you won’t say much.’

‘What are you going to do?’

‘Let’s say I’m going to teach this guy a lesson, but I want you to put the panties you wore today on Butch. Just to give him a little reminder of what he had.’

‘A pussy to f*ck?’

‘No, his manhood.’

‘Are you going to kill him? Because I won’t mind.’

‘Listen Holy, you have dirty hands, so I’m not planning to do so. But if he’s found, he’ll go away for a while.’

‘Thank you.’

‘People are going to ask questions, you just say what you want to say, but keep me out of the picture.’

Mitch brings the shovel back to where he took it from. He didn’t clean off the blood because there are no traces of him left on it. When he returns to an unconscious Butch, he discovers that Holy did her job quite well. Butch body is put into the trunk of the old grey Ford and he drives away.

Easing, March 19 2009

As soon as Lisa is informed that Rusty has been murdered, she went to Wendy Wayne early in the morning to ask her some questions. She already knew they had to deal with a professional, but why does a professional kill him after he first let his victim alive?


‘So you say a stranger was waiting in the parking lot?’

‘Yeah, I don’t know what car he was driving, but I do know how he looked Lisa.’

‘I mean his face.’

‘Was it be a person with dark hair?’ Lisa asked

‘Yeh he had, half long hair, you know, like Henry Cavill I thought.’

‘Eyes, piercings?’

‘No, nothing of that all. However, he did have the beginnings of a beard.’

‘Can you be more specific?’

‘I thought he hadn’t shaved in four days.’

‘Thank you Wendy, please call me if you cook up anything more.’

‘I will Lisa.’

At the same time, the old grey ford passes Wendy and Lisa while Lisa was on her way out. Mitch takes a look at the two. Lisa was stunning, they did some good scouting work at the police academy.

In the afternoon, Simon Wilson and Richard Red arrive at the motel where Alan is the owner. The two remaining gang members pay a visit to Alan who is in their eyes collaborating with Mitch Crowne.

‘Here is our big hero Simon, faggot!’

(Richard grabs Alan by his shirt over the counter, together with Simon they pull the guy to their side.)

‘What the hell is this supposed to mean!’, Alan yelled.

‘Your friend in room four has a problem with how we life here.’

‘And why is it my problem, bunch of fuckheads!’

‘Richard.’ (Richard punches Alan in the stomach.)

‘Still a smart guy hah. Now does he pay well Alan?’

‘Answer the question faggot.’

‘F*ck you!’

Richard and Simon both start to fight with Alan. Eventually they stop when Alan has given up. Both Simon and Richard destroy Alan’s office. The computer, the chair, the counter and even the microwave. ‘So far for lunch…’

‘What did he say? Do I have to knock your teeth out to keep yah quit?!’ Richard said.

‘Hah, you can’t even spell the word.’

(Richard takes his gun but is stopped by Simon.)

‘Okay, that one you deserved Richard. Let’s not lose our minds here.’

‘Yeah bitch, listen to your pimp.’

(Simon kicks Alan against his head while Richard starts firing shots with his gun.)

At the same time in Mitch his room

‘Wow, did you hear that Mitch?’ Holy asked.

‘Gunshots. Alan has problems.’

‘Do you need to go?’

‘He needs me. And I kind of started these things.’

Mitch put on his trousers. Holy examines his well trained eight pack. He is maybe not the biggest person she knows, but he has an impressive body. Afterwards he kicks open his door and witnesses how Richard and Simon leave in Simon’s car. Mitch finds an almost unconscious Alan who laughs about what had happened.

‘Alan, you’re ok?’

‘You should see the other guys.’

(Both laughing.)

A few minutes later, Lisa appears and finds Mitch and Alan in the office. Alan has gained full conscious again and is treated by Holy. Mitch looks at the blonde deputy. He receives an angry look in return.

‘So, let me guess. Lisa said. No comments? No declaration?’

Alan looks at Mitch and then towards Holy.

‘Good guessing Lisa. You should be Chief of police instead of Roberts.’

‘Dammit guys, well okay, as you wish. Mitch Crowne?’

‘Asks who?’

‘Deputy Lisa Neagley mister. You must come with me.’

‘Is this an arrest?’

‘Not yet.’

‘Than I won’t go with you, unless this is a date.’

‘Mitch Crowne, put your hands where I can see them, as of now, you ARE under arrest.’

‘On which grounds?’

‘We figure it out at the station.’

