The Comfort Zone: How To Overcome Your Greatest Challenge

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Develop a Success Mindset

3.0 Your Greatest Challenge: The Comfort Zone

4.0 Conclusion

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The Inexplicable Laws Of Success

Introduction – Important Insights

PART 1: The Law is Sacred

Chapter 1: Your Invisible Partner in Success

Chapter 2: The Unbreakable Laws of the Universe

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1.0 Introduction

Men [and women] are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are not willing to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.

~ James Allen

Do you want to be happier, more prosperous, experience more meaning and satisfaction, and pursue the things you like in life? Of course you do. Such a quest requires serious change in a person’s life, and that change has to come from within. This is what self-improvement is all about — being willing to improve oneself.

Most people want an enriched and fulfilling life, but they are not willing to improve themselves. To use an analogy: they want to build skyscrapers, but avoid putting the proper foundations in place first. Instead, they conform to social norms; they look for the quick and easy options and high-speed elevators to success. Unfortunately, such things don’t exist. It’s thinking outside the box and stepping beyond social norms that make for new discoveries and progress.

Life is growth, and growth demands change. Change can be painful yet resisting change is resisting growth. Resisting growth denies you success. Success demands a willingness to make sacrifices, face challenges and learn from every experience. Inevitably, the bigger your desired outcome, the more you must grow.

Enlightened Thought:

Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger… for the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs we endure help us in our marching onward.

~ Henry Ford

2.0 Develop a Success Mindset

The mindset of successful people is distinctly unlike the rest . Successful people think and act differently. They consistently defy conformity, doing things that others WILL NOT do so that they can achieve results that others BELIEVE they cannot. What seems like the right thing to do for most people is actually not the norm for the 1% at the top. To be the best, it is imperative to go against the grain of conventional wisdom.

To create a new reality, reinvent yourself. It’s not possible to change your current life with the same thinking that created it. You might be familiar with Einstein’s famous quote:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Eradicate the mindset that created your present circumstance to open the way for a success mindset. Success in life requires a single shift in mindset, from a position of powerlessness to a position of true power.

So how does one begin this shift?

Change from…

• Thinking lack and limited supply TO thinking abundance and unlimited supply

• Short term, immediate gratification thinking TO long-term, delayed- gratification thinking

• Win-lose thinking TO win-win thinking

• Security thinking TO opportunity thinking

• Survival consciousness TO prosperity consciousness

• Competing and cloning TO collaborating and creating

• Focusing on getting TO focusing on giving

• Making an impression TO making a difference.

Throughout history, the strong-willed have constantly tried to dominate, imposing their practised ways upon others, especially their beliefs about life and how it should be lived. Those who are submissive are taught to fit in; to adapt; to conform; to go along to get along. It may seem easier to adapt to their ideas of what is best for you rather than work things out yourself. However, your meek or forced acceptance of other people’s ideas can seriously disadvantage you, suppress your individuality, hamper your progress and stunt your growth.

While it is important to learn from the accumulated wisdom of others as you evolve and grow, your instincts may tell you to take a different path — a path less traveled. It’s a choice only you can make, that is, whether to take the beaten trail or follow your instincts — and there’s nothing more exciting!

If you’re feeling frustrated with your life, you probably have relinquished your freedom to consciously create your own life experiences, the very things that ultimately bring you joy. Often a frustrated life means you’ve chosen the path of least resistance. Effectively, you’re stuck. To move forward, it’s time to get ‘unstuck’.

Each of us has our personal desires or goals. The achievement of our personal goals generates deep personal happiness. When we fail to embrace our true passions, it’s harder to achieve genuine, lasting success. Success comes faster when we do the things we enjoy and WANT to do. Doing the things that give us no personal satisfaction is exhausting, demotivating and soul destroying.

When you consider the many elements that have influenced and shaped your current reality, you may realise that there is much to undo and reprogram. However, when you understand your true essence and the unfaltering natural Laws of the Universe, you see that everything you’ve done has brought you to this; you can now consciously choose more empowering thoughts and actions. Understanding how your past created your present empowers you to recreate your future by confronting your greatest challenge — your comfort zone!

3.0 Your Greatest Challenge:
The Comfort Zone

The average person has dreams and aspirations for a better life, usually involving lifestyle and material objects. As we grow older and wiser we may realise that there is more to life than material wealth. Finding purpose and meaning in life will eventually become the ultimate goal.

If you are ‘normal’, you have a comfort zone, generally considered a mental rather than a physical space. A reserved person will find it uncomfortable to start a conversation with a stranger, or someone afraid of snakes might not want to go on an Australian bush walk in summer. There are countless behaviors that thwart success in life by imprisoning you in your comfort zone.

As you move towards your goals, your comfort zone will challenge you every step of the way. It’s just the Universe’s way of preparing you to receive your desired outcome. Therefore, it’s critical that you understand and master the concept of the comfort zone. Let’s use the diagram below to examine how this can affect your life.

Diagram 1

The innermost circle represents you at a particular point in time. The outer concentric circles depict your growth and expansion over time. As the diagram shows, your dreams lie outside your comfort zone!

