The Code of God

The Code of God







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Two years ago



Wednesday July 30th



City of Weetumpee within US State Alabama

(20 miles south of Birmingham)

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

9:03 am

Weetumpee Hotel location

Lounge room setting

Man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs



She exhaled with a puff of nervousness and stood in front of the closed door of the lounge room, reaching out and touched the door knob. The door opened. She entered into the lounge entertainment room, hearing and seeing the new team of scientists. She and the science team had been assigned to explore a cracked opening along a natural forming join that connected a set of two limestone cliffs on the Coosa River.

The rock opening became a set of broken stone by a unique and unusual earthquake which had occurred three days ago near the outer city limits of Birmingham within US State of Alabama. The city of Birmingham was located within the Heart of Dixie territory, a mass economic composite of cow pastures, crop farms, and active businesses. The local businesses companies consisted of numerous healthcare industry hospitals, coal and mineral mining companies, soft drink bottling headquarters, and a couple of banking headquarters.

She had never worked with a sitting group of brilliant scientists before but recognized the set of faces from the set of paper background folders that was supplied by her boss for the impromptu and urgent scientific expedition.

The multi colored room of peach, pink, green, and gray was round shaped with a set of circular two-seater short sofas for the visiting guests of the Weetumpee Casino Hotel within the river city of Weetumpee within US State of Alabama.

She moved ahead and stopped, scooting into her own two-seater short sofa in front of the scientists alone with a nod and a smile at her science team. Then, she turned and winked with a grin at the man named Skippy, after a last night fun time inside her hotel suite. “Good morning! I’m the team leader and a geologist, single, no children, five feet, three inches tall, a heart shaped face, red haired pixie, brown eyes…”

“Hi.” The male sat inside the extreme right side of the room near the painted wall of a river boat inside a two-seater short sofa and lifted a palm with a smile and chuckle. “I’m Jorge Vega, an archeologist, brown hair, brown eyes, five feet, two inches, copper skin, one hundred and thirty eight pounds. Peace, Brown eyes, from me and my cubby buddy,” he reached out and slapped the second male on the front of the shirt with a grin and a laugh.

“No asshole. Jettatura,” the second male turned and frowned at the nose profile of Jorge, slapping a hand over the shirt. He possessed a tall body with a black colored ponytail, a black goatee, a pair of blue eyes, and a pair of ripped and faded blue jeans. He wore a tight shirt over the chest with a hand symbol of a clenched fist, showing the index and the little fingers stuck out like a set of upright horns.

She should have included a dress code within the electronic office memo invitation, watching the physical dog fighting between her team mates with a stern face.

The second male turned and smiled at her. “Torquanto Mazzi, engineer, doctoral degree…”

“Jetta turd,” Jorge slapped both kneecaps with a chuckle and a smile for fun.

The second two-seater short sofa held a short male, who leaned over the arm rest with a laugh and pointed at Jorge with a wink. “He speaks Italian. I’m impressed, slick.” He sat back and turned to wink at her. “I’m Amos Bains. I am a mineralogist, five feet and five inches, one hundred and twenty one pounds, red hair, hazel eyes.”

Mazzi turned and frowned at Amos. “I’m not. Jettatura is the Italian phrase for the evil eye. An evil eye is the superstition that a certain person or persons have the power by looking at you, casting a malevolent spell.”

Jorge thumbed with a smile and a chuckle to his sofa mate Mazzi on the shared loveseat. “He’s a warlock, too.”

Mazzi exhaled with a huff of annoyance and touched the shirt, staring at her, “Wrong, slick! The symbol is claimed to counter the spell with this hand gesture.”

Amos turned and frowned at the team leader. “Think, we’ll get casted or something, here inside the casino.”

“Just a shirt, bro,” Mazzi rolled the eyeballs and then looked with a sour frown at the team leader.

The team leader cleared a throat to each face, “Ladies and gentlemen.”

“Where?” Jorge slapped both kneecaps with a grin and a chuckle.

She smiled. “This is a lively group of doctors and scientists.”

“Present.” Jorge lifted a palm with a smile and a chuckle.

She nodded with a grin to each face. “I’m Dorothy Volta, the team leader.”

Amos chuckled. “Where are the little doggie Toto and your red slippers, Dorothy-girl?”

“And the WWW,” smiled Jorge.

Mazzi turned and frowned at the nose profile of Jorge. “The what, slick?”

Jorge turned and grinned to his soft mate Mazzi. “The wicked witch of the west, you know the www.”

“She’s coming, later.” Dorothy nodded with a smile to each face. “It’s her nap time at the moment,” she shook her brown colored curls with a grin. “This is what happens when you cross skulls with eggs. You get eggheads. I want to thank you for accepting this important mission. You were selected quickly and swiftly for this task…”

Jorge turned and frowned at Dorothy. “You’re scaring me, quickly and swiftly. Are those words used in firing squads?”

“Only if you mess up royally,” Mazzi turned and winked at Dorothy.

Jorge thumbed over with a sour frown to his sofa buddy. “Can we replace him, right now?”

Dorothy shook her curls with a smile. “Not economically feasible, he’s already been paid.”

Jorge nodded with a grin. “So, we’re the cheapest of the lot that has been picked up and dropped off here inside the river city of Weepumkata.”

Amos nodded with a smile. “I actually prefer, using the gentle term, least expensive.”

Jorge chuckled. “That’s why you wanted my secret Swiss bank account number, right, Dorothy?”

She pointed the next scientist inside the circular sofa with Amos with a smile. “Let’s finish by wrapping up the introductions for the rest of the scientists.”

“Then, we can start the waltz,” Mazzi smiled.

She shook her curls with a smile. “That’s not on my agenda. I have to follow the rules. My boss is here.”

Mazzi shook the ponytail with a sour frown. “Rules are so boring. State your name, specialty, and when you want me to call you. The current cell numbers and email addresses from some of you, I want to contact for later.”

She smiled. “Strike that command from Romano! That’s not part of the agenda either for today.”

Mazzi grinned. “But, for later tonight, ladies, I’m Doctor…”

She shook her curls with a sour frown. “Forget that one, too! No one is nicknamed doc, doctor on the mission. We will use our first names on the college diploma.”

Mazzi grinned. “Mr. PhD.”

“No,” she frowned.

“I prefer Mr. Congeniality,” he grinned.

“Never,” she frowned.

“Mr. Originality,” he smirked.

“Not, here,” she shook her curls.

“I want to be called Doc,” he frowned.

Jorge nodded with a smile and lifted a palm into the air. “Let’s vote! This is America, the land of freedom and democracy.”

She smiled with a nod to each face. “Okay! Raise your hand for Torquanto Mazzi to be known to this group as Doc.” Every hand rose with some fingers that displayed a set of nasty figures. She laughed with a nod to each face. “Alright, Doc! You have won their hearts for the day. Please, continue the ID process, before the lunchtime bell.”

Mazzi smiled. “I’m a doctor during the day and a predator at night,” he laughed with some of the scientists.

She frowned, “Children!”

“Present,” Jorge chuckled.

“Let’s move along!” She pointed the next scientist beside Amos.

The female possessed a tall body with a head of red colored hair, a pair of green eyes and a tone of pale colored skin, saying with a smile to Dorothy, since the chair prevented eyesight to the rest of the team mates. “My name is Sayree Rotter…”

“Babe,” Mazzi leaned over and turned, winking at her nose profile for fun.

Sayree exhaled with a puff of annoyance and stared with a sour frown at Dorothy. “No.”

“Goddess then?” Mazzi grinned at her nose profile.

She frowned at Dorothy, “Absolutely not.”

“How about my new friend?” Mazzi smiled at her nose profile.

Dorothy shook her curls with a smile. “Doc, please stop with the sexual harassment moves! Or you are off the science team, permanently.”

Mazzi turned and winked at Dorothy, “Just having a little fun, team leader.”

“Later today, after I’m fully unconscious,” Dorothy winked back and turned to see the female scientists. “Sayree is our theologist.”

“See, that’s why she’s the team leader.” Mazzi smiled with a nod to Dorothy.

The male possessed a tall body frame with a head of gray hair, a pair of brown eyeballs, a tone of dark tinted skin, and an elderly face, saying with a smile to Dorothy. “I’m Will Bluff, the real boss. I’m financing this expedition…”

“…to hell,” chuckled Mazzi.

Bluff stood upright with a sour frown and spun around to see each face. “We will find out once we are down there inside the cracked hole. Please, continue around the room with the introductions,” he pointed down to his sofa buddy and turned, sitting with a stern face to see Dorothy.

The male possessed a tall and slender body frame with a head of black colored hair, a pair of brown eyeballs, a tone of dark tinted skin, saying with a smile and a nod to Dorothy. “Admiral Skippy, Navy.”

Jorge leaned over with a grin to see Skippy. “Are you really a real admiral of the US Navy?”

Skippy nodded with a smile to Dorothy. “Four starred, last week.”

Mazzi leaned over with a sour frown to see the nose profile of the admiral. “Is that your real name Skippy?”

He nodded with a smile to Dorothy, “Skippy Leslie Lawson.”

Mazzi turned and chuckled to Dorothy, “Gawd, your mama was very unkind, bro.”

Bluff turned and frowned at the nose profile of the young scientist. “Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, sir.”

Mazzi leaned over and smiled at Bluff. “Good Lord Almighty, please have mercy on me, him, and you.” He turned back and faced Dorothy wth a smile.

Inside the third two-seater short sofa, the male possessed a short body frame with a bald skull, a tone of pale tinted skin, and a pair of violet eyeballs, saying with a smile and a nod to Dorothy. “Harper Watson, lawyer…”

Jorge chuckled, “Boo, hiss, boo…”

Mazzi leaned over with a sour frown to see the nose profile of Harper. “Who invited you, dude?”

Bluff turned and smiled at the nose profile of Harper. “I did as boss man. And I suggest you lose the business suit and the pair of wingtips, Harper.”

“Yes sir.” Harper turned and nodded with a sour frown at his boss Bluff, looking down to fumble with the business jacket.

On the second row, inside the first two-seater short sofa that was straddled between the first and second loveseat on the first row, the male possessed a tall body frame with a tone of dark tinted skin, a head of brown hair, and a pair of brown eyes, saying with a smile to Dorothy, “Garnett Vega, seismologist.”

Jorge could not spin around inside the semi-enclosed two-seater loveseat and shouted out with a smile, staring at Dorothy. “Was it really an earthquake in the center of cow patties without the tectonic plates, jumping around like fleas on a dog’s butthole, last week?”

Garnett nodded with a smile at Dorothy. “Indeed so, the plates were located in the city of Memphis within the US State of Tennessee. However, the bizarre quake registered a three point one on the Reiter-scale, which was caused by some unknown reason.”

Mazzi chuckled with a nod at Dorothy. “That’s the reason for us.”

Inside the fourth two-seater sofa with Garnett, the female possessed a short body frame with a head of black hair, a pair of black eyeballs, and a tone of dark tinted skin, smiling at Dorothy. “I am Lucy Nuer, a world renowned oceanographer, who has been hand plucked for the particular expedition.”

Inside the fifth two-seater loveseat, the female possesses a short and slender body frame with a head of brown colored hair, a pair of green eyeballs, smiling at Dorothy. “Li Zhang, computer nerd.”

“She’s cool.” Jorge slapped both kneecaps with a smile to Dorothy.

Mazzi turned and flicked the earlobe of Jorge with a chuckle. “She’s interesting, because you’re not.” He turned and smiled at Dorothy. “Got me question? Can I go to the john?” He chuckled.

Dorothy exhaled with a puff of annoyance and turned with a sour frown to see Mazzi. “At break time, any more questions?”

Mazzi raised a palm with a smile to Dorothy. “Okay, got me another question? Where are the botanist and chemist, if we are going underground to hunt and to scout the effects of an earthquake by studying the flora, the stone floor, and other fun stuff inside the dark and ancient limestone cliff?”

Dorothy jabbed a finger and a smile at Mazzi, “That is an excellent observation, Doc Mazzi. I am going to let you guess what we are looking for since each one of you is a talented scientist in your particular field.”

Jorge frowned. “Naw, just tell us?”

Lucy smiled. “It’ll be fun. We’re looking for Noah’s Ark. Am I right or pretty close, Dorothy?”

Dorothy nodded with a grin. “Pretty close, but no apple pie. Another guess?”

Jorge smiled. “We’re going to find Noah’s Ark. I know that the outer space satellite radar and sonar echoes from planet Earth and up into the space shuttle have identified a strange figure underneath the dirt of on Mount Sinai,” he leaned over with a smile and a wink to see the nose profile of Bluff. “No wonder, a billionaire is here with us. Are you going to fly us by private jet over the Atlantic Ocean, too?”

Amos shook a skull with a sour frown. “No way, dude!”

Garnett frowned. “Mount Sinai was the mountain peak where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. I loved that Hollywood film movie by producer Cecil B. De Mille, too.”

Dorothy shook her curls at the scientists and whispered for her ears only. “This is what happens when you get PhD eggheads inside one basket without the mama hen.”

Sayree nodded with a smile. “Mt. Sinai is also called Horeb which is located within the mountain district of the Sinai Peninsula which is a triangle between the two north arms of the Red Sea with a peak elevation of 8,000 feet in the northeastern part of Egypt.”

Jorge frowned. “Are your referencing Mt. Jabal-Katrinah? The mountain peak is higher at 8,668 feet?”

Amos nodded with a smile. “That mount peak is very close to St. Helene here inside Washington State at 8,364 feet. Which happens to be an active volcano, also? Mt. Sinai is not active.”

Mazzi chuckled. “You promise, dude!”

Amos nodded with a grin. “I cross my heart and hope to visit God much later in my old age.”

Li frowned with confusion. “We are looking for the Ark of Noah. No one can find it. If we analysis all the Biblical stories, there are stories of the deeds of kings, the journeys of apostles, Brother Jesus’ baby birth. The Old Testament account provides evidence of God’s creation both the heavens and earth, and rest of the history and religious life of ancient Israel from 1300 BC to 100 BC. The New Testament covers hundred years with the birth of Jesus Christ and ends at 125 AD. God is the main character of the Holy Bible within the Old Testament events which are described within the reading text, but His role is not always apparent.”

Mazzi frowned. “And what do all those statements mean to me, computer nerd?”

Lucy nodded with a grin. “The Holy Bible doesn’t define God or try to prove His existence. It testifies who He is, what He does to His children and with His property planet Earth, such like, the Flood and the Plagues. And what God expects from us, His children, and promises us, His children a heaven of peace, which does not exist on planet Earth.”

Jorge nodded with a smile. “The Book of Psalms is made up of prayers and hymns. Psalms began as oral literature sung thousands of years ago. So, as time passed, the people or the prophets wrote down the stories for people to read and learn. The Holy Bible stories include love poetry, songs, hymns, riddles, essays, fiction, history and proverbs.”

Harper nodded with a grin. “The Holy Bible is a collection of stories about both great and ordinary people, who experience and record their struggles, hopes, failures, and triumphs. The Holy Bible is read over and over by billions of people every day for guiding of their life into the glory of faith and redemption of sin. Some people believed every event actually happened…”

Lucy nodded with a smile. “I do.”

Harper frowned. “Some people feel that the events are just symbols.”

Lucy shook her curls with a stern face. “I do not.”

Garnett nodded with a smile. “Some people find that the Holy Bible only is an expression of faith. The Holy Bible is not a history book. It is a book of faith. Biblical scholars have noted differences in the word vocabulary, the writing style, the names for God, and the duplication of stories which could be evidenced by several persons or groups of persons. The Holy Bible was written over a period of five hundred years by a vast set of various authors as dictated by God.”

Harper smiled. “The Book of Revelation was written by Brother John, describing the seven letters to be delivered onto the seven churches about of God’s final triumph through Savior Lord and Jesus Christ over evil and death through the fight with the army of heavenly archangels.”

Mazzi frowned at Dorothy. “What a minute? Are we are looking for the Noah’s Ark, not the Apocalypse, right, team leader? Am I inside the right casino lounge without my money, dropping down a slot machine with an alcoholic drink in both hands?”

Bluff nodded with a smile. “The Holy Bible starts with the Creation when both Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradise. Where did Adam go? What did he do for all these years? He lived and then died, of course. The next event was the great Flood and the pilot Noah, who was Adam’s real great, great, great, great, great, great son or pretty close enough to his biological blood-kin. The Flood killed everyone, but Noah and his family. Noah and his family multiplied, begetting Abraham’s sons and daughters. Then, the Old Testament picked up with the ancestry of the Israelites and the Exodus from Pharaoh by Moses. It ended with the journey into the Promised Land of Canaan and the death of Moses. The New Testament was about Brother Jesus. So, what happened between Adam and Noah’s timeline?”

Mazzi shook a ponytail with a sour frown. “Go and ask God? He definitely knows.” He sat back with a smile, staring at Dorothy.

Bluff nodded with a smirk to Dorothy. “I do know.”

Jorge grinned at Dorothy. “Are you smoking something illegal, Willie? Because, no one knows at least inside my weekly Sunday school class,” he chuckled with the other scientists.

Bluff smiled at Dorothy, “Between the Old and New Testament, there are these hidden books which are called, the Apocrypha. We know this information to be true based on both the educated scholars and the nosy scientists. For example, the Tobit tells of Solomon’s adventures and philosophy along with his daily moral lessons. I’m tattle telling here. There are hidden scriptures inside Noah’s Ark, not a U-boat shape of gopher wood. This is what we are seeking for today.”

Jorge clapped with a smile. “Whoa!”

Mazzi leaned over the chair arm with a sour frown, looking with a puzzled brow into the nose profile of Bluff. “How did you figure that, old man?”

Bluff continued to smile and nod to Dorothy. “The great Flood is mentioned by numerous civilizations, such like, the Ancient Middle East from the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Jewish, and the Islamic; the Asia-Pacific nations of China, Loa, India, Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia; the Europe cultures of Greek, Germanic, Irish and Finnish; the American people of Aztec, Inca, May, Hopi, Caddo, Menominee, and finally the Polynesians. No one is exempt from this once in a life time Bible storyline.”

Lucy frowned at Dorothy. “These are the historical teachings of Christianity that is spread by the monks, missionaries, apostles, and prophets.”

Bluff continued to smile and nod to the team leader Dorothy. “About 5,000 years ago, the Sumerian culture began with codes of laws that were displayed in the format of colorless drawings and weird writings. About 3,500 years ago, the Egyptian culture used the same codes of laws that were displayed within hieroglyphics which were more advanced than the Sumerian society.”

“Aliens, you mean!” Mazzi smiled at Dorothy. “If we find a twirling space ship and a dining room table of little darling green aliens inside that cracked limestone opening and not Noah’s Ark, then I’m calling Hollywood and getting all my money back on their silly sci-fi movies,” he chuckled with some of the other scientists.

Bluff frowned, “Gentlemen!”

“Where?” Jorge laughed with a clap of amusement.

Dorothy frowned at each face, “Doctors.”

“Present,” Jorge raised a palm into the air with a smile and a chuckle.

Bluff nodded with a stern face to Dorothy. “About 5,600 years ago, the dramatic flooding of all landlocked rivers was caused by the catastrophic deluge, coming from the boiling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea waters dumped down into the Black Sea and then traveled beyond the landmass borders. However, a team of numerous and curious researchers from numerous and non-fun expeditions have searched but have not uncovered the boat of Noah’s Ark on top of Mount Ararat. I believe that they are looking in the wrong place.”

Lucy tossed a hand into the air with a sour frown at Dorothy. “Wait a minute! Adam was projected to be the first man created by Almighty God and then the non-human-like cave woman Lucy was found 100,000 years ago inside her home continent of Africa.”

Amos frowned. “Cavemen don’t count here. Since, it was an experiment gone badly wrong by Almighty God,” he chuckled with some of the scientists.

Li frowned. “Almighty God doesn’t experiment.”

Amos nodded with a smile. “Of course, He does. Witches. Werewolves. Vampires. Who made them? The wind? The dust? The sun? Almighty God did so but not all at once, since He just takes his sweet tea time,” he chuckled with some of the other scientists.

Mazzi frowned, “Monsters didn’t exist, Amos.”

“Satan, demons, angels, ghosts, furies,” Amos nodded with a grin.

Dorothy frowned at each face, “Silence, children! Please continue, Will.”

Bluff nodded with a stern face to Dorothy. “In the Book of Genesis, Almighty God created the male and female and then blessed both of them. Almighty God blessed them to be fruitful and multiply and then ordained them to have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle of the land, and over the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the ground…”

Mazzi chuckled, “Creepeth, a very strange odd word, indeed!”

Jorge laughed. “Wonder, how the apostle figured out how to spell that one?”

Amos smiled, “C.r.e.e.p.e.t.h.”

Dorothy exhaled with a puff of frustration and a sour frown at each highly educated team mate. “Listen, children!”

Will smiled with a nod at Dorothy. “Adam died at the age of 930 years old. The Flood was around 2,900 BC. Noah died at the old age of 950 years.”

Jorge shook a skull with a smile. “I don’t wanna live to be that old, ever.”

Mazzi reached over and flicked the earlobe of Jorge with a sour frown, “If you keep interrupting, you won’t be alive for the fried catfish and hush puppies dinner bell, tonight.” He dropped the arm with a chuckle.

Jorge turned and frowned at the nose profile of Mazzi. “I’m been threatened over here inside this shared loveseat by It, again.”

Lucy raised a hand into the air with a puzzled brow at team leader Dorothy. “So, after your enlightened lecture, we are seeking another undiscovered copy of the Koran inside Noah’s Ark.”

Will nodded with a smile to Dorothy. “The Koran is the sacred book of the Mohammedans, containing the religious, social, civic, commercial, military, and legal code of Islam. There are one hundred and fourteen chapters which are told by Mecca, Medina, and the arch-angel Gabriel with the sound of bells that are written in Arabic that were compiled from the lips of Mohammed.”

Jorge turned and frowned at the nose profile of Will. “And why are we sitting around here on top of the pretty mint green fabric loveseats?”

Mazzi nodded with a smile, “The money.”

Will smiled with a nod to Dorothy. “Yes, my money is expensing both your fee and this trip. I would like to continue my lecture. Inside the Sumerian culture, they saw the universe as earth, an enclosed dome that was surrounded by water and under the dome, it was the underworld. This is also a shared Christian point of view. There was a god of the dome for earth, a god of the water, a god of the underworld, a god of the sun, and a goddess of the moon. Their myths stated that the gods had created the humans for their servants for themselves but freed them, when they became too much to handle. I do believe this coincides with Almighty God, creating mankind inside the storyline, when Adam and Eve attacked that damn apple and were expelled from paradise. The Sumerian society exchanged both cultural and linguistic information with the Semitic Akkadian, the Amorite Babylonians, and the Hittites retelling a similar storyline, paralleling the Biblical accounts of both Noah and the Flood, except they called it the Sumerian deluge myth. Research scholars discovered the shared storyline within 40,000 clay tablets which were written about 5,000 years old. I believe many more books of the Holy Scripture are hidden within Noah’s Ark for the finder to discover and share with the entire world.”

Mazzi frowned. “So this is the point of your story telling.”

Lucy frowned. “Then we are looking for the Noah’s Ark within the state of Alabama.”

Jorge shook a skull with a sour frown, “What? Naw.”

Will smiled with a nod to Dorothy. “Within the Sumerian codes, scholars had discovered inside the clay tablets more Biblical parallels to Brother Job which accounted for the suffering and the submission of the faithful which was rewarded by a deity. Another shared example, the Sumerian codes covered the proclamations of divorce, perjury, adultery, and penalties retribution of stealing. A good example, an eye for an eye is stated inside the Holy Bible. Another good example is the story of Dilmun or the Garden of Eden, where Dilmun is a pure, clean, bright non-party place with neither sickness or death with an abundance of fruit trees and gardens.”

Mazzi frowned. “So if there are really hidden clay tables inside the Ark, why didn’t the scholars already theory that tidbit of information? This is the first time that I’ve heard of this silly theory.”

Will smiled with a nod to Dorothy. “Because, the Sumerian cultured had disappeared without explanation. The scholars or scientists can’t address that question either with a pen or a notebook. No one can answer why Babylon was destroyed besides Almighty God getting anger and then destroying His children for decadence.”

Lucy shook her black colored curls with a confused brow. “There was told inside the Holy Bible that Almighty God was responsible for the destruction of His cities, because they re-engaged in the worshipping of pagan gods, while ignoring the good advice of Noah.”

Amos frowned. “I don’t understand.”

Lucy frowned. “I don’t like your conclusion.”

Will smiled with a nod to Dorothy. “It is not a conclusion. This is a theory. Noah had written it all down inside his clay tablets or his leather books which are all hidden inside the Ark.”

Jorge frowned. “Books? I don’t know that Noah possessed a set of breakable clay tablets or written books on animal leather goods.”

Amos smiled with a nod. “Those could be worth billions.”

Jorge grinned with a nod, “Zillions!”

Mazzi smiled with a nod. “Priceless.”

Jorge stood upright from the loveseat and danced side to side with a smile and a hum in front of the other scientists, “I’m going to be rich, richer, richest…”

Mazzi frowned with confusion. “Are you sharing your trillion dollar find with us here inside this room, Will, the billionaire?”

Dorothy reached over and pressed a button on the remote control devise inside her lap, pointing to the television screen on the wall behind her skull with a smile. “Look over here on the plasmas television screen. This is the Coosa River, flowing up from the beach city of Mobile within the US State of Alabama, moving across into the city of Rome within the US State of Georgia. The Coosa River flows northwest and floats down towards the southwest,” she pressed the button again. “This is an enlargement of the limestone cliff which is a natural structure along the Coosa River which is upriver five miles from here at Weetumpee. It has existed there for eons. Three days ago, our slight earthquake knocked a crack inside the limestone bedrock. The US Park and Water Service Department went to investigate with the intention to plug the hole. Instead, the crack revealed a deep dark cavern, when the bright white colored flashlights shined into the tight opening. When one of the park rangers tapped on the bedrock, the crack expanded into a small crawl space for one person. Over the past three days, the crawl space has broken off into larger chunks, sliding down and falling directly into the river. Now, the crack has surprisingly revealed a set of small pebbles, larger rocks, and wood bits…”

“Wooden bits?” Mazzi frowned with confusion at Dorothy. “Wooden pieces are located inside a natural gray colored chalk limestone cliff. That is really weird.”

“And it is intriguing too,” Will nodded with a smile at Dorothy. “We’re going to investigate, scientists. I suspect in theory that the clay tablets were transported from Noah’s Ark by other blood relatives, probably a gang of thieves. Remember? When Almighty God let loose the flood waters, the one-land divided in many land continents. I suspect that some of Noah’s close distance relatives took off by naked feet, carrying away some or part of the breakable clay tablets with them luck or reward or evil,” he chuckled with some of the scientists.

“Back to reality, team mates!” Dorothy nodded with a grin, “At the rear of the room, you will see a pile of green ugly leather backpacks and expensive good steady cliff climbing gear. Every scientist must wear a helmet, a life-vest, a pair of gloves, a set of knee braces, and the eye goggles to become money rich and a part of the exploring research team.”

The scientists stood upright from each loveseat with smiles and twist around, moving towards the rear wall of the room with the gear.

Dorothy continued to sit with a smile and lifted an object near her face. “And you must fill and sign the legal papers inside the front pouch of the backpack. Every backpack is exactly the same. Please, provide me with your personalized signed and dated legal paper. Ink pens are supplied inside your backpack, too. You can bring any personal gear, including cell phones, cameras, or whatever. But I’m not responsible for damage or lost.” She pressed the button for a third time and thumbed back over a collar bone at the plasma television. “Look over here behind my shoulder! The flowing fresh waters before and after the limestone cliffs are a set of river rapids. The rippling water is class three white water rapids.”

Mazzi squatted down and dumped out each items from his selected backpack over the floor, looking for the ink pen and the legal papers. “Dang, class three white water rapids are not smooth going into the wall o hard river rocks. Who’s paddling my boat?”

Skippy stood upright from the loveseat with a smile and spun around, moving ahead towards the rear wall, squatting and grabbing a backpack also. “I’m lead on one boat. Mazzi, you’re lead on the second boat. It doesn’t matter which boat you sit inside, since each one will wear all the gear, where I will be checking first. We’ll lead out by two helicopters. The copters will land on in the grass, not in the mud. We have two river platoons which are loaded and ready with the proper rapid water gear. Also, we have to climb a rope ladder up along the cliff face which should be easy. The rope leads directly into the newly expanded crack of the cavern. Mazzi and Jorge will be assisting folks up from the cliff for safely. Don’t worry! And don’t ask me any more questions. I’m clueless about the inners of the cavern and content like you,” he reached out and dresses his body with the water gear too.

Dorothy stood upright from the loveseat with a smile and extended a palm. “After all the papers are collected, we leave out towards the two helicopters. Select and pick any seat on the copter and be calm! The next couple of hours are going to be unpredictable on this trip…”

“Space trip,” Mazzi spun around with a smile and moved ahead, stopping and handed the signed and dated legal paper that relieved the billionaire of any personal body damage of the team before, during, and after the research mission.



Coosa River water rapids location

Limestone cliff cavern interior setting

(three miles north of Weetumpee)

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine and parted clouds

with six miles per hour winds and 87 percent humidity



Inside the first river platoon boat, Dorothy thrust a single paddle down against the rough waves as the water splashed up and hit her face again. She spat out the fresh water, closing the eyelashes, exhaling with a puff of annoyance. She reached up and brushed off the cold water from a face for vision. The river platoon dove down and up over cold water again when another rough wave hits her face.

Skippy maneuvered the second river platoon towards the assigned limestone cliff wall.

Dorothy could see a man-made rope that hung down from a large bolt that had been drilled up into the limestone boulder.

Skippy guided the paddle and slammed the rubber river platoon against the tall rock wall as the rough waves smashed into the riders and the floor of the boat. He reached out and tied off the platoon into the second rope, securing it, so the platoon didn’t drift along the river. He stood upright and shifted around the riders inside the boat, reaching down and tapped the collar bone of Li first. She slowly stood with a wobble and fell back down into her seat with a grunt. Skippy reached down and lifted Li by the two armpits, hooking a rappelling rope onto the rear of her life jacket. He reached up and tugged on the rope. The rope slowly lifted Li up and onto the fourth ream of the rope ladder.

Li turned and slowly climbed up the rope in a pair of gloves, reaching the top of the rope ladder as her boot soles disappeared from the eye view of Skippy into the crack of the cave inside the cliff wall.

Skippy reached down and assisted the rest of the scientists onto the rope ladder and watched each one disappear into the cracked opening of the limestone cavern. He double checked the latch, connecting the rope to the river platoon and then he climbed up the rope ladder.



Interior cavern setting

Dark and damp environment



Skippy climbed the rope and stood inside the archway of the enclosed dark and damp cavern with a puzzled brow. A series of tiny bright flashlight beams winked back and forth, coming from an upright dark shadow, each scientist. They squatted down or scurried around a small pile of wooden planks that rested over the white chalky stone floor.

Mazzi stood in place and tapped onto the stone wall with a chuckle, reading out loud the etched string of printed words. “Kobold is here.”

“Stop it, Mazzi!” Jorge squatted down and tapped on an individual wooden piece of plank with a naked hand, studying it with intrigue.

Amos stood with a confused brow over a second individual wooden piece of plank on the opposite wall from Mazzi with a smile. “Kobold is a German ghost or a Scottish brownie,” chuckling.

Each scientist could hear the rushing waters of the rapids, birds singing, and the scraping noises of each river platoon boats that were all tied below as each platoon hit the cliff wall, coming from the rough waves in the background. Skippy continued to block the crack opening with a body and a backpack, surveying each team mate for stress, panic, or trouble.

Lucy squatted down over a third individual wooden piece of plank with a smile. “Kobold is a gnome that works in the mines or inside the forests.”

Jorge squatted down with a laugh and examined a fourth individual piece of wooden plank. “It ain’t mine.”

Harper stood upright with a smile and studied the gray limestone wall with the flashlight. “It definitely is not a forest either.”

Dorothy squatted down and tapped on the fifth individual piece of wooden plank with a stern face. “These particular knife curved drawings within the wood appear to be some type of unknown symbols. I believe this might be actually wooden planks from the Biblical Ark. This symbol translates into the Arabic word, kochlani.”

Lucy nodded with a smile and continued to examine her individual wooden plank. “The word kochlani means, a royal horse of the Arabian line. It could represent one of the many royal off springs from the stables of King Solomon. His royal stallion was named Neibuhr.”

Mazzi turned with a chuckle and scanned the dark hole of gray stone inside the cliff. “Where are the ancient leather textbooks or the ancient broken clay tables from Almighty God?”

Amos turned with a confused brow and scanned the dark hole of stone inside the cliff also. “Where is the Ark of the Covenant?”

Will stood in front of all the scattered wooden planks and scanned the back spine of each scientist with a sour frown of disappointment. “I expected to find more evidence of an additional Holy Scripture here inside the stone cave. I was so certain,” he spun around and moved towards Skippy with a nod and a sour frown.

Skippy continued to block the crack opening with a body and caressed his personal hand gun, watching for any trouble, saying with a stern face to Will, “Impossible.”

Dorothy shifted a hand and tapped over her individual wooden piece of plank with a gasp. “The next symbol curved into the wooden plank reads the word, malum. Malum is the Latin word for apple.”

Li shook her curls at the individual wooden piece of plank. “No. You’re incorrect, Dorothy. Malus, mala, and malum all are Latin words, meaning ‘an evil.’ When Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, she became evil. And then Eve and Adam were expelled from paradise.”

“Whoa! Evil inside a stone cave with a pile of rotting wooden planks,” Jorge continued to survey the individual wooden plank with a laugh and a smile.

Harper continued to touch the individual wooden plank with a confused brow. “What does each individual or group of symbols mean on each wooden plank? How did all the wood planks get inside a stone cave from millions of years ago?”

Dorothy shifted over the wooden plank and touched the next symbol which was embedded into the wood with a stern face. “Mammon, it is a Syrian word that means riches. It is the god of the material world which also is quoted inside the Holy Bible. The quote comes from the Book of Matthew. It says that ‘you cannot serve Almighty God and mammon, both.’”

Lucy continued to squat in front of the individual wooden plank with the flashlight and looked up with a stern face to see the rear skull of Dorothy. “The biblical quote translates into a personification of both evils of wealth and misery. I don’t understand this cave and these wooden pieces.”

Dorothy shifted to the side and touched the next symbol. “There is another symbol. Kafir is ‘an infidel’ within the Arabic language. The name was given to the Hottentots, who rejected the Moslem faith.”

Harper continued to squat own in front of the wooden plank and tapped on the wood with a confused brow. “Why are all those symbols etched onto a wooden plank? What is the purpose here? What does it all translate into inside the cavern?”

Jorge stood upright from the individual wooden plank with a smile and a chuckle, turning to scan the dark hole. “This entire space trip doesn’t make any sense. Seeing it is, believing in it. I guess that I see. And I still don’t believe it.”

Amos turned and moved around the cavern to the next wall with a smile and a nod. “Possession is nine-tenths of the legal law. Isn’t that correct, legal William? Right, Doc Mazzi?”

Harper stood upright from the wooden plank and pointed down at the plank with a confused brow. “This is a curse, not a warning.”

Mazzi stood in front of the gray wall of stone with a laugh. “So Noah built a bookcase for his ancient leather books and then he ditched all the wooden planks here inside the unknown territory of the future home for a bunch of Bama rednecks to find and burn for kindle inside the fireplace.” He leaned over and fist bumped with Jorge as they both laughed.

Amos moved around each wall and reached out, touching it with a smile. “We accomplished our task, our mission. Let’s go home and get warm. I’m tired. I want a hot bath and a cold beer, before a plate of catfish and hush puppies for supper.”

“Who’s going to tote out all these wooden planks from the cavern?” Harper continued to squat in front of the wooden plank, staring at the rear skull of Dorothy.

Mazzi turned and laughed at the elderly man. “William is. This is his, all his legal property, now.”

Lucy stood upright and stared down with a confused brow at the individual wooden plank. “I don’t understand. What could two piles of wooden planks possibility mean to anyone living in the modern world?”

“It’s a message.” Dorothy continued to squat and tapped on the individual wooden plank with a stern face and a nod.

Skippy continued to scan each stone wall, each scientist, and each wooden plank. Someone shoved the back spine of Skippy. Skippy sailed to the side of the wall, moving away from the entrance portal into the cavern, slapping a face into the hard stone.

Then they appeared and blocked the crack opening of bright sunlight into the dark cavern.

Will stopped and stood in place with a sour frown at the gang of unknown strangers. “Who are you? We have an Alabama legal permit to survey this historical land site here on the Coosa River.”

The adult was a tall male with a tone of dark skin on a muscular body, smiling at Will. “Speak English for the stupid Americans. The question is. What are we?”

Skippy reached up and wiped the blood from a face, reaching down and whipped out the hand gun, too late. The other set of hand guns pointed and fired at each scientist. An array of flying bullets ricocheted with a sound of loud pings, coming off the stone and back into the bloody flesh of each dying scientist. Skippy aimed and fired an array of bullets, killing the speaking stranger, tossing the empty hand gun and stood upright, running and attacked the nearest stranger with a set of fighting fists. Skippy and the stranger twirled around and around, spinning towards the entrance opening. The stranger reared back a fist and punched on the face of Skippy. Skippy twirled around and fell backward into the wall, standing upright with a sneer. The stranger reared back a fist and hit the face of Skippy again. Skippy fell backward for a second time and hit the open crack of the cavern mouth.

A second stranger reached out and grabbed Will. Will fought with pants and shouted with worry, “Son, save yourself! I love…”

Skippy did not catch the hand holes on the smooth stone wall, falling backward, dropping down through the entrance opening. His body descended down the cliff face and hit the middle floor of the river platoon. His body bounced up and down a few inches and then finally landed down onto a back spine with a loud grunt and a mouth of blood. His impact and his tallness jerked the rope ladder off each metal bolt, releasing the river platoon boat. Then the platoon swiftly sailed down the rough waters of the Coosa River, steering towards a smooth lagoon. He closed his eyelids with throbbing pain and a set of aching limbs, hearing a set of more gun blasts and piercing screams from each dying scientist inside the entrapped limestone cavern.

Then, Skippy passed out into unconsciousness of darkness.



8:35 am

City of Birmingham within the US State of Alabama

(23 miles northwest of limestone cliff, Coosa River)

Warm temperatures with parted clouds of sunrays

Home setting of Salvatella Abaigar, MD

Interior car setting of Islander



The male was a tall adult with a head of light blonde colored hair, a face of blonde whiskers, a tone of pale tinted skin, a pair of blue eyes. He was thirty something years old with a smile. “Title 18, section 2320?” Islander watched the house and asked the funny question, tapping both palms onto the steering wheel of his personal car, turning with a smile to see his working partner Kay Lexington.

Kay Lexington was a tall queen-sized female with a head of black colored short hair, a tone of pale tinted skin, a pair of dark green eyes and thirty something years old. She used her cleverly and creatively shorten version of his name with a sour tone, “Shut it, Is.” She wore a pair of super magnified binoculars around both eyeballs, studying the open glass panes on the assigned house, where they would eventually present an arrest warrant.

“Not multiple choice option! So, trafficking in counterfeit goods.” Islander reached down and wrote out the correct answer onto a note of paper that was filled with a set of typed questions. The small note pad of paper was located between the empty spaces inside the steering column of his new sports car in fire engine red with a set of black glossy aluminum alloy wheels.

He and she were agents from the FDA team, watching the house as the new assignment for the day.

“Shut it, Is.” She continued to survey the house through the binoculars.

“Trafficking. Why trafficking spelled t.r.a.f.f.i.c.k and not…”

“Shut it, Is.” She continued to survey the house through the binoculars.

“O. A noun, pronoun, or verb meaning track fuck. There’s got to be no other description then the translation, track fuck,” he chuckled with a nod, “Must be one of our buzz words within the FDA database, right, Lex?”

“Shut it, Is.” She continued to survey the house through the binoculars.

“Did you re-cert, yet? Me gots to do it, next week, to stay OCI special agent for the FDA, and keep my puny paycheck, dropping down into my empty bank account to pay for my new sports car…”

“Shut it, Is.” She continued to survey the house through the binoculars.

He caresses the leather steering wheel and then the dashboard with a smile. “You like my new sports car?”

“Shut it, Is.” She continued to survey the house through the binoculars.

He turned and smiled at the house, “Why we here?”

“The FDA is pursing all biomedical researchers that are engaged in any and all illegal pharmaceutical practices, when applying for any type of proper drug license,” she studied the house through the binoculars.

He chuckled at the house. “O. Some research in neurobiology, neurology, and psychiatry supporting brain tumors, neurodegeneration therapeutics, epilepsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Medical research provides scientists with an infrastructure to access new types of pharmaceutical drugs. Burn U or Birmingham University got a new MRI scanner that scans only the skull bone and the brain matter. That’s one of the coolest and latest equipment monitoring…”

“This doc can grow parts of the body, without God’s help, using stem cells.”

He continued to smile at the house, “Why we here?”

“Burn U ranks twenty fourth among all academic institutions in the USA, using our US Federal paid income taxes, funding a public bank account for research with a set of legal drugs and unapproved medical mechanic devices. The US Federal paid income taxes total over eight hundred million dollars, which is almost one billion dollars that involves close to 1,200 docs.”

He nodded with a smile at the house. “Wow.”

“Stem cell research classifies into three main types: embryonic, adult, and reprogrammed cells.”


She spied at the house through the binoculars, “Baby stem cells.”

He turned and smiled at the binoculars that covered her pretty eyeballs. “I read this research medical report. It said that there is stem cell gel, not hair gel that delivers a nerve pop of energy that restores the hearing of small deaf mammals. Why would Almighty God make small deaf mammals, Lex?”

She spied at the house through the binoculars. “Shut it, Is.”

“Stem cells are nothing but cells that divide like mathematics into embryonic and adult cells. Then, they all grow up to be new organs, such as, skin, tissues, intestines, and blood.”

“Shut it, Is.”

He turned and smiled at the house. “What the she-doc do wrong?”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and turned the binoculars, studying at the surrounding house lawns and city streets, “Harvesting! She was stealing literally all the stem cells of blood, coming from the umbilical cord of the newborn infant inside the womb of the new mommy-to-be during a scheduled patient examination session.”


She smiled behind the binoculars. “Do you ride a horse, Is?”

“Stem cells are found inside the amniotic fluid of an unborn baby inside the womb of the mommy-to-be. The first amniotic stem cells bank opened in the year 2009 here in the USA, working with all the hospitals and all the research universities on medical tissue regeneration of injured and elderly patients. The President of the USA called the amniotic stem cells, the future of medicine. The stem cells are very active, expanding without feeders of feathers from birds or feet of mice. And the amniotic stem cell do not cause or duplicate cancer cells. So, the doc can sell her baby products on the black market. How much did she make last year? I might be starting my own company,” he chuckled at the house.

“Bank statements recorded one hundred and twenty five million dollars within the calendar year, starting in the first month of January.”

He continued to smile at the house. “Whoa! How she gets captured?”

She dropped the binoculars and stared at the nose profile of Islander. “You didn’t learn about verbs within your elementary school. Did you, Is?” He smiled at the house in silence. She smiled. “I guess rednecks only utilize. Utilize is a fancy term for use. Rednecks only utilize the noun and exclamation combo. Our job is to capture and arrest her, after she got really greedy and then filed an amniotic fluid patient charge on her medical bill with the smart and greedy health insurance company. One the smart underpaid registered nurses got more curious and discovered the single patient medical charge and then found many more laboratory tests for the so-called amniotic fluid medical test that had been conducted within her private physician office. The registered nurse called the office manager and asked for the results of the laboratory tests of the amniotic fluid. When the physician office manager couldn’t provide the lab test plus the laboratory result, the physician suggested eliminating the patient charge from the insurance payment to her business office. This wasn’t only a weird suggestion from a greedy physician who didn’t want money, but an unethical practice. Since, the insurance company had previous paid all the monies for the amniotic fluid medical tests, without a set of results to the physician for the numerous patient medical bills. The doc didn’t seem concerned, since she was in the country of Spain at the time doing her extracurricular activities. Three registered nurses called lots of skulls and talked to lots of faces. The final call was to us, the FDA. Now, we are here waiting for her to come back home,” she points at the mansion within the luxurious suburban community of Birmingham.

“So, me and you, here to…”

“The embryonic stem cell comes in three gut tubes: ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. Ectoderm is the nerves and skin. Endoderm represents the lungs. The mesoderm makes up the muscle, bone, and the blood vessel. In essence, it is everything else that connects all three gut tubes.”

He turned and winked at her. “My gut tells me that’s the important one.”

“In order to maintain an undifferentiated state of the stem cells, they are grown inside a bed of mice guts within a layer of gelatin as an extracellular matrix without the optimal culture combo or the embryonic stem cells rapidly differentiate.”

“They morph into a monster rat which is the size of my motorbike. So she got a few exotic pets living with her at the house.”

“The basement is a home-made laboratory with dozens of cages and dozens of invoices, coming from the local pet store that is around the street corner. The pet store sells the gray furry things with four legs and pink noses.”

“Did she freeze the growing stem cells on the live mice?”

“She shipped all the mice and the grown stem cells alive inside a set of cages to the following foreign counties, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and others. She broke about twenty three international laws of fright shipment of live animal imports. Plus, she committed about fifteen criminal international acts, directly invading the foreign cities, where the foreign governments have a moratorium on all stem cells. The foreign government view that stem cells possesses the superhuman ability to expand the pluripotency into a potential source of some type of regenerative medicine for tissue replacement, after a body injury or a body disease.”

He turned and scanned the streets with a chuckle, “What that pluripotency, again?”

“Shut it, Is.”

“O. Pluripotency, from the Latin word plurimus, meaning very many. Potens means having power. So, the very many, having the power to develop into an awesome cool regeneration man or woman,” he turned and winked at her.

She exhaled. “Pluripotent stem cells cannot give rise into a fetal or adult organism, since it lacks a placenta. The placenta contains the nutrients from a host like a mommy-to-be who feeds the fetus for growth and survival.”

He smiled. “O. A neanderthal-like regenerate man or woman. Research shows that stem cells can treat patients with leukemia and it has the potential with world-wide future implementations to treat a world wider variety of diseases, such like, other body cancers, spinal cord injuries, MD, muscle damage…”

“The treatment risk of the transplanted stem cells can always form tumors, becoming cancerous, if the cell divides and continues to grow out of control inside a sicker human body. That is why there are currently no approved treatments using a set of embryonic stem cells.”

“I argue that a human with any type of permanent disabling injury or terminal disease is more than willing to take the risk and the chance that the medical potential will overcome a hope of a life time trauma event.”

“If the stem cells which are good or bad pluripotent cells are injected directly into another human warm body, then that warm body can cause a teratoma.”

He turned and chuckled at the neighbor’s house, “What that teratoma, again?”

“Shut up, Is.”

“O. A tumor that grows many gut layers, possessing hair, teeth, bone, eyeballs, finger pads, toe bones…”

“Very rare, Is.”

“Recorded by the medical diagnosis of teratoma, based on its histology which was made by pathologists usually more common inside the ovaries of women and the testes of men within a cyst, that resembles a fetus with hair, arms and…”

“Shut it, Is.”

Her mobile telephone spoke out loud via one of the other FDA agents. The other FDA agent team was hiding inside an unmarked at the street intersection. “Mark is coming to you at nine o’clock.”

Islander and Lex flipped a face to see the rear window, watching the luxury sedan that curved around the private driveway. The luxury sedan steered down below ground into a four-car garage which was next store to the secret basement that held the private laboratory, where the physician conducted her secret experiments on the poor little gray mice.

A set of two doors cracked opened. They exited and slammed the twin doors at the same time.

Islander spun around to face Kay and reached down, pulling out the gun revolver, holding it two-fisted, aiming down at the asphalt pavement with a stern face.

“Diplomatic approach, first! Then, the cowboy show, not at all.” Lex slapped a set of manicured blue colored fingernails on top of the roof of his new muscle car with a frown at Islander.

Islander pouted and stared down at the hand gun, releasing a right shooting hand from the two-fisted pose, dropping the weapon down even with a kneecap, looking up with a wink at her.

Lex rolled her green colored eyeball and back stepped from the car, scooting around the front bumper, pulling up beside him and moved ahead towards the front door of the physician. She carried and shouldered a handbag, containing all the arresting legal documents, her Alabama driver’s license, and her wallet. She reached inside and pulled out the FDA ID badge, dropping the necktie around her neck, jerking the arrest warrant out from the side pocket of the purse with a stern face.

Islander always wore his ID which was stamped in color of dark blue and designed in a set of six-inched letters that showed FDA over a white T-shirt. He learned that trick from a good buddy inside the local FBI office on the Southside community within Birmingham. His necktie with the authentic FDA badge swung back and forth across a chest, marching ahead towards the house, holding the revolver at the knee for ready action.

Lexington and Islander moved up the set of nice bricked steps and stopped, standing in front of the nice front door. She reached out and touched the doorbell with a fake smile. “I handle the introduction this time, before you shoot the whites of her eyeballs.”

“I like being both efficient and efficacy. Since, that’s the official FDA motto, Lex.”

The door cracked wide and presented a queen-sized woman.

Kay lifted up and showed the FDA badge which was even with the eyeballs of the physician and the paper arrest warrant. “Doctor Salvatella Abaigar, you are under arrest for illegal exportation of…”

Salvatella back stepped with an open mouth and spun around, running up the stairs in silence.

Kay shook her curls with a sour frown. “Go, cowboy.”

Islander pivoted and whistled. His dog Lester jumped out from the open window, dashing over the city street and towards his master. Islander trotted back down the bricked steps and squatted on the sideway. The dog slowed and sat in a regal pose, awaiting the command order. Islander said. “Ataque, Lester! Go around the rear of the house. Vamus,” he pointed the rear of the house corner.

Lester was a human name for the German shepherd dog who knew what to do and who to catch, since the house contained one person. Lester turned and dashed towards the house corner for his new assignment.

On the front porch, Kay pointed up towards the winding staircase inside the house with a stern face. “She went up into the attic. There’s a door and space, maybe for another laboratory, Is.”

“Got it!” Islander turned and run up the exterior steps, running behind her back spine, since he was the muscle and the sheriff. Kay was the lady and the judge. He pounded the carpet and hit the top level of the staircase, halting, scanning an empty hallway.

There was a new door by the viewing window.

He turned and ran down the hallway, stopping, studying the partly cracked door. He lifted and aimed the cold barrel of the hand gun into the darkness, swinging the wood open with a toe boot, spotting emptiness. He quickly shuffled into the room, studying the emptiness. It was a false face of full of dirty windows, displaying the grove of tall trees inside the back yard. Then, his eyeballs saw a second door. He turned and dashed ahead, flinging the door open with a hand, holding the gun into the darkness, standing inside the new archway with a puzzled brow.

Lex appeared and stood inside the first archway of the door. “Clear!” She held the gun into the room and dropped it down after seeing Islander near the second door. She moved ahead and stood behind his back spine.

He pointed inside the hallway of darkness with a sour frown. “The first door and associated room fake. This door leads down into another set of dark whining steps. I theorize here. The secret laboratory is down there inside the basement.” Lex nodded in silence. He turned and climbed down the descending steps and watched for the physician, landing onto a floor of hard rough concrete and halted. He studied the dank set of two enclosed concrete walls and moved ahead towards a third closed door, reaching out and pulling the metal door open with a free hand. The cold barrels of the revolver pointed into the dark danger.

Inside the basement room of man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs, Salvatella shifted her queen-sized body movements side to side, flinging both arms and legs into the numerous free standing metal medical trays, scooting away the rolling office chairs, and running into sets of medical reference manuals. Each item flicked off her queen-sized body as she twirled side to side throughout the laboratory with an escape from the FDA agents.

Islander stood inside the archway with a chuckle at her circus clown show, training the cold barrel on her fat ass, not shooting like a good cowboy. Then he slowly moved inside. Lex replaced Islander inside the archway, slowly strolling a few feet into the home-made basement laboratory.

Salvatella ran ahead towards an exit door on the opposite side of the home-made basement laboratory, slapping a button on the wall. A downpour of fresh dropped down from the overhead sprinkler system. She reached over with a chuckle and pressed a second black colored button. The door slid open. She escaped into the garage, where her car stood.

Islander dashed ahead and halted into the basement laboratory with a sour frown, getting more wet from the sprinkler system inside the basement-laboratory, “Lex, back up and go around the corner! Do you…”

“Ah!” Lex stood inside the archway and drenched in water, flinging both arms of wetness into the air with a sour frown.

Islander stood in place with a wet body and wiped off the water from both eye sockets with a chuckle, “Rain’s indoors for today.”

Kay frowned. “Is, what’s your status?”

He slowly moved ahead and curved around the spilled pieces of furniture, the tiny wet water puddles over the floor, and scattered miscellaneous objects that block his boots with a sneer, “Wet and mad! She went out a side door, leading right into the garage,” he successful maneuvered around the weird-ass obstacle course, reaching the closed door and stopped, pressing the same black colored button. The door slid open. He glided forward into the garage and held the gun near his sneer, coming into a full view of the stationary action.

Lester growled and snarled four feet away from a frightened Salvatella Abaigar, who was pissing inside her designer trousers. She was crouched down with a worried brow right behind the front bumper of her new luxury sedan, panting with fear. She turned with fear to see the gun barrel and gun owner Islander with a yell. “Call it off! I surrender. Call it away from me! I give up.”

Islander held the gun barrel on her face with a yell to his dog, “Sento, Lester.” The dog stopped the growl and sat back on his hind legs, tilting a skull at Islander for the next command. Islander shifted towards Lester, aiming the gun at her skull.

Kay swiftly marched through the open garage door, looking wet and mad with a sneer towards the adult female. “Dr Lhowe, you are under arrest for the illegal exportation of stem cells by United States Federal Government. Stand up and place both wrists behind your back.” Salvatella stood upright with a sour frown in silence and reached back behind a back spine, holding both wrists together. Lex stopped and stood behind the rear skull of physician, reaching down and placed the set if handcuffs over each wrist, shoving the physician towards the driveway.

Outside on top of the private driveway, the other emergency vehicles had arrived along with a van of other FDA agents.

Islander holstered the hand gun and moved ahead, squatting down with a smile, stroking a hand on Lester. “Good buddy, Lester. You’re my good buddy, boy.” Lester softly barked and still posed at attention for the next command. Islander stood upright with a smile, “Akey, Lester.” He moved ahead towards the driveway, coming from the garage space, flinging the wetness from both wet arms with a sour frown, marching ahead over the street pavement towards his car. He stopped. He popped open the rear trunk and retrieved a bag of dry clothes, back stepping and spun around, leaving the truck open. He strolled ahead with Lester, stopping and entering the rear of the FDA van, changing out of the wet clothing into a dry set.

A few minutes later, Islander emerged with a smile and dropped down from the rear door of the van, moving ahead towards Lex and Lester. He stopped and talked with the other FDA officers, the local police, and the paramedics, nodding with a dismissal of the successful arrest.

Salvatella Abaigar, MD stood beside the side of the van in a pair of handcuffs, looking both dry and sad. One of the FDA agents accepted the new criminal and shoved her ass into the rear of a full sized white unmarked family van for a spot inside one of the prisoner rooms within the FDA downtown headquarters office for her arrest. The door closed. Then the van drove away.



Driveway setting

Warm temperatures with bright sunshine



Kay had removed all of the wet clothes and wore a fresh set of a FDA sweat suit with a smile, squatting down, patting on Lester. “Good boy, Lester and Is.” She stood upright with a smile and a nod to Islander, turning away from the house, moving ahead towards the sports car. “Well, we put away another bad guy, making her greedy materialist possessions.”

Islander strolled beside Lester and Kay with a stern face towards the sports car. “Do you want me to drop you by your house for a quick clothing change?” She nodded in silence. He frowned at the car. “I don’t know if we have done a good deed today, Lex.”

She stopped and stood in front of the passenger door with a stern face and a nod. “Yes, we did. She broke twenty three international rules…”

He stopped and stood, opening the passenger door like a southern gentleman. Lester jumped up and entered the rear seat first and then Lex leaned over and slide into the passenger seat. He slammed the door and turns, moving around the front bumper of his car. He stopped and scooted into the driver’s seat, starting the engine with a sour frown. “I mean, she is a brilliant researcher who was able to grow stem cells on a set of little mice. Then she sold them for a profit. These stem cells did save some lives of terminal-ill people in the wrong way. Isn’t that what life is about, helping other folks?” He drove the car away from the residential community onto the roadway towards her home.

Kay frowned with annoyance and shook her curls. “No. She committed an evil act on a tiny unborn child, Is. She deserves and is deserving of her upcoming punishment both jail time and monetary fines up her butthole. She’s going to lose her private physician practice, her office building, her house, her new car, her designer clothes, and her bank accounts of money…”

Islander steered the car with a stern face. “Don’t know. Dr. Lhowe should be allowed to craft her medical research and then be forced to save more lives of really sick people, who need it. I believe that to be a more just punishment for her greed then allowing her mind and her medical knowledge to rot away inside the local US Federal Government Women’s Correctional Institution. Isn’t that why we’re here on planet Earth to help people?”

Lex shook her curls with a smile. “You live on another planet, Is.”



10:15 am

Dog park setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Kay had changed the semi-wet borrowed FDA clothes into a proper business suit and a pair of low heeled pumps. Then Islander drove away from her personal house and stopped inside a grassy park, not the office building.

Kay exited from the car without slamming the door, not moving from spot with a sour frown of the site and the smell. “This is not the nice cool office building of our employment, Is. What’s this place?” She turned and scanned the grass and the dogs. Some of the dogs were running around and sniffing the ground. Some of the other dogs were sniffing at each other butthole having a wonderful freedom inside a set of guarded pens.

Islander slid out from the seat and stand near the open car door with a smile, shoving the driver’s seat forward. Lester exited from the car and sat at the boot toes of his master Islander for the next doggie command. Islander tossed both arms into the air towards the grassy park. Lester turned and leaped into the air, running through the grass for some playtime and potty time. Islander smiled. “This is the George Ward Nature Park for doggies which operates from sunrise to sunset over 2.6 acres of three fenced areas for dogs that run and play with their owners or without their owners.”

Kay slammed the car door with a sour frown and met Islander in front of the car engine. They slowly moved over the grass.

Islander carefully watched the doggie behavior of Lester and waved both arms with a smile. “There are plenty of shade trees with a crooking small stream of fresh water and three playing fields that are separated by rows of fences. One for the tiny small doggies like your poo…”

Lexington gingerly stepped over the pile of poo, “Pekingese.”

Islander moved ahead over the grass and pointed the animals with a smile. “Small doggies and large badass breeds like that Doberman with his owner…”

“That Doberman seems to be chasing with a real aggressiveness streak after that little helpless chihuahua. The chihuahua runs with panted breathe, dangling her pink tongue towards her mistress. Hmm, I see a gang of large-breed dogs inside both fenced fields. Is that legal?” Lexington turned and scanned the park with a stern face.

Inside the first dog park, Lester stopped and spotted the nasty beast with a growl. Inside the second dog park, the Doberman stopped and allowed the smaller dog to escape from his harm, dashing ahead and stopped, shoving a pointy nose through the linked chained fence with a growl at Lester that separated the two dogs.

Islander nodded with a sour frown and moved behind Lester, “Disrespectful owners. Easy, Lester! He ain’t our prey, today.”

Lester, Islander, and Lexington ventured ahead and moved towards the northwest side of the baseball-sized field, seeing and smelling the piles of old and fresh dog shit that stood between the matted grass, the tall yellow weeds, and the scattered patches of pretty colorful wildflowers.

Lexington exhaled with a puff of annoyance of the disgusting smell, “Smelly.”

“Watch the land mine.” Islander stepped over the pile.

“Oops!” Lexington glided over the shit pile of big brown dog turds as big as a pile of horse patties.

“Extremely unhealthy, and the dog shit can spread disease to you and me.” Islander watched the short lonely male who stood beside the garage bend with a puzzled brow, moving towards both with a smile

She zigzagged over the clean grass with a sour frown of disgust, “Shame on the disrespectful dog owners for not cleaning up their disgusting horse turds!”

“This is the point of a doggie park, Lex. The doggies fertilize the grass and the pretty flowers.”

She points over to the separate dog pen with a puzzled brow. “What is that space of green grass with its owned fenced-in corner?”

Islander stared at the short lonely male with a smile. “An agility area, where the badass breeds learn to leap, jump, and tackle the smaller predators like a pack of crazy squirrels or a pod of tiny perfumed pookingeses.”

“While the badass breeds learn and create disrespectful playmates with the cute and tiny perfumed Pekingese,” she turned and stared the short lonely male with a fake smile. “There’s our mark.”

“Yeah,” Islander moved towards the short lonely male. The male faced Islander and Lexington, smoking cigarettes, and laughing at his dog. The Doberman turned from the fence and chased after all the other helpless smaller dogs.

Islander marched ahead and slammed a body into the short lonely male, pinning the male against the garage bend with a smile. “I is Islander.”

The male sneered into the chin of Islander as he was shorter, “You is redneck.”

Islander grinned. “I prefer hillbilly, man.”

The male turned and snarled at Lexington, “You, her poop turd.”

Islander reached up and twisted the face of the male, slamming the skull into the garbage receptacle.

The male hit the nose bridge as his nose flowed and flood pretty red blood down the new dress shirt. The male reached up and held the nose with a sissy whine, “I…sue…”

Islander leaned over with a sneer into the cheekbone of the male. “I can’t hear you, dude. Could it be that your nose’s all stopped up with some flowing red substitute? I hope it doesn’t leak and test for an illegal substance, bro. Now, let me and you talk in a set of slo mo words for me to understand. You are the drug pusher, a poor underprivileged boy here. We are looking for the drug dealer. It is the bigger man between your eyeballs. Just finger and point in the general direction, I’ll take it from there.”

The male continued to hold his nose with a sissy whine, “This be illegal, bro!”

Lexington stared at the drug pusher with a smile, “Geez! It is another redneck that can’t use proper English verbs.”

Islander pulled back and slammed the back spine of the drug pusher into the garage dumpster for a second time, leaning over into the sweaty cheekbone with a sneer. “Understand me, man! I don’t wanna be here. I got a date with a hot chick with a set of big tits and a fine ass. So I would rather be fucking her then you fucking on me. Do you ear burn me here, dude?”

Lexington frowned with confusion, “Ear burn?”

“A new FDA term, do you like it, Lex?” Islander smiled. Lexington shook her curls with a sour frown. Islander yelled. “Aqui, Lester!”

The dog flared his nostrils and targeted both eyeballs on the hand of Islander. Islander was holding onto the penis of the drug pusher through a pair of designer trousers.

The male sneered. “What…you say, bro?”

Islander chuckled. “The language is called Spanish, dude. Lester here speaks in a foreign tongue. Well, he listens in a foreign language. I told him to eyeball my hand.”

The male looked down with a worried brow to see the fingers of Islander, fucking with his balls through the new pair of designer trousers with a gasp and a sissy whine, “Ya sick bastard.”

Islander chuckled. “Thank you kindly. Now, do me? Before, I do you a kinder favor and give you up to the drug dealer? That’s all we want to know.”

The male quivered. “Not me…”

Lexington stared at the face of the drug pusher with a sour frown. “Where is the drug dealer located, sir?”

“The German shepherd breeds come in a variety of colors. The most popular is the tan and black colors with a black mask and a set of black body markings which is called a saddle. Lester here is a blanket, a rare color of all blue which is considered to possess serious faults like lack of hearing…”

“It deaf…”

Islander shook a skull with a smile, “Naw, man. Shepherds possess a set of both excellent ears and eyeballs. Escuchar, Lester!” The dog shifted both eyeballs directly up to see the side eye socket of his master Islander and waited for the next dog command. He smiled. “The bite of a German shepherd carries a force of 238 pounds in its teeth compared to 86 pounds in your yellow toothies. Do you comprehend that stat, man?” He turned and smiled at the dog, “Qui pasa, Lester.” Lester softly barked from the Spanish greeting. Qui pasa meant ‘what is happening.’ Islander turned back and leaned down the face of the drug pusher with a smile. “Shepherds are bred for their high IQs and learn a simple task after only five times and obey the first command ninety five percent of the time, because of their ability to work regardless of how loud you scream, man. Ataque, Lester!” The Spanish word ataque meant ‘to attack.’

The other learned dog commands for Lester included the following Spanish words. Stay was ‘quedarse.’ ‘Cesar’ meant to stop. ‘Matar’ meant to kill. ‘Sento’ was to sit.

The medium-sized Doberman pinscher raced ahead with muscular speed looking like an elegant lightning black streak that ran across the green grass with a docked tail and a pair of cropped ears. It leaped into the air and viciously attacked Lester.

A Doberman pinscher was a smart, alert, and loyal companion towards a loving owner, especially within the protection space as a nasty guard dog. This one appeared to have received a hand signal for the attack command from its drug pusher owner. A sufficient size at twenty seven inches tall and eighty pounds of lean muscle coupled with an optimal combination of strength, endurance and swiftness.

Lester was not particularly impressed, since he was ninety five pounds at twenty six inches in height with a set of scissor-like teeth. Plus Lester possessed strength, speed, and devotion of loyalty to protect Islander from any and all evil deadly encounters.

The Doberman pinscher was a combination of four dog breeds, crossing the Greyhound, the Manchester terrier, the Rottweiler, and the German shepherd gene pool to create the famous breed.

Islander shoved the drug pusher back into the garage receptacle with a sneer and side stepped over to guard Lexington for any danger. Then the three adults stood and watched the two dogs fight.

Islander shouted with a chuckle at the dog fight, “Don’t beat your cousin up too badly, Lester.”

Lester only stopped his death act when Islander issued the Spanish word ‘cesar’ and not a different scream, shout, or slang word thanks to the shepherd’s devoted obedience as a badass breed.

The doberman aimed for the neck of Lester. The domed skull of the shepherd twisted to the side and blocked the challenge of other set of sharp teeth, ramming the bone skull into the side of the Doberman’s body. The doberman flung away from Lester into the air and landed down with a soft thud onto the grass.

The shepherd charged ahead with a snarl of scissor-like teeth, sliding into the fallen beast, capturing the hind leg of the grounded doberman, missing and reached over, grabbing the front paw of the doberman. Lester jerked the arm into the air inside the scissor-like teeth.

The poor Doberman splashed its red blood like water from the missing paw and over the green grass.

With a set of powerful jaws, the shepherd leaned down and torn into a big chuck of black colored skin on the top of the beautiful forehead of the doberman at one of the two cropped ear points, pitching the soft skin onto the grass also. Then the shepherd leaned down and attacked the left knee joint, chewing with the scissor-like teeth through the wrist bone of the poor doberman.

For Lester’s finale, the shepherd leaned down and grabbed the abdomen, tossing the entire body of the doberman up into the air.

The poor doberman twisted side to side in the air and landed back down on its two out of four broken limbs.

Then the shepherd punctures the upper arm, separating it from the chest cavity.

The doberman breathed its last breathe in a puddle of red blood over the green grass. The owner of the doberman turned with a gasp of fear, running away from Islander and Lexington in panic and fear.

Like a bolt of black lightning, Lester spun around and ran ahead, chasing down the owner of the doberman, reaching out and nipped, tearing at the heel of the designer shoe. The drug pusher tripped with one floored foot onto the solid dirt and somersaulted into the air, flinging both arms at nothing, landing on a back spine with a sweaty face. Lester pounced onto the chest cavity of the male with a growl and a mouth drool.

“Quedarse, Lester!” Islander turned and ran behind the dog, pulling out and aimed the gun into the bloody nose of the drug pusher and stopped, standing over the body of the grounded drug pusher with a sneer. “You are under arrest for assaulting my vicious pet along with some other minor charges probably like possessing some vile pills which we will find after searching your place.”

“I’ll take it from here, Is. Thanks, Lester.” Lexington slowly moved ahead and pulled out the search warrant, stopping and stood over the male, leaning down and held the paper over his eyeballs. Then she stood upright and spun around with a stern face, moving towards the parked van of the drug pusher, stopping and smashed the side window inside the parking lot while performing her paid Federal Drug Administration job. She opened the door and entered the interior of the van, finding the illegal stash of drugs. He had provided some of the drugs to the children around the street corner at the local elementary school.

A second van of FDA agents arrived at the dog park, shuffling from the transport and moved to Islands, handcuffing and dragging the drug pusher into the van. Then the van left the dog park and drove back to one of the many local prison cells that was housed inside the FDA headquarter building for arrest and legal law processing.

Islander kneeled and wrapped both hands around Lester with a stern face, assessing the medical condition after the one-side dog fight with a smile. “No bruises! No fang marks! No worry, boy!” Lester reached up and licked the face of his master Islander with happiness, wiggling a tail. He smiled with a nod. “Good boy, Lester. Let’s go and help Lex.”

They stood from the ground and turned, trotting towards the van of the drug pusher to finish the FDA assignment.



12:03 pm

FDA Office (downtown Birmingham)

Front entrance setting

Very hot temperature with bright sunshine



The assignment at the dog park was a success. Islander drove Lester and Lexington back to the office to finish the processing.

On the front steps, Lexington exited the entrance doors and stopped, reading the mobile telephone that listed a new FDA assignment, slowly climbing down the steps, exiting from the FDA building into the bright sunshine.

Islander exited the door and stopped, placing a pair of new aviator sunglasses over a pair of hazel eyeballs with a smile of happiness from the morning accomplishments, “Lunchtime. I want…we want…” He looked over behind a collar bone with a frown. “Where the hell’s Lester?”

Lexington continued to climb down the steps and read the mobile telephone with a smile. “That time of the month.”

Islander ran down after her and moved beside her with a confused brow. “Lester is a he, not a her.”

She stomped down the last step with a smile. “Not that time of the month, Is. It is time for his physical and mental check after a violent engagement from his deadly FDA assignment. You know that, Is.”

He nods with a smile, “O yeah! I’m hungry always. Let’s go…”

“No time,” she shook her curls and moved towards his new sports car.

Islander liked to drive, so she could get seasick. When she drove, Islander complained about everything which was more annoying than the seasick car racing. He dashed ahead and stopped, opening the passenger door for her like a southern gentleman. She slid down into the seat and continued to read the mobile telephone with the latest information on the new FDA assignment.

Lex was the senior agent and the boss. Islander was the junior agent and the driver. She issued the orders. He fulfilled them with his pal Lester, making a nice trio of agents for the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Agency.

He slammed the door and ran around the rear bumper of the car with a smile, opening the door, sliding down into the driver’s seat. He leaned forward and caressed the steering column with a smile. “Yeah, always time to eat and go or go and eat,” he started the engine with a chuckle and smoothly pulled out of the parking lot of FDA building onto the roadway, steering away from the downtown city streets without asking permission.

Lexington pointed the road with a stern face. “Swing around to the right, at the next traffic light…”

He drove with a smile, “Naw. Food wants me and me wants food. After the noon sun, time for food,” he shifted into second gear, speeding and ran the traffic light of red at the busy intersection with a chuckle, accelerating uphill before slapping the stick into neutral, coasting downhill to the next intersection like a Bama redneck.

She turned and frowned into his nose profile. “I will arrest you for riskless driving, Is. Turn the car around and go…”

“This is why I drive my car.”

“I’m boss,” she frowned with fury.

“On paper,” he slammed the brakes, after running the second traffic light of red and jerked the wheel to the right, parking inside a slanted slot at the local drive-in fast food joint, turning with a smile to see the hair roots of Lexington. “What do you want for lunch, Lex?” he

She tapped out a text on the mobile telephone. “No thank you! I’m not hungry.”

He reached out and pressed the button on the box with a smile, “Two dogs with everything, including extra onions, some large fries, and a giant chocolate milk shake with an order of three oatmeal cookies. Want something, Lex?” He turned and smiles at Lexington.

She continued to stare down at her mobile telephone with a stern face, “A bottle of water.”

He frowned with annoyance, “One bottled water, that’s it,” he turned and reached out, pressing the button on the order box for a second time, “A three dog with only mustard and ketchup, a bottle of water, and a fourth oatmeal cookie. That’s it. Thanks.”

Lexington looked up to see his nose profile and pointed down at the mobile telephone with a stern face. “Remember? After the series of deadly tornadoes came and went in April a few years ago, some of the victims could not be identified due to damaged body parts beyond recognition.”

He pulled out the wallet and fiddled with the bills for payment of the lunch with a stern face, “Yeah. Lex, I ordered you almost naked hot dog, a bottle of water, and a cookie. And I expect you to consume all the items as my good friend. And I hope you’re not one of your crazy loco diets, again. You need protein for bones, carbs for energy…”

She frowned with annoyance. “I’m not on a diet. I’m not hungry at the moment. I’ll keep all the food items for later, this afternoon. Thanks for being my good friend, Is,” smiling.

He chuckled. “She doesn’t drink beer, only wine. I don’t like wine, only beer. There’s a great country song that goes something, like this. I like girls that drink yellow beer, not that red piss that tastes like dog shit in that pretty liquid form,” he turned with a chuckle to see her. “I liked meeting Rachel. But, we ain’t got no chemistry, as they say. I like the good old country girls like you,” winking.

She returned back to see the mobile telephone. “I’m not your type, Is. I’ll contact some more of my felony girlfriends,” she turned and winked at him. “How’s that, slick?”

The female food server appeared and stood by Islander with a smile, shoving the tray into the open window of the sports car, “Twenty six dollars and fourteen cents, sir.”

Islander turned and winked at the pretty waitress, sliding forty dollars bills for the lunch tab and a top for her nice big tits. “Thanks, cutie! Do you got a cell phone with your personal mobile telephone for me, honey?”



1:23 pm

FDA Laboratory Building

Downtown Birmingham

Very hot temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine



The lunch meal was finished without spilling mustard inside the good-smelling interior of his new car. Islander dropped by the office and collected Lester, who had passed the medical inspection and had been washed and bathed of the dead dog’s blood. The three slowly drove around the downtown city streets towards the next FDA assignment.

Inside the passenger seat, Lexington looked ahead with a smile. “Drive us south.”

Islander drove with a smile. “What’s south of our building? Do you know, Lester?” Lester lounged inside the rear bench seat, closing both eyelids for a fast nap, readying for the next dog fight.

“The civic center has a car show of old muscle automobiles. Ah! Thanks for paying the expensive entrance tickets into the car show, Lex. We are finished with our work day…”

“You’re getting a little warmer, so drive a little more southeast.”

He steered the car more southeast with a puzzled brow. “What is southeast of our building? The expressway, it leads east to Georgia or west to Mississippi. Are we going for a run of money lottery tickets at the Georgia line? I read the lottery jackpot is up to forty million dollars. I could really use forty million…”

“You’re getting hotter, so drive a little more south.”

“What is a little more south than southeast, than south of our building? I give up.”

The tall and wide building appeared within the middle of a set of secured and armed gates.

He frowned with disgust. “The FBI medical biological laboratory, why are we here again?”

“Shut it, Is.”



Building gate setting



He stopped the car and dropped down the window, reaching out and presented his FDA badge. The FBI gate guard nodded in silence. The gate panel rose upright for entrance. Islander drove forward with a smile into an empty parking slot which was near the front door for welcomed visitors, admiring the brown brick like the rest of the brown brick government owned buildings in Birmingham Alabama. “O. It’s the horror movie hour. I like watching scary movies with a bag of buttered popcorn, two cold bottles of beer, and a warm girly body.” He stopped the vehicle and parked inside the spot with a chuckle.

She reached over and cracked the door with a smile. “Sorry. No beer but plenty of horror,” Lexington slid out the car and stood upright, moving ahead towards the entrance doors.



2:04 pm

FBI Medical Isolation Laboratory

Interior laboratory setting

Man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Lexington stopped and reached out, opening and held the door for Islander and Lester, since they were partners with equal respect and equal professionalism. Islander strutted inside with a smile. Lester moved beside his master Island and wiggled the tail.

They automatically turned the wall corner to the right.

Lexington entered the lobby and followed behind the tails of Lester and Island, stopping and stood in front of the closed door. Inside the room, there were rows of dead bodies. She gagged with a cough of bile, “Good grief!”

Islander leaned down into the window with a smile to see the FBI forensic expert. He stood from the table and approached the door, wearing a set of yellow personal protection gear over a body. Islander turned with a chuckle to see her nose profile. She displayed a face of neon puke green on both her cheekbones. He smiled. “Lex, are you sick or green or the wicked bitch of the west?” The enclosed room behind the locked and sealed door was measured in auditorium-sized like banquet space, without a happy party, holding a set of four tables which were covered in dead human body parts. Islander could smell the odor which was worse than a freshly dumped cow turd between the cracks of the closed double doors.

The closed door parted and opened wide, exposing the enclosed room.

Wilbur, an FBI special agent stood inside the archway without a face mask with a smile.

Lexington reached up and grabbed the mouth and the nose, gagging then coughing then wheezing. She pivoted away from the open door and hauled her ass down the hallway and away from all the dead bodies on top of the table inside the sterile laboratory room. Islander laughed with a wink at Wilbur.

Wilbur squatted down reached out, patting the dog with a smile. “Hey, Is and Lester. What’s up her ass?” He stood upright with a confused brow and stared at her ass down the long hallway.

Islander extended a handshake to Wilbur with a smile and a laugh. “Green shit coming from her esophagus, not her butthole. Good mourning, Wilbur!”

Wilbur shook the hand with a chuckle, “Good mourning to you, too, Is! Welcome to my private creep show. Ha, ha. And please remember? Cover your entire biological body with the baby chick yellow disposable protection equipment, before I lose my great paying job,” he back stepped from the archway and spun around with a smile.

Islander and Lester shuffled ahead into the laboratory auditorium towards the side wall. The wall contained embedded shelving of numerous sets of disposable yellow colored protection equipment which was required to examine a dead victim inside the FBI isolation medical laboratory.

He stopped and grabbed a set of PPE equipment, dropping down to the floor and wrapped, tying a set of sissy bows of yellow paper shoe booties around the four paws of Lester, since he did not want Lester to catch any bugs. His dog pads were sensitive to germs and cuts with nasty bacteria. The interior room temperature hovered around fifty degrees Fahrenheit which stopped the growth of any dangerous bacteria on both live folks and dead people, preventing any type of contamination, but the second and third preparedness did not hurt. Islander torn and placed half body gown around the neck of Lester and as it barely touched the cold tile floor. Then Islander snapped a small elastic cap on the top of the skull and two pointy ears of Lester. Lester growled. Islander and Wilbur chuckled.

Islander stood upright and reached out, grabbing and dressed the PPE gear over the sports jacket, sliding a paper skull cap on top of his baseball cap, placing a pair of gloves over the hands.

Wilbur moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the first table with a stern face. “Allow me the honor of your personal tour, Is. Please note this ancient banquet room. It is has transformed into one of the newest mortuary storage spaces, measuring 225 feet in length by 201 feet wide and holds four 150 feet long table. Let’s start on table A. Then we move around to tables which are named B, C, and D.”

Each table was an ancient conference room piece of furniture without a chair made of one and one-fourth inches of fake wood underneath a set of metal T-shaped legs. The top was forty eight inches wide, twenty nine inches high, and ninety six inches long, holding a set of cut up human body parts inside a transparent individual sealed container with a black rubber lid. The container appeared like packaged pink meat for sale by the food market.

His mobile telephone sung a country song. Islander whipped out the telephone and swished the tiny screen without checking the telephone number, cramming it into an eardrum with a smile, staring down at the numerous body parts, “Lex.”

He paused and listened to her one-side conversation through the telephone without repeating it to Wilbur.

“Shore thing.” Islander reached out and held the mobile telephone in the air with a shout. The mobile telephone captured his words for her to hear. “Lex can’t join us, since she’s puking up her guts out all over her well-endowed tits as it splashes down into the nicely clean bathroom sink. But she wants to listen to the hot gossip too. Go, Wilbur!”

Wilbur pointed the first container of human body parts with a stern face. “This, my old friends, is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle with thousands of ugly fugly parts and puzzling cuts, not for fun, by all the FBI geeks to figure out, including me. I believe that we have acquired some animals, people, and fine art pieces…”

Islander whipped the telephone back to an eardrum and listened to Lex, turning with a wink to see Wilbur. “That’s not a nice comment to say about Dr. Wilbur, Lex,” he laughed with Wilbur and lifted, holding the mobile telephone into the air, staring at each container and Wilbur, exhaling with a sour frown. “For me, finding a dead body is always a very traumatic experience, but I tell you right here inside this room that I’m beyond traumatized here. What in the universe have you inherited, Wilbur?”

Wilbur pointed at the first container, where a pink-tinted foot was still attached to the ankle. The ankle was still attached to the shin, ending at the missing kneecap.

Lester leaped up and sat his front paws on the edge table, sniffing the container and the table surface in silence.

Wilbur said. “After the tornado strike a few years ago during the heavy rains, numerous individual body parts were pulled out from numerous wreckage points throughout the devastated townships in Alabama. I mean everywhere. The body parts came out of damaged buildings, destroyed houses, pond lakes, mud puddles, flattened woodlands, and other places throughout the affected geographical areas. The sliced bodies had been pieced and puzzled together inside a pasture field, a school gym floor, and the floor of the fire fighter stations pretty much everywhere for both identification and recovery.

“After all was said and done which was not a very good ending, many dead lives and deadlier numerous body parts, not bodies ended up here with us inside the FBI forensic laboratory, since we’re the greatest. We are great at identifying any missing piece of a found body part, sometimes. What we got here is a collection of particular body parts! Please, remember that word, particular. The particular body parts have never found with the whole body and the body part has never been identified to the person.

“The particular body parts have been stored here for continuously investigation, which has been on-going for over four years. After death, little things within the human shell are still alive. For example, the skin cell can be harvested up to twenty hour hours after death to determine the probable cause of death, identifying how long dead, and what type of weapon. This first container holds obviously a complete human foot which is attached to the ankle, going all the up with the missing knee.

“These body parts came into our laboratory like a set of frozen pieces of meat. I remembered that very well. When a single body part or its whole body piece is lifted out of the ground, science kicks in turning the muscles into a limp of meaty ground chuck within any type of climate conditions from humid to rain to hot sun. Except these body parts, I made the decision to store them inside individual containers, because each limb did not match any other limb…”

Islander gasped. “Each limb does not match any other limbs inside any other container. Is that correct? So how many bodies are represented here?”

“The body parts are nothing more than an individual meat ball without the spaghetti sauce. There is a skull bone here, a foot over there. Unfortunately, these are scattered body parts nothing but dead, not alive.”

Islander frowned. “I’m not trying to do your job. What did the stinky contents of stomach tattle to the lab boys and girls?”

Wilbur shook the skull cap of yellow. “No stomach. I have lived around these tables for 2,000 out of 3,000 worked productive hours. I did not, cannot, and could not find a stomach anywhere inside this jigsaw puzzle mess.”

“Whoa!” Islander whipped down and listened on the phone to Lex and then translated to Wilbur. “Lex asks. What did you do with the larvae that fed and grew on each body part that was older than three months which had preserved the entomological data at the time of discovery?”

Wilbur shook the skull cap of yellow. “No bug sightings! More mysteriously, if the grave was shallow underneath the dirt, then the bugs would have done me a bigger favor and munch on everything but the hard calcium bones. There were not any clothing items attached to the body parts either, since all synthetic fiber clothes would last a very long time. If the numerous body parts had formed into a whole dead person, the skeleton would be fully dressed.”

Islander reached out and patted on the skull cap of Lester, staring at the containers. “Weird.”

Wilbur nodded with a stern face, “Now, this is my new lecture. Please listen closely! Because, I do test with my lecture. In the human decay process, it starts when the cells of the dead body are destroyed through their own digestive enzymes. The enzymes are released into nutrients by live cells, not the dead cells which can duplicate into nothing but the color of blue. This whole process is called autolysis. During autolysis, liquid is created that fills between the layers of skin and makes the skin peel off which becomes food for the buggies. It is during this stage, the tiny black flies start to lay eggs inside the opening edges of the decomposing dead body. The openings are represented by the eyeballs, the nose holes, the mouth, the eardrums, any cracked bloody wounds, and other orifices. The eggs hatch into larvae. Then the little maggots of blowflies burrow under the skin and then eat the body literally from head to toes.”

“Okay. By that time there would be no stomach and no digestive enzymes.” Islander nodded.

Wilbur grinned. “Excellent conclusion, Is! The second stage of decomposition is bloating. When a bacterium in the gut starts to breakdown the tissues of the body, it turns into gas which accumulates inside the intestines.”

Islander shook the skull cap of yellow. “There are no intestines either.”

“The small and large intestines are both non-present or not found or missing or absent, because of the decomposition thing happening within the second week of the composed body. The final stage of the human decay process is putrefaction which is the longest stage, where the digestive organ, the brain, and the lungs disintegrate.”

Islander exhaled. “Wait a minute! I know under any normal conditions of putrefaction that the organs including stomach are unidentifiable after three weeks. And the muscles can be eaten by bacteria or devoured by animals. Thus, all that is left of the delicate human remain is the skeleton.”

“This is a complete picture of putrefaction. So, all the missing body parts of the whole body had missed the first week of the enzyme rush and then ditched the bloating process and then failed the putrefaction…”

Islander exhaled. “Huh! This is giving us absolutely nothing to investigate.”

