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The defenders of light


The defenders of light




By Nathan Fehrman




Legends tell

When the world is at the brink of being conquered by evil,

A boy will be born into the world

Protecting it from all evil that dare threaten it.

For the gods in the heavens have bestowed this boy with psychic abilities

Making the boy The Chosen One of this world.

Chapter 1

My name is Mike Sherpert and this is my story. I’m eighteen years old living the normal life of an average boy, until one day my life changed forever. The year is 2928; technology has made advanced improvements such as robots, computers with artificial intelligence, vehicles that can hover off the ground, and more. Smaller lifeforms have evolved and gained human intelligence and are living in tribes of their own kind. New life forms have also been created; most of them were made by genetic mutations. In the forests of Canada lies my home called Sunset Ville, a small forest town where the people of my town are getting ready for the annual spring festival. The spring festival has been a Canadian tradition for years. On the first day of spring, people celebrate the festival by honoring the god of light for bringing and protecting the light in the universe. By celebrating the festival, the god of light will keep protecting the light in the universe for many more years to come. I was at my house with my parents, making preparations for the spring festival. I too am also a fan of the spring festival, not a big huge fanatic because there are people out there who take the festival way too seriously. But Besides the fact of how much of a festival fan I am, there is one thing I enjoy that pretty much everyone else does, the god of light. But I don’t worship him like everyone else does; I worship him in a special way like I was meant to do something special. As I finished making preparations, I took a quick glance at a mirror and thought for a moment. I looked at my clothes, wearing blue jeans, a casual tee shirt, and a leather vest. I also looked at my brown hair and white skin. I thought for a sec maybe I should get a new look, then I thought nah I’m cool enough already. I then heard a call from my mother, “Mike, can you come down here for a moment?” I put the box of decorations down and headed down the hall. I stopped for a sec and peeked inside an empty room that is going to be our nursery. My mother is pregnant with twins; I’m an only child so it’ll be nice to have siblings. I walked down the stairs and saw my parents standing in the living room holding the family sword. The sword is a long blade with a black leather handle grip with an average guard and pommel. That sword is an important mark of our family; my grandfather used that sword when he fought in the emperors’ army in world war seven. He even used that sword to save the emperor of Canada. Since then, this sword marks our family with honor and bravery. “Yes mom?” I said, I could tell by the look of their faces that they had something unpleasant to tell me. “Son, there is something we need to tell you” my father said. “ You see, we’ve been selected to cater for the sunset feast.” I was overwhelmed with excitement when I heard those words. “ Wow, that’s incredible!” I said. “Yes well,” my father continued to go on, “Catering for the feast is very expensive and we just don’t have enough money to cater for it.” “What are you saying?” I said. “Son, we need to sell the family sword” after hearing those words, my excitement turned to disbelief. “What??” I said, “ Sell the family sword, but it’s been a mark of bravery and honor for this entire family.” “ Sweetie, I know what this sword means to this family” my mother said. “But please understand, being chosen to cater for the sunset feast is a higher honor and with the festival just eight days away we need to start making preparations now, do you understand?” “I guess so,” I said. “That’s my boy,” my father said, “Now take the sword to the upper city and pawn it for cash.” So I took the sword and headed for the upper city. I decided to take the old dirt road to the upper city because I wanted to have some last few moments with the sword. The old dirt road was a long way to the city, a dirt road that lead through the forest to the upper city. The old dirt road has many paths all across the country for travelers who don’t have vehicles. As I walked, I thought more about whether or not we should sell the sword because it is a great mark for our family. Then I also remembered that catering for the feast is a great honor and we need the money to cater for it. I kept thinking of what to do as I approached the old bridge that crossed over a deep chasm. As I kept thinking of what to do while walking across the bridge, I heard a slight cracking sound. I stopped, looking around to see if anything on the bridge was cracked, but everything looked fine. I heard another cracking sound, frantically looking around to see what could be causing it. Then the bridge collapsed. Before realizing it I was falling, falling into the deep chasm where I was sure to await certain death.


Chapter 2




I awoke after what seemed like it had been several hours in a daze. After rubbing my head from the headache, I got up from the ground and got out my flashlight to check out my surroundings. I looked up to see if I could find any sunlight at all, thankfully I saw sunlight. And thankfully I wasn’t that deep in the chasm, I could just see the broken bridge. So I picked up the sword and started to climb out but all of a sudden, a dim light caught the corner of my eye. I pointed my flashlight to where the light was coming from, my flashlight revealed a tunnel on the other side of the chasm. So giving in to my curiosity, I decided to find out what that dim light was. I had been walking in the tunnel for around five minutes when I came into a wide-open chamber. I followed the light to the center of the chamber and in the center was a golden bowl resting on top of a pedestal. I peered inside the bowl to see nothing but a glowing orb. I picked up the orb with curiosity wondering why this would be down here; I was about to put it back when something strange happened. Dust from all around the chamber started to swirl around at a rapid rate forming a vortex. I could not see but it looked like something was forming inside the vortex. When the vortex stopped and all the dust was gone, standing before me was a small human shaped figure made out of a cloud of darkness with bright white eyes. “Who dares try to steal the light?” the figure shouted. Many questions ran through my head after hearing that exclamation, but all I could mutter out was “Who…who are you?” “I am a servant to my master, a powerful spirit of pure darkness.” “Ok” I said, “ And what is this thing?” “It is pure light!” the figure said, “My master ordered me to guard it and kill anyone who tries to steal it!” The creature stopped and looked at me with an unsettling gaze. “Wait” the creature said, “You’re the chosen one from the ancient prophecy, I can sense it!” “What are you talking about?” I said. “Don’t deny it!” the figure continued, “You are the chosen one, my master will be most pleased at me for bringing your body to him therefore you must die!” Before I knew it, the figure was attacking me by firing of what looked like orbs of dark energy. I managed to dodge the attack just in time. He still kept firing at me and I kept on dodging. The figure then summoned warriors made out of the shadows from the chamber wielding bows and arrows ready to fire. As the warriors began to fire, I started charging at them with full speed blocking every arrow with my sword. When I reached the warriors, I raised my sword and destroyed all of them with one single slash. But just then, the figure conjured a giant shadow hand, I tried to fight it but it grabbed hold of me with a mighty grip and forced me to the ground causing my sword to fall out of my hand. The figure walked slowly towards me with a dark energy ready to fire from his hand, he stood in front of me and said, “Do you have any final words puny mortal?” I looked at him with a bit of fear and then I noticed behind his shoulder on the wall on the other side of the chamber what looked like sunlight, a crack leading outside. My sword was in reach of my hand. I would be able to grab it if I could distract him for just a few seconds. “Hey, what’s that behind you?” I shouted. “What?” he said, the figure then turned his head behind him to see what I saw. While he wasn’t looking, I grabbed the sword and threw it at the crack leading outside. The sword fell as bits and clumps of dirt detached from the wall and fell to the ground forming a giant hole, thus revealing a beam of sunlight. The beam of sunlight shot straight toward the figure causing him to scream in pain. As he continued to scream, he started to disintegrate. He kept disintegrating until there was nothing left and the screaming stopped. I picked up the sword and the glowing orb and headed towards the hole leading outside. I crawled outside realizing I was on a slanted hill in the forest. I got up on my feet and started to make my way back to town.

Chapter 3


The sun was going down by the time I got back to my parents house. I walked through the front door closing it behind me, and then my mother ran up to me and gave me a hug. “Mike, your father and I were so worried” she said in a hysterical voice, “What happened to you?” “I fell in a hole and got knocked out.” I said, “How long was I gone?” “Seven hours” My father said, “But the good thing is you’re safe and we’ll take care of the sword tomorrow.” Just then the doorbell rang, I opened it and standing outside was a royal guard. I could tell it was a royal guard because of the way he was dressed, he was dressed in a blue and gold uniform and wearing a black guard cap with a silver maple leaf on the front of it. “Is this the residence of the Sherbets?” the guard said. “Yes” my mother said. “The emperor has summoned you all at once, please come with me.” Me, my mother and father all looked at each other for a few seconds, but we all decided to go with him. The guard then ushered us to an armored hover car parked right behind him on the street and the next thing I knew, we were heading for the Upper City.




We arrived a few minutes later at the emperor of Canada’s palace located in the upper part of the Upper City. The guard led us through the front doors where right on the other side was the emperor followed by two more guards standing right beside him. The emperor was wearing red and white robes and a gold crown; he also had long gray hair and a long gray beard. “Welcome Mike” the emperor said, “I’ve been expecting you.” “How do you know my name?” I said. “I’ve been watching you for quite some time now.” “I don’t understand” I said, “Well allow me to explain” the emperor said as he lead me and my parents down a corridor. First let me ask you a question Mike, “Have you always felt that you were meant to do something great?” “Yes” I said, “But everyone feels special at some point of their lives.” “True” the emperor continued, “But you’re a different kind of special.” “You mean like special educated?” I said with slight confusion. ”No I mean really special, as in you’re destined for something great.” “But why am I so special?” I said. The emperor stopped in front of a set of doors “Now you already know your grandfather fought for me in world war seven right?” “Yes your majesty” I said. “Well, he did a little bit more for me than you know” I looked at him with slight shock and confusion. “You see Mike your grandfather was not just a soldier in my army, he was a hero. And not just a hero who saved other lives in the army; he fought many evil forces where each force tried to threaten the earth or the universe itself. The reason I summoned you here is because I want you to take his place, will you do it?” I was shocked at what the emperor said and I’m pretty sure my parents were too. “Yes” I said full of excitement. “Hold on” my mother said, “Mike your father and I are not so sure about this, is this really what you want?” “Yes Mom” I said, “I’ve always had this feeling that I was meant to do great things for our nation and the world and this is my chance to do it.” My parents looked at each other for a few seconds and then back to me. “Alright son, if this means that much to you then we’ll let you do it.” “Alright then I’m in” I said. “Excellent,” the emperor said as we stopped at a set of doors. He opened them; standing behind them in an open room was the God of Light. I could tell it was Him from pictures in history and ancient books. He was wearing a golden robe and had golden blond hair. “Mike” the emperor said, “this is Golmor the God of Light.” “Hello Mike, it is a pleasure to meet you” Golmor said.

Chapter 4


I was overwhelmed with joy that a god I admired was standing right in front of me. “Now Mike there’s a reason why the emperor brought you here to me” Golmor said, “You know you celebrate the sunset festival because I brought light to the universe right?” “Yes” I said, “Well you see, when there’s light there’s also darkness.” “Golmor, what are you talking about?” “What most people don’t know is that when I brought light to the universe an entity of pure darkness itself was created to destroy any light being brought to the universe. Throughout its life people have given it many names, the Darkness Monster, The Void, but most people name it Shadow. Its sole purpose is to plunge all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness. I knew it would only be a matter of time before he plunged the entire universe into an eternal horrific darkness so it was up to me to stop him. So for eons I have been engaged in an eternal combat with Shadow. Just a few millenniums ago I was about to be victorious in my long battle against Shadow, but shortly before I was victorious, his psychic powers were growing stronger at an alarming rate.” “Why was he suddenly getting stronger so quickly?” I said, “I do not know” Golmor said. “Anyway, it was clear that I was no match for him at this point so in my desperate attempts, I gathered ten billion stars and sealed them into a golden orb thus making the orb of light, the ultimate source of light. Because of the orb of lights intense light energy, I managed to destroy Shadows army in just a matter of seconds. Shadow needed a plan and quick because he knew that the orb of light would destroy him with only one attack. So he created eight creatures of darkness that overpowered me and stole the light from inside the orb of light. Then they each split the light into eight light sources. They each took one and they fled. I’ve tracked the creatures here on Earth where each of them are protecting the light sources to this day from anyone who tries to steal it.” “Whoa” I said, “What happened to Shadow?” “Well right after Shadows creatures left, Shadow approached me to end my life. But before he could attack, I pulled a surprise attack of my own and severely damaged him. Before I could kill him, Shadow quickly made his escape and retreated back to his fortress. Ever since then, Shadow has been hiding in his fortress recovering from the fatal attack. But today, he is almost fully recovered and is making plans for his second coming.” “So why do you need me?” I said. “It is legend that a special boy will be born in the world and protect his world from any evil force that threatens it. I believe you are that boy. You’ll make friends on your journey; they will help you and join you on your journey. I also have a gift for you to help you on your journey.“ Golmor reached inside his robe and pulled out what looked like a gauntlet. It was black and silver with six gems; a big one was on the palm and five were circling the wrist. The big one was a clear color the other five was red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. “This is the elemental gauntlet, each gem has its own purpose, the red gem is the gem of life, the green gem is the gem of space, the blue gem is the gem of time, the purple gem is the gem of knowledge, the yellow gem is the gem of light, and the clear gem is the gem of power. “So it’s a magic gauntlet?” I asked. “No, its more of a gauntlet that uses psychic powers” Golmor said. “You see, In order to use the powers of these gems, you have to concentrate with your mental abilities and focus them to connect with the powers of the gems. In other words, you use your mind to control the powers of these gems.” He handed me the gauntlet and I put it on, it felt good. “Those light sources you mentioned” I said, “Do they look like this?” I pulled out that glowing orb from my pocket and showed it to him. “You found the first light source? Hand it to me” he pulled out a golden orb and separated the orb into two halves. He placed the glowing orb inside, closed it back up and handed it to me. “This is the orb of light” Golmor said, “When you find a light source place it inside, when you find all eight you are ready to defeat Shadow for only the full power of the orb of light will destroy him.” “By the way” I said, “Where’s Shadow fortress?” “In a dimension beyond space and time that is too horrifying to describe, just follow your instincts and you will find Shadow. But be aware of this, if you fail before the day of the spring festival, Shadow will be at full power and engulf the universe into darkness.” I gave him a quick nod, “Thank you Golmor, I wont let you down,” I said and I started to walk out.




I was on the palace front walk with my parents, Golmor and the emperor were bidding me farewell. “Mike” my mother said, “No matter what anyone says, you’re a courageous, strong person. You’re my very own natural born fighter…you’ll go far…remember to go for it.” “Son” my father said, “Just remember, I’m always behind you one hundred percent. Don’t be afraid, I know that you are brave, you can do it. Oh one more thing, I put a thousand dollars on your debit card in case you need to buy whatever you need.” “I’ll do everything I can to help you” the emperor said, “good luck on your adventure.” Golmor approached me and put his hand on my shoulder, “Will I ever see you again?” I said. “Don’t worry, we’ll meet again” Golmor said, Golmor then reached into his robe and handed me a small device. “What’s this?” I said, “A communicator, the emperor gave it to me so you and I can stay in touch” Golmor said, “contact me if you’re in a bit of a pickle.” I nodded and then I was off, off to save the world and the universe from a great force of darkness.