We are programmed to operate within our comfort zone. The comfort zone acts as a protective barrier. It supposedly keeps us safe; it signals danger when we engage in unfamiliar behaviours like walking along the edge of a cliff with no safety barriers. While it serves a very useful purpose, it also quickly outlives its usefulness by stifling growth and progress.

Humans are creatures of habit, but achieving your goals demands that you become more than you are now. This requires you to push and expand the boundary of your comfort zone thereby growing in ‘consciousness’ [— _]the circle becomes a bit larger (as shown by the progressively expanding circle in diagram 4.1). It means doing things that you would not normally do, even taking risks or doing things that might make you look clumsy or foolish. It’s precisely at these challenging moments where the real growth takes place. _Progress in life requires that you constantly confront and overcome challenging situations.

If you just wish and passively wait, your goals and dreams will fail to materialise. The key is to keep growing and expanding until you encompass your dreams, as depicted by the outermost circle in the diagram. You will then grow in consciousness to a level that resonates and matches with your dreams.

Goals push us towards new behaviours we’d rather avoid. Usually it requires that we abandon old behaviours and adopt new ones. This can be quite a challenge for most people. It is one of the main reasons people don’t achieve their goals.

Having a goal is actually a PLANNED CONFLICT with the comfort zone.

It means leaving the familiar surroundings of the comfort zone and exploring new territory. Sometimes exploring new territory can be exciting. Quite often it is daunting because you don’t want to leave the safety of your comfort zone. To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone.

Pushing through your comfort zone takes conscious effort and some risk. The inducement for staying in your comfort zone is that you don’t have to put in extra effort or take risks. However, the consequence of not pushing the boundary of your comfort zone is that you NEVER achieve your dreams. Understand that your dreams don’t come to you; you must grow and expand until you encompass your dreams.

The comfort zone may be pushed gently or hard – you choose. However, the manner in which you push through the comfort zone will determine how quickly you grow and therefore how quickly you will achieve your desired outcome in life.

Virend overcame asthma through sheer tenacity, by constantly pushing the boundary of his comfort zone.

As a child I suffered with chronic asthma. When I was about 5 or 6 my grandmother told my mother, ‘I don’t know how long this child will live’.

I was born and raised in South Africa during the apartheid regime. I guess I was one of the fortunate few because close to my home was a public swimming pool, one of four built for people of Indian origin in the country. It was about half the size of an Olympic pool.

During peak periods the pool was overcrowded with literally no room to swim anywhere, except in the deep end because not everyone was an adept swimmer. So, if you could swim a few strokes, it was better to venture into the deep end.

At first, I could only do two or three strokes before I ran out of breath. As there was no room to practise in the shallow end, I decided to do what some of the other kids did, which was to hold tightly onto the railing, go to the far corner of the deep end and then swim diagonally across the corner from one wall to the other.

Now, if you are an asthmatic capable of swimming three strokes and somebody got in your way, you would be in serious trouble. Those who could swim adequately would jump into the pool almost anywhere, so my path was often obstructed.

This forced me to gasp for breath and do one or two strokes more than I could comfortably do to reach the other wall. I often swallowed water as I struggled to reach the other side. The pool superintendent sometimes caught me out and directed me back to the shallow end where swimmers of my calibre belonged.

But I loved playing in the pool. So I often stayed ‘till the early evening when the pool was quieter, to practise my strokes.

The time came when I was able to swim four or five strokes continuously with greater comfort. As the summers came and went, I found that I was getting better and better. Whenever I reached my limit, I would say to myself, ‘one more’. This phrase became my mantra. When I was totally exhausted, I would say ‘one more’, always trying to beat my previous best. Slowly but steadily, I progressed from five strokes to six strokes to seven and so on, until I could do a whole lap non-stop!

Of course, I did not stop there. I kept pushing the boundary of my comfort zone. I became a very strong swimmer, and in my teens I swam competitively and even qualified as a surf lifesaver.

Tenacity and asthma do not get along. As I developed my stamina and lung capacity, my asthma became weaker and weaker. Eventually, my asthma could no longer deal with my inner strength and it left for good.

Realise that you are capable of MUCH more than you are demonstrating. It’s true, not just positive thinking. But it takes an enormous amount of effort to push yourself to the limit…and simply reaching your limit is not good enough. You must dig deeper. If you want to get better, you must push past your limits, doing more than you THINK you can. This is where the real growth occurs. Don’t simply do your best; do what it TAKES.

There is a major difference between doing your best and doing what it TAKES to reach your goal.

Our capacity to accomplish is only a state of mind. How much we can do depends on how much we think we CAN do. You have the capacity within you to achieve just about any outcome you set for yourself, but you have to grow to manifest that outcome. Growing requires that you challenge yourself and endure prolonged periods of discomfort. However, the end will justify the means; the rewards will be worth it.

Every person we know who has the ability to live life on their own terms has consistently pushed the boundaries of their comfort zone, accepting full responsibility for their own success. The concept of the comfort zone is beautifully illustrated in the following poem.

The Comfort Zone

I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn’t fail.

The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail.

I longed so much to do the things I’d never done before,

But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn’t matter that I wasn’t doing much.

