"The Current Warrant on My Life Re-Examined: Chapter Two"


Before I continue on listing the events after my stays in Seattle and in Philippines,

I need to share my life story some. I was a homebody having very little experiences outside the home until I entered college and then I dropped out my first semester to go work and find freedom from my family. It was the 1990 recession and I found the perfect ten dollar a month room at the Salvation Army to begin working and saving from. Then, my father has been making calls behind my back to the manager of that building making his own suggestions and asking how I was doing which may have seemed harmless but it happened all the time, and he had asked his best friend Paul Mcsweeny who is a executive and white collar crime detective to inquire my daily activities and search my bank records etc. it did not stop there, my father also made phone calls to my therapist and hired people to move next door to me, once having a person move into my rented house. This became a problem for different reasons including that my father was given pieces of information that he twisted further to fit his own thinking. After the incident in Seattle I had gone to Boston where I had one meeting with my parents inside their Weston home and another appointment with both my father and Paul.

In my mothers car on the way to my father to sit down with both of them, my mother fidgeted with her phone on the dashboard and we talked. I asked her if my father lied all the time or just some time specifically. Then after arriving to the house for our sit down my father was upset that I made that question, he had apparently heard my conversation from within the car ride. (Please note that my mother had survived fifty years in an extremely battered and abusive relationship. She does not love my father and has always wished not to live with him. He had actually made many attempts to destroy my trust with my mother and succeeded by force. I was about eleven when my father told my mother in front of me specifically not to ever trust me simply because at that time I had brought to my fathers attention something my mother had said to me about him which was ‘g-d will forgive me but your dad never will.’

In our meeting I brought to my parent’s attention a concern of mine, or red flag, which may add insight to the recent attempt on my life in Seattle. I told my parents that my brother mike had told me that dad was Jewish mafia, a story my brothers stood by for the previous thirty years. I only knew from my own personal experiences with my father that he did not care about ill people, he refused to eat with ‘people like that’, they disgusted him. Medicine was a business to him and family did also. In the 80’s when my father first became famous, he was upset about a newspaper article that actually questioned how he had received the big cases which in turn made him famous,.

When I asked them both, ‘is it true that dad is mafia my mother quickly intervened and said, your father would not kill his own son.

The night his father, my grandfather died, I called my grandfather and he answered the phone. He sounded fine and happy to hear from me, but then someone took the phone from him and hung up. It was not him who hung up because he had Parkinsons and had a shaky hand. Then I went to that house to see him and surprisingly he was in a wheel chair being brought to an ambulance wearing an oxygen mask. He seemed well and was relaxed, just looked at me fully alert, and so I followed them to the hospital. I held his hand and after a few hours he had died. My father had seen him soon before I called him and my parents had gone to New York.( I know my father personally very well as a ‘only child’, my older siblings had gone out of Boston after their high schooling leaving me alone with them for five years. My father always would go out of town to be away from any situation that made him very uncomfortable.) He said afterwards that my grandfather told him specifically just before he drove to New York that he would die that night. But my father did not tell me about that, nor did he stay to comfort my grandfather. I think it is important to mention this event. Though my father could further explain that there was a signed paper from my grandfather not allowing life support, I was there and disagree that it would have taken much support to clear his symptoms that night etc.

Next was my meeting with Paul and my father at his office Wild Acre Inns in Arlington. (It was a real estate trust, MAMLEY, using all the letters off our family name including my own and this was sold mostly during the attempts on my life which I heard nothing about.

He often tells a story over and over again of his childhood, how the lights would dim in the family store from the executioner at the prison nearby and how men would wait sometimes in the store to kill the executioner, men associated with murder inc. my father was a severely abused child also, his mother often beat his head against walls, and some of his anti-Semitic neighbors yelled out to him on his way home ‘why he wasn’t dead like al the other Jews’. My father was a prankster in college but often known as an extremely intense individual by the student elite. Similar to the murder Inc men who made bombs to kill the executioner he also on his side time he smuggled tiny dynamite M-80 sticks from state to state for cash while a civil rights activist.



Let me just say that I love my family. I had been born into an gotten used to this extremely abusive family of mine. There simply were not any happy times, and few times spent together without emotions flying or none at all. My happiest moments were with my mother who was great until my father had abused her so much. Entering the adult world with no worldly experience was rocky for the first ten years because I let others push me down and I used my brothers as an example which explains how I first got myself into some trouble with neighbors or let them come inside my house when I first tried dirking and smoking. Now recently I have an expunged record from that time and a clean bill of health.

I would like to write more about my own life after leaving Boston, but to continue my statement now about meeting with Paul and my dad.

Inside my fathers office Paul and I sat before my dad. Last time I was inside my father’s office he was telling more of his mafia stories using he alternative voice, like a 1950’s wise guy which he sometimes does. Personality I fear and respect my father, I have no other way out of my current situation except to find and stop the killers who stalk me and so people must know the basic facts and not assume that a Harvard premiere doctor cannot be a suspect. I am so very sorry to have to go through with this statement.

