The Coming Gold Silver Explosion


The Coming GOLD SILVER Explosion

$9000 gold $300 silver

DOW 30000 or Beyond but… “If you were to take all the global sovereign debt and global money supply of just the

industrialized countries it’s almost 100 trillion dollars… If you wanted to cover that

with gold, if you wanted to go back to some sort of gold standard, the gold price

would have to be around $20,000 an ounce…”– Greg Weldon

“I am not selling my gold and silver…gold and silver will both go much, much higher

over the course of the bull market.”- Jim Rogers


“Yes. I still believe that, because China is such a huge part of the gold market today

and they are such gamblers, at the end of the day we are going to end up in a mania

in China on gold”.- Pierre Lassonde

Image:  Debt  Bubble  Explosion  

                 Image:  Gold  parabolic  rises                                                                                Image:  Print  to  inflate  –  Helicopter  Ben  

Dear  Fellow  Investor  or  reader,        

First  of  all,  thank  you  so  much  for  downloading  and  reading  this  very  important  45   pages  SHOCKING  REPORT  –“Gold  silver  Explosion”  published  by  www.johnyii.com  .   I  promise  you,  it  will  be  time  well  spent  because  this  report  could  guide  you  and   change  your  financial  destiny-­‐profit  and  prosper  if  you  are  taking  the  right  steps  to   act  now.  

Before   you   begin   the   path   of   reading,   let’s   me   introduce   John   Yii   of   www.johnyii.com  .  

My  name  is  John  Yii.  I  am  a  retired  Engineer.  In  1993,  I  found  true  passion  in  the   financial  services  industry,  specifically  in  investing  and  trading  equities,  commodities   (gold  and  silver)  and  FX.    I  have  accumulated  about  22  years  of  experience  in  financial   market  and  in  2004;  I  qualified  with  a  Diploma  of  Financial  Services.  I  have  learned   several  top  courses  (  William  D  Gann's  Master  Time  Factor,  Elliot  Waves,  Charles   Lindsay’s  ABCD  methodology,  Fibo  Phi  and  Derivation  etc  )  from  a  few  top  traders  in   the  world  in  my  earlier  years  of  trading  and  that  led  me  to  discover  my  own   methodology  called  H3M+++  (  Hidden  Money  Momentum  trading  system).  

 I  made  and  lost  money  during  my  trading  and  investing  career,  and  those  successes   and  losses  have  taught  me  about  the  critical  importance  of  combining  fundamental,   technical  and  cycle  timing  analysis  to  achieve  final  success  in  trading  and  investing.    

I  currently  trade  gold  and  silver  for  short  term  (expects  gold  to  drop  a  lot  more   before  the  new  Bull  coming  in  2016)  but  invest  for  the  longer  term  time  frame  when   gold  and  silver  hit  bottom.  I  also  trade  ASX  stocks,  indices  (DOW,  SPX  and  NDX)  ,   Euro-­‐USD,  USD  basket  and  ETF.    I  also  provide  investment  education  and  coaching  to   certain  groups  of  people.  

Over  the  years,  I’ve  successfully  used  Fundamental,  Technical  and  Cyclical  Timing   and  Sentiment  Analysis  to  predict  major  market  trends  especially  gold  and  silver.  I   correctly  predicted  the  beginning  of  the  gold-­‐silver  market  bull  in  2001  and   subsequently  correctly  predict  the  peak  of  gold  and  silver  in  2011  and  thereafter   correction  and  consolidation.  I  expect  gold  to  hit  much  lower  from  the  current  level   of  1300.  It  can  drop  easily  below  $1000.00  by  late  2015  


The   day   has   arrived…It   would   be   great   if   you   write   today’s   date   down   …   because   the  decision  you  make  to  read  this  shocking  prediction  ‘Gold  and  SILVER  Explosion’   report  probably   could  change  your  financial  destiny.  Be  aware  that  It  could  be  the   most  important  single  report  I’ve  written  since  1993  and  2002  —  the  year  I  started   out  in  trading  and  investing  in  stocks  and  gold-­‐silver  respectively  on  a  full  time  basis.

Today,   I’ll   tell   you   why   you   should   buy   gold   and   silver   before   the   next   strong   rally   and   how   to   secure   a   Legacy   of   Wealth   as   “The   Coming   Modern   Era   of   Great   Depression”   (great   debt   crisis)   unfolds.   Meanwhile,   the   stock   market   will   also   continue   to   do   well   till   2015   but   not   without   big   volatility   and   even   a   quick   big   “plunge”   or   “crash”   sometimes   between   Sept-­‐Oct   of   this   panic   cycle   year   of   2015.   But,   after   the   panic   low,   we   should   see   at   least   30,000   DOW   by   2017   before   the   historic   crash.   To   time   the   unfolding   of   these   events,   one   needs   to   monitor   global   conditions   very   closely   by   constant   reviewing   technical   and   cyclical   timing   chart   in   line  with  Fundamental  shifts.  


Gold  $815  or  890  for  absolute  low?  Dow  32000  by  2017  but  panic  decline  first  on   Sept-­‐Oct  2015?  USD  hit  125?  Very  possible  according  to  my  weekly/daily  updates  

with  Cycle  Timing.  A  new  bull  Cycle  will  only  come  in  2016…Meanwhile,  focus  on   short   selling   juts   like   my   paid   members   …Follow   my   newsletter,   you   can   stay   on   the  right  course…know  when  to  buy  and  when  to  sell…Don’t  behave  like  Gold-­‐bugs   without  TIMING  Cycle.    

My  daily/  weekly  updates  and  monthly  newsletter  give  you  the  specific  time  to  buy   and   sell.   Yes,   Gold   must   go   lower,   easily   1000   by   October   2016,   before   new   bull   Cycle  come  in  2016.    

PLRASE   NOTE   THAT   fundamental   shifts   may   happen   quickly,   therefore,   I  

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with  daily  and  weekly  updates.  

The  time  for  party  for  everyone  on  Wall  ST  (DOW  up  and  up….)  

Dow,   S&P500   are   at   all   time   highs.   Enjoy   the   ride   but   remember   to   exit/reduce   before  a  panic  decline  in  2015-­‐2016.  After  the  panic  decline  of  about  15-­‐20%,  Dow   will  run  the  last  race  with  full  unstoppable  speed  to  32000  before  the  historic  crash   in  2017.    It  is  very  possible  for  the  Fed-­‐fueled  rally  to  continue  running  up  for  2  more   years  till  2017  before  the  historic  crash  of  about  60%.  

The  time  for  shaking  out  weak  hands  in  gold  and  silver…  

More   correction   and   consolidation   before   the   next   phase   of   big   rally.   Meanwhile,   wait   patiently   for   the   right   time   to   accumulate   gold   and   silver   at   better   or   lower   price  before  it  heads  to  $5000  or  over  by  2023.  When  exactly  (2016,  which  month)   and  Where  is  the  ultimate  low?  780-­‐  815  or  890  or  960.  Read    or  follow  my  regular   updates  via  membership.  

The  time  for  bullish  USD  

2013   will   be   bullish   for   USD   and   may   continue   into   2017   reaching   125.   But   when   everything  is  set,  the  US  dollar  and  all  currencies  will  lose  most  of  their  value.  When   is   it   going   to   happen?  Read   my   ebooks   or   follow   my   regular   updates   via   membership.  


CRISIS  2016-­‐2020  

You   must   realise   that   largest   economic   decline   that   has   begun   in   the   2008   Global   Financial  Crisis  (GFC)  has  not  receded  and  in  fact,  it  will  get  worse.  Most  people  do   not  realise  that  that  we  are  in  the  beginning  of  the  final  phase  of  a  historic  collapse   where  economic  dislocations  will  cause  unprecedented  modern  era  of  depression  in   2016-­‐2020.  And  that  will  bring  even  greater  hardship  than  in  the  1930s.  

History  dictates  that  the  economy  of  any  nation  on  mounting  debt  to  GDP  ratio  of   anything   more   than   100%   will   eventually   crumble.   The   global   economy   is   heading   into   a   time   of   great   confusion,   uncertainty   and   turmoil   because   the   governments   of   major  nations  like  U.S.,  Europe  and  Japan  (Greece  is  just  a  small  fish.  Spain,  Portugal   and   Italy   all   lined   up   for   toasting))   simply   has   simply   ignored   the   fact   that   the   current  economic  foundation  that  has  been  built  on  a  debt-­‐based  monetary  system   is   totally   flawed   and   rotten.   All   the   debts   of   these   nations   have   escalated   to   unprecedented   disastrous   levels-­‐   a   level   that   is   beyond   repair   and   will   eventually   sink  the  whole  world  into  depression  in  2016-­‐2020.  

So,  I  am  writing  this  Free  SPECIAL  REPORT  titled  “The  Coming  Gold  Silver  Explosion  -­‐ $10000  gold,  $300  silver,  DOW  3000  or  Beyond  but…”  to  enlighten  you  so  that  you   know   what   is   happening   in   the   current   fragile   economic   events   and   take   steps   to   protect   and   survive   in   the   coming   crisis.   But   it   will   also   be   a   time   of   opportunity,   profit  and  prosper  if  you  are  well  informed  and  prepared  for  the  looming  great  debt   crisis.  

I  encourage  you  to  read  this  economic  report  of  revelation  with  serious  attitude   because  what  we  are  witnessing  today  is  something  that  almost  no  one  has  

witnessed  before.  We  are  now  living  and  moving  toward  perilous  time  ahead.  This   EBook  could  guide  you  and  provide  you  some  excellent  basic  ideas  about:

1.  Why  Wall  St  will  continue  to  go  up?  When  do  you  need  to  exit  before  the   historic  market  crash?  Meanwhile  enjoy  the  ride  but  be  cautious  -­‐  Stock  market   will  continue  to  do  well  till  2015-­‐2016  but  not  without  big  volatility  and  even  a   quick  big  “plunge”  or  “mini  crash”  sometimes  between  September-­‐October  of  this   panic  cycle  year2015.