I said I didn’t care for things like commission cheques and such.

I claimed to be so busy with things inside my zone,

But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.

I couldn’t let my life go by just watching others win.

I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin.

I took a step and with new strength I’d never felt before,

I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.

If you’re in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out,

Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.

A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.

Reach for your future with a smile; success is there for you!

– Anonymous

Each of us has two natures; one that wants to move forward and another that wants to pull back. In time, as we experience life, one of these natures will dominate.

It is your choice as to which nature will dominate.

4.0 Conclusion

Success is a journey, not a destination. It is not a one-time accomplishment like finishing high school or buying a house. Success is dynamic, vibrant, and forceful; it constantly evolves. To experience more success, it is crucial to become more valuable as a person. The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out. Increase your value; then express that value through contribution to the betterment of others. This equates to leading a successful life.

Alvin Toffler put it perfectly when he said:

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Success belongs to those who continually learn more; who develop an ongoing learning capability and exploit it. True wealth, or true abundance in life, comes only after you stop focusing on the money and you start focusing on doing something that’s going to improve you personally.

Success inspires a thirst for greater achievement because you discover that you are capable of even more. With each achievement you begin to operate from a new and higher level. The achievement of one goal spurs and inspires you on to new and bigger goals. We have an insatiable desire to achieve and fulfil our true purpose in life. Such is our nature.

Take advantage of this understanding and constantly push the boundary of your comfort zone to achieve your highest aspirations.

A BIG Favour, please!

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Bonus Material

Following is Part 1, which comprises the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2, of our flagship publication, [_The Inexplicable Laws of Success: Discover the Hidden Truths that Separate the ‘Best’ from the ‘Rest’ _][Classic Edition].

Hopefully Part 1 intrigues you to the point where you will want to read the remainder of the publication to discover the subtle, pure truths about prosperity and how they can be applied to engender spectacular accomplishment.

Introduction – Important Insights

Life is a game. The world is our playing field and we are all players aspiring to enjoy the game and win. The extent to which we enjoy the game, and whether or not we win, depends on how well we learn and apply the rules. Yes, there are rules (laws) that we must obey to be a winner.

While most religious books teach us the fundamentals for achieving joy, happiness and freedom, there is no definitive guide book on how to play the game of life effectively. Perhaps there never will be. We must learn the rules as we play. Intriguingly, there is no end to the learning because, no matter how good you are, you can always get better. Naturally, the better you become, the more enriching your life will be.

Everything happens for a reason no matter how random it may appear to be. You have asked for this book either consciously or subconsciously and now you have received. Somewhere inside of you there has been a yearning for change or explanation, and that has led you to this moment — right here, right now, with this book before you!

The Inexplicable Laws of Success is no ordinary book. It contains profound insights for living an effective life. It is not just a regurgitation of success principles devoid of any connectivity with each other. Far from it! This book uses innovative trademarked concepts to explain the path to success in a unique way. The content is carefully structured to show the connectivity between key success principles. Importantly, the ideas flow logically from beginning to end, providing a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be truly successful.

Our Perspective

Although this book is about success, it’s critical we start with a crystal clear definition.

Success means different things to different people. For some, it’s fame and fortune, and for others, it’s status, a happy relationship, a university degree, a trade or profession, raising ‘good’ children, helping people or the environment. For a minority, success is the journey itself or simply reaching a desired state of being.

We believe that true success is to realise a worthy goal, one that engenders a sense of fulfillment. It starts with finding purpose and meaning in one’s life.

King Solomon says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” And that goes for success.

BUT… a new, clear, systematic presentation can cut through the fog of success teachings like a laser. What’s different about our approach is that we have integrated the existing teachings with our unique experiences and incorporated trademarked concepts (such as the Success Continuum^®^ and the Ultimate Success Formula^®^) to explain the principles in a unique, deep, systematic, user-friendly way.

Each of us has a map or understanding of reality. For the vast majority of us, that map is incomplete. Imagine navigating a vast new territory or region with an incomplete map! Clearly, it would be a harrowing experience. So it is with life. Without all the pieces, life would be an ongoing challenge and a frustrating experience.

This book changes everything! It fills in the missing pieces and completes your map of reality. In doing so, it moves you from one dimension to another, and to a whole new understanding of life and what it really takes to be successful!

We leave no stone unturned. We make extensive use of stories, analogies and quotes to drive home the ‘hidden truths’ about success. We borrow freely from the best thinkers of the East and West, but we do not promote any one religion. All religions are sacred.

You’ll encounter concepts that will challenge your thinking. But just because something is new or different doesn’t mean it’s not true! In fact, it’s often the opposite. What we resist the most is often exactly what we need!

Just imagine you’d never seen the stars at night, and one sunny day I pointed to the clear, blue sky and told you that there were countless bright, shinning stars up there beyond the Earth. I’d have a hard time convincing you. But at night you’d be dazed with awe and wonder!

So read with an open mind. Stop and consider. These teachings will help you accomplish the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE…and make you realise your dreams and your incredible potential as a human being.

What’s so “Inexplicable” about Success?