Chapter 5

It was the next morning when I started my journey with only seven days left until the spring festival. I decided to spend the night somewhere so that I would be all rested and ready to go. I decided to stop at the nearest store and pick up some food, water, and gear for the long journey ahead. I had no idea where the second light source was or how to find it so I thought the best thing to do for now was to walk around the Upper City and find any suspicious activity caused by Shadow. As I approached the end of a street, around a corner I saw some police cars and a crowd of people all gathered at an apartment tower. The apartment tower was named River Tower, it is one of the most popular apartment towers in Upper City. I know this from reading magazines. I approached the city police chief and asked him what was going on. “Excuse me officer, what’s going on here?” I said. “This entire building has been overrun by some kind of dark spherical creatures.” The police chief said. “Luckily, we evacuated all of the residents before they were harmed” the police chief said, “Do you mind if I go try and get rid of those creatures?” I said, “Well, ok but be careful in there, one of those creatures have powers unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I went inside and was now standing in the building lobby; it was an open room that had been roughly damaged. I looked around and there were nothing but broken plants and some burnt holes in walls, but there wasn’t anything that could’ve caused this in sight. I slowly walked toward to the stairwell leading to the second floor but the second I put my foot on the step, I heard a noise from the floor above me. I took another step up the stairwell and just then, a floating red eyeball with a black eyelid came floating around the corner from the top of the stairwell and saw me. Once it saw me, it came charging down the stairwell ready to attack me. Quickly, I pulled out my sword and stuck it through the eyeball as it was coming towards me. The eyeball then went still as it was stuck on my sword while it leaked black ooze. After a few seconds, the eyeball disappeared and I continued up the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairwell, the floor was filled with several floating eyeballs. They turned to me and started charging at me, I smiled and pulled out my sword. I defeated all of them in less then a minute and I proceeded to the next floor. Floor after floor I killed several floating eyeballs, after killing the floating eyeballs on the sixth floor, I made my way to the roof. On the roof, I saw nothing but a small silver man wearing a silver suit staring out into the distance. I started to draw my sword but the man started to speak. “I wouldn’t pull that sword out if I were you,” the man said. I was shocked and a bit nervous at the same time as I put my sword back in its scabbard. “Who are you?” I said, he turned around and faced me. “I am Melfron, Shadow’s personal assistant,” Melfron said, “You’re his assistant? Are you a robot?” I said. “No, Shadow constructed me out of living metal” Melfron said. “Well defeating you is going to be a pleasant victory on my quest to defeat Shadow,” I said. I drew my sword and ran towards Melfron ready to strike, but Melfron forced me to the ground with a strange energy before I could reach him. “I warned you not to draw your sword” Melfron said. “Why are you even here?” I said. “Well Shadow sent me here on a little mission and while I was up here, I happened to spot you below Mike” Melfron said. “You know me?” I said, “Oh yes, so does Shadow,” said Melfron. “You see you are the one who’s destined to defeat him, but if you think its that easy, you might as well think again. Those eyeballs you just defeated were just mere abductors, not created for fighting purposes. Most of Shadows soldiers are a lot stronger than those puny eyeballs.” “What do you mean by abductors?” I said. “That’s none of your concern” Melfron said. “My work here is done, farewell Mike, we’ll meet again.” I picked up my sword and ran toward him again but he disappeared before I got the chance to strike. I walked back down to the lobby and back outside. “The creatures are gone” I said, “Great job kid, is there anything I can do to award you for what you’ve done?” the police chief said. “Actually yes” I said, “can you tell me if there’s any other weird stuff going on around here?”


Chapter 6

The police chief told me there had been something weird happening in the forest northwest of the Upper City and a some weird stuff going on in Techerton, the town just east of the Upper City. I arrived at the forest the police chief was talking about but when I got to the entrance I noticed there was police tape lined across from tree to tree. So I went around the police tape without breaking it and I went into the forest. After walking through the forest for a couple minutes, I came into a small opening and found a cave. The entrance was on the side of a large hill; the second light source must be in there I told myself. I went inside and pulled out my flashlight. It was just a path descending into darkness. I followed the path deep into the cave and when I came to the bottom I found an open chamber. This chamber wasn’t as big as the first one; it was a square chamber with bricks lined across the walls. On the other side of the chamber was an armor stand with only a helmet and a torso resting on the stand. In front of the armor stand was another gold bowl and inside the bowl was the second light source. I walked to the bowl and was about to take the second light source when the armor in front of me started to shake. The armor rose from the armor stand, where there was supposed to be legs formed a ghostly tail and the eyeholes on the helmet started to glow white. “Who dares enter this forbidden place?” the creature spoke. “I have come here for the light source” I said, ”So you’re the chosen one come to destroy my master?” “That’s right.” “Well if you want this light source, you are going to have to get through me.” The armor then formed blade arms and then charged at me ready to attack. I ducked, he passed right over me and I felt the cold sensation of his ghostly tail. He stopped and turned around giving me a look of great anger. He charged again, I pulled out my sword and blocked his blade arms. He pushed me away and we both charged at each other ready to attack. We both blocked the attack and we charged again. The armor knocked my sword out of my hands and with an open opportunity, he charged right at me causing me to fall to the ground. My sword was out of reach and the armor looked like he was about to administer his final strike. As he began to strike, I quickly extended out the gauntlet and told myself to concentrate as I tried to control the gauntlet using my mind. With all of my mental strength, I unleashed a wave of energy causing the armor to fly across the room. When the armor landed on the ground, I raised an earth spike from the ground right through the armor. With the armor still in the spike, I then fired a lightning bolt at the armor causing every piece of the armor to fall to the ground. I picked up the second light source and my sword and headed back outside. I came out of the cave and made my way back to the Upper City.

Chapter 7

After I arrived back in the Upper City I started to make my way to Techerton, which is just east of the Upper City. Techerton is quite a popular town in the world; the town is named after the guy who made all of the technological advancements, Bob Techerton. Him and his ancestors invented every piece of modern technology for the past 500 years. Now he’s in charge of a multimillion-dollar company that makes all of today’s modern technology. As I was walking through the forest on the path that leads to Techerton, I kept thinking about Shadows assistant and what did he mean by abductors. I arrived at Techerton but I decided to check into a hotel because of all that’s happened today. Later that night, I had a dream, not really a dream but I heard a voice in my sleep. It sounded so real like someone was calling for help. “Mike?” the voice spoke, “Mike” it sounded like a woman’s voice. “Mike” the voice continued, “I’m a friend who you have never met before, my name is Nina. Can you hear me calling you? I am Nina I need your help! I am trying to contact you. I am contacting you through the use of psychic powers. If you can hear me, please wake up and head towards a forest cabin just south east of Techerton. Please hear my call and begin heading towards the forest cabin just south east of Techerton, please I need your help.” I awoke to see the morning sun glistening through the window. I went outside with only six more days until the spring festival. I then started heading southeast, just like that woman named Nina in my dream told me to go. I went through a small passage through the forest and came upon a forest cabin, just like the woman in my dream said. I went inside and on the other side of the room was a cryogenic freezer with a woman inside. The cryogenic freezer was a big glass tank with a bunch of tubes and wires hooked up to it with a console to the side. I told myself that must be Nina. I looked at Nina and she was the most beautiful person I ever saw. She was wearing a black jacket, a white shirt and a purple mini skirt; she had flawless white skin and she had the most beautiful long brown hair. I walked up to the console, pressed a few buttons and the cryogenic freezer shut down. Nina fell into my arms as she fell out of the freezer, she regained consciousness and as she did, our eyes met as I held her in my arms. As we looked at each other, we each smiled as if we had some sort of connection. “Are you Mike?” she said, “Yeah, are you Nina?” I said helping her back on her feet, “Yeah, thank you for rescuing me” Nina said. “No problem” I said, “but if you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up here.” “Well, I was returning home after finishing an errand for my father when all of a sudden something knocked me out. When I woke up, I ended up here where two black orb creatures were freezing me in this freezer” Nina said. Well that figures I muttered to myself, “Um just another question, How do know who I am?” I said. “This may sound crazy but I had a dream where the God of Light Golmor told me that a man named Mike was my destiny. He told me all about Shadow and that you need to find the light sources” Nina said as she put a hand on my shoulder. “I know it’s hard to believe but Golmor told me you’re my destiny, I want to help you in every way I can.” A surge of happiness filled me after hearing what Nina had just said, “Alright then, let us get moving then” I said. We were about to leave but just then, two orbs of darkness with white eyes entered the cabin. “You have released our specimen!” said the first orb; “Now you both will die!” said the second orb. “Nina” I said, “You know how to fight?” “I think I can handle myself,” Nina said as she got into a fighting pose. “Alright, you take left and I’ll take right” Nina nodded and we both charged forward. The orb of darkness on the right fired some sort of shadow beam; Nina dodged quickly and avoided the beam. I then fired a wave of light from my gauntlet hitting both orbs. After being hit with the light, the orb on the right quickly evaporated into thin air. As for the orb on the left, it fired a shadow beam toward my direction. I tried to get out of the way, but I wasn’t quick enough. “Mike!” Nina shouted. She then looked at the orb, “Go back to your master you ungrateful creature” Nina said. She then fired lightning bolts from the palms of her hands and the orb evaporated. I looked at Nina shocked with disbelief as she came over to help me, “Mike, are you ok?” Nina said. “Yeah” I said getting back on my feet, “that was incredible what you just did there, what was that?” “Oh that?” Nina said, “I was born with some pretty powerful psychic powers, it can be pretty deadly from time to time.”


Chapter 8

After defeating those two orbs of darkness, Nina and I headed back into Techerton. Nina wanted to go see her father before we continued the journey because Nina’s father was probably worried about her being gone for so long. When we arrived back in Techerton, Nina led me to the Techerton emporium/factory/company. “Wait a minute” I said, “your Bob Techertons daughter?” “Yep, also the heir to my fathers company” Nina said. When we walked inside it was huge, everywhere you looked was a piece of technology. We walked over to the customer service desk to where we saw a big rounded Italian with black hair and a black bushy moustache wearing black overalls and white shirt sitting behind the counter. The man looked up and slowly stood up when he saw Nina. The man sitting behind the counter was Bob Techerton, Nina’s father. “Nina” Bob said. “Dad” Nina said. Bob came over to Nina and hugged her as tears filled their eyes. “I was so worried about you, you disappeared yesterday and no one in town knew where you were,” said Bob. “I’m fine dad, Mike here rescued me from some strange creatures” Nina said. Bob then turned to me and started shaking my hand. “Mike is it?” Bob said, “Thank you so much for rescuing my daughter, is there any way I can repay you?” It sounded crazy but I told him about my journey to find the light sources and destroy Shadow. “Well you must think that I think you’re crazy after saying all that but it turns out I believe you.” “What?” I said, “Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of people in the world who believe this kind of stuff including me.” I was amazed that he believed me; I thought he would think I was crazy. “Hey can I take a look at one of those light sources?” Bob said, “I promise I’ll give it right back.” I looked at him for a few seconds then I pulled out the golden orb, pulled out a light source and handed it to him. Bob pulled out some sort of device and scanned the light source and as promised he gave it back to me. He then gave me the device. “Take this,” he said. “What is it?” “A tracker, when ever you’re near a light source the tracker will pick up its signal and guide you towards it, trust me it’ll really come in handy.” “Wow” I said, “This’ll make finding light sources a lot easier.” “Oh I’m sure it will” Bob said, “well good luck on your journey.” “Hold on dad” said Nina, “I want to accompany Mike on his journey.” Bob paused for a moment and then looked back at Nina. “Nina, it’s not every day a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world. Nina was surprised at what Bob had said, “Dad don’t worry about me, Mike and I will be able to take care of ourselves.” “I guess you’re right, well if there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know.” Just then, something came crashing through the roof and when the dust cleared, it was an orb of darkness. “Return master Shadows specimen or die!” the orb said. “What does it mean by specimen?” said Nina. “I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to find out” I said. I was about to destroy the orb with my gauntlet but before I could, the orb of darkness fired lightning bolts at Nina and I causing us to fall to the ground. After seeing us fall to the ground, Bob quickly ducked behind the counter and quickly came back out now wearing a pair of iron boots and a pair of iron gloves. The orb of darkness started to charge at Bob; Bob then placed his hand on one of the metal electronics and suddenly his skin began to change. A few seconds later every part of Bob’s body was encased in metal. Right before the orb of darkness had reached Bob, Bob extended out his arm where the orb of darkness slammed into Bobs metal fist causing the orb to disintegrate. Bobs skin returned to normal and he walked back over to help us up. “You guys ok?” Bob said, “That…that was incredible what you just did there,” I said, “Yeah dad, what was that?” Nina said. “Oh that, I just used these iron gloves and boots” Bob said, “they allow me to harness the earths elements and use them as my own.” Nina and I looked at each other and then looked back at Bob, “Bob, would you like to come with us?” I said.

Chapter 9

After Bob packed up some things, we left his emporium and continued the journey. “So Bob” I said as we walked through Techerton, “have you noticed anything weird going on in Techerton recently?” “Well now that you mention it” Bob said, “This strange man was just recently assigned as the new mayor of Techerton. The election was just a few weeks ago but I don’t even remember that man running for mayor, he just got assigned somehow.” “Is he making any changes?” I said, “Just one” Bob said. In Techerton we have a sunset festival tradition where we hold a small concert a few weeks before the festival, this new mayor is getting rid of that. A lot of people were so outraged by this that they went to complain to the new mayor, but they never came back.” “Whoa, so what does this new mayor look like anyway?” I said, “Kind of short and wears a black hoodie” Bob said. After hearing that description, the thought of Melfron instantly came to my mind. “I know who this new mayor is” I said, “You do, who is he?” Bob said, “He’s Shadows robotic assistant and I think he’s here because he’s abducting humans.” “But why is he abducting humans for Shadow?” Nina said. “I’m not sure, but we have to stop his assistant before he abducts anyone else.” We were just about to head over to city hall to stop Melfron when the tracker Bob gave me started to beep. “What is it?” Nina asked, “I think my tracker found a light source” I said. “See, I told you it would come in handy,” said Bob. I smiled at Bob and looked back at the tracker. “It says that the light source is just south of Techerton” I said. “But what about Shadows assistant?” Nina said. “We’ll get him later, light sources come first.” We then started heading south of Techerton until we stopped at the entrance to a cave just through a small forest passage. “In here” I said and we went inside the cave. As we descended into the cave, we climbed down into a giant hole. When we came to the bottom, we entered into a chamber and in the center of the chamber was a pedestal with another golden bowl on top. In front of the pedestal was a single stone orb. “Alright guys, make sure to approach with caution,” I said. “Why, what’s the worst that could happen?” Bob said. Just then, the stone orb then started to rise high above the ground. The orb then turned from stone to darkness, eyes became visible on the orb and it formed a body of darkness to a height around twenty feet tall. “Holy crap!” said Bob. Nina didn’t say anything but I could tell she was shocked at the appearance of the creature. “Who dares enter this forbidden area?” said the creature. “My name is Mike and I’ve come for the light source to defeat Shadow.” “Well if you want it, you’re going to have to defeat me if you dare.” Before the orb could attack us, I quickly paralyzed it for a short amount of time. While the orb walker was paralyzed, Nina conjured some fire and blasted it at the orb. “Whoa” I said, “How did you do that?” “Like I said,” Nina said, “My psychic powers can be pretty deadly.” I smiled at her but as soon as I did, the orb became free of the paralysis and revived itself. I moaned in frustration and blasted the orb again with another paralysis attack. While the orb was paralyzed, Nina conjured a thunder attack to strike at the orb. But the thunder missed the orb, and Bob pulled out a big energy gun and started firing at the orb. Then Nina conjured more fire and blasted it at the orb. I then attacked the orb with a beam of light, but as soon as I did the orb protected itself with a psychic shield. Nina tried attacking the orb with a psychic attack, but as soon as she did the orb healed itself. I tried a freeze attack but the psychic shield blocked it. Just after I tried the freeze attack, the paralysis wore off and the orb was moving again. The orb then grabbed Bob and Nina and held them in the air ready to destroy them. I thought to myself now’s my chance to destroy the orb since it’s too distracted to notice me. I then fired another freeze attack at the orb, jumped into the air and stuck my sword through the orb shattering it into hundreds of pieces. “Thanks for saving us Mike” said Bob as he brushed dust off his clothes, “Don’t mention it” I said. I went to the golden bowl, grabbed the light source and we left the cave.