An hour later when everyone had left, Alan looks around in his office and something snaps in him. He thinks about the harassments. Money will be the problem to rebuild this place. He already had trouble with paying the bills and now this shit. It’s such a mess. The thing that bothers him the most, is that Simon and Richard get away with it. Then he remembers what Mitch told him. That people life by rules that aren’t even there. Its hunt or being hunt. Are you a wolf or a sheep?

Alan walks towards room number four and finds nothing but a briefcase. He resists the temptation to look in it, perhaps because he’s afraid of Mitch. Definitely, because he’s afraid of Mitch. Then when he is about to leave the room, he sees the shotgun. A nice one too. For a moment there, he just stands there thinking about shooting both Simon and Richard. One minute later, he has left the room already. The shotgun is still at its place.

In the meantime at the police station

‘Mitch Crowne, who are you?’ Lisa asks.

No answer.

‘What do you do for a living?’


‘Where do you life.’

‘Is this conversation going anywhere?’

‘Why? Do you have an appointment?’

‘Not really. I just don’t like wasting my time.’

‘Since your arrival, one person is killed, another is missing and a body is found outside town.’

‘Yeah I read that in the newspaper.’

‘You’re making it hard for yourself mister Crowne.’

‘Call me Mitch, and no I don’t. In about five minutes you’re going to say it’s a mistake.’

‘Funny man you are.’

‘If you say so.’

‘This is not the time to joke around mister Crowne.’

‘Listen to me Lisa Neagley. I like you. You are ambitious and motivated. But hey, there is never a right time. And there is no such a thing as coincidence. I think you agree with me. So, what does my sudden appearance say to you? I mean have you watched Fargo or something? I am not the answer miss Neagley. I am the question.’

‘Than what is the answer mister Crowne.’

‘Well misses Neagley, isn’t that were you are paid for to find out?’

‘You’re making a mistake mister Crowne.’

‘Like I sad. Am I free to go?’

‘You’ve been very helpful Crowne.’

(Crowne laughs and walks away)

‘I Know.’

Around 10 in the evening

Simon was watching television, while talking with Richard Red over the telephone. They discuss about the things that happened the last days and what they have done three years ago. The both blame Butch and agree that they can’t be harmed anymore. At the same time someone is walking towards the back of Simon’s house. The shadow doesn’t make clear who that person is, but he does has a shotgun with him. The man with the shotgun breaks in a glass and goes inside. Simon is warned…

[Chapter Six:
He’s Called the Savage]

Easing, March 20 2009

Mitch pulled over in Bouwman street. This was one street away from Domino street, the street where Simon Wilson lived in a land house. Mitch left his car and walked right into a firebreak. This led him behind the houses that were settled at Bouwman street. It was passed midnight which was for the better. No one was awake at this moment, at least not visible. Mitch climbed in a tree which stood at the end of the firebreak. Afterwards, he jumped over a wall landing in Simon’s garden. He wasn’t a gardener obviously. Most of his garden was made of stone, then there was this big ass pool and a hot tub and terrace made of wood attached to the house. The backdoor was open. When Mitch was about to enter, he saw one of the door’s windows was broken.

‘Alan, where are you?’

‘Mitch, come in here, help me man, I screwed things up.’

‘Then learn to be quiet fool.’

‘Okay, okay.’

Mitch walked towards the living room. But, even before he already figured out what Alan had done, Mitch lighted up a cigarette and let it all in. Bullet holes everywhere. Starting in the kitchen. All the way through the hall into the living room. From there it was also slippery, bloody. a real mess.

‘What the f*ck have you got yourself into Alan. You spilled more bullets than a warlord my friend.’

‘What can I say, I’m not a trained shooter Mitch.’

Mitch walked towards the death body of Simon.

‘Only four hits. Damn you’re not good. Not good at all.’

‘You think he’s death?’

‘Alan, of course he’s death. Look at the mess you made.’

Mitch stood up again and grabbed in his back pocket for a notepad. Then he picked up a pen which lay on the ground. He crossed something of a list and then threw away the pen. Then he noticed a bottle of Cointreau and grabbed it.

‘What are you doing Mitch, you’re supposed to help me..’

‘You have to earn my help Alan. So, this is how we going to do things. You get that body of him inside his car. In the meantime, I fix myself a drink.’

‘Why do you need a drink right now?’

‘Well because its past midnight Alan, and when its past midnight and I’m awake, I drink.’