Many people don’t understand the subtleties of the laws and principles that govern success. Some things are so inconspicuous and under-the-radar they seem mystifying and unattainable. For instance, how does one explain such things as:

• a higher intelligence that conspires to help you when you show resolve?

• the power of faith to create seemingly impossible results?

• giving selflessly and then, without expectation, actually getting back more than you gave?

These concepts are explained in the book, though they’re not always easy to grasp. And, although we use the term ‘inexplicable’, it is not so much inexplicable as it is difficult for some people to comprehend the subtleties or nuances that make all the difference between being ordinary and EXTRA-ordinary.

The Truth Be Told: Success is Predictable!

Fortunately there are laws, (or call them rules or principles) governing success. They’re the same laws that govern all of life, and they’re accessible to everyone, regardless of who you are, where you hang your hat, how old you are, or who you chose for parents. This means that success is attainable by ANYONE!

It’s actually simple (though not always easy): Just learn and apply the laws.

Legendary bestselling author, Brian Tracy says:

[_“Success is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and _
setting in the west.”]

IT’S TRUE! Success is utterly predictable! It’s not just a cruel, arbitrary roll of the dice…or available to only a privileged few.

How, exactly? We can base a prediction of success on how someone goes about getting what they want. There are behaviours that can serve you in achieving your desired outcomes and there are behaviours that can hinder you.

If you take the time to study success, you will find that successful people think and act differently from other people. If you want to be successful, you need to think and act like successful people do.

Small Changes; Big Differences

You can see it everywhere — how just the slightest edge provides extraordinary rewards! For example, a horse that wins a race by a nose (that is, it finishes just the length of its nose in front of the horse that comes next) is only a fraction of a second faster than the horse that is placed second. The winning horse earns considerably more — Dunaden won $3.6 million in the 2011 Melbourne Cup; the second place getter, $900 000.

Similarly, a small improvement in your performance can make a big difference in your life. Learn and master this book’s keys to success and you can make small changes that will make big differences in your life.

Virend’s Experience

I’ve always had aspirations for a prosperous life. I’ve often fantasised about living life on my terms doing the things I enjoy. So, I did what most people with big dreams do; I acquired a good education and worked hard at my job, expecting that things would eventually work out the way I imagined. It didn’t!

I was literally caught in a trap…always striving and striving. After more than twenty-five years as a well-paid salaried professional, I was still locked into a continual cycle of debt servicing — a target of personal loans, mortgage payments, lease payments, credit card schemes and rewards for spending programs. All indications were that I was going to remain on the debt treadmill until I retired or until I made a conscious decision to get off it. I became deeply concerned. I realised that if I was to have a brighter future, I would have to do something drastically different.

I yearned for change. It is said, “Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it.” How uncanny! Through an unusual sequence of ‘coincidences’, I was guided to a business concept that had [absolutely no appeal _]to me! In fact, I was resistant. However, I kept an open mind, bought into the idea, and that was the start of an amazing journey of immense _personal growth and development that led to my financial freedom within three years.

My first two years were extremely challenging. I made very little visible progress; it was a period of chaos and confusion because I was not mentally prepared for the trial and error process of entrepreneurship. But, amidst that chaos and confusion, I learnt some powerful truths about life and success. Above all, I learnt that:

• your life only gets better when you become better by improving YOURSELF!

• prosperity comes from creating value for OTHERS!

I’ve experienced my fair share of failure and hard knocks. But, by taking action and learning from my personal experiences, I’ve built a very successful business that generates a respectable, steady, passive income that allows me to enjoy a very comfortable and relaxing lifestyle. It’s been a blessing!

There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.

~ Christopher Morley

For me, the business environment (and especially the business model I used) has been particularly conducive to my growth and expansion. For others, it could be the family or a service organisation or something else.

If you want to be a carpenter, you study carpentry. To achieve notable success in any endeavour, it’s critical to STUDY SUCCESS — to uncover the success skills, tendencies or qualities in successful people. My extensive analytical skills put me in a unique position to unravel these mysteries. This book is the culmination of 25 years of that analysis and subsequent synthesis of success principles I discovered and applied to build a successful business.

There have been many other interesting experiences in my life that I cannot explain. What I do know is that a higher power exists, and this power works with you and through you to manifest your beliefs and desires in life.

Verusha’s Experience

From the time I was eight-years old, every Friday evening (except during school breaks) my dad ran a mentoring session for family and friends. Dad taught us about the incredible power of the mind and its potential to achieve the miraculous. Those hours were filled with stories of extraordinary achievements, wise words from great philosophers and spiritual teachers. We even did practical activities to help us focus on our goals. We learnt that our words and thoughts have the power to shape our lives, and of the importance of visualisation in creating what we wanted.

Dad even turned my name into an acronym giving it more meaning than it actually had!

V = Visualise

E = Emotionalise

R = Realise

U = U (you)

S = Shall

H = Have

A = All

I’ll never forget how to spell my name…and I remember how to succeed every time I write it!

Those Friday nights shaped my life in ways I can’t explain. Looking back, I realise I subconsciously absorbed self-development and motivational acumen, sometimes without even wanting to. Now it’s imbedded in my DNA!

