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The Coming Dark Age: And the Death of Science

The Coming Dark Age: and the Death of Science

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©Den Warren 2017

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Things change and advance so rapidly. This trajectory seems to only be increasing. It seems like nothing could ever stop it. Or is there?

Advances in science are based upon the scientific method; gathering information, testing, and proving a theory. The scientific method requires intellectual honesty; something that was uncommon during medieval times. But a self-serving clergy are not the ones who are challenging science in the present day. They are embracing science which you can see in new creation science themed museums. (Cincinnati and Kentucky)

Now, we see the intellectual honesty of scientists being challenged from the other direction; from a new system based upon faith. Today scientists fear for their jobs if they claim anything to challenge the religion of secular humanism.

Secular Humanists

Over the decades, many have increasingly turned to a secular worldview. Secular is defined as; Not controlled by a religious body or concerned with religious or spiritual matters. This group is populated by those who are agnostic, (somebody who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists) or atheists. They are often thought of as “liberals”, which in the classical sense, is incorrect. Since Secular Humanists do not rely upon God, they look inward, or to other secular humanists for answers to their problems. Many of the Bible doctrines such as sin (to do wrong, especially by knowingly violating the law or teachings of a religion) are viewed as meaningless. To humanists, the Bible is an ancient book with mythological stories in it, and not applicable to modern thought or practice. If God is relied upon, and He doesn’t exist, then all will end in failure and their short lives on earth will be wasted.


Most people today are somewhere in the middle between following a blend of Humanist and Christian doctrines. They do not hold strong opinions either way. Many who consider themselves to be moderates are proud of their position and consider themselves above those who are overly zealous. Their religion may be “personal” or “a private matter”. To those who hold a strong position, the moderates are seen as too weak to take a stand.


You can’t see God. So you can’t know that He exists in the normal way you know other things. So you may believe that you have every reason to think that someone who says they know God, could be considered delusional or insane.

In spite of everything everyone, including worldly intellectuals have told you, suppose that there really is a spiritual world. Suppose that God does exist. What if Heaven is real? If He is real, then no matter what kind of mold humans would try to fit Him in, they are doing it for their own satisfaction and their own purposes. What if He really was the God of the Bible? Imagine that Satan, God’s creation, decided to start a celestial war with God and his Angels over superiority of the Universe?

Since God is God, He would never lose a war with Satan and the demons. But Satan would never be satisfied. He would want to make all of God’s Creation turn against Him. How would Satan do this? He would do it with lies and would not want Man to know what is going on. His first task would be to make Man think God does not exist. One ploy would be to substitute the theory of Evolution for Creation by God. So, if a person does not believe in God, the foundation for everything they think will be different. Nothingness totally changes a worldview. The more people Satan can sway into the nothingness worldview, the more problems he can cause to God, the Creator.

The problem comes in when adherents of the two main worldviews are trying to deal with the same situation. More and more frequently, Humanists are finding new battlefields to contest historical Christian thought. Ideas that almost no one challenged during the last generation are considered “bigotry” or “whatever-phobia” if you don’t believe them today. Christians see the situation as spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness. The Secular-minded see contentious Christians as forcing their outdated beliefs upon them.

Christians say the world was created by God out of nothing. This takes faith. Humanists say the delicate, complex world evolved on its own by pure chance out of nothing. This takes even greater faith.

Christians say that God created marriage, and it should be done His way. Humanists say people should be allowed to marry whoever they want, and that it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Humanists point to all the wars started in the name of religion. Christians point to the genocide and wars started by godless communists.

Christians say that sex change is “body mutilation” and “gender confusion”. Humanists say that everyone has a right to be the sex they “identify with”.

Christians say abortion is “murder”. Humanists call it “reproductive rights.”

Christians generally favor capitalism, or free enterprise, while Humanists prefer statism, or socialism, where the government centrally controls the economy.

In secular humanism, Man is all there is. There is no room for God, or at least a God who would make requirements upon Man. Secular humanists are extremely intolerant of God, or those who believe in Him.

Freedom of thought on the college campus is dead. Colleges increasingly permit their students to shout down anyone who brings a traditional message to their campus. Since they get away with it, they continue to do it. They permit this behavior because they agree with it. There is no room for any ideas apart from their own. They hide behind a bogus claim of separation of Church and State. From the US Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” In other words, the church is to stay out of religion (Christianity) and to not tell Christians how to worship.

Journalism is dead. Colleges educate their journalism students to be biased in their reporting. They are out to “change the world” based upon a secular humanist agenda, not to do honest reporting of the facts. In fact, they use their positions to dishonestly attack anyone who has a divergent, usually normal Judeo-Christian view.

Most people are educated in the public schools. This is where they start out with a false concept of the origin of man; the false theory of evolution and the false theory about the godless creation of the universe are presented as facts. Therefore, their worldview is built upon false major fundamental precepts. You can read more about this in my free article: Early Earth

Evolution claims are flimsy and random.

A human fetus is described as just a clump of cells. (What organic matter isn’t?)

Global warming didn’t work out, so now it is climate change. (also known as weather).

Now in the most recent big stretch imaginable, they are trying to claim that gender identification other than what the confused person really was born is based upon science. People are too soft to oppose them, so they will probably keep their perverse imaginations coming up with more nonsense.

Look around you. You and everyone around you will be gone someday. Anyone you have ever seen or throughout your lifetime will be gone. Look at pictures of huge gatherings. No matter how many, all will be gone from the world, down to the last person.

The purpose of this message is not to make you feel bad. The purpose is to make you think about your life after death. Your afterlife is something you should contemplate. You know that you won’t live forever, so why wait to consider it, especially if your decisions on Earth will have an effect upon your afterlife.

Many are afraid to face the facts. They don’t want to think about their death, but they also don’t want their worldly friends to think they are weird or crazy. So many who say they are open minded end up being the most closed minded. They believe what they want to. They believe what their feelings or emotions tell them to believe, not what the facts tell them. Those closed minded individuals claim that those who disagree with them are “haters” or “deniers”. Does that sound like it is describing you? Are you one who is open to anything except things that Christians believe? Do you think it is possible that you have been deceived? Are you open minded enough to consider it?

Laws are made by other closed minded people to keep you from having to hear about the God of the Bible. You are not to be told of Jesus in public school. People wrongly believe that the Constitution of the United States separates all religion from government. Don’t you think it is possible that some supernatural anti-God influence is at work to keep you from believing in Jesus?

So maybe the first thing to consider; who or what is your god? Do you know your god and why you think the way you do? Is your “private religion” non-existent? If someone questions your belief system, do you become defensive? If I ask you about your beliefs, I do not do so because I am against you and want bad things for you. Quite the opposite; I wouldn’t bother bringing it up unless I wanted to share the greatest thing possible with you.

Who am I to ask you about this? I am no one special. I am just another sinner like you who chose to accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross as payment for my sins. That is all the authority I need to tell you about it.

Perhaps you don’t even believe in an afterlife. But what is that idea based upon?

What if your soul is marching unwittingly toward the Lake of Fire meant for the Devil and his fallen angels.

Pray to overcome your disbelief.

There are no participation trophies for just living. You must believe.

All of Heaven is waiting for you to accept Jesus. They will rejoice at the news. Meanwhile on earth, a few scoffers will speak poorly of you in a cowardly manner. You’ll have that.

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The Coming Dark Age: And the Death of Science

  • ISBN: 9781370820856
  • Author: Unbelievable Universe
  • Published: 2017-05-13 16:20:10
  • Words: 1953
The Coming Dark Age: And the Death of Science The Coming Dark Age: And the Death of Science