Mitch poured in a glass of Cointreau while Alan grabbed Simon and dragged him towards the garage. A huge blood trace was created from the living room all the way to the garage. Mitch followed it with a glass in his left hand.. ‘You left a trail Alan.’

‘Shut up Mitch, I’m done. He’s in the trunk. What are we going to do now?’

‘You my friend, are going to get the f*ck out of here. And don’t say a word..’

‘I screwed things up badly didn’t I?’

‘You want to hear the truth?’

‘No, never mind. Holy shit, where is the shotgun?’

‘Luckily for you Alan, I’m here. Just go before you kill yourself.’

During that same night, Wendy Wayne spend hours looking at security tapes that she stole. She eventually finds footage of Simon and Richard that came to visit Rusty Wood, just before he was found death. ‘Could it be them?’ she asks herself. Wendy makes a copy and returns the footage back to the security room. She left the hospital and drove back to Easing where she dropped the photo’s at the police station. Then she went to her house to get some sleep.

Mitch drives in his Ford towards a place twenty kilometres outside Easing. He finds a remote spot far away in the countryside where his Simon’s car seems to be parked. He pulls over with the back of his car against Simon’s car and opens his trunk. Mitch steps out and opens the trunk of Simon’s car where Simon’s death body is still in. Then he throws Simon’s death body inside his own trunk where another corpse can be seen wrapped in plastic. Mitch closes both trunks and drives a few metres away before he returns. He drives Simons car just before the edge of a canal called van Starckenborgh. Then he pushes with his ford the car of Simon into the deep water where after he leaves like nothing happened.

Lisa arrives at Richard’s house and wants to have a chat with him. But she discovers soon that Richard isn’t at home. Because Richard is not at home, she decides to pay a visit to Simon. But on her way to Simon’s house she gets phoned, its Chief Roberts. As she turns around, she can see how the grey ford Mitch is driving makes a right thus probably heading back for the motel.

At the motel, Holy McCools is trying to find Mitch. She isn’t really smart you could say, because his car wasn’t even in the parking lot. So, after waiting for more than five minutes, she decides to have a look in Alan’s office. At this moment, Alan was just changing his shirt because one of his wounds started to bleed. He tried to stitch it himself, but he wasn’t that experienced with stitching wounds. They were both caught by surprise when they bumped into each other.. Alan helps Holy to stand up again after she fell on her ass. Holy was surprised by the fact that Alan stood half naked in front of her.

‘What brings you all the way to here Holy.’

‘Right now, I just forgot. What happened with you? Still from yesterday?’

‘Yeah, it started to bleed again I guess.’

‘Why didn’t you visit Wendy, she could patch you up.’

‘I am really not in the mood for others to start asking questions.’

‘Well let me have a look at it, I was once a nurse.’ Holy used Alan’s first aid kit to stitch the open wound. First she cleaned the wound with alcohol before she discovered the wound was cause by fork. Then, she stitched the wound and at last she put a plaster on it. Holy stood right in front of Alan and the two looked right in each other’s eyes. They started kissing. Alan grabbed Holy at her sides while Holy put her arms around Alan’s neck.

‘Maybe, you should wait a little longer before you put a shirt on Alan.’

‘Room six is available.’

‘Do you love me Alan?’

‘I loved you since I met you in high school Holy.’

‘Great, because I love you too.’

‘And what was that with Mitch?’

‘The same thing I should have kept things with Butch, curiosity.’

‘I can’t think straight after all that happened, but I’m glad it brought us together.’

At the police station

‘Lisa, I have something that might be interesting for your investigation.’

‘What is it boss? I’m on a short time span now.’

‘You have at least two more days before provincial police takes over Lisa. Maybe I can get a third day out of it.’

‘Okay, what do you have for me Chief.’

(Throws a photo of Mitch on the table.)

‘That was taken at the day Rusty was killed. Mitch was around. Wendy Wayne send it to me personally.’

‘Okay, but that doesn’t help I’m afraid.’

‘Yes it does. First of all, it proofs that Mitch was there at the same time that Rusty has been killed. Second and most important, we did a little research on this guy. Since he’s our prime suspect in a murder, we were in a situation that gained us more access to a classified file. Mitch Crowne’s. You’d be surprised it’s even his real name. But, it’s not bright and beautiful I assure you.’

‘Let me guess, Mitch Crowne was a former cop turned bad?’