Chapter 10


After defeating the orb of darkness, we headed over to Techerton city hall to stop Melfron. When we went inside the city hall, there was no one around. “Strange, where is everybody?” said Bob. “I don’t know, but I think we’re about to find out” I said. We headed up to the second floor and down the hallway that leads to the mayors’ office. We slowly walked into the mayors’ office and saw Melfron was standing behind the mayor’s desk. “Welcome Mike and others” said Melfron, “I’ve been waiting for you.” “Enough with the introduction Melfron” I said, “What did you do with all those people that you lured in here?” “Oh you’ll never find them. Shadow has plans for the humans especially you Nina” Melfron said as he pointed at Nina. “What do you mean Shadow has plans for me?” said Nina, “That’s none of your business,” said Melfron. “Well now that I’ve lured you all in here, this is the part where I kill you all.” “Well allow me to attack first” I said, I then fired a bolt of lightning from my gauntlet at Melfron causing him to collapse to the ground. Melfron slowly stood back up and gave us a dirty look, “You little jerks, now I’m mad” Melfron said. Just then, Melfron jumped on top of the mayors’ desk and pulled out a bazooka and fired it at us. We took great damage from the bazooka but we managed to regain ourselves. As we regained ourselves, I used my gauntlet to heal everyone including myself. “Wow I suddenly feel a lot better,” said Bob, “did you heal us Mike?” “Yep, there’s a lot of stuff I can do with this gauntlet” I said, “Wow, I guess there’s some stuff I can learn from you” Nina said. “I guess we can both learn some stuff from each other,” I said as me and Nina gazed into each other’s eyes. “Enough of this, time to end you” Melfron said. Melfron fired the bazooka again but I stopped the rocket in midair before it could hit us and propelled it back at Melfron. The rocket exploded in Melfrons face causing him to become woozy, but Melfron instantly regained himself and was ready to attack again. Before Melfron could fire his bazooka again, Bob pulled out his energy gun and fired it at Melfron causing him to fall to the ground. As Melfron was regaining himself, I fired a freeze attack at Melfron causing him to be encased in ice. While Melfron was encased in ice, Nina fired an electricity attack at Melfron causing the ice to explode and Melfron to fall to the floor. But Melfron instantly regained himself and was ready to attack once again. Just before Melfron could fire his bazooka again, I used my gauntlet to steal his bazooka. For a brief second we thought we had won but just then, Melfron pulled out an assault rifle and started firing. A split second before Melfron started firing, Nina quickly reacted and summoned a psychic shield to cover us from the bullets. While Melfron was still firing at us, Bob peered around the corner of the psychic shield and blasted Melfron with his ray gun causing Melfrons assault gun to disintegrate. “Ack! Crap! Crap!” said Melfron. “Knew I should have brought more weaponry.” The psychic shield disappeared and we started to approach Melfron. “It seems as though you have bested me but only because I have run out of weaponry. We will meet again and next time I will have a few more tricks up my sleeve.” said Melfron as he then teleported out of the room. “Damn, he got away” I said, “Don’t worry Mike, we’ll get him next time” said Nina. “Hey Mike,” said Bob, “Now that Shadows assistant is out of Techerton, the sunset festival Techerton concert can continue as planned. The concert is tomorrow and I’m in charge of it and I was wondering, would you like to help me make preparations for the concert tomorrow?” “Yes” I said, “It would be a pleasure to help a sunset festival tradition.”

Chapter 11


Somewhere in a void beyond space and time lies a fortress, a fortress filled with darkness. Inside that fortress was a goo creature named Goober; goo creatures’ bodies are made entirely of blue goo but they take the form of humans. Goo creatures can live an average life span up to two hundred years. Goober was a middle aged white man with brown hair who wore blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a brown jacket. Goober awoke to find himself in a dim lit stone chamber, “Ugh, what happened? Where am I?” Goober said to himself. Goober found himself chained to the wall but he didn’t find that a problem as his entire body was made of goo so he just slipped out of the chains. Goober headed to the door and on the other side was a dimly lit stone hallway. Goober walked down the hallway for a couple minutes until he came to a door at the end of the hallway. Goober opened the door and on the other side was a ton of floating platforms floating in an endless void. “Where am I?” Goober said to himself. “There’s got to be a way out of this weird place.” Goober said to himself. Goober started hopping from platform to platform until he came to a door on a wall of a tall platform. Goober opened the door and on the other side was another dimly lit hallway. After walking for a couple minutes, Goober came to the end of the hallway with a door in front of him with a sign that said emergency multi dimensional time transporter. Goober was about to open the door when suddenly he heard voices coming from the corridor to the left. Goober decided to head down the corridor and see where the voices were coming from. Goober followed the voices and stopped at an open doorway on the left. Goober peeked around the doorway and saw a silver man and a tall shadow figure. “Master” the silver man said to the shadow figure, “I have failed to defeat Mike for he is a lot stronger than I expected. Not only that, he has gained friends to help him on his quest of defeating you.” “Do not worry Melfron.” said the shadow figure, “I will give you some psychic powers for the next time you deal with Mike. But until then, I will be confronting Mike very soon.” Just then Goober let out a loud uncontrollable sneeze, “What was that?” said Melfron. The shadow figure slowly walked toward the doorway and as he peered his head around the corner, he saw Goober running for his life back the way he came. “A specimen has escaped!” said the shadow figure and the shadow figure started to chase after Goober. Goober came back to the hallway he was in before and went through the door with the sign that read emergency multi dimensional time transporter.

Chapter 12

Goober ran through a wide-open hallway as the shadow figure chased after him, after a few minutes of running Goober came to a large door at the end of the hallway. Goober quickly went through the door and blasted the doors with his goo gluing them shut. Goober then turned around and saw a circular chrome pod with six spider legs resting in the center of a wide-open room. Goober walked to the pod and peeked inside, inside was a seat and a dashboard with weird looking controls. Goober hopped inside the pod but just then, a glass dome sealed him inside and a hologram of a smiley face appeared in front of him. “Hello I am Com, the AI of this machine” the AI said. “I say that because you are not my owner.” “Please I know I’m not your owner but you have to get me out of here” said Goober. “All right, I’ll get you out of here” Com said. “Really, but why?” Goober said. “To be honest I hate working for my owner” Com said. “ So where is it you need to go?” Just then, the sealed door exploded and standing in the open doorway was the shadow figure and Melfron who was holding a bazooka. “Found you” said the shadow figure. “Take me to anywhere on earth, 2928” said Goober. “You got it,” said Com. The pod roared to life and started to lift off the ground, the shadow figure ran towards the pod as fast as he could. But the pod and Goober disappeared before the shadow figure could reach it.




Goober slowly awoke to find himself in a bright room with a middle-aged man with white skin and thinning hair looking down at him. “Ah, you’re finally awake” the man said, “Who are you?” Goober said. “I’m Herb. I’m a Canadian technician, I brought you into my lab after your ship crash landed outside my lab last night.” “Hey wait, where is that ship?” Goober said, “I brought it in here while you were unconscious,” Herb said as he pointed to the pod behind him. “Such an interesting design, do you mind if I examine it?” Herb said. “Sure” Goober said. “So, you haven’t told me your name yet” Herb said as he examined the pod. “Goober, my name is Goober” Goober said. “Well Goober, I’ve noticed you’re a goo creature” said Herb. “How did you know?” said Goober. “Well I noticed you were dripping some goo while you were unconscious so I ran a few tests and it confirmed that you’re a goo creature” said Herb. “Alright, I am a goo creature” I said. “In fact, I’m the last goo creature in existence,” said Goober. “Where am I anyway?” “Reith Canada” Herb said as he finished examining the pod. “So Goober, are you by any chance the owner of this machine?” “Well I am now” Goober said. “I stole it to escape from this shadow like creature who was trying to imprison me.” Herb thought for a moment, “Goober, could you stay here for a little while?” Herb said, “I want my boss to have a look at this ship.” “Sure” said Goober.



Chapter 13

Deep in the amazon jungle in an old Mayan city lies the village of the lizard people. Up in a temple of the old city lives the lizard people king who is in charge of the entire lizard people society. But also up in the temple lies a prince named Thrash who is training not only to be king but also to be a warrior. Thrash was a young man who had white skin and black hair and was dressed in a white tee shirt, black vest, and pants. Thrash was looking out a window when the king called for him. “Thrash” the King said, “could you come here please?” So Thrash went into the kings’ chamber to speak to the king. The lizard people king was an old man with a gray beard and was dressed in blue and yellow robes. “Yes father?” said Thrash, “Son, I called you in here to congratulate you on completing your warrior training” said the king. “Thank you father” said Thrash, “Now that you’ve completed your training, there is an important matter we must discuss” said the king. “What matter is that father?” said Thrash, “Son, my time in this world is almost at an end and when I am gone, I need someone to take my place as the lizard people king” said the king. “Father, are you saying…” said Thrash, “Son, It is time you took your rightful place as the lizard people king,” said the king. A smile started to form on Thrash’s face but before he could utter a word, an explosion was heard from outside. Thrash and the lizard people king ran outside of the temple where they both saw a floating red orb destroying the village, it was an eyeball. “What the heck?” said the king, just then the eyeball turned to the lizard people king and fired a laser beam. “Father!” Thrash said, Thrash then picked up a nearby giant rock and blocked the laser before it hit the lizard people king. The eyeball then grew several black tentacles and then lashed out at Thrash. The eyeball lifted Thrash in the air and prepared to fire a laser beam at Thrash. “Son, catch!” said the king and then the lizard people king pulled a dagger from his robe and tossed it to Thrash. Thrash caught the dagger and with all his might stuck the dagger in the eyeball. Thrash fell to the ground as the eyeball screeched in pain and then after a few seconds, the eyeball completely disintegrated. “What was that?” said Thrash. “Son, I’m afraid you becoming king is going to have to wait for there is a more important matter you must attend to.” said the king. “What are you talking about father?” said Thrash, the king placed his hand on Thrash’s shoulder and he began to speak. “Son, an evil entity that controls all darkness is preparing for one of the greatest struggles of all time. If the entity is not defeated by the day of the spring festival, we will all perish.” “So why does this involve me?” Thrash said. “The only ones who can defeat the entity are two men, a woman, a goo creature, and a lizard person which is you.” Thrash was a bit shocked after hearing what his father had told him. “One of the two men is named Mike who is the leader of the five,” said the king. “Now that you’ve completed your training, you must search out Mike at once.” “But I don’t know where he is, I don’t even know where to look” Thrash said. The king then placed his hand on Thrash’s forehead and a bright light started to glow on Thrash’s forehead. “Good luck son” the king said and when the light disappeared, Thrash was gone.


Chapter 14

It was the day of the concert with only five days until the Spring Festival. I was in the backstage helping Bob and Nina prepare for the Spring Festival Techerton concert. It was still mid-day and people already started showing up for the concert. The band arrived as well but they were still in their van getting ready. “Hey Mike, thanks again for helping us set up for this concert” said Bob. “Yeah, it really means a lot” said Nina. “Hey, it’s the least I can do” I said. Just then Bobs phone started to ring, “Hello?” said Bob, “alright, thanks for the heads up” and then he hung up. “Everything ok dad?” said Nina. “Oh I just info that there’s some drunk guy wandering around complaining about this concert” said Bob. “But I’m sure he won’t be a problem to us.” Just then, the backstage door was kicked open and drunk man stumbled inside. “Maybe I spoke too soon” said Bob. “Hey, are you the guy in charge of this concert?” said the drunken guy. “Yes” said Bob. “Well let me tell you a little something!” said the drunken guy. “ I think that we have enough festivities for this festival, so why don’t you cancel this concert.” “Hey we celebrate these festivities in part of the spring festival, it doesn’t matter how many of them there are” said Nina. “You stay out of this you stupid female” said the drunken guy. After what that guy said to Nina I then walked up right to his face. “Sir, I don’t like that attitude of yours so you better apologize to that lady right now” I said. “Shut up, fool” said the drunken guy. I then punched the guy as hard as I could right in the face. As soon as he recovered, he then tackled me to the ground. The guy had me pinned to the ground but I managed to punch him in the face again which sent him flying across the stage. As soon as the guy recovered, he picked up a nearby crate and threw it right at me but he missed. I pointed and laughed at his poor aim but I didn’t realize that he threw another crate at me that sent me straight into the ground. “How did that feel?” said the drunken guy, I then quickly got up and picked up a nearby table, threw it in the air and kicked it right at the guy. The table slammed the guy against the wall and the guy fell to the ground. I then picked up a nearby radio and threw it right at the guys’ head. I then approached the guy, picked him up from the ground and started punching him in the face repeatedly. I wasn’t paying attention but as I punching the guy in the face, he had the opportunity and kicked me right in my genitals. But through the sheer pain of my genitals, I picked up the guy again and threw him right into some stacked crates. I thought the fight was over but just then the guy came out of the pile of crates holding a running chainsaw. The guy then charged at me with a chainsaw in his hands. Acting fast, I extended out the gauntlet and through psychic energy, I made the chainsaw explode. The guy then fell to the ground but I walked over and picked him up again. “Now say you’re sorry.” I said. “Sorry” said the drunken guy, I then punched the guy in the face again. “Say you’re sorry to the lady!” I said. “I’m sorry!” said the drunken guy looking at Nina. “Now get out of here, you make me sick” and the guy stumbled out of the stage. “Mike, I don’t know what to say, thank you” said Nina, “Hey, that’s what friends are for” I said. Nina and I started to blush as we kept looking at each other. “Ok now that that’s taken care of, lets get back to work” said Bob.




It was the morning after the day of the concert with only four days until the spring festival. The Spring Festival Techerton concert went pretty well. Bob had gotten a small jazz band to perform. When the concert was over, Bob and Nina invited me to stay at their house for the night. In the morning, we would head out to find the other light sources. We were making final preparations before heading out to search for the light sources when suddenly Bob received a phone call. Bob was on the phone for about a good ten minutes and when he was done, he had a look both shocked and puzzled. “Well it looks like the light sources are going to have to wait” Bob said, “Why?” I said. “Well that was my top technician Herb I was just talking to” Bob said, “He said there’s something extraordinary that I need to see and I think you guys should come too. From what Herb was describing on the phone, it might help us defeat Shadow.”