Dad’s car was a mobile classroom, too. Without fail, there was an audio tape or CD playing, or a motivational speaker sharing insights on life and success. IT USED TO DRIVE ME UP THE WALL!

As a teenager, all I wanted to do in the car was listen to music and tune out, which was impossible with that annoying Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino or some other well-known expert blasting through the speakers. But, without realising it, I started to internalise their wisdom until I could quote key phrases word for word. Pretty soon I really started to believe the messages I heard and they became ‘friends’…they became part of me!

Since then, whenever I wanted to change something about my life, I would draw on what I learnt and eventually things would start to change. In fact, I had aspirations to get a great job with a reputable publishing company. Then when I decided I wanted to join one of the leading self-help publishers, Hay House, a series of ‘coincidences’ led me there.

Working for Hay House, I met, interviewed and was privileged to write about authors who had inspired me in my formative years. It’s moments like these that reinforce my belief in what I was taught, especially about the power of positive thinking to manifest a desired outcome.

I believe we all have a higher calling, a purpose that is intrinsically ours to follow if we so choose. This is part of mine, the gift of writing this book with my dad and sharing with you the precious lessons I’ve learnt.

I hope this book takes you on an incredible journey, an adventure where you might scale your personal mountains, fight your fears, laugh unexpectedly and discover the greatest potential that lies within you.


The Law is Sacred

Chapter 1

Your Invisible Partner in Success

You already have a partner in success. That’s right! You have the best imaginable partner who works with you to achieve your highest goals. The sad truth is: you probably don’t even know it!

Your partner is vibrant, creative and alive! Your partner wants you to succeed more than you do. Your partner has the immense power to orchestrate your success — to actually organise your success! All you have to do is beckon your partner by expressing your intent and showing resolve.

ACKNOWLEDGING your partner may be a turning point in your life — a truly defining moment.

But understand that we are talking about a partner, NOT a subordinate worker or a servant of some kind. Your partner will work WITH you; not FOR you. You are a co-partner and you have a significant role in the partnership.

Stick with us. Your life is about to change!

The Wondrous Universe

To understand your partner in success, let’s first expand our understanding about that partner, the Universe. Your success is inextricably connected with your understanding about the Universe.

When you take a closer look at the Universe and the evolution of life, you realise there’s obviously a higher intelligence directing creation. Creation is not accidental. There is absolute precision and order in the way the Universe operates. Look at nature and see the perfect, harmonious way it functions to keep a balance between all living things. What we are experiencing is a cosmic power called Universal Intelligence or Universal Consciousness. It is this cosmic power that makes our hearts beat, changes the seasons, grows all life, and spins the Earth and the planets around the sun to give us day and night.

Now, consider our Earth. Earth is just one planet in our solar system within the vast Milky Way Galaxy. Our sun is one of the Milky Way’s 200 billion stars. Then imagine this…there are more than a hundred BILLION other galaxies (outside our galaxy) in the universe.

The following three (reconstituted) diagrams will give you some perspective. Take a moment to understand the Earth’s size compared to other planets in our awesome universe. Try to get a deeper perspective on just how small our Earth really is on this scale.

Diagram 1.1 shows the Earth in relation to the Sun, which is about 100 times wider than Earth.

Diagram 1.1

Diagram 1.2 shows the Sun in relation to Arcturus, which is about 25 times wider than the Sun. Our Earth is invisible at this scale.

Diagram 1.2

Diagram 1.3 shows Arcturus in relation to Betelgeuse. The Sun is one pixel at this scale.

Diagram 1.3

How much do you really know about this magnificent universe in which you live?

Here are some facts that will blow your mind.

Betelgeuse (Diagram 1.3) is a red supergiant star in the Milky Way (only part of which is shown in the picture above). It is about 1000 times wider than our Sun.

But, Betelguese is not the largest known star! 

One of the very largest stars known (in terms of volume), and the largest in the Milky Way is VY Canis Majoris (not shown). Canis Majoris means ‘big dog’ in Latin. It is about 500 000 times brighter and several billion times bigger than the Sun. According to Wikipedia, it would take 7 billion Suns to fill VY Canis Majoris.

The Sun on the other hand is about one million times bigger than Earth. This means that you can fit a million Earths inside the Sun. Our Sun is just a tiny dot among several billion stars forming our Milky Way Galaxy. To us, our Earth feels like all there is, but we know that it’s just a tiny planet in a vast solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In a nutshell:

• Earth is one of many planets in our solar system, which comprises our Sun and everything that travels around it, including planets, moons, asteroids and other celestial objects.

• Our solar system is just one member of the vast Milky Way Galaxy.

• Each galaxy has 200 to 400 billion stars. (Our Sun is a star.)

• The Milky Way is just one of more than 100 billion galaxies. In fact, a recent German supercomputer simulation put the number of galaxies at about 500 billion!

When we consider the sheer magnitude of the universe, Earth is really a very small place. We live on a tiny part of an awesome Universe. In the broad scheme of things we’re barely infinitesimal!