2.  Why  and  when  you  should  buy  gold  and  silver?  Gold  and  Silver  must  come   first-­‐  a  lot  more  but  I  will  also  tell  you  how  high  can  gold  spike  up.  All  these  are   based  on  my  fundamental,  technical  and  Cycle  timing  analysis.

3.  Current  economic  dislocations  and  all  the  economic  lies.  It  is  just  a  matter  of   time,  Real  Estate,  Wall  St  (DOW),  Bond;  USD  will  bust  but  gold  and  silver  start  to   glitter  and  shine  even  brighter  but  not  till  2016,  which  may  start  to  rise  again  but   big  parabolic  rises  will  only  happen  after  2016

4.  Timing  cycle  for  stock  market,  gold  and  silver,  DOW,  USD  ET  -­‐  all  markets  are   inter-­‐connected.  Based  on  my  studies  of  various  cycles  (one  prominent  one  is  

W.D.  Gann’s  Master  Time  Cycle),  the  world  will  head  into  modern  era  of  Great   depression  in  2016-­‐2017.  

5.  How  you  should  prepare  to  survive  and  even  profit  and  prosper  in  the  coming   dreadful  time.  You  owe  yourself  at  least  to  do  something  about  it.

BELIEVE  ME  -­‐  TIMING  IS  EVERTHING!  For  success  in  long  term  investing  

Always  remember  there  is  “A  time  for  everything”-­‐  A  time  to  buy  and  a  time  to   sell.  Right,  you  do  not  want  to  buy  high  and  forced  to  sell  low  if  you  are  investing  for   long  term.  I  personally  trade  for  short  term  cycle  in  both  direction  and  investing  for   long  term  (but  you  need  to  exit  as  well  when  time  is  up).  Follow  me  for  timing  cycle   as  timing  is  crucial  for  final  success.  “Time  is  the  most  important  factor  of  all  and   not  until  sufficient  time  has  expired  does  any  big  move  start  up  or  down.”-­‐  


MY  NEW  PREDICTION  FOR  2015-­‐2017

 Now,  I  foresee:  

1.  The  next  phase  of  the  bull  market  in  gold  and  silver  are  slowly  unfolding  but   they  will  need  more  correction  and  consolidation  this  year  2015  before  it  

moves  in  the  final  phase  of  historic  rally  starting  in  2016  and  thereafter,  you   could  see  parabolic  rises  beginning  in  2017.  It  will  hit  ultimate  low  in  2016  and   even  go  lower  in  the  next  few  months  between  October-­‐Dec  2015  

2.  Stock  market  is  in  the  final  phase  of  bull  rally  before  the  historic  collapse  in   2017.  Dow  may  reach  32000  by  2017.  2015  (Sept-­‐Oct)  may  see  panic  decline  

of  about  15-­‐20%  

3.  USD  is  bullish  till  2017  (hitting  125)  before  heading  down  again  .  

4.  Real  Estate  will  bust  for  the  second  time  in  U.S  and  for  the  first  time  in  Asia   including  Australia  (though  relatively  less  affected)  in  2016-­‐2017  

  WILL  GOLD  GO  TO  $9,000  OR  HIGHER  BY  2016-­‐2020?  FIRST,  LOOK  AT  THE  CHARTS   BELOW.    

  The   above   chart:   QB’s   shadow   gold   price   uses   the   Bretton   Woods   monetary   calculation   for   valuing  the  fixed  exchange  rate  linking  gold  to  the  US  dollar  –  Base  Money  divided  by  US  official   gold   holdings.   The   graph   above   incorporates   the   most   recent   Fed   announcement   of   debt   monetisation   levels   ($85   billion   per   month   through   to   June   2015).   The   calculation   project   a   theoretical  price  of  $20,156  USD.  

The  above  theoretical  calculation  is  one  of  the  honest  ways  to  project  the  value  of   gold.  

Based   on   my   own   complex   and   practical   analysis,  I   would   like   to   alert   you   that  Gold   is  headed  to  $9,000  or  higher  and  a  severe  shortage  of  Silver  is  going  to  spike  its   price   to   $300   per   ounce.   Silver   will   outperform   gold   in   terms   of   capital   return   because   the   silver   price   is   severely   manipulated   and   undervalued.   All   this   will   happen  but  not  before  they  finish  correction  and  consolidation  this  year.    

And  Dow  Jones  industrial  average  (DOW)  will   also  break  to  new  highs  exceeding  

30,000   but   let   me   warn   you   about   the   big   crash   ahead.   Don’t   get   caught   in   the   mother  of  all  crashes  in  the  DOW!  in  2017  

Why   am   I   so   bullish   about   the   rise   of   gold   and   silver   prices?   There   are   many   reasons   behind   but   one   of   the   key   is   “the   coming   sovereign-­‐debt   crisis”   that   will   cause  the  global  world  to  plunge  into  modern  era  of  great  depression.    

I  strongly  suggest  you  read  my  two  eBooks  listed  below  for  more  details.  The  details   will  cover  why,  how  and  when  exactly,  it  will  happen,  which  is  based  on  my  years   of  experience  and  works  of  my  Fundamental,  Technical  and  Cycle  Timing  analysis  

ECONOMICS  –  ITS  ALL  LIES!  That  will  plunge  us  into  next  wave  of  financial  crisis  

However,  because  of  all  the  misinformation  and  nonsense  the  MSM  (mainstream   media)   has   reported,   I   have   decided   to   speak   out.   MSM   reported   that   the   global   economy   crisis   is   over   and   is   now   returning   to   its   glorious   days   of   continuous   positive  growth.    

But,   look   across   the   globe:   The   Euro   debt   crisis…,   high   unemployment…,   slow   or   negative  GDP  growth…,  negative  real  interest  rate,  the  China  slowdown…  the  Fed’s   massive   dollar   printing   to   inflate   its   escalating   trillion   debt,   currencies   war   (devaluation).  U.S.,  Japan,  Europe  and  even  China  are  (doing  the  same)  printing  free   money  out  of  thin  air  to  keep  exports  cheaper  and  competitive.    

There   is   no   economic   recovery,   and   there   are   no   signs   that   a   recovery   is   coming.   There  are  massive  problems  everywhere.  It  is  not  going  away  and  the  worst  is  yet  to   happen.  Most  of  the  true  economic  indicators  suggest  that  we  are  on  a  path  to  the   modern  era  of  economic  depression  that  will  send  a  shock  wave  to  all  nations  and   people  who  are  unprepared.  

Let  me  tell  you  the  truth:  You  have  to  realise  that  the  past  and  the  recent  market   economic   turmoil   is   due   to   an   unprecedented   financial   bubble   that's   been   many,   many   years   in   the   making   -­‐   billions   of   dollars   worth   of   bailouts,   deficit   spending,   excessive   borrowing   (living   on   debt),   printing   free   money,   currency   war,   and   manipulated  low  interest  rates.    

The  trader  and  investor  Alesio  Rastani’s  video  warning:  ‘This  economic  crisis  is  like  a   cancer’  went  viral  on  YouTube  indeed  spoke  up  the  truth.  “And  if  you  just  wait  and   wait…  thinking  this  will  go  away…  just  like  a  cancer  it’s  going  to  grow  and  it’s  going   to  too  late.”  “What  I’d  say  to  everyone,”  continues  Mr.  Rastani,  “is  to  get  prepared.”           I   expect   the   next   wave   of   financial   crisis   (stems   from   debt   crisis)   to   begin   in   the   third  quarter  of  2015  and  it  will  be  a  debacle  triggered  by  Japan,  the  world’s  third   largest  economy,  or  Euro  Zone  nations  like  Greece,  Spain,  Italy  and  France.    

On   the   European   front,   France   will   be   the   last   big   card   to   fall   after   the   smaller   counterparts  -­‐  Spain  and  Italy.    

However,  the  world’s  largest  economy,  the  U.S.,  will  also  ultimately  start  to  decline   in   the   3rd   quarter   of   2015   and   collapse   in   2017,   which   will   then   throw   the   global   economy  into  a  tailspin.  Thus,  one  of  the  key  reasons  for  buying  or  investing  in  gold   and   silver   now   is   simply   a   formidable   hedge   against   irresponsible   and   greedy   governments  that  will  sink  their  own  nation  in  a  sea  of  sovereign-­‐debt.    

In this shocking report you will also see how the debt crisis will crush the dollar (2017) and most of the major world currencies and propel Gold and Silver to $9,000 and $300 respectively.

Be  warned  that  the  global  debt  crisis  will  destroy  our  purchasing  power  (no  matter   where  we  live)  and  threaten  our  very  way  of  life.  But  more  importantly  you’ll  learn   how   you   can   protect   yourself   and   also   profit   (in   2015-­‐2020)   in   the   greatest   bull   market  of  Gold  and  Silver  in  history.  And  in  the  stock  markets  as  well  if  you  able  to   Time   the   stock   market   top   and   exit   before   it   busts.   After   all,   everyone   makes   money  in  bull  markets  –  but  how  many  people  keep  it?  

It  is  important  to  take  note  that  for  more  than  5,000  years  and  in  every  civilisation,   mankind   has   always   treated   gold   and   silver   as   money   and   also   as   a   safe   haven   in   times   of   crisis.   Only   Gold   and   silver   always   hold   their   true   value   despite   suppression   and  manipulation  by  big  banks  and  governments.    

The   one   and   only   truth   is   that,   since   the   Romans   introduced   ‘fiat   currency”   in   the   first  century  A.D.,  every  single  one  of  them  has  ended  in  devaluation  or  debasement   and  of  course  eventual  collapse  due  to  war  and  sovereign-­‐debt  crisis.    