“Ah! The body parts still possess some skin tissue. This is a very good solid lead, probably unexplained and mysteriously, to boot,” Wilbur reached out and grabbed the first container with a smile.

Islander shook a skull cap of yellow. “Don’t talk like a little girl, to boot!”

Wilbur leaned over and held the sealed container near the face of Islander. “What do you see, Is?”

Islander turned and stared at the individual human body part. “I do not see any signs of hypothermia, gangrene, or frost bite.”

“Excellent, Is,” Wilbur leaned down and placed the container back on top of the hard surface. “The first sign of frost bite is distinguished by a yellowish-white color around the limb that remains elastic both ply and free. The second degree of frost bite occurs when the thawing process takes place, showing a set of red painful sensitive blisters over the limbs. In the three degree of frost bite, ice will appear on the limb and then swell proportionately. As the thawing continues, the swelling discolors the tissue, thus destroying it. The outer skin will become smelly black and fall right off the bone, an indication of gangrene. You can see clearly that the outer skin is candy colored pink like a puppy’s belly and soft. Are you interested in touching the body part?” Islander shook his cap. Wilbur said. “My own working medical theory is taken. Okay, it is stolen from a home grown tale about the backwoods medicine of the Alaska Eskimos. The Eskimos cover any open wound with both earth and clay mixed with lots of live worms, who will suck out the pus from the gangrene limb thus leaving it into a clean pink flesh wound.”

Islander frowned. “And your other working medical theory, Dr. Wilbur?”

He nodded. “Have you ever skinned a deer?”

Islander nodded, “Plenty of times.”

“How about skinning a deer left out in sub-zero temps?”

Islander frowned. “Naw.”

“I bet that I can field dress a deer in forty eight minutes. I place the deer on top of a tractor lift, chop off the head, cut open the belly and then stand back. The guts fall out onto the red clay, frozen as hard as a rock.”

Islander exhaled, “Maybe?”

“The point, when you skin a deer, the animal is warm. You field dress the guts and put the deer’s hide into a garbage bag and freeze it. Correct?” Islander nodded in silence. Wilbur said. “The field dressed deer will keep inside a mechanic working freezer for several years. If you are going to remove the hair, making a coat of buckskin, then you cover the flesh side of the hide with salt, roll it up, put into a garbage bag, and it’ll last a year, before dressing.”

“Yeah,” Islander nodded.

“The butchering process of a frozen deer is easy with a saw blade about twelve inches, since the knife does not score the hide. Two, the meat is not gushy, remaining stable while slicing. Three, the meat never warms up, so you can package the sub-degreed meat and slap it right into the deep freeze inside your home freezer.”

Islander gasped, “Holy shit, Wilbur! Are you thinking that a person froze the body and then sliced out the organs like field dressing a frozen deer? Man, that’s one wild-ass working theory.”

Wilbur pointed to the second container with a severed elbow. “A joint is the area, where two bones meet and match that provides a swinging motion on the human body. A type of joint inside the human body includes a ball and socket of the elbow or the hip. When I examine the sliced up elbow joint, I saw lots of pink skin. This is healthy pink skin. When I examined the human thorax or rib cage, it had been ripped literally into two parts. A rib fracture is a break in one or more of the bones, making up the rib cage between one and twelve bones. The first rib is rarely fractured, because of its protected position behind the collarbone. Fractures of the second ribs are due to head and facial injuries. The middle ribs are commonly fractured from direct blows of crushing injuries. The most common fractured ribs are between the seventh and tenth. Some broken ribs occur from indirect trauma of sports which includes rowing and golfing or a consequence of sickness, including coughing and diseases, such like, cancer and infections.”

Islander said, “Got it.”

Wilbur shook the skull cap of yellow. “No. You have only heard my medical lecture. I have more to show you.”

Islander exhaled. “You have more to show me. Is that a rhetorical question, Dr. Wilbur?”

Wilbur back stepped from the first table and scooted around, moving towards the second table, whipping off the dark blanket. There were a set of three naked child males. Each body was a set of segmented body parts that had been sawed and then separated from each whole body of the child. The head was severed away from the shoulder joint, the elbow joint, the wrist joint, and each finger bone. The rib cage was broken into two parts with a set of separated ribs. The waist was separated from the torso. Each hip was separated from the leg. The leg was sliced at the kneecap, ankles, and toe bones.

Wilbur had exhibited each whole body and placed the numerous severed body parts in the proper order like a jigsaw puzzle, completing the picture of a thinly sawed up young boy.

Islander back stepped with a gag and a cough from the gruesome scene and turned the face mask towards the wall.

Wilbur said with a nod. “This is the reason for my telephone call into the FDA office, Is. The three bodies are not heavily decomposed but are separated into numerous body parts. I have acted like Dr. Frankenstein, re-creating each boy and his severed body parts in a bottle. Yet, I know that this is very important for you to see and to hear…”

Islander exhaled with a huff of worry and wiped the heated sweat from a forehead with a soft gag of mouth drool. “Did I mention that seeing a dead body is traumatic but this…this…?”

Wilbur said with a nod, “Yeah! I gagged too at first. Each young boy is between eight and ten years of age. I would to express that I have lots of information to share about these three bodies. First, they were found by a pack of stray starving dogs behind an apartment building in a low income part of Birmingham. One of the neighbors inside the apartment complex heard the dogs fighting over the meat of the dead child. They called the police who came and shot each rabid dog, uncovering the three naked body parts of children. They are not brothers either. Based on my medical examination, they are not blood relatives…”

Islander turned with a sour frown and a sigh to see the three bodies. “A serial murderer of children, this person is sick. I’m catching this freak and beating the shit out of his face first, before I turn him over to police.”

Wilbur nodded with a grin. “I agree with your new mission. Second, each child did not die on the present condition of the physical body. Each body has been cut up by a laser beam. Lasers can kill a human with the right degree of energy firepower. I want you to closely examine the rib cage. Can you see a yellowish seam appearing like a sewing stitch?” Islander stared at the body part in silence. Wilbur said. “There are twenty four ribs in the human body. The first seven sets of the ribs are known as true ribs which are directly attached to the sternum through cartilage. A person has literally ripped the fourth and fifth ribs out from the chest cavity, exposing the thoracic diaphragm which usually protects the twin lungs.”

“The bodies don’t have a set of lungs either.”

Wilbur nodded. “The three boys are missing the major organs like the numerous body parts that are located inside my collection of pink tinted containers. Each boy died of chronic lung disease, such as, asthma.”

Islander frowned. “How can your diagnose asthma? Even I have enough medical knowledge that you need a whole lung or a piece of a lung to run a spirometry testing of the lung pulmonary function.”

Wilbur said. “The lungs along with the major organs of heart, kidney, spleen, intestines and others are missing on each body also. Yes, after my meta-analysis of the remaining intact body parts, I examined the throat and the sinus passages. The throat appears red, raw, and severely irritated with signs of an acute case of bronchospasm, coming from a persistence cough. To add to the mystery, these three boys didn’t die of natural causes or the laser slashes. I mean you do not die of asthma per say. You die of complications associated with asthma symptoms like shortness of breath which can be treated in an emergency setting of any hospital…”

“I don’t understand you, Wilbur. If these boys didn’t die of the laser slashes, asthma coughs, or old age, then what disease or aliment?”

Wilbur said. “I will add more to the medical mystery,” he leaned over the first body and pointed down at the body part. “When I examined both the eye sockets, since the corneas were missing, I saw a yellowish seam that surrounded the bone. This is really weird, Is. I can’t explain or even theorize. There is a circle of yellowish-white color around each eye socket. I thought it was from the careful slicing out the cornea from the laser beam. Then I realized that this was the first sign of frost bite a yellowish-white color too. When a body part like an eye or a hand makes contact with the cyro-freezing nitro gas, it forms frostbite on the limb. I got curious then opened up the chest of each boy. I found the same ring of yellow but three times. Both the cornea and lung tissues possess three set of different yellow rings.”

“Three rings?”

Wilbur leaned down into the eye socket and picked up, pointing down with a scalpel at the body part. “There is a little tiny faint yellow circle, representing freezing the corneas, the first time. There is a little tiny second faint yellow ring, slicing with a laser, not damaging the cornea, the second time. And there is a small bright third yellow circle, where the cornea was re-frozen and then removed.”

“What in tarnation for, Wilbur? Why remove the cornea by freezing and slicing and then add the same cornea back into the eye socket and then re-freeze and slice out?”

Wilbur exhaled. “You are making an assumption that it is the same cornea of the same boy replanted into the same eye socket…”

Islander exhaled. “And you are not making any sense, Wilbur.”

He said. “Research scientists have been studying animals for any type of future cryo-freezing process of numerous human organs for life saving human transplants. So far, in the medical science field, the only body parts being frozen are sperm cells and eye corneas. These children are relatively healthy other than a minor bout of coughing spasm from asthma which is treatable by modern medicine standards. However, a person had dunked all these body limbs into a pot of liquid nitrogen for about forty seconds, freezing the outer skin solid for any type of surgery.”


“Cryosurgery uses cryogenic techniques in wart removal and corneal transplants.”

Islander frowned. “So these three little boys were inside a cryosurgery clinic. Where’s one located in here Birmingham? There isn’t one here in the entire state of Alabama. Are those boys from Alabama?”

Wilbur nodded. “I don’t know the answer to your many questions, Is. However, there are research companies here within the other US States that froze human tissue for research like the pituitary glands, placenta from moms, prostate spinal cord, spleen, and eye skin, and then ship the samples all over the world for human organ transplantation with an expensive price tag. This crude procedure performed on the three boys is really no different, just barbaric on small children by a madman, Is.”

Islander nodded, “This is excellent work, Wilbur.”

He says. “In past medical history, anatomy schools began to steal bodies out from graveyards for medical dissection as far back as the year 1818 within the US. By the year 1828, anatomists were paying greedy folks to dig up their own kin and other people’s kin for money. The World History books documented that about 312 bodies were sold for gold. The poor countries folks were the most vulnerable, lacking any decent coffins and easy prey for the first generation body snatchers. The most famous cadaver sale was at Burke and Hare Boardinghouse for bodies, sorry, I meant boys. The owners together murdered sixteen boys by asphyxiation, but the thieves didn’t get away with their vile profits. They were arrested, found guilty, hanged, and publicly dissected.”

Islander stared at the three dead young boys with a stern face. “You should pen demon tales, Wilbur. Why is your story important here? The vile person is a murderer, using a very unique killing procedure of cryo-surgery and laser slicing.”

Wilbur shook the skull cap with a stern face, staring at each dead boy, “No, I have come to a different conclusion. This is a clear case of body snatching for profiting with a sideline of murder and torture.”

Islander shook the skull cap with a confused brow, “Body snatching for what, Wilbur?”

“Organs. I do not tease here but insist. This is some type of body part snatching. The thief is harvesting healthy organs including the stomach, liver, corneas, kidneys, and both small and large intestines for money and profit.”

Islander listened to Lex on his mobile telephone with a nod, saying to Wilbur. “Your demon tale has become FDA jurisdiction and Lex agrees with me. Anymore more clues for us to use in our investigation, Wilbur?”

Wilbur stared at each dead boy with a nod. “Do you see the other clue, Is?”

Islander scanned each body with a stern face and a nod, “I missed it with the first round of nausea. All three boys are extremely obese.”

Wilbur nodded. “Yes, very good observation, Is. Overweight is an excessive amount of fat accumulation. In a small child, it does present a huge risk to their present health. The standard measure of body mass index or BMI for an overweight person is twenty five. The obesity BMI is thirty or more. The three boys are thirty more or less, falling deeply into the obesity category. When a child or an adult carries extra poundage of fat, the heart, lungs, and other organs must do extra workouts to keep their body breathing and functioning. An obese body leads to cardiovascular disease, mainly heart disease and stroke, type two diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and cancers like breast and colon. I would like to emphasize an obsess condition causes both premature death and substantial disability. I do not have any medical evidence, but I believe these particular children were selected or kidnapped for their overweight features. During a regular autopsy, the coroner would have concluded that the child was extremely obese which would have caused a heart attack, resulting in a death. I do not believe that to be the medical or legal case. These children were selected for their bad medical conditions and then were experimented upon by some type of madman for some vile reason. The reason is body part snatching.

“I would start questioning all and any laser clinics around the Birmingham metro city limits. To slice body parts with a laser, you need special equipment and a special room, without alerting the law authorities and crazy UFO sightseeing fans. A toy with the words, Burn Hospital, is etched onto the metal, which is nickname for Birmingham Hospital. Each body possessed a single toy. Hospitals like to advertise for both profit and prestige, since the US Federal Government passed legislature in the 1980s.

“My dad remembered when a hospital saved a person’s life for honor, not money. And I really hate viewing all local individual attorney television programs during my evening’s entertainment. People are so ignorant. They do not realize how much an attorney lies on and off the courtroom stage. Back to the boys, this toy is a leading start. I do not have any more answers to my numerous questions. But I can say for certain that the three boys were murdered and then mutilated. The FBI is following up with the blood relatives. My understanding, the puzzle parts are scattered all over the place with the FDA, the FBI, the NSA, and the local police department over this usually, highly, really creepy situation. Good luck, Is! Please, run back and tattle to me any and all findings.” Wilbur turned with a nod inside the face mask to Islander.

Islander turned and nodded with a stern face to Wilbur. “I know someone that’s very knowledgeable about lasers at Burn Hospital,” he extended a gloved hand and shook the gloved hand of Wilbur, ending the data-gathering meeting and turned with a stern face, exiting out the laboratory room.

Islander and Lester met up with Lexington. Islander entered the car and drove Lexington back to the FDA office to inform the supervisor.

Islander and Lester left the FDA building for a new trip.



3:04 pm

Birmingham Hospital

(five miles south of the FBI laboratory)

Radiation therapy department

Reception lobby setting

Man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs



Lester was on the hunt as he zigzagged through the concrete jungle of chrome table legs and fabric covered chairs. His long snout sniffed the air and then paused at dead center on a little girl, who wore a pretty colored silk scarf around a naked skull.

“O gawd,” Tatianna gasped and wiped away the sudden tears, holding back a sob.

“Tit, what’s wrong?” Islander stepped closer, reaching over, and wrapped an arm around her tiny waist with a worried brow, staring at her cheekbone. They stood inside the open archway between the lobby reception and the hallway, leading back into the laser procedure treatment rooms for the oncology cancer patients.

He turned and frowned with puzzlement at Tatianna and then the child inside the lobby. The child had scooted down onto the floor, gently stoking the soft furry coat of Lester with a giggle and a grin. The dog reached down and placed a hairy skull inside her lap in a protection mode. Islander scanned the reception room that was filled with patients for a turn with the radiation treatment and turned to see the cheekbone of Tatianna with a puzzled brow.

Tatianna sobbed and slapped the chest of Islander with a sour frown of annoyance. “I have repeatedly asked you to stop insulting me with that nasty nickname, Is.”

He smiled into the side of pretty face with a whisper. “You call me, Is. I oblige the honorable reversal with Tit for Tatianna.”

Tatianna turned and frowned at Islander. “I use the first two letters of your name Islander for ‘Is.’ Then, you should use the first three letters of my name Tatianna to form the word, ‘Tat.’ You should call me, Tat, not that other nasty name.”

He chuckled into her pretty face. “What’s wrong with the little girl, attacking Lester?”

Tatianna turned and stared at the child, exhaling with a puff of sadness. “She is visiting her oncologist today for a checkup of her cancer remission. Based on Lester’s reaction, her cancer has returned again. She doesn’t have a chance in hell for a further good recovery. We had done everything for the little girl. A dog possesses 220 million smell-sensitive cells, the size of a pocket handkerchief when it is compared to the human smell, which is the equivalent of a postage stamp. Lester can sense an odor concentration nearly 100 million times lower than a human can sense and then it is analyzed at forty times greater inside his doggie brains than that of a human being.”

Islander turned and stared at the little girl and Lester. The little girl smiled and patted his soft coat. Islander whistled in a high bird sounding tone.

Lester stood upright from the little girl and turned, scanning the room for his master. The whistle signaled for Lester to move around the room, scouting out any trouble. Lester turned and shuffled to the mother, holding her toddler.

The mother turned and smiled down at Lester, allowing the dog to sniff the toddler.

Tatianna said. “Dogs can sense diabetes and severe hypoglycemia in humans too. That toddler child inside his mother’s hands has cancer too. Lester can smell the unique odor of bladder cancer cells inside her diapers from the urine.” Lester turned and moved to the next child inside a new chair. Tatianna said. “Lester has pinpointed the lung cancer in Tara.”

Lester turned and shuffled to the little boy, licking a pink tongue onto the naked leg of the child, making the boy giggle and wiggle inside his mother’s arms. Tatianna exhaled. “The little boy has childhood osteosarcoma. When a bone tumor or a soft tissue tumor is cancerous, they are called sarcomas. The bone cancer affects closest to the knee or the proximal tibia, the lower leg bone near the knee. Lester dog licks in a way makes the child feel better, somehow and somewhere. I guess a miracle you could say. Medical and science experts aren’t quite sure exactly how dogs do this. It might be that they are detecting subtle changes inside the body chemistry that humans cannot.”

Lester turned and ran in a complete circle, softly barking the middle aged woman and stopped, reaching to nip at her finger tips with love.

Tatianna gasped, “Amazing! She has breast cancer. Lester can sense the odor by smelling her finger tips. You should call him back, before the troops get restless with his show.”

“Aqui, Lester!” Islander said out loud. Lester turned and viewed his master, hearing the verbal command COME. The dog turned and viewed the woman, barking a good bye, twirling in a half circle, running to Islander with a wagging tail and a drooling tongue. Islander squatted with a smile and a nod, scratching at the big pointy ears with a whisper, “Bueno, pretty boy!”

The Spanish word bueno was defined as ‘good.’

Tatianna squatted down with a smile next to Lester. “He understands the Spanish language.”

Islander shook a skull with a smile, “Naw. Lester understands the pretty musical sounds and pronunciation of the Spanish language within his doggie commands. When I speak the word, he understands what or what not to do.”

Tatianna turned and whispered into his cheekbone, patting on the soft fur of Lester. “You didn’t come to entertain the patients with Lester. You’re here only for business. What do you need from me, Is?”

Islander leaned over and assisted her to stand with a smile and a whisper, “Yeah, you can read me like a worn pair of jeans. I’m interested in learning about lasers, everything.”

She nodded with a smile and stood upright, spinning around, leading down the narrow empty hallway towards her private business office. “Let’s go into my office for a discussion of lasers.”

He stood upright and followed behind her back spine with Lester running ahead. Lester stopped and sniffed each open and closed door for any type of trouble.



3:24 pm

Office setting of Tatianna

Man-made cold temperatures with artificial light bulbs



A square room without a window was painted in dull beige. She entered through the open archway and moved ahead, sitting behind an office desk that was filled with a short stack of paper, a working computer monitor, and a keyboard. She reached over and shuffled some papers over to the side, dropping both arms on the empty spot, wearing a pair of blue surgical scrubs with a set of cute tiny black colored bears over the clothing and a pink cloth skull cap that hid her hair. She had a pair of blue colored eyes, a tone of pale tinted skin and covered up head of black long colored hair.

Islander followed the back spine of Tatianna into her office and moved ahead, occupying one of two office chairs in front of her desk. Lester entered the room, turning and sniffing the door frame first and moved sideways, staring his sniffing investigation of a new room. Islander smiled with a nod. “I find it kinda weird that you’re a pharmacist inside the radiation department of a hospital and not hanging out an open window pane at pharmacy drug store like the others.”

She smiled, “Not at all! I’m responsible for ordering the oncology drugs, as well as, setting, storing, and stocking all the oncology substances. So what’s your interest in the Burn Hospital radiation department besides flirting with me?”

He smiled with a wink. “The FDA is interested in laser operations related to nitrogen gas storage.”

She frowned, “Liquid nitrogen?”

“Do you keep tanks of liquid nitrogen here for the patients?”

She nodded. “Yes, I am the only one that handles the liquid nitrogen atmosphere…”

The tall and dark skinned male appeared and stood inside the archway, holding a briefcase in one hand, wearing a white laboratory coat over his designer business suit. He tossed a free hand into the air with fury at his employee, “Tatianna, who is that employee that owns a bright red tinted sport car with a set of black colored alloy wheels? He or she is occupying my private parking spot in front of my clinic.”

Islander stood upright from the chair and spun around, extending a hand and a smile to the physician. “I do, sir. I’m Islander from the FDA.”

The tall and dark skinned male turned and narrowed both eyelids at Islander without shaking the pre-offered hand with a growl. “Why are you here in my parking space at my clinic inside the Burn Hospital? And why is a smelly canine inside your office, Tatianna?”

Islander smiled. “My canine is doggie certified with all the area hospitals, specifically here at Birmingham Hospital to entertain at the children for fun on the different wards like inside the oncology…”

“That canine is not certified inside my radiation clinic.”

Islander reached over and pulled out a set of FDA badges with a nod and a smile. “Lester is an employee of the FDA too. And the FDA division is interested in learning about laser equipment and operations…”

“The FDA should contact your employer the US Federal Government for all available information…”

“Sir, I’m working on a standard FDA investigation here in Birmingham. The local FDA office has a good relationship with Birmingham Hospital. I always…”

“…entered into one of the hospital departments without administration and legal authorization,” the male moved ahead and occupied the second office chair without a smile to see his employee. “Tatianna, please rush my next oncology patient into a treatment room. While I address Mr. Islander’s few questions, briefly and swiftly.”

She stood upright from the chair with a nod in silence and exited her work office.

The male turned and frowned to Islander. “Mr. Islander, the term laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a very powerful precise beam of light that is used instead of a sharp blade or a bloody scalpel as a modern scientist performs very carefully surgical work relating especially to cancer and tumors.”

Islander sat down inside the first chair and pulled out, jolting down hand written notes inside the tiny notebook with a nod. “No blade, but light. I understand, sir.”

“A laser beam treats the cancer cells of an infected patient on top of the skin surface and inside the lining of the affected organ or organs. A physician treats any internal cancerous condition of the patient, using a scope that can be inserted into a natural opening of the body or with a small incision, because the laser light reduces bleeding. The laser light is easily inserted without open surgery on the body which is always performed on an outpatient basis, offering faster and safer procedure for the cancer patient.”

Islander looked up with a stern face to see the hallway and Tatianna. “Do you employ any other laser treatments for other procedures?”

The male frowned. “I do not understand your question, sir.”

Islander smiled. “Modern science has instituted the concept of the laser cosmetic treatment for improving a human body from ugliest to prettiness. Does Birmingham Hospital operate a laser center?”

He sneered. “I do understand your question. A non-invasive procedure effectively treats acne and surgical scars, as well as, tattoo removal, stretch mark removal, and pigmentation treatment. You have come to visit the wrong medical institution for such ugly patients. Birmingham Hospital is a medical facility for very sick and dying patients, not a beauty school for teenagers and drunken college students, Mr. Islander.”

Islander smiled. “The FDA has approved the technological advanced method of radiofrequency energy and oscillating mechanical waves upon the body, removing fat volume from obese patients, not like liposuction. Liposuction requires a small incision with a laser like cutting with a knife…”

The male exhaled. “You are referencing the method of skin tightening, using a laser beam. Fat cells are stored as lobules. The lobules are clustered like a bunch of wine grapes. These clusters are wrapped in a fibrous tissue layer like a fish net that holds them together. The fibrous tissue layer makes it hard to reach the fatty tissues, using liposuction. The vibrations of any oscillating mechanical wave rattles the fat lobules out its cage, so to speak, and then blasts the fat fibers with the radiofrequency heat to shrink the size of the fat cells which is performed in four treatment sessions over two weeks in a painless and fast clinical environment, usually in a private physician office setting, producing a lean body and tighter skin tone. There are many different types of light that affects the skin, including laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound technology which in turn displays marked improvements in cellulite, skin tightness, tissue volume, tone, and elasticity, while reducing wrinkles and rejuvenates the face from anti-aging. Birmingham Hospital and my radiation clinic do not perform any of these vainly selfish beauty treatments. Thank you for listening to my lecture. Good day to you, Mr. Islander and the FDA!” He stood upright from the chair with a stern face without extending a hand, marking the end of the meeting and spun around, leaving the business office for his working job.

Islander stood upright from the office chair with a smile, whistling for Lester. Then he and Lester turned and left the business office and the radiation department of Birmingham Hospital.



6:03 pm

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

City of Gardendale

(ten miles north of FDA building)

Home setting of Islander and his father

Kitchen location



Islander entered the house and slammed the garage door shut for attention, as well as, the location. “Daddy, I’m home.”

“Kitchen,” the baritone voice yelled out loud.

Islander leaned against the wall and pulled off each cowboy boot and then neatly hung up the sports jacket onto the clothing tree inside the foyer for his work job tomorrow. He slides the wet socks over the shiny smooth wooden planks, leading down the hallway, passing the living room, the dining room and turned into the kitchen space.

His dad had prepared an array of food dishes like always, placing each dish on top of the round breakfast table, pointing each food item with a smile. “Miss Peggy Leigh’s mashed potatoes. Miss Tammy Jo’s farm fresh green beans. Miss Mary Sue’s fried chicken. Miss Betty Ann’s corn on the cob. Miss Bobbie Lou’s pecan pie…”

Islander slid into the chair with a smile. “No biscuits?”

His dad stood upright from the chair and reached over, grabbing the wrapped bread from the top of the refrigerator, tossing it between the two glass tumblers with elegance and a smile. “White bread. Eat your fill, son,” he sat back down and scooped up a spoonful of the mashed potatoes onto the fried chicken leg and folded a slice of bread around the meat. He ate and chewed three times, swallowing the lump with a smile to his son. “How was work? Stop any drug lords today?”

Islander chewed with an open mouth, “Two and a nasty dead doberman.”

Lester was making his inspection round around the exterior perimeter of the ranch house that belonged to father of Islander for security and protection of his family first. After the nose and the eyeball inspection, the dog entered the house through the kitchen doggie door for his meal, compliments of the father of Islander also. Islander and Lester always were expected home around six in the evening.

His dad gasped. “Damn! Lester killed the thing.”

Islander swallowed the food with a smile. “The damn thing decided to piss Lester off. That’s what an in-bred kissing cousin gets permanently.” His dad laughed and then ate the food. Islander smiled. “Are you going to the church picnic on Sunday? Miss Mary Sue flagged me down at the pasture gate, before driving up to the house. She’s nice, not as pretty as Mama. She is nice and asks about you, a lot.”

“Guess so!”

Islander exhaled. “Daddy, it is your life, but it has been two years since Mama’s passing into heaven. You should move along with your life. What’s the problem? What’s wrong with Miss Mary Sue?”

“There isn’t anything wrong with Miss Mary Sue or Miss Tammy Jo or any of the Miss Elderly Women. I agree they’re nice and pleasant, a little too pushy sometimes, not like your mama. I’m in no rush, son. I’m young of age and might of fifty five years with lots of muscle left in this old body. I was planning on asking you that same question. What’s your probe, son? You are a nice bachelor alone on a Tuesday night without female companionship. How’s the girl from last Friday night?”

“Okay. She doesn’t drink beer.”

He chuckled. “One of your many country boy tests,” chewing the food.

Islander chewed and swallowed with a nod. “I got a new murder case. Three obese male bodies of children, there were found after those killer tornadoes a few years ago. They might’ve been killed inside a cryo-laboratory. Then the bodies might’ve been dumped as the storm approached, covering up the dead cadavers.”

He chewed and swallowed, shaking his skull. “Overweight and obesity are both abnormal accumulation of fat cells that presents a risk health to the human and a serious impact your investigation. Obesity leads to serious health consequences like the probable cause of premature death. You might find it difficult to prove murder, son.”

Islander chewed and swallowed with a nod. “I got two clues, missing organs and a set of liquid nitrogen frozen. Each body part was covered in a set of distinct three faint yellow rings.”

He nodded. “The faint yellow rings are definitely frostbite signals coming from the nitro. The deadly storms of tornadoes tore through the rooftops, the brick walls, the plumbing pipes, and the wall plaster. Any type of building construction, sitting pretty in that tornado would have popped and then soaked the ground with all types of flammable and leaking liquids. One type of liquid remnant in a construction site is liquid nitrogen. The dripping lead from a pipe could’ve gone down underneath the Earth’s surface. When the nitrogen exists in the soil, it vaporizes removing heat from the soil and then freezing it as a solid. Your dead and warm bodies could’ve been dumped on top of the leaked liquid nitrogen and then the bodies could’ve absorbed some of the water-soaked ground moisture that contained the frozen liquid nitrogen. Then, the frozen liquid nitrogen would have morphed into the body into a zombie cryo-state inside the gas that would have adhered into the warm body like glue.”

Islander chewed and swallowed with a nod. “Yeah, it could have? I’ll check with Wilbur on that theory.”

He said. “Cryogenics is a branch of physics that is concerned with very low temperatures on organisms or materials. The prefix ‘cryo’ comes from the Greek word ‘kryos,’ meaning cold. In the year 1623, Francis Bacon experimented on the putrefaction of fowl flesh. He stuffed a bird with snow to observe the effects of non-decaying flesh. Then he caught a nasty head cold which turned into acute bronchitis. That experimentation contributed to his death in the year 1626. Most animals are able to lower their body temperature during hibernation, not people. No human can tolerate freezing temperatures within their delicate body tissues. When a human is exposed to freezing temperatures, ice forms inside their blood vessels and then bursts the blood cells open, beyond the point, where they can’t function and survive. Frostbite is the common malady caused by cold temperatures. The skin and blood cells, both are damaged from the dehydration due to freezing temperatures. Scientists have found that some types of frogs and turtles can survive being frozen. When a frog senses ice forming on the body, its liver produces extra glucose that is blood sugar which floods into each cell to protect the body from freezing and from damage.”

Islander chuckled. “These bodies didn’t come with any frozen frogs or turtles…”

“Boys will be boys. If these boys lived near the woodlands, then get lost during the tornados. Then the three bodies would have suffered frostbite way out there during the wintertime here in Alabama. That would explain the first ring of yellow. Then, if a crazy person found these bodies, they would’ve ripped out the organs for the black market. Disasters always bring outsiders into the destroyed towns looking for stolen stuff. Why not some damaged body parts of some lost families killed during the tornados then lost during the wintertime? These tornados were F5s, deadly. I bet there’re some folks who still haven’t been found from years ago. Honestly, some of the redneck families around here are so large that folks just didn’t know where any person goes or lives.”

Islander chewed and swallowed with a nod. “You and Wilbur agree.”

“So far, scientists only freeze and use human organs for transplants like sperm cells and eye ball corneas.”

Islander nodded. “Wilbur told me and I saw that all the eyeballs were missing from the murder victims.”

“Nitro makes up 78.03 percent of air and is used as a gaseous nitrogen chemical, blanketing any type of blood vessels for a medical application. From a medical precaution, nitrogen gas acts as a simple asphyxiant when inhaled. If an eye or a hand contacts the gas, it causes frostbite. When working with cryogenic liquids, you must wear a full face shield and other personal protection equipment for your body protection. Hmm, it sounds like the madman had some fun…”

“Sounds like body snatching. Wilbur thinks the organs are being traded on the black market, too.

His dad laughed. “Sounds like science fiction to me,” he turned and stared at the farm land through the side window. “But this old earth is filled with nothing but mean folks now days,” he turned and ate the food, chewing.

Islander chewed and swallowed the food with a nod. “Maybe, you can come down to the FBI medical laboratory and exchange some cryo-ideas with Wilbur. He is really stuck on the solution to nowhere…”

“Damn! If ya’ll don’t have a tough mystery there, son. I can do that,” he smiled and ate the food, chewing.



Thursday July 31st



6:03 am

Hot temperatures with dull sunshine and parted clouds

FBI Building

(11 miles south of Islander’s home)



He reached out and grabbed the closed door knob with a yawn, opening the door, entering the laboratory auditorium with a sour frown. “This have betta be good, Wilbur. I missed breakfast, racing the sports car to get here now.” Islander did not bother to grab a set of PPE equipment and moved through the non-sterile environment that did not contain germs. Lexington had rolled out of her warm bed too, after Islander had called her from the car. Lester followed beside his master Islander.

Wilbur stood in front of a new table and pointed down at the objects, “They came.”

“They?” Islander stopped and stood beside Wilbur with a confused brow at the new table surface.

Wilbur said. “They came in late last night, an entire family of four complete with their children.”

“Children?” Islander frowned down each body and covered a nose from the stinky smell. Four bloated bodies rested on top of the naked table in a particular order of a large male, a large female, a small boy, and a smaller girl. Lester launched up on his hind legs, pawing the air and slammed down the front paws to the tile. The dog whipped around in a completed circle and stopped, lifted upright and slammed into the back legs of his master Islander with worry. Islander looked back over a collar bone with a sour frown. Lester continued to slam the front legs and paw on the legs of Islander with worry. Wilbur turned and pointed down at Lester in silence. Islander reached out and grabbed Wilbur, spinning around and dashed ahead towards the closed door. Lester spun around and raced towards the closed door, pawing it open.

The door opened.

Lester exited first. Islander led Wilbur through the archway. The door slammed shut with a loud boom.

Wilbur stopped and stared down at the dog. “What’s wrong with Lester?”

“He smells something, not good.” Islander spun around and stared with a worried brow through the tiny window of the locked door.

“They’re dead, Is. Death always smells like shit,” Wilbur turned and stared the back spine of Islander.

Islander shook his skull and leaned into the window. “Not a death stench, Lester is reacting to an unseen odor, not sniffed by you and me. Some type of smell, not death, but alive…”

“Contamination germs might expose us and explain their deaths.”

Islander continued to scan the interior room for trouble. “You’re swift, Wilbur. Tell me what else have you got on the dead bodies?”



Research office setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



Wilbur spun around and moved across the hallway, entering a new room, sitting down and accessed a new desktop computer. Islander back stepped from the sealed and locked door with a worried brow, spinning around and followed Wilbur, grabbing a chair and slid beside Wilbur.

Inside the hallway, Lester continued to sniff at the closed door with worry.

Wilbur ripped off the face mask and typed on the computer, stopping and reading out lout the information on the screen. “Let’s see! These bodies are different from my creepy FBI collection of many body parts. The family was intact at the joint bones, only missing the eyeballs, the liver, and the kidney, instead of every organ which wasn’t either stolen or eaten by maggots. Each family member fits the pattern of obesity. You can see. The BMI is easily over twenty nine.”

Islander nodded. “Your body part snatching theory just got proven correctly, Wilbur. Where did the bodies come from?”


“Fultondale, that city was a part of the tornado route, too.”

Wilbur read out loud the information from the computer screen. “Plenty of the destroyed buildings stood until last week from the lack of funding or ownership abandonment. During the structure demolition, the dead family members were found. I must state in the same condition as my jigsaw puzzle containers inside my isolation laboratory. On the electronic picture, a yellowish ring around the stomach. This is definitely a laser slice right in the exact spot of the missing liver and kidneys. I would say that the thief get rushed in the job, taking the more expensive organs. On the black market, a single healthy liver pays out one hundred thousand dollars. A single kidney and an eyeball, each one is paid out at eighty thousand dollars. For two within a package, it is one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. So an entire body is worth about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Then you multiple by four…”

“Yeah, that is a cool one million dollars to a dead family, who is not alive to spend the money.”

“Good at math, Is! The family name is Murfree from Pleasant City, whose house was totally destroyed in the tornados. To me, this means that someone killed them in one location and dragged their dead asses, a long ways to here in Fultondale, where the same tornado torn through the small town. The police authorities questioned the neighbors and came to the same conclusion. The family went missing from their community but moved away like so many other folks.”

“What did the pulled medical and dental records show?” Islander turned and watched Lester. The dog continued to paw at the door. “Lester is really upset about something inside those dead bodies, sticking and stinking inside his nose holes. How about we use a Geiger counter and see if we can trace any nuclear activity?”

Wilbur frowned. “Do you believe that they get nuked by what, Is?”

“Your awesome working theory, man! You have proposed that the body part snatchers used lasers and have been proven right. Lasers leave traces and trace elements. Let’s see if any of the bodies are radiated, coming from the usage of many laser slices.” He nodded.

Wilbur slid off the stool and spun around with a stern face, moving ahead towards the side wall inside the research and pointing at the red colored painted sign. “Follow me, Is!”

“Sento, Lester.” Islander slid off the chair and dashed behind the back spine of Wilbur. Lester spun around from the door and ran into the room, stopping and sat down over tile, watching his master.

Wilbur said. “We hold an array of radiation gear in here. We can get dressed and suit up. Then we can examine the bodies safely.”



6:35 am

FBI medical isolation laboratory setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



The locked and secure door opened.

Wilbur led Islander and moved ahead towards the new table surface, wearing a radiation suit and holding a Geiger counter. He stopped and scanned the large male first, focusing on the yellowish faint ring, covering the liver positioned on the stomach. “I am not seeing anything radiated. I am moving the Geiger counter to the visual slice of the left kidney and then the right kidney. I am not seeing anything radiated here either.” He back stepped and scooted around the first table, moving ahead towards the second table with a stern face inside the helmet gear. “I am going to quickly scan for any type of radiation signature on the large female, the small male, and the small female.” He worked rapidly and scanned the device over each body on top of the other three tables, standing in front of the small female and lifted, reading the tiny screen on the Geiger counter with a sour frown. “I am not finding one single radiation reading. Let’s go and review the results of the laboratory tests. I sliced off the skin and orange samples and ordered the tests last night. The techs should be done by now,” he shut down the Geiger counter devise and placed it on top of the last table, spinning around with a worried brow and moved ahead towards the entrance wall, where a tall work table, a set of three tall stools, and three active desktop computers stood. He slid into one of the tall stools, reaching out and pressed the button. The desktop computer blinked into life.

Islander spun around and dashed behind the back spine of Wilbur, sliding into one of the two tall stools, staring at the same active computer screen.

Wilbur said. “I ordered culture swabs of throat, nasal, anal. Hmm, I see.”

Islander nodded. “No shit!”

“There is not any rectal discharge at the time of death. There is always some smelly shit inside the anus, after a body expires, unless the body is frozen.”

Islander chuckled. “You’re batting hundred with the deer freezing, Dr. Wilbur.”

“I do not see any usage of oncology drugs inside their systems either. I tested for that too, in case the cut incisions were related to any type of laser treatments. This is a big fat mystery, Is. This body has been tested and has resulted in a negative outcome for any type of controlled substitutes, including cocaine and sleeping medications. Without viewing the other bodies, I would place a bet with the same laboratory results.” He reached down and tapped on the keyboard with a nod. “I have activated the computer in front of your helmet visor for review. I’m flipping to the next report, since we both have duplicate reports with the same information. You can use the other computer and continue to scan the first body of the large male with the first laboratory report. I want to peruse the other lab tests and see if we can pinpoint any connection to the jigsaw puzzle of containers.”

“Okay.” Islander leaned over and reached down, tapping on the keyboard of the new computer screen. It blinked into life and showed the same laboratory report. “Wait! Why is that written remark highlighted in red colors on the report?”

Wilbur clicked through each item with a confused brow. “Any interesting item is always highlighted in the color of red. What is this?”

Islander chuckled, “A picture of a toy…”

Wilbur gasped, “Again?”

Islander frowned, “Yeah, again, the toy showed the same words of Burn Hospital. The words have been etched onto the metal where the toy was purchased at Birmingham Hospital. I was there yesterday afternoon. So, I will go back and ask more questions again.”

Wilbur frowned. “Do you want me to send over my brothers of the FBI too?”

Islander frowned at the toy picture on the computer screen, “No, not yet! Let me pin the doctor down with murder one for a family of dead with children first.” He slid off the chair with a sour frown and turned, moving towards the closed door to exchange the radiation suit for his regular street clothes.

Wilbur remained inside the chair and reviewed the rest of the laboratory tests with a worried brow. “I am staying in here and review each laboratory results which can pinpoint and hang the killer. So, I’ll be seeing you back here in a bit. Good hunting, Is!”

Islander reached out and grabbed the door knob, opening the door and moved ahead towards the research room in silence.

He exchanged the clothing and escorted Lester back into his sports car, traveling to Birmingham Hospital.



7:30 am

Birmingham Hospital

Reception lobby setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



Islander and Lester glided through the open door.

Lester moved ahead and sniffed the floor, rubbing the nose back and forth across the tile, hunting for the same odor inside the FBI medical laboratory. The dog charged around the office desk and chair of the receptionist first, finding no odor similar to the smell inside the FBI laboratory. Lester bolted into the reception lobby which was devoid of patients and their family members, sniffing around three chairs and the coffee table, barely moving the magazines on top of the surface that were for the patients, dropping a nose down, whirling around the floor again. The dog moved from the reception lobby and strolled down an empty hallway and stopped at the first office door, sniffing until he was fully satisfied with no odor presence. Then he resumed his search. He scooted down to the second office door, stopped and sniffed, planting a nose back down over the floor, smelling the tile and spun around, galloping out the office door.

Islander raced behind the tail of dog. Lester stopped outside a closed door, not barking but posing. Islander stopped and stood in front of the closed door, reaching out and turned the knob. Lester sat back on his hind legs and slammed the cracked door open with excitement with a skull butt. Islander stood inside the archway and viewed a room full of employees. Lester entered the room and sniffed the tile, dashing and separated two people with a skull butt, barking at the female. Islander whipped out and held the hand gun at the people with a yell and a stern face, “This is a FDA business. Please, do not move from your standing or sitting positions.”

Lexington appeared and stood behind the back spine of Islander, holding up a single sheet of brown colored paper. “Please stay calm! We are a pair of FDA agents, conducting a murder investigation. Please follow our orders. Who is in charge in here?”

The male stood upright and tossed both arms into the air with a sour sneer. “I am Dr. Paschell Vickers. I am in charge of the radiation therapy department here at Birmingham Hospital. What is happening here? What is the meaning of your invasion into private property?” He moved ahead and stood in front of Islander and Lexington with a sour face.

Islander holstered the weapon and thumbed over a collar bone to the empty hallway with a stern face. “I would like for everyone to go back into your office until you are excluded from this murder investigation, except for Dr. Tatianna Orwell and Dr. Paschell Vickers. Do you have a conference room where we all can speak in private?”

Vickers exhaled with a nod and stared with a sour frown at Islander. “Tatianna, please lead the way for the unwelcomed visitors to end this ridicule matter.”

Tatianna stood upright from the chair with a stern face and moved ahead, exiting the room, moving into a new conference room.

Vickers stood in place with a soft growl and a sour frown.

Lexington spun around with a stern face and followed behind the back spine of Tatianna. Islander whistled. Lester turned and dashed to the side of his master, moving beside Islander, entering the new room.



Conference room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



Tatianna stopped and stood beside the new conference room, watching the other people enter the room with a stern face. She slid down into the chair and sat across from Islander and Lexington and beside Vickers. Lester stopped and rested beside the boot toe of his master Islander, closing the eyelids for a brief rest of new action.

Islander exhaled without a smile to Tatianna and Vickers. “I am very sorry for the intrusion. The FBI department has uncovered several dead bodies. The dead bodies are also missing a set of dead body parts that has been discovered to have been frozen by liquid nitrogen and then sliced by a laser beam…”

Vickers gasped. “The dead bodies were killed by a laser beam. Now, I understand your visit here at the Birmingham Hospital yesterday. Do you really believe that I have done this?”

Islander exhaled. “The latest victim is a young boy. He was holding a toy with the words Burn Hospital which is the shorten nickname for Birmingham Hospital. We have spoken to your hospital administration. They give us permission for our invasion. The little boy, his sister, his mom, and his dad are missing a pair of eyeballs, two kidneys, and the liver…”

Vickers gasped. “Those are very valuable pieces of healthy organs, if they have reached any type of thief within the illegal black market…”

“We believe that is where the organs have been transported. The reason we are here. Each body has been mutilated by a laser beam, leaving three faints rings of yellow tinted…”

Tatianna gasped, “Frostbite! A yellow faint ring would indicate a degree of frostbite. You suspect that each body visited here and then was murdered here inside the clinic and then dropped somewhere else.”

Islander exhaled with a nod. “Are you currently treating a family named Murfree from Pleasant City?”

Vickers turned and frowned at his employee. “Tatianna, could you please pull the medical records on any and all family name of Murfree?” She stood upright from the chair and exited the room for the new information. Lexington stood upright from her chair and followed behind the back spine of Tatianna for security. Vickers nodded. “I am familiar with the last name. However, I do not know if it is the same particular biological family.”

“How is liquid nitrogen used here within the radiation therapy department at Birmingham Hospital?”

Vickers exhaled. “Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid when properly insulated it can be transported inside flasks, without harm. Like dry ice, it is refrigerated. It is primarily used in cryo-preservation of blood, reproductive cells, such like, sperm and eggs and other biological samples…”

“…like stem cells too. Within the emerging field of regenerative medicine, stem cells are being extracted from the failing organs. The transplantation of organs includes the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, and intestines. The human tissues include bones, cornea, skin, heart valves, and veins. Kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organ then the liver, then the heart, too. Here in the good old USA, the FDA sets strict regulations on the safety of the transplants. Seventy thousand kidneys are transplanted every year, coming from the black market with a price tag of eighty thousand dollars for a single kidney or an eyeball. And about ten sickly Americans die each day waiting for an organ…”

“I do not know why you need my medical advice, sir. You have collected and gathered all the available information you need about…”

“Sir,” Tatianna entered the room and slid down into the chair without smiling. “I have found our medical record file on a family named Murfree from Pleasant City. The mother had breast cancer. She is our patient. And liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, extremely cold liquid and gas under pressure. It is used to freeze the blood for surgery, not a murder weapon, Islander.”

Islander nodded. “Liquid nitrogen is also used in cryo-surgery to destroy diseased tissue. Except, if the tissue is not diseased but viable, then…”

“Nitrogen is also used to freeze livestock semen which can then be stored for years. Maybe, your mischievous-sliced-by-laser-little-boys got into someone’s horse barn, causing some horsey trouble. I would like to remind that the quick freeze process from the intense cold minimizes cell wall damage…”

“…requiring eye, skin, respiratory lung, and hand coverings for protection, while handling liquid nitrogen.” Islander nodded.

She said, “Plus, some chemical-resistant impervious gloves and a self-contained breathing apparatus to avoid inhaling the liquid nitrogen. This is not an expensive set up here at Birmingham Hospital for any type of made-shift ugly laboratory.”

Islander grinned. “Lester has sniffed a usual sniff here inside the radiation therapy department of the Birmingham Hospital, specifically coming from her.”

Tatianna frowned. “I do not know why that would be.”

Lexington returned and entered the room, wearing a radiation suit, holding a Geiger counter and stopped, standing next to Tatianna. She said through the helmet, “Unless, she is the real murderess of the many mutilated dead bodies. Please stand up!” Tatianna stood upright from the chair in silence. Lexington looked down with a confused brow at the instrument. “There is not any higher than normal levels of low radiation from her, her office, this conference room, or outside in the corridor hallway. I would suspect the odor is on her person or maybe in her clothes. We need to examine her clothes.”

Tatianna frowned. “I respect your authority as the FDA and the radiation procedures with Dr. Vickers. Therefore, I will cooperate with all your obtuse orders. If I may suggest that we visit with the FBI laboratory. The sophisticated equipment can analysis all the odors on my person and my clothing without the gun, too.”

Lexington nodded without smiling, “An excellent idea! Dr. Orwell and I will travel inside the decontamination van. Islander and Lester will drive his car back to the FBI laboratory medical center.” She slowly spun around and exited the conference room.

Tatianna followed behind the back spine of Lexington.

Islander stood upright from the chair and extended a hand to Vickers with a smile and a nod. “Thank you for your valuable time, Dr. Vickers.” Lester stood upright from the floor, wiggling the tail, drooling the tongue for the next command from his master Islander.

Vickers continued to sit inside the chair with a sour frown. “Not welcome!”

Islander back stepped from the chair with a grin and side stepped, following behind the females with a loud whistle. Lester dashed beside his master, wiggling the tail, sniffing the floor. They left the building and loaded back into his sports car, driving back towards the FBI Building.



8:11 am

Downtown Birmingham

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine

FBI Building front entrance setting



The FDA van drove from the hospital and stopped, parking away from the building, opening up the rear doors.

Tatianna slid out the rear bench seat with Lexington. Lexington had exchanged the radiation suit for her regular street clothes. They moved ahead together towards the FBI building while discussing the issue of the dead bodies.

The sports car followed behind the FDA van and veered, finding a parking spot in front of the building. The driver’s door opened. Lester exited from the sports car and dashed ahead, stopping and sat in front of elderly male, waggling the tail at the father of Islander. The father of Islander leaned down and patted the skull of Islander with a smile, standing upright to see the new set of visitors.

Lexington moved ahead and stopped, standing beside Lester and the elderly male, leaning over and hugged, pulling back with a smile and a giggle, “Hey there, Islander’s daddy!”

The father of Islander smiled, “Hey there, Lex and Tatianna!”

Islander dashed from the car and pulled up beside Tatianna with a smile. She turned and winked at Islander. “Your daddy says my full name for respect and love.”

“Hey, Daddy!” Islander reached out and shook the hand with a smile, releasing the handshake with a confused brow. “Why are here at the FBI building?”

The father of Islander smiled with a nod. “You invited me here, yesterday. So I called up Wilbur. He said to come on down and look at the frozen bodies, buddy,” chuckling.

Islander nodded with a smile, “O yeah! Okay. Let’s all go inside and make Wilbur nervous.” He scooted around his father, leading the gang up the steps and into the medical isolation laboratory and reached out for the handle. The door opened. He stood and held the door.

Each person moved inside the FBI building.



8:18 am

Medical isolation laboratory setting

Man-made cold temperatures with enclosed walls of artificial lighting



The gang moved ahead and turned the wall corner, seeing Wilbur.

Wilbur wore a set of yellow colored PPE gear and held open the laboratory door with a smile behind the face mask for each guest, “Welcome to my laboratory! Welcome to my laboratory of germs!” The father of Islander, Lexington, Tatianna, Lester, and Islander moved ahead and entered into the room with a smile in silence. Wilbur turned and followed behind the invited guests as the door closed and locked, keeping out any unwelcomed visitor. He said. “Please, disguise your face before taking the little germs home to your family,” he stopped and stood in the middle of the floor, watching the people dress inside the PPE gear.

The invited guests finished dressing including Lester in yellow colors and spun around to see Wilbur.

Wilbur nodded to each guest. “I have been talking with Tatianna and Lex during their short ride from the hospital inside the FDA van. Tatianna has presented the concept of a diseased infection. Any type of disease is considered nothing more than an imbalance of enzymes. Therefore, any type of enzyme imbalance may be inherited which might explain the reasoning of robbing the organs of obesity victims here in Birmingham. Or in our case, the enzyme imbalance may have been created by the robbers of the obesity victims,” he lifted a palm with a sour frown inside the face mask. “Yes. This is a crazy idea coming off the planet and out of this universe. I am out of ideas. The FBI is out of ideas. And the FDA is out of ideas. We will entertain this concept until it is trashed like the other silly concepts. Let’s enter my lab, folks! I have set up a big wall-covered television screen with numerous input laboratory figures for an enzyme demonstration,” he moved ahead and marched towards a set of chairs in front of a solid wall that was illuminated with blinking digital numbers in the colors of dark blue.

The father of Islander turned and advanced towards one of the tables, stopping and stared at the dead body and the containers of body parts. “I can take death and cold and body parts, but this space makes me wanna barf up my lunch, Wilbur. It smells worse than a nursing home.”

Islander moved ahead and sat inside a chair with a sad face and a whisper. “I remember.” Lester jumped into the air and sat down into his own metal chair next to his master Islander, watching the action.

Wilbur stopped and spun around, facing the row of chair in front of the wall of blue colored numbers. “I have arranged a special lecture area here. Please, select a metal chair, anywhere. Freezer number sixteen is full with blood and gene slides from every single victim and body part, since I do not have enough space to store the useless body parts that lie around the exposed tables.”

The father of Islander spun around from the table of the dead with a chuckle, moving towards one of the metal chairs. “Buy him another freezer, son.”

All the invited guests had selected and been seated inside a metal chair for the lecture. Wilbur cleared a throat. “I will begin my enzyme demo with a simple example. And please interrupt me, make assumptions, and add your input. We are solving an unsolved problem. In dogs like Lester, there is a specific digestive enzyme, preventing loose stools, diarrhea, and digestion of food. Like dogs, a human has a specific nutrient enzyme that is generated inside the body, too. For a specific enzyme to be formed, two key ingredients must be present. One is organic minerals and the other is raw protein…”

The father of Islander laughed. “Eat beef!”

Islander chuckled. “Get milk!”

Lexington exhaled. “Milk has vitamins, not proteins. Vitamin D is specific located in cow’s milk.”

Tatianna smiled. “Milk also has an enzyme called lactose which is not really relevant here to the demonstration, unless each victim had consumed from type of contaminated animal milk product from an ill goat.”

Wilbur said. “An enzyme is the miracle nutrient. Every time you eat your big everything burger at Dee Dee’s Hamburgers, your body pulls out all the enzymes and then uses and replaces and replenishes and reserves, working and wasting all the enzymes inside your body. It is called the miracle health builders.”

Islander said. “I thought that amino acids were the building blocks.”

Tatianna said. “And the enzymes are the buildings.”

Lexington said. “Each enzyme performs a separate function like preventing you from having diarrhea, after consuming sweet milk.”

Islander turned and winked at Tatianna. “I like sweet milk.”

Lex said. “The enzyme lactose is a sugar. Some folks just blow after consuming the natural enzyme made by cows.”

Islander winked at Tatianna. “I like to be blown.” She giggled inside the face mask.

Wilbur said. “And you possess millions upon millions of every kind of enzyme inside your body. So, there are a million different enzymes for use as a research physician. However, I have done my extra credit homework, concentrating on three specific enzymes within the dead bodies. I did experiment with the enzyme model a few years ago when the body parts were discovered and presented to me for bio-analysis. So far, I have found this. There are four plant-based enzymes, mostly common in all natural food supplements. The four are protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulose. I have tested and eliminated all these four enzymes from the subjects a few years ago. There are RNA-enzymes based on biological catalysts of ribozymes. Yes. The laboratory results were negative without any type of variance in the standard numbers from a standard human, which was me. I used me as the test dummy of my enzyme experiment. Therefore, I have removed the RNA-enzymes from our boiling pot of nothing. Now since, I have a room full of gifted pharmacists to assist me today, tomorrow, the next tomorrow, and some other tomorrows. We will test and experiment on the amino acid strand. I am concentrating specifically on the branched-chain keto acid of 2-ketoisovalerate, 2-keto-3-methylvalerate, and 2-ketoisocaproate…”

Islander shook a skull cap of yellow with a smile behind the face mask. “Thank goodness! I thought Wilbur was going to rattle off all the amino acid names including valine, isoleucine, leucine…” he laughed with the others.

“Shush, too.” Lexington frowned.

Wilbur said. “After I had sliced the skin cells from each frozen and bloated bodies, I found two of the three keto acids. The two keto acids were unable to degrade, after mutagenesis in pure oxygen. The final result, the 2-ketoisovalerate element on the amino acid chain was totally destroyed.”

Islander chuckled, “Two bad! Get it, two! T.w.o. Two bad!”

Wilbur said. “There was also a concomitant loss of ability to grow or duplicate or clone on the 2-keto-3-methylvalerate and 2-ketoisocaproate of the three branched-chain amino acids when using pure oxygen.”

Islander chuckled, “Two, good.”

“Shush, Is!” Lexington frowned.

Wilbur said. “However, I discovered another type of mutation that showed a marked reduction activity and grew exponentially when a new intermediate was utilized a carbon source.”

Islander chuckled. “We are carbon.”

“We are oxygen.” Lexington exhaled.

The father of Islander frowned. “Plants are carbon, not humans, son.”

Tatianna said. “A carbon source possesses a specific enzymatic composition, Is.”

Wilbur said. “A healthy amino acid can be delaminated into a set of common enzymes. The common enzymes can be degraded into a set of pathways. And the set of pathways is regulated throughout the biological body, except when oxidation occurs. Oxidation of an enzyme offers a discrete pathway. In my research investigation, I have found that the existence of a common pathway. The common pathway had been obtained by the isolation and characterization of mutant on chromosome-eighteen.”

Lexington frowned inside the face mask. “Why specifically on chromosome-eighteen?”

Tatianna lifted a gloved hand with a confused brow. “Wait a minute here! Did you say that you had found a mutation on chromosome-eighteen?” She stood upright from the chair and turned to scan the room, moving towards the computer on the entrance wall. “Does that computer access the internet in here?”

“Yes.” Wilbur turned and followed behind the back spine of Tatianna with a confused brow.

Islander, Lexington, and the father of Islander, all stood upright from the chair and spun around, moving towards the same computer.

Tatianna slid into the chair and reached out, typing on the key board of the computer. “This is very bizarre. I coordinate all the research projects within the radiation therapy department, working with the other physician researchers,” she stopped the tap and pointed the computer screen. “This is the US Federal Government site for the National Science Foundation of research grants. There are many types of research projects. This one on the computer screen is entitled ‘Chloride and Sodium Transport within Chromosome Cells.’ The major goal of the research project is to define the biochemistry of chloride and sodium transport cells and clone the gene involved in transport within the human body. The one below that one is a second research experimental project entitled Chromosome Membrane Composition and Function’”

Lexington stood behind the rear skull of Tatianna with a sour frown. “This is over my gray matter. So what does it mean, Tatianna?”

Islander stood next to Lexington with a smile, “Mine, too, Tit! Why are you accessing the internet, chasing down cancer cell projects?”

Tatianna read out loud the information on the computer screen. “This is another new research projected entitled ‘Chromosome Gene Therapy for Cell Carcinoma.’ The major goal is to use viral strategies to express the normal gene in a human chromosome cell lines and to study the effect on growth and invasiveness of the lines. Here is another research experiment which is known as ‘Mutations in Chromosome 18 in the Progression of Cancer Cell Carcinoma.’ The major goal of this sub-project is to define the mutations inside chromosome-eighteen and their genetic contribution towards tumor progression and metastasis. Here is another research project that is paid to the physicians and a group of teaching medical institutions by the US Federal Government for four million dollars. It is entitled ‘Chromosome Mutations in Cancer.’ The goal of the project is to define the spectrum of chromosome mutations in humans based on cancer samples and correlate the results with clinical outcomes of death. The outcomes of death, please remember that phrase. This is an ancient research grant from the US Federal Government which is called ‘Gene Cloning of the Human Chromosome.’ The program will map, target, and clone all forty six human chromosome, cloning the genes relevant to the red and white blood cells, which is the essence of life,” she snapped the gloved fingers with a nod and slid off the stool, spinning around to face the others. “There was a physician a few years ago that was awarded this particular research grant, except part of his personal agenda was to process the clinical outcomes of death. His subjects were dead people, not live participates. He asked permission from Dr. Vickers, if he could remove the chromosomes patterns from his dead subjects, using a laser beam process, after working hours inside the radiation therapy department. Dr. Vickers told him to jump off a limestone cliff in much more eloquence words,” she turned and stared at the dead bodies with a stern face and a serious tone. “The participating physician researchers of this particular research project received the nickname ‘God Code’ for Gene Order Domination for Cloning the Outcomes of the DEad.”

Lexington dropped her mouth open and spun around to stare at the dead bodies. “Researchers are supposed to helping folks by saving lives, not killing children…”

Wilbur spun around with a nod to stare at the dead bodies on top of the tables too. “I do believe that we have found that the God Code is both alive and active in Birmingham, Alabama.”

Islander spun around and stared at the dead bodies and the nose profile of Tatianna. “Tit, what was the physician name from a few years ago?”

Tatianna looked up with a stern face at the ceiling and then to see the mask of Islander. “Brown, Bronze, Bronzie. It was a long time ago, Is. Dr. Vickers talked with him and then dismissed him swiftly. I only heard the gossip from Dr. Vickers. I couldn’t describe his physical face features either. I know what you next question will be.”

Lexington whipped out and lifted her mobile telephone, tapping with the gloved hand. “Okay. We have the research project name. Use your personal cells to find a physician named Brown or Bronze that could be related to this particular research study. All the Federal government studies are documented by law on the internet for such a wicked search,” laughing.

Each skull nodded and whipped out the mobile telephone, looking for the same information.

Lester jumped down from the chair and dashed ahead, stopping and stood beside his master. He reached out and gentle licked the gloved hand of Islander. Islander leaned down to see Lester with a wink. “Good buddy, Lester! Come on. I’ll take you out for tee-tee time,” he spun around and moved towards the closed door, wearing the PPE gear, looking at the mobile telephone too.

Lexington tapped on her mobile telephone with a smile inside the face mask. “Don’t hurry back, Is. So, I can find the answer and get the company bonus for my brilliant discovery,” giggling.

Islander trotted towards the closed door with a sour frown inside the face mask, “Hardy, har, har, Lex! We’ll be right back.” He stopped and opened the door. Lester dashed ahead and around the wall corner, patiently stopping and waiting on his master in front of the entrance doors of the FBI building.



Lobby interior setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



Islander exited the laboratory without removing the PPE gear and turned the wall corner, scooting around the stationary person. The person stopped and scanned the lobby in silence. Islander frowned at the stranger inside the FBI building. “Do you need some help, buddy?”

The delivery person looked down and read out the package name. “Yes sir! I am looking for a Tatianna Orwell,” he looked up with a worried brow to see Islander.

He chuckled. “Ti…it…uh…she’s here,” he spun around with a grin and moved around the wall corner towards the closed door and stopped. He stood in front of the door and pointed at the metal door with the tiniest window in the world with a chuckle. “That is a contaminated laboratory room with a series of big ugly invisible germs. But you can go right inside for a few seconds to deliver the package.”

The delivery person back stepped from the closed door with a worried brow and held the small package between a pair of gloved hands, staring at the tiniest window in the world, shaking the company cap in silence. Islander chuckled. “Do I need to sign my name for the package?”

The delivery person looked down and read the slip, “Naw. It is just a plain old delivery. You can take it into Tatianna Orwell. Do you know her, sir?”

Islander reached out and grabbed the package with a smile and a wink. “Yes, I do. I got it, man. Thanks!”

The delivery person back stepped from the closed door and Islander with a worried brow, staring at the tiniest window in the world. “Thank you! Thanks, sir.” He spun around and dashed ahead, leaving the building and the nasty invisible germs, moving towards the company van for the next delivery package.

Islander looked down with a chuckle to see the package. Her name was printed in blocked style hand writing on top of the brown colored plain paper. He lifted and slammed a gloved hand into the metal, opening the door and marched towards her. Tatianna had returned to the stool and studied the computer screen, not him. He stopped and stood next to her nose profile, clearing a throat with a smile inside the face mask, “Package delivery!”

She turned and stared down at the small package with a confused brow, standing from the chair, “Package delivery?”

Islander handed her the package and back stepped from the chair, spinning around and moved towards the closed door. Lester was a good dog but would use the wall corner, if his bladder was about to blow through his bloated guts. Islander spun around and stared at Tatianna and the new package, promising to have dinner tonight and the next night and the rest of his nights. He really loved her, but he needed to tell her, before it was too late. Then he needed to marry her as they became the couple of happily ever after, also.

Tatianna sat the package on top of the tall table and ripped off the brown paper, opening the box lid with a gasp, lifting the object into a face. The others gathered around her.

Wilbur frowned down at the object inside the face mask. “What’s that?”

Tatianna grinned with a giggle inside the face mask at the object. “I don’t know. I mean I do know. I mean. This is my tiara from the Miss Starlit pageant, when I was in college. The pageant is a scholarship program. I entered lots of beauty pageant for the scholarship monies. I used all the monies to pay for college. But I do not know why it has been delivered here to the FBI medical laboratory center.”

Islander chuckled at the jeweled tiara and the beautiful Tatianna, slamming a back spine into the closed door, spinning around and exited the laboratory to attend to Lester.



Exterior building setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Islander ran around the wall corner and dashed towards the entrance door, slamming the door opened. Lester dashed ahead from the building, running down the steps into the grass, sniffing around the ground then the trees outside the woodland patch, near the parking lot on the far end of the building and stopped. He squatted and peed.

Islander slowly moved down each step with a grunt and accessed his mobile telephone, tapping on the tiny screen, searching for the physician of the God Code mysterious research study. Then the screen went black. Islander cursed. “Damn! No power left inside the cell phone. Figures! I’ll never beat Lex today.”

Lester finished his doggie business and galloped towards the front steps of the building, wiggling a tail, waiting for his master Islander at the entrance doors.

Islander swiftly moved down the staircase and scooted towards the sports car, stopping and opened the passenger door, spinning around and sat down inside the seat, looking for the power cord to the mobile telephone.

On top of the front steps, Lester spun around and leaned down, sniffing the air between the cracks of the closed door, back stepping with a whine. He swung around and ran back down the steps towards his master.

Islander reached out and plugged the cord into the dead mobile telephone with a smile and a cheer. Lester leaped down the last step and dashed towards the open car door, jumping into the air and attacked Islander, tossing a big doggie body at the face and the chest of Islander. Islander fell backward over the soft seat inside the car with a grunt. Then the entire building exploded in waves of hot and fiery plummets of black ash and rd colored heat.

Islander blinked open and shut both eyelids, seeing a set of bright stars and then dark clouds, feeling the heat from the explosion and deafness within the eardrums from the loud blast. He wiggled side to side, feeling a heavy weight over his entire body, reaching out and touched the wet fur, rubbing the wet fur. He blinked both eyelids into focus to see.

Lester was outstretched across the chest and the kneecaps of Islander, protecting his master from the deadly explosion of heat, glass, and fireballs, coming from the burning FBI building. The dog was bleeding with an array of massive deep red colored cuts over a back spine and both sides of the furry body.

Islander panted with fear and held a breath, extending a shaky hand towards the dog. He touched Lester’s face, not feeling the doggie breath. He touched Lester’s nose, not feeling the coolness of moisture. He touched Lester’s beating heat, not feeling the pulse of life.

Lester was dead.

Then, Islander passed out into unconscious into darkness over the car seat.



Friday August 1st



8:06 am

Birmingham Hospital

Radiation therapy department

Conference room setting

Interior room temperature 68ºF

Outdoor air temperature 81ºF



“Who done it?” He slammed down a short stack of paper business folders on top of the rectangular table with a sour frown that held three females inside a set of three separate conference room chairs. The ugly chairs and the three sour faces stared back at IRS Agent Rector Fucner.

Fucner, preferring his last name over the first, possessed an average man frame of five feet and ten inches, parking both fists on a fit waistline. The fit waistline was the result of numerous morning thigh leg runs and late afternoon arm bicep workouts on a set of free-weights which was located inside his apartment in the city of Bessemer. His pair of topaz eyeballs stared at the first female on the left. She shook her dirty blonde curls with a smile, without any vocal guilty confession.

Fucner smiled. “Let us not be bashful now,” he turned and stared at the middle female. She possessed a head of bright carrot red colored short hair and was much younger than the first female. The middle female shook her curls with a smirk without any words of a guilty confession.

Next, he jerked a distorted face the see the black colored headed third and last female. She sat and stared at Fucner in silence. She did not like his ancient brown headed Roman-style hair. The haircut went evenly around the sides and on top of his egg-shaped skull, making his ugly nose dominate an uglier pale-ghost face. She wondered how long this sucky interruption will last, eating into her productive work day, before going home. She had arrived at the usual hour of employment five minutes, before the start of an eight-hour day. Then her supervisor Dr. Munsterberg summoned her and the two other co-workers into a morning impromptu department meeting inside the second conference room to meet IRS agent Fucner.

“Why am I here, sir?” The first dirty blonde headed female frowned at Fucner and folded her arms inside the laboratory jacket.

He turned and smiled at each first dirty blonde headed female. “I’m getting to that part in a moment,” he looked back over a collar bone to see his work supervisor blackish-grayed headed Eula Gray. She occupied the first puke green fabric colored chair, leaning against the tan colored wall.

The entire wall was hand-drawn with a fifteen foot tall red and yellow triceratops that lived on planet Earth during the Cretaceous period of dinosaurs. The triceratops was smiling with a set of oversized pink tinted lips over a new hatchling nest of seven eggs. Three eggs had hatched open as the little babies slowly crawled out of a ground nest of brown twigs and green plant ferns over the sandy brown soil towards her.

The enclosed conference room did not exhibit a single viewing. It was a sitting room for ac child to wait for treatment with a laser beam inside the Birmingham Hospital radiation oncology department.

The three females assisted each sick patient either directly or indirectly as set of paid employees at the Birmingham Hospital within the radiation therapy department.

Eula slightly nodded with a stern face to Fucner for the next stage of the impromptu IRS interrogation process.

Fucner looked with a smile to see the red haired second and middle female. “I’m so glad to see that each one of you enjoys modeling the ‘scrubbed’ look, because it’s the height of fashion, where one of you, maybe all of you ladies will go. I promise crossing a black heart and ten pinky toes inside my boat shoes. The traditional V-neckline on a short sleeved fabric top, hanging over a pair of an elasticized waist with two pockets, that’s all tag-less. A funny word tag-less, didn’t you think too? It is the rage for having no itchy scratchy synthetic tag behind your neck skin. The fabric is fifty percent rayon and fifty percent polyester for durability of years, decades, maybe for an entire century, since you, ladies are very young.”

“Who are you, sir?” The first female with dirty blonde hair frowned at Fucner.

He smiled with a nod and slapped a chest. “I am Rector Fucner from the IRS. Everyone knows the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is owned by the US Federal Government, ensuring all American folks pay their hard-working American monies to Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam pays all our outstanding money debts to the foreign countries all over the world, since we owe about twenty four trillion dollars or more. The IRS also monitors all the monies, coming and going from a 501©(3) charity financial institution. The numbers and letters represent an IRS Internal Revenue Code, allowing a hospital or a foundation to maintain money income, financial assets, and business liabilities, while obeying all the federal and state accounting laws for receiving free donations from friendly donors. That’s free money, not taxed by the Federal US Government, but used to purchase hospital equipment for sick and dying children like here at Birmingham Hospital,” he jabbed a finger at each one of the female pair of hospital scrubs with a smile. “Your enjoyable medical scrubs are both durable and easily washed, since Burnside Prison only issues two sets of cotton scrubs to their female inmates. They play in one and sleep in the other in the childish fun color scheme of neon orange. The neon orange is easy to see, when you try to escape up and over the barbed wired fence post,” he chuckled with the other occupants inside the room.

The other occupants that Fucner didn’t bother to introduce to the three females were listed as his IRS co-worker Judd Levenberry and the director of the Birmingham Hospital radiation oncology department Neal Munsterberg, MD.

“Get to the point, Fucner! Stop wasting my time.” The elder man sat against the cute dinosaur wall with a sour frown and sissy whine behind the back spine of Fucner, wearing three slim patches of silver clumps of thinning hair over a wide forehead with a permanent snarl.

Fucner sniggered at the impatience of elderly Moody and stared at the second and middle red haired female, who was not amused with a sour frown and thumbed back over a collar bone with a smile. “That’s Mr. Moody. His estimated worth is about four billion dollars and a lot of pennies. Why are you here? No. You didn’t win the lottery, ladies. Mr. Vaughan Moody is the chairman of the Vaughan Moody Foundation. Mr. Moody is one to three billionaires living within our great state of Alabama, who has acquired all his money from the building construction industry. If you owned a house, then you probably lived in a home built by Moody Construction. From his wonderful generous heart with his profitable monies, he runs the Vaughan Moody Foundation, serving the low fortune folks throughout Bama. The Vaughn Moody Foundation is headquartered right here in B’ham. The main office is located inside a four story building within Southside community. Every year, the Vaughn Moody Foundation and Mr. Moody accept hundreds…”

“…thousands…” Moody stared with a smile at each female.

“Thousands of applications for free donations of his profitable money,” Fucner smiled, “This year as in past years the Birmingham Hospital received a very large lump sum payment of money from the Vaughn Moody Foundation. This year, being no exception, the radiation oncology department which is headed by your own Dr. Neal Munsterberg received a lump sum payment of five million dollars for the purchasing of a new set of radiation equipment,” he lifted the letter into the air with a stern face. “For convenience of the other two innocent girls’ eardrums, they are lounging with the guilt-guilty girl at this conference table on July twenty eighth on Monday. Today is Friday, August first. On Monday, July twenty eighth, the Vaughn Moody Foundation sent a nice friendly tan colored business letter with their serious green logo. This here letter notified that the hospital of a lump sum cash award of five million dollars. The letter came with two additional items, arriving on Thursday, the month of July on the thirty-first day. Please note the items are all wrapped in a light weight plastic! Because, this is the set of hard core physical evidence linked to this serious criminal crime. But I digress. The two items are a plain single letter of instructions to update the CD into the computer and the CD with the software application. Now, I understand that the software has been maintained on Dr. Munsterberg’s computer for many years. This time, yesterday July thirty first, is no exception either. Right, Dr. Munsterberg?” Fucner turned and smiled at Munsterberg. The physician nodded in silence.

Fucner turned and waved the letter at each female at the conference table. “Today on August the first, the Vaughn Moody Foundation is missing all its money from its single bank account at the Third National Alabama Bank which is located down the city street from the hospital, totaling five hundred million dollars.” Each female gasped. He nodded with a chuckle. “Your eardrums heard me right. Five, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero million dollars and no point zero, zero cents. We are not only the money IRS Agents, but we are also are skilled IT architectural programmers which probably don’t mean much to you. But we have been able to back track the criminal’s action, since we possess the CD, the letter of instruction, and the computer used which belongs to Dr. Munsterberg. At this junction, let me introduce the investigational party,” he spun around and pointed with a smile at the first person in the first chair on the back wall, “My supervisor Eula Gray, Mr. Moody, my co-worker Judd Levenberry. And the Birmingham police detective on-assignment to this robbery case is Morgan Scoggins.”

He swung around with a smile to see each female again. “We have combed through the computer’s dust balls and wiry circuit along with these three items in my naked hands, finding you, three ladies with a set of individual human finger prints. In order to be employed and paid at this hospital working with young innocent children, each one of you agreed and volunteered to be finger printed and background checked as a criminal or a drug user, Sorry, a little-hearted mean-spirited joke meant to lighten the somber mood.”

“Arrest the criminal, Fucner! Stop this nonsense!” Moody sneered at the back spine of Fucner.

Fucner stared at the red haired colored second and middle female. “We have found two sets of finger prints, lounging upon the business letter and the CD, making us very tomcat and kitty cat curious. It makes sense, that you are dubbed as ‘Miss Receptionist.’ We will not endanger the innocent parties, until the guilty one is found. Miss Receptionist with the red hair, your personal set of ten finger prints were on the letter, the instructions, the outer clear plastic cover of the CD and the CD, itself. You opened the package, from the Vaughn Moody Foundation, since we found the empty cardboard envelop inside your office trash can. You touched the letter, the set of instruction, and the outer shell of the CD, since the police laboratory forensics can magnify and analyze your sweat glands from your ten finger tips. Why would your finger prints be directly upon a metal CD housed inside a plastic sleeve, protecting the CD from invisible germs, non-flowing tears, and your sweaty pads?”

The red haired second and middle female who was nicknamed Miss Receptionist smirked. “The letter stated to verify each item before installing the software onto the computer. Or you will fortify the free monies, if you messed up the CD upload. When B…” Fucner shook a finger at her, not identifying the other employee. She exhaled. “When Miss Social Worker received the package, she and I both touched the letter, the papers, and then opened the CD’s plastic sleeve. That’s why her prints are on the metal CD, sh…Sherlock,” smiling.

Fucner turned and nodded with a stern face at the first female. “And you are on Dr. Munsterberg’s machine, making me twice as curious as my tomcat named Tommy. You’re a social worker. Right, Miss Social Worker, not a physician? Because your finger prints appear in the numbered most places the two pieces of paper, the plastic sleeve, the CD, and the computer. Why’s that, Miss Social Worker?”

Miss Social Worker smiled. “First, I do not like being called in third person. I am an American citizen living here in Alabama with many, many US Constitutional Rights. I want my lawyer.”

“It’s an easy question, Miss Social Worker,” Fucner smiled.

Munsterberg stared with a smile at Miss Social Worker. “She holds a master’s degree in sociology, Mr. Fucner. But she also has volunteered as part of her daily job, registering any equipment item that we have purchased with the generously donated monetary funds from the Vaughan Moody Foundation. She records all the equipment purchases on an electronic accounting software package that Mr. Moody requires for his status to remain as a 501©(3) Charity Foundation which is located exclusively on my desktop computer. No one else operates the inner guts of that software, but her. That is, her fingerprints are stained along with mine on the keyboard and CD tray. I must compliment the work of our own Birmingham finest for discovering that particular undercover investigational work.” He turned and nodded to the police man.

Fucner reached down and tapped on top of the short stack of paper folders that contained data from the three employees which had been provided by the Birmingham Hospital human resources department with a stern face. “One of many answers, but lots more questions. We have clarified that Miss Receptionist…”

Miss Receptionist frowned at Moody. “I want a lawyer too, since I’m an American.”

Fucner grinned, “No problem, Miss Receptionist. We have solved the mysterious for two out of three sets of finger prints. The third set of finger prints seem to belong to you, ‘Miss Physicist.’ You operate the physics equipment…uh…” he turned and stares at the third female.

Munsterberg smirked at the back spine of Fucner. “She is a junior medical physicist, who maintains optimal, safe, and effective patient care, regarding diagnosis and radiation treatment protocols, and determines relative dosimetry characteristics for various types of equipment, oversees the treatment planning system, and isodose verification, provides the linear accelerator beam analysis, the periodic calibration sand maintenance, assists in the evaluation of diagnostic and treatment modalities to maximize the patient’s benefit. She also follows all the hospital’s health care privacy procedures, the radiation equipment safety rules, and an employee’s work regulations. The medical position does not contain any supervisory responsibilities, but a minimum qualification, the possession of a master’s degree in physics, medical physics or nuclear engineering as well as a certification by the American College of Medical Physics. The position needs a minimum of two years clinical experience in a major radiation center.”

Fucner smiled. “You are exposed to a free set of radiation fumes. Ain’t them particles airborne toxic to me?” He chuckled with the others inside the enclosed walls with no windows.

Munsterberg smiled. “Radiation exposure is monitored by our film badge for any toxic exposure. She doesn’t work with the other talented physicists, being employed for only six months. She computes and verifies the tumor dose for each child inside a small desk, around the corner of this conference room, far out of the way of radiation fall-out, Mr. Fucner.”

Fucner jabbed a finger at Miss Physicist with a stern face, “Why is her finger prints upon your computer, Dr. Munsterberg?”

“She was given the assignment, loading the CD onto my office desktop computer. So she must touch the keyboard to do that, Mr. Fucner.” Munsterberg smiled at Miss Physicist.

Fucner smiled. “Well then, you, three are the lucky ones as a group of representatives of the general population within this hospital office, touching the dang CD. Since we don’t have an outright confession of verbal guilty, then we should apply simple psychology which is the study of human nature. I propose here at Birmingham Hospital that you are only a set of weird outliers. Did you know? Probably not, I’ll enlighten. You, three are the westernized educated folks from an industrialized rich democracy which is a weird outlier generated from the general population of folks, here, in the old USA. Some national psychologists have generalized, that folks like to group their natural sleek talents or exposed social traits, from a very slender sub-section of the American population you, three. Americans seem through the eyelids. You, three can’t see with the eyelids closed but seem through scientific eyelids of recorded studies of degreed psychologists. They ain’t got no other jobs, but the employment grant monies from the US Federal Government, so they conclude that you, you, and you like to hold your own set of little secrets. That makes my job really hard, if you don’t wanna cooperation for the wrong doing, so I am here to find the wrong doer. Since, I have found the wrong doing. I put all of you into some sort of reasonable time context, solving this missing money matter. I work, sometimes, with the US Federal Government Agency which is known as the FDA. They monitor all the distributed pharmaceuticals throughout hospitals in the USA to sick folks. In a drug trial, for example, the FDA dictates that a study be conducted using a randomized sampling. It’s a sample that reflects only a selective and specific American population, needing a drug or in this instance, touching a CD…”

Moody frowned at the back spine of Fucner. “Mr. Fucner, stop your hogwash! And arrest the wrong doer, now.”

Fucner nodded with a smile. “We have successfully traced from Dr. Munsterberg’s desk computer, where the download of the five million dollars has been transferred rightly at the midnight hour of August first, American time, into a single overseas bank account to Zurich, Switzerland. Today is Friday, August first in America. However, the calendar date is August second, Saturday, in the foreign country of Switzerland. Yesterday, a very special event had started rightly at the midnight hour, the national birthday party for Switzerland, celebrating since August first of the year 1219. The nation became an independent state like the USA did in the year 1776. The Swiss men and women are right now this mid-day hour, celebrating and partying on the Swiss National Day. Each year city streets and county roads are filled with colorful paper lantern parades, blazing fiery bonfires, and drooping ropes of the plain old Swiss flags along with the nightly fireworks and that dangerous thing. The fun crossbow competition day and night activities are celebrated at the local and national level by all citizens, which is one of their biggest tourism draws for the calendar year.”

“The point, Mr. Fucner!” Moody frowned at the back spine of Fucner.

Fucner smiled. “Switzerland is said to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world in both financial and non-financial assets as one of the most powerful economies in the world even better than us. So, the Swiss government exerts a great deal control over their banks, the television stations, and outsiders like we, Americans,” he lifted the letter and read out loud. “I will quote by the General Secretariat of Switzerland ‘we are closed or fuck off, Americans,’” he chuckled with some of the others.

“Fucner,” his boss Eula Gay frowned at the back spine of Fucner.

Fucner grinned. “O. I forget a word. Period. That’s all. That’s it. That says it. That might not mean much to you, but you see, Mr. Moody can’t get his money of five hundred million dollars today, tomorrow, the day, after tomorrow, or the next day, after tomorrow. So, it’s okay that the wrong doer ain’t confessing here now, since we can’t just jet over the Atlantic Ocean to London, England and then hop an airplane to Zurich, Switzerland.

“On Monday August fourth, it is a national holiday for Americans, some ole US president’s birthday party celebration. Our USA banks, the US Post Office, and the garbage men get to sleep in their warm beds, during sunrise. But, we have a slightest new problem you, you, you or either all, or one is worth US American five hundred million dollars hidden safely inside a Swiss bank account in your first and last name or a pseudo-name. So, you ain’t leaving this room. I mean, you can go out the door for a piss-potty break. But, I mean to explicitly imply is that you cannot go back to your warm beds, until someone tells me, who done it,” Fucner stared at each female. “We and them, who are against the wall, including me are going to gossip about each one of you in the next room. Then we, them, and me will return back here. That’s plenty of time for one of you girls to figure out who done it and tattle-tale it to me while the rest of you get to go home with paid time off leave. Right, Dr. Munsterberg?” Munsterberg stared at the back spine of Fucner. Fucner laughed. “Okay! We are leaving. So, you can talk and tell each other the lies,” he spun around to see the door, leading the other occupants out of the room.

The door closed inside the conference room, leaving the three co-workers alone.

Miss Social Worker whipped out her mobile telephone from the scrubs, turning with a wink at Miss Physicist. “What do you think is happening here, girl best?”

Miss Receptionist whipped out and looked down, tapping on her mobile telephone with a snarled. “I ain’t your girl best, Nina. And based on fugly ugly Fucner poorly rehearsed boringly bad grammar words, I believe we are all suspects in this crime.”

Nina smiled down at the new text from her boyfriend. “Embezzlement of five hundred million dollars ain’t a crime, that’s a major bank robbing accomplishment.”

“You did it.” Miss Receptionist turned and dropped her mouth open to see Nina.

Nina shook a ponytail and stared down at the mobile telephone, “No, girl best! I didn’t steal that money.”

Miss Receptionist turned and stared down at the mobile telephone with a giggle. “Fucner’s not cute. I like that clean shaven co-worker named Judd with the dirty blonde hair. I rock that beach boy bad look. It’s youthful and playful…”

“…like a cockie Spaniard puppy dog,” Nina smiled down at her new text on the mobile telephone.

“I do.” Miss Receptionist smiled down at the new text from her boyfriend on the mobile telephone.

Nina typed on the mobile telephone with a smile. “Fucner has got that ugly hook-nose profile. Scientific researchers have studied and discovered that the outer overall shape of a nose bride displays an innate or intimate specific human emotion, discharging from a person’s personality. Since, a person can’t change the appearance of an ugly crooked nose into a cute romantic button nose like Cumi’s aquiline nose similar to Judd’s. That’s mean your nose shape is a business person. A snub nose means the person lacks maturity, acting like a little kid all the time. A bulbous nose is a sign of sensitivity. Where a button nose is a pure hearted romantic and a fleshy nose, you’re a really generous person.”

“Forget, Nina! She has had too many coffee lattés, this morning.” Miss Receptionist continued to read the next texts with a smile on the mobile telephone.

Nina read the mobile telephone with a smile. “The hawk-nosed shape famous came from Queen Cleopatra which was both unattractive and authoritative. Fucner’s got a hook-nose like a hooked-nose sea snake called an Enhydrina schistose.”

“A what?” Miss Receptionist looked up with a grin to see Nina.