You and the Universe

Despite the vastness of the cosmos, we’re here for a very specific reason. When we realise what that reason is, our doubts fall away and it becomes our responsibility to live life ON purpose…and WITH a purpose.

The Universe’s perfect order gives rise to the laws of nature that govern its operation. It is not likely that our orderly universe happened by chance. The earth is 150 million kms from the Sun. If Earth were much closer, it would burn up and the oceans would boil away; farther away, Earth would freeze. Surely such a perfect organisation requires a creative force. It is therefore very reasonable to believe that a supreme, intelligent force brought into existence the Universe, including the Earth and the great and wondrous diversity of life inhabiting it.

Regardless of what we call it or how science and religion define it, it’s clear that there’s a force out there, an intelligence or presence that operates mysteriously beyond its own creation.

Recognising that this force exists is fundamental to our wellbeing.

People refer to this intelligent force by a wide variety of names, such as God, Allah, Christ, Krishna, Nature, Spirit, Creator, the Source, the Divine, Shunyata, Yahweh, Ein Sof, Gaia, Universal Consciousness or simply as the Universe. As we stated earlier, we are not promoting any one religion. We use the terms God, the Universe and Universal Consciousness interchangeably according to which is most appropriate at the time.

For a start, let’s say that everything in existence, including you, is Universal Consciousness expressing itself in some form.

Let’s delve into this a little deeper.

You are Everything (A Quick Review!)

All matter (everything in existence) is made up of atoms. We learnt in school that the smallest unit of matter is an atom, which is like a tiny solar system. Imagine that! Is it a coincidence that the most microscopic atom and the macroscopic solar system have the same structural design?

In the centre of the atom is the nucleus, which is a cluster of protons and neutrons. The nucleus makes up 99.9% of the atom’s mass or weight. Whirling at fantastic speeds around the nucleus are smaller and lighter particles called electrons.

To get an idea of the nature of an atom, imagine a football field. If the atom was magnified to the size of the football field, the nucleus would be smaller than the tip of a pen. The electron, which zips around the nucleus, would be smaller than a fleck of dust. But what the electron lacks in size, it makes up for in speed. According to Wikipedia, these electrons whiz around the nucleus at a rate of about 297 600 kilometres _ per *second*_ (which is the speed of light). The electron moves so quickly around the nucleus that it gives the illusion of a solid shell. If you have ever moved a torch in a circular manner in the dark, it gives the illusion of a circle. This is what the speedy electron does as it zips around the nucleus.

As the nucleus is 99.9% of the mass (i.e. the solid stuff) of the atom, the rest of the atom is really nothing. It appears to be much, much bigger because of the whizzing electron. Now, the protons and neutrons that make up the nucleus don’t just sit there; they also move about within the nucleus, almost at the speed of light.

The atom’s solid stuff — electrons, protons and neutrons — are not solid things in themselves; they are made up of subatomic particles, which have fancy names such as quarks, leptons and bosons. It was discovered that the subatomic particles might not be particles after all, but waves. Yes, waves of energy. Nothing solid at all, anywhere!

For example, there is more empty space on the page of a printed book, than ‘paper’ (i.e. ‘solid’ stuff). The electrons in the atoms which make up a sheet of paper are moving so fast that they give the illusion of solid ink on solid paper. That solidity is just an illusion. If all the electrons stopped moving for an instant, the sheet would not just crumble into dust, it would [_DISAPPEAR _]into nothingness! Nothing is as solid as it appears; everything is energy. This is the single great Law of the Universe!

THIS IS SCIENTIFIC FACT: Everything is constantly vibrating and pulsating, even ‘immovable’ rock! The book (or ebook) you are reading is vibrating energy, giving the illusion of being solid. We cannot see those vibrations because our senses can’t perceive vibrations of that speed. Whatever you are sitting (or lying or standing) on, everything in the room or environment you are currently in, and everything you have ever seen, touched, heard, tasted or smelled, is simply energy of different frequencies. This is also true of your body. You are just a bundle of energy. Welcome to the REAL world!

To get an understanding of our connectedness with the Universe (or Universal Consciousness) let us use an analogy. Imagine for a moment that each of us is a tiny droplet of water and Universal Consciousness is the entire ocean. This means that we are an intricate part of the whole, and the whole is a part of each of us — there is no separateness, no duality. Like the droplets of water that collectively make up the entire ocean, each one of us is pure energy resonating and vibrating at our own unique frequency — different from the frequency of anything else out there.

[_You are EVERYTHING, and everything is YOU! _]

What Does Science Say?

Many in the scientific community agree that there must be a creative power behind the universe. Whether we think that power is God or just the power of creation, does not seem to be a matter of great importance. Scientists have confirmed that we are all connected to each other via energy. Science has realised that, on a subatomic level, each of us is influenced by literally everything around us and we, in turn, influence everything else.

There was an intriguing experiment carried out by Soviet scientists in the 1960s. While we don’t condone the grisly nature of this experiment, we share it with you because it dramatically illustrates our connectedness with everything else in existence.