It   happened   in   first   few   centuries   in   Rome,   11th-­‐century   China,   in   18th-­‐century   France   and   U.S.A,   in   20th-­‐century   Germany   and   even   in   more   recent   times,   we’ve   seen   a   wave   of   currency   failures   in   countries   like:   Argentina   (1932)   …Greece   (1944)…Hungary   (1946)…Chile   (1975)…Argentina   again   (1985)…   Mexico   (1994)   …  

Thailand   (1997)   ...   Russia   (1992   &1998)…Brazil   (1993)   …..Japan   sponsored   by   its   Government  and  Reserve  Bank  (2012-­‐13).  And  with  near  certainty,  now  America  is   on   the   same   road   to   currency   destruction.   But   the   coming   crisis   of   U.S.   Dollar   is   going  to  hit  the  hardest.  

  As   I   waded   through   the   massive   floods   of   economic   data   and   world   events   recently,   my  shocking  prediction  of  coming  ‘modern  great  depression’  are  slowly  unfolding.    

Here’s  some  of  the  rundown  that  might  shock  you  though  you  won’t  hear  even  a   whisper  (from  MSM)  about  how  bad  they  can  affect  your  financial  life  now  and  in   the   future.   Also,   Reading   through   all   the   following   facts   and   figures   should   help   you   to  realise  that  investing  in  gold  and  silver  is  a  wise  move.  

1.  Despite  4  years  of  more  than  10  trillion  dollars  of  stimulus  push  –money  printing,   deficit   spending,   U.S.   is   still   recording   a   negative   growth   rate   of   0.1%   in   the   4th   quarter  of  2012  and  a  mere  positive  growth  of  0.1%  in  the  1st  quarter  of  2013  after   some   manipulated   adjustments.   This   is   not   making   sense,   isn’t   it?   Quantitative   Easing   (money   printing)   is   not   the   solution   but   the   path   to   currency   destruction   and   loss  of  purchasing  power.    

Growth   definitely   is   not   picking   up   as   President   Obama’s   policy   of   raising   taxes   is   irrational  and  counter-­‐effective.    

Take  note  of  what  The  Christian  Science  Monitor  (CSM)  wrote,  “In  a  survey  released   Thursday  28th  February,  the  National  Retail  Federation  (NRF)  said  some  46  percent   of  consumers  plan  to  spend  less  as  a  result  of  the  payroll  tax  increase.  One-­‐third  said   they  will  reduce  dining  out  and  one-­‐quarter  will  spend  less  on  “little  luxuries,”  like   manicures  and  trips  to  coffee  shops.  According  to  an  estimate  by  Citigroup,  just  the   expiration  of  the  payroll  tax  cut  will  move  $110  billion  out  of  consumers’  pockets.  

  Source:  Washington  post  

 Look   at   the   following   2   charts,   MSM   is   not   telling   you   how   unforgiving   are   the   decline   in   the   purchasing   Power   of   U.S.   Dollar.   It   is   just   a   matter   of   time,   USD   dominant  position  as  world  reserve  currency  will  be  replaced  by  China’s  “Yuan”      



                 The  time  is  running  out  for  U.S.D.  Next  in  line  is  “YUAN”  probably  in  15  years  time    

The Euro zone is facing the same fate of economic decline. Look at the euro zone

economic report that was released on 14th Feb.2013 via Bloomberg:

The   euro-­‐area   recession   deepened   more   than   economists   forecast   with   the   worst  

performance  in  almost  four  years  as  the  region’s  three  biggest  economies  suffered  

slumping   output.   Gross   domestic   product   fell   0.6   percent   in   the   fourth   quarter   from  

the   previous   three   months,   the   European   Union’s   statistics   office   in   Luxembourg  

said   today.   That’s   the   most   since   the   first   quarter   of   2009   in   the   aftermath   of   the   collapse   of   Lehman   Brothers   Holdings   Inc.   and   exceeded   the   0.4   percent   median  

forecast  of  economists  in  a  Bloomberg  survey.    

The   data   capped   a   morning   of   releases   showing   that   the   economies   of   Germany,  

France   and   Italy   all   shrank   more   than   forecast   in   the   fourth   quarter.   European  

Central  Bank  President  Mario  Draghi  said  last  week  that  confidence  in  the  17-­‐nation  

bloc   has   stabilized   and   the   ECB   sees   a   gradual   recovery   beginning   later   this   year,  

though  the  situation  is  “fragile.”  


2. The Effect Of Continuous Unlimited money-printing from the Federal Reserve,

European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan.

American-­‐Dollar  Toilet  Paper                  Money  printing  machine    

Latest  reports  tell  us  that  The  Federal  Reserve  is  committing  to  the  purchase  of  $85   Billion  of  bonds  and  mortgaged  backed  securities  every  month.    

In  Jan  2013,  the  new  Prime  Minister,  Shinzo  Abe,  elected  only  1  month  ago,  officially   pledged  to  print  unlimited  amounts  of  Yen  to  stimulate  the  long  crippled  economy   until  inflation  reached  2%.  In  fact,  all  countries  are  racing  each  other  to  bring  their   currencies  to  the  bottom  to  boost  the  export  competitiveness.  All  major  currencies   are   on   the   path   to   destruction   and   the   loss   of   purchasing   power.   Just   Look   at   the   escalating  cost  of  all  the  goods  that  you  buy  in  the  following  chart.      


Source:  Casey  Research   The  chart  below  shows  The  Fed’s  expansion  of  money  causes  the  gold  price  to  soar  

  Source:  Merrill  Lynch  


3. Bankrupt Greece being bailed out, living on life support. Spain, Italy, France

soon going down the tubes.

Read  how  France's  employment  minister,  Michel  Sapin's  on  29th  Jan,  2013   questioned  the  economic  policies  of  President  Francois  Hollande,  admitting  that  the   European  country  is  “totally  bankrupt.”Meanwhile,  a  recent  poll  in  the  French  daily   Le  Figaro  showed  that  80%  of  the  population  agree  with  Sapin’s  viewpoint.  “There  is   a  state  but  it  is  a  totally  bankrupt  state,”  said  Sapin,  adding,  “That  is  why  we  had  to   put  a  deficit  reduction  plan  in  place,  and  nothing  should  make  us  turn  away  from   that  objective.”      

According  to  figures  published  by  France’s  National  Statistics  Institute  (INSEE)  in  

September  2012,  France’s  national  debt  has  reach  90  %  of  its  gross  domestic  

product  (GDP).  

  Any  Debt-­‐GDP  Ratio  exceeds  60%  is  considered  ‘dangerous’  and  may  come  to  a   point  of  no  return.  

Mac  Slavo  (SHTFplan.com)  reported  in  Jan  2013  the  following  story:  

Greeks  Fight  for  Food:  “I  Never  Imagined  That  I  Would  End  Up  Here”        

Not  long  ago  Greeks  were  enjoying  high  paid  salaries,  early  retirements,  excess  cash,   and  seemingly  never  ending  economic  growth.  Today,  just  a  short  time  after  a   financial  collapse  that  rocked  global  financial  markets,  Europe’s  darling  has  turned   into  a  frightening  example  of  what  happens  when  governments  and  their  people   take  on  more  debt  than  they  can  ever  hope  to  repay.  The  end  result  is  a  warning  to   the  rest  of  us.  “I  never  imagined  that  I  would  end  up  here,”  said  Panagiota   Petropoulos,  65,  who  struggles  to  get  by  on  her  530-­‐euro  monthly  pension  while   paying  300  euro  in  rent.  “I  can’t  afford  anything,  not  even  at  the  fruit  market.   Everything  is  expensive,  prices  of  everything  are  going  up  while  our  income  is   going  down  and  there  are  no  jobs.”  A  similar  grinding  down  should  be  apparent  in   other  Western  nations,  namely  the  United  States,  where  we’ve  seen  employment  

decline  unabated  over  the  last  decade  and  tens  of  millions  of  people  added  to   government  funded  social  safety  nets  like  food  assistance  and  disability.  

U.S.  billionaire  investor  George  Soros  compared  the  euro-­‐zone  crisis  with  factors   that  led  to  the  Soviet  Union’s  collapse  in  the  early  1990s.  

“Europe  is  similar  to  the  Soviet  Union  in  the  way  that  the  euro  crisis  has  the   potential  of  destroying,  undermining  the  European  Union,”  he  said  in  a  debate  on   public  policy  education.  “With  the  profound  social,  economic  and  moral  crisis  that   Europe  is  in,  we  can  see  a  similar  process  of  disintegration.”  

Spain   and   Italy   are   not   better   off   and   are   currently   also   inflicted   with   mounting   debts   already   beyond   their   capability   to   repay.   They   could   be   the   next   to   create   another   financial   crisis   (10   times   bigger   than   Greek’s   debacle)   that   would   ripple   through  the  euro  zone  one  more  time.    

France’s   banks   balance   sheet   is   most   definitely   not   clean   either   as   it   has   more   exposure   to   Greek   sovereign   debt   than   all   of   Europe   combined.   Thus,   in   2011,   Moody’s  decided  to  downgrade  France’s  sovereign  debt  because  it  believes  the  risk  

of  the  country  defaulting  on  its  debts  has  increased.    


John   Mauldin   of   Maudlin   Economics   said:   “It’s   going   to   be   very,   very   interesting   times.   One   of   my   other   predictions   is   the   problems   that   France   begins   to   face   (shortly).  France,  over  the  next  two  or  three  years,  is  going  to  face  its  own  internal   Armageddon.   They   are   indebted,   they   are   running   huge   deficits,   and   their   rich   people   are   fleeing   the   country.”   He   went   on   to   add,   “Their   country   is   already   spending  55%  of  their  GDP  as  government  spending.  That’s  not  a  working  business   model.  When  the  markets  begin  to  get  it  that  France  isn’t  going  to  fix  themselves,  

that’s  going  to  be  another  market-­‐changer.”  

