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The Dragon


The Dragon



By Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition


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Cover by Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition



“So teach us to number our days; that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

– Prayer Book




“Now is the time!” she cried.

The crowd cheered. People flapped signs. There was a reverent listening, people listened to what the lady was saying. Microphones rested upon her pulpit and carried her voice for the crowd.

She was a dragon.

Her voice stirred the blood of all who listened.

She was a magnificent leader, and now she was going to lead them all.


But there were others. Men and women who were powerful. They had no lacking.

And they did not agree with the words this woman, who stood at these pulpits, at these events and gatherings, and spoke of a dream future. They hated when the lady told the people what was possible.


Her breath burned.


The Powerful, hired a Knight. But not any knight, no. The powerful hired a deadly knight. A knight to strike down those the powerful dislike.


This Knight wielded a powerful weapon. A weapon strong enough to pierce the woman’s scales. Her dragon skin was not to be underestimated. The Knight knew this. His weapon was discreet and advance.


The Knight was in the crowd. He made his way through the crowd with shy steps.


“We will invest in ourselves! We pay our family and friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, to recycle and collect junk materials. We must plant the hemp with industrial fever! We must become a nation of creators and inventors! We must be free to pursue happiness and observe others their right to do the same. Rights must be held dearly, especially in our day and age. We live in times were everyone has a voice. No longer shall we follow our historic laws. We are a nation of people, a nation of culture. We will be the boiling pot! Individual rights will be protected. Never again will one steal the rights of another in the name of virtue or security!”


There was a single shot. Loud enough to burst ears. The bullet ripped the air around them and cut through her.


She who stood before the pulpit, with the microphones to carry her voice. Her eyes turned to flame and brimstone. There was a stench of sulfur. She released a terrible screech. Her skin and clothes burned off and the embers danced through the air as her wings and scales broke free from flesh. Her wicked tail slashed free.


The barrel of the Knights weapon was hot.


The dragon cried and turned to fly but her wound dragged her down into the depths of death.

The Dragon

  • ISBN: 9781370530717
  • Author: Steven Bevell
  • Published: 2017-05-22 08:20:09
  • Words: 542
The Dragon The Dragon