‘No Neagley, not by far. Mitch Crowne disappeared three years ago. The last time he was seen, was the moment he left a Swedish penitentiary. Mitch Crowne has been accused of a few still classified incidents. He got out after five years, serving half of his sentence for reasons unknown. But, during his detention, he was quite a rough one. Its proven that he put at three different occasions a fellow inmate in a coma. That was in the books. Rumours spread viral easily in the criminal life. And some of his inmates told stories about Mitch, of what he had done during those five years. Those rumours are in this file. The shit he did Lisa, damn I don’t even want to say all of that crap. Eventually you could say he was some kind of caretaker. If an inmate caused trouble, Mitch was used to deal with the problem. He was in a super max prison Lisa.’

‘Damn, that’s quite a background. And that guy is in our town.’

‘Yes he is, this is a picture of Mitch when he was in prison and a last one where he left prison. Heck, his nickname in prison was The Savage! How terrifying does that sound.’

‘The Savage? I think he did just well for a guy with his physique.’

‘Yes he did. So, you’re getting a partner from now on Lisa. I don’t want you to get your nose in too much trouble with this madman. Holland, you’re up.’

At the hospital in the evening

The security man wakes up in the male bathroom. He can hear the siren in the building and rushes back to the security room. There he discovers why the siren is on. The security room is covered in flames. A fire squad can be heard from a distance.

[Chapter 7:
Loose Ends]

Easing, March 20 2009

It was almost midnight when Lisa was informed about the fire in the hospital. She had a feeling it was Mitch Crowne and she wanted to get that man behind bars quickly. At this moment she drove into main street where she was on her way to the motel. This town was already shaken up when Brody Barnes disappeared in March one year ago (7th Sunday). A week later, Chief of Police Peter McDonnell retired and was replaced by Roberts. Everything was one big blur for Chief Roberts, but Lisa knew what was going on from the beginning. She wanted to get this done and take a promotion. She pulled over in the parking lot and left the car.

At the same moment, Holy and Alan left room number six, hand in each other’s hands like a couple in love. They were smiling, even when they saw a police car standing next to the motel. Then Lisa Neagley appeared.

‘I am going to need your help Alan.’

‘Why would I want to get my ass into your investigation Neagley, I’m done with this.’

‘Because it’s time this shit needs to stop right now Alan. Mitch, you don’t even know the half of him.’

‘I consider Mitch as one of my best customers, he’s kind and friendly deputy.’

‘Yeah, kind my ass, you’re going to help me find that man.’

‘How am I supposed to know where Mitch is hanging out, have you tried the bar?’

‘No, did he told you he’d go there?’

‘No, but he likes a drink when it’s past midnight.’

‘Just get into the car Alan, don’t make me arrest you.’

‘Well, let’s waste our time searching for a ghost, Holy, will you pick me off from the police station?’

‘Yeah Alan, I know what to do.’

Easing, March 21 2009

Mitch Crowne arrived at Richard Red’s place. This time, he just went towards the front door. Richard was home again and is somehow surprised to find out that Mitch is on his doorstep. Richard wants to get his shotgun but only is reminded of the fact that it was stolen a few days ago. Mitch in the mean time, knocks again.

‘I know you’re in here Richard.’ (Richard walks towards the door and opens.)

‘What do you want Mitch?’

‘I don’t need anything but your confession.’

‘A confession of what?’

‘The murder you helped Butch getting away with three years ago.’

‘How do you know? That’s impossible.’

‘Let me say I’m one of god’s angels that is here to fix things.’

‘Why would I confess about something that can put me away for a long time hah? Are you stupid?’

‘Because if you want to see your buddies Butch and Simon again, I advise you to cooperate Richard. Now you look like a wise and smart man, so help yourself and you’ll get to see them again. Be a dick and you’ll never see them again Richard. In the end, they already spoke the phenomenal words of I am guilty.’

‘How, what have you done to them?’

‘I played a little game with them, in different conditions.’

‘So, you bring me to my friends if I’ll confess and then you leave?’

‘Yes, that’s what I said. You’ll never see me again. But first, I’d like a drink Richard.’

‘Help yourself.’ (Mitch pours in a scotch and walks back to Richard.)

‘So, you’re ready? I won’t record it.’

‘Okay, I’m guilty, I didn’t kill Doug but I also didn’t stopped Butch from doing so.’

‘Which makes you guilty of being a pussy Richard.’

‘Now you’re going to get me to my friends Mitch, or else…’

‘Get in the car, I’ll bring you to them.’

(Richard gets into Mitch’s car while Mitch takes his bugs where he recorded every conversation Richard made on his telephone with. Then he puts the evidence in a different kind of suitcase.)