4. No Government Has Ever Survived a Debt Crisis when its DEBT to GDP ratio exceeds 100%

The  U.S.  debt  situation  is  a  lot  worse  than  any  politician  in  Washington  is  willing  to   admit.  Debt  ceiling  of  $16.2  trillion  has  been  reached  and  now  Washington  is   seeking  a  new  approval  from  the  Congress  to  raise  the  debt  ceiling  in  18th  May  to   $18  trillion.  Dateline  for  raising  debt  ceiling  in  fact  has  past  in  January  but  now  the   issue  is  simply  being  kicked  down  the  road  again.    

Remember,  when  you  add  up  government,  corporate,  personal,  unfunded  liabilities  

and  obligations,  the  debts  are  amounting  to  $150  trillion.  Based  on  that,  the  actual   debt-­‐to-­‐GDP  ratio  rises  to  something  on  the  order  of  400%.  That  also  comes  to   approximately  $328,404  for  each  and  every  household  in  the  United  States.  

Astronomical  debt  kills  the  nation.  Can  you  imagine  how  much  is  one  trillion?     “If  you  spent  a  million  dollars  a  day  going  back  to  the  birth  of  Christ,  that  wouldn’t   even  come  close  to  just  one  trillion  dollars  —  $145  trillion  is  a  staggering  figure.”   Rep.  Darrell  Issa,  R-­‐Calif.  Chairman  of  the  House  Committee  on  Oversight  and   Government  Reform  

In  the  video  (that  went  viral)  posted  on  YouTube,  Tony  Robbins  uses  a  fun   illustration  to  help  put  in  perspective  how  large  a  “trillion  dollars”  really  is.  If  you   had  a  million  seconds  to  do  something,  would  you  consider  that  to  be  a  long  time?   Well,  it  turns  out  that  a  million  seconds  is  only  about  12  days.  What  about  a  billion   seconds?  Is  that  a  long  period  of  time?  Well,  yes,  a  billion  seconds  is  close  to  32   years.  So  that  is  definitely  a  lot  longer  than  a  million  seconds.  What  about  a  trillion   seconds?  How  long  do  you  think  that  is?  Well,  a  trillion  seconds  is  about  31,688   years.  





U.S.  Debt-­‐  Generational  theft  of  an  enormous  magnitude  

                Now,  listen  to  criticism  made  by  the  founder  of  The  Home  Depot  (largest  American   retailer  of  home  improvement  and  construction  products  and  services).  The  nation’s   debt  as  a  percentage  of  the  economy  is  going  to  cause  a  fiscal  storm,  Home  Depot   Founder  Kenneth  Langone  told  CNBC  on  Tuesday  19/02/2013.    

President  Barack  Obama’s  roadmap  to  reduce  the  deficit  and  invest  in  the  future  is   “generational   theft   of   an   enormous   magnitude,”   Langone   said   in   a   “Squawk   Box”   interview.   “The   fundamentals   haven’t   changed   …   And   we   don’t   know   when   the   storm  is  going  to  hit,”  he  predicted.  “It  has  to  happen.    

If   you   look   at   our   debt   to   GDP,   eventually   you   reach   a   point   where   there’s   no   turning  back.“He  used  an  analogy  to  make  his  point.  “If  you  had  one  meal  left,  and   you  had  your  grandchild  with  you,  would  you  eat  if  or  give  it  to  your  grandchild?“He   said   all   people   would   say   “give   it   to   my   grandchild.”   But   pursuing   the   president’s   vision,  he  argued,  “[Is]  eating  the  grandchildren’s  breakfast,  lunch  and  dinner  right   now.  And  the  [grandchildren]  haven’t  been  born  yet.”  


Over   the   last   two   years   the   government   has   printed   $2   trillion,   with   another200   billion  in  the  next  year  (as  a  minimum),  and  also  saddled  with  non-­‐stoppable  huge   deficit  which  will  balloon  from  $1.3  trillion  to  at  least  $2  trillion  per  year.

Now   look   at   what’s   already   started   to   happen…It   has   come   to   the   point   of   NO   RETURN   like   Japan   whose   economy   is   still   limping   on   despite   massive   stimulus   for   the  last  22  years.  Virtually,  it  is  impossible  to  repay  the  $16  trillion  debt.  If  history   has   taught   us   anything,   it’s   that   governments   can’t   spend   their   way   out   of   the   astronomical  debt  which  is  suffocating  the  U.S.  economy  today.    

                                   Source:  agora  financial                          


Source:  unknown.  Apparently,  this  is  an  older  picture  which  shows  only  $12  trillion  U.S.  debt.  It  is   now  over  $16  trillion  and  rising.  


4. Soaring Unemployment everywhere

  Spain's  unemployment  rate  is  26%  and  is  rising;  unemployed  youth  is  soaring  to   over  50%.  Civil  unrest,  riots  could  escalate  and  spread...  

  Source:  euro  sta  

In  November  2012,  the  youth  unemployment  rate  was  23.7%  in  the  EU27  and  24.4%   in  the  euro  area,  compared  with  22.2%  and  21.6%  respectively  in  November  2011  



 Italian  Unemployment  reached  38.7%  

As  reported  in  February,  2013,  Italy’s  unemployment  rate  jumped  to  11.7  percent  in   January   to   reach   its   highest   level   for   at   least   21   years.   Youth   unemployment   also   hit   an   all-­‐time   high   of   38.7   percent   since   the   current   statistical   series   was   begun   in   1992.  You  may  not  realise  how  serious  the  problem  is  if  you  never  experience  this   kind  of  situation.  Perhaps,  a  statement  made  by  Martin  Armstrong  of  Armstrong’s   economics  below  may  shake  you  out  of  the  tree.    

“If  we  do  not  stop  this  nonsense  and  SERIOUSLY  reform  the  world  monetary  system,   there  will  be  bloodshed  in  the  streets.  You  cannot  destroy  the  livelihood  of  people   like  this  and  expect  to  survive.”  

  Today,  the  U.S.  government  reports  that  nearly  8%  of  its  citizen  is  out  of  work.  But   that   figure   has   been   skewed   to   hide   how   dire   the   situation   really   is.   The   true   rate   of   unemployment,   when   including   under-­‐employment,   is   17%,   according   to  

Bloomberg!  In  fact,  during  Obama’s  first  two  years  in  office,  this  figure  has  averaged   16.5%   a   month!   The   highest   mark   ever   reached   pre-­‐Obama   was   15.2%   during   the   recession  brought  about  by  the  1970s!    

The  government’s  most  widely  publicized  unemployment  rate  measures  only  those  

who  are  out  of  a  job  and  currently  looking  for  work.  It  does  not  count  discouraged   potential   employees   (   for   27   weeks   and   over   as   shown   in   the   chart   below   )   who   have  quit  looking,  nor  those  who  are  underemployed  —  wanting  to  work  full    time   but   forced   to   work   part-­‐time.   Look   at   the   following   chart   and   see   yourself   how   terrible  is  the  figure.    



5. Time to celebrate stock market, DOW heads to 20,000 or higher but be

WARNED! Enjoy the ride while you can  -­‐The  stock  markets  around  the  world  have  

exploded   higher.   If   you   look   at   the   ASX   200,   FTSE   100,   German   DAX,   Nikkei   225   Index,   Dow   Jones   Industrial   Average,   they   are   all   making   all   time   high   since   2008.   What   is   the   one   economic   factor   that   all   of   nations   have   in   common?   It   is   simply  

money  printing  that  artificially  prop  the  market.  All  of  the  central  banks  are  racing   each   other   to   print   money   like   never   before.   Does  it  really   make   sense   here-­‐  there’s   no   positive   growth   dynamic   enough   that   because   a   massive   market   surge   from   where   we   are   now.   History   tends   to   repeat   itself   because   human   behaviour   (fear   and  greed)  and  passions  never  change.    


Be   prepared   and   you   must   have   a   strategic   plan   in   place   in   order   not   to   get   slaughtered  in  the  inevitable  crash.  It  is  just  a  matter  of  time  that  the  market  will   implode  but  not  before  the  ‘euphoria  phase’  when  everyone  is  sucked  in.  


When  it  implodes,  it  is  going  to  be  a  few  times  bigger  than  2008GFC.  We  could  see   the  markets  crash  another  50-­‐90%  in  the  coming  years.  This  is  a  financial  death  trap.     Meanwhile,   enjoy   the   big   ride-­‐The   following   charts   show   the   potential   of   moving   the  market  into  bull  mode  after  12  years  of  long  consolidation.    

    Source: Investor’s Business Daily

‘Don’t be suckered into the idea that recovery is just around the corner. The current

climate is like living in a hurricane or earthquake zone; it’s important to stay vigilant

because you never know when disaster will strike’ – Peter Schiff

But  be  warned!  The  steroid  bull  will  not  charge  on  forever.  The  stock  markets  now   are  exhibiting  strong  rally  that  mimic  those  just  prior  to  the  crash  of  1929  and  1937.   As  pointed  out  by  the  legendary  trader  Jesse  Livermore: “All  through  time,  people  

have  basically  acted  and  reacted  the  same  way  in  the  market  as  a  result  of:  greed,   fear,   ignorance,   and   hope.   That   is   why   the   numerical   (technical)   formations   and   patterns  recur  on  a  constant  basis.”  