Nina continued to read the mobile telephone. “A highly venomous serpent, they don’t attack humans. But if your ass gets bitten by just 1.5 milligrams fang venom which is rated four to eight times toxic as cobra venom, then it causes instant death to humans. They’re aggressive highly provoked, when a human accidentally finds one along the seashores in the foreign countries of South Asia and Australia. They are active both day and at night. So don’t sleep walk, ya’ll,” giggling.

“Nina!” Miss Receptionist turned and smiled at Cumi.

Nina continued to read the mobile telephone. “They dive more than three hundred feet underwater, staying there for five hours, before resurfacing. So don’t drown, ya’ll,” giggling. “The fangs are four millimeters long. The jaws can stretch wide to consume their supper of catfish whiskers and shrimp tails,” smiling.

“I’m hunger for lunch. How about fried catfish from the Pond Shack Hut on Magnolia Street, this afternoon?” Miss Receptionist continued to read the mobile telephone with a smile.

Cumi stared and listened to the other two employees in silence.

“They locate a victim by the two senses of smell and touch,” Nina read from her mobile telephone with a smile.

“O. It sounds sexual.” Miss Receptionist grinned down at the mobile telephone.

“Their predators are crocodiles.” Nina frowned down at the mobile telephone.

“Fucner’s nostrils have a beak-like appearance to me like an Indian cobra.” Miss Receptionist lifted and waved the mobile telephone in the air at Cumi, who didn’t have one.

“Fucner’s hair is straight brown-colored without any kinda of wavy strands like that new kind of hair style called the Caesar, where lots of male actors intimate warriors, prancing around in their short skirts, filming old ancient Greek and Roman Hollywood movies. I liked watching my he-men wand their long handled swords, whacking off their enemy warrior’s skulls.” Nina turned and smiled at Cumi.

“I want Mr. Gorgeous.” Miss Receptionist winked with a smile at Cumi.

Nina smiled at Cumi. “Then I’ll take Mr. Non-gorgeous, because Cumi gets the female, being that she’s a lesbo. Isn’t that right, girlfriend?”



10:04 am

Second conference room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with artificial lighting



Eula Gay, Judd Gray, Morgan, and Neal lounged uncomfortably inside a red colored padded chairs around a round yellowish pine wood table. Fucner stood upright behind the mural wall, wearing a solid white-colored T-shirt with a set of red block letters: IRS. He crossed both arms with a smile. “She possesses a selected behavior pattern, leading to a certain choice, creating a set of certain feelings…”

“Fucner, a randomized FDA sample is all of the above costly, laboriously time consuming, and doesn’t play well on the hospital grounds in this scenario. So, why did you mention it, buddy? I’m really confused.” Judd turned and stared with a smile at the farm mural of animals, instead of his co-worker Fucner.

“Good enough data concept!” Fucner smiled with a nod at Judd.

“Huh?” Judd frowned at Fucner.

Fucner smiled. “Researchers believe that all the data they collect come from one or maybe two samples of populated human subjects. Then, all that data is labeled as ‘good enough’ datum. So, good enough data leads to a specific rational generalization that leads to a specific human behavior that leads to a specific thief or in this case the opposite of the specific lie.”

“What the fuck, Fucner?” Judd shook a skull with a chuckle.

“Are your referring some type of reverse psychology, Fucner?” Gay frowned at her employee Fucner.

Fucner nodded with a smile to each face. “If our data, in this case our person, is somewhat fatally flawed and biased and generalizes on the wrong suspect, then we have our right thief. Right?”

Judd looked down with a smile and played on the mobile telephone. “I’m recording and noting your stupid-ass approach in my day diary, highlighting it with the shit words: very entertaining and often interesting.”

Gay nodded. “Let’s start with a series of some basic simple questions. Okay? Do they know each other, Dr. Munsterberg?”

Munsterberg said. “No.”

“Do they travel to work together?” Gay asked. Munsterberg shook a skull in silence. Gay said. “Have we touched base with any of their family members, yet?”

Judd read the mobile telephone. “I am paraphrasing here all the numerous voice and text messages into one single neat English sentence. The kin folks are shocked at the money stealing crime but truly feel that both Miss Social Worker and Miss Receptionist ain’t smart enough to do the crime of two centuries. And Miss Physicist doesn’t have relatives, so we are expanding the posse search for her blood-kin.”

“That’s two double neat English sentences.” Fucner chuckled at Judd.

Gay nodded. “Stay on that! Expand the verbal, written, and electronic investigation into their social networking friends, and bad internet buddies, and finally the good honest folks at church, Judd. Please text that back to Marvin. Okay,” exhaling. “What did their co-workers here at the hospital proclaim about the three females?”

Judd looked up with a frown to see Fucner. “Bite my ass, Fucner! That’s really on my cell phone. Miss Social Worker is cocky, self-assured, confident, independent, a sweet talker, not mysterious. She knows what she wants. She doesn’t care what others think. She knows how to charm your bed slippers.”

Morgan, the police officer said. “The second female, Miss Receptionist is a bit dim-witted and a little bit more mysterious. She can put the tiger in your tank. Growl! She’s a thrill seeker, a sky diver, alluring lover…”

“I like her perfume,” Gay smiled with a nod.

Judd turned and smiled at Gay, “Going a little gay, Gay.”

Gay turned and smiled at Judd, “Ha, ha, going a little grey, Gray.”

“Miss Receptionist likes risky stuff. Life is never dull around this chick. She rides a motorcycle to work along with off-roading on a dirt bike on some clay dirt around these rural parts near Gardenville. And her co-workers say that she makes them laugh, keeps her personal stories interesting, and amuses her friendly boys.” Judd read from his mobile telephone.

Gay nodded, “Third female, Miss Physicist?”

“Ho, hum! Her everyday life is so boring.” Morgan read from the Birmingham Hospital human resource paper folder.

“She has a unique way to doing things.” Judd nodded with a smile.

Fucner chuckled, “O. Like not talking, not even asking for a lawyer like the first two smart girls did.”

“…appears wimpy.” Morgan said.

Munsterberg shook a skull with a stern face. “She’s shy, a clinical definition of nervousness around people timid like a mice but not really easily frightened. A snake frightens folks. The girl is young keeps to her person, mostly. Does a great job with the physics calcs? Do not touch my calcs, Mr. Fucner?”

Gay smiled. “Folks experience shyness in an array of varying degrees, Dr. Munsterberg, like in this particular situation, especially in the company of a people wall full of nervous law enforcement officers.”

Fucner nodded. “Her visual behavioral traits include no smiling, a tense body language, no eye contact in which all of these are negative…”

“All perceived as guilty as she did it. Just arrest her ass! Enough with this psycho-babble talk! Get this done now!” Moody stood upright from the chair and jabbed a finger with a sour frown at Fucner.

Fucner frowned, “No stereotyping anyone. We live in the good ole USA, where folks are rowdy and raunchy for both fun and profit. Some southern families purposefully raise their southern children in a more slo mo molasses reserve conservative homey environment that values both quietness and meekness over robust-ness…”

“…or less intelligent,” frowned Moody.

Gay turned and frowned at Moody. “A less intelligent individual did not execute this crime, Mr. Moody. A highly intelligent genius did cleaning your entire Vaughn Moody Foundation Bank account of five hundred million dollars, half a billion dollars in a blink of an eye…”

“Eyelash in a blink of an eyelash, since one of the perpetrators is a female,” chuckled Fucner.

“So, the next set of fixed variables will be an array of smart intelligent traits.” Gay said.

Morgan flipped the papers with a stern face, reading the information. “Good grades, exceptional grades, over achiever, good test scores, too. She graduated with a master’s degree in physics. Who’s a genius?”

“Who is hiding her emotions, feelings, pains?” Fucner stared at the cute pink colored pig on the far wall.

Judd read from the police report. “She lives a vagabond lifestyle. This is her third rental apartment in three calendar years. Her apartment is used to shower her body, wash her clothes, and sleep inside a queen-sized mattress alone with no male or beast.”

Fucner stared the drawn brown colored horse on the same far wall. “Not fair! You’re calling her, a what?”

“She is visually attractive, not charming, not social, but loves the chase, not the capture.” Morgan said.

Judd nodded, “She’s a sociopath.”

“….not a crazy person,” frowned Gay.

Fucner shook a skull and stared at the yellow colored cow on the same far wall. “Naw, she ain’t anti-social. It is more like shy as ‘hi, bye’ not mine,” smiling.

“That don’t rhyme, Fucner.” Judd read the report with a smile and a chuckle.

“Maybe, she’s suffered some kind of financial, social, or emotional matter that’s not identified within her HR folder, forcing her to commit the crime of two centuries.” Morgan nodded.

Gay said. “Okay? Let’s stick our noses up their asses. Is her complex with a combo of genetic, biological, or environmental causes? Did she came from a very dysfunctional family unit, or suffered a childhood abuse, or a head injury, or her mama smoked pot in the eighties? Is she schizophrenia? On prescribed physician’s medications? Go and ask those medical, social, and economic questions, officers of the law?”

Munsterberg said. “No. She is definitely not on any type of prescribed medications. The hospital tests for an illegal drug on all of our pre-hired hospital employees during the health screening process along with a nicotine habit. C…she passed,” smiling.

Gay nodded, “Aggressive tendencies? Mood swings? Irritability? Criminal behavior? Criminal arrests?”

“The answer is ‘no’ to any and all criminal arrests, since the rest are unknown based on our limited paper search.” Morgan said.

Gay stood upright from the chair with a smile. “Who wants to take home a girlfriend for the evening, Judd?”

Judd smiled with a nod. “I want the motorcycle babe. We got some shared common ground, maybe I can find out some new clues or new leads of the crime of two centuries.”

“Good enough!” Gay nodded with a smile.

Fucner clapped with a laugh. “See? The psychology researcher is good enough datum that leads us to a specific right thief.”

Gay shook a skull with a smile. “I’ll take Miss Social Worker…”

“And I hope you and Miss Social Worker live happily ever after, gay, Gay.” Gray turned and fist bumped with a chuckle to Judd.

Gay smiled. “Fucner gets the shy but highly rightly specific suspect with a set of big neurons, who is nicknamed Miss Physicist. Since, he is closest individual to a working non-paid psychologist that we need but don’t have, folks. So, Fucner, go and break her down. See? If she’ll confess to the crime, then we’ll all be happy. Everyone knows their homestead.”

Moody cleared a throat with a sissy whine. “I do not understand your code words, Agent Fontana. Everyone knows their homestead. Are you planning to accompany the three females to their individual jail cells in the local police station as well? One of these young girls has all my money. I don’t want her escaping to the foreign country of France with my life-time investment.”

Fucner smiled. “She’ll escape to Switzerland, not France, since the money is…”

Gay turned and nodded to Moody. “Thanks for correcting that point, Agent Fucner. And it is precisely the point, Mr. Moody. The foreign country of Switzerland will not allow one of us or you of you, entertaining anyone or many Swiss bankers during their country’s national birthday party. And we’re very concerned along with you about one of the young females, eloping with a boyfriend on a private jet from the Birmingham Airport to the Bahamas,” she chuckled with some of the others.

“What?” Moody frowned. Judd and Fucner chuckled for a second time.

Gay spun around with a smile to face the door, moving ahead out of the second conference room. “Mr. Moody, we agree with you. Therefore, each one of us will be babysitting, if you want to use that sissy term a female, ensuring that she will not be leaving the city limits of Birmingham. And she will be boarding an airplane on Tuesday morning of August fifth for Zurich and then the bank will identify which female has embezzled your monies. And we all will be happy again. Let’s go back into the conference room and tell the females about their new bodyguards.”



11:01 am

First conference room setting



Fucner entered the conference room first, following by Gay, Gray, Morgan and then Moody, who stood and blocked the open archway with a sour frown.

Moody was both uptight and upset, not being able to sit, eat, or stand for more than two seconds, because his money had been stolen by one of these bitches, who did not want to verbally confess the evil deed.

However, she did plan to run away from the USA and hide inside the foreign country of Switzerland, living a grand royal life with her sexy boyfriend for the rest of her days foreverly.

Fucner moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the table, scanning each faces with a stern face. “Ladies, we have conferred about each one of you. Now, it’s your turn. Who done it?” Silence echoed inside the room. He cleared a throat without smiling. “Okay? Since the thief doesn’t want to confess. We’re left with no other alternative but to babysit you, starting right now at 11:04 in the morning, until the morning of Tuesday on August fifth. On Tuesday, all of us will be boarding the second flight at zero-eight-zero-seven hundred hours bound for Zurich, Switzerland. Then, all of us will discover who downloaded the five hundred million dollars from the Vaughn Moody Foundation bank account and then uploaded the millions into her personal bank account in Switzerland. We have drawn long straws as the old axiom goes. Miss Social Worker will bunk with my supervisor Gay Fontana.”

Gay lifted and held a set of silver tinted handcuffs bracelets with a smile. “Please stand, ladies!”

Miss Social Worker continued to sit and shook her curls with a sour frown. “Ya’ll have got to be fucking me in the wrong position. I am not a criminal. I did not commit this crime. I want my lawyer in here, right now.”

Fucner smiled. “Miss Social…”

“I have a name.” Miss Social Worker sneered at Fucner.

Fucner lifted both palms into the air with a frown. “Miss Social Worker, please calm down! Let’s review quickly. One of you had uploaded Mr. Moody’s money into a personal secret bank account in the foreign country of Switzerland. One of you is worth five hundred million dollars, making Mr. Moody very unhappy. So, the hand cuffs are to intimidate you plus make me feel great. However, you will wear them. Or I don’t know the ‘or’ part. Stand up, princess!” Miss Social Worker slowly stood upright from the chair with a sneer.

Gay shuffled ahead to Miss Social Worker, stopped, standing and clicking the handcuffs around the wrist bones of the young girl.

They exited the conference room as Miss Social Worker yelled out her complains, marching down the hallway towards her co-workers and Gay.

Fucner pointed at red haired middle female with a smile. “Miss Receptionist, you get to play with Judd Gray who is nicknamed the ‘gray wolf’ because of his mean and nasty demeanor. Ya feel me, girlfriend?”

Miss Receptionist stood upright with a smile and shuffled around the table, stopping and standing in front of Judd. Judd leaned over and cuffed the silver handcuffs around both her wrist bones, spinning around, leading her out the room with a big smile, whispering into her eardrum.

Cumi slowly stood and presented both hands without instruction.

Fucner advanced ahead with a smile and cuffed both her wrist bones. “I’m sorry, my sweet. I might need a smaller set of hand cuffs, since you’re wrists are both small and bony. This way please!” He back stepped from her and allowed Cumi freedom from the table and the chair, swinging around, leading her out the room, down the hallway as the other eyeballs and the other moving lips of hospital staff members stared at her.

Cumi dropped her eyelashes down to see the clean carpet and moved out of the building.



12:13 pm

Outside parking lot setting

Very hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Fucner quickly rushed around Cumi and stopped, standing and opened the passenger door for the girl like a good southern boy.

Cumi narrowed her sensitive eyelashes into the bright sun rays, seeing the bright red letters IRS on the side of the car, stopping at the car door, staring at him. Fucner possessed a tone of peach tinted skin, a pair of golden topaz pupils, and a head of dark brown locks of straight hair.

She slid down into the passenger seat. He reached down and clips Cumi into the safety belt for protection, touching her breast with a grunt and a grin, rubbing his facial whiskers into her smooth girly face. She felt the rough whiskers between his pink lips, making her jealous.

He smiled. “Your perfume of vanilla and rose petals is very nice,” he stood upright and stared down at her with a smirk.

Cumi looked down with a worried brow to see the clean floor mats as the handcuffs rattled between her kneecaps. She turned slightly red with embarrassment from their brief touch encounter.

He slammed the passenger car door with a loud bang.

Her eyeballs looked up and followed his shadow around the front bumper of the car, not seeing but sensing his entrance down into the driver’s seat of the IRS vehicle.

He shut the door and reached down, starting the engine to warm the car, turning with a smile and a wink to see the hair roots of Cumi. “We’re going to a secret hideaway, my sweet. You’ll love it. I promise, babe.”

She stared with a worried brow down at the floor mats and rattled the handcuffs.

He drove the truck into the flow of traffic with a smile and a nod. “I’m hungry. Are you hunger too? Close to noontime! It is lunchtime for me, babe,” he turned and smiled at her hair roots and then the road. “Look. I’m really sorry about this. You can be mad at me, but it doesn’t change the situation or the drive or the hideout or me.”

She stared down at her sneakers, since Munsterberg made everyone dress alike in black scrubs and matching black colored sneakers. She didn’t enjoy the car ride.

He flipped on the car blinker to the right, slowing the speed, whipping the truck into the fast food joint with a smile, “I’m making a lunch run at Dee Dee’s Hamburgers. What do you want to eat, babe? You gotta eat. I gotta eat. If you don’t eat, then I’ll finish your food. How is that?” He stopped and parked, turning to smile at the speaker box.

A female said via the speaker box. “May I help you?”

He nodded with a red, “Yeah! Gimme four Dee Dee’s big manly hamburgers with everything,” he turned and stared at the hair roots of Cumi, “Make that four Dee Dee’s big manly hamburgers with everything, three vanilla milk shakes, three orders of fries, and six chocolate chip cookies.”

“Does that complete your order, sir?”


“The total amount is fifty four dollars and seventy six cents, sir. Please drive forward to the first window for payment. Thanks for visiting Dee Dee’s Hamburgers. Have a nice day!”

He drove the truck around towards the first window of the building and stopped the vehicle, leaning over, guiding towards her…naw…the glove compartment and rummaged through the items. He found the green colored plastic card and sat back, turning to see the cashier with a smile, thumbing at the handcuffs with a chuckle. “She’s tamed and potty trained. Don’t worry your pretty head about it, dear,” he winked at the female cashier. The cashier accepted the plastic bank money card to pay the food order and returned back to Fucner with a smile. He winked with a smiled. “Thanks, honey,” he drove ahead to the second window. The food attendant smiled then frowned, spotting the set of silver tinted handcuffs on the wrist bones of Cumi. He reached over and patted the arm of Cumi with a smile. “Do you like my captive, honey? Don’t worry, sugar! She’s just pretty.”

Cumi continued to stare with a sour frown down at the floor mats and rattled the handcuffs with musical tones.

He accepted the food sacks and leaned over, dumping the heated bags into her lap with a smile in silence. She shifted both cuffed hands into the air and then down, hugging the three bags in silence He smiled. “Good thinking, Miss Physicist!” He accepted and placed one of the beverages into her cuffed hands, dropping the other beverages into the convenience cup holders near his elbows, jerking into drive and moved the truck back into busy traffic. He smiled with a nod. “Well, how about thank you, Cumi? That’s a unique name from the Bible, right? The Book of Mark 5:14 means to ‘rise.’ We are done here, little darling. Let’s go home and eat you up,” laughing.

She continued to stare with a sour frown down at the floor mats, holding all the heated food bags.

He drove in traffic with a smile. “We’re on Preserve Parkway, passing Sulphur Spring Road on the right and Grove Boulevard on my left. Why do people name a single roadway with two separate and different names? Now, we curve us to the left with more crop land of weeds and strawberries. I love strawberries. Do you like them?”

She continued to stare with a sour frown down at the floor mats, holding all the heated food bags.

“I like them more on you than me. That’s Lake Crest Drive on my left. White Stone Way on both sides of the car and back there on your right is a church. Do you wanna visit the church and make a confession?” He chuckled.

She continued to stare with a sour frown down at the floor mats, holding all the heated food bags.

“We passed Sulphur Springs Road for a second time, since it squirrels like a snake from north to west. Why? I dare not answer. Now, we cross the bridge up, again, and pull the car to a stop. We’re turning left into the middle of a knee-high yellow and green meadow patch of colorful wildflowers too. No one lives here, ever,” he stopped the truck with a chuckle.

She looked up with a stern face to stare out the window at the skyline.

The passenger door opened. He scooted out the truck and turned, jogging around the front bumper with a smile to her, stopping and stood in front of the passenger door. He reached out and opened the door, extending his hand to Cumi, helping her to stand from the truck seat with a smile over the smooth rock.

The door closed.

Cumi leaned against the metal and stared with a stern face into his ugly nose bridge. He leaned down and wiggled her handcuffs up and down with a smile. She leaned forward into his nose, almost touching his flawless soft skin. He chuckled with a smile. “We’re here, baby. This is a great little hideout, where nobody will disturb us for days,” he winked. “I get nervous watching over a future criminal. I like that word better than future convict. That’s a nasty word, convict. What do you think, darling?” She frowned in silence. He smiled. “So this is to be our future relationship which is dull boring for me,” he grabbed her handcuffs and moved backward, leading her towards the edge of the cliff and stopped before falling his tallness off the ledge. She could see the high mountains above the plateau and a river below the limestone cliff without a smile but filled with deep emotions in silence.

He swung around with a smile. “We are 909 feet from the clay dirt on the ground, my lovely. Shades Mountain is a cuesta in Jefferson County. Have you been there? No matter! You are, now. It is a slope. The word ‘cuesta’ is Spanish for slope. And the isolated lonely bluff is flatter than a pancake with a gently slope on four sides. If more steeped slope, it would be a cliff. Get the difference! O well! The little mountain is bordered by water on all sides. Shades Creek isn’t really a tiny creek. It is a river on the west side that flows north into the Shades River. And the east is the Hurricane Creek. But it isn’t a creek. It is a river flowing towards the north into Shades River. I repeated that for you. Did you get it?” He spun around with a smile and extended both arms with a nod. “This place is called the Moss Rock Preserve. Guess why? Come on!”

He nodded with a chuckled. “You guessed it, because of rock, different types of rock,” he spun around with a smile and pointed at the mountain range. “Over yonder on the other side of Shades Mountain, there is a rock outcropping called Lover’s Leap, where an Indian jumped with his princess bride off the Tip Top Grill. This side is Shelby County and that side is Jefferson County. Ain’t that cool! The county is divided on this here bluff. Moss Rock Preserve is located within the Cahaba Mountain Ridge within the lower the Appalachian Mountain Range. These big boys peak from New York down to here into Bama. The preserve is divided by the two branches of water, running all the way north between the two big mountains.”

He thumbed back over a collar bone with a smile. “Back there, the southern part of the creek flows through Pine Mountain with lots of pine trees. The northern part of the creek cuts through a set of trees and rocks known as the Pottsville Formation. Let’s not step closer to the edge! This ridge is the first bluff point on Red Mountain that extends from here in Hoover to Irondale. Within the rocks, you can see the different types of geological formation. I will point you in the direction of south, but I want you to look down at the slope. It goes south straight down into a boulder field. No water. No cushion only the hard light gray limestone. You die, if you jump.”

He spun around and scooted around her back spine, shuffling her towards the western edge of the cliff with a smile. “I will point you in the direction of the west. Look down! This is pure shale stone which is vanilla white that drops right into the water about twenty feet. You die, if you jump!” He shifted her with a chuckle towards the object. “This is the direction of north. See there? Coal black as midnight leads right into the water. You die, if you jump. This is the west slope made of pure pink sandstone. Look down! The sandstone is pretty like you. But you die, if you jump,” he leaned down with a smile and a whisper into her eardrum. “Do you get all that, my sweet?”

Cumi viewed with a worried brow at cliff slope, the skyline, and the dirt.

He smiled with a whisper into her eardrum. “Good. Cuz, I’m done,” he swung Cumi around to face the new object with a smile and shoved her forward with a chuckle. “The only thing on top of the limestone coated cliff is a real log cabin. This is our sleeping spot. The log cabin is made out of logs,” he gently slammed her nose bridge into the closed metal door with a smile and a chuckle. “O.” He back pedaled and pulled her from the closed metal door. “To finish my geology lecture, these rocks were formed during the Pennsylvanian Period in Alabama. The ancient rocks are 300 million years old. Wished, I had that much money inside my bank account. Ain’t that right, my lovely? Wait! You do. You stole all of old man Vaughn’s money from his foundation’s bank account and then chunked it into a Swiss bank account. You’re a smart one, my dear. You stay put. I’m getting our food. I’m starving,” he reached down and fuddled with the car key inside the pocket, jerking it into the air and inserted into the door lock.

The door swung inward in silence.



1:04 pm

Living room setting

Man-made cold air temperatures with enclosed walls

and artificial lightning



Cumi entered the living room without a smile. He followed behind and banged both kneecaps into her ass with a chuckle. She heard his grunts and his chuckles. He shoved her deeper into the rectangular shaped room with a smile, “Home, sweet home! My lovely, do you want out of your decorative cheap jewelry?” He reached down and dug down into the pocket of the blue jeans, jerking out the handcuff key into the air with a smile and a wink. He reached down and grabbed her arm, spinning Cumi around, unlocking the locked handcuffs. He grabbed and tossed the loose handcuffs on top of the wooden dining room table, landing with a dull thud. She stood in silence and stillness with a stern face. He reached over and grabbed a neatly stack of white clothes on top of the wooden dining room table, spinning to see her face and extended the object towards her chest with a nod, “Your prison gear. Sorry! It’s a required dress code for the accused, in case you can try and successfully escape from me, which ain’t going to happen, my pet.”

She reached over and accepted the stack of folded clothes in silence, cuddling into her breasts.

He pointed above her hair roots towards the empty and semi-dark hallway with a smile. “The last bedroom is mine. But you’re very welcome to use first and then abuse me later,” he winked with a chuckle, “Or you can use and abuse a second guest bedroom for your lovely selfie, my beauty.”

She swung around with a comment and slowly strolled down the hallway, passing the bathroom and stopped at the guest bedroom. She turned and entered the small empty room, closing the door without a set of viewing windows, due to good hydraulic metal door springs.

Fucner watched the prissing ass of Cumi with a smile. She selected the guest bedroom, not the master bedroom. He spun around with a chuckle and rushed out the open archway of the cabin into the outdoors, charging towards the open door of the pickup truck.

He stopped and reached down, gathering the food bags, not worrying about Cumi escaping her hideaway hole with the front door wide open. There was nowhere for her to run away other than the dangerous slope of rock or jumping into the water. Or Cumi could try to steal the truck, if she could successfully and sexually locate and find the single car key inside his stinky underwear.

He spun around with a chuckle at the sexy mental picture and raced towards the open door, entering and slamming the door with a boot. He moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the dining room table, placing the food bags on top of the surface and turned, moving towards the kitchen for a set of paper plates. He entered the kitchen and gathered the items, returning back to the dining room table and decorated the table with the food items on the plates with a smile.

Inside the hallway, Cumi opened the door of the guest bedroom and stood inside the archway, wishing for a miracle, sliding out into an empty hallway with a stern face. She stared into the semi-darkness, not seeing a spying Fucner. She back pedaled down the hallway and stopped, turning to see the open door of the master bedroom. The master bedroom offered no viewing windows either for some strange reason. Cumi shook a ponytail in confusion and slowly strolled towards the brightly illuminated space in the front of the cabin, where the door was located. The single room represented a living room, a dining room, and a den room which was all rolled into one entertainment space inside the tiny cabin. She moved passed the guest bedroom for a second time. The guest bedroom was painted in peachy-tan color on all four walls with no closet space either, only a queen-sized mattress and bed frame underneath a simple peach-colored cotton bedspread with a queen-sized pillow. She passed the guest bedroom that displayed a sink, a toilet, and a shower tub without a viewing window also.

Fucner stood behind one of the high stool chairs at the tall dining room table and heard the squeaks of sneaker, turning with a gasp, dropping open a mouth. “What the fuck?”

She slowly paced towards an empty chair with a stern face in silence.

He had exchanged his street clothes for a short-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of walking shorts, and a pair of socks, and a pair of sneakers in black color and pointed at her with a sour frown. “What the fuck is this, my darling? You have tossed a pair of white shorts on top of your black colored hospital scrub pants and then covered your black hospital scrub top with the oversized short sleeved white colored T-shirt. That’s not the right dress code, my lovely. But it’ll pass. I guess. My princess, I must inform that you got tacky taste in the girly wardrobe department,” he shuffled sideways and stood behind the stool, pulling the chair out for her like a southern gentleman.

Cumi stopped and slid down into the tall stool as she was impressed with the two-person placement, since she had impressed him with her wardrobe-fun annoyance selection.

The table placement nicely displayed a single white paper plate, a plastic fork on the left side, a plastic knife on the right side, and a sweaty tall Dee Dee’s Hamburgers paper cup of melting iced soda which was posed slightly above the plastic knife. A single wrapped hamburger was surrounded with an array of French fries which decorated the center of the paper plate like a pile of golden brown ice crystals. The pair of silver handcuffs gleamed center stage in the middle of the short table for either a show of force or a silly replacement of fresh cut pink colored flowers.

Fucner shoved the chair into the table edge with a smile, “A seat for my tacky lady.” He side stepped and slid down into the empty chair, scooting into the edge, leaning down and attacked the food, chewing with a grin. Cumi ate and chewed in silence. He chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “I bet you feel awkward and apprehensive. You’re shy, right? I’m an introvert too, feeling compelled to be alone all the time. I am alone. Your silence makes a deeply profound statement to me, my heart, and my soul.” He bit into the second hamburger and chewed, staring at her.

Shy people desired to be around other people but did not know how to interact with strangers, except for their blood family members. He recalled while reading her human resource paper folder that her parents died of a double case of suicide.

He chewed and swallowed the food with a grin. “I like to read. Do you read, my lovely?”

She looked down at the plate and chewed the food in silence.

He smiled. “We might not read, but we have something in common, Cumi. Common, Cumi! Come on, Cumi! That’s funny, yes?” He ate and chewed the food with a grin.

She swallowed the food in silence.

He smiled at her black colored hair roots. “I read this great internet article about the top ten tips for better sex…” She dropped the fork down into the plate and looked up with an open mouth at Fucner with a gasp. He smiled with a nod. “It’s just girl-talk between us. Use a blindfold. Sexual pleasure comes in many ways. But, I’ve learned that the best sexual organ is the brain. What do you think about my sex theory, my pet?” He lifted and bit into the burger, chewing with a slight grin.

She looked down with a stern face at the half-eaten hamburger in silence.

He chewed and swallowed the food with a grin. “When one sense of five is blinded, the other senses enhance via the brain waves the other four of sight, smell, touch, and vibrations. Good vibrations!” He wiggled the eyebrows up and down with a chuckle. “The physical and mental blind-folding process actually increases the sensory awareness. What do you think about my sex theory, my pet?” He bit and chewed, finishing the second hamburger.

She stared down at the food plate in silence.

He smiled, “Blinded. Then, you wouldn’t know what I might be doing to you or your body, creating both deep anticipation and heighten eroticism. Tease you mercilessly with a sensory object, maybe a soft feather or a softer tongue. Start off softly exciting the nerve endings, making them far more enjoyable by firing up the cold juices of you or your body then creating a new high intensity of deep passion dirty lust.” He ate the French fries and chewed with a grin.

She exhaled with a stern face and stabbed the single French fry with the plastic fork in silence.

He chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “Give her instructions. Every guy-stud thinks he can please his lady-friend. But this is a total myth which is very rarely done, except for me.” He ate the food and chewed with a pair of closed lips of a smirk.

She stared down with a stern face at the food plate, chewing with a grunt.

He chewed and swallowed the food with a grin. “For better sex act, I have a lesson session kinda like a mini-session in college. I like to talk about the things you want to try. Then, we chose one and then get down and dirty with the one, you and me, my beauty. For example, I might suggest massage the feet or the toes or the legs or the thighs. Since, a sensual massage is a sexual touch and one of the most relaxing and sexy things that I can do for you, my lovely.” He ate and chewed with a set of closed lips in a grin.

She looked up and chewed at the far wall in silence.

He chewed and swallowed with the food with a grin. “Play dress up like little tiny girls do all the time as fun children. I like to role play. You can become Queen Cleopatra and I’m become Mark Antony,” chuckling.

She swung a face to see his nook nose which looked like Marcus Antony’s claim to fame in 23 BC besides marrying the Queen of Egypt.

He sipped the beverage and swallowed the liquid with a grin. “Talk dirty! That concept has turned girls on for centuries, because of our provocative mentally filthy mind. I’m a guy. Guys like filthy, dirty, hot brain power. The brain is the best sex organ. When you speak one dirty word, I respond very swiftly. Then, you react. Then, I react. And then, we act together, evoking mixed emotions, deep sensations, and vigorous hot blood flow all over our sweaty bodies. Talking dirty is a talent. And I don’t mean shouting out vile nasty words into your face. That’s just wrong and raunchy, since only certain cowboys possess love whispers.”

She sucked down the soda with a loud slurp and stared at Fucner.

He smiled with a nod. “The number one sex tip for a man is. Do you wanna guess, my sweet? It is to try a new locate for our sex acts.”

Cumi stood upright from the stool and held the dirty plate and utensils, back stepping from the table and turned, moving into the kitchen in silence.

Fucner stood upright from the stool with a smile and held the dirty plate and utensils also, back stepping from the table, turning and following her ass into the kitchen. “Having sex, in a new place, gets things excited and a bit risqué. I like having sex on the top of a dining room table or on top of a washing machine,” chuckling.

Cumi stopped and dumped all the dirty paper and plastic items down into the trash can, looking down at the clean floor and swung around, tuning out Fucner. Her eardrums absorbed the background noise as she moved into the living room setting. The main entertainment space did not display a visual window of forest, trees, or birds. The far wall held a set of book shelves with hundreds of musical disc for hearing, Hollywood movie discs for watching, and a set of hard copy beautiful manual books for reading. The side wall held a nice set of electronics, consisting of a plasma television. The television was hooked into the movie player for playing a movie or a song.

The other side wall held a set of sitting furniture flush against the solid tan painted wall, consisting of a long sofa, three individual chairs, making the room cozy and comfortable for six adults or four adults and three children.

Fucner dumped the used paper items down into the trashcan and moved to the wash sink, cleaning both hands with soap and water. He dried the hands on the side towel and back stepped, spinning around and moved out from the kitchen.



Living room setting

1:27 pm



He appeared and leaned against the open archway that separated the dining room from the living room, crossing both arms, watching her. Cumi investigated the wall collection of musical, movies and manual books. He chuckled with a grin. “Do you fantasy, Cumi? Tickle your fancy or tickle your fanny? I like both provocative physical feeling suggestions.” She reached out and touched one of the musical discs, pulling out a single musical song, reading the artist biography between the plastic cover.

He smiled with a nod at her back spine. “There are hundreds of musical discs. I like the guitar and fiddle songs of country music best. What did you like to hear in music, Cumi?” She replaced back the musical disc and side stepped, selecting a movie, reading the plot of the Hollywood film.

He smiled with a nod at her back spine. “There are hundreds of Hollywood films discs too. I like to see and hear all the horror movies best. What did you like to see in movies, Cumi?” She replaced the movie disc and side stepped, reaching out and touched the power button on the radio.

He smiled with a nod at her back spine. “It is broke.” She whipped a hand away from the radio and side stepped to the plasma television with a puzzled brow. Fucner chuckled at her back spine, “I am sorry, my pet. There will be no television for the bad thief. Naw, I shit ya. We big bad US Federal agents share this little tiny log cabin with a unique isolation prison location. The last fugitive was guarded by the team of FBI agents that damaged the working television wiring, making it impossible to see a movie or a football game. And our US Congress has to decide who pays the damage the fugitive, the FBI or the hard-working American middle class,” chuckling. She reached over and pressed the button. The plasma television showed continuous blackness while verifying his information. She exhaled with a puff of annoyance, reaching out and touched the movie player, acting like a stubborn fugitive with a smile. He laughed with a smile, “I am sorry, my beauty. The electronics are for show only and no landlines or cells either. Since, you are one of the three suspects of the missing five hundred million dollars. I am here to keep you from accessing one or many outside forces or sources. Do you like my rhyme? In case, you didn’t work alone, stealing the five hundred million dollars.” She swung around with a stern face and crossed both arms over the words of the white shirt: IRS.

He smiled with a nod. “Man! You and me are up here all weekend inside this little tiny log house like two pioneers. Pioneers had to sleep together to keep warm at night,” chuckling. She paced beside Fucner and entered into the kitchen. He spun around and followed her ass with a smile. “What about some delicious sweets to eat? I’m hungry for sweet and sweet things.” She stopped at the kitchen counter with a puff and rattled the Dee Dee’s Hamburger food sacks, looking for a piece of dessert.

He stopped and leaned against the side wall inside the kitchen with a smile. “I cook and eat. I’m not a bad chef. Did you wanna help me bake a pecan pie tonight? There’re lots of free groceries in the food pantry and the cold fridge. I bet you don’t cook but do eat. I bet you eat rabbit food and crates of grapefruit. Who in their right mental sane mind would suck on a sour grapefruit? Not, I!” He laughed.

Cumi found one of four dessert cookies, cramming it between the lips, chewing with an open to disgust Fucner and reached over, grabbing an unopened bottle of warm water on top of the kitchen counter. He swung around and moved ahead, passing beside Fucner in silence. She stopped and sat down in the assigned chair at the tall dining room table, drinking to drown down the dry oatmeal cookie that was stuck half-way down a dry throat.

He spun around and followed her ass with a smile, stopping and leaned against the other wall between the living room and dining room, studying her with a smile. “You got a cute head on your shoulders. You’re personable. You’re smart. You’re drawing out that bad girl image way too long, my pet. All the paid researchers write, quote, and publish their paper articles all over the world. The matching bad boy image is alluring, cocky, brash, foolhardy, masculine, exciting, and really unconventional when it is compared to a nice guy image but so boring. What do you think, Cumi?”

She stared ahead at the painted tan colored wall without a window or a piece of art work or a home decoration, only a set of solid cemented blocks of concrete. She could see a set of tiny white particles of chipped and fallen tan paint, coming from the bombardment of outside weather forces of a hot humid summer and a cold icy weather, eating away at the wall paint.

Fucner moved ahead and stopped, sliding down into an empty chair with a smile at her nose profile. “Come on, Cumi. That sounds like a sex act. Come on, Cumi.” He snapped the finger with a grin and a nod. “I got an idea. We can play a game like a pair of little kids at school. How about the game: Tag, you’re it! I like that childish game. Or a slo mo game of checkers, since I don’t like charades, because I never do guess the right person, place, or thing. And I like to play games, using my tactile finger function,” he lifted and wiggled all the fingers with a chuckle.

Cumi rolled her eyeballs and stared back at the far wall, sucking down the bottle of warm water, washing down the rest of the dry cookie in silence gulps.

He reached out and lifted the object near a smile, “Looky here! I got a blindfold to make our play game more fun.” He wiggled both eyebrows up and down and the dark colored cloth into the air. “What did you think, Cumi?”

Cumi cut her eyelashes to the dark blindfold and dropped down the water bottle onto the table surface as the water swiftly sloshed over her hand. She swung to see the single front door and back to him with a grin, dreaming of her own wicked mental thought which was a daring escape with his ugly nostrils and his eyelids blinded during a stupid play.

Fucner leaned over with a smile into her cheekbone. “I promise to be a true southern gentleman, the only one in the log cabin, lady. Okay, my pet? How about I place the blindfold over your face…” She slid away from him inside the chair and towards the door in silent fear. He jerked the cloth away from her with a smile. “I am sorry, my beauty. I am the nicer guy. I will show you how the play ground game works. I will place the blindfold over my face. Then, you place any object inside my open hands, so I can guess it.” She stared at him in silence. He smiled with a nod. “To play the game, you gotta talk using the tongue and lips with me, to me, or at me. Or we can just sit on the opposite side of the room, reading a book, since the television is broken.”

She said for the first time with a grin. “I wanna play. I just don’t understand the rules, sir.”

He smiled as he was gaining her trust first, and then her confession second. He shook the blindfold in the air with a grin. “I will be blindfolded first. Then, you place a physical object like a musical disc into my open palms. I ask you a series of questions about your selected object kinda like a verbal blind man’s game.”

She frowned. “I still don’t understand.”

He smiled. “For example, if you like this object the handcuffs, then you place the object down into my open palms for fun, of course. I cannot see, because I am blinded with the blindfold. I will ask you a series of questions, guessing at the specific object inside my palms. You will verbally answer yes or no. You must present a physical object, not a pretend object. No. No. No. And the object must be inside this room somewhere, so you can see it to answer my research questions.”

She smiled, “I got it. Is your object inside this room?”

He chuckled. “Geez, sweetheart, you are a brilliant physicist that has embezzled half-a-billion dollars…”


He raised a palm with a laugh and stood upright from the chair, lifting the chair up from the floor, swinging around and toted it into the middle of the living room with a smile. “I’m just teasing you, my lovely, making you feel cozy and warm like a sweet little fuzzy bunny rabbit. Now, you find an object and then place that object into the open palms of my hands. I will gently touch it, posing tons of questions to describe the finite object.” He dropped the chair and twisted around, sitting down inside the chair and placed the blindfold over both eyelids, tying it around a skull, looking helpless. She spun around inside the stool and stared at the closed entrance door that led to freedom from the crime and Fucner with a smirk. Fucner was blinded with the cloth over the eyeballs and cupped both hands in front of a chest, showing a grin. “Remember? It has to be a physical object inside this room. I am ready to start asking you questions. Are you ready to place the object into my cupped hands, my pet?”

She smiled at the closed door and then at Fucner with an evil grin, “Are you ready, sir?”

He wiggled side to side with a chuckle inside the hard chair, looking helpless and blinded with the cloth, continuing to hold cupped wrists. “Is your object wet?”

She cut her eyelashes towards the entrance door with a racing heart of anticipation. Her palms sweated as and she turned and stared at Fucner. He would take a few precious seconds to figure out that she had escaped from the little log cabin inside his big ugly pickup truck. Cumi swallowed back down the thick spittle. “No.”

He wiggled side to side in the hard chair with a chuckle, holding a set of cupped hand. “Is your object dry?”

Her kneecaps knocked with nervousness of fear and as she smiled. “Yes.” If she failed to escape, then Fucner might get really mad and do something irrational. She turned and stared at set of police handcuffs on top of the wooden table with a grin, dashing over and snatched up the item, swinging back around and stopped in front of blinded and helpless Fucner. She slipped the handcuffs of metal over the top of his cupped hands in silence.

“Is your object…?” A sharp pain invaded both the wrist bones, bowing his arms in pain. “Hey!”

She stared with a grin and a giggle at both blinded and chained IRS agent Fucner. “Hay is for horses. I slapped the handcuffs on your wrist bones, sugar. This will make our playground more intriguing, my handsome.”

Fucner grunted with a chuckle. “Come on, Cumi.” She slowly back pedaled from him and shuffled backward towards the single front door. He smiled. “You might want to place that object physically into my hands right now. That would help me guess it, my sweet.”

“Shore, darling,” she shouted and moved backward towards the front door. He was blinded without eyeballs sight of her. Her back spine hit the metal door as she spun around with a gasp.

He smiled. “Is your object hard?” She slammed the palms, the forearms, and the pointy elbows into the metal, creating a set of tiny tings, wildly rubbing both hands over a solid metal door. She could not find a door knob or a key latch or a circular key hole to open the door for her brilliant escape plot. He lifted the handcuffs into the air with a laugh and a grin. “I’m impressed, my sweet. You are very good. You agreed to play my game to blindfold and tie me up. I love smartass girls. There is no door knob or door key or key hole, my beauty.” She stopped the abuse on the paint with both hands and stared with a puzzled brow at the front door. It was a solid sheet of puke green metal. She back stepped and swung around, marching back to him and his laughing. He dropped a chin down into his chest, lifting a chin up into her heated presence while still blindfolded. “I mentioned before this is a hideaway for US Federal government fugitives, who usually are testifying against some of their badder bad asses. So, we use this place to watch ‘em and secure ‘em by locking both the US employee and the bad fugitive into one log cabin space. No one comes in. No one gets out,” he smiled underneath the blindfold. “The door is flush with the wall. The only way out of here is from the outside. Don’t sweat, my pet. We leave on Monday am for a direct flight to the lovely foreign country of Switzerland. My boss lady Gay comes and unlatches the door on Monday, freeing us from the log cabin. I am sorry, darling. You have learned this lesson the hard way, my pet. Life pretty much sucks, if you’re a smartass,” laughing. She exhaled with a puff of defeat and shook a ponytail, not noticing a flush metal door in front of her eyeballs and her neurons. Her mind was occupied with the crime of stealing five hundred million dollars.

He dropped the cuffed hands with a smile and a chuckle, “Is your object hard?” She did not want to play the silly game anymore but there wasn’t nothing else to do, except wait for Monday am. She exhaled with a puff of boredom and turned, scanning the room. He frowned with confusion. “Do ya wanna quit playing the fun game, Cumi?”

Her acute vision zoomed onto a physical object inside the same room, following his silly game rule, for his silly little mind game. She rushed ahead and squatted down, reaching out, grabbing the selected object with a smile and stood upright from the floor, swinging around to Fucner with a grin. “No. I don’t wanna quit. I’m sorry for my delay. I have found my physical object. No, it is not hard,” she carefully toted the selected object in an open palm with a grin.

He smiled with the blindfold and handcuffs. “Is it hot?”

“No,” she stopped and stood in front of Fucner, placing her selected object into his cuffed palms with a grin. “I’m placing my physical object into your cupped hands. So, don’t drop it. Or I win the game,” giggling.

He frowned. “Is it there? I can’t feel it. Is it small?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Is it useful?”

“Yes,” she studied her selected object inside his open palms.

“Is it fun?”

She nodded with a smile and then a frown. “Yes. Take a guess? Wait! What do I get, if you guess totally wrong?”

“A kiss from me,” smiled Fucner.

She shook a ponytail but he could not see her sour facial expression. “Wrong!”

“A kiss from you,” he chuckled.

“A slap on your face,” giggled Cumi.

He frowned. “Way wrong, my vicious pet.”

“I know. The loser cooks supper, tonight,” she nodded with a smile.

“That is an excellent prize! Okay. It is dry and soft and small and useful and fun. It is a…a…” he twisted the handcuffs around one of the wrists, trying to touch the physical object.

“Give up!” She laughed with a grin.

“Naw, it is a…it is a…” he frowned with confusion.

“Surrender, man!” She giggled with a nod.

“Naw, it is a…” he exhaled with a huff of defeat. “Okay, my pet. What is it?”

She smiled. “Do you give up and surrender to the princess, sir?”

He nodded with a sour frown with the hands inside a lap. “Yes, I surrender to the princess.” She reached down and untied the blindfold first from his eyelids, not the handcuffs from his wrist bones with a giggle and a grin. He looked down with a puzzled brow to see a tiny object that rested inside the shadow of his fingers, narrowing his eyelids. He moved both palms closer to his face and screamed with fear. “Ugh! Gawd damn it! It’s a spider.” He twisted both arms up into the air and shook the dead spider out of both palms with a snarl.

“A dead spider,” she back stepped from him with a clap and a giggle of victory. “I found it all swiveled up with its tiny eight legs, sticking up in the air near the door frame on the floor. I guess the poor thing got locked inside with that bad ass fugitive too,” laughing.

He stood upright and shook the handcuffs with a sneer and a sour frown. “It is your turn, my vicious pet, for the non-heated electric chair,” sniggering.

She reached up and unlocked the handcuffs out from his wrist bones with a giggle and a grin, scooting around Fucner, sitting down inside the tall stool and extended her arms to him with a nod. He reached down and locked the handcuffs on her wrists bones and blindfold over her eyeballs with a grin in silence. Cumi smiled. “Is your object inside the bathroom?”

He back stepped from her and turned, encircling around her chair with a sour frown. “My object ain’t inside the bathroom, my pet.”

She bounced up and down inside the chair with a blindfold and a pair of cuffed wrist bones with a giggle and a grin, “Is your object inside the bedroom?”

He exhaled with a huff of frustration and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of the book shelf with a sour frown, “The answer is no, my beauty. It is not inside the bedroom or your bedroom or your bathroom or my truck or outside underneath a rock. My little dang object is inside this room with you and me. Does that answer your ten next questions, my lovely?”

She bounded up and down inside the chair with a blindfold over the eyeballs and a pair of cuffed wrist bones with a grin and a giggle, “Is it big?”


She sneered. “Is it small?”


She smiled. “Is it wet?”


“Is it dry?”


“Is it soft?”


“Is it long?”


She smiled in the blindfold. “Is it short?”


“Is it cold?”


“Is it hard?”


“Is it useful?”


“Is it fun?” She smiled in the blindfold.

“Yes.” He chuckled.

Cumi recalled the free-standing lamp at the end of the long sofa, thinking about the delicate light bulb inside the socket of the lamp and asked with a smile. “Is it smooth?”


“Is it rough?”


“Does it have energy?” She exhaled with a puff of frustration.


“Is it alive?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled with evil.

She gasped, “It betta not be a live…”

“…spider like you gave to me. Good thing! It was dead, my lovely. There are biting small poisonous brown recluse spiders, hanging around in here, too. One fanged bite spreads their venom, eating away your healthy muscle tissue, unless properly treated by a medical doctor.”

“I got a doctoral degree. I am a doctor, who can fix you right up, buddy,” she flirted with a giggle becoming more relaxed and comfortable with him.

He smiled. “O. Like, you fixed up your person right up with the free and available five hundred million dollars.”

“I didn’t embezzle the money,” she frowned.

He encircled her chair and watched her body language with a nod. “I work for the IRS agency, my lovely, for many, many years, learning, growing, and changing with the invisible two hands of the computer financial technology, of course. The invention of the internet and the growth of US Federal grants in the form of free money. My beauty, the temptation is too great and too easy to pass up for one smart PhD.”

She frowned. “I did not embezzle the five hundred million dollars.”

He continued to encircle her chair and sweet breathed down on top of her black colored hair roots. “I work in the IT Division of the IRS office, creating and building a set of computer software programs. I can link like magic a bank account to a second bank account by and passing the security protocols with ease, because I’m both a smartie and a smartass, without the PhD.”

“I do not have the five hundred million dollars. I don’t wanna play anymore,” she rattled the handcuffs with a sour frown inside the blindfold.

He exhaled with a huff of defeat and stopped, standing directly in front of face that was blindfolded and her cuffed wrist bones with a smile. “I’m done with the quick cyberspace thievery interrogation. I’m placing my physical object into your hands. Open your fingers wide!”

She jerked both hands into both breasts, shaking her curls with a worried brow inside the blindfold. “It’s not a live insect.”

He smiled. “I promise, my lovely. I’m not vicious like you. I’m placing a very gently object, very tenderly like holding a precious baby. Please, extend your palms to me, my beauty.” Cumi slowly extended her breathe and her open palms to his heated body in front of face. He leaned over her black hair roots and placed his selected object into her open palms, carefully sweet breathing, watching her body language.

She felt the selected object and tapped on the object with a puzzled brow. “I feel a pulse.”

He smiled with a nod over her black hair roots. “Yes, can you guess my physical object?”

She rubbed his selected object with all fingers with a confused brow. “It is soft, firm, short, and heated. Hmm!”

“Come on, Cumi! Can you guess my physical object inside your two palms?” He smiled over her black hair roots.

“Gimme a second! It feels like…like…” she continued to felt his selected object with a puzzled brow. His hand reached down and attacked the blindfold, jerking the cloth from both her eyeballs. She looked down with a gasp at the object and screamed in fright, holding onto his selected object. “Gawd. O gawd. O gawd. O…”

“My penis,” Fucner snorted with a grin and stood slumped over black colored hair roots, wearing the shirt with the words IRS over a chest, but he was naked from the pelvis down to his twin shins. Fucner had dropped down a pair of black running shorts and the white underwear briefs around both ankles, wearing the socks and the sneakers. Cumi scanned his nakedness, dropping open a mouth, breathing oxygen rapidly. He could not move his penis from her set of cuffed hands, without breaking the delightful sensation and fun experiment of his clever ploy. He smiled with a grunt of lust. “You are having a panic attack, doll. That is normal, seeing a manly dick for the first time, ever. Breathe in! Breathe out! Do you want a glass of water, my pet?” He chuckled with a smile.

“Don’t…touch…me…” she continued to hold and stared down at his wiggling penis.

“Actually, you are touching me. And it is very nice, my pet!” He tossed a skull backward and sung off loud with a grin and a grunt of laughter. “O. Aw. O. Aw,” he looked down with smile at her black colored hair roots.

“Get…it…off…now,” she exhaled with a puff of annoyance and continued to hold his penis.

“Hold your sweet breath! That stops your heart from racing out of the rib cage.” He smiled. She gulped the air and continued to stare at his penis inside her open palms that were handcuffed. He chuckled over her sweet breath. “Good! It works now! Release the air slowly, until both your cheeks deflate and then breathe in one single puff, more slowly.”

“No,” she exhaled with a puff of annoyance and continued t hold his penis. “Release me!”

“You didn’t guess my physical object. Say it!” He did not move his nakedness, enjoying her soft fingers that twirl and tickle around his penis.

She yelled with a sour frown and continued to stare down at his penis. “Take the cuffs off me.”

He did not move with a chuckle. “I like it right here. Well, my penis seems to like it right here much more than I,” laughing.

“Get it away from me,” she pulled back both of the cuffed hands away from his penis, but the handcuffs twisted around her wrist bones instead. Her wrists interlocked around an expanding penis of lust and pleasure of her soft hands. He was getting sexual excited with her set of twisting fingers, tickling his dick. She groaned with fury and fear, performing her first penis massage.

He chuckled with delight. “Since, we three are all acquainted, now. I think that we have some free time to perform a clinical trial…”

“On what?” she exhaled with a puff of annoyance and continued to stare down at his penis.

“We will perform a clinical trial on a set of penises. Okay, the test will be on one penis unless you got a hidden secret that I really need to know about Cumi,” laughing.

“Fuck you, Fucner!” she frowned down at the expanding penis.

“Yeah, maybe after the clinical final trial, my pet,” he chuckled. “Measuring a penis size is pretty simple. However, I prefer to use the bone pressed scientific method. You take a hand and then press it against the male public bone, very firmly. Every guy has some fatty tissue around the bone. Fat can actually hide the length of a truly big sized penis, my lovely,” he grinned down over her black colored hair roots.

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and continued to stare down at his penis inside her cuffed hands. “Release me.”

He smiled. “Let me help you there, my pet. Since, this is your first time involving a penis clinical trial.” He reached down with both hands and pressed her right middle finger down to the bottom of his penis and then held her right palm against his soft sperm-leaking, sticky pulsing organ. She felt the heat, the softness, the firmness, the live pulse, the wetness, and a tall bone from his fully extended penis erection. He tossed back a skull with a grin and closed his eyelids with a loud grunt.

She continued to stare down at his penis with fury. “Stop that! Remove my cuffs right now!”

He dropped back down a chin and reached down, shifting all her fingers further down his penis with a grunt and a grin. “Next, press your hand against the base of my bone. Feel it! Uoo. Okay! Well, I can feel it and then mark my penis erection which is the length, coming from your middle finger while going passed your wrist bone. Wow, my beauty! That is meant for you, not my beautiful dick. That is long. I mean, I am very long,” he smiled. “That is what about eight inches in math numbers, my lovely.” He held both her hands hostage against the length of his dick with a laugh and a grunt of lust.

All her finger pads twitched and tickled the soft flesh, making him giggle and grin. “Remove the cuffs,” she continued to stare down at his dick with a sour frown while her hands were cuffed.

He studied his dick with a smile. “My dick length is no more than eight inches. I am so sorry to disappoint, my lovely. But, there are a set of male penis enhancement programs thou. So, we will work together on one of the latest method. Right, my pet?”

“Stop calling me those silly names and stop touching me, asswipe,” she exhaled with a puff of fury, not being able to release his dick from her handcuffed hands.

“I am bodybuilding my family treasure like measuring your growth height. When you were a little kid, your growing body was measured by a set of math numbers on the living room door frame at your parents’ house.”

“Now, Fucner!” She continued to stare down at his penis with a sour frown. His penis was a nice peachy-tone cylinder shape, bouncing up and down with anticipated excitement of exploding with an array of his hot sperm.

He chuckled over her black colored hair roots. “I’m very excited down there. So, you can just ignore the visual bubbling of a super heated human volcano, Cumi. I usually handle the technique my selfie for my past penis clinical trials, but you are sitting right here next to my penis. We don’t have anything else to do for the rest of the night, since the damn TV is broken. So, we advance to the next step of the penis clinical trial. Let’s measure my girth. I like to update the penis chart on my cell,” he dropped the mobile telephone from an armpit down into his open palm and then removed a hand from his dick, wiping the leaking sperm on his clean shirt and then swipes on tiny screen of the mobile telephone. He played with the penis application on the phone with a smile and a chuckle.

Cumi moaned with a sour frown, “Gawd, I’m a victim of abused freakiness. Release me, Fucner!”

He read the tiny screen of the mobile telephone while accessing the internet information with a smile. “Gently wrap your index finger and thumb pad around the thickest part of my penis, marking it by touching both of your finger pads together. That’s it, my beauty.” He reached down and led her right hand over the top of his penis, gliding her index finger over the bubbling liquid of the dick head. He curved her thumb pad around into a circle.

She felt the softness and firmness, pulsing from the fleshy penis within the sensory nerves of her two finger pads, yelling with fury. “Stop it! Release me right now!”

He held her index finger and anchored it down onto the thickness of his dick with a smile and a loud grunt. “Uoo! That feels so, so, so good, too. Whoa! And lookie there! You can’t even touch your two finger pads into a completed circle of my dick. Man, I’ve growth into superman, the man of soft steel. Do you love my good humor, my pet?” He lifted her hand up from his penis with a loud grunt of lust and a smile. “Let’s imitate that incomplete circle, stretching your index finger and thumb pad, so I can calculate my EG. That is erect girth. I have to use the cell screen near your semi-circular shape, measuring the visual image and then snapping a cell phone picture,” grinning.

“Remove the cuffs, fucking Fucner,” she exhaled with fury and watched. He was having too much fucking fun at her trapped expense.

He smiled with a loud grunt of her soft fingers, “Now, the fun part begins. An average guy’s erection has a penis length of 5.5 to 6.3 inches. I am definitely an overachiever with a math measurement of eight inches, my lovely. I read that less than two percent of all guys are eight inches or longer,” he smiled over her black hair roots, “Now, the girth range is between 4.5 to 5.1 inches,” he hummed with a song and lifted a hand working the calculation buttons on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone with a smile, “Wow! I am 1.7 inches based loosely on your slender finger ruler. So, 1.7 divided by 3.14 equal 5.414 inches which is out of the roger-dodger ball park, my beauty,” he smiled. “You are definitely a very good luck charm for me, my pet.”

“Release me right now, fucking-ass Fucner,” growled Cumi.

“We have finished the penis clinical trial. All our gathered and collected penis information is important for ordering my condoms to determine which one is the best usage for my superman penis. Is it the latex or the polyurethane or the lambskin? I’m always in a quest to find that perfect condom,” chuckling.

“Remove the cuffs right now, fucking-ass Fucner!”

“I want to find the perfect condom to fit my perfectly sized penis.”

“Now, Fucner!”

“If the condoms are too big, then they fall right off. And the ones too small, they can break. Since, I’m so dang big at eight inches, my beauty. Walruses are the largest pinniped, not pimped. ‘Pinni’ means that a walrus can walk on its fins like a man on his legs with the biggest dangest penis in the mammal world. Unbelievable, ain’t it?”

“Remove the cuffs right now, fucking-ass Fucner!”

“Almighty God made the man’s average penis to fit nicely into a woman’s average depth of a vagina about six inches. We should conduct a new clinical field trial to gather, measure, and collect your vagina depth for safety,” he laughed.

“Now, Fucner!”

He exhaled with a huff of frustration and studied down at his penis that was locked inside her open and locked wrist bones. “O man! Now, you did it. My big penis is shrinking before my very eyes. That’s because it’s cold inside this little tiny log cabin. But, I bet you can warm me back up, Cumi. Come on, Cumi! Come on, babe!”

She growled. “Untie me right now!”

He back stepped and jerked out a wrinkling penis from her open palms, pulling up the clothes over his dick. He swung around and moved ahead, shaking one leg with a chuckle towards the high table, grabbing the cuff key and pivoted around with a smile, moving back to her with a nod, “Shore, my lovely. You have been a dream helping me with my penis clinical trial. I learned from a few past clinical trials that swimming always makes my penis shrink. Do you like to swim, my lovely?” He stopped and stood in front of her. Cumi held out both wrist bones. He reached down and unlocked the pair of handcuffs with a smile, letting the cuffs fall down into a hand. She stood upright from the stool and dashed ahead towards the hallway, waving blood into both arms with a sour frown in silence. He spun around with a smile to see her ass. “Penises can vary in measurement due to stress, fatigue, frequency of sexual activity, and arousal levels.” She turned and disappeared around the wall corner and into the darkness. He laughed with a nod at the wall. “Remember? You need to wash off both of your dirty sticky stinky hands with my sweet sperm magic, dear. You need to comb your pretty long hair, honey. You need to brush your food stained teeth from eating your oatmeal cookie, sugar. And you need to make the bed after your cat nap, sweetheart,” he moved ahead into the kitchen and stopped, standing in front of the wash sink, washing the hands with a smile. He dried the hands and squatted down, setting up the pans and pots for the evening supper meal. He could cook and liked to eat, maybe she wanted to eat too. He fiddled with the different boxes of canned food with a hum of a musical tune.



Kitchen setting

5:05 pm



He cooked the meal, prepared the table, and then waited for Cumi. She moved down the semi-dark hallway, smelling the good food and stopped, sitting down at the table to eat the supper meal in silence which had been provided by Fucner, without a prayer or a thank you.

He ate, chewed and swallowed the food, studying her nose profile. “What happened to your hair?”

She chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face at the far wall. “I washed it.”

“It’s curly and free. Why do you wore all these gooey hair gels onto your locks, since your hair before was slicked down look like a gangster?” He ate and chewed the food.

“It’s a requirement by Dr. Munsterberg that all the female staff look like a set of drilled dancers with matching outfits and hair buns so not to scare the children. They are traumatized enough seeing the big ugly room and bigger machine that’s going to burn their precious skin.”

“Gotcha,” He nodded with a smile.

They finished the supper meal in silence.

Fucner stood upright from the chair and cleaned off table of dirty dishes as a good housekeeper. He slowly spun around and sat at the table. She ate and chewed the dessert. He ate the dessert in two bites and chewed, swallowing with a smile. “Do you wanna play a game of cards? Go Fish? Gin Rummy? Hearts? Poker? Do you know how to play a game of poker?” He stared with a grin at her shirt that covered a pair of medical scrub pants and probably a pair of girly sexy pink lace panties.

Cumi was a precious virgin and smelled of sweet honeysuckles and acted like sweetness. “No,” she chewed and swallowed the food, eating another bite.

He pouted. “Well, that leaves strip poker off my play list. How about some Black jack 21? Do you know that an easy number card game? Can you count up to twenty one, my lovely?” He laughed.


He slammed a new pack of playing cards onto the table surface and opened the playing cards, shuffling the cards with a pair of expert hands and a grin. He exposed the top card of the card stack near a chest and then the second card beside her elbow with a chuckle. He repeated with a second card, not showing the face of the playing card. She chewed on her dessert and stared at the bare wall. He flipped the cards and pointed down at the objects. “I pulled out a six of diamonds, a nine of clubs for me, a seven of hearts and a king of diamonds for you. It is real easy, my beauty. You pull two cards from the deck stack and then who gets closest to the mathematical number twenty one will win. Your two cards add to the math number of seventeen, so you win. See my pet, you are on a roll,” laughing.

She chewed and swallowed the food with a stern face. “O. Roll of tissue paper with puke green pookie dookie.”

“Are you still mad about my…” he scoops up the cards, discharging them to his right side.


“….object of your sting. Ya can come and sting me at a game of 21. Get me back!”


“Did ya play the card game of Strip Poker, as a mischievous teen, my pet?”


“I would show you my panties, but they ain’t pink, my lovely.”


“How about I make the stakes better for you than me?”


“How about I happen to lose your body on the way towards the international flight to Switzerland on Monday morning,” he wiggled both eyebrows with a grin. She looked up and parted her lips at him. He nodded with a smile. “The Birmingham Airport is massive. We will in located in a different seat since we travel on the same flight. They won’t know that you are missing until the plane lands in a foreign country, far away from the USA,” he taps on the new set of poker cards. He winks. “I mean, it’s a thirty three percent chance, that you stole all that five hundred million dollars. Ain’t that right beauty?”

She narrowed her eyelashes at him with a sneer. “Do you really promise? If I win the strip poker match, then you will purposefully lose me at the Birmingham Airport terminal on Monday morning at seven am?”

He stood upright from the chair with a smile and removed the shirt, exposing a muscled naked chest with a nod, “I am fair and square. But, you honestly have got to win the game of Blackjack 21. There will be no extra points, no free giveaways, and no substitution of the playing card or cards. Do you agree with the new rules?”

She looked over and scanned his clothes with a stern face. He wore a pair of walking shorts, a pair of underwear, two socks, and two sneakers, a total of six bidding items for stripping down a body into total nakedness, losing the match to Cumi. She smoothed both hands over her clothing items down to the kneecaps, consisting of two layers of clothing outfits. The outer layer was the required prisoner’s garb of a black long T-shirt and a pair of oversized black tinted running short. She wasn’t given a pair of black socks or a pair of black sneakers to match his attire.

Cumi wore the required medical uniform, consisting of a black scrub top over a black turtle neck cotton shirt and a bra, since the room temperature inside the medical department was set at freezing, keeping the bad germ bugs off the autoimmune cancer kids and adults. She wore a pair of white, not pink tinted panties underneath the scrub pants. So, she possessed eleven items to his seven items, composing sixty four percent of the total wardrobe between them.

The odds were definitely ruling in her favor.

Sh slams both palms onto the table surface with a nod and a grin to the new game of chance without words. He smiled with a nod. “That is excellent, my pet. There are fifty two regular playing cards with two jokers. I called the jokers the wild cards so that makes fifty four total card counts. I will allow the jokers to represent any math number you need to add up to the math total of twenty one. But, you can’t go over the math number of twenty one. Or you will lose the game and a piece of clothing. Do you understand and agree with the new rules?”

She studied the exposed card eager to finish the short poker game for freedom. With fifty four playing cards, there will be two or three combinations of individual cards, making up the total math number of twenty one.

He had pulled four cards from the original fifty four card stack, so there were fifty cards left to determine a final winner. If each match used four cards for two players, then there would be twelve more rounds.

She softly whispered, “Yes.”

He smiled. “Normally, a dealer deals out the individual playing cards. Since, there’s a life on the line, I’ll allow you to touch and draw your own set of twenty one, showing both fairness and honestly. And since, this is going to be relative short and fast. We will each lay the card face up for all eyes to absorb, making for a more intriguing battle. Isn’t that right, my pet? Do you agree?”


“And…” smiled Fucner.

She exhaled with a sour tone. “How many rules are you going to make up, fucking-ass Fucner?”

He laughed. “A really fun one, if the card player displays a perfect math number of twenty one, then two pieces of the clothing articles is stripped. Do you agree?”

She looked down at the exposed card. “Yes. Let’s play right now!”

He smiled. “That is excellent, my pet. The winner of last hand gets the next draw on the top card in the playing stack. You won the last hand. So, go fishy with your sticky fingers,” he carefully watched her body language.

She reached out and flipped the top card up from the deck, slamming it down on top of the table surface. The card hand displayed ten of spade, two of hearts, and five of clubs. “Hold ‘em at seventeen,” she giggled with a grin.

He looked down with a smile, showing the card hand: A, 6, 5 = 21. “I have a deuce, a sex card, and a fever card.”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance. “Do you have to sling slang the playing card names instead of reading the math numbers like a normal person?”

“Yeah,” he reached out and drew a ten of diamonds and an ace of hearts. “T card and a pig’s eyeball equal twenty one. Remove two items of your clothing, doll,” he nodded with a grin.

She stood upright from the chair with a giggle and wiggled off the black colored IRS running shorts, exposing the pair of black scrub medical pants, without exposing her girly panties. He frowned in frustration. She dropped down on top of his shirt over the eating table and slowly peeled off the black tinted IRS shirt, tossing it into the pile with a smile, “You said a pig’s eye. An ace is properly called a pig’s eyeball.”

He pouted with a sour frown. “Hmm, I am playing with a card shark.”

She winked, “I’m more like a card humpback whale.”

He reached out and drew out each card, showing the numbers: 8, 2, 4, 4 = 18. “I have a total of eighteen, my pet.”

She drew her out the cards and showed the numbers: Q, 3, 5 = 18. “A tie,” she laughed.

He shook a skull with sour frown. “No tie! We each draw one card adding to our current total math number of eighteen. The hand that doesn’t bust wins the match. Do you agree?” He reached over and wiggled his fingers over the next top card.

She reached over and slapped his hand down onto the wooden surface with angry, “Naw, doll! I don’t agree. It is a tie like in a sporting game. No one loses. No one wins. No clothes are coming off our bodies.” She nodded. He nodded in silence. Cumi said. “Discharge these cards, please! Then, it is your draw, cowboy.”

He discharged the used cards and flipped a set of new cards: 3, 7, 6 = 16. He smiled. “I have a total of sixteen and I will hold here.”

She smiled with a nod. “Okay. Please draw again!”

He shook a skull with a sour frown. “Naw, I take my odds that you can’t beat that.”

She reached over and drew out each card, showing the number: Q, 2, 2, 3 = 17. “A queen in the poker game of cards equals the value of the math number ten. I win.” He exhaled with a huff of annoyance and flipped off the diving watch from a wrist bone, gently placing it inside the growing pile of clothes. Cumi gasped with a smirk at the diving watch. She hadn’t thought of non-fabric items which were loosely attached onto her body. She didn’t wear a set of earrings, since her earlobes were not pieced which would have given her a bigger advantage in the one-time Blackjack 21 game for her freedom of jail.

He sneered, “Fine! Let’s double our pleasure, my beauty.”

She turned and sneered at him. “No.”

He smiled. “There are four jokers within the remaining stack of playing cards. If you get really lucky, drawing a joker which I have mentioned before can represent any number between one to twenty to win the match game, then four pieces of clothing are stripped down and out from your upcoming nakedness of cuteness little body,” grinning. She turned and stared at the far wall. The poker game will be shortened in time, but the odds will lowered for her, since there were four jokers up for grabs. Cumi sliced her eyelashes back to a smiling Fucner with a nod in silence. “Draw your card,” Fucner smiled.



8:11 pm



She reached out and drew up each card with a stern face, “I possess the six of hearts and the ace of clubs for a total sixteen.”

He reached out and drew up each card with a smile. “I got the jack of clubs, the ace of clubs which adds to the total twenty. Yeehaw! It is another win to me. Take it off, doll!”

She stood upright from the chair and removed two sneakers, tossing each one into the growing pile of clothing on top of the dining room table, sitting back down with a stern face and reached out, drawing out each card. The card hand showed: Q, 2 = 12. She smiled. I have a total of twelve.”

He reached out and drew each card with a smile. His card hand showed: 5, 7, J = 22. He frowned. “I got busted with twenty two. Damn!” Fucner stood upright from the chair with a snigger and ripped off the pair of running shorts while embarrassing Cumi more than him and slapped the item into the growing pile of clothes with a laugh.

She reached over and drew each card, showing a card hand: 4, 4, 5, 5 = 18. “I have the total of eighteen.”

He reached over and drew each card from the deck, displaying the card hand: K, Joker = 21. “A cowboy and his joker card for the winning total of twenty one, I win. Take it all off cowgirl! Yeehaw! The last four items that hide your naked cuteness, consisting of your scrub top, your scrub pants, your bra, and drum roll, please, your girly pink tinted panties,” he stood upright from the chair and danced side to side with a hum and a chuckle of victory. She reached out and touched the top of the next card. He stopped the dance and reached down, slapping down her hand with a sour frown, “What are you doing, my lovely? You are required to deposit or down or take off four separate items. Pronto!”

She smiled. “If I pull the first top two cards from the deck and it matches the number twenty one, since there is one more joker left. Then, it is a draw. No one wins,” nodding.

He frowned, “The answer is no, my pet. That changes all the rules of the poker game.”

“And if the two cards do not equal the exact math number twenty one, then the rule still applies. I am required to strip off four items from my cuteness. How about that new rule, sir?” She giggled with a grin.

“Well, I can see that you can’t get mad at me for losing, then stomping your pretty throng out that locked puke green metal door towards my pickup truck, hot wiring and stealing it. Well, okay! But, no more changing the VIP single rule.” She drew the top card and slapped down an ace of spades with a smile. He looked down with a stern face at the card and her. “You drew out the death card,” then he turned and stared at the deck of cards. She reached out and drew out the card, facing it down and whipped it to her face with a smile.

He shook a skull with sour frown. “What’s it? It can’t be the fucking joker. Hell naw! No sir!” She slammed down a nine of diamonds next to an ace of spades with a stern face. He smirked with a laugh and a clap. “You received twenty, not twenty one, my lovely. Now, remove four articles of clothing, since I drew a twenty one and won the match.” She stood upright with a nod and slide off a pair of black hospital scrubs pants. He chuckled and clapped with lust. She wiggled out of the black turtleneck and stood upright in a pink tinted bra and a matching throng with a stern face. He grinned with a clap and a nod. “Come on, Cumi! Pay off and take off.” She lifted a hand and ripped off a right eyelash and then a left eyelash with the other hand with a giggle and a grin, gently placing each item into the tall pile of growing clothes. He frowned down at the two deformed black eyelashes on top of the clothing with a sour frown. “F…” he laughed with a smile, “A false eyelash, a false eyelash, you got me with a pair of false eyelashes from your eyeballs. You’re very good, my beauty. However, two more games and then I win.”

“Or one more game, I win,” she sat back down with a grin and a giggle, bouncing up and down inside the stool.

He stood upright in his boxer underwear and reached out, flipping up and slammed the card onto the wooden table with a laugh and a smile. “I pulled out the joker card. I win by default. The next card no matter will mathematical add to twenty one, baby. Lose it, my lovely. Gimme me! I wanna feel your silky pink throng between my soft fingers.”

“Fuck you, Fucner!” She stood upright from the chair with a stern face and back stepped from the table, folding both arms under the armpits and twirled around towards the long sofa, moving ahead and sat down on top of the fabric. She stared at the far wall with sobs and tears of worry.

Fucner exhaled with a huff of worry and reached over, digging down into the pile and pulled back, replacing back on a body the running shorts. He side stepped, spinning around, slowly moving ahead into the entertainment room and sat down next to her without touching her with a stern face. “I am so sorry. You win.”

She softly said between the tears. “I don’t have a daddy or a mama. I’m all alone in the big world, since they died and passed to heaven, without me. I still feel the grief. My parents both committed suicide, shortly after my graduation of college. Graduating college at twenty one, it was shaping my personality for the rest of my remaining days on Earth. I feel angry for losing the bond of love. I am numb for losing the touch of love. I live in isolation for losing the kindness. And empty empathy affection of love. Instead, I stored the deep rage and torment, suppressing my wants, my needs, my desires. My fears of abandonment, emptiness, loneliness consume me. These raw feels enable me to live, every hour, without my kind and tender-hearted parents. It is unbearable like losing my sense of selfie.”

He exhaled with a huff of frustration. “I am sensing a hurdle in your emotion flower bed of pretty yellow weeds. You can be open and honest with me. I have been observing you and you are definitely normal.”

She sobbed with regret and distress in tears. “I didn’t embezzle the money. I didn’t do anything wrong. I did upload the money using the computer software from the Vaughn Moody Foundation, not my job, just my computer programming talent skills. Now, I’m going to spend the rest of days in a cold gray jail cell for doing my job right.”

He frowned, “Hmm!”

“Who am I? Not a thief. Where am I? Not a prison.”

He nodded with confusion. “Was it a failed relationship? Naw. A childhood hurt? Naw. A medical problem? Naw. An emotion conflict? Maybe?”

She sobbed with more tears. “My parents died when I was twenty one, completing my education, starting a career, trying to establish a love relationship.”

He leaned over and hugged her with a stern face. “You need some TLC. Stand up, honey!” He stood upright from the sofa and leaned down, assisting her to stand with a smile.

They turned to the side and moved ahead, slowly strolling down the semi-dark hallway.



Master bedroom setting

9:01 pm



His nakedness rested upon her nakedness between the soft bed sheets. She held the bed linen between both nervous hands with a worried brow. “Are sex and intimacy different?”

He reached over and caressed her soft cheek with a smile, “Hmm, in a traditional relation of a boy and a girl, sex comes with the long-term commitment plus roses and candy, and then maybe a flashy gem stone. In the traditional marriage, sex creates an intimate connection between the husband and the wife, usually leading to procreate…you know…a baby that looks like you. Intimacy is the heart of a relationship, feeling the unlimited freedom to fuck on the sofa or fart in your face, making it your emotional state of mind. Sex is a physical act and a loving act for a wife of her husband or the husband of her wife,” he dropped a finger down to her throat. She shivered with part nerves and part lust. He smiled. “You are tense that hinders your energy flow and locks up that explosive orgasm, which you will want to feel. No steel chains or leather whips here with me. I promise. I don’t like painful sex, only pleasurable sex.” She gasped in shock. He chuckled with a wink. “You’re so cute when shocked,” he leaned over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a wink and a grin. “We are going to do it doggie style.”

Outside the exterior log cabin, the metal door sounded with a loud bong with two loud knocks.

Inside the bedroom, he turned and stared into the semi-dark hallway with a sour frown, “Who the fuck is that at the door?”

The metal door creaked with a soft swish. “Fucner,” a voice shouted inside the archway of the front door.

Inside the bedroom, Fucner slid off the bed and turned with a wink and a smile to see Cumi. “Stay right here! I’ll coming right back.”

She tossed the bed linens and slid off the bed, reaching over and gathered up the scrubs with a worried brow. “Is it a raid?”

He slipped on the running shorts with a naked chest and a sneer. “A bug parade is coming. I wished that I had a can of bug spray, the size of dump truck.” He turned and frowned with fury into the semi-dark hallway and the people that were disturbing his fuck fest with the virgin. He ran ahead into the dull hallway.



Living room setting

9:09 pm



He slammed into the metal door and caught the cracked door, holding it and blocked out all the un-welcomed company with a sneer. Then he back stepped from the door with a puzzled brow. The guests scooted around Fucner and entered the room. He frowned at each person. “Gay, Gray, Moody, Morgan came inside in fucking proper walking alphabetic order, too. Guys can’t this fucking wait until sunrise on Monday morning at five o’clock?”

“There is no wait. It is right now a Friday night. Get out of way, Fucner! Did you fix supper? I’m hunger, too.” IRS agent Gray strolled with a wink and a smile beside a semi-nude Fucner, moving further into the living room section of the log cabin and stopped, standing in place and scanned the tiny room.

“Mr. Moody is behind me. He has made a very big mistake.” Gay moved ahead through the archway and passed Fucner with a smile, turning and stopped on the other side of her employee, leaning down and hugged the little girl.

“What the fuck?” Moody entered through the archway and turned with a sneer to see a semi-naked Fucner.

Fucner stood in place and held the door with a chuckle. “Fucner, my last name is Fucner, Rector.”

Morgan entered through the archway and stopped, standing in front of the table, studying the pile of clothes and scattered playing cards with a smile and a nod. “I see your naked feet, a girly bra, a pair of girly panties and a used deck of playing cards,” he shook a skull with a chuckle.

Gay turned and smiled at Fucner. “Do not try to explain that. I do not wanna know ever.” He turned and chuckled at his supervisor.

“Mama,” the little girl lifted both hands to her mother with a smile.

The metal door slammed into the face of Fucner. A set of more children and associated parents of the IRS agent, the other co-workers of Fucner plus the co-workers of Cumi entered through the open archway and stopped, standing inside the tiny log cabin with mumbles and grumbles. He exhaled with a huff of frustration in silence.

Gay leaned over and hugged her child, pulling back with a smile, “Yes, sweetie.”

The girl lifted the object with a sad face. “My big shiny rock fall out of my princess crown, Mama.”

Gay reached over and patted the hair roots of her daughter, turning with a smile to see Fucner. “She won the Little Miss Starlit Pageant about fifteen minutes ago at the Von Brown Center.”

Fucner turned and faked a smile at the little girl, trying to be a nice pissed off horny bachelor to the un-welcomed guests, “Congratulations, honey!”

Gay took and stared at the object with a smile. “Say thank you, sir! Let me see the crown, sweetheart. I don’t know if mama can fix this crown, sweetheart.”

“Let me look at it, Gay.” Fucner extended a hand and stared at the crown. It was an oversized triangle-shaped tiara of silver rhinestones, missing the big shiny rhinestone. “If I fix the princess crown, will your assets leave my log cabin immediately?”

“Yes, we all will leave, Fucner. We are only present to hear Mr. Moody’s explanation about the five hundred million dollar money bags.” Gay leaned over and hugged her child, pulling back with a smile.

Moody slowly turned and frowned at the naked back spine of Fucner. “Fucner, I want my computer disc back. The one, you confiscated from Dr. Munsterberg hospital office for the wrong crime,” he slowly spun around and frowned at Cumi. She stood near the kitchen wall in a pair of black hospital scrubs with a grin and a giggle at gang of unwelcomed guests.

Moody frowned at Cumi. “I am truly sorry, young lady. An error has been discovered. An electronic transfer software malfunction had sent my money directly to another bank account for the Charity Hospital fund raising division like magic. I must present the flawed computer disc to the bank for retrieving and returning my money.”

Fucner frowned down at the princess crown, “Yeah, yeah, alright, alright, I can fix this with some crazy glue,” he spun around and moved towards the kitchen with a sour frown. “Fuck! I’ll get the money disc first and then fix the princess crown,” he leaned down with a smile and a whisper to Cumi. “I’ll make them all disappear in three point zero seconds. Then we can start our personal fun,” he spun around with a chuckle into the young boy with a sour frown.

The little seven year old boy danced around Fucner with a smile, “Hey! Dad, can I explore down the hallway?”

Fucner exhaled with a huff of annoyance and scanned with a sour frown each child and then to see his co-worker Morgan, “Are you having family picnic here inside the log cabin, Morgan?”

Morgan cringed with a grin, “I am sorry, Fucner. I told my kids about the old gangster hideout, which is only one in Birmingham. Ya know?”



Outdoor dirt setting

Moonlight with bright stares and warm temperatures



“Yeah! Yeah! You can stay two point zero minutes flat, Morgan!” Fucner moved ahead and exited through the open archway into the darkness with moonlight, guiding a pair of naked feet over the cool dirt and ran into the dark tinted limousine that belonged to Moody. The limousine was parked parallel next to the entrance of the tiny log cabin which blocked the IRS pickup truck of Fucner.

“Fuck,” he back pedaled and side stepped towards the side between Gray’s vehicle and the limousine, scooting down two long rows of metal, turning to the right and then cut back to the left, moving away from the other vehicles.

He had parked the truck far away from the entrance of the log cabin to piss off Cumi and her piss-poor attitude. But he had ended up pissing off his own balls, since his co-workers now occupied the empty dirt on top of the flat tabletop bluff.

Fucner finally slipped in front of the truck door and reached over, jerking the door handle open and leaned over, scratching around the front compartment. He found the metal disc, the paper letter, the flashlight, and the handgun, jerking out and tore the paper letter with a sour frown. “Fuck!” a set of loose papers floated up and then fell down onto the bench seating and onto the dirt. “Fuck!” He squatted down onto the dirt and gathered the scattered papers into two hands, standing upright and stuffed the items in a wad back into the tiny frontal compartment. He back stepped and slammed the door shut, spinning around to face the closed door of the log cabin, slapping a hand and patted the pocket jeans for a key with a sour frown and a yell. “Fuck! Somebody closed the damn door. Gay has the only key for opening the puck green metal from the outside. Fuck!” He snapped the fingers with a smile. “There’s an emergency key inside the glove compartment of the truck, in case a stupid horny male got locked out of the log cabin, before his sexy fun,” he snorted with a laugh and spun around, opening the truck door again when his mobile telephone rang with a sound of drums and guitars of a rock and roll musical song. He lifted the mobile telephone and swished it into activation, lifting it into a face, opening the door. He leaned over and opened back up the glove compartment, hearing the voice on the mobile telephone.

Moody said via the mobile telephone, coming from inside the locked log cabin. “I am so happy that all of you are present here for my special announcement to the IRS federal agency and the Charity Hospital staff members. I am sorry. I am here to apologize to the medical staff of Birmingham Hospital radiation oncology department. I made a grave mistake. I discovered that the five hundred million dollars of the Vaughn Moody Foundation had been received by the correct financial party…”

Fucner reached inside and tossed out each object from the glove compartment, scratching around for the door key back into the log cabin, falling forward into leather seat and felt the vibration of an earthquake that rocked the dirt underneath a pair of naked feet.

The truck door swung forward and slammed into his back spine, almost knocking his teeth down a throat. He stood upright with a groan and slammed the truck door from his ass and then heard the rumble of a thunder storm, looking up with a puzzled brow to see the clear and starry bright sky.

Then, he felt the dirt quake for a second time.

Fucner wobbled and fell down into the dirt, partly underneath the pickup truck. The truck shook side to side. He crawled away from the truck and scanned the bouncing tires. He stood upright and scratched a sweaty forehead, looking up to see the skyline. He pondered the geomagnetic disturbance within the atmosphere from the full moon. He spun around with a chuckle and moved towards the closed door of the cabin, hearing a set of loud booms implode from the log cabin.