Chapter 15


We arrived at Herbs lab that was located in a small town called Reith just east of Techerton. We approached the building and a middle-aged man whom I assumed was Herb opened the door to let us inside. “Bob, thanks for coming here on such short notice” Herb said as he led us down a hall. “I see you brought your daughter with you and…who’s that?” “That’s Mike, Nina and I are helping him on a journey to destroy an evil entity” said Bob. “What evil entity?” said Herb. “Shadow” said Bob. “So the legend is true?” said Herb. “Yep and the God of Light chose me to defeat him” I said. “Well then I wish you guys the best of luck,” said Herb. “Alright Herb, what’s this extraordinary thing you wanted me to see?” Bob said. Herb stopped at the end of the hallway and opened a door on the right. Behind the door was a bright room with nothing but some tables lined up next to each other, a small bed, and a circular chrome pod with six spider legs. Resting on the small bed was a man. “Hello” said the man. “Guys, this is Goober, he’s a goo creature” said Herb. Me, Nina, and Bob couldn’t believe at what Herb had just said. “Incredible, I thought the goo creatures were all extinct” said Bob. “Well we are, I’m the last goo creature in existence” said Goober. “Oh, sorry about that” said Bob. “Is that machine by any chance yours?” “It is now, I stole it from this shadow like creature who was trying to imprison me” said Goober. “That creature who was trying to imprison you must’ve been Shadow,” said Nina. “Hold on Nina, we don’t know that for sure” I said, “Goober, did you happen to see anything about this creature?” “Well before he chased me, he was talking to a small silver man named Melfron” said Goober. “Yep, that was Shadow,” I said. Bob walked up to the pod and started to examine it, as he started to examine the interior, a hologram of a smiley face appeared. “Hello I am Com, the AI of this machine” the AI said. “Hello Com, could you tell me what this machine is?” said Bob. “What you see here is the Multi Dimensional Time Transporter” the AI said. “A machine that allows the user to travel anywhere through space and time and anywhere through the multiverse.” “Who do you belong to by chance?” said Herb. “My previous owner was Shadow until the goo creature begged of me to help him escape” Com said. “Shadow was your owner?” said Bob. “Yes, he created me to use for his own evil purposes” Com said. “This machine can be of use to us” I said. “What do you mean?” said Bob. “Com, you know where Shadows fortress is right?” I said. “Oh yes” said Com. “The God of Light told me Shadows fortress is in another dimension” I said to Bob. “When we find all of the light sources, this machine will get us into Shadows fortress.” “I’ve never thought about that,” said Bob. “But one thing I noticed is the controls in that machine were not designed for humans.” “Don’t worry” Herb said, “while you guys are out on your journey, I’ll modify the controls so that this machine is operable for humans.” Just then my tracker started to beep. “Alright guys, my tracker found a light source,” I said. “Its faint but we should be able to track it.” “Well alright then, Herb contact me when you’re done modifying that machine” said Bob. “Can do Bob” said Herb. “Wait, can I come with you guys?” Goober asked as we were about to leave the room. “As the last goo creature in existence, there’s not much left for me in the world. But for my entire life, I’ve always thought I could do something great for this world. So can I join you on your journey to destroy this entity named Shadow?” “Sure the more the merrier” I said and just like that we were off with Goober now on our team.

Chapter 16

We were heading north through a passage in the forest while the beeping of my tracker was starting to get faster noting we were getting close to the light source. As we were walking, I told Goober all about Shadow and about the light sources and the god of light. He was a little shocked at first, but it seemed like he could handle himself. “So Goober” said Nina, “Just curious but how’s your fighting experience?” “Oh goo creatures are natural born fighters,” said Goober, “our bodies have very strong defense systems that help us defeat powerful enemies.” “Goober just wondering” said Bob, “you said you were captured by Shadow right? Do you remember how he captured you?” “No, I don’t remember much right before ending up in that fortress” said Goober. “I don’t think he erased my memory, its like he does something else.” “Guys, hold on a second” I said, “is it me or did everything started to get really foggy?” We did not realize that while we were talking, everything was getting foggy. “Now that you mention it, it is getting foggy” said Bob, “but I’m sure its nothing because fog happens naturally.” “Are you sure dad?” said Nina, “because the fog is getting thicker.” Nina was right because as we went further north, the fog was getting thicker. We came to a small bridge crossing a stream but we stopped for we saw a tall shadow figure with white eyes on the other side of the bridge. “Hello Mike and others” said the figure, “I’ve been waiting for you.” “Who are you?” I said, “Who am I? I’m Shadow,” the figure said. “You’re Shadow?” I said. “I have been known by many names but most people in recent years have called me Shadow, so yes I am Shadow.” As Shadow was finishing his speech, I started to pull out my sword. “Do not dare pull your sword on me you pathetic mortal!” Shadow said as I then slowly put my sword back in its scabbard. “For I am not an entity of pure darkness but darkness itself and mortals like all of you who dare to challenge me in combat would be a fatal mistake.” “Why are you here Shadow?” I said, “Well it seems that my assistant Melfron has failed to kill you, so I came here to do it myself” said Shadow, “You can try to attack me but I think it will be pointless.” Just then, Shadow started to levitate and prepared to attack. “You guys ready?” I said, “I’m ready.” said Nina. “Lets do this.” said Bob. “Goober, you ready?” I said. “You bet. Lets show this guy what we got.” Quickly before Shadow could attack, Bob pulled out his ray gun and blasted Shadow in the eyes. While Shadow was covering his face in pain, Nina attacked Shadow with an energy barrage attack. Shadow regained himself and was now slightly annoyed with us. “Well if you’re done with your little parlor tricks, its my turn to attack” said Shadow. Shadow then unleashed a pitch-black fog straight at us. When the fog cleared, Bob, Nina, and Goober were on the ground unconscious with only me barely standing. “It seems your friends can not handle the power of the darkness while you are the strongest” said Shadow, “now then, lets finish this.” Shadow then fired an intense purple beam of darkness at me where I then collapsed to the ground. As everything was fading to black, Shadow approached me and spoke to me. “Face it, the only way to defeat me is with intense light” said Shadow, “but I’m not letting you do that because you’re about to die.” Just then a mysterious figure emerged from the forest and attacked Shadow. “What the hell!” said Shadow. I couldn’t see who the figure was because everything was going black but the figure kept on attacking Shadow like no tomorrow. After a few minutes, Shadow vanished and retreated back to his fortress for he thought there was a possibility that he could be beaten by this figure. After Shadow had vanished, the mysterious figure started to approach us but as the figure was approaching us, everything went black.


Chapter 17


“Wakey Wakey” said a familiar voice; I slowly awoke to see a familiar figure standing over me. When I fully awoke, to my surprise it was Golmor who was standing over me. “Golmor?” I said still waking up. “Good to see you again Mike” Golmor said. I sat up and saw I was in a bed inside a large hut. “What happened?” I said. “Shadow confronted you and your friends and it looks like you were no match for him.” Golmor said. “Wait where are my friends?” I said. “Relax, they’re right here” Golmor said. As he moved out of the way I saw my friends lying in beds. Nina, Bob, and Goober slowly started to wake up and rise from their beds. “Mike” Nina said, “Are you talking to someone?” “Yes as a matter of fact” I said as I got out of bed, “Guys I’d like you to meet Golmor, the God of Light.” Nina, Bob, and Goober were speechless that the God of Light was standing right in front of them. “It…It’s an honor to meet you Golmor” said Nina. “It’s a pleasure to meet you to Nina” said Golmor. “I see you had no trouble contacting Mike to rescue you.” “So that was you in my dream” Nina said. “Yes and I think the two of will get along very well.” Nina and I blushed a little after Golmor made that statement. “Mike I know you and your friends are eager to beat Shadow but he’s stronger than you think, that is why you lost” Golmor said. “I suppose he did catch you off guard, anyway you have to find all of the light sources first then you’ll be able to fight Shadow, do you understand?” “Yes Golmor” I said, “so how did we get to this hut? Did you bring us here?” “Actually no” said Golmor, “Someone found you guys unconscious after being attacked by Shadow and brought you to this place where he found me.” “Who brought us here?” said Bob, “You can come in now” said Golmor. Just after Golmor said that, a young man with white skin and black hair who was wearing a white tee shirt, black vest and pants walked into the hut. “Guys this is Thrash, the prince of the lizard people” said Golmor. “Hello” said Thrash, “Mike, I have travelled a great distance to help you on your journey of defeating Shadow.” “Well welcome aboard Thrash, I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to the team.” I said as I shook Thrash’s hand. “So Golmor” I said, “Where are we exactly?” “Well, have you ever heard of the star spirits?” Golmor said, “Wait, are you saying?” I said. Golmor told us to go outside and take a look so we did, when we went outside it was breathtaking. Outside of the hut was a giant open valley filled with giant mushroom shaped trees. The creatures that roamed the valley were not people but tall skinny people where each of them appeared to be wearing white jumpsuits with glass windows for faces. “Welcome to star spirit valley” Golmor said, “where beings made from stardust that have existed since the beginning of time.” We all just stared in amazement. “My god” Bob said. “Its so beautiful” Nina said. “The legends were true” Goober said. Just then a star spirit walked up to us, “Welcome” the star spirit said. “I am the elder star spirit, you must be Mike.” “How do you know my name?” I said. “We know who all of you are and why you are here” the elder star spirit said. “We star spirits have been waiting so long for the legendary boy from the legends to be born and protect this world. That boy is you Mike; you are that legendary boy who is said to protect this world from evil. The star spirits are forever loyal to you Mike and are at your eternal service. Anyway, I know the whereabouts of the light source you seek and I’ll show you the way.” “Thank you elder star spirit” I said. “Golmor, do you want to help us get the next light source?” “I’d like to Mike but the star spirits look upon me as a leader and I must stay and watch over them” Golmor said. “We understand” I said. “Best of luck to you Mike and friends” Golmor said and then the elder star spirit showed us the way to the next light source.

Chapter 18

We headed down a passage just northeast of star spirit valley where the elder star spirit told us to go and came to the side of a cliff. We walked along the edge until we reached an entrance leading to a chamber. We walked into the chamber and inside the chamber was another one of those golden bowls, on the other side of the chamber was what appeared to be a coffin. “Alright guys, be careful” I said, “Shadows creatures are getting more dangerous as we go.” “Hey Mike just wondering,” Bob said. “Have you ever thought about going for the creatures first instead of just trying to take the light source?” “I didn’t think of that” I said. “I guess the creatures want me to take the light source first so they can get attention by making an entrance.” So I then walked over to the coffin and opened the lid. As soon as I did, a blast of smoke shot out from the coffin. It circled around the chamber for a few seconds and when it stopped, in front of us was a ghost. The ghost was made of black smoke, it had a skull with red pupils and extending out of each hand were three stubby little claws. “Really, a ghost?” Goober said. “We’re supposed to be scared of a ghost?” “I’m not a ghost” the ghost said. “I’ve been expecting you Mike and others. Master Shadow has warned me and the other creatures that you are seeking out the light sources so if you want it, you’ll have to get through me.” The ghost was about to attack but then Nina put one hand on her forehead and pointed her other hand at the ghost. There was this high-pitched noise for a few seconds and then the ghost fell to the floor and started to spasm uncontrollably. Then I fired some sort of particle beam from my gauntlet at the ghost. When I was done, Bob pulled out his big energy gun and fired an electric net at the ghost. The ghost was almost dead, but just then it regained control and healed itself. The ghost filled the chamber with darkness. I couldn’t see what was going on but then something cold went right through me and I started to get really weak. When the darkness in the chamber was gone, I could tell the ghost drained us of our energy because we were all on our knees. I tried to heal everyone but I was too weak to do it. Thrash however survived the attack and was still standing. “You might as well join your friends because a puny mortal like you can’t save them now” the ghost said laughing. “Nobody…calls me… puny!” Thrash said.


Chapter 19

Thrash then started to change. He started to grow and his skin turned all green and scaly. Thrash had transformed into his lizard man form. His lizard man form was a big muscular green scaly body, his clothes and hair disappeared during the transformation, claws were coming out of his finger tips, and he was breathing fire as lizard people can breath fire in their lizard man form. We were all shocked at what we were seeing, including the ghost. Thrash then curled up into a ball and started speeding around the ghost until the ghost turned into a vortex. Thrash then stopped and launched a fireball from his mouth into the ghost vortex. The ghost was now a spinning vortex of fire, and Thrash waved his arm through the vortex and the vortex disappeared along with the ghost. I then managed to heal everyone and we watched as Thrash returned to normal with his clothes and hair returning as well. “Thrash” I said, “That was amazing.” “You really have some useful power there,” Nina said. “What can I say?” Thrash said, “Lizard people can be pretty deadly.” I went to grab the light source and when I placed the light source in the orb of light, it started to glow. “We’re halfway there guys,” I said and we started to make our way back to star spirit valley. A few minutes later, we arrived back at star spirit valley. We were about to head back to Reith when Golmor and the elder star spirit came to talk to us again. “Are you and your friends leaving Mike?” the elder star spirit said, “Yes elder star spirit, thank you for all your help” I said. “You’re welcome, but before you go please remember this. When you find all of the light sources, please return back here.” “Why?” I said, “We’ve discovered that our valley and Shadows fortress are somehow connected. We think we can get you there using that connection.” I gave him a quick nod and then Golmor walked up to me. “Mike please understand, I can’t accompany you on your journey for I must stay here and look after the star spirits” Golmor said. “I understand Golmor” I said, “But I will help you as much as I can by helping you find the locations of the remaining light sources” Golmor said. “I have already located the next light source which is located near a desert village in Africa called Squrlia. I’ll keep in touch and contact you when I locate the other light source locations.” I nodded and we continued walking back to Reith.

Chapter 20


After leaving star spirit valley, we took a hover bus to the east coast of Canada where we could find a sailor who would be willing to take us to Africa. By the time we arrived at the east coast of Canada, the sun was starting to go down so we decided to stay somewhere for the night. That night after Bob, Goober, and Thrash fell asleep, Nina and I were sitting together, looking out the window and staring at the stars. “So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but when this is over, do you want to go on a date with me?” I said. “Yes, yes I would very much like to go on a date with you” Nina said. After that, we sat together for a few hours staring at the stars.





The next morning with only four days until the spring festival, we walked down a nearby boardwalk and tried to find a sailor who would take us to Africa. We decided to split up so we could find a sailor faster but unfortunately we had no luck. We decided to take a lunch break and sat down on some nearby crates, Bob continued to search. After about fifteen minutes, Bob came running back to us all excited. “Guys” Bob said, “I asked around and I found a sailor who’s available to transport anyone for work.” “Well alright then, lets get going” I said and Bob took us to the sailor he’d found. The sailor Bob had found was a big, muscular man with a big bushy beard and the boat he owned was a big fishing boat. “Pardon me sir,” I said to the sailor, “we heard that you would transport anyone anywhere that would be willing to work.” “Aye, you heard right lad” the sailor said, “but the work I charge is much more dangerous than the work the other sailors charge. Because of the work I charge, very few people ask me for transportation. Only the bravest and most courageous people can handle my work.” “We’ll do it” I said. “Very well” said the sailor. “The names’ Captain Crab. So where is it you lads be needing to go?” “Africa” Bob said. “Ah, that be a days journey” said captain crab. “Plenty of time for the work that I’ve got planned for you lads.” We boarded Captain Crabs boat and we sailed off out into the sea.

Chapter 21


We’ve been out at sea for a few hours now; we were standing out on the deck and then Captain crab came out with a bunch of fishing supplies. “Alright lads, time to get to work” Captain crab said. “Uh captain if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly is this work you have planned for us?” said Nina. “We be fishing,” said Captain Crab. “Fishing?” said Thrash. “That’s the work that’s too tough for anyone to handle?” “This isn’t no ordinary fishing trip,” said Captain Crab. “The catch that I’m after is the exact reason that people are afraid to come on my boat for transportation.” “What’s the catch?” said Goober. “The great sea snake” said Captain Crab. We were shocked and horrified by what Captain Crab had just said. The great sea snake is one of the most ferocious creatures in the ocean. “Aye, I’ve been after that creature for years now” said Captain Crab. “I once faced the creature years ago, back then I thought the creature was just a legend. But when I came face to face with it, it all changed. I dueled with the beast for many hours but it had gotten away. Since then I’ve been trying to find that creature again because any sailor who catches it will be given the title Best Sailor who ever lived. But in time I realized I couldn’t do it alone, so I offered to transport anyone who would be brave enough to help me catch the creature. But if you lads are too cowardly to help me catch the creature then I’m turning the ship around and heading back to Canada.” We all looked at each other and we all agreed to help Captain Crab. The sun started to go down as captain crab continued to prepare. As it started to get dark, we were heading into some storm clouds. “Uh captain?” said Bob. “How are we supposed to find the great sea snake?” “Simple lad” said Captain Crab. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years its that the beast loves taking down boats during a storm.” Just then, something big went right under the boat, which caused the boat to shake. “We found it” said Captain Crab. “Get ready lads, it’ll be surfacing any moment now.” It started to rain and we were all dead quiet, waiting for the great sea snake to appear. Just then it appeared! It was twice the height as the boat with green scaly skin and large fangs. ”We meet again you foul beast!” said Captain Crab, “you lads get ready to fight, I’m going in.” It was now pouring rain as Captain Crab jumped on the great sea snake and started climbing towards the head. Nina conjured a freeze attack and fired at the great sea snake to prevent it from moving so much. Nina kept attacking as Goober fired goo chains to prevent the great sea snake from moving even more. But just then, the great sea snake broke free of Nina’s freeze attack and Nina fell to the ground. While Nina was getting back up, I put my gauntlet on Goobers chains and electrocuted them and the electricity went through the chains and electrocuted the great sea snake. Bob then used his iron gloves to form chains out of the ocean water and then circled the chains all around the great sea snake. Nina then froze the water chains locking the great sea snake in place; Nina and Bob gave each other a high five. Just then, we saw that Captain Crab had reached the great sea snakes head. He stood on top of its head and pulled out a machete, “You will not beat me!” Captain Crab yelled out.