A mother rabbit’s newborn litter was placed aboard a submarine, which was then taken out to sea and submerged. The mother remained onshore; her brain activity (EEG readings) was carefully monitored, while beneath the surface of the water, inside the submarine, the young rabbits were killed one by one. As each one was slain, the mother’s readings registered a reaction at the exact instant of each death. The experiment verified that there was a tangible (or real) psychic link between living beings.

(Pseudoscience Intelligence Studies, 2012)

Another interesting experiment that illustrates our connectedness to everything else in existence was done in 1993 under the direction of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Here are the details of that experiment.

White blood cells (leukocytes) were scraped from the mouth of a volunteer, centrifuged, and placed in a test tube. A probe from a recording polygraph (a ‘lie’ or emotion detector) was inserted in the tube. The donor of the cheek cells was seated in a room separate from his donated cells and shown a television program with many violent scenes. When the volunteer viewed scenes of fighting and killing, the polygraph probe detected extreme excitation in the mouth cells of the donor, despite the test tubes being in a separate room down the hallway. Subsequent repeats of the experiment with the donor and cells separated by up to fifty miles and up to two days after they were donated showed the same results. The donated cells remained energetically, and what scientists call ‘nonlocally’, connected with their donor and seemed to ‘remember’ where they came from.

(Pearsall, 1999)

We know that the universe is governed and orchestrated by a grand intelligence. Everything in existence is connected to this grand intelligence. You are an individual manifestation of this intelligence. You are connected to it, [hence its creative power is in you and available to you ALL THE TIME! _] To access this creative power, all you need do is summon it by invoking your emotions. Yes, Universal Consciousness responds to human _emotion — feelings of pain, pleasure, attraction, repulsion, enjoyment, distress, anger, fear, anticipation and so on. Emotion is the language it understands. Emotions change your vibrational state and set the Law of Attraction into motion. (More about this later.)

Here’s the ESSENTIAL point:

[+You communicate with Universal Consciousness through your EMOTIONS! +]

If you can fully grasp the meaning of this statement, then this may be your moment of truth — your ‘aha’ moment. Understanding this profound truth, and harnessing the power of emotions to communicate your desires to the Universal Consciousness, can help you create outcomes beyond your wildest expectations. NO EXAGGERATION!

This is so because Universal Consciousness is already your partner in success!

Universal Consciousness is devoted to your personal advancement. This great power is constantly seeking to express itself in some form — and it seeks to express itself through you. YOU are the medium for expression. This power works through you and with you, but it does not work for you. You are a co-creator; and you work in partnership with the Universal Consciousness. Your job is to clearly express your intent and demonstrate dogged determination in achieving your desired outcome.

So relax…knowing Universal Consciousness will do the rest.

Hidden truths:

1. You already have a partner in success.

2. Your partner is the living Universe!

3. Acknowledging your partner is fundamental to your wellbeing.

4. You communicate with the Universe through your feelings or[_ emotions_].

List your aha! moments:

Chapter 2

The Unbreakable Laws of the Universe

To live a harmonious life, you must not only abide by the laws of your country, but also by the natural Laws of the Universe. If we transgress, there will be consequences. Like any country, the universe is also governed by certain laws. We refer to these as Universal Laws or Laws of Nature, ‘whose content is set by nature and is therefore universal’ (Wikipedia).

The Law of Gravity is an example of a Universal Law. So is the Law of Conservation of Energy, that is, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. However, unlike human laws, which can vary from country to country, Universal Laws are consistent and unchanging. You interact with these laws with every breath you take. They govern your existence. Nothing about your life has been casual or accidental!

The Universal Laws seem to be mysterious. They have[_ hidden ]truths. When you identify these hidden truths and utilise them correctly, miracles or amazing results occur in your life. It may manifest as suddenly having money when you need it the most, reversing a life-threatening disease, or succeeding in a particular endeavour. These ‘miracles’, no matter how incredible they might be, are not unbelievable outcomes. They are _natural outcomes based on the correct application of specific laws of nature.

Unfortunately, some of the Universal Laws are not as clear-cut as they might seem.  There are unnoticed subtleties to the Universal Laws which, when understood and applied, can make all the difference between happiness and misery, prosperity and poverty, peace and conflict, ease and struggle.

It’s easy to think that some people are born to affluence and all good things happen to them. The truth is, these people aren’t simply lucky; good things don’t just ‘happen’ to them. They’re just applying the Laws of the Universe more effectively, whether they’re aware of it or not. The laws are flawless; they work perfectly every time, all the time. If you seem to be doing all the right things, but your results are poor, consider the Laws of the Universe and how you are applying them. This book will help you.

How many laws are there? Many. These laws govern every aspect of our existence. The supreme Law of the Universe is the Law of Cause and Effect, also referred to as karma or the parable of ‘reaping what you sow’. For every effect there is a cause; for every action there is a reaction. Positive action equates to a positive result. The Law of Cause and Effect transcends time, space or form. It operates whether you are aware of it or not.

Every human thought, word or deed is a cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the universe, resulting in desirable or undesirable effects. If there are undesirable effects, it simply means that at some time in the past, there was a thought, word or deed that caused a wave of undesirable energy. As normal, fully-functioning people we are quite literally responsible for everything in our lives. The following excerpt illustrates this concept.