Pieces of cabin logs, sharp glass, hot metal, and other deadly pieces bombarded down over his body. He stumbled backward from the impact of the colorful explosion and covered a face with both his arms, dropping down and fell down on the ground onto a back spine with a grunt.

Then, Fucner passed out into unconsciousness of darkness.




Two years ago



Sunday August 13th



City of Leed within the US State of Alabama

(15 miles east of Birmingham, Alabama)

Limousine ride east direction on Interstate 20

4:00 p.m.

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Mary Margaret fidgeted side to side with annoyance on top of the long bench seat in the rear cabin of the limousine and wore an off-the-shoulder emerald green tinted long dress of ruffles, traveling towards a new school in the small town of Leed within the US State of Alabama.

The antebellum skirt bellowed out from a waistline and then puddled down towards the carpet floor of the limousine while covering her naked legs and her set of naked toes. The naked toes sat inside a pair of four-inched leather strapped summer sandals in discomfort. When standing upright in a belle pose, the bellowing antebellum skirt spread outward into a three foot diameter circle over the hard surface and covered the naked toes of the sandals.

Mary Margaret had been sitting in the rear bench seat of the limousine for twenty minutes, after she had been picked up at her personal home inside the metro city of Birmingham, which was twenty miles west of Leed. She turned to face the side window and scanned the rolling green and lush landscape with a stern face while listening to the lecture from her mom about the charms of a southern belle.

Her mom possessed the same soprano timber as her daughter Mary Margaret, leaning with a smile into the pale tinted cheekbone of her daughter. “Be courtesy. Be natural, as much as, you can,” she reached down and patted her own plantation dress with a pair of wrist gloves while appearing like a fairy princess, lecturing like a professor. “For your attitude, be happy!”

Mary Margaret turned and stared at her dad with a stern face of love and envy. He wore a comfortable black colored sports jacket, a pressed white colored shirt, a pair of faded and worn blue jeans, and a pair of black and white python-skinned cowboy boots that matched his daughter’s cowgirl boots. Her cowgirl boots were stored inside one of the twelve pieces of neon green tinted alligator luggage set. The luggage pieces traveled ahead of Mary Margaret inside a black colored utility vehicle towards the same new school in Leed. He smiled with a nod in rhyme with social and cultural lecture from his wife to their daughter Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret had been accepted into Antebellum House, where she would carry on the family tradition and the family name Cantwell. She exhaled with a puff of annoyance at her father. “I am happy, Mama. But I don’t understand why I have to come to this particular post-graduation college. I was accepted into a regular Bama state school at Birmingham University on a full academic scholarship, Daddy?” He smiled with a nod to his daughter Mary Margaret in silence.

Her mom smiled. “Do not let anyone bring you down, Mary Margaret. Life is not about wasting time on one single thing. Enjoy your life whilest a young girl. My baby girl is going to Antebellum House. We’re so proud, honey bunny. Also, be kind to everyone! If another belle is rude, then you as the bigger belle are to be nicer. No matter if a belle says something rude to you then she will know that you will be the nicer one. Okay, sweetheart? Do my words ease your nervousness, sugar?” Mary Margaret turned and smiled to her mom in silence.

The word of her mother startled and started up the nervousness inside the inner guts of Mary Margaret again as she had been forced to attend a new unfamiliar post-graduate institution without a social friend coming from her old high school. Out of the baby blue skies of Alabama, without any warning, she had gotten accepted into Antebellum House.

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and turned, scanning the rolling landscape.



4:31 p.m.

Antebellum House

Front porch setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine and clear skies



The limousine slowed and then rolled into a halt. A doorman on the sidewalk of the school glided ahead towards the limousine window, reaching out and grabbed the handle, opened the rear door.

Mary Margaret scooted across the soft leather bench seat with a fake smile, grabbing the skirt with a left glove and the forearm of the doorman with her right glove, stumbling out into the bright sunlight, tripping over the dress hem of the fluffy plantation dress and recovered beautifully with the assistance of the doorman.

A young maid ran ahead from the side of the steps and scooted around the upright new teen, stopping and stooped down, grabbing the rear train of Mary Margaret’s plantation dress, lifting it into the air from the dirty and rough concrete. Mary Margaret felt the tug of the dress and moved ahead towards the flat concrete sidewalk like a gorgeous belle and as, the skirt bellowed gently around a waistline and a pair of naked toes. Her legs lovingly felt the silky slip skirt that held off a set of three prickly crinolines underneath the ball gown which made the skirt bloom outward like a budding rose. Her emerald eyeballs stared at the suspended two horse-drawn yellow painted open carriage feeling like a real princess. The stationary carriage was designed for private elegance that carried a party of four towards the front steps of Antebellum House.

She slowly looked back with a smile over a collar bone to see a pink colored tall structure plus the colorful parade of numerous doorless horse drawn carriages. The carriages colors ranged from pure white to baby blue to candy pink to fire engine red to midnight black. All the new students and a set of parents rode inside a fairy tale carriage towards the fairy tale building for the traditional orientation session of the first day of the school. Mary Margaret stopped in front of the next available carriage. The young maid dropped the rear dress hem over the rough concrete and spun around, dashing to the next stopping limousine to assist the new teen.

A young footman with a bright smile underneath a white colored cowboy hat and a gray cotton jacket extended a brown gloved hand in the air near the nose profile of the teen girl which signaled for Mary Margaret to enter the carriage first. She swung a face back to the carriage and reached out, grabbing the gloved hand, slowly waddling ahead, dragging the dress train of the satin dress over the rough concrete, since it lounged lazy three feet behind a fanny. She stopped in front of the two-foot step ladder.

He leaned down and reached over, grabbing her waistline, lifting Mary Margaret up into the air and over the lip of the carriage bucket like a southern gentleman with the leather gloves.

The sandals hit the floor and as Mary Margaret accidentally tumbled towards the bench seat to the left, since she really wanted to sit on the right side that faced the world. She scooted and slid down into the middle of the cushioned bench and as the dress spread outward over the pink tinted cushion into beauty form.

Her mom and her dad entered the carriage, sitting across from Mary Margaret like the first day of first grade at her elementary school.

The smiling footman turned and nodded a cowboy hat to the coachman in silence. The coachman nodded back and turned to face the road, sitting on an elevated long bench in front of the carriage bucket, whipping the reins into the air and then over the rumps of four horses.

The carriage swiftly jolted into a slow and steady pace over the gravel road.

Mary Margaret faced backward and enjoyed a pretty view with a smile of excitement and intrigue on her first day of college at a new institution.

The landscape consisted of groves of tall dark green oak, light green maple, yellow pine, and red cedar trees, rows of short stubby light and dark green plant shrubs, scattered patches of hundreds of colorful wild red roses, blue azaleas, orange camellias, yellow daisies, pink petunias, and other nameless pretty flowers. Three rows of gold pear trees, garnet plum trees, and crab apple trees stood between a natural woodland forest and a food garden of planted red strawberries, green shelled watermelons, and rows of colorful yellow, orange, and red vegetables.

The two horses slowly plowed down a white tinted gravel roadway and followed behind the cute footman, who led upon his horse.

Her mom lifted and opened the parasol umbrella, blocking out the sun and heat from a sweaty face, nodding in silence to Mary Margaret to copycat the southern belle movement, since the day burned in ninety degrees of heated August in hot Alabama.

Mary Margaret sweated around the earlobes, the lips, and the breasts, lifting up and popped open the silk fan like a professional with a practiced left gloved hand, swishing it back and forth like an electric fan underneath a parasol umbrella also. She hoped that the team of horses was hungry for the sweet feed lunch. The horses slowly crunched the hoofs down the gravel road and then halted in behind the rear bumper of a hot pink tinted carriage.

The carriage released a queen-sized teen, who matched her queen-sized weight of the mother and the king-sized height of her father

The blue carriage of Mary Margaret parked beside a row of colorful flowers. The pretty flowers traveled around the side corners of Antebellum House.

A new footman moved ahead and stopped, standing next to the step ladder of the blue carriage with a smile underneath the white colored cowboy hat at Mary Margaret first.

Her mom nodded to her daughter in silence.

Mary Margaret jerked the parasol down from the hair roots and closed the delicate fabric umbrella, slapping the leather strand of the parasol over a left gloved hand like a southern belle of yesteryear. She placed the folded fan back down into a tiny drawstring satin pouch which hung form a left wrist. She reached out and grabbed his leather glove with a smile to the handsome young adult, standing upright with a slight wobble from the wide dress. The footman reached inside and grabbed the waistline, lifting her up and out form the bucket of the carriage, making Mary Margaret giggle with a innocent girly thoughts of his manly touches o her teenly body. Then he back stepped and placed her on top of the smooth concrete, facing a massive building.

The structure was a gigantic three-story Greek-revival style antebellum building with a set of six white columns that traveled non-stop up into the blue skyline and then slapped back down into the gray colored concrete front porch. The front porch displayed a big square hole in the middle of the building, where a set of double entrance doors should have been.


Antebellum House was colored in light pink granite mineral that gleamed like the eight-carat diamond ring of her mother. There was not a wooden railing that lined an elevated front porch, where a person could fall down onto the ground and then break an arm from the porch. There were a set of two separate walking steps that were built perpendicular into the elevated foundation of the building which led directly up and onto the elevated front porch. The opposite set of walking steps drew person towards the big hole in the middle of the building. The big hole was an open and hollow tunnel that went straight through from the front entrance portal towards the rear exit and down the middle of the building.

Really weird!

The footman stood on the left side of Mary Margaret. Her mom pulled up beside and joined Mary Margaret on the right. Her daddy was next to his wife and leaned the cowboy hat into the face of a new male, who was dressed similar to the footman and the coachman with a gray colored sports jacket, a white shirt, a pair of faded and wore blue jeans, and a pair of comfortable and polished cowboy boots.

The new male pulled away from the dad of Mary Margaret and spun around, facing the big hole in the middle of the building with a stern face and a loud yell. “Greetings to Miss Mary Margaret, her great-great Granddaddy Cantwell had served in the 12th Alabama Artillery Regiment.”

Her mom leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of her daughter, “Go to your left.” Mary Margaret nodded in silence and recalled the social lecture inside the limousine ride thirty minutes ago.

In the Old South, men and women did not walk side-by-side like a married or a single couple when entering a public or private establishment. They had to split-up like a divorced angry couple, in case a white ankle bone of the southern lady just happened to show underneath her long flowing plantation dress, then the wandering eyeball of the gawking southern rogue would not see it.

Mary Margaret reached down and grabbed, jerking the long hemline of the dress and the three crinolines up the leg while showing off a pale bony kneecap, leading a parade of other colorful plantation dresses of females. She turned and stomped up the stair, stopping and stood on the top of the third brick step while sweating in the Alabama heat. She removed from a waist and slapped the parasol open, lifting it over the rich black colored hair bun and slapped the fan open, killing the set of pretend flies that were not buzzing around both narrowed eyelashes.

The female wore a pretty straw hat with a pale coral colored big fashion bow in the rear, swinging around with a smile to see Mary Margaret. She displayed a tone of honey tinted skin and a head of matching honey colored blonde hair with a smile. “Hello! I’m Emma.”

“I am Mary Margaret,” she smiled with a nod.

A hostess appeared on top of the flat porch, wearing an off-the-shoulder baby blue three-tiered plantation dress, leaning over with a whsiper into the face of Emma’s father. “Follow her.”

Emma and her parents moved ahead and scooted underneath the cool front portico, heading into the welcomed room of the building.

Mary Margaret looked over a collar bone to see her mother with a confused brow. “Mama, why do we dress like this getting all hot and bothered in the heated August sun?”

Her mom leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the face of her daughter. “This is the fun part of an old-fashion tradition at Antebellum House, dear. We all get to dress in formal wear to honor our ancestors.”

Mary Margaret exhaled with a puff of annoyance and swung around, staring at the cool shade of the front porch with a whisper for her eardrums only. “My ancestors are all dead and buried.”

A new hostess appeared and stood in front of Mary Margaret wearing a yellow ball gown with a pair of white tinted satin elbow-length gloves, and a neckline of pearls. She wore a pearl forehead halo across the forehead with a nod and a smile. “Hey! I’m Chloe. I am new here too. Some of the other hostesses are older than us. So, we’re like friends, now. Right?”

She smiled. “Yes. We are friends now. I am Mary Margaret. These are my parents, Mrs. and Mr. Cantwell from the city of Birmingham,” she did not finger her parents but nodded with a chin like a good belle.

Chloe smiled. “Welcome, Miss Mary Margaret. Here, at Antebellum House, all females are known as Miss Somebody. So, you need to get used to the formal title of each instructor and belle,” she reached out and grabbed the naked forearm of Mary Margaret with a smile, back stepping from the parents.

They slowly turned towards the building and slowly waddled ahead towards the cool shade of the front porch while Mr. and Mrs. Cantwell slowly followed behind the rear dresses of the two teen girls.

Chloe looked ahead at the porch with a smile without pointing a gloved finger, since it was rude belle manner. “This is the portico or porch. There will be lots of new words for you to use here at Antebellum House.”

Mary Margaret moved ahead with Chloe and stared with a smile at the entire porch. The porch was built in a horizontal formation, containing a row of rocking chairs, a few porch vertical swings which could hold two people hostile and cozy for some female and male fun during the warm or cool evenings. She giggled with a grin of amusement, lifting a glove and covered the smile.

They stopped and stood inside the first doorway on the right side of the hollow tunnel. The archway was wide enough for a pair of belle plantation gowns to stand inside the open archway.

Chloe smiled without fingering the room, since it was very rude for a southern belle to point at anything. “This is called a pretty parlor room which was built specifically for the dead and gone prissy belles. But we will use and abuse the pretty parlor room, after our suppertime meal is finished, each evening. We can chat, gossip, and relax here before our assigned bedtime hour. It also serves as a reception room, in case of visiting company, which is rare. Since, your parents have placed you here like me, on purpose. Your parents are not allowed to visit during the academic period like a fucking prison. But you can return home during the sweet holiday break,” she turned a smile to see the opposite open archway of a new room with a chin nod instead of a rude finger point. “Across the hallway is a parlor room for the beaus which was used back then during the civil war days of our dead and gone ancestors,” she exhaled. “No big deal now! No boys are allowed to stay and study as male students here at Antebellum House on purpose.”

Mary Margaret smiled with a whisper. “I know that.”

Chloe back stepped from the archway of the parlor room and slowly turned to the side, moving ahead a few feet inside the breezeway, stopping and stand next to beau parlor room. The space was painted in baby blue colors on one-third of the lower walls. Two-thirds of the wall was composed of stark white paint, since southerns liked to paint a room two-toned for some unexplained reason.

The other pairs of girls slowly exited from a new room.

Chloe slowly veered them down a windy breezeway of the big hole that served as an open hallway. The breezeway displayed an array of very tall windows on each side which came down the roof rafters to the wooden baseboards. The breezeway held an assortment of wooden styled rocking chairs too.

Mary Margaret recalled from the social and cultural lecture inside the limousine. During the antebellum period, a window pane was built almost touching the floor of the room, offering a new type of air-conditioning system, as well as, providing a second door entrance point into the space that was used by both people and animals which ran and play fancy foot free and loose around the cotton plantation home and grounds.

Chloe pulled Mary Margaret into a new archway with a smile. “This is called the library. There are numerous individual writing desks which are loaded with a modern-day computer laptop like inside your private bedroom suite which can access the internet. We’re a first-rate country, not a third-world country. Belles come here to study or complete the daily school assignments, since the room holds over two thousand old stinky books which range from a entertainment novel of adventure, romance, mystery, and murder to academic studies of world history, literature, geography, and other academic shitty text reference books for schooling like a third grader.”

“It is really brightly lit even with the dark walnut paneling. I can see all types of book stacks.” Mary Margaret stared with a smile into the library room.

Three of the walls held a set of built-in black walnut book shelves. Each shelf beautifully exposed thousands of colorful binders. A writing desk haphazardly was scattered around the room underneath a bright row of reading lights. The opposite wall was composed of four low-setting ceiling to floor glass windows that were covered in a set of non-matching fabric curtains. A person could see scattered pockets of light green paint on the walls which seriously clashed with the non-matching funny patterns of the window treatments of purple squares or horizontal baby blue lines.

Each writing desk inside the library was a group of mismatched furniture styles which was similar to set of mismatched rocking chairs that stood on the front porch and inside the breezeway. The mismatched assorted of styles and colors included an array of varied furniture pieces. The inventory included three 1704 Queen Anne bow table leg designs, four Chippendale 1760 straight leg frameworks, and six Hepplewhite 1799 tapered table legs. There are three 1850 Rococo Revival furniture pieces with a white marble round table surface over a pair of nicely finished red cherry rosewood table legs. The assortment of plain maple wood writing tables was designed like a high school student desk and there were several modern-day aluminum steel office desks also. All desk surfaces and legs seriously clashed against a hodge-podge of straight back chairs in a variety of colors and fabric styles.


There was not an ancient grandfather clock for time or a set of decorative floor lamps for drama either.

Very odd!

“And the library contains a smelly atmosphere that floods the inside my nostrils, coming from all the ancient books,” Chloe giggled with Mary Margaret. “The main house features old fine furniture, older precious porcelain, cheap stainless steel, and a few pieces of expensive shiny silver, costly cracked crystal, and gleaming cheap glassware which comes from the country of Japan,” she back stepped from the archway with a smile and turned, slowly waddling down the breezeway to the next room.

Mary Margaret turned and frowned at Chloe. “Is all that really true? My mama told me something entirely different.”

She giggled. “I added…embellished some of the personal observations into the boring essay which was written by a boring Mistress Constance, who will lecture the new journal writing class. But, please don’t repeat and mention that nasty comment ever,” smirking.

“Okay,” whispered Mary Margaret.

Chloe halted the stroll and leaned over with a lady growl into the cheekbone of Mary Margaret. “And I want you to promise me that too.”

“I promise not to say anything, belle.” Mary Margaret meekly whispered with concern.

Chloe stood upright with a grin and slowly waddled ahead in the long dress into a new room with a set of four walls of gray colored paint and an assortment of matching wooden cabinets. She stared with a smile into the room. “This is the kitchen where all the meals are prepared. We are not allowed inside since they feed us very well during breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, and supper. But, if you get hunger, then stand here. Someone will bring a tray of snacks or a picnic basket of good food. You can take it back to your room and share with your new belle friends for some night-time down time. And no hoe downs are allowed,” she giggled with Mary Margaret. “This is similar to the school’s fast food drive-in window.”

They back stepped slowly from the open archway and slowly turned, waddling down to the next room.

Chloe frowned. “Where was I in my prepared speech? The gleaming glassware from the foreign country of Japan,” she smiled. “I memorized it. So, I don’t wanna have to start from the beginning.” The belle-hostess pair emptied out from the next open archway and then advanced forward into the new room.

Mary Margaret nodded with a smile at the new room. “It’s okay with me. I like hearing about Antebellum…”

Chloe smiled. “Ah! I remembered. The main house is fitted with a wide board dark pine flooring from the ground level up to each belle’s private chamber room. The wooden floor is easier on your calf muscles than marble or tile. I added that part. The ceilings are fifteen feet high on the first level and twelve feet high inside your private bedroom suite. And every room has a real marble working fireplace which is used during the winter time. So cool! I love pretty red fire even if it is really from the underground petroleum gas tanks,” giggling.

“Me, too,” Mary Margaret smiled.

They stopped and stood inside the open archway of a new room.

“This is the needlepoint room for the needlepoint class.”

Mary Margaret smiled with a nod inside the new room. “I like needlepoint.”

“You’re lying.” Chloe turned and frowned at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

“I do not tease.”

“You’re joshing.”

“I do not josh.”

“Ugh! You really are a southern belle in both your naked heart and you hidden soul.” Chloe turned with a giggle and stared into the new room of baby pink paint. An assortment of various modern chairs covered the floor, such as, a gray leather recliner, a pine wooden rocking chair, a floral pink and baby blue wing chair. Each chair stood in front of an object. A twelve-inched square hoop was positioned on top of a single legged wooden foot stand that held a twelve-inched mesh of white canvas that would be used for the upcoming belle needlepoint stitching enjoyment.

They slowly back stepped from the open doorway and side stepped to the right, stopping and stood inside a new archway.

“This is called the drawing room which is not really a classroom for the traditional academic classes. You will discover the meaning tomorrow on our first day of college,” Chloe back steppe from the archway and turned, slowly waddling down the breezeway with Mary Margaret. “The drawing room is beside the spacious dining room, where we eat with our belle table manners. Or you do not eat the delicious southern meal and you receive a nasty demerit.”

Mary Margaret frowned with disgust, “A demerit? I have never gotten a demerit for any type of punishment. I’m a good girl,” she nodded with a smile.

Chloe turned and winked at the nose profile of Mary Margaret. “You stay like that as a good belle, Mary Margaret. Because, if you challenge a dare at our head mistress Deborah with a verbal duel, then you lose and she wins,” she turned and stared down the long breezeway with Mary Margaret. The far distance showed off the rear lawn of manicured grass and rays of bright sunlight.

Chloe slowly turned into a new archway without investigating a row of far away buildings and structures towards the rear of the breezeway.

Mary Margaret narrowed the eyelashes at the back lawn with a puzzled brow. “You have missed explaining the breezeway components of my tour, Chloe.”

Chloe smiled. “In the geographical direction south, there is the manicured front lawn of green grass, rows of service buildings for the horses and the horse-drawn carriages and such-like. You learn to like that new word, such-like. I do, too,” she giggled. “There is a real dead person cemetery and a real big mountain called Loveless Mountain.”

They stopped and stood behind a pair of belle-hostess girls who occupied a new archway.

Chloe leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Mary Margaret. “My time and tour as the hostess with the mostess has ended. I’m supposed to tell you and the other belles. All these buildings in the rear of Antebellum House are off limits to us, without a proper explanation.”

Mary Margaret turned with a puzzled brow to see the far away structures beyond the rear lawn. “Why would that be, Chloe?”

Chloe turned and narrowed the eyelashes at the same structures with a stern face. “I don’t know. But, gossip goes like this. Last year, a belle for some silly reason went into one of the buildings. Then, she got expelled from Antebellum House. That’s the rumor for the day. So, share with another belle.”

Mary Margaret nodded with a stern face, “Noted! You will not catch me near a building or a cemetery. Is the mountain off limits too?”

Chloe turned and giggled at the face of the head mistress who was greeting another belle pair, “No and yes, but, mostly no. I’m not supposed to tattle tale, but you’ll be hearing the rumors, right after Debbie’s dull intro lecture during our suppertime meal. That’s gossip, too.”

They moved ahead a few inches and stopped, standing inside the new archway, waiting a turn.

Chloe turned and smiled into the new room. “This is the biggest room in the house which is called the ballroom with many purposes. One, there is fun dancing and dance lessons. Two, there are social gathering of the belles and beaus for fun events like dancing and dances lessons.” She turned and nodded to the new female. “And now, may I present head mistress Deborah?”

The parents of Mary Margaret appeared and stood behind the dress train of their daughter, nodding with a smile to Deborah also.

The queen-sized lady with a grayish-silver tinted hair bun at the nape of a neck wore a deep plum antebellum dress with a smile to teen girl. “Thank you, Miss Chloe. Please return back to your biological parents. We will begin the orientation session shortly,” she turned and smile at the second teen. “Miss Mary Margaret and her parents, Mrs. and Mr. Cantwell, you are the last family to arrive at Antebellum House,” she reached down and touched the gloved hand of Mary Margaret with a smile and a whisper, shaking the hand up and down. “Welcome!” Then, she released the gloved hand of Mary Margaret. “Please enter and find a sofa, sitting with your parents for a set of new announcements plus the very important belle instructions. Ladies, please untangle the drawstring purse and the silk parasol from a wrist and the pair of gloves from the hands, slipping them to one of the many strolling housemaids. They will come around gathering all of your gown accessories. The items will be stored inside an interior cubby of shelves with your family surname. Just whisper your name and let them do the work. You may run along now!”

Mary Margaret back stepped from the skirt of Deborah and turned, swinging around, moving between her mom and her dad like a good southern belle. They slowly strolled inside and towards the interior room and then encounter a housemaid. Mary Margaret stopped and stood, slipping off the pair of wrist gloves and the purse, handing the items to the maid with a smile.

The housemaid accepted the female items from the Canter girls, wearing a black ankle-length dress with a white apron that held three frontal pockets. The apron trailed down to the kneecaps for holding numerous items. A matching black cap covered her colored hair roots and her skull completely. She stood in place and stored each item inside the apron with a stern face.

Mary Margaret back stepped and slowly turned, waddling ahead between her parents with a giggle of giddiness at the unique college environment, scanning each plain tinted white wall.

The ballroom was grand, measuring seventy five feet in length and forty five feet in wide form the front towards the rear walls. The length size was similar to a high school basketball court, without the two poles and the two net baskets. Three of walls were painted in dull white, without any type of cute wall decorations or a set of tall pillars for flirting with a beau or a row of low-hanging expensive crystal chandeliers to kiss the lips of your beau.

Instead, the ceiling held six horizontal rows of fluorescent lighting fixtures which were bright enough to blind a cave bat. Mary Margaret had seen this same lighting arrangement many times inside her dentist office while getting her teeth cleaned.

Her father did not select the long sofa, since the room of furniture was occupied with bodies. He led towards a Sheraton-style sofa.

Mary Margaret recalled the social lecture from her mom yesterday inside the kitchen at the breakfast table and during lunchtime with a picture book like a first grader. This particular piece of furniture was created in the year 1785 in the foreign country of Great Britain. The couch featured an exposed wood railing that ran across the top back and the head rest. The two sofa arms were decorated in a set of medium brown mahogany wood that was attached downward towards a set of eight reed legs which looked like a spider. There was a vanilla colored silky chenille fabric single bench seat cushion, measuring seventy two inches long, by thirteen inches high from the floor and thirty inches deep for five…correction…three people and two plantation dresses to fit and sit comfortably.

Each family sofa measured four feet of empty space in front of the forward family sofa giving every person a piece of shoe comfort. Two feet of air space was available from the other two side family sofas for a set of eardrum privacy

She prettily sat between her parents. Her mom held the right hand of Mary Margaret while her dad patted the left hand of his daughter like she was about to be punished for something bad.

Her eyelashes wandered across the exposed flesh that did not reveal the breasts of her mom inside the deep necklace of the off-the-shoulder plantation dress.

Head mistress Deborah stood in front of a black lacquer design-shaped sofa with a smile and a hand-held microphone.

Mary Margaret noted not one piece of sofa furniture matched another type of sofa inside the grand plain white colored ballroom.

Extremely odd!

Deborah did not waved but smiled into the microphone at each face. “Antebellum House has survived through the ages like her mistress with charm, courage, and commitment from many, many folks throughout a long, long history including a couple of American wars. We shall not pursue the past but prepare for the future.”

Mary Margaret did not cheer or clap with the other adult and teen belles since both hands were held by a parent. She studied the iconic furniture designers whose particular woodwork came from the all four corners of the world.

The unique room of furniture sofa included an English Tudor, a French King Louis, a Chippendale, and numerous modern sofa pieces. The modern sofa next to her was a Sheraton sofa with a beige background that held a pattern design of tiny red birds and black bumblebees.

Mary Margaret wondered if Antebellum House had money to pay the local electricity invoice.

The different furniture items looked like a thief had robbed the international furniture store of sofas while forgetting to grab a matching lounge chair and a side table.

The other belles and their parents cheered on Debbie.

Deborah lifted a palm into the air. Then silence invaded the room. She smiled into the microphone. “Welcome to Antebellum House for growing minds and glowing memories with our lovely hostesses who will graduate the school in May of next year. You will not find any lavish decorated rooms. There is not a single glittering crystal chandelier that is suspended down from a soaring ceiling. There is not an ornamented springtime carved door, an exquisitely detailed frieze. There are not a set of crown moldings that swirl in hand carved flowers across the ceiling plaster. Because, this is our Antebellum House. First, we are a school of learning. Second, we are a farm of three thousand acres of crops stretching out as far as the eyes can see in all geographical directions. The house is surrounded by beautiful profitable white cotton plants, a grove of sour oranges by mouth but yummy in salads, a peach and apple orchard, a grape vineyard, and an extensive garden of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The vegetables and fruits rest in the soil in front of the school while blooming at this very moment within the fertile Bama soil, since the food and fields benefit the school and the students.”

Mary Margaret counted ten windows that measured eight feet in height and four feet in length as each window wore a gracefully puddling of colored and textured curtain drapes looking like a pool of colored water over the wood floor.

Deborah smiled into the microphone. “Antebellum House is a self-contained plantation with its own well water and food supply chain. The farm lands produce wheat, corn, oats, rye, and cotton for harvest, cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, and hogs for good eats, a green forest of timber for an active sawmill. The building has remained unaltered with the original window slants, since the year 1792 AD, not BC, belles. The windows do work and are used for air ventilation, a heart pine flooring for foot endurance, working fireplaces for body heat, and most of the original plaster has survived over 400 years of teens. Each room is furnished…”

Mary Margaret leaned over with a whisper into the cheekbone of her mom. “Why are all the couches different from each other, Mama?”

“Quiet please, Mary Margaret,” she stared with a smile at the mistress Deborah.

“Does the school need money to pay for more furniture, Mama? Did you make a donation today too as part of my admission into Antebellum House?” Mary Margaret frowned with confusion, staring at the nose profile of her mother.

Her mother leaned over with a whisper and a stern face while staring at Deborah. “Please listen, belle!”

In front of the ballroom, Deborah stood behind a short podium, waving both an arm with a smile and a nod to each face. “There are no curved doors, only square archways. No spiral winding staircases, only straight up steps into the ceiling and then turn into a wall.

“The grounds are both elegant to the eyes with beautiful arrays of flowers from blue azaleas to yellow roses. To the tongue, tons of hardy fresh-grown fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts stand tall like a row of earth princesses in the red clay soil. We do not engage in any type of lavish entertainment but we do hold a couple of exciting horse races, a few friendly gin rummy card competitions, some graceful ballroom dance events, a few fun hay rides, and a lot of nice games of croquet. The croquet lawn flanks…”

Chloe said with a sour frown into the sensitive acoustics and as, her loud words bounced along the marble dance hall and into the eardrums of Deborah. “Croquet, that’s a sissy game.”

Deborah swung towards the sofa with teen belle Chloe and her parents near the wall with a sour frown, “I will give one demerit, Miss Chloe, if I were assigning demerits today, young belle. Since we are still in our orientation session, you are exempted and truly very lucky. The croquet lawn flanks the house on the east side near the lovely watered and flowered courtyard, where all our young belles with invited properly chaperoned young beaus can congregate, on a cool autumn evening, for fun.”

Mary Margaret studied the first window on the east wall. An overflowing fabric of green velvet curtains decorated the covered window which was beside a second window of white sheer drapery. A third window of geometric electric blue circles showed on linen fabric. A fourth window of heavy red silk stood beside a fifth window of striped black and white sheer. The sixth window in yellow and green cotton wool plaid stood beside the seventh pink solid silky rayon floral flowers of cotton drapes.

All the curtain drapes puddled a length and long tail end of the fabric over the wood floor.

An eighth display window of baby blue background with tan birds and brown tree branches in burlap parked besides a ninth window of hot pink flowers on a white background with purple fans. A tenth window was decorated in crimson red paisley print on silk.

Mary Margaret pondered the second grader decoration inside a college setting for mature teenagers.

Deborah smiled into the microphone. “Your private chamber bedroom has a full bath for each student which is located inside the garconniere. The new belle word means ‘wing.’ There is a belle garconniere on the east side of the house and a second garconniere on the west side which is currently unoccupied. The belle garconniere is accessed by a single stair hall with a forty five foot cathedral ceiling that is enclosed by two side walls. Legend has it. The deep reddish brown slash marks bronzed into a peach colored wall inside the belle wooden case stairwell were made by a British naval officer. During the Revolutionary War of 1812, a garrison of military soldiers from the foreign country of Great Britain attacked and murdered a helpless chambermaid. Then the woman bravery charged down from the top of the garconniere steps while protecting her little belles with only a broom stick.”

Mary Margaret jerked from funny fashion windows with a confused brow to see the head mistress and heard the fascinating story of the Antebellum House.

Deborah smiled into the microphone. “I promised a swift painful deadly lecture on the topic of nasty demerits. When a belle has crossed that invisible line of naughty teen misbehavior within the eyeballs and the eardrums of the school instructor, the misbehaving belle receives a demerit. When you receive ten demerits, you are sent to Detention Isle. Detention Isle is a cute name for the wild woodlands of the Leed forest with real live wolves, snakes, bears, coyotes, deer, spiders, fishes, a fresh water river, and a tall mountain called Loveless. You will spend the night without your other party girlfriends which is usually alone and away from the suppertime meal that starts at five pm. You will start until sunrise at five am, the next morning. During your shitty visit, you will scout for food, scoop for water, and sleep with nature.” Mary Margaret gasped in horror with the belles.

Deborah smiled with a nod into the microphone. “With punishment, there comes reward. During your day activity of academic classes, you will be given an opportunity to brag about your IQ, which your southern mama loves to boast to her visiting guests at your homestead. At the end of the day, our teachers will converse, selecting among themselves the next day’s lady of honor. Now, that sounds like a title. My, my, my! It is not in a long shot. It is more than three simple words. The honored will seat in a beautiful decorated yellow canopy suite in the middle section of the dining room, where you will be treated more befitting than a royal princess of Great Britain. The lady is allowed for the each meal to eat with her fingers and her toes, if you are a jungle monkey and sip her drink from the actually plastic bottle, not a crystal goblet,” she laughed with the belles.

“So, we can see that the honor of being a lady is a much better treat and treatment for a one day ride to act like a silly teen. Good luck to all the new and previous belles in your academic classes! My introduction lecture is complete. We should eat like civilized southern belles. I bid my goodbye to her parents, who are given my permission to depart Antebellum House, until their return during our celebrated holiday break. The break starts the day before the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. Please, stand and wish your mama and your daddy a safe trip back home.”

Mary Margaret stood upright from the sofa with her mother, leaning over and hugged her mother with a set of tears of slight worry and excitement. This was the first time that she would be away from her home and her family for numerous days, months, and the rest of the calendar year.

Her mom wiped the loose hair strands out of the eyeballs of her daughter with a smile. “You’ll do very well here, honey. I’m so proud of you, Mary Margaret,” she leaned over and gently tapped a kiss on the cheekbone of Mary Margaret, pulling back with a smile of happiness and motherly love. “I love you, dear.”

“I will try, Mama.” Mary Margaret smiled and turned to see her dad.

Her dad leaned over and kissed the middle of a sweaty forehead on his daughter like always, pulling back with a nod and a smile. “Just listen to your school instructors! You will be fine and dandy, darling. We’ll come back in November and take you home for the Christmas holiday and celebrate with a big party for both you and Brother Jesus. I love you, Mary Margaret.”

“Yes sir, Daddy!” Mary Margaret leaned over and hugged her father, releasing him with a set of sobs and hidden tears of worry and excitement.

Her dad back stepped and reached over, grabbing his wife by the hand and slowly spun around from his daughter Mary Margaret, slowly moving ahead towards the open archway with the rest of the parents. Mary Margaret watched their back spines and held back the tears, quietly sobbing for the first time while missing the next one hundred and twenty plus nightly suppers at home.

Then, her parents disappeared from the ballroom.



Monday August 14th



First college academic subject

Needlepoint Class

9:06 am

Classroom setting



All the girls had moved down from an individual private bedroom after a good sleep and gathered inside the classroom for the first subject of the new heat day, needlepoint class.

The school teacher stood in front of a wooden hoop, wearing a pair of brown and green rattlesnake cowgirl boots. Her thick legs stood apart inside a pair of dark blue jeans which was coupled with an ivory silk long sleeved blouse with a gray hair bun tucked behind the nape of a neck. She smiled to each girl. “Welcome to needlepoint class. I am Mistress Alice. I see that you have lovingly followed the newest rule. No antebellum gown is required for your daily activities at school session. Remember, your antebellum gown must be worn tonight during the table manners class.”

“Ugh,” one of the belles yelled with a sour frown.

“Aarrgh,” another of the belle sneered with a distorted face.

“Eww,” a different belle shouted with an ugly brow.

Alice smiled with a nod to each girl. “I already am aware that none of the new class of belles can perform any stitch of needlepoint. That is why we are here today. Southern belles have created sets of lovely colorful garments of cross-stitching since before ya’ll were ever born. A pretty needlepoint portrait might be hanging on your grandmother’s parlor wall,” giggling.

Chloe sat inside a floral gray and blue loveseat alone and played with the tail ends of a ruffled silk blouse that hung over a pair of faded and ripped blue jeans with a sour frown. She did not touch the wooden stitching board in front of her breasts. “Doubt it! That old hag is dead,” giggling.

“One demerit, Miss Chloe!” Alice frowned at the young teen belle and then smiled to the other girls. “I personally find, and you will also, that learning how to needlepoint can assist with the improvement of your math skills, spatial perception, and other fine motor abilities.”

The teen belle was named Spring, who was a tall girl with a head of long blonde colored hair and tone of dark skin. She wore an electric blue T-shirt with a pair of white tinted blue jeans, and a pair of blue and white lizard cowgirl boots. She frowned, “Math skills?”

The new belle frowned at the teacher also. “I can add.” The teen belle was named Autumn, who was the twin sister with the matching wardrobe to Spring.

Then they giggled together.

Chloe leaned over into the cheekbone of Spring with a wicked grin, “What’s two and two, Spring?”

Spring turned and smiled at her twin sister, “A married…”

“…couple,” Autumn turned and smiled at her twin sister Spring. The twin sisters giggled with a grin along with the other belles and Chloe.

Alice cleared a throat with a stern face to see each face. “Every stitcher needs a sewing stash. Did you bring into the classroom your personal carrying carpet bag?” Each girl lifted up into the air a carpet bag near a smile. Each carpet bag displayed different colors, such like, a green and yellow floral pattern or a brown and gold paisley design or a deep red and black swirling pattern of circles. Alice nodded with a smile. “Good. This is actually named a carpet bag with a body size of fifteen inches, by thirteen inches, and overall nineteen inches tall with a bull rope handle. The handle is covered in a colorful soft carpet which is complete with a real metal lock and latch but no key. It is a traveling bag which is made of actual flooring carpet that was used usually for holding the flooring furniture. The carpet materials at the time were composed of oriental rugs or chenille rugs which rested on top of the parlor room for receiving a set of nice southern guests. The size varies from a small purse to a large duffel bag which was very popular with all types of folks, during the Antebellum Era. And these old bags were the forefront of a physician’s medical bag that was toted around in both hands during the Old West Era,” she side stepped from the podium and moved ahead towards the first chair, stopping and stood in front of a tall and red-haired girl. She handed a small basket to the girl.

The girl selected a pair of scissors in silence and turned, passing the basket to the second girl with a smile.

Alice back stepped from the first chair and side stepped, moving back in place with a smile. “To begin a cross-stitch design, you will need a good sharp pair of scissors,” she pointed at the small basket with a nod. “This basket contains numerous pairs of sewing scissors. Please select one and then keep the non-weapon inside your carpet bag when not in use here in class.” She reached down and tapped on a twelve-inch pine wood square stand. “The stand holds a pretty twelve-inched mesh of white canvas. You are staring at a pine wood blocking board which is made of light weight wood with a pinable board covered in a white fabric. The fabric has been printed with a grid of squares. The grid is used as a guide for squaring the canvas during the blocking process, especially for beginners. Children as young as seven years old stitch needle point designs. So, do not become frustrated if you do not complete your first needlepoint project by the holiday weekend. Everyone works at their own pace with their love of stitching, creating their own intriguing style design. The eleven-count fiber canvas overlaps the wood by a few inches, which is quite proper and quite simple to handle, allowing the stitcher to stitch a thick beautifully colorful design. The needlepoint canvas has a series of large holes, seeing exactly where to place each stitch, but this should not be a problem with a belle, who possesses perfect eyesight,” she side stepped and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of the first chair for a second time, handing a smaller basket to the girl with a smile. The first chair with the red haired girl selected the item and then passed the basket to the next girl with a smile in silence. Alice back stepped and moved back in place at her needlepoint station, standing with a smile. “To work your new design, you will need a spool of embroidery floss and a cross-stitch needle. Please, select a palm-sized yarn roll…”

“Its puke green vomit colored,” Chloe grabbed the smaller basket and examined the embroidery floss with a giggle and a grin.

“Two demerits, Miss Chloe!” Alice noted with a distorted face at her most troublesome belle. “Please, select a yarn roll and a needle package. Cross-stitches are worked in either yarn or wool on a canvas background while creating your needlepoint project. There are many different types of yarn, wool, and other pretty decorative threads that can be used but the tapestry yarn is the most common. The size of the needle depends entirely upon the size of the mesh of the needlepoint canvas. For example, a narrow needle should be used on fine-mesh canvas. A thicker needle is used on canvases with a set of larger-hole sizes. A good rule of thumb to remember, the higher the needle number the finer the needle tip, making certain to select the proper needle. The proper needles will pass through the canvas without much abrasion and then carries the thread through easily avoiding wear on the thread as you stitch. Your needle pack ranges in sizes from a sixteen sized tapestry to a twenty two sized tapestry…”

“What’s this one, Mistress Alice? It’s really sharp,” the teen belle was named Bethel. A dark skinned queen-sized girl wore a deep wine colored silk sleeveless blouse, a pair of big breasts, and a pair of black tinted jeans. She tapped a boot toe to an invisible musical song inside her head out of boredom, lightly pricking the needle tip, without harming the meat of her finger.

Alice smiled with a nod at Bethel. “O yes! That is a chenille needle which is included in your package but never be minded with that one, young belle. It holds a sharper point and a larger eye suited to other types of intense embroidery which will not be performed here in your needlepoint class at Antebellum House. You will be utilizing a size sixteen tapestry needle…”

“For babies,” giggled Mary Margaret. She started working on the turtle with a pair of expert hands without any additional teacher instruction using the bright lime green floss. She sported a plain white shirt and a pair of black tinted jeans, thumping a pair of black and tan python-skinned cowgirl boot in a silent rhyme of country music inside her head.

Alice side stepped and slowly moved ahead, stopping and stood in front Mary Margaret with a smile, “My, my, my! What a pleasant surprise for us! We do have a stitcher. Do you design in cross stitch needlepoint, as well, Miss Mary Margaret?”

Mary Margaret shook her black curls with a smile. “My grandma embroiders. I watched and stitched with her, since my grandma taught me the distinct differences in the variety of yarn strengths and the array of needle sizes.”

“Would you care to elaborate for the belles the function of a size sixteen tapestry needle?” Alice nodded with a smile.

Mary Margaret pulled out two needles from the sewing package, lifting and displayed the thick metal first with a stern face. “This is a size sixteen tapestry needle. It is really a dull blunt point with a very large eye which is commonly used by a beginner to cross-stitch like a little seven year child in the second grade,” giggling. “The number sixteen needle makes it very easy to slip a dull tip through a great big hole in the fabric canvas without catching or splitting the threads of the canvas,” she lifted a second hand with a thin needle and a stern face. “This is a size twenty two needle with a very thin fine point for penetrating any type of outer surface without leaving a permanent mark on the fabric canvas while making the creation simply beautiful for your eyes,” she dropped both hands and replaced the needles back into the sewing package, starting to work on the needlepoint turtle.

Alice clapped with a smile and a nod, “Very, very nice, Miss Mary Margaret! I’ll be adding your name to the bonnet cap, this evening. The lady of honor title will be awarded, tomorrow morning. Now belles, back to our class room lesson. Please, remove a needle from the paper and hold it in the air for me to see.” Each girl grabbed and lifted a needle near an eyeball with a sour frown, but Mary Margaret. Alice nodded with a smile. “Excellent, belles! Because you will be stitching on an eight inched mesh printed canvas using a blend of wool and acrylic yarn with an accent of cotton embroidery thread, you will design a familiar green turtle…”

“Puke vomit colored green turtle,” Chloe slammed both the armrests of the chair with both hands with an evil laugh.

Alice frowned at the teen troublemaker, “Three demerits, so far, Miss Chloe!” She smiled to each girl. “You will cross-stitch a bright mint green turtle with a set of four fat legs, a short tail, and a short snout with a pair of electric blue eyeballs. A cross stitch is an X-shaped embroidery stitch from which the name of cross stitch is derived. Please, cut a twelve inched length of the six-strand embroidery floss and separate the strands of green floss. Thread the tapestry needle with two strands of the floss. Hold the wooden blocking board with a left hand, steadying the furniture and then place both boot toes around the single foot stand. Hold the needle with a right thumb and a forefinger in the air for me to see,” she watched each girl and the needle with a stern face. “Do not grip the needle, too tightly. The canvas is made up of tiny squares. Pick a square of canvas near the center. Place your needle behind the white canvas and then insert the needle up through the square hole. Bring a right hand to the front of the canvas and then snatch that little boogier,” giggling. “The needle should perch like a medieval prince sword up through the soft canvas. If it starts to fall out, then support the needle with a ring finger of your left hand…”

She yelled. “Ouch!” Peyton was five feet and six inches with a mousy brown ponytail, a pair of faded and ripped blue jeans, and a pink shirt.

“Support the needle, dear. Don’t attack it. Are you bleeding, Miss Peyton?” Alice frowned with worry at the teen belle.

Peyton studied the bloody ring finger with a worried brow and a set of tears, “Yes ma’am.”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and pointed to the closed door that led into the breezeway. “Go to kitchen, darling. Stand in the archway. One of the food servers will carry you across the lawn towards Doc Martin’s cottage in the north pasture. He will doctor your wound. Go on, dear!”

Peyton slowly stood upright from the sofa and carefully moved ahead, avoiding the rest of the chairs and the other wooden hoop stands, stopping and reached out with the other hand, grabbing the door knob. The door opened. She dashed through the open archway, streaming a set of tears from the intense throbbing pain of the sharp needle on her finger with a set of soft sobs.

Alice watched the other belles work on the green turtle with a stern face. “Grasp the needle and then draw the floss up through the hole. Do not pull the floss completely out. Leave a kitty cat tail of two inches on the back of the canvas. Draw the thread across the square diagonally. Take a right hand to the back of the fabric and then pull the needle and floss through a hole in the upper right hand corner. Take care to leave the end of the floss on the back of the fabric. Do not pull the stitch, too tightly. Leave the floss a little loose. You have just stitched a half stitch. With a right hand at the back of the canvas, you insert the needle into the lower right corner of the square directly below the top of the half stitch. Draw the needle and floss up to the top of the canvas and then flip the wooden blocking square over. Keep your needle in a right hand.

“In the rear of the canvas, use your needle to drag the kitty cat tail of the floss under the loop formed by the back of the stitch. Gently tighten the floss to secure the end under the loop. Insert the tip of the needle in the upper left corner of the canvas square. Move your hand to the back of the fabric and draw the floss through. Flip the hoop over. On the back of the hoop, slip the needle under the back of the stitch and pull the floss through. Tighten the floss. Snip the existing kitty cat tail and the floss in the needle, leaving about a half inch of floss. Use your needle to adjust the floss as needed, or pull on the ends of the floss to tighten the stitch up a little, if needed. When you are comfortable with stitching a cross stitch, the next step will be to learn how to stitch a row of cross stitches.”

“Ug,” one of the belles yelled with a sour frown.

“Argh,” another belle shouted with a distorted face.

“Eww,” another one of the belles screams with an ugly brow.

Alice smiled with a nod. “By the holiday break, you will have cross-stitched a lovely turtle which can be utilized for a flat decorative doily inside your private chambers here at Antebellum House or for your adoring mama at your birth homestead.”



Tuesday August 15th



First college academic subject

Needlepoint class

9:17 a.m.

Classroom setting

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



The second daylight of Antebellum House brought another round of sewing class.

Alice slowly strolled around each wooden hoop with a stern face and assessed each cross-stitch work, stopping and stood in front of her star student with a smile, “Miss Mary Margaret, outstanding! You’re a talented stitcher. It is my pleasure to watch you work your magical fingers with that needle. Belles, Miss Mary Margaret has almost completed her turtle and it has only been twenty four hours.”

“I worked my assignment through the night.” Mary Margaret nodded with a smile. The other belles snorted with meanness and gave a nasty finger sign behind the black colored rear hairy skull of Mary Margaret.

“Miss Alice, you make our work seem more like a competition instead of a…a piece of art work.” Chloe rubbed all the sore and tender finger pads from stabbing the needle through the tough fabric for the electric blue eyeballs of a little monster turtle. The needlepoint art will not be finished by holiday of the year 2020, when she finally graduated from college.

Alice stood over the hair roots of Mary Margaret and watched the needlepoint work, speaking to Chloe. “Dear, competition is good for the soul. You are a southern belle. You will encounter situations where you will not win or lose but learn integrity which is a very important southern belle trait,” she back stepped from Mary Margaret and moved back to her needlepoint station, sitting down inside the beige colored loveseat.

The door opened. Mistress Deborah entered the room and moved ahead, stopping and leaned down with a whisper and a stern face into the cheekbone of Alice. Alice dropped open a mouth while scanning each belle and then viewed Deborah for a second time. Deborah stood upright with a nod in silence. Alice stood upright from the sofa with a nod, turning and exited the classroom with a stern face in silence.

Deborah occupied the empty loveseat and cleared a throat, looking at each girl. “Girls, I have some very bad news. We might have to shut down Antebellum House.” Each girl gasped in shock. She nodded with a stern face. “The university has not renewed the lease of the land for the rest of the remaining calendar year. There seems to be some kind of misunderstanding between the university that owns the building and the new landowner, who owns the property. The war is not going well for either side of a legal battle. To make a short story very short, Antebellum House might have to pay out the sixty three thousand dollars by the thirty first of December of this year to keep the landowner from tearing down the our historical building.”

The teen named Emma wore a yellow shirt with a pair of faded and ripped blue jeans, and a pair of pink and yellow ostrich cowgirl boots. She gasped with a worried brow. “But Miss Deborah, Antebellum House was the first building built on the Birmingham University campus in the year 1814, even before the land became the US State of Alabama.”

Deborah nodded with a stern face. “I know that, dear.”

“Where does the university stand on the legal fight, Miss Deborah,” Trinity wore a tan shirt, a pair of aqua colored jeans, a pair of red and tan alligator cowgirl boots with a tone of pale complexion and a head of light brown curls.

“The university is not commenting publicly at the moment. They are negotiating with the landowner. I hope that they could reach some type of common legal agreement soon.” Deborah exhaled with a puff of worry without smiling.

Emma whined. “And us? This is our legacy left by our mamas for the past 200 years.”

Deborah nodded with a stern face. “I completely understand, girls. And for some more bad news, I fear that I must leave all of you for a few months, also. My elder parents are very sick. I’ll be returning to my home town today. As a matter of fact, my luggage is in my car. I wish all of us good luck. I have faith in the administration of Burn U. Ladies, I shall return back here after the Thanksgiving holiday. There is…”

“But, we’re supposed to be chaperoned here at Antebellum House.” Mary Margaret whined with a pout.

Chloe frowned. “This ain’t the year 1861, Mary Margaret. We’re all eighteen years old or older. We don’t need mama and daddy, holding a left hand, walking us to kindergarten class on the first day of school, sweet-tart,” she chuckled with the other belles.

Deborah nodded with a stern face. “Chloe is absolutely correct. You are over the age of eighteen years old. Your parents, the other teachers, and I will not be visually present for a couple of months. Your academics studies have always been provided by a series of on-line tutoring sessions which is done inside your private bedroom without the aid of a vocal instructor. It would seem that the university has generously given the entire Antebellum House service staff some very needed but very inconvenient vacation days,” exhaling.

“Mistress Deborah,” Peyton frowned with worry.

She stood upright from the sofa with a smile. “Girls, our Antebellum House is completely furnished with everything you need from a set of bedroom blankets to cabinets of dishes for each breakfast meal. A pre-arranged alternative house staff will come in three times per day to cook your meals and clean your messes, since your parents have paid for this service to the university. By the time I return, I believe that everything will be worked out for our further enjoyment and entertainment. Don’t worry! Now, everyone come and gimme a hug.” She lifted and extended both arms for a motherly hug. Each belle stood upright from the sofa and swiftly dashed ahead, stopping and hugged Deborah with a smile of tears. Then each belle pulled back and wiped off the tears of sadness, staring at the mistress of Antebellum House.

“We’ll walk you out to your car, Mistress Deborah.” Emma nodded with a smile to Deborah.

Deborah nodded with her own set of sad tears and spun around to face the open archway, slowly leading each belle out classroom, onto the breezeway, down the front steps, and towards her personal car that was parked in front of the building.

Inside the archway of the needlepoint room, Jocelyn spun around and stopped, standing inside the doorway with a sneer. She was the oldest student at Antebellum House, living here since last August. She slammed an upright body into the two new belles who were named Trinity and Mary Margaret, cuddling them into a tight huddle. Jocelyn reached out with a stern face and grabbed the arm of Mary Margaret, bad breathing into the face of the new teen girl. “Mary Margaret, I know you’re new here as a freshman, but your parents are one of the wealthier families at Antebellum House, maybe on the entire Burn U campus. I’m Jocelyn, by the way. I’ve been here for four years, almost ready to graduate. And I don’t need this shit happening to me. Okay?” She turned and nodded to the second teen girl. “Ask your daddy for some money, too, Trinity? I’m asking the same question, since my daddy is rich but greedy and selfish and controlling and dominating. You and I understand each other really well. Just ask? Okay? I’m thinking out loud here. If our parents can contribute part of the money to save our house, then we might could come up with the rest of the monies.”

“Doing what?” Mary Margaret frowned.

Jocelyn turned and winked to Trinity. “Performing some tricks!”

Mary Margaret frowned with puzzlement into the face of Jocelyn. “Do you mean like perform a series of car washes and bake some chocolate cookies like we all did in high school to collect the entire lump sum of 63000 dollars for Antebellum House. That’s okay. I guess. But I’ll ask my daddy. Please, do not expect too much from him,” exhaling. Jocelyn nodded with a stern face to each belle in silence and hope.



Wednesday August 16th



Parlor room setting

7:45 am

Hot temperatures with bright sunshine



Each girl had devoured the breakfast meal in a pair of pajamas and then followed the ass of the leader into the belle parlor room with a sad face, sitting down inside an individual colorful loveseat.

Jocelyn sat inside a garnet colored cloth loveseat and sipped on a tumbler of orange juice, after woofing down the breakfast meal at 7:30 a.m. She faced all the female students of Antebellum House with a smile. “I would like a report, please. What is the consensus of collecting any monies from your mama, your daddy, your grandma, your grandpa, and your trust fund? And don’t tell me that you don’t have a trust fund, because we are all trust fund princess babies,” giggling.

“Fuck off,” Emma sat inside a beige and green patterned fruit grape covered loveseat alone with a giggle and a grin.

Trinity sat inside the brown and red horse covered loveseat and turned with a confused brow to see Emma. “Jeezus, did your daddy really tell you those exact words?”

Emma smiled with a nod. “Well, he said it more like this. You can come back home, honey. Take all the academic on-line classes from Burn U on your personal laptop, sugar. You will be locked inside your private bedroom, darling. You will be far away from the world and any roaming aliens that happened to land on our front yard, girl. When do I send the limo, sweetheart?” she shook her curls with the rest of the belles.

Chloe sat on top of a red covered leather loveseat with a smile. “First, my dad asked tons of nosy questions that I lied with tons of answers, since he’s too damn nosy. Second, my mom asked me almost all the same tons of questions which I used the same tons of lies, because she’s more nosy. Then we, three got on a three-way chat, talking about useless shit. My parents know about the sixty three thousand dollar debt to the mysterious landowner, but they are not going to contribute one penny, even if it is find on top of the country club’s parking lot by the valet driver. They didn’t give a shit about the land, the landowner, or me. Because if Antebellum House closes, then I go back home to Bellport under both gun and guard like a fucking convicted prisoner.”

Trinity tossed both arms with a smile and a nod. “Ditto over here to me, darling! Daddy pretty much told me not to worry my pretty head about it, since I will be coming back home soonest, when the House closes.”

Mary Margaret sat on top of a black and white square pattern loveseat with a nod and a stern face. “I find this all very strange. Didn’t ya’ll?”

“Not when money is evolved, it is the root of all evil.” Bethel sat on top of a purple and white flower patterned loveseat and sipped, swallowing the tumbler of orange juice.

Jocelyn nodded with a worried brow to each girl. “We have a unanimous unhappiness of no from each set of parents along with no access from an overflowing set of money bank accounts. So, we’re going to fight back with everything we got.”

“Fight back?” Trinity frowned at Jocelyn.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “That’s too strong of a word. How about flirt back?” She winked at Trinity.

“What are you trying to say here, Jocelyn?” Emma giggled with a grin.

Jocelyn leaned down and rested the empty tumbler over the floor and then stood upright from the loveseat. She was tall at six feet and two inches and flung off the red tinted pajama robe, exposing all her vivacious curves. A set of spaghetti strands was attached to the red colored lace cami top that barely covered a pair of pink tinted big breasts. She wore a pair of shorty-short red colored lace shorts over a smooth curved ass and a hidden vagina.

Mary Margaret felt funny staring at semi-naked tall and sexy Jocelyn, struggling with some internal deep raw emotional sensations, overtaking an active mind with a nasty dance. She frowned. “You dress like that for bed.” She wore a pair of silk baby blue pajamas in white duck patterns on the fabric. A long-sleeved top and a matching pair of long-legged pajamas with a properly covered matching pajama robe that covered the pajamas which was coupled with a pair of matching bed slippers over the naked feet.

“Naw, I wear my birthday suit when I sleep.” Jocelyn reached down and caressed a breast with a giggle and a grin. Each belle watched the swirling dance of five slender fingers that went around and around the nipple of leader Jocelyn. Mary Margaret liked what her eyeballs saw and as, her set of own nipples tingled at the girly peek show.

Jocelyn smiled at each girl. “Belles, I use that word purposefully. We have been sent here to Antebellum House by our precious biological mamas and daddies for several reasons. One, each one is to graduate with a post-graduate degree for a future job which is within an established and prosperous family business. Right?”

“Right!” Emma nodded with a smile.

Jocelyn released the breast and parked both hands on the waistline with a nod and a smile to each girl. “Two, each one gets out of a house, so our parents can fuck each other on top of the low coffee table, without their innocent teenager around…”

“Yucko! You’re gross, Jocelyn.” Mary Margaret moaned with a sour frown.

Chloe giggled with a nod. “But so true. One time, I accidentally caught my parents…”

“We don’t want to hear that nasty tale, Chloe.” Mary Margaret looked down with a sour frown to see the bed slippers.

“I do but later, Chloe.” Emma turned and winked with a giggle at Chloe.

“Three, you have avoided the opposite sex which is a boy for years.” Jocelyn nodded with a smile.

Emma cleared a throat with a smile. “I’m a virgin.”

“Me, too,” Jocelyn giggled with a nod.

“Me, three,” Trinity giggled with a nod.

“Ditto!” Bethel smiled with a nod.

“Ditto baby, over here, babe!” Peyton waved a hand as the other belles nodded in silence.

“I’m not.” Chloe turned and smirked at the nose profile of Mary Margaret, “And?”

She looked up with a smile to see leader Jocelyn. “I am proud to say that I am a virgin as well.” Mary Margaret tightly wrapped the robe around a flat chest with a breast size of 32AA smallness.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “Well, here we are today a house of virgins that are about to lose their house at Burn U for lack of money, not the lack of sex.”

“Sex? What the hell are you talking about, Jocelyn?” Emma frowned with worried mystery.

Trinity winked at Jocelyn. “Let Jocelyn finish her lecture, Emma. I believe each one of us kinda knows what she’s proposing but we are too afraid to voice.”

Jocelyn nodded with a smile. “Thanks, Trinity. Since the beginning of recorded history, sex and money have bedded each other for a single mutual purpose.”

“No,” Mary Margaret shook her curls with a sour frown.

“Shut up, Mary Margaret.” Chloe sneered.

Jocelyn reached down and caressed the other nipple on the breast with a grin. “We have a mutual purpose for some money, specifically sixty three thousand dollars. And we have mutual pretty belles in a row.”

“No.” Mary Margaret shook her curls with a sour frown.

“Shut it, Mary Margaret.” Emma sneered.

Jocelyn sat back on top of the robe inside the loveseat with a grin, parting both long legs wide, exposing the curly pubic red flaming hair inside her vagina that was hanging out of the lacey-lace shorts. “Belles, our parents over the past years have been the guardians of our virginity. I bet if I had a million dollars which I do when I turn twenty year years old after getting that doctorate degree in something as dictated by daddy here at Burn U that you like me were only allowed to date certain types of boys in high school and allowed to attend certain types of parties in high school and socialized with certain types of kids in high school. Well belles, open your fucking eyeballs. We are finally free. Deborah ain’t here, since her parents are ill. The school ain’t watching us, since we’re of legal age at eighteen and don’t need chaperones. And our parents ain’t watching us, since they have paid their monies to maintain Antebellum House for our personal educational, social and, entertain needs.”

“What are you scheming here with us at Antebellum House, Jocelyn?” Bethel frowned with confusion.

“No.” Mary Margaret shook her curls with a sour frown.

“Shut up, Mary Margaret.” Emma sneered.

Jocelyn extended both arms to each side with a smile, “Lookie! I do not want to leave Antebellum House. I have been here four years. I like the school. I like my old and new belles. I like being away from my parents, who smother me with too much love, too much protection, and too much guardianship-ness or whatever. I am like you. You are like me. My daddy is like your daddy, Emma. And my mama is like your mama, Trinity. They expect me to be a true southern belle, sacrificing my fun for my future.”

Mary Margaret pondered the words of Jocelyn. She was overprotected by her parents too, since they told her when to get up, what to wear, and who to date. Like the time, she was escorted by that boy to a church picnic, a date provided by her dad on Sunday afternoon in front of her parents and then entire congregation of three hundred eyeballs.

Emma tossed both arms into the air with a nod and a smile. “I heard you loud and clear, girlfriend. We were sent here to Antebellum House, specifically not to date any boys and then overseen for that specific purpose by Deborah. She’ll never allow boys here. Period!”

“We have dances with boys on Friday nights, games with boys on Saturday night, and picnics with boys on Sunday afternoon. Mama told me that. Since, my mom attended Antebellum House and then graduated from Burn U and then married Daddy.” Bethel nodded with a smile.

“Certain boys have been approved by our parents, who have been instructed to Miss Deborah for these certain types of social activities here at Antebellum House.” Emma nodded with a stern face.

“What are you plotting towards, Jocelyn?” Trinity frowned.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “We little belles are a sellable commodity.”

“No.” Mary Margaret shook her palms and her curls with a sour frown.

“Hush it, Mary Margaret!” Emma sneered.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “Boys want sex. We are all sexy girls. Boys love virgins. We are all sexy virgins.”

Emma gasped in shock. “You want us to sell our virgin bodies for sex and then get the money to pay the landowner to save our Antebellum House.”

“You were valedictorian of your school, right, Emma?” Trinity turned and giggled to Emma.

Emma turned and smile to Trinity. “Why yes? I was one of twelve valedictorians at my high school.”

Mary Margaret shook both her hands and her curls with a sour frown. “This is Antebellum House, not Whore House. These words ain’t written in a black tinted magic marker on the outside of our building.”

“All sorority dorms have a few whores, Mary Margaret.” Chloe giggled with a nod.

“Not the entire house, Chloe!” Mary Margaret shook her curls and crossed both arms in fury.

“Brilliant plan,” Bethel grinned with a nod to Jocelyn.

Spring turned and smiled at her twin sister. “I…”

“…love,” Autumn turned and smiled back at her twin sister.

Trinity nodded with a smile. “I get to finally kiss a boy.”

“Geez! You’ve never kissed a boy.” Chloe turned and gasped at the nose profile of Trinity.

“Naw,” Trinity exhaled with a puff of disappointment.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “Lookie here, belles! We are a sisterhood, since our great-great grandmomma’s time here at Antebellum House. That’s why we all have been sent to Antebellum House to follow our grandma’s and mama’s sandal steps. Each generation makes their own mark at Burn U. This will be our contribution, saving literally our House from destruction for our un-born daughters.”

“Yeehaw!” Emma tossed both arms into the air with a cheer.

“Boom!” Bethel tossed both arms into the air with a smile.

“Go, girl!” Peyton waved both hands in the air with a grin.

“I am a blue blood princess.” Mary Margaret looked down with a worried brow to see the hands which gently rested inside a lap without viewing Jocelyn. “I’m saving my virginity for my future husband.”

Chloe winked with a smile at Jocelyn. “And I can tell you that your future husband will appreciate a practiced hand along with five practiced manicured fingernails,” she lifted up into the air and wiggled all the fingers with a giggle. Mary Margaret stared down at the white duck on the robe with a worried brow in silence.

“Who is in? Stand up and rebel yell to me?” Jocelyn ripped off the clothing and stood upright naked with a smile and a nod. The rest of the belles stood upright and did not rip off the pajamas with Jocelyn for acceptance with a series of claps and cheers. Mary Margaret continued to stare at the duck patterned white silk slippers with a worried brow in silence.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “Excellent, belles!”

Trinity frowned with confusion. “Jocelyn, I like your idea. But I don’t know how to…”

“Fuck! Make love. Have sex!” Chloe giggled with a nod. “Don’t be afraid to say the words, since you’re going to do the action for the money.”

“Chloe is our teacher.” Jocelyn pointed with a nod to Chloe.

“Since, she is a true whore.” Mary Margaret turned and giggled at the nose profile of Chloe.

“That is sister whore over here. We are a sisterhood here.” Jocelyn sat down and wrapped the robe back around her nakedness, narrowing both eyelashes at Mary Margaret with a sneer. Mary Margaret bowed a chin down into her chest and stared at her pajama covered legs with a sour frown. Jocelyn turned and smiled to the teen. “Chloe, what do we do first?”

Chloe exhaled with a puff of nervousness and looked down to see the floor and back to see Jocelyn with a smile. “It is not yet eight in the morning. At nine sharp, we all meet inside the ballroom. I want you to rip off the bedspread cover, the bed blanket, and the top bed sheet from your bedroom mattress and bring the bed pillow. And I want everyone to go upstairs and take a bath, so you smell good, because we’re going to do some floor exercises, since the ballroom is empty. And I bring a dark bathing towel. And last but not least, I want you to dress in a pajamas robe, only.”

“Do you mean to stay in our pj’s? That time period is in the middle of the morning, Chloe, usually I am dressed in a set of real clothes.” Peyton frowned with confusion.

“No, I mean to wear nothing underneath the pajamas robe but your birthday suit. Be naked!” Chloe giggled with a nod.

“What for, Chloe?” Bethel gasped in shock.

“Chloe is our new teacher. Everyone is to obey the instructor. Now, get going! I will see everyone downstairs here at nine sharp.” Jocelyn tossed both arms into the air with a smile and a nod. Each belle stood upright from the loveseat with a grin and a giggle, strolling ahead and turned, moving around the outside front porch, since the belle staircase was really haunted with a set of she-ghosts.

Chloe stood in place and watched each belle leave the parlor room, dashing ahead and blocked the open archway with a set of extended arms, since she was the same height and weight of the advancing belle. Mary Margaret slowly moved ahead towards the archway and the ass of Chloe, stopping with a sour frown. Chloe spun around and continued to block the archway, leaning down into the face of Mary Margaret with a sour snarl of bad breathe. “You betta not tattle to no one, bitch, about our sisterhood secret, since I don’t carry my pen knife in my lace hanky for show. Do you hear my words, princess?” Mary Margaret turned and faced Jocelyn, who had moved ahead and stood beside the nose profile of Mary Margaret with a sneering silence threat too. Mary Margaret nodded in silence to Jocelyn and spun around to see Chloe with a stern face.

Chloe side stepped from the block archway. Mary Margaret moved ahead and turned, slowly strolling around the outside front porch towards her private bedroom suite. Chloe watched the ass of Mary Margaret through the glass windows with a sneer. “She’s going to be a problem, Jocelyn.”

“Naw. She’s just frightened like a little puppy. We find her a nice beau that’ll treat her right from the start. Then, Mary Margaret will be okay with our little show pay.” Jocelyn spun around and watched the wiggling ass of Mary Margaret. The shy belle disappeared around the corner of the building towards the wing of bedrooms also.

The belles traveled a familiar route out from the belle parlor room, over the front porch, turning to the right, and then strolled down the eastern side wall of pink granite. They turned again and marched through a set of glass double doors and climbed a grand marble staircase that led into an individual bedroom suite inside the belle wing.

Inside the belle parlor room, Chloe moved ahead and marched back into the parlor room, selecting and sitting down inside an ugly apple green leather loveseat. She leaned back into the fabric, tucking both legs underneath the bathrobe with a giggle and a nod to Jocelyn. “You’re a natural leader and a sneaky little cunt, Jocelyn. I can’t believe you’re still a virgin. And I find it hard to believe that this delicate dilemma just fell into our hands like it was fated.”

Jocelyn sat down inside the closest loveseat of orange and tan patterned fruit peaches with a smile at Chloe. “To address your first query, I’m a virgin. No thanks to my over careful and over cautious parents. We, three lived at the same address for eighteen years before dumping me under the protection of Miss Deborah at Antebellum House. And to address your second quiz, I’m clueless along with my parents. I quizzed them pretty good about the money issue associated with the land deed. My daddy prides himself on sharing with my mama the latest and greatest university gossip, since they both had graduated from here. He did not seem to know and definitely did not seem to truly care about the money or land as long as his baby girl was safe, not happy.”

Chloe nodded with a sour frown. “Ditto here, darling! I like your term: safe, not happy. My parents expressed the same concerns for me and not our House. One, it pisses me off. Two, it means that I go back home to fuck the same old local rednecks again. So, here’s my easy question. What night is the fucking or what fucking night? Question number two: how much do we charge a lucky beau for each fucking trick of a belle? The third hard question: who are the group of lucky beaus that will receive a fucking ass pleasure of a beautiful belle?”

Jocelyn shook her red curls with a stern face, “Jeezus, don’t use that word trick. It means me feel cheap, cheap chick-ee-poo,” she looked down with a smile to see the electronic calendar on her personal mobile telephone. “Let’s see. I suggest that we do our fucking night on Friday. There’s no academic class the next day for a set of well-satisfied and paying hunky beaus and the football game is always on Saturday afternoon or night. You can’t find a fucking beau before, during, or after that football game, so that blows the entire Saturday for any fucking session. And you can forget anytime on Sunday day or night, since based on my mama Almighty God will strike me down with a yellowish-white bright flaming lightning bolt, if I don’t go to church preaching service. So, if I count up the remaining weekends precisely until the sixteenth of December, there are four Fridays in September including this weekend with four more Fridays in October. That is eight really good and available nights,” she looked up with a smile to see Chloe.

“We should plan for a special Halloween fuck fest.” Chloe giggled with a nod.

Jocelyn giggled with a nod. “That is both a great idea and a great theme title for Halloween show. You’re a good bitch-whore, Chloe. Ah! Halloween falls on a Friday, too. That’s still a total of only eight available nights. Gawd! All this talk of fucking sex is making me hot and heated inside my almost naked body,” she reached up and fanned a heated face with a giggle.

“That is called a heat of horny lust. And just wait, it gets better,” she giggled.

Jocelyn frowned. “Wait? For what?”

“Just, wait!” She smiled.

Jocelyn looked down with a smile to see the calendar on the mobile phone. “In the month of November, there are four more Fridays.”

Chloe nodded. “You should cut out the last two Fridays for the Thanksgiving holiday. The school is traditional open, but students are traditional closed in both mind and body going straight to their parents’ home for the weekends to eat and goof off.”

She smiled. “Good point! That makes eight plus two equals ten available Friday nights of fucking to raise all the money, before payday. Easy! We own sixty three thousand dollars which his divided by twelve belles. That equals 5,250 dollar for each belle to acquire per her vagina. And twelve belles divided by ten Friday nights is 525 dollar per charge for a beau, unless she can handle two beaus for the night.”

Chloe shook her curls. “We can’t charge five hundred per beau.”

“Why, not? It calculates really easy on the cell.”

“Jocelyn, we’re college students and inexperienced. The local best practiced whore in downtown Birmingham charges between two to three hundred dollars for a fucking trick.”

“Well shit, Chloe! We’re virgins all of us, except for you,” she giggled. “We should get a few more dollars for that earth shattering heavenly feat.”

“We charge a few more dollars, not a few more hundred dollars. I’m telling you that we can only charge two hundred dollar or no beau or no go for which ever tickles your red lace panties.”

“If I calculate two hundred dollars at the going rate which is divided by sixty three thousand dollars…”

“I can figure that one out in my smart brains. It is twenty six available Fridays…”

“That’s half a year,” frowned Jocelyn.

Chloe winked with a smile. “It’s okay, girl best. Now, you figured out that we will do the ‘wild thing’ on Friday night and charge two hundred dollar per beau. Who are the beaus? We can’t just invite any hot boy from campus. We need the right beau with the right bucks,” laughing.

She nodded with a smile. “Yes, I have a brilliant solution to your query, belle. My cousin Jerk…”

“Jake.” Chloe frowned.

“No. My cousin named Jerk.”

“Why do you have a cousin who is named Jerk?” Chloe giggled with Jocelyn.

“Jerk was the nicer of the two words between a jackass or a jerk. My mom told me that I could rename my dumbass cousin who is the son of her shit ass sister that neither one of us likes but tolerates. She overruled me and insisted upon Jerk. He’s a real jerk too but popular and smart. I’m going to get cousin Jerk to help me select the most eligible beaus among the student body of boys at Burn U for our beautiful belles. He graduated last year. He knows the best and brightest from the dull and dumbest beaus. We should get a very nice bunch of beefy boys.”

“Beefy boys? We want billionaire brats. Can you really trust a jerk, Jocelyn? We really need the money to come from a boy that has an excess of funds that is overflowing from their personal piggy banks. Look! We don’t want just the good-looking jocks or the handsome rednecks. We can’t rely on second-hand old datum, Jocelyn. We get one shot at this multiplied by ten and then the tall skinny belle sings. I don’t know about your Jerk cousin.”

Jocelyn smiled. “Prime, sister! I have something that cousin Jerk wants really badly.”

“What?” Chloe frowned.

“Something really badly that will make cousin Jerk do me this great big favor. Then, he will be paid off good. Jerk will help us.” Jocelyn nodded with a laugh.



Ballroom setting

8:58 a.m.



Jocelyn stood in front of the closed windows in a red colored bathrobe with a red velveteen bedcover and a set of matching bed linens beside Chloe inside the ballroom, minus a pair of spying eyeballs from the numerous staff members. The service staff was located off the campus grounds, because they had finished the breakfast clean up.

Chloe motioned each belle inside the ballroom with a smile in silence.

Emma led the belles first and stopped, standing on the far side which was opposite of Jocelyn, turning to scan the room. The windows were closed and the furniture was missing. “Where are the sofas? The ballroom is empty. My stuffing is going to get dirty on the floor.”

“The floor is clean, Emma. The maid service does an excellent job of keeping this place sparkling pretty and pine woodlands smelly.” Bethel entered the ballroom and scooted a pair of naked feet further down the row from prissy Emma.

“Should’ve we go to our academic classes first and then do our exercises in the evening after the suppertime meal?” Peyton moved ahead and passed by prissy Emma and bossy Bethel, stopping and stood last in the row of upright belles. Trinity sat down on the floor in a bathrobe beside Emma with a smile.

Jocelyn sat down on the floor in a red colored bathroom robe and the matching bed linens with a smile. “Our classes are all on-line. We do not attend any physical classes, compliments of our mama and daddy. Remember? There is no boy-toy interaction.”

“Right,” Bethel sat down on top of the bed linens on the floor and turned with a smile to see her Tyleigh, who sat on top of her bed linens with a nod in silence.

Chloe sat down over the floor on top of the bed linens with a hand wave and a smile. “Get in here, belles! Park your ass in front of a brown bag. We got lots of work before Friday evening with the beaus. Hurry your lazy ass, Mary Margaret, over at the end of the row,” she watched the ass of slow poke Mary Margaret with a growl. Mary Margaret stumbled on the pair of bed slippers, hugging a baby blue set of bed linens like a teddy bear into the mint green colored bath robe, slowly maneuvering at the end of the line.

The rest of the belles prettily posed from the left to the right of Jocelyn and Chloe, starting with Emma, Trinity, Spring, Autumn, Tyleigh, Bethel, Peyton, Zoey, Naomi, and then Mary Margaret.

Spring turned and frowned at her twin sister, “Friday…”

“….night,” Autumn turned and frowned at her sister.

Chloe giggled at the twins, who were both adorably cute and wittingly entertaining as a pair of dumb blonde belles. They would fetch a pretty nice price for the new lost cause of Antebellum House. Chloe stood upright on top of the bed linens with a smile and a short demonstration of her words. “Look at me! Listen to me! Do as I do! I am teacher here. Fold the bedspread in half then lay on the floor in a vertical position. Now, fold the blanket in half, lay it on top of your bedspread. Now, fold the linen sheet in half, place it over the blanket. Lay your pillow at the top of the linen, pretending this is a bed.”

Mary Margaret stood upright on top of the naked floor with a sour frown, without following the orders of Chloe, hugging all the bed linens into the chest. “No, I’m not doing this.”

Chloe turned and sneered at Mary Margaret. “This is practice, Mary Margaret.”

“Do it, Mary Margaret!” Bethel placed the pillow at the head of the bed sheet with a sneer and stood upright with a smile on top of her bed creation.

“We’re all practicing, Mary Margaret.” Trinity squatted down on kneecaps, making up the hot pink bedcovers into a mini-bed with a smile.

“What about the towel?” Emma stood upright on top of the linen bed sheet, holding the folded towel, staring at Chloe with a smile.

Chloe smiled with a nod. “Fold the bathing towel in quarters and place it on top of the pillow for the moment. Now, sit back down on top of your new semi-soft bed,” she sat down and turned with a nod to see Jocelyn, “Your turn, Jocelyn! Tell them about Friday night and stuff!”

Jocelyn crossed both legs and lifted both arms into the air to communicate with a smile. “The fucking night, that’s a great description, ya’ll. Friday is the selected evening of our beau entertainment. The selected beau will park his personal vehicle outside our gate house, since no guest transports are allowed on our property as told by Miss Deborah.”

She puffed with a sour frown. “Now, we follow our House rules.” Mary Margaret sat down on top of the uncomfortable set of bed linens, the bed spread, and the pillow with a pair of crossed-legs. She double-wrapped the mint green flower-patterned pajamas robe around a body, staring at a poor dying cockroach that was trying to survive the pest control spray in the far left corner of the ballroom with a deep sigh, listening to Jocelyn.

“Shut up, Mary Margaret.” Chloe turned and sneered at the troublesome teen.

Jocelyn smiled with a smile. “Then, the beau will be personally chaffered in a limousine which will be provided by our House which is part of our mama and daddy’s yearly maintenance fee of the property upkeep from the gate irons down the long gravel road, coming into the belle parlor room. I will meet and greet him outside in the Dogtrot breezeway, collecting the money, before he meets and greets you.” The belles giggled with a nod. She smiled. “Then, he will come inside the ballroom and select a belle.”

“Question, Jocelyn?” Emma waved both arms with a smile.

Jocelyn turned and frowned at prissy Emma, shaking her curls. “Let me finish the belle fairy tale first and then ask away. The beau will have no prior information of you, such like, your last name, your home address, your native state. Some of us live outside of Alabama. On the flip side of the greenbacks, we’re collecting no shared datum either. That is his last name, his home address, his native state, since this is a business arrangement. Now, after our business arrangement is done and completed, you can fuck around with this dude as much as you want. Remember? Miss Deborah is due back right after Thanksgiving holiday as we are going back home with our parents for the holidays. This is our only opportunity to play house. So, once again, Miss Deborah will become a bull dog, allowing no more beaus at Antebellum House…”

“…much less in our private chamber suites,” Trinity grinned.

Jocelyn nodded with a smile, “Right-o! The total amount of money to be raised and collected is sixty three thousand dollars. When it is divided by twelve belles, it becomes 5,250 dollars a piece of fucking work,” giggling. “We will have ten Fridays to collect the money which will be 525 dollars, each night.”

“I am only getting a total of 525 dollars to fuck me. Naw, I am a virgin. I want at least a one thousand dollars to enter my precious unguarded princess temple.” Emma shook her hands and curls.

“Virgin. Vain. Vicious. Which one is your name real name, Emma?” Trinity giggled.

Jocelyn exhaled. “The asking price for a night with you is two hundred dollars.” Each girl sounded with a series of boos and hisses, including Mary Margaret for fun. Jocelyn frowned. “That’s the going rate, so I have been told.”

“Chloe told as a big bitch-whore.” Emma giggled.

Chloe sneered. “Shut it, Emma.”

Jocelyn smiled, “Back to business, belles! The beau will be escorted by me here into the ballroom, where all you beauties will be seated individually prettily upon a settee. Then, the beau makes his selection for the evening.”

“I wanna a tall handsome guy. I don’t want another short dork like my prom date that my dad got for me last year.” Emma frowned.

“Me, too! My daddy should meet your daddy, Emma.” Trinity turned and grinned at Emma.

“Naw. Then, we both with be married to short dorks as a future husband.” Emma nodded to Trinity.

“Good point, Emma!” Trinity giggled with a nod.

Bethel turned and frowned at Tyleigh. “I ain’t fucking no white boy, girl best.”

Jocelyn smiled with a nod to each face. “Don’t worry! There are twelve girls with twelve guys color-coordinated to suite, belles,” she giggled with the belles.

Chloe leaned over with a smile and a whisper to Jocelyn. “Psss! I have another thought about that twelve-man concept, but I will share that later with you, Jocelyn,” she sat back with an evil laugh and stared at each belle.

“I don’t trust that bitch.” Emma leaned over with a whisper into Trinity.

Trinity whispered back with a stern face, “Me, too.”

“You possess a white card and an ink pen underneath the brown bag.” Jocelyn lifted and wiggled both objects in front of a face. “Please, I want you to jolt down your dream beau in terms of physical and personality attributes…”

Emma frowned. “You just said that the beau will make the belle selection. What’s the point in writing down my preference of big, strong, handsome…?”

“Deaf, dumb and blind, only for Emma,” Bethel giggled with the other belles.

“Shut it, Bethel,” Emma sneered.

Jocelyn dropped the arms with the object and nodded with a smile. “I know that. I’m going to combine all the belle preferences when selecting the twelve beaus. We will appear like a row of lovely flower mixture, consisting of a rose on a thick green prickly thorn to a delicate lily to a great big yellow sun flower. Each beau will look handsome and act gentlemanly. I promise.”

“Can you guarantee the gentlemanly part, Jocelyn?” Trinity frowned with concern.

“No. She can’t. That’s going to be your second job when we all meet on Saturday morning for breakfast to discuss our victories or deflates.” Chloe nodded with a smile.

Jocelyn exhaled. “I guess there is going to be a lot of Saturday morning meetings. But let’s stick with the first evening of this Friday…”

“Gawd. Do you mean this coming Friday evening which is in four more days?” Emma gasped.

“In two more days, belles, this is Wednesday.” Chloe smiled.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “The beau will select his belle. Then, you and he will stroll straight up to your private bedroom. There will be ten minutes between an arrival of a new beau and the departure of a lucky belle from the ballroom,” giggling.

“Why?” Emma frowned.

Trinity grinned. “Well for one, we really don’t want the guys talking to each other.”

“Gawd. Guys gossip a lot worse than we do. They talk to each other all the time about sports and sex then trucks and sex and then girls and sex.” Emma smiled.

Spring turned and nodded to her sister. “I don’t want any beau…”

“…talking about me.” Autumn turned and nodded back to her sister.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “Next, you and he fuck.”

“You could say it with so much more flaring drama, Jocelyn.” Emma giggled.

“How long does the fucking take? Is it one minute? Fifteen minutes? One hour?” Trinity giggled.

Chloe grinned with a nod. “I plan to explain that if Jocelyn ever finishes her long-winded belle lecture.”

Jocelyn frowned, “Fine, bitch. The first beau will arrive at 6:30 in the evening, after suppertime. I picked that time period, since we all will be very nervous. I strongly suggest not eating anything two hours, before your fucking session, since you might vomit up and on your beau’s chest or skull or dick.”

“Ugh!” One of the belles frowned.

Another belle frowned. “O!”

“No.” Another belle frowned.

Jocelyn nodded, “There will be no supper served to your beau while he visits you. However, your room will be stocked with lots of different snacks and beverages for the event, including a six-pack of cold beer inside the tiny refrigerator of your personal suite. I’m afraid there will no hard liquid, unless he or you supply it.”

“If I’m going to do this, then I need alcohol. Where in the hell am I supposed to get a pint of whiskey at 6:30 in the evening, girlfriend?” Bethel frowned.

“Your prob, girl best!” Jocelyn giggled.

Trinity giggled, “Call daddy, Bethel.”

“Fuck off, Trinity.” Bethel growled.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod. “I have laid out our plan. It is this Friday night at 6:30 pm. No supper. Your turn, Chloe!”

Chloe stood upright of top of the homemade bed, “Strip off your robe. Let me see your nude body.”

“No,” Mary Margaret sat down on top of the baby blue bed linens and shook her curls, closing the eyelashes with a worried brow.