Déjà  vu;  is  it  1937  all  over  again?  Remember  the  1920s  era  in  stock  market-­‐  1925-­‐ 28  bull  roll  on  and  suddenly  the  whole  market  crashed  in  the  following  year  in  1929.   It   hit   bottom   in   1932   and   rose   for   the   next   five   years   before   it   hit   a   50%   market   decline  again  after  a  big  rally.  See  chart  below:  

       Source:  Stockchart.com  -­‐1920-­‐1939  Dow  Jones  Industrial  Average   History  told  us  that  three  of  the  biggest  market  crash  of  the  past  300  years  triggered   the   obvious   and   sudden   onsets   of   the   great   economic   depressions:   1720-­‐1784,   1835-­‐1842   and   1929-­‐1932.   And   also   remember   that   the   stock   market   decline   of   1929   to   1932   was   first   leg   followed   by   the   bear   market   rally   and   finally   came   the   second  and  more  severe  leg  of  the  decline  in  1937.    


               Source:  Yahoo  Finance  


Will  this  broadening  pattern  breaks  out  on  the  E  point?  If  it  doesn’t,  it  will  drop  down   to   the   lower   point.   Even   if   it   breaks   (which   can   be   expected),   a   new   top   will   be   created  in  the  third  quarter  of  2015  before  it  takes  a  severe  decline  to  600  when   sovereign  debt  crisis  starts  to  hit.  This  is  what  happened  in  the  60’s  and  70’s.      

6.  Geopolitical  risks:  The  Middle  East  is  in  flames.  Civil  wars  and  bloodshed  are   escalating  all  over  Egypt,  Syria,  Libya  and  Iraq.  ISRAEL-­‐IRAN  is  potentially  powder  

keg:  The  Israeli-­‐Palestinian  conflict  at  any  time  is  in  an  explosive  situation,  never   receded  and  is  capable  of  causing  the  entire  region  into  all-­‐out  war.  North  Korea  is   not  keeping  quiet,  threatening  to  strike  South  Korea  and  its  counterpart-­‐  U.S.A.    We   are  now  heading  into  the  cycle  of  war  that  may  fall  upon  in  2014  

  “Iran’s nuclear program has put it on a collision course with the United States and Israel as both

countries reject Iran’s insistence that the program is for peaceful civilian purposes. The chilling

prospect of military confrontation in the Middle East between Israel and Iran looms large. But is

war the inevitable outcome or can it be averted?” Source: Geopolitical monitor

7.  Japan’s  massive  money  printing.  In  2012,  the  Japan  Central  Bank  (JCB)  injected   printed  free  money  into  the  economy  3  times  and  the  new  Prime  Minister,  elected   only  1  month  ago,  pledged  to  print  unlimited  amounts  of  Yen  to  stimulate  the  long   crippled  economy  until  inflation  reached  2%.  I  simply  cannot  understand  why  they   continue  to  use  the  same  ineffective  medicine  to  cure  the  ailing  economy.  Perhaps   they  are  misguided  by  John  Keynesian’s  economic  theory,  which  is  fundamentally  a   flawed  model.

The   Japanese   bank   exposure   to   Japanese   debt   is   monumental.   Japan   has   debt-­‐to-­‐ GDP  ratio  of  220%  and  rising.  As  of  July  2012,  the  Yield  on  10-­‐year  Japanese  Bonds  is   only  0.80%-­‐  near  to  zero.  Seriously  note  the  point  here-­‐  A  mere  rise  of  2  percentage   points  in  the  future  would  consume  all  Japanese  revenues  just  to  pay  interest  on   the   national   debt.   Moreover,   Japan's   demographics   are   such   that   pension   plans   are   now,  for  the  first  time  as  of  last  year,  net  sellers  of  bonds,  not  net  buyers.        


China’s  long  march  to  world  domination  

What   is   the   ‘Golden   Rule’:   He   who   has   the   gold   makes   the   rule.   Sounds   familiar?   China  knows  this.  In  fact,  all  powerful  nations  -­‐U.S.,  U.K,  Germany  knows  all  this  long   before   simply   because   Gold   is   a   strength   and   a   store   of   wealth.   China   knows   that   increasing Gold Reserves is the key to victory – in order to establish Yuan as a world

             Source:  McKinsey/the  Economist  

Reserve currency replacing U.S dollar.

This   is   one   of   the   most   exciting   parts   in   this   free   report   about   how   China   plays   the   golden   endgame.   And   how   the   gold   price   will   spike   up.   A   lot   more   details   are   comprehensively   covered   in   Chapter   3   of   my   first   EBook   listed   below   – the   chapter   show   you   exactly   how   China   plans   to   lead   the   world   and   crush   the   dollar   …   I   strongly  suggest  you  get  a  copy.  

Beijing  is  surely  aware  of  its  position  in  the  western  economies  which  are  plagued   with  severe  debt  crisis.  That  is  why,  the  People’s  Liberation  Army  Senior  Colonel  Liu    


Mingfu   recently   said,   “To   save   itself,   to   save   the   world,   China   must   prepare   to   become  the  world’s  helmsman.”  The  People’s  Bank  of  China  recently  fired  the  first   shot   that   shocked   global   financial   markets.   It   said:   “To   avoid   the   shortcomings   of   sovereign   credit   currencies   acting   as   reserve   currencies,   we   need   to   create   an   international  reserve  currency  that  can  maintain  the  long-­‐term  stability  of  its  value.   For  China  to  boost  the  status  of  YUAN  to  become  world  reserve  currency  one  has  to   realise  all  these  measures  are  far  from  enough  if  their  Treasury  are  not  backed  up  by   that  shiny  yellow  metal  -­‐  Gold.  Without  large  gold  reserves,  it  is  virtually  impossible   to   achieve   that   aim   because   YUAN   alone   just   simply   can’t   offer   what   Gold   can   provide.    

What  is  so  special  about  Gold?  Gold  is  money  which  represents  a  store  of  value  or   wealth,  and  strength.    

Here  we  need  to  take  note  that  China  has  only  1.8%  of  its  reserves  in  the  form  of   gold   compared   with   the   U.S.   at   75%.   The   United   States   holds   the   most   gold   —   totalling   8,133.5   tons,   or   76.6%   of   reserves.   Germany   is   the   world's   the   second   biggest  holder  with  3,395.5  tons,  representing  73.9%  of  reserves.    

As   such,   the   London   Bullion   Market   Association   (LBMA)   Chairman   David   Gornall   points   out:   When   comparing   China   to   the   U.S.,   it   would   seem   that   in   China,   gold   asset  allocation  can  only  go  in  one  direction.  

China’s GDP growth stabilise in 5th year of leadership transition-this is what China

needs in the next 5 years to achieve its aim-world domination

China  perfectly  knows  all  this.  Look  at  the  following  chart  showing  what  China  is   doing  right  now  in  regards  to  Gold-­‐Silver  accumulation.  As  mentioned  earlier,  China   holds  a  tiny  proportion  of  its  official  foreign  exchange  reserves  in  gold  but  they  are   secretive  about  their  gold  holdings.  How  China’s  action  will  cause  the  gold  to  spike   and  when  will  it  happens  is  the  key  point  to  know  and  all  this  are  covered  in  first   eBook  listed  below.  


  How  China’s  action  will  cause  the  gold  to  spike  and  when  will  it  happens  is  the  key   point  to  know  and  all  this  is  well  explained  in  the  eBooks  listed  below.   According  to  Wiki  leaks,  a  leaked  cable  (passed  from  U.S  Embassy  in  Beijing  to  the  

State  department  in  Washington,  U.S.)  last  year  and  was  published  in  the  latest   batch  of  U.S.  State  Department  cables,  U.S.  is  concerned  that  China’s  gold  reserves   have  recently  increased.  The  U.S.  and  Europe  have  always  suppressed  the  rising   price  of  gold.  They  intend  to  weaken  gold’s  function  as  an  international  reserve   currency.  They  don’t  want  to  see  other  countries  turning  to  gold  reserves  instead  of   the  U.S.  dollar  or  euro.  Therefore,  suppressing  the  price  of  gold  is  very  beneficial  for   the  U.S.  in  maintaining  the  U.S.  dollar’s  role  as  the  international  reserve  currency.   China’s  increased  gold  reserves  will  thus  act  as  a  model  and  lead  other  countries   toward  reserving  more  gold.  Large  gold  reserves  are  also  beneficial  in  promoting  the   internationalization  of  the  Renminbi.  

CONSPIRACY  THEORY  -­‐  China,  Russia  and  Iran  are  buying  gold.  

  Image:  Reuter  

There   are   numerous   key   reasons   (all   are   covered   in   details   in   my   eBooks   listed   below)  to  propel  gold  and  silver  price  higher.  But,  one  of  the  key  points  that  catch   our  attention  is:  Why  are  Russian,  China,  Iran  and  other  major  Asian  central  banks   buying  and  increasing  their  gold  reserves?  Is  it  related  to  the  several  reports  in  the   market  about  the  secret  alliance  between  China,  Russia  and  Iran  since  a  few  years   ago?  Just  to  quote  3  here  for  your  attention.  