Chapter 22

The next morning with only three days until the spring festival, we had arrived at the coast of Africa after surviving all night fighting against the great sea snake. We did manage to kill the great sea snake and Captain Crab had captured it in his ships fishing net so he can prove it to everyone and earn the title of the greatest sailor who ever lived. Captain Crab dropped us off on a nearby boardwalk and bid us farewell. “Thank you again lads” Captain Crab said. “I will never forget what you’ve done for me. Not only will my name go down in history, now the sea is much safer now that the beast has been vanquished. Farewell and good luck on your journey.” Then he sailed off. Off to spread the word that he killed the great sea snake. “Well that was a bit of hell to go through” said Nina. “Look on the bright side Nina, we killed the great sea snake so now the ocean is much safer for sailors and travelers” I said. “Yeah that’s true” Nina said. “Alright guys, lets get going,” I said and we boarded a hover bus heading into the deserts of Africa.






We’ve been on a hover bus for a few hours now that was heading to Squrlia. Nina and I were sitting together staring at the desert while Bob, Goober and Thrash were sitting together on the other side of the bus taking a nap. Nina and I glanced at each other, we smiled and blushed for a few seconds. I then looked out the window into the open desert. “You know” I said, “This is the first time I’ve ever looked at a desert, my parents and I never really left Sunset Ville. The only place we would ever go is the Upper City and that was just on special occasions. I guess my parents thought the world was too dangerous and they wanted to protect me. It’s such a beautiful sight, when I look out there in the countryside. I feel like there is someone waiting for me, that special someone that’s waiting for me to come so we can be together for the rest of our lives. I know that sounds really cheesy but I believe there is someone out there waiting for me, what do you think Nina?” I looked back at Nina and she had a tear in her eye .She wiped away the tear and began to speak. “Mike when you rescued me from that forest cabin, I saw there was something special about you. It wasn’t just my psychic powers; I felt that deep down you were special. I’m also trying to say that when you rescued me, I started to have feelings for you.” Nina then took my hand and we looked into each other’s eyes. “Mike” Nina said. “Yes?” I said. “I…” Just then, the bus came to a screeching halt; the bus stopping made Bob, Goober and Thrash wake up. “Welcome to Squrlia” said the driver, “If this is your stop, get off now.” “All right guys, this is our stop” I said. We got off the bus and made our way into Squrlia.

Chapter 23

Squrlia is a little town in the middle of the deserts of Africa that is very popular for tourists and explorers. As we were walking through Squrlia, we discussed finding the next light source. “Alright Mike” said Thrash, “we’re here in Squrlia so where’s the next light source?” “Somewhere out in the desert” I said looking at my tracker. “Whoa wait, how far in the desert do we have to go to get to the next light source?” Goober said. “A few miles I’m assuming” I said. “Don’t worry guys, its just a little walk through the desert.” Just then, the people started to scream and panic and we could hear some of them yell out “creature!” Then a flying orb of darkness with four tentacles came around the corner to and it was abducting people. “Looks like we came in the middle of an abduction” said Bob. “Well, this should be fun,” said Nina. Nina then conjured a fireball and fired it at the orb. “Who dares attack me?” said the orb, “you’re Mike aren’t you? Well my master is always looking for new specimens.” The orb of darkness then fired a bolt of electricity at us, but I blocked it with a psychic shield. With the psychic shield still up, I fired multiple energy beams at the orb of darkness. When the orb regained itself it fired a beam of darkness right at us, but we were still standing. When the darkness cleared, I conjured a lightning bolt and threw it at the orb of darkness but to my misfortune the orb absorbed the lightning bolt. Then unexpectedly, the orb of darkness fired the lightning bolt it absorbed at Nina. I ran to assist Nina as she fell to the ground unconscious. “Guys, cover me while I assist Nina” I said. Bob then pulled out his energy gun and pointed it at the orb of darkness. “This is for attacking my daughter you miserable creature!” said Bob. Bob then fired a powerful beam of energy at the orb to where it then fell to the ground slightly hovering. Goober then fired a blob of goo onto the orb of darkness to where it then dissolved instantly. “How’d you do that?” said Thrash. “My body is ten percent acid,” said Goober. Nina then regained herself and I helped her back on her feet. “Did Shadow sent that orb to attack us or to abduct people?” said Nina. “I don’t know, probably both” I said. “I’m wondering why he’s abducting people” said Goober. “I’m not sure but whatever it is it cant be good” I said, “Come on guys, lets find the next light source.”

Chapter 24

After about twenty minutes of walking through the desert, we arrived at the entrance to a cave at the base of a desert mountain. “Alright, my tracker says the next light source is in there” I said. “Hey, what does that sign say?” Nina said. Next to the entrance of the cave was a wooden sign that said beware of cavernites. Seeing the word cavernite on that sign shocked everyone and chills ran up our spines. A cavernite is the most vicious most brutal animal in the humanimal kingdom. It takes the body shape of a gorilla but it has a huge belly, white fur all over its body and it has long feet and short legs. It has long arms with sharp claws; it has prehistoric lips with sharp teeth, and the eyes are just plain white with no pupils at all. A humanimal is a human that has the DNA of an animal, so it’s basically a human that can transform into an animal. A humanimal can live an average life span for up to two hundred years. There are three species of humanimals, lizard people, ape-men, and cavernites. When a humanimal changes form, their eyes change as well. How do I know all of this? From books and the Internet. With great strength and will power, we started to head into the cave. As we were walking, we were all a little nervous that there might be any cavernites in this cave. “I’m starting to think we’re risking too much just to get these light sources,” said Nina. “What makes you say that?” Goober said. “We’re walking through a cave in which there might be a cavernite, a cavernite!” Nina said. “Guys focus, remember we need this light source to defeat Shadow” I said. “Okay, it looks like the light source is just through here.” Suddenly we came to a stop at a pile of boulders that was blocking the passage to the light source. “Great, now what?” said Thrash. “We do this,” Bob said as he then stomped his foot on the ground where his skin then turned into earth and he began punching the boulders. After a couple of minutes, Bob broke through the boulders and cleared a path to the light source. “Well that was easy” Bob said. “Um, I think you might’ve spoken too soon” Goober said pointing behind us. We then turned around and saw the cavernite was standing right behind us. “Um” Bob said, the cavernite then picked Bob up and threw him through the tunnel until Bob smashed into a wall. When Bob smashed into the wall, his skin turned back to normal and he fell to the ground. “Oh god!” I said. Nina then tried to use her psychic powers to attack it but before she could, the cavernite grabbed her by the face and smashed her head into the wall multiple times. Nina fell to the ground unconscious. Goober tried blasting a stream of goo at the cavernite but it just caught it with his hand. “Crap” said Goober. The cavernite then pulled on the stream of goo with Goober still attached. The cavernite crumpled Goober into a ball and threw him at a wall. “Your turn” the cavernite said now looking at me, without thinking I started running down the tunnel. The cavernite screamed and started chasing me. I should’ve just used my gauntlet at the time, but my mind was so preoccupied with the fact the fact that I was being chased by a cavernite. I turned my head around and saw the cavernite was right behind me but by doing so, I tripped and fell to the ground. I thought I was done for. The cavernite was right behind me and there was no time to act. But just then, Thrash in his lizard form came and stopped the cavernite before it attacked me. Thrash pinned the cavernite against the wall but the cavernite resisted and threw Thrash to the ground. The cavernite then ran toward Thrash with great speed ready to strike, but Thrash quickly avoided the cavernite right before it attacked him. With the cavernite on the ground, Thrash started to walk away but then the cavernite grabbed Thrash’s ankle and threw him at the wall. As Thrash slowly got up, the cavernite ran toward Thrash again with great speed. But right before the cavernite reached Thrash, Thrash with all his might punched the cavernite in the face sending it into the ground. Thrash then charged at the cavernite ready to strike but right before Thrash could strike the cavernite the cavernite quickly got up and with all its might swung its claws at Thrash sending Thrash into the ground. Thrash fought for his life against the cavernite but Thrash ended up being pinned down by the cavernite. “You should have never set foot in this tunnel” the cavernite said, “now you must die.” Right before it attacked Thrash, I quickly used my gauntlet to send the cavernite flying into an underground stream. “Thanks Mike” Thrash said as he turned back to his normal form. “Don’t mention it.” I said as I helped Thrash up. I then healed everyone with my gauntlet and we continued our way to the next light source.

Chapter 25

After dealing with the cavernite, we continued our way to the light source. “Well that was a bit of hell to go through” said Nina. “Just be glad its over,” I said. “Come on, we’re almost there.” We walked through the tunnel until we reached a giant square room to where my tracker was now beeping rapidly. “The light source is in here” I said. On the other side of the room was a giant boulder with lightning bolts carved into it on top of a long wide staircase stretching from one end of the room to the other. In front of the staircase was another one of those golden bowls resting on top of a pedestal. “I think it’s safe to say that the giant boulder is the creature,” said Bob. “Your damn right I’m the creature!” the giant boulder said. The giant boulder rose in the air and giant purple eyes appeared. “Hello Mike and others” the orb said, “If you want this light source, you’ll have to get through me.” The orb then fired a purple laser toward us. I blocked the laser with a psychic shield and it reflected the laser back at the orb. While the orb was still recovering from the laser blast, Nina conjured a freeze attack and fired it at the orb. While the orb was frozen, Bob stomped his foot in the ground and his skin turned to stone. Then Goober grabbed Bob and started spinning him around and around and then released Bob hurtling him towards the orb. The orb then fell to the ground becoming unconscious. “Wow, that was amazing what you just did there Goober” I said. “Thanks, it was just a little move I came up with right then” Goober said. “I especially liked the part where you hurtled me at the orb” Bob said. “It was pretty impressive, but we should probably think about leaving now” Nina said. “Nina’s right we don’t have much time to spare” I said. “Lets get the light source and start looking for the next one.” I started walking toward the golden bowl to get the light source but just then, the orb regained itself and rose up from the ground. It had cracks from the damage we had dealt it and its purple eyes were flickering. “You think you could defeat me that easily?” the orb said, “feel my wrath!” The orb then fired bolts of electricity from its eyes hitting all of us. The lightning bolts knocked out Goober but the rest of us were able to recover. Bobs skin turned back to normal and Bob pulled out his big energy gun and started firing at the orb. The energy gun had no effect on the orb and the orb lifted Bob in the air with psychic powers. Nina then tried to use her psychic powers to defeat the orb. But the orbs powers were too strong and the orb lifted Nina in the air. Thrash tried to turn into his lizard form but the orb grabbed Thrash with one of its tentacles before he could transform. I then ran up the side of a wall and jumped off the wall toward the orb with my sword ready to strike. The orb had stopped me and for a moment I thought this was the end. Just then, Goober regained consciousness and saw that we had been captured. “Well, all that remains is an insignificant goo creature” the orb said. “You’re not even worth my time so I’ll make your death rather quick.” “You know, its kind of funny,” Goober said with a smirk on his face, “creatures like you should be burning in hell.”

Chapter 26

The orb then lashed out at Goober smashing him into the wall. “Is that really the best you can do?” Goober said coming from behind the orb. The orb then turned around and saw Goober totally untouched as if he wasn’t hurt at all. Then from behind the orb, the smashed Goober reformed and lashed out goo tentacles at the orbs tentacles that were holding us captive. With all his might, Goober ripped off the orbs tentacles and we fell to the ground. “Get behind me guys, I’ve got this” Goober said. The orb turned around again facing the Goober that freed us from the orb. While the orb was occupied, the Goober behind the orb lashed a goo tentacle right through the orb. The orb screeched in pain and then turned around and started lashing tentacles at Goober. As the orb kept lashing tentacles at Goober, Goober avoided each tentacle by dodging, splitting in half, and melting to the ground. While Goober was avoiding the orbs tentacles, the Goober behind the orb latched a goo tentacle on the orb and started repeatedly smashing it into the walls. When Goober released the orb, the Goober from behind the orb sneaked under it and shot a tentacle straight through the orb. The orb screeched in pain, it looked around and saw Goober leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face. The orb then turned around and saw us watching the battle. Once the orb saw us, it flew straight toward us with great speed so Goober had to act fast. Right before the orb reached us, a spikey goo wall appeared right in front of the orb and it rammed right into it. With the orb now dizzy, Goober then latched a tentacle onto it and slammed it into the goo spike covered floor. When Goober released the orb, it fell to the ground unable to get up. Then Goober multiplied himself all around the room and all of the Goobers at once shot tentacles through the orb. When all of the Goobers turned back into one Goober, the orb disintegrated. We were all shocked of what we had seen. “You’re welcome” Goober said. “Goober, that was incredible” I said. “Yeah we had no idea of what you were capable of.” said Bob. “Well goo creatures can be pretty deadly too you know” Goober said. “Now lets go get that light source.” We went to get the light source but I stopped to talk with Nina for a brief moment. “Hey, you ok?” I said. “Yeah I’m fine, why are you asking?” Nina said. “Well we both haven’t talked to each other that much on this little adventure and I thought now would be a good opportunity,” I said. “Yeah, we’ve just been mostly fighting Shadows minions or whatever the heck we come across” Nina said. We both chuckled a bit and then slowly moved our heads towards each other as we looked into each other’s eyes. “Hey Mike, Nina, what’re you two waiting for?” Bob shouted across the room. Nina and I then ran toward the golden bowl where everyone else was gathered around. I approached the golden bowl and placed the light source in the orb of light. “Well, that’s one more down” I said. Just then, my communicator started to ring. “Hello?” I said. “Mike, its Golmor” said Golmor. “I’m calling to tell you that I’ve located the location of the next light source. Its located on a small island just a couple miles southwest from that boardwalk that sailor dropped you guys off on.” “Wait, how did you know that?” I said, “I’m a god, I practically know everything” said Golmor and then he hung up.

Chapter 27


I teleported us back to the boardwalk to where we first arrived in Africa. “Hey Mike, just a question out of curiosity” said Bob. “Golmor said that the next light source was on an island a couple miles off shore from here right?” “Right” I said.“So how are we going to get there?” said Bob. Bobs’ question left me speechless; in short I had no idea how to get us to that island. Just then a foghorn sounded from the boat that was beside the dock that was near us. “Ahoy lads” said the man on the boat. It was Captain Crab. “I was just about to ship off when I saw you lads walking by.” “I thought you went to tell the world that you killed the great sea snake” I said. “I did but then I thought why not start here at this boardwalk since I’m already here” said Captain Crab. “Hey Captain, can you do us a favor?” I said. “Can you take us to an island a couple miles from here?” “For you lads, anything” said Captain Crab, so we boarded his boat and we set off to find the next light source.