“Yeehaw!” Bethel stood upright and ripped off the robe with a smile and a cheer.

“Chloe is a lesbo.” Trinity turned and winked at Emma.

“Why?” Emma sat on top of the bed linens like Mary Margaret with a confused brow.

Spring stood upright on top of the bed linens and ripped off the bath robe with a smile, turning to see her twin sister. “We…”

“…will,” Autumn had stood upright and ripped off the bathrobe with a smile at the same time with her sister.

“You need to get used to exposing your naked body around other people. We don’t have any guys for our little experiment, so your sister belles will do just fine.” Chloe slowly un-wrapped the pink tinted silk robe, dropping it down on top of the bed linens with a smile. She exposed a naked boyish small frame of five feet and two inches in height with tone of rosy-beige tinted skin, weighing about 109 pounds of slenderness. She possesses a black pixie on a round face with a pair of mint green eyeballs. She reached down and cupped a pair of small rosy-beige breasts with all fingers, slowly massaging the pink nips with two index fingers while stimulating her vagina with a giggle an a grin. The other belles gasped at Chloe. Chloe turned with a smile to see Jocelyn. “Take it all off, doll.” Jocelyn stood upright with a smile and ripped off the robe in silence, exposing a naked body.

Emma giggled. “There should be music for Jocelyn’s provocative sexy body performance.”

Chloe watched Jocelyn with a smile “Good idea, Emma! That reminds me if you’re interested in playing music during your fuck fest…”

“That’s not a nice name, Chloe,” Peyton stood upright and slowly took off the robe with a sour frown.

Chloe turned and watched Zoey while caressing the breasts. “If you want music during your fuck fest, gimme your musical discs or a listing of your favored music, then I will get the audio staff to record you a bunch of tunes personally for you and your love mate.”

“Chloe is a big bad bitch-whore.” Trinity giggled.

Chloe turned and pointed to Jocelyn with a smile, “Very nice, Jocelyn! You got a great bod, girl best. Gimme some stats of your fine body?”

“Her pubic hair is red like the hair cut on top of her skull.” Emma stared with a puzzled brow at Jocelyn.

Chloe reached down and touched the vagina pubic hair and then the skull hair with a stern face, “Yes, dumbass Emma! The hair down there is the same color as the hair on your head, sweet-tart,” she giggled with the other belles.

“I am six feet and two inches. I weigh 145 pounds. I possess a bra size of 36 double D’s,” Jocelyn wiggled the breasts with a pair of manicured baby blue finger nails and wiggled the hips, shifting an exposed vagina of red pubic curly hair for all to see. The belles giggled.

“Chloe is a lesbian.” Trinity giggled.

Chloe nodded with a smile. “Jocelyn told that we will charge two hundred dollar for a belle. She is worth at least three hundred dollars. Jocelyn is tall with a pair of nice long legs, two big bold breasts, a small waist, and a fine nice ass on pretty pink skin tone, without any flaws. She is the model body for the beau with a model’s mental mind frame.”

“I got a model body, too,” Emma reached down with a smile and touched the naked breasts with both hands.

“Hush it, Emma.” Bethel stared at Jocelyn with a smile while playing with the breast tits. Jocelyn slowly twirled around the floor in a circle like a graceful dancer. Bethel smiled. “Her ass is too small. Now, my ass is just pretty nice.”

“We shall see, Bethel.” Chloe stared with a smile at Jocelyn. Jocelyn stopped and stood in place, tossing both arms in a model pose with a grin. Chloe clapped with a smile. “Remember? The charge is three hundred dollars for Jocelyn. Emma, stand up! You model next for the belles, babe,” she leaned over with a smile and a whisper into the cheekbone of Jocelyn. “This is how we make up the difference in the missing dollars. Some belles will be worth two hundred dollars. Others will be more,” she moved ahead and away from Jocelyn with a smile. Jocelyn sat back down on top of the make-shift bed with a smile in full nakedness. Chloe stopped and stood in front of Emma with a smile. “Emma possesses a head of curly golden honey hair down to her waist. Off with the robe, Emma.” Emma turned to face the row of belles and ripped off the robe, exposing a body of honey tinted skin. “She is two hundred dollars,” Chloe shouted with a smile. Jocelyn wrote down the belle fuck price inside a small notepad.

Emma gasped with a hock and reached down, caressing her breasts with a smile. “I have a model’s body, too. My breasts are a bra size of 34 C’s. I weigh 120 pounds at five feet and five inches,” she stomped a foot as both breasts jiggled side to side.

Chloe winked with a smile to Emma. “You’re nice looking but no tall sexy Jocelyn. Do you tan, girl?”

“I turn more a honey color on my skin.” Emma looked down with a smile at the honey-colored stomach and then a pair of pale white breasts.

“Get yourself an even tan! Go and lay by the swimming pool, this heated sunny afternoon, and paint some color on your pale breasts and your white ass,” Chloe giggled with the other belles.

“Just spray your body with a bottle of some pretend sun-tan lotion,” Peyton smiled with a nod.

“Naw,” Chloe shook her curls with a sour frown to each face. “That stuff stinks to high heavens to a guy’s nostrils. Lookie! We only get one shot at getting this right on Friday night within three days from now. If a beau selects you, then you are his for the next nine other Friday evenings.”

Spring frowned at Chloe. “Are we not going exchange beaus…?”

“…like a set of Christmas presents?” Autumn frowned at Chloe.

Chloe turned and giggled at the two unique girls, shaking her curls with fun amusement. “No…”

Trinity frowned. “Wonder if, I don’t like my beau that selected me?”

“Then, it’s tough shit, Trinity. This is a business transaction, not a garden tea party, belles.” Chloe nodded. “And you need to keep your perfume scent pretty smelling, not suffocating the poor bastard. Don’t wear a lot of face foundation or eye shadow makeup either, maybe a pink pinch of blush for two cheekbones and use a pretty shade of lip gloss, not a thick oily lipstick.”

“Why not, lipstick?” Emma frowned.

“I’ll explain that later, Emma.” Chloe moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of Trinity with a giggle and a grin. “Stand, girlfriend! Show me your breasts, Trinity.”

Trinity towered with a smile over petite Chloe, ripping off the robe, exposing a tone of coco tinted skin with a head of light brown curls and a pair of aqua colored eyeballs. “I am five feet and nine inches. I weigh 135 pounds, mostly in my big bad 36 D’s cups,” she massaged the breasts with a giggle. “I got a pair of short legs but a long waistline for a pair of warm beau’s paws,” giggling.

“Woof, woof!” Bethel laughed with the other belles.

“Wow! A goddess is born.” Chloe smiled with a nod. “Trinity is three hundred dollars, too.”

“I should be three hundred dollars, too, Chloe,” Emma whined with a sour pout.

Bethel sat down on top of the bed lines and shook her curls. “Naw, Emma! You’re pretty. But Trinity is a gorgeous Amazon princess, girl best.”

“Bethel is a lesbo,” Emma stuck a pink tongue at Bethel.

Bethel growled. “Lucky for Emma, I’m dedicated to our lost cause. Or I’ll come over there and beat your face black and red with blood and bruises, using my fighting fists,” she tossed both fists into the air with a sneer.

Jocelyn turned and nodded to Bethel and finally to see Emma. “Thanks for your devotion, Bethel. Sit down and shut the fuck up, Emma. You’ve been assessed at two hundred dollars. So remember? You need to do your two hundred lap dance majorette performance with your 34C cup breasts for the money, honey with your honey bear beau.” Emma sat down in full nakedness with a deep sigh on top of the bed linens. Trinity sat back down on a naked ass and crossed both legs on top of the homemade bed, giggling at prissy Emma.

Chloe advanced ahead and stopped in front of the naked twins with a smile, “Spring and Autumn, they are the twins here at Antebellum House.”

Spring smiled to Chloe, “Me…”

“….and me…” Autumn smiled to Chloe. They stood and hugged each other, possessing a million dollar smile of perfect white teeth, swishing a head of waist-ling platinum angel blonde colored hair side to side, jiggling a set of medium breasts on a naturally painted on a suntanned body frame.

Chloe smiled with a nod. “Do you, twins always do activities together?”

Spring giggled with a grin, “Yes…”

“…and always,” Autumn giggled with a grin to Chloe.

Chloe smiled. “How tall are ya’ll?”

“Five feet…” smiled Spring.

“…eight inches…” smiled Autumn.

Chloe giggled, “Bra size?”

“Thirty four…” smiled Spring.

“….B cups…” smiled Autumn.

Chloe giggled with a nod. “I’m assuming that sister Spring is birthed first, since she always starts the talking conversation.”

“Me, first,” Spring bounced up and down with a giggle and with Autumn.

“…me, second,” Autumn bounced with a giggle and with her sister Spring.

Chloe giggled with a nod. “Excellent! Belles Spring and Autumn will be our special selection for one lucky beau.”

“One beau? But there’re two belles.” Emma turned and frowned at the naked twins. “You’ll be tossing away two hundred precious dollars, Chloe, sweet-tart.”

“Our twins Spring and Autumn will go for five hundred dollars, our pair of cuteness.” Chloe nodded. The twins hugged each other’s nakedness with both arms bouncing and giggling together.

“Awesome idea, Chloe!” Jocelyn looked down with a smile and wrote down the fuck price next to the names.

Emma whined with a sour pout, “You are going to ask for five hundred dollars for both of them.”

“I agree with you, Chloe. The twin set will be an attractive display for one lucky beau, guaranteeing a repeat visit of nine more times.” Bethel nodded with a smile.

Trinity smiled. “The twins are nicely made. But I’d suggest that they suntan in the nude along with pale ass Emma this sunny afternoon and the other heated afternoons, before Friday evening. The suntan will eliminate the tiny pale tan lines for a whole body coloration of beauty nudeness.”

Spring moved ahead and tugged on the arm of Autumn with a grin, heading towards the archway.

Chloe reached out and grabbed the twin Spring by the arm. Spring stopped and looked with a confused brow at Chloe. Chloe shook her curls with a smile. “Not right now, sweetie! We have homework to do after we finish assessing the prices for the rest of the belles. Have a seat, girls.”

“O,” smiled Spring.

“…kay,” smiled Autumn. They back stepped and sat back down on top of shared bed linens side by side with a set of giggles and smiles.

Chloe moved ahead and shook her curls with a smile, stopping and stood in front of Tyleigh. Tyleigh stood upright from the bed linens and un-wrapping her robe, exposing a queen-sized pair of breasts and a set of matching butt checks of mahogany black.

Jocelyn looked up with a gasp and a smile at Tyleigh. “Lordy girl, you are blessed by heaven.”

Chloe smiled with a nod. “Black is beautiful. You are gorgeous, honey.”

Tyleigh wiggled the pair of breasts and an ass side to side to an invisible song inside her head, “Thank you.”

Bethel stood upright from the bed linens and ripped off the bathrobe too, revealing a second queen-sized body of goddessness with a smile. “Big is beautiful.”

Chloe smiled at each teen girl, “You can make a patched potato sack like good, girl best.”

“Thanks,” Bethel bounced side to side her nakedness with a smile.

“Chloe is a lesbian,” Trinity giggled. Chloe reached out and touched the nipple on Tyleigh’s breast with a smile.

“Chloe’s going to touch her breast,” Emma giggled.

Chloe massaged Tyleigh’s nipple with a smile. Tyleigh smiled with a giggle. Chloe smiled. “I was bi-sexual last year. Now, I am boy-sexual this year. My parents dumped me down into an all girls’ school for my high school days with roaming and raging teen she-hormones. I fucked a lot of vaginas. I didn’t fuck my first dick until this summer. Man, let me tell you! Penises are nice and full and round…”

“Finish this, Chloe. I’m cold,” Bethel reached down and rubbed a pair of cold breasts.

Chloe smiled with a nod and continued to rub the nipple of Tyleigh, “Fine! What are your measurements, Tyleigh?”

“50.38.49. Bra size is a 40 DDD for delightful,” Tyleigh smiled with a giggle as Chloe continued to rub Tyleigh’s breast.

Bethel outlined her body with both palms with a smile. “I’m bigger, baby doll. 53. 37. 50. Bra size is 42 DDD for delicious.”

“Both Tyleigh and Bethel sells for one thousand bucks, a piece, Jocelyn.” Chloe winked at Tyleigh, not removing a hand from the soft nipple with a giggle.

“One thousand dollars, is that American or Spanish?” Emma giggled.

“Shut the fuck up, Emma.” Chloe sneered.

“Hurry this up, Chloe! Before, the service staff arrives to ready our lunch meals. We don’t want to be looking like this. Someone might get suspicious of our unsupervised behavior.” Jocelyn looked down with a worried brow and wrote down the fuck prices of each belle inside the paper notebook.

Chloe lifted up the fingers from the soft nipple of Tyleigh and advanced ahead, stopping and stood in front of a new of girls with a smile. “Peyton, Zoey, Naomi, and Mary Margaret, get up and flip your robes off. Let finish this part of the exhibition. Since, we got a little more homework to do, before we break and eat lunch.” Each girl stood upright from the bed linens and ripped off the bathrobe with a giggle and a grin at each other nakedness. Mary Margaret ignored the command and rested across the bed covers with a set of closed eyelashes and a worried brow in silence. Chloe studied each girl without touching the body with a smile. “Each belle possesses an average height of about five feet and six inches on a semi-pale tinted body with an average bra size B cup. They are two hundred each, Jocelyn. Sit back down! Now, everyone tear off the brown paper on top of the magazine,” she back stepped and spun around, wiggling a naked ass back to her homemade bed, sitting down on top of the bed linens. She reached down and ripped off the brown paper. She had purchased the whore equipment for herself before leaving home.

Now, she was sharing her treasures with the other girls. Chloe looked down with a smile at the beefy male on a cover page. The male was naked with a big gleaming spray tan dick, matching a spray tan coffee brown male body and a pair of board shoulders.

“A girly magazine,” one of the belles smiled at the cover page of her magazine.

“A real dick on a real male,” another of the belle smirked at the cover page of her magazine.

“A real big and beautiful dick,” a different belle grinned at the cover page of her magazine.

“Do all males look like this, Chloe?” Emma fingered the cover page photograph of her magazine.

“The ones paying for your virginity will.” Jocelyn looked down with a giggle at the cover of her magazine.

Chloe licked an index finger pad with the tongue and held it into the air, looking with a smile at each face. “Belles, you’re going to experience the optimal orgasm. You will be fucking you. You’re going to masturbate with a right index finger. So, present to me your right index finger for visual inspection. Stick the finger into your mouth and lick it like a lollypop.” She watched. Every girl examined the index finger and shoved it into the mouth, sucking on it for fun and giggles. Chloe nodded with a smile. “This is called foreplay. After you undress for your beau or he undresses you, stick your finger into your mouth, twisting it around and around. That’ll turn him and you onto the first step of a fun night of long lasting sex.” She watched. The finger of each girl entered then closed around the lips. Chloe smiled. “Halt! Keep your finger inside your closed lips. Stand tall and look at your next store belle’s hairy colored-coded vagina for dumbass Emma…”

Emma removed the index finger and yelled at Chloe. “Shut the fuck up, Chloe!”

“Look at the belle’s vagina. I bet you’re feeling really frisky and sexy. Just wait! You see a bunch of curly pubic hair between the belle’s legs like yours. Within that mess, there is hidden a vagina, that we’re going to stalk and hunt like a tigress,” she giggled. “So, let’s go exploring. Place the towel underneath your ass. Lay back onto your back. Keep your finger inside your lips. Open your legs wide,” Chloe placed the towel and leaned down, resting a back spine on top of the towel, “Pick up your girly magazine with the naked hunk, study his penis. Big. Round. Long. Close your eyes. Think of the beefy male. Drag your wet index finger from your mouth over your bottom lip and down to your chin and then gently touch your throat skin, going down between your breasts. Think of the beefy male touching you, tickling your belly button, touching your abdomen. Drag your index finger down attacking your pubic hair and then curl and twist it around your five fingers.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“O,” one of the belles screamed while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“Aw,” another belle yelled while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

Chloe played with her pubic hair with the fingers and a smile. “The proper name for the outer genitals of a girl is called vulva. But we call it a vagina for short, since your beau will call it the same name. And let’s not confuse the beefy hunk, before we get fucked,” she exhaled with a sigh of pleasure during the foreplay.

Emma rested on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina with a laugh. “She didn’t riddle the joke, ya’ll.”

Bethel rested on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina with a laugh. “Go and fuck yourself, Emma,” giggling.

Chloe continued to rest over a back spine with a finger inside her vagina with a smile. “Feel the pad of fatty tissue with your index finger that wiggles up and down, side to side. The fatty tissue covers a bone which is below the abdomen, but above the lips of the vagina. Use your index finger and massage it very, very slowly!”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted while a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

Chloe touched the public hairs with her fingers. “This is sexually sensitive to your touch like a finger or a set of lips. Have your beau gently massage this bone and fatty tissue first to stimulate feelings, as well as, the wet juices inside your vagina. Do you feel it?”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled while on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

Chloe continued to rest over a back spine with a finger inside her vagina and a grin. “Move your index finger at the beginning top of the lips of your vagina but don’t enter. The lips are not covered in hair. Feel the soft pads of more fatty tissue, move your finger gently outlining the lips, so you can visual inside your mind what your beau will be doing. Believe me! The creation gets ya hot and heated. Feel it?”

“Soft,” one of the belles smiled and rested on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“Stem-like,” another belle smiled and rested on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

“A flower,” a different belle smiled and rested on a back spine with a finger inside her vagina.

Chloe continued to rest over a back spine with a finger inside her vagina and a giggle. “Close enough! It is referred as your flower, so we will call it that also. The flower varies in size, length, and color, depending on your biological makeup. It can be long and thick or tiny and short and may look pink for red heads, black for brunette, or brown for blondes…”

“Does your beau ask?” Emma rested on a back spine and played with her vagina with a smile.

Chloe continued to rest over a back spine with a finger inside her vagina and a giggle. “He ain’t going to be asking about any coloration on your body. The flower has mega amount of sensitive nerve endings which make for some great sexual pleasure. Move your finger down to your flower, gently rubbing it back and forth and then side to side. Make it feel, so good!”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe rested on a back spine, playing with her vagina with the finger with a smile. “Slide your finger down into your clitoris which we have named your vagina. Rotate your finger round and round the bud-shaped part of your vagina. That’s your penis, if your beau is really stupid,” she giggled with the other belles.

Emma smiled, “Do I tell him that?”

Bethel giggled, “Dumb-belle.”

Chloe giggled. “Yes, Emma! I double dog dare you to tell him that.”

“You’re a mean cunt, Chloe.” Emma frowned.

Chloe smiled. “Your clitoris is packed with lots of tiny nerve endings which become engorged with flowing warm blood during your sexual arousal.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Your pubic hair sweats and produces oil from the surrounding glands. Don’t sweat it! Well, do sweat it! This is the sweet smell of sex, belles,” she felt a puddle of moist sweat on the fingers and smelled the odor of raw sex within the nostrils, pushing two fingers deeper into her vagina.

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Your beau will lick the oil, sweat, and sweet juices of your lubrication off the vagina lips with his sweet breath, making you jump into light speed sexual arousal.” She thrusts two fingers in and out of her sweaty vagina, creating excitement and more water.

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Come and lick me, now, Chloe!” Emma giggled while resting on a back spine, playing with herself.

“Shut the fuck up, Emma.” Jocelyn sneered while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Move your index finger between the curves inside the inner lips. These are thin stretches of tissue that expands and contracts, protecting your vagina. Your lips are either tiny or large, protruding outward for a beau’s incoming penis.”

“I’m a virgin,” Emma rested on a back spine with a giggle while playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “I mean to explain, sweet-tart, that the length of the vagina lips is either naturally short or long, depending on your biological makeup, Emma. But, after your first fuck, the lips will change size to accommodate his great big dick size. The inner lips are the flower part of your body, which are highly reactive a tender touch of his single finger pad, then eventually his massive dick. Or the flower is highly sensitive to his lips, his fingers, and then his dick. There are over 15,000 nerve endings here. Touch it!”

“A tingling,” one of the belles smiled while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“A tickling,” another belle grinned while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“A fucking,” a different belle giggled resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Rub it! This is a prime spot for sexual sensation. Finger fuck your vagina. Feel the pleasure! Now, you’re getting hot stroking it back and forth inside your vagina. Lift your hips slightly from the bed linen. Continue to thrust in and out! Now, you are getting hotter.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe closed the eyelashes and shifted the two fingers deeply down into her vagina with a smile. “The best way to understand your body is to fuck yourself. The vagina canal is three inches long, so stuff can fit in there, cozy-like. Keep moving your finger down, while locating more spongy tissue inside your vagina, which is extremely sexually sensitive. Thrust your finger up and down, either slow or fast for more pleasurable stimulation. I like slo mo.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “You can’t see your clitoris unless you’re a lesbian and want to lick my vagina, Emma,” she giggled with the other belles.

“Go to hell, bitch-whore!” She frowned while resting on a back spine and played with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Your clitoris is about three inches lengthways on average and lots of interior vertical space for an average two inched diameter dick to enter your vagina.”

“Does it hurt, Chloe?” Jocelyn frowned while resting on a back spine and played with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Yes. That’s why you’re playing with your vagina to understand what hurts and what doesn’t hurt. During sex, the vagina will expand. Feel it! You are getting wider and higher from your self-fuck. Thrust your finger in and out with a quicker pace and going deeper to experience more vagina expansion of both pain and pleasure.”

“I grow hot,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I grow sideways,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I grow in a circle,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Keep thrusting your finger in and out, baby. You’ll expand feeling, like a circle of pain.”

“I feel pain,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I feel good,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I feel lusty,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “That’s you, wanting a fresh round pulsing dick inside to finish fucking ya very good!”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe giggled. “Now, your vagina is open and ready for his dick. For ya’ll truly virgins…”

“Me, not bitch-whore Chloe!” Emma frowned while resting on a back spine and played with her vagina.

Jocelyn stops the fuck of her vagina and sat upright on an ass with a smile to see each girl. “Chloe means the hymen. You heard that term. The hymen was said in the old days before tampons, where you inserted into a vagina. When a young virgin married, her beau on their wedding night punched through her hymen, causing it to bleed on the bed sheet. Then, he would give the bed sheet to the virgin’s daddy as the symbol of her virginity,” giggling.

Chloe continued to fuck her vagina with a smile. “The beau’s dick explodes the hymen, creating extreme pleasure and sexual excitement, maybe some blood. Do not freak out! Run your finger deeper into your vagina, receiving that lusty feel of flowing sexual excitement. Feel it!”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe continued to play with her vagina with a smile. “During sex, the vagina lifts upwards and extends up into your body, creating a bowl-fitting shape, hugging the penis for his forward and backward horizontal thrusting. Inside the walls of the vagina, there are glands that secrete lubricating fluid. This is very important. The fluid keeps a vagina moist, during sex and also lengthens the vagina canal for his big dick. Sex should not harm your vagina never ever. If it does, your beau needs to do a finger-fuck on you, until you bleed out white discharge over his hand.”

She continued to rest on top of her bed linens with a smile and removed the finger, staring at the wet digit with a confused brow, “Hey! I got white stuff on my fingers,” Trinity frowned with disgust at the white stuff on her fingers, turning with a gasp to see twins. “Jeezus, the twins are finger fucking each other.” Spring and Autumn rested next to each other with a set of bend kneecaps and crossed an arm over the stomach of the other sister, thrusting an index finger into the other sister’s vagina with a set of giggles and smiles.

“I wanna see, too,” Emma sat upright with a smile and turned with a giggle to see the twins.

The twins, Autumn and Spring continued to rest on top of the bed linens with a smile, thrusting an index finger into the other one’s vagina with a set of giggles and smiles. Emma smiled, “Gawd! That action turns me on!”

Spring removed the finger from her sister’s vagina and lifted it into a face, looking at the wet digit with a confused brow too. “I have…”

“…white stuff, too,” Autumn did the same thing and stared at the wet digit with a giggle.

“What about the g-spot, Chloe?” Bethel continued to fuck two fingers into her vagina with a giggle and a grin.

Chloe rested on a back spine and finger fucked the vagina with a smile and a grunt of pleasure. “It is either a myth or truth, since all sex is extremely pleasurable. Use two fingers and then thrust deeper into your vagina, sliding both fingers into the wet vagina, opening and squeeze onto the soft tissues of your vaginal walls like you’re holding your urine. When you have hit the g-spot, you will feel the sensation to pee, since the g-spot is located near the bladder,” smiling.

“I feel folds of tissue,” one of the belles smiled while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I feel soft skin,” another belle grinned while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I feel skin around my fingers,” a different belle smiled while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

Chloe continued to play with her vagina with a smile and a grunt. “During sex, the vagina walls will expand to let his penis inside and then the wall tissues will close around his big dick. Don’t let your beau scratch, grind, bite, or squeeze you, until you are very well lubricated inside your vagina.”

“I feel warm,” one of the belles grinned while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“I feel something hot,” another belle frowned while resting on a back spine, playing with her vagina.

“Stop!” Chloe removed the finger from the vagina and quickly sat upright on top of the homemade bed with a giggle and a smile to see each face. “Look down at the white towel underneath your ass.”

She removed the finger from the vagina and sat upright, looking down at the towel space between the legs with a gasp. “O no! I see red spot of blood,” Peyton frowned with worry.

She removed the finger from the vagina and sat upright, looking down at the towel space between the legs with a gasp. “I see my red spot of fresh blood, too,” Naomi reached down and touched the bloody spot with the clean finger on the towel.

She removed the finger from the vagina and sat upright, looking down at the towel space between the legs with a gasp. “I see nothing on my towel.” Emma reached down and gently brushed the fingers over the wet spot of vaginal fluids that spilled out from her pussy without a colored spot.

Bethel removed the finger from the vagina and sat upright, turning with a smile to see the nose profile of Emma. “Emma likes to play with herself doing private vaginal sex time on top of her soft bed covers inside her private bedroom, before she came to Antebellum House.”

Emma turned and gasped at Bethel. “What?”

Chloe giggled with a grin at each face. “Your hymen has popped open and bleed on top of your bedcovers inside you bedroom before our female fuck fest today, Emma.”

“Emma’s the real whore.” Trinity turned and winked with a giggle at Emma.

Chloe shook her curls with a smile to each face, “Naw. She ain’t no whore. During the ancient times and modern days, the hymen can rupture from any type of athletic exercise or using a tampon or engaging in fucking oneself at night in your bed right before sleep time, Emma,” she chuckled with the other belles.

“Shut the fuck up, Chloe,” Emma looked down with a sour frown at the wet towel without a bloody spot.

Chloe smiled to each face. “Your beau has been educated in the female anatomy, because they have been fucking whores, since kindergarten. If he gets nervous or fumbles too slowly, then guide his finger to the top of your flower to acquire that all important erotic stimulation immediately. And remember this very important female fact? Your ovaries have more than 400,000 eggs, since your birth. Inside your brown bag is a pink pill, so remember to eat the abortion pill the next morning, unless you want to leave Antebellum House and have a baby.”

“No,” one of the belles frowned.

“Nope,” another belle gasped.

“Naw,” a different belle shook her curls.

Emma giggled with a nod. “What about you really shove something else up your vagina for fun, Chloe? We all wanna see.”

“Look inside your brown bag!” Chloe reached out and grabbed, lifting into the air, dumping the rest of the contents ou from the bag onto the top of her make-shift bed with a smile.

“Gawd,” one of the belles giggled.

“A big penis,” another belle smiled.

“A rubber ducky dick,” a different belle grinned.

Chloe reached out and grabbed, lifting the object near a grin. “This is a duplicate in rubber of a healthy man penis. The real penis can expand during sex to about eight inches long and two inches in diameter.”

“Mercy! That is going to hurt as it is really shoved up and into my vagina pussy hole.” Trinity frowned at the rubber penis without touching it.

Bethel reached out and grabbed, rubbing the rubber penis with both hands with a giggle and a smile. “Merry! This is going to feel good as it is really shoved up and into my vagina pussy hole.”

“This is not battery-operated.” Emma reached out and grabbed, twirling the rubber dick near a frown.

Chloe giggled. “Right, Emma!” She turned and leaned over, whispering into the nose profile of Jocelyn. “Psss! Don’t tell anyone, Jocelyn! But I think Emma is a real badass bitch-whore.”

Emma snarled. “Fuck off, Chloe! I like to read books about sex, not do sex acts like the only real bitch-whore in the classroom.”

Chloe laughed with a smile. “Since, I’ve been insulted correctly. Grease the tip of the rubber penis with the soft o-intment for easy peno-tration,” she reached out and grabbed the tube, rubbing the toy rubber penis, coating it with smooth petroleum jelly. She planned to shove the pretend beau dick all the way up and into her vagina for a great masturbation sex act today. She looked up and observed each girl with a giggle of fun amusement. Each girl swirled a set of ointment-coated fingers around the toy rubber dick with a smile, except Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret rested on the side and faced the wall on top of the bedcover while not participating in the new whore game. Chloe turned and frowned in silence to Jocelyn. They both nodded with the same mental thought about the innocent and virgin Mary Margaret.

Chloe swung a face back to see each girl with a smile. “Your beau can perform foreplay with his penis too. Lay back down on a back spine like I need to tell you the next upcoming step. But I’m the instructor. You have done your foreplay performance with excellence. Make sure your beau duplicates that same vagina show for protection and safety and pleasure. Place your index finger back down into your flower for a second time and make sure that you are still dripping with vaginal wetness. If you are not wet inside your pussy, then finger-fuck yourself for a second time for a few seconds,” She watched each girl.

Each girl rested down on a back spine on top of their homemade bed with a pair of legs spread apart, reaching down and shoved an index finger back into the flower, wiggling the digit up and down for fun and pleasure with sounds of giggles and moans.

The soft fucking sounds made her tummy ache for a hard sex act of a hard penis and as Chloe smiled at each girl. “Place the rubber tip of the penis at the lip of your vagina and then slowly move the tip up and down over the skin tissue. Get familiar with the rouge texture while stimulating more vagina discharge and wetness over your pussy and the towel for the final penetration of the toy rubber penis. A real dick is soft but firm, not hard and stiff.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe continued to watch each girl. Each girl held the penis tip on top of the bone and then slowly shifted the rubber tip up and down with a set of moans of new pleasure. She leaned down and rested onto a back spine, spreading both legs wide, closing both eyelashes and reached down, centering the penis near her heated skin and firmly shoved the hard rubber tip into her vagina with a scream of pain and pleasure, “Ah!” She felt the roundness of the tip penetrated down into the tight hole. The vaginal walls immediately attacked the love object with glee and curved the soft tissue, forming a bowl-shaped around the rubber penis as all the vagina glands lubricated the rubber penis. Then, she pushed and shoves the penis deeper down into her vagina while moaning with delight in a scream, “Ah!” She forgot about her instructor role and removed the penis, creating an intense pleasure with a groan and a smile, “Ah!”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe continued to rest on a back spine and inserted the rubber penis into a vagina with a smile. “Gently shove the tip down into your vagina with a little force. You are a virgin except for Emma, who has never been touched by a wicked love object before.”

“Fuck you, Chloe!” Emma continued to rest on a back spine and inserted the rubber penis into a vagina with a frown.

Chloe held the tip of the rubber penis at the lips of the vagina and slowly shoved it into the pussy hole while thinking about a real beau dick inside her wet and heated vagina. She felt dirty lust and joyous pleasure and then rammed the tip between the folds of soft skin while plummeting it deeply into a void of erotic happiness while hearing the soft sounds inside the quiet room.

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe continued to rest on a back spine and thrust the rubber penis into her pussy hole with a smile. “Gently thrust the penis back and forth, without pulling the rubber tip out of your flower.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Jerk the penis out of your flower! And then ram the penis back inside very slowly, you will feel something awesome.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Shove your penis back and forth fast.”

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Shove your penis into your flower back and forth faster,” Chloe thrust the penis in and out of her vagina with a set of deep pants of pleasure.

“Ah,” one of the belles shouted out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with pleasure while resting on a back spine, shoving the rubber penis into her vagina.

Chloe smiled. “Belles, your dick fucking pleasure lesson is done. Sit upright on top of your bed!”

Trinity sat upright with a smiling face of sweat. “I feel happy.”

Peyton sat upright with a smiling face of sweat, turning and winked at Tyleigh. “I feel dirty.”

Tyleigh sat upright with a smiling face of sweat and turned with a smile to see Peyton. “I feel horny.”

Chloe stood upright and swing around a naked body to face the wall and a white cooler that was hidden below the blue curtains of the center window. The white cooler contained a set of cooling treat for each girl. She squatted down over the floor and reached out, pulling the cooler from the wall and ripped off the plastic lid with a smile. “Every belle, come up here to the window and grab a frozen popsicle from me!” Each naked girl stood upright from the bed linens with a giggle and scooted towards the naked ass of Chloe with a grin, moving across the wood, racing towards the little cooler and stopped, forming a long line with a set of giggles and smiles. Chloe reached down into the cooler and drew out the first frozen popsicle in white paper, handing one to each naked girl with a giggle. “This is your popsicle. Don’t eat it yet. Go back to your bed and sat down, waiting on my new set of fucking instructions.”

Each naked girl turned away from the Chloe with the popsicle and swiftly moved back to the bed linens with a giggle and a grin, sitting back down on top of the soft fabric with a smile in silence.

Chloe finished handing out all the popsicles, except the last one which was meant for Mary Margaret, and slammed the plastic lid down shut with a smile. She stood upright from the cooler and spun around with the wrapped popsicle, moving ahead, sitting down on top of the pink tinted bed linens and ripped off the white paper, revealing a cherry colored popsicle with a smile to each girl. “This is your beau’s penis. You are going to practice oral sex using your lips, your teeth, and your gums on the wet, sweaty, and sticky popsicle which is really like a wet, sweaty, and sticky real penis dick. Rip off the paper! Lay down on your back.”

Each naked girl leaned down and rested on a back spine on top of the homemade bed, holding an upright popsicle in the air and away from a face and as, the colored water and sugar melted in the heated air on top of a raised hand and the floor.

Chloe smiled. “Don’t worry about getting icky wet with the popsicle’s juice. A beau’s penis will get your face, more wet.”

“Ugh,” one of the belles shouted out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“O,” another belle screamed out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“Aw,” a different belle yelled out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“No,” another belle grunted out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“Eww,” a different belle hollered out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

Chloe smiled. “Sex is good and sweaty. If you’re not sweaty, then it wasn’t good enough. Open your mouth lips! Place the tip of the popsicle on the top of your tongue and between your lips and then close your mouth. During oral sex, you breathe through a pair of nose holes. Or you suffocate and die. Just kidding! Oral sex uses your mouth and your tongue, not your hands. I can’t talk you through the verbal steps, since I’m going to suck my popsicle dick too. So, place the tip of the dick into your mouth and then suck it, lick it, or nibble it as it melts onto your tongue. Then, shove it over your tongue and down your throat as far as you like without vomiting, which is a normal gag reflex for practice.”

“Ugh,” one of the belles shouted out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“No,” another belle screamed out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“Eww,” a different belle yelled out loud with disgust while resting on a back spine, holding the melting popsicle.

“Fuck the popsicle at your own pace,” Chloe giggled with a smile and watched each girl. Each girl placed the tip of a colored and favored pop-sicle into the mouth while resting on a back spine. She stood upright and sucked on the red colored cherry favored pop-sicle, holding the pink colored bathrobe, slipping it around a naked body and turned to frown at Jocelyn while pointing at the hidden body of Mary Margaret.

Jocelyn stood upright with a nod and slipped back on the red bathrobe, covering her nakedness.

They moved towards Mary Margaret. The baby blue bedspread covered the face and the body of Mary Margaret while trying not to see but hearing the nasty fucking session of the girls.

Chloe squatted down over the floor without pulling out the bedcover from the eyelashes of Mary Margaret and softly whispered down into a hidden eardrum, “Go back to your room, Mary Margaret!” Mary Margaret shifted inside the bed linens like a funny baby blue ghost while hiding a face.

Both Chloe and Jocelyn reached out and firmly grabbed a duck-patterned covered arm of Mary Margaret, helping the petite teen to stand upright from the ballroom floor, spinning around and walked Mary Margaret near the side wall of the closed windows, so she did not see the naked girls mouth-fucking a colored popsicle. They slowly moved ahead towards the closed door and stopped, standing in front of the closed door.

Chloe released the arm of Mary Margaret and reached down, opening the door.



Dogtrot breezeway setting



Jocelyn shoved the blind and silly Mary Margaret from the ballroom and outside into the cool breezeway that came from the natural flowing air currents of a big hole in the building.

Chloe gently closed the door shut with a stern face without disturbing the other naked girl.

Mary Margaret quickly shuffled out the set of hot bed linens from a distorted face with a sneer and a pair of red tinted inflamed cheekbones and a pair of matching nostrils at both the teen girls.

Chloe leaned over with a sneer into the face Mary Margaret. “What’s your fucking probe, sugar?”

Jocelyn snarled over the hair roots of Mary Margaret. “You are either part of the solution of our fuck fest or part of the problem of our fuck fest, honey.”

Mary Margaret leaned over into the nose hole of Chloe, since they were about the same height, sneers. “I know what the word fuck means. I know what a vagina and a penis does during a fuck. Leave me alone! I’ll do my part on Friday night.” She back stepped on her pair of bed slippers and slipped between the girls, swiftly moving down the breezeway, around the outer corner of the front porch and disappeared out of sight. Chloe and Jocelyn watched the wiggling ass of Mary Margaret disappear out of sight.

Chloe exhaled with a puff of miffness at the front porch. “What do you think, Jocelyn?”

“I fucking don’t know.” Jocelyn crossed both arms with a deep sigh and stared at the front porch.

Chloe nodded with a stern face at the front porch. “Maybe, we should exclude Mary Margaret. Her heart isn’t into it.”

“She doesn’t need her heart, only her vagina.”

Chloe exhaled. “Maybe, we should reduce her price from two hundred dollar down to one hundred dollar or nothing at all.”

“Look. I can’t do that either. The beaus all know that there are twelve of us. If we adjust one belle fucking price, then we will have to renegotiate for each belle for a second time. That’s the point of selling our virginity to the highest bidder, which is a rich beau. And her dad like my dad is not removing Mary Margaret from Antebellum House, since this is the only leverage of keeping the real estate property while running a school full of virgin daughters.”

Chloe turned and stared at the beaten and broken side walls of the breezeway with a sour frown. “Well, this is some school. There are only twelve of us, students here. Why’s that, Jocelyn? Where are the rest of the southern belles at Antebellum House?” She turned and frowned at Jocelyn.

“The school has been undergoing some restructuring. That’s how my dad explained it to my mom while I stood inside the hallway and ease dropped during the kitchen table conversation. Since, I’m trying to graduate from Antebellum House. The program here is called an independent study which means that you are independent from the other teens and don’t really take any type of in-house academic classes. And he and the other fathers don’t want the building to be torn down, so they have decided that we stay until the university agrees to the landowner’s terms.”

She frowned. “Which is when?”

“I was told that it would happen at the end of December,” Jocelyn nodded with a stern face to Chloe.

“So why are the rest of the virgins becoming a whore?” She frowned.

Jocelyn sneered. “Speak for yourself, Chloe! You have had some fun before coming here to Antebellum House. I have had zero fun within my entire life, since birth. This Friday night is going to be really fun for me for the first time in my twenty one years.”

“So, back to my first argument! This is not fun for little virgin Mary Margaret. We shouldn’t make her participation, if she doesn’t want to interact with a beau.”

Jocelyn reached over and slapped the collar bone of Chloe with a smile and a nod. “We are twelve. We are a sisterhood. Mary Margaret needs to learn that now, not later. Let’s get back inside the ballroom, before the other girls get suspicious,” she lifted a hand into the air with a nod and spun around to face the closed door, reaching out and opened the door with a smile, moving inside the room, hearing the moans of the other girls.

“Fine,” Chloe exhaled with a puff of frustration and followed behind the ass of Jocelyn into the ballroom, gently closing the door with a puzzled brow.



Bedroom chamber setting of Mary Margaret

11:08 a.m.

Hot temperatures with parted cloud of light rain



She dashed ahead over the front porch with a stern face and turned the building corner, running down the rest of the side porch and turned again, entering through the set of double archways that lead into the belle wing. She climbed up the first step and turned, stopping with a set of pants, standing in front of the closed door and exhaled with set of deep breathes of fear and worry. She reached out and grabbed the door handle, twisting the knob. The door opened.

She entered through the archway and spun around, gently closing the door without the loud noise, dropping down the bundle of dirty bedcovers and linen sheets onto the floor from the cradled arms, slowly back stepping from the closed door with a sad face. She sobbed with tears of fear and worry, slapping the legs into the short settee inside the wall corner.

She sat down on top of the green colored leather settee which stood between the open set of viewing windows inside the cool shadow of her bright sunny private bedroom. She reached out and grabbed, lifting the old-fashioned pink tinted landline princess telephone from the bedroom nightstand, preferring to talk on the cute phone rather than the smaller mobile telephone that can show a red colored swollen face.

She lifted the receiver into the air and pressed down each square key one at a time with a lime green colored manicured index finger for a familiar telephone number, waiting on the connection. She heard the familiar rumble of a male voice and softly said, “Hi, Daddy.”

She paused and listened on the landline telephone to her father on the other end of the connection.

She wiped off the tears with the other hand and said with a soft timber into the landline telephone receiver. “I miss you, a lot, too. So, can you and Mama come and pick me up on Friday after my school sessions?”


She wiped off the snot that ran down from two nose holes with a left hand, saying with a sad face. “O. You and Mama are flying to Mobile for a charity dinner banquet to banquet homeless children and their adults. That’s so very nice, Daddy. I can tag along for the wonderful event, too. Then, you and Mama can bring me back to Antebellum House on Sunday afternoon right after church…”


She exhaled with a worried brow. “Yes sir! There is going to be a charity ball on Friday night here at Antebellum House, too.”


“Yes sir! I have lots of pretty dresses for the social event that Mama had selected for me. I guess that I will wear a bright red one.”


“Thanks, Daddy. I always try to look pretty for you and Mama as a proper southern belle.” She exhaled. “Well, I find college hard, harder than I thought, Daddy.”


“My classes are different from my old high school, Daddy.”


“I like my needlepoint class the best, sir. I’m very good at cross-stitch needlepoint. Grandmother Cantwell taught me as a child to be a stitcher.”


“I’m making some new friends, Daddy. We are all southern belles, here. We are all like sisters.”


“Hi, Mama!”


“Yes ma’am. You had told me that too. And they have told me that we’re a sisterhood doing everything together.”


“O. I sound tired. Well, I’m very busy, maybe a little stressed along with being a little tired. I’m having trouble sleeping in a new bed, not quite dreaming of unicorns and tiaras, Daddy.”


“What do I think? You’re so sweet, Daddy. I think that I need a tiny bit of medication for a better sleep to do well in my new classes, especially in my new needlepoint class. I shore don’t want to slip up with that sharp needle, puncturing my finger into pretty red blood proteins either.”


“What would I prescribe? Yes sir! I’m going to be a good physician like both you and Mama one day, too. Well, I would pick for me the drug called methanqualone.”


“Why methanqualone, Daddy? Well, I remember studying when I took that electronic test to become a pharmacy technician like you and Mama wanted me to do. I proved how smart I was in the chemistry sciences, passing it with ninety seven points out of one hundred.”


“Methanqualone is prescribed to reduce anxiety during the day and a sleeping aid at night for a good rest.”


“Yes sir! I know that. Methanqualone is a commonly abused drug with both a physical and a psychological dependence on the user. It can cause danger of instant death from a car accident which could be caused by a set of faulty judgments and a bout of drowsiness. Plus, the user appears like she is sleepy from exhaustion but really is in a coma from an overdose of the drug, which can lead to…death.”


“I remember all that, Daddy.”


“But Daddy, I don’t have my personal car here, since I’m not allowed to drive away from Antebellum House for any reason.”


“You’re funny, Daddy. I would make a good lawyer, if I wasn’t going to be a good physician like you and Mama. Yes sir! Thank you, sir! I will be on the lookout for an express package from you on tomorrow afternoon that will contain the sleep medication. I love you, Daddy.”


“Goodbye, Daddy! Goodbye, Mama! I love you, too, Mama,” she wiped off the tears and reached down, hanging up the pink colored princess telephone onto the hook, sobbing with tears and fears of her short eighteen years old life.



Three days later

Friday August 18th



5:58 p.m.

Ballroom interior setting

Hot temperatures and moonlight with bright stars



Fairy tale of Trinity and her beau



Trinity sat inside the ancient long sofa of silver slick leather that was painted in golden hues on top of four wooden thick straight legs with a series of tiny gold rosettes that flowed around the outline wood of the cushion. The chair had been made during the Neoclassical period in the foreign country of French. The silver cushion leather seriously clashed with her periwinkle blue tinted silk antebellum dress that covered the three itchy white stiff crinolines that tickled her naked legs.

She nervously fluffed all the fingers at the edge of her kneecaps as the skirt dress spread the fabric into four feet of blue across the silver leather. She shook her light brown colored curls that cascaded down into a set of four big cylinder rolls over the left side of a naked collar bone. She appeared liked a true southern belle from the days of yesteryears.

She had practice the sweet smile, pouting the lips like a fish and then expanded them to fit the proper width while showing off a set of nice white teeth. She bounced up and down excitedly on a pair of matching colored-coordinated periwinkle blue summer sandals underneath the dress, tapping a silent beat onto the wooden flooring. She stopped the finger fucking the dress and placed a pair of cupped hand down into a lap like Mary Margaret did, staring across the room at the black colored hair roots of the teen.

She slumped down over a petite body, displaying the parted black colored hair with a middle line white scalp like Mary Margaret was going to hurl green tinted vomit down into the lap of the dress. She continued to sit inside the middle of three individual pieces of long sofas on the side wall behind the row of weirdly decorated closed window panes that faced the opposite row of sofas.

Within the opposite row, the first sofa held a pretty head honey blonde colored Emma. The second sofa was the cute twins of Spring and Autumn.

The third sofa held Trinity, who was farthest from the open archway. She fumed with angry at Jocelyn, who had purposefully selected this awful position while presenting the eternal beauty of Trinity. Each beau would select his belle based on her appearance as Jocelyn knew all too well. Trinity bet that Jocelyn would present all the handsome beaus first, before the dogs started showing up inside the ballroom. Since, Jocelyn told Trinity in secret that she had to personally entertain the last beau for some dumb ass reason, making Jocelyn envy and jealous of her friend Trinity.

Trinity wanted a nice beau to drool over her smile, since this will be the first time that she would get to kiss a boy, without her parents around to spy on her ponytail.

Since, that boy of twelve years old had tried to kiss her right cheekbone during the church picnic lunch with a mouth spit of food, making the only single yesteryear past romantic encounter for Trinity.

She heard a pair of cowboy boots that sounded in heavy steps coming down the Dogtrot Hall and then grinned with a goofy smile of happiness, giggling inside a tight throat of giddiness, studiously watching the open archway inside the ballroom.

She tilted a skull slightly to the right with curiosity, not with whore ambition, bouncing up and down the pair of sandals with extreme excitement, hearing a set of faint voices that conversed along the wall.

Then Jocelyn appeared and stood inside the open archway with a beau who was cuffed to her left arm. She flirted with a giggle like a real whore with a cute guy, who stood tall at six feet and four inches, since Jocelyn was six feet and one inch with a pair of three inched summer sandals, making them the same height.

He wore a pair of orange colored ostrich leather cowboy boots which was the softest animal leather to break over a set of tender ten naked toe bones that displayed a distinctive pattern of bumps or quills in rich black hues. The orange quills encircled each boot foot. He wore a pair of slightly faded black jeans, a solid black colored short-sleeved shirt which outlined a set of nice deltoids, biceps, and triceps. A pair of olive tinted biceps matched a smiling face of olive too.

But, the most striking feature of this beau was a shaved shiny bald head of olive toned skin.

Trinity felt heated and lusty dirtiness within her teen hormones of pleasure with his particular beau.

Jocelyn continued to stand inside the archway, hugging his arm with a smile to see each girl. “Belles, please welcome our first beau. Beau, meet our lovely belles. Go and find your princess, sir!” The beau elegantly strolled ahead and tapped across the hard wood away from the archway, grinning with a goofy smile.

Trinity turned and quickly examined each belle potential, staring back at his smiling face. The beau turned and started the belle journey at the northern wall of girls. Her sandals nervously bounced up and down underneath the gown. Trinity wished that she could stand up and yell out for his undivided attention. She liked this beau and his physical features of cuteness, tallness, and hunky-ness as he continued to strut manly in a set of black colored clothing and scouted with a pair of two eyeballs and a smile at each sitting and demur southern lady.

He slowly moved ahead down the side wall row of three different long sofas, passing by gorgeous queen-sized Tyleigh, then frightened mousy Mary Margaret, then finally beautiful queen-sized Bethel. He turned to the side and moved ahead down the second row of belles on the forward wall with a smile to see petite Chloe, pretty Naomi, lovely Peyton, and cute Zoey, and then quickly rounded into the last row of belles, stopping dead in his boots right in front of Trinity.

Trinity grinned so wide that both of her cheekbones were going to split apart and bleed red blood over the antebellum dress. He extended an arm to her as a good southern gentleman. She swiftly stood upright from the sofa and reached out, roughly grabbing his bicep like her sofa was on fire. He cuddled Trinity into a hard chest for the fire rescue in silence. She giggled with a grin into his handsome face, “Hi! I’m Trinity.”

He leaned down and whispered into her eardrum. “You’re beauty, Trinity. I’m Stan, the man, by the way.” He rubbed a soft shaven face and a bald skull into her cheekbone, chuckling with man-excitement.

“Thank you!” She whispered with a smile.

He back stepped with her from the sofa and slowly turned to face the open archway with Jocelyn, moving ahead and strolled by Jocelyn.

Jocelyn smiled at the nose profile of Trinity, “Nighty-nite Trinity.”

Trinity ignored her friend Jocelyn and stared into the eyeballs of Stan. He stared into her eyeballs with a smile in silence.

They swiftly exited ahead through the open archway as one being.

Trinity smiled at Stan, “Good night Jocelyn.”

He smiled at Trinity. “Later, Jocelyn,” he turned with Trinity and moved down the Dogtrot Hall, scanning her dress and then her smile. “Your dress is pretty. I always enjoy complimenting the entire girl from her hair roots down to her toe nails. You are all baby blue.”

“Thank you! I…I think your very handsome. I like your baldness,” she nervously giggled with a smile.

“I feel like I’m going on a blind date, but not blind. I mean, I’ve never been on a completely blind date. Since, I had somewhere met the girl that I took on a planned date before at a party or at school. This is very different but very exciting and kinda sexy like you. You’re very sexy, Trinity.” She bowed down a chin into the naked neckline with a pair of pink tinted blushing cheekbones. He cuddled her closer.

They slowly moved down the Dogtrot breezeway towards the front portico.


Stan almost kissed her cheekbone with his words and his actions. “I don’t know nothing about you. I want to know a lot about you like your interests, your hobbies.”

She stopped and stood in place, pointing into the belle parlor room with a smile. “We can climb up the staircase inside the belle parlor room and dash up towards the belle garconniere. It’s a quicker path.”

Stan shook a bald skull and turned to see the interior of the belle parlor room with a sneer. “The staircase is haunted,” he swiftly moved ahead towards the front porch with a stern face.

She cuddled into his arm with a puzzled brow. “How do you know that?”

Stan swiftly exited from the Dogtrot Hall with her and turned to the side, moving down the porch windows in front of the belle parlor room, passing the line of rocking chair with a smile. “I attended here during my undergraduate days while working on my history degree, before I started Bam U law school. All the beaus came from here before…before we built the Rebel Den. Something’s damn strange about that staircase. Over the years, brave or foolish beaus would challenge the she-demonettes. That’s a female version of demon, since these she-ghosts are not nice dead southern belles.” Trinity listened with a smile.

They turned the corner and slowly strolled down the other side of the porch, swinging around the building.

Stan laughed. “And each beau failed sometimes on their knees or their face depending on which she-ghost attacked a human body part. After eye witnessing the silly fools along with my only single challenge to a she-ghost, my selfie felt a chilled cold sensation blew across my cheekbone. It felt like five finger nails of a ghost. Man! I’m thoroughly convinced that something haunts that staircase. So, I learned to stay clear, since all the other belles did too along with all the antebellum school teachers. I mean this here building is really old during the eras, when folks get sick and died under their bedcovers and under mysterious circumstances,” he turned to the side and moved through the set of open double doors that led up the grand wooden staircase.

Trinity stopped in place and stood in front of the closed door, pointing at the room on the first level which was across from the sleeping chamber of Mary Margaret with a smile, “Who are the she-ghosts?”

“One was murdered during the War of 1814. One died when she get drunk, best explanation, when she died accidentally falling off the watch tower. That’s the fifth level on this building which has been locked, sealed, and bolted during my entire school days, when I lived here. The watch tower is for watching, not dancing. Because, there ain’t no proper balcony railing for spying on a pretty belle or a protective overhang for bad weather for kissing on a pretty belle either. The third was a formal teacher, who passed away in her room here at the House.”

“O. Those stories are all so sad,” she shifted to the side and allowed him to grab the knob, opening the door like a southern gentleman. She entered through the archway with a nervous giggle like a southern belle.



Bedroom setting of Trinity and Stan



Her private bedroom held an ivory colored marble poster bed frame with a series of looping and draping thick and dull satin ivory fabric that puddled down over the wooden floor.

The bedroom door closed shut without any sound behind his ass. Since, the door spring was loaded with a set of good hinges that worked too perfectly, catching the heavy five feet wide wooden door.

He moved ahead and scanned the room with a smile. “Country music, I like.”

She had dreamed of the opening show for my beau. She moved ahead and stopped, spinning around in a half-circle with a giggle to face him, flinging out one of the periwinkle blue sandals from the foot. The sandal soared through the air waves and landed near the near the wall of entrance doorway. She flicked the other sandal sideways towards the other side of the entranceway door. The sandal sailed through the air and landed, bouncing up and down near the bottom of the clothing armoire that held some of her personal clothing items.

He stood in place and away from each flying weapon, enjoying the show with a chuckle to her, “I like that too.”

She reached down with a giggle and gently loosely the blue satin belt from the wrist, breathing freely while trying to look sexy in a 200 year old fashion statement and tossed the cloth belt into the air. The belt soared into the air near the bed post and then dropped down, landing on top of the floor in silence pain. She wiggled both hips as the periwinkle blue dress exploded into a pretty potato sack that covered her body. The V-shaped collar of the plummeting off-the-shoulder necklace fit around the breast size, not the waist size without the use of zips, buttons, or hooks in the rear back of the elegant ball gown.

A real plantation dress had pulled together a set of cloth ribbons around the waist which was tied with a fabric belt that was made of satin, cotton, leather, or silk. Then the skirt would widen into three feet or more on top of the floor.

He reached down with a smile and jerked off the shirt, exposing an olive colored chest with set of muscles from deltoids to biceps to triceps to a set of eight-packed abs. She watched him undress with a lady growl. He dropped the shirt onto the floor.

She swayed side to side and pranced towards him with a smile and a giggle, stopping and stood in front of her new lover. His hands reached up and tenderly dropped the ruffled collar down from her naked neckline, exposing a pair of matching coco tinted breasts. She didn’t wear a bra with the dress.

He smiled but did not physically touch her naked breasts, holding the dress fabric with both hands in the air, staring down at her naked breasts and then her face with a smile. “You’re beauty, Trinity.” She reached out and wiggled both hands in front of his naked chest with a giggle and a grin. He frowned. “Wait! We both finish undressing each other,” Stan reached down and untied a set of three small and cute bows off the three crinolines. Her dress and the three crinolines dropped down with the help of Earth’s gravity down over the hard wood flooring. She reached over and unlatched his belt as it dropped down on top of her dress and the three crinolines.

They stood upright and close enough to fire a chimney.

She reached down and unlatched the single button, unzipping his blue jeans. He reached up and picked out the individual hair pens that held up the curls of light brown hair on the side of her neck in place with a smile.

Her light brown hair fell down to the collar bone in thin, straight, and shiny waves from the overhead lights. He leaned over and placed all the gathered hair pins in one hand behind her back spine without tickling her nakedness. She watched him maneuver around her body with a smile She stood upright almost naked, except for the pair of pink lace panties, staring down at his white briefs.

They giggled with a smile at each other.

She reached out and touched the edge of his waistband on the briefs. He reached down and thumbed the edge of her panties with a smile.

Then, they both jerked down and lowered each other’s underwear at the same time, bumping the forehead together.

“Ouch!” She stumbled backwards while standing inside the interior of the dress and the three crinolines, bumping against the front of the entertainment center that held the new plasma television. She looked up with a smile to see his smile.

They wiggled side to side with a giggle of the funny naked performance.

He reached out and gently grabbed, touching her right hand, lifting it up in the air as she balanced a naked body out from the clump of clothing around both ankles. She lifted a right foot and then a left foot, hopping on the right foot. He duplicated her native dance for fun.

They wiggled side to side with a giggle of the funny naked performance again.

He released her hand and squatted down on both kneecaps, gathering the pile of clothes, swiftly standing to scan the room to dump the lump of satin. He turned and stared at the closet then the bathroom door, then the floor, and then saw ugly green, red, and blue plaid settee, a medium-sized sofa without a pair of arm rests.

She followed his head nods with a giggle around the room and then frowned at the settee’s color. The plaid green, red, and blue vividly clashed with the ivory linens on the bed and the brown wooden made armoire that held her clothes. The settee didn’t match the purple metal student desk either that displayed a slender black laptop which could access the internet for all the on-line classes. Trinity pondered if her school needed more money funds to upgrade the academic facility.

He moved ahead with a smile and stopped at the wall, dumping down the lump of satin clothing in a semi-neat pile on top of the settee, spinning around with a chuckle towards her and as, his penis swayed in a different direction.

She dropped a chin down into the naked neckline, thanking the invisible beings that floated above her hair roots. It was not the year 1859, when a teen girl wore a pair of long legged pantaloons, a pair of silk stockings with a set of hot cow leather ankle boots that covered her naked legs. This modern day Antebellum House allowed a teen girl to wear a pair of summer sandals on the naked feet, exposing her newly neon nail-polished toenails for all eyeballs. She looked down to see the set of dull baby blue toe nails wondering that she should have re-painted them in a pretty girly pink with a giggle.

He turned to the side and moved ahead, stopping and stood in front of the entertainment center, reaching out and pulled open the first drawer that had been built into the furniture which held some of her personal clothing. He searched through the drawer with a smile. “The room is really cold temperatures, hovering at fifty eight freaking degrees Fahrenheit with no obvious air condition thermostat to control the fridge air flow. You should wear a pajamas top until we get hot and heated,” chuckling.

She moved ahead and stopped beside him, pulling out the second drawer, reaching inside and flung out her pair of pajamas in flannel candy pink with a set of cute little white poodle dogs all over the fabric. She lifted into the air and jerked the soft fabric over the naked collar bone but left the rest of her body exposed, wondering why he was taking so long to kiss, to touch and to attack her body with any degree of lust or passion. She turned and faced him with a smile in silence.

He turned to face her and reached down, gently grabbing her left naked wrist, where the long-sleeved pajamas top fell down from the collar bone. His eyeballs followed her skin tone, coming down from the wrist towards the elbow. She watched him with a stern face of intrigue. He stared down at her wrist bone with a smile. “I study veins.”

She giggled with a grin and stared at his face. “You’re a vampire.”

He stared at her wrist, not her face, touching her skin with his fingers, “Naw. If the veins on your wrist have a purple tint, then you are allergy to silver and gold jewelry and should only wear a set of platinum bands. Dark skinned folks based on olive skin types possess greenish-tinted veins on a wrist which means that a person should wear a set of gold jewelry, not silver or platinum. A bluish tint goes very well with a piece of smooth silver jewelry on a particular pretty pale complexion that I happen to see right here,” he looked up with smile to see her. Trinity smiled back.

He continued to caress her wrist bone with a smile and a nod. “The outer skin is a pigment color which is different from your red blood, where lots of pigment color makes up the black skin while a little amount of pigment creates the white skin tone. Below our outer skin epidermis, there is a series of white veins and capillaries which gives our white skin a pinkish tone. But, when the sunlight hits the red blood, it creates a lovely blue or green or purple line of beauty,” Stan lifted up her wrist bone to a mouth and tenderly kissed the skin.

She smiled at the oval shape of his skull that displayed beautifully handsomeness. He displayed a set of wide cheekbones that a fashion model would envy. The wide of his jaw line and the forehead were equal in length, making his baldness well-balanced along with the feeling of sexy and attractive to her.

He gently touched both fingers around both her wrists, pulling her closer to a heated body, looking with a grin into her smile. “Our blood has a chemical in it which is called hemoglobin that is red. A spider’s blood has a chemical in it which is called hemocyanim that turns greenish-blue color. So, when we blush our blood capillaries expand to give us a new color which is something brighten red or pretty pink that fan over the cheekbones that reflects throughout our skin. That is what is happening to you right now, Trinity. You’re pale skin is a bright pink. I like,” smiling.

He grinned. “Blood is really a dark crimson with a set of tiny specks of blue. When the air oxygen hits it, the blood turns into a brighter red. See? The tiny curvy line of white veins that come from your wrist going down to your elbow of your inner arm shines with a beautiful blue tint. That means I gotta a buy you a great big diamond ring with a silver wedding band.” He winks at her, smiling.

She exhaled with a puff of humor. “Stan, you’re too much,” Trinity giggled and pondered his intriguing romantic statement.

“Not as much as you’re going to love that diamond ring, I promise.” He pulled her into a heated body. She felt his penis against her abdomen, since we were almost the same height.

They leaned over and passionately kissed.

He pulled back with a smile. “I should make the proper introductions as I was taught by my southern mama.” He reached down and pointed his penis with a chuckle. “My little guy, meet Trinity. Trinity, meet my little guy.”

“Well, I’ll make my introductions know to both of you as well,” she reached down and pointed at her vagina with a smile. “My flower, I want you to meet Stan. And my flower is very excited about meeting both Stan and his little guy,” giggling.

He spun around and moved ahead, holding onto her wrist bone, leading towards the bed with a smile. “They still leave the bedcover neatly folded down from the three pillows.” Even, his mom did not turn-down the set of bed linens for her son at home. “That’s a nice touch. And there’s a pink rose on top of the linen pillow.” He stopped at the edge and stood beside the bed frame, reaching out and grabbing, jerking the pretty purple and red flower patterned bedcover down towards the end sitting bench but left the top bed sheet intact underneath the three pillows. He swung around with a smile and reached out, touching her nakedness with his little guy, placing the tip of soft rose petal to her nose with a grin. “This is for my girl. How are you feeling, darling?”

“I feel a little cold, but a lot of nerves.”

He leaned down and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile. “It’ll take me some time to get you lusty hot. Climb up on top of the bed linens. Lay your head down on top of the pillow.” He spun around and climbed on top of the bed mattress on both kneecaps, moving towards the three pillows, shuffling them around for her comfort and her pleasure and crawled to the side and patted the satin pillow with a nod.

She crawled up and over the soft bed mattress with a giggle, moving ahead on both palms and kneecaps with a smile, spinning around and rested on a head on top of the pillow like a nervous zombie. Her naked feet faced down towards the footboard with a set of nervous giggles.

He leaned over and straddled both bent legs, holding a folded naked body over her naked belly button with a grin of lust and playfully tapped the soft rosebud on her forehead with a chuckle, “Now, close your eyes and dream of me.”

“Okay,” she smiled and closed the eyelashes, feeling the softness of the rose tip on the crown of her forehead, breathing in shallow pants of nervousness and excitement. Her arms rested down at the sides and she wiggled both feet in anticipation of her first sex act with a male.

He slowly dragged the tip of the rose between her two eye sockets, down her nose tip, down her lips, and then stopped with a chuckle. He leaned down and kissed her parted lips very gently, pulling back with a deep sigh of pleasure, lifting upright a torso. He replaced the rose and touched her lips for a second time with a chuckle, dropping the tip of soft rose down the chin, then the chest, and between the two breasts. The soft petals tickled her with pleasure and amusement and as she shivered with lust. He shifted the tip of the rose between the ribs, down to the waistline and then tried to poke the soft petal down in her outie belly button with a chuckle. She giggled with a grin.

“Damn! It won’t fit.” He shifted the soft rose flower down to her flat stomach and stopped at the beginning of her blonde hair pubic hair with a smile. “O no! It is the end of the line, darling,” he growled with a smile. “So, we start from the top, again. Don’t open your eyes, precious!”

Trinity felt his body shift over her like a dark shadow and then the rose touched her forehead with his soft index finger pad. He shifted the finger between her eye brows, down her nose tip and down to her parted lips, leaning over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a grin.

She opened her eyelashes. He softly whispered with a smile into her face. “Now, think nasty dirty sex thoughts of me. Keep your eyes closed. This little thing is called foreplay. It is a very important play in getting your flower petals open for my little guy.” He leaned down and kissed her nose, pulling back with a smile. “Before, you enjoy my fucking pleasure, sweetheart.” He sat back on both kneecaps and reached down, touching a finger to her throat. She closed the eyelashes with a smile of giggles. He ran a soft finger between her two breasts. She felt excitement with a grin of giggles.

He slowly slid the finger between her rib cage and down to her waist, playing with her belly button for a second time and a whisper. “Damn, it won’t fit.” She giggled with a grin.

He dragged the finger down over her stomach and touched the edge of her pubic hair, stopping and removed the finger with a smile. “O no! I am at the end of the line again. So, I guess that I will start at the top, again.” She opened the eyelashes with a smile and stared at his grin, feeling warm and happy.

He smiled down into her face. “The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. Did you know that, sweetheart?”


He smiled. “Close your eyes.” She closed the eyelashes. He reached down and licked her forehead with a long warm wet tongue. She felt excited with a giggle. He kissed her forehead and stuck out, licking the tongue over the soft skin of her face, moving down between her two eye brows, her nose tip, and then jumped down between her breasts. She giggled from his tongue tickling sensation. He licked and kissed each breast, slowly moving down towards her belly button and then her stomach, stopping with a smile. She opened the eyelashes and stared at his smile. He reached down and parted her legs with a hand, dipping a face down into the pubic hair with a chuckle. She leaned back a skull down into the soft pillow, closing the eyelashes, feeling his tongue. His tongue strokes were gently and tender, licking and kissing her pubic hair for fun.

Trinity was getting warmer inside the cold room. His tongue moved up and down at a steady cadence. Her body changed from nervous to excitement and then from cold to hot. “O,” she parted the lips with a gasp of surprise. He rotated the tongue around the outer lips of her flower. She felt more heated, slightly lifting both hips into the air for a deeper penetration of his tongue, feeling excitedly pleasure and lusty dirty. He plunged a face down below her hip bone. She watched his bald skull as it worked up and down. He used the tip of the tongue to lightly lick her flower. She groaned with delight. “Ah,” she parted the lips with a grunt. Her nerve endings tickled with delight. He flicked the tip of tongue and twirled it around the outer lips of her flower, dipping the tongue down into her inner lips.

She exploded into a set of new raw emotional sensations of lusty dirty and excitedly pleasure. “O,” she groaned in delight. He placed both the mouth and the lips on her wet flower, gently sucking the gathered vagina lubricant from her pussy hole. She screamed with lust. “Ah!” He stopped the lick and sat back onto an ass with a smile, cocking his baldness sideways. She felt the warmth of a body heat inside the cold room.

He chuckled with a wink at her. “Do you want some more, darling?”

“Yes!” She licked her lips with a smile at his grin. He reached down and encircled a finger around her inner lips. She felt both his finger pressure and her wet discharge moisture. He leaned down and hid a face into her public hair, licking his lips up with her virgin juice, placing a face back into her flower and tongue lashed her pussy hole. He gently blew his sweet breathe into her pubic hair. She reached a new height of erotic pleasure, prolonging the anticipation of her first fuck. Then, he stopped the lick. She gasped with alarm.

Stan sat back on an ass with a smile and leaned down, crawling over her naked body with a wicked grin and a long tongue, reaching down, dragging the tip of his tongue up from her flower, her stomach, her waist, and then her rib cage. He stopped and sucked on each breast nipple and then replaced his tongue and kissed between her two breasts. He licked and dragged a tongue up her nakedness towards the throat, the chin, and going down into an open mouth, sucking on her lower lip.

He shoved open and parted her lips with a sweet tongue, attacking her taste buddies with the favor of spice from her vaginal juices with his sweet licks.

They both moaned in pleasure.

He painted her tongue inside her mouth, dripping in and out with a tongue.

Her mouth salvia puddled around her lips like the yellow colored popsicle juice had dropped down over her chin the other day inside the ballroom space and as, her mental funny sight tickled her mind from Wednesday’s masturbation session with Chloe.

He lifted up and held a body in the air and over her naked body with a grin, shifting a hand, placing two fingers back into her flower and roughly massaged in and out of her pussy hole. She groaned in lusty dirty. He lifted up a smile and leaned down, attacking her tongue with his tongue.

Their tongues played with each other for domination.

He shifted a hand and reached down, roughly massaging her left breast with a left hand. She felt lusty dirty all over her body while wanting more and softly moaned with his groan.

He stopped rubbing her nakedness without kissing her lips, fucking her flower, and rubbing her tit. She opened the eyelashes to see his smile.

He softly grinned. “Lay back down on your back with your legs scooted against your butt. I’m going to place my little guy on your stomach like a little kid. Don’t touch! Just watch it!” His glowing little guy was elongated into seven inches with a thick peachy-beige colored diameter of two inches. She looked down with a giggle at his man-sized penis. His dick was dripping down with sparkling moisture, twinkling at her with his man-juice.

She softly said with a smile as his penis wiggled side to side over her tummy. “It’s alive.”

He slid the penis back and forth over her flat tummy, dropping the dick down below her belly button, lowering it further down her hips and gently touched the top of her pubic hair. She giggled with a grin. He smiled at her smile. “This is the best position of penetration sex, body to body. Then, we can try some of my favorite positions.” He gently rested down over her nakedness. She could felt his tallness and his heaviness against her nakedness.

He lifted a long body into the air and stood on two bulging biceps. Her eyeballs shifted back and forth from his biceps to his deltoids and then down to see his little guy, which was below her hips. He lifted a long body with a left bicep, reaching down with the other arm and grabbed his penis. He wiggled the tip of his little guy against her flower with a chuckle. She jolted with a powerful sensation of lusty dirty. He gently moved the penis head up and down along the lips of her flower. She closed the eyelashes and enjoyed the new erotic pleasure.

He slowly tickled her public hair, her outer soft skin, and the two lips of her flower, pulling the tip away from Trinity and lifted a torso. He sat back on both kneecaps and leaned over, gently touching the lip of her flower with a smile and a nod. “You’re wet. That’s good. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” She smiled at her first fuck.



“Trinity, look up at me, honey. Open your eyes.” She sat upright on both elbows and stared into his eyeballs with a silly grin. He frowned. “Baby, this is going to hurt you, maybe me a little bit too. But, you a lot bit more, honey.”

“I….” didn’t know. Chloe didn’t cover this in our masturbation class on Wednesday.

He held up two fingers together with no space with a sour frown. “Honey, you’re a virgin. You’re about this big.”

She gasped. “O!”

“Baby, I want to you hold on to my left arm like a baby and scratch like a cat on my arm and scream like a hawk in my ear. Since, this is going to hurt you, honey. I can’t help it.”


He nodded with a stern face. “Hold my arm.” She shifted both hands and grabbed onto one of his taunt bicep. He nodded with a smile, feeling her soft hands, “Good, babe! Now, I’m going in. It’ll hurt at first and then your vagina wall with expand. Then, your vagina will cuddle my little guy like a lost little stuff toy brown bear. Then, we are one together and forever.” She smiled at his sweet statement.

He rested over her nakedness with both his legs parted around her spread legs, lifting upward onto one side to see the vagina entrance, gently guiding the tip of his penis with the other hand. She felt the heated skin of his penis touch onto the set of two tight vertical lips of her vagina with a painful scream, “Ah!” She panted for air molecules into parted lips and pulled onto his bicep with both hands. His penis pierced the set of the outer lips of her vagina. “Ah!” She screamed with panting for more air molecules into the parted lips, wanting to escape from the pain, missing the boat of pleasure and yanked violently on his bicep with fear.

He viciously punched with the tip of the penis through the soft tissue of her vagina. She scratched and clawed on his bicep with a painful scream, “Ah!” She yelled into his ear then panted for air, and then the pain stopped, “Aw!” The wall of vagina curled around his penis and as she felt warm and happy with the pain.

Then, they were one.

He held a face and a body over her smile, leaning down and tenderly kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile, “Great job, darling! Now, I’m going to move in and out. I gotta mold out some room for my little guy. So…”

“More pain…”

He exhaled with a nod. “A little pain, your flower will conform fast. Then, we’re more than one. Hold on to both my arms and scream to the heavens, Trinity! I promise this is going to be great,” smiling.

She exhaled with a fake smile of worry. “O!” He leaned down and shifted the penis deeper into her vagina. “Ah!” She screamed and panted for air molecules while digging all her manicured fingernails down into both his biceps as blood drained over her body. He did not yell while shifting a body in and out of her vagina. She screamed, “Ah!” She panted for more air and continued to claw at both biceps, producing tiny droplets of blood over her naked body. He shifted with more speed then quickly withdrew his penis from her vagina. She panted for more breathe from both pain and pleasure, looking with a smile at him. He sat back onto both kneecaps with pants of breathe and a sweaty face. She frowned with worry. “What’s wrong with me?”

He smiled without moving, “Nothing, sugar! I’m so excited about fucking you that I’m about to ejaculate. So, I’m holding it inside my guy for now.”

She sat upright on both elbows with a sweaty forehead, “You are holding it for me. Why, Stan?”

He winked with a smile. “To kiss and hug and continue our lovemaking, so it lasts all night long until dawn. Bend your knees. This is going to feel really good.” She shifted both legs out from underneath his kneecaps and then bent upright at both kneecaps. He thrust the penis, slowly moving in and out with a merry beat. She felt a new intense sensation of dirty lust with a grin and a giggle with selfish delight. He closed the eyelids and tossed a bald head backwards in pleasure and word.

Then, they were both getting aroused.

She smiled at his enjoyment of her body. “Aw! I feel the thrust of pleasure.” Then, he stopped the thrust and stood upright on both kneecaps. His penis wiggled and waggled with a smile at her while a set of sparkling man-juice leak from the rounded tip. He leaned down and dragged the tip towards the opening of her vagina with a chuckle. She experienced a fluttering inside the tummy like a set of thousand fluttering butterflies with a giggle. He sweetly stroked her vagina with the tip of his penis, up and down teasing and taunting her.

“Do it!” She giggled with a grin.

“Naw,” He winked with a chuckle.

She pouted. “Please. I can’t take the anticipation anymore.”

“Naw,” he rubbed very smoothly the wet tip of his penis against her vagina with a smile. She wiggled with pleasure and a giggle, shifting her hips, jerking her buttocks towards his penis and tried to force him to enter. He chuckled with fun, “Naw.”

“Your moves are turning me on, Stan,” she smiled.

“You are turning me on, Trinity,” he thrust forward the penis down into her vagina with a powerful flowing single force.

“Aw!” She screamed with delight and pain. He continued to thrust back and forth. She felt a strange pressure that was building inside her body.

He moved back and forward with his penis in a set of shallow breathing pants. “Go girl! Scream your head off.”

“Aw!” She screamed in delight.

“Uh,” yelled Stan.

“Aw!” She screamed in delight again and then exploded inside her body, seeing thousands of baby white stars within the eyeballs, feeling lusty dirty and excitedly pleasure. She shivered with heat. He performed a set of shorter thrusts with the penis, empting out all his sperm into her vagina and then collapsed upon her naked body with deep pants. She sighed with erotic pleasure and wrapped both arms around his sweating body with a set of deep pants also.

Then, only a set of breathes invaded the quiet room.

She reached down and rubbed both her hands across his back muscles with a smile, “Stan, darling, I feel pleasure,” Trinity enjoyed all her new body sensations with a giggle.

“O baby! I feel you, that, and other stuff.” He sat back on both kneecaps with a smile to her.

She drew back both legs from underneath his chest to see something while straining both her eyelashes and her neurons with a whisper. “There’s blood on the top bed linen sheet.”

He tossed both arms with a chuckle and a nod, “Yeehaw! I’m your whore-man. You are my whore-woman, babe.” He was very pleased with a virgin mate.

She was not pleased with his reaction, saying with a sour frown, “Stan!”

He smiled with a nod. “Okay. You’re my little sex goddess. How’s that? My little guy wants to smell your flower, one more time. Then, I promise and cross my heart. He’ll fall fast asleep.” He leaned down and kissed her lips, finger fucking her vagina with a chuckle.




Ballroom interior setting



Fairy tale of Mary Margaret and her beau Tucker



Mary Margaret was blind, since her eyelashes were closed shut. She tilted the pointy chin of a heart shaped face deeper down into the naked neckline of an ugly antebellum dress while sitting on the edge of the pretty pink and silver silk cushioned French designed sofa, where her dress didn’t match.

She didn’t know that King Louis XIV built furniture pieces of settees in the color of pink.

The two inched high heeled summer sandals were hot pink coated leather that stretched over all naked toes, making her stand taller at five feet and three inches. The sandals were parked on top of the floor without a visual fidgeting of her body and her dress. Within the yesteryears of her past, her mom would reach over and pinch the top of her hand, if Mary Margaret dared to wiggle a body side to side within eye view public while acting out the bad kiddie behavior.

Both her hands were cupped down into the soft fabric of the gown inside the lap while displaying a set of lime green colored manicured fingernails with a touch of makeup on a precious face. She possessed a tone of white tinted skin which had been inherited from a British great-great grandmother and a head of black slightly wavy hair, a pair of red thin lips, and a pair of naked cheekbones with a dust of pink powder. Her mom never allowed the luxury of cosmetic makeup products on her only child.

Mary Margaret had painfully jerked all the long black tinted hair strands away from the face and the collar bone into a rough round ball which was gathered at the nape of her skull. The hair ball sagged like a set of old tits on her grandma, making Mary Margaret like an un-kept and un-couth ugly southern belle.

She had purposefully selected the ugliest dress within her wardrobe closet at Antebellum House. The gown was decorated in a bright puke green like mouth vomit. Since, her mom had tried and failed at the single delicate hand of clothing design while creating an off-the-shoulder neckline gown which was surrounded by three rows of puke green fancy lace. It took her mom and Mary Margaret two weeks, three days, four hours, and eighteen minutes to find inside the seventh fabric store in Birmingham the green fabric.

On her antebellum gown, the lace was one inch in length going around both of her thin bony shoulders while attacking the tiny 32AA sized breasts. The thick lacey bands of pretend big breasts pulled up and balanced out the three foot wide plantation skirt on bottom, showing off a tiny waistline with a thin hot pink velvet belt.

Inside the ballroom, the other belles were nicely endowed with both breasts and butts except for Chloe who was the same height and weight as Mary Margaret. But Chloe liked to show off too much her body, even when naked.

On the gown, her mom had ordered the seamstress to dye the white expensive satin into a lovely shade of mint green but instead got this monster.

On Mary Margaret, the antebellum skirt was covered in set of single quarter-sized neon shiny hot pink rosebuds that were glued onto the expensive puke green satin fabric. The skirt design looked like a pack of baby coon puppies with a set of four muddy pink paws had ran across the green tinted fabric while sailing out of the dog house to pee on top of the manicured green lawn, after suppertime.

Mary Margaret wore no decoration a gleaming necklace or a pair of dangling earrings or a pair of satin elbow gloves, only a small faint scent of rose perfume, when Chloe had haphazardly sprayed the personal perfume bottle at neck of Mary Margaret at the archway of the bedroom

She had been personally escorted by Jocelyn and Chloe when Chloe noted that the Mary Margaret had smelled like a fresh bar of soap of a slave girl, instead of a southern belle from the evening bath.

Mary Margaret heard the sound of a pair of tromping cowboy boots on the next lucky beau who loudly stomped over the thick wooden floor inside the Dogtrot Hall breezeway, coming from a parked limousine on top of the gravel road in front of the school. Since, Jocelyn wore a pair of pretty red summer sandals over the naked toes with a series of tiny taps of sound like a pair of mice feet over the wood.

The first beau arrived at exactly 6:02 pm and stood inside archway of the ballroom.

Mary Margaret had not seen the physical face of the first beau, since she had bowed down a chin while kissing the top of her exposed breast tissue but clearly heard a set of breath sighs from the other belles like the first beau was a royal king of a foreign country. All the beaus were a set of country princes at Antebellum House tonight.

Mary Margaret exhaled the sour breath where she had been holding. She heard the set of loud footpads coming closer, since both her eyelashes were closed. The other four biological senses of her body had taken over the mental mind. She tasted dry raw apple breathe from a tiny lunch at noontime, since she had not eaten a bite of supper, without literally vomiting the nasty liquid contents back up into her private toilet inside the bedroom. Because, her mouth salvia had fallen asleep while hiding inside the set of tiny taste bud beds, failing to water a tongue and some teeth from her extreme nervousness.

She reached down and touched a hand of curved finger pads against the softness of the knuckles of the other hand since she was a privileged bitch within her family household while never performing any type of domestic labor around the elegant country homestead of her parents.

She could smell Bethel’s musky lady woodlands odor that from a perfumed body on her right side. Jocelyn was a book smart and a smartass while sitting Mary Margaret between the two big beautiful ebony black-skinned girls of Bethel and Tyleigh.

Mary Margaret couldn’t compete with the generously female body features of the other belles, so the view of the staged set made her look like a cute and fragile innocent virgin who was both precious and demur. She exhaled another held breathe. Jocelyn has promised that she would find a sweet beau who wouldn’t hurt Mary Margaret during sex. She inhaled the breath before passing out from nervousness.

The footpads suddenly stopped at the open archway of the ballroom.

Mary Margaret imaged the second new beau and her school sister Jocelyn. They stood inside the wide eleven foot archway door of Antebellum House with a set of smiles.

All the door archways were built to accommodate the fashion-era 1600’s hoop skirts, 1800’s bustles, and 1900’s long dress trains of each young teen female with her mother’s attire, since two female bitches traveled in a pair that visited at Antebellum House from yesteryears to modern days of tonight.

Her neurons imaged. Jocelyn held the forearm of the handsome beau with a giggle and a grin like a silly love-sick high school teen. Her red velveteen plantation gown waddled side to side like a duck while shifting both curvy hips to the left and to the right, then to the right and to the left, trying to exhibit a sex goddess in a three foot wide gown that covered all her great sexy body parts.

Inside the archway of the ballroom, Jocelyn stood with an arm over the forearm of the second beau with a smile and a giggle to see each girl. “Belles, this is our beau. Beau, these are your belles. Pick a belle for your delight?”

Gawd. Mary Margaret exhaled with a set of nervous dry apple-scented breath and continued to close her eyelashes, pointing a chin down into her naked chest. Jocelyn exhibited a prime tacky behavior of an ex-girlfriend who was going with her ex-boyfriend on a first time date with his new girl.

Silence lingered within the air waves of the ballroom setting.

The pair of cowboy boots moved ahead and stomped around the hard wooden floor of the ballroom. This room was used for dancing and gathering of social events for both the belles and beaus as the second lucky beau paced steady more towards the side wall of windows.

Jocelyn and the belles had scooted around all the different colored and textured long sofas over the floor into a U-shape with all ten sofas facing each other. Mary Margaret hid inside her bedroom while refusing to perform any manual labor like a country princess.

Jocelyn was the pretend “hostess with the mostess” for this “fuck fest” as Chloe kept repeating with an elegant alto. So, Jocelyn didn’t need her own pretty sofa. She would get to keep the last beau that showed up inside the limousine after all the other eleven girls were neatly tucked down into their private bed mattress while doing the infamous “wild thing.”

Emma, the twins Autumn and Spring, and Trinity held the honor of occupying an individual long sofa that was located across from the archway of the ballroom within the curve of the U-shaped formation. Chloe, Naomi, Peyton, and Zoey sat alphabetically inside an individual long sofa that was across from the wall of windows inside the U-shaped formation, since they had fought like a litter of weaning kittens over a prime position of the sofa.

Mary Margaret sat on top of the middle sofa in-between the sofas of Bethel and Tyleigh that was located in front of the windows within the U-formation as the sound of cowboy boots veered over towards the wall of windows coming from the archway. O! O! O!

She cupped both hand tightly without fidgeting and held her breath, keeping both eyelashes shut and a chin down into a chest while showing off a messy hair bun with a neatly parted white scalp. She had wished that she hadn’t bathed but remained sweaty and stinky from her afternoon physical jog instead of smelling like a row of garden roses.

The boots stomped closer towards the windows. No. No. No.

The boots passed the sofa with Tyleigh and Mary Margaret heard the vocal loud sigh of disappointment from Tyleigh. On the other side of Mary Margaret, a swift rattle of Bethel expensive left bangle arm bracelets signaled her willingly acceptance of the newest beau.

His boots stopped in silence and parked ten inches away from the hairy skull of Mary Margaret.

Not me. Not me. Not me. She felt his tallness standing over her shortness.

His legs wobbled side to side as his boot heels softly clicked together within the eardrums of Mary Margaret. He examined her skull, her dress, and her hands.