“On   September   6,   2012   Russia   and   China   quietly   signed   a   Declaration   of   War   on   America.  As  we  speak,  China  is  mobilizing  resources  and  gathering  allies  around  the   globe  for  its  imminent  “attack.”  They  have  one  sole  purpose  in  mind  …  to  crush  the   economic,   political   and   military   strength   of   the   U.S.   around   the   globe   by   targeting   America’s  greatest  weakness.  Source:  Weiss  Research  

‘President   Putin   formalised   an   alliance   with   Iran   against   any   military   action   by   the   West   and   pledged   to   complete   the   controversial   Iranian   nuclear   power   plant   at   Bushehr.   Mr.   Putin   does   not   want   Russian   secret   military   technology   falling   into   NATO   hands,   if   the   U.S.   Obama   administration   strikes   Iran,   and   then   pursues   an   Iraqi-­‐style   occupation.     China   also   has   developed   a   military   interest   in   Iran.     The  

result   of   a   U.S   led   attack   against   Iran   would   likely   trigger   World   War   III   and   an   accompanying  nuclear  war”  Source:  The  Guardian/Iain  Mackenzie  

“For   mutual   benefits,   China   and   Russia   have   been   trying   to   stay   close   to   one   another.   They   have   triangle   deal   with   Iran   regarding   oil.   We   know   China   wants   to   replace   the   dollar   as   the   world’s   reserve   currency.   And   since   international   oil   transactions   are   settled   in   dollars,   what   better   way   to   rebel   against   this   and   make   a  

strong  statement,  than  to  buy  your  Iranian  oil  with  Yuan.”                              Source:  Newsmax  

UBS reported that in November 2012 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

bought 100,000 troy ounces in October and 3 tons in November which now totalled

to 30.1 million ounces. Iraq—a   notable   new   buyer—bought   25   tons   from   August  

through  October.  Given  that  this  is  the  country’s  first  increase  since  the  early  2000s,  

“having  a  new  buyer  in  the  central  bank  space  and  especially  from  a  new  region  is  

an  important  development,”  says  UBS.    

Russia  under  Putin  buys  gold  to  protect  against  “cataclysm  with  the  dollar,  euro,  

pound  or  any  other  reserve  currency”.  Russian  Finance  Minister  Anton  Siluanov  

speaking  to  reporters  yesterday  said  that  gold  is  seen  by  Russia’s  central  bank  as  a  

“rather  stable”  asset  amid  global  monetary  easing.    

Dundee  Wealth  economist  Martin  Murenbeeld  is  increasingly  bullish  on  central  

bank  gold  purchases.  “It  is  our  view  that  central  bank  gold  purchases  will  continue  

for  many  years  to  come.  Indeed,  it  is  our  view  that  gold  is  reclaiming  its  historic  role   as  an  official  financial  asset.”  


Chart  below:  you  can  dictate  that  powerful  nations  like  U.S.,  Germany,  France,    

     Source:  Wikipedia  


Japan,  Russia,  China  and  even  Iran  are  on  the  top  lists  in  term  of  Gold  holding.  You   may   wonder   why   U.K.   is   not   in   the   top   15.     The   then   UK   Chancellor   of   the   Exchequer,   Gordon   Brown   disposed   almost   400   tonnes   of   gold   between   1999   and   2002   at   almost   rock   bottom   price   of   about   $275   per   ounce,   only   to   see   prices   subsequently   rise   to   about   $1680   today.   In   2010,   present   Chancellor   of   the   Exchequer  George  Osborne  declared:  “Gordon  Brown’s  decision  to  sell  off  our  gold   reserves  at  the  bottom  of  the  market  cost  the  British  taxpayer  billions  of  pounds.  It   was   one   of   the   worst   economic   judgements   ever   made   by   a   chancellor.”   George   Osborne   was   amused   as   the   Queen   said   that   “regrettably”   the   UK’s   gold   bars   “don’t  

belong  to  us”  in  one  of  weekly  cabinet  meeting.  Amusing  of  what  she  said?  














GOLD  PRICE  PROJECTION….  if  history  speaks  anything.  

“The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind; for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see; and in that record you can find yourself and your country both examples and warnings; fine things to take as models, base things rotten through and through, to avoid.” Livy  


The  above  chart  produced  by  Nick  Laird  of  www.sharelyn.com  and  is  based  on  Elliot   Wave’s  grand  super  cycle  analysis  which  projects  the  gold  price  to  peak  at  $31672   per   troy   ounce   by   2015.   This   is   about   20   times   that   of   the   current   price.   History   often   repeats   itself   and   if   it   can   be   considered   to   be   a   reliable   guide,   this   is   certainly   not  an  impossible  feat  to  achieve.  

In  1923,  a  period  of  severe  hyperinflation,  one  ounce  of  gold  was  priced  at  87  trillion   German   marks.   Clearly,   this   sounds   ridiculous,   but   the   truth   is   that   government’s   uncontrollable  limitless  money  printing  flooded  the  country  with  German  currency  

that   became   virtually   worthless.   This   horrifying   and   even   somewhat   hilarious  

historical   event   of   mismanagement   by   the   government   is   further   described   in   my  

second  eBook.  


I   really   like   what   USGOLD   says:     If   history   teaches   anything,   it   is   that   government   cannot  be  trusted  to  manage  money.  When  currency  is  not  redeemable  in  gold,  its  

value  depends  entirely  on  the  judgment  and  the  conscience  of  the  politicians.  (That  

is  the  situation  in  this  country  today.)    

I   believe   it   is   practically   possible  for  gold  to  achieve  that  projected  price  if  hyperinflation  occurs  again.  The   current  world  situation  is  this:  we  have  the  wars  triggered  by  Israel  &  Iran,  touted  as   the  next  World  War  III,  the  complete  collapse  of  the  bonds  market,  and  of  course,   the   deterioration   of   the   United   States   sovereign   rating   as   the   nation's   debts   spiral   continually   out   of   control.   However,   I   am   a   realist   and   I   am   not   forecasting   a   repeat   of  Germany's  1923  economical  downfall  or  that  of   the  Roman  Empire  in  4th  century   A.D.  

As  crazy  as  this  may  sound,  this  situation  is  surely  still  within  the  realm  of  possibility.   The  Bible  points  out,  “What  has  been  will  be  again,  what  has  been  done  will  be  done   again;   there   is   nothing   new   under   the   sun.”   (Ecc1:9).   I   would   also   like   to   bring   another  two  excellent  quotations  to  your  attention  that  may  act  as  a  reminder  to  all   of  us  before  we  consider  any  kind  of  investment:  

 1)   “Nobody   knows   what   the   future   holds;   as   I’ve   repeatedly   shared,   anyone   who   claims  to  is  not  to  be  trusted.  All  we  can  do  is  map  a  spectrum  of  future  outcomes,   assign   probabilities   for   those   outcomes,   sync   risk   profiles   with   time   horizons   and   allow  for  an  ample  margin  for  error.  There  are  no  magic  pills  or  blanket  solutions  for   what   ails   us;   we’re   in   uncharted   waters   but   we   cannot   let   ourselves   succumb   to   the   perfect  storm”  -­‐  Todd  Harrison  of  Minyanville.  


2)  “In  this  world  nothing  can  be  said  to  be  certain,  except  death  and  taxes.”  -­‐  

Benjamin  Franklin,  in  a  letter  to  Jean-­‐Baptiste  Leroy,  1789,  which  was  re-­‐printed  in   The  Works  of  Benjamin  Franklin,  1817.  


 I  first  began  buying  and  investing  in  physical  gold  in  2002;  then,  the  price  was   approximately  $380  per  ounce.  It  has  since  increased  by  nearly  500%.  I  still  recall     When  I  advised  some  of  my  close  friends  and  relatives  to  buy  gold  at  that  time,  and   was  met  with  less  than  enthusiastic,  sometimes  even  derogatory  responses.  I  am   now  telling  them  to  buy  again,  and  hope  that  they  will  listen  this  time,  or  else  they   may miss a great opportunity. Another potential ‘generational wealth transfer’ cycle is

surely lying ahead for all of us.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." --

Mahatma Gandhi

Chart:  Gold  is  not  in  a  bubble-­‐  a  lot  more  upside  to  go      Source:  U.S.fund    

History   does   tend   to   repeat   itself,   and   therefore,   although   no   two   markets   are   exactly  the  same,  it  may  pay  well  to  study  the  last  gold  bull  market  which  occurred   in  the  1970s.  During  the  last  secular  gold  bull  market,  gold  rose  from  $35  in  1968  all   the  way  to  $200  by  late  1974.  The  next  19  months  then  saw  the  price  plummet  from   $200   to   $100,   leaving   many   investors   disgruntled   and   broke.   Most   withdrew   from   the  market.  This  was  not  the  end  of  the  gold  market  though   -­‐  in  mid-­‐1976,  the  gold   price   exponentially   shot   up   from   $100   to   $820   by   January   1980.   Those   who   were   both   fortunate   enough   to   buy   in   around   $35   and   held   patiently   on   made   at   least   20  

folds  return  within  a  period  of  10  years.    

10 years gold price chart The  average  return  on gold is about19%  p.a  over the last 10 years

Source:  FRED  

Based  on  my  countless  hours  of  fundamental  research  into  the  past  and  present   global  economic  developments  (such  as  mounting  debt  problems,  deficit  spending,   excessive  money  printing,  inflationary  pressure,  currency  debasing,  recession,  high   unemployment  etc),  the  world’s  economy  problems  are  slowly  maturing  into  a   catastrophic  crisis.  And  with  the  input  of  both  technical  charting  analysis  and  cyclical   timing  analysis,  I  am  absolutely  convinced  that  the  gold  price  is  far  from  reaching  its   peak  and  still  has  years  to  outperform  many  other  assets  and  investments.  

  Despite  impressive  gains  in  the  past  decade,  gold  and  silver  are  still  nowhere  near   their  inflation-­‐adjusted  highs.  John  Williams  of  Shadowstats.com  estimates  that,   using  true  inflation  numbers  (based  on  his  SGS-­‐Alternate  Consumer  Inflation   Measure),  gold  would  need  to  climb  to  nearly  $9,000  and  silver  to  over  $500  per   ounce  to  match  the  highs  attained  during  1980!    

It  is  well  known  that  the  government  significantly  understates  the  inflation  rate  in   order  to  mask  the  impact  of  their  fiscal  policies.  Consider  our  surroundings  today   and  the  ever  increasing  prices  of  consumable goods – petrol, milk, butter, rice, and a


Note on the above chart: The current gold price of $1670, if deflated by the SGS CPI is

about $200 only; if we match it to that in the 1980s, using a true inflation-adjusted figure,

today’s gold price needs to be approximately $9000 in actuality.