‘What did you do?’

‘I needed to finish my drink, you’re ready?’

At the police station around 1.30 a.m.

Chaos, is the right word to describe the situation at the police station. The whole team is present now when Lisa and Holland arrive with Alan. There’s also another man in the building. He’s old and is slim, possible a former cop. Alan is put into a chair behind Lisa’s desk while Lisa walks to her Chief. Holland keeps an eye on Alan.

‘Chief, why is it such a mess in here, what is everybody doing here?’

‘I called in everybody to catch Mitch Crowne, this guy is a psychopath who happens to be intelligent too. He’s a living murder weapon Neagley, we need to get this person off the street.’

‘Yes I know, he probably set fire in the hospital.’

‘Neagley, have you ever took a look again at Simon Wilson’s house? I guess not. It’s a complete battlefield inside that house. Bullets everywhere, I mean, that guy first scares the shit out of his victims!’

‘Chief, you need to calm down, he’s the suspect of killing one person, and on top of that, we have nothing!’

‘I don’t care Neagley, I want this guy put in a hole and never have to see him again.’

‘That’s not how the law works.’

‘Can you come to my office in a few minutes, I need to talk to you under four eyes.’

(Chief Roberts walk into his office.)

The former cop walks towards Lisa. ‘You’re not dealing with just a madman Neagley.’

‘I already knew, but how did you?’

‘I’m a specialist when it comes to fires. The fire in the hospital, was pure art.’


‘The one who did that, knew how to do stuff. I mean, nothing else but the security room could burn down. The fire stopped, just like it had a timer.’

‘So we also deal with a former fireman?’

‘Such guys we call a specialist.’

‘Damn, so we had the savage who is now also the specialist. Thank you for sharing.’

‘No thanks, but I might stick around and help you tonight, I’m city police by the way.’

‘You’re help could be very useful tonight.’

‘Lisa, I am going to reassign after all this is done. Now I know this must come to you as a surprise, but I didn’t sign up for this shit and I’m not the perfect fit for such extreme situations.’

‘Then who is going to replace you?’

‘I don’t know yet. I have done a good word for you. You have everything a chief of police needs. Heck, I even think you’ll be out of here within three years.’

‘I don’t know sir, that’s a lot of guessing.’

‘You’re going to have a great career in law enforcement. Young, athletic and real smart.’

‘Thank you sir. What are you going to do?’

‘I didn’t give much thought yet. Perhaps a mailman or something further south. I don’t know the names and the place yet, but I’m sixty-one. It’s time for me to step down.’

Alan in the meantime receives a message. “Done and done. See you soon. xxx H” Alan takes a look around in the office, everyone has their minds elsewhere except deputy Holland. Alan surfs on the net on a site called sunweb.

Somewhere a few kilometres outside Easing, Mitch pulls over next to an old barn which isn’t occupied by anyone. Richard takes a look around and finds out that they are in the middle of nowhere, between two villages.

‘What’s that funny smell in this car, like really, what is it?’

‘You don’t want to know Richard. I’m back in a minute, I need to get something from inside the barn.’

Mitch walks towards the barn while Richards stays behind in a locked car. Normally, you should think there is something wrong. Richard didn’t know his side of the car can only be opened from outside. Mitch enters an almost empty barn where there is only one table with another suitcase on it. The rest of the space is filled with weeds and what looks like a car. Mitch grabs the suitcase and walks back towards the ford.

Back at the police station

Lisa Neagley calls out to everyone that are in the police station. Alan knows this is his chance, now that Deputy Holland pay’s full attention to what Lisa has to say. Alan clicks away the site he was on, only to book two tickets to the Bahamas. Alan sneaks out of the office at the same moment that Lisa is in the middle of her speech.

‘At this moment we know that Rusty Wood is killed, Simon Wilson has been involved in a shooting and Butch McCools has been missing for a few days. On top of that, the missing and murder of Doug Raid could be linked to these actions. Maybe a vengeance mission. We think that our prime suspect, Mitch Crowne knew Raid. Mitch Crowne is probably armed and is very dangerous. I don’t want anyone to go out there like Rambo, don’t be a hero, be smart! Holland and Snow, you two try to find Richard Red who could be the next victim. Chief Roberts and I are heading towards Simon’s house while the rest of you are going to set up a roadblock on two places where our suspect is likely to go when he leaves Easing.’ (…)

In the meantime, Alan has left the building and walks towards Holy’s car. She’s waiting on him and it looks like they are going on a holiday. Holy sits next to the driver’s seat which means that Alan will be driving. After Alan gets in the car, they take one last look at the police station and then they drive away.