We arrived at the island shortly after departing from the boardwalk. Upon arriving at the island, I saw that the island was a small jungle island. “Alright lads, here we are” said Captain Crab. “Do you need me to stay here so you lads can get back to the mainland?” “We can get back ourselves” I said, “but thanks anyway.” “Alright, you lads take care of yourselves.” said Captain Crab and then he sailed off into the world. “Alright guys my trackers picked up the light source.” I said. My tracker said that the next light source was somewhere in the jungle, so we walked through the jungle for about a good ten minutes until we reached a pyramid shaped building. “What is that?” said Goober. “It looks like some sort of fortress.” said Nina. “This is it” I said, “The next light source is in there.” We approached the fortress and went inside. The chamber was huge with several torches placed on every wall. In front of each wall were four staircases in the floor that descended down. In the middle of the floor at the bottom of the staircases was another golden bowl. “You know what, we’ve been doing this for days now and I feel like we can take on this creature with no problem” I said. “You know what me too, these creatures aren’t even a challenge any more” Nina said. “You hear that creature, we’re not afraid of you so just show yourself right now” said Bob. A gust of wind started swirling dust around the room making a vortex. When the vortex disappeared, floating in the air was a huge ghost like creature. The upper body was a made of black goo with glowing white eyes and a giant white orb in its chest, the lower body was a long ghostly like tail. We were all shocked by the creatures’ form and size. “Not afraid you say?” the creature asked. “Oh…crap!” I said. “I’ve been expecting you Mike and others” the creature said. “If you want this light source, you’ll have to get through me.”

Chapter 28


The creature then clapped its hands that made a sonic wave attack. It was strong but we stood our ground. Before we could do anything, the creature fired a huge lightning bolt at us. Goober got in the lightning bolts way just before it struck us but the lightning bolt didn’t evaporate him or cause him to explode. Goober just absorbed the lightning bolt. Goober then shot the lightning bolt back at the creature causing the glowing orb in his rib cage to crack. Before we could attack again, the creature unleashed a loud screech that caused a sudden earthquake that caused us to fall to the ground. Just before we regained balance, the creature grabbed Nina and held her in front of its face. “Nina!” I shouted. “The light that you possess will be mine,” said the creature. “You’ll have to take it from me after I send you to the depths of hell” Nina said. “Guys, cover your ears” Nina said to us. I couldn’t hear it but Nina then used her psychic powers to create a high-pitched noise that caused the creatures head to explode. The creatures’ body fell to the ground and Nina managed to escape the creatures’ grasp. “Nina, are you ok?” I said. “I’m fine, thanks.” Nina said. Goober then pointed to where the creatures’ head was starting to regenerate. “Guys the creatures’ head is starting to regenerate, we need to attack it now while its still down” Goober said. “I have an idea, Bob I’m going to need your help” said Thrash. “Ok, what do you want me to do?” said Bob. “I need you to…” Thrash whispered the rest of his idea to Bob. “Got it?” said Thrash. “Got it” said Bob. Thrash then transformed into his lizard form while Bob went to a nearby torch, placed his hand near it and his skin turned into fire. Bob then walked a couple feet ahead of Thrash and stood perfectly still. Thrash stood a couple of feet behind Bob and took a running start. Then with full speed, Thrash ran towards Bob and Thrash curled into a ball sealing Bob inside. Thrash sped around the room faster and faster several times with great speed. Just as the creatures’ head regenerated, Thrash ran across the wall behind us and launched Bob at the creature with full speed. The creature fell to the ground as Bobs flaming fist struck its glowing orb with great force. Bob and Thrash returned to normal and gave each other a high five and the creature was now unconscious. “Great job guys, now it’s time for the kill blow” I said. “Goober, give me a hand.” Goober nodded and we both ran toward the creature. Goober ran in front of me and transformed into a spring, I jumped on Goober and he propelled me towards the creature. I pulled out my sword and with all my might I stuck it in the creatures’ glowing orb. I fell to the ground and Goober turned back to normal and we all watched as the creatures’ orb exploded and its body disintegrated. “Great job guys” I said. “Also that was a great idea you came up with Thrash.” “Thanks, I thought a combo move would help us take down this creature” Thrash said. “Impressive” Nina said. “We’ll have to try out combo moves more often.” I then walked over to the golden bowl and placed the light source in the orb of light. Just then, my communicator started to ring. “Hello” I said. “Mike, its Golmor again” said Golmor. “I’m calling to tell you that I’ve located the location of the next light source.” “Great, where is it?” I said. “You guys better get ready for some climbing because the next light source is located on top of a mountain in the Himalayas, good luck” and then he hung up.

Chapter 29

We were now on a hover bus heading towards the Himalayas. It was nighttime and Nina and I were some of the few people awake on the bus. “Wow, look at all those stars.” I said looking out the window. “One thing I like about where I live in Canada is that it is an amazing place for stargazing.” “Mike, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about for a while now” said Nina. “What is it Nina?” I said turning my head to look at Nina. “Well ever since you freed me from that forest cabin, I started having feelings for you” said Nina. Nina then placed her hand on mine. “Mike what I’m trying to say is after we defeat Shadow…” I then placed a finger on Nina’s lips. “You don’t have to say more Nina, I already know what you’re going to say.” I said. “You…you do?” Nina said as tears started to fill her eye. “Yes Nina, I’ve had feelings for you ever since I freed you from that log cabin” I said as tears started to fill my eyes as well. “So my answer is yes, I will be in a relationship with you” I said. “Oh Mike” Nina said filled with joy. Then our heads drew near to each other and we began to kiss.




It was the next day with only two days left until the spring festival. We had arrived at the Himalayas and had already begun climbing the mountain my tracker said to climb. The mountain that we were climbing wasn’t that tall. It was probably one of the shortest mountains in the Himalayas. Which is a good thing because we don’t have to suffer a whole lot while climbing. After about a half an hour of climbing through the icy snow, we came to a cave near the top of the mountain. But the cave wasn’t a cave; it was the light source chamber. In the middle of the chamber there was a frozen pond, hovering above the pond was one of those golden bowls. But when we got closer to the pond, we saw that frozen under the ice was what appeared to be the creature. “If we walk on that ice, that creature will come out and attack us” Bob said. “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” I said. “Goober, reach over there and grab the light source.” “You got it” Goober said. Goober extended his arm over to the bowl, grabbed the light source and brought back to me. “That was too easy, don’t you think?” Nina said. We started to head for the exit but then we started hearing the pond cracking. We turned around and saw the creature breaking out of the frozen pond. It was a giant red eyeball with a black eyelid and six black tentacles coming out of it. “Hello Mike and others” the eye said. “If you want the light source you’re going to have to get through me.” “Yeah no thanks, we already have the light source” I said. “What?” the eye said. “Yeah we already have the light source, so we’ll just be leaving now” I said. The Shadow eye then blocked the exit with a dark force field. “Well then if you wish to leave, you’ll have to defeat me,” the eye said.

Chapter 30

As the eye was preparing to attack, Goober thought he’d try out his new brain enhanced powers. Goober turned his hands into spikes and froze both of them, and then he launched both of them like missiles at the eye. Nina then conjured a fireball and aimed it just right at a giant icicle that landed directly on the eye. Before we could do anything else, the eye fired an ice beam at us. We barely survived the attack but we managed to pull through and block it. I then tried this new attack I’d been thinking about doing. I made an energy ball then froze it inside an ice ball then threw it at the eye and the ice ball exploded. While the eye was recovering from the ice ball explosion, Nina picked up a snowball, formed it into an icicle, and threw it at the eye like a spear. The eye plucked the icicle from its eye and then healed itself. The eye suddenly grabbed Bob, Nina, and Goober with its tentacles. It tried to grab me but I was too fast. While trying to avoid the eyes’ grasp, Bob managed to get one of his arms free and then shot the eye with his ray gun. The eye released Bob, Nina, and Goober and while it was regaining itself, I sliced off every one of its tentacles. Nina conjured another fireball, but this time she threw it directly at the eye. The eye then fired a poison attack at Nina. Goober threw himself in the path of the attack to save Nina and Goober became poisoned. I kneeled down and tried to heal Goober but as soon as I did, the eyes’ tentacles regenerated. The eye grabbed us but Bob managed to escape. Bob then stomped his foot on the ground and his skin turned into ice. He then fired a freeze blast at the eye and the eye was now frozen. Bob then jumped in the air toward the eye with one hand clenched into a fist ready to punch. When Bob reached the eye, he punched with all his might and the eye shattered into thousands of pieces of ice. We fell to the ground and I quickly healed Goober before the poison killed him. “Alright, good work guys” I said as Bobs skin turned back to normal. “Just one more light source to go.” We didn’t notice it right away but as we were leaving the cave, the hole that the eye made in the frozen pond started to get bigger. “Hey Bob, that was a real impressive kill blow that you inflicted on the eye” I said. “Well I like to be creative from time to time” Bob said. “Guys hold on, does anyone hear something?” said Nina. “Yeah, its like ice breaking or something.” said Goober. We all then turned around and saw that the hole the eye made in the frozen pond was getting bigger. “Run!” I said and we all ran toward the cave exit as fast as we could. But right before we reached the exit, the floor collapsed underneath us and we fell into the pit below.

Chapter 31


We awoke several hours later in a daze remembering that we had fallen down a pit. “Oh god, how long were we out?” said Thrash. “A couple of hours I think” I said. I looked up and saw a small hole of light revealing the top of the pit. “Alright now that we’re awake from our dirt nap, lets get out of this pit.” I said. “Wait hold on Mike” Bob said. “Why is there a door over there?” I turned around and saw a door on the side of the room. “So there’s a door at the bottom of a pit, what about it?” I said. “Think about it, this pit contained one of Shadows guardians” Bob said, “so if there’s a door at the bottom of this pit, don’t you think this door has something to do with Shadow?” “My dad has a point Mike” Nina said. “Wow, I can’t argue with that logic” I said, “alright then, lets check out that door.” We approached the door and on the other side was a long dimly lit hallway. We slowly started to walk down the hallway until we came to a doorway on the side of the hallway. We looked through the doorway and it was a room filled with cryogenic freezers like the one Nina was frozen in. “Yep, we’re definitely in the presence of Shadow.” I said as we walked through the room. “Why would Shadow imprison people in these things?” said Bob. “Well at least these ones are empty.” said Nina. Just then we heard voices coming from the hallway. “That sounds like Shadow and Melfron” said Nina. “Who’s Melfron?” said Thrash. “Shadows assistant” I said. We walked out of the room and heard the voices coming from the other end of the hallway. At the other end of the hallway was a door to where the voices were coming from so we slowly made our way toward that door. When we reached the door, we slowly opened it and on the other side was quite a large computer room with Shadow and Melfron standing inside. They didn’t notice us at first because they were having a discussion about specimens or something. “Master, all of the specimens have been moved to the main base” said Melfron. “Excellent Melfron” said Shadow, “with all of the specimens in place, I can proceed to the final phase of my master plan. Then when all of the psychic energy is at my control, Golmor will no longer have the capability to stop me.” “But master, what about Mike finding the light sources for the orb of light?” said Melfron. “Let him do as he wish” said Shadow. “Even if Mike does find all of the light sources, I will make sure that he and his friends are no longer a threat to me.” Suddenly, Thrash let out a sneeze and Shadow and Melfron turned their heads to see us standing in the room. “You’ve discovered one of my underground bases.” said Shadow as he closed the door behind us using his psychic abilities. “Wait how did you guys even find this place?” said Melfron. “Oh we just finished defeating one of Shadows guardians and found a door at the bottom of that huge pit” I said. “Oh” said Shadow. “Anyway, I’m too busy to kill you right now so Melfron is going to do it for me.” “Really, Melfron is going to kill us?” said Nina. “Don’t underestimate my assistant, he’s more powerful than you think” said Shadow and then he disappeared. “So what’re you going to do, fire your bazooka at us?” I said. “Oh that was nothing, I haven’t shown you what I’m capable of” Melfron said with a smile. “Go ahead then, show us your true power” said Bob. “Very well” said Melfron still smiling. Melfron then extended out his arm and slammed Bob against all of the walls using psychic abilities. “Dad!” Nina said as she helped Bob up. “Get comfortable” said Melfron still smiling.

Chapter 32

“Listen up you dirtbags” said Melfron, “I’m not giving you punks any chance to attack so get ready because I’m about to give you hell.” “Yeah right, there’s no way we’re letting you attack the entire time” I said as I started to pull out my sword. Before I could attack Melfron, he lifted me in the air using his psychic abilities and threw me at a wall which was now covered in spikes. Quickly, I stabbed my sword into the ground and stopped myself right before I reached the spike-covered wall. Then as I got back up, a couple small shadow eyes appeared around me. I was about to kill them with my sword but just then, they each fired beams of energy right at me. Quickly, I managed to dodge the beams of energy and the shadow eyes disappeared. “Now then with that being said, lets begin” said Melfron. “Mike, what do we do?” said Goober. “Well its now obvious that he really isn’t going to let us attack” I said, “so dodge as much of his attacks as you can while trying to charge at him.” Everyone nodded and we readied ourselves for whatever Melfron had in store for us. I then started to charge at Melfron but he pushed us back with waves of energy. “Is that really the best you can do?” Melfron said. Nina started to charge at Melfron but suddenly, repeated energy waves were coming from left and right that pushed us to the ground and we were pushed back again. “You’re going to have to try harder than that.” said Melfron. Bob started to charge at Melfron and he then conjured a ton of arrows that came straight at him. He did his best to avoid every one of them but the arrows ended up pushing him back. Goober and Thrash charged at Melfron but this time, Melfron conjured more shadow eyes and they fired beams of energy at them. They avoided every one of the energy beams but then, the eyes formed a ring and fired an energy beam at them pushing them back. “Oh are you guys giving up already?” Melfron said, “well that’s alright it just makes it easier for me to kill you.”“Mike lets face it, we can’t defeat Melfron unless we attack him” said Thrash. “Yeah but that wont happen because he wont let us attack” said Nina. “Don’t worry guys, I have a new plan.” I said. I then whispered the plan to everyone and we readied ourselves. “Oh you guys are still standing?” said Melfron, “That’s ok, it just means I get to attack you more.”


Chapter 33


I then charged at Melfron and he fired waves of energy at me. Successfully, I had jumped over the energy waves and landed on my feet. While I was dodging the energy waves, Nina then charged at Melfron where he repeatedly fired energy waves at her left and right. Bob then started to charge at Melfron and he conjured two moving walls to crush Bob, but Bob was able to run past the walls before they crushed him. While Bob was outrunning the walls, Goober and Thrash started to charge at Melfron. Melfron then conjured more arrows and fired them at Goober and Thrash, but Goober and Thrash evaded them all. “So that’s how you want to play it huh?” said Melfron, “fine then, have it your way.” Melfron then conjured more shadow eyes and one by one, they each fired beams of energy. The beams of energy knocked us down to the ground but only for a few seconds. Goober then charged at Melfron but then Melfron started smashing Goober against the walls with his psychic abilities. While Melfron was smashing Goober against the walls, Bob then charged at Melfron. But Melfron released Goober and started smashing Bob against the walls. Nina then charged at Melfron and Melfron released Bob and he conjured more shadow eyes to which they fired energy beams at Nina. I then charged at Melfron and then the shadow eyes fired energy beams at me but I managed to evade them all. Melfron then without warning lifted me and hurled me to the other side of the room to where he had also conjured arrows that were coming right at me. Quickly while flying through the air, I evaded the dozens of arrows that were coming at me. Then nearing the other side of the room, spikes had appeared out of the wall so I quickly stabbed my sword into the ground stopping me from certain death. Before I could get up, Melfron lifted me up again and started slamming me against the walls. But while Melfron was busy with me, Goober grabbed a hold of Thrash to where he then absorbed Thrash whole and camouflaged into the surrounding area. With Goober and Thrash now invisible, they sneaked over behind Melfron where Thrash then jumped out of Goober and stuck his claws right through him. We slowly approached Melfron as he collapsed to the ground. “Well played” Melfron said, “but just because I’m down, doesn’t mean I can’t stop you.” Melfron then pulled out a remote and pressed a button. “In about ten seconds, this place will explode” said Melfron. “Have fun escaping” and then he disappeared. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll get us out of here” I said and then I used my gauntlet to teleport us out of there right before the place exploded.