She heard his breathing of mixed excitement and happiness and sensed heat that poured out from his tallness near her forehead. Her face absorbed all the manly odors of citrus and leather filling both nostrils. She tasted dry apples within the mouth, because she didn’t have a thick coat of mouth salvia to swallow down a tight throat, but she might vomit instead. Since, her tummy had been invaded with thousands of fluttering butterflies that might shift the food back up into her esophagus. Go away. Go away. Go away.

The beau cleared a dry throat for her eardrums. She was blind and kept both eyelashes shut. A deep sexy baritone sounded and sweet breathed over her hair roots, “Hey, cutie.” He swung a smile to see to Jocelyn. Mary Margaret felt the wavering breeze of his arm fly near her skull.

He grunted, “Her!”

Jocelyn shouted in a queenly attitude and stared at the girl, “Her is named Mary Margaret. Get up, Mary Margaret!” Mary Margaret refused to stand without moving. She was blind and kept both eyelashes shut. Her hands were cupped down into the lap of the skirt. Her sandals were parked on top of the floor and Mary Margaret ruled her body, not Jocelyn.

A set of five fingers reached down and gently touch her naked forearm, man-pulling Mary Margaret up from the long sofa. She opened the eyelashes and gritted the teeth like a prize fighter for the fight. A fight will not happen, since she was a southern belle.

She wiggled on a pair of shaky legs inside the set of tall summer sandal heels side to side while catching her balance, before she fell over the floor from nervousness and shock. The beau reached out and grabbed onto her naked forearm while helping Mary Margaret to steady upright with a soft chuckle of amusement.

She shifted both eyelashes down to the dress hem of puke green satin and stared down at his cowboy boots of polished shiny black python-snake skin. She knew her boots. Then, the eyeballs shifted up to see a pair of faded destroyer blue jeans that exhibited a series of slashed horizontal denim threads across a right kneecap, exposing the naked skin.

Her eyeballs lifted upward to see a matching black python waist belt and admired the tight cotton white shirt that was filled out a muscular chest and a pair of two broad shoulders and halted at his Adam’s apple, jolting up and down. He chuckled with a smile of good teeth. His eyeballs studied and stared down at her hair roots. She looked up with a stern face to see a pair of bright aqua-pale pupils. Handsome.

His complexion was well-tanned in a rich coffee-color from the hot Alabama sunshine, making her beau a true cowboy, probably on a ranch somewhere around south of Leed.

She knew all the cow and horse ranches around Birmingham.

He possessed a heart-shaped face. His wide forehead narrowed down towards a jaw line of light dusted blonde whiskers, wearing a head of blonde curl shoulder length locks, barely tipping the fabric of his shirt. Sun god!

She dropped open a mouth and quickly jerk back a body from him, since she didn’t want to do the wild thing with a sun god or an earth god or no guy, but a faithful husband.

He swiftly pulled her into a hard chest, hiding her face between a pair of two rounded biceps, leaning down with a whisper into her eardrum. “I’m Tucker. You can call me, Tucker. I don’t like Tuck or Stan, the man. Okay, precious!”

“Stan, the man?” She whispered back with confusion.

“Tucker is me. I am Tucker, sweetie. Can I call you, Mary?” Tucker, not Tuck or Stan, the man repeated into her eardrum and cuddled her closer into his chest.

“Yeah,” she said between the set of hard muscles.

Tucker grunted with a laugh and spun them around in a half-circle, tucking her tiny frame into his an armpit of five feet, nine inches, an average height for a male. His tallness over towers and over powers her petiteness. She waddled fast on a pair of sandals heels within the plantation dress while tickling his pair of blue jeans. Tucker chuckled.

They swiftly moved towards the open archway.

He stared down at her black hair roots, saying to Jocelyn, “Thanks, girl!” Mary Margaret opined with hate for Jocelyn while desiring to bitch-slap a right fighting fist into the pretty pink tinted face of Jocelyn while supplying a beautifully blackened eyeball.

Jocelyn waved with a smile at the back spine of Tucker. “Have fun, Tucker!” Now, Mary Margaret desired a shotgun from the locked and sealed weapon safe at her father’s home to execute the brutal cold-blooded murder of Jocelyn.

Tucker turned to the side into the breezeway like he knew the building layout, lifting her into the air shortly and flying over the wooden planks as she couldn’t coordinate her high heels and the long dress train fast enough with his long legs. He lowered her down to the wooden planks and grabbed, holding her hand, strolling over the cool breezeway with a whisper down into her eardrum, “Mary is a pretty name. Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow. You are a cute little thing, darling. Jocelyn said that you be tiny like a baby. Be careful with you! She’s right. Your skin is soft and white like snowflakes. You look like that fairy princess like Snowy Whiteness with your black hair and white skin.”

She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and recycled the nice honor with a mumble, “You look like that Greek god Ares.”

“Thanks, kindly.” Tucker turned with a chuckle and entered the parlor room of the bells.

She skidded to a halt and stood next to his tallness with a worried brow, staring with fear at the pretty baby blue colored west wall, looking at the circular loveseat of hot pink fabric that nicely curves like a swan’s body. The loveseat on the rear wall would easily accommodate Mary Margaret and her wide antebellum dress for sitting with a teacup of mint tea. The rectangular shaped room did not display one single art painting or a framed picture on a naked wall.

She noted the other selections that consisted of various mismatched loveseat furniture shapes, textures, and patterns, such like, modern fake black leather, soft beige linen fabric, butter golden wool and others that covered all the different loveseats. She saw a fugly ugly loveseat of white background fabric with a horizontal row of big red petal flowers on the back rest. A middle row of yellow flowers would slap a butthole and the bottom row of baby blue petal flowers would kiss her legs.

Her eyeballs shifted to the far left corner at a wooden platform that held thirty six hidden steps. The steps led up into an enclosed three sided staircase that was haunted by three she-ghosts.

She had never traversed this room or the staircase, since Deborah, the teachers, and Jocelyn had confirmed the she-ghost story. Mary Margaret always routed a skirt around the shaded and cool wrap-around front porch, scooting back and forth from her private chamber and back into each academic classroom avoiding this place totally.

She pointed with a worried brow towards the side window that showed the front porch. “That way is the front porch. The wrap-around porch takes us all the way around the building. Then, we enter the stair case on the west side. There are flood lights for marking a clear non-dangerous path of walking.”

Tucker scanned the parlor room with a smile, seeing an empty but pretty space. “Naw, pumpkin, the quickest route over to the belle’s garconniere is up the steps.”

“How do you know about the garconniere?” She turned and stared with a worried brow at the haunted staircase.

Tucker continued to stare with a smirk at staircase. “I used to live here as an undergraduate student during my days at Burn U, before I entered the Bam State law school. Then, the beaus moved and occupied a newly built Rebel Den per our dads. That’s the explaining that I got. Let’s go!” He moved forward with a smile towards the staircase.

“The staircase’s haunted, Tucker,” she jerked backward from his hand and his body with a worried brow.

He leaned down and pulled her towards the staircase with a smile. “Bullshit! Someone is playing a trick on all of you sweet little belles. That’s all, sweetheart,” he continued to move towards the staircase.

“No, it’s haunted. Everyone swears to it,” she exhaled with fear.

Tucker leaned down with whisper over her hair roots with a smile. “Don’t be scared, precious! I won’t let anyone harm you, babe. I’ll taking care of you from now on, sugar. I promise, cupcake,” he shoved her towards the elevate platform before the first step of the staircase. Mary Margaret felt both faint and flight and then somehow broke foot loose of his tight hug. He gladly released her with a laugh and stomped across the floor marching upon the elevated platform and placed a boot toe on the first step that led up towards the thirty six hidden ghost-haunted footsteps. He stopped and turned with a smile and a wink to see her, “Lookie, darling! I’m gonna prove that no gawd damn fucking she-ghosts live here.”

She stopped and stood in place, staring with fear. Then her smart neurons kicked into motion while dropping open a mouth in shock, turning to see the front porch that allowed her freedom from Tucker and the thought of running away and hiding until dawn. Then, she would call her father and mother for help.

He saw her surprised facial expression, whirling around off the step. She back stepped onto the rear of the long dress train and reached back, gathering and jerked the rear dress train up to the exposed rear legs and scooted sideways, dashing towards the open lawn, going down the unlit granite front steps that led to freedom and the white gravel roadway. She could maneuver around in the concealed darkness of the night like a hoot owl, grinning with adventure and excitement.

She tripped over the front hem of the dress of course from both nervousness and fear, since the heroine in the fairy tale movie received two chances of freedom, while Mary Margaret didn’t.

Tucker raced after her and stopped, standing behind her sandals. She slowly lifted an ass into the air from the hard granite while rolling a set of tears from both eyeballs with a set of soft sobs. He bent down and touched, grabbing her tiny waistline with a smile, lifting Mary Margaret into the air with his manly strength, tapping both of her sandals on top of the granite and twirled her around. She spun around with a dizzy head to see his smile. Her beau wasn’t even mad at her failed escape plan.

He cuddled her into a chest and leaned down with a whisper and a smile into her eardrum, “Whoa, girl! Jocelyn mentioned that you might be a skittish little filly. She was right. But that was fun, thou. I liked chasing you down but I wished that I had some rope,” he pulled back with a smile to see her crying face. “Awe, precious! Are you hurt? Are you bleeding anywhere? I guessed your big fluffy dress saved you, huh? You took a nasty fall, darling. Well, let’s get you upstairs, so I can give you a personal body examination. Okay, doll?” He cuddled her into a chest and reached down, kissing the middle of her forehead like a good beau, pulling back with a smile and spun around, strolling back through the belle parlor room for a second visit. “Let’s wake up these she-ghosts.”

She reached up and wiped off the tears from both eye sockets with one hand as she was more afraid of Tucker then the stupid ghosts.

They quickly strolled across the room and stopped on top of the elevated platform, releasing her, standing with her at the edge of the first staircase step. He reached over and shifted Mary Margaret in front of his chest as they both faced the dark and black colored staircase. He smiled. “I’ll lift and carry you up the steps. Okay? If a she-ghost touches you, I’ll kill it. I promise, darling! Here goes nothing, sweetheart,” he lifted her up by the waistline a few inches and clearing and traveling onto the first step with a smile, “I hear and feel nothing.” He moved up t the second step with a smile, “I hear and feel more nothings,” he swiftly advanced up to the fourth step and stopped with a laugh, “I hear and feel lots of nothings,” he rapidly moved up to the sixth step and then the seventh step.

Mary Margaret felt a cold chilling breeze which attacked the tip of her nose bridge coming from the right side of the enclosed wall that contained all the colored and non-colored pictures of the dead belles and screamed from fright. “No!” She sobbed with a set of rolling tears from the fear of the she-ghosts.

He quickly flipped around and cuddled her into his chest with a stern face. “What do you feel, cupcake?”

“I felt a set of cold chilly fingers on my nose…”

He chuckled with a smile. “I promised that I’ll protect you, darling,” Tucker lifted her up from the steps and into the air, wrapping her body around his chest like he was wearing a backpack. He wrapped one arm around her waist with the other arm across her shoulders. His left palm hugged the rear of her skull. She cried into his shirt with both fright and nervousness. He sailed up to the fourteenth step without a she-ghost attack. There were a set of thirty six narrow steep pieces of naked wood.

Mary Margaret quickly felt another blast of cold chilling air that hit his hand and then bounced into her earlobe like a set of icy cold ghost fingers while crying with shock. Tucker continued to move up the steps with a smile, “Sh, darling! I’ll protect you,” he charged the remaining twenty steps with her on his chest. She felt both numb and dumb of fright and fear then sometimes she felt a single cold blast of breeze across one of her earlobes. Tucker completely covered the rest of her with his body for protection.

They hit the top step of the wooden platform without a planted pot of mini-trees or an art painting.

Tucker stopped and stood on top of the level platform, dropping her down to the floor with a chuckle without panting from the vigorous workout, challenging the she-ghosts and thirty six steps of a haunted stairwell. He exhaled with a smile. “Whoa! That was a wild ride.”

“The ghosts are mad,” she whispered.

He laughed with a nod. “Hell! I’m mad. I didn’t ever believe the belles when I lived here at Antebellum House that there were really she-ghosts. I wished that I had, because I would have tried to fuck one. That would have been fun or funny. Have you heard of fucking a ghost?”

“No,” she whispered.

Tucker reached over and cradled her underneath an armpit, spinning them towards the outer hallway, moving down the top of the grand staircase, where all the rooms stood. He smiled, “Me, either. Where’s your room?” He lifted her and her long dress up from the hard surface, clearing each step with care, since he desired avoiding a body fall of death from the high four stories of wooden steps which tumbled down onto a hard floor of granite on the first level.

She frowned with worry. “It is on the first level on the extreme left right before the granite sideway,” she felt the set of fluttering butterflies inside her tummy, since the scare of three she-ghosts had been purged from her memory banks, not tough guy Tucker.

“Is it locked?” He elegantly sailed down the steps with her and cut his eyeballs to see each wooden door.

“No. The door is located on your right.”

Tucker gently dropped her down to the tile and slid to the side, grabbing the door knob, opening the wood with a smile of happiness and entered her private chamber first.



Private bedroom setting Mary Margaret



She slowly followed behind his blue jeans and stopped, swirling around, gently closing and locked the door, exhaling and inhaling slowly, so she didn’t faint from nervousness.

He shouted out loud, “Strip for me, girl!”

She closed her eyelashes and slowly twirled around, modeling like a southern belle in front of the closed door. She felt the soft satin fabric tickle her naked legs without seeing Tucker, but she felt his heat near the bed mattress. She reached around and slowly untied the rear oversized bow of hot pink velvet around the waist when the plantation dress exploded into an ugly puke green potato sack that still covered her girly parts, hearing his chuckle.

She reached in front and pulled on the three satin ribbons underneath the lace, releasing the tight fabric from her shoulders, exposing a cute tiny pink bra that held a pair of tiny 32AA breasts. Tucker hooted at her sexy performance.

She slowly dropped down both arms against each side when the gown swiftly descended down to the flooring, revealing a pair of cute pink ruffled pair of silk panties that still covered her private parts where no true southern belle would ever show, before her wedding honeymoon. Tucker grunted with lust.

She opened both eyelashes and stared at him. He sat his ass on the edge of the bed mattress still fully dressed in the boots, the blue jeans, the T-shirt, and the smile. She was the sex princess who was entertaining the stud prince while exhaling her held breathe with nervousness.

She lifted up a single foot and unbuckled the leather strip on the sandals. Tucker shook a skull with a smile. “Naw, I like. Keep the high heels on! You’re sexy kitten. Come here, sugar!”

She exhaled and then inhaled with nervousness without moving and then stepped towards him. Tucker slid off the bed and stood upright, leaning down and reached out, man-pulling her into his shirt. He was taller by a head length. Her forehead was equal at his mouth. He leaned over and gently kissed the middle of her forehead like a good beau, leaning down with a smile and a whisper into her eardrum. “Jocelyn told me to be very gentle and tender with you, darling. I like that you’re both shy and beauty. I can feel you trembling between my arms, baby!” she sniffed up the running mucus with nervousness as a flood of tears bombard both eyeballs. Tucker whispered with a smile. “Don’t cry, cupcake! That comes after we finish fucking. Then, you can ball your little eyeballs all night long in my arms. How’s that, baby?” she sobbed with more tears.

Tucker gently pushed her away from his body. She moved backward away from him towards the doorway and stared with rolling tears at his tallness. He lifted both palms on the collar and violently ripped off the T-shirt down the middle with a smile and a laugh at her, “See, gorgeous? I can strip for you too,” he whirled the ripped item like a rope in the air waves. She giggled with amusement. He lifted and swung the ripped item around his hair roots for a few seconds then around his boots while entertaining and making her feel comfortable.

They both giggled and laughed at his silly performance.

He tossed it into the air as the ripped shirt haphazardly reached the peak and then fell back down over the floor, landing near the window and the bathroom door frame. Tucker slapped both palms together in front of a flat tummy while shifting both of his beefy arms in a V-pose, entertaining her and flexed both sides of his rounded biceps and triceps up and down for fun. She giggled with a smile at Tucker and his moving muscles.

He stopped and posed with a set of biceps in a ninety degree angle with a smile and then reached down, grabbing and whipped the belt out from all the loops, whirling it up and around in the air above his hair roots. He shifted the belt side to side in front a chest and wiggled both hips side to side. She giggled with a smile at his silly clown performance.

He tossed and flung the belt towards the high ceiling as it twisted in the air waves and reached its peak trajectory, falling back down, landing on top of the floor between the foot board and the settee. He back stepped and sat an ass on the edge of my mattress, bending a knee, lifting a right boot up from the floor. He jerked the boot off a foot with the dirty sock and then stuffed the sock down into the boot, leaning a torso around the nightstand, gently placing the cowboy boot away from the bed with a stern face. “Don’t mess with a man’s boots, darling. Remember that?” She nodded in silent acknowledgement.

Tucker duplicated the action with other cowboy boot and then stood upright from the bed, staring with a smile at her. Mary Margaret blinked both eyelashes and watched the next surprise.

Tucker jerked a hand and cover the mouth while shaping the lips in the letter O, swinging around to face the bed mattress. She heard the zipper of a pair of blue jeans and held her breath while back stepping from him with nervousness, hitting her naked shoulder blades into the wooden door.

He about faced and held both hands on the top of the opened blue jeans at the waistline, showing off more suntanned skin and lifted both hands into the air when the jeans fell down to his naked ankles. She dropped open a mouth and shuffled her sandals side to side in nervousness.

Tucker lifted a right foot out the jeans and then a left foot, kicking the pair of blue jeans to the side towards the window while standing upright only in a pair of white underwear briefs with a goofy grin at her. Her heart dropped down to her toes. He reached up and placed both hands behind a skull, rotating the hips round and round for show with a chuckle. She narrowed her eyelashes for the next maneuver and stared at his underwear briefs.

He reached down and grabbed the waistband, swiftly pulling down the briefs, dropping a torso and a face down towards his naked ankles as his muscled shoulder blades hid the penis from her eyeballs. She swiftly back stepped and hit the door with a skull, both shoulder blades, and the butt of the pink panties.

Tucker slowly stood upright and exposed a semi-beige colored little curved penis inside a forest of blonde hair beside a pair of two hairy round balls, representing his manhood. She covered the mouth with both hands and stared at the exposed penis.

Tucker swung around with a chuckle to face the mattress, completely pulling off the white ruffled silk bedcover and the matching bed linens from the bed, revealing only the fitted white linen sheet over the mattress. Her delicate female bed items draped and hung over a foot board, dangling down over the floor. He lifted up and crawled over the mattress, standing on top, twisting around his nakedness to the side with a face and the penis towards the footboard, patting his chest with a smile to Mary Margaret. “Get up here, babe!”

She had noted that Tucker had called her quite a few endearing nicknames, including, babe, baby, doll, darling, precious, pumpkin, sugar, sweetheart, girl, gorgeous, cutie, cupcake, not Mary. She rolled both eyeballs and stared at him, again, marching across the floor, since this was the reason for his visit and her wearing a pink bra and a pair of matching ruffled pink panties.

Tucker danced side to side and shook his penis on top of her bed mattress within his sun god nudeness, leaning down and stood upright on both knees, reaching over and grabbed both her biceps, lifting and scooted her across the mattress in front of his nudeness. She posed on her kneecaps while wearing the pair of stupid heels inside her bed mattress.

He jerked her forward into his full body nakedness and wrapped both arms tightly around her shoulders, giving her a hug and pulled back, gently kissing the middle of her wide forehead with a pair of soft lips.

She felt the hardness of his deltoid breasts against her shoulders, since she was short when compared to his tallness. She reacted to the softness of his penis that continued to rub against her belly button with a grin and a giggle of nervousness and excitement and reached out, placing both hands on each side of his fit waist right below the armpits.

Tucker pulled back with a smile, “Let’s take down your pretty hair,” he reached up and gently untangled the decorative hot pink hair band from her hair and then flicked it like a boogier down to the floor with a laugh, reaching over and tossed her soft hair into the air with a smile. He twirled her soft hair strands around both hands, releasing the hair, pulling the loose strands from her face and dropped down both palms on her collar bone with a smile. “You are so pretty, precious. I don’t know what to do first to you, darling. There is so many things that I want to share and show with you, cupcake.”

“Tickle me!” Mary Margaret charged the challenge and reached up, bending all fingers and scratched her nails against his tender ticklish skin right below both of his armpits on both sides of a rib cage in a surprise belle move. Tucker giggled like a girl while instinctively curling both arms back into a body, protectively hugging the tender skin from her shocking attack. She continued to shift and rub all her fingernails across his deltoid shoulders between his deltoid breasts, over his heart organ, down to his belly button, and up to his Adam’s apple. Tucker giggled like a girl again without catching her active hands.

Mary Margaret swiftly reached down and tickled his fit waist, shifting both hands in the front, around the waist sides, to the rear back, scratching all her sharply manicured nails down to his and back up towards his neck, leaving a trail of red tinted girly fingernail imprints. Tucker giggled from her cute belle moves and held both arms tucked down underneath both armpits, so she couldn’t attack the sensitive skin for a second time. She stopped the scratch on his shoulder blades with a smile. He continued to laugh and caught his giggling breath.

She reached up and parked a pair of cupped hands around the rear of his neck, staring with her narrowed eyelashes at him while thinking her evil thought. He stopped the giggle and stared into her eyeballs. She said with a soft sexy tenor, “Neck rub, darling!” Without waiting for a sigh of acceptance from Tucker, she gently teased and rubbed the set of rear of neck muscles with a set of sharply manicured fingernails while getting him to relax. He slowly tossed back the head with a soft moan of pleasure coming from her firm neck massage with her pair of talented hands and finger pads.

She reached around his manly throat and gently tickled an Adam’s apple with a left hand. Tucker dropped both nostrils down into her soft neckline while smelling the fresh spray of garden roses, gently posing the neck. Her eyeballs spotted a set of his bugling blue veins that rose up like a flag to greet her smile after he had lowered the skull down to her like a peasant. She grinned with her evil thoughts.

Her bedroom was well illuminated with bright lights which allowed for perfect vision and as she saw a dark blue pulsation wave on the side throat neck of Tucker, a left external jugular vein. The jugular vein flickered like the tongue of snake, going back and forth against his smooth coffee tinted skin. She giggled with her evil thoughts.

She reached out and pressed a right index fingernail into the pulsation of his left bulging jugular vein while watching with a pair of semi-trained medical eyeballs. The external jugular vein wavered up and down which indicated that Tucker was a healthy male without a venous clot that might just kill him. She chuckled with her evil thoughts.

Her parents were a pair of practicing physicians. Her mom was a very successful brain surgery as she was the smart one in my family. Her father was the fun one that spoiled his daughter rotten while giving Mary Margaret anything that she wanted but a badass boyfriend and a run of freedom.

Her two eyeballs spied from the right to the left at his bulging jugular vein which flicked at highest point of wave pulsation which indicated the highest peak of blood flow straight into the brain cells of Tucker, down through the spinal cord, and finally into the heart organ. She giggled with her evil thoughts.

She reached over and swiftly stroked with a pair of sharp claws of her left hand, scratching on the right side of his throat while covering the belle ploy. She tenderly teased and poked a right index fingernail at the left bulging jugular vein which caused another peak of both pain and pleasure within his brain and his body. Her eyelashes cut down to the right side of the bed mattress, seeing a sliver of silver and as the cross-stitch needle glittered underneath the bright overhead lights.

She slowly reached over and drew out the sewing instrument with a right index finger and a thumb, grasping the homemade bud of silver thread which was shaped into a gripping ball with a grin of her evil thoughts.

She slowly lifted the tiny needle into the air and hid it within her naked skin that blended well with her snowy white pale complexion and rounded the wrist bone in the air like she was stretching out the bone ligaments from too much hand exercise. And then she twisted the hand with a set of four gathered fingers towards the colorful blue pulse wave on the left side neck muscles of Tucker. She reached down and then quickly drew, tapping the sharp steel tip of the cross-stitch needle down into his external left jugular vein such like a mosquito bite.

The tip of the needle contained a low mixture of 25 mg dosage of methanqualone, a sleeping aid. Mary Margaret based the drug mixture on an average’s man weight and height, since Jocelyn didn’t supply any biological body statistics of each beau.

She reached down and deeply dug a set of finger claws on her left hand down into the right throat skin of Tucker. He gasped for cool air with an open mouth and a pair of inflamed nostrils, coming from the playful and painful belle hand move. She quickly jerked out the needle tip from the left side of his neck with her belle smirk.

Tucker slowly lifted and stared with a goofy grin at her while slowly groaning like a drowning seal from the shock of belle pain. She lowered a right arm back down and hid the used needle below her and his eyeballs, rapidly stabbing the needle tip sideways down into the soft mattress while the needle eye was slightly exposed for a second finger retrieval next belle week.

Her eyeballs observed his physical condition. A tiny red blood line traveled down from his left external jugular vein, moving over a minor vein which directed the blood flow down into his left earlobe, around his neck, and then attacked his spinal cord. Tucker slowly closed both eyelids while feeling the swift effects of sleep from the direct punch of a tiny dosage of methanqualone and slowly bowed a chin down into his naked chest. She grinned with her evil deed.

His numb body fell down into her two open arms, resting a precious head on her left shoulder, immediately lip drooling like a well-fed baby.

She grinned with the evil deed and gently pushed Tucker backward from her face, allowing gravity to aid Mary Margaret into tenderly resting him on top of the soft mattress and crawled off the bed on the side, rolling him sideways and away from the edge of the bed onto his back muscles in a more comfortable vertical pose of zombieness.

She grinned with the evil deed and reached out, straightening his bend legs at the kneecaps, stretching him fully towards the footboard and posed his left arm down over bed linen beside a waist. She back stepped and turned, rushing the pair of heels around the bed mattress like a house mother with a giggle and a grin and stopped on the other side of the bed, reaching out and straightening all of right limbs for ease of his deep sleep.

She reached down and gently pulled out the sewing needle holding it in front of a smile, dropping down and slipped it back down into the cloth needle cache as she had cleverly snapped the cloth needle cache onto the side mattress with a set of white matching sewing snaps.

In the application of sewing, when a seamstress found a gap in the clothes that was not befitting a southern belle, a talented seamstress would sew a single metal snap between the fabric pieces hiding the snap, as well as, the exposed belle skin.

A sew-able snap had six tiny little holes that were built into the edge of the metal for hand stitching with a needle and a string of cotton thread on any fabric canvas learning as a teen while sewing with her great, great Grandmother Cantwell. I had sewed thirteen of the white snaps in a cone-sized design while mounting and holding a white cone-shaped needle pin cushion that matched her white linens in case someone got curious.

She tenderly loosened the pin cushion out from the mattress and back stepped from the bed, turning and moved ahead storing the criminal evidence inside her foot sock drawer of the clothing armoire. Since a pair of socks could get dirty swiftly and then laundry cleanly without someone getting curious with a giggle of her nasty deed.

She slowly spun around wearing the pink bra, matching panties, and a pair of heeled sandals while admiring the sun god who was noting a fine species of male and slept like a baby with a giggle of her evil deed.

Her eyelashes gleamed up and down at her captive prey that slept on top of her soft mattress for the evening and jerked the eyeballs to see the wall corner intersection and as she frowned at the non-matching lavender cloth settee, her new sleeping bed for the evening. Shit!

She viewed the sun god again while wishing beyond her neurons that she could shove his ass off her bed mattress and drop his ass down onto the hard floor for her good night’s slumber inside her personal bed mattress. But one, she was not that strong. Two, she could not ask for help from the belles either. Too bad!

She moved around in the heels towards the bed frame while dying to try, feel him, and maybe gently touch him, since Tucker was sleeping with nothing short of a heavenly angel’s touch or a dump truck load of smelling sauce to awaken the sun god with a giggle at her nasty deed.

The methanqualone drug normally was administrated through an oral application like a mouth. It took twenty minutes to ingest the solid drug through the stomach. However, Mary Margaret had stabbed it directly into his left exterior jugular vein that worked the drug down into his blood traveling straight into his brain for a faster speedy service. She giggled at her nasty deed.

She stared with a pair of semi-trained medical eyeballs and a set of smart neurons at the puncture wound on the throbbing left jugular vein while noting no red insertion point. But she was not surprise, since the selected Chenille needle had a very fine sharp tip which was equal in diameter radius to a hospital syringe needle like getting a shot of penicillin for a sore throat. And Tucker was very healthy and she noted the puncture pick closed immediately without a trace of vampire blood on his neck. She chuckled at her silly thoughts.

She was not worried about Tucker getting tetanus from the selected cross-stitch needle, since it had been bathed and sterilized in the drug which was used by any and all drug addicts for mental pleasure. Plus, Tucker had all the required medical shots for entrance into law school also.

The sewing needle was a sharpened piece of metal that would cause harm, if it had been shoved through a piece of human outer skin like a piercing needle which was used for personal body tattoos. A piercing needle was a hollow needle with set of razor sharp edges on the pointy tip.

Mary Margaret had gotten the clever idea to use, shove, and hide a cross-stitch needle back into a pin cushion, after completing her needlepoint green tinted fabric turtle in Miss Alice’s needlepoint class plus the vocal rejection from her father without getting away from Antebellum House on a Friday night. Then the physical package from her medical physician father came and contained a bottle of the blue pills of methanqualone for better sleep coming from the stressful first week of college.

One popular design of pin cushions was a red tinted fabric tomato-shape measuring four inches along the curved seams with an inch long strawberry-shaped attachment on the side of the decorative cushion. The two fruity pin design patterned cushions came from the Victorian Era in the foreign country of Great Britain. The charmed stated: If a person received a new tomato, then the vegetable would repel all the evil spirits inside the new home of the person or couple.

A typical pin cushion was filled with wool to prevent rust on the steel when storing and using a batch of sewing needles. The smaller strawberry-shaped pin cushion was filled with regular sand grains that cleaned and sharpen the needle tips.

The drug was packaged in a blue tinted pill which was labeled from the pharmacist at 100 mg per 1 ml, where “mg” was a measure of weight and “ml” was the measure of liquid. In the medical case, one tiny blue tined pill had the strength of 100 mg which was equal to a single aspirin for a headache. Mary Margaret needed to use a smaller strength dosage, since she had planned to insert the medication directly into a neck vein which would go directly into both his brain and his nervous system, without killing poor gullible Tucker.

Mary Margaret had learned a lot of medical stuff from her parents during one of her medical teen training sessions while trailing behind them like a puppy around the private physician medical office in metro city Birmingham.

The strength dosage of a 25 mg prescription medication was a low dose, where a clinical patient used the drug similar like a daily vitamin for the rest of a life to control numerous medical symptoms.

The strength dosage of 50 mg was a therapeutic dose that alleviated a set of constant mood swings of mental states, such as, depression, anxiety, or irritability within the mind of the medical patient.

The high dosage strength of 100 mg caused clinical symptoms as a pair of shaky hand movements, jaw clenching, and sometimes out of body experiences which had been reported and documented by numerous drugged medical patients.

She had crushed up one-fourth of the 100 mg blue tinted pill of methanqualone dissolving the tiny chunks of drug inside one of the empty but pretty display teacups on top of the polished dressing bureau. The teapot and the teacups were only a visual decoration inside the bedroom making the southern bell feel, taste, and touch the charm of Old South.

Then, she had brewed a pot of hot water and crushed one of the blue tinted pills into a smooth liquid inside the tea cup. She had cut up a tiny, tiny barely there hole at the bottom of the strawberry-shaped cushion while allowing half of the internal sand grains to dirty a second teacup. She had wasted most of the crushed up methanqualone liquid pouring it back down into the tail hole of the stiff strawberry cushion pen as the cloth leaked up a tiny set of droplets of liquid but didn’t burst.

She had allowed the drug to settle between the grains of sand, stitched it back up with the needle, and then stabbed the long silver steel-coated needle down into the strawberry pin while allowing the methanqualone drug to soak like a cold bubble bath around the tip of the needle, without the pink tinted bubbles.

When Mary Margaret had retrieved the wet needle, the drug was thoroughly coated over the outer steel. Then she had drained a couple of tiny droplets down into his open vein coming from the sharp pointy tip of sewing needle. The drug had expeditiously attacked his nervous system and then placed Tucker into a fairyland dream state for the next eight hours. She chuckled with her brilliant plot. The only way any smart person could guess his medical condition would be if he had a blood sedimentation test which was performed in a hospital setting.

The side effects of the sleep aid drug methanqualone included obviously drowsiness, a reduced heart rate, and a reduced respiration. If she or Tucker continued to use the addictive drug on a regular basis, he could acquire a dependence on methanqualone. But she won’t let that happen, since she was only using the sleep aid to relieve his tension, stress, and anxiety of mentally and physically of not getting fucked by innocent virgin southern belle Mary Margaret. She giggled with her evil deed.

She reached out and gently pressed a hand on top of his left deltoid feeling his heart beat that thumped between the finger pads. Her neurons echoed a steady rhythm, since a side effect of methanqualone was a reduced heart rate. She shifted the same hand and lightly jiggled his jaw line with two fingers and stopped. Silk!

She reached down and rubbed all her fingers over his dusted blonde whiskers feeling the silky satin hair and reached up, curling the fallen blonde locks on his neck around her fingers with a grin and a giggle of his pretty features. His skin was smooth and soft as she rubbed the back of the finger over his cheekbone while admiring his handsome face.

She didn’t have a pair of big-ass lips like Jocelyn, but her lips were nice and moisture.

She reached over and tenderly massaged his parted lips feeling warmth from his mouth breathe. Tucker had a pair of small thin pink lips complimenting the tone of coffee tinted skin. She swiftly compared her lips to his lips. She had a thin top lip and a bottom lip making for a full suck action and snorted with amusement.

Her hand reached down and playfully pinched his two nose holes when he suddenly snorted from an open mouth for a gulp of fresh air and as she quickly released the nostrils so poor Tucker could breathe normally.

A second side effect of the pharmaceutical drug methanqualone was a reduced respiration. She placed both palms over his chest and closed her eyelashes while feeling his breathing pattern and checking for any irregulars from his two lungs. She felt heat for his elevated body temperature where a steady method of rising and falling healthy lungs occurred and opened both eyelashes and as her mind was satisfied with his involuntary sleep behavior.

She lifted both hands into the air and bent a face down over his jaw line but can’t see his pink tinted tongue with her two eyeballs, since he did not snore during sleeping with a mouth partially closed. Thank goodness! He wasn’t chewing a piece of gum when she had stabbed his neck vein. Or she would have been cramming two fingers down his esophagus, jerking out the chewed gum from out of his throat, before a timely death.

She stood upright and reached out, gently lifting one of his hands into the air and cuddled his large appendage into her two smaller palms, examining a set of five neatly trimmed fingernails on Tucker. Each nail bed design displayed an oval-shape cuticle. Cute! She slowly lowered his hand back in place with a smile and a giggle of her belle victory.

Mary Margaret quickly surveyed a pair of naked broad shoulders that ran across a muscular chest of packed abs that tapered down to a fit waist. Growl! All females desired a well-defined male that showed a sign of strength and masculinity to her femininity.

Bully biceps, she liked to call them. She reached out and lightly touched one of the bulges on his arm, quickly getting excited and wet inside her pink panties, wrapping all five finger pads around his bulging hard bicep, where her small hand did not cover his manly muscle. Wow! A well-defined bicep signified a man’s ability to take care of things like his woman. She giggled with lust.

She had always heard the man term, washboard stomach. But her eyeballs now understand the wordy description. Tucker had a set of tiny little ripples of skin in the shapes of tiny squares. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight squares ran down from the square-shaped deltoid man breast to his penis, the epitome of a male. She reached over and gently caressed an index finger down to his chiseled chest to the first square, feeling a tip of fine rock hard flesh with a ting of softness. Growl!

She gently rubbed the first square without a reaction from Tucker and then tenderly rubbed two finger pads across a first square, feeling softness, but firmness. She could whack one of her thick medical textbook over his exposed and naked eight-pack abs without him coughing up air.

She looked down to see her flat and pale tinted stomach. Yeah, baby. They could have made some good heated friction during her first sex act.

She stared down at his semi-pale penis which might have seen sunlight for some strange reason, probably when he had fucked a familiar cowgirl in the grassy horse pasture while creating the sun god image. His penis was all crumpled and small like a swiveled up earthworm. She giggled at the silly sight. The penis had a head of plenty angel blonde curly pubic hair. She reached out and held an index finger over the blonde forest, dropping down and gently rubbed a couple of hair strands. Silk! The pubic hair, the skull hair, and the facial hair on Tucker felt like a tiny silk dress.

She lifted the hand up into the air from Tucker and reached down, grabbing and flipped open her girly panties, touching her black pubic hair around the vagina. Coarse! She felt like the rough paw of their twenty year old family dog rough paw thinking she had missed an opportunity to fuck a real sun god.

She couldn’t see his naked ass, since Mary Margaret could not shift his heavy body to the side, without some trouble.

She spun around to face the footboard and moved away from the sleepy hunky guy, strolling around the end of the bed while thinking about bathing a stinky body from the sweet perfume and the dirty sweat. Her eyeballs caught a side glance of his nakedness and as she stopped with a giggle of her naughty thought.

She pirouetted gracefully to face Tucker and moved ahead, stopping and stood beside the bed frame with a smile of her naughty thoughts, raising and crawled onto the edge of the soft mattress, quietly kneeling beside Tucker with a grin. Then she crawled over his hard abdomen and stood upright on the palms and the toes while not wanting to sit on top of his chest, since Tucker might awaken and disturb his sleep. She smiled. Handsome!

She swished the long curls side to side on the ends of her hair barely tickling his chest without a reaction from Tucker. Then, she leaned down and rested an eardrum onto his naked chest hearing the thump of his heart inside the chest cavity with a grin of happiness.

She sat upright and balanced both kneecaps between his closed legs and an upper body over his chest and a face while pondering a stolen kiss. But that wasn’t right, since she had drugged him. So, she reached down and tenderly touched an index finger, slowly moving down, outlining his twin set of ribs and counted them with a grin in silent.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve ribs were present as her fingers ran along his bumpy rib cage, scooting them down his soft skin and then above his hip bone lightly while toying the skin. Whoa! It was a man’s hugging space for her female hands while giggling with her silly thought. This was only moment in her short life when she would touch a male, without the benefit of a preacher-man and wedding band first.

She slowly twirled off the side of the bed, without touching Tucker and stood upright in the lady heels with a grin of naughty thoughts. She felt lust, heated with pleasure, and wet inside her girly panties from the finger probing of fine manly body of Tucker. She reached down and touched the vagina scooping up the white sticky vaginal discharge that had been produced during her pretend roller coaster ride of Tucker with two finger pads, giggling with the naughty deed. She stared at the clear dull liquid that soaked into the fingernails and finger pads with a giggle of her naughty deed and leaned over, spreading the sticky finger pads on top of his stomach which playfully stimulated their non-fuck fest during the night and not together. Mary Margaret giggled with her sick humor. She lifted and flipped up the stinky hand from his body with a smile, exhaling with relief and inhaling with the completion of her belle mission successful to remain a virgin, before her future wedding.

She swung around and moved towards the wardrobe closet, stopping and plucked off each pair of heels, the wet panties, and the bra, exchanging the clothes for a set of new sexy items, a favorite blue and white duck-patterned silk pajamas, without the matching duck-patterned robe, since she was both hot and heated, after her non-fucking ordeal, giggling with her evil deed.

She exited out from the wardrobe closet on a pair of naked feet into the black and yellow tiled bathroom, washed both dirty hands, a sweaty face and then dried a clean face and brushed the teeth. She planned to cuddle inside the settee in the wall corner, reading one of her fairy tale books. She exited out from the bathroom archway and moved ahead a few feet into the room and stopped with an open mouth, back stepping and spun around to face the tiny refrigerator that was built into the entertainment center. She squatted down and opened the door, reaching inside and lifted up a six-pack of cold beer cans that had been kindly provided by Jocelyn for the beau’s midnight treat of a success fuck fest.

She stood upright and swung around, marching back into the bathroom, stopping and stood in front of the wash sink, resting the six-pack of beers cans on the edge of the bathroom sink and then removed the closest beer can. She flipped the lid open and emptied, draining the liquid of first beer can down the porcelain sink then reached for a second one, until all six beer cans were empty, giggling with her evil plan.

She discharged the plastic binder down into the garage can and lifted all six empty beer cans into two arms, not worrying about the smell of beer on her silk pajamas. The pajamas could be cleaned from the stinky beer smell which doesn’t bother Mary Margaret, since all redneck beaus enjoyed drinking a beer. So, it would be assumed that if she had smelled like beer, then Tucker had celebrated his fuck fest with a first beer. She grinned at her evil deed.

In Tucker’s case, he was going to celebrate by drinking all six of the beer cans, after his fuck fest and then passed out into unconscious.

She gently swung around with all the empty beer cans and left the bathroom, moving ahead into the room towards the bed mattress and as her two eyeballs saw a sight of major trouble. She stopped and dropped open a mouth and all the empty beer cans at the same time. His penis was rising into the air by magic. His hands were jerking. His feet were twitching.

Mary Margaret rushed ahead towards the bed mattress and stopped, standing beside Tucker while studying with both eyeballs and all neurons, feeling deep concern. His unconscious body was visually presenting a series of quirky movements within her limited medical knowledge. Her eyeballs studied his face. Tucker exhibited a steady flow of REM sleep coming from a pair of closed his eyelids. She watched a shallow breathing rhythm coming from a sleep pattern with a rising and lowering chest on Tucker and reached down, firmly pressing both palms onto his naked chest while verifying his breathing. Okay! She reached across and rested a hand over his heart organ. Normal beating rate!

She lifted a hand and reached down, examining his left hand, looking for any shaky motion, but she didn’t anything, but his penis continued to rise like a batch of the buttermilk biscuits. She back stepped and swung around to face the student desk, where a tall stack of medical textbooks stood to consult with the presented clinical symptoms of the sleeping drug methanqualone and moved ahead a few feet and stopped with a giggle. She twirled around with a smile to face Tucker, whispering for her eardrums, only. “The boy is having a wet dream,” she giggled and then slapped both hands over an open mouth with a smile. Tucker was experiencing an erotic dream which was accompanied by the raise of his penis, so he was going to blow an ejaculation of semen into the air which would land on his body and her bed mattress. She giggled at the sexual beauty.

A female also exhibited a wet dream but was too embarrassed to admit it, when she awoke with a wet sticky spot inside a pair of pink panties, which wasn’t urine. Mary Margaret had read based on scientific testimonies from a set of test female patients that participated in a series of medical clinical studies that came from the medical reference textbooks on the top of her father’s office desk.

She worried that Tucker might awaken from his penis beauty during his angel sleep, reaching over and jerked the bed linens into the air and then over his nakedness, so he would ejaculate all the exploding upward shooting semen into the fabric while stimulating a beautifully fuck fest by him, without Mary Margaret.

She back stepped and squatted, reaching out and grabbed the first beer can, squashing the middle of the thin metal while slightly bending it with both hands like Tucker would do after a fuck fest with a giggle. She reached out with a smile and planted the smushed beer can number one on the floor with a giggle, reaching over and grabbed, bending a beer can number two, reaching up and place it on top of the polished nightstand. Then, she continued to bend and plant three other beer cans, resting in a creative pose over the floor and held the sixth beer can in a hand. She stood upright and moved ahead, stopping and stood beside Tucker with a smile, gently lifting and poured two tiny drops of beer over his lips like he had drunk the cold beverage but she didn’t drown him with the liquid as the beer drops rolled to the left over a pair of parted lips. He slept like a prince god without awaking, since the drug worked brilliantly on his manly toughness.

She lifted upright the empty beer can with a giggle and placed it on top of nightstand with her plotted movie setting show for tomorrow morning, the day after the fuck fest for any spying eyebrows.

Mary Margaret back stepped from the bed mattress and her girly created Frankenstein with a smile as she eyeballed the new fairy tale theater for the Saturday performance with a giggle.

Tucker was asleep in her bed without Mary Margaret, since she was sitting perfectly fit and fine, without him too. He was naked. She was not. The beer cans, as evidence of his success, was haphazardly scattered around her bedroom.

She spun around to face the entrance door, where her dress rested in a colored puddle of pretty water of more physical sexual evidence, since Tucker was in a hurry to fuck her which was not far from the truth.

She twirled around with a smile and moved ahead towards the end of the bed, where the white lacey bedcover hung down from the bed mattress with a giggle, skipping ahead towards the settee in the wall corner, catching and dragging the bedcover over the flat colorful fabric seat. She spun around and sat down on top of the cool fabric, reaching over and lifted up a romantic novel from the book shelf and into her eyeballs, hoping that she might experienced her first orgasm too, since she felt really heatedly horny at the moment. She looked up with a smile to see the sleeping beastie one more time with a whisper, “Sweet dreams, Sun-god.”



6:20 p.m.

Ballroom interior setting



Fairy tale of Chloe and her beau Stan



She tapped one foot at a time while sitting on the edge of a Chippendale loveseat which was made of yellow fabric with a set of pink flowers that was attached to a set of dark green leaves and stems inside the fabric of an eight-legged mahogany carved ball and claw table feet. The three individual hard wooden made harp-shaped back rests dug an imprint into both her naked shoulders. The pattern of the sofa matched her antebellum dress of pale apricot yellowish which was dotted with an assortment of large pink roses with three small tiers of white lace that ran around the edge of the skirt, since pink was the color of a sweet innocent virgin girl.

Trinity and Mary Margaret had been properly picked up by two handsome beaus, especially the beau with the bald mound. He was so cute.

Chloe had wished that he had picked her.

But she impatiently waited and heard a new pair of cowboy boots that was stomping down the Dogtrot Hall breezeway really fast. Jocelyn was not a very good “hostess with the mostess” while rushing the beau’s choice. Chloe continued to steadily tap a right foot and then a left foot with impatience of a fucking beau. Then, Jocelyn and the new beau appeared and stood inside the doorway for less than a half a second.

He unclenched an arm from Jocelyn and moved ahead with a tall body straight towards Chloe. He wore a pair of polished but worn rich brown lizard-skinned cowboy boots, a head of curly light brown hair that was kissed by blonde sun lights. He possessed a crooked nose, a set of big delicious thick lips, and a pair of almond-shaped eye sockets coupled with blue pupils. He glowed in a tone of fair pale colored face, wearing a steel blue short-sleeved T-shirt, without any definition of curved sculptured muscles like the two previous beaus. The blue shirt clashed with a pair of the dark blue jeans. He slowed the pace and stopped, standing in front of Chloe, reaching out, grabbing her forehead and jerked Chloe upright into a standing pose on a pair of summer sandals from the sofa cushion. He leaned down with a grin and a sour breathe into her face, “Me and you, darling!” He talked fast for a cowboy with a loud snort and spun around, reaching out, dragging her behind his ass towards the open archway, passing Jocelyn with a grin, “Chow, Jocelyn!”

Chloe could see the shock and concern that was etched on the face of Jocelyn and said with a tart smile. “I’m okay, girl best,” she waved a good bye signal with a free hand. He pulled Chloe into the cold breezeway.

They quickly moved ahead towards the front porch, passing the belle parlor room.

She pointed into the room with a smile. “The staircase is a faster way into the belle wing.”

He stared ahead into the darkness on the front porch with a sour frown. “Naw! Some one likes to fuck around with the steps on the staircase that pisses me off.”

She frowned with confusion. “How do you know about our staircase?”

“I know sex.”

“The staircase is haunted.”

“And my dick is little.”

She smiled. “It’d be fun to truly find out.”

“You’ll truly find out by fucking me.”

They dashed around the northern side of the porch, around the west corner, and then turned to face the grand staircase.

He led and charged up the stairs with a grunt, “Where is your room?”

“I am on the second level, the first door on the left,” Chloe smiled.

He stopped on the second level at the first door, reaching out and jerked the knob open, entering first in silence. She exhaled with a puff of annoyance and followed behind his back spine.



Private bedroom setting of Chloe



She twirled around after closing the door with a smile and a giggle for her beau attention and her belle compliment. He viciously spun around and attacked Chloe, violently ripping off the three delicate satin ribbons that held the dress around her two breasts with a pair of two manly hands with a grin and an evil smirk. She stood in a panty throng, cooling both naked nipples in the cold air of her private bedroom.

He dropped down the dress and spun around, moving towards the bed mattress with a smile. “Get naked. Fetch me a beer, before we fuck.”

She smiled with a nod without moving. “I like to role play. Do you…”

He twirled around with a grunt and stomped ahead towards the baby refrigerator that was built underneath the entertainment center, stopping and squatted down and opened the door. He reached inside and grabbed two cold beer bottles in each hand, standing upright and spun around, moving away from the refrigerator. He left the refrigerator door open and strolled towards the bed, stopping and sat one beer on top of the night stand. He cracked open the lid of the second one, tilting back a head, inhaling half the liquid. He released the bottle down from lips with a loud burp and a chuckle. “Yeah, I like to role play. You are my whore. I am the pimp.”

“Well, how about I am a princess, who needs rescuing? You can be my prince who comes to my rescue.” She smiled with a nod at his back spine.

He reached over and rested the beer bottle on top of the nightstand while staining the ancient valuable mahogany wood with the sweaty water and spun around to face Chloe, pulling off the shirt, tossing it at the end of the bed and then ripped off a boot one at a time. He tossed both boots up and down into the middle of the wooden floor with a set of two loud thuds. He removed the blue jeans, throwing the item on top of the shirt at the end of the bed with a grin at her. He dropped down the white boxer shorts, tossing the item on top of the jeans with a chuckle, spinning around his nakedness, leaping onto the top of the bedcover with a single yellow rose that was displayed on top of her pillow top.

He reached over and collected, flinging the rose down to the floor without a vocal explanation, twisting a naked body around and sat down a lily-white asshole on top of her bedcover, without removing it or resting on top of the freshly laundered pink satin sheets and stared at the active television program with a stern face, “Yeah, you are the princess whore. I am the prince pimp.”

She swung around with a giggle and moved ahead into the wardrobe closet, stopping to change into her new costume and the role play as a princess whore with a giggle of fun.

He yelled on top of the mattress. “Where’s my vaginal playground? Come out kitty, kitty! Time for me to fuck. Then, you suck me dry, foxy!”

She dressed in the new costume and pranced out from the wardrobe closet with a smile, wearing a cute little black leather bustier over her two small breasts that fell down below a belly button with a front zipper for her new beau. A decorative silver studded black leather collar suffocated around her neck and a pair of black lace panties over her vagina. A set of black high heeled bedroom slippers with a single black feathered pom-pom covered both of her naked feet. She didn’t have time to visit a local clothing store for a pair of real spiked heels.

She carried a long black leather whip in a folded fist, dragging the tail over the wooden floor.

He kneecapped on top of the mattress in his full nakedness with a mouth drool of a smile at her costume. “About time, I like the leather whip. Does it work?”

She stopped and stood in front of the bed and Stan slapping a whip against the leg and then straight up towards the ceiling as the leather whip danced like a snake over the wood and flew like a bird into the air, and then snapped like a firecracker. The tail of the whip hit the floor with a loud plop as she smiled with her evil thoughts.

He reached over for her…naw…her whip, snatching it out from her hand. She lifted and flipped off the pair of sexy house slippers and then seductively crawled onto the bedcover with a sneer like a she-wolf. He scooted to the side of the bed out of her way while examining her…naw…her whip with a pair of eyeballs and a smirk.

She rested down on top of the pillow with a straight body on the top of the bedcover with both legs spread apart, pushing her vagina into the air for penetration, since she wasn’t a true virgin. He dropped the whip to the side and leaned over, holding a body over her body, reaching down and unzipped the leather bustier with a hand and a smile into her face. He reached down and ripped off her panties off with a set of rushed fingers, flinging the clothing item down to the floor. Then, he leaned a body sideways on her right side, aiming a full blown penis directly into her vagina with a left hand.

She stared with a sour frown at his wrinkled up penis. “Hey! Where’s my foreplay, dude?”

“No time,” he leaned down and viciously performed a thrust with an elongated dick into her vagina with great force and great pain.

“Aarrgh!” She screamed from shock.

He lifted up a sour face and an upper body from her breasts with a sour frown. “You’re a whore.”

She gulped down the pussy pain with a sweet smile, “A southern belle.”

He reached down and thrust two thick man-fingers into her wet and stretched out worn vagina as she felt no pain really. She was not really a pure hundred percent virgin from all her nightly and daily fun with a set of four cowboys in the cow town Olando, where her father owned and operated a cattle ranch. Stan continued to thrust in and out the thick fingers with a sour frown. She could feel some arousal coupled with some vagina pain from the big olf. He continued to finger fuck her vagina with more force and a confused brow. “You’re a fucking whore. I can finger fuck you all night long, because your pussy is worn out like a car belt.”

She felt his thrusts with a giggle. “I call my precious vagina, a flower.”

“Your vagina is stretched out like you have fucked some twenty guys in one night like a gawd dawn whore.”

“I’m aroused making my flower open for only you, big boy,” she winked like a real whore, not a southern belle.

“Fucking whore!” He removed the fingers and leaned over a face on top of her breasts with an evil grin, ramming his elongated dick into her delicate vagina.

“Aarrgh!” She screamed in surprise.

“Not loud enough, whore!” He pulled out the dick and stared into her eyeballs, ramming his dick a second time into her pussy with her pain and his arousal.

“Hey!” She gasped in pain.

He lifted up a distorted face and pulled out the leather strip from the wooden handle of the whip, cutting the fine soft leather with a pocket knife. The knife was carried inside his blue jeans that rested on the edge of her bed. He sliced the leather by one-fourth and reached down, quickly tying both her wrist bones with a thin piece, wrapping it around and around, until she couldn’t break apart her arms. He gift-wrapped a thin piece of leather around her parted lips while allowing oxygen breaths but no screams with a chuckle.

She kicked at him with all twenty gray-painted fingernails and toe nails, without avail. He slammed a pair of two meaty legs over her two thin thighs, pinning both her legs down to the bed linens. He dropped down both biceps over her collar bone, catching both her waving arms while pinning them to her side. He growled. “You like to role play. I am master. You are my slave.”

He licked a beer-breathe tongue all over her face going from top down to the bottom inside her vagina as he moaned in filthy lust and then moved back up, roughly kissing his lips to her vagina discharge.

Chloe struggled to get out of the whip leather strips which were wrapped around both lips without success, not the two wrist bones. He shifted the dick in and out, ramming her vagina with a set of violent pain. She screamed, “Stop!”

“I paid for this, whore. I get my money’s worth.” He reached down and grabbed her waistline, flipping tiny Chloe up into the air and landed her body back down onto her kneecaps, spreading open her butt cheeks with two hands and viciously licked her ass with a tongue. Then, he reached down and grabbed her waistline for a second, flipping her tiny body into the air and landed Chloe back down onto a back spine, jabbing a nasty tongue down into her open mouth, slobbering a set of tongue drool over all her lips. She kicked and punched with the set of tied wrists as he kissed her lips with a laugh.

She screamed. “Ugh!”

He lifted up a distorted face with a frown. “Not loud enough, whore! You get punished now,” he forcefully plowed a dick down into her vagina, sawing his penis back and forth like a woodman cutting down a tree with a loud laugh and stopped, jerking out the penis. He reached down and grabbed her waistline, flipping her tiny body into the air and landed her on both the kneecaps, ramming a dick into her anus.

“Hey!” She grunted.

He withdrew the penis from her anus. “Hold still, whore!” He reached down and rubbed her ass with both naked hands and leaned down, licking her hairy butthole with a tongue and lifted upright an upper body and a smile, ramming his penis back into her anus again with a laugh.

Her anus felt dry and painful. She swiftly wiggled sideways, making him withdraw the penis and flipped around to face him on both wrist bones, “Hey, asshole.”

“Hey, whore,” he chuckled.

“I’m not a whore.”

“You’re not a virgin.” He reached down and grabbed her waistline, lifting her into the air, turning Chloe to face the headboard of the bed, striking the dick tip into her pussy.

“Aarrgh!” She screamed with pain.

He leaned down into her eardrum with a sour frown. “Your screams are not loud enough, whore,” he withdrew out and then quickly rammed the dick into her vagina again with an evil smirk.

“Aarrgh!” She screamed with sobs and wet tears, feeling weak pleasure from the pain. He continued to seesaw a big dick back and forth on his kneecaps. She felt some arousal and some pain. He shoved her face and her shoulders down towards the bedcovers, ramming a dick like a jack hammer back and forth into her pussy. She screamed in pain. “Aarrgh!” Her body enjoyed the fuck. Her teeth were clenched. Her hands folded into fists of pain. He jerked the dick out and reached down, grabbing her waistline, flipping her tiny body into the air and landed her on both kneecaps, thrusting into her vagina. Chloe ate the bedspread cover, draping a face down into the fabric while panting heavy for air after each thrust in the doggie style sex pose. He closed both eyelids and tossed back a skull in pleasure and lust, swiftly thrusting in and out fast then faster and then fastest. “Aarrgh!” She screamed in pain and lust, feeling awesome arousal and pain. He pulled out the dick and reached down, grabbing her waistline and flipped Chloe into the air and landed her flat down on a back spine, shoving his dick down into her screaming mouth. She choked, mouth spat salvia, and hollered all at the same time, “Ugh…”

He laughed. “I want more. Ride me, bitch!” He reached down and grabbed her waistline, lifting Chloe up from the bed mattress into the air, sliding his back spine down over the wet bed linens with a grin and a protruded dick straight up into the air. He twisted Chloe around and jerked open both her legs at the center of her vagina, slamming the girl down on top of his elongated dick with a laugh. She cried out in pain and sobs of tears. He cupped both hands underneath each one of her armpits and then forcefully rode her body up and down on his dick. Next, he quickly exploded a batch of his penis sperm into her vagina. She felt hot liquid shoot up into my vagina and then slowly poured back down over the pubic hair towards both of the inner thighs. He shuffled Chloe her from his body while tossing the girl to the side as he continued rest on a back muscles with a big elongated red and swallow penis shooting more bubbles of sperm and sizzling up in the air waves with a grin. “Suck me dry, whore!”

She didn’t move as both wrist bones were tied and posed on both kneecaps. She whined. “My hands are tied.”

“Suck me, whore!” He huffed with a grin of sour breathe. She flipped a body sideway to the side and rested on the edge of the soft mattress and away from the beau-brute male, closing both eyelashes for rest and relief and as her wrist bones were still tied. He flipped to the opposite side of the mattress and slipped off the bed frame, moving ahead towards the tiny refrigerator underneath the built-in entertainment center for another bottle of beer and stopped, squatting down in front of the door. He reached out and opened the door, grabbing a beer and, screwed off the cap, lifting and drunk half the contents, dropping the bottle from the lips with a loud burp. He slowly stood and swung a naked body towards the bathroom archway with a set of loud burps, entering into the room without closing the door.

Chloe exhaled with a puff of great pain and some pleasure from her first beau fuck night at Antebellum House.

“I can fuck a long time like this, whore,” he exited the bathroom and moved ahead while sucking on a lighted and smelly marijuana joint and removed the object with a smile, blowing out the white smoke into the clean air. “The pot keeps my dick erect for hours and hours and hours…”

She flipped over to the opposite side to see Stan on top of both kneecaps with a gasp of alarm. He stopped and spun around, lounging a lazy ass at the edge of the entertainment center while inhaling a joint of pot in one hand and a beer bottle in the other and removed the object with a smoke. He blew out a thin veil of white smoke through the lips and the nostrils and reached over to the teacup on the top of the entertainment center, tapping the dripping pot ash into the delicate ceramic.

She gasped. “Pot! No drugs are allowed here at Antebellum House. I will…”

He placed the pot joint into the lips and inhaled, held the smoke with a smile, steaming out white with a chuckle. “I know that, whore. Don’t be a tattle-tailer too!” He twisted the nakedness and entered the bathroom again with a sour frown.

Chloe sat upright on both kneecaps and lifted upright both arms, stretching out the tight leather straps between the wrist bones while finding a very tiny horizontal hole. She ran three finger pads from a hand while struggling to free both hands. Then the leather strap dropped down, falling down onto the bedcover. She wiggled a hand free and slid down off the mattress, standing upright with a gasp.

Stan returned back into the bedroom from the bathroom with a goofy smile of pot feeling without the pot joint and the bottle of beer and as his wiggling elongated dick rotated side to side coming from the puffs of the marijuana joint. He witnessed Chloe who was hustling away from his capture with a laugh. “Ah! My prey is loose.” She swiftly raced ahead towards the door to escape from the bed mattress. He swiftly dashed towards Chloe with a grin and reached out with a hand, grabbing and snatched her arm, hugging the girl into his naked chest with a laugh into her eardrum, lifting her effortlessly into the air and moved ahead to a naked spot on the bedroom wall, slamming her back spine against the peach colored paint. Chloe gasped in alarm and slowly produced drops of red blood from the lips and the nostrils seeing double vision through the eyeballs, feeling dizzy inside the neurons. He reached down with a one hand and slipped apart both her kneecaps, planting a dick inside her pelvis while spreading out her legs with a grunt, “It is sex time, whore!” She looked down with a pair of blurry eyeballs to see a knobby apparatus that covered his elongated penis. He leaned over with a tongue of bad breathing into her face with a grin, “I like to get an extra boost with my sex thrust into your pussy, whore.”

“No!” She screamed and struggled side to side against the wall from fear with the object that surrounded his penis. He forcefully thrust a penis with a single punch into her vagina. Chloe felt shattering pain with every punch of the wooden knob that surrounded his dick that hurt beyond her nerves and her neurons. He thrust inside and outside her vagina. “I…” continued to fight with a set of sobs and tears with the brute against the wall paint.

He growled. “Shut it, whore!”

“I…” continued to fight with a set of sobs and tears with the brute against the wall. He reached over and slammed an elbow into her rib cage to hold Chloe against the wall. She whined with a sissy moan. “Ugh…”

“I am a pimp. You are bad girl, whore,” he leaned down and roughly kissed both his lips and his teeth onto her mouth, jerking one of her leg around his waist with a grin. “I am making us some great sex friction.” He rammed an elongated dick with the knobby wooden apparatus into her vagina while slamming her back spine against the cool paint, holding her ass with his cupped palm. Both her legs were wrapped around his fit waist. He grunted with a sneer into her face. “You’re tight and right at this love angle, bitch. But I’ll make you lose and goose for my final orgasm,” He thrust in and out with a set of loud grunts and heavy breathes.

She screamed in fear and pain. “No!” She was exhausted both mentally and physically while bowing a chin down into a chest and as both her arms waved in the air.

He laughed with the ejaculation and slowly thrust the penis in and out while forcing more of his sperm out from a dick into her wet vagina. Then he stopped the thrust while breathing heavy with a body of heavy smelly sex sweaty and gently lifted the armpits of Chloe and cuddled her into a chest. Both her legs continued to drape around his hips. He leaned over and whispered with a grin down into her crying face. “We are almost done, whore.”

“I…exhausted…” from relieve and as she closed both eyelashes. She leaned into his shoulder while feeling pain and exhaustion. He back stepped from the wall paint and slowly spun around to face the bed frame, stopping and stood in front of the messy bed cover. He reached down and rested Chloe over the soft bed linens, reaching out and shifted both her arms down sideways, then shuffling the arms up and down in two opposite different directions with a chuckle.

She continued to rest on top of the bed without movement and exhaled with a deep puff of exhaustion with a soft whisper, “What…doing?”

He continued to rotate both arms and legs on Chloe side to side over the messy bedcover with a grin, “I am finding the right body pose for clicking a memory…”

“No cell phones!”

He continued to shuffle both the arms and the legs of Chloe up and down over the messy bedroom with a chuckle of amusement. “I’m not using my mobile cell, whore. I use all my memory cells. You’re cute like a little dolly and limber like a gymnastic and fun. I can’t wait to come back, whore,” he dropped all her limbs down to the bedcovers and reached over, lifting up on top of the bed mattress with Chloe, crawling on top of her naked body and stopped, leaning a face over her breasts with a grin. Then he sat back on both kneecaps and leaned over, slamming down both folded fists onto each side above her tits with a chuckle. Chloe experienced a heart attack first while panting in fear with a heavy breathes of fright. She inhaled and then exhaled short puffs of oxygen before she suffocated to death inside her own bed mattress of her bedroom, closing her eyelashes at the beau. He sat back on both kneecaps and lifted both folded fists in the air with a smile, shifting an upper body and both fists back down towards her nakedness like he was going to slap her face. She cried out loud with wet tears of fear, “No!”

He sat back onto both kneecaps and continued to rock back and forth, shaking both folded fists into the air, staring down with a laughing smile at Chloe, “Ho, ho, ho! Hee, hee, hee! Your naked body jumped three inches from the bed like a puppet with a set of invisible strings. That was fun for me and funny for you,” he stopped the rock motion with a smile. “Did you feel that jolt like a cup of bad moonshine? Boom! I’ll bring some wicked moonshine next time for our more fucking fun on next Friday night. The next time, you ride my dick right. Then right before I explode, I want you to pop my chest with your two fists like I did next to you tits on the bed. Get that, whore! Then, it’ll give me a damn double ejaculation, whore.” He leaned down and roughly kisses her lips with both the hard teeth enamel and a rough tongue, lifting upright a torso with a big grin down at Chloe with a wink and slide off her body, leaping off the bed and swung around to face the door. He reached down and collected each piece of clothing while dressing and moved ahead to the closed archway.

She continued to close her eyelashes and as her body ached in pain and exhaustion. She exhaled with a sissy moan. “I can’t believe that you’re actually leaving me,” she did not move from the wet bedcover that held received a set of multiple explosions of lusty dirty sex juice from both her and him. She reached down and tenderly rubbed her precious vagina with a set of two fingers, feeling additional hot liquid pump out from the vagina walls in thick format, lifting an index finger into the face to see red blood.

He continued to move ahead while zipping up the blue jeans with a smile towards the locked door and stopped, reaching out and unlatched the keyhole with a smile and a yell, “It is time for me to scoot, to boot. I got another whore to fuck before midnight,” grunting.

“Or you turn into a monster,” she whispered for her eardrums, only while feeling a set of mixed emotions of both sadness and happiness and as her body rested like a zombie person over the ruined bedcover that was also covered in her vaginal red blood. Her leather bustier was opened up and exposed both naked breasts and as she continued to wear the silver studded black leather collar around the throat that protected the esophagus from being choked by a pair of his man-sized hands.

He reached out and grabbed the door knob with a smile. “Next Friday night, you shout out my name, Stan, the man, when I fuck you good, whore. Bye, whore!” He opened bedroom door and exited her bedroom with a smile and a whistle, moving down the staircase towards the waiting limousine that would tarry him back to the university for the end of the night.

The door slowed closed and locked for protection.

She closed both eyelashes in sleep and sadness while wishing that she could leave Antebellum House foreverly.



6:31 p.m.

Ballroom interior setting



Fairy tale of Emma and her beau Stan


Emma sat inside an ugly floral sofa that belonged inside a clown museum, where a peachy-beige background splattered with hundreds of hand-sized flowers of red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, and blue while tickling a set of green curvy leaves around each other like a batch of gay plants. The busy sofa overpowered her pretty antebellum dress of pink rayon that was decorated with fourteen rows of tiny half-an-inch pink ruffles, coming down from the velvet pink belted waist, puddling over the floor.

The skirt expanded almost towards both edges of the sofa armrests as she wore a set of three crinolines that widened the pink fabric, making her look like a pretty pink princess.

She straightened a set of pearls around the forehead with a gloved hand which was attached to her curled ponytail in the rear of the skull. Then, she double-checked each pearl earring, then the pearl choker around a swan neck, making certain they were pretty like her. She reached up and yanked each glove back to the elbow with a smile at the other nervous belles, waiting on their beau, too.

Chloe left the ballroom with a nice-looking but ill-mannered beau.

Emma heard a set of cowboy boots march over the wooden Dogtrot breezeway where the new beau was escorted by Jocelyn. She stared at the empty archway, hoping this was her beau.

They appeared and stood inside the archway with a smile.

He wore a smile of good teeth, a nicely suntanned face and body, standing up at six feet and three inches while displaying a cropped head of dark auburn curly hair, wearing a red colored T-shirt which was outlined in a set of rippled muscles, a pair of faded blue jeans that showed off a pair of narrow hips with a red colored alligator belt, and a pair of red, white, and blue flames on red alligator cowboy boots.

Jocelyn held onto the arm of the new beau with a smile. “Beau, meet our lovely belles. Go and find your girl!”

The beau swiftly charged towards the side wall, where a set of three sofas contained only two belles that held a smiling queen-sized Tyleigh and a beautiful queen-sized Bethel. He slowly toured each body, turning to the side, studying pretty Naomi, lovely Peyton, and cute Zoey. Then, he swiftly moved away from the second section of sofas and swung to face Emma with a smile. She smiled back at him. He advanced ahead to her sofa and stopped, holding out an arm for a proper belle escort. Emma leaped from the sofa and hit his body with a giggle. He quickly back stepped from her attacked and dropped down the arm in stunned surprised of her non-belle behavior. Next, he gingerly lifted up and extended the arm again like a proper southern beau.

Emma displayed a blush in pink hue and gently reached out, touching his arm with a nod.

They swung around to face the open archway.

Emma waddled without tripping over the long dress hem in the pair of four inches of summer sandals, turning with a smile to see his nose profile. “I’m Emma.”

“Stan.” He stared at the open archway and moved pass Jocelyn with a smile and nod.

Jocelyn smiled at the nose profile of Emma and Stan, the man. “Have lots of fun, tonight, kids!”

They moved through the archway and left the ballroom, turning to face the front porch, slowly moving down the cool breezeway.

Her hand was wrapped loosely around his naked arm and as she smiled at his nose profile. “Do I know your daddy?”

“Maybe,” he continued to move ahead and passed the library, staring with a smile into the darkness of the front porch.

She giggled into his nose profile. “Do I know your mama?”

“Maybe,” he continued to move ahead and passed the belle parlor room. They slowly turned to the side and strolled in front of the belle parlor room windows on the front porch, strolling towards her bedroom inside the belle wing.

She continued to hold his arm and stared at his nose profile with a smile. “Do you live here in Bama?”

“Maybe,” he continued to stroll ahead and turned, moving down the side of the main building, staring with a smile into the darkness of the night.

She grinned at his nose profile. “You have a southern accent. So, do you live in a different southern state?”

“Maybe,” he continued to move ahead and stared with a smile into the darkness of the night.

“I like you, Stan. Do you like me?”

“Maybe,” he stopped and turned to face a double wide open archway that displayed a tall grand staircase with a smile.

She reached down and gathered, jerking the fabric of the dress hem and showed off her a pair of cute naked legs, slowly climbing onto the first step of the staircase with a puzzled brow. “Maybe! Do you like me or not? I found that you are very secretive, Stan.”

He exhaled with a puff of annoyance and continued to climb the staircase of six stories while looking down at each step with a confused brow. “Emma, I understand that you and me are not supposed to be discussing our private lives with each other for certain reasons. Am I wrong?”

“No.” She gasped with alarm without tripping over the dress or the sandals, pointing at the private bedroom on the side, since she had not remembered. There was to be no contact information exchange, only sex exchange. So, she would have to be satisfied with that.



Private bedroom of Emma and Stan



He stopped on the staircase and released her arm, reaching out and opened the door for the beau with a smile and a nod in silence. She pranced inside with a smile and gracefully shifted towards the entertainment center, elegantly swinging around in excitement and beauty, since she was worth two hundred dollars of beauty, where Jocelyn had collected the money on the front porch a few minutes ago.

He moved ahead and stopped, standing in front of the cute bedcover, reaching out and partially folded the bedcover away from the headboard while exposing a set of matching set of pink satin sheets on the two twin pillows for the evening fuck fest. She continued to stand in front of the entertainment center and watched him with a giggle and then a growl for some immediate jungle play time with her beau. He reached out and tenderly rubbed the soft bed linens between the fingers with a smile and a nod. “This bedroom arrangement displays a nice bed style. Your pink ruffles match your pink dress too. Did you plot that just for me?” He spun around with a wink to see her.

She produced a blush in hot pink color while thinking about their upcoming first of ten fuck fests each Friday night to raise money to save Antebellum House and shrugged a bare honey tinted collar bone with angel innocence, since she was an ‘earth’ angle of teen innocent. Emma slowly reached down and plucked off an elbow glove like a professional stripper, dropping the item down to the floor with a giggle and a grin of teenly innocence. He continued to stand at the bed frame and reached out, touching the cherry tinted wooden bed posts that complimented the pink hue of the bed linens. She gracefully removed the other elbow glove and tossed the item onto the flooring with a giggle and a grin again. “I love pink. My favorite color…” He spun around with a smile and slowly advanced to her with a nod in silence. She stepped out of one of the summer sandals and gently scooted the item across the floor from her body. He stopped and squatted down, reaching out and grabbed, lifting the sandal into a face with a smile. “An excellent shoe designer and the style of your summer sandals are cute, to boot. I like the color that you had chosen for your dressing assemble, a soft baby pink. The coloring matches your honey blonde hair and skin tone perfectly like a painted portrait.”

She lifted up a leg for him to see each naked leg and reached down, nosily dropping off the other designer sandal from a naked foot, reaching up and jerked off the pink velvet belt while disturbing the creation of a pretty antebellum dress.

Stan stood upright with a wink and a smile, moving closer to her, stopping and stood in front of Emma, reaching out and touched the rows of pink ruffles on the skirt with one hand while holding her sandal in the cupped palm with a grin in silence. She giggled with a smile. “Thank you, Stan!”

He rubbed two fingers over the soft ruffles with a smile at the long dress, staring at the matching sandal and then the matching dress numerous times. “Your antebellum dress matches beautifully the fabric on the sandal also. It is an exact perfect shade of pink.”

“The sandals were dyed that specific color, candy pinky-pink.” I nodded with a giggle.

He continued to rub the ruffles with a smile and a nod. “Brilliant! Your belle assembly is lovely, attractive while complimenting you and the entire bedroom.”

I smiled. “Thank you, Stan!” Stan continued to rub the dress and wore his T-shirt and a set of rippling of muscles that outlined a group of taunt deltoids biceps down to the triceps and further down to eight-packed abs that came from the morning and afternoon workouts. He continued to wear the pair of faded jeans and a set of cowboy boots. She dropped the neckline of the dress and exposed a pair of honey colored naked breasts, going all the way down to her throng that only covered her honey tinted body and as her eyelashes flirted at his eyelids like she was an innocent virgin. She was an innocent teen virgin.

He released the dress and shoe as the shoe dropped down with a loud boom onto the wooden floor. He looked up with a smile. “You’re a lovely sight for eyes, Emma.” She reached back and pulled off the golden tinted hair band that held the ponytail of matching honey golden hair. He reached out and extended an open palm for the item. She reached out and gently placed the gold band down into his palm with a giggle while continuing to undress the other jewelry pieces from a body. She removed and placed each pink pearl gem stone item into his open palm as he examined each jewelry item with a smile. Emma removed the pink pearl choker and placed into both palms with the other jewelry items with a grin. He touched and examined the delicate texture of the smooth pink colored pearls. Her loose hair fell over a collar bone and down to the waistline and as a pair of naked nipples played a set of peek-a-boo through the thick strands of my golden honey hair.

He touched with a smile each gem stone. “Even all your gems match your furnishings and your clothes, you are all colored-coded, Emma.”

She nodded in both curls and breasts with a grin from excitement and anticipation of their first of ten “fuck fests” at him. “Yes, I am.”

He looked up with a smile to see Emma and leaned over, cautiously reaching around her semi-naked body, gently placing each piece of pink pearl jewelry on either side of her arms. Then, he carefully reached out and moved each cable line away from the new seventy inched plasma television away from the entanglement of cords that was located behind her back spine without tickling her rear nakedness.

She felt both his arms and his hands maneuver around her body while standing completely honey colored nude for a picking, a plucking, and finally a fucking. She formed a pout of the lips for her first ever boy-kiss of the first of ten Friday evening of beau-belle fucks. He slid backward from Emma without any single hand flirt and looked down at her pink puffy antebellum dress that gathered around her pair of naked feet. Emma followed his eyelids to see her naked feet too. She couldn’t fuck with the dress on, so she lifted a foot into the air and then the other foot, moving out of the heap of pink with a giggle. He squatted down and gathered a pile of pink fabric swiftly standing and slowly pondering where to dump the lump of rayon. She reached down and shifted off the girly throng as it landed on top of the floor. She reached over and rubbed her vagina with a smile and a wink at his face. “This is my flower that is ready for a picking, a pruning, or a plucking by you, Stan,” she formed a put of the lips for her first ever boy-kiss with the big hint, since Stan must be one of these dense cowboys that Chloe had warned all the beaus about during the daily and nightly belle masturbation fuck sessions inside the ballroom. She sweetly encouraged him to begin their first of ten “Fuck Fests” where the term had been coined by Chloe, since the night was not holding for the sex show.

“That is a nice name.” He turned and scanned the closed wardrobe closet, then the closed bathroom door, then the dirty wooden floor, and finally the brown fake leather settee.

The settee like the numerous pieces of wood or chrome or marble furniture elegantly clashed with the pink bedcover inside the bedroom which was like all other belle bedrooms throughout Antebellum House. He continued to turn and scan the contents of the room with a puzzled brow. There was a freckle-looking fake beige granite armoire which held her clothes and a black painted-metal office desk with a slender black laptop that accessed all academic on-line college classes from Birmingham University.

Emma desired a kiss, a touch, or an attack from Stan to start the nightly love lust.

He continued to scan the room with a puzzled brow and held the pink dress in both arms. “I have never understood why all the furniture pieces do not match. This is a historical building in Alabama with some nicely fine furnishings along with modern trashy junk,” He spun around to see her with a smile. “Do you know the answer, Emma?”

“No,” she moved ahead with a puff of frustration and scooted around his stationary tallness, strolling in total nakedness towards the bed frame with the set of pink tinted bed linens, stopping, standing in front of the bed mattress. She reached over and violently ripped off the pretty pink bedcover, jerking off the top bed linen also as both items dropped over the edge of the bed and the hit the floor. She reached down and grabbed the pink rose from the pillow with a smile, swinging around to see his back spine with a confused brown in silence.

Stan was moving the furniture around her room, stealing the desk chair out from the desk table, rolling it across the wood and planted the chair in front of the closed doors of the big entertainment center. He moved around the chair and stopped, standing in front of the closed door, opening up the middle cabinet which revealed a seventy inched plasma television. He reached out and parted the two side cabinets which revealed her electronic computer game box of virtual electronic fun activities, back stepping and sat down an ass in the desk chair. He lifted a leg into the air and jerked off one cowboy boot and then duplicated the motion, placing both boots on the side of the chair. He wore a pair of white colored socks, a tight red shirt, and a pair of faded jeans with a smile, leaning a face, two hands, and a torso towards the entertainment center, snatching up the keyboard that was physically attached to the plasma screen with a nod in silence. Emma would play an electronic card game while listening to the boring on-line college educational sessions in her room at night, so the electronic game box was operational and functional. He pulled out the third nested drawer from entertainment center that held her dressing clothes and propped the both foot soles onto the edge of the thick wood which acted like a foot stool to hold the keyboard on top of a pair of kneecaps. Then the room filled with a set of new electronic sounds of beep, ping, and ding which began the new activation sequence of a new electronic game on the television screen.

Emma continued to stand beside the bed with the rose with a deep sigh of frustration, confusion, and finally fighting fury and moved ahead with a sour frown, since this beau was really stupid about a kiss, a fuck, and the sex thing. She stopped at his nose profile and stood in place, parting the legs and tossed back a skull, closing the eyelashes, dreaming of their first of ten “Fuck Fests.”

She lifted up and slowly dragged the set of soft petals of the flower down the crown of her forehead, between the two eye sockets, down the nose tip, down the parted lips, down to the chin and finally stopped between the breasts which tickled her skin with a giggle of the soft sensation. She moved the rose down between the ribs, down to the waist, down to the belly button, and finally wiggled the soft petals of the rose into the honey colored pubic hairs, saying with a smile, “Stan…”

He continued to play with two eyeballs, two eardrums, two hands, and ten finger pads on her electronic computer game box, whispering up into her eardrums. “Shh! I got a secret.” She squatted down with a smile and leaned over into his nose profile in silence. He continued to play an intergalactic space ship war game as commander of the warship with a smile in silence and as the game sounded with a set of soft beeps and loud whistles.

“Tell, tell!” She smiled with excited and lusty anticipation.

He punched the guiding stick side to side on the computer keyboard while flying a space ship into the moon. The space ship exploded into an array of prettily red, blue, and yellow plumes of smoke. “I’ll tell you, but it’s a secret.”

“Tell, tell!” She leaned closer into his eardrum with a smile of excitement and lusty anticipation of her first fuck with a boy.

“I’ll tell you, but you must promise to keep it a secret.” He wiggled the joy stick side to side with a chuckle and blasted a third enemy alien ship on the television screen.

“Tell, tell!” She leaned into his cheekbone while desiring to kiss his pretty face.

He blasted a fifth enemy alien ship and continued to stare with a smile and a whisper at the television screen. “My name is not Stan, the man.”

She understood the new game and smiled with a nod. “O. So, you want to do a role play character with me. That’s fine. I’ve heard of that sex fun. I want to be a fairy princess. But, you can call me, princess. So, what is your new name gonna be, big boy?”

He continued to play on the television screen with a smile. “I can’t tell you that, Princess Emma. But, I can tell you this. I like to role play with boys, only.”

She jerked back with a puzzled brow and stared at his cheekbone. “I like to role play with boys, only. What the fuck does that mean, not Stan, the man?” He ignored her beauty nakedness and continued to play on the electronic game box with a smile and a nod that was hooked up into the seventy inched plasma television in silence. Her neurons worked in overtime and pondered the remark from her beau and as she gasped in total shock. “You’re gay.”

He continued to play with a smile and a nod at the intergalactic war game. “I like to role play with boys only usually means that I’m gay. So, I don’t like to role play with girls, ever.”

“Gawd! Why are you here with me then?” She snarled with ferocious fury and fight, because Emma was not getting the first of ten Fuck Fests ever.

He flew the space ship on the computer screen with a frown. “Asshole Gerrit made me do it.”

She frowned with confusion at her beau. “Do it! What did asshole Gerrit make you do, not Stan, the man?”

“Asshole Gerrit made me come here to Antebellum House. I am supposed to pretend to be a badass boy who is nicknamed, Stan, the man, instead of a nice gentle man, who is un-named. But, I did give my money freely to the lost cause of Antebellum House, so you should be hundred fully satisfied with that honored agreement, Princess Emma,” chuckling.

She dropped open a mouth in shock and slowly stood upright from the floor with a sour frown, swiftly back stepped and scooted her beau, dashing ahead towards the open bathroom and away from her non-beau.

She entered the bathroom and stopped, standing in front of the bathroom counter, reaching out and rattled the brown tinted paper bag like an angry snake, withdrawing the used and abused rubber male penis which was measured at two inches in diameter and seven inches long Emma had purchased a new one inside a sex store in downtown Birmingham on Sunday afternoon after church while tagging along with Chloe.

She reached out and grabbed a gob of vaginal jelly from the open container on two fingers, reaching down and carefully rubbed the gel up, down, and sideways from the tip down to the base of the new rubber penis. She spun around with an angry face to face the archway and exited the bathroom, moving ahead pass her beau towards the bed mattress, since she planned to fuck her vagina while producing a set of multiple sexual orgasms, until Emma passed out from exhaustion.



7:30 p.m.

Front portico setting

Hot temperatures and moonlight with bright stars



Fairy tale of twins Spring and Autumn and beau Stan



The limousine slowed and stopped in front of the brick coated steps. The door opened. Stan slide out of the seat and stood upright with a smile, handing a hundred dollar bill to the chauffeur driver with a nod in silence, twisting to see the queen virgin. Jocelyn was a beautiful woman of twenty two years old, who was closer to his age than the other young virgins of Antebellum House, where he was about to lustfully introduce into his world of love. He moved ahead and climbed up the granite steps on a pair of gray lizard-skinned cowboy boots with a smile and stopped, standing in front of Jocelyn, saying the silly code name, “Stan, the man.”

Jocelyn extended a manicured hand with a smile like a future business executive who would eventually work with her father at his bank firm. “Welcome, Stan, the man!” He reached out and gently touched a hand of delicate long fingers on Jocelyn in silence. She moved ahead and cuddled into his body, tapping a sexy hip right next to his leg with a giggle of excited amusement. Beau Gerrit had claimed manly possession on this particular Antebellum House belle for some reason as he watched her pair of big breasts that bounced up and down inside the red soft gown.

The new beau could distinguish a virtuous virgin from a nasty whore, since a pure virgin smelled good to a pair of manly nostrils like a patch of wild sweet honeysuckles that was freshly growing on the green vines and coupled with bouts of happy giddiness of delight into the eardrums and smiling faces for the eyeballs. He wished that he could fuck this doll with her sexy curves and angel face of pink while she continued to giggle with giddiness of girly innocence into his face.

She turned and smiled at him. “You are mating with the twins who are named Spring and Autumn. Honestly! I don’t know which one is which. But, that’s your new assignment, Stan, if you double dog dare to accept it.” Jocelyn giggled with a grin. He grunted with that challenge of double trouble inside a nasty mental mind.