Mitch opens the door on Richard’s side and puts his suitcase on the car’s roof. Richard leaves the car and walks towards the road before he goes back to Mitch.

‘You made me a promise Mitch.’

‘I did, which I’m going to keep.’ (Mitch opens the trunk of his car where two corpses are laying in.)

‘You sick f*ck!’

‘I don’t think so Richard. But now that I have kept my promise..’

‘You killed them! You didn’t keep any promise!!’

‘I did, you would confess, I would bring you to your friends. I guess they were the smell that was inside the car.’

‘You will die Mitch, for what you have done.’

‘Funny how things come full circle, isn’t it. But as you see, there’s room left for you. Would you mind and get in, or do you want me to do this the hard way?’

‘I kill you!!!’ Richard screamed out.

‘Wouldn’t bet on it.’

In the distance, a car with blue lights is coming their way. Richard attacks Mitch but misses his head. Mitch dodges another few attempts of Richard to hit him while the car is almost about to pass them.

Alan and Holy were leaving Easing in a hurry. Holy had packed two suitcases full of clothes and took all the money which was left in the motel’s save with her, before she picked up Alan. They kiss a few times while they are heading for the next village. It’s also beginning to snow again while they witness in a blink how one man hits another. The one who received the punch falls on his back. Alan and Holy both didn’t see who they were, but they also didn’t care. For them, Easing is a place to forget and never to go back.

Chapter 8: [
Goodbye Officer Neagley]

Easing, March 21 2009

‘I kill you!!!’ Richard yelled.

‘Wouldn’t bet on it.’

In the distance, a car with blue lights is going in their direction. Richard attacks Mitch but misses his head. Mitch dodges another few attempts of Richard to hit him while the car is almost about to pass them. Just when Richard prepares for his next attempt, Mitch attacks him and breaks his nose causing Richard to collapse. At this point the car passes by.

‘What are you going to do now Mitch? Is this the moment you finish what you started?’

‘I am not going to kill you Richard. You are going to kill yourself.’

‘Why did you did all of this shit? For what? I don’t understand.’

‘Let’s say it was purpose. From the moment that I took this car in Denmark. From that point I just wanted to know where its former owner lived. Or according to the book, the owner lived.’

‘Doug Raid.’

‘Yes, so here I am. Taking out the trash of Easing and avenging someone I really didn’t know. But, when Rusty was threatening me, I knew something was wrong. And so I began shaking trees which eventually got me into a particular situation.’

‘You wouldn’t even be here if you didn’t met Rusty, what a shame.’ (Grab’s a stick.)

‘But now that I solved the mystery and you guys are dealt with, I’ll be happy to continue my journey.’

‘I’m not done yet.’ (Tries to attack Mitch.)

Mitch dodges Richard’s final attempt and then teasers him in the neck.

At the motel 7:30 a.m.

Lisa Neagley and Christopher Holland arrive at the motel where no living soul can be found. They find out that the office is still a disaster and that the safe is open and empty. The rooms are all unfinished except for room four and six. Room six hasn’t been cleaned up since the last visitor while room four looks like its unused. In the register they find out that Mitch was using room four.

‘Lisa, we can wait for as long as you think is needed, but I don’t think Alan or Mitch have plans to come back.’

‘Alan and Holy are not here, the safe is empty, should we put out an APB?’

‘Let’s get back to the office and ask Chief Roberts.’

At this time, two of the three roads that lead to Easing are blocked. The third one eventually leads back towards one of the other two so everyone that goes to or goes away from Easing, will be stopped. Just before the roads were blocked, Alan and Holy were far enough that they didn’t have to pass a roadblock. There hasn’t been sign of Mitch Crowne as of yet.

But at this time (7:30), almost no one is present in the Police building. Only an assistant that’s behind the reception. She is in her forties and probably married for more than ten years and has children Mitch thought. Mitch had disguised himself with a PSV Eindhoven cap and a black scarf. His sunglasses covered his eyes while he was still wearing the same outfit.

In his car, he put all the evidence he had into one briefcase. This evidence included some phone recordings between Simon and Richard and a tape with Butch’s confession, before Mitch killed him. Within the briefcase, is also the owners papers of the car in which Mitch drove the last days and a note addressed to Lisa. There’s also a letter on which coordinates are written. Mitch walks with the briefcase towards the door, which is locked. Then the receptionist informs Mitch that the office is closed.