This is the suggestion a man gave to his subconscious mind over a period of about two years: “I would give my right arm to see my daughter cured.” It appeared that his daughter had a crippling form of arthritis together with a so-called incurable form of skin disease. Medical treatment had failed to alleviate the condition, and the father had an intense longing for his daughter’s healing, and expressed his desire in the words just quoted.

One day the family was out for a drive. Their car was involved in a head-on collision. The father’s right arm was torn off at the shoulder. When he came home from the hospital, he discovered that his daughter’s arthritis and skin condition had vanished.

(Murphy, 2001)

Everyone is subject to these same natural Laws of the Universe, regardless of race, colour, creed or gender. The laws exert their influence without our consent or awareness. When we choose the behaviour, we choose the consequences. Interestingly, the people who are frustrated in life consistently try to defy the natural laws. And, not surprisingly, successful people live in harmony with the natural Laws of the Universe.

Deepak Chopra, an authority in mind-body medicine, identified these issues in his bestselling book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, saying ‘no debt in the universe ever goes unpaid. There is a perfect accounting system in this universe, and everything is a constant “to and fro” exchange of energy’.

All of life is connected; what we do to others, we do to ourselves. According to the principle of karma, any negative or positive thought or action remains that way, until it expends (uses up) its energy by acting upon the originator. The energy you create through your thoughts, words and deeds — either negative or positive — will rebound and act on YOU. But, as it is the nature of energy to expand when it is put out into the world, you will at some point experience much more than you caused others to experience.

If you cause others to experience prosperity and wellbeing, it will come back to you and you will experience it as well, often multiplied. In like manner, if you hurt someone, the energy will eventually return and cause you even greater hurt, unless of course you make amends in some way.

Eighteenth-century German poet and philosopher, Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote:

Nature understands no jesting; she is always true, always serious, always severe; she is always right, and the errors and faults are always those of man. The man incapable of appreciating her, she despises and only to the apt, the pure, and the true, does she resign herself and reveal her secrets.

The Law of Cause and Effect is the IRON LAW of the universe. It is unyielding. If you defy this law, there will be consequences — no ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ about it. It’s fascinating (and often tragic) to observe how many of us try to defy this law, especially when we pursue quick and easy gains. Often we strive for what we want by doing the exact opposite of what is in our best interest.

This beautiful fable illustrates the mystifying and sometimes illusive nature of the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Secret to Creating Affluence

A young man went to the forest and said to his spiritual master, ‘I want to have unlimited wealth, to help and heal the world. What is the secret to wealth?’

The spiritual master said, ‘There are two Goddesses that reside in the heart of every human being: the Goddess of WEALTH and the Goddess of KNOWLEDGE’.

‘Although you love both, you must pursue one of them to the exclusion of the other. Pursue her, love her, and give her your attention. Understand that only the Goddess of Wealth can give you wealth, and you may pursue only one Goddess, not both’.

‘But, here is the secret: If you pursue the Goddess of Wealth, she will be pleased with you because she loves to be chased. The more you pursue her the more she will elude you. However, if you pursue the Goddess of KNOWLEDGE, the Goddess of WEALTH will become extremely jealous and pay more attention to you. In fact, the more you seek the Goddess of Knowledge, the more the Goddess of Wealth will seek you. She will never leave you. She will constantly shower you with material blessings just to win your attention, and the wealth you desire will be yours forever’.

Adapted from (Chopra, 1993)

The human tendency is to pursue the Goddess of Wealth, which seems like the logical choice. However, wealth is simply an effect, and like any effect it has a cause. In the fable, pursuing one goddess gets you the best of both worlds; wealth comes from the acquisition and proper application of knowledge.

So let’s be clear: your goals and dreams will manifest when you and the Laws of the Universe are in harmony! It’s a scientific fact that the universe operates in absolute harmony with IRREVOCABLE natural laws and principles that have NEVER varied throughout all time. These laws prevail regardless of whether we heed them or not. Those individuals who live in harmony with the Laws of the Universe will emerge victorious. Bestselling author, Bob Proctor, summed it up perfectly when he said,

You are living and working in a dynamic global marketplace that leaves little room for error. In future, only those individuals whose beliefs are sound, in harmony with the laws of the universe, and have been integrated with their behavior, will emerge as real winners.

(Proctor 2011)

This much we know with certainty: you have unlimited potential and you can tap into and harness this potential by combining:

1. a deeper understanding of yourself (your power of attraction) with

2. specific efforts towards a desired outcome (your power of action).

In other words, you’ll experience the rewards (the Law of Receiving) when you truly understand that you have immense, untapped ability, and you combine that understanding with deliberate application of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action.

These are the three key laws of manifestation that interact to create abundance in your life. Use these laws in cohesion to expedite your success and achieve better results.

Hidden truths:

1. The Law of Cause and Effect transcends time, space or form. It operates whether you are aware of it or not.

2. Every human thought, word or deed is a cause that sets off a wave of energy resulting in desirable or undesirable effects.

3. The energy you create through your thoughts, words and deeds, be it negative or positive, will come back multiplied and act on YOU!

List your aha! moments:

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