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The Dilopherous


The Dilopherous

By D. E. Dunn (David Eric Dunn)

Copyright 2016 David Eric Dunn


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The Dilopherous

(A Dinosaur I made up when I was Innocent)

-Alisa Thompson


The Dilopherous is a floppy doppy thing,

the other dinos run when it starts to sing,

in its nest all alone at night,

it knows no one, but that’s alright,

there’s another dino that comes around,

and picks Dilopherous off the ground,

don’t you worry in your heart little thing,

there’s magic in there,

that’s why you sing,

just like a flower that stays budded through gloom,

there will come a day when you too will bloom…






The stones shifted as I fell from the world and became swallowed by darkness.


Wandering down the hallway in a twilight haze, dizzy, happy, unafraid – it was a like a drug and I couldn’t get enough.


‘How far can I make it this time’ I vaguely wondered.


It wasn’t my first time in here,


There were many others,


At first it was curiosity, then a tingle, and then I could almost taste it – every breath like I went to heaven.


The hallway was long, and darker as I came.


In my last visit I fell weak halfway down, the pleasure peaks as the pain builds and at some point I just can’t take it any more, and fall into a drooling mess.


You can see at the very end a shining light, it starts dark, then you see it’s faint sparkle, and finally it starts to build.


I’ve never made it past there.


What starts out as my own hell, slowly wears away, the pain, then the pleasure, and then all feeling – until I burn out and fall.


Um, I’m in a meadow under the blazing sky. Grassy hills and as many sheep as there are twinkling stars.


I wander through this field, and play like when I was little.


And then there’s a lake, and a house, and my grandmother. I smile like I used too, before she went away.


And then a tightness builds in my arm and I’ve stayed as long as I can.


“No! NO!…”


I awaken on the forest floor in the day.


The sun sparkling on my eyes through the vast canopy.


Perhaps daydreaming all along.


Making my way back home, breakfast is served, for me and my little sister. My mother the only parent I’ve ever known.


Mom smiles at us. “how are you?” I ask.


She scowls, my sister buries her head in her cereal, but I’ve learned not to look away. The curvature of her face perplexes me, the darkness straining around her eyes, and her tongue that flashes between her teeth like a viper.


This isn’t my mother, not the one I knew, but the thing that I’ve come to expect.


In that moment, but the blink of an eye it’s over, and so is she. So weak that she resembles a pale sheet on the line, her worn shirt fluttering around her ruined frame.


I hug my sister who’s shaking, and the phantom fills our lunches. Blank and unblinking, packing us off for the day so that she can sleep.


School, more like a prison, where all my failures could be frowned upon. This day like all the others, where an old woman with a worn face could look down at me from a righteous tower upon my lacking without a care of the shit that I’ve been through. Like all days, I smiled like I wasn’t broken into her judging eyes, and took my F.


Every interaction was an event where I pretended to be unbroken, confident, and in charge. But every twitch of my fingers was a billboard pointing out my weakness. I hungered in all of the light, for my dark corner so I could forget. Every second a torture I couldn’t bear, and if it weren’t for her, my sister, suffering my youth all over again – I might just fall away – for one minute more – and forget the pain.


Finally another day done, I tuck my sister away in an empty house, tell her it’s fine – I can’t help it.


It’s almost like a blackout, stumbling through the leaves, the rich dark taking me again, until I see the light. I hope to see more tonight, one more step at least. For each step I’ve taken feels old and wasted, I never feel as good walking the same squeeze.


Trembling, another morning comes before I can ever really forget.


Returning home earlier than usual, when mom does, that distant look in my sisters eyes, the same one she looks at mom with, now staring second at me. Am I guilty? N-no! Of course not….


I pour the cereal, my arm still shaking from the night before, mom makes the sandwiches. I can’t even look in her eyes this morning, every glance I catch I can feel the guilt in mine.


Packed off again. I’m so tired. If I could just catch a day, and not burn for the night. No. She’s there with me, my sister, my blood, and I’m the only one she’s got. One more day, and then another, and another, and one day we might be free.


I focus through the stares, keeping my wits, I know they see the holes in my shirt, the same shoes I’ve worn for years. I remember all the time I felt like crying over it, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve just got to think, I’ve just got to move, and one day they might not see me.


Another evening, an empty house. I read my sister a story, tuck her in and promise her the world – like I wasn’t weak, like I could actually save her from this nightmare. She pretends she’s asleep, but I know she knows.


The leaves crunch under my feet, the cold wind blowing through what’s left of me. But I get there and start to feel alright. The stones shift under me as I crawl in. The darkness blinding but the needle in my hand promises a light, and after a few minutes I see it. The distance suddenly so close, the day I wish for, without pain, without doubt, just seconds away. I walk farther this time, further than I’ve ever been. The light draws so much closer – It’s so beautiful! Might I never leave?




Alisa Thompson was reported missing three days later, found in a drain in the woods with a needle in her arm.


Her mother was charged in her death.


Her little sister sent away to foster care.


That’s how it could have ended…




I awakened under the blinding lights with a little hand in mine. The air was stale but sweet. I had OD’d, but my sister followed me that night and got me help when I needed it most.


When my mom saw me she fell to her knees weeping. We both made a promise to my sister that day, to get through the ugliness – together.


When I got out of the hospital I went back to that drain deep in the woods, that in childhood scared me, and in weakness consumed me. I crawled in once more, and walked all the way to the end, to a steep drop off of a hill. I brushed away the tangled roots and vines and felt the light shine on my face, and my fears fall away.


Me and Mom both got clean, it was hardest for her, but she got through. She got a real job, we moved into a new house – a real house – something we could call a home. And I focused on my schoolwork, and made some friends. We both work everyday to give my sister the life we never had, to repay the new life she gave to us – and we left our dark days behind us.






just like a flower that stays budded through gloom,

there will come a day when you too will bloom,

your song will break free,

and the music of the world will fill your heart,

and with it the light of life.

-The Dilopherous





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Later, in young adulthood, he began creating his own original stories, bringing them to life in expansive world building detail.


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His primary inspiration for fantasy comes from his time spent wandering the immense wilderness, but also late nights imagining the possibilities of the stars.


After attaining a bachelors degree in legal studies, David has focused on his inspiration for writing.


David now resides in the sunshine state with his pet chickens and many adopted cats.




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The Dilopherous

  • Author: D E Dunn
  • Published: 2016-04-16 00:05:06
  • Words: 1668
The Dilopherous The Dilopherous