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The Day I Saw You


I never forget to use all of my senses every time I stepped my foot in this city.

Humidity that left a tingling sensation on my skin

The smell of gasoline

The bright luminescent sky that made me squint

The chitter-chatter of my mother tongue accompanied by the noise of honking cars from afar.

Landing my feet here have never been an issue although I was born and raised hundreds of kilometers away from this restless urban area. I choose to travel two hours from where I landed to get home. I used to have a lot of anticipation and admiration to this city.

As much as I admire the one who never failed to convince me about the many wonder of the place she called home. I used to long for her warm greetings, comforting hugs, and tip-toed kisses. But not anymore.

I used to enjoy every minutes I spent seating on an inanimate four-wheeled drive with the sight of red lights. I used to cherish the very last moments of my solitude, because 60 minutes later, I would have arrived in my comfort and nothing else matters. But again, not anymore.


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The Day I Saw You

  • Author: Erwin Saputra
  • Published: 2016-05-17 16:05:10
  • Words: 934
The Day I Saw You The Day I Saw You