They slowly strolled down towards the end of the Dogtrot Hall, since he knew the location of the ballroom too. He had been schooled here during the undergraduate days, before he had graduated from Birmingham University or the common nicknamed Burn U and then he entered into Birmingham State University or Bam U law school.

They continued ahead and moved pass the belle parlor room.

He pointed at the opening of the belle parlor room. She did not look but nodded with a puzzled brow. “Yes, the belle parlor room is still haunted. No one goes in there for any reason.”

“Understood,” he nodded the acceptance but still curiosity about the she-ghosts that haunted the enclosed staircase.

“Someday, one brave soul might come along and destroy those vertical walls that hold these three evil she-ghosts, before my first born child comes here,” Jocelyn exhaled with nervousness.

“Wouldn’t the three she-ghosts just move to another pair of parallel walls while continuing to torment folks between the empty air molecules?” He said with an anticipated excitement of the double fun evening with twin virgins.

Jocelyn smiled. “That’s a good question, Stan, the man. But, don’t ask the twins! They won’t understand you or your question.”

“I don’t plan a lot of chit-chatting, since I’m more a finger-feeling kind of a guy. I plan to do a lot of…”

“The twins will entertain you. I promise. But, I want you to promise to be a good gentle beau with the…”

“Kittens,” he grinned with a wicked smirk.

“However, they are truly a pair of virgins who are newly weaned from their mama cat tits.”

“I swear to be nice and gentle.”

“I really appreciate that paid double the price of the twins at two thousand dollars. We’ll use all the monies to…”

“Are they pretty like you, kitten? Because, I’ll pay four thousand dollars for you, baby,” he smiled.

She continued to tap the high heels over the wooden floor and looked ahead with a smirk. “The twins are just as pretty as me, Stan, the man.”

“Can I leave in a limo with my two kittens from here at Antebellum House?”

Jocelyn halted with an angry brow and turned, flipping an angry face to see his smile, “Absolutely not, beau! You will go directly into the bedroom of Autumn for your fun and their pleasure during the evening.” She swung around to face the breezeway with a stern face. “Then all of the beaus will leave at eight am in the morning, after the house staff leaves from preparing our morning breakfast. That is when the limo arrives picking all you up from here and then taking all of you back home to the Rebel Den. Do you hear me, beau?”

“Yes ma’am,” he moved ahead with a smirk and bumped into her set of swaying hips, touching her leg again.

They slowly strolled down the rest of the breeze way.

He turned to the side and scanned the awful exterior condition of the House which needed fresh coat of paint and major building repairs. “Can I come back on Saturday night also to see my kittens?”

She moved ahead and stared with a stern face into the darkness, “What about attending the weekly football game?”

“I can miss the attendance of the weekly football game,” he frowned.

“If you enjoy the twins that much, then I might be able to arrange something on Saturday afternoon. But, you must get Gerrit’s permission first.”

He frowned. “Gerrit told me no already along with some of the other rednecks. Gerrit is big man at Rebel Den. No one disobeys Gerrit ever.”



Ballroom interior setting



“We’re here.” Jocelyn stopped with a smile and turned to face the interior of the ballroom, standing inside the open archway with him, squeezing his forehead with nervousness, saying to the remaining belles. “We have another beau. Go and pick your belle, darling!”

He moved ahead and nodded to the remaining four pretty girls and then purposefully hesitated each boot step for fun and nervousness while creating a lovely atmosphere of belle tension. He moved beside the set of silly clown-decoration window treatments which had been created by a set of little elementary school kids and as a pair of eyeballs shifted to a single girl. He admired the pretty queen-sized belle with a set of gorgeous features on her pretty face, her pair of giant tits, and her big body frame, but he preferred a set of smaller tits along with a tight ass. So, tonight, he would have two asses in each palm hand which was even more fitting than one single ass while chuckling underneath the breath. He moved ahead to the second sofa with a smile at the beautiful brunette female and dashing away from her winking eyelash and stopped, standing in front of the twins.

The two females jumped up and down on top of the single cushion while bouncing into each other’s shoulder. He chuckled with more excitement. The twins looked alike, possessing a head of long platinum blonde hair down to the tiny waist which flowed on the side of a pretty face with a gathered with blue gem bow that matched the antebellum dress.

The gown was both sleeveless and strapless and exposed a set of smooth tissue of tanned breasts and as his penis tingled with delight for his first fucking sex act with a set of twin virgins. The females continued to jump up and down on top of the single cushion while bouncing into each other’s shoulder. He grunted with a grin of happiness and hold both forearms bent at the elbow crouch for each twin.

They stood upright at the same time with a giggle of nervous energy and bumped into each other, moving ahead and swaying side to side into his body on each side of his rib cage. He grunted with more anticipation of many fucks with the pretty twins. Each female reached out and grabbed one of his exposed forearms, digging a set of sharp fingernails into his exposed skin.

He slowly back stepped from the sofa and twisted to face the open archway and Jocelyn, giving the females and their dresses room to waddle side to side.

They moved ahead and passed by Jocelyn.

He smiled with a nod. “See you, Jocelyn!”

“Bye,” Spring smiled with a giggle to Jocelyn and continued to dig the fingernails into the naked arm of her shared beau.

“…bye,” Autumn smiled with the same giggle to Jocelyn and continued to dig the fingernails into the other naked arm of the shared beau.

He led them through the archway and turned to face the front porch, since he knew the direction of the belle garconniere also. The twins wiggled side to side and maneuvered over both his arms and his legs as he became more excited with sex too. He looked down with a smile at each blonde colored hair roots. “Ya’ll look just alike.”

Spring bounced into his rib cage with a giggle and a grin. “Thank…”

“…you,” Autumn bounced into his other rib cage with a giggle and a grin.

He turned and looked down into the blonde hair roots of each twin with a smile. “You talk just alike, too.”

“Thank,” smiled Spring.

“…you,” grinned Autumn.

He chuckled with a nod at the girls. “I’m Stan, both ya’ll’s man.”

They moved ahead and turned, strolling in front of the windows of the belle parlor room.

“Hi,” Spring smiled.

“Stan, Autumn grinned.

“Spring,” she smiled.

“Autumn,” she grinned.

He turned and looked down at each blonde hair roots. “Spring and Autumn, you names are like the yearly seasonal calendar. When is your birthday?”

“We’re not supposed to,” Spring frowned.

“….talk about personal data,” frowned Autumn.

He recalled that his family background was supposed to be kept as a secret from each girl along with identification of the silly common code name, Stan, the man. He smiled. “Right! I’m sorry.”

“You don’t look, sorry.” Spring bounced into his boot path with a giggle and continued to dig a set of fingernails into his flesh with excited anticipation.

They turned the building corner and strolled beside the windows of the belle garconniere.

“You look manly.” Autumn leaned the dress into his walking path with a giggle. He stumbled forward on both legs and two boot toes around the two hemlines with care. She continued to dig the fingernails into his flesh with excitement too.

He turned with a smile and looked down side to side at each set of blonde colored hair roots. “Do you always finish each other’s sentence?”

“I…” Spring giggled.

“….guess.” Autumn giggled.

He chuckled. “How will I tell each of one of you apart?”

They turned to face the staircase and then slowly climbed up each step while shoving a body into his pathway.

“I’m Spring,” she bounced into his body with a giggle.

“I’m Autumn,” she bounced into the other side of his body with a giggle.

He chuckled at the new challenge. “Okay. I’ll figure something out. I bet there’s one tiny difference between you, girls.”

“No.” Spring stopped on top of the staircase and pointed with a smile the closed door of Autumn’s bedroom. He stopped with a smile and stared at the closed door.

“Not.” Autumn stopped beside him with a smile.



Private bedroom of Autumn with Stan and her twin sister Spring



He grinned with at the new double pleasure of fun and reached out, touching and twisted the wrist bone. The door opened as the heavy door sway open into the single bedroom. The twins removed a hand from his naked and entered through the open archway first with a set of giggles and grins. He followed behind the twins and moved inside, stopping and stared at the familiar bedroom layout. He saw the first nightstand on the side wall, a king-size mattress that was covered in a set of maroon and yellow tinted sunflowers, a second nightstand, and a row of three undivided windows, where all the curtains were closed for our privacy. There was a brown leather settee inside the wall corner intersection and a large entertainment cabinet on the other side wall, where a country music song blasted inside the bedroom that make him smile at the nice musical selection. An open bathroom door frame stood next to the open wardrobe door frame on the entrance wall which showed the entire panorama view of her private bedroom. All the sleeping rooms looked alike for each college student, so each student would concentrate on the academic studies. He moved ahead and stopped in front of the settee in the wall corner, bending at a fitted waist and both kneecaps, reaching out and grabbed, lifting up the light weight object into the air with a loud grunt. Both the twins clapped with a gasp and a giggle of his superman strength without knowing his evil purpose.

He back stepped from the wall corner and lifted the settee over the hair roots, moving backward between the bed frame and the entertainment cabinet, stopping in the middle of the empty wall, slamming the four legs of the settee onto the wooden floor and slid the settee into the wall for his viewing pleasure. He spun around and stood upright in front of the settee. The twins dashed ahead and attacked his tallness, wandering a pair of naked hands and a set of soft gowns over his body. He leaned down and kissed the top platinum locks of one of two sisters underneath the armpit, pulling back with a confused brow. “You are?”

She rotated both hands over his shirt and felt his taunt muscles with a giggle and a grin, “Spring.”

“Autumn,” she giggled and tickled his other armpit.

He shook a skull with more confusion. The girls looked alike in appearance, sound, and manner while stroking his shirt, tickling his jeans with a pair of delicate female hands. He leaned down into the twin underneath the armpit with a smile. “You are named as Kitten One,” he leaned over and kissed her soft pink lips, pulling back with a smile and turned to kiss the lips of the second girl, pulling back with a smile. “You are named as Kitten Two,” he leaned down and smelled the sweet honeysuckle from each set of hair roots with a smile. “Can both of you remember your new call names?”

“Kitten One.” The twin below the armpit smiled.

“Kitten Two.” The twin below the other armpit smiled.

He nodded with a smile with the first accomplishment of the evening while starting the love affair, lifting and paralleled both arms even with the floor. “Strip me down to the nub, Kittens.”

They set to work immediately on his tallness. Kitten One reached over and grabbed, pulling up his shirt out from the set of empty belt loops. Kitten Two reached down and unzipped his jeans with a pair of talented finger pads. He danced sideways with a smile and wiggled both hips with a chuckle when the jeans fell down and landed on top of the pair of cowboy boots. He sat down on top of the settee in his underwear. Each twin squatted and assisted him by pulling out one leg of the blue jeans over a boot toe. Kitten Two reached out and touched the top leather of his boot. He ticked a tongue at her with a firm tone, “Naw, darling! Do not ever touch a man’s cowboy boot, without permission, honey!”

“Okay,” Kitten Two reached over with a sad pout and tenderly rubbed his naked leg with her warm soft hands.

He reached over with a smile and patted her soft hair, slowly standing upright and reached down, pulling off the pair of underwear briefs, landing the item on top of one of the cowboy boots. He lifted up and stepped each boot out from underneath the pair of underwear briefs while showing off his man-nudeness. The girls gasped with a smile and reached over, wandering a pair of hands and all finger pads onto his deltoids down to his dick, his kneecaps, and finally his ankles. His penis was deflated and flat now, but the body part was about to grow taller than a southern pine tree. “Strip down to your nakedness for me, kittens,” Stan side stepped and scooted the settee towards the bed frame and stopped, reaching over and flung off the bedcover from the mattress on the top of the settee. He sat back down onto the furniture and leaned both shoulder blades against the side of the bed frame with both hands tucked behind a skull while stretching both boot heels over the floor and watched the lesbian play in action. He felt the dick grow bigger with a grunt of lustful pleasure.

The girls moved around in a circle between the settee and the entertainment cabinet while ripping off a set of tied silk ribbons on the front of the gown and popped open the fabric loose from the skin. The V-neckline of the dress quickly dropped down to the waistline and revealed a pair of naked tits with an individual tiny pointy pink nipple. He grunted with lusty excitement. “Touch each other, kittens!” He continued to watch with lustful sin of delight.

Kitten One reached out and grabbed the breast of her sister with both hands, massaging the fingers around and around in a rough circle. Kitten Two reached out and twirled the fingers around each nipple breast of her sister. They both panted with a set of heavy breathes and tossed a skull backward to continue the lesbian show. He grunted with pleasure and as his dick expanded up from flat into firm while lifting upwards. “Lick each other, kittens!” He smiled with lustful greed at the twins.

Kitten Two leaned down and dipped a pair of lips onto the breast of her sister while sucking onto the nipple and then shifted the same pair of lips over to the other nipple of her sister while sucking for joy. His dick grew harder and taller.

Kitten Two stopped the slurping noise with her lips. Then Kitten One bends a face down and sucked onto the breast of her sister while playing with the other breast on her twin sister and then switched a hand and lip movement to the opposite side. He grunted with the sexy lust and as his dick grew bigger and taller. “Undress each other for me, kittens!” He enjoyed the lesbian twin action with a smile of puppy love and pussy lust.

Kitten One stood upright and stopped the sucking action. Then they each reached over and pulled down the each one’s dress onto the waistline. The dress dropped down to the kneecaps creating a semi-naked body except for a tiny pink thong over a set of hidden pussy hair. He smirked with delight. “Finger fuck each other for me, kittens!”

Kitten One reached down and slowly slid the throng of her sister a set of long tanned legs to the top heap of the electric blue ruffles at the bottom of naked ankles, then Kitten two steps out of the dropped gown, shoving her gown behind her naked ass. He grunted in lust and as his dick grew into a new height and pleasure. Kitten Two was beautifully nude in a deep suntan of coffee from her forehead down to her ten toe nails that were painted in baby blue. He chuckled at the twin lesbian show.

Kitten One stood upright with both arms by the side as Kitten Two fuddled with the throng of her twin sister and then dropped down the tiny piece of fabric down on top of the waddled up evening gown of blue. Kitten One lifted up and stepped both sandals out and away from the pile of blue ruffles, sliding the dress behind her naked ass. Then each twin was stood in beautifully nude in coffee tone and stared with a smile at each other.

Kitten One slowly bent down at the waist in a backwards position, arching a body like a gymnastic over the floor. His mouth dropped open with stunned amusement. She landed both hands flat onto the floor, creating a pretty neat inverted-U pose with a limber body. Kitten Two slid to the side for his eyeball view and then jabbed a finger into the pussy of her twin sister. He leaned forward at the waistline on top of the settee and grunted in a smile and a whisper of lusty amusement, “Golly.”

Kitten One gently thrust a finger in and out of the exposed pussy. Kitten Two gently slid her body back and forth in an opposite noiseless rhythm with the hand movement. The pussy and finger crush and thrust beautifully together. His dick suddenly engorged, enlarged, and elongated upward into a tall pole of flesh. He continued to watch the lustful lesbian play, before both eyeballs with a grin and a whisper, “Golly.” He swallowed back down the thick salvia from a watery mouth and reached out, gently touching an upright and elongated dick with a set of the fingers where his dick was about ready to explode into action. “Kittens,” his vocal cords spoke out in a sissy croak and swollen with a set of thick pockets of mouth salvia.

“Yes,” Kitten One continued to kneel with a smile and thrust a finger deeper down into the pussy of her twin sister for an outstanding lesbian show.

He croaked with a smirk. “Come and do me, kittens!” Kitten Two un-bent a body, standing upright with a giggle of amusement. They turned and moved ahead to him with a set of giggles and grins of happy thoughts. Kitten Two bounced her tits side to side and moved ahead first, standing in front of his legs with a smile. He leaned down and stretched his nudeness flat across the settee with a grunt and a smile. “Sit on your knees first and then straddle over my dick.” She crawled over his hips and danced a set of boney knees while cutting into his hips bones, holding her pelvis in front of his dick. She slowly reached down and wiggled both hands towards his penis. “Naw! You can do play with my dick later, after I bust. Kitten One, hold your hands underneath the armpits of your twin sister as she squats and hovers her pussy over my dick.”

Kitten One shuffled ahead and stood upright behind the back spine of her twin sister, reaching down and placed a cupped hand underneath the armpit of Kitten Two. He reached up and held the tiny waistline of Kitten Two, gently gliding her pussy directly over his elongated dick. Both the twins gasped with lusty excitement.

Kitten Two wiggled her kneecaps side to side and slowly swayed the pussy hair over the leaking tip of his elongated dick. He smiled. “Squat down on top of my dick, kitten!”

She wiggled down a body onto the bubbling tip of his penis while feeling the tightness of soft vagina lips. “O! No. No. No,” she screamed in shock and pain while trying to wiggle off his dick, flinging both arms in the air. Kitten Two was a virgin with a tight vagina hole. He lifted up and shifted both hands from her waistline, violently slamming both palms onto her collar bone. Kitten Two dropped down onto his fully elongated and engorged dick with a loud scream of tears.

He grunted in both pain and pleasure too, “Ugg!”

Her vagina hugged his penis and as her pubic bone tickles each one of his hairy balls with her fuck squatting pose. “O! No. No. No,” she sobbed with tears in pain.

He reached down and placed both hands on her tiny waist of Kitten Two while jerking her body two up and down on top of his dick with a grunt of pain and pleasure. “Jump up and down on my dick. Fuck me, kitten!” The blood rushed quickly up towards the tip while heating his body with the tension from the tight vagina wall on the virgin that cuddled around his dick. She danced on top of his dick and waved both arms into the air with pain and fright. He continued to hold her place for his pleasure.

She continued to jump up and down. “O! No. No. No,” she screamed in pain and pleasure.

He enjoyed the cowgirl ride where a pair of boot soles was planted firmly on the floor. Her sister Kitten One jerked the body of her sister up and down with the steady rhythm of Stan as Stan felt the heat of sperm and the rush of blood towards his penis. She continued to jump up and down while building up the pressure inside his two hairy balls as he was about to explode. He lifted Kitten Two with his man-strength out from the abused penis into the air. She planted both naked feet on top of the floor and stumbled backward over his kneecaps into the naked arms of her twin sister. Then, she flung a body towards the bed mattress in pants of heavy breathing and cries of pain and pleasure. The dick pressure slightly died down for a few seconds.

Kitten One moved ahead with a smile and poses her virgin vagina over his elongated dick with a giggle.

On top of the bed mattress, Kitten Two covered her nakedness with the bed linens and bedcover, resting a face on top of the bed pillow, without looking at him and felt both pain and pleasure. Kitten One climbed over his legs with a giggle of excitement. He smiled. “Hop on, kitten! I’ll pretty your flower with all my seedlings.”

She posed her pussy hole on top of his used and abused red tinted elongated dick that came from the fucking sex act with her twin sister Kitten Two. Then, she slowly lowered and sucked down both her vagina lips onto his penis with yells of pain. “Yes. Yes. O. O. O.” He slightly sat upright and reached up, slamming both my palms down on top of her collar bone.

Kitten One screamed in shock and pain. “O! No. No. No,” she bit a string of red blood into the bottom lip while hanging up and down onto the cowgirl ride. He reached down and grabbed, cupping a hand underneath each one of her armpits with a grunt of pleasure while quickly, gathering huge pressure inside his dick. “O! No. No. No,” she screamed with delight and determination of both pain and pleasure.

He worked the man-strength in overtime while lifting her nakedness up and down, building up the pressure coming from inside both hairy balls that was headed towards his engorged dick. His penis was as thick as his bicep. His body was heated fire and very close to edge. He sounded with heavy pants of pleasure. “Go, kitten!” His penis was hard and ready to shoot out a batch of hot sperm as it could not hold the heated load any longer. His two hairy balls were about to pop out the sperm into the penis into her vagina and as his dick stiffened for the final blow of sperm men, He grunted. “Faster, kitten! I’m about to pop.” Then he exploded a volcano of sperm into her pussy while feeling the shivering and shaking earthquakes of a great fucking sex act. His ejaculation force was a continuous stream of liquid and as his body experienced a set of muscle spasms and involuntary pelvic thrusts for a great long fuck that was coupled with a good long gush of sperm of lusty gratification. Then, his left eye went temporarily blinded for a few seconds as and his body shivered in great sexual shock.

Kitten One continue to jump up and down on top of his sore penis with a set of yelling screams, waving both arms into the air with a smile with the cowgirl ride. When he removed both hands from her underarms, she slid backward from his leg and his dick while seeing the tall and red colored penis. She back stepped from the settee and his body, standing upright with a giggle, turning to climb into the bed mattress with her twin sister.

He slowly exhaled with the pleasure of sex and immediately felt sleepy, slowly standing upright from the settee, stretching both arms towards the ceiling with a goofy smile and a perfect vision of great sex act. He swung around to face the bed mattress and slowly crawled his nakedness between the cute twins while wearing his pair of cowboy boots. Stan leaned over and kissed the hair roots of blonde crown of each girl, pulling back with a smile, resting a skull on top of the pillow and closed both eyelids with a whisper. “Good night, kittens!”



8:01 p.m.

Hot temperatures with bright stars and moonlight

Front porch setting



Fairy tale of belle Jocelyn and her beau Stan



Jocelyn stood upright like a royal queen with a smile at the male. He slid out the seat of the limousine with a smile on a diamond shaped face. He was known to Jocelyn as Gerrit who possessed a narrow forehead and a protruding jaw line. His cheekbones were sharp and high like a pair of crab apple. She laughed, “Gerrit.”

He skipped up the steps and crashed his tallness into her, curling both biceps around her naked shoulder blades while giving a passionate hug and leaned down, kissing her lips with his soft petals of man-flesh. He slowly releases her mouth and pulled back with a smile at her. “Jo doll, you’re so beautiful.” His pair of dancing eyeballs admired her red velvet floor length antebellum dress. The dress complimented her delicate pink skin. His eyes started at the top of her ample breasts moving down to her covered toe nails of misty gray-tinted nail polish which hid under her fluffy plantation dress.

She smiled with a giggle at his eye burn of her body. Gerrit was her deeply guarded secret high school crush, until her father became older and wiser, sending his only daughter off to Antebellum House…naw…prison for almost four years.

Gerrit did not waste precious time with a hand shake or a secret code name, since Jocelyn was the grand prize trophy for Gerrit when she had used her “cousin Jerk” to negotiate with the Rebel Den of beaus to bid on a belle while raising the required sixty three thousand dollars which was needed to save our precious Antebellum House.

Gerrit leaned over and cuddled her, swinging them towards the front porch, slowly moving ahead towards the belle garconniere. He leaned into her cheekbone with a smile. “I love you, Jo doll,” he snuggled a nose into her neck.

She wiggled with nervousness inside both his warm muscular arms, strolling outside the hot air on top of the front porch, since the staircase of the belle parlor room was truly haunted. She had personally ventured twice in a pair of cowgirl boots and then proven the theory true. Each time, Jocelyn felt a set of invisible finger pads that tickled the nape of her neck while experiencing a range from scary-kitty cat to creepy-grossed out mental and body sensations. She giggled at his sick humor, “Sucky pick-up line for a blind day, boy!”

“That ain’t no pick-up line. It’s a promise, Jo doll.” He whispered with a smile into her eardrum.

She smiled at his silly pet name, since she had personally known Gerrit for many years as he was one of her farm neighbors and mutual friend of her “cousin Jerk.” She grinned, “Gerrit.”

They slowly strolled by the set of low shuttered windows towards the wall corner.

He drooled on her face, neck, and arm with his mouth salvia. She smelled his manly piney musk cologne and turned the wall corner, moving towards her private bedroom chamber on the third floor as the senior girl in class. He whispered with a grin into her eardrum. “Do you remember our first date? I was five years old. You were three and sitting on top of your pink baby tricycle. We planned to glide down that steep hill like a two-person royal chariot with you on the top of your handle bars. We lined up all the citizens that came from each one of our bedroom with all types of stuffed toy animals from bears to dogs to cats to monkeys to giraffes along the sides of the lawn grass as our new subjects of the kingdom bowed at us. You loved to play royal kingdom with me.”

“You loved to play royal kingdom as the big and dumb king,” she chuckled.

He reached over and crushed both her breasts with a hand while sweet breathing and tickling her eardrum. “Jo doll! Then, you perched like a princess between my big muscular biceps leaning your butt…”

“Back muscles into your happy smiling face, bubba. Then, we sailed down into dangerous disaster.”

He chuckled. “I saved your cute ass when I flung my mighty he-man five-year old body off that tricycle during that dangerous flight that I might add too while going straight down that hill. Then, I grabbed your shoulders jerking you to safety into my wrapped arms.”

“Our safety was a nearby mud puddle that you landed us in. Then, your mama spanked your butthole with an alligator belt which was colored in a bright puke green. Was that really her fashion belt?” She smiled at the yesteryear thought.

He sniggered. “Naw! It belonged to my dad. It hurt too along with all these developing bruises from landing on my left side and my shoulder with precious you who was tucked into both my arms, sweetheart. I will never forget that precious perfect picture moment of our first date together, Jo doll.”

“I really didn’t get hurt physically but I was just scared to death mentally from that frightful flight and then that flying fleet of your swift rescue,” she chuckled.

“Well, I wasn’t trying to harm my beautiful cousin, since I like to kiss on your body parts, Jo doll.”

She exhaled. “You are not blood cousin, Gerrit.”

“Yeah, Jo doll! I am your kissing cousin which is defined by the internet dictionary: a far away distant relative who is known well enough to kiss when nicely greeted with a combination of a great big bear hug and a long leech-lip suction. That is the difference of a kissing cousin from a plain old fucking regular cousin. Then, the two kissing cousins become a cousin marriage.”

“Gawd! I’m not marrying any one of my blood cousins or you, Gerrit,” she pretended not to hear that weird-ass marriage proposal inside her mental thought with one single purpose in life of studying until she graduated college and received a paying job. “Tonight, this thing is a big favor that I owe to Jerk-face.”

“Jerk-face?” He frowned with puzzlement.

“My cousin named Jerk,” she smiled.

“O. Jack, he is your other kissing cousin. I’m getting really jealous, Jo doll,” he growled.

She exhaled. “Wrong, Gerrit!”

He smiled. “A kissing cousin is any cousin that is not a first cousin. You ain’t my first cousin, Jo doll. Among related folks in other places, in the world, a first cousin may not have sex or a baby with another first cousin. But, in most cultures, second cousins and higher cousins can have sex and a baby. Degree of cousinship is determined by how many generations the shared ancestor is removed from the individual closest to the generation of the shared ancestor. If we share the same grandparent, we are first cousins. Therefore, we should avoid any physical encounters with each other which might lead to sex then to marriage and finally to a baby. First cousins are not kissing cousins. If we share the same great-grandparent, we are second cousins and are therefore able to kiss, fuck, produce children, since we are royal people, Jo doll. Well, if we had lived in foreign country of Great Britain, instead of the great USA. I am descended from the king of Germany.”

“How so?”

He smiled, “You are also descended from the king of Germany too.”

She laughed, “How so, Gerrit?”

“We learn, practice, and enforce the original decree which was established in the foreign country of Great Britain, where it was known as the Royal Marriage Act of 1772. After the cave woman fucked a cave man, the cave daddy created the second generation of incest children,” he chuckled.

“You’re sick, Gerrit.”

“The Royal Marriage Act states that the first born royal child, a brave son or a pretty daughter, must first obtain royal in our case a southern verbal or sometimes written consent from a pair of strict and loving mom and dad in order to maintain their eligibility to the farm, land, money and children.”

“That is some stupid stuff!”

“That is some serious stuff! I can prove it, Jo doll.”

“Prove it, prince of Germany!” She smiled.

He removed both arms from her warm body and reached down, grabbing the mobile telephone from the blue jeans pocket, typing on the tiny keyboard with a smile and displayed a new electronic photography on the tiny screen. He leaned over with a grin and hugged her collar bone, shoving the mobile telephone into her face. “Here, the digital picture on the screen of my cell phone. This is Friedrich, the first. Wilhelm Karl von Württemberg was born on the sixth of November in the year 1754 and died on the thirtieth of October in the year 1816. He was declared the king of Germany by Emperor Napoleon. He was known for his gigantic size at six feet and eleven inches and weighed about 440 pounds.”

She stared down at the tiny screen to see the colorful photography with a gasp and a smile. “Golly! Friedrich looks like you. He possesses the same high forehead, loss of blonde hair strands, a sharp pointy nose, and a pair of little beady eyeballs with no cheekbones. He has a thin but shapely par of lips and a pointy chin with a tone of pale skin.”

“I look like my great-granddaddy to the fifth power. I think the fifth power. I have to ask my mom for shore.”

“The fifth power of what, Gerrit?” She frowned.

He nodded with a smile at the screen on the mobile telephone. “You know my great-great-great-great-great-granddaddy, who is the fifth power of great. See that tiara?”

She continued to stare with a smile down at the picture on the tiny screen of the mobile telephone. “The crown of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, it is called a royal crown,” gasping. “I know that ornamented piece of gold. It is kept…”

“…inside my mom’s glass bookcase. Do you see the orange tinted flattened chef’s hat in velveteen cloth? The cloth has pretty much disintegrated into dust bunnies, but the gem emeralds shine with red and black sparklings. The diamond gems shine too. My mom jerked off the strand of attached ivory pearls from the bottom tier of the golden band. She wears the ivory pearls around her neck every damn day like she is a real princess. But the rest of the tiara is intact. My great-great granddaddy wouldn’t let his wife or his daughters or his future granddaughters dismantle it for more jewelry items. The tiara is passed down to each blood child which is me and you.”

“Me!” She gasped with shock.

“Frederick was born in the country of Poland and the eldest son of Frederick Eugene, the second, who was the Duke of Wurttemberg.”

“Your middle name is Eugene.”

He shook a balding skull with a growl. “Please, darling, do not mention that sissy name in public every again.”

She laughed with a nod. “It’s an old fashioned royal name, Eugene Gerrit.”

“Please do not mention that combined sissy name in public either,” he laughed at the silly surname that came from his parents.

They turned to face the new archway and slowly climbed the grand staircase, moving up towards her private bedroom suite on the third floor, since Jocelyn was a senior at Antebellum House.

“Okay,” she smiled.

“Frederick married Duchess Augusta of Brunswick and had four royal kids, granting all his biological children and further male-line descendants the titles of princes and princesses of Wurttemberg as a set of Royal High-asses.” He chuckled. “Eugene was very tall and obese who had been nicknamed as the ‘Great Belly Gerent’ which is Germany for the name Gerrit. Napoleon was said to remark right into the face of Gerrit that God had created Frederick to demonstrate the utmost extent to which the human skin could be stretched without bursting. In an unkind return, right over the bald spot of shorter Napoleon, Frederick teased the question: how much poison could fit into such a small pointy head?”

She gasped. “What does that mean?”

“They didn’t like each other and probably both plotted and planned to murder each other in their royal bed chambers like that British dude William Shakespeare had written down inside all his weird-ass plays of poison, daggers, and bedrooms. This is some sick-o stuff!”

“What kind of poison?”

“Back then, in those ancient days, all the bad boys and naughty girls liked to use sleeping potions, the ‘bestest’ of all. Pretty much, it was the equivalent of a drug overdose in our modern times. I had studied about the effects of poison in the body, since I had majored in biology.”

“Potions or poisons, Gerrit?”

“Both, I guess. The reality here, I am descended directly down from his son who is named Prince William of Wurttemberg. The prince was born in the year 1781 and then died in the year 1864 while succeeding his father as king of Germany.”

“How are we blood kin, Gerrit?”

He smiled. “Endogamy is practiced and used quite offer by the British royalty in a cousin marriage within a specific class of folks, such like, blood royal or blue blood southern social groups for money or power like us.”

“No, it is not like us. And the specific class of folks in our southern culture is called hillbillies who marry each other…”

“In the year 1299, the first British royal marriage of first cousins was Edward, the first of England and his wife Margaret of France. Then, in the year 1840, Queen Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert. They produced nine children, forty grandchildren, and more than 1,000 total descendants that made up some of the modern reigning royalty, including me and you, Jo doll.”

She frowned. “No. That is not true, Gerrit.”

“The mostest and commonest among the modern day royal couple is the Queen Elizabeth, the second and her husband Prince Philip, who are third cousins that descent from the royal couple of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Prince Charles and his famous formal wife Princess Diana, both of them share a common ancestor in William Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire. The newest married royal couple is Duchess Catherine Middleton and Prince William, who are known to be fifteenth royal cousins.”

“We are not royalty, Gerrit,” she stopped with a frown and pointed to the private bedroom suite.

He continued to cuddle her and stopped, reaching out, touching the door knob. The door opened. He slowly moved ahead through the wide archway with her with a smile and a chuckle. “We are the American royalty, sweetheart. John Adams and his third cousin Abigail Smith married while he served as the President of the United States. Then there is Alfred du Pont, the great-grandson of DuPont Company founder who married his second cousin Alicia Bradford Maddox. And Albert Einstein married his first cousin. The western outlaw Jesse James married his first cousin too. And Dr. Thomas Jefferson married his third cousin…”

She moved ahead inside the room a few feet and stopped with a smile and a nod. “Okay. I believe your American royalty with the silly cousin marriages.”

He stopped and continued to cuddle with her, leaning down with a smile into her cheekbone. “Presidents, warriors, outlaws, writers, inventors, we are right there with all of them.”

She exhaled, “Gerrit, how in heaven and earth are we numbered as a pair of kissing cousins?”

“We are both the eighteenth cousin on my mama’s side.” He smiled.



Private bedroom of Jocelyn and Gerrit



The door slowly closed behind the back spines of the young lovers without any sound, since the door spring hinges worked perfectly to catch the five feet wide door frame. She stood in place with a smile of amusement.

Gerrit reached down and pulled off the shirt, exposing a naked chest of sculptured muscular chest, dropping the first time of his strip tease male show. The leather belt hit the floor with a loud thump. He lifted a boot and danced around, holding the sole with a sour frown. “Fuck! My foot’s stuck,” then he jerked off the boot with the sock and thumped the cowboy boot next to the nightstand with a loud boom, lifting and grabbed, twirling around, removing the second boot. The boot landed next to the first one with another boom sound.

She back stepped from all the individual pieces of flying clothes that were scattered between the door and the wardrobe closet, smiling at his rain dance. He unzipped the blue jeans and dropped them down to a pair of naked ankles while exposing his tallness and his paleness. She giggled and then slapped a hand over the parted lips at his poor male stripper performance.

He removed the blue jeans and dumped onto the floor, moving ahead towards her bed mattress, leaping out of the underwear briefs and exposed a pale tinted naked ass. Then, he leaped and jumped across the bed mattress with a set of extra long arms and legs, landing on the opposite side while lying in beautiful nakedness. Gerrit reached out and grabbed, removing the computer laptop from the single desk, resting it gently on top of the floor and then scooted off the bed mattress. He stood upright with a stern face and scooted the empty student desk across the wooden floor and halted the furniture piece at the foot board of the bed mattress. He squatted down and measured the height of the cheap plywood student desk with the height of the bed mattress using an arm with a soft moan, “Too short!”

Gerrit spun around with a stern face and displayed a crinkled penis while moving ahead to the side wall, where a built-in book case stood. He stopped and stood in front of book case, reaching out and selected four thick textbooks from her baby library, a collection of manual that came from years of college courses and studies. He moved backward on a pair of naked feet back to the cheap student desk and stopped, squatting down at outer table leg, placing one of the thick textbooks underneath the table foot which lifted the hard surface of the desk even with the height of the bed mattress. He stood upright and turned with a smile to see Jocelyn. “Get naked, Jo doll!”

She continued to stand upright in quiet silence and more amusement while watching his furniture re-decoration inside her bedroom while still wearing the pretty plantation dress with a smile. “What are you doing?”

He spun around and moved ahead, stopping in front of the television, fiddling with the cable and slid the gigantic television monitor from the entertainment stand, landing the screen on to p of the student desk with a smile. “I am moving the plasma television.”

She shook the hair bun and reached up, slowly un-wrapped an aching scalp of tight hair strands with a smile. “Are we going to watch television and fuck all at the same thing?”

He continued to stand and show off his fine nakedness with a penis that winked and waved to her and as he winked with a grin to her, “Awe, Jo doll! You completely understand me. See? We’re made for each other.” He spun around to face the bed mattress and climbed up, crawling over the purple colored girly bed linens of flowers.

She removed all the hair pins and reached out, placing into the entertainment stand, reaching down and unbuckled the belt that held the plantation gown in shape. Then, she slowly performed a strip tease act while dropping one piece of the clothing item down onto the floor and then kicked off one sandal and the next with a grin. Jocelyn could feel the cool floor underneath a pair of naked toe bones and then untied the satin ribbons that hold the upper body bodice, exposing a pair of naked breasts, since she did not wear a bra. She wiggled and shimmied out of the long gown, dropping it down over the naked ankles, removing a pair of cute lace red girly panties which Gerrit did not give a hoot about seeing. Then she stood upright in the nude.

Gerrit spun around and slid down, wiggling an naked ass side to side on top of the bed linen with a smile at her plasma television screen, fiddling with the remote control television devise in one hand while surfing through the different television channels programming with a pair of eyes on the wrong boob tube. “Fetch me a beer from the fridge, before you come over to my body.”

She swung around with a chuckle and squatted down, opening the door of a white tinted baby refrigerator that was built inside the entertainment center. She felt the cool air tickle on both tits with a giggle and reached inside, grabbing one of the provided six beers, standing upright and spun around with a smile to see Gerrit. His lazy his ass lounged on the left side of her bed mattress like an old married man while playing with the remote control devise on the television.

“Fetch me some peanuts too and then come over here and play with me, Jo doll.” He reached over with a hand and patted an empty spot on the bed linens, but both eyeballs only focused at the television screen.

She rolled both eyeballs with a sigh and spun around, squatting down for a second time, reaching out and opened a second door to the mini food pantry beside the tiny built-in refrigerator, where both appliances held a limited supply of food items for her nighttime snack. She reached out and grabbed a small pack of salted peanuts and slowly stood upright in total nakedness with a grin of silliness. She slowly spun around to face the canopy bed frame with the two food items and moved ahead while shaking a pair of big breasts side to side, hoping that Gerrit even looked at her cuteness. Jocelyn wondered why she had selected Gerrit over all the other cute beaus. Then, she recalled that Gerrit had been picked for Jocelyn, since “cousin Jerk” had arranged the secret rendezvous, so that the other rich beaus would tag along while paying a nice tidy sum of dollars for a belle to save Antebellum House.

“Come over here and play with me, Jo doll!” He slid a hand with a smile and patted down on top of an empty spot beside his hip. His body was folded against three stacks of soft pillows with a rear skull and as a pair of frontal eyeballs watched television screen with a live program.

She stopped and stood in front of the bed mattress with a smile, slowly climbing and crawled with one palm and a set of naked toe bones onto the soft bedding, handing the beer to Gerrit in silence. He reached out with a free hand and accepted the beer, bringing the bottle near a smile and opened it without looking at her while studying the television with a grunt. “Come over here and watch my little fellow! It is flat now, but it grows tall and big like a big mean soldier like me,” he slurped and swallowed, burping out loud the beer gulp too fast.

She scooted over next to his hip and smelled the nasty beer burp breath with a sour frown, “Gerrit!” Jocelyn stared down with a giggle at a curly-q formation of pale tinted skin that formed his penis and continued to watch it wiggle and waggle upward into the air.

He continued to watch television screen and eat the peanuts. “This is the best foreplay in the universe watching a pair of other chicks and ducks fuck each other while making your body hot and heated for our first fuck fest. I’m getting bigger and taller. Lookie see at me? My penis is rising up like my mama’s buttermilk biscuits.” Jocelyn gasped with alarm. His penis slowly shifted side to side and lifted upright within a pair of blonde hairy balls into the air, taking flight towards the full moon today.

She smiled down at his penis. “Do we do foreplay, before our first fuck fest?”

“I fore play the television,” Gerrit continued to eat the peanuts and watch the television with a grunt of pleasure.

She continued to watch his penis as it was slowly standing between a set of hairy balls. His pale skin straightened in tallness. “Nuh-uh,” she smiled in fun amusement and total confusion.

“Watch the television, too, Jo doll! This is some cold-ass porn on your crappy television channel. But, it’ll do the job for the night,” he continued to eat and gulp the food while watching the television screen.

She swing a face with a gasp to see her first view of porn television, since her dad would tan her hide, if he ever suspected that Jocelyn had powered the television set to a pornography station. On the screen, a young naked male and female with the male on top of the female moved his dick slowly in and out of her vagina while leaning down and massaged both her tits with his hands.

She felt it. There was a slight tingling inside both tits with a set of nipple pops from the excitement inside her mind. Her vagina was stretching without touching the body with a pair of fingers. Her eyeballs purely enjoyed the nasty recorded porn show. Gerrit pressed the device and switched the television channel. The screen showed a pair of girls who were kissing, foaming, and licking each other coming from a pair of girly eyelashes down into a pussy vagina like a pair of cats. “Uhn-uh,” both her nipples hardened and as her vagina expanded open with slight pain. Her body desired a set of nice hand-touching action from Gerrit.

He grinned at television screen. “Porn’s great. That’s why it’s so illegal. Guys can get primed watching the shit without even touching their dicks and then pop the sperm out like popcorn. Then, they do it over and over and over, again. Look at my little fellow! He is standing tall and saluting like a soldier.”

“Uh-huh,” she turned to see his penis while shivering with both excitement and fright as this was her first fuck fest with Gerrit.

He looked down with a smile and pointed down to his penis. “I’m inflated and buff. Check out my fellow!” She smiled with delight in silence. He reached over with a smile and placed the empty beer bottle on top of the nightstand, flipping to the opposite and rolled his long body into her vertical body with a grunt.

“Gerrit…” she looked up with a grin into his smile without moving from the spot, since Jocelyn n was partially frozen in fear and heat of danger. His penis racked against her naked stomach and moved closer down to her again while dripping the penis juice on top of her red colored curly pubic hairs.

He scooted over and floated over her body, leaning down with a smile and a whisper into her smile. “Bend your knees, Jo doll. It is time for you to be mine! Close your eyes. You will greatly enjoy this. I promise, darling.”

She didn’t close the eyelashes but hold both her palms around a set of his flexing twin biceps. He hovered over her. She burst into a flood of wet hot tears of both fear and fun while feeling a set of mixed emotions of sadness and happiness with a meek voice. “I really am a virgin, Gerrit.”

He leaned down with a smile and tenderly kissed her trembling lips with a pair of warm lips, pulling back with a grin and whisper into her nose bridge. “Your cousin is a real jerk. But you are my real joy. I promise. I will not hurt you, Jo doll.”

“Gerrit…” she sobbed with tears that flowed down the face.

He reached up and wiped off her tears with a smile and a whisper. “Get onto your knees. We will do it doggie style. I can control the pressure of my entrance point with my penis,” he sat backward on both kneecaps. She flipped around to face the television and stood upright on top of both her kneecaps with sobs of tears and fears of worries. He lifted a face to see the active pornography television program and leaned down over her body with a whisper into her right eardrum. “Watch the porn show on television, Jo doll. Look at them fucking. Feel them fucking. Let your mind absorb that lustful emotion into your bones. Then, your vagina will expand for me to enter while only hurting you a little bit. As I ease inside you holler like a baby piglet for its mama. That’s helps a lot. Then, I can measure your yodel with the other bitches that yodel…”


He shifted over and gently kissed her earlobe and finally then her neck to ease her fury and fight, lifting up a torso. She felt the heat of his body against her ass. HE reached down and shoved both hands between her legs while parting them wider, scooting a body in close and bumped his hips against her ass. She felt the tip of his penis which nicely massaged her wet vagina. He leaned over into her eardrum with a smile and a whisper. “I’m going in now, Jo doll.”

She continued to watch the television screen. The young couple were fucking and shouting in pleasure. Her body immediately reacted to the television program and his heated body. Her tits went hard and burned with intense fire. Both her arms and hands produced a set of heated sweat with passionate fright. And her vagina started to expand outward with a little more pain when a soft rounded flesh tip of his penis touched the lips of her vagina. He slowly pierced the thin layer of skin of her vagina, since she was a virgin. Jocelyn continued to watch on the porn scene while easing the ache of a first time virgin sex with a smile, “Awe.” She felt pleasure and a little bit of pain, breathing deeply for more air molecules.

“I’m half-way inside you, Jo doll. Watch the porn. You’re doing great, sweetheart.” He forcefully shoved the penis head deeper into her tight vagina with a smile at the beauty of first time sex with a virgin, a dying breed.

“Awe,” she felt excited pleasure which was coupled with a small amount of tighten pain and as the vagina lips expanded for his big penis.

He sounded in heavy pants from the carefully workout with the penis and her vagina with a smile. “I’m in, Jo doll. Watch the porn.”

“Awe,” she felt erotic pleasure while his penis filled her with dirty lust.

His penis was completely into her vagina and as he lifted upright a torso and gently rubbed her ass with a pair of warm hands, exhaling with a smile. “You feel so good to me, Jo doll. I’m going to rotate my little fellow like a washer machine to give your flower more wet lubrication, before the powerful thrust movement, darling,” he rotated both hips in a circle with a chuckle.

His penis wiggled awake and produced intense pain and erotic pleasure inside her vagina. She screamed in pain and pleasure. “Ah!” She forgot about the porn show on the television screen and closed both eyelashes while feeling too many mixed emotional mind-blowing sensations of both pain and pleasure. Gerrit performed a set of deep thrusts with the penis. She lifted upright from the bed while feeling the set of painful penis plunge.

His naked chest dropped down and covered her body while forcing her lips back down to the bed linens. He hung over her body and grunted down into her eardrum with a steady beat of wild excited animal sounds. “Ugh! Ugh! Scream, Jo doll!”

“Ah!” Each powerful thrust of his dick made her experience dirty lust and dangerous pain.

He performed numerous thrusts in and out of her vagina with a set of heavy grunts. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Scream, Jo doll!”


He performed more thrusts in and out of her vagina with a set of heavy grunts. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Scream, Jo doll!” She felt pain then pleasure, then lust, then love, and then exploded into an array of erotic dirty lust while blooding out a set of hot liquid that came from the vagina walls, forcing her female-ejaculation over his penis inside the vagina. Gerrit slowly performed a smaller amount of thrusts in and out of her vagina and as his penis slowly deflated inside her vagina while combining their sex juices over both their limbs and the bed linens. He slowly withdraw from her vagina and slammed a long body flat down on the top of her in both joy and exhaustion, resting over her sweaty body with a smile in the summertime heat of their shared first fuck. She smiled with delight.

Gerrit slide down and rolled over, resting on the back spine over the pillow and away from her in silence. She lifted up a smile to see the television screen. The young porn couple was still fucking on the television program. She slid backward and twisted around, landed a head on top of the she-pillow beside the he-pillow, smiling with a giggle at his nose profile with her first fun event with badass Gerrit. She was leaking vagina sex juice that came from the vagina over all the bed linens, exhaling with a smile and closing the eyelashes and enjoyed the moment.

His eyelids were closed and as he controlled the set of heavy chest breathes and wiped off the love sweat from a face, feeling both satisfaction and love. “Jo doll, do you remember when we played doctor inside your wooden playhouse behind the backyard that was beyond the patio table at your house? I finally got you to remove your purple tank top with the three rows of white silk bows and then my mama found us together. You were half naked. I was all male naked. Grr! Man! She whipped my ass with three different hickory switches, breaking them all over my blue jeans. I couldn’t sit at the dinner table for two days. She fed me food meals from the breakfast bar.”

She continued to rest a skull on top of the she-pillow with a pair of closed eyeballs. “Fucking liar! Your mama has never hit your ass with anything that includes a hickory switch. Geez! You didn’t even know what a hickory switch looks like, Gerrit,” she wiped off the love sweat from a face with a smile.

He smiled. “Hickory tree has branches. Branches fall out, get rotten, and then its births a hickory switch.”

“So, what did your mama really do, after she found us naked and innocent?”

“She turned me over to my dad,” Gerrit chuckled.

She grinned, “Alright! I have to know. What did your dad do to punish you?”

“He pulled out his wallet and gave me a single dollar. He told me for the next time to work my dirty hands faster and not my mouthy words while getting both your walking shorts and your girly panties off first. Then, he would give me a single ten dollar bill,” he laughed with a smile.

“Geez! You and your family are incorrigible.”

“Hmm! That is a real fancy word, darling. What does it mean, Jo doll?” He stroked his elbow with a chuckle against her arm.

She opened the eyelashes and cutted her eyeballs with a gasp to see Gerrit. He was massaging his penis with a cupped hand. She grinned with a giggle. “What are your doing, Gerrit?”

“After the first explosion, I have to rev the engine for a second round, dear. It doesn’t take long but there is some work. So I play with my little fellow,” he gently strums the penis with a smile and hum of delight.

“I can’t believe that you are playing with your selfie,” she continued to watch Gerrit.

He enjoyed the personal masturbation while stroking his penis and opened the eyelids, cutting his eyeballs to see her grin. “You can play with your flower too. I like to watch. It gets me roused quicker. Grr!” She leaned back down on top of the she-pillow and closed both eyelashes, reliving inside her mind their first fuck, feeling the deep sensations of dirty lust and reached out, gently touching the pubic hair, twisting the soft curly hair around the fingers. He cut the eyeball down to see her vagina play while grunting, grinning, and drooling mouth spittle and as he continued to lightly stroke the penis coming from the bottom to the top with all fingers, “Go, Jo doll!”

“I am going, doing, feeling. Hmm!” She felt excited pleasure from her self-masturbating and then increased the finger thrusts into the vagina for more lustful hotness. She didn’t felt the arm pain from his elbow punch either. She continued to finger fuck her vagina and opened the eyelashes cutting the eyelashes to see Gerrit. He smiled down at her finger fucking of her vagina. His penis was standing upright like a soldier attention again. She gasped in alarm. “Why did you stop playing your little fellow, Gerrit?”

He winked at her. “I’m about to explode onto my legs. You make me come fastest, only for you, Jo doll. So I stopped the rub on my little fellow and then the feeling goes away, settling down the growl like a wild tiger for the finally hunt. Grr!” He tenderly touched the elongated and engorged penis with a few fingers. “How are you doing over there, Jo doll?”

“I am almost there,” she sounded with a set of heavy pants between the intense and quick two finger fuck thrusts.

He leaned over with a smile and crawled on top of her body, standing upright a pair of palms and a set of naked toes, leaning down and licked a tongue onto her parted lips, gently kissing her lips while blocking some of her breathing. “Breathe through your nose, Jo doll! So you don’t faint. I will be really disappointed, since I plan to fuck you until dawn light, darling.”

“You can go that long,” she sounded with pants between the thrusts of pleasure with the fingers.

“I can with you, Jo doll. I like you, girl. Well, I love you, darling. You are my girl, Jo doll. You are not anyone else’s girl, but mine,” he leaned down and licked her earlobe, kissing the lobe, placing his finger into her vagina with her two fingers.

His fingers and her fingers together fingered fuck her vagina while creating intense passion, pleasantly excitement which built up into her second orgasm of the night. “Ah!” She screamed in dirty lust.

He leaned down and licked her ear, kissing the lobe with a smile, “Grr!” He chuckled at her great belle performance, reaching over and licked the middle of her sweaty forehead, gently kissing her pinky skin. Their fingers continued to slide in and out of her vagina. He smiled down at her smile. “Grr!”

“Ah!” She screamed in pleasure. The vagina walls burst in lubricating liquid spilling onto her flesh, flooding the fingers as the sex juice dripped out the vagina lips. She sounded with heavy pants of lusty pleasure without any pain while grinning and giggling with delight of her second orgasm. Gerrit chuckled at her great belle performance and leaned down, kissing her sweaty forehead and then her lips passionately. Then, he released her mouth and moved down, tickling her body with a tongue coming from her lips down to her vagina and bathed her body with his rough tongue. She felt clean and fresh with smile.

He lifted up a torso with a smile to see her. Jocelyn opened the eyelashes and lifted upright a torso from the pillow. He smiled. “I want you to slide forward facing my feet and then you’re your body backward and hold onto my ankles with your long arms and ride my little fellow up and down with your vagina, Jo doll.”

She scooted ahead and landed on top of his hips, arching the body and held both his ankles with a smile. “We call it, a flower.”

“Fine, Jo, doll! It is time for me to plant some new seedlings into your rose flower garden. Bend at your knees over my hips.” He reached out with a smile and touched her foot. “I’ll tickle your feet while you fertilize my tree branch.” She slowly slid the opening of her vagina down onto the tip of his penis that was filled with his man-juice and slowly shifted the hips back and forth for his pleasure. “Jo, doll,” Gerrit smiled and rubbed both hands over her ass and her back spine.

“You like,” she grinned.

“I like,” he softly groans and grabbed both of her ankles while swiftly jolting his hips into her vagina.

She screamed with pleasure and pain. “Ah!”

He laughed with a grin, “Ride me, cowgirl! Ride me! Yahoo! Go, cowgirl!” She steadied both the hips into the air and slid back and forth over his penis. He shifted the hips up and down and as his penis slid in and out of her vagina using his ass and his leg muscles while yodeling his pleasure around the room. “You get a cute pinky-pink ass.”

She laughed. “Thanks.”

He smiled with a yell, “Yahoo! Go, Jo doll!”

They continued to bounce up and down with fun and pleasure.

Then, she felt the tickling sensation and exploded with a third orgasm inside her vagina, bleeding out a set of hot liquid that poured out from the vagina lips and then down both their inner thighs.

He gently tosses her off his penis, rolling her to the side of the bed. Gerrit withdrew the penis from her vagina and lifted her into the air, sliding a body behind her butt, nicely curving into her folded frame and messaged a wet sticky penis into her back spine which made her giggle. He spooned with her body and leaned down, kissing her butt cheekbone with a whisper, “Jo doll.”

“Gerrit,” she smiled in joy and lust at the tender loving moment.

He leaned over and penetrated her vagina from behind with a penis both slowly and gently. She closed both eyelashes and enjoyed a new sensation and tenderness from big bad asshole Gerrit.

They slowly moved in a synchronized flow of motion like a pair of long-time lovers.

He performed a set of gently thrusts in and then out, then in and then out while tenderly tickling one of her breasts with a set of fingers, resting sideways together on the bed mattress.

“Awe,” she felt comfort in her life and her love, since this was supposed to be the way he honored her body and her mind. He reached down and lifted up her leg, shifting the limb over the top of her hip, driving a penis deeper into her vagina. “Ah!” She felt pleasure.

“Jo doll,” he whispered into her ear and reached over, shifting a hand down into her vagina lips, gently finger fucking her vagina and kissed her earlobe, pulling back with a smile and a whisper, “Jo doll.” She felt happy, lusty, dirty, and erotic coming from all his tenderly touches and gently words into her eardrum. Gerrit continued to whisper and rub her breast, slowly sliding in and then out with his penis.

Jocelyn felt sexy, wanted, and loved while reliving her deep emotions for Gerrit, since she had known the asshole all her life, but this moment felt right for both of them. He was pillow case fabric and she was the pillow case that was wrapped around each other without any type of restrictions or obligations or commitments.

His long body of six feet and eleven inches nicely wrapped around her tallness of six feet and one inch while spooning Jocelyn into his hard chest. His heart beat vibrated against her skin as they were one creature of pleasure. His hand gently massages each breast with tenderness, while his two fingers fuck my vagina. She giggled with the mental thoughts of her silly belle lusty lovey-dovey thoughts.

His man-strength dazzled her mind as he lifted both her hip with a knee and gently performed a set of soft thrusts with a penis deeply into her vagina while doing the work of two lovers.

She enjoyed the tactic contact, the soft touch, and the pleasure thrusts, since he tenderly protected Jocelyn from pain and harm, providing joy and pleasure like a trusty spouse.

“Jo doll,” he leaned over and kissed her earlobe with the whisper of her “pet” name.

She enjoyed surrendering her pleasure for his love. Jocelyn never knew that sex could be so passionate and tender, since she had waited for the right moment and the right man.

Gerrit was twenty four years old and would graduate from Bam U law school in May with the other invited beaus, since “cousin Jerk” had graduated Bam U law school in the summertime while socializing with the same cowboys.

A set of good beaus had been paired with a group of good belles.

Jocelyn hoped and prayed that all the other belles were enjoying their limited time with their selected beau too. She closed the eyelashes, and enjoyed the sensation of the erotic dirty lust.

Gerrit grunted which signaled his heightened pleasure and then exploded a batch of sperm out from his penis into her vagina. His hot toasty sperm warmed her inner flesh. He shivered against her wet skin with erotic lustiness and grunted with pleasure, withdrawing out the penis from her vagina with care. He flipped over and landed on a back spine in exhaustion and lust.

Jocelyn twisted around with a smile and reached out, rubbing his sweaty chest with both hands, leaning over into his elongated red tinted penis that came from their second and longer fucking fest in silence. He softly grunted, “Be gently.” She leaned over the top of the penis and placed a mouth while consuming the roof, the tongue, and both cheeks of her inner mouth over his penis of seven inches in height and two inches in diameter. Gerrit laughed. “Sit up on your knees and lean down into my hips. You are going to need more room. Girls need big wide mouths to suck me, honey. But all these girls are gone now, Jo doll.”

She followed his instructions and dipped both lips over the top of his penis, tickling the tip with the tongue as he chuckled. She swallowed down over his penis deeper into her mouth, licking a tongue up and down his dick while cleaning off her vagina juices. Gerrit grinned with a goofy smile at her motion. She quickly cleaned out his penis and lifted up a smile, twisting around, resting over his long nakedness, attacking his smile with her luscious lips. Her sweet tongue performed a set of thrusts back and forth for domination inside his mouth as she won. She stopped the tongue tag and pulled back with a smile and a wink.

He smiled at her, “Jo doll.”

She loved to hear the pet name and leaned down, resting her sweat over his sweat with a giggle at her first fucking festival while her body continued to tingle with dirty lust inside her mind, her vagina, and her soul. “Hmm…”

“Jo doll, I’m going to leave.”

She lifted up from his naked chest and sat back on both kneecaps, saying with a gasp into a pair of his dancing eyes and his evil smile. “Leave!”

“I’m going to depart from Antebellum House.”

She gasped in shock. “Depart?”

“It’s midnight! And like Cinder doll, I gotta leave or …”

“Tomorrow, at eight, after the service staff clears and cleans the kitchen. That was the deal without serving our breakfast meal to the beaus that you made with me in August.”

“The deal is good. The limo will return at eight sharp but…”


He leaned over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile and a wink, “Jo doll, come with me when the limo leaves.”

“Me!” She frowned with confusion.

“We can catnap for two hours then fuck for an hour, then catnap for another couple of hours, then fuck again while making an entire weekend, a fucking fun time. Excuse the pun for the both of us!”

“I am…”

“…responsible for nothing, Jo doll. You’re a big girl college student that can make big girl college decisions. Since, mama and daddy ain’t here to overrule you. Come with me, please, Jo doll!”

“If I don’t…”

“Then, I will be right back here on Friday night right on time like a good beau. I told you before you are mine. No one touches you. For damn shore, no one harms you, darling. You belong to me, now and forever.”

Jocelyn felt the same way inside a bleeding heart, since he had spoken her exact mental thoughts with a smile inside his heart and his soul to his lover Jocelyn. She frowned. “We do nothing for the weekend…”

“….just fuck and sing into each other ears, Jo doll,” he smiled with a wink.

“Yes,” she leaned over and hugged his neck, pulling back and kissed his face, sitting back with a smile and a nod.

“Get dressed! Nothing fancy, now. We stay at the House for the weekend, swim in the pool, and call in for dinner and delivery pizza. There are plenty of beer and beverages.”

“Rebel Den has all the beaus housed at their…”

“Rebel House is a real house with tables, chairs, dishes, and beds which is used by one beau with his belle in private to avoid the den of wolves. I would have to black and blue every redneck into total body bloody unconsciousness, if one of them growled at you, Jo doll.”

She gasped. “You would fight for me.”

He reached up and pinched both her nipples with a grunt and a smile. “For you, over you, under you, with you, you belong to me along with my twelve gauge action pump shotgun.”

She grinned. “And I strangely feel the same emotion about you, Gerrit, without a shotgun, dear.”

“Yeah, it is called lusty love and hottie passion, Jo doll. Get up from my body! Go and toss on some jeans and shirt while I re-dress too.”

She rolled off him and slipped down off the bed mattress, dashing ahead into the wardrobe closet, stopping and stood in front of the shelves of clothing. She selected a new pair of girly panties for a wet vagina, jerking down a blue jean skirt from the rack and up over a pair of wet legs, until she could bathe…correction…they could bathe together, tonight.

She reached up and pulled down, dropping a white T-shirt over a pair of naked breasts, without the bra, since she didn’t really need a bag of clothes, but she was required to be seen outside public area with her man-whore protector. She back stepped from the wall shelves and spun around with a smile, dashing out the closet without anything in both hands, since she had heard through the internet gossip about Rebel House. A girl had everything there including a hair brush, a tooth brush, and a tongue of a beau to keep her clean and sanitize. She stepped a pair of naked feet into a pair of flip-flops and then into a pair of his open arms with a grin in silence.

He cuddled her with a smile. “Do you have everything that you need, Jo doll?”

She turned with a smile to scan the bedroom. There was a flattened and dirty antebellum dress on top of the floor, a messed up bed mattress from sex, a shuffled television monitor on top of the student desk, one empty beer bottle on top of the nightstand, and a wrinkled brown bag inside the bathroom. She returned back with a nod to see his smile. “Yes.” She spun around with a smile and cuddled into his chest, moving ahead to the closed door. He reached out and touched the door knob. The door opened.

They swiftly exited her bedroom and moved down the staircase, sliding out into the heated dark night. The bedroom door slowly closed up the chamber for the night.

They swiftly strolled like a newly married couple towards an awaiting limousine, stealing the night away from Antebellum House.




Seven weeks later



Saturday October 7th



Cool temperatures with parted clouds of light rain

Private bedroom setting of belle Mary Margaret and beau Tucker



A single knock sounded at the closed door of her bedroom.

Mary Margaret pitched the new romance book onto the cushion of the settee, since the settee wasn’t used or her body or the book to fuck her assigned beau. She stood upright from the settee with a giggle and skipped ahead on a pair of naked feet towards the closed door, stopping and stood in front of the closed door with a grin. She reached over and pulled opened door with a smile at a set of new visitors, who stood taller than her petiteness. From left to the right, starting with Trinity’s Stan, then belle Trinity, who cuddled with Jocelyn for some strange reason, and finally there stood Jocelyn’s Stan. All the girls were not supposed to know anything about the fucking beaus that they had fucked.

However, over the past eight weeks, the other girls liked to hot gossip about all the physical features of each beau along with an array of sexual conquests of each sexy beau-boyfriend in great disgusting detail at the morning breakfast table. Therefore, Mary Margaret recognized each particular beau, without a proper surname by his physical appearance.

At the open archway, Mary Margaret back stepped from door and the new guests with a stern face.

Trinity’s Stan entered first through the open archway with a sneer and strutted ahead in a pair of orange colored ostrich cowboy boots and a set of wrinkled clothes, stopping and stood in front of the bed mattress, pointing at Mary Margaret’s Stan. Tucker was neatly tucked inside her bedcovers this morning like usual. Mary Margaret back stepped and stood at the foot of the bed mattress with a smile like usual.

He growled with confusion. “What in the fuck is this in here?” Jocelyn’s Stan stood his tallness outside the open archway on top of the grand stairwell, clearly staring with a sleepy head Tucker.

Tucker wore a soiled pink bed linen sheet where his multiple wet dreams had exploding a batch of hot sperm from the penis while tucked neatly inside Mary Margaret’s bed.

Mary Margaret continued to stand at the foot of the bed and crossed both arms over a top of pink poodle-dog patterned pajamas while watching the same old routine for the past eight weeks with a smirk.

Trinity and Jocelyn together continued to stand inside the open archway huddling and hugging each other like a pair of love birdies. Trinity displayed a pair of angry eyeballs with a sneer at tiny Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret did not react but remained calm like the first Saturday morning from their first “after-not-fucking” party when she had left her bedroom and then had to fetch Trinity’s Stan to lift and tote a heavy-ass Tucker out of her bed mattress, her private bedroom, and down into the limousine that came from Rebel Den.

“Every damn Saturday morning, Tuck is out of it and sound asleep in bed. I have been carrying his ass like a fireman going down the stairs on my shoulders for the past eight weeks, dumping his ass down inside the limo, Gerrit. And I could have used some help. So, where in the hell have you been for the last eight Saturdays, Gerrit?” He looked back over a collar bone with a sneer to see Jocelyn and then returned back with a growl to see Tucker. “Slap his face awake, Gerrit!”

“I’ll do more than slap his face.” Gerrit moved ahead with a sneer and scattered the six empty beer cans over the floor and stopped with a growl, standing in front of the bed frame, reaching down and shook Tucker. “Boy, get your ass out of bed right now! It’s after eight o’clock. It’s time to get up and go back to Rebel Den! I’m hunger for some breakfast.”

Tucker slowly rolled a chin side to side and as his eyelids blinked open with a soft grunt. A set of four limbs lifted and wiggled in the air, falling back down onto the soft mattress with a set of individual loud thumps. His eyeballs stared up at the bright lighted ceiling and then closed the eyelids from the bright day. Gerrit exhaled with a huff of frustration. Mary Margaret stared with a smile at Tucker. Trinity stared at the nose profile of Mary Margaret in confusion and fury.

Trinity’s Stan jabbed a finger and a sneer at Tucker. “Every stinking Saturday morning, he’s drunk, like this, Gerrit.” Mary Margaret learned that Jocelyn’s Stan was named Gerrit.

“Call me a second limo! Then I’ll haul his ass to the limo, Hudson. Get all the other beaus back home to the Rebel Den.” Gerrit reached over and lifted up the wet pink tinted bed sheet while looking with a pair of trained eyeballs for any type of external body injury on his friend Tucker.

“Tuck is naked underneath that bed sheet. The other beaus are gone inside the first limo. There’s a second limo waiting for us. I’m riding with you, so we can talk to Tuck away from the other guys.” Trinity’s Stan was really named Hudson, exhaling with a huff of frustration.

“Fine! Get and gather his gear, too.” Gerrit jerked up the pink bed sheet from each side of the mattress and wrapped the naked penis of Tucker while exposing the naked collar bone and chest to the air waves and the eyeballs, squatting down and shoved Tucker onto the shoulder in a fireman’s carry as it was the easiest way to distribute the weight of a 250 pound male. “Fuck!” He slowly back stepped from the bed mattress with a heavy grunt and then more slowly turned to face the open archway and the two females. Mary Margaret squatted down to the floor and grabbed up, handing the small bag to Hudson that held the personal clothes of Tucker which was the same ritual for the last eight Saturdays also. Trinity and Jocelyn back stepped from the open archway and led down the steps. Hudson swung around and followed behind Gerrit with Tucker on top of the shoulders. Gerrit exited the room and slowly moved down the staircase, heading towards the front porch with the awaiting limousine.



Front porch setting



Gerrit continued move ahead on top of the wooden planks, around the building corner and passed the array windows on the belle parlor room and turned, strolling down each step with a semi-conscious Tucker against the limousine. Hudson ran ahead, down the steps, and swung around in front of the limousine, stretching out both arms and stopped the inertia of Gerrit with the teen on top of the collar bone. Gerrit slammed into the frontal body of Hudson in front of the limousine with a loud grunt. He and Hudson leaned down and stretched Tucker across the long bench seat inside limousine. Hudson scooted across the long bench and stood upright on the opposite side door at the limousine.

Gerrit stood upright with a deep sigh and spun around, moving back up the steps with a worried brow to face Jocelyn. She reached over and folded the bathrobe over the pajamas with a worried brow. He stopped and stood in place of her, leaning over, kissing her lips with precious love, pulling back with a sweet smile.

Jocelyn whispered with a worried brow into his nose bridge. “I need to speak with you in private, Gerrit.”

“It cannot be now. I gotta a problem with Tuck that needs attending to this morn. He doesn’t usually get wasted on cans of beer. This is so strange.” Gerrit turned with a worried brow to see Tucker inside the open limo door while pondering the medical problem of his friend within the active neurons.

She whispered with a smile into his cheekbone. “I can ride in the limo…”

“That’s not a good idea at the moment.”

“I can run my car over to Rebel Den and then I meet you for lunch.” Jocelyn smiled.

He swung a stern face to see her smile, “That is not a good idea either at the moment, Jo doll! I’m like the pack leader of the wolves. When there’s a problem, I handle it. I need to handle Tuck and find out what in the fuck’s wrong with him.”

She faked a smile. “I understand. Well then, we’ll meet for lunch and supper. Why don’t we go out on the town into Birmingham for…?”

He shook a balding skull with a worried brow at her, “Naw, Jo doll! But I do need your help here. Where is his belle, that cute petite girl named Mary Margaret?” He turned and scanned the front porch for the petite belle and returned back to see Jocelyn.

“Alright! She is probably inside her private bedroom. She is really shy.”

“I need for you to play the role of a police detective and find out Tuck’s routine with his belle. See if he exhibits any other weird habits or some odd words with her? Interrogative her good, Jo doll! Since, she is the only one that sees him between six pm to six am.”

She gasped. “Do you suspect Mary Margaret of something odd like something?”

“Naw! I am curious like a cat, since Tuck might be having an allergic reaction to her flora perfume or some other sweet or bitter potted flowers or other smelly fragrance inside her private bedroom. Tuck looks more like he is stoned on marijuana pot. Does she smoke marijuana pot? Or can she access the drug?”

She shook her curls with a stern face, “Absoultootly not! I would swear on a stack of Bibles that Mary Margaret’s straight-laced with flowing silk fabric down to her ankle bones.”

“That’s good to hear. I trust the source.” He leaned over and kissed her, pulling back with a smile. “I want you to write down all her verbal statements on a sheet of paper in front of the other belles. When a person is innocent, they repeat the truth over and over again all the time. But when a person is guilty, they mess up their same story with little bites and bits of datum that’s missed or added. If she is interviewed with the other belles, then she can bore them to death at breakfast and at lunch too.”

“I understand,” Jocelyn nodded with the legal understanding and the smart order from Gerrit.

“And ask her the same questions at the lunch meal too? See if she answers exactly the same way? And do note any incongruence in her story line, Jo doll!”

“I will. How do and when will you get my report to you on Mary Margaret?”

He smiled with a whisper. “This is too important to wait for next week, since I’m the wolf leader. So, me and all the other beaus will come back here for suppertime. Then I can read you report, interrogate Mary Margaret for myself, since Tuck will be awake and sober. I will get his story and then compare to the little belle and hopefully find some common clues. Then, we can talk,” he leaned over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile. “Okay.” Jocelyn leaned over and hugged his body, pulling with a smile of her loving feelings. Hudson hugged and back stepped from Trinity with a smile, spinning around and dashed around, stopping and slid into the rear bench seat with Gerrit. The rear limousine door closed with a good wave from the two men. The limousine slowly steered ahead and then disappeared through the gate. The doors of the gates stayed open without a reason.

On the front porch, Trinity moved ahead with a stern face from the windows of the belle parlor and stopped to stare at the open gates while missing Hudson, standing beside Jocelyn, wearing a yellow pajamas robe over her nakedness. “This isn’t a good timing, Jocelyn. I don’t understand Tucker’s behavior. He comes here sober and then doesn’t wake from his stupid drunkenness. I’m a little concerned for Mary Margaret. Actually, I’m really relieved that she hasn’t been harmed. I think we should reject Tucker’s invitation for next Friday along with the rest of the Fridays for Mary Margaret’s safety.”

She stared at the open gates also with a stern face “Gerrit says the opposite from you. He says that Tucker doesn’t get drunk from beer, but he suspects that Tucker is being drugged, maybe by Mary Margaret.”

She stared at the open gates with a sour frown. “That’s impossible, Jocelyn. Mary Margaret doesn’t harm a housefly. Now, if Chloe’s name was mentioned in that same sentence,” giggling. “I’d concur with that wild ass conclusion.”

Jocelyn turned with a worried brow to see the nose profile of Trinity. “Gerrit wants me to inquire from Mary Margaret her side of Tucker’s drunkenness story. I believe that to be a reasonable request. She has not contributed at the breakfast table to our discussion.”

Trinity turned with a sour frown and jabbed a manicured fingernail into the nose bridge of Jocelyn. “Be careful here, honeybee! You have not contributed on the past eight Saturday mornings either, because I only know why. You were with Gerrit for the entire weekend, for the past eight weekends having fun fucking him, while I’m left in charge of the whining bitches,” exhaling.

“Emma leaves on Saturday morning…”

“Emma leaves on Saturday morning after being served breakfast to meet her parents for that social thingy.” Trinity nodded with a sour frown. “However, you leave on Friday night right after your fuck fest.”

“I am guilty as claimed but I don’t awaken to a zombie beau, who is most likely being drugged with something thing by someone.”

Trinity shook her curls with the sour frown. “That is a very strong accusation, Jocelyn. Mary Margaret has never posed any danger to us or the beaus. I don’t believe that horse crap.”

“Ah! But Mary Margaret is very intelligent. Her brilliant parents are physicians. She might, just guessing here, could have picked up some innocent but minor illegal doctoring skills which might, just guessing here, could be experimenting on Tucker.”

Trinity exhaled, “Hmm! She is a smartie and a smartass with that goody angel innocence face. Okay. I agree that she could have acquired some illegal doctoring skills from her physician parents. But why and what for?”

“Mary Margaret resisted our cause, our sisterhood from the first. Maybe, she is seeking some devilette revenge on us by using it on Tucker.”

“Hmm! That’s a very good point. She could be doing that. Do we ask her that direct guilty question inside your private chamber suite?”

“Yes and no. We slowly and brilliantly interrogate her at the breakfast table with the help of the other belles. Hell! They’re more curious than we are.”

Trinity exhaled, “Hmm! She has avoided all together sharing her fucking fairy tale story of Tucker, while the other belles almost exaggerate to the point of me hurling a gallon of puke green vomit. And if Chloe starts in with her fifth orgasm of the night, before the turn of…”

She lifted up and flipped down a hand into the air with a smile. “Forget Chloe! She bullshits with the best bitches on planet Earth. However, we have two problems to take care of as soon as possible. Or we all will crash and burn like a rocket space.”

“Agreed,” Trinity nodded. “And how are you going to explain your belle absenteeism from the Saturday morning fuck club.”

“Fuck club! That’s good.” Jocelyn laughed with a nod.

“It is Bethel’s branding, since she likes to lead off the fucking discussion every damn Saturday morning, whilest I try to choke down my cold scramble eggs.” Trinity exhaled.

She nodded with a smile. “I have a brilliant plan. So just watch me lead the other belles with sugared sweet tea, honey child,” she spun around and veered back towards her private bedroom suite on the other side of the building with a smile.

Trinity continued to stand and pointed at the Dogtrot hallway with a sour frown. “We still eat breakfast, lunch, and supper meals inside the dining room, Jocelyn.”

Jocelyn moved ahead with a smile. “I need a pit stop and props for my Hollywood Oscar winning performance at the breakfast table, sweetheart,” she turned the building corner and dashed towards her private bedroom. Trinity spun around and followed behind Jocelyn with a puzzled brow.



8:16 a.m.

Dining room setting



Trinity and Jocelyn had quickly revisited the private bedroom suite of Jocelyn, returning back down the staircase, around the building corner and arrived inside the Dogtrot Hallway.

Trinity led Jocelyn through the open archway of the dining room and turned to face the wall of long food table, stopping and stood in front of the first food table. She reached out and grabbed an empty plate, side stepping down the wall and loaded an array of breakfast food items onto the eating place with a smile.

Jocelyn duplicated Trinity’s movements and stopped, standing next to Trinity at the end of the table with a loaded plate of food, placing a buttered buttermilk biscuit on the very top of a tall food pile and slowly swung around to follow behind Trinity, slowly strolling in a pair of bedroom slippers towards a rounded breakfast table.

On the opposite of the side of the table, Bethel sat inside a padded chair and looked up with a sour frown to see Jocelyn while continuing the story. “We were grooving in a fast paced rhythm. I was thumping up and down like a kangaroo. Up. Down. Up. Down. Then, I upped so high that my flower missed his stinger when I landed down on the right side of the bed in total shock. Stan shot his sperm two feet into the air. It was a beauty sight. We laughed and laughed until we cried and then calmed down going for round number three then four…”

Trinity slowly spun around and moved ahead, stopping and scooted down into the chair behind the table, placing the cloth napkin on top of the robe, stabbing the food items in silence.


Jocelyn stopped and leaned over, placing the plate on top of the table, pulling out and slid down into the padded chair, turning to scan all the girls inside the room with a confused brow. “Where’s Chloe?”

Zoey sat next to Jocelyn and turned with a sour frown to see the nose profile of Jocelyn without chewing the food. “Where have you been hiding out, girl best?” She lifted and sipped, swallowing the beverage with a smile.

“Chloe is always later like a whore-princess or something.” Tyleigh mouth spat out a set of used food particles over the plate and the tablecloth with a sour frown to Jocelyn.

Zoey continued to smile at the nose profile of Jocelyn. “Why have you been missing from our morning Fuck Club, Jocelyn?”

“Tell us your fucking tale, Jocelyn!” Naomi stared with a smile at Jocelyn also.

Bethel frowned at Jocelyn. “I didn’t wanna hear her fucking story. But I do wanna hear the fucking reason for missing eight Saturdays in a row. Huh, Jo dog? Could it be? There is something more important going on than attending our weekly breakfast meeting.”

“Bethel!” Trinity looked up with an angry brow from the food plate to see Bethel.

“Me, too,” Zoey continued to smile at the nose profile of Jocelyn.

“Zoey!” Trinity turned and frowned at Zoey.

“I heard tell that you left out from Antebellum House every Saturday morning.” Bethel hissed with fury.

Jocelyn nodded with a smile. “Yes, I do,” she looked down and stabbed the food item, chewing with a smile as the other girls gasped with alarm.

“I heard tell that you leave out from Antebellum House with your beau Stan,” Bethel growled.

She swallowed the food with a smile. “Yes, I do,” Jocelyn looked down and stabbed the food time, chewing with a grin as the other girls gasped with alarm.

“What of it? Emma has missed every consecutive seven Saturday mornings in a row, too.” Tyleigh turned and frowned at the nose profile of Emma.

“Emma attends a social function with her mom and her dad every Saturday morning, after her breakfast with each one of you.” Emma defended her own person like a true lawyer with a nod, eating and chewing the food with a grin.

“Why are you inquiring or interrogating me, Bethel?” Jocelyn looked up with a smile to see Bethel.

“Why are you not denying, Jocelyn?” Bethel smirked.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod, “Yes, I leave every morning in one of the many rented limos and then ride into the metro city of Birmingham.” She ate and chewed the food item with a grin.

Bethel frowned. “Why, Jocelyn?”

Jocelyn swallowed the food item with a smile at Bethel while placing a hand down into the pocket of the bathrobe, slowly lifting up and released a wad of green paper. The paper flew and scatted around the wooden table. She smiled. “Our collection is cash. I go to the bank every Saturday morning to deposit that weekly cash.” Bethel stood upright from the chair and reached over the table, grabbing and scooped up all the individual money bills into both breasts. She sat back down and silently counted all the monies for verification of Jocelyn’s story. Jocelyn chewed and swallowed the food with a smile. “I receive cash. I have set up a bank account for the cash in the name of Antebellum House. Since cash is recorded and monitored by the US Federal Government through a government agency which is known as the IRS.”

Bethel nodded with a stern face at the pile of cash. “I counted out the money amount of 5,250 dollars and no cents. It has been verified with the correct amount from the collection of the beaus last night,” she started to spread and lay out the money in a set of vertical rows consisting of twenties, fifties, and hundred dollar bills for all eyeballs.

Jocelyn ate and chewed, swallowing the food with a smile to each girl. “The IRS revenue code 18, section number 1956 states that a single monetary transaction dumped into a financial institution of cash valued at $10,000 or more is a single transaction. The terms monetary transaction and financial institution mean a deposit, a withdrawal, a transfer from an interstate, or a set of foreign commerce funds by a monetary instrument, that’s me, into a financial institution. This is a financial transaction, by me. Thus, all the monies are recorded and sent electronically to the IRS for monitoring, not on me.”

“Jocelyn is a smartie.” Trinity nodded with a smile.

“Jocelyn is a smartass,” Bethel continued to fiddle with a money rows and laughed with the other belles, except for Trinity and Jocelyn.

Jocelyn smiled. “I am required to deposit the monies as cash. Since, I didn’t steal the cash from a bank or my daddy’s wall safe. Next, I place all the cash into our bank account for Antebellum House. The bank reports the monetary fees to the IRS while makes me a busy little bee. Buzz! Buzz!” Bethel finished stacking the money and looked up with a growl at Jocelyn, since there was a lot more secret information to that simple fairy tale. Jocelyn ate, chewed, and swallowed the food time with a grin. “How is the fucking action going with each belle?” She spooned the food item and ate, chewing with a set of elegantly southern manners while pulling out a small paper notepad and a blue ink pen out from the bathrobe pocket, sitting the two items beside her plate. She reached down and flipped open the vertical flap of the tiny notepad, swallowing the food in silence.

“Fantastic.” Tyleigh smiled.

Spring smiled, “Awe…”

“…some,” Autumn smiled and turned to feed Spring a spoonful of food as the other girls chuckled.

“Great.” Naomi stared with a smile at the hair roots of Jocelyn, who started to write down a set of words with the blue ink pen inside the little note pad.

“Happy.” Zoey stared at the hair roots of Jocelyn also.

“What are you doing, Jocelyn,” Bethel stared with a sour frown at the note paper and the pen in the hand of Jocelyn.

Emma stared with a smile at Jocelyn, who scribbles down the words on a next page of paper inside the notebook, “Wonderful.”

“Alright,” Mary Margaret attacked the hard shell of a soft boiled egg with all fingers. The stubborn chicken egg would not yield its delicious white skin. She also noted Jocelyn, who was writing a set of printed words in blue tinted ink inside a pad of paper with a little concern. Her beau Tucker has been drugged and dragged out from her bed chamber for the past eight Saturday mornings, without any type of explanation or demand. But this eighth morning, Gerrit, who was the wolf leader did not look too happy at Tucker as he quickly cut back a pair of eyelids to see Mary Margaret while fuming with a pair of parted lips with purpose and doubt.

“Alright!” Jocelyn looked down with a puzzled brow to see Mary Margaret. “Is that the best performance you get from your beau, Mary Margaret?”

“It is probably the best sex performance that tiny Mary Margaret gives out. Am I right, girl best?” Naomi turned and winked at Mary Margaret. “I’ll trade you my cowboy for your bronzed sun-god.”

“What?” Bethel dropped her mouth open.

Naomi winked for a second time at Mary Margaret. “Or better yet, you send your bronzed sun-god over when you’re done on next Friday evening. Then, I can test out that ‘alright’ expression.”

“Naomi is a true whore.” Zoey smiled with a nod.

Jocelyn frowned down at the white tinted middle part of the hair on Mary Margaret hair, since Mary Margaret continue to fight with the hard-boiled egg shell. Jocelyn exhaled. “Alright, the word seems to be a weak performance on someone’s part. Do you care to share any sexual problems with your beau around the table? The other belles could offer some sisterly advice, Mary Margaret.”

“Fuck you, Jocelyn!” Bethel frowned at Jocelyn. “Why are you being nosey, Jocelyn? What is your paper game here?”

Jocelyn looked down with a smile at the paper and wiggled the ink pen in the air. “I was asked to provide a few sweet or sour notes about our Fuck Fest. What is your personal comment, Bethel?”

“For you to fuck off, Jocelyn! You ain’t been present for the past eight weeks in the Fuck Club. Then, you come in here today barking orders like a mama dog at me and then ripping on tiny Mary Margaret’s good southern manners.” Bethel sneered.

“Yeah, Jocelyn!” Zoey sneered.

“I follow the rules like you, Bethel.” Jocelyn looked down and wrote the single-word remarks coming from the belles. She wrote the word, alright, next to the name of Mary Margaret which appeared in a set of big and bold blue capital letters for Gerrit’s inspection. “And I’m being a good belle providing a simple request. What is your lovely or nasty comment, Bethel?”

“Fuck off.” Bethel looked down with a snarl and a sour frown at the plate of food.

Jocelyn smiled with a nod and wrote down the word next to Bethel’s name. “Alright! I will write that remark down by your name, Bethel. But you should expect a question or two from…”

“Gerrit, why is he the big man around here at Antebellum House? He ain’t no belle. And he is not a student at Burn U either.” Bethel frowned.

Jocelyn looked up with a stern face to see each belle. “I would to remind each one that this is a business transaction. The beaus are the clients and we are the…”

“Whores! I know that, since I lost my virginity too. We all know that Jocelyn. You don’t have to come in here and remind us of our goal, saving Antebellum House with money. My mom would be ashamed of me.” Emma lifted up and sipped, swallowing the beverage.

“I don’t understand, Jocelyn. My beau, he is cute and sweet and nice to me on Friday night. He even wants to see me on Saturday night, Sunday night, and the rest of the nights of the week.” Naomi smiled.

“My beau asks about more time with me on Saturday night, too. Why can’t they come on Saturday night, also, Jocelyn?” Zoey smiled.

“Because, Jo thinks that she is our belle boss, but she ain’t.” Bethel smirked.