I teleported us to star spirit valley and we were greeted by Golmor. “Hey guys” said Golmor, “I was going to call you but this is unexpected.” “Sorry Golmor, we just ran into a situation with Shadows assistant and we had to escape” I said. “Ah I see, anyway I found the location of the last light source” said Golmor.“Its located near a town just east of here called Road Side.” “Oh I’ve been there before” said Nina, “It’s a pretty popular town, mostly there for entertainment.” “Yes well anyway” said Golmor, “to save you guys the trouble of getting to RoadSide on foot, I will have you teleported there in an instant.” In just a few short seconds, Golmor had teleported us to Road Side.

Chapter 34

We arrived in Road Side after being teleported here by Golmor. As Nina said earlier, Road Side is a pretty popular town there for entertainment. Its mostly theater and comedy entertainment but that’s what makes it popular. “This is a nice town, no wonder its so popular” said Goober.“Yeah but too bad we’re busy looking for light sources.” said Thrash. “Alright guys, my tracker picked up the last light source” I said. “Its just a little bit up north so lets get a move on.” We started to make our way toward the last light source and headed into the forest. We then stopped on top of a hill as my tracker was now beeping rapidly. “Great, your tracker led us to a dead end” said Thrash. “Its not a dead end, the light source is underneath us.” I said. I then used my gauntlet to punch a hole in the ground revealing a ladder leading downward. We came to the bottom of the ladder and saw what was more of a hallway then a chamber. On each side of the hallway were rows and rows of stone orbs and on the other side of the hallway was a golden bowl. “This is an odd looking chamber” said Bob. “I’m more worried about the orbs on the walls.” said Nina. I then slowly approached the golden bowl to take the light source but just then, an orb of darkness appeared out of nowhere right in front of me. “So you’re Mike, the one who has collected all of the other light sources” said the orb. “Yes and who are you?” I said. “You’re about to find out.” said the creature. Just then, all of the stone orbs popped out of the walls and turned into orbs of darkness then swirled around the creature thus making a tornado of darkness. We readied ourselves to attack the creature, “Uh Mike, do you have a plan for defeating this guy?” said Goober. “Remember, its just one orb controlling all of the others” I said. “If we all charge into that tornado, hopefully one of us will defeat it.” “That’s one of the worst plans I’ve ever heard” said Thrash. “Well its all I got alright?” I said, “One…two…three…charge!”




“I can’t believe that actually work.” said Thrash as we were heading back to Road Side with the last light source in our possession. “Hey, sometimes I just know what to do in tight situations you know?” I said. “Alright guys we now have all the light sources and the orb of light is ready to go.” “Now what?” Bob said. “Lets meet back with Golmor and prepare ourselves for fighting Shadow” I said. I was preparing to teleport us back to star spirit valley but Nina stopped me and pointed to something across the street. “Mike, look” Nina said. Nina was pointing to a sign in front of a small building that read free psychic test.

Chapter 35

“What the hell?” I said, several questions started popping in my head when I saw that sign. Questions like who are these people? How do they know about psychic powers? And why are they giving free testing’s to the public? “Do you think this has something to do with Shadow?” Bob said. “Only one way to find out” I said. We then crossed the street and entered the small building. As we entered the building, we walked down a hallway with several doorways on each side. In each doorway, there were rooms filled with strange looking machines. “What are these things?” said Goober as I inspected the machines. “They are machines that measure peoples psychic abilities” I said, “This is definitely the work of Shadow.” Just then, we heard a noise from the second floor. “What was that?” said Bob. We continued down the hallway and walked up a stairwell to the second floor. Upon reaching the second floor, there was an office door at the top of the stairwell. I reached for the doorknob and slowly opened the door. When I fully opened the door, we saw the office was completely empty. “There’s nothing here.” said Nina. “Or is there?” we turned around and saw Melfron as he shut the door behind us. “Welcome to one of my other bases” we turned around and saw Shadow appearing in the room. “Is this a trap?” I asked. “Possibly” said Shadow, “I was making some last minute preparations when I happened to sense the five of you approaching this building, so yes this is a trap.” “Preparations for what?” said Nina. “That’s none of your concern.” said Shadow. Just then the door behind us was sealed shut by black tentacles. “Now that all of you are here, I think its time I ended your little journey” said Shadow. “Of course I won’t be doing it, I’ll be giving my assistant the honor.” “We’re not afraid of him, we beat him before and we’ll do it again.” said Thrash. “Oh you haven’t seen my true power” said Melfron. Melfron then turned into a pile of silver goo and shot up at the ceiling. When the pile of goo reached the ceiling, it started to grow until it formed a huge skull like creature with shoulder armor and long arms. Silver tentacles shot up from Melfrons shoulder armor and connected to the ceiling, Melfron was now hanging in mid air. “Get comfortable.” said Melfron as he looked down at us with a menacing smile. I could tell that everyone was a little uneasy by this including me, but we continued to push on. Before we could even attack, Melfron grabbed Goober, threw him at the wall and then fired a red energy beam at Thrash. Bob then pulled out his energy gun but right before he could fire it, Melfron grabbed Bob and threw him at the wall. Melfron then picked up Bobs energy gun broke it into two. Melfron then fired another red energy beam all around the room, the beam was about to hit me but Nina pushed me aside and it hit her. I was about to use my gauntlet to stop Melfron but Melfron then grabbed me, lifted me in the air and readied to fire another energy beam directly at me. I thought that this would be the end but just then Nina regained herself and saw the situation I was in. “No!” Nina screamed and then using her psychic powers, she conjured an intense orb of green energy and fired it at Melfron. Melfron then released me as he started to electrocute and melt uncontrollably. “Nina…” I said as I walked up to Nina, she then pulled me close to her and kissed me. “You can thank me later” Nina said, “I’m just glad you’re safe.” Melfron then fell to the floor still melting until he was nothing but a puddle of melted metal. “Forgive me master, I have failed you” Melfron said right before he was nothing but a puddle.


Chapter 36


Shadow stared at the puddle of melted metal for a couple seconds. “Well it seems I must now take this into my own hands” said Shadow. “With my powers nearing at full strength and my vast collection of psychic minds, I will be invincible.” “What do you mean by vast collection of psychic minds?” said Nina. “That’s none of your business” said Shadow. “Its time I end your journey here and now.” Suddenly, several black tentacles started coming down from the ceiling all of them coming straight at us. I pulled out my sword and started slicing them one by one, but without warning Shadow fired an energy beam directly at me. I didn’t notice the energy beam right away but luckily Nina conjured a psychic shield right before the beam struck me. “Mike can you please get us out of here?” said Bob. I nodded my head at Bob and then tried to use my gauntlet to teleport us out of here, but it didn’t work. “You’re probably wondering why you can’t teleport right?” said Shadow, “that’s because I’m not letting you leave so easily this time.” “Mike, what do we do?” said Thrash. I then used my gauntlet to blast open the door. “Run!” I said, everyone regained theirselves and we ran out of the office. As I was running out of the office, I stopped and fired an energy beam from my gauntlet at Shadow. But Shadow fired his own energy beam blocking mine and then his energy beam sent me flying down the stairwell. “It’s pointless to run” said Shadow, “In just a few days, I will return at full power and even with the orb of light, there will nothing you can do to stop me.” We headed down the second stairwell and ran for the door but just then, Shadow lashed out a tentacle and grabbed Nina. “I’ll be taking her if you don’t mind” said Shadow. “Let her go!” I said, “Ah but she is the final piece to my plan.” “Plan, what plan?” said Bob. “That’s none of your concern” said Shadow, “nevertheless she is still coming with me, goodbye Mike and others.” Just then, Nina froze the tentacle and broke free from its clutches and she then used her psychic powers to teleport back to us. I smiled at Nina and then turned my attention back at Shadow. Shadow fired another energy beam at me but this time when I fired an energy beam at Shadow, it completely evaporated his energy beam. Shadow evaded my energy beam and I conjured some lightning bolts and sent them flying at Shadow. But Shadow stopped the lightning bolts before they reached him and sent them flying back at me. I put up a psychic shield so the lightning bolts didn’t hit us and I fired another energy beam at Shadow. Shadow put up his own psychic shield and the second after the energy beam had hit it, he transferred his shield to me. I noticed that the shield was getting smaller so with all of my psychic energy, I managed to break the shield. Shadow then lashed out black tentacles at me; I tried my best to evade them but he managed to snag on to my arms. With me trapped in the black tentacles, Shadow launched out what looked like black saw blades right at me. I had to act quick so right before the saw blade came at me I managed to duck just in time and the saw blade went flying past me. But then I noticed the saw blade started to come back at me like a boomerang effect, luckily I used this to my advantage. When the saw blade came back, I managed to have it slice the tentacles. Then using my gauntlet I manipulated the saw blades and sent them flying at Shadow, but Shadow easily dodged them. Shadow then fired tiny black orbs at me, I didn’t know what they were at first but just then they started to glow. Quickly I put up a psychic shield and the orbs exploded, Shadow fired more tiny orbs at us but this time I teleported the orbs at Shadow. The orbs exploded in front of Shadow and while he was blinded by the explosion, I thought to myself this is our chance to escape. I quickly readied my gauntlet but then Shadow regained himself and lashed out at us. Right before he reached us, I teleported us out of there and we escaped.

Chapter 37

That night after escaping from Shadows grasp, we decided to spend the night at a hotel in Road Side before returning to star spirit valley. We stayed in two rooms side by side so all of us had more room to sleep. Me, Nina and Bob were sitting in a room watching TV. “Hey Nina” I said, “I didn’t get a chance to thank you for saving me from Melfron, so thanks.” “Don’t mention it.” said Nina, our faces began to blush as we looked into each others eyes. Suddenly, Thrash and Goober came bursting in from the other room. “Hey Nina, Goober and I were curious” said Thrash, “Bob is your father and he’s Italian and you’re Italian too but you have white skin, why’s that?” “Thrash, maybe this is too intrusive of a question” said Goober. “Guys its ok” Nina said with a small chuckle, “its because I take after my mothers side so I’m half Italian.” “Hey where is your mother?” I said, “I don’t think we’ve really met her yet.” Suddenly, Nina’s eyes started to fill up with tears and she ran into the other room crying slamming the door shut behind her. “What did I say?” I said wondering what I’d done. “It’s not your fault Mike.” said Bob. “Well then why did Nina run into the other room crying?” said Goober. “Her mother is dead.” said Bob. Me, Goober, and Thrash froze at the statement Bob had just made. “Oh my god” I said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” “Like I said, its not your fault” said Bob. “In fact since the subject is up, why don’t I tell you guys how she died.” “Bob you don’t have to” I said. “Its fine” Bob said, I’ll feel better if I tell this story to someone anyway.” We all sat down as Bob began to tell his story. “It was eighteen years ago, Nina was just a baby” said Bob. “Me and my wife were taking Nina for a stroll down a forest path at dusk. But as we walked through the forest, a fog started to fill the air and we saw a shadow like figure in the distance.” “Shadow” I said, “Yes” continued Bob, “but we didn’t know who the heck it was at the time. Shadow slowly approached me and my wife as he said only one thing, give me your daughter and you shall be spared. We refused to give up Nina but Shadow still kept coming so we ran into the forest while clutching Nina in our arms. But no matter where we ran, Shadow always found us. Eventually we hid in a hollowed out tree and waited, that night we prayed to Golmor for our safety. The next morning, I awoke to see my wife gone and Nina in my arms. The only thing I could find was a note left by my wife that read please take care of our daughter for me, I never saw my wife again.” “What happened to her” said Thrash. “My best guess is Shadow took her.” said Bob. “I told Nina the story a few years ago and she still isn’t taking it very well,” “I’m going to go talk to her” I said. I approached the door that led to the other room and gave it a slight knock. “Go away” said Nina still crying. “Its Mike” I said, “can I please come in?” Nina unlocked the door and I entered the room closing the door behind me. “You ok?” I said as I sat on the bed with Nina. “I just miss her so much” said Nina still crying. “If you want, I know something that’ll make you feel better” I said. “What would that be” said Nina. I stood up and extended my arm out at Nina. “Would you like to dance?” I said. Nina smiled and took my hand, I pulled out my phone to play some music and we began to dance. We danced and danced as we both looked each other in the eyes while smiling at one another and we just danced the night away. “Thank you Mike” Nina said, “I feel so much better now.”


Chapter 38

That night I had a dream; I was in a field watching the sunset when I heard a noise. I ran to where the noise was coming from until I came to a cliff. Standing on the cliff was someone who I never met before watching the ocean view. The mysterious person was wearing a cloak so I couldn’t see what they looked like. “Greetings Mike” said the cloaked figure, “H…How do you know my name?” I said. “I’ve been watching you for some time now” said the cloaked figure, “you’ve done well on your journey and soon it’ll be time to face Shadow.” “Who are you?” I said. “See you soon Mike” said the cloaked figure. I awoke from that weird dream to see the room was in shambles. There was glass on floor from the window, broken furniture everywhere but worst of all, Nina was gone. I then ran into the other room to tell the others what had happened. “Guys, Nina’s gone.” I said. But they weren’t even paying attention to me; they were just staring out the window. “Uh guys?” I said. I approached the window and saw why they were staring out of it. Road Side was dead silent, usually there’s always people walking around because it’s a popular town but there’s no one in sight. “Where is everybody?” I said. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out” said Thrash. “Wait, did you say Nina’s gone?” said Bob. “Yeah, Shadow came in the night and took her” I said. “Mike, pull out the tracker I gave you” Bob said. “Why?” I said, “It has Nina’s DNA implanted onto it.” So I pulled out my tracker and gave it to Bob. He pressed a few buttons and it started to beep. “Lets go” Bob said.




The tracker led us back to the building where we killed Melfron. We searched every corner of the building but there was no sign of Nina, until Goober found something in one of the rooms. “Uh guys?” Goober said, “I found something.” Inside a closet in one of the rooms with those machines was an elevator. “Where do you think it goes?” said Goober. “Only one way to find out” I said. We entered the elevator and started to go down. The elevator went down for about a minute until it came to a complete stop. The doors opened revealing a dim narrow hallway in front of us. We slowly walked down the hallway to a metal door on the other side. When we opened the door we were shocked at what we saw. There was row after row of cryogenic freezers, most of them with people inside them. Some of them were humans but the rest were creatures from other worlds. “My god” I said, “these must be all of Shadows specimens, why are they even here?” Bob said, “I think we’re about to find out.”