‘Hello sir, we are closed as of now. Please return in an hour.’

‘I’m afraid that will not be possible madam. I have a briefcase here for deputy Lisa Neagley, would you be helpful and take care of it?’

‘No sir, that’s not how we operate. Come back in an hour.’

‘I’ll put it right here against the door so you can keep an eye on it. It’s not a bomb, I guarantee you.’

‘Please sir..’

‘Thank you for helping me out Mrs. Holland, say hi for me to your husband and kids.’

Mitch leaves the briefcase behind and walks away. After he left main street, he got into his car and drove away again. At the same time, Wendy Wayne left the groceries store and saw Mitch taking a right when he left main street. The receptionist was too curious and went outside to get the briefcase. She didn’t had the nerves to look inside, but put the briefcase on Neagley’s desk. Wendy Wayne followed Mitch to the other street but only saw how Mitch got into a car and drove away. This time, it wasn’t a ford, but then again, Wendy didn’t have much knowledge about cars. This car was black.

Three hours later at the office

Lisa Neagley returns to the office after three hours. Before the receptionist can inform her about the briefcase, Lisa advices Chief Roberts to minimize the patrol and to only keep the roadblocks active. Then when Lisa leaves Chief Roberts’ office, the receptionist finally gets to her.

‘Lisa, early in the morning a man came her for you. He wanted to hand over a briefcase to you. But you weren’t here and I said to him that he could deliver it half an hour later when we were open, he left it on the doorstep and so I took it in for you.’

‘Can you describe him?’

‘Not really, he covered himself pretty good. Perhaps because it’s cold outside and snowing again.’

‘Nothing that was strange about him?’

‘Well he did ignore me, but no. Yeah, he was wearing sun glasses.’


‘About three hours ago.’

‘I’ll be damned. Chief Roberts!’

‘We need to get everybody back on the streets, our suspect is still in town! We need to catch this guy, he drives a grey ford and has disguised himself.’

Earlier that morning

After Richard passed out, Mitch dragged the man towards the trunk where a death Butch and a death Simon were laying in. Then he drilled a few holes in the trunk for air support. He dumped Richard in the trunk with only a wrench. Afterwards he took a welder out of the briefcase that he took out of the barn earlier. Eventually Mitch weld the trunk so there was no escape possible for Richard. After Mitch was done he could hear that Richard was gaining his conscious again. Mitch uncovered the car that was stalled in the old barn. It was also not a new car. It was a Mercedes 190 D probably build in 1991. He drove the car out of the barn and parked his old ford inside. He covered the car up with the same blankets he used to hide the Mercedes. After he was done, he left the keys of the ford under the trunk, thus visible for Richard. Then he stepped into the Mercedes and drove away.

At the office

Because the briefcase was closed and it was uncertain what would be in it, Lisa took the briefcase in the basement were Deputy Holland opened it. Holland was a partly trained bomb expert, but eventually failed to pass the finals. After the briefcase was opened, Lisa, Holland and Chief Roberts found the stuff that Mitch had left them with.

‘Look at all of this, tape recordings, files, everything about Doug Raid.’ Chief Roberts noticed.

‘Damn, even a letter to you Lisa, he must have liked you.’ Holland said.

‘After a few days spending on this man’s actions, I am back at the beginning. Who for god’s sake is Mitch Crowne?’

Roadblock 2

While a green Golf was being inspected, three cars were in line. A red Mazda, a brown MG and as third.. a Black Mercedes. The first three cars were inspected but when it was the black Mercedes’ turn, the two police officers let them go without an inspection. Behind the wheel was Mitch Crowne, he had cut his hair and died it blonde while next to him was sitting a woman that needed a ride to a place called Harkema.

She asked: ‘Why didn’t they check this car?’

‘Because they are probably looking for a car where there’s only one person in it.’

‘Oh, I see.’

At the office

Dear Lisa Neagley,

I can’t say that I enjoyed my stay in Easing much, the hospitality wasn’t a-plus you know. As of now, you probably know I’m a man with a history, so be it. In the end, I stumbled on a few persons that needed to be punished. I have succeed in that mission I guess. You may feel played with, and you can’t let me go that easily. To be honest, I’ll be disappointed if you’re not. I promise you that I won’t harm the innocent, but I’m not a hero. I also know that you have nothing on me that proves me to be involved with any of the things that happened the last couple of days. Not even this letter. You have a story, that’s all.. I hope you’ll get your promotion, you solved Doug Raid’s murder. Congrats! The coordinates I included, which I may have found somewhere in room number four, you should check it out. This is the Goodbye I guess.