Jocelyn showed a stern face and lifted a palm with the dangling ink pen. “Okay. I’m not the belle boss over each one of you. But I have the right connection with the beau boss, whose name is Gerrit. Gerrit has inquired to see to monitor if there is any tiny dissatisfaction from us. Are there any issues with you regarding your selected beau?” She turned and stared at the black colored hair roots of Mary Margaret. “That’s all I’m asking about here.”

Mary Margaret continued to peck at the boiled egg with all fingers without looking at Jocelyn.

“Naw,” Naomi smiled.

“No,” Zoey smiled.

“Not,” Spring smiled.

“…us,” Autumn grinned.

“No,” Emma grinned.

“Naw,” Trinity said with a stern and watched each girl.

Bethel frowned. “Hmm! A set of research studies have proven that females are the ones satisfied with their mates. It is the male that looks to roam when not completely fulfilled. So it makes me ponder, if Gerrit is searching for another filly in the meadows, since he ain’t full satisfied with his selected belle.”

Mary Margaret popped open the egg with a giggle and then at the meat, since she would see every evening. Both Jocelyn and Gerrit escaped together inside the limousine from Antebellum House while heading to their usual place at Rebel House. Bethel was jealous over the young love birds.

Jocelyn stood upright with a sour frown and a yell at Bethel. “Bullshit!” The other girls laughed.

Naomi grinned. “It is cowboy shit. Am I right, Jocelyn? I guess you can’t really satisfy big boy Gerrit, even if you are fucking him two nights per week.”

“Shut it, Naomi!” Jocelyn snarled.

“O. I believe that she is sensitive,” Zoey giggled.

Naomi smiled. “She is insensitive. I do believe is the aft description. I would like to try…naw…taste on Gerrit, too, darling.”

“Fuck you, Naomi!” Jocelyn tossed both hands into the air and forgot about her police detective assignment from Gerrit, since she was defending her man Gerrit against all the other vicious vamps at Antebellum House.

Bethel smiled. “Well now, I guess that we understand the reason for the nasty belle inquisition.”

“Sit down, Jocelyn.” Trinity reached over with a stern face and pulled down on the robe sleeve of Jocelyn. Jocelyn sat back down with a sneer at Bethel. Trinity exhaled. “Now, we have cleared the discussion of belle dissatisfaction from Antebellum House. But, I want to share that I have been informed with the unpleasant knowledge that one of the beaus is not happy. We are the whores. We need the money to save our house. So let me hear any negative comments that you want to share with the class! Let us start with Bethel!”

“Fuck you, Trinity and Jocelyn.” Bethel sneered. “I’m perfect. My beau is perfect. We are perfect together. As a matter of fact, I heard those exact words every Friday evening and Saturday morning. So, find another tree to piss on, puppy doggie!”

Naomi smiled. “I have heard the very same words as Bethel coming from my beau, too.”

“Me,” Spring smiled.

“…too,” Autumn smiled who same mental thoughts about their shared beau named Stan.

Zoey frowned. “Tell us the complaint or identify the complainette, Trinity. Let’s end this mind game, Jocelyn. Or tattle tale to us which belle doesn’t enjoy fucking their beau? Since, they’re all cute, to boot.”

“That’s not a word, Zoey, complainette?” Trinity frowned at Zoey.

“Yeah, it is the female version for a complainer.” Zoey giggled.

“We’re all novices at fucking a guy, Jocelyn.” Tyleigh frowned at Trinity.

Bethel turned and gasped at her friend. “Tyleigh, I can’t believe that you don’t enjoy fucking your beau.”

“How many masturbation sessions do you need, girlfriend?” Naomi giggled.

Zoey smiled. “It’s easy, Tyleigh. Open your legs and close your eyes.”

Bethel smiled. “Is that your fucking advice for love-making with a beau, Zoey?”

Naomi nodded with a smile, “That same method works for me.”

“Do you have a complaint with me, Trinity?” Emma looked down with a stern face the tiny screen on the mobile telephone while waiting and watching for the text message that would come from her parents to meet at the charity event in Birmingham this morning. “Because, I need to go and meet my parents.”

“Your cell didn’t ding.” Zoey frowned.

Emma nodded at the tiny screen with a smile. “I know. My mom sometimes forgets to plug the recharge cord into her cell phone. Geez! She still mentally lives in the 1980s when there were only landlines, not mobile telephones.”

Bethel smiled, “Where are you going today, Emma?”

“There is a picnic in the park for children.” Emma reached down with a stern face and typed on the tiny keyboard a text to her parents.

“No. I do not have a complaint with you, Emma. You’re excused from the breakfast table.” Trinity smiled at Emma and took charge as the belle boss. Emma stood upright from the chair and back stepped from the table, spinning around and watched the tiny screen for a return text message from her parents.

“I’m excused, too.” Bethel stood upright from the chair with a smile and sat back down into the padded chair. “But I’m staying here, since I wanna hear the hot juicy gossip.”

“You’re sick both mentally and socially, Bethel.” Zoey frowned.

“Thank you!” Bethel smiled with a nod.

“Fess up! Which belle sucks at fucking?” Zoey smiled.

“Not,” Spring grinned.

“….me.” Autumn giggled.

“No.” Tyleigh shook her curls with a smile.

Naomi smiled, “Me, either.”

Bethel turned and scanned each belle, “Nope!”

“I’m great. Go and ask my date!” Zoey giggled. Mary Margaret shook her curls in silence and chewed on the boiled egg parts.

“Who’s left?” Naomi turned with a puzzled brow and scanned the table.

“Who’s absent?” Bethel turned with a puzzled brow and scanned the table also.

“It’s Chloe.” Zoey turned and gasped at each girl.

Tyleigh shook her curls with a puzzled brow, “No way, girl best! She is one of the best whore-belles among us.”

“I question that since she is not present among us.” Zoey frowned.

Bethel grinned. “Chloe is sleeping off both the sex and the beer. She likes to drink alcohol.”

“How do you know that, Bethel? Because we don’t share that shared information, girl best.” Naomi frowned.

Bethel looked down with a stern face at the dirty plate and up to see each girl. “I…I ran into her when I ran down here for some extra bottles of beer for my beau inside the kitchen.”

Trinity jabbed a finger and sour frown at Bethel. “So, you are the mysterious kitchen thief. The staff was questioning me, Bethel. Geez! Next time, you need to request a larger order, before my ass gets burned for a third time. Where is Chloe?” She turned to see the Dogtrot hallway with a sour frown. “She is getting the same lecture from me.”

“Call her on the cell!” Zoey smiled.

“I don’t bring my cell to breakfast table, Zoey. Do you?” Naomi frowned.

“O!” Zoey smiled.

Emma appeared inside the archway and stumbled inside the room in a pair of expensive designer heels, moving back towards the dining room with an open mouth of spit and drool, looking gray-ashen complexion in the face. She stumbled and stopped between Trinity and Jocelyn with a whisper and a worried brow. “O my gawd! Oh, my gawd! Chloe is not moving. She…she is dead.”

Naomi smiled, “Chloe is dead to the world. She always enjoys her Fuck Fest way too much along with her way too much fucking fairy tales. Do you really believe that she can fuck by standing on her head, Zoey?”

Emma exhaled. “No! Chloe is not asleep. Well, she is permanently asleep. Chloe is dead like a door nail. And there is a puddle of red blood like all over her and the bed spread. That is not her monthly period red blood puddle, either.”

Zoey stood upright from the chair with shock and intrigue. “O my gawd! Let’s go and see Chloe.”

Tyleigh continued to sit with a smile. “Chloe is faking it. She likes to truly entertain us every Saturday morn with something new. This is her new trick like an old whore, ya’ll.”

Jocelyn shook her curls and continued to write down each verbal remark from each girl on the top of the notepad. “Emma, do not tattle! Since I will allow your beau to beat your ass for a fibbing tonight,” she was going to provide all the bell secrets to Gerrit upon his return visit to Antebellum House.

Bethel stood upright from the chair with a gasp and mentally pondered the medical condition of Chloe’s mind and body, picking up on that cue from Jocelyn, “Tonight, why are the beaus returning tonight, Jocelyn?” She back stepped from the table and side stepped, moving ahead towards the open archway that led into the Dogtrot hallway.

Zoey stood upright from the chair and back stepped from the table, following beside Bethel with a smile. “The beaus are coming back to visit us tonight, but this is Saturday night, not Friday.”

“Why are all the beaus coming back to visit with us, tonight, Jocelyn?” Naomi stood upright from the chair and back stepped from the table, following behind Bethel and Zoey.

Jocelyn stood upright with a smile from the chair and placed the paper notepad and the ink pen down into the pocket for more spy notes, after visiting inside Chloe’s bedroom, back stepping from the table, side stepping and spun around with a smile to see the rear bathrobe of each girl and the open archway of the dining room. “They wanna give us more money, so we can provide more sex,” giggling.

Spring and her twin sister Autumn moved ahead arm-in-arm towards the archways. Spring smiled, “I’m….”

“…happy,” Autumn smiled.

Each female exited out from the dining room with a smile, strolled down the Dogtrot hallway, swung onto the front porch, strolling in front of the open funny window curtains of the belle parlor room. All eyeballs turned and scanned the interior of the parlor room while searching for a floating formation of a she-ghost, since the staircase was really haunted with a set of supernatural beings. Each female passed the parlor room and paced ahead, turning the corner, moving down the side of the building and swung onto the grand staircase, advancing up the steps to Chloe’s bedroom.

Emma led the group of females from the dining room and finally up the elegant staircase, stopping and stood in front of a partially open archway, pointing between the cracks of the door and the door frame in silence. Then, she slowly shoved the heavy door opened and disappearing into the room. Bethel, Zoey, Emma climbed up the staircase in silence and followed Emma through the open door. The bedroom of Chloe faced in green rolling hills of the valley which was below the room of Zoey room.

A few minutes early, Emma had quietly knocked on the wooden door while checking on the absent Chloe from the breakfast table and then she had entered into the quiet room with curiosity. She had found poor Chloe, wearing a set of bull-frog eyeballs and a red bloody body. Next, Emma had back stepped from the bed frame, slamming the door open with an ass, running away from the dead body. She had trotted straight down the belle staircase onto the floor without a she-ghost attack. Maybe, one of the she-ghosts had attacked Emma, but she had been too scared to notice any frosty chilly finger pads.

Then, she had dashed into the dining room, crying to Jocelyn about poor dead Chloe.



Private bedroom of Chloe



The other pair of colorful fuzzy bed slippers from the remaining females entered through the open archway and stopped, forming a semi-circle around the dragging exposed pink satin bed sheets on the bed mattress. A set of worried brows stared at the twisted body dead Chloe, who was obviously not moving or breathing.

Chloe rested flat on a back spine. Her face stared up at the ceiling like asleep. She was completed naked with a pair of eyelashes shut. Her right arm was bent backward at the elbow crook, tilting in the letter shape of ‘L’ and her left arm displayed in the shape of the letter ‘V.’ Both of her legs were bent sideways at each kneecap while pointing at one of the side walls. Her naked feet touched at each heel and sole like a weird-ass ballerina dance in death. Finally, there was a white piece of notebook paper that had been directly stabbed into the heart of Chloe on the left side.

“O my gawd!” Naomi back stepped from the bed frame with a scream and covered the mouth with both hands in fear and worry, staring at dead Chloe.

Zoey continued to stare at Chloe and leaned over, tenderly hugging Naomi into a chest without moving away from the dead body of Chloe on top of the bed mattress.

Spring stared with a gasp at Chloe, “She’s…”

“…dead.” Autumn stared with a nod at Chloe and hugged her twin sister with sadness.

Emma stared at the Chloe and waved a hand at the bed with a worried brow. “Don’t touch it!”

Bethel stared with a pair of watery eyelashes and lots of fluttering butterflies inside a stomach, softly saying. “Don’t touch her. That is our belle-friend Chloe.”

Emma stared at Chloe with a stern face. “Don’t touch her!”

“There’s a note in her chest.” Tyleigh twisted a pair of eyeballs to silently read the American words.

“Call the police!” Naomi stared at Chloe with a stern face and continued to hug Zoey.

Zoey stared at the note with a gasp. “The note appears to be written in red colored blood that comes from her body, too.”

“The note is attached to her chest.” Bethel stared with a stern face at the gross sight.

Emma bent down at both kneecaps and as her pair of eyeballs was even with the bloody notepaper and the knife while observing the murder scene. “The note has been stabbed directly into her chest and attached by a steak knife which probably came from our kitchen here at Antebellum House.”

“Emma murdered Chloe.” Zoey turned a pair of wet eyeballs to see the rear skull of Emma. Emma shook her curls in silence and continued to stare at the murder scene of dead Chloe.

“Shut up, Zoey!” Bethel continued to stare at dead Chloe.

“Call the police, right now!” Naomi wore a stern and continued to cuddle with Zoey.

Spring stared with a sad face at Chloe, “Read…”

“…the note.” Autumn stared with a sad face at the dead body.

Bethel read out loud the note. “Whore House, not Antebellum House,” she turned with a gasp to see the nose profile of Mary Margaret. “These are Mary Margaret’s exact words.”

“No,” Mary Margaret stared with a stern face at the bloody dead body of Chloe.

“Yes.” Bethel sneered at Mary Margaret.

“Mary Margaret murdered Chloe.” Zoey turned with a pair of wet tears to the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

“No, that is not correct, belles.” Emma stood upright and continued to stare at the dead body of Chloe as all the eyeballs stared at the back spine of Emma.

Bethel nodded with a stern face at the nose profile of Mary Margaret. “I heard them from her lips. Mary Margaret had created the same set of insulting words right after Jocelyn had proposed to sell our virginity for money to save Antebellum House. Who else would know that phrase but the killer of little Chloe?” All eyeballs turned to see Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret continued to stare at dead body of Chloe in silence.

“My dad is a criminal lawyer, who defends good criminals that happen to be in the wrong place. I am going to be a lawyer too,” Emma back stepped from the bed mattress and spun around, moving behind the back spine of each girl inside the semi-circle with a stern face while studying the dead body Chloe and stopped directly behind the rear skull of Mary Margaret. Emma was taller and looked over the hair roots of Mary Margaret at Chloe, reaching down and gently grabbed, lifting the right hand of Mary Margaret into the air. She touched each one of the manicured fingernails of Mary Margaret with a smile. “Her hands are too small. Her weight is too light. The killer had strength within one or both hands as to violently plummet a five inched steak knife directly into a beating heart organ, whilest Chloe struggled for her life.” Each girl gasped in alarm.

“Emma did it.” Zoey turned and stared at dead Chloe.

“Shut up, Zoey!” Bethel turned and stared at Emma.

Zoey stared at Chloe. “Emma knows how Chloe died. She is confessing to us right here inside Chloe’s bedroom in great disgusting death details. She did it. She is bigger and taller than light weight Mary Margaret, too.”

“And I’m a lot smarter than you, dumb-belles.” Emma released the hand of Mary Margaret and scooted around the rest the semi-circle of females with a stern face and stared at the dead body of Chloe.

Bethel turned with a stern face to see dead Chloe. “Chloe could have been given a batch of illegal drugs by her particular beau and then died of a drug overdose. Then her beau left for the evening with some of the other beaus, not realizing Chloe had succumbed to a wrongful drug dosage.”

Emma stopped with a stern face and stood in front of the bed mattress while pointing at the dead body. “I disagree. He left from her room and left poor Chloe tied up with the extended rope of the leather whip. That sex toy must belong to Chloe. I believe that she was definitely murdered in cold-blood, since the killer had bothered to kindly close her black eyelashes. A person dies with the eyeballs open.”

Bethel stared with a sad face at poor Chloe. “I agree that Chloe was murdered. So, Miss-smartass- criminal-lawyer-to-be, who did the dirty work on poor Chloe?”

“Mary Margaret got her beau to do the dirty deed on poor Chloe.” Zoey turned and sneered at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

“No,” Mary Margaret stared with a stern face at poor dead Chloe.

“Mary Margaret lies.” Zoey snarled.

Emma stared with a stern face and studied the body of dead Chloe. “How did you come to that conclusion, Zoey?”

Zoey smiled. “How many body positions did you fuck with your beau, Mary Margaret?”

“Two.” Mary Margaret stared with a stern face at poor dead Chloe.

Zoey smiled. “How many times does he ejaculate into your flower, Mary Margaret?”

“Once,” Mary Margaret stared with a stern face at poor dead Chloe.

Zoey sneered. “Bullshit! Each of one of our beaus is better than an individual paid and professional gigolo. Each male can bounce and pop three or four times during the night, before passing out from love exhaustion without excessive beer drinking,” she turned and smiled at Naomi. “How many times does your beau ejaculate into your flower, Naomi?”

“Three.” Naomi turned and stared with a puzzled brow at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

“Bethel?” Zoey turned and smiled at Bethel.

“Four.” Bethel turned and stared with a puzzled brow at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

“Tyleigh?” Zoey turned and smiled at Tyleigh.

“Three.” Tyleigh turned and stared with a puzzled brow at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

Zoey turned and smiled at the nose profile of Mary Margaret. “See? I told you. Mary Margaret lies. And I bet she and her beau are in this murder ‘wild thing’ together. Why else would Jocelyn miss her fucking fun sex time weekend with big man Gerrit to both intimidate and interrogate Mary Margaret on a pretty Saturday morning right in front of us at breakfast time?”

Naomi sneered. “Ask her the real question, Zoey? Why did you kill poor Chloe, Mary Margaret? I can answer that one for Mary Margaret who didn’t want to sell off her virginity to save Antebellum House, our home. Mary Margaret was the only belle that fought like a wild cat over that brave decision.”

Emma shook her curls and cut both eyelashes to see Mary Margaret. The good-looking beau of Mary Margaret was also a second gay-guy like her gay-beau. So Mary Margaret was acting meek and coil to cover up an embarrassing situation of a non-fucking and fucked up evening. Emma turned and laughed at Zoey and Naomi. “Both of you read way too many murder mysteries, Zoey and Naomi.”

“I don’t read murder mystery novels.” Naomi turned and frowned at Emma.

Zoey turned and snarled at Emma. “I don’t either.”

“I have concluded my point exactly,” Emma nodded with a grin to Naomi and Zoey.

“What are we going to do, Jocelyn? You’re our belle-boss.” Emma continued to spin around with a worried brow and stood in front of Jocelyn. All eyeballs turned and stared to see both Jocelyn and Trinity. The two females leaned over and wrapped into each other arms with a stern face like a love hug.

“Jocelyn is gay.” Zoey turned and stared at the huddle of Trinity and Jocelyn.

“What?” Emma continued to stare with a gasp at Jocelyn and Trinity, who continued to hug like a pair of old lovers. Jocelyn sobbed with a set of tears and nose snot that streamed down the face. Emma frowned with puzzlement and confusion.

Zoey giggled. “Jocelyn cuddles into Trinity’s arms. They are both belle lesbians.”

Naomi frowned and shoved Zoey from a body. “Grow up, Zoey! This is the twenty first century. A girl or a guy can express their sexy freedom without any persecution from dumbass belles like you, Zoey.”

Zoey back stepped with a grin and halted in place between the bed mattress and Naomi, turning to giggle at Naomi. “You’re a lesbian, too, Naomi.”

Naomi shook her curls with a sour frown, “No, I am not.”

Bethel smiled with a nod. “I believe that Zoey is speaking the truth interpretation correctly which explains why Gerrit is seeking a new belle inside his Rebel Den, since Jocelyn can’t keep the man happy.”

“I’m pregnant.” Jocelyn sobbed with tears inside the huddle with Trinity.

Zoey gasped with a worried brow, “O my gawd! What are you going to do with the new baby, Jocelyn?”

“She is going to birth it, dumbass Zoey. The babe comes from our vagina.” Trinity sneered inside the huddle with Jocelyn.

Bethel exhaled with a sour frown. “No, Trinity! Zoey is referring the decision to abort or to develop the fetus, which is a female option.”

“I do believe that your assumed lesbian rumors are invalid, Zoey.” Naomi smiled.

Tyleigh gasped with a worried brow. “Are you keeping the baby, Jocelyn?”

“Does Gerrit know about baby, Jocelyn?” Emma frowned with concern.

“A,” Spring continued to hug her twin sister with a smile.

“…baby,” Autumn smiled at Jocelyn.

“You forgot to eat that abortion pill, didn’t ya Jocelyn? I ate mine, because I do not want a baby.” Tyleigh shook her curls and crossed both arms with a sour frown.

Bethel pointed to the dead body with a stern face, “Hey, belles! What are we going to do about Chloe? She is dead. Jocelyn is a second bitch with a much smaller problem.”

Jocelyn wiped off her tears with a puff, “This is not a much small problem. I’m going to have a baby.” Trinity continued to hug Jocelyn for both support and comfort.

“It is your small problem, not my problem, whore-bitch.” Bethel smiled at Jocelyn’s misery.

Mary Margaret turned with a stern face and stared at Trinity and Jocelyn. “We need to call the police authorities here to our house. They need to find out and investigate Chloe’s true murderer.”

Bethel exhaled at the dead body. “No! We can’t call the police. They would investigate each one of us and then interrogate each beau. Then each beau would confess about all the cash money coming directly to us. Then the authorities will arrest each belle and then arrest each beau for both prostitution and murder.” Each girl nodded in silent agreement.

Emma turned with a smile to see each girl. “No! That is not correct. There is no based for prostitution here. Each belle and beau is of the legal age which is over eighteen years old.”

“Not,” Spring turned and frowned to Emma.

“…me,” Autumn nodded.

Emma gasped. “You are not eighteen years old.”

“Next,” Spring smiled.

“…week,” Autumn smiled.

Zoey turned and gasped to Emma. “Jeezus…”

“…can’t help us now. We’re all in this murder thing together.” Bethel turned and nodded to each girl.

Zoey turned and nodded to Trinity and Jocelyn, “Gawd! Bethel is right. What are we doing to do, Jocelyn? We can’t call the police and report a cold-blooded murder.”

Emma looked down with a puff and a stern face to see her bedroom slippers and then returned back to see each girl. “No. We can’t call the police. So we are going to find the killer ourselves.”

“No! I don’t want to meet a cold-blooded murderer. He might kill me.” Naomi shook her curl in both fear and fright.

“How are we going to find the killer of Chloe, Emma? We don’t have any leads just a dead body of poor Chloe.” Bethel turned and stared at poor dead Chloe.

“And a dead body will start to stink worse than all of Naomi’s farts, without a proper embalming for a proper burial.” Zoey giggled with a grin.

“We need to call and tell her parents also.” Naomi exhaled with worry.

Zoey frowned. “No! We need to find her killer and then we get him to confess to her cold-blooded murder. Then we call her parents and the police. The end!”

Bethel nodded with a stern face. “It’s obvious! One of the beaus is a cold-blooded killer but which one. And it ain’t my beau, ya’ll. I fuck that boy into total exhaustion every Friday night into Saturday morning.”

“Me, either,” Zoey nodded with a smile.

Emma exhaled with a stern face. “Stop the mewing, kittens! Jocelyn, can you compose your expanding baby body for two fucking seconds as our group leader?” Jocelyn turned and nodded with a stern face in silence. Emma said. “Good! We need a pow-wow to share all the vitally important information about each beau.”

“It is crystal clear to me, Emma. The beau of Chloe is the killer here.” Zoey nodded.

Bethel turned and smirked to Jocelyn. “I disagree, since Gerrit and a couple of the other beaus always steal away at midnight along with queen-whore Jocelyn.”

“Girl best, you been spending all your weekend times bedding Gerrit at the Rebel Den.” Naomi frowned.

Bethel smiled. “Gerrit and Jocelyn have been bedding together at the Rebel Den for the past seven weekends. Am I right, Jocelyn?”

“Stop the mewing, kittens!” Emma turned and frowned at each girl.

Zoey sniggered with a smile. “Is that a new kitty-cat phrase, Emma?”

“What is your ugly and useless point, Bethel?” Mary Margaret turned and frowned at Bethel.

Bethel smiled. “I see stuff very late at night. Some of the other beaus ghost-walk around Antebellum House, without their belle. But I don’t follow or spy.”

Mary Margaret frowned. “Why is that, Bethel?”

“Who is that, Bethel?” Trinity turned and stared at Bethel.

Spring smiled. “Stan wants a new bottle of beer.”

“My Stan wants two new bottles of beer.” Naomi smiled.

“My Stan wants three new bottles of beer.” Zoey, smiles.

“My Stan wants more new bottles of beer.” Tyleigh smiled.

Emma exhaled. “Okay, belles! We still got us a big dead mystery. Since some of the beaus are allowed to leave the flock with permission that’s means our list of suspects just increased to everyone.”

“My Gerrit is not on the list of suspects.” Jocelyn sobbed with tears of her situation and the dead body of Chloe.

“Who is inside the limo with you and Gerrit, Jocelyn?” Emma turned and nodded to Jocelyn.

Jocelyn wiped off the tears with a stern face. “It is me, Gerrit, and Doss who always ride back to Rebel Den in one limo all together. Doss is Chloe’s beau.”

Naomi tossed both arms into the air with a smile. “Yay! Doss did it. We found the killer beau named Doss.”

Emma narrowed the eyelashes at Jocelyn. “We are not supposed to ask or know a given name of each beau that was your order, belle-boss.”

Bethel sneered. “Stow it, lawyer-to-be, Emma! Jocelyn negotiated the awesome Fuck Fest. She’s cool in my play book! And she had to greet and meet all the beau candidates who finally come here and choose a belle.”

“Yeah, she did. And she has picked a killer among all the beaus.” Zoey snarled at Jocelyn.

“What was your impression of Doss?” Emma frowned.

Jocelyn wiped the tears and regained her composure with a deep sigh as the belle boss. “Doss was a real asshole inside the limo with me and Gerrit. That was why Doss had left with us every midnight.”

“See? I’m correct. Doss did it. He is the killer beau of poor Chloe.” Naomi tossed both hands into the air with a smile and then dropped them down, slapping the legs of the bathrobe with a nod.

Jocelyn continued to hug Trinity for support. “That is not right, Naomi. I meant to explain. Asshole Doss first fucked Chloe and then he met another girl at midnight inside his private Rebel Den.”

“O,” Naomi exhaled.

“So we are back at square one.” Zoey turned and stared at poor dead Chloe.

Mary Margaret shuffled the pair of slippers side to side and stared at poor dead Chloe. “I do not believe that we are back to square one.”

Bethel turned and stared with a nod at poor dead Chloe. “Yeah, we are back at square one while questioning everyone and everything. When I trotted around Antebellum House with my beau, since we had shared and drunk all the bottles of old beer, I never saw the cute beau of Mary Margaret who would have been wondering lost in the hallway like a lost puppy. What is his name, darling?”

“Tuck.” Trinity turned and stared at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret smirked at the dead body. “He doesn’t like to be called Tuck, only Tucker. And I’m smarter than all of you, since I had arranged for a set of additional cans of beer inside my little fridge, without interpreting our love fest.”

Naomi giggled. “She can’t say the nasty word, fuck. Yell it to the heavens, Mary Margaret! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck…”

“Shut it, Naomi!” Jocelyn turned and frowned at Naomi. “So, you didn’t believe that Tucker murdered Chloe.”

“No. He is always with me until eight in the morning.” Mary Margaret continued to smirk at the dead body without revealing her true secret.

Jocelyn exhaled with a nod. “I believe you, Mary Margaret. Tucker seems to never want to leave your bed, not even at eight in the morning.” The other girls gasped in alarm. Jocelyn said. “So, Tucker passes out from drinking all the bottles of beer.”

Mary Margaret continued to smirk at the dead body. “Yes.”

“How many bottles does the boy inhale during the night?” Tyleigh frowned at the nose profile of Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret exhaled with a stern face at the dead body. “He drinks twelve beer cans before midnight and then nighty-night to me.”

“He drinks a total of twelve cans of beer within a six hour period of time. He is lucky to be breathing by midnight which is more than one beer per hour.” Zoey gasped.

“It’s dark. Maybe, it just looks like Tucker is consuming two beers. I…I get carried away with our love making,” Mary Margaret shook her curls with a stern face at the dead body.

“Fucking,” Zoey laughed at prim and proper Mary Margaret.

Naomi shook her curls with a worried brow. “Tucker is an alcoholic, doll. She needs a new beau, Jocelyn.”

Zoey laughed. “She can have Doss, since he is available.”

“Gawd! You’re fuckingly mental sick, Zoey.” Tyleigh frowned.

Emma said. “Hmm! Depending on the healthy body size of the beau, one beer stays in his biological system for about one hour. The liver breaks down about one beer per hour. So, after about twelve hours, Tucker would still have one or two beers inside the body while still relaxing his brain cells and floating around in his blood stream.” Mary Margaret nodded with a stern face at the dead body while accepting the awesome medical explanation from smart Emma, since Mary Margaret was too nervous to think of all the good answers coming from nosy Jocelyn and smart-mouthed Zoey.

Jocelyn narrowed the eyelashes at Mary Margaret. “That’s very danger for Tucker, Mary Margaret. You should have known best, since both your parents are medical physicians.”

Bethel sneered. “Let her be, Jocelyn! Our baby lamb is holding up her part of the bargain and collecting her share of the money to save Antebellum House. It is Tucker, who is the alcoholic here during the Fuck Fest. I bet that his dad is an alcoholic too. Alcoholism is a disease that runs in a biological family. So, we can strike both Tucker and Gerrit off the murder list, belles. Tucker is too drunk to kill, while Gerrit is too love-sick to care.”

Trinity sneered. “You’re mean, Bethel.”

Bethel laughed. “Yeah, I am. And I ain’t preg-nancy either. What other belle can vouch hundred percent for her beau? We need to quickly narrow the list down to one suspect, the killer.” Silence invaded the bedroom air waves for a few seconds as a pair of eyeballs turned to stare at each other.

Mary Margaret cleared a throat and stared with a stern face at the dead body. “I know the killer beau of poor Chloe.”

“Who?” Emma turned and gasped at Mary Margaret.

Peyton giggled with a grin. “It is Stan.”

Emma turned and frowned at Peyton. “No ding-dong belle! All the beaus are code named ‘Stan, the man’ to protect the innocent dumb-belles like Peyton from finding out their real identities. Just in case, Peyton also gets preg-nancy like our dumbass belle-boss, Jocelyn,” giggling.

“Shut up, Emma!” Trinity sneered.

Mary Margaret shuffled a pair of bedroom slippers side to side with a stern face at the dead body. “The mysterious landowner wants to raise the legal contract lease on Antebellum House for more money while we are working very hard to raise the funds by the deadline of December the thirty-first with two more months to go.”

“She’s right.” Trinity nodded with a smile.

“How is it that we know that she is right, Trinity?” Zoey frowned at Mary Margaret with suspicion.

Mary Margaret exhaled. “Whore House, not Antebellum House! The bloody murder note on poor Chloe’s chest has been stabbed directly into a heart for our eyeballs to see and our neurons to ponder. The mysterious landowner is afraid that we will win. Then, he can’t retake his land property. The land really does belong to the past which each one of our moms and the present which is each one of us, and to the future which is each one of our daughters.”

“I agree with Mary Margaret’s theory. So, tell, belle! Who is the landowner?” Bethel nodded with a smile.

Mary Margaret frowned at the dead body of Chloe. “I am sorry. I do not know that answer. Jocelyn, do you know any more details of the financial money request that was presented by the mysterious landowner?”

Zoey frowned. “That makes no sense, Mary Margaret. The landowner is probably old and gray like my grandpa.”

Jocelyn gasped. “No. it is the landowner’s grandson. That makes perfect sense to me now. The grandson would be our age about twenty-something which is the age of the all the beaus at Rebel Den.”

“Right, Jocelyn! How do we find out who is the landowner’s grandson?” Naomi nodded with a smile.

Emma smiled. “We inquire. I talk all the time to my beau after our Fuck Fest. We exchange a set of passionate words. So, our new assignment is to figure out whose granddaddy owns all the land that lies underneath the granite foundation of Antebellum House. And this belle assignment should be really easy and simple, since most of the beaus like fucking and drinking and talking all night long.”

“And we can record their personal private confession into a mobile telephone and the button on the recording videotape. Then we have found, identified, and convicted the murderer of poor Chloe.” Bethel turned and stared at poor dead Chloe.

Naomi turned and stared a poor dead Chloe. “And what about the body of poor dead Chloe? She can’t live inside her bedroom during lunch or supper or next Friday night. She will stink up the room, the hallway, the staircase, the garconniere…”

Jocelyn smiled. “Good news! The beaus are coming back to us tonight. Lots of guys wanted to see their gal, so Gerrit agreed that each beau can come back and play on Saturday night, too. So, we find out which beau owns the land underneath our cowgirl boots.”

“Doesn’t Gerrit know that answer, Jocelyn?” Emma turned and frown to Jocelyn.

Jocelyn turned and stared at Trinity with worry. “I would say maybe or maybe not. But I’ll inquire with him about that. He is a fair and just man who is becoming a future lawyer too. But, each one of you still should ask those two important posed questions to your beau between the fucking and drinking. I bet someone has the answer that we seek for poor Chloe’s revenge.”

Bethel nodded with a smile. “Okay. We have a plan that covers and tries to identify the landowner. What about the dead body of poor Chloe?”

Mary Margaret stared with a stern face at poor dead Chloe. “We store Chloe in one of the deep freezers which is down inside the old fashioned root cellar, where the staff stores all the frozen animal meats. We need to seriously preserve her body, because she…she is stiff right now. Rigor mortis has stiffened all her muscle tissues. It want be too long, before she smells…”

“She smells, now.” Bethel reached up and touched, holding the two nostrils coming from the tart odor of dead body.

“Yes. She will smell up the room worse when the sun hits the glass windows.” Mary Margaret nodded with a stern face at poor dead Chloe.

“Shit! Do something, Jocelyn?” Zoey turned and frowned to Jocelyn.

Jocelyn exhaled with a nod. “Mary Margaret and Naomi, go down to the root cellar and move the meat, and find us an empty freezer, while we lift and tote Chloe down the staircase.”

Zoey pointed with a sour frown at poor dead Chloe, “I’m not touching that.”

“We don’t have time for debating, Zoey.” Bethel stared with a sad face at poor dead Chloe.

“I wanna go and clean out the freezer of animal meats.” Zoey whined with a sour frown.

Jocelyn sneered. “No, Zoey. We need every pair of hands and shuffling feet. Chloe weighs about hundred pounds which is a lot of dead…”

Naomi frowned. “Jocelyn!”

Jocelyn back stepped from the hug of Trinity and spin around, staring with a stern face at poor dead Chloe. “I am sorry. A dead body contains a lot of weight for two or three person to lift and carry from point A to point B. Get going now, Mary Margaret and Naomi!”

“I’ll take Mary Margaret’s place.” Zoey whined with a sour frown.

“We need all the taller and stronger belles to load and tote the body of Chloe. Mary Margaret is too delicate and tiny for lifting a…” exhaling. “Go and get going now, Mary Margaret and Naomi!” Mary Margaret and Naomi spun around and dashed out the bedroom door in silence, moving don the staircase. Jocelyn exhaled. “Now, we have to balance and distribute all the body weight evenly. Or it might drop down onto the floor.”

“Jocelyn!” Zoey frowned.

“Shut up, Zoey!” Bethel nodded. “Listen to Jocelyn! She’s right. I suggest place me at the skull with Tyleigh at the feet, since we are the biggest, boldest, and beautifulness of the belles at Antebellum House. We can balance the weight vertically. Are you okay with that idea, Tyleigh?”

“No.” Tyleigh looked with a stern face down at poor dead Chloe and shook her curls.

Bethel smiled with a nod. “Good! You’re honest. Now, Spring, Autumn, and Emma position your body and grab with your ten fingers onto the right shoulder, the right arm, and the right leg. Then, Trinity, Jocelyn, Zoey pose and grab the left shoulder, the left arm, and the left leg of Chloe. Go and get in positions, belles!” Each girl scooted around each other and the bed mattress, posing in front of a limb on poor dead Chloe in silent with a set of heavy pants of fright and worry, except for Zoey and Bethel.

Zoey refused to move and crossed both arms over the chest with a sour frown. “No.”

Bethel reached over with a growl and shoved Zoey, moving and halted both of them into the required belle position in front of the bed mattress closer to Chloe. “Now, we fold both the linen sheets and the bedspread over Chloe while will contain all the wet blood inside the cloth as best we can. Then, we all rush back up the stairs and clean up any splattered blood stains with a set of towels from each one of our bathrooms. Then, we dump all clothing including the red blood soiled towels and our sweaty and stinky pajamas plus house slippers into a single grave inside the cemetery which is located on the outskirts of the Antebellum House that is near the pink dome. Get it? Got it! Good!” She reached down and touched, ripping up the linen sheets from the top of the bed mattress and tossed it over the dead face of Chloe. Each girl duplicated the motion of Bethel in silence. Then, the set of pink tinted bed linens and the entire pink tinted bedspread covered the entire body of Chloe like a pink shrine. Bethel stared down at the pink pile of bed linens with a stern face with a deep sigh. “Okay! Let’s do this.”

“No.” Zoey shook her curls with a sour frown.

Bethel shuffled both hands underneath the skull of dead Chloe that was hidden inside the pink tinted bed linens. “Position both your hands underneath your assigned limb. Now, grab it firmly with a cupped hand all ten fingers. Now, we will lift it on the count of three. One. Two. Three.” Each girl shuffled both hands underneath the appropriate limb and lifted the limb into the air, making the pink pile of Chloe float into the air like magic. Bethel exhaled with the heavy body in the air. “Thank goodness! There was not a set of four bed posts between us and Chloe.” Each girl slowly moved ahead towards the open archway and continued to hold onto the appropriate limb through the bed linens with both hands. Some of the girls had to climb across the naked bed mattress and landed on top of the floor while slowly advancing towards the open archway

Trinity grunted with the heavy dead weight of dead Chloe. “We should pray over it.”

Tyleigh grunted from the heavy dead weight between both cupped arms while moving backward out from the bedroom towards the open archway. “That is a wonderful gesture, Trinity. I will start first. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this beautiful day and this beautiful person…”

Then each pair of silent and bloody bed slippers shuffled out the open archway and turned, slowing moving down the elegant staircase, landing on top of the ground floor, and finally slowly advanced into the bright yellow sunlight of a new day.




Front porch setting

Cold temperatures with parted clouds of sunshine



Jocelyn had allowed all the females to watch and wait for the designated beau while rocking an antebellum dress inside one of the rocking chairs on top of the front porch within the cool evening. Each mind was heated with a set of inquiring questions and a batch of unknown facts that referenced an unknown murderer who had visited Antebellum House.

One at a time, the same black tinted limousine had slowed from the open gates and then halted in front of the brick steps at Antebellum House while revealing a smiling beau. Then, one at a time, each girl had disappeared from the front porch with their beau, except for Trinity and Jocelyn, who impatiently watched and waited for their beau.

A beautiful white horse emerged and galloped full speed coming from the open gates, instead of the usual black tinted limousine. The horse steered its four hoofs and stopped in front of the front porch, creating a tornado of white dust. Hudson lifted up a smile and a torso from the saddle to stare at Trinity, sliding off the mare, landing on top of the vanilla sidewalk and glided up short steps into her smiling face.

Trinity stood upright from the rocking chair and cuddles into his open arms with a grin and a giggle, “Hudson.”

Hudson leaned down and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile and a whisper. “I’m kidnapping and taking you from the house and to the dome. We fly like the wind tonight.”

Trinity back stepped in a pair of summer sandals from both his arms as the electric blue antebellum round skirt bloomed around his jeans. She frowned. “We are riding on top of a horse. We are going to the ride to the dome. Why are we doing that?”

Hudson leaned over and cuddled her into a chest with a whisper from the eardrums and eyeballs of spying Jocelyn, who eagerly waited for Gerrit to show up inside the last limousine. He smiled. “Yeah, the dome is a decoration and a symbol and a ritual here at Antebellum House with its pink tint glowing beautifully like a cute girl that I love.”

“Do you really love me, Hudson?” Trinity smiled.

He smiled. “Shore, darling! I fall in love with you from the first time my eyes met your pretty face and your pretty ass,” he reached down and slapped the rear of dress without hitting her ass inside the thick dress.

“Hudson,” she blushed in a pink tone of embarrassment.

He back stepped and spun them around to face the horse, shuffling ahead over the porch and down the brick steps, landing on top of the sidewalk and moved ahead, stopping in front of the horse. The horse had been trained not to move with the words from the master. She kicked off both her sandals onto the sidewalk. He reached over and touched her waistline, lifting Trinity into the air. “Get up behind the saddle, darling!” She landed a naked foot into side stirrup of the saddle and then tossed a leg over the horse, since she was cowgirl knowing how to ride and handle a horse also. The horse came from the Antebellum Stables which was a gently quarter horse mare for a set of fast speeds. Trinity twisted around and landed back behind the saddle on top of rump of the horse while leaving the saddle for Hudson. A saddle was too small for two adults unless the two individuals were children. He reached up and climbed up and over into the saddle while positioning in front with a smile. She reached down and wrapped both her arms around his fit waistline, leaning a cheekbone into his back spine with a smile. Hudson reached down and grabbed the horse reins with a smile. “Hold tight, babe! We fly like the wind to the dome. Gitty up, pony!” He kicked both stirrups into the plump belly of the mare with a yell. Then, the three of them rode off into the bright shiny sun towards the west. Nighttime would fall around six thirty which was about the supper time when the meal would be served to all the male and females.

On the front porch, Jocelyn continued to rock inside the chair with a smile and stared at the romantic photograph of Hudson and Trinity. The long dress train magically lifted up from the rump of a galloping horse while they headed into the sunset. Then she exhaled with worry and cut both eyelashes at the motion on top of the road. A slow moving black tinted limousine was crawling through the open gate and finally halted in front of the porch. She stood upright from the chair without moving ahead.

The limousine door opened and revealed tall Gerrit, who moved up the steps with a smile at his girl. Jocelyn ran ahead from the rocking chair and into both his opens arms, cuddling and giggling into his chest. “Jo doll,” Gerrit leaned down and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile.

“Gerrit,” she smiled.

“Did you interview that little belle Mary Margaret, Jo doll?” He twisted them to face the front porch and the row of windows inside the belle parlor, moving over the floor. He wanted to talk in private, without being heard by the other males and females.

She cuddled into his chair and held the notepad without showing Gerrit the results, until they were inside her private chamber. “Yes. I have written down all the remarks coming from the other belles as well as covering my spying. But Gerrit, I don’t think Mary Margaret did anything wrong. She told us that Tucker drinks twelve cans of beer between the six hours of six pm to midnight, making two beers per hour. And all the cans of beer make him both drunk and sleepy and not abusive to tiny Mary Margaret. She weighs no more than a bumblebee.”

He leaned down and kissed the top of her red tinted hair roots as he was taller with a sour frown. “Jo doll, that’s nothing for a big guy like Tuck. He and the rest of the beaus can consume four or more per hour at the Den for fucking rowdy fun, after our classes to reduce and induce stress.”

She frowned. “O. But, Mary Margaret claims that Tuck passes out after consuming all the beer into total unconsciousness.”

They rounded the building corner and swiftly strolled towards the elegant staircase.

“Naw, Jo doll! I have seen Tuck drink way more beer per hour, sometimes six or more. He doesn’t pass out but tosses up the nice supper meal that had been prepared by our friendly and highly paid house staff, sometimes over the flooring, his shirt, and his cowboy boots like a true Bama redneck. That’s when I whip his ass for being a messy jerk at Rebel Den. We are men now, not a bunch of silly teen boys inside the church parking lot after midnight while chasing the lonely bat inside the bell tower. So, that argumentative point is mute to me. She says that Tuck passes out from drinking only the beer or after they drink and fuck and then passes out from exhaustion. What are her exact words, Jo doll? Did you write down her exact words?”

She cleared a throat with worry “Gerrit, I need to talk to you about another problem here at Antebellum House.”

They turned to face the open archway and climbed up the staircase in silence.

Gerrit reached over and touched, man-lifting her tiny waistline in the air inside the long dress while he ran them quickly up the stairs, since her bedroom was located at the very top bedroom suite inside the belle garconniere. He wanted to quickly solve the mystery behind the drugged state of Tucker before suppertime, so he could enjoy the homemade meal in peace with his girl. He stopped and landed both her sandals on top of the steps, reaching out and grabbed the door knob, swinging open the door into her private bedroom with a smile in silence.



Private bedroom of Jocelyn with beau Gerrit



Jocelyn moved ahead first and nervously tapped the fingers on the paper notepad, stopping a few feet into the room, spinning around in front of the bed mattress with a worried brow in silence.

He entered behind her back spine and kicked the door shut with a boot heel, stopping and stood in front of her with a stern face. “I talked with Tuck. He does not remember anything after he and she gets naked on top of the bed mattress. That is very odd, strange, and damn right intriguing to my brain cells. What do you think is happening here, Jo doll?” Gerrit reached out and accepted the tiny paper notepad with understanding. Jocelyn had followed his instructions while writing down all the verbal comments coming from Mary Margaret in front of the other females as a set of eye witnesses.

Jocelyn anxiously shuffled side to side in the long dress with a worried brow in front of the bed mattress. “Gerrit, I have another matter that needs your immediate attention. Can we discuss that one first?”

He stood in place and silently read the sentences of short words in the color of blue ink pen down to the end and then started at the first page all over again while concentrating on any subtle hint that might prove the little female of some silly mischief. He frowned down at the paper. “And Tuck does not remember fucking his little belle either. I find that very odd and damn right interesting. What do you think is happening here, Jo doll?” He looked up with a smile to see Jocelyn. She continued to shuffle side to side in front of the bed in a pink and black ruffled ball gown. He spun around and placed the tiny paper notepad on top of the entertainment center, moving ahead to the wall corner, squatting down and grabbed, lifting the settee up into the air. He spun around with settee above the hair roots and shuffled back to her, stopping and placed the settee between her and entertainment center with a loud bang.

Jocelyn continued to pace and wring both hands with nervousness with a worried brow. “Gerrit, I need to talk to you about another personal matter.”

Gerrit back stepped from the settee and Jocelyn and stopped, leaning against the entertainment center, reaching over and studied the paper notebook again with a smile. “Sit, girl! I need to absorb these police detective notes that you brilliantly collected for me on the little belle.”

Jocelyn continued to pace side to side and wring both hands with nervousness. “Gerrit, you and I really need to talk.”

He stopped reading and looked up with a smile and a snigger to see her, sliding the notepad back on top of the hard surface of the entertainment table and glided to her with a grin. “You need to sit and rest your feet, darling. Take off your heeled shoes, Jo doll!” He reached out and gently led her down to the settee. She sat down with a worried brow. He reached down and lifted up the dress hem from the floor, reaching out and lifted her leg into the air, tenderly removing the sandal from her naked foot, gently rubbing her foot with a smile.

Jocelyn looked down with a worried brow to see his hand and her foot. “Gerrit, I need to tell you something really important.”

He released the leg and reached out, removing her other sandal with a smile, gently rubbing her other naked foot, looking up with a wink to see her worried brow. “You’re pregnant. I know the secret of the ‘something really important tale.’” He released her naked foot and leaned over, kissing her forehead, pulling back with a smile.

She gasped. “How do you know that?”

He continued to kneel on top of the floor like he was going to propose marriage. He reached up and collected both her hand while caressing them within his pair of bigger hands with a smile into her shocked face. “I’m a guy, Jo doll. I’ve fucked thousands of whores, but, that’s all done with. Okay. I promise. Well, one of them bitches liked to fuck on her bleeding time. Some guys like that. I don’t messy, stinky, sticky, icky…”

“How do you know about our baby?”

He grunted with a grin. “We have fucked every weekend for the past eight weeks, Jo doll. One weekend, you have crossed me with your bleeding time, but none did. Zero. Nada. Then, the first tattle-tail sign to me was your pair of big breasts which was getting heavily engorged,” he reached down and pinched one of her breasts inside the dress with a wink to her. “That’s the baby’s milk. I wanna suck your tits after you feed the baby. I bet that’s a unique erotic arousal. Then we can fuck, while the baby’s sleep. Yeah!”

She frowned in shock and fear. “Gerrit, you and I are going to be parents.”

Gerrit reached down and rubbed both her hands, leaning over and kisses her lips, smiling. “I’m so happy. I’m going to be a daddy. My parents will be thrilled for the both us. You’re folks, too.”

“Gerrit, you and I and a baby…”

“Yeah, Jo doll! Well, I guess I’ll continue to call you, Jo doll. So I’ll call the baby, baby doll. How’s that? It’s cute, right? Gawd! I hope that we have a little pinky-pink girl like you. I love you, Jo doll.”

She frowned. “Gerrit, my future college graduation is coming up…”

“You will graduate in the month of May like you have planned with me. The baby will be due in…”

“My future plan is working in a paid job with my paid college education.”

“Naw. I work as a lawyer while joining my dad’s law firm, right out of school. You are the mom spending all your time with our precious baby along with my mom and your mom. They will be good grandmas. Gawd! Let’s call my parents right now.”


He smiled with a nod. “That is a good point, Jo doll! We’ll surprise them. Tell them in person! We can leave here right after I talk to Mary Margaret. Then, we need to get you a diamond ring, a big one to show my folks. Since, we are getting married this spring, before we both graduate. How is that plan, darling? I love you, Jo doll.”

She looked down with a stern face at her hands and then into his smile. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan for this to happen.”

He chuckled. “I did. I planned this. Now, you get to marry me.”

She gasped. “What is meant that you have planned this? How could you have planned this? How could you known that I would have gotten pregnant?”

He smiled. “You are a virgin, Jo doll. I pumped you full of my manly sperm four times on our first night of fucking. Hell! That didn’t count on the weekend, when I fucked you off and on throughout the lazy days and cool nights inside the Rebel House. Manly sperm lasts three whole day and nights, darling. Think about it, Jo doll! Your flower contained my badass boys for five full days, before they all died. Then, we started the fucking process all over again on Friday night. You were bound to get pregnant. It was on the first night. We can tell our kid our passionate love story, so she doesn’t act like a whore and get pregnant on her first date. Then I would have to kill the fucking bastard.” Jocelyn burst into tears of worry. He leaned down and touched her breasts with a smile. “What’s wrong, Jo doll?”

She said between the sobs and the tears. “I forget to eat the morning after pill. I caused all of this.”

He smiled. “Naw. I kidnapped you from the Antebellum House, so you won’t eat that damn abortion pill that night. Remember? When I had to leave, I seduced you into coming with me. Then, we fucked in the limo, then in the yard, then in the swimming pool…”

She sniffed up the snot back into the nostrils. “Yeah.”

“You forgot all about that damn pill. You’re right. The pill really works good. Then you won’t be carrying our child. I’m so sorry for tricking you, but I truly love you. I truly want you. Now, I have truly got you, babe,” he leaned over and kissed her crying lips, pulling back with a smile.

The tears rolled down each of her cheekbones and as she meekly said, “Yeah.”

“Are you mad at me, Jo doll?”


“Ah! I hope that is not for long, because you love me, too, Am I right?”


“That’s my tough ass girl.” Gerrit leaned over and hugged her with a smile, stroking her long hair with happiness of his true love and his true future.

The door opened with a loud bang. Gerrit and Jocelyn stood upright in shock from the settee and spun around to see commotion.

Tucker had kicked the door inward with a boot toe and was dragging the arm of Mary Margaret with a growl. Her body was folded down while trying to break away from his manly gripe. He pulled Mary Margaret into the bedroom with a sneer and held a small object in the air with a sour frown. “I found it. The little bitch drugged me with a needle.”

“What is this?” Gerrit focused both eyeballs and numerous neurons on a single object with curiosity.

Jocelyn pointed with a gasp at the needle. “That is a cross stitch needle.”

Tucker jerked her closer to a body and raised the fingers with a second object and a sneer to Gerrit. “The needle was housed inside this cache. The cache was sewn onto the side of her bed mattress. Now, I’m the laughing stock of the beaus, Gerrit.”

“I savaged and saved my virginity for my future husband. I am proud I did that. Let go of me, sir!” Mary Margaret wiggled side to side and tried to escape from his manly grip on her forearm while kicking a sandal into his cowboy boot.

He jerked her in front of a body and leaned over her hair roots with a snarl. “Bitch, I’m going to fuck your eyeballs out of your skull and then bang your head against the floor while offering a bleeding for shitting on my nuts…”

Jocelyn raised both fists and dashed ahead with a sneer towards Tucker. “Gerrit, you stop him! Or I will.”

Gerrit reached out and cuddles Jocelyn into a chest with love and protection, saying with a smile. “Stay calm, Jo doll! Tuck, sit your ass down on that settee, son. I’m bigger and meaner than you every fucking day of week, including Leap Day. And you will not ever harm her or any other female whilest around me. Do you hear me, boy?” He separated from Jocelyn and reached out, grabbing and shoved Tucker away from the two females and down onto the settee as the wolf leader of the den. Tucker slid down onto the settee with a sneer at Gerrit and then Mary Margaret. Gerrit continued to stand and slammed a hand on top of the collar bone of Tucker with a growl. “Speak?”

“Yeah,” Tucker looked down with an angry face at the boot toes.

“Good! I am the wolf-leader. You obey me or fight me. But either way, I win,” Gerrit spun around with a smile and cuddled Jocelyn with a whsiper. “Jo doll, leave us for a while. I will straighten out the beau.”

“No. Mary Margaret is my responsibility.” Jocelyn stood beside Gerrit with a stern face and in front of Mary Margaret.

Gerrit shook a skull with a grin, “Naw! She is my responsibility along with Tucker and you. I’m working up a healthy appetite. Please go and check on the supper meal for us like a good future spouse,” he turned and smiled at Mary Margaret. “I’m always eager to hear a good medical yarn, especially when it was successfully implemented. I just want an explanation that’s all,” he swung back and leaned over, kissing her cheekbone, pulling back with a smile. “I love you, Jo doll. Go on and check on supper for us! I will tell you later what all happened in here.” Jocelyn nodded with a smile to Gerrit and swung around with a smile to face the closed door, exiting her bedroom to check on the supper meal for all the females and males. Gerrit turned and narrowed both eyelids at Tucker, who continued to snort with a set of inflamed nostrils at Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret shuffled away from Tucker and stopped, scooting closing to Gerrit for protection. Gerrit reached over and pulled Mary Margaret into a body, leading her towards end of the bed mattress, reaching down and lifted her into the air, sitting her on top of the red tinted velveteen bedcover. He moved sideways and reached out, grabbing the student chair, rolling it backward and halted, posing the chair between them like a sloppy triangle with a smile, “Now!” Tucker snorted with a sour frown at Mary Margaret.

Gerrit held a palm in the air with a smile. “Hold up!” He back stepped from the student chair and spun around to face the closed, exiting out the room and loudly stomped down the staircase and then silence. Then, Gerrit nosily tromped back up the stair and entered back into the bedroom, slapping the door shut with a boot heel and a chuckle and stopped. He slid down into the chair and shook a balding skull, rolling the chair back and forth while controlling the waves of movement with both the boot heels with a grin to see Tucker and then Mary Margaret. “Now, can you tell me this? Who in the hell really believes that three fucking she-ghosts haunt the belle’s staircase?”

“Fuck you, Gerrit!” Tucker started to stand upright and stopped while recalling the warning, since Gerrit was the leader of all the beaus.

Gerrit waved a hand and a smile at Tucker. “Okay. Okay. Wrong answer, Tuck! Now, I want you to count to the number ten beginning with the number one real slow and silence your tiger growling, boy. This ain’t a football game,” he clapped for full attention and looked at Mary Margaret. “Okay. Let’s try this again, little one. How did you drug Tuck, Mary Margaret? What did you do to poor Tuck every Friday night when both of you were alone inside your bedroom, darling? Where did you get the sleeping potion? Did the medication come from your parents? Since, they are both physicians. And let us thank Almighty God above that you didn’t kill the boy, because I would pretty shitting mad right now, girl.”



6:39 p.m.

Red and yellow tinted sunset

Cool temperatures and parted clouds

Loveless Mountain location

Cliff setting with Trinity and Hudson



On top of the cliff, they were alone. Trinity had redressed back into the long gown and reached up, placing both hands in a face while crying from all the exhaustive, useless, and abusive emotions. Her emotions bombarded inside a mental mind, onto a physical body, and inside a troubled soul.

Hudson stood upright and dressed a naked body with the blue jeans and the shirt, after finishing the sex act on top of the naked cliff surface while staring down at the tears from Trinity with a puzzled brow, “Why in the world are you crying, Trinity? Gawd! I didn’t think that I was that bad tonight. I guess I could’ve been better. I’m sorry.”

She shook her curls and continued to hide a face of tears between the hands. “It is not you, Hudson. It is me. Well, it is not me. It is Jocelyn,” she looked up with a worried brow and a set of crying tears to see Hudson. “She is pregnant.”

Hudson secured the belt buckle with a puzzled brow at Trinity. “Jocelyn carries Gerrit’s child. Did she tell Gerrit about the baby yet?”

She shook her curls and continued to sit on top of the cool flat tabletop pink dome rock. “No. It is her baby. It is her choice.”

He squatted down and sat in front of her with a puzzled brow, “It is her choice,” he shook a skull, “No ma’am! This is their baby. Gerrit needs to know that he is going to be a daddy. How far along is the development of the fetus?”

“Jocelyn might not…”

“….keep the fetus. Do you mean to tattle that Jocelyn might perform a…you know?” He gasped with a worried brow. “That has to be the most vicious vile decision in the universe, Trinity. And I plan to do something about it.” He stood upright with a stern face and reached down, assisting her to stand in front of him with a smile.

“What do you plan to do? You can’t do anything about the fetus. I can’t do anything about the fetus. Gerrit can’t do anything about the fetus. The growing fetus is only Jocelyn’s decision.”

He shook a bald skull with a sour frown. “No! This is their baby. Don’t you know who we are, Trinity?”

“Your name is Hudson.” She smiled with a smile.

He shook a bald skull and parked both hands on the waistline with a sour frown, “Jeezus! Don’t you know who I am, Trinity?”

“A boy,” she giggled with a grin while feeling silly love and lust with her cowboy.

He exhaled, “Naw, babe! Didn’t you know why your dad sent to you here to Antebellum House?”

She rolled the eyeballs and then stared at him with a sour frown. “Yeah, he sent me here to make my life miserable.”

He shook a bald skull and extended both arms even with the hard surface with a huff. “Trinity, you are a blood blue princess from a good family…

“Please do not remind me! I am the princess who never could get a date.”

“I beg your pardon.”

She exhaled with a nod. “I come from a rich family. So what? I can’t have a little fun and do some things by myself. I always am accompanied by a chaperone like Miss Deborah or Miss Somebody Else.”

He frowned with confusion. “What does that statement mean? That is not a bad thing, sweetheart. Our world, this world is not a very good place to live and thrive in at the moment.”

She crossed both arms with a sour frown. “I’m not a child, Hudson.”

He chuckled. “You are imitating one and very well, honey. Yes, you have a chaperone. All the girls at Antebellum House are required to have a chaperone which has existed for decades and decades…”

“I know that, too. The chaperone concept has existed at Antebellum House, since the year 1814…”

“Do you remember the significance of the year 1814?” He crossed both arms with a nod.”

In the year 1814, there was an international war between the United States and Great Britain.”

“In which, that war brought a group of foreign male fighting soldiers for a second time upon American soil. Look! You dad wants his princess safe and…”

“…and guarded, too. From who or what am I to be safe and guarded, Hudson? There is peace time here in the USA. There is not a war here in the great state of Alabama or within the USA either.”

He shook a bald skull with a chuckle at her true girly innocence. “Trinity, do you not get it here at Antebellum House?”

She frowned. “What am I supposed to get here at Antebellum House?”

He moved ahead and cuddled her with a smile. “Do you not know the purpose of Antebellum House?”

“Antebellum House was built in the year 1814, before Alabama became a state within the USA.” Hudson leaned over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile. “My mom attended Antebellum House and then graduated from Burn U like me.”

She frowned, “I don’t know that. Why would you mom came here to Antebellum House?”

He back stepped with a chuckle and shook a bald skull her. “Geez, Trinity! Do you not know about Antebellum House?”

She frowned. “No. I apparently do not know something else about Antebellum House. What am I supposed to know, Hudson?”

“The real reason, your dad sent his princess here to meet her prince.”

She giggled with a nod, “I am supposed to meet you. How is that even possible?”

He nodded with a smile. “My mom at your same age was like you, Trinity.”

She back stepped away from him and parked both hands on the waistline with a sour frown. “I don’t understand. How is your mom like me, Hudson? I don’t know your mom. What are you talking about, Hudson?”

He smiled. “My mom is a southern belle too.”

“A southern belle is just a nickname for a southern girl, Hudson. Every female is called a southern belle that lives here within one of the southern states,” she turned and viewed the approaching sunset of pink, yellow, and red colors, looking back at his smile with puzzlement.

He smiled at her belle beauty and childish ignorance. “No. A southern belle is a status. Lucky for all the gals at Antebellum House, that the other beaus and I saved each one of your cute asses.”

She gasped. “You and the other beaus saved each of us. What in the hell does that mean, Hudson? You saved us from what exactly. What was going to happen to each one of us?”

He chuckled, “The other beaus and I saved you from the other redneck predators, since you’re my little pumpkin.” He moved ahead and stopped, wrapping both arms around her, leaning over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile. “It was clever raising all that money for your charity project while initiating the beau-belle introduction cycle in the month of August here at Antebellum House.”

She back stepped from his warm hug with a puzzled brow. “I don’t understand. What are you talking about, Hudson. What charity project?”

He laughed. “Stephan can’t decide which twin he likes better.”

“Who is Stephan?” She frowned with confusion.

He laughed. “He is the beau of the twins, who are named Autumn and Spring. Stephan is thinking about relocating to the US State of Utah and becoming a Mormon worshipper, so he can have two wives.”

“I don’t understand. Stephan, he wants to have two wives. He wants to marry both the twins Autumn and Spring,” she frowned with puzzlement.

He moved ahead and hugged her with a smile. “Some of the old-fashioned Mormon men have more than one wife.”

“I know what a Mormon is. Why does Stephan want to marry both Spring and Autumn?”

“He can’t pick which twin for his wife.”

“What wife? What are you talking about, Hudson?”

Hudson back stepped with a puzzled brow and a sigh. “We all come from the same House, Trinity. You are called, the Antebellum House, while we are called, the Rebel Den. But, we all are alike but live off the Burn U campus.”

“No. All the girls made up a sorority house.”

He stomped a boot heel into the rock with a smile and a chuckle. “No. You ain’t a sorority, babe. You are a society of pretty belles and rebel beaus. My mom met my dad right here on top of this pink rock like us.”

She frowned. “Your mom and you dad met here like us. What does that mean, Hudson?”

He frowned. “Girl, what in tarnation are you confused about here, Trinity? I am talking about a marriage of future mates with a set of future children and a future of old age together which is me and you foreverly,” he moved ahead and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile.

She whispered into his eardrum, “But I am still confused. What are you talking about marriage?”

He back stepped with a puzzled brow. “Why are you confused, Trinity?”

“Jocelyn set up this deal with all of the beaus.”

He frowned with confusion. “What deal are you referencing with Jocelyn? O. You are referencing the charity ball on the first night that we met where I paid the thousand dollars. That was brilliantly clever of Jocelyn, too.”

She gasped. “Did you really pay one thousand dollars for me on the first night of our fucking?”

He smiled. “I would have paid more, if Jocelyn had asked me.”

She gasped with a worried brow, “You would have paid more. Why would you have paid more for me? Why does that mean, Hudson?”

“Jocelyn says that you were raising money to buy a pair of shoes for each school kid in the foreign country of Panama, so each little child can go to school.”

She gasped. “And you believed her and her story.”

He smiled, “Hell yeah! Why should I not believe her, Trinity?”

“What else did Jocelyn ask of each beau?”

He looked down with a smile to see the boot toes and up to see her pretty face, “Pretty simple! I was to donor all the money and then picked out a belle that I liked.”

She gasped. “I don’t understand. What for? Why would you do that? Please start from the very beginning, Hudson. How do you know Jocelyn?”

“I know her, her dad, your dad…”

“I don’t know your dad. How do you know my dad, Hudson?”

He exhaled. “Trinity, I know your dad, since my family does business with your dad’s business company. I also know each belle and their family tree limb mostly through the economic commerce here in Bama.”

She raised both palms and shook her curls with a sour frown. “Wait. Wait. Wait. How do know my dad? I do not know of you, Hudson.”

He nodded with a smile. “Yeah, that’s right!”

“No, that is all wrong! Why have we never socialized at all these numerous charity events, Hudson?”

He grinned with a nod. “First off, you are too young. Second off, I am older than you. I’m twenty four years old and will graduate law school next May.”

She shook her curls and palms with a sour frown. “Wait. Wait. Wait. I don’t understand, Hudson.”

He smiled. “You keep repeating that phase.”

She parked both hands on the waistline with a sour frown. “How do you know Jocelyn, her parents, my parents but not me? Is a scam of some type here?”

He back stepped with a puzzled brow from her in shock and surprise. “What are you talking about? Is this a scan?”

She frowned. “Or maybe, is this a scheme of some type here?”

He frowned. “What are you talking about a scheme of some type here?”

“Tell me! How did you meet Jocelyn and when did you meet her?”

He smiled. “Well, Jocelyn, the other beaus and I had a late lunch on Sunday afternoon in August…”

“In the month of August, that was our first day of college school.”

He nodded with a smile. “That is correct. We all were informed about the parents of Miss Deborah as they had become very ill. She had to leave Antebellum House for a spell until the Thanksgiving holiday and then she would return back to the House and to all the females.”

“And what else transpired at the lunch meeting without me?”

“And we ended the meeting. Our parents went home.”

She gasped in alarm. “My biological parents and the other parents from the other belles were with all of you beaus at the Rebel Den location?”

He smiled. “Jocelyn explained that the upcoming charity ball which would cost one thousand dollars per beau to a visit a belle only on Friday night. Did you not know that all of this was approved by your folks?”

She gasped. “And what happened on Friday night, the first Friday night?”

He chuckled. “Didn’t you remember our first Friday night together, muffin? Maybe, I can remind you again, before we ride the horse back to the House for suppertime and before sunset breaks for a quick…”

“No,” she back stepped away from his open arms with a puff of angry. “I want to know the logistics of the first Friday night of the charity ball event that Jocelyn explained to you and my parents.”

He looked down with a stern face at the pink stone and up to see her pinky colored stony expression. “Each beau drove a personal vehicle and arrived in front of the closed gate. Shit! We had to pay an additional thousand dollar fee before that asshole driver opened the rented limousine door. I paid and then rode inside the rear of the limo and arrived there in front of the Dogtrot Hallway all alone. Then, I was escorted by Jocelyn and stopped, standing inside the archway of the ballroom where I selected you, Trinity,” Hudson moved ahead and hugged her body with a smile.

She back stepped with a sour frown away from him, “Why did you select me? I don’t understand, Hudson.”

He smiled. “You keep repeating that phrase, honey. Jocelyn brought and presented a set of paper dossiers that showed each belle to Rebel Den on that hot August afternoon at lunchtime. We were served fried chicken…”

You had a paper folder on each one of us.”

“The colored folder contained recent pictures, stats of height, weight, and other vital important belle stuff. I read your American History Paper on Susan B. Anthony. It was very good. I see why you received the first place award in the Jefferson County Social Studies Fair.”

She stomped a sandal and yelled at the pretty sunset, “You received a copy of my social studies paper. I wrote that paper last fall in high school.”

He nodded with smile, “Yeah.”

“I don’t understand, Hudson.”

He frowned. “You keep repeating that same phrase, baby.”

“Yes, I do keep repeating the same phrase, since I am missing the big pic here.”

He moved ahead and hugged her, pulling back with a big grin. “The big pic, you are mine,” he leaned over and kissed her lips, pulling back with a smile. “I selected you from all the paper dossiers. I admit that it was a fun way to find a mate.”

She back pedaled with a gasp from him. “You selected me as your mate. I’m not your mate.”

“You are.” He nodded with a smile.

She frowned, “I am not your mate, Hudson. You are not my mate either. Do you what to hear my story of Jocelyn’s demon tale?”

He moved ahead and wrapped both arms around her, lowering them down onto the pink rock coated dome, cuddling her with a whisper and a smile. “Shore, darling! As long as, you hug my neck, talk softly, and flirt heavy,” he leaned over and kisses her cheekbone, pulling back with a smile.

She exhaled. “Jocelyn priced each belle based on our physical attributes. I was priced at two hundred dollars. But you told me that you paid one thousand dollars to fuck me.”

He smiled. “Yes sir. All the beaus paid one thousand bucks to fuck their chosen beautiful southern belle.”

“That is one thousand dollars time twelve belles is…”

“Stephens paid two thousand dollars for the twins, since he was totally befuddled with their southern ways.”

“So, thirteen thousand dollars was paid per Friday night for each beauty belle.”

“Yes sir! Thirteen thousand dollars can buy lots of shoes for the poor kids in Panama,” he smiled.

“This is the beginning of the month of August.”

“The seventeenth of August, what a night to remember. We have to come out here to recall our togetherness underneath the sun light, next year.”

“Yeah! So, the house of the belles has accumulated for the past eight Friday evenings thirteen thousand dollars or 104,000 dollars.”

“Yeah, that is lots of shoes for the poor kids. We need to leave and get back to House, sweetie.”

“When do you stop paying for me, Hudson?”

Hudson stood upright from the hard rock and leaned down, helping her to stand with a smile. “I don’t stop paying my money for a charity. Each beau is very rich. It’s time for supper. I’m hungry and then our fun bedtime ritual. Each beau tosses a pot of money out the front door for a good cause like Almighty God says.”

She cuddled into his chest with a puzzled brow, “But?”

“But what, babe?”

“You paid Jocelyn to fuck me.”

“Naw, girl! I wrote a check to Antebellum House for one thousand dollars and then I gave it to your gate keeper, whoever that son of bitch was inside the limo.”

“You just admitted that you paid one thousand dollars per Jocelyn’s order to sleep with me every Friday night, since August.”

He back stepped from her and lifted both palms into the air with a worried brow. “Whoa, honey! Do you believe that I would pay money to someone to fuck a girl? I can have any female I want in Bama.”

“We all don’t live here in Alabama, Hudson.”

He nodded with a smile. “Of course, each one of us lives here in Bama, sugar. Only a Bama belle is housed at Antebellum House and is raised to be a good girl only for a beau from the Rebel Den.”

She gasped. “What?”

He rolled the eyeballs and returned with a smile to see her. “Do you really think? I can’t believe this. Do you actually believe that I had paid to fuck you for sex? That’s against the law, Trinity. I should know, since I am going to be a lawyer. Shit, sweetie! That would make you a whore.”


“Is that why you were crying? Do you think that you are a whore because we had fucked? I selected you. You selected me. We selected and sexed each other for fun and forever.”


He cuddled her with a smile and a whisper. “Fuck that bitch, Jocelyn! She lied to you, darling.”

She sobbed with tears while hearing the truth from Hudson, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t simply understand. I was wrong, all wrong.”

“Now, you tell me what Jocelyn tattled to you, before I beat her ass black and blue.”


He chuckled. “Gerrit will beat her ass black and blue for honestly lying. That’s the first command of a Southern rouge.”

“Miss Deborah told us that we were leaving permanently from Antebellum House. So, Jocelyn hatched and scratched a plot to raise monies to keep our House on the Burn U campus. She priced each belle with a service charge. I’m two hundred dollars. She is three hundred dollars. The twins are five hundred dollar a piece.”

He hugged her with a worried brow, “What else did she do or say?”

“We practiced our beauty skills and each received an abortion pill to eat on Saturday morning for…you know. Then, on Friday night, you paid the set monies to Jocelyn at the breezeway, after arriving inside the limo coming from the gate house. Then, each belle sat down inside a solo loveseat, while a beau appeared inside the doorway. You picked me and then we fucked that night.”

He exhaled. “What else did Jocelyn say or do?”

“The money of sixty three thousand dollars would be all collected which represented 5,250 dollars per belle for fuck work coming from a total of ten Friday nights.”

He frowned. “Sixty three thousand dollars, where did that figure come from, honey?”

“Jocelyn said that the money amount of sixty three thousand dollars was needed to be paid to keep from tearing down our historical Antebellum House.”

“What the fuck?” Hudson back stepped from her with a sour frown.

She nodded. “The landowner and the university are negotiating for the land but haven’t reached an agreement. Then, on the thirty-first of December, we will lose our House.”

He smiled. “The payment is sixty three hundred thousand dollars. Someone missed a zero, not sixty three thousand dollars, doll.”

“What?” Trinity narrowed both eyelashes at him.

He slapped a chest with a smile. “The landowner is my great-great-great-granddaddy. He purchased thousands upon thousands of wild wood acres, right before the American Civil War. Then, he donated a plot of land to the university to build Antebellum House for his virgin daughter to attend college and live by all the southern belle rules. The last belle rule, a southern belle marries a southern gentleman, not a redneck rouge. Then, the southern couple marry and raised a proper family and such like stuff, darling.”

She frowned. “I didn’t hear live happily after ever.”

“What? You don’t believe me.”

“I don’t understand, Hudson.”

He frowned with puzzlement. “You keep repeating these words, darling.”

“My dad didn’t tell me any of this stuff. Why didn’t my dad tell me some of this stuff, Hudson?”

“Why would he? He trusts you to obey him to act like a southern belle, not a…” He gasped. “Do I have to keep the storytelling the same fairy tale over and over again like a toddler?” He chuckled. “You are a cute but dumb-belle. Man! I hope our son takes after me,” laughing.

Trinity back stepped from him in fury, “Hell no! I just learned the truth, boy.”

He smiled, “Hell yeah! I learned the scam.”

She looked down with a worried brow to see the dress, then the rock, then the sunset, and finally to see him. “I’m so sorry, Hudson. There is more to the truth.”

He exhaled. “There is more to the truth. I can’t image how much more to the truth.”

“Chloe is dead.”

He dropped open a mouth in shock. “You are shitting on me.”

She nodded with a stern face. “We found her dead inside her bed this morning when she didn’t show up for breakfast.”

He gasped. “Wait! Today? You found her dead this fucking morning. What did the police say? When were you interviewed? You should have called your dad and have gotten a lawyer. Why didn’t you do that? Wait! Why wasn’t one of the beaus interviewed this morning?”

She exhaled. “Well, we didn’t call the police, yet.”

He frowned. “You do not call the police yet. Why not? What did you do instead? Wait! Where is dead belle Chloe? Is her dead body still inside her bedroom? Because, her bedroom is going to smell all the way up into heaven,” laughing.

“Her room doesn’t stink, since her body is inside the freezer of the basement.”

He gasped. “What for? Why did you do that? Why didn’t you report her death immediate to the local law authorities? Are you a gawd damn crazy girl, Trinity?”

She parked both hands on the waistline with a sour frown. “Because the rest of the belles are trying to find out the murdering killer first, we are hundred percent certain and positive that the landowner had murdered poor Chloe inside her bed last night in cold-blood.”

He slapped the chest with a gasp. “I’m the landowner.”

“What?” She back stepped from her and moved towards the edge of the pink dome in both fright and fear.

He extended both arms towards the landscape with a smile. “My great-great-granddaddy owned all this land.”

She back stepped with a gasp further away from him in total fear. “You murdered Chloe.”

He rolled both eyeballs and looked down at the pink stone of the cliff, then the dull sunset, and finally into her pink tinted cheekbones of fear, slowly moving ahead towards her with a sour frown. “Jeezus fucking Christ! Use your brain and think for a moment, Trinity! I have been fucking you every single Friday evening. Then I go back to my home like all the other beaus and leave out from Antebellum House. We all go back to our Rebel Den. You and I have been together every single second of the night. Why would I murder that bitch? She has got a foul mouth for a little cunt but is harmless like a house fly.”

She back stepped away from an advancing Hudson with a worried brow of fear and a yell. “A beau murdered Chloe while leaving her stone cold dead inside her messed up bed mattress, right after they fucked.”

He reached up and wiped off a sweaty face with both hands, dropping the hands and looked at her with a stern face and a nod. “And you immediately thought of me. I’m the first suspect…”

“Nonsense! You are the mysterious landowner underneath the foundation of Antebellum House. You just admitted the truth of your hidden mystery person. And I didn’t know all the other valuable datum in which you and the other beaus know. We have theorized that the landowner killed Chloe. We found a bloody note stabbed directly into a right breast through the center of her heart. The note read: Whore house, not Antebellum House.”

Hudson back stepped with a sour frown from her and shook a bald skull. “Gawd damn! If that ain’t a fucking-ass true statement which describes a new batch of bitches at Antebellum House,” he laughed with a nod at her shaky body and crying face of fear and fright and worry.

Trinity moved ahead from the ledge of the table top pink dome towards him while screaming in fury, waving both arms in the air. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that, Hudson!”

He back stepped from her with a laugh and a nod. “Gawd damn! You are a whore, girl.”

She stopped and stood upright a little taller, reaching down and gathered the dress hemline, strolling closer to him with a fake smile and a worried heart. “I’m a belle.”

He slapped a chest and pointed to the skyline with a sour frown. “Then you think that I fucked you for money. Now, you think that I murdered for fun. So, you think this I’m out of here, sweetheart.”

She dropped open a mouth and scooted with worry towards his tallness. “Hudson!”

He side stepped from her advancing body and moved sideways towards the edge of the pink rock, tossing both arms into the air with a smile. “I am so happy that I have learned of your true belle inners and your false bitch intentions,” he pivoted towards the side edge of the rock to face the naturally formed set of steps with a sneer, “Fucking whore!” He dashed across the pinky-red sandstone with a sour frown.

Trinity gasped in alarm and stared at his back spine with worry. “Hudson, please, I’m so sorry,” she jerked the hemline of the dress up and exposed both naked kneecaps with a yell of worry. “Hudson!” She dashed across the hard surface after him with worry. Hudson swiftly climbed down the set of rock-covered steps and left the feet of the rock dome, moving ahead into the darkness of the early evening in silence. “Hudson!” She yelled into the night air gracefully glided down the homemade stairwell on a pair of dancing sandals while scouting both eyeballs throughout the landscape in panic without seeing Hudson, landing at the next to last step with a stiletto tap, instead of a heel and lost balance. She dropped forward and landed on the wet grass.

A wet face of tear hit the soft puddle of green grass and as she felt the cutting rose thorns on both cheekbones and heard the loud rip of fabric gown somewhere at the waistline. She landed on top of the wet grass with sobs of tears and sniffs of snot and red blood back up into the nostrils with worry. She coughed from the itchy combination and twisted a body upright into a pretzel, crossing both legs underneath the ball gown while reaching up and wiped off the red mucus from the nose with the hemline of the dress train.

Trinity leaned down and crawled over the dirt ground on a set of manicured fingernails and a pair of sandaled toes away from the rock staircase into the clearing, slowly standing upright on both kneecaps and jerked the abundant fabric out from each leg. She turned and searched an empty field of dull green grass, an array of dark colored wild flowers, a grove of tall shadowy tress, and the rows of short black fruit bushes as each nature plant shined through the newly raised sunset. She did not see Hudson, but the grazing horse over the open meadow. She whispered for her eardrums only. “Where did he go?”

She slowly stood upright with difficult of the long gown in a loud huff and then slowly strolled ahead with more difficulty in the long gown towards the mare that wore the saddle while brushing off the hot sweat and the strands of loose hair from an injured and bloody face. She stopped and stood in front of the horse, leaning a sweaty forehead on the stomach of the mare while regretting what she has done…naw…what she had become. She exhaled with a puff of strength and gathered her courage to fight for her rights as a belle, roughly mounting the horse and readied for her next encounter with her formal boyfriend Hudson at supper table this evening.



7:47 p.m.

Cool temperatures with parted clouds without stars

Antebellum House location

Cottage interior setting



The tall male hauled an injured and screaming Trinity by the arm towards one of the tiny pink colored wooden cottages which was located directly behind the back yard of Antebellum House. She had recalled from the first day at the orientation session that the single row of cute and tiny pink colored wooden cottages was forbidden to visit for some reason. However, the tall and dark skinned unknown male did not know that information and did not seem to care while shoving Trinity by the arm towards the last cottage,

The cottage was designed in a perfect square shaped with a flat front porch of white wooden planks with four single wooden post of pink tint. Each side wall was made of pink painted wooden planks that surrounded the entire cottage without a window opening to see the skyline and the sunlight for some reason. The front door was composed of metal and painted in white hue.

Trinity held the end of dirty dress hem in the air and bounced along the manicured grass, encountering the tall male inside the horse stables when she had trotted the mare back into the barn stall for the supper meal. The tall male wore an expensive dark gray wool business jacket and a pair of matching trousers with a red colored bowtie, who was an average height with a tone of dark skin, a head of brown colored hair, and a clean shaven face. Trinity remembered his facial features and his body frame for the upcoming police report inside the police department to the local authorities with the small city of Leed within the US State of Alabama.

The tall male stopped and stood in front of the white metal door, reaching down to the knob and opened up the door, pitching Trinity into a small room. The cottage was a single room that measured fifty feet across by fifty feet wide, and ten feet in height.

Trinity immediately recognized all of the beaus from the Rebel Den who was dressed in jackets and the other belles from the Antebellum House, who were dressed in the long skirts plus Hudson.

Hudson dashed ahead and grabbed, cuddling Trinity into a chest, back stepping away from the tall and dark skinned unknown male into the crowded forward wall that held the other beaus and belles.

A second tall and dark skinned male wore a dark gray business suit, a red colored bowtie, a head of brown cropped short colored hair, a tone of dark tinted skin, and a full brown colored beard standing upright between the door frame and the wall with a smile at each beau and belle. “Please do not move.”

The same tall and dark skinned unknown male stopped and stood in front of the closing front door beside a set of five other unknown and standing upright tall and dark skinned men and females in silence, staring at each belle and beau. They all were dressed in a gray business suit. Each man wore a pair of trousers. Each woman displayed a knee-length skirt. Each person smiled with a set of good teeth and held upright a hand gun in each folded fist in silence.

Stephan cuddled with both Spring and Autumn into a chest with a sneer at each unknown male and female on the entrance wall. “We ain’t armed in here, bubba.”

The second tall and dark skinned male between the doorway and the side wall smiled at Stephan. “I do not care.”

Trinity leaned over and whisper with a worried brow into the cheekbone of Hudson. “What’s going on here, Hudson?”

Hudson whispered back with a stern face at each unknown male and female. “I don’t know, Trinity. But you are safe with me. So we do what they want. I jogged back to Antebellum House into the dining room and there they were holding the other beaus and belles hostage. I think this might be a kidnapping. And all the bastards and bastardettes have picked the right set of kids to kidnap, since each pair of parents is a wealthy billionaire,” he leaned over and gently kissed her cheekbone, pulling back with a smile. “Don’t worry! Our parents will give all their billionaires for us, bratty kids. Just do what they want! And we will be safe and fine, darling.”

Trinity giggled with a grin. “I like to read all the e-novels with the adventures of The Quartet by ipam. I like Tom Sawyer the best. Who do you like of the men of the Quartet?”

He smiled. “Austin Berrington, who shoots first and asks the questions never,” he softly chuckled into her face.

She smiled. “I thought you would like Tom the best. He is a lawyer like you.”

He grinned. “Austin is a lawyer and the boss of the Quartet. I am going to be like him, one day.”

She exhaled with a whisper into his face. “I’m so sorry, Hudson.”

Hudson hugged her with a whisper and a smile of love and protection. “I’m sorry for yelling at your pretty face. I love you, too, Trinity.”

She whispered. “I love you, too, Hudson.”

The second tall and dark skinned unknown male between the door way and the side wall smiled at each belle and beau. “I am conducting a business transaction that is incomplete with each one of your parents. I would like for you to meet all of my business associates,” he pointed to wall that held the line of seven men and females, who all wore a gray business suit and held a set of twin black colored hand guns.

Gerrit cuddled Jocelyn with love and protection and said with a sneer to the leader of the unknown kidnapper, “Business assholes with their asshole guns.”

The second tall and dark skinned unknown male between the door way and the side wall continued to smile at each belle and beau. “There are six business associates holding and aiming a set of twin hand pistols at your heart. So, let us conduct and finish our business transaction, since I have other appointments to keep.”

Gerrit turned and snarled at the beau, who stood tall among the wall of six kidnappers. “We suspected you of something evil, sir. Your spy, who is named Doss, is also the cold-blooded murderer of the little belle named Chloe.”

Stephan growled at the leader, who beside the wall of six kidnappers. “I know chicken shit Doss by name and sight. When I am free and my belles are safe, I will get to know you better asswipe Doss. But who are you, leader asshole?”

The tall and dark skinned unknown male between the door way and the side wall continued to smile at each belle and beau. “I am Brone.”

Hudson gasped in alarm and nodded with a stern face, pointing at Brone. “I know that name, since it is very unique. He started the proxy fight for the land with my dad and the university. Gawd dawn! This is all about the land. Well, hell! Take all the fucking land. I can speak for my father right now. I will personally ride with you to the court house while we wait for my dad to sign over the deed and end all this mess. You will release all the belles first. Then, you take me and we can all go to the court house right now.”

Gerrit sneered at Brone with a nod. “I’m coming along with you, Hudson, for your safety.”