Chapter 39

We slowly walked down the long metal pathway and approached the metal door on the other side. On the other side of the door was a large room with a weird looking machine on the other side. The machine was in the shape of a pod. It was a gray oval shaped pod standing upright with several tubes sticking out of it. Just then, Shadow appeared in the middle in the room. “How adorable, the man who is destined to defeat me” said Shadow as he held Nina by the throat, “came to save his lover.” “What do you want with her?” I said. “Perhaps I owe you all an explanation.” said Shadow. “You see in my eternal battle with Golmor, there was a point where I was almost defeated. Before he could defeat me, I increased my psychic abilities. How? By stealing the psychic abilities from millions to billions of life forms in the universe. Since my last encounter with Golmor, I’ve done nothing but increase my psychic abilities by stealing them from other life forms. Some were strong, some weak, and others just around the same. But when I arrived on earth some years ago, I found a very strong psychic energy that I desperately wanted to have. That psychic energy is you Nina, yes you were so little when I tried to take you and steal your psychic energy. But then your mother came along and foiled my plans. Yes Nina I killed your mother.” Nina’s eyes started to fill up with tears after hearing that statement. “Now, I’m going to finish what I started all those years ago.” Shadow then threw Nina into the pod and the pod sealed shut. “What are you doing to her?” said Bob. “Draining her psychic energy” said Shadow. “In a few moments, she will be nothing more than a useless little girl.” “Not if we have anything to say about it” I said. “So be it” said Shadow. Shadow then fired a red energy wave at us but I put up a psychic shield right before it hit us. Goober then lashed out two goo tentacles at Shadow but Shadow then fired several red energy waves at Goober that completely evaporated the goo tentacles. Quickly, Goober split himself in half and the energy waves went right through him. Bob then pulled out his energy gun and fired at Shadow, but Shadow disappeared right before the energy blast struck him. Shadow then reappeared behind Bob and was about to fire an energy blast at him, but Thrash quickly transformed into his lizard form and threw Shadow to the ground. Shadow regained himself and started firing red energy waves at Thrash but Thrash blocked them off with his claws. While Thrash was blocking off Shadow I quickly pulled out the orb of light, “Time to see what this thing can do” I said to myself. I readied the orb of light and fired a beam of light at Shadow, but Shadow quickly threw Thrash aside and evaded the beam. I then used my gauntlet to reverse the direction of the beam and it struck Shadow right in his back. Shadow regained himself and started to charge an electrical charge in his hands. After a few seconds, he slammed his hands into the ground and the floor became electrified. Quickly, I put up a psychic shield around us and after a few minutes, the floor was no longer electrified. Just then, a small glowing orb came out of the machine and Nina fell to the ground unconscious. Quickly Shadow teleported himself to the glowing orb but before he could grab it, Goober lashed out goo tentacles on Shadows arms preventing him from grabbing the orb. I then teleported to the orb and was about to grab it but suddenly, Shadows arms evaporated and he grabbed the orb with new arms that immediately grew back. “This is Nina’s psychic energy, with it I am now more powerful than ever” said Shadow as the orb phased into him. Shadow then picked up Nina’s unconscious body. “Here’s the deal, give me the orb of light and I will spare her” said Shadow. I looked at everyone else and I tossed the orb to Shadow where he then released Nina. “Try and stop me if you wish but I think it’ll be a waste of time. Oh and forget about freeing my specimens because by the time I leave, they’ll already be gone” and then he disappeared. I then picked up Nina still unconscious and teleported all of us to star spirit valley.

Chapter 40


Nina awoke several hours later after arriving back in star spirit valley. Nina slowly sat up in bed seeing me sitting next to her and saw we were in one of the star spirit valley huts. “Mike?” Nina said as she started to get out of bed, “What happened?” “Shadow drained your psychic energy causing you to fall unconscious” I said. “How you feeling?” “Better” said Nina, “where’s the team?” “Outside” I said, “come on, lets go meet up with them.” Nina and I went outside and saw Bob, Goober, Thrash, Golmor, the elder star spirit, and Herb putting finishing touches on the multi dimensional time transporter. “Nina, you’re awake” said Bob. “How are you feeling?” “Better” said Nina. “Splendid” said Golmor. “The good news is that Shadow didn’t completely drain your psychic energy so you should be fully replenished by now” said Golmor. “Alright, the multi dimensional time transporter is ready or MDTT for short” said Herb, “Is everyone ready?” “This is it, are you guys ready?” said Golmor. “Wait! Shadow stole the orb of light from us, how are we supposed to defeat him without it?” I said. Golmor then placed his hand on my shoulder. “You’ll find a way, I believe in you.” “You guys go ahead, I need to talk to Golmor for a moment” said Nina, “Mike can you stay with me?” “Sure” I said. So everyone gathered by the MDTT leaving Nina, Golmor, and me all alone. “What is it Nina?” said Golmor, “You know Shadow killed my mother, don’t you?” said Nina as tears started to fill up her eyes. Golmor paused for a second and then he spoke. “Yes Nina, I do.” he said. “Why, why did she have to die?” Nina said now crying. “Because she loved you so much that she wanted you to stay alive” said Golmor. “So she sacrificed herself to save you. Nina ever since that fateful night, I have watched over you to make sure you were safe. But now you have friends and Mike to protect you and keep you safe, never forget that.” “You ready?” I said to Nina. “Yeah I’m ready” Nina said now smiling as she wiped her eyes. Nina and I headed to the MDTT and got in with Bob, Goober and Thrash already inside. “Before you guys go, I have something to say to the five of you.” said Golmor. “As the God of Light, I hereby bestow upon the five of you the title of defender of light. So to the five defenders of light, I wish you luck.” “Best of luck to you all” said the elder star spirit. “Good luck.” said Herb. “You guys ready?” I said. “I’m ready” said Nina. “Me too” said Goober. “We’re ready Mike” said Bob. “Yeah, lets go finally put Shadow in his place” said Thrash. “Alright, Com take us to Shadows fortress” I said. The MDTT sealed shut and disappeared with us inside.

Chapter 41


We arrived at Shadows fortress and exited the MDTT to see we were standing on a dark platform in an empty void. Just then several dim torches lit up to reveal a long corridor. We walked down the long corridor and when we came to the end, we were standing in a large chamber with a bright light shining atop a long narrow staircase. In the middle of the chamber was what appeared to be Melfron looking at us. “So you decided to show your faces in this place.” said Melfron. “Melfron?” I said. “I thought I killed you.” said Nina. “I’m made of living metal, your psychic attacks only made me unconscious where only powerful heat is enough to kill me” said Melfron. “So what, are you here for a rematch?” said Bob. “Oh no, after our last battle I learned something interesting about my master that I don’t want to be a part of” said Melfron. “You learned what about Shadow?” I said. “Lets just say he’s not who you think he is” said Melfron. “Anyway, I’m done serving my master so I’m heading off to ponder the universe, goodbye Mike and friends” and then Melfron disappeared. “What did he mean by Shadow’s not who we think he is?” said Goober. “I don’t know but I think we’re about to find out” I said. We then walked up the long narrow staircase and entered another chamber; this chamber was a lot smaller with pillars all around the room. Suddenly Shadow had appeared in the center of the chamber. “Well so you’re still dedicated in stopping me huh?” said Shadow. “That’s right and we’re not leaving until you’re dead” said Nina. “Very well, feel my wrath.” Shadow then summoned several orbs of darkness and fired them all at us like missiles. The orbs pushed us back a little but I managed to block them with a psychic shield. When the smoke cleared from the orbs of darkness, I summoned a lightning field and fired it at Shadow but it had no effect because he had summoned a psychic shield of his own. “The strength of my psychic shield is far stronger than your own” said Shadow. “Attack me if you wish but I shall not be harmed.” “Damn it” I said to myself. Shadow then unleashed a red laser barrage at me and I collapsed on my knees. Shadow then charged an orb of darkness and fired it at me, but I quickly pulled out my sword and swung it back at Shadow. Shadow fell to the ground and looked up giving me a dirty look. Shadow then charged at me ready to kill me. But just then Nina got in front of me and fired a light pulse at Shadow sending him back against the wall. Nina helped me up and we both gave each other a smile but as she was helping me up, Shadow fired several mini orbs of darkness at us. Right before they hit us, Goober caught them with a goo tentacle and fired them back at Shadow. Shadow didn’t take any damage because of his shield but when the darkness cleared, Shadow saw that Goober was gone. Goober then gave Shadow a tap from behind and when Shadow turned around, Goober multiplied into four of himself and punched Shadow right in the head. Goober then morphed back into one and then transported back to us. Bob then clenched his fist to where his iron glove started to glow; he then ran towards Shadow and with all of his might he punched him breaking his psychic shield. Now that his shield was down I unleashed a lightning barrage at Shadow but needless to say he was still standing. Shadow then fired a beam of pure darkness at us and did not stop. When the darkness cleared, we were still standing for me and Nina had combined our psychic energy to form a psychic shield strong enough to withstand the flames. Shadow was now pissed off at this point so he unleashed a powerful fire blast at us. But before the fire blast reached us, Thrash turned into his lizard form and breathed a fire blast of his own stopping Shadows fire blast. “Whoa you can breath fire?” said Goober. “There’s a lot of things you guys don’t know about me.” said Thrash.

Chapter 42


While Shadow was regaining himself, I took the opportunity and fired a barrage of energy blasts at him. But he blocked them with a psychic shield and he then fired a beam of purple fire right at me. I managed to block the attack then Thrash still in his lizard form charged at Shadow on all fours. Shadow fired a wave of purple energy at Thrash but he teleported right before it reached him. Thrash teleported behind Shadow and tried to attack him with his claws but Shadow disappeared and then reappeared above Thrash where he tried to strike him with an orb of darkness. Nina summoned a psychic shield above Thrash right before Shadow struck him and then Nina fired a barrage of psychic arrows at Shadow. Shadow evaded the psychic arrows but while he was doing so, goo tentacles emerged from the ground and held Shadow in place. With Shadow held in place, Thrash slowly got up from the ground and leapt at Shadow ready to attack. But suddenly Shadow broke free from the tentacles and stabbed Thrash right through the chest with a shadow tentacle. Thrash collapsed to the ground as Shadow readied an attack. Shadow fired a wave of purple energy at Thrash but it was blocked by a flying boulder giving Thrash enough time to teleport back to us where Goober attended to his care. Then another boulder came flying sending Shadow flying into the wall. Shadow looked around to see where the boulders where coming from and saw Bob whose skin was now made of stone. Bob then raised a stonewall from the floor and sent it hurtling towards Shadow. Shadow managed to stop the wall but then Bob raised a stone pillar from the floor right under Shadow that sent him crashing toward the ceiling and another stone pillar from the ceiling that sent him crashing back into the ground. Shadow slowly regained himself and fired a red energy beam at Bob. I soon noticed he didn’t fire it at Bob, he fired it at Nina. I got in front of Nina to block the beam from her but right before the beam reached me, Bob got in front of me and the beam hit him. Bob fell to the ground unconscious and Nina then attended to Bob to heal him. I glanced at Bob and then turned my attention back at Shadow now infuriated. I charged at Shadow as he fired beams of darkness at me, but I evaded all of them. As I neared Shadow, he then fired a beam of purple fire right at me. I was engulfed by the flames. He slowly got closer toward the fire but as he did, I leapt out from the flames and fired a beam of light from my gauntlet right through his chest. The second after I stuck my sword through him I pulled my sword out from his chest, pulled out the orb of light and fired a beam of light right in his face. When the light cleared, Shadow collapsed to the ground and I retrieved the orb of light from him, but the oddest thing was he didn’t disappear or fade away. “Its over” I said. “We…we did it?” said Bob. “My god, I can’t believe it we did it!” said Goober. “I don’t know why but I can’t shake the feeling that this was too easy” said Thrash. “Oh who cares” said Nina. “Lets be glad that’s its over.” “Oh but it is far from over.” said a mysterious voice. We all turned around to see a man with pale skin with black hair wearing a black cloak looking at us. “I must say, you’ve done quite some damage to Shadow.” “So? Why do you care about Shadow?” I said. “Because he is my shadow, he is my soul” said the cloaked man. “Shadow was just a distraction to keep the five of you preoccupied while I made preparations for my master plan. Even Golmor was distracted by Shadow; he was so busy fighting Shadow that he never even noticed me. I don’t even care about eradicating all light in the universe, my plans are far greater.” “Who…who are you?” said Bob. “Who am I? I am a god who has been feared by every living thing since the beginning of time, I am Apocallo.” We were all kind of scared at this point knowing now that Shadow was not the real threat but this man was. “Arise Shadow” said Apocallo. Shadow rose from the ground like he was never damaged at all and he merged into Apocallos body. His body did not change as Shadow merged into him almost is as I they were both the same person. “Now I must leave to continue preparations for my master plan.” I tried to stop him but he pushed me back with psychic energy. “Nice try but with my vast collection of psychic minds I’ve collected over the years, my psychic powers are much more superior than yours” said Apocallo.“Goodbye Mike and others, we will meet again” and then he disappeared.

Chapter 43


We teleported back to star spirit valley in the MDTT. There we were greeted by Golmor and the elder star spirit. “Ah you all have returned” said Golmor. “Did you successfully defeat Shadow?” We just looked at each other with concerned faces. “We did” I said, “but there was something else that we found.” “What else did you find?” asked the elder star spirit. Then the emperor of Canada approached us. “Mike and friends, I heard you left to defeat Shadow and I trust it was a success?” asked the emperor of Canada. “Emperor of Canada, what brings you here?” said Golmor. “Well I came here to congratulate Mike and his friends and I also found an anonymous letter on my doorstep addressed to you.” The emperor of Canada handed the letter to Golmor and he and the elder star spirit started to read it. As they read it, they both started to get shocked expressions on their faces. “Excuse us…we have to go now.” said Golmor. He dropped the letter and they both just walked away without a word. “Well that was a bit weird don’t you think?” said the emperor of Canada, “anyway I want to congratulate the five of you for defeating Shadow, you all showed bravery and courage on your journey. But your help will be needed again for there is still great evil in this world” and then he walked away. As he was walking away I picked up the letter Golmor and the elder star spirit had read, it said the following:

It was I who put you into an eternal combat with Shadow. I played you for a fool by making you think he was a threat to the universe. He is my soul therefore he is a part of me and he was just a distraction to keep you out of my way. Not only that, I also used him to steal psychic energy from every powerful mind in the universe. While you were busy trying to defeat him, I proceeded with my plans with no one in my way to stop me. But now with Mike in the picture, I will be putting my master plan into motion. Even with your so-called chosen one, I will not be stopped from achieving universal domination.







It was the night of the spring festival. Nina and I were sitting in front of my parents’ house watching fireworks. “Do you two need anything?” my mother said. “We’re fine mom, thank you” I said. “All right, well come inside if you need anything” and then she went back inside. “Welcome home son” my father said and then he went back inside. “So do you think we’ll see Apocallo again?” said Nina. “I think so, something tells me he’s the real threat to the universe.” I said. “I’m a little scared Mike.” I then faced Nina and held her hand. “Listen whatever the future has in store, not only do we have friends by our side but we also have each other” I said, “when Apocallo comes, we’ll be ready.” We smiled at each other and sat together as the fireworks shot into the air. The next day, my mother and father asked Nina, Bob, Goober and Thrash to stay with us and they agreed so now we’re one big happy family. Three months had passed and Nina and I have been dating since then. On a warm summer night we were out for a stroll where I then got on my knees and proposed to her, she said yes.


The defenders of light

In the year 2928, eighteen year old Mike Sherpert was just an average boy living an average life until one day his life changed forever. The God of Light Golmor confronts Mike and tells him he is destined to defeat an entity of pure darkness named Shadow. Shadow whose sole purpose is to plunge the universe into an eternal horrific darkness. Golmor aids Mike by giving him a gauntlet that gives the user psychic powers. Now it is up to Mike and his friends he meets along the way to put an end to Shadows reign of terror. But along the way Mike starts to question, is Shadow really the true threat to the universe?

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  • Published: 2016-07-30 20:40:11
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The defenders of light The defenders of light