Easing, March 22 2009

Authorities have found the Grey Ford Mitch was using the last days about 10 kilometres outside Easing. According to the number plates, the car belonged to Doug Raid and it was stolen three years ago. When Lisa arrives, she finds out that the trunk was welded. ‘What’s in it?’ she asked Deputy Holland.

‘You don’t want to know Lisa.’

Three weeks later, Chief of Police Roberts reassigned and Lisa Neagley was promoted to City police. Deputy Holland took over as the new Chief of Police while Lucy McDonnell joined the police of Easing two years later. The bar called the bridge got a new bartender called Christina McDonnell.

Alan and Holy never returned to the Netherlands again. Where they started a new life is unknown.

After three years, the only police officer left in Easing is Lucy McDonnell.

Mitch Crowne’s picture was used on the news as possible suspect.


Thank you for reading this book. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I did writing it. I’m still perfecting my storytelling and grammar skills and hope the mistakes you encountered weren’t too disturbing since this is my first release and it’s free. There’s more to come, so I added a little preview for you here.


About the author

MacShayne is the pseudonym of a Frisian born Dutch writer and actor. He mainly writes English romance- or thriller short stories. Apart from short stories, he also writes lyrics and film scripts. Currently, he is also working on his first Dutch novel which will tie-in with some of his romance short stories. As an actor, he has made multiple appearances in Dutch or Frisian (short)films and series.

Apart from writing and acting, he also completed Small Business and Retail Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen in 2017. His other interests include supporting football club PSV Eindhoven, collecting various CD’s and DVD’s, sports, history, travelling and reading books. In the future he wants to learn at least three more foreign languages.

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Manhunt Preview

‘Good afternoon madam, do you need any help?’

‘Hello mister Chief Holland, I didn’t know you would find me this fast.’

Chief Holland looked surprised and yet he stayed calm. ‘I don’t know if we have ever met before, but it looks like you’re lost or something.’

She turned around and looked right into Chief Holland’s eyes. ‘Six weeks ago you were visited by an extraordinary male, about 1.88 metres long and…’

‘Yeah I know madam. But we’re not investigating anymore.’

‘You’re better than I thought you would be Holland. But, I assume you can’t tell me why there is nothing to be found at the crime scenes?’

‘Listen, I was here when the things happened, so does the rest of Easing’s population. We like to erase this memory and would appreciate it, if not some other stranger continues the outburst of aggression that madman started! But if you want to find out anything more about it, you should visit City Police department in Groningen. I recommend personally my former colleague Lisa Neagley.’

‘First of all sir, I don’t take orders from you. But, I appreciate you’re cooperation. I can’t promise that I won’t come back, for now I’m done here. There’s nothing to find her anyway.’

‘Have you visited the crime scenes?’

‘Yes I did.’

‘That’s a felony madam. I should arrest you right now.’

‘You don’t even know the slightest bit about me. You don’t even know what hit you’re town a couple of weeks ago.. so hard.’

‘Listen, I don’t like being downgraded like you do now, which is in this country another felony! Second, I almost arrested that madman myself, I saw him leaving a house but I couldn’t leave my partner. ‘

‘So you have seen Mitch Crowne with your own eyes you say?’

‘Yeah! And I almost caught him.’

The women looked the other way and a smile appeared on her face. ‘You’re lucky Chief Holland.’

‘Why, last time I checked I didn’t win the lottery.’

‘You’re lucky to be still breathing. Funny joke though.’

The women turned around and ran towards her black BMW (5-series F10) which was probably a rental. Chief Holland blew of steam as he felt being humiliated. Eventually he followed her to her car. The women was about to drive away when Chief Holland tapped her window.

‘I still don’t know who and what you are madam.’

‘Good police work sir. I’m far above you’re pay grade. But because you helped so well, my first name is Eveline.’

Eveline drove away afterwards and headed towards Groningen. She looked beside her on the co-driver’s seat and looked at a document with the codename Mitch Crowne. Above the document was a picture of him taken just three months ago. It was perfectly clear that someone wants to catch Mitch Crowne, but why? And who is Eveline and does she know mister Crowne?

The Drifter

  • Author: MacShayne
  • Published: 2017-09-05 14:35:12
  • Words: 14300
The Drifter The Drifter