This meeting was in 2009 or 2010 and made out of my concern about the Seattle bottle incident, and by the way neither Paul nor my father seemed interested in the attempt on my life. In 1992 just before I left Boston Paul had met with me in the parking lot of my therapist where I sought relationship counseling. I had become fully conscious and able to deal with sexual assaults traumas when I was 19. Before that age, I always had the memories but never told anyone. That particular counselor told me that my assaults began when I was two years of age and would dissipate at 40. I pointed to photos on our kitchen wall all of them showing me dressed up head to toe buttoned all the way and wearing hats even in the summertime, the fear of going to the beach half naked, and my inability to site near someone without feeling they might touch me, and every time someone said I was handsome I would get angry, and every single night until the age of eighteen I had nightmares. I also rehearsed my escape routes each week from my room and each night just stared at the wall in fear waiting for someone to enter my room. Holidays which came rarely at private school I remember being sent to my room twice while my mother opened up my gifts and they all played with my gifts enjoying their time while I had to stay in my room ( I was punished for flailing my arms once because my oldest brother had hit my back from behind. I was so stressed that a glass once broke in my hand, the other brother came behind me that other time) My mother also began to space out from the abuse hitting a car half mile ahead of her while driving a friend of mine home. Nevertheless my father wanted to try to explain spacing out not from our fear but from some medical reason, anything to keep the blame off him.

Paul confided with me in that parking lot that he had been ‘on me’ stationed outside my room and hacking my bank accounts’ balance sheets. Inside the office I asked my father if he ever hired anyone to follow me and he lied and said ‘never had’

Paul turned to me and told me that he owed my father his life. Furthermore Paul asked me to look at his elbow and tell him what it made me think of. I said that it reminded me if he broke someone’s neck with it, but later after the meeting it reminded me that when I first uncovered that I was molested many times by a particular adult in my family, I keep the identity a secret out of general respect. I try not disclose who abused me as much as possible but I wont deny it happened (While in Philippines on a beach holiday and to meet girls to date for marriage through a website, my father spoke to me on the phone to deal with me issues as if he was surveillance me perhaps complaining that I was drinking and so I confronted him about any real past issues that I had recently uncovered in a file from a doctor that my first school ordered on suspicion that his children were abused. He went on to say that everything was a Nathan Gross’s fault that somehow leads to how I live my life, and this reiterated my belief that my father was insane. Nathan was a pedophile at Camp Yavneh where he asked me to give him a blowjob while reading his playboy collection and he came to visit me house in Brookline as a child, he was my brother Martin’s age and my father helped him, he was a snitch, but I was lonely so said he could visit and ofcourse I refused to give him blowjobs, I was ten and am not gay to this day.)

I always knew I was molested and devastated by that, it was not until a therapist my father paid who touch my elbow and then asked me what that reminded me off, and the answer I gave was the times I had my genitals fondled. One time my genitals were fondled the molestation was interrupted which took me out of a trance, because when the molesting happened I would turn my head up to the ceiling and then leave that experience, and one time my oldest brother mike came into the room catching it and yelled loudly fag and pervert to that individual. That individual is very important to my father and so it is possible my father had become very spiteful at me as a victim, in fact my father later told me that I should be ashamed to even mention being sexually abused at such a late time, but really I was told that it is important to heal and also the family had intentionally covered up the events and only until such a later time had I myself found reports and came to realize all that happened.

In that parking lot Paul told me he could kill him for the abuse I went through, but never said never said if he meant my father or that individual.

Much further on in my statement, in the Philippines 2014 is when men showed up that I thought Paul knew and one made it a strong point for me to look at his elbow like a sign from Paul. And sop I will come t that and continue my statement about my time in the Philippines


I want to take a moment now in this statement to reiterate that I love my family and it brings great pain to disclose to the world this personal private family matter, but again it is meant to bring out the truth and to stop a murder for hire. Also, there is a great pity that such a tragedy exists here. But life is but ‘once’ and I am sure that this exposure of the family and the murder for hire, even if it happens to bring great shame to my family, it never the less must be explained and I am certain that it is better for everyone to face the truth, and not deny it the victim to heal by it. As a child in my bathtub, I specifically gave myself a promise that I meant never to forget and that was each time that particular person came to give me a bath while I waited in the water, I said to myself internally while in the water, that that individual had done something to me that I believed full heartedly was wrong (about 7) and I would give them a chance to stop, but after three more bath times it continued so I decided to stop taking baths. Then after months of avoiding baths my brothers ridiculed me of my smell. I had asked my family at several dinners to give me up for adoption, and I had tried to run away and called runaway services least three different times, but things were very difficult in an insolated house. I want to explain later of my childhood and current situation to let poor and underprivileged people know that not to judge a book by its cover and that rich privileged family can be far worse than in the ghetto for where does happiness come from?




"The Current Warrant on My Life Re-Examined: Chapter Two"

This is a statement seeking public assistance, a terrible mistake has been made within my government and also my own family who has become intertwined into this situation which has had more than I as its victim. This warrant on my life has been confirmed by an officer inside the U.S. State Department, in fact he was the first person who told me after I called for help during several attempts on my life, during which times there were agents or police, and others claiming to be agents .Additional statements are shown on the search Yudowitzbaby on Youtube.

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