I  predict  that  the  gold  price  might  even  climb  to  $12,000  per  ounce  (or  over)  based   on   my   complex   analysis   and   I   reckons   this   will   come   to   past   within   the   next   4   years,   and  if  this  occurs,  it  makes  the  inflation-­‐adjusted  target  of  $9000  predicted  by  John   Williams   seem   rather   tame.   This   would   give   you   a   stellar   return   of   at   least   6   fold   providing  you  are  prepared  to  buy  in  on  good  timing.    





As   debt   bubbles   are   growing   bigger   due   to   crazy   money   printing   in   all   countries,   it’s   inevitable   that   gold’s   long-­‐term   uptrend   will   continue.   Unless,   of   course,   the   governments  around  the  world  decide  to  all  stop  their  crazy  spending  and  reign  in   their  budgets  –  a  feat  which  seems  almost  impossible.  Gold  is  a  store  of  value  and  is   a   hedge   against   the   crazy   money   printing   and   the   bankrupt   governments.   Just   a   matter   of   time   and   then   the   debt   crisis   will   lead   to   an   explosion   in   the   gold   and   silver  price.    

The   foundation   for   new   all-­‐time-­‐highs   is   in   place.   As   far   as   sentiment   is   concerned,   we  definitely  see  no  euphoria  with  respect  to  gold.  Scepticism,  fear,  and  panic  are   never  the  final  stop  of  a  bull  market.  In  fact  it  is  in  the  depths  of  despondency  that  is  

the  birth  of  a  bull  market.  

HSBC   says   central   banks   created   $9   trillion   during   the   financial   crisis,   which   is   the   equivalent  to  the  value  of  all  the  gold  that  has  ever  been  mined.    

Take  note  that  Gold  has  generally  moved  opposite  to  the  reserve  currency,  the  U.S.   dollar.   Gold   is   the   ultimate   currency   and   that’s   why   it’s   been   rising   for   the   last   decade  against  the  major  global  currencies.  


However,  you  may  agree  with  me  that  now  gold  is  not  in  a  bubble  stage  but  still   think   gold   at   $1500   per   ounce   is   expensive.   Then   consider   what   Grant   William   says:  “in  1980  a  house  in  central  London  cost  180  troy  oz  of  gold  to  purchase.  Today,  

that  very  same  house  will  cost  you  nearly  5,000  troy  oz.  So  in  spite  of  record  values   for   property   and   threefold   increase   in   gold   prices,   gold   is   still   undervalued.   Gold   has   a   price   and   a   value.   Price   is   a   level   at   which   you   make   an   exchange,   and   value   is   whether  it  is  worth  it.  Right  now  gold  is  at  a  high  price,  but  when  examined  in  the   context  of  other  assets  it  remains  undervalued.”  

Also  consider  this:  Gold  is  Limited  in  supply  Only  165,000  tonnes  of  gold  have  ever   been   mined   in   history.   That   is   a   cube   20m   by   20m   by   20m   and   would   fill   just   over   3   Olympic  swimming  pools  to  a  depth  of  2  m.    

Source:  Grant  William  -­‐Sydney  seminar  Nov  2102  -­‐Mines  and  Money  conference  

When  is  the  best  time  to  buy?  


Timing  is  everything.  We  all  know  that…  but,  with  all  the  noise  in  daily  or  short  term   price   fluctuations,   I   thought   it   is   always   a   good   time   to   step   back   and   be   clear   about   two  things:  when  to  buy  and  how  to  buy  to  be  prepared  for  the  next  phase  of  gold’s   and  silver’s  bull  market.  As  you  read  my  eBooks,  you  would  know  this  coming  bull   market  is  going  to  be  greatest  and  the  most  powerful  in  history.  1970-­‐1980  gold  bull   is   like   a   practice   run   as   compared   to   this   one.   So   stay   the   course   and   follow   my   news   update.   Build   up   your   stash   of   cash   and   back   up   the   truck   to   buy   when   the   time  comes.    


Gold   is   headed   to   $9,000   or   higher….   Wait   a   minute…but   gold   and   silver   are   dropping.  It  can  barely  rally.  You  are  right,  in  fact,  I  am  expecting  it  to  consolidate   and   drop   further   technically   this   year   and   it   will   be   your   last   generational   buy   opportunity  at  lower  price  before  it  heads  to  $9,000  in  the  next  few  years  according   to  my  cyclical  timing  analysis  –19  years    and  13  years  panic  cycle  and  various  cycles.    

Of  course,  “timing  is  everything”  such  that  the  low  price  is  obtained  and  the  highest   returns  are  achieved.  I  personally  prefer  to  wait  for  the  turning  point  to  buy  in  terms   of  time  rather  than  price  in  order  to  maximise  the  return.  William  D  Gann,  legendary   investor   and   trader,   once   said,   “Time   is   more   important   than   price   and   when   the   time  is  up,  price  will  start  to  reverse.”  In  other  words,  this  means  that  the  price  will   not  move  up  if  the  time  is  not  mature  for  it  to  start  moving  up.    


So,   how   does   this   relate   to   the   gold   price?   On   a   short   term   timing   basis,   I   expect   gold   to   undergo   more   correction   and   consolidation   (after   a   12   years   run),   and   I   believe  it  may  yet  drop  further  before  it  resumes  an  uptrend  to  break  two  resistance   points   of   $1800,   then   $1920,   and   finally   reach   $2300   before   consolidation   takes  

place  again.    


Timing  analysis  together  with  the  analytical  details  of  the  price  projections  based  on  

fundamental   and   technical   analysis   is   extensively   covered   in   Chapter   5   of   my   first  

eBook.   I   strongly   suggest   you   read   my   eBook-­‐   and   follow   my   constant   market   update  (via  my  website   www.johnyii.com  and  subscription  listed  below)  if  you  are   serious  to  protect  your  wealth  and  profit  in  the  next  few  years.    

So  far,  I  have  hoped  you  are  not  shocked  by  what  you  read,  though  it  is  only  45   pages  of  short  report.    

Let  me  conclude  this  report  by  quoting  the  word  of  wisdom  by  Sir  John  Templeton,   a  genius  legendary  investor:  “Bull  markets  are  born  on  pessimism,  grow  on   scepticism,  mature  on  optimism  and  die  on  euphoria.  The  time  of  maximum  

pessimism  is  the  best  time  to  buy  and  the  time  of  maximum  optimism  is  the  best  to   sell.  

 Source:  Grant  William  -­‐Sydney  seminar  Nov  2102  -­‐Mines  and  Money  conference  

Last  but  not  the  least  

However,  I  have  written  2  ‘must’  read  eBooks  -­‐  with  comprehensive  fundamental,   technical  and  cyclical  analysis  of  the  current  economic  chaos  and  why  gold-­‐silver   prices  will  sky-­‐rocket.  This  eBooks  is  specially  written  for  paid  subscribers  and  is   dedicated  to  all  teenagers  and  children  whom  I  hope  and  pray  will  not  be  affected   by  the  coming  crisis  and  all  the  economic  lies.  If  you  decide  to  become  a  serious   investor  or  already  an  investor  who  wants  more  non-­‐MSM  views,  I  earnestly  invite   you  to  read  my  two  eBooks.  I  am  certain  that  the  books  will  open  your  eyes  and   widen  your  thoughts  and  probably  change  your  financial  destiny.    


Below  is  the  introductory  detail  of  my  1st  eBook  -­‐The  greatest  bull  market  of  GOLD   and  SILVER  in  history  -­‐Profit  and  Prosper  in  gold-­‐$9000  silver-­‐$300  .  

In  this  first  eBook,  you  are  able  to  learn  of  events  and  facts  you  are  not  aware  of  and   how  will  they  affect  your  life  in  the  coming  dreadful  times.  And  also,  how  you  should   use  this  opportunity  to  accumulate  gold  and  silver  to  profit  and  prosper  in  the   perilous  time  ahead.  


                                                                                                               Table of Contents

About the Author

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Foreword A Word About This Book

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Projection of gold price, Is it too late to buy gold

Global economic crisis, Fundamental reasons to buy Chapter 2 THE CASE FOR $5000 GOLD -U.S. SOVEREIGN-DEBT



U.S Debt Crisis -background, problems and impacts

4  key  charts  showing  co-­‐  relationship-­‐  why  gold  go  up   Chapter 3 THE  CASE  FOR  $10,000  GOLD  &  CHINA'S  LONG  MARCH  TO                                                            Pg.57  

                                           WORLD  DOMINATION                                                                                                                                                                            

Contrasts between china & U.S.

China plan to become the world’s helmsman,

China needs gold to back up its treasury reserves or Yuan

Conspiracy move and ultimate effect of gold accumulation –gold spike

Fundamental charts- China and India factor Chapter 4 THE  CASE  FOR  $300  SILVER


Silver  -­‐  poor  man’s  gold                                                Silver  offers  a  more  compelling  investment  value  of  opportunity                                                Silver  price  projection  

Chapter 5 IS  GOLD  IN  A  BUBBLE?  PRICE  PROJECTION                                                                                                                        Pg.91                                      

Fundamental analysis, how much higher it can go,

Price projections, Charts Chapter 6 BULLISH  GOLD  PRICE  BASED  ON  TECHNICAL  ANALYSIS                                                                  Pg.139    

                                           AND  CYCLE  TIMING  ANALYSIS    

                                           Technical  and  Cyclical  Timing  analysis,  Charts  and  price  projections   Chapter 7 WHAT  THE  SUPER-­‐RICH  (BILLIONAIRES)  AND  LEGENDARY                                                    Pg.155                                                INVESTOR  SAY  ABOIY  GOLD  AND  SILVER  INVESTMENT                              

George Soros, Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, Ronald Trump, Eric Sprott

Bill Gross, Ray Dalio, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, James Sinclair, Don Coxe

James Turk, John Paulson, Frank Giustra, Pierre Lassonde,

Doug Casey, John Williams, James Rickard, Robert Kiyosaski Chapter 8 HOW  TO  BUY  OR  INVEST  IN  GOLD                                                                            


Different investment vehicles and you can start investing or trading

A small sum of money                      

What   can   you   learn   from   the   this   eBook   “2016-­‐2020   The   greatest   bull   market   of  

GOLD  and  SILVER  in  history  


1. 184  pages  of  comprehensive  details  and  analysis  

2. More  than  100  charts-­‐  fundamental,  technical,  cyclical  charts  -­‐showing  

correlation  and  why  gold  price  will  continue  to  go  up.  When  to  buy  

3. Numerous  fundamental  reasons  why  gold  and  silver  will  sky-­‐rocket  

4. Why  must  own  silver?  Why  Silver  is  going  to  do  better  than  gold  

5. Gold  and  silver  price  projections-­‐  When  will  it  start  parabolic  rises  and  for  how  


6. Where  is  gold  and  silver  now  in  term  of  cycle  phase  –  why  it  is  still  a  good  time  

to  get  in  though  the  price  has  gone  up  4  fold  since  a  decade  ago.  Why  it  is  still  

not  in  a  bubble.  

7. Why  China  is  a  force  to  reckon  with.  How  they  partner  with  Russia  and  Iran-­‐  


8. Is  it  the  beginning  of  the  end  of  the  American  Empire  as  the  most  powerful  

nation  on  the  planet?  Can  they  pay  off  the  debt?  When  the  sovereign-­‐debt  

crisis  is  going  to  hit  U.S.  

9. How  bad  is  the  situation  in  Europe  and  Japan?  When  the  crisis  is  going  to  hit  

Europe  again?  

10.What  happens  to  gold  and  silver  price  in  2013?  Will  it  go  lower  first  before  the  

next  phase  of  rally?  What  will  happen  in  the  year  2014-­‐2016  and  thereafter?  

11.Why  Billionaires  buy  gold  and  silver?  

12.How  to  buy  gold  and  silver  with  a  small  sum  of  money  

  Below  you  can  find  some  details  of  my  2nd  eBook  (2016-­‐2020  THE  Modern  Great  

Depression  Ahead  2016-­‐2020  -­‐  Survive  and  Prosper  –  Buy  gold  and  Silver)  for  a  

table  of  contents  and  review.    

This  2nd  eBook  -­‐    you  must  not  missed  …This  small  eBook  is  a  book  of  economic  

revelation  that  carries  the  message  of  coming  “modern  great  depression”-­‐great  

debt  crisis  and  why  you  should  prepare  to  protect  yourself  and  most  importantly  

how  you  can  profit  and  prosper  in  the  coming  crisis.  The  book  also  gives  you  the  

overview  of  Gold  Silver  outlook  and  Stock  market  Outlook  for  the  years  2013-­‐2020   in  more  details.  The  phrase  “Modern  Great  Depression”  was  coined  by  me  as  a  way   of  warning  that  the  unfolding  economic  crisis  is  looming  in  modern  era,  that  have   been  completely  ignored  by  those  who  should  be  alarmed  (politicians  who  run  the   country).  


Table of Contents

About the Author

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Title Page

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Pg. IV

Table of Contents

Pg. V

Foreword A Word About This Book




Economic revelation, False hope and sign precipitate

Depression in 2016, Stock market crash in 2016



CRACKING ECONOMIC FOUNDATION                                            Economics  –  it’s  all  lies!  ,  6  shocking  data  or  evidences    

Chapter 3 SOMEONE  WHO  REALLY  UNDERSTAND  GOLD                                                                                                                Pg.  29                              

                                           Professor  Antal  Fekete,  Ron  Paul,  John  Exter  





Rome’s denarius debasement, China, France, U.S.A.,                                              Weimar  Germany,  infamous  Fiat  money  failures  1932-­‐2006                                                A  picture  is  worth  a  thousand  words  –  worthless  paper  money    

Chapter 5 THE  COMING  COLLAPSE  OF  U.S.  DOLLAR                                                                                                                                    Pg.72  

                                            Quotes –Morgan Stanley, Peter Bernholz, John Williams,

President Hoover, Matrix of money (debt), City Of Mainz

Ron Paul’s report- “Default  Now,  or  Suffer  a  More  Expensive  Crisis                                                        later      


Chapter 6 GOLD  SILVER  &  DOW  OUTLOOK  2013-­‐2020                                                                                                                    Pg.79  

                                           Various  Cycle  Timing  :  Gann’s  master  time  factor,  Bradley  Model                                                Fibonacci  numerical  cycle,  8.5  year,  13  year,  17  year,  20  year,                                                40  year  cycle,  etc,      Armstrong’s    economic  confidence  modal                                                      

What  can  you  learn  and  gain  from  the  this  second  eBook  “2016-­‐2020  the  

coming  modern  great  depression-­‐survive  and  prosper  –  buy  gold  and  silver  

It is a book you must read!

1. Revealing global economic problems and all economic lies

2. Exposing the inconvenient truth behind the world monetary system

3. Signs precipitates 2016 global depression

4. How to avoid 2016 stock market crash

5. Why you should listen to someone who is the authority on gold and silver? Why

you should listen to Ron Paul, U.S. Presidential candidate in 2012- a true

honest politician.

6. Why Paper money always fail in the end? Learn from the past.

7. Astronomical debt will inevitably cause the collapse of U.S. dollar

8. Why you should buy gold and silver to protect and survive?

9. When to buy gold and silver and profit?

10. Analysis of Dow Jones and Gold and Silver outlook 2013-2020

11. Will gold and silver continue to go down or just a pause before the next phase

of uptrend.


John   Mauldin,   well   known   economist   says,   ‘Gold   is   a   currency   they   can’t   print,’   I  

think  the  bedrock  of  most  portfolios  would  be  to  have  some  bullion.  

  “You  see,  Maria,  I  want  to  tell  you  I  buy  gold  because  I  am  fearful.  I  am  sorry  to  say,  

Maria,  you  do  not  own  any  gold  and  you  are  in  grave  danger  because  you  don’t  own  

any  gold.”-­‐-­‐  Marc  Faber  in  response  to  CNBC’s  Maria  Bartiromo’s  asking  him  why   he  will  never  stop  buying  gold.  

I  hope  this  free  insightful  report  will  kick-­‐start  you  to  think  seriously  and  act  how  to   turn  these  times  of  global  economic  crisis  and  bankrupt  governments  into  the  

greatest  financial  opportunity  of  your  life.  The  word  ‘Crisis’  in  Chinese  literally  means   ‘danger  and  opportunity’.  Remember  that  ‘Every  crisis  brings  opportunity’.  


I  foresee  debt  implosion  is  coming  soon:  History  tends  to  repeat  itself  because  our   passions  and  behaviours  never  change.    

What  will  our  politicians,  lawmakers;  bankers  do  to  the  impending  crisis  that  I   portrayed?  The  politicians  will  do  nothing  until  debt  has  their  nose  bleed  and   forced  to  act  but  it  may  be  too  late.  Politicians  act  in  their  self-­‐interest  and  not  for   the  benefit  of  society.  You  can’t  depend  on  them  at  all!  You  need  to  do  something  to   protect  yourself  and  your  family.    

As  Thrasymachus  said  in  his  debate  with  Socrates,  all  governments  are  the  same    


Because  they  seek  only  their  own  self-­‐interest.    


Time  is  running  short  and  don’t  miss  the  opportunity  that  is  lying  ahead  of  you.  So,   be  prepared  to  protect  your  financial  assets  and  profit  in  the  coming  sovereign-­‐debt   crisis.  The  opportunity  will  be  huge  if  you’re  prepared  and  know  how  to  act.  

And  I  am  willing  to  help  you  do  that  by  putting  the  top-­‐class  information  you  need  in   your  hands  right  now  and  into  the  future  to  start  reaping  huge  profits!  Remember   that  the  high  quantity  of  MSM  information  that  is  being  thrown  to  the  average   investor  is  impossible  to  follow  and  the  quality  of  that  information  is  really  poor  and   not  trustworthy  

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The Coming Gold Silver Explosion

We are now living and moving toward perilous time ahead. This EBook has been provided free of charge in order to guide you in protecting your finances if you are take the right steps to act now. Why Wall St will continue to go up. When to exit before the historic market crash. Meanwhile enjoy the ride but be cautious - The global stock markets will continue to do well till 2017 but not without big volatility and even a quick big “plunge” or “crash” sometimes between Sept-Oct (came one month earlier, it did happen in August) of this panic cycle year of 2015. Eventually, Dow will hit 32000 by 2020 (Cycle has inverted, this could happen only after a major corrective low in 2017). Why and when you should buy gold and silver? I will also tell you how high can gold spike up. All these are based on my fundamental, technical and Cycle timing analysis. NOTE: Gold have to hit the absolute bottom by 2016 (it hit 1045 for a major low, about 4 months earlier that what I expected) before the new bull cycle begins. Current economic dislocations and all the economic lies. It is just a matter of time, Real Estate, Wall St (DOW), Government Bonds, USD will bust but gold and silver start to glitter and shine even brighter. Timing cycle for stock market, gold and silver, DOW, USD etc - all markets are inter-connected. Based on my studies of various cycles ( one prominent one is W.D. Gann's Master Time Cycle) , the world will head into a modern era of Uncertainty and great economic turmoil starting in 2016 -2017. How you should prepare to survive and even profit and prosper in the coming dreadful time. You owe yourself and loved ones at least to do something about it.

  • Author: John yii
  • Published: 2016-11-26 12:05:12
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The Coming Gold Silver Explosion The Coming Gold Silver Explosion